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Turn Paul Ryan Into 'Obama's Shadow'

August 16, 2012 by  


Welcome to Personal Liberty. I’m Wayne Allyn Root. My commentary this week is about Mitt Romney’s choice for Vice President: Congressman Paul Ryan.

But first, a comment on last week’s video: I told you about Obama’s college scandal at Columbia University. That video went viral. Over 80,000 of you viewed it in just the first day. Over 150,000 in the first week. It is well on its way to unheard of numbers in the hundreds of thousands — spreading from coast to coast — and I just want to thank all of you for watching and telling your conservative friends.

Well, I’ll tell you what: My commentary sure struck a chord with Americans. In one 24-hour-period I was on Sean Hannity radio, Sean Hannity TV, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Governor Mike Huckabee, Geraldo and the late night national radio show Red Eye. That’s all in one day. Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham and CNBC were blogging about my commentary; and Investors Business Daily published an entire editorial based on me and my revelations.

And I want to let you know I’m working on an update right now. I’ve had over 3,000 emails from my fans, and the most-asked questions are:

  • “Why does this matter?”
  • “What do you hope to accomplish?”
  • “Can your revelations bring down Obama?”

I’ll have my Part II soon. Please look for it.

Now, to Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan as Vice Presidential running mate. From a former Vice Presidential nominee to another, I have some advice. I’m going to tell Mitt the strategy that wins him the election: Use Paul Ryan as “Obama’s Shadow.” Because if there’s one man in America born for the job of debunking Obama’s myths and lies, it’s Paul Ryan.

Now, as a political pundit, I have to admit my initial reaction to Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan for V.P. was surprise and disappointment. Because most Americans don’t know who Paul Ryan is. And the Democrats will, of course, paint him as the mean man about to take Grandma’s Social Security away. Another issue is that Ryan won’t gain Romney any Latino votes or expand Romney’s base. And, quite frankly, he’s not the most exciting guy in the room. Ryan is a policy wonk extraordinaire and boy genius. But those are not ideal attributes for giving rousing speeches. Not surprisingly, my first choice for the job was Florida Senator Marco Rubio. In my opinion Rubio solved all of the issues above.

But after a day of thought, my opinion has changed 180 degrees. Romney made a brilliant move: He found himself a stealth weapon — someone that proves that Obama is a phony, someone who proves that Obama is not the smartest guy in the room. My advice (from one former Vice Presidential nominee to another) is to capitalize on Paul Ryan’s unique — actually one-in-a-million — brainpower and knowledge of budgets. More on that later.

First, Romney made a bold move by not taking the easy road with a Pawlenty or Portman (“old white guys” just like him). He picked the architect of the GOP Congressional budget plan: the only plan by any politician that at least attempts to slow the growth of spending (although I believe Ryan should have gone even further). Picking Paul Ryan embraces cutting government spending as the centerpiece of Romney’s campaign. He’s not hiding from controversy or what Obama’s socialist cabal calls “radical ideas.” Romney is going for it. To be blunt, I didn’t think he had it in him. Bravo.

The image Team Romney has created is simple and stark: Vote Romney/Ryan to at least try to control the size of government, cut spending and debt, reform entitlement programs to save them for future generations, and encourage small business to create jobs.

Or stick with Obama/Biden and choose pure insanity: Embrace even more spending, more debt, bigger government, and keep demonizing and punishing the small-business owners that create the jobs and actually pay for all government programs. Keep telling them “the private sector is doing fine” while you raise their taxes and ruin their businesses, and keep demoralizing them by telling them: “You didn’t build that.” Voting for Obama is like killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

Romney has laid down the gauntlet. Like the heroic firefighters running into the burning World Trade Center towers, Romney ran toward the tough choices, controversy and claims by liberals that women, children and elderly will starve. Romney doubled down. Again, I just didn’t think he had it in him.

Romney’s choice of Ryan also shows that his strategists made the decision that this election will be won in the “Heartland of America” with Midwestern values. The Midwest has been ignored for decades. Midwesterners are starving for attention. This is a brilliant move. This is a battle cry for every Midwestern, Catholic, Christian, suburban, hunter, fisher, NASCAR/NFL lover (especially if you love the Green Bay Packers), married-with-kids American voter. There ain’t no foolin’ around here.

Romney will win this election by out-raising and outspending Obama to bring out record numbers of those disillusioned by Obama’s lies and divisiveness: white, middle-class, Catholic, Christian, suburban, married and those voters who — regardless of race, religion or location — believe in those values that have made America the greatest Nation on Earth. The choice of Ryan as VP makes it clear that if you vote for Romney, you won’t get something for nothing, money doesn’t grow on trees and the way to solve a debt crisis is not with more spending and debt. Is it working? Romney raised $3.5 million in 24 hours after announcing Ryan as his VP choice.

Romney is gambling that the battle will be won in the Midwest: Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa (with Pennsylvania thrown in for good measure). Can Romney sweep those states? Ask Governor Scott Walker, who passed major union reforms in Wisconsin and then won his recall by a landslide. Congressman Paul Ryan has won by landslides year after year in a pro-union, heavily Democratic, Wisconsin Congressional district. Ryan knows how to win over moderate, independent, married-with-children voters who hunt, fish and go to church on Sundays.

But most importantly, as a former Vice Presidential candidate myself, I have advice for how Romney can put Paul Ryan’s brainpower and policy-wonk talents to use. Earlier today, I watched Congressman Ryan on YouTube debating and making mincemeat of both President Obama and Congressional leader Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the topic of Obamacare. This guy is seriously smart — as in boy-genius smart. So here’s my advice: Turn policy genius Paul Ryan into “Obama’s Shadow.” Send Ryan to crisscross the Nation to shadow Obama’s every move. Wherever Obama speaks, Ryan follows — in the same town, only hours or a day later. Ryan’s job is:

  • To intelligently rebut everything Obama says.
  • To call Obama on his fraudulent math.
  • To expose Obama for the phony he is.
  • To show by comparison that Obama is only a good talker, but he’s not as smart as advertised.

Ryan really is the smartest guy in the room. Put him side by side with Obama to prove it.

Ryan will expose Obama as a phony — in the same town and on the same local evening news. Ryan proves that Obama is full of hot air. Ryan unmasks him as a teleprompter reader with no understanding of the nuts and bolts of the budget. Ryan turns Obama into “the emperor with no clothes.”

This is Paul Ryan’s role of a lifetime. He is the brightest policy wonk in America. Unleash him to use his intelligence and mastery of facts to hound Obama and debunk Obama’s tall tales. If there is one man perfect for framing in detail how Obama’s ideas have damaged the U.S. economy and killed jobs, it’s Ryan. If there is one man who can paint the devastating picture of what happens to our children and grandchildren if we follow Obama’s plan for another four years, it’s Ryan.

I want all of you to YouTube the video of Paul Ryan schooling Obama about the lies and math fraud of Obamacare. Ryan clearly knows more about Obamacare than Obama does. My educated guess is that Ryan knows more about every issue than Obama does.

Paul Ryan is “Obama’s Shadow” — and the real smartest guy in the room. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week, same time, same place. God Bless.

–Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • DaveH
    • FreedomFighter

      “Paul Ryan is “Obama’s Shadow” — and the real smartest guy in the room.”

      Hopefully people are ready for real, smart and tired of the commi in charge.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • ron . r

        maybe Paul Ryan can put Mr. Roots lies to bed also.

    • Karolyn

      Thanks, Dave.

      • erik

        MR ROOT do you research what you talk about ? ryan is a scum bag he voted for ndaa he voted for surveillance with out a warrant, dessert storm,national id,2008 and 09 stimulus ,what he didnt vote yes on cutting military spending not defense spending, auto bail outs ,tarp that gave 24 banks 93% the money that half that money isnt paid back .its easy root type”” the truth about ryan”” or are you scared ur backers will shut you down . do a story that has the truth not what main stream tells you to say. you act like your hard ball but your weak with lies

      • Kate8

        Are we really going to just keep playing the same game? Aren’t you people getting it yet?

        Read the White Hat’s Report. Intrigue o-plenty, in real life. Should bring a bit of a smile, too. We’ve been told to expect the unexpected…

      • petroleumengineer

        Sorry – my reply to Erik. Erik is lost in the wilderness. I cannot believe he is this uninformed.

      • Kate8

        petrol – Actually, erik is telling the truth. The repub masses are all going gaga over Ryan and Romney, and they are both beholden to the same puppet masters as Obama, Hillary and the rest. And yes, Ryan did vote FOR NDAA. And Romney loves nationalized healthcare.

        Can’t you people yet see how it’s been the same hoax perpetrated on America for a very long time? Both R and L are owned and controlled by the same group of foreign financiers. The evidence is there for anyone to see. All you have to do is look.

        Romney will continue to follow orders from those who pulled Obama’s strings. Nothing ever really changes. Repubican presidents have all contributed their designated acts in the furtherence of corporate control by the NWO. Doesn’t anyone question how politicians become phenomenally wealthy after gaining office? Don’t you question why there are certain topics, like Obama’s fraudulent past, which NO politician will speak about?

        Politicians will say anything, even when they know it to be a blatant lie. They want your votes. I’d say that if their lips are moving, they’re lying. It doesn’t matter how well-intentioned they are when they first run for office. Once in, they’re paid a “visit” and told how things work, if they want to survive.

        If the Dems plan to bring Hillary forward, she is even scarier than Obama. He is just a arrogant yes-man. She is diabolical. And Romney is not the answer.

        Many understand this, yet they believe that getting Obama out will make things better, no matter who gets in. So they jump on the Romney bandwagon.

        I do believe this nation is suffering from Stockholm’s syndrome.

      • JUKEBOX

        This is for Erik says. If Paul Ryan is a scumbag, what do you call a man like Obama, who does not have 10% of the character and truthfulness of Paul Ryan? Obama would not make a decent scab on Ryan’s derriere.

      • SamFox

        @petroengineer, not Karolyn.

        Mods, with all due respect;This site needs to be re-worked. Replies go all over the place, making it hard to follow a straight comment line.

        petro, Erik is right!! YOU are the uninformed!! Look at the links & come back with refutations to the contentions from the links against CINO Paul Ryan if you disagree. Ryan is as real as a $3 bill.

        Show us that Ryan didn’t actually vote for NDAA & to raise the debt ceiling. Raising the DC will make it impossible to ever curb fed govt spending.

        You say Erik is uninformed. OK, PROVE IT!!



      • SamFox

        For Kate8, not Karolyn.

        GREAT POSTS!! Everyone should check out the link she left as well as the one Dave left.

        It is so refreshing to see people who actually get what’s going on & are not being led around by the establishment status quo supporting fringe stream media or by what Mitt & Ryan disingenuously spew.

        Ron Paul is the only one telling the whole truth about how bad our financial situation is & has a REAL solution for the mess.

        BUT, since Ron’s solution is good for We The People & not the big govt establishment franchise, Ron gets bashed, marginalized, lied about, buried & ignored.

        Ron is still in the race. That can be verified if people look.


      • Average Joe


        “Erik is lost in the wilderness. I cannot believe he is this uninformed.”

        I am guessing that you are booksmart, but common sense and reality…. illiterate?…… Or does the name suggest that you are intelligent enough to push a button…on cue?

        JUKEBOX ,
        “If Paul Ryan is a scumbag, what do you call a man like Obama, who does not have 10% of the character and truthfulness of Paul Ryan? ”

        Please take the time to pull your sheep head from your forward sheep’s posterior…..

    • eddie47d

      This must be a ghost story on Ryan and only “The Shadow Knows”!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Why can’t everyone just tell the TRUTH?!? We have an ILLEGALLY sitting president!!! We have been invaded by the enemy!!! The enemy has taken over OUR government!!! He is commanding OUR military and preparing them to come against US!!! Wake up, people! See the truth! It’s everywhere! Don’t ignore it! Watch this video!!!

      • DaveH

        Throughout history, Governments have acted in their own self interest. This is nothing new. The only new thing (perhaps) is that the people are waking up to that fact, thanks largely to the Internet which they are trying hard to control like they control the MSM.

