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TSA Jurisdiction: Planes… Buses, Ferries And Subways?

June 23, 2011 by  

TSA Jurisdiction: Planes… Buses, Ferries And Subways?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has teamed up with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Border Patrol to conduct unannounced security screenings everywhere from airports to ferry docks to bus terminals.

“As part of the TSA’s request for FY 2012 funding, TSA Administrator John Pistole told Congress last week that the TSA conducts 8,000 unannounced security screenings every year,” Mother Jones reported. “These screenings, conducted with local law enforcement agencies as well as immigration, can be as simple as checking out cargo at a busy seaport. But more and more, they seem to involve giving airport-style pat-downs and screenings of unsuspecting passengers at bus terminals, ferries, and even subways.”

The screenings are conducted by the TSA’s Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) teams.

“VIPR teams work with local security and law enforcement officials to supplement existing security resources, provide deterrent presence and detection capabilities, and introduce an element of unpredictability to disrupt potential terrorist planning activities,” according to a press release on the TSA website.

VIPR teams work with ICE and Border Patrol to look for national-security threats, immigration law violators and smuggling, according to Mother Jones.

“VIPR operations are now even targeting freight trucks on highways. In addition to the random checks on public transit systems, it makes you wonder: can private vehicles be far behind? Will there be any mode of transportation beyond the reach of the TSA?” the article read.

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  • s c

    If this episode of Big Brotherism on steroids has anything to do with ‘funding,’ then this is simply a way to justify the existence of unnecessary jobs for the entire herd of knuckle-dragging simians at TSA.
    If it’s safe to assume that this crap will make us safer or feel better about the hordes of bad guys who are “out to get us,” then perhaps TSA could justify its mysterious ways by checking every semi, car and van that travel through small towns that don’t offer train service, commercial jets or buses.
    You dolts could be replaced by children who know the difference between right and wrong. At least children have enough sense to know that going through the motions of caring about America has nothing to do with getting the job done.
    The only way you spawn of useful idiots could justify your jobs is if every TSA banana eater started your ‘jobs’ at minimum wage. Like THAT’S ever going to happen during THIS administration.

    • TIME

      You nailed that to the bloody wall.

      Just wait until you have a TSA scanner units on your doors at home, will that be enough to wake you all up?

      Or will it take until they have them in your shower and on your toilet seat, and tooth brush?

      What will it take to wake up the vast amount of the US population?

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Read Orwell’s book, 1984, to get the answer to your question.

        The answer on the way? Most will never wake up, and those who do will be “re-educated” to stay asleep!!

        Washington has pretty much one-button control of public communications now, and spies in full-time tapping your wired and wireless communications!

      • Ma Kettle

        Do you have a “smart meter” on your home yet? We’re told they are just for reading our electric usage. Think “smart phone”.

      • Don

        Time, they don’t want to wake up, they are enjoying the kool-aid to much !

        • TIME

          They must have a really tasty brew.. LOL…

          • Lee Baldwin

            “they” are the people that voted for the Obama the first time around.We ALL need to step up the education of those who drank the Obama Kool-Aid
            so they don’t vote for him again. Start TODAY ~Time, Don, Handyman & Thor.

    • wandamurline

      They have been practicing an unlawful search and seizure for over two years, but it would seem they have not found any 6 year old terrorists as yet…as a matter of fact, they have found none so far. The criminals in the country must be laughing their butts off…they have more rights than the ordinary American citizen. TSA pulls you from a line, radiates or gropes you without probable cause, no mirandizing, no warrant and no right to counsel. Now tell me again that this is Constitutional. When are the victims of this going to start filing law suits? It would seem with all the ambulance chasing attorneys in this country, someone would have stepped up to the plate to file suits against the airlines, the TSA officer themselves, the airport, TSA and John Podesta (the biggest marxists in America next to Obama) We have got to eliminate Obama from office in 2012 and put constitutional representation back in the Congress, Senate and White House. Enough is enough.

      • April

        It’s Commerce Clause abuse!

      • Jazzabelle

        The reason nobody is suing is because they can’t. You agree to the security procedures when you buy your ticket. That’s a binding contract; you agreed to it.

        I agree this has got to end, but unfortunately the solution is going to have to go through Congress.

        • Vicki

          Jazzabelle writes:
          “That’s a binding contract; you agreed to it.”

          Which is just one of the reasons I do not fly anywhere anymore and am VERY wary when I go to airports to drop off or pickup someone.

          What will be interesting is for all those other places where you don’t enter into a contract till you get to the ticket booth. Will the “inspections” be before or after you buy the ticket?

