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Two More Obama Lies

July 15, 2011 by  

Two More Obama Lies

Before I get into the main topic today, let me say by way of introduction: I hope every single representative who votes to raise the U.S. debt ceiling has to find a new job next November.

I don’t care what kind of pressure he or she faces; I don’t care how many more lies the Administration and its henchmen tell; I don’t care how spineless and weak-kneed the Republican leadership becomes. For this November’s elections, I propose the simplest test in U.S. history: If you vote to burden my children and my children’s children with more debt, then I want you out of office. Period.

I’ve written before about all the bluff, bluster and baloney that politicians and the press have been ladling out on this issue. There’s been enough BS to fertilize every grain crop in the country. (And with the subsidies for ethanol, folks, that’s a lot of fertilizer.)

The latest one to raise my ire came from our Obfuscator in Chief, Barack Obama. I’ve mentioned before how careless our President can be about getting his facts straight. Earlier this year, he told a whopper about a Supreme Court decision in his State of the Union address. And he did it with four of the justices sitting right in front of him. (Click here to read that one, in case you’ve forgotten the dirty details.)

The most recent one came as he was urging negotiators from the two parties to work out a compromise on the nation’s debt. The spending champ got two facts wrong in a single sentence. Here’s what he said: “Everybody acknowledged that we have to get this done before the hard deadline of August 2nd, to make sure America does not default for the first time on its obligations.”

The last part of that statement is just flat-out wrong. It is not true that the United States has never defaulted on its debt. Actually, as anyone familiar with our financial history knows, the government has officially defaulted on its obligations at least twice. And it continues to do so today.

During the Civil War, the Union issued a flood of paper money to help pay its bills. The Treasury promised to convert these “greenbacks,” as the currency was called, into gold at war’s end. However (surprise, surprise), the government reneged on this promise. In fact, it passed something called the Legal Tender Act, requiring people to accept greenbacks at face value. It revoked a promise that holders could exchange them for gold-backed Treasury bonds.

The scheme worked so well that Franklin Roosevelt did even more 70 years later. FDR made the ownership of gold illegal in the U.S. in 1933. Citizens were ordered to surrender any gold coins they owned. At the same time, the promise on our currency that it was “in gold coin payable to the bearer on demand” was repudiated. Gold certificates could be exchanged solely for more paper. It was one of the biggest thefts from its citizens our government ever perpetrated… until now.

Despite the worries of some of our more alarmed contemporaries, gold confiscation is unlikely to happen again in this country. For one reason, the government doesn’t need to seize our gold to create a mountain of new money. Since there is not a single gram of gold backing any of our currency, there is simply no limit on the amount of fiat currency the Federal Reserve can create.

The process isn’t new. Famed British economist (and big-government enthusiast) John Maynard Keynes understood it very well when he wrote, “By a continuing process of inflation, government can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.”

If the government promises you a dollar, it should pay you a dollar, right? But under the tax-and-tax, spend-and-spend policies of the past 50 years, the “dollar” Uncle Sam pays you isn’t worth 100 cents. Its purchasing power has fallen so far since FDR’s day that it takes 10 or 20 “dollars” to purchase what a dollar used to buy.

This steady and deliberate inflation of our currency is the most deceptive, most deadly and most despicable form of devaluation.

So don’t tell me the U.S. has never and will never default on our debt, Mr. President. It’s simply not true.

Now, what about our Spender in Chief’s insistence that if we don’t raise the debt ceiling, we won’t be able to pay our bills?

Turns out this one is just as false as the first part of Obama’s statement.

Keep in mind that even without new borrowing, money continues to pour into the U.S. Treasury every day. If the debt ceiling isn’t raised, do you expect that no more money will be withheld from your paycheck? Of course not.

Not a single business will stop paying its taxes, either. Tariffs will still be collected. And billions of dollars will continue to arrive in Washington every week.

Will it be enough to pay to pay the interest on our national debt? Ladies and gentlemen, it will be far more than enough. Here are the hard facts that Barack Obama hopes you will never learn.

Yes, interest payments on our debt cost a bundle. According to The Wall Street Journal, the U.S. currently spends $200 billion per year just to pay interest on its debt. But the interest payments represent only a small percentage of all Federal expenditures. Uncle Sam receives several times that amount in tax revenue.

Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) has stated emphatically: “If Congress refuses to raise the debt ceiling, the Federal government will still have far more than enough money to fully service our debt.” So he’s proposed a new law that would require the Treasury to make interest payments on our debt its first priority.

Voilà! With one simple piece of legislation, the problem is solved. So let us hear no more about the United States not paying its debts.

As I said above, the single most important decision Congress will make this year is whether to raise the debt ceiling. I hope you will insist that your Congressman toes the line here. If the House won’t give in, we will win this battle. And you’d better believe all the big-spenders in Washington know this. That’s why they’re getting so frantic.

I’ll have a lot more to say in the coming weeks about other aspects of this issue — such as how we can get our obese government to live within its means. (For a hint, go to, where you’ll find an item-by-item explanation of how we can reduce spending by $1.375 trillion.)

It’s up to us to make sure our representatives don’t give in on this one. Don’t let them give in an inch.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • Dan az

    Thanks Chip
    We all know that when his lips move its just another lie.You know what would be great is if one of you wrote a letter that we all could send to our reps and provide a means to do it.I usually go to Numbers USA because its free and I have been getting BS letters back in way of a form letter especially from Mc Pain.It would just be an advantage to us here to if we could do it here.I don’t know what it would cost if anything for emails but just the help with keeping it civil would be a big plus.

    • DaveH

      If you go to you can pick their ‘take action’ tab and then input your zip code, they will take you to a list of your representatives, both Federal and State. Pick the rep of your choice (near the bottom), then pick their contact tab and ‘web form’. Then pick one of gunowners written messages or the ‘compose your own’ button at the bottom of the list.

      • FreedomFighter

        I heard if you tell a lies that eventuallly your lips will turn purple. also heard it takes almost a lifetime of telling lies to get them to turn purple.

        Did anyone notice how much more purple Obummers lips are these days?

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

        • mark

          Right, more incontrovertible evidence of guilt. There is a lot of that on this website

          • http://gmail paulrph1

            I do know this that Obama will never look strait into the camera just like Pelosi and Clinton. Is that not telling us something?

          • eddie47d

            paulrph1;Mark is right, you do live in la la land since that is not true.

          • denniso

            Dear Chip Wood: ‘Voila’!! Such a nice and simple solution to the debt crisis! Just pass a law that says we will have to pay the interest on the debt and everything will be fine. So you don’t believe the bond rating companies,or the Fed chairman(who was appointed by Shrub),and of course you wouldn’t believe Geitner,nor most economists and businessmen….who all say we have to raise the debt ceiling,like we’ve done 100 times before and at least 3 times under Shrub,or we face an economic calamity. Even if we pay the interest,what about the defense budget,pay to soldiers,VA,Medicare,SS,education,space exploration,road building,sewage plants,water treatment plants,disease control,dilapidated bridges,emergency help like in Joplin after the tornados,help from the Army Corps of Engineers w/ flooding on the missouri,saving people’s homes from wild fires,federal funding of local police and firefighters,nuclear weapons preparedness….if we pay the interest on the debt first,then every single department and agency will have to take huge cuts in their budgets that would essentially halt most of their work,shut down all national parks,monuments and forests.

            You rightwingers refuse to accept that we are paying the lowest taxes since the early 50′s,especially the wealthy. That we have to have enough revenue to run gov’t and services that are integral to the functioning of the country and it’s defense,and that you are playing w/ fire in threatening a crisis just 2 yrs after the largest crash since ’29. Sure,you see this as your best ever opportunity in a lifetime to cut gov’t down to 1/2 it’s current size and render it ineffective against corporate power and corruption,all because you and your bedfellows are dupes for big industry and corporate control,either knowingly or through ignorance.

          • Old Henry

            Well Dinniso, if the Republic goes belly-up under the weight of our debt none of what you talk about will matter.

            It is a matter of priorities.

            Taxes? It’s not their money.

            How much extra do you mail in every January?

          • DaveH

            You embody the concept of ignorance, Denniso. Tim Geithner? That’s your proof, because tax cheat Tim Geithner says it?
            Here is reality for those who care to learn:

          • DaveH

            And Denniso insinuates that the rightwingers are ignorant, but says this:
            “You rightwingers refuse to accept that we are paying the lowest taxes since the early 50′s,especially the wealthy”.
            It isn’t the revenues that are the problem; it’s the spending. It doesn’t matter if they pay with cash or borrow the money which someday has to be paid back, the spending is the problem.
            See this table for some reality:

          • Vigilant

            “Tim Geithner? That’s your proof, because tax cheat Tim Geithner says it?”

            If you can take the word of non-historian Thomas DiLorenzo that Lincoln was a demon, I guess denniso can be forgiven. Seek help, Dave.

          • bob wire

            Oh! come on Chip, let the lie thing rest! The statement was predicated on the pretense that we (the US) haven’t been found in default.

            So in the history of America, we have, two times. Okay! You win! but it doesn’t make the man a liar. It makes him only wrong.

            While I have not researched your claim and willing to take you at your word. I’m “affording” you some latitude but not with your inflammatory indictment that “O” is a bald face liar.

            Why such crass and inflammatory discourse? What purpose does it serve? To what end?

            There are people that offer, American soil have never been invaded by foreign forces. Even before 9-11.

            That this is simply is not true, but it doesn’t make them liars, only failing to qualify their statements, being misinformed or they just don’t really know. Palin and Bachmann are all over the road with such statement and you are not calling them liars. These two women mass producing such statements!

            That “O” might be seen in either category, please explain to us how that it diminishes his statement inside the context of what was being presented and at hand. “O” is asking for some sense of urgency.

            Rightly or wrongly so, that was the thrust of Obama’s statement.

            So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

            Myself, I didn’t spend the damn money, didn’t promise the damn money and don’t give a hoot what they do with it once it been taken from me. They can give it to the poor, give it to the rich or the Chinese or just throw it out the window, it don’t matter ! They took my gd money

            I have no plans to make a large investment soon, so they can all go to hell , my time to get all excited about it has passed.

          • denniso

            Old Henry…you say, ‘taxes,it’s not their money’. Who are you talking about? Who is the ‘they’ you mention? The gov’t,us after all, collects taxes for defense,roads,water,SS,Medicare….the different gov’t entities then provide the services we all,on average, have voted for over the decades. ‘They’ take a salary to adminster the services,which are provided by fellow americans who work at road building,protecting our shores,educating our kids,etc. We pay a portion of our income to live in one of the freest and safest countries in the world,w/ some of the best economic opportunities as well. Do these opportunities and safety come free? Do we have to pay our fellow citizens a salary to plough roads,build bridges,police our cities? OF COURSE!!! Why or how could we get these things for free? If you don’t want to pay taxes for vital services,move to Somalia or Sudan…let’s see how long you would like that brand of ‘freedom’!

            If any of you,DaveH included,would think just a little and listen to people who know what they’re talking about,you would know that we can’t come close to ending the debt or balancing the budget only relying on spending cuts…it can’t happen,unless you want to pull the plug right now on SS,medicare and the military…is that your proposal?

            Why did Repubs vote to raise the debt limit every time under GW Shrub?? Even as he doubled the national debt…now under a Dem who happens to be black you people and all the rightwing zealots refuse to do the same thing…why? And don’t forget that the crash began under Shrub,w/ the roots for the debt coming from two unpaid for wars,the medicare drug plan(also unpaid for),the unpaid for tax cut for the billionaires,and the economic recession that resulted from the crash.You are all hypocrites and either purely ignorant or feigning ignorance…no one is really as clueless as you appear to be…are they?

          • eddie47d

            Thanks Dave H.,Nice of you to produce that chart.Although 2009 was a shocker the skid started before that and your chart will show that.Now take a look at the years 1997-2001. Not bad years at all.Those numbers truly put a star on Bill Clinton’s chest. Your chart(not some Liberal chart)also shows a surplus. Most of us knew that before but I have seen Clinton trashed and the Conservatives right here say the economy wasn’t that good under Clinton. So should we believe your chart or the lying conservatives on this site? (when it comes to Clinton).

          • DaveH

            Think again, Eddie, Bill was just there for the ride:

          • mr. greene

            “Why did Repubs vote to raise the debt limit every time under GW Shrub?? Even as he doubled the national debt…now under a Dem who happens to be black you people and all the rightwing zealots refuse to do the same thing…why?”

            This is a question I have been having trouble figuring out…. not every republican believes it shouldnt be raised (at least i think and hope so even more). I do share beliefs with both republicans and democrats alike but certain things being said and done are outrageous such as this. Obama preaching change and hope for the middle class and poor is pretty bogus to me given that he is a so called progressive democrat and has done as much for democrats as a conservative would….but its not nearly as ridiculous as certain republicans willing to let the ship which is our economy sink just because they dont get what they want. Im really tired and I went quick so i might have not been so clear. But it is just one question i havent had answered…..and the guns being brought over the border is a warcrime as bad as some of the ones President “Shrub” committed. OF course not meaning the torture he allowed for so long of many innocent people in Gitmo…. and now we here about “HOTEL CALIFORNIA” if you don’t know about it.. find out about it. This could be the Gitmo of the new administration… if he knows about this which im sure he does this is actually AS serious as Gitmo. Given that there’s a prison somewhere holding people for who knows what that no one even knows about you could only imagine what they do to the prisoners. The documentaries on the methods used in Gito especially the heavy metal in solitary in the middle of the night and the desensitization just as much.

            May which ever higher power is yours bless and watch over you and help us straighten out our country for the interests of all!!!

            BILDERBERG GROUP… can’t stress it enough… if anyone needs to be put in place its them. Unless you like being considered property, disposable, and an obstacle for the people truly behind new world order. And i assure you it may not be but there’s a good chance our president is a part of it… even scarier that he’s most likely a croney as to the rest of this hidden evil

          • mr. greene

            i apologize for the embarrassing typo’s, very tired.

          • mr. greene

            And sorry to triple dip lol but dave i believe you are wrong about the revenues having such a little impact on improving the situation. I’m no expert but i can definitely see it will do the opposite and help drastically or close to it. and you must recognize that alot of the spending may be costly to us but some of these programs are really very important. While it may not affect all (mostly the wealthy or so called “job creators”) lol but i’ve been looking into it more being that im semi-young and only been really getting into whats going on in our country within the past two years and things like social security and medicare are just such important programs for the utmost good of our country. Like planned parenthood? C’mon these people do so much more than just help people get abortions and the government jobs ARE jobs. Thats another huge question I dont understand. Why do people looking to create jobs want to cut them other than the fact some of the pay is coming from our taxes. and you must try to have some insight in these peoples lives despite the fact of disagreeing with them, they work trying to help people every day. and to take away money from vets is the most unpatriotic thing to do as much to me as actually siding with the enemy.
            But yeah DaveH im of course not putting all these beliefs on you and i’m sure your a good dude and we see eye to eye on many things. Much love to you (no homo) haha

        • Michael

          Surely you are not calling him a blue gum…….

          • JeffH

            Michael, haven’t heard that one in a long time… :)

          • Old Henry

            Michael, Jeff:

            I have never heard that one. Can ya splain it to me Lucy?

          • JeffH

            Old Henry, that’s for another time and place…sorry.

        • gorrie

          That is the lip stick you put on a pig.

        • Shucksters

          I kinda think his lips are purple because he is a “blue-gum” negro.
          He is a liar because that’s what POS marxist/facist/commies do.

          Where is a good military coup when you need one?

          • JUKEBOX

            Instead of liar I love to call all of the Obamaphiles mendacious, duplicitous and hypocritical. These are words they would probably have to look up. Harry Reid called Eric Cantor “childish”, while his leader walked out of the talks like the petulant man/child he is.

      • JeffH

        Brother Dan & DaveH, I use them all, GunOwners, Numbers USA and as well as NRA/ILA.

        • Carol J, California

          I sent the fax from Numbers USA to Feinstein, Boxer and Miller a couple of years ago. I received emails from each telling me they do NOT pay any attention to messages from them or any other such site. They read only emails directly from each person.

          • JeffH

            Carol J, difficult to believe since that is just the opposite of the responses I get from them. All of Boxers responses are generic in content and occasionally Feinsteins are a bit more personal but it is obvious that they don’t give a rats azz…they just don’t come out and say it.

          • USAF VET

            The last 2 times I sent an email to Miller, who ever read it misinterpreted it and answered me thanking me for supporting him for his No vote. I don’t understand how that can happen because he always votes NO when it is something we need, and votes Yes, when it is something that will hurt us in some way. For a while I was blocked from his email, but I found another way around it.

    • DaveH

      You could use the message Chip suggested “If you vote to burden my children and my children’s children with more debt, then I want you out of office. Period”.
      Or alter it to suit your purposes.

      • BigBadJohn

        “You could use the message Chip suggested “If you vote to burden my children and my children’s children with more debt, then I want you out of office. Period”.
        Or alter it to suit your purposes.”

        We are really between a rock and a hard place. Let’s not forget how we got into this financial mess.
        During Bush Presidency, Current GOP Leaders Voted 19 Times To Increase Debt Limit By $4 Trillion.
        Funny how the focus changes based on WHO reaps the benefit of raising the debt.

        • DaveH

          I don’t care how we got here, John. You can blame Bush, or Reagan. I would go all the way back to Lincoln. But the bottom line is that the Government is immorally subjecting our children and grandchildren, who didn’t even have a say in the matter, to a crushing debt burden.

          • Bear

            Good point DaveH. My father taught me that if I created a financial obligation, it was MINE to pay back, not somebody elses. So, since it wasn’t me that created the National debt that Obama and the rest of the politicians say I have to repay, I say, “TO HELL WITH THEM!” Let them pay it back. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO OBLIGATE ANOTHER PERSON IN ANY MANNER. NO ONE SPEAKS FOR ME OTHER TAHN ME! Let’s send that message to Congress and then let’s all refuse to pay another single penny in taxes. They can’t put the entire nation in prison.

          • Old Henry

            Yep Bear, my olk man taught me the very same thing, and I passed it on to my kids.

            Not paying taxes is a good idea, but how to pull that one together?

            One point I somewhat disagree with (for lack of a better term) is we elect people to Congress to speak for us. When they misbehave we keep right on electing them. Something is wrong with that picture.

          • Christin


            I’m with you on that… Congress and the WH (past and present) spent the money and raised the debt ceiling (WITHOUT MY APPROVAL)on Stupid Pork Spending and Foreign Redistribution and they can pay the debt back down… and they can start by lowering their OWN pay, benefits, and pensions UNTIL they do so.

            And I might add, Congress can go home for six months of the year and do their occupation in their state and live… under the laws of the land they have Unconstitutionally created. When they are in office ALL they do is WRITE MORE LAWS and REGULATIONS and SPEND MONEY!

            We could pay the debt back faster IF the Communist government would let our Free Markets work and PRODUCE as well as Drill again, but I am thinking too sensibly… they don’t want to cut spending and the debt … they want to collapse our country… SO THEY HAVE TO RAISE THE DEBT CEILING TO DO THAT!

            GREAT ARTICLE, Chip Wood, thanks… wish that the whole nation could hear the truth in your article that obama lies like he breathes… then we could get somewhere.

          • DaveH

            You folks will like this one then:

          • Vigilant

            With the leftist, it’s “blame Bush for everything.” With DaveH, it’s “blame Lincoln for everything.”

            Which canard does more harm…blaming a president who wasn’t a good one, or blaming a national icon and man who freed the slaves?

          • DaveH

            Seek Help, Vigilant.

          • DaveH
          • http://yahoo alex

            and that my friends is taxation without representation and that is why we fought the war with briton now we are going to have to do the sa,e with our own govt.

          • Jana

            I notice you ALWAYS seem to follow DaveH around and nit pick him. Don’t you have anything better to do?

          • eyeswideopen

            Jana, maybe she likes the way he writes. What is it to you? I like that he is narrow minded and only quotes the same talking points. Gov stealing your money, no regulations, no taxation, etc. He wants to go back to the 1790′s while the rest of us want to move forward. I would love to know how he thinks he could purchase a house or car (get a loan) without regulations to protect him from the lender, if said lender just wants to change terms prior to payoff? How about an electric company not following regulations and sending power surges to your home? How about a dentist who doesn’t follow regs and uses dirty instruments in your mouth? Civilized societies have rules and regulations to protect the masses. Dave could move to Africa if he is so intent on no government regulations. Yes, DaveH is fun to communicate with, as he reminds us just how much society needs regulations.

          • eddie47d

            Jana,I Know you have noticed Jeff H. “following me around” on hundreds of occasions which is fine with me…but I didn’t hear you speak up. I feel slighted. LOL

          • JeffH

            eddie, would you like some mild aged cheese to compliment your whine?

          • denniso

            So Jana,you think little Dave can’t handle a little scrutiny? And, isn’t this supposed to be a discussion board? DaveH is an idealogue who makes sweeping and brash statements that bear little resemblance to reality,as he exists in his ‘libertarian’ bubble,where reality and the human condition don’t exist. He’s like the people who read a novel,Atlas Shrugged,and think they know something about economics or human nature…I doubt that Dave feels he needs you sticking up for his childish and immature political/economic views,as it just makes him look all the more weak. Have a good day…

          • denniso

            There was a word I wanted to use in relation to DaveH’s libertarian views that I forgot…naive. For any adult to believe as he and they do that humans don’t need policing in their behavior toward one another and especially toward the weakest and most vulnerable in a society is just plain naive. To believe that ‘the market’ will take care of all the corruption,criminal activity and abuses that any human society is prone to is beyond naive…ignorant? Uneducated? Deluded? Something’s wrong w/ people who actually believe what the diehard libertarians believe and profess.

          • DaveH

            Notice, Folks, how the Liberals (and some who claim they aren’t) are doing their usual personal attacks in lieu of the facts. It must suck to be them.

          • JeffH

            DaveH, they’re comments are so predictable that most people here won’t even waste the time to respond. You’ve noticed that they think making it personal will automatically trigger a response and the ignorant attempts to bait with the Murdoch/FOX thing is truly laughable.

          • DaveH

            Like sharks, Jeff, they smelled blood, so they have come together in a feeding frenzy as if a whole gang of personal attackers is going to somehow make their weak comments look stronger. I guess we’re getting a pretty good look at what the Liberal boards must be like.
            What’s funny to me is that in their lust to pile on me they’ve completely let their guard down and are fully exposing the kind of people they really are. I couldn’t have asked for more.
            For the normal folks out there — These are the “compassionate” Liberals that have been trying to convince you for years that they know what’s best for you and your money. Are you awake now people?