      • Flashy

        Nancy…get a grip on reality. The only reason you have your rant is blind obeyance to the fictions and falsehoods fed by Corporatists, the Tea Party (controlled by coropratists0, and the American Taliban. You are the fodder for their war on America.

        Any rational thinking person sees the cardboard puppets you and your like have become. You feed off the TP Trilogy…fear, hate, ignorance. They have you believing that it is an ‘us’ versus “them’ and ‘they” are the enemy.

        you do not think of any Progressive or Moderate as your neighbor who disagrees…they have you thinking of terms of absolutism. they know you will ignore reality, numbers, the myriad of interests involved, the complexities, and…the most important…they know you will not/can not think of the long term consequences in supporting policies or stances which have no result other than great harm to this nation.

        you know you’re being used. you know you are a mere puppet. And you are frustrated and angry about it. So you take out this fear and anger, because of ignorance, is what you perceive as the only outlet for your anger and hate…your fellow Americans.

        So…i’m’s it really feel to be whispered about by your neighbors as a nutcase?

      • Sirian

        Nancy in Nebraska,
        You’ve got to watch these two – Part 1 & 2. I’m sure you will find them interesting.

      • DaveH

        Nothing but personal attack, in lieu of facts, coming from the Internet Troll Flashman.
        Tell us your Sniper Story again Flashman.
        You have no credibility on this board, Flashman. Ask me to prove it.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        flashy, you and your ilk are the ones living in a fantasy land! You need to WAKE UP!!! At least research it! Consider it! There’s plenty of evidence! You just need to LOOK at it! I bet you didn’t even go to the link I provided! You just BLINDLY spout out your crap! You refuse to even THINK!!! And I’ll tell you this, I don’t worry about MY neighbors because they think just like I do!!! SOME people are starting to wake up and LOOK for the TRUTH!!! You have SEEN the TRUTH and yet you DENY it!!! If you think that you can scare people off by calling them a nut, well THOSE days are over!!! We refuse to remain silent!!! I don’t care about any of this “corporation of America” crap! I don’t belong to them and I will NEVER belong to them!!! It’s TIME to take BACK our country!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Rick

        Fwd: Obama Student ID Found

        Netlore Archive: Circulating via email and social media, this image purports to be a scan of Barack Obama’s ‘foreign student’ ID issued by Columbia University in 1981.
        Image source: unknown, circulating online.

        Description: Viral image / Hoax
        Circulating since: Feb. 2012
        Status: Fake (see details below)

        Analysis: This is a hoax aimed at convincing the gullible that Barack Obama attended college as a foreign student, and therefore must not have been born in the U.S.

        The first clue that it’s a fake is the name: “Barry Soetoro.” Though Soetoro was his stepfather’s last name and Obama attended grade school in Indonesia under that name, there’s no shortage of evidence attesting to the fact that he attended college as Barack Obama (for example, the byline of an essay by Obama published in Columbia University’s weekly magazine, The Sundial, in 1983).

        Secondly, it’s as easy as doing a Google image search on the phrase “Columbia University Student ID” to locate the original image from which the bogus Obama ID card was made. Issued in 1998, it bears the same identification number as the one supposedly issued to Obama.

        Thirdly, as noted on, the university didn’t begin issuing digitally generated ID cards such as the one pictured above until 1996.

      • Rick

        Wow, this guy scammed Sean Hannity radio, Sean Hannity TV, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Governor Mike Huckabee, Geraldo and the late night national radio show Red Eye. That’s all in one day. Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham and CNBC ; and Investors Business Daily. And he got paid for every appearance. Now either all of these people and organizations are very gullible or too lazy to do research or they all know it was a hoax and were goose stepping right along in the ranks. Would have made Heinrich Himmler proud. Propaganda loud and clear.

      • Rick

        What is so sad about this is that we are doing exactly what Al Queda and all other terrorists organizantions want us to do. It’s the old Communist philosophy of let them destroy themselves. Divide the country into individual groups (liberals, conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party, Green Party, Independent Party etc.) and have them fight among themselves. In the mean time we can take calculated shots to destroy small things to keep them distracted. As long as they do not work together eventually they will fall. The USSR was hoping it would be in their lifetime but the timing wasn’t right. Looks like the timing is starting to be right for terrorists around the world. As long as we keep treating this country like we are at a high school football game we are doomed for collapse. I keep hearing people say we need to do this or that for our childrens future. If you want your children and grandchildren to have a future in this country you better stop treating like a high school football game and start working together.
        United we stand, divided we fall.

      • Flashy

        Nancy….almost every Progressive and Moderate posting here is educated and aware. They don’t put any water in the hoaxes and obviously fantasy tales. How many times do they have to be exposed before you accept you’ve been led down a delusional path?

        Notice everything the GOP states they’ll cut…affects the Middle Class and the very essence of America…and everything they fight to keep benefits the wealthy first, and any benefit to you is a minor side benefit? And no matter how you add it up, the numbers the GOP hypes don’t add up and the only answer is to slash more to the Middle Class and increase their taxes?

        Take Romney’s pledge to cut tax rates by 20% across the board for everyone. look at who the largest beneficiaries are…(t’ain’t you). then ask the obvious…what will they need to slash to make up for the revenue losses?

        Sorry about hearing that your neighbors are also afflicted…perhaps it’s the water?

      • Daveh234 is certainly a unbiased reliable source of information. BONKERS!

      • JeffH

        falsy says “Nancy….almost every Progressive and Moderate posting here is educated and aware.”

        To falsy, Obama is a moderate which means that all radical Marxist extremists are moderates.

        Of course falsy would say that, being one himself.

        falsy, here’s what progressive really are. In the context of individual freedom progressives seek to roll back, not forward, the hands of progress; they seek regression, not progression.

        Progressivism advocates—then and now—a total break from the principles of freedom articulated in our founding documents, particularly the Declaration of Independence. It seeks to either get around or dismantle limitations on government power, the very constitutional limitations established in the Constitution for the protection of individual freedom.

        The educated progressive share the intellectual roots of European state theorists such as Hegel and Marx. In 20th century Europe their ideas came to fruition in the forms of communism in Russia, national socialism––that is, Naziism––in Germany, and fascism in Italy, respectively.

        Yeah, yeah, yeah falsy…we’re aware of your intellect, or lack there of.

      • DaveH

        Daveh234 says — “ is certainly a unbiased reliable source of information. BONKERS!”.
        As usual the Progressive uses ad hominem attacks in lieu of providing any real rebuttal to the claims. Is there something you dispute in the article, Daveh234? If so, please let us know what you deny, and provide some references please since Progressives have no credibility on this board.

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “Nancy….almost every Progressive and Moderate posting here is educated and aware”.
        They are? Then why do you and your Progressive cohorts keep fabricating facts, Flashman, that you can’t back up?

      • Paul Wells

        Thanks for posting those two links for Nancy. I found them fascinating! As for the tin foil hat stuff that Kate8 posted, and the cato piece..well, not so much. It’s kind of nebulous, and I’m not sure I agree with the way they connect the dots.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Sirian, thanks for posting the links. As usual when someone speaks the truth, it gets swept under the rug. The only ones willing to tell the truth are labeled conspiracy theorists or nuts! Even when the source of truth is one of their own!
        flashy, as usual you avoid the real topic at hand and change the subject! Is it because you just can’t face the possibility that you might be on the wrong team? You’re a scaredy cat who’s too chicken to participate in a discussion about something you don’t want to believe so as usual…you change the subject to something you’re more comfortable with! Grow up!!!

      • Jay

        It is a well known fact that, Barack-Insane-Obama is a well known terrorist who claims his god “Oprah” is commanding him to destroy America.

        Let me take you for a moment, inside the convoluted-brain of Barack-Insane-Obama:

        Hi! I’m Barack Obama and I’d like to prove You that I have a real economic strategy. In this book I will prove You that my plan is an economical breakthrough that will put our great country on a higher level of development.

        At the beginning, I need to premise that simple people are the most important for all the Democrats. In these hard times, we all are welfare collectors! However, my goal is to equal the differences between the poor and those rich that are still left in this country!

        Everybody knows that the simpliest methods are usually the best ones. Therefore, my plan is as simple as it could be. It consists of 2 simple steps to the better future.

        STEP 1: TAX HIKE


        As you can see, the plan is simple and it must work! Everyone knows that when there are higher taxes, then the state gets more money. And when we have more money, then we can pay off our debts and pay some money to the poor people that can’t find any job!

        Well, sometimes the main plan doesn’t work but the hero always has a contingency plan! The contingency plan is even simplier that the main plan. It also consists of 2 simple steps to the better future but some of my advisiors said that I shouldn’t use it. I don’t know why but they are higher educated in that matter than me so I trust them.



        Naturally, any of the plans above doesn’t have to be the only source of our earnings. Additionally, we can take some money from the outside. How to do that!? It’s a bit less simple because it consists of 3 steps to the better future be it can conducted simultaneously to the main (or contingency) plan.


        STEP 2: …

        STEP 3: EARN MONEY

        The winner always earn money, however I’m not a specialist in that matter so I’m not sure how to earn the money on the war but I’m sure of that. And the US has the greatest military power in the world so we can win any war we want to! As you can see, it doesn’t even need to hurt household budgets of American people. Why nobody ever thought about such an easy way to earn money!? Were it not for me, America would be dead!

        Not all the people can be rich but I do everything I can in order to help little people. Today I can say that my strategy works and everything is getting better every day. If you don’t see this you must be the unlucky one. Everyone knows that some people are unlucky and you must be the one. Only thing you can do is waiting for better times.

        If I had to answer a question: Barack, can you make American economy stronger?, I’d answer: Yes, we can. And when I say we I mean You!

      • SamFox

        Keep it up Nancy! Thanks for great points in your posts. You also Dave!

        flash is so out of it. Either a very ignorant & uniformed person or another Spooky Dude Homer Simpson lib prog working out of Media matters or other Soros funded propaganda site.

        flash is good at Rules For Radicals jive, but has no substance, just tap dancing in defense of the big govt status quo.


      • Sirian

        Nancy & Paul,
        This was a new one to me, had not seen it before. Was fully aware of what ACORN, SEIU etc. were doing as well as their history but when one of their own speaks out and reveals the true intent behind them all, well, need any more be said? Truth has no Agenda – sound familiar? The truth is all that is necessary for anyone – especially the lady that spoke. Flasho would neither watch the video nor even comment. It would toss a wrench into his usual rhetoric.

      • Mike in MI

        NANCY!!! -
        Get ahold of yourself, girl! Don’t let the distraction and tumult of the Adversary’s machinations throw you off-kilter. The sabre rattling and pounding of the drums can’t hurt you. He goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he can destroy.
        Understand this about a lion’s roaring: the lowdmouth makes a lot of noise in one place while the rest of the pride is hidden along the normal runways they expect you’ll take (running blind in abject fear of the lion’s roar). It’s a feint to get your mind off what’s really important.
        So, what’s important? Keep your head nailed on the promises of God’s word. For instance, in this case force yourself to think:
        (I Timothy 2:1-3)”I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;
        For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.
        For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior;”

        Pray for the leaders and those in authority. I don’t care if they seem like the worst imbeciles around. God says, “Do it.”; do it.
        The promie here is “that we may lead quiet and peaceable lies in all godliness and honesty”. So what do you want? – quiet and peaceable, or stressed out and shot through with the slings and arrows of malicious fate? What do they want for you? Not “quiet and peaceable”, I guarantee.
        So, pray for the president and his advisors and their leaders to be blessed and for GOD’S HAND TO WORK FOR THE BLESSING OF HIS PEOPLE that we may live quiet and peaceable lives in all godliness and honesty.
        It is then His prerogative to cause things, in what ever way He chooses, to go good for you. No matter what else happens to people who won’t trust Him. I don’t care if there’s a riot going through your neighborhood. They can march right past your place as if it’s an empty field. Who knows?
        I know he’s done it with wind, weather, cold and animals for us. So, what are unbelievers but a bunch of animals to him? That’s it, body and soul beasts which you can have dominion over, if you NEED it, and He tells you how to exercise it.
        He doesn’t say things for no reason. He says things for good purpose. It is up to Him to do what He needs to do, as He sees fit, to honor your trusting dependence on His mercy and grace.
        Sure, keep yourself informed about what is happening in the world, or what their plans seem to be. But, then, be thankful for God’s deliverance when you see their facade crumble. Get your friends involed, too. You’re not the only one who’s concerned.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Mike, I’ve got a hold of myself just fine! I don’t want to start quoting bible verses back at you so I will just say this: these people are followers of satan. I will not be following them!!! I will spend my life trying to lead people in the other direction! People who aren’t prayerful deserve a chance to see what direction they are headed in when they follow these leaders! It also says very clearly in the bible, that satan will fool and trick people. Well, he’s certainly doing a good job of that when people think that it’s fine to vote for the lesser of two evils! You don’t need to worry about me at all! I know in which direction I am headed!