          • Jazzabelle

            LOL … probably before, until someone sues, and then after. ;-)

        • Q. Omowale

          The United States Constitution is above all contracts. The Constitution is the supreme law of this country. “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a Free state, the right of the People to keep & bear arms shall not be infringed” (2nd Amendment to the Constituition of the United States). If police officers are forbidden by Law to strip search &/or pat down citizens without probable cause or even “reasonable suspicion” of a crime/criminal act, then TSA personnel have no more rights to do so than a law enforcement officer (4th Amendment to the Constituition of the United States). Know your responsibilities & rights, so they will never be taken from you. Note that the Constitution doesn’t “give” you rights but only “guarantees” your natural, God-given rights that every human being was born with.

      • Lee Baldwin

        You as well, wandamurline. start the education process. It is doing no good whatsoever to preach to people on this forum as well know not to vote for the Obama again. Most of his glassy eyed sycophants will however unless we get to them and try to educate on communism, marxisism, etc

      • Q. Omowale

        President Obama, Former Presidents Bush(G.W.), Clinton, Bush(G.H.W.), Reagan, Carter & every president of the 20th century were/are part of the New World Order globalist elites who want to kill nation-states & install one world governance. Replacing figure-heads (i.e. P.O.T.U.S.) will do nothing to stop tyranny & oppression. Consider this: 1) what people make up the Electoral College which appoints the P.O.T.U.S.? 2)how are these individuals chosen? & 3)who chooses them? This control grid is beyond Democrats/Republicans/liberals/conservatives/Jews/Christians/Muslims/multinational corporations/military-industrial complex. The American people & citizens throughout the world better wake up soon before we all become enslaved. Time is running out. Time to think outside the box before it’s too late!

    • eddie47d

      You’re still rather naive SC. If a terrorist gave one of those children (your example) a stick of dynamite they would light it. Thinking it was a fancy firecracker and blow the whole place up. I may not approve of the TSA but you are the childish one.

      • Bob from Calif.

        Hey Eddie,

        When are you going to realize that the TSA is not there to catch terrorists, but to make you more compliant for the New One World masters that are coming soon to a town near you.

      • Q. Omowale

        How many “terrorists” or “terrorist actions” have the TSA captured or thwarted? None, because terrorists infiltrate beauracracies & governments. These so-called security measures are not to protect citizens but to control them. If anyone cannot understand this, they must be blind in one eye & can’t see out of the other! Criminals will always prey on the weak, because that is what they do. Law-abiding citizens must take responsibility to protect their families, themselves, & their property from all who seek to destroy them (& that includes the government). News flash: governments fear the people because there are more of us citizens than there are government officials & their willing flunkies! Protect what’s yours & know who your real enemies are!

  • Dan L

    The next step will be for TSA to set up screening stations at taxi stands and outlaw getting into a taxi anywhere other than an authorized stand.

  • Ben Gardner

    People have to start realizing that TSA does not have arrest power. They have to call in local law enforcement. I ran into them a couple of weeks ago at a Greyhound station. I refused the search, the agent couldn’t get a cop, the driver let me on after I told the federal rent-a-cop that I was fully ready to defend myself by breaking his neck. Any yellow belt has the knowledge and ability to do that. It’s called self-defense.

    • Alex

      “{Y}ellow belt”? Don’t you mean ‘yellow belly’?

      Defend your silly self from what?

      You creeps whine about terrorism but get your panties all twisted up when screened. You people are [insult removed].

      • Jeepdriver 97

        The Second Amendment (which the modern government has tried to make the .0000002nd Amendment) allows us to police ourselves. If it wasn’t for our government, there would probably have been 3 or 4 armed people on the flights that took down the WTC towers. As Archie Bunker said, “The airlines should give each passenger a pistol, that way nobody would try to hijack an airliner cause he’d be swiss cheese before he even got to the cockpit!”

        • Vicki

          It does NOT allow us to protect ourselves. It limits the government from trying to take our Creator given right to protect ourselves. NEVER forget that the Constitution grants us NO rights. For if it did then they would be privileges and changing the Constitution would remove those privileges.

      • wandamurline

        Alex…you are the [insult removed]. Get a real history book and read about Hitler and how he “changed with hope” Austria. You need to wake up my friend because people like you are the reason we are in this state right now when Obama was voted in. America is a free republic which has a Constitution (you might want to read that one too) that is the law…one which this administration seems to ignore.

        • David Weber

          And I would add : Alex, you will never get your Communist Utopia. Keep dreaming buddy. I, and many other America loving patriots will oppose you and your matter the cost. The TSA is made up of nothing more than a bunch of Godless, degenerate morons. No one, sane at least, could possibly believe the TSA is keeping us safe by molesting 6 month old infants. I would personally starve before I would accept money to violate my fellow citizens’ God given rights, so the argument that “just doing your job” falls on deaf ears. It sure didn’t work at the Nuremburg Trials. An inability to recognize evil doesn’t absolve one for commiting evil.

