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Trust… Hard to Acquire, Easy to Lose

December 29, 2009 by  

Trust… Hard to Acquire, Easy to Lose

We are living in challenging times, with change being the constant. Many of us are experiencing information overload with simply too much “stuff” to digest and act on. Many institutions, companies and individuals we thought were safe are in trouble. With our investments we have to be concerned not with return on investment but return of investment.

Yes, we live in interesting times. The 1990s was a time when greed ruled. But the last 10 years have been driven by fear and uncertainty. Today, safety is an investor’s primary concern. But there are no guarantees.

Who can you trust?

We used to be able to trust governments, our own and others. But today, the United States has gone from being the largest creditor country in the world to the largest debtor nation. Our leaders in the legislature view themselves as members of an exclusive club driven more by getting reelected than by doing the people’s business. Today, we have politicians, not statesman.

In most cases foreign governments are even worse. Corruption is widespread. We used to expect poor South American countries to renege on their debts. Today oil-rich countries like Dubai need trillion-dollar loans from their Arab neighbors to save them from default on their obligations.

Further, the United States Federal Reserve thinks it can manipulate the money supply, believing like gods they are more powerful than the market forces of supply and demand. And the media believes it. Time magazine named Fed chairman Ben Bernanke their 2009 Man of the Year. At the same time more than 130 commercial banks have failed this year and the FDIC has increased insurance on deposits from $100,000 to $250,000.

Furthermore, due to greed, mismanagement and incompetence, many respected American companies like General Motors, AIG and even pseudo-government agencies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have failed and are being bailed out by the government. Government regulators providing oversight of our banks have failed in their responsibility to protect the American public.

The real answer to whom you can trust comes down to yourself. You have to take responsibility for your investment decisions. No longer can you depend on others to protect you… not governments, not companies, not advisers.

What can you trust?

The investment outlook for the next three to five years does not look very good in the U.S. or Western Europe. We are still in a deflationary environment and appear headed into a period of stagflation. In other words, a period of slow to no growth in the economy, combined with a period of rising inflation.

You need to take steps now to protect yourself during these dangerous times. Fear, not greed, will be the driving force into the New Year and for the next several years.

The one investment you can trust, that has reliably stood the test of time, is gold. For 5,000 years gold has protected the purchasing power of its possessor. Fiat currencies like the U.S. dollar have come and gone, but gold has endured. Its value and its purchasing power have been preserved.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to own gold. And, you don’t have to put all your money into it. Start smaller. Consider placing 5 percent of your assets into gold, to buy and hold as your “wealth insurance.” This gold will be there for you and your family to serve as protection during times of crisis. As for an investment, some financial advisors suggest having between 10 percent and 15 percent more of your assets in gold, silver and platinum.

Gold has appreciated during the past 10 years by about 400 percent, going from about $250 per ounce to reach an all-time high this month of $1,226.10 per ounce. After a recent $100 correction, gold is still up about 30 percent for the year.

Some have said that gold is in a bubble and will drop in value below $1,000 per ounce. I don’t believe this, because gold is the only “real money” there is. That means gold is not backed by debt, like the U.S. dollar and other fiat currencies. As we’ve seen, gold can increase in value during times of deflation. It will increase in value even more dramatically during times of inflation, which looks inevitable over the next five years.

What can you do to protect you and your family?

An investment advisor would suggest the first step is to list your assets and liabilities to determine your net worth. The next step is to determine how much you have in investable assets. Take 5 percent of that number and consider purchasing your “wealth insurance.” Afterwards, as an investment, consider putting another 10 percent to 15 percent into a mix of gold, silver and platinum.

Most Americans buy gold in the form of 1-ounce gold coins and take possession of them. The most popular gold coins are the 22-karat American Eagle and the 24-karat American Buffalo, both produced by the U.S. Mint. The Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Kangaroo Nugget and the Austrian Philharmonic are also popular. The 24-karat coins are becoming more popular because of their availability and their international appeal.

The procedure for ordering coins is simple. There are many precious-metals dealers in the U.S. who have toll-free telephone lines so that you can order by telephone. Simply call a few dealers who’ve been around for years and who have a good reputation. You can place your order over the telephone. Typically, orders up to $10,000 can be paid for with a personal check. For larger orders, a wire from your bank to the dealer is in order.

