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U.N. Investigator: Obama’s Drones Violate Human Rights

June 20, 2012 by  

U.N. Investigator: Obama’s Drones Violate Human Rights
A U.N. investigator wants to know more about America’s drone policy.

A U.N. investigator wants some answers regarding President Barack Obama’s penchant for carrying out targeted drone attacks overseas that routinely result in civilian casualties.

The United States uses military drones to carry out attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen and Somalia. In a 28-page report addressed to the U.N. Human Rights Council, Christof Heyns, special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, said that Washington must clarify the legal basis for the policy of killing suspected al-Qaida and Taliban leaders and associates rather than trying to capture them.

“The government should clarify the procedures in place to ensure that any targeted killing complies with international humanitarian law and human rights and indicate the measures or strategies applied to prevent casualties, as well as the measures in place to provide prompt, thorough, effective and independent public investigation of alleged violations,” the report says.

Details about the effectiveness of and collateral damage that comes with the United States’ continual use of drone strikes are sketchy by most accounts. In his report, Heyns cites figures from the Pakistan Human Rights Commission that claim American drone strikes killed at least 957 people in Pakistan in 2010 alone. The report also states that since 2004, roughly 20 percent of the thousands of people killed by drones overseas have been civilians.

Heyns says that international humanitarian law mandates that every effort be made to arrest a suspect and any use of force “comply with the principles of necessity and proportionality.” Washington, he says, has failed to respond satisfactorily to concerns voiced by others, including his predecessor, that have raised questions about U.S. drone policy.

“The Special Rapporteur again requests the Government to clarify the rules that it considers to cover targeted killings … [and] reiterates his predecessor’s recommendation that the government specify the bases for decisions to kill rather than capture ‘human targets’ and whether the State in which the killing takes places has given consent,” Heyns said.

The report, according to Reuters, was issued overnight Monday to the United Nations Human Rights Council. The 47-member Geneva forum was to discuss the matter on Tuesday.

The call for an evaluation of whether the United States is in violation of international law with its drone attacks comes on the heels of heavy news coverage in the Nation concerning President Barack Obama’s hawkish use of military drones. The New York Times recently pointed out that the Obama Administration routinely pads the numbers of possible civilian casualties associated with the strikes by describing “all military-age males in a strike zone” as combatants.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Robert Smith

    “Washington must clarify the legal basis for the policy of killing suspected al-Qaida and Taliban leaders and associates rather than trying to capture them.”

    How many Americans were “captured” during 911? I’d like to see the UN report answering that question.


    • Marc

      Unfortunately Robert, the powers that be…cia and president Obamination had very much to do with that. Did you notice in the news details were immediately reported that couldn’t have been known because nobody had investigated it yet! If you listen to the media…WE ALL LOSE. This is all about money, use your head…question the so-called facts…the unFederal Reserve gang has willed middle income America and us poor…to death. They’ve been working on it for over 100 years. Look around…isn’t it just a little suspicious that only one building survived 911, untouched? It was full of Bankers…the rest were carefully imploded. Go back and study the original broadcasts in slow motion…you can see it…inside job!

    • firefight

      Robert Smith,
      On this matter, I agree with you. Our world today has too much “political Correctness” and it is getting in the way of common sense decisions. An example: In Sweetwater, Texas, there is an annual rattlesnake round up. Why? Because there are way too many of the poisonous reptiles and they reproduce unchecked like rabbits. These snakes are rounded up, put on display for everyone to see and then many of them are killed. The meat is cooked/fried for the people to eat and the skins are made into belts, hat bands and other items. The snakes that are not killed are milked for their venom to manufacture antivenom. There is a group of individuals from the S.P.C.A., (these are the political correctness police) there at the round up and their job is to make sure that none of the snakes are killed in a “wrong way.” HERE IS MY POINT! Tell me please…….how do you kill a rattlesnake WRONG? This is exactly how I feel about terrorists and any group of people that have the potential to grow up and be suicide bombers and murderers with that specific purpose in mind as dictated by their holy book and their religous belief system. We need to take a long hard look at this part of our world and see these people for exactly who and what they are. These people have been living in the same pitiful state of existance since biblical times and have had the opportunity to move forward with the rest of civilization as we have but have chosen to stay in the dark ages except when it cimes to killing people and the weapons available to do so. I have no more compassion for these people than I do for the rattlesnakes. They have chosen to be who and what they are and I don’t have to accept it. Neither do you.

