Tyrannical Trifecta: Obama’s Phony Leadership, Holder’s Phony Justice And Congress’ Phony Concern


President Barack Obama, in a speech Wednesday, blamed political posturing and phony scandals for Washington’s inability to get much done to benefit the American people.

The President wants America to know that he has many plans for improving the economy, “But with this endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals, Washington has taken its eye off the ball,” he said. “And I am here to say this needs to stop. (Applause.) This needs to stop.”

There’s one burning question: Which scandals does the President consider phony?

Lawmakers, pundits and average Americans have spent the past 10 months trying to figure out what happened leading up to and after the murder of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans at the hands of Islamic extremists in Benghazi, Libya.

Still, the White House has not provided any real answers. That’s likely because admitting that a cover-up of executive failures was orchestrated to protect the Obama campaign would reveal that the Benghazi scandal is more tangible than even Obama’s harshest critics originally believed.

Later, the State Department intimidated officials who knew the truth of what happened in Benghazi –and others who knew about misconduct in the agency.

In May, it was revealed that the Internal Revenue Service has frequently singled out American citizens and groups with conservative political leanings for increased scrutiny. During a Congressional oversight hearing on the matter, Lois Lerner, IRS director of Exempt Organizations, invoked her 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Obama axed IRS chief Steven Miller, who was already nearing the end of his term, with great fanfare. And the agency blamed the scandal on low-level employees and vowed to do better.

But no real consequence emerged. No massive tax-reform effort. No massive cuts to the agency, even after further damning reports about IRS officials wasting troves of taxpayer money on lavish conferences.

Furthermore, Americans still don’t know why the IRS commissioner visited the White House 118 times during Obama’s tenure, compared to one visit during the previous Presidential Administration. Nor do they know why a top IRS aide made more than 300 visits to the Presidential residence. One White House meeting between Obama and a high ranking IRS official occurred on April 23, 2012, two days before a new set of advice on how to scrutinize tea party and conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status was sent to the IRS exempt organizations determinations unit .

In 2011, Americans learned that Federal officials were involved in an attempt to vilify firearms by handing them to Mexican drug cartels. The effort, dubbed Fast and Furious, came to a head when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which ran the operation, lost track of hundreds of firearms, many of which have been linked to crimes, including the fatal shooting of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in December 2010.

Americans wanted to know who was responsible, as firearms smuggling and dealings with dangerous criminal elements are certainly not the business of Federal officials on the taxpayer dime.

Unfortunately for information seekers, Attorney General Eric Holder absolved the ATF of any wrongdoing and absolved himself of any wrongdoing. And President Obama basically said that, by order of executive privileged, Americans shouldn’t expect answers because it would damage national security.

Luckily, this is a Nation built on the idea that a well-informed public is an absolute necessity to the greater good of all citizens. That means, protected by the 1st Amendment, America’s journalists have the power to hit the streets and find out the answers to the questions that the White House refuses to acknowledge.

Those journalists do need to be sure, however, that they never run afoul of Obama’s all-seeing Administration, a fact duly noted by The Associated Press revelation that the Justice Department seized the records for more than 20 separate telephone lines assigned to The AP and its journalists in April and May 2012. The Federal government collected personal and work-related information from more than 100 journalists.

When government officials won’t talk about their gross misconduct and the American press is intimidated by a bully Federal government, it seems all hope is lost for American citizens concerned about the state of the Nation and seeking answers. But there are still ways for the public to come upon pertinent information about how the government is abusing them.

Whistle-blower Edward Snowden recently revealed that the National Security Agency is constantly collecting the electronic communications data of virtually all Americans. Meanwhile, Snowden has taken refuge in Russia to avoid Federal retribution for revealing the government’s dirty little secret. The White House was forced to acknowledge the leak and promised that the Department of Justice would investigate.

The same Department of Justice that looked into Fast and Furious. The same Department of Justice that said it is looking into the IRS malfeasance. The same Department of Justice that secretly spied on American journalists. The same Department of Justice that will likely skewer Snowden if he is ever captured.

And, except for a few standouts, Congress is complicit in all of the above-mentioned scandals because legislators have made no tangible effort to force answers out of the Administration. Hearings happen, questions are asked, but then — as illustrated with the defeat of Representative Justin Amash’s defund the NSA amendment, Wednesday — nothing is done to protect Americans from the growing executive and its vast abuses of power.

Obama is partially right that something is phony in Washington, but it certainly isn’t the growing list of scandals surrounding his Administration. It is his leadership, and that of the almost the entire political class in Washington, that is truly phony.

Personal Liberty

Sam Rolley

Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.

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  • Nathan Hale

    And also, please let us all know who, in your opinion Mr. President , is guilty of “political posturing” ,, Surely the posture illuminated under your exalted opinion, though appearing “political” is something else. What would that be?

  • flashy

    Well Sam … I’d venture of the four “scandals” you cite, only one (Snowden/NSA) is a legit scandal. The lackadasical attitude of Americans is to be expected when the crazies scream and rant and make things up on an hourly basis.

    “Whatever…it’s the extremists lying about Obama again” is the current reaction these days. Ain’t it nice to realize that is what the crazy contingent has accomplished? Birthers, FEMA death camps, coups, death panels, etc. No one believes the TP/American Taliban anymore. Such is where you have brought yourselves. Feel good about that ?

    • laura merrone

      What about the IRS scandal? Is that legitimate in your opinion?