          • denniso

            No one is piling on you,and you and your rightwing buddies are only symbolic of the real problem,idealogues who can’t think clearly because they’re blinded by their one sided and simplistic beliefs.

            You have just proven my point…you decry gov’t corruption and graft and then essentially accept what Murdoch’s media empire has done in hacking personal phones of crime victims andb bribing cops for information. If this was discovered about the Obama administration you and your flock would be up in arms and calling for his head. Why the double standard Dave? It’s simple,you and your rightwing hacks won’t criticize the rightwing media that you suck up to.

          • JC

            Back in 2006, Obama voted against raising the debt ceiling, claiming:

            “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

            Yeah we sure do. Funny how he is now claiming that we don’t…we should just “Eat our peas”. What a complete a**hole.

          • DaveH

            What I “essentially” said, Denniso, is that as long as we blindly accept Government snooping, I think the Fox situation is minor league in comparison.
            I would much rather have Fox snooping on me, than to have Government snooping on me.
            We have the Fox (Government) guarding the Henhouse (Newscorp).

            My main point, though, was that the revelations are suspect, since the Government would like nothing better than to find an excuse to silence Fox, especially Fox Business Network.

            Spin that, Liberal.

          • DaveH

            If these people (Denniso, and Eyes) are the “compassionate” ones, I sure hope I don’t ever have the misfortune of running into the “mean” ones.

          • mr. greene

            Dave and jeff… sorry to single u out again buddy but i just wanted to know why when one seeming liberal gives you a problem you kind of talk about them as their a whole group of people. I like to consider myself more progressive at this point in time but i’ve never spoken of conservative republicans as a whole like that. I just know it’s not all of them that share the same idea i dont agree with. I dont really find myself to be particularly predictable either lol. Sorry jeff ur just one of the people that posts more often than anyone else its not a personal attack haha.. i hope i can hear from you soon
            - Mr. Greenes

        • Intellibronc

          @notsobigbadjohn, economic times change yearly and without a doubt, economic times are different now from then. Quit the tit for tat and get the big picture in focus; it’ll take some concentration I’m sure.

        • Push comes to shove

          Most on this site and those with half the common sense that GOD gave them did not like it when Bush did it either. So, we have not changed our tune only the people we castigate for it.

          By the way for all you liberals, progressives, or what ever you call yourself, remember a dem congress had supermajorities the last 2 years of the Bush years and a lot of spending went on during that time. And Yes, we know the rublicans spent more than thier fair share when they were in control and that is why most look upon those in both houses of congress with scrutiny when they speak of fiscal conservency as very few of any of them truely are.

        • C130 Gunship

          BigBadJohn……Nobody is saying previous presidents didn’t raise the debt elevator (always goes up, never down). What is flabbergasting is the unprecedented rate at which the mulatto Mussolini is growing the debt… Study this:

          • End of fiscal year 2008, when the accrued debt under the 43 presidents was $5.851 trillion, to the end of fiscal 2012, when the debt is projected to reach $11.881 trillion. Yes, more than the previous 43 presidents.

          • Obama inauguration, when the accrued debt was $6.307 trillion, to the end of fiscal year 2013, when the debt is projected to reach $12.784 trillion. Yes, more than the previous 43 presidents.

          • End of fiscal year 2009, when the accrued debt was $7.506 trillion, to end of fiscal year 2013, when the debt is projected to reach $12.784 trillion. No, not as much as the previous 43 presidents.

          • eyeswideopen

            C130 Gunship,luckily my newspaper keeps us informed. Today they printed this: The biggest contributors to the increase over a decade is:
            2001-2003 tax cuts under Bush 1.6 trillion
            additional interest costs: 1.4 trilliion
            Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan 1.3 trillion
            Economic stimulus under Obama 800 billion
            2010 tax cuts 400billion
            2003 creation of Medicares Advantage prescription drug benefit 300billion
            2008 financial industry bailout 200 billion
            Hundreds of billions less in revenue than expected since the Great Recession began in December of 2007
            Other spending increases in domestic, farm, and defense programs, adding lesser amounts.
            Wow! those tax cuts really hurt this country didn’t it?

          • Al Sieber

            Who created this mess is and always has been the Federal Reserve, until we get get rid of them we’ll always have this problem.

          • Al Sieber

            And Obama is a puppet like all the rest. Washington is not telling the truth about what is really going on with the economy, gold closed today at $1594.10, going up over $100 in a week, silver $39.27. that’s why the Founding Fathers wrote in the Coinage Act Of 1792 so our money couldn’t be debased, 1913 changed all that with the Federal Reserve Act, we’re in for a hell of a ride, worldwide.

        • Patriot

          BigBadJohn, nobody has spent more then this joker, period!

          • C130 Gunship

            Patriot…..You are correct as I have pointed out as well. Unfortunately eyeswideopen has read a liberal rag (or someone read it to him) in which to make some very stupid points (typical libtard tactic). His time span is a ‘selected’ decade where my FACTS span 220 years or all the previous presidents. He also fails to mention that the DemoRats controlled the CONgress for 2 years of Bush’s presidency and they controlled the Senate for 4 years of his presidency. Eyeswideopen also fails to mention that during his selected ‘decade’ that Obama served in the US U.S. Senate from January 3, 2005, to November 16, 2008 nor mention how he voted on the items he lists. It must be very hard for eyeswideopen to see the truth while his head is stuck so far up his ass.

          • eyeswideopen

            C130, here is your info about who had control.

            This is a graph which shows you who had contol and when.

          • JUKEBOX

            Everybody put together has not spent as much as the Son of Alinsky, and stepson of Cloward & Piven.

        • Daniel Spickard

          Yeah, but if you look what happened during Bush’s time in office. (1) the world trade center got hit by terrorists, and (2) we needed the money to go after those who did this evil thing. With Obama, all he did was squander our money on frivalous BS that this country could have done with out, and he hasn’t done one good thing to secure our southern border. I feel that we shouldn’t give him one more dollar. Let him suffer! Then impeach his ass for lying to the country!

          • eddie47d

            Now Daniel is lying! What is up with that? The author tries to convince you all that Obama is lying then you start up with your lies. As usual no one will win this pissing contest.

          • Old Henry


            If we can block any raising of the debt ceiling the citizens will win the contest.

            To paraphrase dick-for-brains: It’s the spending stupid.

          • Vicki

            eddie47d says:
            July 15, 2011 at 10:37 am

            “Now Daniel is lying! What is up with that? ”

            What lie? I saw a fact (1) and 2 opinions in Daniels statement.

          • eyeswideopen

            Daniel, didn’t you get the memo that Obama killed Bin Laden? He is trying to end those two wars, that your hero got us into…without securing any funding for, by the way.

          • JeffH

            eyes says: “Daniel, didn’t you get the memo that Obama killed Bin Laden?”

            Sorry, I didn’t get that memo either…but I did get this, In Obama’s own words, “A small team of Americans carried out the operation,” Obama said. “After a firefight, they killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body.”

          • eddie47d

            Vickie; The border issue. Obama has done more to close the border than any other President and immigration is at an all time low. I explained that yesterday. Thank You

        • hanginjudge

          I love it when a liberal hits this website to explain how it is that the debt during the Bush years was driven up conveniently forgetting of course that the majority in Congress were democrats during those same years. They also “conveniently forget” that GW got thrown into a war that he didn’t start. Even today the mantra of the democratic (liberal) party has been no cuts to spending. I agree with those who have responded that we are just as unhappy with both parties, thus the “Tea party” movement.

          In spite of the fact that it has always been a tactic of the left to try and rewrite history to fit whatever lame agenda they are pushing at the moment there are still those of out there that aren’t falling for the BS.

          • Thinking About

            Did you see this in some fairy tale movie or what. Where were you when republicans got control of Congress in the 90′s and continued until 2006 and was not in office until 2007. GW decided on the war in Iraq and is known as a war of choice. Think back there was never WMD’s found. Also we got into Iraq with lies not told by Obama but GW bunch. Faux news is tabloid and information gathered from that source should be considered as such. I hope you will accept the truth and not try to rewrite history.

          • Vicki

            Hmmm… Bush asked for and got permission from Congress for his little war of choice. Would Obama like to do that for Obamas war on the Libyan people?

            As to control of the houses of congress here is the data.

          • Isaac Davis

            I can’t reply to “notthinkingaboutanyone”, so how can everyone who wants to say that Boosh went into the Irak war all by his lonesome just conveniently forget that it was UN resolution 1441 that authorized that UN action against Irak (spelling intentional). This is all such a distraction to what this Great Constitutional Republic was supposed to be. Self-reliance, Self-governance, Christian values, no printed money, States dominating the governing landscape with limited powers to the “fed”, people standing on their own two feet with the ability to prosper without crushing and damning taxes that destroy wealth and incentive. The beauty is that the liberal idiots who think that gov’t vermin are somehow looking out for them are going to get screwed just as hard and just as painfully as the rest of us, yet it’s sad that we aren’t fighting against the vermin together so that the fear us as the Governed and keep their slime out of our Sovereign lives. When all this collapses, it is going to be one Hobbesian mess…bruttish and nasty.

          • eyeswideopen

            hanginjudge, hey, I am all for cutting JeffH disability payments and DaveH, medicare. I say cut it all. The money won’t be their for me and my family, so kill all of it now!! I say give everyone back the piddle amount that they have paid in with interest and let it rip. Check your ss statement and then look at the amount you draw every month. Even if you paid in for forty years, you use up your contribution within 2-3 years while continuing to draw, using someone else’s money. Get rid of both plans!!!

          • JeffH

            A liar should have a good memory.
            - Quintilian

            “I do not mind lying but I hate inaccuracy.”
            Samuel Butler

          • JUKEBOX

            “Obama killed Bin Ladin” is like saying that I killed Sadam Hussein. I doubt that Obama would have the guts to kill a roach, but he would probably smoke one.

          • DaveH

            Thanks, Eyes, I’d take it, if you could get it done . Too bad you have no more influence with the Gov than you do with the readers.

          • mr. greene

            I’m sorry but Bush might have not dealt the first blow… but it certainly wasnt the people of Iraq whomei n which many were anihalated by drone/ air strikes. I dont agree with either party on certain things but I am certainly no tea partier, especially since the tea party champion is a terrifying woman named Michele Bachmann. After learning of her preacher Bradlee Dean it’s scary to think how far she is came in the election being in the top spots in the primary. Dude says it is justifiable to kill muslims and homosexuals meanwhile her husband says things not quite as radical but similar to this. In a clip you can hear michele praying for bradlee dean to be able to spread his word to SCHOOLS around the country, something which brings chills down my spine. I am NOT a liberal just the same as I am not conservative, today I just can relate more to the left more on alot of the issues for moral reasons. (Even though B.O. isn’t even really doing what he’s supposed to as a democrat.) Despite all this disagreement i find it horrible all the disrespect people show towards our president. I would be lying if I said that I never spoke poorly of bush, but than again him and cheney are war criminals and single handedly through this country into an abyss in which people expect obama to get us out of. And despite him seemingly not have done enough anyway it’s sad that people try to put pretty much the entire blame on him. Even more sad that alot of the republicans in power such as that lizard looking guy McConnel.

            Mitch McConnel has stated that rather than trying to do anything to work together with the president to solve any problem he simply wants to do nothing else other than getting the man re-elected. Even as little as it was Mr. Boehner at least gives the president a chance and hears him out although he does inform him that many of ideas stand no chance to pass through the house. Also I cannot forget that Mr. Boehner has done alot of good as well. Don’t even want to get started on cantor, my only problem with him is that he hasnt done one thing to try to resolve this issue he might as well have never had a part in the debt talks.

            Sorry for the lefty sounding post i know most of you just dont want to hear it I just had to express some of my ideas in relation to why I dont agree with either side but would still never become a tea partier. I thought the right term for being neither was being independent.

            Obama / Ron paul/ or Huntsman in 2012

          • mr. greene

            ah so tired… meant to say that its even more sad because McConnels one goal is to not let the president get elected… as in their are bigger more important problems than that and to make that your one goal when your supposed to be working to improve our people and the country.

        • Old Henry


          here is a quote taken from Naitonal Review On Line.

          The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government cannot pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.” – Senator Barack H. Obama, March 2006

        • JeffH

          I find it hilarious the number of people on this website that can’t deal with the current debt debacle at hand and would rather “just point the blame” at Bush/Cheney and the Republicans when we all know they’re all in this together, equally, and the O’man and his administration have expanded and own the current debt crisis.

          Obama’s nothing more than a two bit Marxist ACORN community organizer turned puppet with zero experience at running anything more than his mouth to the entitlement crowd. This is more evident everytime he runs his “double speak” ridden lips.

          Can you say “redistribution” and spell it too?

          I got sick trying to listen to Obama this morning…telling that it’s time to “put up or shut up”, that we all have to “live within our means” and that “we must do what we were brought here to do”…more substanceless rhetoric and deception by this sham of a POTUS.

          • JeffH

            OMG, I forgot this one from the O’man…”we don’t need a constitutional amendment to balance the budget, all we have to do is our job”…more double speak…

          • Isaac Davis

            You said it Brother. Both parties are of the same game. Like two baseball teams, they just trade innings and get the infield or outfield while us “speck-taters” keep on arguing who is best and who is going to win. Those two teams on the field don’t give one rats pat-tootie about us as the speck-taters, they just want us where they have us…watching, bickering among ourselves, and buying the overpriced tickets and concessions. We will never learn that they don’t give a damn about us, but they do care about our money–as long as it’s flowing away from us to them. Repubs, Demos…just like two sports teams, they are playing the same game and we are the real fools for not realizing that they play us against each other. The 236 year old experiment, since we stood up to the last oppressing government, seems to reached a turn in the road.

          • eyeswideopen

            JeffH, so sorry that your hero Rupert Murdoch is having problems. Corruption will catch up with the violators. Hopefully this is also takes down Faux news and then your buddies the Koch brothers will step up and try to save the brand….but the American public is going to eventually realize that the Koch brothers are trying to control us and we will stop the elections from being purchased aka by the lobbyists employed by the radical rights Godfathers, the Koch brothers. I bet your heart is breaking over poor Murdoch.

          • Al Sieber

            JeffH, I remember in 2008, Obama as a senator before the elections voted for the bailout, people have short memories. they’re are gonna pull a QE3 next, before Oct., either way we’re done.

          • JeffH

            Al, here it is…S.Amdt. 5685 to H.R. 1424 (A bill to provide authority for the Federal Government to purchase and insure certain types of troubled assets for the purposes of providing stability to and preventing disruption in the economy and financial system and protecting taxpayers, to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide incentives for energy production and conservation, to extend certain expiring provisions, to provide individual income tax relief, and for other purposes.)

            U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 110th Congress – 2nd Session
            October 1, 2008, 09:07 PM
            Obama (D-IL), Yea

          • Al Sieber

            Thanks Jeff, I knew you would find it. the Treasury announced today they would stop funding market manipulation to delay US bankruptcy, the banksters are on their own.

          • coal miner

            Eyeswideopen and others,

            By Judd Legum, Christy Harvey | July 16, 2004

            In recent years, Australian-born billionaire Rupert Murdoch has used the U.S. government’s increasingly lax media regulations to consolidate his hold over the media and wider political debate in America. Consider Murdoch’s empire: According to Businessweek, “his satellites deliver TV programs in five continents, all but dominating Britain, Italy, and wide swaths of Asia and the Middle East. He publishes 175 newspapers, including the New York Post and The Times of London. In the U.S., he owns the Twentieth Century Fox Studio, Fox Network, and 35 TV stations that reach more than 40% of the country…His cable channels include fast-growing Fox News, and 19 regional sports channels. In all, as many as one in five American homes at any given time will be tuned into a show News Corp. either produced or delivered.” But who is the real Rupert Murdoch? As this report shows, he is a far-right partisan who has used his empire explicitly to pull American political debate to the right. He is also an enabler of the oppressive tactics employed by dictatorial regimes, and a man who admits to having hidden money in tax havens. In short, there more to Rupert Murdoch than meets the eye.

            In 2003, Rupert Murdoch told a congressional panel that his use of “political influence in our newspapers or television” is “nonsense.” But a close look at the record shows Murdoch has imparted his far-right agenda throughout his media empire.

            MURDOCH THE WAR MONGER: Just after the Iraq invasion, the New York Times reported, “The war has illuminated anew the exceptional power in the hands of Murdoch, 72, the chairman of News Corp… In the last several months, the editorial policies of almost all his English-language news organizations have hewn very closely to Murdoch’s own stridently hawkish political views, making his voice among the loudest in the Anglophone world in the international debate over the American-led war with Iraq.” The Guardian reported before the war Murdoch gave “his full backing to war, praising George Bush as acting ‘morally’ and ‘correctly’ and describing Tony Blair as ‘full of guts’” for his support of the war. Murdoch said just before the war, “We can’t back down now – I think Bush is acting very morally, very correctly.” [New York Times, 4/9/03; Guardian, 2/12/03]

            MURDOCH THE NEOCONSERVATIVE: Murdoch owns the Weekly Standard, the neoconservative journal that employed key figures who pushed for war in Iraq. As the American Journalism Review noted, the circulation of Murdoch’s Weekly Standard “hovers at only around 65,000. But its voice is much louder than those numbers suggest.” Editor Bill Kristol “is particularly adept at steering Washington policy debates by inserting himself and his views into the discussion.” In the early weeks of the War on Terror, Kristol “shepherded a letter to President Bush, signed by 40 D.c= opinion-makers, urging a wider military engagement.” [Source: AJR, 12/01]

            MURDOCH THE OIL IMPERIALIST: Murdoch has acknowledged his major rationale for supporting the Iraq invasion: oil. While both American and British politicians strenuously deny the significance of oil in the war, the Guardian of London notes, “Murdoch wasn’t so reticent. He believes that deposing the Iraqi leader would lead to cheaper oil.” Murdoch said before the war, “The greatest thing to come out of this for the world economy…would be $20 a barrel for oil. That’s bigger than any tax cut in any country.” He buttressed this statement when he later said, “Once [Iraq] is behind us, the whole world will benefit from cheaper oil which will be a bigger stimulus than anything else.” [Guardian, 2/17/03]

            MURDOCH THE INTIMIDATOR: According to Agence France-Press, “Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News Channel threatened to sue the makers of ‘The Simpsons’ over a parody of the channel’s right-wing political stance…In an interview this week with National Public Radio, Matt Groening recalled how the news channel had considered legal action, despite the fact that ‘The Simpsons’ is broadcast on sister network, Fox Entertainment. According to Groening, Fox took exception took a Simpsons’ version of the Fox News rolling news ticker which parodied the channel’s anti-Democrat stance with headlines like ‘Do Democrats Cause Cancer?’” [Source: Agence France-Press, 10/29/03]

            MURDOCH THE NEWS EDITOR: “When The New York Post tore up its front page on Monday night to trumpet an apparent exclusive that Representative Richard A. Gephardt would be Senator John Kerry’s running mate, the newspaper based its decision on a very high-ranking source: Rupert Murdoch, the man who controls the company that owns The Post, an employee said yesterday. The Post employee demanded anonymity, saying senior editors had warned that those who discussed the Gephardt gaffe with other news organizations would lose their jobs.” [NY Times, 7/9/04]

            Just as Fox claims to be “fair and balanced,” Rupert Murdoch claims to stay out of partisan politics. But he has made his views quite clear – and used his media empire to implement his wishes. As a former News Corp. executive told Fortune Magazine, Murdoch “hungered for the kind of influence in the United States that he had in England and Australia” and that meant “part of our political strategy [in the U.S.] was the New York Post and the creation of Fox News and the Weekly Standard.”

            MURDOCH THE BUSH SUPPORTER: Murdoch told Newsweek before the war, Bush “will either go down in history as a very great president or he’ll crash and burn. I’m optimistic it will be the former by a ratio of 2 to 1…One senses he is a man of great character and deep humility.” [Newsweek, 2/17/03]

            MURDOCH THE BUSH FAMILY EMPLOYER: As Slate reports, Murdoch “put George W. Bush cousin John Ellis in charge of [Fox's] Election Night vote-counting operation: Ellis made Fox the first network to declare Bush the victor” even as the New Yorker reported that Ellis spent the evening discussing the election with George W. and Jeb Bush. After the election, Fox bragged that it attracted 6.8 million viewers on Election Night, meaning Ellis was in a key position to tilt the election for President Bush. [Source: Slate, 11/22/00; New Yorker, 11/20/00]

            MURDOCH THE MIXER OF BUSINESS AND POLITICS: James Fallows of the Atlantic Monthly points out that most of Murdoch’s actions “are consistent with the use of political influence for corporate advantage.” In other words, he uses his publications to advance a political agenda that will make him money. The New York Times reports that in 2001, for example, The Sun, Britain’s most widely read newspaper, followed Murdoch’s lead in dropping its traditional conservative affiliation to endorse Tony Blair, the New Labor candidate. News Corp.’s other British papers, The Times of London, The Sunday Times and the tabloid News of the World, all concurred. The papers account for about 35% of the newspaper market in Britain. Blair backed “a communications bill in the British Parliament that would loosen restrictions on foreign media ownership and allow a major newspaper publisher to own a broadcast television station as well a provision its critics call the ‘Murdoch clause’ because it seems to apply mainly to News Corp.” [Atlantic Monthly, 9/03; New York Times, 4/9/03]

            MURDOCH THE NEW YORK CITY POLITICAL BOSS: The Columbia Journalism Review reported that during New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s first term “News Corp. received a $20.7 million tax break for the mid-Manhattan office building that houses the Post, Fox News Channel, TV Guide and other operations. During Giuliani’s 1997 reelection campaign, News Corp. was also angling for hefty city tax breaks and other incentives to set up a new printing plant in New York City. Most dramatically, Giuliani jumped in to aggressively champion News Corp. when it battled Time Warner over a slot for the Fox News Channel on Time Warner’s local cable system…Three years into Giuliani’s first term, veteran Village Voice political reporter Wayne Barrett asked Post editorial page editor Eric Breindel if the paper had run a single editorial critical of the administration; Breindel, he says, admitted it had not. According to Barrett, the paper pulled off a perfect four-year streak” of not one critical editorial. [Columbia Journalism Review, 6/98]

            Rupert Murdoch thinks of himself as a staunch anti-communist. But a look at the record shows that when his own profits are on the line, he is willing to do favors for the most repressive regimes on the planet.