      • Martha Lee Vincent

        Nancy, I totally agree. Why is nobody demanding that Obama be impeached for all his acts of fraud, tramping the constitution, breaking laws and allowing his AG to not prosecute crimes.

      • Mike in MI

        Good, Nancy – I figured as much; just thought I’d mention something that the worshippers of evil can’t overcome with all their determined stupidity.

      • DaveH

        Paul Wells says — “and the cato piece..well, not so much. It’s kind of nebulous”.
        Oh? And pray tell, which part is nebulous? Can you be specific, or is it easier for you to post unfounded broad generalizations, Paul?

    • Andrew

      Thank you for providing the background information on Paul Ryan. Finally there is some truth and logic added to the frenzy over his selection. There is more to learn about Mr. Ryan and his dealings in the stock market prior to the Banking Crisis. He is just another one of the defenders of the rich.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        But so is O since he palsies with Buffett and Soros and the rich movie making crowd and the rich actors, etc..

      • eddie47d

        I remember last year when Democrats were chastised for being involved in the Insider Trading Scandals, (rightfully so). Several Republicans were also involved but nary a peep. Now let’s see if Paul Ryan will now be raked over the coals with his involvement. Will there be a double standard or a chorus of crickets?

    • Sirian

      Good article DaveH, fits quite well. Thanks!

    • SamFox

      DavidH, good video. Ryan is just another establishment flunky. His budget plan is crap. Yet fringe media & disingenuous CINO Repubs tout the thing like it’s Holy Writ. What we have this election is the same thing we had last one. The RNC & DNC establishment have again hood winked the voters & fixed it so that no matter if Mitt or 0 win, the establishment continues on unabated.

      The video you linked to talks about Rand Paul’s budget plan. Now there’s a real plan! Has lotta real cuts in, so that’s why we don’t hear much about it.

      BUT!! It gets better!! Ron Paul’s plan is even better than Rand’s! Ron also would do real cuts in real spending, a bit more than Rand’s. Also Ron cuts one more UN-Constitutional burroacracy than Rand’s as well. Ron would cut military spending but not defense spending. Look up the diff, there is one.

      On entitlements, Ron’s plan would be phased in over time. As the economy recovered [IF his plan is followed] the pain of a real recovery, because of the 180′ changes that would come, would be mitigated. It would take time, Ron is a realist.

      This is why the RNC has tried to bury Ron Paul, the only true major ‘party’ fiscal conservative running. They know that Ron would do what is unthinkable to them, rein in spending on many levels. The R &D establishment just hates it when REAL spending cuts happen.

      IF spending is not cut & real monetary reform in the way of forcing govt to live within it’s means is not implemented, the R’s & D’s won’t have any thing to bribe for votes with because the USA will be COLLAPSED financially. Which is the plan in the 1st place, by the way. Look up the Cloward & Piven book that talks about how to financially take US down. Also Rules For Radicals, another book of tactics on how to take down the USA from within.

      Either of the Paul plans is light years ahead of Ryan’s dismal offering. But, here we go again, getting fooled. Instead of “We won’t get fooled again!” the sheep are singing “We don’t care that we got fooled again! Just give us our goodies!” Sheep in this country are so easy to manipulate. All the establishment needs is fear & desperation & the sheep take what ever the ‘other party’ throws in their face. “Any one but Bush!!” is how we got 0. Now it’s the RINOs turn. “Any on but 0!!” will give us at best another GWB if we don’t wake up & get behind Ron Paul.

      Ron IS still in the race. All he’s done is change tactics.


    • http://na Mike in NE

      DaveH, I wonder why flashman/flushly won’t ask you to prove his credibility? Oh, that’s right, you already have. As smart as he is one would think he would get it. There we go, not as smart as he thinks he is. I do enjoy a good dismantling.

      • Jay

        Flashy is his own worst enemy. He suffers from too much education, and not enough wisdom to know what to do with it! Typical prog-lib.

      • DaveH

        Thank you, Mike. If I put too much heat on him, he will just assume a new identity, but it doesn’t take me long to expose the dishonesty of his new ID because the Progressives just have nothing to go on but Lies and Equivocation.

  • KingKen

    Sounds like a plan to me-! Go for it, Mittens





    • dan

      Stronger than you can possibly imagine …add that to independents and tea-party and disaffected dems who watched the GOP disenfranchise the Ron Paul supporters in the
      elections and now at the CONvention ….well , hell hath no fury like lovers of truth and liberty scorned . We know that Mitt is just a globalist that gets his money from the same
      puppet-masters that control the current Maoist.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I agree with you, dan! I will NEVER support romney! I don’t CARE WHO his running mate is!!! He and obumass are two sides of the SAME coin!!! I’m FED UP with this GARBAGE!!! If we continue to play THEIR game, WE LOSE!!! romney is NO alternative!!! Nothing will change! The agenda will go forward just as it has for decades! All you have to do is LOOK at the facts to KNOW that BOTH parties are running the SAME agenda!!! Their actions are the SAME!!! Only their WORDS are different!!! WAKE UP!!!

      • PL

        After reading Nancy from Nebraska, I sigh. Is Ron Paul so perfect that if not him, nobody else? You people seem to find and make up all the faults you can find substantiated or not in anybody just to give you a rationale to not vote for any one else but Paul. It’s like throwing a tantrum to shout out it’s my way or the highway. You are devoted to Paul because you care for our country, right? Or just so some can use legalize pot?. Where is that love for country thing if Obama gets re-elected for lack of votes for the other ticket from you people? Obama for another 4 years? Very possible when people do not discern.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        PL, I don’t smoke pot and I don’t hang out with anyone who does! Pot IS NOT THE ISSUE!!! The issue is that I DO love my country and if we want to save it, we’d better do something SOON!!! These people are destroying our country!!! romney, ryan and all the rest of them are simply puppets for those who truly have the power. If you don’t see that, open your eyes! BOTH parties have contributed equally to the downfall of America! You can’t look at one party or the other. They’ve BOTH run up the debt. They BOTH have taken away our rights! They BOTH get us into or keep us in a state of everlasting war! There are NO differences in what they do, only in what they say! Recognize what is going on and REFUSE to participate if you want anything left of our country!!!

      • SamFox

        AT PL, Not Dan. Nancy, You are so right on!! You go girl!!

        PL: Yeah, compared to the Mitt-Ryan/0-StumbleTongue ticket, Ron can walk on water.

        Ron can easily walk on the waters of financial turmoil engulfing the USA. He has answers, but Homer Simpsons in both ‘parties’ keep listening to fringe media for info. That’s bad enough, but they also listen to what the candidates SAY, when it’s election time, with out checking up on them.

        Here is Paul Ryan–

        Ron Paul? Absolutely!!! Why?

        Search & find by copying & pasting the following phrases.

        Combat Veterans For Ron Paul

        Jewish Economists say end ait to Israel

        Jews For Ron Paul

        Hispanics For Ron Paul

        Blacks For Ron Paul

        International Support For Ron Paul

        Go to YouTube & copy. paste & enter in the YT search box–

        Southern Avenger For Ron Paul

        Judge Napolitano For Ron Paul

        9-11, War And Why Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy Is Right

        Ron Paul Talks About His Foreign Policy

        Ron Paul has a LOT more support than fringe media wants US to know about.

        If you do the research you will find that only Ron Paul is out side the RNC & DNC Big Govt Party establishment. Ron gets opposed because he would actually cut the flow of OUR cash into the pockets of the ‘biggies’: in DC, media, business, the failed War On Some Drugs cartel, The prison Industrial Complex, the Military Industrial Complex…they know Ron’s fidelity to We The People, the US Constitution & our Founder’s intents.

        They know Ron’s voting record, being called Taxpayer’s Best Friend… that the good Dr. has no skeletons to worry about. That Ron not only talks, but would walk that talk, IF Ron had a Constitutionally minded Congress. Ron has vowed not to govern via executive order & would reduce HIS OWN POTUS pay to around $33,000 a year because it is the national average for wage earners.

        The Big Govt Party greatly fears Ron’s proposal to audit the international banker owned ‘Federal” Reserve.

        Yeah dude, compared to what Ron is running against, he is ‘so perfect’. You should have known that…


      • SamFox

        @PL not dan.

        So what’s wrong with cannabis? Some of the 1st US citizens & our Founders used it & almost all of them grew industrial hemp. Some talked about using Indian Hemp for recreation.

        If you knew what you were talking about regarding the herb, you’d not look so stupid.
        I bet you don’t even know that WR Hurst wasn’t even going after the smoking kind of cannabis. WR was after industrial hemp. He had to badly twist the truth about cannabis & hemp via a great deception that hemp was the same as smoked cannabis to get drug prohibition through.

        At that time the AMA was FOR cannabis & keeping it legal. But the AMA Dr. speaking to Congress was not allowed to say much. Later the media was lied to as they were told the AMA was on the side of prohibition. There is still some medical opposition to cannabis. BUT there are also a LOT of medical groups that support it’s use.

        You sound like you think the Reefer Madness propaganda campaign is a truthful documentary. :-)

        You really need to do some research.

        Betcha didn’t know that legal Rx dope kills more peeps than prohibited substances.
        Alcohol is a big killer, but still legal. Didn’t we learn ANYTHING about prohibiting stuff?

        Legal does NOT default to ‘safe’. Cannabis is the safest substance one can use. You don’t have to use it if you don’t want. I respect that. Should you not also respect the lives of others that take a different view? Even aspirin kills more peeps in a year than cannabis has in all recorded history.

        Using “You like Ron Paul because he wants to RE-legalize hemp & cannabis!” is a straw man argument that is easy to burn to the ground.

        Bottom line: Ron’s point is much less “use of cannabis” & is much more about personal freedoms & liberty, with responsibility.



    • SamFox

      Christopher A H, if we vote for Romney & it wins, we still get 0. Just like when 0 got in on the “Anybody but Bush!” fear tactic GW was still in. Don’t let fear & dread of how much ‘progress’ 0 has made in destroying the US monetary system & illegally expanding the fed govt lead you to support another GWB in Mitt. ‘All’ 0 has done is take up from where BW left off.

      What I mean is that Mitt & GW are the same as 0 policy wise. 0 has continued where Bush left all. Nothing has changed for the good as 0 kept up the GW stuff, only more & faster.

      Romney exposed

      Fake Conservative Mitt:

      Snakes On A Campaign, M Romney, by Southern Avenger

      Romney & 0bama the same.

      Mitt is just another RINO_CINO establishment shill.

      Ron Paul can win.

      To Mike, good post about how Father can take care of His own. He can & He will! Our job as His kids is to KNOW HIS written Word & stay as close as possible to Him. It is very important also to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. The gift of tongues is not the proof of the Holy Spirit. A changed life & mind are.

      Nancy, hang in there! You are doing a good job of posting truth. Mike was just trying to remind you, but I think he may have mis-read ya.

      MIKE & NANCY, keep on keeping on! Good postings by you both.


      • Mike in MI

        Wow Foxy, thank you very much, brother. I appreciate you, too, good man.