      • Robert Smith

        From firefight: “We need to take a long hard look at this part of our world and see these people for exactly who and what they are.”

        We know who and what they are. We must speak their language for them to hear us.

        What language is that? Horrible unchecked violence with absolutely no limits. That’s what they speak. We can speak it louder and longer without putting our military in harm’s way with drones.

        So be it… We need to speak their language.


      • Kate8

        Robert S – Wow. So, are you advocating violent revolution now?

        Considering your consistent support for King O, I’m assuming that you are part of the NWO takeover, knowingly or not.

      • Boatman

        Jajaja, nice story, entertaining. So explain this, “these people” that you mention, are they born evil? Do they wake up one day and decide to hate Americans?

    • Jazzabelle

      Robert Smith wrote: “How many Americans were “captured” during 911?”

      None. But some should have been afterward. ;-)

      As for the UN reporting on it, I couldn’t care less. It’s up to our own citizens to hold our government accountable. Paying any attention at all to the UN is just another way to make exuses for our laziness in managing and disciplining those we have hired to lead us.

    • JR

      I hope we recover, morally, and rise above the behavior standers Al Qaeda set on 9/11.

      BTW it’s a LOT more than 20% innocent.

      Britain has a terrorism problem in N. Ireland, an a lot of the guys the UK is fighting hank out in Boston. Imagine how Americans would feel if the Brits starter, without our permission, bombing houses in Boston believed to hide Irish bomb makers??? That is EXACTLY how so many in the Middle East feel about the USA.

  • Michael Hallczuk

    I do not care. If the middle east allow the al-Qaida and Taliban to live with them and allow them to continue to kill people, I say drop more bomb from drone.
    Mike H

    • Steve E

      I say, go Atomic.

      • Whit

        Be careful what you wish for, I doubt you’d enjoy a mushroom cloud forming over your city.

      • RivahMitch

        Personally, I’ve advocated since 9/11 that if Bush, instead of starting multiple wars, had simple identified one or two cities where bin Laden was most likely to be, nuked them and followed up with an announcement that any future attacks on the American homeland would be met with a similar response, the middle east would be much more peaceful today.

        Of course, the UN would have objected but getting the UN and the US out of each others business has been desirable now for over 50 years.

      • Steve E

        You are right RivahMitch. The U.S. should fight its wars with extreme prejudice. Once everyone knows how horrible it is to go to war with the U.S. they will back off.

      • firefight

        I hope you heard your own words. If we all understand that WE are the infadel in the eyes and minds of all Muslims and that if these people get nuclear strike capability, they are much more likely to use it than we think. Our own common decency does not allow us to think about or even conceive the possibility of some nation like Iran nuking another country. Heck man, that wouldn’t be civilized. But to them, that would be getting rid of a whole bunch of infadels. Let me just say this. If you see a fight coming, don’t be the second man to throw the first punch. By then, it’s all over. We need to wake up and stop living in denial of such a possibility. These countries and their leaders are not nice people. They don’t care about our money or promoting tourism.

      • Robert Smith

        From firefight: “if these people get nuclear strike capability, they are much more likely to use it than we think.”

        We’ve ALREADY used nuclear strikes twice. We fought a nuclear war and won.

        I have no problem fighting another one. We will win that one too.


      • Kate8

        Frankly, RS, I’m shocked at your comments today. It seems out of character for you.

        We should all be wholly opposed to nuking anyone, anywhere. We should not be in any other land bombing and invading, either. By what right?

