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U.K. Military And Medical Officials: Climate Change Will Cripple Planet

October 20, 2011 by  

U.K. Military And Medical Officials: Climate Change Will Cripple Planet

Climate change proponents in the United Kingdom believe that global warming poses “an immediate, growing and grave threat” to health and security around the world.

In anticipation of the U.N.’s annual climate conference in six weeks, the British Medical Journal and a handful of military experts partnered on Monday to discuss what they believe will be the effects of global warming on societies around the world.

Among the environmental consequences the group said would be resultant of lacking action on the part of developed countries are extreme weather events, loss of habitat for humans, water and food shortages and threats to livelihood.

A statement issued by the group and signed by a number of European medical and military officials says that climate change will lead to mass migrations of human beings, causing worldwide security threats.

The group urges “modest lifestyle changes” like reducing dependence on automobiles as personal ways to reduce the chance that their dismal predictions will materialize. For U.N. member governments, however, the suggestions are a little more ambitious.

The group asks the following of world governments:

  • The European Union to unconditionally agree a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions domestically by 30 percent by 2020.
  • Developed countries to adopt more ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets, to increase their support for low carbon development and to invest in further research into the impact of climate change on health and security.
  • All governments to enact legislative and regulatory change to stop the building of new unabated coal-fired power stations and phase out the continuing operation of existing plants.
  • A mechanism ensuring that all people can share equitably the benefits of a safe atmosphere without penalizing those with the least historical responsibility for climate change must be established.
  • All governments to incorporate the U.N. Security Council Presidential statement from July 20 on the potential consequences of climate change on security.
  • All governments to strive to adopt climate change mitigation targets and policies that are more ambitious than their international commitments.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • David Owens

    Are they still trying to ride that climate change roller coaster? What BS…

    • Michele

      cLIMATE CHANGE IS ANOTHER FORM OF CLAIMS TO RID US OF WHAT LITTLE PERSONAL MOENEY WE HAVE LEFT. aL gORE AND THE LIKE ENRICH THEMSELVES AND GUARANTEE THE UN, AFTER NWO, TO ENRICH THEMSELVES WITH THE TAXES THEY WILL FORCE US TO PAY. iT IS A SCAM A S C A M !!! DONT BUY INTO IT. OUR PLANET WILL E AROUND FOR AS LONG AS GOD WANTS IT TO BE. HE is in control, not man. Man is destructive and greedy, God is nothing like that. Plus all the scientist’s who go against the claims of climate control, are not allowed to work. They know the truth and they are banned for it. Think about this!!! It is to control US. and for slavery.

      • 2centsworth

        Everything on this planet is fixing to change, and the people are not going to sit here and listen to “politicians” make up stuff anymore. There are honest people who tell the truth, and that’s all the people really want, is someone who will tell the truth. People who lie to people to manipulate and take advantage of them, and put them under bondage, are going to go to jail. The people no longer want liers lying to them!

  • Don

    Well for you people that are concerned with global warming; all you have to do is jump up to our Sun and ask it to stop the solar flares which is more than half of the cause for global warming. Pay attention to the scientists who have made this fact known and get your heads out of the sand.

  • peter

    We just do not get it do we? This has nothing to do with mans influence. Nature is just doing what she does and has done for millions of years and will carry on doing for many more millions of years and we are totally stupid to believe that we can alter her course. When we accept that 75% of the USA was once covered by ice 5 miles thick and is now largely a dust bowl, then maybe, just maybe, we can accept that it was not by our design, but just the nature of things. If we have to migrate then that too will be nothing new as previous occupants of this planet did that too as a matter of necessity. They left thie suv’s, tv’s and deep freezes behind by the way. We may be lucky and some may survive to adapt to the given environment, but in reality it seems that the time for cleansing is upon us. Too many people – too many stupid people in fact, and the planet needs to make some corrections. She has had enough of these parasites and it is time to banish us into the same realms of previous prehistorics who also thought that they could tame nature. Bet on it and if you do survive, enjoy eating your money and your gold. Thats all you will have left.

    • USAF VET

      What’s this “we” about? Try THEY because they are the ones that just don’t get it. Typical European style, they just don’t know how to use COMMON SENSE.