      • Vis Fac

        Nothing is ever ODUMBO’s or the DUMBOCRITES fault right? So whenever they have trouble defending and/or nothing to substantiate their positions they simply fall back on their Federal Board for Blaming Bush.. Then all their liberal inadequacies are soon to be forgotten.

        • laura merrone

          Amen. Eventually, though, justice will catch up with them. Don’t give up hope for some real hope and change…not the Democratic version of it. (I guess old guy hasn’t replied yet…but I see where he’s coming from…:)

    • jdn

      More wisdom from a political hack . Go to the families of the dead victims of Fast and furious or Bengazi and tell them that their loss is nothing more than drummed up phony political attacks against your party and they should be outraged because Americans are wasting time demanding answers to non issues and preventing Obamas greatness from shining through . I didn’t think so , but if you were stupid enough to face them your beatings would be the real non issue .

    • oldguy

      Of course you have the proof that all of us “crazies” have been looking for. If that is true, sir then please post all of the “truths” that only you seem to have so we can all go to bed tonight knowing that we are secure and can get a good nights rest. Just because Holder says there is nothing to see here. ” I’ve investigated myself and found I’ve been honest and above board. Move along.” So in your learned opinion Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and the IRS scandals are nothing more than the figments of some Extremists vivid imagination? I’d love to see your proof. Please share with us your mountain of evidence. Please share with us how you are unable to follow the simplest of clues. I’m not talking breadcrumbs through the forest but boulders along the path that all keep leading to the same place. Please share with us why you feel that all the smoke and mirrors are just figments of a curious populations imagination. Until such time I’m going to have to regiment your continued asinine responses, name calling and general stupidity to be the product of a dumbed down populace. So unless you have the proof that us “crazies” are seeking then do us all a favor and go read your latest copy of Huff and Puff Post and drink your Kool-Aid and disappear until the adults here can get this all sorted out.

    • S.C.Murf

      flashless long time no hear your bull$hit and that’s a good thing, maybe next TIME you could make it longer? obama still paying you weekly? Remember that’s our money so you work for us now take a coffee break and make that popping sound

      up the hill

    • Bill

      I see Flashy is back
      What, did you just get back from your indoctrination, Comrade.
      Folks, if you want to read blatant political lies, read flashy

    • Marshall Watson

      flashy please present this mountain of evidence to prove all this is phoney and I’ll listen. Until you do if I were you I’d keep my opinions to myself, because you true intelligence is showing, or is it the fact that you have no intelligence?

    • momo

      I see flashman is back and gracing us with more of his wisdom…NOT. Hey, flashman light up another cancer stick and take seven more minutes off your life.

  • HueyDude

    Remember.. “All animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others.” Or something along those lines.

  • jdn

    Yep they are right , I do smell something phony . Its called the constant coverup or the DC two step .

    • Richard

      GRIZ SEZ , ”yes , and the rancid stink is terrible in Ohio , too” . bo really is a stinker of the highest order ! !

  • CompanionOnTheJourney

    When I was younger, my brother would do something bad while I was present. My father would ask, “Who did this?” If I said anything to expose my brother’s misdeed, my brother would say it was not him, and that I was lying. At some point he would hit me or torture one of my Barbie dolls to shut me up next time. So his defense was based on my “phony” lie and then he’d secretly punish me to cover his tracks. Sounds like my brother tutored the White House.

  • Jim B

    The old communist propaganda machine in Germany or Russia had nothing on BHO, and Holder’s media monopoly. Are they saying that the deaths in Bengasi didn’t happen, that everyone thought it was all about a video, that the rescue forces were told to stand down, that the original requests for help prior to the attack never happened… Hillary, Holder… Obomanation, anyone? I don’t need to or want to go into the other lawless acts being carried out by this government… each being criminal offenses against the American Population, not scandals as BHO seems to believe. I think it’s coming to the hog and rope tie time, I think it’s time for the true owners of our government to pay a visit to DC and start knocking on some doors, and throwing some folks out on their ears. We are talking about 535 idiots and 1 impostor, not much of a challenge when you think about it, not much of a sacrifice to protect the country from two out of control governments, each working to destroy the foundation of this country. If I was one of the 35% unemployed graduated students, or 52% black unemployed youth, I’d have myself a 1960 style protest at the WH. You can no longer believe that you have not been lied to, used as pawns, and manipulated like puppets on a string.

    • Mark Holtz

      What are you doing about it? Get involved! It’s great that we get on these blogs we need to do more! Get involved! Call your senate and congress men and woman, tell them how you feel! Join the tea party in your area, talk to your neighbors, tell them the truth? God bless!

  • KG

    The President is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. While our economy tanks due to Republican resistance to any kind of remedy, The Republicans seem to still be preoccupied with women’s anatomy. Let’s look at the example you give as “scandal’:

    Benghazi – Anyone with a scintilla of intelligence can reason that the ‘conspiracy’ is actually republican Propaganda. Face it, there was a secret CIA operation going on and the President didn’t want any operatives ‘outed’ to prevent the deaths of even more Americans. Unlike the Republicans who outed Valerie Plame
    and probably killed thousands of secret agents and contacts.

    Internal Revenue Service – The job of the IRS when some entity applies for tax-free status is to determine if it based on ‘political’ or economic criteria. So EVERY ‘political entity’ that applies gets ‘special scrutiny’, not just “conservative’ groups. Besides, many of these so-called ‘conservative’ groups LIED on their applications!

    Fast and Furious – A scheme actually dreamed-up by the Bush Administration.

    Just admit to yourselves that you WANT to believe these ‘scandals’ instead of actually seeing them for the propaganda value the Republicans have used them for.

