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Two Body Acids—One in Your Stomach and One In Your Cells

March 13, 2009 by  

Two Body Acids—One in Your Stomach and One In Your Cells

Excess of acidity, or acidosis, has two meanings, depending on where the acidosis is. The pharmaceuticals have made billions leading the public to believe that “acid stomach” means we have too much stomach acid. Instead, “acid indigestion” means lack of stomach acid—not too much stomach acid. So we are persuaded, through advertising, to buy acid neutralizers (very high priced calcium tablets under many names). They destroy stomach acid and create digestive problems. The Catch-22 is that these antacids give temporary relief—confusing cause and effect.

Further, there are now super antacid pills (high priced) that actually shut down the acid pump in the stomach for 24 hours. All acid is neutralized giving symptomatic relief, but destroying the digestive capacity of the stomach. If this antacid consumption continues, assimilation of food ceases and stomach cancer eventually occurs. We might think of this tragedy as pharmaceutical chemistry.

Our stomachs are created as acid machines, which is nature’s requirement to digest food and assimilate nutrition. Any violation of this acid balance can lead only to deterioration of general health. I might add that there is a multi-trillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry that gains its profits on the destruction of stomach acid. This is a crime of manipulating people to destroy their health for big pharma profits. They propagandize us to dump calcium in an all-acid functioning stomach. The human stomach was designed to function without alkalinity.

Now where is the second acidosis? This second acidosis has to do with lack of diffusible calcium in the body cells. Lack of diffusible calcium simply means that the body—as opposed to the stomach—is too acidic. We would live less than a minute if our bodies were as acid as our stomach is by nature.

Our body tissues, to be healthy, have to be slightly alkaline or plus or minus 7.2 on the pH scale of 0 to 14. Most people who enter the hospital are low in tissue calcium. Low tissue (cell) calcium means sickness and disease. Adequate calcium in the body is anti-pathogenic.

You remember that in “The Calcium Wave: A Miracle for Me!” (Jan. 9, 2009 Personal Liberty) I revealed how I had discovered a health miracle after taking 3 tablespoons of calcium lactate powder a day in a desperate attempt to cure a long-term sub-clinical infection. In addition to curing my infection, the collateral benefit of taking large amounts of calcium lactate was a total disappearance of all symptoms of “acid indigestion,” or “heartburn.”

I should have known that these symptoms meant that my body tissues were starving for calcium. In other words, I was in a state of acidosis. Since most of our refined food diets are acid, I suspect that most people are in a state of acidosis. Our pH has to balance in favor of alkalinity for there to be health. Are we a sick people?

Death is the end result of the progressive saturation of acid in the body.

Calcium is the body’s main acid buffer. This is precisely why there is a health crisis in America. Here is the formula: Low pH=High Acidosis=Lower Oxygen in the blood and in the cells=more calcium loss (to buffer the acidosis). All the water we drink should be slightly alkaline. Tap water and bottled water are usually acidic. An easy way to correct the acidity of water is to use alkaline supplement drops to make it alkaline. It is a natural way to neutralize acidity and help the body rid itself of acidic wastes.

High acidity levels in the body lead to disease and illness. Most packaged commercial foods and drink contribute to high acidity.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Wes

    Doctors also recommend antacids so what is one to do?

    • http://longmeadow annie

      I take nexium daily but have no acid reflux etc. cannot go without it or symptoms return like hoarseness and indigestion not heartburn.. I take 400mg of vitamin D because without the suppement vitamin runs low…I also take 600 mg of calcium citrate liquid which contains 200 D. would like to stop nexium.

    • Bob Livingston


      Your problem is most likely not “too much” acid.. .but a lack of stomach acid causing your problem. My first recommendation is to try apple cider vinegar in water and see if that helps your acid indigestion problem. If it burns, this could indicate an ulcer. You can also supplement with Betaine Hydrochloride to ensure you have adequate HCl to digest your foods. I use Advanced Digestion Solution from Health Resources at:

      Good Luck. Bob.

  • Wes

    Doactors are always recommending antacids as well so what is one supposed to do.
    Thank you
    Wes Penny

  • http://personalliberty Jefferson

    Wes, I know this sounds weird, but try a little Bragg’s apple cider vinegar w/ some water & maybe some raw honey. This may help. It works for me & several friends. -Jeff

    • Fred Brown

      Can you give me the ratio of cider to water?


