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Trying Alternative Medicine Is A Waste Of Time!

December 22, 2009 by  

Trying Alternative Medicine Is A Waste Of Time!

It must have been 27 years ago that I had my first experience with so-called “alternative medicine.” I was 13 and had been suffering chronic daily headaches and mid-back pain for half-a-dozen years. I was already seeing Philadelphia’s best mainstream medical professionals, taking a plethora of prescription meds, being put through dozens of tests, scans, protocols…. to no avail.

My father (who is an osteopath) then took me to see a chiropractor, and do you know what happened? Within minutes my back and neck felt so much looser! My restricted movement was returned within normal ranges. And I also started taking natural supplements. Over all, it was an amazing feeling…

I went back several times that week for adjustments and, at home, attempted the exercises I was instructed to do. But the pain, and my suffering, returned and continued on. This is not surprising. In fact, it is a common occurrence when people try alternative therapies.

Why This Happens
The problem is that many people turn to alternative therapies as a last resort. They have had little success with mainstream medicine, have become desperate and now are expecting a miracle cure or at least a fast turnaround of their signs and symptoms.

While I served as director of the Integrated Energy Medicine healing center in Philadelphia, I did thousands of examinations, consultations and treatments using alternative therapies and herbal medicines. I would have been delighted to offer patients both a miracle cure and fast results… if such were possible. And many times I was successful in “curing” someone in short order. But with other cases, the sheer depth, difficulty and timeline of the problem made that task impossible.

Let me explain why some patients experience great success while others simply have little to no change in their signs and symptoms and find alternative therapies to be a waste of time.

A Different Model
In general there is a vast philosophical and procedural difference in the approaches of mainstream medicine and alternative therapies. Mainstream bio-medicine uses a disease-based model of health. That is, patients see their primary care physician when they are ill, the doctor diagnoses the illness (disease) and then prescribes a protocol of curing that disease. Often there is no cure… but pain and other signs and symptoms are “managed” by prescription medication and/or surgery.

Alternative therapies, on the other hand, work from a wellness model. That is, the focus is on returning the body to homeostasis (balance) and maintaining that balance to ensure good health and long life. They proactively accomplish this through diet, exercise, mind/body techniques, herbs and supplements, massage and so on. All are methods of alleviating pain, illness and disease by restoring balance to the body. If you have back pain and take a supplement, the pain will probably remain… for a while. But if you follow a protocol of regular supplementation with safe stretches and perhaps acupuncture or chiropractic care… the body will rebalance and the issues will resolve. But this takes time.

Generally speaking, many alternative therapies aim at rebalancing the body to restore health. Chinese medicine uses herbs to balance blood, energy, body fluids and organ function. Acupuncture uses needles to open meridian lines and correct energy imbalances. Chiropractic uses manual adjustments to realign the spine to allow correct functioning of the nervous system.

Don’t Try… Do!
So why does the title of this article claim that alternative therapies are a waste of time? Well, actually, they are not. But the “trying” of alternative therapies most certainly IS. You see, there is a difference between “trying” and “doing.” Trying means “you didn’t do” something. Let’s examine some common statements I’ve heard in my practice, and what they really mean.

Statement: I tried to call you and cancel my appointment. Translation: I did not call you.

Statement: I tried acupuncture, but it didn’t help. Translation: After a few visits I was not cured and so decided not to continue and follow the protocol to the end.

Statement: I’ve been really trying to eat right and do my exercises. Translation: I eat right once in a while, and I exercise when I remember to do it.

Trying means not doing. And if you are not fully engaged in the doing of alternative therapies… seeing them through to the end… following the protocol… doing what you have been instructed to do… then they will not “work.” Not because they failed you, but because YOU failed you.

You see, the therapies themselves are not the problem (unless you have chosen to follow the wrong therapy for your health issue). They are also not time-consuming. Rather, it is the body that takes time “to allow" the method to take hold and effect change and reestablish balance. But this takes time because the body likes to stay where it is, as it requires little effort to do so. After repeated treatments, or a period of time spent doing exercises or taking herbal supplements, the body finally realizes that it is actually easier to be in a state of homeostasis (balance) than to exist in a state of imbalance. It then “lets go” of its old unhealthy holding pattern. Now it can fully embrace a healthy pattern, and positive change can take effect.

Think of it like working out at the gym. If you are out of shape and lift weights you will be sore. But little by little you will be less sore after the exercise. If you only lift weights once in a while, your muscle size, shape and density will not visibly change.  But if you stick with it (“do” it), you will notice your body changing in positive ways.

Internally this is what is happening with alternative treatments. Each day, each treatment, each bottle of supplements, each breathing exercise and dietary change brings you one day closer to the body allowing them to take hold and the body stepping out of its own way to effect a cure.

They’re No Last Resort
The worst part is, people still look to alternative therapies as a last resort, and mainstream pharma drugs and surgery as a first choice. This is perverse. Using the big guns for the beginning of a problem (depending on severity) is ridiculous. My feeling on maintaining a balance between mainstream and alternative medicine is this: Everyone needs to get a physical each year, including blood and urine tests. If a problem is found they should seek alternative, non-toxic, non-invasive methods to balance the body. After a period of time they should have more tests run to see if the problem is better or worse. If better, continue with alternative medicine. If worse, and in the red zone of health, then turn to mainstream medicine for help. Not the other way around.