      It is a scientific fact that approximatly 85% of the greenhouse gasses consists of water vapor, CO2 makes up less than 1/10 of 1% of the greenhouse gasses, so why do they still think that “Global Warming” is such a threat? The reason is they are a bunch of consperiocy theorists that believe the Chicken Little Theory. Or maybe they believe the Murphys Law theory that whatever bad is going to happen will.

    • BigBadJohn

      Do yourself a favor, pick a hot sunny day and go for a walk in the woods. Then drive to the nearest mall and go for a walk across the parking lot. Then tell us in which spot you felt hotter.

      Mans negative impact on the planet is mostly from deforestation not CO2. If CO2 increases, plants thrive and consume the co2. But what happens if you are cutting down all of the trees and co2 is increasing at the same time????
      Deforestation and over population are the problems that mankind have to focus on.

  • Joyce from Loris

    Our planet proves to us constantly that it has changed itself many times over in it’s history, and it had NOTHING to do with green house gases. We live about 50 miles inland from the ocean, yet there are numerous marl pits in our area, absolute proof that at one time, our land was under water, part of the ocean floor! It was along time ago, as there are 200 year old trees that grow over now! It’s nature.

  • Gerry Hauer

    I really believe the issue is really about the veracity of the science that has been used to come to these Draconian conclusions. I am convinced that the science was flawed and so the results are flawed as well. Clearly no one should use that as an excuse to not do what they can to not pollute the environment. A cleaner planet is a best idea, but forcing a tax on everyone to clean it up based on the flawed evidence we have makes no sense to me.

    • ValDM

      Notice please, that this bull from the UN ONLY targets Western Countries. When the rest of them are on board with this nonsense, then I might consider they have a point……….nah, there are all kinds of natural activities going on (like volcanoes erupting, unchecked forest fires, etc.) that completely negate any effort we piddlin’ humans might make.

  • Ronald Johnston

    The scientists who would oppose the mainstream scientist liars are being blacklisted!!!! Buy more bullets!!!!

    • Acushla

      Yes, Ronald, the GW aka CC Scientists have carried out their threats to those scientists who disagreed with them to cut their research funds. The Western Governments are giving them millions of dollars with hardly any funds to the other Scientists. They are out to bring about the Carbon Currency to control the nations with Global Governance. This was the stated agenda of the leaders of the Kyoto and Copenhagen Conferences to use Global Warming to persuade the Western Governments to fund them.

  • Ted Meskers

    I was reading a scientific book on the relative measurement of the gasses that make up the atmosphere. It was pointed out that if these gases were, according to size and scope, were pin-pointed on a football field of 100 yards, the Co2 that the tree huggers are so fearful of, would represent about 6 inches out of a hundred yards. The global warming we see wouldn’t be affected if we could drop Co2 by a few inches on the score board, yet the costs to attempt this inane feat would be a trillion or more, according to Al Gore and is ilk. Hardly worth the price of paying for something you can fix, or even have a positive result. Al Gore, of course, as others in his clan, are in this for the money. They already had the Cap and Trade bank and trading center set up in Chicago – even Hillary was part of the plan. Cap and Trade would crush the economy and I doubt that Co2 levels would change at all, not that it would matter. The world has cycles and we are experiencing some warming – as we have in proven cycles – both cold and warm cycles have been seen over tens of thousands of years. In fact, our Co2 levels were higher before the industrial revolution, when the population was smaller, and machines weren’t built yet – so how can this be? Because it’s not a factor of human activity – there are many things that control the cycles, but there are too many to list and comment on here. Just note, that man’s activities aren’t on the list.

  • eddie47d

    Not sure who’s side Ronald Johnston is on because global warming scientists are indeed being attacked. At the Houston Advanced Research Centre all 200 scientists who worked there protested against Gov Perry. Perry told them all he would not accept their finding that global warming exists and no one at this research centre better speak of it again. The main issue was the State of Galveston Bay program and why there was so much weather change going on in that area.The report also includes the increase of wildfires in Texas and why are there so many.Perry told one of his political appointees in his cabinet to doctor his report to reflect the Governors views. So here we have 200 scientists who agree on climate change and a governor censoring them. So the scientific views are indeed being hamstrung.

