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TSA Inspects Bandages Of Woman Dying With Leukemia

October 11, 2012 by  

TSA Inspects Bandages Of Woman Dying With Leukemia

Michelle Dunaj made one last trip before she enters hospice on Oct. 17. The Michigan native who is facing death as a result of leukemia flew to Hawaii. But the Transportation Security Administration put a damper on the trip.

Dunaj received a full pat-down. She alleges that TSA officials made her pull up her shirt and pull back bandages in front of other travelers.

“My issue is: It was in front of everyone, and everyone was looking at me like I was a criminal or like I was doing something wrong,” said Dunaj. “It shouldn’t have been in front of everyone. I asked them if they thought that was an appropriate location, and they told me that everything was fine.”

Danaj also claims that an agent punctured a bag of saline that she carries for medical reasons.

TSA Northwest Region spokeswoman Lorie Dankers responded to the incident: “We have determined that our screening procedures were followed.”

She added, “We work to make our screening procedures as minimally invasive as possible while providing the level of security that the American people want and deserve.”

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • David E Ozanne

    TSA Northwest Region spokeswoman Lorie Dankers responded to the incident: “We have determined that our screening procedures were followed.”

    She added, “We work to make our screening procedures as minimally invasive as possible while providing the level of security that the American people want and deserve.”
    This gal lies like some of the highest in our land. The American people do not want nor do they deserve the treatment that TSA hands out. This is not about security, it is about control. I have watched the process of desensitation as it has progressed to the point that like robots the people freeze when ordered to for no reason.
    This is the reason that I will not fly out fo the United states or inside the US. When I have to go to another country, I will drive to Canada to fly from there. I did not spend a career in the USMC to be treated like a ciminal and assaulted and molested everytime I fly because I have a pacemaker.
    Signed: Marine fed up to the hilt.

    • Warrior

      Similiar to having Big Bird off the dole, time to press congress to defund this patronage laden monstrosity. This election is about restoring freedom in America. Keep applying the pressure to whomever gets into office. Do not relax just because this crony regime is sent packing. WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT BE DENIED OUR FREEDOM!

    • cpa

      When are we getting rid of the TSA?!?

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      You’re right!!! It is NOT about security, it is about control! They are training the American people to be obedient!!! No matter what they DEMAND, we must obey!!! Conditioning, pure and simple!!!

      • Barbara

        Nancy you are right on This is America this is our 60 group. It is all about controll .Wake up peaple we do not want to be controlled

      • Steve

        This in PRECISELY conditioning of the People, nazi style. We all know the us govvies, cia, and israel mossad ROACHES DID 911. TSA should not even exist. We all know the “shoe bomb” BS was a hoax that also never happened. We all know the us govvie murderers did the massacre in Aurora, as one of many additional future attacks, to use a pretense to TRY and confiscate our weapons.

        The phony shoe bomb BS sure did create the contrived basis for our SCUMBAG government to FORCE many millions of people to each year to unwillingly submit to commands that requires sacrificing the most personal types of physical inspections. “Take your shoes off, physically molest tiny children, peel back your bandages in front of everyone dying Woman etc etc X 1,000,000′s!

        The dirtbag US govvie actually believes that in a few years, this conditioning process will result in full compliance by Americans when they unleash a homicidal PLAGUE on us to start moving “dissidents” to “residential camps” situated on railroad tracks the govvies have already built [ as seen on Jesse Venturas’ show . I have two words for this: NAZI GERMANY.

        However, unlike the victims of the nazis, we the People are armed to the HILT, and can communicate the TRUTH via the web. A thick palatable vapor of unbridled RAGE has covered this entire land, and the govvie/corporate roaches know it….

        I vow to all Americans, there IS a Revolution that will EXPLODE across this country w/i 5 years. When that glorious day of FREEDOM arrives, the New America military at the command of the People, will hunt down, EVERYWHERE in the world, the 911 traitors, the filthy rich scum corporate + bank slime who ripped us off, and we will bring them back here and publicly TORTURE these insects to death on LIVE TV. The us govvie trolls who make a living spreading lies online everywhere, in a futile attempt to stall the inevitable RAGE revolution, + the MSM scum LYING TRAITORS, will be tried, then shot on live TV.

        Their day IS gonna come……

    • Benjamin Fox

      I’m with you David, Semper Fi friend. I fly often and it is insulting what they do, a bunch of molester’s is all they are. Only had 12 years in the Corps but, they were good years. God Bless and a good life:

    • ANNE

      We don’t need anymore government agencies getting in our faces, what this TSA agent goes against our personal liberties. They could have taken the traveler into a private room and conducted their search, (which in my opinion was not warranted, the agent could see that she was very sick). People with life threatening illnesses don’t look well, and this agent wasn’t or just plain didn’t care.