        Our military is being used to carry out the agenda of the NWO. This is not about freedom…never was. It’s about submission… ours, and everyone else’s. It’s about all of the world’s resources being held by the criminal cabal, and the rest of us (those who are left after their genocidal rampage), controlled slaves.

        If everyone understood the real powers behind these wars, that these Islamic jihadists have been created by evil men to serve as tools of fear and death… all to bring the world under their diabolical control…, they’d lay down their weapons. Better yet, turn them on the real criminals.

        The killing needs to stop somewhere. How can we justify killing people who are only trying to live their lives in sovereign nations around the globe… By Universal Law, what we sow on foreign lands, we will reap on our own land…

        I’d say we are already reaping the result of our arrogance and complacence. We have a tyrant in office who grows more dangerous every day, and now he thinks he’s answerable to no one. Now we have drones patrolling our own skies, and don’t think they won’t be used to their full capabilities.

        One WH insider stated that he gets videos of all drone attacks, and he sits in his study and watches them over and over again. Makes me feel like throwing up.

      • Jazzabelle

        “U.S. should fight its wars with extreme prejudice. Once everyone knows how horrible it is to go to war with the U.S. they will back off.”

        I think everyone already knows that. That’s why nobody has started a war with us since 1944. Oh wait, even our involvement in THAT was instigated by the US.

        Seriously, open your eyes. Since the government is starting all these wars in the mideast for money and power, we might as well wage them as humanely as possible. Being brutal to someone who has done you no wrong won’t discourage them from doing something they didn’t do it in the first place.

      • firefight

        To Kate8,
        Most women are opposed to any kind of violence in any fashion. That, we expect. If, however, you look at WW II and the review of the aftermath of those two nuclear atttacks we inflicted upon Japan, you will know that by doing so, we spared the lives of millions of Japanese and American lives by ending a war that could have continued for decades. Afterward, we, stupidly announced that we would never do something like this again. THAT was a huge mistake. The looming threat to the world that we had this kind of power was a deterant to future tyrants and warmongers. Telling them that we would never do something lik this ever again gave them a green light to continue doing their evil deeds while they developed the same kind of destructive power. What do you think Iran will do to Isreal when they have that capability? A nuclear war is not what any of us want but the real threat that we could bring it upon them needs to be the deterant. Niceness will always be perceived as weakness by our enemies. You can forget about song lyrics like, “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony” and songs like Ebony and Ivory and sweet thoughts like “why can’t we all just get along?” This world is not a perfect one and that is a reality. To think otherwise is not. Sorry if I popped some bubbles.

      • Kate8

        firefight – I understand your position. There was a time when I was as staunch a believer in that version of reality as you are.

        However, I have since learned that nothing is as it seems. Ordinary people do not have animosity toward one another, for the most part. All we want, no matter where we live or what our culture, is to live in peace and raise our families, enjoying friendships and the good things in life.

        No, wars are waged by the elite for their own purposes. All soldiers are to them is cannon fodder. All we are to them is cattle. Their only purpose is greater wealth and power, which they have been accruing for over a century.

        If you dig deep, you find that the same families are behind it all, and fund both sides of every war. The US has been used by them to build powerful military technologies, and they have studied how to manipulate mass sentiment. We have been fed a line of bull when it comes to our place in these conflicts, having been drawn into these wars they’ve started by their favorite tactics: false flag events. Such as Pearl Harbor and 911. Why? Because people don’t like war, but they will jump on the war wagon when they feel “attacked” or threatened, and will rise up with renewed patriotism… and will bravely send their husbands, sons and daughters off to fight for “freedom”. And, all the while, the elite and their families rest safely in their castles, with their bunkers ready in case things get too out of hand.