      • JC

        Alex Alex Alex…

        No one here is whining about “Terrorism”. We all know that its completely contrived and isn’t real at all.
        Now get back on your knees boy…someone over at the TSA needs your services. :)

      • guest

        Alex..TSA is not about is about power and control. You need to live in a police state for a couple of years and then come back and tell the american popualation how great it is to have no freedoms. TSA is nothing more than an attempt to rob the american man/women their right to live freely and to enjoy the fruit’s of their labor. The very people who state their objective clearly according to their Koran which states kill the infidel wherever you find him’ are the ones getting a free pass through security. Our government is not concerned over all the terrorists coming through our borders yet they finger grandmothers and small childrens gentials in the name of security? What wrong with this picture? But more importantly what is wrong with someone who doesn’t see this as objectible and indecent.

        • Q. Omowale

          Actually, the “Quran” states that believers are to fight against those who oppress them, because oppression is worse than slaughter (please actually go & read a Quran, instead of just repeating what you heard someone else say)! Do your due dilligence & study for yourself & stop regurgitating the mindless drivel of the talking heads & politicians who use your ignorance to control & exploit you. The least any truly free people can do is think for themselves! Another fact from the Quran is that the pen of the scholar is more valuable that the blood of the martyr. The last fact from the Quran states that no one has believed perfectly until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself. Food for though!

      • Don

        Alex, you must be one of them people that like to be patted down

      • Vicki

        Alex demonstrates his maturity by writing:
        “You creeps whine about terrorism but get your panties all twisted up when screened. You people are [insult removed].”

        Actually we don’t whine about terrorism. We Complain about our government trying to terrorize us. Not the same at all. Our biggest complaint about TSA is their abject refusal to profile and closely inspect the “usual suspects”.

      • Lee Baldwin

        “Alex” voted for the Obama and probably will do so again. Read ALL that Vicky says, Alex. You could learn something today and just maybe you will not vote for the Obama in the next election

        • Alex

          So, you know who I voted for?
          That’s kind of creepy…

      • Q. Omowale

        The real terrorists are our so-called government officials & their supporting lapdogs. That’s why they swarm individuals at these checkpoints. When law-abiding citizens stand up to these “guardians”, they will run like the cowards they truly are! Real men & women don’t whine, they take action. Time for the real citizens to stand up & say “No more, never again”! Anyone that doesn’t want to stand up just needs to go back to sleep. Sleep on…

      • Robert

        Yeah we’re creeps but you’re an obvious TSA employee. Millions of people hate you your organisation and everything you stand for. Napolatano & Pistol are shyet and so is their boss. have a nice day =)

  • Altaica

    Just as deadly as the snake they are named after this is true poison to our personal freedoms. They have already gone too far. This doesn’t make me feel safe, this makes me feel paranoid and violated. We need to disable the american population’s snooze alarm so they’ll open their eyes and realize what is going on!

    • Alex

      Snooze alarm?
      You do realize that despite prior warning ‘alarms’, the Bush Regime chose to hit the ‘snooze’ button over and over, allowing the attacks of 911 to happen, don’t you?

      It was the Bush “intelligence” hibernation that created the TSA to begin with.

      • ValDM

        Normally I don’t reply to people who have overdosed on the kool-aid, but this time, I wlll.

        It was your buddy, Bubba Clinton who had a shot at Osama, not once, but 3 times & took a pass all 3 times.

        Be that as it may, please stop your addiction to the kool-aid & realize that each & every one of our presidents for the last 80 yrs have been working on this particular agenda. The next one just works on the foundation of the previous one, & so on, until we have reached this point.

        I don’t know about YOUR constitution, but MINE tells me that I don’t have to submit to a stranger groping me & fondling my private parts unless I’m suspected of criminal activities. Just boarding public transportation is not CRIMINAL. What TSA is engaging in is unlawful & morally WRONG.

        • eddie47d

          Why poke at Clinton when JC above said there is no terrorism and it is all an illusion. Both sides have their share of denial.

          • ValDM

            Oh, there’s terrorism, all right; but it isn’t the radical this or that, that terrifies me……………’s our own government. You submit if you choose; hoever, I will choose to fight for what I believe in.

            For what does it matter if a man gains the whole world, but loses his soul?……………paraphrased from Christ.