      • http://personalliberty Jefferson

        Hey Fred, If you put a shot glass of apple cider vinegar in your glass, put at least 2 shot glasses full of water in & a teaspoon of raw honey. Use another shot of water if the vinegar is too tart for you. Even brush your teeth & gargle w/ it before swallowing. I also have a friend who does the shot of vinegar w/ no chaser. That’s too hardcore for me. -Jeff

        Rufus, try some L-glutamine amino acid powder, this will plug any holes in your digestive system. You may also be dealing w/ yeast overgrowth & need anti-fungals. Look up Doug Kaufman & Dr. Schulze on anti-fungal protocols & intestinal cleansing. Cut out processed sugars & starches, these feed yeast & bad gut flora (bacteria). Coconut oil, grapefruit seed extract, MMS (sodium chlorite), colloidal silver, & oregano oil will destroy any bad guys in your gut. Try anyone of these or all of them. If you have a white coating on your tongue (thrush), the yeast has basically populated your digestive tract from anus to mouth. Hope this helps. -Jeff

  • http://NITRATE&ICE Rufus Chappell

    I need the truth about NITRATE & ICE which damaged the stomach and colon.
    NITRATE: Bacon has high nitrate which cooks in the skilet that it makes beautiful curly, but the nitrate makes the colon the ulcers or cancer.
    I need any article about the Bacon’s nitrate and what else? Links has the nitrate, is it true because it hurt my stomach.
    ICE: iced Tea, iced water, iced coke or any soft drinks, etc which could damage the stomach. Needs warm liquids as coffe, coca, hot lemonde, etc to help the stomach comfortable because the body’s temp. is 98.6.
    I saw the people who went to Queen or King Burger, McDonald restuarts and saw some vomitings on the floor near their vehicles in Albuquequer, N.M. and Houston, TX while the weather were in summer.
    I need the TRUTH because I have damaged stomach when I was 12 years old.
    It was iced drinks of KOOL-AID.
    I have the Ulcers for 50 years because of Bacon’s nitrate.
    I am 81 years old.

    • Anthony

      Looking forward to your response.

      I have been on a prescription drug (prevacid). I have been told by 2 physicians that I suffer from acid reflux. I had a stomach barium procedure and that diagnosis has resulted in the intake of one tablet of prevacid. I also know I am super sensitive to animal fat, fried foods, coffee, chocolate. So obviously I refrain from eating these foods.

      h e l p !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Gary

        Get checked for Gall Stones

      • Senior lady

        If you can’t eat greasy foods like fries, bacon etc. you may need digestive enzymes that you can get at health food store. I had reflux and the vinegar made it worse so I tried taking 3 large calcium tabs 3 times a day for 2 days and the reflux went away for 2-3 months. Now when ever I get it I just take 3 tabs 3 times a day for a couple of days and I am set for a while. Beats taking prescription stuff. The enzymes are a must as they decrease after age 40.. try them, you’ll like them..

  • Cathy

    What do I use for nausea (sometimes from migraines) or acid reflux? Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar, 1 tb in about 4 ounces of water. I love the tangy taste. Works like a charm! I see others use the same thing. Hmmm…

  • Jim

    Hi Bob, Acid is needed to digest food and you said by neutralizing the stomach acid with acid neutralizers the stomach lining is damaged, but yet you suggest to alkalinize the water we dring. Isn’t that contradictory? Jim

  • s c mailen, jr.

    Get an impartial second or third opinion. An upset stomach should not be serious. However, when relying on ‘easy science,’ don’t expect a healthy body or a contented stomach. Today, I learned that one-third of older people who rely too much on antacids can have memory decline. FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL! Doctors (not all of them) make easy money by insisting that ONLY a prescription drug can help ANY ailment. As a result, health pros are NOT the only people who need a healthy dose of ETHICS and TRANSPARENCY. Where are the old-fashioned MDs who know the difference between barnyard shucks and shinola?

  • Peggy

    All the information I find on the internet on B17 is about cancer. I know it has to do other things in the body. Do you have this information or where I may obtain it?

    • Bruce

      Peggy, Vitamin B17 is activated only when it comes in contact with a cancer cell. The protective coating on the vitamin breaks down and kills the cancer cell at the same time creating a chemical reaction that benefits the surrounding cells.

  • Poppy


    I recently had my blood sugar checked after fasting for 8 hours it was 128 mg/dl (Normal 70 – 110), but after breaking the fast it went down to 81. Dr explained that problem is with my metabolism. I am worried that it could be an indication of a liver problem as I also have high cholesterol 282 mg/dl (Normal up to 200), LDL cholestrial 211 mg/dl (Normal up to 140) and take medication for blood pressure but am not terribly overweight. I am 5′ 6″ aged 59 and weigh 154 pounds. I started taking Advanced Blood Sugar solution 2 months ago but have not had sugar levels checked since.

    Would be grateful for any advice to get my body back to normal without drugs.

  • PrøGamer

    Hello All,
    I know this thread is old but I wanted to chime in. Vegetables are a great sources of acid buffering compounds and calcium. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, a brisk walk after meals and plenty of water can help quite a bit with acidosis and is both sustainable and cheap.

    All primate species can exist 100% on fruits and vegetables if they have to with great, health, strength and vitality.


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