    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      Go look at the weather pattern for the US between 1928-1936. It shows a high fluctuation of temperature, combined with a drought. What caused that? There is no evidence to procure a ’cause’ as it was just another anomaly which bears no explanation. We seem to just have to put a cause with every freak event and lo and behold there just isn’t one.

      Global warming ‘scientists’ is an oxymoron. This whole ‘science’ is based on cooked data. It’s utterly useless and baseless as that UK defector revealed.

    • Jay

      Eddie, can you provide sources for your claim regarding Perry’s cover up, and suppression of scientific data?

      • eddie47d

        It was in yesterdays Alter net news.

        • Jay


  • home boy

    wrong! satan is doing that all by himself.

  • Zermoid

    Bull, historically periods of global warming have resulted in phenomenal growth of populations, as crops grow better and it’s easier to feed people. During times of Global cooling the population has typically stagnated or slowly grew due to a shortage of food.

  • Charles S. Rebert

    Earth’s Natural Climate Cycles
    The Myth of Man-made Global Warming

    The earth when first formed was a molten cauldron of elemental substances. It evolved once into a globe entirely covered in miles-deep ice [“Snowball Earth”]. For billions of years it has oscillated every ten – to – twenty million years between ice – ages and warm periods. The primary movers of these major oscillations include the earth’s variable proximity to the sun as its orbit varies from more circular to more elliptic, the sun’s variable releases of energy, and the earth’s travels through the galaxy and its encountering of more or less of various sorts of radiations. Imbedded in these “global” oscillations are cycles of warming and cooling occurring approximately every 1,500 years, the mechanisms of which remain mysterious. Recent examples of the cycle are the Medieval Warming Period [1000 - 1400 AD] and the Little Ice Age [1400 - 1900 AD] from which we are still emerging, a cycle so far of about 900 years. Are we entering a new phase of global warming or are we just in the last phase of the previous cycle? Not entirely certain. Is the seeming current warming period the result of human activity? If so, what are the mechanisms of it?

    Al Gore, in his movie “An Inconvenient Truth” answers the first question in the affirmative and to the second question he proposes the mechanism of carbon dioxide greenhouse gas warming.

    It is a truism that causes precede their effects. Take out your Gore DVD and pause on the 400,000 year record of earth’ temperature and the concentration of CO2 in earth’s atmosphere. Gore’s explicit conclusion is that variations in CO2 cause variations in temperature. It is indeed the case that the two variables wax and wane together. The correlation coefficient, a statistical measure of the association between variations in measures, is probably, if just the average values are included, near 0.8, meaning that about 64% of the variation in one measure can be predicted from variation in the other. It is important to emphasize, however, that the statistical relation says nothing about the causal relationship – - only that one measure is predictable from the other. Now, take a close look at the phase relations of temperature and CO2 – - that is, which change comes first, warming or increase in CO2? In the first half of the graph [earliest in time] warming almost invariably precedes elevation of CO2. This relationship is not so clear in the more recent records, where the relationships are mixed. What can be concluded? In this graph, on the whole, warming precedes CO2 more often than not. From this graph it cannot be concluded that historic changes in CO2 cause warming! More data than not, on the whole, points to elevation of temperature preceding elevation of CO2. Why might this be the case? One possibility – - warming of the oceans causes the evaporation of gasses dissolved in the water.

    Gore also shows a graph wherein there is a gradual cooling of the earth until very modern times when a sharp increase in warming occurs [the famous “Hockey Stick”]. There are several things wrong with that graph: 1. It does not show the ENORMOUS variation in the measures. 2. It leaves out the well documented Medieval Warming Period [wherein temperatures were well above modern times] and the Little Ice Age [from which we appear to still be recovering - - accounting for some modern warming, relative to an ice age!]. 3. The “Hockey Stick” is a statistical artifact, obtainable even when random numbers are plugged into the statistical routine used to derive it – - confirmed by a US Congress investigation of the matter. So, out of that seminal graph Gore omitted a substantial warm period and an ice age and presented invalid data. Hmmm. From this we are supposed to alter the very fabric of our way of living, both politically and economically?