          • JC

            Ok eddie, lets pretned for a second that the entire “war on terror” isn’t contrived or fabricated…you think the government is protecting us by groping 6 year old American girls? Pulling American war veterans out of their wheel chairs? You think that these thug morons with the IQ of a house plant can actually protect us from “anything”?

            Onward through the fog lil Kamrade…

          • eddie47d

            You go on with your pretending. We don’t need your propaganda either. Hup Two Three Four!!

          • JC

            Good answer eddie.
            You’re completely insane aren’t you?

          • eddie47d

            JC, Only from listening to babbling idiots on this site!

      • Q. Omowale

        This is all by design. Democrats/Republicans/liberals/conservatives, multinational corporations, jack-legged “religious leaders”, & control freaks are working together to deprive citizens of every nation of their basic human rights (rights that are Goc-given & that we all were born with). The big question is what are we going to do about it? Live free or die a slave;your call…

  • sean murrey ILLInio


    • Harold Olsen

      The Obama supporters got just what they wanted, a Nazi regime that completely controls their lives. They probably couldn’t be happier since now they don’t have to make any decisions on their own and can now blame everything that goes wrong in their lives on someone else. They now have a blissful existence without any responsibilities.

  • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

    Then there will come to pass a TSA post and thug at each school bus stop, and kids who do not pass inspection will not be allowed to go to schools, public or private.

    Dangerous items like pencils and pens and protractors will be confiscated. Followed by confiscation of unapproved books! And then by jailing of kids with unapproved school clothes! Don’t laugh too loud! It is prohibited under anti-noise ordinances.

    • ValDM

      What you just wrote reminds me of Billary’s book “It takes a Village To Raise a child.” It also reminds me of the UN resolution about “children’s rights”.

      More indoctrination for those too dumbed down to think.

  • Dan az

    VIPR teams work with local security and law enforcement officials to supplement existing security resources, provide deterrent presence and detection capabilities, and introduce an element of unpredictability to disrupt potential terrorist planning activities,” according to a press release on the TSA website.
    when I first read that I had to go back a couple of times to make sure It said what I thought it said.Here we have the gropers hard assing the old folks and children and let the possible terrorist walk through untouched because that would be profiling.And now they are out in the streets and waterways eyeballing the working few that provide there wages.Pretty soon we will see them at every door to a mall or grocery store and checking your bags as you come out for possible bombs.Some one should make a movie out of this sh-t because no one would believe it in the future generations they would just say, yea right sure.Boy I sure feel safe now that the boys got my back.I gotta go pee now should I ask for permission or just stand in line and get groped before I go.I’m not sure maybe I should put on one of those diapers and take a dump first and let them exam it for nitrates yea think?

  • Jan Scallan

    Alex, go back to reading your Communist Manifesto or whatever it is that comforts you. You’re getting a little too whacky and personal.

  • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

    Sean Murrey,

    The majority is getting what they voted for, like it or not. I think they just do not know it yet.

    The Jews did not know what Hitler was doing when they were being “relocated” to the gas chambers! Propaganda then was very effective, just as now!

    • DaveR

      And do not overlook the fact that Hitler’s team invented the use of propaganda!

      • Jazzabelle

        Propaganda is as old as civilization.

  • Harold Olsen

    How soon, I wonder, will these TSA perverts start screening and patting down pedestrians walking down the streets.

  • dv

    Its really frightening. It seems even when some try to stop or control this they are stopped. Look at Texas and now Michigan. What are we to do?

  • http://ByGeorge By George

    The basis of this nonsense is the “Patriot Act” which Bush introduced. In the transmission of Political Power, it was like handing an open invitation on a golden platter to the Communist/Marxist that we now have serving as our Chief Office Holder to perpetrate his fundamental change of America.. The expansion of his own version of the Gestapo achieves several goals. It provides employment to a socially incapable level of society whose highest qualification for employment is baggage handlers. They are now empowered with the absolute control of those citizens who can afford to travel and must, by law, pass through their odious apparatus of violating the 4th amendment. These people will be grateful for their job and do as they are told including hands on offenses as now experienced at airports. They will assume authority they do not have and we, the traveling public, will bend to their will just so we can get on our way. And so, another tightening of the screws on our constitutional liberties will have been achieved. Go get ‘em! Freedom is the goal, the constitution is the way!

    • ValDM

      While I wasn’t a fan of Bush, he may have gotten the PA passed, it was little Joey Biden who authored this piece of garbage while he served under Bubba.

    • independant thinker

      While the un-patriot act was passed under Bush it took the help of a lot of democrats to pass it.

    • Kathy

      I thought the 4th Amendment was recently recinded by the U.S. Supreme Court . . .