        What freedom? Have our freedoms increased because of these wars? Has anyone else become free? No…but the elite have staked their claim on all of the world’s resources and wealth, and have wormed their way into controlling most governments… And they are wrapping up the remaining holdouts, like Greece, Libya, Egypt, Syria…

        Their success has relied on us not knowing the truth. Well, now it’s out, and as our soldiers are off fighting and dying for the elite’s dream of world government (with them as absolute rulers) we continue to be stripped of all liberty here at home. Our soldiers are also becoming aware in large numbers, and are becoming either demoralized or zombified enough to fight for whoever commands them.

        firefight, I have many military people in my family. There was a time when I waved the flag and declared the same pronouncements. It’s just that I now see that we have been manipulated and led to slaughter. Now that we have financed the elite’s dream of supreme war technologies, we are no longer important to them, and America is being collapsed. It was the plan all along.

        The FED had a 100 year contract with our government beginning in 1913. We have had our wealth siphoned off for all this time by foreign powers, and the plan was to destroy it all at the end of the contract. Well, that time is here.

        Now their control of our government is admitted, and our representatives have sold us out. Our POTUS is a NWO foreign agent. Programs like Agenda 21 threaten our property and our lives. We have foreign armies waiting on American soil for the word to move against US citizens. And we have drones patrollling our skies, which have the ability to take out any of us at any time. To top it all off, our treasonous Congress has declared American soil a battlefield.

        Is this how we’ve used war to “save” us? Because it is now being turned on us. And we have none to blame but ourselves, and our own self-indulgent human nature.

        The answer to this horror is not more killing. It is for each of us to extract ourselves from participating in this charade any longer. We need to tell everyone that we’ve been living a lie for all this time, that we’ve been duped. The one thing that these psychopaths cannot abide is love and goodness. What we need to do is to remember what it really means to be American: of high moral standards, strong elthics, and concern for our fellow man. We need to turn to each other, and let go of petty differences. That is what this time of tribulation is about… so we can really understand what evil and selfishness does to us, and pull it out by the roots. If we stop and refuse to play their game any longer, they are stripped of their power over us, and we will become truly free.

      • Boatman

        Kate 8, words of wisdom.

      • MAP

        I agree with everything you have written, Kate8. In total, absolute ignorance, we finance these secret, diabolical schemes with our taxes.

    • Marc

      Your target is way off…go after who is causing all this crap…the unFederal Reserve…take away the money…problem resolved.

  • John S

    This is why we’ve always put troops on the ground and hunted down the enemy in person. While the enemy does not care one bit about killing civilians, the U.S. has always been loathe to do so, and rightly so. The Law of Armed Conflict requires us to discriminate between combatants and civilians which is extremely difficult using drones. Of course it’s easy to say “kill them all and let God sort them out”, but that risks us lowering ourselves to their level.

    • eddie47d

      Private Drone sales are now a $6 billion dollar business and within the year it will be $11 billion. A Texas police department has bought one with the option for shotguns or missiles attached. They said they may go for the tear gas canisters instead. The interest is there and could be coming to a neighborhood near you. They are also bought for legitimate purposes so farmers can monitor their crops. They are about $300,000 a pop and are affordable for those with money.

      • Pete Sagi

        How much would it cost to build a reliable one time use drone killer? What are the vulnerability of these remote controlled flying government turds?


    • RivahMitch

      Having been one of those “troops on the ground” (Vietnam), “lowering ourselves” to our enemies level is fine with me. The “Law of Armed Conflict” is pure bovine scatology. Can you name a single enemy we’ve fought who complied with it. It may shock your delicate sensibilities but in a war, as in a street fight, the only thing that matters is to win because the costs of losing are way too high. Ask yourself what you’d be unwilling to do to spare your loved ones and friends the experiences of ethnic cleansing. If your answer is hedged with equivocations, niceties and legalities, I’d not want to share my foxhole with you.

      • Patty

        Thanks for your service. That said, I think we should pull all our troops from those ungrateful countries, bring them home to defend OUR borders, LET all those crazy countries kill each other, and then we can take over their land and resources.