            MURDOCH THE DEFENDER OF REPRESSIVE REGIMES: The last governor of Hong Kong before it was handed back to China, Chris Patten, signed a contract to write his memoirs with Murdoch’s publishing company, HarperCollins. But according to the Evening Standard, when “Murdoch heard that the book, East and West, would say unflattering things about the Chinese leadership, with whom he was doing satellite TV business, the contract was cancelled. It caused a furor in the press – except, of course, in the Murdoch papers, which barely mentioned the story.” According to BusinessWeek, internal memos surfaced suggesting the canceling of the contract was motivated by “corporate worries about friction with China, where HarperCollins’ boss, Rupert Murdoch, has many business interests.” [Evening Standard, 8/13/03; BusinessWeek, 9/15/98]

            MURDOCH THE APOLOGIST FOR DICTATORSHIPS: Time Magazine reported that while Murdoch is supposedly “a devout anti-Soviet and anti-communist” he “became bewitched by China in the early ’90s.” In an effort to persuade Chinese dictators that he would never challenge their behavior, Murdoch “threw the BBC off Star TV” (his satellite network operating in China) after BBC aired reports about Chinese human rights violations. Murdoch argued the BBC “was gratuitously attacking the regime, playing film of the massacre in Tiananmen Square over and over again.” In 1998 Chinese President Jiang Zemin praised Murdoch for the “objective” way in which his papers and television covered China. [Source: Time Magazine, 10/25/99]

            MURDOCH THE PROPAGANDIST FOR DICTATORS: While Murdoch justifies his global media empire as a threat to “totalitarian regimes everywhere,” according to Time Magazine, Murdoch actually pays the salary of a top TV consultant working to improve the Chinese government’s communist state-run television CCTV. As Time notes, “nowadays, News Corp. and CCTV International are partners of sorts,” exchanging agreements to air each other’s content, even though CCTV is “a key propaganda arm of the Communist Party.” [Source: Time Magazine, 7/6/04]

            MURDOCH THE ENABLER OF HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATORS: According to the LA Times, Murdoch had his son James, now in charge of News Corp.’s China initiative, attack the Falun Gong, the spiritual movement banned by the Chinese government after 10,000 of its followers protested in Tiananmen Square. With Rupert in attendance, James Murdoch called the movement a “dangerous” and “apocalyptic cult” and lambasted the Western press for its negative portrayal of China’s awful human rights record. Murdoch “startled even China’s supporters with his zealous defense of that government’s harsh crackdown on Falun Gong and criticism of Hong Kong democracy supporters.” Murdoch also “said Hong Kong democracy advocates should accept the reality of life under a strong-willed ‘absolutist’ government.” It “appeared to some to be a blatant effort to curry favor” with the China’s repressive government. [LA Times, 3/23/01]

            MURDOCH THE HIDER OF MONEY IN COMMUNIST CUBA: Despite a U.S. embargo of communist Cuba, the Washington Post reports, “News Corp.’s organizational chart consists of no less than 789 business units incorporated in 52 countries, including Mauritius, Fiji and even Cuba.” [Washington Post, 12/7/97]

            From union busting to tax evading, Rupert Murdoch has established a shady business record that raises serious questions about his corporate ethics.

            MURDOCH THE UNION BUSTER: The Economist reported that in 1986 Murdoch “helped smash the British print unions by transferring the production of his newspapers to a non-union plant at Wapping in East London.” The move “proved to be a turning-point in Britain’s dreadful industrial relations.” AP reported Murdoch specifically “slashed employment levels” at the union plant and said he would “dismiss the 6,000 striking workers” who were trying to force concessions out of the media baron. The London Evening Standard called the tactics “the biggest union-busting operation in history.” [Sources: The Economist, 4/18/98; AP, 1/27/86; Evening Standard, 11/12/98]

            MURDOCH THE CORPORATE TAX EVADER: The BBC reported that “Mr. Murdoch’s die-hard loyalty to the tax loophole has drawn wide criticism” after a report found that in the four years prior to June 30, 1998, “Murdoch’s News Corporation and its subsidiaries paid only $325 million in corporate taxes worldwide. That translates as 6% of the $5.4 billion consolidated pre-tax profits for the same period…By comparison another multi-national media empire, Disney, paid 31%. The corporate tax rates for the three main countries in which News Corp. operates – Australia, the United States and the UK – are 36%, 35% and 30% respectively. Further research reveals that Mr. Murdoch’s main British holding company, News Corp. Investments, has paid no net corporation tax within these shores over the past 11 years. This is despite accumulated pre-tax profits of nearly $3 billion.” [Source: BBC, 3/25/99]

            MURDOCH THE LOVER OF OFFSHORE TAX HAVENS: When a congressional panel asked if he was hiding money in tax havens, including communist Cuba, Murdoch responded “we might have in the past, I’m not denying that.” The Washington Post reports, “through the deft use of international accounting loopholes and offshore tax havens, Murdoch has paid corporate income taxes at one-fifth the rate of his chief U.S. rivals throughout the 1990s, according to corporate documents and company officials.” Murdoch “has mastered the use of the offshore tax haven.” His company “reduces its annual tax bill by channeling profits through dozens of subsidiaries in low-tax or no-tax places such as the Cayman Islands and Bermuda. The overseas profits from movies made by 20th Century Fox, for instance, flow into a News Corp.-controlled company in the Caymans, where they are not taxed.” [Source: Congressional Testimony, 5/8/03; Washington Post, 12/7/97]

            MURDOCH THE ABUSER OF TAX LOOPHOLES: Even though Murdoch changed his citizenship in order to comply with U.S. media ownership rules, many of his companies have remained Australian, allowing them “to utilize arcane accounting rules that have pumped up reported profits and greatly aided Murdoch’s periodic acquisition sprees.” IRS officials point out that “U.S.-based companies face U.S. taxes on their offshore subsidiaries in the Caymans and elsewhere if more than 50 percent of the subsidiary is controlled by American shareholders. But that doesn’t apply to News Corp., an Australian company.” [Source: Congressional Testimony, 5/8/03; Washington Post, 12/7/97]

        • JC

          By Ben Stein

          Why was President Barack Obama in such a hurry to get his socialized medicine bill passed? Because he and his cunning circle realize some basic truths:

          The American people in their unimaginable kindness and trust voted for a pig in a poke in 2008. (Pig in a poke means: an offering or deal that is foolishly accepted without being examined first. A poke means sack.)

          They wanted so much to believe Barack Obama was somehow better and different from other ultra-leftists that they simply took him on faith.

          They ignored his anti-white writings in his books.

          They ignored his quiet acceptance of hysterical anti-American diatribes by his minister, Jeremiah Wright.

          They ignored his refusal to explain years at a time of his life as a student.

          They ignored his ultra-left record as a “community organizer,” Illinois state legislator, and Senator.

          The American people ignored his total zero of an academic record as a student and teacher, his complete lack of scholarship when he was being touted as a scholar.

          Now, the American people are starting to wake up to the truth. Barack Obama is a super likeable super leftist, and not a fan of this country.

          The American people have already awakened to the truth that the stimulus bill — a great idea in theory — was really an immense bribe to Democrat interest groups, and in no way helped all Americans.

          The American people already know that Mr. Obama’s plan to lower health costs while expanding coverage and bureaucracy is a myth, a promise of something that never was and never can be — “a bureaucracy lowering costs in a free society.” Either the costs go up or the free society goes away… an historical truth.

          These are perilous times. Mrs. Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State, has given Iran the go-ahead to have nuclear weapons, an unqualified betrayal of the nation. Now, we face a devastating loss of freedom at home in health care. It will be joined by controls on our lives to “protect us” from global warming, itself largely a fraud, if believed to be caused by man. She has also signed on to a Small Firearms Treaty at the U.N. This is a back door gun control move. This is approved by the Senate and a 2nd Amendment majority doesn’t exist in the Senate now. It will supersede all U.S. Law and the 2nd Amendment. All citizen possession will be eliminated through confiscation. Just Like Great Britain and Australia .

          Mr. Obama knows Americans are getting wise and will stop him if he delays at all in taking away our freedoms. There is his urgency and our opportunity. Once freedom is lost, America is lost. Wake up, beloved America .

          • DaveH

            “The American people have already awakened to the truth that the stimulus bill — a great idea in theory — “?
            No, the stimulus never was a “great idea in theory” to those who know anything about economics. If handing out free money to those who didn’t earn it was a good idea, there would be no poor countries. Any rummy leader can give the taxpayers’ money away. No rocket science there.
            The only way to stimulate the economy is for the Government to QUIT taking money away from productive people to give to unproductive people. That means getting the Government out of our economy and back to doing their Constitutional tasks (which would mean dramatic shrinking in Government size).

          • DaveH

            About the UN Gun Control efforts:

            Leaders want their citizens to be unarmed for obvious reasons. Even with the citizens armed they are walking all over us. Imagine how much more brazen they will become if we are disarmed!

          • DaveH

            Here are GOAs rankings of our Senators gun freedom stances:

            Please contact your Senator to express your feelings on the treaty.

          • DaveH

            There are 58 Senators who have anti-gun leanings. All that is needed to ratify the treaty is 66 senators. The actual Constitutional requirement says this:
            “He [the president] shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur”.
            Get that? 2/3 of the Senators “Present”. How many times have we seen sneaky maneuvering by Government when they want to pull something off?
            So we are in no way safe from that Treaty. Let your Senator know that even if his doesn’t respect our gun rights, he needs to at least respect the Sovereignty of the United States, and NOT sign off on the Treaty.
            This also demonstrates why we need to rid Congress of all non-Freedom loving Representatives in 2012!

    • Incredulous1

      Dave, check out DownsizeDCorg. They have a email newsletter (no more than 1 per day) that discuss many different areas for reducing the size and burden of DC. In these emails, they compose a letter that you can copy and paste, part or all, and they give you a link to their “Educate the Powerful” service which emails all 3 of your Congress Critters at once. Very quick. Very easy. And Free.

    • Dons621

      I think it is time for we the people stop thinking that letters to congress are doing any good, they are short stopped by the staff of the congressman/woman, there are not delivered to the Spa, golf course, bar etc.

      How many times do you have to hear from an “open mike” that shoul hold the idiots for a while? We are just so much clutter in the playing field of the “ELITE” politicians.

      Want to get their attention? Start recall groups in their home turf, where their “WIFE” lives she will ride his arss.

      • JeffH

        Dons621, I understand what you are saying but disagree with you…I think “the more, the merrier”…ya gotta keep speaking up and if they get enough letters, calls and emails they do get the message…whether they pay attention or not is another matter.

        • Dan az

          Hey Jeff
          Wasn’t there a place that went to the house floor that they read from the people?I looked for it but couldn’t find it.I think I saw it on you tube and they were going to keep reading every session until the reps started listening to the people.

          • JeffH

            Brother Dan, nice headwear. I can see the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree. :)

    • eyeswideopen

      here is something fun for all you radicals you to play with. Let’s you play with cuts to

    • Chris

      Way to go, Chip. You have proven once again that simple solutions are provided by simple minds.

      • DaveH

        Any you, Chris, have proven once again that Liberals’ have nothing to offer so must use adolescent personal attacks in lieu of facts.

  • s c

    For almost three years, America has endured a consummate LIAR and the jock strappers who helped elect him. That is, America has within its borders people who are so bereft of common sense that they think that lies, incompetence and b s are more important than the truth, competence and a society-wide contempt for b s.
    This is the same crowd that loves to crow about the mean-spirited qualities of ‘others.’ They pretend to worship social justice. They think that money that backed-up by smoke-and-mirrors is preferable to money that is backed-up by substance.
    America’s kids are watching this warped circus every day. Your kids are being told that a liar is better than someone who loves the truth. They’re supposed to believe that competence is a waste of time.
    They’re supposed to believe that integrity and character are words that can be defined and re-defined whenever it suits the Thug-in-Chief.
    And, to get those ‘rare qualities’ America’s #1 criminal lived in Chicago, went to Harvard and became a lawyer.
    Your kids are supposed to believe that hard work and REAL sacrifice are bad and that having a license to STEAL from others and being “entitled” are qualities that define being a ‘citizen of the world’ who can save the planet and protect Mama Earth.
    Pity the children. Pity America. Save some pity for each other. Only divine intervention can stop Bummer’s real master. Good is now bad. Bad is now good. We’re supposed to think that America is a better nation because it’s been fundamentally
    “transformed” via politicians who are always for sale. So are your kids, America. Just ask the Criminal-in-Charge. He’ll admit it – eventually.

    • Michael J.

      If re-elected, he will admit to a lot of things and nothing will be done about it. Who’s going to challenge him? Certainly not the tingle down the leg media. Not his entitled/addicted followers. Chemotherapy is a last ditch effort in some cancer cases. Revolution is to our Republic what chemo is to cancer, let’s get on with it.

      • Elizabeth

        Thank you, Michael J. Well said!
        “…tingle down the leg media..” I love it : ) Can I use that one, please?

      • DaveH

        Revolutions rarely produce good results. What we need is a revolution in thinking. What is revolutionary thinking now was commonly accepted 230 years ago. We just need to shed the decades of propaganda we have all been subjected to.
        What one author thinks we would get next revolution around:

        • Michael J.

          The Tyrants will breathe a sigh of relief after reading your comment, knowing they are now safe to carry on, business as usual, status quo.

          Meanwhile the light of liberty dims with each passing day.

          • TexasPatriot

            Michael J, I’m 100% with you Brother. It is coming, as sure as the sun sets in the West. I’m working every day to make my preparations. It’s coming sooner than many think – and it won’t be pretty. I will fight to the death before I submit to tyranny and enslavement for myself, my children, and their children. I’m well armed and waiting – come and get me!

          • eyeswideopen

            CHIP WOOD, maybe you should read this and get an idea of what our costs really are:
            So, let me ask you a question, if you only pay the interest on your credit card does your credit card allow you to do that? NO way! So, your hero Pat Toomey is an idiot. Using that idea, if the rest of us just paid the interest on our mortgages, or credit cards, do you really think that the banks would allow that? Do you not understand that you are screwing with trillions more interest we will owe if we default? Remember that if you miss a credit card payment your interest rate jumped from 8% to 23%? Can you compute the penalities we would incure when we default on our loans? Which you know would result in the middle class once again paying additional costs on all of our consumer goods and interest rates we pay on credit cards, morgages, car loans, basically we foot the bill again for the radicals who kept passing the debt ceiling 7 times during Bush’s era, but now somehow we need to stiff the countries who have loaned us money. Don’t you realize that the world economy is based on the US dollar? We already screwed the world with our corruption by Wall Street and the Banks, and now you want to do it again? You Conservatives seem to want to only obey laws and contracts that you choose to honor. Our Constitution requires that we pay our debts, it doesn’t say: Only if the repubs think it is ok to do so. It mandates that we pay. You constantly scream, obey the Constitution, but yet again, you are trying to subvert the government into a default position. Obama let the tax cuts ride, show me the jobs that those tax cuts created! Trickle down economics doesn’t work. You are aware that Reagan raised taxes 11 times aren’t you? Your main dude Norquist is killing your party, hold on for the ride.

          • moonbeam

            I’m with you on that, Micheal J. Sitting around and “thinking” about it is nothing more than complacency to actually DO nothing.

            Revolutions DO work. Look at the Middle East where revolution is going on all over the place and tyrants thrown OUT. And it is time for another one right here in the US. It won’t be our first.

            No longer should we just sit on our hands letting the whores, liars and thieves that run Washington do what they want. Our Constitution clearly states that We The People have a perfect right to re-take our government and remove the cancers threatening the life of this country.

            I actually get embarrassed when I here the rot that oozes from Obama’s lips. He looks like an absolute fool anytime he speaks. He is uninformed and inexperienced, not to mention he is not a natural born citizen of the United States. In addition, he is a psychopathic sociopathic liar. We all know this. Vote him out in 2012!

          • Vicki

            moonbeam says:
            “Revolutions DO work.”

            They do indeed but rarly do they create anything other than another oligarchy.


            The US is singular in that respect in that they successfully formed a Constitutionally LIMITED Republic. I am not convinced that the current citizens could do it again.

          • Vicki

            moonbeam writes:
            “Look at the Middle East where revolution is going on all over the place and tyrants thrown OUT”

            And replaced by Constitutionally limited Republics? Or Oligarchies.

            Though I did see something interesting on TV during the riots in Egypt.

            I saw a group of people come together in the midst of the anarchy. (see my link discussing types of government at

            I saw about 15 people get together and vote on what to do with a pickup. They voted 14-1 to tear it apart. So they tore the truck apart. They then voted 14-1 to burn the truck. The truck burned. And then they voted 14-1 to beat up the driver/owner of the truck. The driver was later taken to the hospital.

            Yes, Democracy had come to the land of the Pharaoh.

            Soon it will evolve back into an oligarchy.

          • DaveH

            Your comment is full of errors and suppositions.
            1) You of all people have no idea what the terms of Uncle Sam’s loan obligations are. Therefore your credit card comparison is invalid. Ditto with you mortgage comparison. The banks will allow whatever the loan contract states they will allow.
            2) If you think our interest rates will increase if we don’t raise the debt ceiling, why do you suppose they would NOT increase if our debt keeps escalating? Do you think your lenders would be more inclined to lend to you if you quit spending beyond your means, or if you continued to spend beyond your means?
            3) Eyes says “You Conservatives seem to want to only obey laws and contracts that you choose to honor”. You are a laugh riot, Eyes. A thieving irresponsible member of the Liberal class is lecturing us about responsibility, and at the same time she is stumping for more wasteful Government Spending.
            4) The Constitution says nothing about increasing the Debt. That is strictly Liberal spin concocted to excuse away the possibility that Obama might once again usurp his Constitutional powers to do something that he has no Constitutional right to do. If the President could raise the debt ceiling at will, then the Congress has been wasting an awful lot of time wrestling with the Debt Ceiling for many decades.
            The Spending power is vested with the Congress, not the President.
            5) Show us the jobs that those stimulus packages created. And when you do, please provide the total amount of stimulus money that has been spent to “create” those jobs in the last 2 years, Eyes.

          • eyeswideopen

            DaveH, posting info for you, First jobs lost by both presidents. Then I wil have to come back in for the jobs created as you can’t post two http on this site.

          • eyeswideopen


            Had to hunt for info that you wouldn’t call bias.

          • eyeswideopen

            DaveH, who said interest rates wouldn’t go up? I said if we don’t pay our penalities and interest rate will be in the trillions. Our loans are similar to any other type of loan which has a designated interest rate and a due date. Stop being an idiot. We will pay penalities for default. Are you really saying there will be no penalities for default?? LOL. Who said anything about the President taking control and ordering it raised? It is the repubs McConnell who are offering to give that authority to Obama. I didn’t even address that issue. You are ranting for no reason. I am all for Obama cutting 4 trillion, aren’t you? Did I say I wasn’t? You make accusations about things I didn’t say. Go ahead Dave, just pay the interest on your mortgage and see what happens. LOL Bottom line we owe the money and need to pay it. Sorry that normal ethics seem to bother you.

          • DaveH

            Wow, Eyes, put down the bottle. You’re even more incoherent than usual.

          • mr. greene

            Eyeswideopen, clearly you must see by now that no matter what you say, how much proof, how much evidence, the most unbias evidence, you will not get anyone to believe or feel what your saying. The idea of the debt ceiling not being raised is terrifying and all these people disregarding how serious the outcome may be must be millionaires. I myself am pretty nervous as to things like this that people think it would just be alright for us to default. All you can do is recognize that its trying to throw a tennis ball through a brick wall getting through to some people. I just hope you find it amusing that their response is entirely unsupported and utmost stubborn… as in its what they hear from bias / false sources of news that deliver with strict opinion. I have the opportunity to spend time in the news room at eyewitness news in NY and listen to all different types of stories it’s just important to interpret it on your own other than having a glen beck or a bill maher tell you how it is.

        • Karolyn

          Dave – I agree!

          • John

            Eyes wide open, maybe you should close one eye to protect it from the B.S. you keep flinging around. your research is incomplete, and therefore misleading.

          • eyeswideopen

            John, show me where I am wrong…don’t just make a statement like that prove it!!

          • Vicki

            John. Though I rarly agree with eyeswideopen he did provide a link to support his point. You should refute his point(s) preferably with links to support yours.

          • DaveH

            I’ve already provided this link once, Vicki, but I will provide it again. Not that Eyes will read it:

            (make sure to read the sub-links in the article).

      • Amerigo

        We spend a lot of monies during the Gulf War, Iraq War, and Afghanistan War and these wars happened during the days of a Repiglican administration, now you blame the Democrats??? I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE YOU!

        • TexasPatriot

          Those monies were drops in the bucket of spending on WELFARE, HOUSING, EDUCATION, FOOD STAMPS, HEALTH CARE FOR GENERATIONS OF LAZY MOOCHERS AND CRIMINAL ILLEGAL INVADERS. When will you fools wake up!?

          • RicSeag

            And those monies paid out pale in comparison to the amount paid in corporate , “tax subsidies”, no-bid contracts, etc. He’ll the Pentagon admitted 2weeks ago it “lost” $66bil in Iraq. That’s more than the total amount spent on all the items you listed for any two-year period!

          • Karolyn

            Are you actually saying that we spend more on entitlements than on the wars? You must be on crack!

          • Vicki

            Karolyn says:
            “Are you actually saying that we spend more on entitlements than on the wars? You must be on crack!”

            Or just maybe he is saying a fact. Silly him. He should lay off the facts and stick to Karolyn’s fantasies? And you say he is on (some) drugs?

            I do notice that neither war nor entitlements are defined in Karolyn’s statement but a quick look at the federal budget using a reasonable definition of both would show the error of her belief.


            The entire budget for the DoD (the folk that ask for money for both war AND defense) is less than the budget for Health and Human Services which are the folk that ask for money for “entitlements” like welfare and food stamps.

          • Karolyn

            But Health and Human Services covers a lot more ground than just entitlement programs. Please see the link I posted that shows the Defense Departmet budget is larger than anything else.

          • DaveH

            We spend too much money on both. And I hate that they lump Social Security under that label “entitlements” which have become synonymous in many peoples’ minds with “welfare”. They took that money from us against our will. Those of us who know what we’re doing could have done much better with that confiscated money than does the Government. But we are stuck with it, and to get some of it back is certainly not a Gift. I’m all for eliminating SS for future generations. But the people whose money was stolen “for their own good” should receive the promised benefits.
            We could pay the promised benefits easily if we just got Government out of our Marketplaces. And Government could sell off the vast assets they own to pay their past debts to Social Security recipients. And with the voluntary contracts and choices of Free Markets, the people would have no trouble finding jobs and desirable goods. With the Internet, now more than ever before, there is no excuse for people to not do their own homework before they invest significant money into any goods. The only role the Government should play in the Marketplace is to punish those vendors who outright lie about the product they are selling (fraud). No citizen should have to buy anything they don’t want to buy. No company should have to keep any workers they don’t want to keep unless under voluntary contract to do so.