    • Jonathan B.

      I’m sorry, but you have the wrong website if you are looking for the Huffington Post. This is the Personal Liberty website.

    • Richard WEAVER

      griz sez ,” How did this KG guy get turned loose in his condition??” Someone get his pills for him while there is still time— maybe.

    • Bill

      It is so obvious that you are just trying to push a political agenda and have no idea what you are talking about.
      Obama has no clue how to stimulate the economy, so he plays the blame game. Just like you

      • KG

        Our president, Mr Obama knows exactly what will fix, not just ‘stimulate’, our economy. However, everyone here at PLD as well as the Republican/Libertarian/Nazis that populate this forum, are so greedy and selfish that they cannot fathom truly fulfilling what our Constitution was all about.

        Why argue in hypotheticals? After all, Von Misies was an expert at “hypothetical” arguements. If there is blame, we need to recognize it and call it for what it is, not what we wish it were.

        • Bill

          So tell us in specifics how Obama will fix the economy

          • KG

            1. Strengthen Unions.
            2. Encourage Union membership
            3. Provide free college education to all who need it or want it.
            4.Did i say Unions were important?

          • Bill

            So I guess you work for a union. Do you work for a private sector union or a public sector union.

          • momo

            Great ideas…if you’re a Marxist.

          • Bud Brota

            Seen Detroit lately? Thank the unions, and the Democrats. Yeah, that ought to fix the economy.

          • KG

            Unions and Democrats didn’t ‘ruin’ Detroit – it was the greed of the management of the corporations.

            Why is Germany, which has had a Social Security program since 1857, so prosperous with good wages for their workers? So, it CANNOT BE the ‘cost’ of labor, but the MAXIMIZATION OF PROFITS AT THE COST OF THE WORKERS.
            How does a guy putting on fenders even have the power to ‘force’ management to make bad decisions?

          • Mark Holtz

            In truth, Detroit’s downward spiral began decades ago. Following the post-World War II boom; the Nation’s industries underwent an inevitable downturn. Since the Federal government had yet to get into the “saving union thugs from their own incompetence” business, companies like Packard shuttered their plants. Not long afterward, as the city reeled from the economic blow, a police raid of an illegal speakeasy so enraged the patrons that they started a race riot, which would ultimately hold the “burning down our own city” title until South Central Los Angeles claimed it a quarter century later. Not only did damages exceed $80 million (about $560 million in 2013 dollars); but they sent 2,500 businesses to “quitsville,” 43 people to the morgue and a huge portion of the productive population to the suburbs. Universally respected economist Thomas Sowell noted:
            Before the ghetto riot of 1967, Detroit’s black population had the highest rate of home-ownership of any black urban population in the country, and their unemployment rate was just 3.4 percent. It was not despair that fueled the riot. It was the riot which marked the beginning of the decline of Detroit to its current state of despair.
            Following the riots, an oil crunch took its toll. The auto industry, plagued by Big Labor attacks since the 40s, responded to rising gas prices with a series of incredibly awful automobiles and incredibly bad concessions to the unions. After GM essentially launched the Japanese import market with horrendous cars like the Vega, the United Auto Workers actually managed to exact the infamous GM jobs bank, a program in which laid-off workers were paid nearly full salary and benefits to not work. Over the next few decades, the jobs bank cost GM just less than $1 billion per year.

          • Mark Holtz

            That is from an article in personal liberty digest. By Ben Crystal

          • KG

            quote: The auto industry, plagued by Big Labor attacks since the 40s, responded to rising gas prices with a series of incredibly awful automobiles and incredibly bad concessions to the unions.

            So you admit it was the ‘coffee drinkers’ in the big office building who really sunk Detroit? Oh, wait, they have lots of $ so it can’t be their fault. Its the poor powerless people who are at fault. If they weren’t so needy. I mean how many diapers do you really need? Can’t you get by with just one and wash it?

            I lived in Los Angeles during the “insurrection” of 92′. I was attending school less than 5 blocks from the corner of Florence and Normandie. The TV talking heads would show video of people stealing VCR’s and TV’s and comment on ‘the savages’. However, after a few days a local TV reporter showed Video of a store being looted by old ladies and young mothers. They weren’t taking TVs and VCRs, but diapers and baby formula. It was then I realized that when the powerless with to speak, sometimes the only thing people hear is a broken window.

          • got my licence

            I to lived and had a repair shop in LA in 92. Understand that there was going to be a riot no matter what the verdict was. It would be in protest ( like it was ) or in celabration. Orginized gangs were extorting money for said insurance before the riot. Gangs in vans were found to have cases of maltolfcoctails and maps of thoses who would not pay.
            The gang mentality is the union mentality.
            In nature a healthy host can handel a few parisites but when the parisites are to many in number the host dies.
            At one time the unions did improve workplace conditions and pay. Today their extream pay for less than average performance with the fact you cant fire then (the only way to get them out of your dept. is to promote them) has forced industry to seek profit else where. Unions them go to the government to twist the arm of industry and get them to pay so industry goes overseas.
            HOST DIES. Unions get goverment bailout / stimulious. Goverment cries ” WE NEED MORE MONEY”.
            Is the next host to die the tax payer?

          • KG

            Who said that you were NOT the ‘parasite’? It was YOUR buddies who raped America in 2008 where…”Organized gangs were extorting money for said insurance before the riot.” And those ‘gangs’ were the insurance and mortgage companies run by ‘good christian’ bidness entremanuers.

            It’s called ‘flip the script.” It doesn’t sound much better when rich white people do the same thing now, does it?

