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TSA Suspected 4-Year-Old Girl Had A Gun

April 26, 2012 by  

TSA Suspected 4-Year-Old Girl Had A Gun
Four-year-old Isabella Brademeyer ran from Transportation Security Administration officials who wanted to frisk her.

Isabella Brademeyer, a 4-year-old from Montana, was deemed a high security threat by Transportation Security Administration officers after hugging her grandmother.

Isabella, her sister, her mother and her grandmother were traveling home to Montana after attending a wedding in Kansas.

The family passed through security scanners, but the grandmother triggered an alarm. Isabella ran back and hugged her grandmother. It was at this point that TSA officials thought the grandmother had handed Isabella a gun.

“It was implied, several times, that my mother, in their brief two-second embrace, had passed a handgun to my daughter,” Isabella’s mother wrote on Facebook.

As any 4-year-old would do, Isabella ran from TSA officials.

One of the officials allegedly said that the airport would have to be shut down if Isabella did not cooperate.

“When my scared child could not do so, two TSOs called for backup saying, ‘The suspect is not cooperating.’ The suspect, of course, being a frightened child. They treated my daughter no better than if she had been a terrorist,” posted the mother.

Initially, the family was told by TSA agents that they would have to leave the airport because they would not frisk a 4-year-old. But age hasn’t stopped TSA in recent times. TSA has harassed a 7-year-old girl with cerebral palsy and a 3-year-old in a wheelchair. In the end, Isabella was frisked as well.

Apparently, TSA officials who initially covered the situation passed the news on to other airports. In Denver, an airport employee asked the family to point out Isabella.

TSA responded to the incident: “TSA has reviewed the incident and determined that our officers followed proper current screening procedures in conducting a modified pat-down on the child.”

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Harold Olsen

    I’m surprised those TSA perverts stopped at just frisking the child. I’m surprised they didn’t get their jollies by strip searching her.

    • wandamurline

      And as a mother, this is where I would be arrested. The first pervert that touched my 4 year old child would have my fist right up their nose and I would be arrested…but on my way out, I would have screamed, hollered, fought and made a real scene for all in the airport to see, while screaming TSA is unconstitutional.

      • American Momma

        You got that right!!! I would put a whole new meaning to their interpretation of “momma bear.” DO NOT TOUCH MY CHILDREN!!! I am perfectly willing to die for them.
        They say to “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s,” but “FED GOVT” is not written onto my childrens’ birth certificates, so back off!

    • CZ52

      Obviously TSA hasn’t gotten the memo saying they are no longer needed.

      “In a Monday article in National Journal, a senior Obama flunky announced: “The war on terror is over.”

      Since the war on terror is over disbandment should have started last month. Guess it will be next month. Oh no, I have it now it will be the day after forever unless congress grows some ba!!s and defunds then eliminates them.

    • A Little Bit of Reality

      Get past that charmingly sweet little face and any TSA agent could deduce her as a terrorist.. Good catch T’men.. Have you looked closely at YOU’RE little daughter (or son) recently? You never know what can lurk behind those precious eyes.. Oh yes, cudos to granny.. for having passed gas that smelled just like a glock g19.. (ooh, those watchful wanna-be’s)..

    • Peter

      I just don’t plan to return to the US any time soon. Maybe in a box but otherwise no.

    • TheOtherWhiteMeat

      We should take a day off from our jobs and occupy them at their cars when their shift is over.

  • JimH

    I’m married to a Montana girl. Those Montana girls and thier guns, you never know. Grandma was just giving the granddaughter a pistol so she would have something to play with on the plane. The shotgun or rifle wouldn’t fit in the carry on luggage. Those TSA people are just wimps.
    If Grandma had been wearing a burka while handing the child something they never would have tried to look.

    • The Professor

      Don’t forget Grandma’s knitting needles.
      Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

      • Carol J

        How about the one who started opening the sterilized packages of catheters. The covers are transparent and you can see what’s in there, but this idiot said he “had to be sure”. Thank goodness his supervisor was right there and stopped him. Otherwise my brother and sister-in-law would have been unable to take their trip to Hawaii for the Pro-Bowl because they would have missed their flight having to replace the catheters.

  • s c

    It’s OK, Harold. They’ll get another chance when newborn babies get ‘processed.’ After that, pregnant women [regardless of race, creed, color, political leanings or whether or not you have bunkies in high places]. The ‘system’ has been pre-blessed by Holder and Obummer.