          • JeffH

            DaveH, once again you’ve nailed it.

        • independant thinker

          Right, wrong, or indifferent those wars could NOT have happened without democrat support. The Republicans did not have the super majority to push them thru without help from the democrats. When the democrats had a super majority they continued the wars and your hero obama is still continuing them plus starting new ones.

          • eyeswideopen

            independant thinker, in case you didn’t know the repubs had control of both the House and Senate from 1996 to 2007, when the great recession began. They didn’t need the dems for squat.

          • Vicki

            eyeswideopen says:
            “independant thinker, in case you didn’t know the repubs had control of both the House and Senate from 1996 (actually 1995 -V-) to 2007, when the great recession began. They didn’t need the dems for squat.”

            One word. Filibuster. The dems could have stopped the repubs anytime. Control is not the same as control with supermajority or filibuster proof majority (depending on which house)


            Oh and don’t forget the 50/50 tie in 2001. part way thru become 50/49 when one senator decides to go independent.

          • DaveH

            That’s not entirely true, Eyes:

            But it doesn’t matter whether the Democrats or the Republicans are screwing us, we are still being screwed.

          • DaveH

            Dang, Vicki, you stole my thunder, lol.

          • mr. greene

            Can i ask you why you think SS should be eliminated for future generations… i’m young enough to not really be so informed on something like that but I always thought it helps you later on in life. I’d appreciate your outlook on it since I dont really know.

        • LES

          But most Democrats continued to vote money for these wars just as they are doing today. When Democrats had a super majority in Congress they still voted the money meaning they supported the wars just as much as Repubs.

        • John

          I blame the democrats for losing these conflicts, who by thier actions, interfeared with the pentagon’s ability to win. And for that, I feel only disgust for anyone stupid or cowardly enough to want a government to take care of them. Please, all of you cowards, who are afraid to take responsability, and want to give your freedoms to a government, (democrats) move to a country where that is their way, and let the rest of us, who beleive that freedom is more inportant than life, have our country and constitution back.

          • Vicki

            There are even some nice socialist countries out there. I mean really nice, not like Cuba or Iran.

      • Old Henry


        Let’s wait until after the next election.

        However, we must begin planning immediately so that we are ready if Der Fuhrer stays put, whether re-elected or otherwise.

        You are absoltely correct. Our nation was birthed with revolution, blood and gun powder.

    • http://charter howe

      S.C. You explained the situation as clear and truthfully as anyone could have. Far too many people are not engaged in whats going on and far too many citizens are more worried about their skin than what the Marxist movement will bring to them and their kids. Blacks are still swooning over a black man being elected to office even if the POTUS is a bonifide socialist and that is an indication of how bad our equal opportunity programs for blacks have been. The Hispanics have been pandered to and promised citizenship and given taxpayer benefits while the socialist democrats have been garnering a new and significant voting block. The Gays and Muslims bring more democratic votes to the table because the liberal democrats support in varying degrees the gay community and Muslims who bring an insistance on exercising Sharia law to the table. And lastly don’t forget the radical environmentalist who gave Al Gore and his carbon footprint theory strong enough support to try to kill us with mind numbing costs associated with the infamous Cap and Trade. At this point in time, we either have to take our country back from the liar-in-chief and his cronies in Congress or we will be headed down the path of civil strife the likes of which many dimwits in this country can’t forsee. What’s really ironic about whats happening is the fact that I spent almost 29 years in the U.S. military supporting the Constitution and the National Interest and laws of the land and now I realize my country is covertly being changed into a socialist political entity one piece at a time. I performed duties as an American military contingent in many countries and some were dictatorships and Marxist based and trust me when I say, you do not want to live in any of those crapholes. We have monsterous problems facing our country and we need people in office who lead, not denigrate, disrespect and engage in devisiveness otherwise known as class warfare. The POTUS has established a new low for devisiveness.

      • TexasPatriot

        Very well put, howe. And we are being told that our electorate will believe we can’t pay our brave military or our deserving seniors (who were forced to contribute 15% of their earnings for 40+ years) – all the while shoveling billions to lazy do-nothing welfare moochers, criminal illegal parasite families, and countries around the world who hate us and plot our demise. Someone wake me uo and tell me this insanity is just a bad dream!

      • Chuck

        Howe, you and others have it dead on right. This last 3 years is a modern day carbon copy of the rise of the third reich. And I’ll be d+++ed if I’m going to sit on my hands while this liar-in-cheif quickly and quietly (transparency) undermines the entire system for his (and his minions) socialistic takeover of what I love.

        Although a gun collector and shooter, I never thought of carrying a weapon for SD, but now don’t leave the house without at least one. Never want to be without when that first action in this country will take place. We won’t see it coming, no newspaper announcements, no e-mail, but it will happen surely and swiftly. And all the crazy libs with their signs and banners will be standing there flat-footed.

        I’m ready.

    • eddie47d

      SC; It does seem like our government is sometimes on crack. Yet when it comes to no character or integrity take a look at our “fine” corporates who wheel and deal like we are part of their circus side show. A few of them have had a license to steal for quite sometime now. There arrogance hasn’t stopped them from playing with America’s character for they make sure they have theirs and then some. Some of these corporates snicker all the way to the bank. Gleefully knowing how many suckers they hooked on their line. Is there really any difference between how they operate and how Washington operates? The author stated that “Not a single business will stop paying taxes”. Who is he fooling(lying) to?

      • RicSeag

        Just look at FoxNews owner NewsCorp. Earned $10.4 Billion in profits in US last year and not only paid $0 in taxes, but used accounting wizardry (all Perfectly legal) to get and additional $4.8 Billion in tax refunds.

        That’s right! No exaggeration. The federal government PAID FoxNews $4.8BILLIONto operate in the US last year……

        • C130 Gunship

          RicSeag…..Wrong, wrong, wrong!!! Stop watching Special Ed on MSLSD and stop smoking crack!!! Here’s what he said last night:

          “We’d like to make a correction. Last night we told you News Corp. received $4.8 billion in tax refunds over four years, 2007 through 2010. The information from a Reuters article by David Cay Johnson was inaccurate. News Corp. actually paid $4.8 billion in taxes over those four years. In receiving News Corp.’s annual disclosure reports, Mr. Johnson made a mistake. A tax figure in parenthesis conventionally denotes a refund but not always. The error was confirmed to Mr. Johnson by a respected tax expert. Johnson has fully apologized and explained the mistake. No excuses.”

          Read it here if you don’t believe me:

          The truth is RicSeag that General Electric made a profit of $10.4 BILLION dollars last year and did’t pay a dime of US income tax-that’s right ZIPO!!!!. And note RicSeag, that GE’s president Jeffery Immelt just so happens to sit on O’Fraudster’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board-isn’t that special!

          I know the truth hurts like a beeyotch RicSeag, so I suggest you find a libtard sandbox to write your incorrect comments.

    • Ellen

      Today’s young are bombarded with crap from every direction – the scandalous TV shows that are billed as family entertainment, rap music that talks about sex/drugs/alcohol/degrading women, and society that teaches them that we are all equal. We have equal rights, but we are not equal. Some people are prettier, smarter ,funnier, nicer, athletically gifted, etc. We should be teaching them to try their best to succeed with the talents/gifts they have. African American youth respect people who’ve had illegitimate children and served prison time. Our young have been damaged in their belief systems. Now we’re trying to saddle them with mountains of debt. I almost forgot to include their damaged health from our ridiculous medical practices. We can’t feed babies food until they are 6 months old because their digestive systems are not fully developed, yet we give them vaccinations at 2 months old even though their immune systems don’t develop for a few years. We must be the most gullible bunch of fools on this planet.

  • martin

    His point is the US has not defaulted overtly with foreign debt. Domestic debt of course it can be done much easier as the sheeple are easily kept in check.

    As for your other comment – of course we can service the debt on our interest if we do only that. What about social security checks, what about medicare? Do you let these people die??

    Pretty simplistic set of arguments this article if you ask me..

    • FlaJim

      The point is that there’s plenty of money in the bank account to dover current needs. None of the government checks will bounce but if expenditures keep exceeding incoming revenue, there will be trouble down the road. Spending must be decreased now.

      That’s the part that the boy in the White House doesn’t understand. The Uisn’t’t some giant piggy bank that will magically refill itself every time he wants to dip into it. We’re not stupid and won’t allow this high life on the credit card to continue indefinitely. When you incur debt, their are consequences. If you incur even more debt, there are greater consequences and we just can’t afford his extravagance with our money.

      • eyeswideopen

        FlaJim, do you not like the 4 trillion that Obama is willing to cut? Your party only is looking at cutting 2 trillion.

        • JeffH

          eyes, maybe you have some insight the rest of us, including congress, don’t have. Can you be more specific about the POTUS proposed $4B in cuts or do we have to wait until the bill is signed to see “what’s in it”?

          Sounds eerily familiar…I’m sure we all remember Pelosi’s comment on passing Obamacare,(The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act)the 2,700-plus-page Senate bill: ““But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of controversy.”

        • JeffH

          eyes, I’m still waiting…patiently I might add…

        • JeffH

          …I didn’t think so…

        • Jay

          Jeff, eyes hopes that if he/she throws enough bs at the proverbial wall, some of it, may actually stick!

          • JeffH

            Jay, eyes comments, like denniso’s, are meaningless. Both established a couple years ago on this website that they carry zero credibility and you can also see by their comments just how hatefull they are. We both have, I’m sure, a pretty good idea of who’s living in a box around here.

          • Jay

            Jeff, no question, denniso is a freaking lunatic!!! But I think that is his strategy. Provoke and incite, and if anyone goes for the bait, they will quickly find themselves in a mud-slinging exchange, thus sabotaging what could have been a rational and productive discussion. Hence, denniso’s mission is complete!

          • libertytrain

            you are exactly right, I grew very bored of his style. Just a mean-spirited egotistical kid. best to just ignore..

      • martin

        It’s over already. Even if we tax 100% of all income (you send in all your sallary to govt) we cannot balance the budget.
        It’s over with already. Question is whether we can run for a little while longer or not before things really fall apart.
        That is the problem with our system – politicians get elected for a short term and their platform and mindset are myopic. Politicians will always overspend and create inflation because the system promotes that behavior.

    • MarkBench

      That’s because it is simple. Only the Tax and Spenders, or those bent toward not making the effort to understand our own government and the banking system because they are lazy want it complicated. (Just trust us, oh ye great masses.)

      It is the job of the Chips and the Malkins to point out things that are obfuscated by Libs and old line ‘Pubs for their purposes of power.

      And if government is not simple enough to understand, then it is our duty to put people in office who make it understandable.

    • DaveH

      They have plenty of money to service the National Debt, Social Security, and Medicare (although I think the latter has gotten way out of control). Besides, what’s the alternative? If Government can’t live within its means now, how are they going to cope when the Debt is even higher?
      Read this Martin:

      • martin

        Look at the budget first.

        The thing that would save us which is huge piece is “defense spending”. But no – that is the sacred cow….By current estimates it is 2B they spend on air-conditioning alone in afghanistan for the troops.

        • DaveH

          I am Libertarian. We don’t believe in being the World’s Policemen. But we also don’t believe in slavery. No person has a right to ride on the back of another person unless that person is willing to carry the first voluntarily.
          So, while I agree that we should cut military spending, the cutting can’t stop there.

    • DaveH

      As far as letting people die, Martin, when our Government turns us into a third world nation, we will have no choice but to watch people die who otherwise didn’t need to. If we reduced Government spending from the 40% of GDP it is now to 15% of GDP where it should be, our economy would be so robust that only people who absolutely refused to work and absolutely refused to get along with their neighbors (who might otherwise provide them charity) would suffer.
      We need to get Government out of our Marketplaces, so that consumers can decide which companies survive and which fail, rather than letting the bought-and-paid-for politicians make those decisions.

    • Push comes to shove

      I have heard on more than one occasion recently that the gov’t pulls in a billion dollars amonth, the interest on the debt is 30 bill a month, SS is around 15 bil, medicare 15 bil, military salries around 20 bil.
      That still leaves around 20 billion for other things. Where the default, starving of seniors, denial of medicare when these thing can easily be be paid by the gov’t. The stuff Obama and the dems say is pure rhetoric, they would rather spend that money on thier union cronies or the BIG Business (GE) that support them. Yes the dems do provide for crony capitalism too.

      • Push comes to shove

        Correction Gov’t pulls in 100 billion a month in revenue

        • Patriot

          No they pull in $200B +!

        • Ruby

          And I’ve heard it’s 200B. Whatever the real number is, there’s enough to service the debt.

        • DaveH

          Here’s a good breakdown for Government revenues in tax year 2010:

          Notice that State and Local Revenues combined ($2038 Billion) are almost equal to the Federal take ($2163 Billion).

      • TexasPatriot

        Absolutely. And the RINOs in Congress want to capitulate because they believe our electorate can’t see thru all the Socialist fear mongering. They need to get the message. “If you vote to burden my children and my children’s children with more debt, then I want you out of office. Period.”

    • sid

      do we let these people die? only if you believe what potus says is gospel!!! when you get paid, money is taken from you, and put in a seperate ss fund, which then pays out recipiants!!! unless potus deliberately halts these checks, payment will happen!!! as an independent, it is my obligation, to try to get as much info, as possible!!! try to find out who’s stretching the truth, or flat out LIEING, as in this case, “POTUS”!!! if republicans, were against seniors, the poor, children, the sick, etc, the only ones left, would be the illegal, sorry, undocumented socialists!!!

      • Ruby

        It is beyond shameful that Geitner and Obama have planted that lie.

        In all honesty I can’t stand to hear B.O. speak anymore – I change the channel when he’s giving a speech. Perhaps that’s shameful too.

        • sid

          sometimes its difficult listening to him, with all the whistling!!! but then you’d never hear the lies, and twisted truths!!!

    • TexasPatriot

      Let’s care for those who contribute – military risking their lives to serve and seniors who were forced to pay all their 40+ working years. Spend any remaining on the parasites and moochers. Sound fair?

      • sid

        it better not be more then 2 bucks!!!

  • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

    You shut will have a field day with this BS. Do not forget you Med’s

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    He is a lying POS.

  • johnparry

    hey chip, hard to believe but the AG DEPT is still planning to pay a lot of folks NOT to grow corn, wheat and soybeans – the ten year contracts are being signed daily and no one is talking about it ……. politics at its worst – Plant , employ and make $$$$ !!!! the world is starving for our ag products , food prices are sky high and we are still paying farmers not to work – a shameful state of affairs …….

    • JCF

      Yea, that’s what the government did in the Great Depression. A lot of simularities huh.

    • http://none Charles

      The “ethanol” subsidy was Reagan’s and the republican’s baby in 1987 … Reagan could have vetoed the bill and the senate could have killed the bill …

      No I am not a democrat nor a repblican …

      • independant thinker

        “The “ethanol” subsidy was Reagan’s and the republican’s baby in 1987 …”

        At the time that was thought to be one of the best if not the best was to help become energy independent. We now know the fallacy of that concept especially when the ethanol production is based on our grains.

        Every president since Reagan could have vetoed the renewal of the subsidy but none have democrat or republican.

  • Warrior

    The guvmint can spend us into prosperty for all. I believe. I believe!
    The word dummycrat was formed for good reason. Keep following your progressive leadership out the door.

  • texastwin827

    Martin, to answer your question…you cut spending, that’s how you do it and you don’t do it by threatening Soc Sec checks (nor military pay, as was the case the last time he threatened.)

  • Dirk Joubert

    We need to use our heads about this situation. I agree with some of your financial assumptions, but it is extremely shortsighted. The argument that, “We were sent to Washington to make sure that taxes won’t increase”, sounds good, but strategically stupid, so we dogmatically stand for that “mandate” and lose the house again. Does anyone think about the consequences thereof? Do we want to put Pelosi in charge again? Besides which: The president will have someone to blame for the terrible state of the economy moving forward. The notion that we have to stand firm is understandable but stupid – there are other ways to to ensure a sensible way to address the issue and still keep the president in the firing-line for the economy. By saying that politicians – you – will be voted out next year is indicative of the same old politics of not wanting to “lose my seat” in the next election; I never would have believed how stupidly dogmatic the strategy being proposed is. I want to get the occupier of the Whitehouse out of there! It’s all fair and well that there will be enough money to cover the interest payment and other major commitments such as Social Security, Medicare and pay for our Military, but let’s not forget that the decision what and who to pay rests with the Secretary of the Treasury and the President.

    • DaveH

      The Republicans have been compromising for decades to keep from being voted out. What has that gotten us? The vast majority of citizens don’t want any more increases in the National Debt. They are correct.

    • Linda Giles

      Yes. And Obama’s already hinted that he will not pay Social Security and military personnel. I’ll bet welfare checks still go out and his precious Obamacare still gets funded. I am totally against raising the debt ceiling. I don’t believe anything the liar-in-chief (Obama) says or anything his lying puppets (Bernanke, Geitner, etc.) say about an impending catastrophe. Cut spending and we won’t have to raise the debt ceiling! If we do have to raise it, it should only be for a short time and we should have dollar-for-dollar cuts that occur simultaneously. If Obama refuses to accept the deal, it means that the August 2 deadline was never real and/or that he just doesn’t care about this country.

      • DaveH

        And if we cut spending to the 2003 level, our current revenues would be enough to pay for it cash. Does anybody remember 2003 being that bad? Certainly not as bad as it is now.

  • jimemac

    Cut,cap and balance seems at the moment to be the best solution to the so-called crisis. There are emails going around about how fast Constitutional Amendment 26 was conceived and ratified by the states. Bottom line, if “we the people” demand it, it can be done and done quickly. We have to get outside these “conservative” websites and get to the rest of the common sense electorate. Start emailing everyone you know daily and follow up with phone calls. I’m talking about a “balanced budget” amendment in case you’re wondering.

  • Thinking About

    After the default with the Civil War included in the 14th admendment was a provision for the USA to pay it’s debts. For all the get back to our Constitution believers should be yelling and screaming to out Congress to abide by this amendment. We also know FDR was in the Great Depression and some measures was put into place to avoid these failures. Some of those has in the past years fell to repeal and resulting in a very poor economy. Raising the debt ceiling is not budget talks. It is raising the ceiling to cover for the money spent. It becomes apparent tax cuts plus runaway spending has brought us to a point we have to raise the debt ceiling. Signing pledges some will not be able to keep shows they have not made the right decisions. To get welfare to every outlet has to be addressed. In order to raise revenue a long hard look has to be placed on stopping loop holes and abuse of handouts. Why can’t we get smarter minds together and stop this never ceasing posturing.

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      Many, if not most all, of the “smarts” in our country, perhaps especially in Government, have been destroyed by beverage alcohol and recreational drugs. I know of a congressman who makes little sense anymore because he has fried his brains, but the liberals always put him back in, for this reason, I believe!

  • M.D.

    Where were you when Bush II, Bush I and Reagan were driving up the debt?
    They did far more creative accounting than Obama ever did, and for worse reasons. Manipulating the US economy because they couldn’t stand that some Americans want to help each other with creating an imbalances budget to get rid of all tge programs they dont Thule us reprehensible.
    I find your point of view refreshing at times but you simply sound line an ideologue here.
    I do hope your buddies hold the line. It will make the shellacking they will get so much easier next November.
    I’m no huge fan of the Dems either but this unwillingness to even have a discussion is insanity.

    • DaveH

      Sure, M.D., like the “discussion” that the Democrats had with the Republicans over the budget-busting Healthcare Bill.
      Democrats always want “bipartisanship” and “compromise” when they aren’t in control, but quickly cast aside those philosophies when they are in power.
      With the Democrat version of Compromise, the Government always grows. How about they “compromise” and start shrinking Government? Dramatically!
      Anybody with half a brain can see that Big Government doesn’t work. Just how much more experience does one need to figure that out?
      For those who haven’t yet, here is reality. These countries are ranked by the amount of Government involvement in their economies. Tell me, which would you rather live in, the countries at the top of the list (least Government), or the ones at the bottom of the list (most Government)?

      • independant thinker

        “Democrats always want “bipartisanship” and “compromise” when they aren’t in control, but quickly cast aside those philosophies when they are in power.”

        They still want it DaveH they just change the definition of “bipartisanship” and “compromise” depending on who has the majority. If the opposition has the majority they use the common definition of we both give up something and both get something we want. If the democrats have the majority it means they will reduce what they want (at least for the moment) but the opposition gets nothing that they want.

    • .50BMG

      I’m sick of everyone pretending that sh*thead barry is trying to fix anything. (lower case is intentional) His sole purpose in life is to take us down by destroying or economy, then force us into soreass’ new world order by divisive saul alinsky tactics, not to mention some cloward and piven thrown in for good measure(can you say “martial law”). All this talk glorifying sh*thead is just wasting precious time while he and his fellow felons finish us off. Then the plan is to install the muslims as part of their takeover of the world (the MUSLIMS themselves are the ones who are are saying this- blinders off, please). The mexicans will be thrown under the bus once their votes aren’t needed any more, as will any useful idiots whom are not useful anymore.
      I could care less what any previous govt. felons have done- I care about NOW. Congress has the power to stop this sh*t NOW- whether Bush, Reagan, Carter etc. did this or not is IRRELEVANT!! Please change the subject- talk about NOW instead! While you’re at it, drop the “race” crap as well. Doesn’t matter to most conservatives whether the person is blue, green or polka dot. For instance, I’m white and I would vote for Allen West in a heartbeat. Get over it! -as the saying goes.

  • Karolyn

    Why can’t the Pentagon be targeted?

    • DaveH

      It can be, and should be. But, have you asked Obama why we are engaging in military conflict in Libya, Karolyn? Have you asked him why we are still in Iraq even though he promised to get us out of there in his campaign speeches?

      • eddie47d

        No we shouldn’t be in Libya. We are in Iraq because once a war starts it’s hard to extract ourselves from these conflicts. There is always that damage that was done and the “nation building” that never ends. The “peace with honor” crowd keeps these wars going also.

        • OB1

          Sorry, Eddy, it is not a declared war either. I am the offspring of two generations of decorated patriots.

  • HarryButtle

    Here we are again, having yet another fake national debate based on false premises. This time it’s about the debt limit.