    Charles S. Rebert
    Coulterville, CA


    Horner, Christopher C. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism. Regnery 2007
    Avery, D. and Singer, F. Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years. Rowman & Littlefield, 2008
    Solomon, L. The Deniers. Richard Vigilante Books, 2008
    Goreham, Steve. Climatism. New Lenox Books, 2010

  • Mike

    Citizens of the world – there is no such thing as man-made climate change (global warming).

  • Munnster

    Why do the “Global Warmers” always cry Chicken Little about the world warming up and not being able to grow things? You can grow a lot more in the tropics than you can in Antarctica. They are propagandists/statists who are trying to control everybodies life and lifestyles.

  • daniel

    Since the term global warming did not work it was changed to climate change. Since an Inconvenient Truth got the Nobel Prize and was found with inconvenient lies it has been a circus. Has the Earth’s climate changed in the past? Of course. Will there be changes in weather and population paterns? Yes. Cqn we do anything about it as a whole? No. We can just take care of what we have to the best of our ability we cannot reverse it.
    When I was going to school it was global cooling. Add it all up and I wonder what is the agenda of those that push climate change so hard? I am not talking about the little guys either. I am talking about GE and the likes of Al ( I shoulda been President) Gore. Gore himself is such a hypocrite I don’t trust anything he says.

  • Tracy Andersen

    Okay, I gotta make a stoopid comment, jest fer the funuv it

    “OKAY, everybody off the Earth! We’re giving it back to the bugs and the weeds!”

  • I’d rather be killing commies

    Londonistan is already lost. The same seeds of destruction they swallowed under the guise of ‘multi-culturalism’ have corrupted their mind’s ability to be objective about the data available.

  • Stuart Ashley

    It’s ironic that this is coming from a country in which climate statistics were being manufactured to prove a point, rather than arrived at by scientific method. That this was found out, but failed to stop the nonsence, is even more ironic. But the greatest irony is that Great Britain is in northern Europe, which benefited the most from global warming (between 900 and 1300 AD) and was hurt the worst by global cooling (from 1300 to 1800 AD). Doesn’t anyone learn anything from history? Just to drive home the point, the Midieval Warm Period was much warmer than present. So much so that the Norse were able to form two farming communities on Greenland, where they lived by raising cows, horses, sheep, and goats for 400 years. Try doing this today!
    Cheers! Stu.

  • Geoman

    More than 31000 real scientists have signed the Oregon Declaration that Climate Change is NOT caused by human activity .The earth has been in a cooling trend for the past 10 years .
    These European/ UN Gore syncophants are on the dole from the climate alarmist cults.

    • BigBadJohn

      Wasn’t the ‘ Oregon declaration’ signed by over 31,000 scientists who opposed the reality of man-made global warming?
      Posted Wednesday, 29 July, 2009 at 11:47am

      Isn’t the science too uncertain? or Aren’t the scientists biased?

      Scientists work in an open and consensual way that allows for conflicting views. This makes it even more remarkable that today there is very strong agreement among them that global warming is real.

      The ‘Oregon declaration’ refers to a petition, that was compiled between 1999 and 2001 by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine (OISM), calling for the US Government to reject the Kyoto agreement and claiming that “proposed limits on greenhouse gases would harm the environment, hinder the advance of science and technology, and damage the health and welfare of mankind”. These claims contradicted the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 2001 report. Critics of the petition claimed that it involved a degree of deception because it was made to look like a scientific article. They also alleged that false names appeared on to the petition – the signatories’ names appear on the OISM website, but without listing any institutional affiliations or even cities of residence, so it is very difficult to determine their credentials or even whether they exist at all. It may also be worth noting that it was part funded by the George C. Marshall Institute which has itself received significant funding from ExxonMobil, a company well known at the time for its denial of global warming.

  • s c

    People of the UK, we don’t need no stinkin’ global warming theories. We’ve got a wannabe dictator who thinks he’s infallible. Thankfully, he doesn’t want to be America’s global warming high priest, too. Gore already has that ‘job.’

  • Buck

    If I were the Brits , I would be more concerned with their Muslim problem than their environment . Afterall whether discomfort and a little environmental damage is , to me , preferable to living under Islamic enslavement .

  • AJ

    I wouldn’t belive anything that the UN put’s out because it’s a scare tactic to promote their Global agenda. “Let us protect and take care of you”. We the UN will do that under a one world Facist government.”


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