          • got my licence

            I believe KG should referance my sugestion about pulling his head out of his backside. He then might be able to read some reality insead of spuing the endless load of BS he feeds on
            .Remember Barney Frank? Yes I am asking you KG. Bush did try to correct the mortage ind. but was stopped by Barney and his friends. I also note how you trash Christians but quote scripture (most times out of context) when it suits you.
            You really need to get a job or a girlfriend although a girlfriend my lead to you damaging the gene pool more than it already is.

          • KG

            Barney Frank really believed that the financiers were taking their fiduciary duty seriously. He actually trusted free enterprise more than you do. It was only latter when we found out all the “good christian bidness entremanuers’ were screwing everybody like there was no tomorrow.

            No, Mr Frank had something you lack. He had vision. But, when you are an eagle, it’s hard to fly around with turkeys.

          • got my licence

            Spoken like a true Victrocrate. Keep rewrighting history. Barney’s vision was to ruin the last vestage of wealth for the middle class and damage the dollar. It was a ponzie scheme that hurt investers here and overseas although the large forign investors appearently had some sort of U.S.government ins. against loss. It would be my guess that the goal would be to do a one world currency by creating doubt about the dollar.

          • KG

            I think you have been reading too may ‘Chick’ comics.

            Try actually using your head for something more than a hat rack.

          • Vis Fac

            You are obviously a Marxist and live in a cave or the former USSR. Unions like the police destroy things like a horde of locust on a wheat field. One locust, cop, or union member by itself is not that destructive. However you get a horde of them in masse then look out wheat fields are stripped bare your house that has been raided is in shambles and the entity that has the union has been brought to its knees.
            Now tell me why does GM Ford and Chrysler need to add $1784.36 to the cost of the average American car to pay for UNION wages (cost to produce goods) and benefits? Could it be to pay for union wages at 90% of a worker who has not worked (laid off) for up to two years, provide schooling and medical benefits to those who choose to sit idle?
            Do you think the guy that installs the fender is afraid for his job should he under perform much the same as a unionized city worker, school teacher, cop, or public servant? Blame the UNION for higher costs for ridiculous retirement packages only a UNION could squeeze out of the employer.
            If you still believe that UNIONS have not contributed to our economic decline at the expense of others you are suffering from chronic cerebral necrosis!

          • KG

            If you still believe that the Rich in America have not benefited from the decline of Union membership, and have secretly raped middle class America for years, then YOU are the one suffering from chronic cerebral necrosis.

          • Vis Fac

            Those rich Americans as you like to reference are ODUMBO ‘s BANKSTER buddies and UNION Thugs he bailed out on my dime. You wouldn’t know what cerebral necrosis was unless I told you however your cranial rectitus has manifested into chronic hypoxia.

          • KG

            “… he bailed out on my dime.”

            That’s your problem. You want people impressed with your service in the military, but it is obvious YOU are not a ‘team’ member. With that kind of attitude, how did you manage to be in the Military?

          • Vis Fac

            What’s My problem? in one word YOU apparently you are eager to show how shallow and indolent liberal one dimensional idiot-ology is by posting your inane blather. The amount of my concern on woe you or anyone sees me can be measured in micro-give-a-[EXPLETIVE DELETED]. I impart knowledge I have gleaned during mu life’s experience I do not need to rely on lame stream media to do my thinking for me. If you were half as astute as you would like us to believe or had the capacity to comprehend what others say you wouldn’t be so eager to show everyone how big a fool you are. One other observation you know nothing about the military and reading what and how you say things makes us all believe you have neither the wherewithal or the guts to enlist. let alone be any kind of authority on the matter.

          • KG

            If there is ever a remake of Dr Strangelove you would make a good Gen. Jack D Ripper!

            No I was too smart to enlist. My grandfather was a tail-gunner in a b-17, my father was in force recon during Vietnam, but when it came for my generation to fight, my SISTER went! She was a nurse in the Army and was in Desert Shield/Storm. Now I’m too old to even think about the military. However, I am a member of the local Rotfrontkämpferbund.

          • Vis Fac

            Ich bin Deutschland (Deutschland) vom
            Leute- Nehmenstolz in, was wir wir sind persönlich verantwortlich erwerben einen EHRLICHEN Lohn und wir leistungsfähig sind an, was wir. Der Rest fällt an
            der richtigen Stelle. Sie würden überrascht an, was erzielt werden, wenn Sie sich nicht beschwerten und an Geschäft unten gelangt werden kann.

            I am from Deutschland (Germany) Our people take pride in what we do we are personally responsible earn an HONEST wage and we are efficient at what we do. The rest falls in place. You would be amazed at what can be achieved if you didn’t complain and got down to business.

          • Mark Holtz

            KG, Unions have done nothing for this country. They destroyed the auto industry. They are destroying our schools. The list goes on. Do your self a favor get your head out of the sand and get a clue. Government must first take from one to be able to give to another. There is no such thing as free. How much more do you think the American people will put up with this strong arm robbery? PS due to unions Chicago spends 231% more than it takes in. They will be the next city to fall like Detroit.

          • KG

            quote: Unions have done nothing for this country…

            Tell that to your grandparents who went through the Depression, fought in WWII, and came back to work in Unionized manufacturing so you could go to college and learn how to destroy what they built.
            Oh, your family must have been part of that group who said “You can defend America” – I’m too important to get killed defending Freedom.