    What does the Constitution say about the issue? First, Congress has the right to borrow money: ‘The Congress shall have power … To borrow money on the credit of the United States.’ (Article I, Section 8). But, read on. ‘The validity of the public debt of the United States … shall not be questioned.’ (14th Amendment, Section 4). In other words, it is unconstitutional not to raise the debt ceiling or, perhaps more accurately, the debt ceiling is unconstitutional. The President should remain resolute and, if necessary, invoke the 14th Amendment and pay the bills by Executive Order.

    But the premises of all this debate are all wrong. Budget figures usually combine trust funds with the General Fund, but of course that’s false since the trust funds are separate and funded independently of the General Fund. Eliminating the trust funds and adding up the Defense Budget, the cost of war that’s distributed across other departments of government, the portion of interest paid that’s due to prior unfunded military spending and extra-budgetary spending for Iraq and Afghanistan, it accounts for 54% of the budget. The safety net accounts for 30%. These figures are from “Analytical Perspectives” from the 2009 Budget of the United States.

    It’s one thing to decide as a nation to sacrifice the economic security of our most vulnerable citizens, children, the elderly, the poor, the chronically ill, the unemployed, in order to build nations and empire. It’s quite another to make that decision and pretend the debt is due to the safety net.

    • DaveH

      You get that it is Unconstitutional not to raise the debt ceiling from that, Harry? Nice Stretch. That clause says nothing about how the debt is incurred, or how much debt is allowed. It simply says that the existing debt needs to be repaid. We are talking about not incurring further debt.
      Go ahead, Harry, root your president on. Support him when he usurps his Presidential powers (yet again), then see what happens when our Government becomes completely lawless.

      • eyeswideopen

        DaveH, “simply says it need to be paid” point being, if you don’t raise ceiling it is not paid. What about that don’t you get?

        • DaveH

          I wouldn’t expect you to get it. What’s your credit card account today, Eddie? If you don’t spend tomorrow or in the future, will your credit card account increase?

          • DaveH

            By the way, I meant spend more than you can pay for with cash.

          • OB1

            Daveh, what about when cash is lowered in value, or is to become worthless, if the UD dollar which is the world’s trade currency collapses (which I thin it will)? I would value your opinion o this. I am no one and no where. Sorta.

          • DaveH

            I’m not sure what you’re asking me, but I’ll try to answer what I think you are asking. The Federal Reserve works hand in hand with Big Government. That’s why Big Government types like Hamilton, Lincoln, Wilson, etc., always wanted Central Banks. They knew that way they would have a ready source of loans for their grandiose spending schemes. With fiat dollars (not backed by collateral such as gold), like we have now, it’s even worse because the Government can borrow money from the Federal Reserve which creates it out of thin air. That dilutes the value of the outstanding dollars, such as those in Mom and Pops life savings accounts. So effectively the Federal Reserve and the Government are robbing Mom and Pop without having to go to the trouble of getting Congress to pass new taxes. And most Americans don’t understand money enough to know why their savings then buy fewer goods. The Government, the Federal Reserve, and the MSM have been playing the average Americans for fools for many many decades now. They will blame the price increases on the Arabs, or the Chinese, or anybody else but themselves, and most of the public just doesn’t know any better. I can’t help but think that is why economics courses aren’t a normal part of high school curriculum. I think they prefer the young adults to be clueless about economics.

          • DaveH

            Here is a Free online book to learn everything you ever wanted to learn about money (and then some):

          • DaveH

            I meant “Eyes”, not “Eddie”.

  • Harold Olsen

    Obama lying is a non-news story. He does it every time he opens his mouth. Has Obama ever told the truth about anything? If he has, THAT would be a real news story.

    • Bert Cundle

      It’s not only the lies… It’s the truths; that are destroying us!

      • OB1

        Thanks Bert.

  • TIME

    The bottom line is that “Barry Soetoro” is a Professional lire.
    Please read his books for one outlandish lie after another.
    They have his books at the public library’s so its no cost to you, and no profit to him.

    Watch his speaches they are nothing but outlandish lies compounded with wild and crazy worthless rhetoric.
    Look over Youtube for countless example its FREE and No cost to you.

    The real fact is that we know nothing about Barry Soetoro at all that is real other than he is a outright lire.

    We have no facts, no truths about his past hell we don’t even know if his real father was an Obama. Again not a single person has ever come forward saying they knew Barry in school, nor hung around with him nor even saw him. That alone should raise every RED FLAG under the sun.

    What we do have is 100% spun Bull Sh*t from Barry and his masters and followers.

    What we do know he has used countless Social Security numbers, thats true and can be proven that the number he has used for the last number of years is to a dead man from the North East. Thats a FACT.

    A TRUE fact Barry has presented a FAKE Birth Certificate.

    It is a FACT that Barry has not done anything that can be construed as beneficial for this nation at all.

    Thats the FACTS plain and simple as well they can’t be disputed by rhetoric nor or {Idol worship} from sheep that have less gray matter than that of a old dry dog turd.

    • Thinking About

      Time there is not any hope for you to get the truth out. You must be a great fan of Faux reporting tabloid shots. You can not rewrote history enough to get your story in the real books. Maybe what is fake is your thinking.

      • TIME

        Thinking about, not much as you don’t have any gray matter so thinking about it just will not work in your case.

        Perhaps you should pull your head out of your butt then take look about. Or just shut up and suck on your thumb a bit more.

        Oh hell – You just keep on being a nano wit its good on you.

  • Bert Cundle

    I want to know:
    1) What is our Anual Revenue?
    2) What are our Debts For?
    3) Who are our debts to?
    4) What is the Cost of opperation of Government?
    5) What is the rest of spending for?
    6) Who Owes us?
    7) How much Money is owed to us?
    We arn’t told these vital answers… yet we must blindly support the Governments wants.

    • Al Sieber

      Bert, that debt is owed to the Fed. Reserve, bankers, etc.

  • TexasPatriot

    I plan to copy and paste Chip’s message, “If you vote to burden my children and my children’s children with more debt, then I want you out of office. Period.” and send that to my Senators and Congressman.

  • Spence Downs

    If you lie, you will be caught sooner or later. Usually one lie leads to another and another. Obama and his cronies are liars! They would not know the truth if they fell over it . . . and they are doing just that! “God is truth.” “Satan is a liar and the father of lies.” If you lie continually, you are diabolical. Therefore, Obama and his associates are diabolical. There is no cure for that! They need to go, the sooner the better!

  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    We could save billions by cutting giveaway programs to foriegn nations. Do we really need to send $40 billion to pakistan?

    • mark

      This is a vast exaggeration, if you mean on an annual basis. We actually spend $38 billion a year in total to all foreign countries with our foreign aid, which is 1% of the U.S. federal budget – not the 25% that most Americans believe it is. Pakistan has received $17 billion in U.S. aid over the last 10 years (see chart below) averaging $1.7 billion per year. Israel gets far more and although a very modern and prosperous country is the #1 recipient of U.S. foreign aid. See stats below:

      Military and economic aidYear Military (USD in billions) Economic (USD in billions)to Pakistan
      2002 1.36 1.233 for 2002 to 2004
      2003 1.500 1.233 for 2002 to 2004
      2004 1.200 1.233 for 2002 to 2004
      2005 1.313 .338
      2006 1.260 .539
      2007 1.115 .567
      2008 1.435 .507
      2009 1.689 1.366
      2010 1.232 1.409
      2011 1.685 stats not released yet
      Total 11.740 billion[13] 6.08 billion[14]

    • Another Voice

      Right. And we don’t need to be maintaining some 700+ military bases all over the world, either. The commies lost the Cold War. It’s time to close most of them and bring our people and our weapons back home.

  • C130 Gunship

    Everybody, the debt elevator hit and breached the ceiling back on May 16th. Notice the world didn’t come to an end, Social Security checks along with all feral gubbermint checks went out and didn’t bounce. The economy stayed virtually the same-still suckin’ along. And the stock market has continued to bounce along up and down at about the same rate as Larry Sinclair did on the Liar-n-Chief’s schmeckel.

    Bottom line is there will be a deficit deal cut and that deal will piss off libtards and conservatives alike. Promises of savings based on a 10 years spread into the future with the big savings in years 8-10. Of course no future CONgress, Senate, or President will be bound by whatever ‘they’ agree and pass, but it will kick the can down the road for a couple more years. The only good thing about it will be that we have a couple more years to prepare for the inevitable collapse of the USA. Keep prepping!

    Concerning the FIAT dollar, well, all FIAT currencies in the history of the world have eventually failed. The US dollar will NOT ESCAPE that fate. Adjust your portfolio accordingly.

    • Bob Marshall

      i plan to and i hope others will take your advice.

  • Old Henry

    Bravo Chip. This information cannot be said enough. The Republicans need to take the gloves off and publicly go after this Lier-In-Chief.

    I think Boehner is going to have his hands full with the Republicans in the House as many of then are “off the reservation” and no longer will toe the party line.

    I have emailed my Congressman several times on this issue and will do so again today.

    You can email your Congressperson by typing http://www.their last into your browser field.

  • Skyskiers



    • Karolyn

      Wow! Isn’t that original!

      • Old Henry

        Well Karolyn, original or not, it still applies.

        • Jay

          Yup, and just to be fair, the one before obama is guilty of the same!

  • Higgs

    Funny how it’s the Social Security checks and Military pay that, supposedly, won’t be sent if the debt limit isn’t increased. How about not paying our Congress men and women, the President and his staff, and others in “high office” until they cut taxes, pass a “balance the budget” bill/amendment with requirements of a “no increase of debt” stipulation, and, finally, put a “cap” on spending based upon the revenue coming in at that particular time, i.e., spend what you have and not what you have to borrow. Why is it always the military and our senior citizens that are used a pawns; why does the American people always fall for this lie?

    • DaveH

      There are so many things they could do. They could eliminate all the Unconstitutional Federal Agencies — FCC, DEA, DOE (both of them), and many others. They could sell some of the 30% of real estate they hold across the country. They could sell the National Petroleum Reserves. The list goes on.
      If they got the heck out of our economy, it would become so robust that their tax revenues would go up dramatically.
      We are in this mess because Big Government put us in this mess. It’s time to quit wasting our votes on Democrats and Republicans, and start voting for the only party which understands Freedom and has the Principles to respect our fellow human beings’ free choices for their own bodies and property:

      • JeffH

        DaveH, you’re completely right…!

        • DaveH

          Thank you, Jeff.

  • Roberts

    let us see, the constitution defines money as gold and silver. why do we have paper currancy when the constitution forbids this.?the federal reserve is a private orginazation. when did we make the president a god. they tried to with roosevelt (fdr). he did not get us out of the depression, the depression ended in trumans watch. with world war babies.rosevelt began the socialist government and that is the major reason for what we have today. when you live in a fantasy you will believe in anything. this country is making like obama is a savior, he is no where even close. he is the devil in a suit. we need a revolution and right quick. we are disolving quicker than alkaseltzer in water. when people vote for nothing (obama) they get worse than nothing. that is what you have now. If you re elect obama you will seal the death of the greatest country in history.

    • Old Henry

      Roberts, he promised fundamental change in the greatest nation on earth and that is what we are getting.

      If I heard correctly this morning Krauthammer let loose on Little Barry.

  • Roberts

    that is reelect

  • http://n/a Joseph

    Mr. Obama should and must reduce the his czars in his administration. The government is too big, minimize his domestic travel, specially his wife travelled to Spain with her friends, Africa, and one time went to Paris to have a snack with her children and mother, also reduce her secretary to only one or two – she has 23 in her staff.

  • http://N/a Armour

    In the 60′s just before R M N took us (USA) off the Gold Standard the USA REFUSED to exchange gold for the dollars held by France. That is one more default.

  • Roberts

    cancel that reelect

  • Roberts

    armour when was the constitution ammended to make anything but gold and silver coin a tender of debt?

  • David

    I also agree that the debt ceiling should not be raised. And all the scare tactics Obama is feeding us is a bunch of BS. But observing what he is capable of doing I fear that he just MAY stop the elderly and disabled from getting their SS checks. And that the military may not get their pay either. I think this evil demon is capable of pulling this off. While Obama has not come out and openly stated this, I believe that Obama actually WANTS america to default. It is his desire that the American system be demolished. Each and every country he has visited he is apoliging for our nations prosperity and vows to stop that. What can we do beyond praying about it?

    • Bob Marshall

      David. Who was Obamas’ largest supporter? George Soros: The US must stop resisting the orderly decline of the dollar, the coming global currency and the New World Order. both Bushes, Clinton and Obama all spoke of the New World Order.

  • Doug Stetson

    Has anyone calculated how much of our wealth has been taken. My house value has lost $250,000 and those million more foreclosures which are being withheld from the market are prolonging my plight. What is this in the Obama Medicare that the Government will collect a 3.8% tax on my home sale and all my appliances will need to be inspected by a Union Rep and will probably need to be replaced by a Union rep. Why aren’t we taking the Unions out of our politics? It is easy to do. Saw this online.

    How to take the Public Service Unions out of our politics

    As you know when the Democrats don’t get what they want they go to court. Well we can too for about $10 in small claims court.

    Here’s how to take the Unions out of our politics once and for all. This will work on any company with an office (UNFORTUNATELY NOT THE FED AS THEY WILL JUST PRINT MORE MONEY) with an office you can serve Let’s assume one union forced insurance to be bought from the union with no competition which Wisconsin claims to have cost residents $68,000,000 more or it could be because their “privileged elite” plans costs versus a public 401K plan.

    Residents will file a small claims case for 1/12 of each year that is legal in their state so they can file once a month forever at the local cost plus mail service. Someone will need to figure our loss on a per month basis for each state and hang a copy on the Internet to be filed with the court on the Internet for all to take to the judge.
    It will cost unions tens of millions a month maybe more to send representatives (wages) to every venue daily and hourly, gas expenses, hotels, food, gas, car rental and expense, airfare, car repairs, insurance, license plates, phones, reporting, defense planning and scheduling. The more the remote location the more costly it will cost them. It’s not a case of who wins; it’s the cost of defending. If they don’t show we win and our documentation will win some contested cases. Any judgments we obtain will be sent for attachment and any moneys collected gets sent back to filers to file of more claims. This will deplete a union’s funds or bankrupt them. Either way they will have considerable less money to support their one sided election policies.

    I know if I were a union and shown this they might like to keep the status quo and grant some concessions or they can be reduced to broke plus attachments on Union owned assets. A judgment keeper would be in place levied on their dues income or they would have to reorganize under a different corporation name thus cancelling all previously signed agreements and contracts.

    Please forward to everyone who wants to take on a union.
    PS. This depletion of money works on any company with a central office whether we win or lose it still costs them and they will have little or no money to be a political force or we could do nothing and end up like the rest of the world in turmoil.


    I have no idea how many of you listened to tha nincompoop we have in the Oval Office this AM but he was talking about his birthady and him getting close to having to go on medicare and draw SS and he did this in a serious way, the BS out of this guys mouth never stops as well as his crooked ways of DB.

    If you didn’t know, this jerk in the previous paragraph will get tax paid military medical for the rest of his life, he will never have to draw SS because as a congressional member he was able to opt out for a better pay off. Members of congress all get military medical even if they have only served one term and this is why elitism has to come to a halt and we have to make these dishonest back patters hold office in a way we can keep track of them.

    A nat’l sales tax or flat tax will control the money by ballot every ten years and puttting ALL elected officials on term limits and a salary, no retirement, no perks or benefits. This makes them real civil servants and accountable to We the people.

    • Elevenarrows

      I agree with ONTIME. I would add that taxing China for all the gazillions of plastic, often-poisonous crap they export to us would go a long way in paying down our debt. Also, if gov’t got out of the business of subsidizing, in general, that would also help a lot. I have read the Constitution (unlike most Congressmen) and I have never found ANY justification for giving tons of money to Planned Parenthood or community organizers or other countries or Mr. Smith down the road who sits home watching TV while my husband pays $4/gallon for diesel to drive all over the Southeast to generate income to support our family. I also resent the fact that Mr. Obama has raised $86,000 for his campaign and will most likely spend the rest of his first term campaigning for his second. I don’t just blame him for that…I resent all the others who have done that, too.

  • Az Native

    It is to the point everytime I hear there is another news conference and he is involved, I leave the room or turn the channel, I can no longer as a real hard core love this country American listen to this imposter. He has been spending money like it is his own personal piggybank since he took office. And it is time for it to stop, this truly is extortion, criminal embezzment, fraud, malfeasance, coercion, bribery, conspiracy to defraud our national treasury…when is enough enough…we should demanding his removal immediately from office and from our country, it is time for us to banish this anti-American president who has no love or respect for this nation. He was not brought up to love this oountry or understand it, his ways are not our ways period. It is time for congress to do a cease and desist and make this man impotent in his decision making….we need to stop any more decisions coming from the White House and reverse everything he has done. Cut the White House budget – two vacations a year that is it, cut his staff and they get minimum wage, move him into a smaller house and turn the White House into a museum and ground air force one….I think we’ve had enough of this out of control hater of Americans dictator……NO MORE……

  • Elevenarrows

    I’m getting on here a little late today, but having just read Eyes Wide Open (and still can’t see) from earlier today, I have to object to your comment that tax cuts greatly impacted the level of our debt. Allowing taxpayers to keep more of their own money has little to do with the wild spending spree that raised our debt to such monstrous levels. This country actually operated quite nicely before implementing the unconstitutional income tax. If our government would tax imports and stop building schools, mosques and clinics all over the world…not-to-mention, providing abortions all over the world…not-to-mention, sending social security checks to other countries…we could actually abolish the IRS (legalized theft) and still function quite nicely.
    Why is it those who criminalize taxpayers who want to keep more of our own money ( and take care of ourselves instead of relying on Uncle Sam)refuse to just move to a country where socialism already reigns supreme? As a Constitution-supporting American citizen, I have no obligation to pay for insane, anti-country spending by a few hundred nutcases in Washington. Tax cuts have not been the downfall of this nation…I would argue that a progressive income tax has had much to do with it…that one concept has given birth to generations of Congressmen who think they have an unending supply of revenue from the stupid masses AND it has given rise to generations of moochers too stupid and unmotivated to pull themselves up out of the pit so they demand that the rest of us carry them on our backs.

    I refuse to vote for anyone that votes to pile even more on my back.

    • Thinking About

      I am glad to know you are one of the Constitution hawks and if you are then I am sure know what is in the Constitution and know what the 14th Admendment says we pat our bills do you should not have any problem raising the debt ceiling and you will demand this from Congress and the president.

  • Mad Max

    yes, we pay them a lot of money to play games with our lives.

    I don’t blame government, banks or big business anymore. The people in this country are ignorant and they’re learning the hard way, lots of pain. After you poke yourself in the eye and kick yourself in the behind enough times, the nonsense will cease.

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    We don’t have to live like this anymore, unless you prefer it.

    • Al Sieber

      Mad Max, I agree and I’m not gonna live like that.

  • http://Na. Robert Bradfield

    Hi, its that South African again,

    I am surprised by the reaction I see in the posts to today’s article. You are playing the blame game, Bush did this, Clinton did that, Obama does this, and the Republicans did that. When will somebody start concentrating on the real problem – The American Debt Crisis. Blaming everyone will not solve the problem, doing something will. If it is to contact your Congressmen, Senators or whoever with any message concerning your worry about the increasing debt of America, it will be something. It seems to me that your focus is not on what you can do to solve a problem, but how you can niggle each other. That is not a productive way of doing something. Always keep in mind that the cost of today’s decisions will effect your children, their children and all future generations. As a White South African we are experiencing exactly that.

    • Elevenarrows

      Robert, I understand what you are saying, but you should probably realize that many, many of the people on this forum ARE politically-active. This forum just provides a place to vent, share ideas and discuss the topics. I’m sure I’m one of many on this site who pick up the phone and call our leaders, fax them, email them, attend protests, pass out literature, speak up at town hall meetings, never miss voting in an election..even the small ones, etc. All this “playing the blame game” probably keeps some of us married. My spouse loves that he doesn’t have to listen to all this because poor C130 Gunship, 45 Caliber, MadMax,etc. do it for him!

  • Elevenarrows

    MadMax, I feel your pain. I have grown weary trying to spread the word, clue people in on what the Constitution really says, etc. Peoples’ eyes literally glaze over if you try to have an intelligent conversation about what is constitutional or unconstitutional in our government. I have to add, though, that since the last election cycle, I have encountered more bumper stickers, opinions, etc. of like-minded citizens finally willing to put action to words. I would love to see Americans flee the two major parties in favor of some of the smaller parties that actually have Constitutional substance in their party platforms. It remains to be seen if the masses wise up or grab hold of whatever “pie in the sky” is offered next.

    • Thinking About

      I like those who go with the Constitution and had hoped we had a Congress who also honored their oath and hold to the Constitution. I had hoped they would know the difference on budget talks and not hold up the 14th Admendment about paying our bills which the money is already spent but the more I listen the more they just don’t get it. On one hand they have signed pledges which is not in keeping with the oath they have uphold the Constitution.

  • Bubba

    I still say the best way to get Black Hitler Obermeister out of the White House is to let the whole thing collapse on top of him. Unfortunately, this will bring severe suffering to a lot of Amerikans, who will be enslaved for generations to pay for his criminal activities.

  • Southern California

    Regarding gold seizure by FDR – even Safe Deposit boxes were raided by the feds. My mother and her cousin (4 years old in 1933) both had a gold coin from their grandfather, and the feds took them.

    • Al Sieber

      Southern Cal., there’s gold confiscation planned in the Patriot Act, they’ll take everything out of your safe deposit box after a bank holiday. you’re better off burying it in the back yard.

  • Elevenarrows

    Gold in the 1930s, guns today. It is a matter of time. I hope everyone is prepared for bank holidays…

  • Roberts

    it should be (a tender in payment of debt.

  • jopa

    Robert Bradfield:The problem is here in America we get to vote candidates in that make all these promises to get elected, and once they are elected all they think about is getting re=elected.In steps what we call lobbiests that give them a few thousand dollars each for their next election but they have to do the lobbiests work and not the voters.We can sit around and grumble about what our lawmakers, or should I say the lobbiests makers do all day but it will make no differance.It’s the old story Money Talks.I believe we come here just to vent and nobody gives a rip.

    • Charles

      What else can you expect from our corrupt,communist SCUMBAG IN CHIEF.

    • C130 Gunship

      jopa….We actually live in a Totalitarian Democracy – a system of government in which lawfully elected representatives maintain the integrity of a nation state whose citizens, while granted the right to vote, we have little or no participation in the decision-making process of the government. This results in the US “Democracy” being a cesspool, propagated by the ignorant to provide legitimacy to the crooks. Election ballots are no more than a choice between ass clown A and ass clown B. We’re screwed either way. Wir sind gefickt!!!!!