      • Marten The Canadian Libertarian

        Please do us a favor, stay in you frikking Foxhole

    • firefight

      John S,
      You need to listen to what Rivamitch said. He is right. Wars are not meant to be fun. They are not overnight camp out adventures. They are about killing so as not to be killed and in this matter there is no rules. I lowered myself to whatever level it took to defeat my enemy while I was in Nam and I will do the same thing right here today in my own town. Winning isn’t the main thing, it’s the ONLY thing. And how you do it is absolutely acceptable to the end results. It’s stupid politicians who listen to the bleeding hearts that try to place rules in warfare. There will always be collateral damage when there is war. The American citizens who died in the 911 attack that was carried out by Saudi Muslims was considered collateral damage by both sides. The only problem is that we did not retaliate against the proper enemy which was Saudi Arabia. I guess our government and the rich guys feel like Saudi oil is worth more than American lives. If we had done what RivahMitch suggested after 911 and nuked two very large cities, preferrably with Saudi Arabia, we wouldn’t be having the crap we are having today. The only thing these people understand is strength. We would have sent them the message that we are not going to put up with their crap. And…….if they continued, so would we.

      • Boatman

        90% of the people writing here is what is exactly wrong with the world today, bombing two cities? Killing them all? Wiping them out? Nuke them? You have no regard for human life and should be ashamed of yourselves. How can you refer to human beings like that? Like saying all blacks are delinquents, all Latins are illegals, all Americans are fat. “these” people that you are reffering to here are somebody’s mother, somebody’s daughter, somebody’s father. Shame on all of you.

      • firefight

        So, tell me all about your time in the service. What campaigns did you contribute to for the freedoms of speech you so liberally eploit. None of your words offer any support to anything except the same cowardly state of mind that believes nothing is worth fighting for. We all know that not every black kid is a delinquent or every Latino is an illegal alien but we do know that all of the jihad attacks against the free world and its populations have been committed by Muslims. Face the truth! All bad people need to be dealt with and that is the job of our military, not our politicians.

      • Kate8

        firefight – Think about it. Please elaborate on “free world”.

        We are about to experience what it’s like to have foreign troops let loose on our streets.

        Bear in mind that what we’ve been told about the rest of the world, and even ourselves, is and has been propaganda.

      • Boatman

        Please explain to me how dropping bombs, indescriminaly, and killing thousands of children and woman that their only sin was to be born in the wrong side of the world is making us safer? Like many of the comments are advocating.
        Fight and kill somebody for my right to speech? My right to speech comes from my creator and is nobody’s to give it to me. Of course there are many things worth fighting for, but I don’t think we should drop bombs and killed innocent civilians to make the point. Why don’t you asked that question to the thousands upon thousands of innocent civilians that have died under the bombs of democracy? Don’t they also deserve peace?
        Deal with the bad people? Why Dont we start over here, let’s start with the politicians advocating to kill “all” muslims that are “all” bad people and don’t understand our good intentions to bring democracy to them through the tip of a nuke.
        Service? Sorry sir I respect your decisions but not me if I have a choice.

      • Boatman

        At fire fight, Please explain to me how dropping bombs, indescriminaly, and killing thousands of children and woman that their only sin was to be born in the wrong side of the world is making us safer? Like many of the comments are advocating, specially yours.
        Fight and kill somebody for my right to speech? My right to speech comes from my creator and is nobody’s to give it to me. Of course there are many things worth fighting for, but I don’t think we should drop bombs and killed innocent civilians to make the point. Why don’t you asked that question to the thousands upon thousands of innocent civilians that have died under the bombs of democracy? Don’t they also deserve peace?
        Deal with the bad people? Why Dont we start over here, let’s start with the politicians advocating to kill “all” muslims that are “all” bad people and don’t understand our good intentions to bring democracy to them through the tip of a nuke.
        Service? Sorry sir I respect your decisions but not me if I have a choice.

  • The Harrytruth

    I just wish the media would cover this more on the mainstream news. If it was Bush it would be a top story on all the news. I’m all for killing any combatants but are we killing women and children? To destroy a building and go I think we got them, is totally unacceptable. We need to put more presser on there government to work with us.