          • Mark Holtz

            KG, 1st of all I come from a long line of people who have served our country, My daughter right now is in the Navy Top gun training. There was a time when unions helped. They are now a huge cause of the financial problems city’s have today. Read on and learn the facts.http://www.economist.com/news/united-states/21582282-pensioners-are-pushing-many-cities-and-states-towards-financial-crisis-who-pays-bill?frsc=dg%7Ca

          • KG

            I respect your service to this country, but I will not worship you for it. Who was responsible for loosing the Vietnam War? Was the the grunts? Many people in America thought so because they spit on them at airports when they were in the jungle less than 48 hours before. What happened to those people? They felt guilty and started to vote Republican thinking that they would be able to earn their ‘salvation’. No – people like you wanted to blame the people responsible for loosing – Westmoreland, McNamara, Johnson. So, who is responsible for Detroits downfall? Some guy putting on fenders?

          • Vis Fac

            Being a Vietnam Vet I can tell you exactly why we lost the war POLITICIANS namely LBJ playing with toys (US Service men and women) imposing ridiculous Rules of Engagement. The same is said for UNION THUGS sapping energy like a tick from a dog that is killing jobs US Auto makers need to charge on average $1856 extra per vehicle to pay union benefits mostly for the Union big wigs’ benefits. I see you cite Westmorland McNamara and Johnson but nary a mention of any of the local presidents “Each Local Union shall have the following Executive Officers: President, Vice President or Vice Presidents, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, three (3) Trustees, Sergeant-at-Arms and Guide. Should one or more of these officers be absent, the absent officer(s) shall be temporarily replaced by the next officer present, following the above order of hierarchy.” Now that’s a lot of weight to carry seeing as there are at least six different locals not to mention the national level. YES the UAW is celebrating 75 years of corruption.

          • KG

            Thank you for your service. I know smoking opium in the bush while looking at naked pictures of Ann Margaret was really tough on yous guys. Why do you hate unions so much? Is it because you were fired or something? If you really want to see a country without unions, go to Mexico. Of course you wouldn’t want to live there.

            Is the organization of a Union any different form any other large organization? I thank all of the officers in my Union because they get me good paying jobs on safe work sites. Nobody ‘gives’ them anything. They have to earn it just like everybody else. And they have to prove it every three years when there is a local election. It costs my union almost $60,000 to have an election thanks to all of the extra regulations put in by Reagan and the Republicans.

          • Vis Fac

            There are 50,000 UNION comedians out of work and you have the gall to try and be funny. Never smoked any thing in my life nor have I taken any controlled substance. I was at one time a “forced” (closed shop) union member and let hung out to dry because my rep was too busy with a call girl because I wanted to post a grievance that ultimately cost me some overtime pay. It was then I learned that union reps care only for themselves and nothing for the general membership I was paying a goodly amount of monthly dues which is similar to taxes I pay the government both dues and taxes are wasted paying for someone to do nothing.

            Over the years I didn’t need a union to provide me with a safe working environment or a fair wage. I used my talent to garner favorable employment and when I opened my own engineering firm I saw to it MY employees were taken care of. I provided benefits like healthcare and gave quarterly bonuses when I could and out turn over rate was outstanding maybe one employee a year left for greener pastures. I expected the best out of everyone and most often got it.

            The Steel Workers and Teamsters Unions tried in vain to invade OUR business the employees never voted them in even though both took me to court to try and force entrance. I also received death threats (you don’t threaten Marines we don’t think too kindly of that) and still no union my employees refused to vote them in.

            Apparently you need a union because your work ethic or skill level aren’t up to par to garner a favorable employment or a safe work environment. You probably sit on your ass and do the same thing over and over a real challenge for the inept like you. The ONLY use a union “might” have is to keep the unproductive employed.

            Union collective bargaining holds business, cities, and or states hostage to the point of going bankrupt to pay ridiculous wages and retirement benefits. A military pensioner receives half of his/her salary when retired UNION Thugs get upwards of 80% and lackey politicians 100%. Your argument is as full of holes as a cheap sieve.

          • KG

            Over the years, I have learned that most guys with a Union experience like yours usually instigated the ‘bad blood’ themselves and just use the Union as an excuse for their bad behavior. You either didn’t use proper protocol or insulted someone – just like the Military. I’m surprised because most of the ex-military I work with actually feel more at home in a Union environment because they are used to following rules and protocol. I guess you were a ‘loose cannon’ or something. That’s OK, there are a lot of losers who cant hack it on the union world. Sorry about that. When I retire with my pension AND social security I’ll remember to think about guys like you.

          • Vis Fac

            There again your term “most guys” does not apply to me. I had worked for more than a year and had a flawless record and always got what was due me until, others in the union thought I was receiving more OT when in fact I received less. I let things ride until I was shorted 10hrs. of OT then is when I filed (tried to) a grievance Proper protocol was followed but my union rep was to busy with a hooker to even care.

            Being an officer in the US Marine Corps I did not make rank by being a “loose cannon” nor would I have been successful with my engineering firm so that argument doesn’t hold water either. You are on a “fishing expedition” trying to make a weal point for being pro union. and the reason you are pro union is that you couldn’t “hack” regular employment.

            I have been COMFORTABLY retired for quite some time I live on patent royalties so I didn’t need to be coddled and sheltered by any thug union as you are.

            I wouldn’t be counting on a huge payday because the money you get from union benefits will be so diluted it will be as worthless as the union that gave it to you. ODUMBO must continue to print his fiat money to pay for union members votes.

          • KG

            Well, my second guess was that you were just a jerk.

