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April 13, 2011 by  


I understand that many of you want nothing better than to tell President Barack Obama, “You’re fired!” But do we really need a New York City billionaire Donald Trump to help us do it?

I fret over Trump’s motivations. He could be questioning Obama’s birth certificate to stir up publicity for himself and his TV program, “The Apprentice.” It could also be that Trump wants to create negative sentiment against conservatives by painting us as extremists. If so, then The Donald is really allied with Obama and privately wants to see him re-elected through the power of independent voters.

Before you dismiss that Trump is really an Obama ally, consider this from Brendan Coffey’s blog on

“Donald Trump may be talking a game the Tea Party activists embrace, such as consistently questioning President Obama’s American birth of late, but an analysis of his political donations since 1989 show a distinct support of the Democratic Party that may not go over well should Trump be serious about running for the Republican Party nomination for President.

“According to electoral cycle donations via which I examined this morning, Trump has donated a net $744,033 to political candidates and committees since 1989 (the extent of the online database).

Of this, $612,083 are [sic] to candidates or parties identifiable either as Republican or Democratic.

“Of that amount, $320,300 of that have [sic] been to the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates; $291,783 to Republican committees and candidates. That’s 52% of his giving to identifiable political giving to Democrats.”

Forbes’ list of some of Trump’s liberal recipients includes:

  • $20,350 to Charles Rangel, the Harlem-based Congressman
  • $9,900 to Chuck Schumer
  • $9,400 to Harry Reid
  • $9,000 to various Kennedys, mainly Ted.
  • $5,500 to John Kerry

Trump is not putting much of his money where his enormous mouth is.

Even as I was finishing up this column I found this editorial by Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times: “Having written three books and dozens of columns debunking urban legends, myths, rumors, tall tales, half-truths and general crackpottery, I’m hardly one to jump on the “Aha!” bandwagon, but I’m starting to think Donald Trump is spearheading a vast conspiracy. To get Barack Obama re-elected.”

Regardless of Trump’s motivations, I believe that the spotlight on Obama’s birthplace may hurt conservative-minded people that want to see the President defeated in 2012.

I say this even though I believe that Obama may not be a natural-born citizen as the U.S. Constitution requires. If that is true, as a person who respects the Constitution, I object wholeheartedly.

Yet as a pragmatist I fear that if we focus on Obama’s birthplace we are wasting our energies and it could cost us the election. Keep in mind it is very hard to prove a negative, and with the Ruling Elite supporting the President, I think it could be next to impossible.

Lessons From The Vince Foster Saga
Remember Vince Foster? He was Deputy White House Counsel to President Bill Clinton and a close confidant of the First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. Foster was found dead in Fort Marcy Park on July 20, 1993. A three-year investigation conducted by independent counsel Kenneth Starr concluded that Foster died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. It was all very convenient for the President and the First Lady because Foster knew the deepest secrets of the Clinton’s not-so-blind trust, as well as the truth behind Whitewater.

The ruling of suicide was made despite the fact that one witness, Patrick Knowlton, entered Fort Marcy Park approximately 70 minutes before Foster’s body was discovered. Evidence shows that Foster was already dead at that time. Knowlton saw two vehicles in the parking lot, neither of which matched the description of Vince Foster’s 1989 silver Honda.

There were many other inconsistencies with the suicide finding and I remember I was outraged that more was not done. At the time, I was publishing an investment letter and President Clinton was coming up for re-election. I wrote about Vince Foster’s death, Whitewater and what I thought was a web of corruption and lies inside the Clinton White House. Some influential writers and broadcasters addressed the subject, all for naught. Clinton was re-elected in a landslide over Bob Dole in 1996.

Looking back, I think time and energy was wasted on what was almost impossible to prove while not enough was spent on Clinton’s blatant failings as President. Fast-forward 15 years and we have a President that takes prideful ownership of many policies that are destroying America.

A Checkered Past Since 2008
Three years ago, candidate Obama said he would fix the economy. Instead, he spent his energy on ramming Obamacare down the throats of the nation.

The President also promised to be fiscally responsible. Yet Federal spending has soared during the President’s 26 months in office as is clearly demonstrated in the chart below.


The U.S. Treasury Department is warning that it will reach its debt limit of $14.3 trillion in mid-May unless the Federal government gets new financing.

Given Obama’s ambitions on everything from green energy to healthcare to Arab intervention, Federal spending as a percent of gross domestic product could exceed World War II levels. That could be disastrous for America for many reasons, one being if China—sitting on $1 trillion in Treasuries—starts to liquidate Treasury debt. That would send interest rates soaring (the Treasury would have to auction off debt to keep the government afloat). Instead of paying 2 percent or 3 percent yields, the Treasury would have to yield 22 percent or 23 percent.