  • Pingback: Turn Paul Ryan Into “Obama’s Shadow” Wayne Allyn Root | Boudica BPI Weblog

  • The Gizmo51

    The most efficient way to control the world is to control the most powerful nation in the world. Regime change isn’t good enough without total control of the new regime. The way to do it is to first convince the population that your regime is the best in the world by infiltrating the government through “free elections”. Do this by controlling the voters starting with minorities and a large percentage of the population with little political power such as women. By controlling the voting population you can control the outcome. One way is by attacking the government as being too strong (big) and that it must be weakened (smaller). (Birth of the tea party) Convince the voters you need “starve the beast” decimating its power. You do this by convincing voters of its exceptionalism by “taking back” their nation led by culturally superior whites and the easily manipulated minority “leaders”. Only by becoming the government can you destroy it from within and replace it with the power of the military and its new leadership. You now have the perfect recipe for world dominance and the full power of the republinos.

    • dan

      Romney has the best head of hair….so much for the female vote :)

      • The Gizmo51

        Keep the women focused on health issues and the’re busy being divided and angry fighting shadows. Hair and looks would would also work .

      • Rick

        He also has the magic underwear. So he’s got that going for him which is nice.

      • jopa

        dan Romneys wife Ann however complains that Mitt has a problem in the land down under and may have to put a couple of bathtubs in the front yard of the home they are building.Why not, it even has a car elevator.

    • Warrior

      A progressive friend of mine was able to sneak me a preview of the upcoming “progressive socialist convention” program. This looks to be loads of fun!

      2012 Democratic National Convention Schedule — Charlotte, N.C.
      4:00 PM – Opening Flag Burning Ceremony – sponsored by CNN and MSNBC
      4:05 PM – Singing of “God Damn America ” led by Rev. Jeremiah Wright
      4:10 PM – Pledge of Allegiance to Obama
      4:15 PM – Ceremonial ‘I hate America’ led by Michelle Obama
      4:30 PM – Tips on “How to keep your man trustworthy & true to you while you travel the world” – Hillary Clinton
      4:45 PM –Al Sharpton / Jesse Jackson seminar “How to have a successful career without having a job.”
      5:00 PM – “Great Vacations I’ve Taken on the Taxpayer’s Dime Travel Log” -Michelle Obama
      5:30 PM – Eliot Spitzer Speaks on “Family Values” via Satellite
      5:45 PM – Tribute to All 57 States – Nancy Pelosi
      6:00 PM – Sen. Harry Reid – 90-minute speech expressing the Democrat’s appreciation of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and George Soros for sparing no expense, for all that they have accomplished to unify the country, improve employment and to boost the economy.
      8:30 PM – Airing of Grievances by the Clintons
      9:00 PM – “Bias in Media – How we can make it work for you” Tutorial – sponsored by CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, the Washington Post and the New York Times
      9:15 PM – Tribute Film to Brave “MUSLIM” Freedom Fighters incarcerated at GITMO –Michael Moore
      9:45 PM – Personal Finance Seminar – Charlie Rangle
      10:00 PM – Denunciation of Bitter Gun Owners and Bible readers
      10:30 PM – Ceremonial Waving of White Flag for IRAQ , & Afghanistan
      11:00 PM – Obama Energy Plan Symposium / Tire Gauge Demonstration / You too can get rich with Green Investment bankruptcies
      11:15 PM – Free Gov. Blagovich rally
      11:30 PM – Obama Accepts Oscar, Tony and Latin Grammy Awards
      11:45 PM – Feeding of the Delegates with 5 Loaves and 2 Fish – Obama Presiding
      12:00 AM – Official Nomination of Obama by Bill Maher and Chris “He sends a thrill up my leg” Matthews
      12:01 AM – Obama Accepts Nomination as Lord and Savior
      12:05 AM – Celestial Choirs Sing
      3:00 AM – Biden Delivers Acceptance Speech

      • Power To The People

        Good one….

      • chuckb

        is there someway we can get this to the bolshevik convention so all the little comrades can see and read. (if they can)

      • Average Joe

        Something new was added between:
        12:05 AM – Celestial Choirs Sing
        3:00 AM – Biden Delivers Acceptance Speech.

        12:05 AM – Symposium on Family Values,sponsored and given by Planned Parenhood and the GLBT community entitled “Eugenics Made Simple: Progress for All” Followed by a “sleepover” at the White House with Barry and Michelle.

        Best Wishes,

        • Andrew

          Paul Ryan is nothing more than the “Great Right Hope/Hoax”. There is little new about Paul Ryan’s views and rhetoric that we haven’t heard before from the Bush/Cheney years or the Regan years. It is just repackaging of old failed ideas. The Romney/Ryan ideas and views do not bode well for the Middle Class or the United States when you consider the fact that Paul Ryan’s idol was Ayn Rand. Forget about the racist buzz words and scare tactics coming from the Romney/Ryan campaign or their highly paid operatives in the media or on the internet. President Obama brought the country back from the brink of destruction wrought by the last Republican Presidency. His job wasn’t easy when you consider the obstructions from the Republicans. Going backwards with Romney/Ryan and using the same failed strategies of the Bush/Cheney years will obviously not work for the United States of America. “Oh Say Can You See?”

      • Paul Wells

        Oh, you forgot the 12:15 a.m. symposium on “Defacing Chic-Fil-A without being detected”. I’m sure that will wake up those sleepy heads!

    • Andrew

      Bravo! Very truthful and well said.

      • SamFox

        UH, Andrew, 0 is taking US over the cliff, not bringing US back from financial collapse. How is adding more to the national debt in less than 4 years better than GWB adding less in 8 full yrs? 0 added 5+ TRILL. Bush added some 4+TRILL. 0 has GW beat by a country mile regarding spending, collapsing the US system Cloward & Pivon & Rules For Radicals style, shredding the Constitution & Bill Of Rights….

        I know I am not better off 5 TRILL ago.

        What Bush policies has 0 changed? For the better that is. Your forget that 0 was gonna do in the ‘Patriot’ Act? That he knowingly signed the NDAA bill with Manchurian McCain & some Dem’s indefinite detention in it? That 0 has no qualms against assassinating US citizens with out due process? That drones are set to fly over even more of the USA? What 0 done about the drones? NADA!!

        You are right about Ryan though. I like the way you put it, The Great White Hoax. Good shot! To bad it’s accurate. Fits Mitt as well. I am gonna borrow that one from ya. :-) If Ryan idolized Ayn Rand, he sure doesn’t vote like it. Check out the big spending he votes for.

        Repub obstruction? Where was 0 when he had the House AND Senate for 3 years? Where is the Senate budget? It’s not just R’s or D’s. It’s ‘progressives’ in both ‘parties’ working to force US into the NWO’s one world govt.
        I’d sing to most voters, “Oh say why can’t you see?” :-)



    • DaveH

      Gizmo says — “One way is by attacking the government as being too strong (big) and that it must be weakened (smaller)”.
      Ludicrous. Teaching people to dislike Big Government to promote Big Government. Only a Disinformer could spout crap like that. Flashman?

    • http://Internetexplorer Ray

      I think I just read the most idiotic post on here so I can go on to another site now. Thanks Gizmo51

    • SamFox

      Gizmo, you gave us the ‘progressive’ agenda in a nutshell. Thnaks.


    • SamFox

      Gizmo, you outlined the ‘progressive’ agenda. Thanks.

      You did try to deceive by trying to use conservatives instead of lib progs. You need to figure out that we do our homework, at least some here & that you can’t do the typical Rules For Radicals trick of bait & switch. Bad try. Easy to see through & refute.


  • A concerned American

    I believe all this campaign BLOOD-MONEY the romney campaign gathers should be better spent. Maybe instead of using it to spread LIES and DECEIT, it could be used to pay down the national debit the GOP created.
    Get a Clue…

    • Karen

      Obviously said from your liberal viewpoint as you said nothing about using the $9 million obama raised after supporting gay marriage… pay down the debt….so in other words, your wish is to allow obama to take everything from the workers (classified as rich in your shallowness) in this country and provide for the free loaders… And wreck any chances of rebuilding our country in favor of turning it into a government state….

      • http://none... Ed

        So true. The problem is that people like this vote ONLY for the pary so have no nreed or motivation to check out the candidate or learn anything about him….be it Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse or Obama. After many years of this, their brain atrophies like an arm in a permanent sling until it can no longer function. Which is why any discussion with these people is useless

      • A concerned American

        Karen I pray for your corrupt soul. the 9Mil you speak of is not BLOOD MONEY, as is Mitt’s contributors;STOLEN from the middle-class VIA Bush tax cuts.and now being used to spread LIES and DECEIT.
        As far as `FREE-LOADERS…. I worked in an (enviormently neutral) industy that Mitt not only outsourced overseas,but replaced that with an ozone destroying way of doing productionAndd now your precious GOP TREASONIST refuse to act on a bill, a bill with actual resolutions,you know the Obama Plan. Read it, and have someone explain it to you that has a degree, because PEOPLE LIKE YOU are OBVIOUSLY are too dumb too think for yourself.
        Don’t you EVER tell me what I am trying to say.
        Get a clue you backwards tramp.
        PS< Mitt's father was born in MEXICO. Has Mitt appliedlied for citizenship ?

      • JUKEBOX

        Concerned American, we really are not sure of where Obama’s father was born, because it is rumored that Frank Marshall Davis might be Obama’s father.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        A concerned American you may call yourself but you are not because your moniker is a tripe cliche that encompasses everything and nothing at the same time. Are we supposed to do a collective sigh because we hear your name and because you supposedly “care”.

      • Mike in MI

        Nadzieja -
        Not really, because he probably is “a concerned American”. He just didn’t bother to include the “Central” before writing “American”. The way he plunders the English language with his mixed up grammar and syntax … well, ought to be discouraged and charging it with a sin tax.

    • Power To The People

      The debt is a product of greed by all the ruling politicians, the puppet masters, the media and yes….many selfish Americans that are “getting theirs”. Put the progressive punch down!

    • Jay

      It is widely reported that the best part about being a liberal is that one gets to do whatever one wants in the name of equality. Since conservatives often claim that liberals hate freedom, liberals have to come with different excuses sometimes. To properly do this, one must write truckloads of snail mail letters on colored parchments and send them to important and not-so-important people. Fortunately, one will not be alone. One can join the ongoing letter writing campaign to Save the Forests for Lynching.

      Liberals find they can reach more people via blogs and forums and went to the Internet to bring about their whining. Usually blaming Neocons for tricking them into voting for unjust wars, or causing them to spend too much on credit cards so they couldn’t make house payments. Oh those evil Neocons and their brainwashing via Fox News.

      Furthermore, the stalwarts of network TV, newspapers, cable TV, magazines, and schools assist in this War for Peace. It is their solemn duty to advocate their personal views no matter what may come. For those sheep following along at home, an absolute must is yelling loud enough to drown out the annoying cries of help from Third World countries.

      Together liberals can and do make a difference. If enough people yell lies about most of the world living in poverty and despair and that so-called comedy on the BBC is funny (just to give two examples of liberal lies), those lies will become the truth according to liberal thinking.

      The same is true of blogs, if enough people blog the same lies over and over again, they automatically become true. So liberals like to yell and post their arguments all over the Internet and Public, even if they are full of fallacies and are mostly fiction.

      Remember to keep repeating yourself, if you want to become a good liberal. Maybe they didn’t hear you the first thousand times, so yell louder and post it more on the Internet.

      Yet another requirement for liberals is the concept of “equal-time”. Liberals want equal time, equal meaning more time than right-wingers get. In fact, equal time to liberals means that right-wingers should be silenced and impeached and all of the time given to liberals instead. The Psychology of liberals and other leftists cannot be ignored, they are violent and bring down progress.

      Cindy Sheehan demonstrated this technique by demanding “equal-time” for the universally held view that this country needs to keep its troops safe (by withdrawing them from the middle-east and keeping them home instead), and that too much time was being spent on some storm and not enough on her.