    • Sirian

      Haven’t they more or less already accomplished that s c? Seems as if there was another little girl or boy that was strip searched at some other airport. You’re right though, newborns and all the way to pregnant women are next on the list. There is no limit as to how far these TSA idiots will go!!

    • 45caliber


      It just occurred to me … do pregnant women get scanned by their X-ray machine when they travel? Wouldn’t that be dangerous to the baby??

      • s c

        45caliber, to Obummer, The Anointed Divider, abortions and radiation are both good ways to get him what he wants.
        I can’t wait to hear him explain how this will make Amerika “better.”

    • BigBadJohn

      TSA, Patriot Act and NDAA all sponsored and put into effect by REPUBLICAN majorities!!

      • Andy

        And fully supported by the Democrat minorities.

      • s c

        If it’s so WRONG, schmuckster, WHY won’t YOUR false W H ‘God’ END IT?

      • Sirian

        The war on terror is over, or so your messiah says, so what’s the need for the TSA dummy?? Get a grip on reality idiot, not your mommas apron strings.

      • mitakuwe

        Never thought I’d say it but there is very little if any difference between the two major parties these days. We need something ELSE we can beleive in. Republicans & Democrats are just different sides of the same coin. Too much Federal power. The nightmare is only beginning! Heil Obama!

      • Boatman

        And approved by all democrats,

      • Tom Cook

        Five bucks says John is actually little, insignificant and irrelevant, the last two words he does not know the meaning of.

      • BigBadJohn

        WOW predictable responses from the brain dead crowd. I was simply pointing out the FACTS. The republican party has pushed for most of these policies that strip
        YOU of your freedoms. Yet you jump through hoops to defend them – why is that? Do you not understand?

        I thought this was a blog about Personal Liberty, not cheerleaders for the republican party.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        Little Harmless john…The un-patriot act could not have passed without support from the democrats for the Republicans did not have a filibuster proof majority in the senate. Also if the democrats were opposed to it they could have easily repealed it when they had total control of the house, senate, and presidency. since that did not happen and in fact the un-patriot act was renewed and enlarged it is logical to conclude it has their full support. As far as NDAA is concerned the democrats still control the senate so they could have easily blocked it. Since they did not it is obvious the vast majority support it.

  • Tom Doscher

    TSA officials need to be held accountable for their assault and battery on children.

    • Sirian

      Perhaps they should be classified as Federal Pedophiles, GSA-1 level, with full benefits and retirement, background clearance not required. Imagine the backlash if this were actually the case.

    • s c

      Tom, look at it this way, according to Obummer and Billary and other assorted utopians at the TSA, “it’s all for the “CHILDREN.” Makes you want to puke, doesn’t it?

  • Helena

    When this terrified little girl ran away from a TSA agent, the only thing surprising is that someone didn’t give the order to shoot. You can’t be too careful when it comes to 4 year old terrorists who try to hug their grandmother. What’s really frightening is that the general public is just accepting of this assault on our civil liberties………….after all the government is “keeping us safe”

  • chuck

    Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul. Restore America’s COMMON SENSE.

  • JD

    All right , this is a highjacking , we are taking this plane to Disney Land . Gotta watch out for those demanding and dangerous 4 year olds .

  • mitakuwe

    The TSA appears to be no better than other similar government paid agencies. The BATFE, FBI, BIA, CIA, SS and TSA are rogue organization that do what they want pretty much when they want. You don’t have to go back in time very far to see this kind of behavior played out in spades. Remember Ruby Ridge? How about Waco how about the treatment of a number of “suspects” after the Oklahome City bombing? I can remember watching a video with an elderly Native American store owner literally having the dogs turned loose on her for refusing to pay a tax on cigaretts that were being sold on sovereign tribal land. Another young man came to her aid and beat the hell out of one officer but the damage had already been done. Randy Weavers wife…. shot in the face and killed IN HER OWN HOME while holding her baby because of trumped up charges that Randy had sold a shotgun with a barrel that was too short (he would NOT cooperate with the FBI to infiltrate another group and provide information). Their 12 year old son had his dog shot right in front of him and when he turned to run was SHOT IN THE BACK by these same people sworn to defend & pritect. AND, this was ywears BEFORE 9/11 and the “Patriot” Acts. Janet Nepolitano and her Natzi tatics are cut from the same cloth. Why should we expect anything different from them? Report after report after report of abuse, civil liberties violations and rogue behavior. Every bit of which is paid for by you and me. The terrorists are winning this so called war and it’s being used as an excuse for more government control and fear mongering to subjugate each of us. Do YOU feel any safer with TSA feeling you up or scanning you? Do YOU feel any better with the SS (Secret Service) investigations? These are the kind of taxpayer funder organizations we have loosed upon the land. Now the question becomes, ” How do we stuff these “things” back into Pandoras box?