This would devastate the bond and stock markets as well as real estate, which is still staggering from the 2008 Depression.

Then there is the dollar itself. The bear market for the greenback began in 2001 with President George W. Bush. But the decline of the dollar has been accelerated under Obama. A decade ago my Canadian Loony was worth less than 70 cents against the dollar. Today it is worth $1.05 U.S.

It could get a lot worse, said former Treasury Secretary and Secretary of State James Baker: "At some point we have to get a handle on this spending binge we’re on."

Baker, whose glory days were in the Reagan administration, added: "If the United States of America didn’t have the dollar as the de facto reserve currency of the world, we’d be Greece. I mean we are broke, bankrupt."

When one of the top American powerbrokers of the 20th Century says the country is bankrupt, that should be the headline on every newspaper in the country. Instead what is making headlines is Trump. Don’t you see? We are drowning in an ocean of debt and people like Trump are describing the water.

America is in for hard times if Obama is not defeated. And there are so many obvious reasons that he should not be re-elected.

Yours in good times and bad,

John Myers
Editor Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • http://deleted Claire

    At first, when Trump began his “campaign” I thought okay, this might work. But the longer he goes at it, the more I feel uncomfortable with this guy. Call it instinct, the good old gut feeling, or whatever, I do not think Trump is the answer. I just do not believe he is what he “seems” to be. I am inclined to agree with the statement “Trump is not putting much of his money where his enormous mouth is.” I think John Myers has hit the nail on the head. Trump does not “ooze” sincerity. There is a method to his madness.

    • njmiller

      I agree with you; however, if he does just one thing, and that is settle the issue of Barry Obama’s birth and legal name, the country will owe him big time.

      He is absolutely right! Why did Barry Obama pay more than two million dollars to hide something regarding his birth certificate. I want to know.

      Afterthought: Where is the paperwork for the name change??

      • Bruce D.

        I agree. We absolutely need to solve the issue of the birth certificate and Trump should stay on it. It is an important Constitutional issue. It is easy enough to resolve if one or more states requires that he proves he is qualified to be president. I do not understand why anyone would want to dismiss the issue. It is not the same as Vince Foster. It is very simple to prove. There should be a requirement by all states that in order to get on the ballet there should be proof of eligibility. As far as Trump goes it is no secret that he is not a true conservative but he has some good ideas and is able to put the press in their place. Right now he is winning by default. No one else seems to want it as bad as he does. It would be unforgivable if he ran as an independent. That certainly would prove he wants Obama to win.

        • herman richardson

          Very well stated, thank you Bruce D

          • Alice

            It is important to remove Barack Obama from his office. Obama has many wrong ideas about economy and United Stated involved in non-win war with Libya. They want keep borrowing money from China and live on debt. Many people lost their savings. We living an anarchy society with wrong President who is born in Kenya therefore he is not eligible to be in the White house. Obama committed fraud against American people.

        • Patty

          Bruce-He says he will only run if he can run on the repub. ticket. We will see. I also saw where he has given to some pretty irreputable dems. Rangel, Biden and the like.

          • Yes We Can

            I disagree with this article.

            Everybody knows Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice show is very popular, that’s why you see a lot of famous people who were and are currently on his show, and get fired by him. Trump does not need to call attention to in “… questioning Obama’s birth certificate to stir up publicity for himself and his TV program, “The Apprentice.”” As Mr. Myers said.

            Trump asked why Obama would rather spend 2 million dollars to defend his birth certificate instead of just showing it; if he has one?

            Trump got more notoriety just for questioning Obama’s birth place, and this issue has not been resolved since before Obama was elected.

            And this is a requirement for everyone who wants to be president of this country? Anyone who loves this country would make this as an issue. George Soros’ people want to kill this issue ASAP.

            Trump is a wise business man, he donates to all parties, especially to Charles Rangel who made tax laws.

          • patty

            Yes we can – and he has a lot of real estate holdings in NY.

      • Mike in MI

        njmiller -
        Excellent points, indeed. We need to get Barry Soetoro out of office by impeachment really, really bad. One of the charges needs to be related to the birth certificate issue. All the other issues of his antiConstitutional reign can be handled in any order but that one should be handled first and alone.
        If Congress lets him get by without being AT LEAST challenged on it it can for the rest of time be said, “Soetoro was America and you let him be president for a full term. Why not give somebody like Qadaffi, or Gbagbo, or Idi Amin, or Mubarak a chance at the position of president. They’ve all had more experience than Barry had and he put in four years in our (now) Offal Orifice. So what if they’re not born in the U.S.A. — Soetoro wasn’t either. So the precedent is set that the president doesn’t need to be one of us, or understand us, or our culture, or our ways of doing business, or that congress is supposed to debate isses not close the other guys out or run away to another juridiction if you don’t like the odds or any of that other stuff Soetoro instigated. You know how our system works – seta precedent once and that’s that becomes the law of the land forever, no matter what any legislation or other official thing reads.What if a potentially strong leader grows up in Russia or Germany or Afganistan or Somalia and comes here with a desire to lead our nation? Shouldn’t he get a fair chance, too? The Keynsian Keynan did. “

        • Mike in MI

          Correction to above:
          2nd ppg. “Soetoro was not from America..”