    • Carol J

      Like the idiot who started opening the sterilized packages of my sister-in-laws catheters. The packs are transparent and he could very well see what they were.

  • funnypapers

    Whatever happened to basic human rights?

    • Kimery

      They became null and void on 9-11-2001.

      • eddie47d

        Thanks to G Bush,the Patriot Act and TSA (debut 2006) we will all suffer for years to come. If this lady requested a private screening then they should have obliged. Any security proceedings can be done with respect and dignity and the TSA failed once again.

      • Ted Crawford

        EDDIE, EDDIE Get in the game! Patriot Act – October 26, 2001. A terrible ursurpation of our freedoms and extraConstutional, in principle. Replaced on December 31, 2011, by the even further egregious NDAA!
        Obama and the Progressives have had four years to change or eliminate these actions. They have chosen to INCREASE, rather than decrease these policies! Once more BUSH ISN’T IN OFFICE!

      • Opal the Gem

        Yep Ted Crawford that’s typical eddie. He has nothing useful to add so its blame Bush while ignoring the fact that the democrats also supported the un-patriot act or it would not have passed and then they had two years of total control when they could have repealed it but instead like you said they expanded it.

      • Vicki

        The Democrats had majority in House and Senate starting in 2007. They had a super majority in the House and a Filibuster proof senate AND the PRESIDENCY starting in 2009.

        Did they repeal the Patriot act? No. Did they try? No. Did they bring us a budget. No. They did bring us Obamacare.

        Eddie47d’s whine about a known R.I.N.O who has been out of office for almost 4 years now is laughable.

        Just think how foolish it sounds to blame the previous President for all the government ills when for 2 of those 4 years there was no power on earth that could have stopped the Democrats from doing anything they wanted.

        Instead we got the NDAA 2011.

      • eddie47d

        There you go again Ted. TSA was 2006. So are you playing “games” again? Obviously you have no concern about facts in where and when something started. I’ve been against NDAA since its inception and have said so many times. Bush will be relevant until the Patriot Act is repealed and Obama will be relevant until NDAA is either changed or repealed. Then you have Polly Parrot Opal chiming in with idol chatter! I didn’t forget you Vickie also repeating known facts in defense of the Republicans. As I said we will be suffering for years to come because of the actions of Bush but instead of facing those facts you sneakily try and blame it all on Obama. I don’t like what either has encouraged in taking away our liberties but it was Bush who birthed that baby! (Patriotic Act which lead to all the others).

      • Vicki

        I love how eddie47d falls into ad hominem attack when he can’t challenge our points.

      • Opal the Gem

        “Then you have Polly Parrot Opal chiming in with idol chatter!”

        So FACTS are idle chatter huh. If that is true then what are your spurious comments, pervarications, and overly verbuse attempts to divert conversations from the original subject.

  • Ted Ouimette

    Tom trashille stated your couldn’t professionalize until you federalized. Bush allowed the ‘rectum’ his desire and another federal agency exploded on the scene with its incompetence in full glory. Its budget grows and grows and another slash of the wrist of America occurred. They have not found one terrorist, they have however discovered ways to grope women, steal expensive property of American travelers and just like every other government agency the politicians, instead of destroying an unworkable mess, patch it bandage like with changes that make it more onerous, demeaning and destructive. It is another reason why politicians need to be treated like babies diapers, frequently and often, while rogue agencies need to be defunded. Hopefully, sanity will reign after November 6th and illegal occupancy of the ‘peoples house’ will end, his 293 executive orders will be quickly ended. Romney must deny all of them and immediately.

    • David

      Do not forget that Bush fought aganst having federal union employees doing the job but the dems controled the house and senate and would not let him privatize the tsa

      • Benjamin Fox

        The left really have no good idea’s so it is still attack Bush, they are a sick lot of marxist.

  • Bill Scantlen

    Those who want security over freedom deserve neither freedom or security.

    • Ted Crawford

      Mr. Franklin and Mr. Jefferson, and almost everybody alive at the time agreed with you Bill! So do I, and I hope many others today! Mr. Shakesphere explained this phenomenon very well; ” A coward dies a thousand deaths, the Valiant taste of Death but once”

      • Benjamin Fox

        Amen Ted and Bill. My daughter was a pilot and she had the perfect idea to cure the problem, give every flying person a butcher knife when they enter the plane and then collect them when they get to where they are going. Like to see how many terrorist would like those odds?