          • Vis Fac

            Yeah that’s what I thought you know nothing but guess at everything and each guess has been dead wrong. You must feel proud that you had a hand in destroying American industry costing each one who buts a US auto an extra $1900 per vehicle or caused a domestic manufacturer offshore to afford labor Greedy lazy union people like you are the reason we can no longer buy American made products just so you can leach like the Politicians you love to support. You can guess about me all you want but we certainly needn’t guess about you.

          • KG

            Gee, it seems as though i was right. You are a jerk.

            I guess American workers just ‘suck’. They lack initiative and are lazy. So we should screw them as much as we can to teach those scum at the bottom what immoral parasites they are. As soon as I saw “Force Recon’ I figured I was dealing with a typical jarhead. But it seems you are not typical – you are ‘special.’ And we all know what the DI’s felt about guys who were ‘special’, Snowball?

          • Vis Fac

            Here you go again, I have called you out several times to explain why we would be so much better if we were unionized. I provided you with facts and figures and not once have you come up with ANYTHING to substantiate your prevarications or defend yourself. All you do is ridicule, abase, malign, and assign labels.

            This is a characteristic of a worthless moronic brainwashed sheep blindly following someone else’s lead. We call groups of you DUMBOCRITES/ Sheeple who offer nothing tangible, take up space and blame everyone else. Your constant maligning is proof positive you have nothing to defend yourself with and indeed on the union payroll.

            Yeah I’m a “jarhead” what of it? You wouldn’t make a pimple on a Jarhead’s Butt we “Jarheads” step on slime like you and keep on going. At least I had the guts to serve while you sissied out and doped yourself stupid. That is why you need to rely on a union to keep votes you receive no one else is either.

            Now be a good little Marxist and go hide under your rock and listen to what your handlers want you to say next.

            It has now become an issue of mind over matter I don’t mind and you certainly don’t matter!your unproductive ass employed. You like ODUMBO couldn’t hack it in the real world. If you had to rely on only yourself and you own skills you would starve to death.

            Why anyone would give an iota of credence to what you say is a mystery I certainly don’t, and judging by all the down

          • KG

            I guess the DI was right, you are a snowball.

            quote: Why anyone would give an iota of credence to what you say is a mystery…

            I feel the same.

          • Vis Fac

            Apparently you are only capable of repeating what others have said. I don’t know of the DL you refer to but it is OBVOIUS that you refuse to answer direct questions and skirt issues. One might wonder why but we know; you are a moron and incapable of providing anything original. I suspect you merely have a fourth grade level education as unions don’t care that you are stupid only that you pay dues. Now if I want anything more from you I’ll simply flush twice.

          • KG

            THE DI – Drill Instructor.

            quote: Now if I want anything more from you I’ll simply flush twice.

            Now, that’s comedy!

          • mtman2

            WHO started and who ran the unions? You mix up working people with those “elite parasite scamers” that never did a day’s work in their life except skim the cream like the deal making criminals they are, using the worker as cover for eventual destruction of the free enterprise system and forcing prices up on EVERYBODY{60K-pickups+etc!} and forcing jobs OUT of America.. run by Marxists + criminals! P-BO bailed-out union pensions for votes + contributions, leaving investers{U+me} to go broke. The pendulum swung far to the left long ago and has pulled the country with it. As socialist as FDR was he said there’s no place for public unions, yet JFK Federalized them.
            I ask how many ticks, fleas+worms can a hound carry before he falls for lack of blood?
            Originally unions certainly have helped workers but wasn’t the true full intent+purpose, becoming parasitically political to now cannibalistic to the rest of the country.

            Here’s a quote -from American Federation of Teachers Union- President Al Shanker 1985 “When school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of schoolchildren.”

            A large % of workers for public unions have become unproductive, lazy[not-all], entitlementalistic, unfundable and can’t be fired for it, union teachers/profs are made to promote Common-Core Marxisms and WE now have ignorant children steeped in PC pseudo-science, having no clear understanding of reality or ability to think for themselves mostly preoccupied w/selfish unproductive pursuits….without understanding gratitude for the Wisdom of the Founders gift and less all the sacrifices it has taken!

          • guy r west

            heck even the unions are grumbleing about oboman care runeing things get real

          • mtman2

            Is it a RED sunrise or a RED sunset, it’ll be one or the other. “It shall be LIFE.”

          • Vis Fac

            You must be a union shill or lackey do they pay you to post these stupid things or are you being stupid for free?

        • got my licence

          Man you must have had one mess up childhood. Apperantly you might want to see if you can get a job. You could pay taxes and have a first hand opinion and might even understand what the rest of us are talking about, Heck you could move out of the basement or is it the backroom of the vido store. You might even find a gal and then you to could have a intrest in the anatomy of a woman. But until that time I will sugest you start with pulling your head out of your basckside as you brain is starving for oxygen.

        • Bud Brota

          I agree with you. The President knows exactly what will fix the economy. But he’s not about fixing the economy; he’s about ruining it. He makes his platitudinous speeches about how the 1% are making all the money, and then threatens small business with regulations that keep them from committing to capital development and subsequent job expansion. He knows this too. His intentions are totally malevolent, as are his actions. Only his lying words are ingratiating and concerned.

        • mtman2

          He actually left the B from his handle it’s actually -KGB!

    • Marshall Watson

      Sir with all due respect to intelligence, you have none!