    • Robert Smith

      Queston asked: “” How do we stuff these “things” back into Pandoras box?”

      By not allowing the government to divide the American People!

      We should ALL stand together instead of letting them divide us over issues like guns, assisted suicide, abortion, and pot. We must respect the freedoms of ALL Americans for our own to be preserved.

      If we work together instead of divided America can be America again.


      • JD

        I’m not sure that can happen Rob . It seems that there are always those that will support the government no matter how far they go either out of fear , misplaced patriotism or just wanting to be on the presumed winning side . When things get to far afield there will only be two choices of opposition , fight or flee . Everyone keeps holding up the third choice of voting but I have been searching the history books and can not find one example of its victorius use , only the fight or flight have been the only escapes of tyranny .

      • s c

        Comrade ‘r,’ we can’t UNITE when The Anointed Divider is in the W H. YOU are so FULL of it!

      • Bruce

        Rob you are right. working to be sure our “neighbor” gets to keep his rights is the ONLY way to keep our own. If everyone would look out for his FELLOW CITIZEN (like God told us to do…) the Gov (representing the devil himself), could not violate the constitution so easily. When we follow God’s laws, kindness, love your neighbor as your self and so forth. We make it harder for the gov to control everyone, except Gov employees who buy hookers or expensive parties.. just a thought…..Bring back the constitution, every word of it. Public discussions on the direction the country should be going, Socialism or constitutionalism is the big question of the day. This question should ONLY be answered by “we the people” not the government. Lets hear it. Put it up for a vote, Socialism, Marxist-ism or Capitalism. Let there be a vote “of the people” then let the government go the way we told them to go. IT IS OUR GOVERNMENT WE MAKE THE CHOICES. Quit letting elected and appointed people make your decisions for your. Lets roll the laws back to the way they were in 1965 before the drug war started. Then we would have our liberties returned to us, AS IT SHOULD BE……

  • dan

    somebody tell the TSA chuckleheads that the terrorist is in the Whitehouse :

  • Big Woody


  • Brian

    Simply reason why I will not fly. The TSA has way too much power over our lives. Not only do they steel from luggage but they get to feel up anyone whom they want.

    • A Little Bit of Reality

      While the mama ship charges us outrageous fees for the privilege.

  • sabulaman

    Meanwhile, with the TSA chasing down the 4 year girl, four men wearing turbans boarded the plane.

    • 45caliber

      Of course! After all, it is against their religion to get searched. You wouldn’t want the TSA to go against their religion, would you? Only Christians are fair game…

      • Bruce

        Christians are “fair game” because it is actually the devil attacking the worlds Christians thru our government and others. Who is working for the devil? and who is working for GOOD?

    • A Little Bit of Reality

      Relatives are exempt.. (I thought you knew).

  • http://LibertyDigest Dan

    Eleminate and disband the TSA. The treatment of this little girl and her family is a
    discrease to this nation. This proves that our country is no longer free. We are
    being taken over by Marxist’s.

  • FreedomFighter

    Obama TSA = Brownshirts of Hitler

    Eliminate the TSA its an organization we do not need

    Laus Deo
    Semper fi

    • mitakuwe

      Great idea Freedomfighter! But we gotta do something with Nepalotano, too. She just can’t be turned out to get another job in the administration. She is way to dangerous! Suggest allowing her to go to Israel (deporting might be a better term) & searching her as the TSA last act. She would fit right in over there!

      • OneGuess

        Oh, PLEASE! Do not send her to Israel! We have enough problems of our own.

  • box-bb-car

    But Gee, didn’t they say yesterday that the ‘war on terror’ was over? Why then is the TSA still in existance? What a bunc of tards…..

  • Calonzap

    Are you people going to insult everyone’s intelligence by continuing to spout off that this young girl COULDN’T have had a pistol hidden under those clothes? Do you think that a terrorist wouldn’t use a girl this young or even younger to hide an explosive or a weapon on her? If you think not, then you’re a dumb*ss. Can you say that you know what’s in her parents’ minds? If you think you know, then you’re a dumb*ss. Do any of you know what a terrorist looks like? If you think you do, then you’re a dumb*ss. If you people can’t figure out how to keep something like this from happening to you or your children, then you’re all dumb*sses. The way for you to keep this from happening is to stay the h*ll off the fr*gg*ng airplanes. The system we have is a long way from being perfect but it’s what we have and until the brain-damaged ignoramuses who run our federal government open their eyes and copy Israel’s system, we’re gonna’ have to put up with it…..and whining and crying and complaining only makes matters worse.