      Liberals never will have enough “equal-time,” so one should organize more marches demanding it. Never mind the fact that Cindy Sheehan was accused by her husband of not sharing the insurance money from their son Casey’s death and that Mrs. Sheehan used the money instead to protest the war in Iraq. All the more to get equal time, and exploit her own son’s corpse for political gain.

      Lest one thinks being a liberal is all about requirements, do not be dismayed. Liberals know that rules, regulations and requirements do not apply to them! So, when laying down the law, rest assured everything is the fault of the “government” who must pay.

      The government, after all, is evil according to liberals. Always sending in the Police when Liberals throw riots and break things, set things on fire, blow up federal buildings, kill doctors and blow up abortion clinics. Oh those Police officers, biased against Liberals because they broke a few laws. Those were fascist laws anyway, and as a Liberal you have the right to ignore them.

      Luckily if you’re a liberal, like Paul Hill and you blow up an abortion clinic or a liberal like Timothy McVeigh and you blow up a government daycare center with infants and children in them, of a Weather Underground like William Ayers and bombed several government buildings, or a back to Earth liberal hippie like the Unabomber and you blow up computer stores you’re labeled as an “American hero”.

      Liberals are always against capital punishment (even for terrorists, it has been reported that Bin Laden is registered Democrat), especially when the person being killed wants to be killed, and will be labeled a “martyr” by the religious left for dying (think Paul Hill, William Ayers, Timothy McVeigh, the Unabomber – you know, the liberal terrorists), and are always looking to reduce the sentences of criminals and let them out of jail early, because most criminals are liberals anyway. You are not a very good Liberal unless you have been arrested at least a dozen times.

      Illicit Drug laws are to be ignored anyway, because Liberals are always trying to legalize illicit drugs like LSD and Barney the Dinosaur. That is one way that they raise money for political needs, selling weed, crack, Meth, cocaine, and Kittens.

      Although they keep most of the money for themselves they sometimes give part of the proceeds from their drug deals to murderous South American terrorists. Luckily the liberal media never pays too much attention to actions like this.

      Incidentally, due to past yelling (at Ann Coulter) and equal-time marches, liberals have never heard of certain historical figures that no one really wants to consort with including: Augusto Pinochet, Moammar Kadhafi, Slobodan Milošević, Saddam Hussein (except when the Democratic president Bill Clinton dealt with him of course), Josef Stalin (except during WWII), Kim Jong Il, and Porky the Pig.

      People liberals keep pictures of in their wallets include: Hugh Hefner, Paris Hilton, and Jose Canseco.

      American Liberals are all about spreading the wealth and anti-corporation though many work for or take lobbyist money from mega-corporations anyway.

      It is also a well-known fact that most Liberals are bong-sniffing hippies. Liberals are most likely yuppies who dread about working hard, but will never give a dollar to the homeless man in front of their office buildings. Are those really liberals? They may whine about income inequality until our ears bleed, but the homeless man just sits there and would love to have their prestigious jobs. Well that homeless man is not a true liberal or else he’d have sold his soul to Moloch like the other liberals in exchange for wealth, fame, a good career, or at least win the lottery, or make a fortune in the stock market, or marry a rich woman.

      Their corruption does not count: What liberals do on their time is fine, times nine.” Quote taken courtesy of Liberal Tax Deduction Schemes: Chapter 14: Multiply deduction by nine”.

      Remember that the public has a short-memory, so if you accuse Conservatives of doing something, the public will forget that your party did it last year, or a decade ago, or up to fifty years ago. You are not a hypocrite if the public forgets your misdeeds and you accuse Conservatives of the same misdeeds. Remember that Liberal corruption does not count, but Conservative or Neocon corruption counts plus eleven billion times.

      Bill Clinton said Iraq has WMDs in 1998 and attacks, George W. Bush said Iraq has WMD in 2003 and attacks.

      Bill Clinton takes money from oil companies and the price of oil goes up, George W. Bush takes money from oil companies and the price of oil goes up.

      Ted Kennedy gets drunk, takes drugs and runs over people with his car afterward. Rush Limbaugh gets drunk, takes drugs and smuggles viagra into international airports.

      Bill Clinton has warrantless wiretaps in 2000, and George W. Bush has them after 911.

      In fact Barack Obama is doing the very same things George W. Bush did as president like spend a lot of money, keep the Iraqi war going, keep the Patriot Act, warentless wiretaps, etc. Obama can do all of that with a free pass because he is a Liberal and Bush was a Conservative.

      obama: Yes we can move automotive jobs to Mexico as part of the stimulus plan.

      obama: Yes we can waste the stimulus money on pork projects renamed to something else.

      obama: Yes we can support Warentless Wiretaps.

      obama: Yes we can support the Patriot Act and keep it going.

      obama: Yes we can delay the withdrawal of troops from Iraq even if Obama promised not to do so.

      obama: Yes we can raise taxes to pay for healthcare.

      obama: Yes we can destroy 2.2 Normal jobs to create 1 Green Job.

      Oscar Wilde once said, “Liberals not only avoid logic, they detest it”. Bob the Builder replied, “The very act of liberalism defies logic!”

      • Mike in MI

        Jay -
        A nicely done yukity-yuk.
        Hey, didn’t Bob the Builder also say something like,”The act of liberalism produced Rosemary’s baby…then had its name legally changed to Barack”?

    • SamFox

      A concerned America? From where, Venezuela??? Say hello to Hugo for us, wouldja.

      You lib progs live on the BIzzaro World. You have every thing bass ackwards.



    Alot of people like this author have claimed they would to have liked to see Rubio as VP for Romney. Though Rubio may be a good, honest and host to the Latino’s and the other immigrants, the fact remains that Rubio could never hold the office of US President because he is ineligible.

    In the event that something happened to a President Romney that required Rubio to have to step into the President’s position it could not happen because of eligibility purposes leaving the Country leaderless until a special election of some sort could be held.

    Rubio can better serve this Country in Congress and not as a VP – to much to risk in this election and the State of emergency that America is already in certainly don’t need more issues within the Executive offices

    • dan

      moot point now that the Indonesian/World Citizen aka Barry Sotero aka Obamao
      has effectively abridged that law….just as he has abridged free speech and due process.

      • Power To The People

        Yep….that’s a fact….he is illegal and the Potus Congress knows it and has allowed this disgrace to endure.

      • Nancy in Nebraska
      • Mike in MI

        dan -
        As the character Obamao he abridged the entire legal dictionary (thereby giving his teleprompter PTSD), extracted its Appendix and put its Foreward at the other end so now everything’s Backward. If that wasn’t enough Michelle put its etiology on bread and water with brocolli and forced it on grade schoolers who saw through the perfidy. Then, they decided enough was enough and successfully sued all the teachers’ union members with pedophilia and statutory rape. The ACLU defence failed because Obamao abridged the dictionary which shows that progressivism is always retrogressive due to the Unintended Consequences Law being irrevocable.

  • http://aol malcoolmX

    Ryan has the knowledge and courage to tell America the truth about this Kenyan.

    • eddie47d

      Did Romney hire Ryan to cover up his own weaknesses and his past flip flopping on issues.There is no way Romney could have conquered the top spot on his own.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      You REALLY think so!!! Ain’t gonna happen!!! If he was “approved”, he’s one of THEM!!! Don’t hold your breath!!!

  • Iron Sharpens Iron

    Hey concerned, The GOP created all the debt independently huh? I think you’re the one who needs to get a clue.

    • eddie47d

      The Romney/Ryan cabal talk a good talk yet their backgrounds look like Swiss cheese also so neither side can claim much truth on any issue. We know about Romney’s financial schemes and hidden money but what about the Ryan clan. His family garnered tax subsidies from the government for over 100 years. His great grandfather helped build the railroads and was good at it but it wouldn’t have been accomplished without government money. His family continued in the construction business throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest building highways,bridges and some airport runways. That is great but all with government subsidies and tax breaks. How can Republicans vote for someone who loves infrastructure projects and government help in doing so? The Conservative elements of Congress are notorious in attacking both so how do you “bridge” that gap? Not only that Wisconsin took in over 1 billion in the last year and a half from the Feds and plenty of Stimulus money. Ryan was born and raised in Janesville yet the GM plant closed in 2008 laying off several hundreds so did he do anything to save an American company? Do any of you care or will you continue to denounce that company? Obama’s Stimulus money started up the Janesville Innovation Center to bring back jobs to that city. Another $10 million is going into a Medical Products Manufacturing Plant which was helped along with that Stimulus money. Now will Ryan send Obama a thank you note for helping Wisconsin recover or will he attempt to take credit? Janesville also has the Blackhawk Community School (Jr College) and the school receives government funds to operate.The students learn new skills and new trades to keep them in their home town. Those students also accept government loans and grants to accomplish their goals. Will Ryan keep his poker face on the budget when his state has accepted so much money from the government which helped secure future jobs.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Boy eddie, are you easy to fool!!! obumass nationalized the company! He STOLE it from the shareholders!!! Ask the Cubans, the Russians and the Germans what they thought when it STARTED there! Ask them where it went from there! And all the big talk about saving jobs! 8 out of 10 of GM’s jobs are in CHINA NOT THE UNITED STATES!!! So yeah, the American taxpayers did china a BIG favor!!!

      • eddie47d

        It was 2008 that GM left Janesville and the Republicans allowed it to happen. Obama did his best to keep the company solvent and it is doing fairly well and paying it’s debt. Most of those jobs slid over to China before Obama so stop beating that tired old horse. I would say jobs and a companies survival should comes before shareholders in any financial downturn.. I don’t like to lose money on shareholder gambling or betting on making money but that is wiser than putting folks on the street. You seem to be the one being fooled this time.

      • SamFox

        eddie47, you & many others miss the fact that the spending you speak of is not authorized by the US Constitution. Where would we be if the fed govt followed the Constitution & lived within their income level. Like we have to.

        Also missed is that if the fed govt were not screwing up the economy with over regulation & taxes, states would be in much better financial situations & could fix their own infrastructure. We would not have nearly as many poor either & private & state charities could take care of the less fortunate with out illegal fed intervention into our lives.


    • A concerned American

      Read this -. A REAL report, Study it, Let the REAL TRUTH BE TOLD:

  • braindeadus

    That would be a great ticket Ron Paul and Paul Ryan they would win by a landslide.

    • dan

      my first thought,too….but it would be fun to watch their heads explode by naming
      Sara Palin as VP….bwahahaa

    • DaveH

      Did you read the article I linked to in my first comment? Ryan is just another Establishment Republican. Balance the budget in 40 years; only a Republican zealot could fall for that.
      Here’s another:

      • DaveH

        Correction. Change “Balance the budget in 40 years” to “Balance the budget by 2040″.

  • myopinion

    Obamas’ you didn’t build that” is targeted at the black races’ Plantation Owners property, was common knowledge that the slaves Built That” is the message he’s getting out, not slander just truth is all Ryan has to say to bring this pus bump to a head. we have to think like them to beat them, no more good guy sentiment mentality. We know who the good guys’ are

  • Ted

    WAR, if a person votes runs for Vice-President and nobody knows it, did he really run?

    The strategy you are suggesting is old hat. he Presidential candidate always takes the high road, talking about how great he is and how the country is going to be better under his leadership, and the Vice-Presidential candidate always takes the low road, criticizing the opponent.

    Both parties use this strategy – it works half the time.

    The Romney campaign will use the strategy that you have argued for, but not because you have suggested it.

  • Johnny

    I would like one of you to explain to me how Paul Ryan is the smartest guy in the room, yet he voted FOR TWO tax cuts that werent paid for, he voted FOR prescription drug part D for seniors NOT paid for, he voted FOR two wars that were NOT paid for, he voted for the FIRST TARP under BUSH and then voted against it when Obama was President, these were all policies that exploded the deficit under bush, yet didnt …..because BUSH didnt put them IN the budget, but had them funded through supplemental funding AFTER the budgets were approved…..and if you tell me I am just some lefty who is just parroting liberal talking points then I want you to show me where his vote is different than what I have stated, if he is such a policy wonk and budget wonk, he would not vote for these things WITHOUT paying for them…..because isnt that the republican mantra, we cant spend money without offsetting it with spending cuts….where did they cut spending to pay for the bush tax cuts, two wars and Medicare Part D…or does this way of thinking ONLY apply when we have a Democratic President????