As it stands, alternative practitioners tend to get chronic cases, and after years or decades of toxic drugs and surgeries have truly damaged their patients’ body. And they are left to balance these bodies, in short time, at low costs and with high hopes.

It’s time people reframe their minds on this issue. So the next time you feel un-well, seek out alternative therapies first. But you must DO it and not simply TRY it. It takes time, effort, discipline, but in the end being balanced means being healthy.

And taking personal responsibility to do what needs doing—and not depending on a doctor to do it for you—is the greatest gift you could ever give to yourself.

—Dr. Mark Wiley

Dr. Mark Wiley

is an internationally renowned mind-body health practitioner, author, motivational speaker and teacher. He holds doctorates in both Oriental and alternative medicine, has done research in eight countries and has developed a model of health and wellness grounded in a self-directed, self-cure approach. The Wiley Method provides a revolutionary way of providing recovery and prevention of chronic pain, illness and disease. Grab your FREE COPY of Dr. Mark Wiley's "The 3 Secrets to Optimal Health" HERE.

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  • s c

    The trick is to grow up in a family where you are TOLD how to take care of yourself. Eat right, get regular exercise and RELY on the advice of those who KNOW what they’re talking about (sift, sort and test people).
    Eating right is a matter of LEARNING in America, and that puts most of us at risk the day we’re born. American MDs rely on info that is out-dated and incomplete (ref. the ‘food pyramid and useless minimum daily standards).
    Like it or not, most MDs are NOT good info sources for learning how to eat right. Couple that with being force-fed the idea that ‘there is a pill for everything,’ and the American people are obligated to compensate for this by LEARNING how to eat right and AVOID all who want us to believe that ‘modern science’ has a pill for for everything (that is a manufactured, business-sponsored and cultural LIE).
    It’s a life-long challenge. An experienced nutritionist is a huge asset. Search, read, test and get healthy. It’s YOUR obligation. No one will do it for you.

    • Diana

      A real problem with eating right is – if the parents don’t eat right, the kids don’t eat right. They go to school and eat the government approved meals, consisting of mystery meat, canned vegetables, and carbohydrates. And breakfast, (that’s what they call it) don’t get me started on that. Boy, do I get steamed with the system. These kids are overweight and the school feeds these kids junk.
      People don’t want to leave their “comfort zone” even if it’s unhealthy and uncomfortable.

  • Don

    Sometimes alternative therapies work, and sometimes they don’t. But to tell people to forget about them all together reeks of philandering by someone representing the pharmaceutical companies, who’s only interest is profits whether their drugs work or not. Remember everyone, these companies make money only when we’re sick, not when we’re well. I know someone who had their cancer cured by a combination of ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES when tons of Chemo and other junk sold by the big pharmaceutical only made them sicker.

    Perfect example: read the book “From Cancer to Health Through Macrobiotics” by Elaine Nussbaum.

  • Time

    Don. I agree with you 100%! look up { RUN FROM THE CURE! }
    The RICK SIMPSON story. You can’t beat the FACTS.
    By the way I am living proof it works. From Stage 3 to ZERO cancer in just 4 months.

    • Diana

      AMEN! What was your protocol?

    • Time

      I did the reduction method to make the paste and use the 1/2 grain of rice dose.
      At the start 3 half grains of rice, then I felt I should go to 4 – 1/2 grains, as I had so pains.
      At first I was sleeping nearly 20 hours a day. After two months I was sleeping about 12 hours. Then the last two months I was using 3 1/2 grain’s of rice and sleeping a solid 8 hours I would awake to be full of energy, like when I was 15 now at 56 thats a dan good thing.

      I still use a dose of 1/2 grain per night, I sleep like a rock. I have a few friends that are going through the change of life, and I told them about this and they have found great relief with a dose of 1/2 gain of rice one time per day.

      I also have cut 100% of all sugar out of my diet, I don’t eat any fatty high carb’s or pasta etc. More long grain rice, lots of Chicken, and Fish, a ton of veggies and fresh fruit.
      I have to admit I love Cookies, and cake’s but hey sugar feeds cancer so what works out better in the long run, I guess I will just eat a green apple.

      • http://LibertyDigest Marilyn

        This my first time on this site and I saw your protocol to Diane and
        found it very interesting but it wasn’t all there,could you please
        get back to me in a e-mail and give me the recipe for the paste with
        the rice and what it is for?
        E-mail if you want or I guess you will reply on here,I really do not know how this works.
        My husband Bernie and I are in our 60zz and need some advice on alternative
        ways to get healthy.We have no energy and are slepping way to long.
        Sincerely,Marily & Bernie

  • Dan

    SC, I agree 100% with you. No one wants to have to work at restoring and maintaining health unless it is a pill they can swallow. MD’s usually will put you on whatever the pill of the month is for them to push. First comes the lipitor and the blood pressure meds, then comes the viagra because of the blood pressure med. Then comes the anti-depressant to treat the stress that created the need for the lipitor and BP meds. It would be laughable if it was not painfully true. I agree on the food pyramid as well. We are still using a food and meal model from when we were largely an agrarian culture and actually worked hard physically to make a living. It doesnt not apply to the vast majority of Americans now who’s only physical work consists of walking to their car and then walking from their car into their office. Ridiculous. The sloth and ignorance levels of the general public is frightening. And, it is getting worse, not better.