  • dv

    forgot to mention. This is probably just the beginning of control. I seem to recall a 400,000 force medical police as well. What is that for to make sure we take our meds?

  • Nina Zick

    Isn’t it amazing that in airports the people you see being extra screened are elderly white and black people, mostly women. I have never seen a middle eastern man or woman extra screened, even though there are many in the lines. I am a 67 year old woman and I have been pulled aside for that extra screening, and 2 were patdowns, for the last 5 times I have flown. What is wrong with this picture?

  • Ted

    Ever since Bush allowed the attack on the WTC we have been subject to the Republican installed Patriot Act. We are at war with terrorism and the axis of evil. This has been the state of affairs for a while now. More searches, more cameras…..and Bush was installed twice as he stacked the supreme court. Good Luck

    • JC

      Oh you think its a Red vs Blue thing?
      It isn’t…its a bought and paid for government thing…
      And that won’t change until the Federal Reserve is burnt to the ground.

    • ValDM

      Please see my comment above to Alex. It is NOT R vs. D. It IS about a steady assault on “the people”.

    • independant thinker

      ted Ted Ted. You need to recheck your history or more likely read it the first time. While it is true the un-patriot act passed under bush and the republicans the democrats could have easily blocked it if they wanted to for the republicans did not have the super majority needed to prevent it. Also your precious democrats had the super majority and could have repealed it if they wanted. Instead of repealing the un-patriot act they passed a new enhanced version.

      • Vicki

        Lets make it even more clear for Ted.

        The DEMOCRATS had the full power of a supermajority in the House, A Filibuster proof majority in the Senate, and a Democrat President and did they repeal the Patriot Act? No. Instead they extended and enhanced it. Ted and others can claim Bush had the power of a god if they want but the facts are clear.

        The DEMOCRATS did it. The DEMOCRATS allowed and enhanced it. The DEMOCRATS administer the TSA which is NOW violating our Constitutionally protected rights. Not Bush and Republicans. OBAMA and DEMOCRATS. 2+ years. No more excuses.

  • newspooner

    The first simple thing that people can do is simply not fly on any commercial airlines. Then tell Delta, American, United, and the others why you no longer do business with them.

  • DaveR

    To Newspooner’s comment: Then ask to fly El Al airlines because the Jewish airline has the best real security in existence. They profile because they know it works.

  • Mark Matis

    God [removed] every pig straight to [removed] for what they have done to this country!

    • Thor

      MM, you will find all the help you need at

      Good luck

  • C130 Gunship

    TSA=Brown Shirts

    The day is quickly coming where wearing that uniform as well as other LE uniforms will be detrimental to one’s health. I’m am not advocating violence here. But IMHO, the TSA will push the wrong person’s button and death will be the result.

    To the extent possible, don’t fly, ride the subway, trains, or buses. If you are stopped while in your private car, refuse to cooperate. If possible get their names and badge numbers. Film your encounter if at all possible and get it on the web here:

    The only good news from this that we all know that the USA is dead broke. Sooner than later(2-3 years) the gubberment checks-read free cheese will be cut off. That’s when the FSA (Free $hit Army) will riot and revolt. There won’t be enough tax suckers-Brown Shirts, Police, FBI, State Stasi, Local Stasi, and National Guard to stop it because they will have lost their paychecks and will concerned about their own safety. Stay clear of the rioting mobs and you’ll probably be ok. We the people hold the power, not the government.

    Stay alert and prepare for very bad times ahead…………..praetorii praetorii vigiliis

    “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” – Mark Twain

  • Gib74

    Looking for immigration law violators??

    Gotta get them registered to vote democrat??

    • Gayle

      I read about a week ago that nobama ok’d visa’s for 8000 muslims from the WH. He’s slipping them in under the radar. It was slipped in on a one liner. Sometimes if you read the news carefully they will slip some news through.

      • r.p.

        I believe the number was 80,000.

  • Conservative at Birth

    In May of 2008 I read “The Obamanation” by Jerome R. Chorsi P.H.D. I warned my co-workers, customers,family, friends and neighbors of what would happen when Barrak Obbama was elected President. Many scoffed and accused me of being a right wing nut. I predicted that we would have long term un-employment, inflation, and the movement to a police state. To this date, I think most of those un-inofrmed still blame G.W, for our economic woes and believe Obama is good for this country. That is why I started buying fire arms, ammunition, food, distilled water and books. I already have a complete set of camping equipment. I will be prepared for the coming violence and will be ready to defend my rights to the death. Everyone else should prepare for the worst as well.