  • Jay From Colorado

    I wonder where the Democrats, & or Obama’s budget is.
    I’ve never seen one. But you know what, the Republicans have offered one & were slammed by the leftists, progressive, bunch of asses for it, but no budget came from these communist chumps,
    any way, shape or form.

  • bob wire

    Hmm? ~ interesting commentary Mr. Woods.

    Not that it offers any real purposeful argument to defend “today’s” actions, but during Reagan’s tenure the debt ceiling was raised some 17 times as I hear it. ( that sounds somewhat excessive but how far off is this number?) Would just 7 times sound better?

    Where was the opposition and worry of tomorrows youth then?

    But ~ that said (as I feel that I must), today I share your grave concerns regarding the growing size of the national debt.

    So why the huge recent shopping list over the last 12 years? Let’s face it, the national debt was somewhat manageable until we seen fit to offer every American across the board tax cut while at the same time taking it upon ourselves to commit to two wars and the following “Nation Building” that always seems to follow.

    But today, it seems returning to workable prior tax rates is unacceptable? Why?

    That we managed to get off course many years back and today we (like any household budget that has misspent) are in a serious financial bind. We should recant on our promises to fellow Americans? Much like the VA has elected to do with Vets, enact small print and disclaimers. The standard procedure being, deny all claims first submitted,requiring veterans to fight for benefits once promised.

    These wars were very poorly executed, war profiteering ran rampage, the pretext for war was contrived and the wealthy stuffed their pockets.

    And today, with shortcoming assured, to make things right ~ the very people that fought these wars and paid their taxes, and lost their home, sons and daughters, lost much of their saving as Wall Street Bankers got fat and played fast and loose with other peoples money, ~ we are asking them to give up even more while they are having and controlling less the anytime in the passed 30 years?

    Do you really think that it’s good that the least among us, the ones with lest to gain, should feel compelled to pay more by compromise as we decide our future.

    I believe, the bagman,that ran out of the back of the building isn’t sitting with us at the table in this discussion today. The criminals identity and where abouts ~? No one it talking ~ No one seen a thing!

    I’m for chasing down the bagman and taking back his ill gotten gains and putting the son of b1tch in jail. But has the time for that~ passed already? I want to think not. We have 7 years as I understand it, to return to the scene of the crime and determine guilt or innocence.

    We need to make some serious attempts to recover stolen or lost funds before we start reneging on promises made to the American people. ~I know the lawyers will love this idea but it’s the only card I see left to play without accepting huge losses.

    We need a few Bankers in Jail today ~ We need to display some examples of respect for the spoken word, dedication to honor and fair play.

    Display examples of the penalty for failure to honor, for failure to comply no matter how lofty their position.

    • Jay

      bob wire: I’m for chasing down the bagman and taking back his ill gotten gains and putting the son of b1tch in jail. But has the time for that~ passed already? I want to think not. We have 7 years as I understand it, to return to the scene of the crime and determine guilt or innocence.

      We need to make some serious attempts to recover stolen or lost funds before we start reneging on promises made to the American people. ~I know the lawyers will love this idea but it’s the only card I see left to play without accepting huge losses.

      We need a few Bankers in Jail today ~ We need to display some examples of respect for the spoken word, dedication to honor and fair play.

      As much as I agree with your sentiments bob, and for obvious reasons, your justified and reasonable demand for justice will fall on deaf ears, i’m afraid. Don’t misunderstand me, I agree with you, and i don’t mean to piss on your parade, but the bag-man you wish to chase down is the same bagman that is staring you in the eye, while reading from the teleprompter and telling you and the rest of us, that he, and the greedy cronies he represents are not finished with us yet. Seems that there is still some blood left in the “stone” and they intend to get it. Who is the bag man? Well, Mr. O certainly represents them and does their bidding. Does it include the left or the right? Well, both really, all bought and paid for, sad to say. Do you suppose we could count and look to our justice system for help. Naw, I can’t see that happening, the thugs have no problem keeping them in-line, that’s for sure. So then, what’s the solution? I say we get rid of them all, every last one of them. We perform a blood transfusion. We fire them, every last one of them! We give them the pink-slip. Ciao! As I told you before bob, you cannot draw fresh water from a poisoned well, its high time we dug a new one! Regards…

  • Gloria

    There is no benefit in blaming either party, it is the attitude of more than one president of insisting we continue throwing “good” money after bad or there will be dire consequences. Hah! the dire consequences are there will be more debt to pay if we do raise the ceiling again. It’s like an alcoholic insisting that if we give him 1 more drink he will quit drinking. It is beyond party lines. It is in lies and gutless refusal to face or tell the truth. We would have been better off paying AIG’s creditors and prosecuting the con artists with severe sentencing and we would have gotten the respect of the rest of the world in addition to our freedom from debt.

  • Jim

    WHEN, will ANY POLITICIAN, address the issue of WELFARE!! EVERY BLACK girl has at least 5 bastard children by the age of thirty. GUESS who has to pay for them?? ALL different last names also. WE keep rewarding them with welfare to reproduce, yet NOBODY in office will talk of this!! Our children and grandchildren are screwed. WHY-WHY-WHY, can’t we do SOMETHING about this travesty???

    • Karolyn

      Jim – “EVERY BLACK girl has at least 5 bastard children by the age of thirty.”

      EVERY black girl does NOT have at least 5 bastard children by the age of thirty! That’s ridiculous! What do you want to do, sterilize them? What’s YOUR answer? How about better education? How about giving out condoms in school? How about getting up off your butt and volunteering at a youth center? Sharing all your “wisdom.” We all know there’s a problem, but there are no easy solutions. Racism certainly is no answer. And sitting around complaining about it is far from an answer.

      • OB1

        Get over it Karolyn. No I will not support you on that. I was born in DC. Don’t go to a demographic you know nothing or very little about. Please, for your own sake.

        • Karolyn

          Big whoop – You were born in DC. I was born in NJ – not too too far from Newark! I also currently live in the south; I’m not blind! I just take issue with the statement that EVERY young black woman has at least 5 kids. It seems as though conservatives just love to generalize, especially about those they disagree with or those they see as beneath them. I’ve been searching for stats, but they are not easy to come by. There are more white women on welfare; however, there are more whites than blacks. I have not been able to find anything about the numbers of children per woman.

          • Jay

            Karolyn:There are more white women on welfare; however, there are more whites than blacks.

            Hmm, you jump all over OB1 for not having stats and call him a racist. Then you immediately turn around, make a racist statement without providing any stats. Do you have any stats to back up your racist comment?

          • JeffH

            Karolyn says, “It seems as though conservatives just love to generalize, especially about those they disagree with or those they see as beneath them.”

            Now isn’t that a clear case of the kettle calling the pot…

  • Gloria

    There is something we must do asap. We must join the rest of the world in making it illegal for a non-citizen to buy real property in America. As we lose money we will have difficulty competing with rich foreigners for land in our own country. You ever hear of a rich “traveller” or tinker as my great great grandfather would have been called? Without land and a grasp of politics and economics there is no end to the hardships.I have personal experience.

    • David

      Maybe im not catching what you are saying. If so I apologize now. But I have heard that China owns about half the land here and has a big state in over half of our businesses. How are we going to buy all this back? I think that our country has like Esau has sold its birthright for a single bowl of stew.

      • JeffH

        Davis, I can’t find anything that indicates the Peoples Republic of China owns any land in the US. The bigger question is what “collateral” was used as a guarantee to China for buying our debt?

        • OB1

          I call BS Daveh! (love your posts). Hoever, you are wrong on this. My cousin is a re broker in Bay Area or CA and mostly all of his 1M$ sales have been to Chinese. Perhaps you should plan a visit to Washington Stan, British Colombia, Victoria Island, or California? Also, the Chinese are building a solar generating plant in Nevada thanks to His Royal Highness Harry Reid, the so-called Mormon from the depths of hell.

          • JeffH

            OB1, do you know the difference between the “Republic of China” and a chinese person or immigrant for that matter? Big difference between a person or even a corporation buying a piece of property vs another nation buying up property on US soil. I know you can figure it out without a clculator or computer, c’mon. I do not believe the US is even allowed by law to sell US land to a foreign nation.

            Executive Order 13406 of June 23, 2006
            Protecting the Property Rights of the American People

            By the authority vested in me(BushII)as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and to strengthen the rights of the American people against the taking of their private property, it is hereby ordered as follows:

            Section 1. Policy.
            It is the policy of the United States to protect the rights of Americans to their private property, including by limiting the taking of private property by the Federal Government to situations in which the taking is for public use, with just compensation, and for the purpose of benefiting the general public and not merely for the purpose of advancing the economic interest of private parties to be given ownership or use of the property taken.

          • JeffH

            OB1, I’ve been raised and live in California and lived in the Bay Area for the better part of 7 decades.

          • Jay

            Hey honey, what are you doing friday night? Dinner at eight?

          • JeffH

            Naw, I’m throwin’ a lavish party at the WH tonite but what are you doin’ August 3rd? Come to my B-day party in Chi-Town…it’s free!

          • Jay

            LOL! I’ll bring my chop-sticks!

  • Lee Hazel

    I was under the impressiojn that the payments of interest on outstanding federal bonds was by The Contitution, as Amended, made first before any other obligations.
    I don’t think anyother “Law” is neeeded.
    Kudo’s in any event. The idea that we can pay our debt and then and only then determine what elsegets paid needs to be shouted from the rooftops.
    This is what Obama fears most. He is suddenly front and center before We The People as to who gets paid. And if he choose not to pay Social Security, and Veteran’s Diability payments he will dissappear from the political scene almost over night. He Knows This.
    God Bless Beohner, stay and fight, do not lets us down. No new taxes, no raise of the debt limit, period.

  • Joey Biden

    Some time ago I saw a list of 50 or so proven lies that Obama has told since taking office. Any one know what the count is now? I’m guessing a couple thousand or more.

  • Jim

    Karolyn—YES,,just maybe STERILIZATION is the answer for people that cannot rationally determine when to have children. Better education??? That does NOT work when certain children drop out in the eighth grade, or get arrested!!

    • OB1

      I think you need a vaction to Latin America. Try floating this post as well as Karolyn there. Do you believe that you “education” and “experience” makes your thinking superior to them> If you do do, I made add a few dozen other countries. God bless you in your travels (if you ever do, or have the courage to do so….)

    • Karolyn

      Hmmmm, sounds like Communism – China?

  • DaveH

    An even better idea than NOT raising the debt ceiling:

    • Raggs

      Why raise it?… It’s just more money for the idiot to blow on the unions so he can be “re-elected” if you call usurping an election.

    • Jay

      Not only lower the debt ceiling, but get rid of the greedy, dumb bastards that are trying to raise it in the first place! Why do we need such a bloated, wealth draining government in the first place. Chop it down to a third of its present size. There, the ceiling already seems to be lower.

      • DaveH

        Yay, Jay. I agree completely. The problem is that we need to awaken 300 million other people to that reality.

  • Realist

    Here’s how I see it. For decades the president of the untied states has been a figurehead, nothing more. If you think he really has any power, then you are not paying attention. The two, or multi party system is just smoke and mirrors. They want the masses to think it makes a difference which party has the Presidential office, which party has the majority in the congress or senate. It does not make a bit of difference. It will be business as usual. Keeping the masses in conflict leading up to elections every four years, thinking it will matter, that there really is such a thing as party philosophy. It is a sad joke on us. The federal govt. is a business, nothing more, nothing less. The business plan is to keep the masses working, and producing income through taxes. they will push as hard as they think they can, just short of a mass uprising. If any one person or small group makes enough of a problem, they are dealt with in a number of ways. To place blame on any one politician, Obama included is to show you have been duped. Read your history, learn the true agendas of most if not all upper level holders of public office. If you believe your congressman or senator is there because he or she believes they can help their constituents, then take away the perks, the salary, the pensions, and see how many would still run for office. The media in the U.S. and even in other countries is owned outright or controlled by a handful of corporations, and or individuals. You simply cannot believe most of what you read, see or hear from mainstream media. In another place and time it was called propaganda, now it is the news. Please people, wake the hell up. Look behind the curtain and see who is really pulling the strings. I have never written a letter like this, but I am so frustrated by seeing so many people taken in by the smoke and mirrors, I felt I just had to add my two cents worth. I pray things get better for us all, but I don’t like our chances.

    • Al Sieber

      Realist, I agree with you 110%, well put. we don’t have a chance unless people wake up and I doubt that, not enough people that is, we’re run out of time.

      • Al Sieber

        Also I don’t really believe voting counts much anymore, it’s more of a feel good illusion, like political choice. as J. Stalin said, those that vote decide nothing, those who count the votes decide everything.

  • Raggs

    I’m sick of even talking about this loser of an idiot what-you-call presidenta…

    • Thinking About

      Perhaps we should get those who signed the pledge and are disregarding their oath of office.

    • Thinking About

      Perhaps we should get those who signed the pledge and are disregarding their oath of office. Think they lied also about pledging to uphold the Constitution but I guess their oath of office is not as important as “the pledge”.

  • Steve Pruskauer

    You hit it on the head. HEAR MY WORDS!! nO MORE SPENDING!!! WOW wouldn’t that be great. Too bad those phrases are an oxymoron when stated by the congress

  • Larry From Indiana

    oamabama lied? I just can’t imagine! That muslim, socialist, marxist, egomaniac, cocky lying rotten sob has no idea what America is about or the truth. Why in the hell is he still there? Where are the voices of whom were supposed to be for us? They are all self centered crooks!

    If crap isn’t stopped now and 2012, bend over and kiss your a goodbye. This country is done! Read your history people! We have been warned about this kind of things happening, but no, everybody’s too concerned about themselves, get what they can attitude, and unfortunately blind as hell to what has been going on for years from both parties!

  • Roberts

    just try and pass a law that would prohibit congress and the president form allowing the government agencies to grant money or food to the illegal aliens and the cronic welfare receipents who will not look for a job, unless they will work for the government cleaning streets, roads, and the forests, and other such kinds of labor. they are congresses and the presidents re election forces.

  • chuckb

    i have a feeling the media will win this fight for barry. listening to the nedia reporting the debate they certainly twist the news in favor of the talking dummy, (charlie mccarthy would be jealous) it would be interesting to see who edgar bergen is. is it really george soros? or could it be the low life william ayers. could it be a chicago mafia group, doe’s anyone know anything for sure about this guy. one thing is obvious, he’s in way over his head and with the weak minded republican (rino’s) he’s dealing with, the one’s losing this fight will be us.the wimps will end up raising the debt ceiling and crying for a balanced budget agreement, a balanced budget agreement is their saving face, they know there’s no chance in hell of getting an amendment to the constitution. this is all show.

    to me we should fire every republican involved in this charade. every congressman i have heard on the news declares he will not vote to raise the ceiling and then in the next sentence, well, if we get some cuts i will consider it. how many have you heard come out and flatly say they will not vote for the raise. how ridiculous is it to cut spending and turn around and vote for more borrowing. you can rest assured any spending cuts will be in 2020. the republicans should have laid out there budget calling for repeal of the obamacare, no new taxes and cut several agencies, dept. of energy, education and the epa, this would restore our economy overnite and we would be well on our way to recovery. has anyone considered the huge tax we will be hit with when obamacare comes into effect in 2014.

  • DaveH

    I figured it would just be a matter of time before the Government tried to find a way to silence Fox:

    Oh, the horrors. They eavesdropped on people. How can Government allow that? They are such pillars of privacy respect!

    • denniso

      I guess I should have known that you would come to the defense of the Murdoch empire,and forgive the evil deeds of parts of it by equating their spying/hacking/bribing w/ the spying that GW Shrub initiated in his reign. Talk about equivocating on an issue! Go ahead some of you rightwingers,look up the word…

      • Jay

        Did you just learn that word today and couldn’t wait to use it in a sentence, denniso? Are you sure you know the definition, and how to properly use it? Or are you just blowing smoke up our butts? I think the word(s) you were looking for was rationalizing, justifying, not equivocating, you dumb dumb! At least you spelled it correctly. Yeaaah denniso..

        • DaveH

          What’s funny, Jay, is that I’ve never heard Denniso say anything about the fact that Obama and crew let the Patriot Act be extended. Maybe Denniso should look up the definition of Zealot. I wonder how a guy can live with himself when his principles change depending on who’s in office? Oh well, I’m glad Denniso and Eyes are back, so the readers who are straddling the fence can see how morally bankrupt Liberals are.

          • Jay

            For sure Dave, and blind obedience, as exhibited by such as denniso, is painful to watch, yet inadvertently, they are highly dangerous! They appear to be stricken with a psychological anomaly that facilitates despots and dictators! They obviously need help, and perhaps, unbeknownst to them, is why they are here!

          • DaveH

            They’ve both been around here long enough to know better. Take Eddie, for instance. He actually seems to be learning a little (although he’s pridefully fighting the process). But the only conclusion I can come to with Eyes and Denniso is that they’re feeding at the trough somehow. The fact that they are so ineffective might convince some readers that they aren’t paid shills, but I’m not convinced because that would be just like Government to waste our tax dollars.

          • Jay

            Dave:But the only conclusion I can come to with Eyes and Denniso is that they’re feeding at the trough somehow.

            That has been my suspicion all along. I would also add to the list; Alex, Robert Smith, and Karolyn who slurp and feed at the trough. As well, I propose, that they all work as a team, all seem to be in agreement, none will challenge or criticize the other, and seem to be working, together, with a carefully devised strategy, who’s purpose; to disrupt, cause division, incite, derail, and ultimately to frustrate and discourage anyone against the liberal, political status-quo. It also appears they work in shifts.

            Example of strategy employed by this clever team:

            Robert, Alex and denniso, clearly, are the attack dogs. They seem to come out of nowhere, and do so with, what can only be described as, outrageous and provocative statements, whose only purpose it seems, when one considers the fragmented logic supporting their arguments, to incite and infuriate, so as to facilitate a mud-slinging exchange, thus successfully derailing all reasonable dialogue regarding the issue discussed. You will always note that they are never challenged by their team-mates!

            Eddie and Karolyn, appearing to be centrists, eddie, somewhat more reasonable, and much more clever then Karolyn, nevertheless, frustrate discussions with their clever, but well honed art of DOUBLE-SPEAK. What is double-speak? We all need to research and properly understand the fine but convoluted science of liberal double-speak. Extremely effective tool in the hands liberals. Anyone engaged in discussion with a liberal who proficiently wields the tool of double-speak, will, in no time, find himself in a circular argument that leads no-where, and leaves the poor fellow frustrated and confused. And yet, we seem not to be able to restrain ourselves from engaging in debate with them. Interesting!

            I would also highly suggest to all to acquaint themselves with the left-wing, political organization; “”.

  ’s founders are a radical bunch of cultural marxists living in world of make-believe. Liberalism and the crowd are nothing more than a group of people suffering from mental illness. It’s funded by the biggest megalomanic, George Soros. Their site, ideology, positions, and their message is based on a foundation of lies and half-truths to help justify the world they believe exists or should exist, if everyone believed what they do. It’s like saying it’s midnight at lunch time. They are 180 degrees out of phase with reality. 

            Dave, I strongly suspect that this is where the individuals mentioned, come from!

          • Karolyn

            Wow, Jay, you are way out there aren’t you? You just cannot imagine that there are regular people who just don’t agree with you and who are not affiliated with any organization or movement? Why the need to analyze people who don’t agree with you? That’s just so totally ridiculous; you make me laugh! :-) Do you analyze everybody you come in contact with? Can’t things just be taken at face value? Woooooo, more conspiracies!

          • JeffH

            Gee Karolyn, Jay hit a little to close to home for you?

          • DaveH

            He said you feed at the trough. You do. Do you deny that? And how would you know if he’s right or wrong about the others?

          • Karolyn

            Dave & Jeff – It makes no difference who I work for. I am the same person I’ve always been without having worked for the government most of my working life life. My job is not even permanent and pays very little. Why would that have anything to do with my views? I’m sure there are many conservatives who work for the government. As a matter of fact, I recall having seen some post here.

          • denniso

            Jay has so little reasoning ability that he has to jump to wild conspiracies because the world doesn’t fit his simplistic views. What a bunch of bunk he is able to spout,rather than answer points on the issues.

            DaveH thinks everyone who supports a gov’t run by citizens for the purpose of building a common and good society for all is ‘feeding at the trough’. Many rightwingers have and do work for gov’t,but they are typically hypocrites in attacking the very gov’t they draw a salary and security from. DaveH has never explained how he worked in Aeronautical engineering and was not being paid by taxpayer money,one way or the other. There is almost no such thing as a totally independent aeronautical engineering industry,since the gov’t either contracts w/ or subsidies all aspects of our commercial and civil airplane business.
            DaveH won’t say how he was paid and if there was any gov’t connection to his work…I suspect there was. But he keeps attacking the idea of gov’t workers so we have to conclude he’s just another hypocrite like the rest of the rightwingers. Funny,that they don’t criticize the soldiers,police and firefighters as ‘gov’t workers’ at the trough!!

          • DaveH

            As usual, Denniso has nothing to offer but personal attacks. This, folks, is the kind of person who wants to make our every choice.

          • denniso

            Once again,you won’t answer to the charge that you’re a hypocrite who had a career subsidized by gov’t and continue toi attack regular people who work at gov’t jobs.

            And just so you know,my political views grow and evolve,unlike you and your rightwing hacks. When I was younger and more naive I actually thought we could do w/ few laws and regulation of biz,then I grew up and paid attention to human nature and the facets of capitalism that encourage corruption,greed and criminality. You could learn too if you would take off your ideological blinders.

            Unlike you, I created my own work from scratch for 90% of my adult life…tell us who paid you to play w/ numbers in an air conditioned office.

          • DaveH

            It’s easy to see why Denniso would want Big Government. Without the force of Big Government to back him up, who would voluntarily want to do business with such a vile creature?

          • denniso

            Don’t be so fearful! I’m sure if you told the truth about your career your rightwing friends would still talk to you…maybe. You won’t tell the truth so we have to call you a hypocrite,like many rightwingers.Maybe you’re just a coward?

  • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

    The real fact’s not some made up BS

    Washington’s spending has recently been higher as a percentage of the nation’s economic output than at any time since World War II. But by the same measure, Washington’s revenues are the lowest in more than 60 years.

    So does the U.S. have “a spending problem,” as Republicans keep repeating in the current debate over how to reduce the nation’s record deficits? Or is the problem that taxes are not high enough? Those questions frame a long-running partisan debate, and as usual we won’t offer an opinion one way or the other. But for those seeking their own answers, we can offer some fiscal history and factual context.