    • k-chan

      the hairy truth is that al-Qaida is a CIA operative. It just sounds funny to say the US is trying to take down al-Qaida leaders when they put those guys in power over there. It is all a big farce. Al-Qaida is the bad man decoy set up by the bankers to destract while they move in to destroy our currency and steal natural resources.

    • Boatman

      How about not getting involved in their affairs and minding our own business? They don’t have to deal with us if they don’t want to. Let them fix their problems and fight for their liberty.

      • Kate8

        Boatman – Now, there’ a novel idea..

        Too bad we’re busy killing civilians and overthrowing governments for the NWO.

  • C.Davis

    Drone use is nothing more than the latest method, since the false flag, self inflicted wound that was 9/11, to unconstitutionally carry on war, and to use up (thereby nescessitating replacement and upgrading) enormously expensive exotic weaponry in the interest of cementing the financiers’ control of the country. Just think of every missile as a nail in the coffin of th liberty of your descendants, and you will have a fairly accurate representation of what this means.

    As time goes along, it becomes increasingly obvious that much of the middle east conflict is being used as a laboratory for exploring ways to develop weaponry later to be used against the true enemy of the bankster, the American patriot and his legal and lawful militia.

    It would be instructive for the vacuous commenters above to watch the terminator movies again, but this time, not as an entertainment, but as an excercise in predictive programming, illustrating the eventual outcome of the philosophies they seem to espouse.

    Is this the outcome they really desire for humanity? If so, perhaps they should reassess their own legitimacy for existence, sooner rather than later, Instead of passing final judgement on others whom they do not even know.

    • Gary Rayner

      The really scary part is now the local police departments are starting to use drones on the local population all in the interest of law enforcement. Ruby Ridge and Waco are prime examples of the Federal Government using excessive force in law enforcement. Now we are giving predator capabilities to the people at the level of government who gave us the Rodney King incident and countless other cases of excessive force and abuses of authority agsinst the citizens of the U.S. What a country!!!???

      • Kate8

        I am so happy to see that many people are seeing through the MSM and catching on to what’s really afoot in America.

        I do believe that we’ve already won. When we quit buying what they’re selling, they’re finished.

        Viruses and parasites always end up killing themselves along with their host.

      • Kate8

        Unless, of course, the host eliminates them first.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, “When we quit buying what they’re selling, they’re finished.” Yepper! :)

        The global cabal is really starting to get their due. The EU and IMF are in a quandry over Spain and Greece…it’s tougher to have full control over a countries when the citizens aren’t falling in line like good little sheep. The UN is having a tough time getting the people to buy into their Agenda 21 and all of their alphbet global warming environmental schtick.
        Obama and his whole bungling administration is worse than Nixon.

        They just can’t figure what went wrong…confused because “it’s worked just fine for the last 20-30 years”.

        Me thinks a lot of people are starting to wise up.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, not sure if you get this info or not…
        Sen. Inhofe at CFACT press conference: Why isn’t Obama in Rio?
        Senator James Inhofe (R., Okla.) blasted the conference’s “radical global-warming agenda,” as well as President Obama’s political maneuvering around the topic.

      • Kate8

        JeffH – I’ll check out your link in a few minutes. I’m listening to an announcement right now. If there is anything to this, something really big could come down in the next few days…perhaps even tomorrow.

        This may be a lot of hooey… I don’t know. He sounds legit, but you know how that goes. If true, it could be monumental.

        Things could get pretty rough for awhile. One thing we do know, is that it’s really just a matter of time until some kind of SHTF.

      • Robert Smith

        I tried to listen and it just went in circles. Can you give us a short version?


      • Kate8

        Rob – Nope.

        If it means nothing to you, it’s better you give it a pass.

  • J-M

    What the Hell? We just authorized these drones to fly all over the US, for our own good of course. If we have nothing to hide, then we shouldn’t mind having our every move tracked by drones and other surveillance. What are they afraid of? AND YET here is the Un babbling on about these horrible drones flying all over other countries. Human rights? We don’t have any.