        • DENNIS


          • Fran C

            And we really do not want Biden or Hillary in the White House. They wouldn’t flip flop. Tjey would go all the way left.

          • Another Voice

            It’s not enough to ‘prove’ that Obama was not born in the US. You have to prove that his MOTHER was not an American citizen. So far, no one has contested that fact. And as long as his mother was an American citizen at the time of his birth, then he is a natural-born citizen (i.e., he never needed to be naturalized) – so he would still be a natural-born citizen no matter where he was born. The fact that his father was Kenyan does not matter.

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            You are correct about the Impeachment. There have only been two Impeachments in our history and neither resulted in a conviction.

            The real answer is peeling back the B/C issue, proving Barry’s ineligibility and outright removing him. We can then jail him, convict him and execute him for treason. Preferable on the font lawn of the WH.

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

            Another Voice:

            Not quite. There are issues about her eligibility to confer citizenship to her son. This has to do with her age at the time and her residence in the U.S.

            Also, Little Barry’s “daddy” was unquestionably a Kenyan citizen and a British subject. That gives Little Barry dual citizenship which excludes him from eligibility.

          • JIBBS

            At the time of his birth, both parents had to be citizen’s.

          • libertytrain

            US Citizen:
            (g) a person born outside the geographical limits of the United States and its outlying possessions of parents one of whom is an alien, and the other a citizen of the United States who, prior to the birth of such person, was physically present in the United States or its outlying possessions for a period or periods totaling not less than five years, at least two of which were after attaining the age of fourteen years: Provided, That any periods of honorable service in the Armed Forces of the United States, or periods of employment with the United States Government or with an international organization as that term is defined in section 288 of title 22 by such citizen parent, or any periods during which such citizen parent is physically present abroad as the dependent unmarried son or daughter and a member of the household of a person

          • Mike in MI

            Dennis -
            “Where oh where are the Obama papers?”
            Locked down in a court order, that’s where. And nobody seems able to get any Freedom of Information orders to be processed for releasing info about anything going on in this misadministration. The only way I see getting broken out in the open about them is to subpoena from the highest court to which he’s answerable.
            And besides who knows how many tight-lipped democrats there may be sitting back afraid to speak out or change their minds because of fear of him and higher-ups in their hierarchy — until or unless Congress subpoenas docs that irrefuteably show his citizenship status?
            So what if he wins in 2012???!!! At the rate events are proceeding 2012 will be so-o-o-o late for our economy, our whole financial system and the possible continuity of order in our country you can cease worrying about beating him or anybody else in an election.

            How much time do you think it takes for a culture to collapse once the mortar between the bricks turns to sand? Look at Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and some of these other places that have imploded. Crying out loud – those systems were powerfully centralized systems and much simpler than our system. Worse…they are used to scrabbling to stay alive. Huge population numbers here are used to ENTITLEMENTS….and are kept alive by drugs…or technological gadgets…or people who travel distances to make their nursing rounds of a day. Need I go on?

        • Void1972

          Obamas Grandmother was murdered a couple of weeks before he became President because she was going to sing like a canary about her evil grandson!
          Does anyone remember the Omen?
          Lets just call our current fraud leader Damien for now on!

          • Kate8

            Void – I remember it well.

            The old lady posed a clear and present danger. She met with the same fate as a couple of his gay playmates.

            He’s always appeared to me to be devoid of all conscience.

          • Vicki

            I remember pointing out to more than one of my liberal friends that it was just so convenient that the grandmother died VERY shortly after Obama made the special trip to see her cause she was supposedly ill.

            They of course didn’t want to hear about it any more than they wanted to hear that a certification of live birth != birth certificate.

          • Robin from Arcadia, IN

            Void 1972… I have said this very thing. I have nothing but a gut feeling about it all; can’t prove a thing, but this is what I think, too!

      • brassia

        Even if Obama will be forced to produce the BC (which is unlikely) and there is some information on it proving h is illegitimate president WHO is going to remove him from WH? We already know that his father (whoever that may be??) was NOT a US citizen which should already prevented him to become a president. We don’t really know Who and Who’s money (apparently lots and lots of them) behind his election abut know their AIM is to destroy our country. Even if democrats suspect the danger they will never admit it or do anything about it- their powers are above their interest in our country , they will defend Obama till their last breath otherwise they are finished as a party..