    Some key facts we think are worth considering:

    * Federal spending (“outlays” in budget jargon) is expected to equal 24.1 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product in the current fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30. The figure was 25 percent in fiscal year 2009, highest since 1945.
    * On the other hand, federal revenues are expected to drop to 14.8 percent of GDP this year, lower even than the 14.9 percent attained in both 2009 and 2010. There has been only one year since World War II when revenues have been as low as in any of these years: 1950, when the figure was 14.4 percent.
    * These historically high rates of spending and low rates of taxation have combined to produce a chain of deficits that are also the highest since WWII. The deficit was 10.0 percent of GDP in fiscal 2009. It declined to 8.9 percent last year as the economy started to recover, but is projected to go up to over 9 percent this year. Each of these deficits is larger than in any year since 1945, measured as a percentage of GDP.
    * The U.S. is borrowing about 36 cents of every dollar spent so far this year. It borrowed 37 cents on the dollar last year, and 40 cents in fiscal 2009.
    * The largest components of federal spending are Social Security and Medicare programs for the elderly (33.5 percent of total outlays in 2010) and national defense (20.1 percent). Interest payments on the federal debt alone accounted for 5.7 percent of all federal spending, and that percentage is rising.
    * The federal income tax accounted for 41.5 percent of federal receipts in 2010 (down from 49.6 percent prior to the Bush tax cuts of 2001 – 2003). Corporate taxes brought in only 8.9 percent, also down sharply since the recent recession. Payroll taxes and other “social insurance” payments accounted for 40 percent of total receipts in 2010.

    It’s easy to argue one side or the other by just citing facts that support a particular view, and omitting others. In the Analysis that follows, we offer some graphics, details and documentation in an attempt to give our readers a quick look at the entire picture — both where the money goes, and where it comes from.

  • Janice Fortin

    The “morality” that ok’s lies, theft, killing, etc. all in the name of “for the good of humanity” does NOT exist. That thinking, of course, is nothing but the cheapest and most blatant corruption of morals. This president is not only confused about “morals”, but about all basic values: among them loyalty and patriotism. LOVE cannot exist without loyalty, and the world knows exactly how deceitful obama is about his fooling no one “commitment” to America.
    And America will take the serious consequency of allowing the unvetted to take office.
    A question raised here about irresponsible parenting is a serious one. Ordinairlhy, ethics allows the child to take the consequence, let matters fall where they may. The Medical Field is well aware of the consequence of drug addicts and those on psychotic mecication: which is babies born with physical and mental handicaps, and some babies who will do nothing but suffer unto death. Rendering all drug addicts, male and female, and those on psycotic meds, temporarily unable to propogate would be only humane…..somehow giving birth to such babies is never counted as sins against humanity. It is inhumane to expose new babies to this fierce suffering. The U.S. has a strange attitude toward drugs. Against the Law, they say, but let a person do such crime and they are REPEATEDLY rehabilitated. I say one chance is more than deserved. Otherwise this simply amounts to subsidizing the use of drugs. Let’s tell it like it is. The taxpayer should not be penalized for frequent offenders.

    • Karolyn

      You obviously know NOTHING about addiction! Better to do away with the “war” on drugs and spend the money on rehabilitation and education. Less money on incarceration.

      • Jay

        Education and rehabilitation do not work, we have more access to both then you can shake a stick at. The death penalty, now that WORKS!!!

        • Karolyn

          How Christian of you Jay! And to add to your credentials, now you’re an addiction specialist!

          • Jay

            How Liberal of you Karolyn! And to add to your credentials, now you are a legal expert! The death penalty, is, a guaranteed cure! I know, i know, it doesn’t sit well with your schmolzy liberal views. But on the other hand, what’s the big deal with death? As you so often shared your “new age” beliefs with us, particularly in regards to abortion and euthanasia, you sated; “death is just a sweet realese from this horrible life”, remember? How New Ager of you! If you don’t remember, I can copy and paste your statements? The death penalty is about dispensing justice, Karolyn, ultimately, satisfying justice. If we are not going to; uphold justice, dispense justice, and satisfy justice, then why bother with; laws, and judges, and law enforcement, prison’s, lawyers, and so on. Why heck, let’s just dissolve our justice system, and in its stead, we’ll replace it with addiction and rehabilitation centres, all run by liberals, off course. And while the unborn are being butchered, and the aged are being dispatched because they no longer serve a purpose and are a drain on O’s health care system, liberal doctors and addiction and rehabilitation specialists, can stroke and coddle their criminally insane customers, “Addicts”, and sooth them with kind words when they tell them that what they suffer from, is a minor peccadillo of a nuisance known as, “ADDICTION”. How that Karolyn, did I capture your utopian vision of the kind of future you would like to have?

          • Karolyn

            Jay – Obviously, you have seen no addiction in your family. Either that or you choose not to see it. I pity any child of yours who had an addiction problem. How horrible of them not to be perfect! How wonderful it must be for YOU to be perfect. And you don’t need to remind me of how great death is. However, I am talking about life and how it can be better. With people like you, it’s no wonder there are so many problems in the world. All that negative Christian energy!

          • Jay

            Karolyn:All that negative Christian energy!

            As opposed to all that positive but convoluted, liberal double-speak?

  • jopa

    denniso: Did you happen to notice the silence around here on the Murdoch scandals going on.Most of these folks are Fox TV viewers only and are clueless as to the magnitude of this news story.Gives you an idea how their thinking got to be the way it is when there only source of information is from foreign owned companies.This is called the Dumbing down of America.The ongoing story was only given brief mention on Faux news.

    • Jay

      Actually DaveH brought it up but denniso accused him with equivocating the issue. Perhaps you could amuse us with your insight on the Murdoch scandal.

      • denniso

        Murdoch has always been a bit slimy…I’m waiting for the FBI to look into FOX. What will they find?

        Jopa you’re right. When anyone,especially undereducated people only read,listen,watch one news source the result is obvious…lack of ability to reason and think rationally.

        • DaveH

          There goes Denniso again, using the Liberal tools of personal attacks in lieu of the facts. And they think they’re the intelligent class. Unbelievable.

          • JeffH

            :) :)

          • libertytrain

            I think I have known more of his kind – with the unbelievably large egos flapping in the wind – than a person ever should be required to come across in life – all have the exact same personality as well. Perhaps it is a genetic flaw.

        • Jay

          Ah yes, denniso, highly educated in the art and discipline of double-speak. Has obtained a master’s in;

          2.Reality distortion.
          3.Communicate pretender.
          4.Make appear the bad seem good.
          5.Responsibility avoidance.
          6.Convert negative to positive.
          7.Proficiency in creating a false verbal map of the world.
          8.Truth concealment.
          9.Corruption facilitator and demolition expert of sound ideas.
          10.Expert in creating incongruity between reality and what is said or not said.

          In light of your stellar education credentials denniso, you are correct when you accuse us of being under educated. We can’t hold a candle to you!

          • DaveH

            ya gotta love the upside-down world of Liberal morality.

          • JeffH

            Jay, I am really getting to like and appreciate your style of delivery and forthrightness.

          • DaveH

            Me too. Good work, Jay.

          • Jay

            Jeff & Dave, thank you both! It’s the least I can do, expose and fight the liberal corruption in any way I can.

  • Cawmun Cents

    Scandals coming out of British tabloids?Say it aint so jopa!Obviously you havent been privy to the scene,the genre if you will.A tabloid scandal….really?You must have a degree.But if it isnt in stupidity then why are you concerned with British tabloids?That is priceless stuff.What comes next…Larry Flynt gets scandalous in Hustler?-CC.

  • Another Voice

    Where were all of these righteous born-again budget balancers from the time Reagan took office until the time Obama took office? Why is it okay to raise the debt ceiling 9 times (under Bush 43) so that we can keep the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan going, but it’s not okay to raise the debt ceiling now so that we can pay Social Security recipients, huh? The American people are somewhat lazy when it comes to political involvement, but we are not stupid. Republicans are saying that it’s okay to kick the can down the road in order to keep the defense contractors happy – yeah, I mean Raytheon, GE, Boeing, Halliburton, Blackwater (now XE), Big Oil, etc. – and it’s better to send the country into another financial crisis than to ask the super rich and the corporations to pay some income taxes.

    Yeah, there will be some Republicans getting voted out of office all right, but they will be losing to Democrats or Independents.

    Go ahead and call me a moron or a libtard, whatever. I’ve heard it before and it don’t mean diddly.

  • Wynn

    You Left wingers I have a question for you have you ever worked for a poor man or business. I doubt it if you had you would be the first, you would still be looking for your first check. We need to do away with are current tax laws and go to a flat tax. Where everyone pays 10%,15% or so.,But first we need to get rid of OBAMA.

    • Karolyn

      Actually, Wynn, I have worked for poor businesses. Not much money but a lot of fun and satisfaction.

  • LarrWayne

    B.0. and Bin Laden, what’s the difference, one of them claims to be a US citizen.

  • Yeshua friend

    Simply put, Obama is nothing less than the Muslim Brotherhoods Trojan Horse in the Whitehouse. Problem solved!

  • sidewinderaz

    There’s something missing from many of these posts and comments that I’ve read and I haven’t read them all because of the quantity. What we are missing is HOW we got into this debt limit situation in the first place. The problem is that our federal government has grown too large. Redundance and overlap in many of these alphabet / acronym agencies which were created by Presidents and Legislatures of both parties is part of the reason. Another part is that the federal government is taking away duties which were at one time agencies run at the state and local government.
    My point here is that it isn’t only the budget or the debt ceiling as much as it is the SIZE and scope of our federal government. Congress needs to start eliminating unnecessary agencies as part of their budget cutting efforts. That and reducing their budgets by at least 10% per year IMO is a good starting point.
    But unfortunately, the big spenders in DC would reject that idea outright because they don’t want to lose their sacred cows. So I say a plague on both their houses.

  • Tom Raines

    Look I am a far right social conservative,I am several clicks right of center when it comes to physcall policies ,concerning spending,as a blue collar worker since I was 12 years old when I worked as a curb hop all summers and weekends after school,went to work in a factory in 1973 when I was just 14 because I could not comprehend mathematics,and I hated english,went to school in jacksonville ala.was on the junior high school wrestling team 7th, 8th, 9th. grade I worked hard at what I could do.worked in factories and slaughter houses ,mowed yards ,until I turned 21 and became an over the road truck driver 1979-2007 ,I now what its been like struggling to get by when jobs just dried up underneath you because the republicans since eisenhower have been promoting jobs in china,india japan,honduras,even in vietnam any where but here in the united states and dont tell me its not the republicans that are pushing these free trade agreements and open borders with mexico and canada all in the name of so- called freetrade agreements that suck the jobs out of the us and all for thier corporate buddies,they will take care of wall street but they go out of thier way to spit on main street,
    all that said I am against do anything to social security ,I am against these vouchers that wont be worth one dime,while we have to pay outrages premiums,I am against fighting un-employment insurance ,but the things that either party is trying to do is gonna turn it around for main street USA ,this 2 party dictatorship just wont work

  • charles van Bassen

    Unless you right wing clowns wean yourselves of corporate propaganda and start investigating reality with an open mind you will make sure that the fox is put in charge of guarding your hen house and there won’t be anything left of democracy or liberty, two words that you constantly bandy about with absolutely no idea of their meaning nor what it takes to preserve them. You are a mob of morons whipped into a lather by your ravenous appetite for every half truth and outright lie those who so easily manipulate you feed to you. It’s no accident that most of you are bigots. You are a ball and chain around any possible worthwhile progress this country could make.

    • Dale on the left coast

      Charles . . . put your hands firmly on your shoulders . . . . and pull your head out of your friggin ass!!!
      The USA is rapidly becoming Greece . . . many weeks ago . . . the IMF and Moody’s warned the US of their UNMANAGABLE DEBT . . .
      The Comm Organizer in the WH is “Clueless” on Steroids . . . most folks are catching on ato this FACT!!!
      I criticized Bush for spending 18% of GDP . . . the present Clown in the WH has been spending 25% of GDP the last 3 years . . . this is UNSUSTAINABLE and OUT OF CONTROL!!!!

    • Jay

      Wow, the left-wing libertards are out in full force, and seem extremely irrate. Somebody got them all pissed off. Alright, who was it that stirred the pot? I LOVE IT!!!

  • Line In Sand

    This will be my last comment in this very astute Personal Liberty newsletter. Many excellent and on point comments are routinely made. I believe nothing is going to “change” in the destructive nature of the Progressives. I believe Mr. Obama is illegally occupying our White House. First place, his father was not an American, but was a Kenyan. Progressives have tried to snooker us on what “is” “is” even with that clear directive in their twists and turns to get O past the Traitor’s Jail. If you read comments in many other internet publications, the war is clear. It is now. No time for frittering and trying to “convince” the communists who have infiltrated our government they are wrong, any more than there is time to “convince” those invading our southern border to turn around and walk back home because they are wrong.

    So, I am unsubscribing (I’ve tried and it isn’t working but will continue to try) and will focus on attention to tea parties who give information on organizing communities (Obama’s tactic) to develop candidates from local communities and guide them to elections to knock off the communists in what will be fierce battles. This will not be easy, but some Parties have already started and are willing to share their “RULES FOR RADICAL AMERICANS” guidebooks. O and his commie backers forgot their tactics could come back to bite them in the butt, and the fact is Americans are going take those tactics and turn them into a two-edged sword.

    No longer believe in PC or compromise, just in strategic attacks against the enemies of our Constitution, 2nd Amendment, traditions, society, and especially in attacking the monsters wanting to eat our children.

    Find and join and share your comments and ideas with groups who will activate them.

  • Jay

    Political Enemies
    The political enemies are simply, the hate America first crowd, whether it be the European socialists, muslims, or the elite leaders of the Democratic Party, they all hate America. I can start with a short list from Barack Obama, Al Franken, Ralph Nader, Barbra Streisand, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Harry Reid, Howard Dean, Arlen Specter, and Nancy Pelosy.

    Let’s talk about the Democratic Party as it is today. It’s been taken over by the kook fringe of the political left, the crowd, George Soros, Howard Dean, and the Hollywood hypocrites. The Democratic Party is the true party of the rich, the supporters of discrimination, the party of high taxes, the supporters of death, and the champions of oppression. It should also be known as the party of depression, because everything they say and everything they offer originates from a source of negativity. The Democratic Party is so skillful at doom and gloom, that, in a matter of seconds, can spin a sunny clear blue sky day as bad. The parallels between old communist Russia and the views of today’s DNC are truely frightening.

    • denniso

      You are so clueless and ill informed that no rational response to your babbling is possible. Unbelievable!

      • Jay

        Got ya, traitor!!!

      • Jay

        Communist Goals

        1. US acceptance of coexistence as only alternative to war.
        2. US willingness to capitulate in preference to engaging in war.
        3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament by the US would be a demonstration of “morale strength”.
        4. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of political affiliation and whether or not items
        could be used for war.
        5. Extend or forgive all long term loans.
        6. Provide US aid to all nations regardless of political affiliation.
        7. Recognition of and admission to the UN of PRC.
        8. Germany remains divided.
        9. Prolong all negotiations to ban atomic tests – US agreed to suspend tests as long as
        negotiations are in progress.
        10. Secure individual representation in UN for Soviet Satellites.
        11. Promote the UN as the only hope for mankind.
        12. Protect Communist Political Party in US from being banned.
        13. Do away with loyalty oaths.
        14. Continued access to US Patent Office for any and all nations.
        15. Gain control of one or both political parties.
        16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions claiming their activities violate civil rights.
        17. Gain control of public schools and “soften” the curriculum.
        18. Gain control of student(college/university) newspapers.
        19. Use student riots to foment public protest.
        20. Infiltrate the press. Control book reviewing, editorial writing and policy making.
        21. Gain control of key media positions.
        22. Discredit American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. “Eliminate sculpture”
        from parks and buildings – “substitute awkward, shapeless, meaningless forms”.
        23. Control art critics and directors of art museums – “promote ugly, repulsive, meaningless art.”
        24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity calling it “censorship” and a violation of the 1st Amendment.
        25. Dismantle cultural standards through promotion of obscenity and pornography in all media.
        26. Present homosexuality and promiscuity as “normal, natural and healthy.”
        27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible. Emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not require a “religious crutch.”
        28. Eliminate prayer and all religious expression in the schools on the grounds that it is a violation
        of the principle of “separation of church and state.”
        29. Discredit the Constitution, calling it inadequate, old fashion, out of step with modern needs
        and a hindrance to cooperation between nations. Declare the Constitution a “living document.”
        30. Discredit the Founding Fathers – present them as selfish, slave owning aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man”.
        31. Discourage study of and rewrite American history – frame Americas history as a minor part of
        “the big picture” in world history.
        32. Support all socialist movements and policy to gain centralized control of education, social agencies, welfare programs et al.
        33. Work towards the elimination of laws or agencies that interfere with operatives of communist governments.
        34. Eliminate the House Committee on Un-American Activities.
        35. Dismantle the FBI.
        36. Gain influence over Unions.
        37. Infiltrate and sabotage large businesses and corporations.
        38. Bestow powers of arrest to social agencies.
        39. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders that only psychiatrists can understand. Dominate the profession, use this leverage to influence education, exert coercive control and marginalize individuals in opposition to communist goals.
        40. Discredit marriage and the family as institutions. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.
        41. Emphasize raising children away from the “negative” influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, learning problems and retarding of children to the suppressive influence of parents.
        42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate American institutions. Students(university) and special interest groups should make a “united front” to solve economic, political and social problems.
        43. Overthrow colonial governments leaving transition vacuums to self government – through the UN place the chaos at the US doorstep.
        44. Return to and/or Internationalize the Panama Canal.
        45. Repeal the Connally Reservation. Give the World Court jurisdiction over all nations – their
        domestic problems, individuals and militaries.
        Did you keep a check list of how many have already been accomplished? Connecting any dots? Seeing a pattern develop? Any persons or entities come to mind as you read the list?

        • Christin

          Absolutely… good post.

    • Karolyn

      You are so ridiculous it’s laughable! Because someone disagrees with your views, they hate America. Right!

    • JeffH

      Jay, I’m sure you can appreciate this video…Democrat’s Rainbows and Unicorns… :)

      • Jay

        Jeff, I couldn’t believe the idiotic spectacle display of Hitlery Clinton! “The skies will open singing hymns of blessed praises”? or something to that effect! Wow! What a WING-NUT she is! And don’t get me started on the muslim prince! Both, O & H, and the commie brigade they represent, are highly disturbed and delusional! Let’s keep exposing them.

        • JeffH


          Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.
          -John Adams

          • Jay

            “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.” — Thomas Jefferson

          • Jay

            If a conservative doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t buy one. If a liberal doesn’t like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.

            If a conservative is a vegetarian, he doesn’t eat meat. If a liberal is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone.

            If a conservative is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation. A liberal wonders who is going to take care of him.

            If a conservative doesn’t like a talk show host, he switches channels. Liberals demand that those they don’t like be shut down.

            If a conservative is a non-believer, he doesn’t go to church. A liberal non-believer wants any mention of God and religion silenced. (Unless it’s a foreign religion, of course!)

            If a conservative decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it. A liberal demands that the rest of us pay for his.

          • coal miner

            Jay says:
            July 17, 2011 at 8:16 am
            “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.” — Thomas Jefferson

            John Sharp Williams

            Status: This exact quotation has not been found in any of the writings of Thomas Jefferson. It bears some slight resemblance to a statement he made in a letter to John Norvell of 14 June 1807, “History, in general, only informs us what bad government is.”[4] However, the quotation as it appears above can definitely be attributed to John Sharp Williams in a speech about Jefferson,[5] which has most likely been mistaken at some point for a direct quotation of Jefferson.

            New York Columbia Press University:(1913)

          • Jay

            Irrespective, cm, the statement is non-the-less TRUE!!!

          • denniso

            Hey Coal,how’s it going? Hope you’re well. Jay,once again clueless! How can you seem to have a brain and then post such pap? Many TV shows have been forced from the air because of pressure from rightwing Christian groups who become outraged over shows that they think are disrespectful of their religion or god or jesus.

            And you’re again sounding like a dope w/ your religious baloney! The only restriction placed upon religion at all is that it can’t be connected to publicly funded space or public schools…why can’t you rightwing hacks understand that? Religion can be practiced in church,at home,in the woods,on the street in your mind,you just can’t use religious speech in TAXPAYER FUNDED PLACES!!! How much simpler can it be? There are hundreds of religions,and you wouldn’t be happy providing a space for the exercise of Islam,voodoo,wicca,Hinduism,paganism…The founders,who you rightwing hypocrites falsely claim to revere,knew of the religious fights that tore Europe apart over centuries and were smart enough to exclude it from from any gov’t support. Any school,land,building,that is owned by the taxpayers CANNOT be used for religion.

            Now I realize some of you non thinkers don’t understand that Christianity is one of many religions…there is nothing unique or special about it,though the followers narrowly believe it’s the one true belief…they’re wrong. Christianity is just another rather new religion that happens to be fairly successful in the world,because hapless and hopeless people need it to look foward to a better life in some imaginary place called ‘heaven’…news flash,the Muslims and many others believe the same thing,so there’s nothing unusual about that.

          • Jay

            Hey denniso, why don’t you send your drivel you just posted to ACLU, retard?

            American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

            The ACLU wrapped up in one short summary. It was founded by a communist and it’s history is a record of continuous deconstruction of America.

            In 1967 the ACLU adopted a “pro-choice” position on abortion.

            In 1975 the ACLU came out in favor of special rights for homosexuals.

            September 1986 – The ACLU successfully sues fifth grade public school teacher Kenneth Roberts, forcing him to remove his personal Bible from his classroom desk. Roberts kept the Bible on top of his desk, and he read from it during his class’ silent reading time. He never read it to his students or told them they had to read it. (Contrast this to the ACLU’s actions in February and March, 2001, in Anaheim, California. This time, the ACLU threatened to sue the public school board if they did not put pro-homosexual propaganda on the shelves of the high school library.)

            In 1988 the ACLU barred a doctor from telling a Kansas man’s former wife that her ex-husband had tested positive for AIDS. In the words of the director of the ACLU’s Privacy and Technology Project, “The benefits of confidentiality outweigh the possibility that somebody may be injured.”

            In 1989 the government granted tax exemptions for Satanists – a position the ACLU has supported.

            In 1993 in Pennsylvania the ACLU successfully opposed parental approval for teaching about substance abuse or human reproduction and forbade any discussion of morality and violence.