  • jay diggity

    Wow maybe they can set up at anythign SECURACOM protects. You know, the security firm that handled things at the world trade center before 911. The ones that allowed the WTC to be “maintained” twenty floors at a time before it collapsed into its own footprint in a miracle of physics never seen before or since. Unless of course you gone to see buildings purposefully demolished. I wonder 2 WHO 3 OWNS 4 SECURACOM?

  • GotSense

    Every evil system, or is based on lies.
    If you know the truth, the truth you know will set you free. The liers hate the truth because it is light, and exposes their dirty deeds.

  • Bob Marshall

    Everyone was warned this was coming. This is just the start. The North American Union has been agreed on and approved. The National ID Card is a reality.The FEMA camp many laughed at were built at the taxoayers expense. Origionaly built for illegal aliens they are to be used in case of a civil distrubance or for citizens on the terrorist list at the presidents discretion.Agenda 21 and the Extension of the Patriot Act. The latest cost for both wars is four trillion and add one billion each week. We need to wake up.We had better know everything we can about the canidate we vote for in the coming election.I don’t think many Americans really worry about government waste when it comes to spending. I have not seen one post on any site questioning the new US Embassy in Iraq at a cost to the taxpayers of seven hundred million dollars with an annual budget of one billion dollars.Congress likes the drones so much they have approved five billion dollars for 350 drones next year. The US has no intention of leaving either Iraq or Afghanistan. Why did Obama ask congress for one billion dollars for a US Embassy in Pakistan with an annual budget of between one and two billion dollars. We can only hope he changes his mind. We have a lot of citizens, not enough Patriots. Remember, if the government is big enough to give you everything you want it is big enough to take away everything you have.

    • Lostwages

      You are so right! Now all you need to do is get people to believe it! It is harder to get out of this country then it is for illegals to get in! Videos on line show the test set up of portable guard towers in Wal-mart parking lots!(popup FEMA detention centers) Others talk about movement of military arms around the country by truck and train! Yesterday on Alex Jones, Pastor Williams spoke about the elite and how scared they are about people waking up too fast! Go and listen to Pastor Williams and what he is being told. Wake up people!

  • CJM

    Ever wonder why these ‘inspectors’ wear surgical gloves? Guess it’s so they can put their hands/fingers where they don’t belong and all under the guise of ‘security’ (is this security to prevent getting STDs?). The current administration has no more interest in National Security then there is a man in the moon–it’s all about CONTROL of the masses. This unconstitutional invasion of our privacy and ignoring the unlawful search and seizure amendment is just another means to reduce the population into submission to those in power. Yet our spineless congressional members refuse to do anything about it.

    • American

      I though we elected more republicans to stop them, but I was so wrong, they do nothing, and they all must go, Boehner first of all, what a puss he turned out to be crybaby do nothing fool. Wake up America we need to get rid of all of them from the ground up. Or Obama and his communist nest will take us down.

      • Elevenarrows

        I don’t want to get rid of Jim DeMint and Ron Paul…feel free to get rid of Lindsey Graham and the rest of the criminals.

  • BigBen

    I am just surprise they are not measuring the guy’s junk and compare them for when they arrive at their destination or return. If it is different size, they would be held for questioning, investigation, and re-measurements.

    Colonoscopy next, anyone?


  • American

    Obama is a communist, not a socialist or a marxists, or just a progressive democrat a muslim and a communist. He hates America and its people, he has plans to bring us down, and take our rights away, he moves slowly and behind our backs. He hires communists and places them in different goverment agencies to ensure his nasty plan is taking effect and it is. Those that voted for the idiot should have to suffer what he has done they deserve it in my eyes everything they are getting. And don’t think for a minute Obama is done with you, he is already in the makings of taking all your weapons away so you can’t fight his next move. complete control over everything you have or hope to have, he plans to take it all and send it to the muslims. He will open the borders for them and they will come in America by the millions mark my words its what he is planning.

  • sybucket

    Anyone who thiks this Govt. can disarm this country needs to think again. There are over 300 Million guns in private hands and there is NO WAY the Govt. can disarm us, unless we let them!

    • Vicki

      Since we HAVE been letting them since at least 1934 (NFA) and maybe before, could you tell us why we will stop letting them now?