Once you have accomplished these first steps of gold ownership you may wish to go to the next level. Namely, place some gold in you self-directed retirement account (IRA) and consider placing some of your gold outside the U.S. There is a history of gold confiscation here in the U.S., so some holdings outside the country is prudent. History has taught us not to keep all our assets in one country, one currency or one investment.

Trust is a very fragile thing. But who better can you trust than yourself to do what is best for you and your family? Take on this responsibility in the New Year for the well-being of yourself and your family.

Best wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.


Michael Checkan

Dr. Michael Cutler

is a graduate of Brigham Young University, Tulane Medical School and Natividad Medical Center Family Practice Residency in Salinas, Calif. Dr. Cutler is a board-certified family physician with more than 20 years of experience. He serves as a medical liaison to alternative and traditional practicing physicians. His practice focuses on an integrative solution to health problems. Dr. Cutler is a sought-after speaker and lecturer on experiencing optimum health through natural medicines and founder and editor of Easy Health Options™ newsletter — a leading health advisory service on natural healing therapies and nutrients.

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  • Robert

    Everybody seems to be pushing gold. I think that gold is overpriced and will eventually adjust to a price around $600-800. My gut feeling is water. Without it, we cant survive, grow foods to feed ourselves and a whole host of other human needs. Why else would our government be atempting to take over all water and put it under federal control? They know that by controlling the water supply they will control every aspect of our lives and strong arm every business in this country to comply with their wishes.

    • DaveH

      I haven’t heard that before. The Ferderal Government trying to take over the water. Could you elaborate?

      • http://Google Arthur j Fisher

        Water is the most escentall elemennt on tne yniverse and allways will be
        to many people and investors take it for granted. not I
        but how do you make money on It ????

      • American Citizen

        I heard Glenn talking about that not too long ago.

      • J C

        Check out the movie “The Corporation” Dave. They touch on the water thing a little. Some California Corp., Bechtel I think it was, bought the rights to all the water in Bolivia from the government there, way back. Well the Indians living there somehow couldn’t understand how it was that they were supposed to pay someone for water from the sky. And when push came to shove they started a shooting match that had government forces hiding in their barracks. Bechtel sued the govt. and actually won…can you believe that?
        Over in Africa I think it was Pepsi bought the right to the water in Lake Dasani. They told the natives they could no longer use it. The natives burnt their plant down….funny how swiftly common sense can prevail when something criminal is at play huh? ;)

      • Rod James

        Robert/DaveH, I don’t know about the government taking over the water
        supply (sometimes its hard to separate government&buisness)but Robert
        you are correct to say that water is the commodidty of the future.There
        is a group of investors (companies)called the Order Of Amanzi (water in Zulu)that is buying property,water rights and infastructure all over the world.The fresh water supply of the planet is quickly disappearing and Amanzi’s plan is to bottle and control it to sell it back to the population.In Orange Town in S Africa they have taken over the water supply and selling it back to the people they got it from.
        There is a question to the ethics of how they got the property or rights to the water but lets say that Amanzi gets the major benefit!
        They are even in the States as there is looming water shortages here if you look at Lake Mead the Colorado River Basin for example.The Colorado river doesn’t even flow to the sea anymore and you can here quite often about water disputes between farmers and government policies about irrigation.
        There are investment/financial advisors now giving tips on how to invest in this new area’s.
        I also read that oil companies could reap a benifit from this issue as they already control the rights to alot of land that is either oil dry now or bought with future expoloration in mind.

    • DaveH

      The increase in price of gold is not driven by an increase in intrinsic value (purchasing power of goods and services) but by the decrease in the value of the dollar. And the decrease in value of the dollar is virtually limitless. It is entirely predicated on the amount of money the Federal Reserve creates. We could theoretically go the way of Zimbabwe. I doubt that, but we could have some pretty hefty inflation before the American people wake up.

  • Jackie Shubin

    I hope the US military will fulfill its sworn obligation to defend the US constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

    • DaveH

      They also swear to obey the President. Quite a conundrum:
      “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

      • Norm

        Makes sense to me. The president was legally elected and requires and deserves complete support from the military. Only a traitor would think otherwise.

        • DaveH

          You are blindly partisan. If the President is selling out our country, then he would be the traitor.