    • scxjpfe787

      The US economy has tanked due to the greed and scamming of several past and the current political persons who are running the country. This list encompasses the current quasi leader man child BHO and his crew of cons,liars, and crooks( wolves in sheep’s clothing). In fact, as the current “leader” of the USA appoints of new czars, members of the Cabinet, and hires for the IRS Healthcare employees, his actions are close to criminal. The truth is not being told and the intentions of those who could speak the truth is quickly and silently being thwarted through any means necessary. Where is Hillary Clinton on the Benghazi murders? Oh that’s right, as she stated so ‘kindly and eloquently’ as she exited her position “…who cares, what does it matter…!”

    • Mark Holtz

      Really! Is your head stuck in the sand! Do yourself a favor look at the facts instead of the crap you see on T V. Look at the past 50 years that brought Detroit to its knees. It is government corruption both sides of the isle. Don’t be duped into thinking its democrat or republican thing, it’s both. Fire them all before its tooo late.

      • KG

        You are correct in that assessment – the Democrats have been too soft fighting the Republicans from raping the wealth from the middle class. We need more Democrats to fix this situation who have balls enough to call the republicans on the carpet.

        Do you think there is a Democrat way to build a bridge, or a Republican way to build a bridge?

      • mtman2

        Mark: It’s nice to be kind to dumb animals, fools and the mentally infirm.

        But starting w/Woody Wilson, FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ, JEC, WJC + now BHO; (it’s 85% Demo-socialist with turncoats in the 2nd fiddle Repubs, playing up to + helping the “free-stuff-for-votes” anti-Constitutionalists hammering away at OUR Wise Founders Foundations to “Fund-a-mentally trans-RE-formed America”.

    • CintiCB


      If you ever go to buy a used car, you BETTER take a thinking person with you. If the photo by your posts is really you, it just proves that a book cannot be judged by it’s cover. The photo looks like someone who is, probably, wise .

      • KG

        Yes, He was very wise. Franz Mehring – German biographer of Marx.

        • Vis Fac

          That speaks volumes you are a Marxist. Nothing further need be explained.

    • Vis Fac

      If you think ODUMBO is right then you are a product of one dimensional idiot-ology propaganda thrust upon you via liberal indoctrination camps that we call the public school system ODOMBO has surrounded himself with enemies of the state which have infiltrated OUR government. Look who’s new in the white house!
      Arif Alikhan – Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
      Mohammed Elibiary – Homeland Security Adviser
      Rashad Hussain – Special Envoy to the (OIC) Organization of the Islamic Conference
      Salam al-Marayati – Obama Adviser – founder Muslim Public Affairs Council and its current executive director Imam Mohamed Magid – Obama’s Sharia Czar –Islamic Society of North America
      Eboo Patel – Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships

      The foxes are now living in the hen house… This is the “CHANGE” the Obama campaign promised for the US and we as a nation let this

      We have been quiet while our Country is being changed!!

      So when are we going to wake up?

      Now ask me why, I am very concerned and I’ll ask you are you OK with this??

      If you’re not CONCERNED.. don’t pay this any attention … go to bed
      tonight… sleep well.

      • KG

        Force Recon – or is it forced cranial constipation? as in the words of that esteemed congressman from Virgina -“YOU LIE!”

        Arif Alikhan – Deputy Executive Director Security at Los Angeles World Airports – appointed by by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

        Mohammed Elibiary – the founder of Lone Star Intelligence, LLC. He has advised numerous federal, state and local law enforcement organizations on homeland security-related matters. in Plano, Texas.

        Any more lies you want to spread out here? Oh. I see, they have ‘…forign soundin…’ names ,eh? What about the Nazis in Reagans Cabinet? Shultz? Weinberger? Hodel? Schweiker? Heckler?

        • Vis Fac

          A lie to a liberal is anything he hasn’t heard from lame stream media, doesn’t understand, or something he cannot defend. SO I suppose according to you and all the other one dimensional liberals, I guess we all lie.

    • mtman2

      “Well”, here an example of the final stages of “kool-aid” overdose, self induced Lefty-cyona-laced Pied Piper, tax payer funded hallucinations of warped liars that can only regurgitate the puke as fodder from the top. Totally off their meds, and allowed to escaped the asylum run by the wile + craftiest inmates! Anti-American+Anti-God to the cold, darkened core, “tares in the wheat” -fit for the harvests fire….”the folly of fools IS deceit.”…Folly is joy to him who lacks sense, but a man of understanding walks straight”. “The devising of folly is sin, and the scoffer is an abomination to men.”
      Wisdom seems a stranger in a an alien land…but this is still America that the Wisdom of the Wise+Courageous built with and for the same Spirit to carry on.

  • Alan

    The only way to fix this economy to do away with many paper pushing agencys that regulate and investigate businesses out of business for ridiculous so called infractions of idiotic laws. You must also have incentives for companies that have taken business overseas to return. Taxing them to oblivion and burying them in government ( fed.. state, and local ) paper work and making them jump through beaurocratic hoops caused them to leave.

    • Bill

      Good Analogy, Alan

  • Marshall Watson

    Mr Rolley has done an excellent job again at pointing out what is obvious to any American citizen of average intelligence. But that leaves out all the Democrats and a good portion of the Republicans in office at the time. Lets face the facts Obama is a phoney American citizen, therefore he is a phoney president. The conclusion must then be that any official he has appointed is phoney. They all lie, cheat, steal, and probably some things I can’t print here. Our government was set up to operate on a system of checks and balances so that no single branch could gain too much power or control. It has become obvious that that system is now broken or those running the system are breaking the law. our founders stated it clearly in the Declaration of Independence, that when a government no longer cares for the governed, and uses its power to abuse the governed, then the people must either change the government or set up new government that is responsible to the people it represents. Something is terribly wrong with our federal government and it is time for “We the People” to take control of the situation, and make it right again. Enough said!