            March 1995 – The ACLU files a lawsuit against Alabama Circuit Judge Roy Moore to force him to discontinue prayer in his courtroom and remove a Ten Commandments plaque from the wall behind his bench. Judge Moore countersued, asking a state court to resolve the constitutionality of official acknowledgements of God. This was the beginning of an ongoing, on-again off-again series of legal battles between the ACLU and Judge Moore.

            There’s much much more and we’ll add it as time allows. Get the picture? This IS NOT an American organization, it doesn’t support American views, it doesn’t support individual freedom, it doesn’t support religious freedom, that’s not correct, it doesn’t support Christian religious freedom, it will defend Muslims, atheists, paganism, but WILL NOT under any circumstance defend or protect Judeo Christian beliefs.

          • denniso

            Why don’t you just ry answering the 2 points of yours I responded to?
            Religious practice in publicly owned space,and conservative groups running TV shows off the air…You do what your rightwing hack buddies do,change the subject and divert attention. Answer my 2 points,or look like a bogus fraud.

          • DaveH

            I’m not even religious, and I think Denniso is evil. I can’t even imagine a society full of such vermin. No wonder the dog eat dog world of Socialism never works.

          • denniso

            Oh gee,now you’ve hurt my feelings Davey. You are sounding more and more like Shrub w/ his evil-doer blab. What a joke. Try addressing some issues rather than just calling me names…’evil’,wow!

          • Jay

            Temper temper, little boy!

          • Karolyn

            Jay – I certainly disagree with some of the ACLUs tactics. They do go too far at times. However, the basic premise is sound. If there were not some parameters in place, there are people who would force their views on everybody. America is a place where everyone’s views and beliefs should be honored, no matter what, as long as they do not harm others.

          • denniso

            How is it that Jay can never respond to a point made in response to one of his silly comments? No guts? No ability to think clearly enough?

  • chuckb

    jay, the people you mention don’t hate america, they hate the conservative view. they want the country to live under their ideals of socialism, they want government to control your life. the problem is who rules, now they have a problem, they all want a piece of the action, bill and hillary the king and queen of the hippie generation are still working behind the scene to undermine the current occupant of the white house (so subtly), barry is guided by an unseen force, there is greater danger there than we know, these people control the msm and thereby have thought control of a major portion of our population. unfortunately many don’t think for themselves or bother to read history, sitcoms on ty are more interesting and without realizing are receiving brainwashing from this media. on the other hand the unions control the thought process of many. our kids are brainwashed in the classroom and at the same time are paying outrageous salaries to the teachers for this indoctrination. the teachers can’t be blamed they came up through the same system.
    we are witness to what happened to russia in 1917, the ones who created this type of government infiltrated our government back in the twenties, during fdr’s reign and he believing in socialism was ripe to accept them. it has taken them many years to overcome this christian nation, however, we are at that point now they have almost destroyed the christian morals of this nation and have invited the third world in, illegal aliens, to swing the vote that will give them the control they need.

    • Jay

      chuckb, you are correct, but with all due respect, the people I mentioned do hate America. More specifically, they hate what America and Americans stand for and cherish; Freedom, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, but this must be first eradicated before they can assume control. What I think you meant to say, is that, they love, and will love America more, when created in their socialist image! Perhaps we are both saying the same thing. Anyways, I totally agree with you. Evil is afoot!

  • DaveH
    • Jay

      Damn good video Dave, excellent! That is the exact formula we need to implement. Cut the size of government, get rid of most of government employees, keeping only the bear minimum, and only the numbers necessary, lower corporate and individual taxes, and leave business alone. Government and government employees are WEALTH CONSUMERS, they generate ZERO WEALTH!!!!

      • Dave

        So you want to be governed by the Corporatocracy?
        You don’t think Corporations cheat and break the law?
        You don’t think Government employees buy goods and services?
        Fox News is part of the Big Lie perpetuated by the Corporatocracy.

        • Jay

          1. There can be no corporatocracy without big government, as big government makes corporatocracy possible!

          2. Everybody breaks and cheats the law. However, big government and corporatocracy, which we presently have, are above the law!

          3. Yes, but let them buy goods and services with their own generated money, not the taxpayers. What exactly are the services they are providing for the money they receive? Nothing, zilch, nada!!!

          4. You are a liar, indoctrinated and marinated in left-wing, liberal soup!!!

      • Karolyn

        Then what happens to that huge amount of people who are suddenly without jobs? No money to put into the economy. More people in need. That would create a worse mess than we already have.

        • Jay

          Well well, seems I have your attention. So you agree, it’s, as you stated, a HUGE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE! Do we need a huge amount of people to run a freaking, self-entitled, useless, and narcissistic government? How many dumb dumbs, and idiots, in suits and Gucci loafers do we need to screw in a light bulb?

          Karolyn:Then what happens to that huge amount of people who are suddenly without jobs?

          Well Karolyn, I’m glad you asked. Without a big and bloated, and pathetically huge government, and useless, for the most part, government employees, interfering in the free-market with their RIDICULOUS and endless red-tape, guess what would happen? You got it! An EXPLODING ECONOMY, and jobs for EVERYONE, even ex-government employees, don’t you know!


          • Karolyn

            Jay – I do understand. However, wouldn’t it take a long time to get things straightened out? It’s a very scary picture, at least initially, and a lot of people would probably get thrown under the bus in the meantime. Sounds like a solution, but doable? I would doubt it – not at this point. I think we’re too far gone.

          • Jay

            So what are you saying? We should give up? It’s certainly doable, and quite frankly, I don’t think it would take that long at all! As for people getting thrown under the bus; Not really sure what you mean by that? The present administration’s economic policies pose a serious and insurmountable obstacle to our country’s prosperity and freedom. We have vast resources, as well, a collective and determined will to be self-sufficient, and we are more than capable to compete in the open markets. But we must remove the present economic shackles that binds, and prevents our country’s economic growth! One thing is certain, if we continue along the present path, then there is absolutely NO HOPE!!!

          • JeffH

            Jay, my thoughts also…such a defeatest attitude, something I can’t even phathom.

            People never give up their liberties but under some delusion.
            -EDMUND BURKE

          • denniso

            Jay promises jobs for everybody!! WOW! All we have to do is fire all the gov’t workers and then magically we would go to full employment. Amazing! I wonder why that didn’t happen 100 yrs ago,when we had almost no regulation and few gov’t workers? I wonder if all these magically appearing jobs would pay 1st world wages or maybe 3rd world? If we got rid of enough gov’t interference in the economy we could certainly get people hired at a couple bucks/hr,and hey, how about kids working again for a few dollars/day? Why don’t we get rid of the red tape that stops child labor,that would get us more employment yet…Great plan,Jay,why don’t you move to a 3rd world country where it’s already in existense?

  • chuckb

    jay, president ford said in his term in office that federal employees would soon out pace the ability of the tax payers to afford them and we have reached that plateau a long time ago. barry has added to this burden and only for the intention of locking up their vote. we need to disband the federal government and like you say let private industry revitalize our economy. the u.s forestry service, the epa, the transportation dept, the dept of energy and the dept. of education. these are all featherbedding agencies and have been for years. abolish the environmental protection agency, this is the most dangerous political agency of them all. unless we do this, we will never be able to straighten out the economy and will truly become a socialist state, ending up in a marxist type dictatorship then revolution. barry and company are determined for this type of government, he doesn’t have the smarts to be q dictator, however, there are so very evil people in his shadow that can.

    • Jay

      After WWII, Winston Churchill saw the menace that socialism represented for free people everywhere, which is why he used his radio broadcasts to expose what would happen if socialists came to power. Listen to Churchill’s words and see if they’re not equally important to Americans today as we battle the forces of totalitarianism under the presidency of Barack Obama:

      “My friends, I must tell you that a Socialist policy is abhorrent to the…idea of freedom.
      Although it is now put forward in the main by people who have a good grounding in the liberalism and radicalism of the early part of this century, there can be no doubt that socialism is inseparably interwoven with totalitarianism and the abject worship of the state. It is not alone that property, in all its forms, is struck at, but that liberty, in all its forms, is challenged by the fundamental conceptions of socialism.

      Look how even today they hunger for control of every kind, as if these were delectable foods instead of war-time inflictions and monstrosities. There is to be one state to which all are to be obedient in every act of their lives. This state is to be the arch-employer, the arch-planner, the arch-administrator and ruler, and the arch-caucus boss.

      NO socialist system can be established without a political police. Many of those who are advocating socialism or voting socialist today will be horrified at this idea. This is because they are short-sighted, that is because they do not see where their theories are leading them.

      No socialist government conducting the entire life and industry of the country could afford to allow free, sharp, or violently-worded expressions of public discontent. They would have to fall back on some form of Gestapo.” (This speech, was made during an election when running against his opponent, Clement Attle, who was the leader of the of the socialist Labor Party)

      More than sixty years after Churchill spoke these words, they describe exactly what is happening under our socialist president today. As noted, Churchill’s political opponent at the time was Clement Attle. Among the issues that Attle was promoting were a national HEALTHCARE system and a BIRTH-TO-DEATH welfare state.

      That’s precisely Barack Obama’s agenda.

      • DaveH

        The further the Government gets away from the people, the more self-serving that Government becomes. Anybody who wants to learn the reality of the cozy relationship between Big Government and Big Business should pick up a copy of this book from the library or book store:
        If you have a Kindle, Amazon also has a Kindle version of the book.

        Learn how Big Business cozies up to Big Government to the detriment of their smaller competitors, customers, and taxpayers.

  • Jay

    President Obama is now saying he regretted his vote against raising the debt ceiling in 2006.


    He said it would be a big mistake.
    “Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally,” the senator said at the time. “Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”


    [he] believes his vote in 2006 was a mistake, according to White House spokesman Jay Carney.
    “He realizes now that raising the debt ceiling is so important to the health of this economy and the global economy that it is not a vote that, even when you are protesting an administration’s policies, you can play around with, and you need to take very seriously the need to raise the debt limit so that the full faith and credit of the United States government is maintained around the globe,” Carney said Monday.

    Nice to see him getting out in front of the criticism. Too bad he wasn’t upfront during his 2008 campaign.

    And one wonders who he really sympathizes with in this debate.

    • DaveH

      He’s just being a typical inconsistent Liberal, Jay, who switches his principles based on which Political Party is in control.

      • Karolyn

        Rather than “inconsistent liberal”, it might be better to say “inconsistent politician.” However, we all change our minds about things, especially after much water under the bridge.

        • DaveH

          I’m not talking about changing your mind, Karolyn, I’m talking about changing your moral principles depending on whether it’s your party in office or not.
          Like the War in Libya. Where are the protesters that dogged Bush?
          Like the way the woman lib groups were mostly silent when it was their guy, Clinton, doing the sexual harassment.
          Like the way the environmentalists stay silent when their people (Gore, Obama) are leaving their very large carbon footprints all over the world.

        • Jay

          I’m afraid you cannot separate the “inconsistent liberal” from the “inconsistent politician.” The two are inextricably interwoven, they cannot be compartmentalized. You are what you are no matter where you go and no matter what you do, irrespective of vocation!

          • denniso

            Wise up a little you two guys…if you are naive enough to not know that politicians cast some votes for the record when the vote doesn’t matter,then you are in more trouble than I thought. When Obama voted against raising the debt ceiling there was no danger that the country would default,so he and others had the luxury to vote how they wanted. This time is very different,and if it weren’t serious the issue would have been settled by now. The politicians who are planning to vote no are willing to risk the entire country’s economy for their principle. This is not the time to vote on principle.

  • coal miner

    Coal Miner:
    Quote for a day!

    The rulers of America don’t write letters to their Congressmen. They write checks to their Congressmen
    Author: G.Edward Griffin

    • Jay

      Excellent quote cm! I have a great deal of respect for this man!

  • DonS

    Even if the truth would serve him better, Obama would rather tell a lie. He must want to keep in practice, as his lying is so frequent.

  • http://fox walter

    The true debt is $120 trillion and growing every second.

    • DaveH

      I think you’re talking about unfunded liabilities like future retirement benefits, etc:

      The debt most commonly in peoples’ mind is the National Debt, but the states also have debts, so a more realistic debt total would be the US Total Debt which is $55 Trillion or about $670,000 per family (see debt clock). How are we ever going to pay that off? We have let the leaders sell our country down the river.

      • DaveH

        My mistake. The US Total Debt includes Federal, State, local Government, household, and business debt. But the question still stands — How are we ever going to pay that off?

        • Jay

          DaveH, here’s one proposal.

          • DaveH

            Deregulation, my foot. How do they get away with saying that? We are in the mess we’re in now because we have a bunch of political busybodies messing with our economy. They bailed out their favorite Cronies because that’s what Big Government does, no matter how much they promise us to fix things. As Government Grows, Corruption Flows.
            The answer is NOT more control. We just need to get them the hell out of our economy and get back to real Free Markets. Free Markets mean no Government involvement other than enforcement of Fraud Laws and insuring against Force by others. That’s it. Period. Everything else they’ve sold as Free Enterprise in the last century or so is just lip-service to an ill-informed citizenry. They are making a living off of our ignorance. Let’s change that:

        • denniso

          U.S. total debt?? What a joke tossing that out,if it’s even the correct number it’s utterly irrelevant to any national debt discussion. Sure,how would we pay your bloated number off? Well we wouldn’t because you’ve included business and personal debt…Are you going to help pay off Google’s or Dupont’s debt? How about Trump’s debt,do I have to pay that off? Don’t be ridiculous just because you want to scare people w/ a big number.

  • Sam

    Unfortunately Chip, more than 50% of the American people and border crosser do not watch the news nor read. They only watch for the postman to deliver their free $. And thats what they vote for.

  • Roberts

    this will sound mean and bad but I must say it. one way to stop this nonesense it to allow only working people to vote, no politicians or public employees because they belong to the politicians and the union bosses. working people know that there is no free lunch and freedom is not free. the founding fathers and the people of that time knew that and many died as a cost of freedom.

  • chuckb

    roberts, you’ve got that right. the framers knew better, they only allowed land owners to vote. now we allow welfare recipients and all the free loaders to vote to keep their welfare rolling in.

    • denniso

      Chuck,you’re going off the edge before my eyes! You’re sounding like the most radical rightwingers who extend your thought to exclude any who are not white. The constitution had many flaws originally,which is why so called ‘originalists’ are such a joke. You want to restrict voting to only working people? Would that be 40 hrs/wk,or would part time qualify? If a worker makes min wage would that be acceptable? What about a woman who takes off to have a baby,or decides to stay home w/ the kids? They can’t vote? What if your job is not really work and is only shuffling papers in a bank w/ air conditioning? I think the real working people who build,weld,dig,plant,invent,would have a strong case in wanting to include only ‘real’ work.

      You used to seem a little reasonable,and now look where you’re headed…straight to extremism. Pity…

  • Roberts

    Jay I like your style. You are logical. you are a sound historian.

  • Roberts

    chuckb you understand and your reply emphizes that.

  • Roberts

    sam the illegal alliens follow the instructions of the liberal social workers and legal alliens who are for the retaking of the southwest states of americaby mexico.

  • http:Google Connie Baumgardner

    You nailed it;;;Freedom fighter. And may I add that I believe his ears and nose have started to grow as well. I must also commend Rep. Toomey from my old state of PA for his attempts to force this reality on our foolish as well as greedy government. The Federal Reserve needs to be held accountable as well. Especially Bernanke. And now is definitely not the time for our leaders to even entertain the notion of Amnesty for the illegals. Are we not in enough hot water economically without adding to it a bunch of future welfare recipients? Not to mention the population angle. Time for a definite change come 2012 . Get this obfuscator out of the oval office!

  • chuckb

    jay, tarpley should be sitting in the white house.

  • chuckb

    jay, i retract that comment, tarpley shouldn’t be sitting in the white house we have enough problems with the current resident.

  • Roberts

    maybe texas patroit should be next pres.

  • Grover

    I wish Obama would invoke the 4th clause of the 14th amendment.
    The US will not default.
    The debt ceiling is unconstitutional.
    End of discussion

    • Jay

      Hmm, another useful idiot!

  • denniso

    The Refubs won’t raise the debt ceiling like they did 5 or 6 times under Bush,and are willing to send us into a depression for political motivation,even if it means they pay a political price w/ voters! Stupid and short sighted. They have let the laughable tea party push them into a corner and they can’t get out.

    I would love to see Obama use the 14th and just say to hell w/ the dysfunctional Refubs,even to the point where they may try to impeach him over it…bring it on!!!

    • DaveH

      Talk about ignorant. Only a terribly deluded person could believe that adding more debt will make us safer from default. In Denniso’s case I suspect he does know better, but wants to improve his lot in life by taking advantage of others. Evil incarnate.

    • JeffH

      If any civilization is to survive, it is the morality of altruism that men have to reject.
      Ayn Rand

      • Jay

        Denniso’s blind loyalty to oscumbag and the librertard party is unshakeable. What a dedicated and useful idiot! Denniso, and thousands like him, is the reason the enemies are no longer at the gates, but have broken through!

      • Karolyn

        BS! Typical old-fashioned, short-sighted, narrow-minded thinking!

        • denniso

          Jay’s comment is ridiculous,but the really dangerous one is Jeff’s. Holding up the selfishness of Ayn Rand as an example for society is more than absurd,it’s sick.

  • denniso

    What’s not mentioned in the debt fight is that about 72% of the total debt is owed to…ourselves! Pension fund investments,gov’t bonds,treasury bills and borrowing from SS and medicare make up the majority of the debt. Only about 28% is owed to foreign govt’s. Why are we so freaked out about owing money to ourselves? Because the Refubs have orchestrated a campaign of fear mongering for political reasons and the Dems and media have not done a good enough job of making people aware of the facts.

    • JeffH

      “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” – MLK

    • Jay

      denniso, you are one dumb bastard! Obviously economics is not your forte!

      • denniso

        OK genius,tell me what’s wrong w/ what I said. You and your dimwit rightwing friends have no clue,since all you can do is listen to the moron Limabugh and watch Fox. Come on,tell me where I’m wrong,buddy.

        • Jay

          Ok denniso, raise the debt ceiling, and then what? Huh? How do we pay back the money we borrowed? From our robust economy? Generated from our booming industry? In case you haven’t noticed, the idiot in the white house, has all but but shut down our industry. And what ever little left remains, the numbskull will do away with as well! So what do we do? We go after the rich? The “rich” btw, is leftist code-word for the “middle-class.” Ok, so let’s raise taxes on the middle class. Do you think this will be enough to pay down our debt? Think again! By the time we pay for our bloated government, and government lackeys, pay the welfare bums, and illegal immigrants, and whatever we can on the interest, there will be nothing left to even scratch the surface of the principal, and on top of that, we will have successfully wiped-out the middle class! No no, the only way we will pull ourselves out of this economic morass is if the putz in the white house removes the restraints off of our industry, which of course he will not do. So therefore, until we get him out, and get someone in, who understands the basics of economics, which is, a robust industry, devoid of excessive government, and environmental organization’s interference, we will not move forward, rather, we will sink into economic abyss!

          • denniso

            Address the point. You called me dumb for stating that most of the ‘scary’ debt is owed to uorselves,not to foriegn gov’ts or people. Do you now agree that is the case,or do you care to try and prove me wrong?

            Sure,we still have to pay down the debt,but we have existed for decades w/ debt,jusy like most families do. Do you pay a house or car payment? Do you have any credit debt? As long as the gov’t can pay the interest on the debt w/o too much trouble,and can slowly reduce the debt,like Clinton did,we are fine. As the economy improves the revenues increase and we can dig our way out. It doesn’t work to suddenly stop borrowing when so much of our system is built on it. Aside from the damage Bush did to the economy w/ 2 wars,unpaid for,tax cuts for the wealthiest,unpaid for,the medicare drug plan,unpaid for,the biggest problem now is the recession that is forcing us to borrow more.

  • http://None Brucey G…….

    OboneHead is the biggest we have ever had in the White House.
    You see NOW everyone knows he is full of CRAP and more and more people do to him what I do when I see Jesse Jackson Sr. and Al Sharpton………..Just turn down the sound or just turn them off.
    OboneHead the worst President in U.S. History……My reasoning is not racially motivated it is just that I can smell CRAP when it is right there in front of me….For Real!

  • Bob S

    The billionaires have not been and are not “job creaters” as Speaker of the House Boehner says. The billionaires and their paid politicians have been job robbers by shipping jobs out of America since the early 1970s to slave countries that pay virtually no salary and no benefits. The billionaire’s action demolished America’s tax base, reduced employee contributions to social security and medicare/medicaid, and they bankrupted America. I feel very bad for the poor population of countries that are run by exploitive corrupt ruthless leaders. But, shipping jobs from America to those countries did not help the citizens of those countries. America has become a country run by exploitive, corrupt ruthless leaders! Examples of their corruption are:
    1. Trade agreements such as NAFTA that politicians enact to authorize their billionaires to ship jobs away from America.
    2. Contracts that politicians award to their billionaire’s companies that cannot do the job (costs and schedule quadruple or terminate, hopefully terminate) instead of awarding the contracts to companies that could do the job that were carefully selected by the employees.
    3. Unions were needed in the 1920s to protect employees and help build America’s middle class. But, unions became self-interested corporations that enabled shipping jobs out of America that led to the destruction of the middle class in America.
    I contributed to Social Security and Medicare for almost 50 years and I expect those programs to be there for me in the future.
    Remove the tax breaks, subsidies and loopholes for billionaires and use the revenue to create innovation and inventiveness that creates jobs that will be kept in America. Make that effective in 2012, don’t delay to 2013. Remove politicians that refuse to do that.
    President Obama has acted more conservative than most Republicans by approving the extension of tax cuts to Billionaires. Very Disappointing! President Obama is just another puppet paid by the Billionaires, as have been all politicians!

    • denniso

      Good comments,but you’re wrong about Obama. He fought w/ the Refubs to end the tax cuts for people making over $250,000,but they held the tax cuts to the middle class hostage and would have ended those in the middle of the worst recession in 80yrs if Obama hadn’t given in to their demands on behalf of the wealthy. Obama is still trying to get rid of the tax cuts for the wealthy in this debt ceiling fight,but the Refubs are resisting it.
      He is trying to get the economy going and has cut the payroll tax on working people and is planning on continuing it. He has also fought for unemployment extensions for the millions who still can’t find work,while the Refubs want to end it.

      Obama is disappointing on some things but he is head and shoulders above people like Reagan,Bush,Cheny,Bachmann,DeMint,Santorum…

      If we don’t look at how bad Cheny/Bush were on all issues then it’s too easy to unfairly hold Obama to too high a standard…he’s not perfect,as no one is.

  • jopa

    Bob, Denniso very good posts, Jay how did you ever get left in the dark like that on these issues?


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