      • eddie47d

        Sly as a Fox Benjamin. There are millions of flights in the USA alone each year. There are seldom any terrorist attacks within a plane by anyone. Count all those threats since the invention of aviation and then do the math. TSA may or may not be needed but we certainly don’t need your butcher knife insanity. Did you know that drunks cause more disruptions on a plane so I reckon you want him sliced and diced for dinner? Conservative humor still sucks!

      • phideaux

        “Conservative humor still sucks!”

        Good, bad, or indifferent at least concervatives unlike liberals have some humor.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Thanks, Bill! I think this is the single most important quote EVER!!! Everyone should be required to learn it!

    • JDB in Duarte

      I think it was Ben Franklin who said that first. Smart guy!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        It was Thomas Jefferson!

  • duif100

    Can anyone explain why terrorists have more rights in the USA than its citizens?

    • tim

      Because you have a muslim in the white house and several muslims in power positions in the TSA!!!! These people hire some of the most unemployable idiots that ever looked for a job. They have no common sense, no sensitivity, basically these are the people who would jump off a cliff because thier friends were doing it@!!!!! Let’s not forget the perverts either!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Because the terrorists are government employees!!!

  • RB

    It seems I.Q.’s are not considered when hiring these fools.

  • Bob Rice

    TSA is a bunch of C–K S—–s,they broke the crystal on my Rolex.and lied about it…F–k TSA

    • JDB in Duarte

      One more reason to take the train.

  • Elected4Life
  • God of earth,air,fire and water

    Once again, this band on the run proves they have a leak,right between the ears…Whats next strip searches on body’s that are dead…

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Does digging through an urn of cremains count? They DID do that! Then dropped the urn and spilled the ashes!!! I hope the deceased hung around and haunted the!!!

  • ODB62

    Don’t any of you understand? We live in a police state now, we no longer have rights. As the song said years ago, “get out of line, the man comes and takes you away.” We the people have let this happen by not throwing out the dirty diapers. Your’s stinks but mine is OK. How else do they stay in office for so long? The problem can be solved every 2 to 6 years. The TSA is a prime example of what happens when we allow old diapers to lie around too long. You want change? Well then, change Congress!

  • Dee

    The TSA needs to be replaced with decent, caring and moral people and get rid of these

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      THAT would defeat the REAL purpose of the TSA!!!

  • Hopingforbetter

    This is certainly not conducting security
    In a civil and humane way. The whole bunch of TSA people should be fired and decent Americans hired in their places. I am sure they are “big union” workers who think they can run rough shod over people and get away with it. A severe violation of our civil liberties as Americans. I personally am fed up with this mess glowing from this white House. Vote Romney/Ryan on Nov 6. 😄



  • JustAnotherJoe

    I am starting to think that Americans like to be fondled, groped, ripped off, and yelled at by minimum wage, educated lacking thugs. It is one thing to fly when you absolutely have to. But the fact that the TSA has been allowed to continue on with such abuses says much. People would rather be sexually assaulted to be “safe”, than take changes with some government-grown terrorists, and be free to travel and move about without being harassed. It goes to show just how far down the rate how pathetic America has slide down into.

    • Mary Ann Ludwig

      What do you mean, “minimum wage”? These guys get a lot more than that!

      • JustAnotherJoe10

        Aaah, so would it make you feel better knowing that TSA workers get paid good money to grope your genitals for the privilege of flying? Well hey, you might then be able to brag that it was a “high class, highly paid groping session”, with you as the star, LOL. It is even more funny to see you more concerned about TSA wages, than you are to the fact that the TSA is sexually assaulting passengers before boarding.

  • awkingsley

    There is always going to be some so-called homegrown terrorism and some anarchy. Islamic terrorism, the U.S. greatest terrorism problem, is more likely to stop in the U.S. when Islamists are targeted for examination instead of targeting everyone. Targeting Anglo Saxons, Hispanics, Orientals and Native Americans emboldens Islamist terrorists because it is as if we are saying we do not really know who the real terrorists are. It gives the terrorists power to have all of the other ethnic groups, with very low potential to be involved in major terrorist plots, scanned and invasively patted down. The terrorists must be laughing at the degradation and indignity they are making Americans face and the Police State they precipitated. Give the Muslims a problem, not every American citizen. We are tired of paying for the Muslim jerks. Give the Muslims responsibility: Make them cleanse their own group. Stop blaming every American, and stop the Muslim terrorism by doing that. We are condoning Muslim terrorism by allowing the TSA to bother anyone other than bonafide suspects and Muslims.

  • james

    If this is going to happen, then put real law enforcement people on the job. Not rent a cops who use their osition to be the man. Check up on them and u may be surprised. That badge does not make u God or above the law themselves. Do a drug test without warning to the whole lot of them and throw that stat out there.


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