      • sybucket

        You may have misconstrued the NFA. The NFA in 1934 was aimed at fuly automatic weapons, Machine guns. And in fact it does not PREVENT anyone from owning a machine gun, it just requires you to jump through hoops to get it. Fingerprints, a special license and a ONE TIME payment of $200.00. I know, I know, more Govt. red tape, but to the best of my knowledge anyone who wants a Machine gun can get one….It’s just that the Govt. knows who you are. But then again since 1968 and that firearms act, they have known who you are anyway.
        However, knowing who has the guns is a far cry from confiscating them. If push came to shove and this Administration outlawed ownership of firearms and tried to confiscate them,I truly belive we would be looking at the next Civil War in this country. Roughly 1/3rd of the country owns guns. I would submitt that there are a large number of Non-Gun owners who also belive in the 2nd amendmant and would object to any confiscation plans. In addition, passage of such law would also immideatly set up the largest ‘Blackmarket” you could imagine. It would rivel prohibition, which also didn’t work. In the long run it would bring down the Government. It ain’t gonna happen…..And if this administration does an “end run” with the UN Treaty on Small Arms, then all hell will really break lose! Can you imagine the Heartland of this country agreeing to allow a United Nations treaty to over rule the Constitution? The problem with this administration is that they forget there is a lot of country between New York City, Chicago, Boston and Los Angles. Think about it. Does anyone really think all the gun owners in Virginia, West Virginia, Tennesse, Kentucky, Alabama, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Arkansaw,New Mexico,Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, North and South Dakota, South and North Carolina, Alaska, New Hampshire & Maine, Missouri and Oklahoma are just gonna line up and hand’em over? As the great JW said…”That’L be the day”

        • Vicki

          I don’t think I am having any problem understanding the NFA. So lets see. To convert the logic to another freedom.

          The freedom to write your opinions such as here.
          The NFPA (National Free Press Act) shall only be directed at fully automatic blogs. Those being defined as blogs where anyone can post their opinion. In fact it does not PREVENT anyone from blogging, it just requires you to jump through hoops to get permission to exercise a right. Fingerprints, a special license and a ONE TIME payment of $20,000.00 which any serious blogger can easily afford.

          Ladies and gentlemen. I rest my case.

  • UnrepentantCurmudgeon

    At Union Station in Los Angeles, and at random train stations, security guards with bomb-detection dogs patrol routinely. There are no patdowns or detentions unless the dogs alert to something. I don’t really have a problem with that.

    The oddly ironic thing about TSA extending the scope of its “pat-down” tactics is that when Obama gave us the news about high-speed rail, one of the statements he made was “plus, you won’t have to deal with the pat-down.” Not only are events proving him wrong, his statement was not even true when he made it. How does he get away with it?

    • Dennis48e

      I have long advocated the use of explosive sniffing dogs instead of the illegal, intrusive methods TSA uses now. The implimentation would be quite simple if you get on the plane you get sniffed by the dog no matter who you are. No exemptions for senators, congressmen, government employees, muslims, christians, or anyone else even the president, his family, and security get sniffed if they get on a plane.I would make one exception that being for anyone who claimed to have an extreem phobia about dogs. Those people would be taken aside and privately stripped searched.

      • independant thinker

        Sounds good to me Dennis.

  • DonnaAngelStar

    Where will we start when we take back the White House and the Senate? I’d like to do away with the Patriot Act, Homestead Security, the TSA, funding the U.N.
    We’ve all got a big wish list and protecting our 4TH Amendment rights should be paramount.


  • sandcasstle

    Did any of you hear the advertisement in the last few weeks about the “little black box” that you, as concerned parents, can now have installed on your cars so that you can monitor when your teenager “takes a corner too fast, speeds, etc”? Just one more step toward conditioning the sheeple to the mindset of being monitored as a “good thing”. It always starts small–remember when they started with seat belts; the snow ball started downhill then and has picked up speed. It drives me crazy that so many “average citizens” are so dumbed down that they just cannot “see”.

    • Ed23

      Right you are … but every car and truck now is required to have those little “boxes” in them. They are usually under your seat. If you are in an accident the police and your insurance agents can access the little black box, to see your speed and other factors at the time of the accident. Insurance agencies have already disallowed claims of drivers because the little black boxes under their front seat indicted they were driving too fast, or driving erratically, etc

      Welcome to “1984″ …

    • Vicki

      Seat-belt laws? Try helmet laws. They came long before seat-belt laws.

  • Thor

    The string has some 64 responses to Marcy’s article at this point and I don’t see much positive support for the TSA. I didn’t like castor oil either when it was the only solution. So, what’s the alternative to the TSA security measures? If you don’t think folks can and do hide hurtful things in the oddest places, go to

    (i.e., the x-ray of the gun and crack pipe)see “Smoking Gun.” It is also known that the Tamil Tigers (who invented suicide bombing) packed Semtex up their rectums with nothing more than a detonator cord running over to one pocket of their trousers with an initiator. It is much easier to hide a device than to detect one. This kind of thing is very difficult to detect; and the minute you start trying to profile the kinds of folks that do these things you allow the real actors to slip through…that, or when they are caught with contraband or explosives they cannot be convicted because they were profiled and their rights were violated. So, starting with no screening at all and no security whatsoever, I would like to see one positive suggestion of how much security we should expect the government to supply at ports of entry and at what point that security crosses the line and violates everyone’s rights. On one side of the issue, law enforcement is criticized for not taking preventive measures and on the other it is criticized for taking draconian steps to prevent incidents like 9/11. So, how would you civic critics handle security? Or, would you just let things happen and deal with the consequences of ill-used personal freedoms?