        • J C

          Complete support. Blind obedience. Maybe we should cut the constitution right out their oath and have them swear blind obedience right to Der Fuhrer? Get your head out of it Norm. DC is crime central any more. The treason is coming “from” there.

      • usmadgirl


        The military is sworn to uphold the Constitution FIRST & FOREMOST & only sworn to uphold the orders of the President IF THOSE ORDERS ARE LAWFUL & FALL WITHIN THE CONSTITUTION. Anyone in the military can refuse to obey an order if it’s UNLAWFUL. So it’s not a conumdrum. In my mediocre view of this overwhelming CRISIS, everything this so-called president has done has been against our Constitution. Does that not promote cause for the US military to take action?

        In order to keep this comment within the topic at hand, I couldn’t even afford gold when it was $250 per ounce. I have no hopes of buying it at the current price; so it’s of no consequence to me. What do we poor people do? I guess I could’ve purchased gold & lived in a nice “side-by-side refrigerator box” instead of having a decent house or done without food & probably wouldn’t be about 15# overweight right now, but I chose to do the “house & food thing” instead of buying gold; so I’m basically screwed!

        • DaveH

          You can afford gold, just smaller amounts. Or you could buy silver. When making any investment portfolio in the beginnings you must start small. You can buy gold or silver coins on Ebay. If you bought just $20 worth a month of silver coins that would be a start.
          The thing is that any cash savings you have will become worth less (maybe much less) once the inflation starts in earnest. There is a lot of cash money on the sidelines right now. When it starts flowing into the market the inflation will begin.

          • J C

            Gold is a good metal to sit on. But if the paper currency we are presently using were to become useless, then silver and lead are suddenly going to be in big demand too. Keep your options open.

      • American Citizen

        But can’t they be prosecuted if the President orders them to do something unconstitutional? Think about what is happening with the so-called enhanced interrogations.

    • J C

      Napolitano is worried that they will…that’s why that evil vampire puts veterans returning from overseas on security watchlists. America!
      Ain’t it grand?

    • Dorothy

      Jackie – you said it all and very well…we can all argue until the
      cows come home and nothing states it better than you! The U.S. has
      no Top Leader right now, but we do have a terrific Military who CAN
      and WILL protect us from Obamaland!

  • Big D

    The president is a traitor, he has gone around the world selling out America and apologizing for are the monstrosities we supposedly have done. This country has made a few mistakes, but all in all we have done everything we can to better the life of other countries at the expense of our own lives! If I was in the military, I would have a hard time obeying orders from a leader like that.

    • Rod James

      Big D, When you say WE sacraficed lives in bettering the life in other countries I would assume you me WE the American people and the countries would be Afghanistan and Iraq. The two countries are occupied by US troops not the average American and the citizens there are lucky if they can exist the way they are used to without being killed by US or their own troops. There are approximatley one million innocent men women and children that have been killed for the betterment of their lives (quite ironic isn’t it!). Big D you (and many others) might have a hard time obeying Obamas orders but there are 34-40 thousand more US troops on the way to to better their lives as we speak and they won’t have any problems obeying orders.
      If the area wasn’t so strategic and full of oil, I would say it would be better to bring the troops home WHOLE instead of body bags and spare their families grief. The families of the troops deployed there are really the only Americans sacraficing anything anything while we live day in and out with our comfortable little lives.
      The US can’t afford to carry on this (WAR?)and it would save alot of lives and money to put towards bettering the lives of the average US citizen.

      • Jana


        It doesn’t sound like you sacrificed much of anything, just complained.
        By going over there it was a strategic action to keep them from coming back on our own soil and doing more harm over here.
        You people (lefties) keep using the same terms,”approximately one million innocent men women and children have been killed” etc. How do you know they were innocent?
        Were you there?
        How many people had Saddam killed?
        Just how much have we benefited from their oil? We sure didn’t get a price break on it.
        What we did was keep it out of the hands of those who would love destroy us. Ha, we have people like you that would love to see us destroyed, that are living right here in this country.
        We have a Pres. that is pathetically inept. I hope he gets the idea soon that he is Pres. and doesn’t have to keep campaigning and that he is not still just a community organizer. Of course that won’t help much if he keeps leading us toward Socialism.

