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Welcome to Personal Liberty. I’m Wayne Allyn Root. My commentary this week is about Mitt Romney’s choice for Vice President: Congressman Paul Ryan.

But first, a comment on last week’s video: I told you about Obama’s college scandal at Columbia University. That video went viral. Over 80,000 of you viewed it in just the first day. Over 150,000 in the first week. It is well on its way to unheard of numbers in the hundreds of thousands — spreading from coast to coast — and I just want to thank all of you for watching and telling your conservative friends.

Well, I’ll tell you what: My commentary sure struck a chord with Americans. In one 24-hour-period I was on Sean Hannity radio, Sean Hannity TV, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Governor Mike Huckabee, Geraldo and the late night national radio show Red Eye. That’s all in one day. Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham and CNBC were blogging about my commentary; and Investors Business Daily published an entire editorial based on me and my revelations.

And I want to let you know I’m working on an update right now. I’ve had over 3,000 emails from my fans, and the most-asked questions are:

  • “Why does this matter?”
  • “What do you hope to accomplish?”
  • “Can your revelations bring down Obama?”

I’ll have my Part II soon. Please look for it.

Now, to Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan as Vice Presidential running mate. From a former Vice Presidential nominee to another, I have some advice. I’m going to tell Mitt the strategy that wins him the election: Use Paul Ryan as “Obama’s Shadow.” Because if there’s one man in America born for the job of debunking Obama’s myths and lies, it’s Paul Ryan.

Now, as a political pundit, I have to admit my initial reaction to Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan for V.P. was surprise and disappointment. Because most Americans don’t know who Paul Ryan is. And the Democrats will, of course, paint him as the mean man about to take Grandma’s Social Security away. Another issue is that Ryan won’t gain Romney any Latino votes or expand Romney’s base. And, quite frankly, he’s not the most exciting guy in the room. Ryan is a policy wonk extraordinaire and boy genius. But those are not ideal attributes for giving rousing speeches. Not surprisingly, my first choice for the job was Florida Senator Marco Rubio. In my opinion Rubio solved all of the issues above.

But after a day of thought, my opinion has changed 180 degrees. Romney made a brilliant move: He found himself a stealth weapon — someone that proves that Obama is a phony, someone who proves that Obama is not the smartest guy in the room. My advice (from one former Vice Presidential nominee to another) is to capitalize on Paul Ryan’s unique — actually one-in-a-million — brainpower and knowledge of budgets. More on that later.

First, Romney made a bold move by not taking the easy road with a Pawlenty or Portman (“old white guys” just like him). He picked the architect of the GOP Congressional budget plan: the only plan by any politician that at least attempts to slow the growth of spending (although I believe Ryan should have gone even further). Picking Paul Ryan embraces cutting government spending as the centerpiece of Romney’s campaign. He’s not hiding from controversy or what Obama’s socialist cabal calls “radical ideas.” Romney is going for it. To be blunt, I didn’t think he had it in him. Bravo.

The image Team Romney has created is simple and stark: Vote Romney/Ryan to at least try to control the size of government, cut spending and debt, reform entitlement programs to save them for future generations, and encourage small business to create jobs.

Or stick with Obama/Biden and choose pure insanity: Embrace even more spending, more debt, bigger government, and keep demonizing and punishing the small-business owners that create the jobs and actually pay for all government programs. Keep telling them “the private sector is doing fine” while you raise their taxes and ruin their businesses, and keep demoralizing them by telling them: “You didn’t build that.” Voting for Obama is like killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

Romney has laid down the gauntlet. Like the heroic firefighters running into the burning World Trade Center towers, Romney ran toward the tough choices, controversy and claims by liberals that women, children and elderly will starve. Romney doubled down. Again, I just didn’t think he had it in him.

Romney’s choice of Ryan also shows that his strategists made the decision that this election will be won in the “Heartland of America” with Midwestern values. The Midwest has been ignored for decades. Midwesterners are starving for attention. This is a brilliant move. This is a battle cry for every Midwestern, Catholic, Christian, suburban, hunter, fisher, NASCAR/NFL lover (especially if you love the Green Bay Packers), married-with-kids American voter. There ain’t no foolin’ around here.

Romney will win this election by out-raising and outspending Obama to bring out record numbers of those disillusioned by Obama’s lies and divisiveness: white, middle-class, Catholic, Christian, suburban, married and those voters who — regardless of race, religion or location — believe in those values that have made America the greatest Nation on Earth. The choice of Ryan as VP makes it clear that if you vote for Romney, you won’t get something for nothing, money doesn’t grow on trees and the way to solve a debt crisis is not with more spending and debt. Is it working? Romney raised $3.5 million in 24 hours after announcing Ryan as his VP choice.

Romney is gambling that the battle will be won in the Midwest: Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa (with Pennsylvania thrown in for good measure). Can Romney sweep those states? Ask Governor Scott Walker, who passed major union reforms in Wisconsin and then won his recall by a landslide. Congressman Paul Ryan has won by landslides year after year in a pro-union, heavily Democratic, Wisconsin Congressional district. Ryan knows how to win over moderate, independent, married-with-children voters who hunt, fish and go to church on Sundays.

But most importantly, as a former Vice Presidential candidate myself, I have advice for how Romney can put Paul Ryan’s brainpower and policy-wonk talents to use. Earlier today, I watched Congressman Ryan on YouTube debating and making mincemeat of both President Obama and Congressional leader Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the topic of Obamacare. This guy is seriously smart — as in boy-genius smart. So here’s my advice: Turn policy genius Paul Ryan into “Obama’s Shadow.” Send Ryan to crisscross the Nation to shadow Obama’s every move. Wherever Obama speaks, Ryan follows — in the same town, only hours or a day later. Ryan’s job is:

  • To intelligently rebut everything Obama says.
  • To call Obama on his fraudulent math.
  • To expose Obama for the phony he is.
  • To show by comparison that Obama is only a good talker, but he’s not as smart as advertised.

Ryan really is the smartest guy in the room. Put him side by side with Obama to prove it.

Ryan will expose Obama as a phony — in the same town and on the same local evening news. Ryan proves that Obama is full of hot air. Ryan unmasks him as a teleprompter reader with no understanding of the nuts and bolts of the budget. Ryan turns Obama into “the emperor with no clothes.”

This is Paul Ryan’s role of a lifetime. He is the brightest policy wonk in America. Unleash him to use his intelligence and mastery of facts to hound Obama and debunk Obama’s tall tales. If there is one man perfect for framing in detail how Obama’s ideas have damaged the U.S. economy and killed jobs, it’s Ryan. If there is one man who can paint the devastating picture of what happens to our children and grandchildren if we follow Obama’s plan for another four years, it’s Ryan.

I want all of you to YouTube the video of Paul Ryan schooling Obama about the lies and math fraud of Obamacare. Ryan clearly knows more about Obamacare than Obama does. My educated guess is that Ryan knows more about every issue than Obama does.

Paul Ryan is “Obama’s Shadow” — and the real smartest guy in the room. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week, same time, same place. God Bless.

–Wayne Allyn Root

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