    • independant thinker

      I would permit pocket knives on the planes and permit CCW holders to carry their pistol, concealed of course.

      • Thor

        Me, too, I.T. But I have to draw the line at Semtex and C4.

  • Ed23

    Bush 2 is just as big a globalist as obummer. Clinton, Bush 1, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, JFK, Ike, Truman, FDR, Hover, Coolidge, Harding, Wilson, Taft and Teddy Roosevelt and all the Congresses and SCOTUS justices since 1960, were all progressive socialists, with a single agenda of bringing down this nation and moving us into a Commie/socialist nation with no more freedoms than the state allowed, through monitoring and controlling every aspect of our personal lives.

    You should watch the video interview of one of Reagan’s appointees to the US Department of Education that discovered the hidden agenda and was so alarmed by what she found, (dating back as far as 1910 in writing), that she asked President Reagan to shut down the Dept of Education before it was too late. The video is called: “It’s not an accident … Dumb by design” and found at:

  • Handyman

    I never approved of the Doctor checking my A$$. and wondered what he got out of it, I just thought he got a thrill out of touching private parts. He must have been checking for the government, but now the doctor is not enough for the Government of this Communist State.

    • Ed23

      That’s why I started using a lady doctor about 20 years ago.

  • Handyman

    What privacy? send muslems back to their own hell holes and leave USA citizens alone!

  • Handyman

    Are Americans upset with our non-American-representatives? the answer has three letters!

    • Ed23

      obummer is the first foreign born president we have had … you know we’re in trouble when people blindly accept the obviously photo-shopped birth certificate he submitted as proof he was born in Hawaii, in a Hospital that didn’t even exist until 3 years after he was “born there”, among many other similar inconsistencies.

      Should he go? 3 years ago he should have left. In fact he should never have been allowed to enter the race.

  • BimBam

    We can easily defeat the TSA (Thumb Sucking Assos). It’s called a Swarming MOB or (Muscled Out Bros). Everywhere we see people being unfairly search we SWARM around ‘em.

    So who do you think would win, the Thumb Sucking Assos or the Muscled Out Bros?

    Stare intently, start to snicker, until they back off. My dog does that when I move is meal around. I back off too.

    • Vicki

      So let me tell you what will happen. The TSA agents will ask you (probably not politely) to step aside or to leave the area. When you don’t they will call for assistance and 2-4 guys in blue uniforms and carrying guns will show up and escort you out and probably to jail. If you try and swarm them they will call for backup and very quickly they will have LOTS of guys with BSG’s (Big scary guns) there to MOB you.

      TSA Wins.

      If you REALLY want to win you have to be crafty. Have just a VERY Few of you in your group. Have one person out clearly videotaping the TSA Agents. He or she will be accosted by the TSA and may have their camera taken. 2 or more of your group should keep your video cameras on the one person. Those people need to try hard to not be noticed and to be able to remove the memory from the camera and pass it on to another in the group to protect the evidence.

      Get these videos up on youtube and otherwise published.

      That will defeat the TSA. Bonus points if you also are able to video the harassment by the police that show up to protect the TSA agents.

  • Mike

    TSA (VIPR) has been assaulting bus terminals in part because they’ve been BANNED from Amtrack terminals after the debacle in Savannah, GA, where they force ARRIVING passengers to undergo searches.

    Most recently they harassed Hispanics at a Des Moines, IA, bus terminal, and at a San Diego trolley station an operation headed by TSA deported three minor children to Tijuana, Mexico, without benefit of parental or legal consultation. One 16-year-old girl on her way to school instead found herself in Tijuana.

    TSA really needs to be reigned in. They are nothing more than federal crime wave committing continuous crimes and civil rights violations against the American people.

    At Travel Underground, one of our members has a compiled an incredible list of TSA crimes and abuses committed over a six-month period:

    Please work to reform this rogue agency — American travelers deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and while you’re at it, please don’t steal our luggage.

  • Ken

    The current enforcement of “Homeland Security” more and more follows a model created about 70 years ago. Does the phrase “Your papers are NOT in order” ring any bells?
    From the beginning of the “International War on Terror”, the focus has been on American citizens just as much, if not more so than enemy combatants or quasi religious zealots.


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