    • Rich Armstrong

      I’m sorry that I don’t have much time to deal with your whole comment, but I’ll give you some facts about one – the prescription drug bill for seniors [Medicare Part D]. The bill was passed to help seniors be able to afford medicine that they needed to 1. stay alive, 2. be functional and 3. avoid the pain of everyday life as you age. If you think that is a bad thing, please reply now and don’t bother reading the rest of this. There were two drug bills on the floor in Congress [that was before Nancy Pelosi, when the minority party was allowed to bring bills to the floor]. The Rep bill had an estimated cost of $400 billion over ten years. The Dem bill had an estimated cost of $1 trillion over ten years. I won’t get into the internal differences of the bills, but the more cost effective alternate was passed. Just after that the Dems started their ‘when we take over the White House we’ll make the drug companies negotiate prices with us”. As history has shown, that was another balloon filled with hot air. The drug industry was taken behind closed doors [remember that thing about the health care bill will be written with CNN televising it so there can be no deals. Gee, I wonder what happened to that} ……..In essence their was a problem that needed to be solved, and a bill was passed to do that. Both bills were unfunded. Would you have the same complaints if the Dem bill got passed?

      • Johnny

        the problem is not voting for the bill, the problem is being hypocritical by voting for unfunded things when BUSH was in office and now all of a sudden that Obama is president everything needs to be offset by spending cuts……also, this 716 billion republicans are moaning about obama using for the healthcare law are cuts to payments to providers and the like, and not recipients….cuts that THEY AGREED to, and will also be used to help close the donut hole

      • SamFox

        Rich & Johnny, you both are illustrating how corrupt the D & R wings of the Big Government Party are.

        Can’t look at just the party, plus party candidates can’t be believed without verifying that they walk their talk.

        Only one major ‘party’ candidate has the voting record & platform favoring We The People that is verifiable & unchanged over some 30 years.

        That would be Ron Paul. Ron is also the only true fiscal conservative running. He comes with a great added feature. Dr. Paul is also a strong supporter of the Constitution who respects the US Founder’s intents. No extra for shipping, either. :-)


    • Power To The People

      Congress controls the money…not the Prez. All they have to do is vote not to fund something and then it can’t happen. Congress is made up of wimps that agree to spend whatever they are told to agree too by their puppet masters and wallow, we have more debt.

    • http://yahooandfacebook John Gagne

      And we can’t forget, the top 2% know where to throw their money.

  • virginia schloredt

    Excellent!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work my fellow Patriot in Arms! Can’t wait for Part II!!! :););-):-)

  • Dot

    A better title would be “Paul Ryan is everything Obama wished he could be”…….

    • nc

      Dot, why would Obama, the President of the USA with the winning party, ever want to a candidate for vice president of the losing party?? Ryan may be your hero and the Republican Party, your party, but a lot of us are not in denial of the results of the last effort(?) by the Republicans to govern this country! Even Ryan himself said Obama was left with a mess of an economy!
      When Romney added Ryan that ticket came even closer to looking like bush/cheney? Can we afford another administration that can win the approval of just 24% ofthe American public! I was one of the nearly 70 million who voted for Obama and the Romney /Ryan ticket with the same Republican platform of pro-rich and anti midle class provisioms has not come close to showing me a reason to change! We already have the best parking places!!

      • SamFox

        nc, please, you need to get over the “My party good! Your party bad!” syndrome. BOTH parties suck!

        When all we do is change parties without making sure the candidate is a supporter & follower of the Constitution nothing changes. We changed from GWB to 0, but things are worse.

        We must stop the party thing & look closely to their candidates records, platform & speeches.

        Ron Paul is the only major ‘party’ candidate who actually consistently walks his consistent talk. Ron has been talking, walking & voting the same for some 30 years. What Dr. Paul stands for & would as POTUS do, is the only positive for We The People if what Ron advocates were implemented.


        • Lyndia

          I agree with you that Ron Paul would make a very good president and if I thought he had a prayer of winning this election, he would have my vote…. But until we get a better election system that doesn’t eliminate everyone down to this ridiculous two party system, I will cast my vote for the one with the greatest chance of getting this individual that is in the White House, booted out. I would guess that Romney/Ryan will listen to Ron Paul and respect what he has to say. I believe that Paul will work well with Romney/Ryan because all 3 of them know that if Obama isn’t ousted, this country will be in much more serious trouble then most can imagine!

  • JimK

    I traveled and did business in Europe, I LOVE AMERICA
    Why a large part of American voter cannot see this Moron and Vice-Moron for what they really stand for and how they have twisted and navigated around the Great Document, the US Constitution..

    These Democrats are very dangerous to our Great Republic.

    As for the GST Steel mill, I spent time in that shop and it was a dump long before Bain got involved. Why do you think Armco Steel got ride of it, no money to be made and it was thirsty for massive capital investment. The Democrats are un-informed and certainly out of touch.

    • Lyndia

      You are absolutely dead on in what you say…just with the people in this country would wake up to what is really happening to our great country and the danger that our current “#1″ citizen is creating by using his presidental privilege to override the will of the people!!

  • Theresa Kelly

    Please tell me how Romney/Ryan are any less evil than Obama. They voted for BOTH bailouts, TARP, re-authorization of The Patriot Act and the NDAA. Romney passed an Assault Weapons ban in his state, plus the issue of RomneyCare aside from being pro-choice!
    All three are hard core socialist.
    Ryans budget plan has no real cuts PLUS but it aims to balance the budget by 2040.
    Please, I’d really like to understand why anyone believes the media when they tell us that these two are conservatives!

    • erik

      roots pocket book says ryan is better .any one with a brain can type in the truth about ryan .he thinks hes trying to keep the few hundred that reads this bs hes no drudge he could learn from him

    • DaveH

      You’re right, Theresa.
      Buy stock in nose rings. We’ll both get rich.

      • Erik Weber

        90% commentators here dont research any one. im glad this type of person only represent less than 25% Americans the rest can think for them self

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Oh, yeah? Erik??? Where’s the research to back up YOUR figures??? You just made that crap up!!!

    • http://yahooandfacebook John Gagne

      I don’t understand why they don’t apply a full scale attack on fraudulant tax evaders wich would bring trillions of dollars back to the front and a well thought out flat tax and dump the IRS wich is costing us big dollars and contributing money to a beaurocracy thats constantly making mistakes that are also costing us trillions of dollars.That would definately help pay the deficit and some to pay for other worthy programs.

      • Action not Words

        I agree whole heartedly. If they still don’t comply, imprison them, just like they would if you or I were found guilty of this crime. Laws govern all. PERIOD!!!! As long as we are dreaming;
        1) Illegalize campaign contributions- if they have to use their own money it will at least show commitment and hopefully resolve for this country.
        2) Illegalize off shore accounts- basically legal tax evasion
        3) Create task force to revamp SS cross referencing for illegals=Jobs
        4) Change nationalists requirements= Born to Americans abroad-allowed, Born to illegals on US soil-denied.
        5) End all visas
        6) Create hundreds of teams, nation wide, for the removal of all that are now considered illegals- resulting in more job avalaibilty,economic upswing,less unemployment,money stays in US.
        7) New Federal requirements for all entitlement claims- drug testing both new and current claimants
        8) Hundreds of more teams to investigate and discredit fraudulent entiltments
        9) Close and secure the borders
        10) Encourage new business by severly limiting imports
        I’m gonna force myself to stop here,only because we all know this is a pipe dream, although I have many more and I’m sure everyone here has some of their own that we will never see….
        US = SAD STATE !!!!

      • SamFox

        John, if 0 went after those that are behind in taxes, 0 would have to out half his administration.

        • Lyndia

          I agree with you although you probably should include “O” in with the rest of those people. I also agree that the tax system has got to change in this country. I’m not sure a Flat Tax would be the answer although set up right it could be. I believe a sales tax on ‘luxury items” would work well and taxes would be paid at the time of purchase. It would take a load off the taxpayers come April 15th and also remove the need for the added expense of a tax preparer!!
          We did a group research on the various tax collections in our university class and found that the sales tax was by far the best way to collect the taxes and the easiest on the taxpayers. It would reduce the costs of IRS tax collection people needed; it would cut costs due to less need for tax courts, lawyers and many other required needs with the current system Basically your taxes would be added to your cost of the purchase just as gas taxes are added on at the pump!.
          There would be no taxes on normal groceries, medications, clothing and normal everyday necessities.

          Everybody (including the rich) would be paying these taxes and our tax system would not be in the disasterous mess it’s in right now!!

    • http://MSN UsidiAwiagina

      I hear that one Theresa…I’d like like to know as well???????

  • George Somsel

    I wish he would quit mentioning that he was a Vice-Presidential candidate every 2 paragraphs. Even a political junky like me doesn’t remember that he was a candidate for a minor party. My response is “So what?”

  • Norm

    Choosing Ryan makes about as much sense as McCain picking Palin.
    Romney has the far right, albeit grudgingly. He needs independents, retirees, women, hispanics, blacks, and other moderate groups. Ryan, with his fairytale economics, scares the hell out of these groups.
    It takes votes to win an election

    • Power To The People

      Could the objective actually be to make a real attempt to tackle the debt and spending problems??

      • Norm

        By increasing military spending by a trillion dollars? By cutting taxes on billionaires? I think not.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      EVERYTHING romney has done up until now has been what you would do if you WANTED to LOSE!!! Could it be that it’s already been decided? romney’s going to LOSE BY DESIGN???

    • DavidL

      Ryan does not help Romney one bit. In fact, it is going to increase his margin of loss. No responsible thinking adult is going to vote for Ryan-Romney.

      Ryan is a devotee of Ayn Rand, an atheist. He’s a Catholic for God’s sake and a proclaimed Christian.

      Ryan’s budget sells off Medicare and Medicaid to give another huge tax cut to the rich.

      Ryan wants to cut taxes by $4.6 trillion over the next decade, but only for corporations and the rich, like giving families earning more than $1 million a year a $300,000 tax cut. And to pay for them, he’d raise taxes on middle- and lower-income households and butcher social service programs that help middle- and working-class Americans

      Ryan’s budget gives Romney at tax rate of .082% while increasing taxes on the middle class.

      Ryan’ budget will dismantle Social Security. This is the same social security system Ryan used to get survivors benefit to help pay for college. But now but he wants to take that possibility away from future generations. He agrees with Rick Perry’s view that Social Security is a “Ponzi scheme” and he supported George W. Bush’s disastrous proposal to privatize Social Security.

      Ryan’s budget wants to eliminate Pell grants for more than 1 million low-income students. His budget plan cuts the Pell Grant program by $200 billion, which could mean a loss of educational funding for 1 million low-income students.[

      Ryan’s budget INCREASES the deficit by trillions.

      Ryan co-sponsored a national bill to require all women contemplating the termination of their pregnancy to undergo FORCED high-tech ultra-sound rape.

      Ryan co-sponsored a national bill to declare person-hood at conception and thereby end all abortions even in the case of rape or incest. How will you handle visitation rights by the rapist, ladies?

      Ryan is no fiscal conservative. He voted for TARP. He voted for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He voted for the prescription drug plan. All of these votes put the bill on the deficit.

      Ryan turned over SEVERAL YEARS of tax returns to Romney when he was vetting him for VP. Why isn’t Romney turning over SEVERAL YEARS of tax returns to the American people who are vetting him for President? The answer is obvious, and possibly criminal.

      This current republican team is going down to defeat, and deservedly so. I just hope it gets trounced like it did in 2008 because maybe it will bring the old Republican party back. That was the party of real fiscal conservatism and social progressiveness. Blacks will not vote for this ticket. Hispanics will not vote for this ticket. Women will not vote for this ticket. Jews will not vote for this ticket. The college educated will not vote for this ticket. Seniors will not vote for this ticket. Independents will not vote for this ticket. And even many Republican, despite what they say in public when pushed, will not vote for this ticket. They are well aware of how extreme the party has become. Palin, Bush, Cheney not speaking at the convention? Oh what a surprise.