  • Monica

    I have had chronic headaches since 1971. I have been to Chiropractors and feel they made it worse. I want to use alternative treatments and won’t take medicine until I can’t stand the pain any longer. I wish there were more doctors that would know what your problem is and treat you with something besides drugs.

    • Diana

      You might want to try an accupuncturist.

  • Keith H

    I’m a big supporter of healthy eating,but the problem is everybody can’t afford to eat healthy,for example poor people can’t afford to eat healthy and they certianly can’t afford Healthcare,Obamacare forces poor people to buy something they can’t afford, you can’t possibly help people by taking more money out of peoples pockets and making it harder to feed themselves. It’s cheaper to eat healthy than it is going to the doctor.

  • Mary Slaughter

    I am 72 years old come July. Everyone takes me for in my 50′s.But I have always ate my veggies, fruit, and meat control. I am a caregiver to a hubby with MS.I do everything for him for 30 years, he is a Quad.
    I work in my yard, dig roots for my baskets in the woods, I remain very active. You can not be a coutch potato and stay healthy! So get moving, eat well and give of yourself to others and remember your God who created you formost! You will live a long and happy, productive life. When money is tight you still can cook cheap and eat well. Beans,flavor with small piece of ham, everyone needs to learn to cook.(Just an example) Not go to McDonalds.
    I go to a Chiropractor every week and I know my back is much better and don’t hurt any more and it has taken a year to get there. So that is my two cents worth. Happy Living to you all.

  • tom

    everyone should watch the rick simpson story here:

    not only is our present medical system incompetent it’s evil. it wants us sick for it’s profit.

  • Jacqueline Soren

    We can harp, hack, swear till the cows come home, about this up coming healthcare mess. I will give some advice, to perhaps help your joint pain, I can’t afford it yet, but hope to. HA hyaluronic acid. Merry Christmas and have a Prosperous New Year !

  • Mary Slaughter

    Dear Tom, I think you are right! It is all about the money and the pills they give you for the symptoms! Not the Cure! It is sad how cor- rupt our systum is! Sad for a country that was so full of potential and helping everyone else and look where it got us?? Hated by all country’s and going down hill fast!

  • Joseph R Carreiro Sr

    Talk or any debate between the Senate and the House will no longer work in Washington. The only thing that will work is a gathering of all the American people and tell Washington Government what they really want. Don’t just tell them,show them so they will have no way to say they do not understand. The elected officials do work for the people of America and not the other way around. The power they have in Washington is nearly demonic. Pushing all these bills down the throats of the Americans populace is enough to give anyone double heartburn and nothing is out there to cure this malady except the power of the American people. Use it or Lose it.

  • tom

    George Carlin ~ The American Dream

    he sums it up very well.

    yes it’s up to each of us, one person at a time to wake up and be the change we want in all areas of life.

  • Tony Isaacs

    About 15 years ago I began researching ways to hopefully add back a few years that a lifetime of poor habits and lifestyle might have otherwise taken away and maybe even add a few years on top of the lost ones I took back. I began my journey with pretty much the same blindfold that most people have due to generations of being conditioned to believe that the only real medicine came in brown bottles with RX on them and that the only true healing came from medical doctors. What I discovered in my amazing journey was just the opposite.

    Now, all these years later I am a natural health author who has written extensively about beating and avoiding cancer naturally as well as several other natural health topics.

    One stark example is the non-profit Yahoo health group I have hosted for over five years centered around beating cancer naturally. It has over 1600 members and in all that time I am aware of no more than 12 members who joined the group and followed the advice and are not still alive today.

    Now, I look at mainstream medicine for anything other than diagnosis, emergency care or trauma care as a last resort and look to nature first, as mankind has done for thousands of years.

    All the best in health to everyone for 2010!

  • Paul A.J

    This sums up brilliantly the approach that most people have to alternative therapies – I think my own family is testament to that – they comment on one hand my remarkable regaining of health after a heart attack, but it is up to their Doctors to solve their ills because they have ‘tried’ althernatives and they don’t work.

    The secret to my recovery was getting myself back into balance as mentioned, rather than any medical cure. The Doctors saved my life – I’m doing the rest! And its not with any prescription drugs.

  • Cody Cephas

    Much obliged for supplying some honest ideas on this topic. I have located a good variety of reliable recommendations about natural health and some unreliable recommendations. Do you have any more reliable information or places on the Web that I can find more detailed recommendations? This would be much appreciated! Either way, keep up the good work!


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