Truthloader Explains Why The U.S. Has No Moral Authority On Syrian Chemical Weapons


A citizen journalism YouTube channel called Truthloader has produced a video detailing some of the United States’ hypocrisy in criticizing the Syrian government’s alleged use of chemical weapons in the country’s civil war.

“America have (sic) been making a lot of noise recently about the use of chemical weapons in Syria, but they’ve turned a blind eye to the use of chemical weapons in the past,” a statement posted with the video reads. “We took a look at some of the times they’ve used, or turned a blind eye to, the use of chemical weapons.”

Find below a list of source material cited by Truthloader:………………

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  • mike

    what moral authority does Obama have in this? every day he kills hundreds of children with chemicals suppllied under his directive of ru 486 pills. what that old saying TAKE THE PLANK OUT OF YOUR QWN EYE BEFORE YOU REMOVE THE SPLINTER OUT OF THE OTHER PERSON

    • will roberts

      Mike said pretty much what I was thinking. I would add that around 2 million babies have been murdered with ru-486 since 2000.

      • BEN CARSON & PALIN IN 2016

        But to morally dead Godless Left, they are not babies, but fetuses, they are not citizens with the Right to Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness!

        • hardh8

          love Sarah.

        • peter

          As far as Obama is concerned, nobody has any rights except him. Even his bosses are scared of this hooligan lunatic in a suit. He will probably go down as the greatest mass murderer of all time, just let him carry on with his agenda and observe.


        Gee, I thought it might be even more than that!

    • StinkBomb Jones

      He also is using drones illegally to kill many innocent souls throughout the world! Under Bush USA used drones 43 times in 8 years, used them sparingly & surgically acting upon precise intelligence, usually in clandestine spots. OBlahBlah has used them over 500 times, changed the definition of an enemy combatant to “any adult male in a targeted area whether there is evidence they are a terrorist or not”, thus used them in more open places & spaces like bazaars & coffee houses, used the repulsive “Double Tap”, a 2nd drone strike shortly after the first , while rescue workers are trying to save people! These actions have not made us or our soldiers any safer, killed many innocent people, created more hatred of USA & spawned more Jihadists who want to wreak deadly revenge on us. They are War Crimes plain & simple & Obummer & those in Pentagon & CIA who designed these plans should be dragged to the ICC in the Hague & hung by their balls!

    • Stuart Shepherd

      well said, mike. why don’t you include the entire 50 million (!) babies killed (oops, I’m supposed to say “aborted” even if they suck the brains out of their skulls after the head is already out of the woman’s body!!), though, since there are chemicals involved in the process of slicing the babies to bits with a roto-rooter and sucking out the little parts with a vacuum syringe into a trash can. Plus, libs are always appealing to child suffering to justify all their commie schemes, so I think it would be fair game.

  • Moshe McCarthy

    The video could’ve have also included Chemtrails & GMOs & other additives as toxic chemicals the govt. sanctions to poison us!

  • Robert Messmer

    None of the posts about RU 486 or abortion are on topic. Besides RU 486 was approved by the FDA while Obama was losing his attempt to be elected to the US House of Representatives for the state of Illinois. (He was smart enough to keep his seat in the State Senate pending the results of the election or we just might have never heard of him. Roe vs Wade was decided by SCOTUS in 1973 when Obama was the ripe old age of 12. So not only are they off topic but he is not responsible for either. Stinkbomb Jones post is also off topic since topic is chemical weapons but at least it does go to show that Obama had no moral authority to question someone elses method of indiscriminate killing.