      How are you going to win an election when you only get the votes of the bat-crap-crazy?

      • DaveH

        DavidL says — “Ryan is a devotee of Ayn Rand”.
        DavidL, when are you going to learn the difference between what Politicians say they are, and what they really are?
        Here’s what a real devotee of Ayn Rand says about Paul Ryan:

      • DaveH

        Disclaimer: I am no fan of Paul Ryan. But I am a fan of truth.
        DavidL says — “Ryan’s budget INCREASES the deficit by trillions”.
        I’m sure he really meant the National Debt, so I will address it as such. No doubt, DavidL that the National Debt would increase by Trillions, since Ryan’s budget cutting won’t even erase the deficit until 2040. But Obama has raised the National Debt by $5 Trillion in just four years, and I haven’t heard a word from you about that. Why is that? What’s good for the Goose isn’t good for the Gander?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Firstly if Ayn Rand was an atheist then I must claim myself to be an atheist. And an atheist I would never be. Considering that she was a Jew and from her writings knew Judaism quite well with all of its teachings. She also knew what the Russian Orthodox Church’s teachings and actions were and how deteriorated they were. She also saw the deterioration of the Christian and Roman Catholic Churches in America. She knew what teachings brought on Socialism and Communism to Russia and the US.
        Paul Ryan studied Ayn Rand and then when cornered on this he denied her.

      • Action not Words

        This is very simple !! It is a win – win – win situation:
        Romney wins…. The elitist or whatever you want to call them win
        Obama wins…… The elitsist or whatever you want to call them win
        Vote for anyone else….. your guy loses and…. yep they still win

    • DaveH

      DavidL complains that Paul Ryan says “Social Security is a “Ponzi scheme””.
      But it is worse than a Ponzi Scheme. People aren’t Forced to join in Ponzi schemes:

      • Norm

        Social security has been a profit center. It has helped finance every war since Viet Nam.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So you actually believe that O has the votes by resorting to desperation frenzy. It is sign that he doesn’t have the votes.

      • jopa

        Norm;Social Security was safe until Ronald Reagan and Alan Greenspan came along and started the mega-grand theft of the system.

  • The Resolute Voice

    You’re right although it took you too long to come to the conclusion I came to on the first day. ( but then I have history in Wisconsin as my grandparents and great-grandparents were farmers there, and my kid went to college there.). Ryan is perfect because first of all, he comes from the middle class and worked hard to get where he is today ( like most of us). He has also remained remarkably humble and yet an extremely asute observer. Secondly, he is brilliant and a tough thinker, something Obama obviously is not. Ryan is smarter and has worked harder than Obama has. Obama has been successful only by conning everybody he comes in contact with, includng the American voter. Paul Ryan is Obama’s worst nightmare thankfully.


    Your time is almost up, and the world will be truly free. Time is on OUR side.

  • Erick

    Who saw the movie 2016 about Obama???


    I hope that Ryan is as tuff as he sounds.We have to get this OMAN out of our beautiful White House.You all need to check more in the Background of this man in the W.H. As Mr.Wayne Allen Root said,Check him out,ask him to reveal all his Papers from Birth,School and College.He will not do so ,because this would be the end of his Regime in this country.

    • Lyndia

      One way of finding out if Obama is actually eligible to even be in the position he is in would be for Romney to agree to turn over his tax returns IF Obama turns over his actual Birth Certificate and College/University Records. I think Romney would actually fair better then Obama in that deal since Romney isn’t falsifying his records…he doesn’t have to,,,is Obama???

      • pmbalele

        Romney is done if he cheated on his tax returns. I encourage Newt, Ron Paul, Santorum, Cain and Bachman to rescind suspension of their campaigns. GOP may not have candidate after convention. I am sure Romney is going to quit if GOP, TEA Partiers and right wing media demand he releases more information about his money. Americans are now smarter than 2010 when they fell to TEAParty lies. They want to see their president pay taxes like themselves. Romney is done. We may as well let President Obama re-elected without opposition if Romney quits.

        • Lyndia

          I highly doubt if Romney has cheated on his taxes….he may very well have used all available “loopholes” that people in his tax bracket have and we don’t. If you were to be able to see Obama’s, I am quite sure that he used pretty much the same kind of loopholes that Romney may have as well!

  • http://PLD FRENCHIE


  • petroleumengineer

    Flashy is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Flashy is like about 40% of the people in this country – uninformed and easily led by goofy ideologues who have never made anything work.
    Thomas Jefferson – “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”
    I am very fearful that too many uniformed voters will fall into the trap and leave our country bankrupt monterarily and politically. Our only hope is a Republican victory – House, Senate, Presidency.

    • DaveH

      Our only hope is a Libertarian Government. Since that isn’t likely to happen anytime soon due to the severe brainwashing we’ve all endured. There really is no hope. Get ready to join Argentina in third world status.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      How will it be determined that a person who claims that he is a Republican is really a Republican and not a Leftist/Democrat lying to win an election? Lying appears to be so easy for Leftists/Democrats and hard to discern.

  • Smoovious Laxness

    Red Eye is a late-night television show on Fox News.

    – Smoov

  • TerriG

    Right, as well as in the past, Medicare has not come between a Docter an patient. There are set rules for what percentage or dollar amount that Medicare will pay for. For those people on Medicare and below the poverty level their states will shoulder most of the rest. Medicare recipients pay a monthly premium fotr basic Medicare. They have the option of paying larger monthly premiums if the wish to get a Medicare Advantage program. There is no medical rationing. Under Paul Ryan’s plan to “save” Medicare their would definitely be rationing. All you have to do is read his proposal to see it.

    WAR, your video’s and posts are done to get publicity, just as your frequent reminders/statements that you were once a vp candidate are.

  • The Christian American

    It might sound good but money isn’t America’s only problem. Alexis de Tocqueville after touring America to find it’s secrets said: “It cannot be doubted that in the U.S. the instruction of the people powerfully contributes to the support of the Republic; and such must always be the case, I believe, where the instruction which enlightens the UNDERSTANDING IS NOT SEPERATED FROM THE MORAL EDUCTION…” If we don’t repent to the Creator, all the rest is for naught. That’s not going to happen with Romney or Obama unless the people wrest control of their government by electing congressmen like Ron Paul.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Ron Paul cannot make the country Christian and moral even if he tried. There are more than enough claiming that they already are Christian but it doesn’t effect how they live and do business and run their families. There is apostasy and rot on a major scale within the Christian Churches so don’t expect reformation to happen. The weeds have overtaken the gardens and the wheat fields.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        It isn’t Ron Paul’s duty (or any politician’s for that matter) to make this country Christian, and the Christian’s version of morality.

        That job is the duty of the religious community, via their places of worship.

        A politician’s duty is to restrain government within the confines of The Constitution, be our representative when dealing with other countries, defend us when we are threatened by hostile governments, and a small handful of other tasks.

        Making this country Christian, or any religion, is not the purpose of our government.

        – Smoov

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Are you missing the fact that Socialism/Marxism/Fascism is also a religion?

      • Mike in MI

        Nadzie – (all right if I call you that?)
        The Schmoo, it’s o’vious his bowels of religious compassion’s in his Laxness.
        Look out! Stand back!! OO-OO-oo-oo, Schmoo…
        ‘o’vious spread him religion,
        to Laxness is due.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          Attitudes like that, is the reason why I’ve said most of my life, that Michigan is a great place to live, except for the people.

          I don’t want to live in a theocracy, and I don’t want my government taking on the role of the church.

          They don’t do anything well that they stick their fingers into, except for defense, and I sure as hell don’t want them sticking their noses into morality anymore. They just do a lousy job at it.

          Oh, and dude. Lay off the drugs. They aren’t helping you at all.

          – Smoov

          • Sue Steel



          • Smoovious Laxness

            Um… which opinion?

            The one I have about Matt(Mike?) from MI’s attitude?

            Or the one I have about not wanting to live in a theocracy?

            – Smoov

  • willie

    All I can say is Romney had better have really really good secret service protection on Ryan. “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” aka “tell it like it is Ryan” is going to be the magnifying glass burning a hole in the bee hive and it won’t be pretty.

  • HKaufman

    Once again Wayne Allen Rhetoric becomes nothing more then waste of words and wasted thinking.. Time for Wayne Alien to retire to the home and sit quietly sipping on hot tea. This is what goes through the mind of those that THINKm, while reading this version of banta fodder:***Mitt Romney is hoping to energize Republicans by announcing Paul Ryan as his running mate. Seriously? That’s like trying to spice up a bowl of oatmeal with more oatmeal. During the announcement, Mitt Romney said that he and Paul Ryan are ‘America’s Comeback Team.’ You know, as in ‘come back in four years and try again.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You could have saved yourself quite a few words by just saying that you are O’s true believer.

    • eddie47d

      Nadzieja could have said more and admitted she is a Romney true believe. Have you dumped Ron Paul yet and can’t quite make up your mind?

  • Palin16

    Obummer teleprompter malfunction:

  • Lyndia

    I have read some of these posts and find that most seem to have a real resentment to wealthy people and would like to see them get widdled down to a sliver because they are of the opinion that the rich must have somehow “robbed the poor” ! You want to raise their taxes and lower your own…that would really help you out when the big businesses start laying people off and more of them find that it’s much cheaper to do business across the “sea”….how many of you receive your paychecks from these bigger companies and how many of you would end up on the welfare lines if these companies either end up bankrupt or paying foreigner in another country to do your job??

    How about returning the illegals (millions of them are living in this country right now) rather then giving out “passes” to make them legal and encouraging more to burden our welfare system, medicare system,our struggling job situation, and the citizens even more!

    This country has to start taking care of it’s own and let the other countries take care of their citizens! I know that this will not solve all of our problems but it would be a good start in the right direction!!

    • eddie47d

      Some Americans are actually bothered by the corruption from the wealthy on Wall Street and in the Corporate boardrooms. Have you forgotten so soon or do we need to send you a refresher course? That is a direct question and yes we are well aware of the corruption going on in Washington also.Neither Congress or Wall Street gets a vote of confidence and both have taken us down a slippery path.

      • Lyndia

        No…you don’t have to remind me….I just don’t condemn all of the wealthy because they happen to be wealthy! I also do not condemn all the republican because they are republicans or all democrats because the happen to be democrats!!

  • FreedomFighter

    Sam Elliott—
    While hiking down along the border this morning, I saw a Muslim
    extremist fall into the Rio Grande River. He was struggling to stay
    afloat because of all the guns and bombs he was carrying. Along
    with him was a Mexican who was also struggling to stay afloat
    because of the large backpack of drugs strapped to his back. If
    they didn’t get help, they’d surely drown.

    Being a responsible Texan and abiding by the law to help those in
    distress, I informed the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and
    Homeland Security.

    It is now 4 PM, both have drowned, and neither authority has responded.
    I’m starting to think I wasted two stamps.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • 45caliber


      You did waste them. You should have put your note on the collar of a stray dog and then fed it. That would have saved your stamps, gotten the dog a good meal, and still warned the two groups in the necessary time since I’m sure the dog would have been more than happy to have carried the messages. And he might have had to dump in the water, which might have given the two men a “pole” to support them.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Ahahahahahaha! Thanks, I really needed a good laugh!!!

  • 45caliber

    Mr. Root:

    I hope you are right about Romney’s reason for selecting Ryan. However, from past experience with politicians of both parties, I’m afraid that your reasons are all wrong and that your comments will come as a complete surprise to Romney. We shall see.

  • ireAmerica

    We will NEVER get perfect candidates or kings, and We MUST eject Obama. It is unacceptable for us to keep allowing our country to be destroyed, by his “team”.

    The more votes for one team opposing Obama, the more likely Obama’s defeat. Any person who would not vote for Obama anyway, but votes for a “more perfect” candidate than the Romney-Ryan team is throwing away a gift from God.