        I’m sure it would be all right with you if they did come on over to our shores and kill some more of us. The way you talk, you lefties seem to hate the United States so much. I know, you think we deserve it as we are such a bad nation.

        Oh, I see as you said, “If the area wasn’t so strategic and full of oil, I would say it would be better to bring the troops home—” Hmmm, you seem to want that oil.
        You know its funny. All of the ones crying about the war being started for the oil, still use their autos to run around in. They are like Al Gore. He tells all of us to ride bicycles while he uses his personal jet that uses an astronomical amount of fuel, and so does his humongous house.

        • DaveH

          The fall of every great empire came as a result of trying to control too much. We now have enemies throughout the world who would love to wipe us off the face of the map. We certainly haven’t solved Afghanistan’s problems or Iraq’s problems.
          Punishing our enemies for their trespasses on us is a good thing, but we are unlikely to mold their societies in our image. We need to give up on the Nation-building and bring our soldiers home.

          • Claire

            DaveH–you have spoken correctly and truthfully. I agree with you on this 100%. But the terrible sad situation we have is where and if our precious soldeiers will find jobs! This upsets the hell out of me. Are they prolonging the war because of this fact?

          • DaveH

            What difference would it make if we paid them here or paid them there?
            I do believe we need to start weaning people from the government trough. If the government would butt out of the economy, the economic energy that would be released would easily support anybody who truly wanted to earn a living.

          • Claire

            DaveH–First of all, if we were paying them there they would still be at war. I want war to end. My point was that if we brought the soldiers home where in the heck would they find jobs? I just feel that our soldiers should be treated humanely when they get back home until they do find jobs.
            Regarding weaning people from the trough–I will have to say that if a person wanted a job bad enough they could work at Hardies, McDonalds, anywhere to bring in a paycheck. Extending unemployment benefits was not necessarily the solution because numerous people are milking that for all it is worth.

        • Rod James

          Jana/Big D,The REAL reason the US troops are there started with the 1973 Oil Crisis(orchestrated by Anglo-American Banking & Oil interests)
          This crisis allowed countries (including Iraq,Afghanistan &Iran)to
          accumulate great wealth and power over their own future.US stratagists
          turned to Zbigniew Brezezinski’s(the major US military/Policy stratagist)”Arc Of Crisis” plan of getting hold of certain countries resources(READ ECONOMIC HIT MAN)to prevent them from using this wealth against US interests in the area.The Arc of Crisis extends from Russias S.flank,Indian subcontinent,Turkey,Arabian Peninsula to Cape Horn.Bernard Lewis (a major US British political-intelligence expert)helped the plan along with writing in the Journal of the C.F.R (Foriegn Affairs)an article titled Rethinking The Middle East.This article redraws the map of the middle east based on the stratagies noted.
          I take it you SWALLOWED the popular medias explanations of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!THE BAD ARABS ALL WRAPPED IN THE AMERICAN FLAG OF FREEDOM!!Suckers!!!
          Jana, No I don’t wish for the destruction of the US or deaths of anyone. I love the people of the United States its the Mad foreign policies,bought politicians(Including Obama/Bush1&2),immoral lobbyists I don’t care for.I am not in favor of the oil statagy I only meant it was a stratagy.Jana you can go feed your horse now you hypocrite!

          • Jana

            You are the very type of person that has corrupted Liberalism. You are the biggest hypocrite of them all. You who claim to support our troops. Oh yeah, such a big supporter that you first have to make sure everyone knows your rhetoric of millions of innocents killed in Iraq. You hypocrite! Then you say you support our troops. Too little too late. You have already shown what you are. HA! I had you pegged right the first time.

            When you say and I quote, “I love the people of the United States its the Mad foreign policies,bought politicians(Including Obama/Bush1&2),immoral lobbyists I don’t care for.”, I do agree with that, and have always said so. But you are unstable as you are all over the place on your ideas.

            You who think you are so smart are showing your true colors. The way you write, it doesn’t sound like you stand for much.

            If you truly do, then maybe you ought to be able to express it better. We only know you by your words, and your own words certainly do not compliment you.

          • Rod James

            Jana, You don’t need to capitalize to yell! You are no slouch yourself!
            All the yelling and whining!Have a wonderfull New Year Jana PEACE LOVE AND PROSPERITY TO YOU and all.