  • rick

    so, i guess, the un criminals are unhappy with the nobel criminals, for giving the undocumented illegal alien forger in chief, a peace prize, eh? gettin hard to keep up with all the crimes commited by all the real criminals.

  • Buckeye

    Obama knows how to take care of business and not get our soldiers killed. The repubs want our soldiers killed.

    • Sanders

      Buckeye, you’re despicable. Neither Democrap or Republipuke want to get our military personnel killed. Get a life.

    • Patty

      Buckeye, Have you heard of Fast and Furious?

      • firefight

        Yes we have……..and now, Obamapuke has given Holder executive privilege which is like diplomatic immunity in the whole affair. This makes the whole mess an obvious government cover-up and it most assuredly includes Obamapuke as well as Holder. OMG, this means less transparency in this administration. Obama is acting like a dictator and we must start treating him as such. We have too much being hidden from the eyes of our people.

    • Boatman

      Inform yourself, a lot of soldiers are realizing the truth and having secon thoughts about the wars and the killing of innocent people so real soon all they would need are drones. The drones are not about the safety of the soldier is about maintaining control in despite of it.

  • teaparty13

    If I had my way, I’d drop a drone bomb on the worthless UN..Time to kick it out if the country….trouble is, there are no innocents killed, the women & children in the Middle East shield the men..look how Bin Laden’s women tried to shield him when the Seals hit.

  • SJJolly

    “… the Obama Administration routinely pads the numbers of possible civilian casualties associated with the strikes by describing “all military-age males in a strike zone” ”
    Someone needs to do more proofreading. “pads” is clearly the wrong word, as it means to increase, not decrease.

    Q: How would the pro-drone strike people feel about getting a missile down their home chimney because some joystick jockey got the wrong house?

  • Dad

    Time to end any involvement with the UN… especially money!

    • The Harrytruth

      Yes stop the funding of the U.N.

    • firefight

      An organization born out of ignorance, stupitity and complacency. Designed to enrich the lives of the elite while maximizing control over and destroying the lives of middle and lower classes. Yet it is the lower middle class and the lower class that keeps begging for more. Perhaps they would enjoy a poke in the eye with a sharp stick as well.

  • bobert

    How if alcada,,taliban had drones would you feel??

    • firefight

      Where did you go to schyool? Ever thought about using commas, they look like this ( , ) to complete your thoughts? It helps your readers and makes us think you hve an education. As for your comment, the whole idea of maintaining military superiority is to NOT allow the enemy to develop the same technology that you have. During the Clinton administration, a lot of our top secret technology was given to the Chinese by old Tricky Dickie himself…..which is why many of us Vets consider him a traitor just like we do Obama. By the way, heard the latest? Obama has granted executive privelege to Eric Holder in the “Fast and Furious” investigation being conducted by Issa. How does that make you feel? Now Obama is telling the U.S. that we don’t have the right to question any of those in Washington and that the Bull S__t about a transparent administration was exactly that, Bull S__t! What we need is a very big bug bomb dumped on Washington, D,C.. We have way too many traitors in our three branches of government and the whole house needs tpo be fumigated. The sooner the better.

      • firefight

        As for my spelling, my keyboard has a mind of its own. LOL

  • The Harrytruth

    Why aren’t we flying drones on the Mexican border and doing drone strikes on Mexican drug cartels. that would be a good use of this technology.

  • The Harrytruth

    We need to start drone flits over Washington D.C.for the safety of the people.

  • The Harrytruth

    I want a drone so I don’t have to what for the post office. I can fly my drone to get my own packages. Same day service.