    • CZ52

      “Are you people going to insult everyone’s intelligence by continuing to spout off that this young girl COULDN’T have had a pistol hidden under those clothes?”

      Well since you are insulting everyones intellingence by posting here I guess we are even. The original article I saw about this latest despicable show of force by TSA described her clothing and it would be impossible to have hidden even a pocket pistol on her.

    • mitakuwe

      Ok, Calonzaper. Seems like your mentality is just like those in the middle east. When 4 year old little girls become terror suspects we really HAVE lost. Isabella lost something, anyway. Part of her precious innocense by submitting to a pat down after all. Now, THAT”S the way to teach future generations.While I’m worked up, to hell with Israels techniques. They live in the most violent part of the world and seem to like it that way. Their response to almost anything is to hit harder than your opponents, of which they have many. We have to draw a line somewhere and TSA has stepped WAY over it. No more war = no more TSA, no more “Patriot” acts……….

      • OneGuess

        Ah, Mustapha! Now we see you; it is not pretty. Why bring Israel into this? Your antisemitism is showing.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So did the little girl have it on her? Apparently not.

  • Dad

    Is there any doubt left that these government union liberals are complete idiots? I can’t find a sane one in the whole bunch…
    Garbage in…. gargage out

  • JimH

    CZ52, If the girl did have a pocket pistol hidden on her a walk through the metal detector would have found it. Since one wasn’t there the same walk through the metal detector would have told the TSA she’s safe without all the fuss.

    • JimH

      Sorry CZ, My response was to Calonzap.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      I believe the TSA agent tried to cover the mess he/she made by Lying about the little girl and her grandmother.

  • castaway

    Please vote Ron Paul

  • steve

    the only way to stop this harrassment is that all people should refuse to go through with the system. let the planes take off empty. yes this is a crazy idea but noone can stop what is happening unless people change the system.

  • Big Woody

    The biggest problem I have with this article is that the author states “TSA suspects 4 year old girl has a gun” Name the TSA agent so the whole world knows what a scumbag he or she is. Personalize this low life behavior so all of the agent’s family and neighbors know what a dirt bag they really are. Name names to show the shame of each TSA agent and see if they act in such a reprehensible mannor again or if their co-workers actually put their brains in gear before totaly humiliating another human being. Next article I see I want to see “Joe Blow of the TSA took it upon himself to humiliate and degrade a 4 year old girl.” We cannot stop them all, but we can stop them one at a time.

    • r.p.

      Well said B.W.. Thanks for stating the obvious.

    • bigbob

      The reason we can’t release the name of the TSA moron is that TSA agents are not required to show ID or give their names. In fact, insisting on identification of them will land you in even bigger trouble for interfering with security precautions. I’ve been there, done than.

  • HKaufman

    Seems TSA needs to be disbanded. Obvious they serve no PURPOSE other then to show Everyone that walking talking buttheads do exist…

  • Buck

    Don’t you all just LOVE Obamass GESTAPO ?

  • http://yahoo vivian

    Sorry I feel that checking everyone will one day save many lives.But the sad part is that they are allowed to check a four year old ,yet cannot check someone who would kill us in a New York minute because Eric Holder refuses to allow it..This Baby has to be checked by TSA so that Holder can justify any checks at all..This white house is laughing their asses off at how they are doing what ever the hell they please and making you submit to it ..They break every law in the books and snub their noses at the Americans and beg forgiveness to every country that hates and wants us dead..Hang on folks ,you haven,t even seen the start of what they have in mind for Americans..And 2013 is when the Unions are going to see what jokes they have been made of..You really are sending your children to a hell you never dreamed of.

  • chuck

    TSA screeners allegedly let drug-filled luggage through LAX for cash.

  • kellys

    Dont fly, boycott the airlines and they will get the laws changed for the sake of profits. Quit feeding the trolls.


    WHY WE HAVE THE TSA TERRORISTS is to keep many believing the “official” tale about Arabs with Box cutters. Don’t forget that Bush told us in the Whitehouse Newsletter that he saw the first tower get hit, He could not have seen that without foreknowledge and a closed circuit TV,


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