          • Claire

            How in the world can Americans unite for the betterment of America? It appears Americans have chosen “sides” and this will not accomplish anything if we remain divided. One “side” is no better than the other. This so-called two-party system has created more havoc than any good. Both parties have politicians that are untrustworthy. I wish I could find a way to eliminate the bad politicians, and only keep the “honest” ones. But then again, is there any such thing as an “honest” politician? Of course not, politicians are in it for their own gain, not for the good of America.

      • Big D

        More of the same BS. I’ve heard this all before, over and over again, “bring the troops home, we’re over there for the oil, the U.S. military is killing innocent men, woman and children.” Rod, you and other (Lefties) make this war/wars seem like an occupation of other countries rather than a move to stabilize that part of the world and protect our own from invasion. The military is in Iraq and Afghanistan, to help those countries regain some sort of order, not to protect the oil, that’s a conspiracy theory you Lefties have come up with, to make the previous administration look bad and for political reasons. Millions of these people have been dying there long before we arrived, so our troops aren’t killing them it’s their own government and in most cases area leaders or terrorist groups that are doing the killing. Our troops are making the ultimate sacrifice to protect us from threats around the world and another 911 attack. So these wars are not in vane, and by saying we’re sacrificing good man and women for (oil?) That’s BS. Lets get real, the U.S. can’t afford another attack! These military men and women are making our lives better by doing what they are doing.

        • Rod James

          Big D, Don’t ever get the idea that I am putting down soldiers!To me they are the bravest of the brave in putting their lives on the line for something they beleive in! To me this war is an analogy of hitting a hornets nest then sticking your head in it.
          I guess I have cared to read more about the political/military stratagy
          of the United States to worry that this so called war/occupation could lead to bigger and much worse things. The US and NATO have been slowly
          surrounding Russia and China by manipulating (through covert money & assistance)many counties in this area. China and Russia are getting annoied at this and have formed an alliance with Iran (THE SHANGHAI ACCORD)that will function like NATO. That means they will use force if any member is attacked.The third world war!! Is that what Jana, you and the other HAWKS want?
          Big D, I don’t know if the soldiers are making my life any better but if WAR MONGERS like you, Jana, Obama,Bush’s etc.have your way, there won’t be much left of anything anywhere to argue about.

          • DaveH

            I’m with you Rod.

          • Jana

            Rod, we are not war mongers, but we are not going to sit idly by and not confront a bully.
            Even you are a bully. You try to intimidate us with your statement of, and I quote you, “Big D, I don’t know if the soldiers are making my life any better but if WAR MONGERS like you, Jana, Obama,Bush’s etc.have your way, there won’t be much left of anything anywhere to argue about.”
            But, you are wrong. Using your capital letters and shouting what you think does not make you right, just loud, like a typical leftist.
            Quit being a bully.

    • Claire

      All politicians are traitors. Think about it. Name one politician that is honest, and truly cares for America. Name one politician that works non-stop for the betterment of America. Name one politician that has the best interests of America at heart. Name one politician that wants to be elected/re-elected to actually help America. Sure, they have a song and dance, but rememebr it is for their gain, not for us and America.

      • DaveH

        It is an unreasonable expectation to think anybody is going to care more about somebody else than they do for themselves. Call it America or call it the United States, it is still just a collection of individual people. And it is a rare event to find anybody who is more concerned about the life of others than his/her own.
        We need to get it out of our heads that the government or anybody else is going to take care of us. We need to get back to Individual Liberty, Individual Responsibility, and much smaller government. Put those government workers back to work in the private sector where they can produce things instead of interfering with those who are producing.

        • Claire

          Daveh—I agree with your first sentence. However, when people elect politicians to represent them in the White House and Congress it is fair to expect these same politicians to do their jobs and work for the betterment of America. After all, these politicians spew campaign promises on these same issues. I do NOT expect the government to TAKE CARE of freeloaders or me, I take care of myself. I want the politicans to make the correct choices for America when running a government, and not make choices that will benefit themselves. Since this will never happen, aren’t we beating a dead horse?