    A recommendation: thank God for Mitt Romney’s inspiration to pick Paul Ryan as his running mate… then go with what God has provided. Your prayers up ’til now have been answered (at least partly).

    Four principles of action reveal the criminal elitists – no matter what they call their utopian con. Call it collectivism, Socialism, communalism, Communism… What to look for is progress toward these outcomes;
    . abolish religion,
    . enforce “equality”,
    . destroy the family,
    . confiscate property.

    Obama is a follower of classic Marx – who publicly declared his choice of the path to hell (see “The Pale Maiden”). Hilary is a follower of Alinsky – who dedicated his work to the devil (see “Rules for Radicals”).

    See anything yet?

  • StillaPatriot

    I have to say I agree with many of you who feel RON PAUL would be a better candidate!
    If he doesn’t get in the running, guess I’d have to vote for Romney to get Obama & his regime out of Washington. At least they have some values & respect this country.

  • Dave67

    Love the guy who voted for the Conservative’s war in Iraq (3T), The conservatives tax cut (1.7T), Medicare “reform” 600B, TARP, The Patriot Act, Dept of Homeland Security… But in 2008, he gets religion and becomes a “FISCAL CONSERVATIVE”. The Koch Brothers strike again…

    Vote Romney/Ryan… Because the wealthy need another tax cut.

  • Pastori Balele

    Karl Rove is liar and missing the point by cranking those stupid Medicare numbers. Those numbers are useless arguments. What Seniors are worried and complaining about is the cap of $5,000 voucher in Ryan-Care. I was admitted at hospital for three days for an operation. The bill came more than $6,000. That means if a senior ever is admitted the $5,000 goes in smoke in three days. After that the senior is on his own. There are two options after that. One the senior has to pay the cost if he or she has money, or the hospital can throw him out. Thrown out, the senior dies. Ryan wants to kill seniors. As federal government employee Ryan and his family do not have to worry how many days they spend in hospital. Recently we heard Jess Jackson Jr. was in rehab facility. He has been there for a month; but does not have to worry how he is going to pay the cost. Like Jesse, Ryan is on government insurance. Ryan wants to survive at all cost, but want all seniors exhausting his $5,000 Ryan-care dead. Ryan is a killer of seniors. We cannot allow that. Romney/Ryan ticket is DOA November 6 after 8: pm. Let’s prepare to vote for President Obama on November 6.

    • chuckb

      i have often wondered what mentality voted barry into office, now you have answered the question, who in there right mind would want barrycare when even the people who passed it, don’t have a clue what’s in the bill other than raising our tax and destroying the best medical care in the world.

  • Deerinwater

    Mr. Root, I can’t begin to tell you just how ticked I am that you think so highly of Paul Ryan and how I now understand why you found work for Mr. Livingston and no longer figuring the point spread in games of chance in Vegas.

    Thanks you for such a wonderful present as Paul Ryan, this really means a lot to me.

    I’m indebted,



  • Brazzos

    Wayne Allyn Root, Paul Ryan will be gone so kiss his ring before November 6.



  • dutchsays

    How much more evidence is needed that this site is actually a propaganda organ of the Ron Paul cabal? Paul has no chance of being nominated by any party which can rally a majority of the American coters, so they instead rail against the supporters of candidates who have a chance to rid us of the Marxist regime of Baracka Hussien bin Obama.
    Spoliled brats throwing a tantrum since they can’t get adults to do their bidding.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear dutchsays,

      You write: “How much more evidence is needed that this site is actually a propaganda organ of the Ron Paul cabal?” Curious that you post this at the end of a column supportive of the GOP’s VP pick. I assure I am not a “propaganda organ” for anyone or anything. My support of Ron Paul is not a secret. However, I support Dr. Paul because he is a Constitutionalist, as am I. I agree with his policies, so why shouldn’t I support him?

      You write: “Paul has no chance of being nominated by any party which can rally a majority of the American coters, so they instead rail against the supporters of candidates who have a chance to rid us of the Marxist regime of Baracka Hussien bin Obama.” The GOP has gone to great lengths to assure that Dr. Paul would not be nominated. These include dirty tricks, illegal activity and thuggery. We have documented these things. Actually, Dr. Paul has polled much better head-to-head vs. Obama. However, since Romney is an Obama clone and both are Bilderberg approved, nothing will change if Romney rids “us of the Marxist regime of Barack Hussien (sic) Obama.”

      You write: “Spoliled brats throwing a tantrum since they can’t get adults to do their bidding.” Ad hominem. Is that all you have?

      Best wishes,

  • unclebarry

    Wayne—what took you so long to step up to the plate and reveal your knowledge of Obuma as a school chum? Don’t get me wrong i love it & your strategy is sweet. But im just curious.

    • Palin16

      Mr. Root’s revelations are nothing new. He had a similar column in the Las Vegas Review Journal back in 2010.

      • pmbalele

        You have to love President Obama. If President Obama invites you in the WH, you have to act and talk normal – I mean like a regular human being. In the WH you cannot talk bad about Whites because President Obama’s mother was white. In the same way, you cannot talk bad about Blacks because President Obama’s father was Black. You cannot talk bad about Asians because some of his brothers and sisters are Asians. If you’re racist, you’re stuck in neutral – acting normal. We have now tapes from Nixon and Reagan while in WH. Some language in those tapes are really bad as to race relations. Take it from me – Obama is ideal person for the position of the President of United States and the World as whole. Please vote for President Obama on November 6.

      • SamFox

        TO pmbalele–

        What I have to hand Mr. 0 is a list of lies. There are several sites that show Obama’s List Of Lies.

        Then there is killing US citizens without due process, keeping the ‘Patriot’ Act after promising no to, signing the NDAA bill with indefinite detention in it…

        A vote for 0 is a vote for more social communistic fascism & total central planned govt control.

        NO THANKS!!

        Problem: Romney & Ryan most likely the same as Bush, who 0 is also the same as. Biggest diff is that 0 is even worse than GW. Same agenda. The only diff is that 0 is doing what Bush did, only more & faster. Example: Bush added 4+ TRILL to US debt in 8 years. 0 added 5+ TRILL in less than 4. NOT GOOD!!!

        I do know that I am not better off with an additional 5+ TRILL in US debt under 0.


        • pmbalele

          Please don’t be like other conservatives – dumb. If you want to know how conservatives lack the ability to make an informed discussion and decision, please listen to FoxNews anchors such as O’rielly, Hannity, Ingraham, Dick Morris, Crowley and lawyers. These are educated but badly brain-washed. Of course Karl Rove and Rush are college drop-outs so they have excuses to be dumb. I believe FoxNews CEOs has hired them to lie. And I don’t know what they tell their kids and spouses at home. “I went to work to lie and be dumb.” That’s why they are going to lose the war again come November 6. President Obama will be re-elected November 6. I have asked them to start taking aspirin to prevent heart attacks. After last elections they went hiding after Obama was elected President. Let’s pray for them. I will pray for you after November 6.

  • 45caliber


  • http://MSN WoundedKnee


    Hmmmmmmmm, Let me just think for a sec….

    ” Where Would We Be “????? Got it!…….If the ” Ignorant Idiots ” whom but this ” Scum Bum ” in Office we sure in the ??????? Be where we at today….As in Jobs Food Clothing Housing ect. I could go on and on with this list, yet what good what it do when there are ‘ Others ‘ whom are as Blind as a Bat in Light of Day…As this Bum has Others Convinced of his B.S. Lies which is Pretty Much Sad. By the time others come to ” Realization ” it will be Too Late…

    Wake Up People…Hello Hello Is Anybody In There…

  • pmbalele

    Here is a problem with Paul Ryan – he is a hypocrite. Just a few months ago he introduced Ryan-Care which puts cap of $5,000 on Medicare for seniors. If a senior exhausts that amount in a year on medical bills there are three options. One – senior has pay from his pocket if rich. If senior does not have money, he or she can sell everything, house and other belongings to pay the bills. Third, the hospital is allowed under Ryan-care to throw the senior out of the hospital. Ryan-Care is a blue print of survival of the fittest. It throws poor seniors out of hospital. That’s what seniors are complaining about. However, yesterday same Ryan said he did not mean to kill seniors with his Ryan-Care. Ryan is a liar and thinks he can fool us. Not this time. Ryan is a killer of seniors. Let’s vote for President Obama on November 6.

    • SamFox

      pmbalele, You had me till ya got to re elect Captain zer0, Liar extraordinaire.

      Problem is Mitt & Ryan are just insurance for the NWO agenda of bigger govt, the police state, the prison & military industrial complexes, support & sheilding for the privately owned ‘Fed’, the war on some drugs & more deficit spending to collapse the US system. Just like McManchurian was for 0. If John McManchurian got in he’d have continued what Bush did, probably at the same slower speed of GW.

      0 is continuing the same things GWB did, only at a faster speed. And 0 added a few nationalization projects to boot. Like healthcare & the some of the auto industry. The fed govt has no place in the auto industry or HC except to make sure they don’t lie, cheat or steal, the basis for all of what 0′s collapse the system agenda is.

      For more, read- Collapse The US System agenda, the book by Cloward & Pivon –& the book– Rules For Radicals –.

      I left space to copy & paste the phrases into a search.

      If Romney & Ryan were going to actually change any thing, the RNC would have never thrown these 2 RICNO-CINOs in our face.

      If the RCN, now as corrupt as the DNC, wanted real change & a true fiscal conservative US Patriot in the WH, the RNC would not have tried to marginalize, ignore & lie about Ron Paul.

      Don’t forget MittCare is the model 0Care was built after. Lots of other posters have exposed Mitt. Please check them out.

      You wait. If Mitt gets in I betcha he’ll come up with some thing like “Oh shucks! I can’t abolish 0care after all!” There’ll be some huff & puff & a show, but Mitt won’t get rid of it. I pray God I am wrong.

      There is only ONE major party. The Big Government Party. The R & D’s are the only two wings on this vulture.

      Now you know why I said what I said that you replied to. Thanks.


  • http://n/a Gray Frazier

    I’ve spent the past 3 1/2 years, watching Obama lie about everything, showing his immaturity and inneptness, in doing a job that is WAY over his head.
    If you ask me, that – ALONE – should be reason for his dismissal. Most companies give an employee about 90 days to prove whether he/she can do the job and, if not, that employee is shown the door…Obama has had exactly five months, less, than four years and proven he is so innept and immature that he should never have been elected in the first place.
    His immaturity is always shown in the fact that he absolutely NEVER takes responsibility for his own errors and his inneptness is shown, anew, just about every time he steps into the Oval Office, goes to a meeting, makes a decision or goes abroad, where he, seemingly, enjoys acting as if all the ills, in the world, are America’s fault.

    With the fact that he has already blown the national debt into the cosmos and, with the fact that he could have been the sitting president, when America’s dependency upon foreign oil was achieved — although he failed on both counts…AND, TRUE TO HIS DIM BULB UPBRINGING, DEMANDS IT’S ALL BUSH’S FAULT!…he has sought more money and refused to allow continued drilling for the trillions-barrels of oil, underneath the United States.

    Obama refuses to release records that could prove his education, his place of orgin, etc., while demanding that Romney must release his and, while he does that, it’s obvious that Americans should absolutely never have thought to elect him to begin with, let alone, re-elect him.

    We should throw his lazy bones, his lying mouth, his innept brain and his spendthrift wife out of theWhite House at the earliest opportunity (1/20/13, in case anyone doesn’t know) and give another man the opportunity to straigten out the failure Obama has made of America!!

    • Lyndia

      Thumbs up on your commets…they are right on and very much true! A true President would shoulder his responsibilities and not throw the blame for wrong doing on everyone else….he has shown that he cannot lead this country anywhere but down. If people are crazy enough to put him back into office, they deserve to be on the bread lines and lose everything they own, but those who have watched his disasterous past 4 years and have tried to talk sense into those with the blinders on will also be looking at the same punishment and losses because of the ignorance of those who would put Obama in again…that is the really sad true!


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