  • JohnRunyan

    Here’s an idea, how about we stop staging coupe’s in the middle east, stop sending the schools books that say “kill americans” to the schools in the middle east, and stop creating enemies all over the world. You realize we wouldn’t have AL-CIA-DA or extremist were it not for our own CIA. We arm and teach these people to hate us so we can have a war to secure Oil pipe lines and the opium trade in the middle east to create leverage over the people who really have our ballz in a vice AKA the Chinese. And you people who think it’s sweet to have drones flying all over the place including Amerika, I Hope you are standing next to the first person our fuhrer decides to strike in the United States and you are the first civilian casualty, and when it happens and they deflate the numbers again, we’ll never even know about the end of your pitiful existence. THOSE WHO WOULD SACRIFICE LIBERTY FOR SECURITY DESERVE NEITHER. It’s time to stop acting like cowards, hiding behind a joystick, killing others like a video game, and start taking aim at the real terrorists, Oh wait, In Amerika, raining down bombs on civilians form a drone, and torturing suspects that’s not terrorism and if you don’t like it your some label that the liberal media uses to blanket the entire issue like a racist, yea thats it. If you don’t like killing innocents your a racist. You see how far we’ve fallen?

  • http://thetruthaboutguns michael

    Just because we can go kill anyone we/Americans want to kill don’t make it right … Who r we to say who needs killing wtf is wrong with u ppl .. murder is murder no matter who is killing the other n a scope from a plan how about drones civilians r just that non combat units …stop the police the world

  • Bruce R. Squires

    The one thing which stands out most is the hypocritical disconnect between the president’s actions and the rules of engagement imposed on our service men and women. While the casualty count continues to mount of those dead and injured restricted from taking reasonable action because of the risks of collateral damage, Obama, in perfect safety, thousands of miles from the action, routinely directs these assassination strikes. Viewed in this context, I see not a decisive leader but a cowardly, murderous hypocrite!

  • FEDUP!

    Besides the fact that our Pres does not like Americans, he is also pissing off other countries. He and his team will get us all killed if we continue to allow it.

  • EyesWideOPEN

    “Barack Obama’s penchant for carrying out targeted drone attacks overseas that routinely result in civilian casualties.”…

    So, in the next administration (if it changes) how will this “U.N. investigator” (no names please) view the continuation of this very thing? Certainly it will not be viewed as per the current office holder.. That would mean we (again) voted in the wrong leader. This is too pathetic.. You want to eliminate collateral damage? GET THE HELL OUT!!

  • old hillbilly

    There is historical precedent for BO’s behavior. He’s following in Pol Pot’s footsteps… taking the ultimate power of life & death – he stops life with the abortion mills & ends life with the drones like… on the wings of snow white doves… – getting to the point of bow now or be gone

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  • Gregg

    The use of drones makes complete sense. Why risk the lives of US soldiers in areas where the civilians are hostile, and the terrorists routinely use said civilians as human shields. Drone strikes are effective, the collateral damage is regretful, and yes I am saying that a US life is more valuable than those of our enemies. This is a gorilla war, there are no uniforms so who is to say who is a civilian and who is a combatant? 20% of those killed in drone strikes are suspected civilians? That means 80% are combatants? Not a bad average by any accounting. Go back to Vietnam or WWII when we carpet bombed areas. This is a great leap forward in attempting to protect innocents.

  • Dr Doug

    I have to say I like your use of gorilla in place of guerilla. Catchy, as in we are the 600# gorilla and its ok for the radicals and terrorists to behead captives, blow things up, terrorize their own people and take shots at us, easy target, right? Why are our men who are over there in harms way held accountable for urinating on some corpses but when one of “them” over here goes on a rampage and kills our servicement he is protected by the laws and institutions he has sworn to destroy? We have to stop treating these people like jaywalkers and begin to understand they want us dead, our institutions destroyed, our way of life destroyed (which, by the way has provided them with all the kit they use against us), our country destroyed, THEY WANT YOU TO DIE. They don’t pray to understand, they don’t ask forgiveness, they don’t pray for peace…they pray that you will die. Why don’t you go over there and protest?

  • JR

    Britain has a terrorism problem in N. Ireland, an a lot of the guys the UK is fighting hank out in Boston. Imagine how Americans would feel if the Brits starter, without our permission, bombing houses in Boston believed to hide Irish bomb makers??? That is EXACTLY how so many in the Middle East feel about the USA.

    Most studies out there say it’s at least 90% innocent people that are killed.

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