          • DaveH

            I don’t think so Claire. If we could reawaken the nation to the benefits of Freedom, we could turn this country and its economy around. See the list of Countries and their Economic Freedom ranking at this site. Note the desirability of the most free countries as opposed to the least free:

  • s c

    Trust must be EARNED. NEVER put trust in people you do not know (especially politicians). That is the main reason why America is on the verge of being flushed into history.
    From now on, we must resolve to do TWO things to combat and correct this mess. First, ferret out ALL phonies, back-stabbers (RINOs, planted progressives, etc.) and freedom-haters who rely on party dolts to vote for them. Second, we must find ways to keep them in the spotlight, and make them regret the day they decided to get into politics. If it takes constitutional challenges, SOBEIT. America can no longer afford ANYONE who says one thing and does something else. Make the SOBs ACCOUNTABLE – every last one of them.
    If only they were as easy to spot and counter as the ultraliberal progressives who show up on this web site.

  • Anne

    Go Jackie!! You hit the nail on the head. Nothing more needs to be said.

  • JB

    Military Officers have a different oath of office. Officers in the service of the United States are bound by this oath to disobey any order that violates the Constitution of the United States!

    Officer Oath of Office….
    I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

    One notable difference between the officer and enlisted oaths is that the oath taken by officers does not include any provision to obey orders; while enlisted personnel are bound by the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) to obey only lawful orders.

    Note also that this is not an oath to defend any specific territory or persons or property. This is an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States!

    Also note that there is no duration defined in the Oath. Once taken, it is a lifetime affirmation.

  • s c

    Jackie Mason (a famous comedian) has some timely comments on YouTube [Morons on Capitol Hill] that overlap with this topic. Jackie Mason ‘gets it.’ George Carlin ‘got it.’
    Not only do ultraliberal progressives and their camp-followers not ‘get it,’ they don’t want to ‘get it.’ They’re too busy – as Mason says – standing for NOTHING. When it comes to standards and trust, forget it. The left bunch avoids standards, and has no plans for earning our trust.
    They’re happier than slop-drenched pigs to control everyone else, but they refuse to have standards for themselves or their ‘friends.’ So how can people not understand what is so wrong with those who profess tolerance and compassion, when at heart they are no better than Hitler or Stalin?

  • Carlos

    It is because of the constitution and the military, that we can have the freedom to express our views freely in this website. But lefties can’t appreciate that and have more respect for both. They’re so in love with Obama, some congress people and the main media, that they cannot tell when they lie. If you lefties don’t like this country and it’s form of government, why don’t you just leave?

  • DaveH

    It’s one thing to protect our country and quite another to be the World’s Policemen. To think we can solve the world’s problems militarily is no less wishful thinking than the idea that we can control the climate.

    For those who want to explore deeper into this subject:

    • Jana

      I agree with you wholeheartedly on this DaveH. We can’t be the world police, nor can we be the world restorer.
      Whenever there is war we can not replace what got messed up and broken. They have a responsibility to do that. It is just like with a child, if you give them everything they get to demanding more and are utterly spoiled.
      I don’t mind helping them while they pitch in and do, but to do it for them? No.

  • Au Contrair

    Hey guys. Why are you so caught up in this liberal/conservative mind shit. Can’t you see how utterly brain washed you are by these labels. That is what the mind controllers who have been at it since before we were all born have been doing to bring All OF HUMANITY TO THIS IMPASSE. These labels and conflicts have been forced upon us to keep us thinking that we are the enemy. DIVIDE AND CONQUER IS AS OLD AS MANKIND WAKE UP! It is about Satan and his minions taking control of the reigns of HUMAN DESTINY. Total enslavement will be forced upon us while we are being distracted by our petty differences.

    • Jana

      Au Contrair: Ok, what do you want to call each of us to show the difference? Conservatives are Angels and the Libs are Demons???

      Sorry, there is a difference and to deny that would be folly.

      • DaveH

        Maybe what Contrair is talking about is the fact that Government just keeps growing no matter which major party is in control. Once the size of Government reaches critical mass, that is the voters are bought and paid for, we will be stuck with being subjects instead of citizens.

  • http://google raymond

    If we the citizents of this united states dont wake up know we are all in big troubel

  • American Citizen

    I was watching “101 Dalmations” this evening. Cruella and the 3 criminals were in the paddy wagon and she told the incompetents that they won the gold, silver and bronze in the idiot category. One of them asked her, “Who won the gold?” I laughed so loud I scared my husband. It immediately reminded me of Obama and the Congress.


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