  • Dave

    the media over-reach is the one true scandal…. But in the real world, the GOP are playing games.


    Jim Houser, co-owner of Hawthorne Auto Clinic in Southeast Portland, flew for 4 1/2 hours to Washington to testify for 4 1/2 minutes about federal health reform. Then he flew back to Portland that night.

    Houser went all that way earlier this week to defend the Affordable Care Act before the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. He was one of six small business owners to testify from around the country, three in favor and three opposed.

    “I got my point across,” Houser said Thursday, the day after his return.

    Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-Louisiana convened the hearing to help bring to light any weaknesses in the Affordable Care Act. Houser said he was tapped because of his involvement with Main Street Alliance of Oregon, a coalition of 1,400 small businesses. He spoke strongly in favor of health reform, which he said already has benefited his shop.

    He said Republicans on the committee didn’t seem too interested in asking him questions, focusing instead on the business owners they invited. He said he hoped he countered the “negativity” surrounding the law.

    “The Republicans were having none of it,” he said. “They spent a great deal of time talking about ‘train wrecks,’ playing to the audience and making big gestures and lots of smoke and not much help.”

    In his prepared remarks, Houser spoke of how his experience “turns the doom and gloom political rhetoric about health care reform on its head.”

    He said he and his wife made a commitment to offer their employees health insurance when they opened their auto repair clinic 30 years ago. The average tenure for their full-time staff is almost 20 years.

    “And I’m proud that we, as a small business with about a dozen employees, are doing our part to make sure our staff is covered. But it hasn’t been easy,” he said.

    Hawthorne Auto’s costs doubled from 2000 to 2009, when it paid more than $100,000 to cover nine full-time employees and their families, or upwards of 20 percent of their payroll. But then those “skyrocketing rates” started going down. His premiums dropped by more than 3 percent in 2011 and another 3 percent in 2012. He pointed out that the state Insurance Commissioner cut proposed rates for next year and some carriers voluntarily cut their premiums to match the competition.

    His business received a small business tax credit for $12,903, and he’s been able to add two more full-time employees.


    Meanwhile… Conservatives continue to play bumpersticker politics

    “We’re a health care success story,” Houser told the Senators. “The ACA is here to stay. And for small businesses like mine, that’s a darn good thing.”

    • Vis Fac

      Yet here YOU are only reporting on what you want to YOUR agenda and not once inquired into why some questions or panelists were interviewed. Having been a small business owner I at one time provided full benefits package to my employees It was cheaper in the long run because training a new employee costs too much both in production and man hours. I had the ability to shop for the best coverage V/S rates I could find and found most to be competitive.
      Now you “progressives” and your one dimensional idiot-ology seem to think you can tax business all you wish without consequence. OK! Let the decrease in benefits and layoffs begin. The basic survival of a business is much the same as personal survival you cut what you can to remain solvent so benefits go first. Now as a consequence some insurance companies fold or are absorbed by bigger companies yet there is still competition and desirable rates can be had.
      With ODUMBOCARE we actually have administrative problems (can anyone say IRS?) We all know government is inept at anything it tries to do. I will only need mention of the USPS. If the USPS were all that efficient and offered the best service then why pray tell do we have the need for UPS DHL and FedEx? If the USPS were all that it would turn a profit keep delivering on Saturday and actually not lose mail.
      No anything the government gets its hands on it screws up ESPECIALLY our public schools and OUR CONSTITUTION.
      Your argument is full of holes.

      • Dave

        Funny, thats all people who write for this site do….write for THEIR agenda. But somehow, its different when they do it right?

        • Vis Fac

          Only if one has not lived and or experienced what that are imparting do they have an agenda. Most of these reporters as do I have or were at one time had inner experience with our government in one form or another. My experiences are international in scope an I am witness to many issues past and present.
          I suppose I have an agenda too. I have an agenda of being personally responsible, taking care of myself, not relying on anyone else to get by, and not having someone else make rules governing how I should live my life. I am a full believer in OUR Constitution and The Bill of Rights the rule of law. Yeah you could say that I have a agenda
          If you are unsuccessful, haven’t applied yourself, gone with the flow, or otherwise gone out and actually did research you are merely parroting what others say and therefore have an agenda because you have nothing while others do and you are pissed off about it.

  • Mark Holtz

    What are you doing about it? Get involved! It’s great that we get on these blogs we need to do more! Get involved! Call your senate and congress men and woman, tell them how you feel! Join the tea party in your area, talk to your neighbors, tell them the truth? God bless!

    • Vis Fac

      Unfortunately calling your Senator will accomplish nothing. Congress is a horde of save asses only interested in THEIR personal agendas. They would never consider impeachment so as to appear non racists. The ONLY solution is at the local level elect local people who will not bow down to the federal government. The individual states have their own constitutions which per the US Constitution supersede statutes enacted by the feds. Non compliance does wonders Liberal “dumbing down” of America has kept this fact a well guarded secret.

  • guy r west

    the more i read on this and other pages the more i beleave this message
    America its time to stnad up . Stand up for Jesus Christ expicley if we want him to stand up for us. its time too stand up for whats right Not nessairly what we want or for the speical intrest groups. that seem to be intrested in distroying what made this country greate in the first place. stand up do something about it if your tired of the lies half truths blameing game and finger pointing hate bateing and treasionest acts . then get prayed up stand up and find a way to get involved i use to hear it said if you dont vote you dont have a right to bitch.,