TSA Defends Controversial Patdown


SEATTLE,  (UPI) —  Transportation Security Administration officials denied charges they violated a leukemia patient’s rights during a search at a Seattle airport.

The woman, Michelle Dunaj, charged screeners refused her private patdown request and made her lift up her shirt in view of other travelers, revealing bandages from a recent surgery. She also said TSA screeners forced open a saline bag for her IV drip, contaminating the vital liquid.

TSA officials told KOMO-TV Seattle a security tape review found screeners followed guidelines and denied opening the saline bag. Screeners are permitted to check under clothing, but are not allowed to remove medical bandages or ask travelers to do so.

“At no point did a TSA officer open the passenger’s medically necessary liquids and the passenger was never asked to remove or pull off any bandages,” the agency said in a statement.

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