        • barbm

          where’s the money coming from? look up george soros.

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

            We have a Supreme Court that is absolutely AWOL.

            They have apparently been paid off in some way.

          • http://YAHOO MARY MANDOLINI


          • TNJan

            AMEN, barbm, you hit the nail right ON the old, ugly, bald head!! I truly believe those in power who KNOW are afraid for their very lives. Remember where Nobama came from to the WH, where he still calls home (away from home) on the shores of a BIG lake (can you say shades of J. Hoffa?), and where they still fit concrete shoes?

        • Kate8

          It’s all too painfully obvious that our entire system has either been bought off, is complicit, or scared into silence concerning the BC issue. It doesn’t seem to matter how much evidence is put forward, who or how many are demanding satisfaction, or how many bring the issue before the courts, the people are not being heard.

          The courts have ruled that We the People have no standing! Don’t you get it? That means that America, as we have understood her, no longer exists! Power has been usurped from us.

          Those in power hold us in utter disdain and contempt. And why not? Look at us. We are so EASILY controlled by the media. We think what we are told to think, and we believe what they tell us, according to which spin we want to listen to.

          • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

            Kate8, Excellent! NOW can all of you say American Indians ( P.C. Native Americans )

          • Void1972

            I love reading your post, you are very intune, unlike most Americans.
            Check out You Tube “Barack the Magic Suit” | FrontPage Magazine
            This pretty much explains it all. You will love it!

      • j caudill

        what happen to the lady doctor who went to kenya and got a copy of his
        birth cert that was send around the net any body wanting a copy i have the copy that when around the net and will send it to you inc

        • sarahb

          That birth certificate was proven to be a fake. 1- The form it was on was not the form the hospital was using at the time he was born. 2- The print was not the same as the print on all the other birth certificates printed at that time. 3- Neither the form not a printer to match could be located. While he was here, The Governor of Hawii swore he would go back to Hawii, get the birth certificate and send it to Washington. Strangely enough, he couldn’t find it, then he said he was told it was illegal for him to get a copy of the Birth Certificate. Birth Certificates are public record, and if it exist, he could have gotten it, no problem!!!!! I’ve not decided who I would want for president, It certainly won’t be who I consider the most hated man in the world, but at least Trump has everyone’s attention. He is reveling things others have over looked telling us about. Politicians have to be very careful what they say. They have tiptoed around many things because they are afraid someone is going to pull some skeletons out of their closet. We need to research and reserch some more before we trust anyone with the the position of President of OUR United States. Trump owes nobody anything, no Unions, No politicians,no oil companies, no foreign leaders,so he tells it like it is and those people are listening with fear that he is about to tear up their playhouse.

          • Kate8

            sarahb – Sorry dear, but you PROVE MY CASE.

            We READILY ACCEPT whatever we are told is the truth. Some say the Kenyan BC is legit, some say not. We believe what we want to believe.

            GOOD GRIEF, PEOPLE. WE ARE CONTINUALLY FED NOTHING BUT LIES, and we don’t figure it out! Who knows what the truth really is, but you can bet it will be reported however it best suits the agenda of th PTB.

            We’ve got to stop being such mindless sheep.

          • Munday/TX

            one thing. You and I both know that Obama is not stupid. We both know that it is not the Government we elected who is in charge and of all people you know the Trump knows this, yet when asked he advises that he thinks Obama is just incompetent! – really! – well the Donald is a bad liar and I am not trusting any one that is not a Tea Partier.
            democrat=socialist Republican=socialist light!! They are both leading us to the one world government. Its all a matter of time; demo-sooner repub-later. Either way if the people of this country do not stand up and say no more, we are going to be back in the days when the people owned nothing and a few powerful had everything. Stop paying the buggers to put us in prison-don’t pay federal taxes!!

        • Bob Marker

          I would like very much to have a copy if it is legitimate.


      • JiimCO

        Why did Obama pay a law firm two million dollars … it was because they all do! It is called a retainer, it is for them to make sure they are following all election laws and to defend them when the FEC says they are not. McCain also had the same arrangement paying his law firm $1.3 million during the 2008 election … Trump already knows this, he has probably paid many more millions as retainers over the years to his own law firms. Yet he chooses to use the same legitimate practice which he knows is not all that nefarious as a wedge issue because … it resonates with the voters … guess he thinks they are chumps!

        • spitfire

          Actually most are chumps! How else would Obama ever get elected. How is it possible that slick willy got two terms, and messed up the country.

      • Jenelle

        A person born in the United States is only a true citizen if the person’s father is a citizen. Once Obama shows he was born here, what is the Tea Party going to do – say the paper is a fraud? That’s what the mainstream media is already saying.

        • libertytrain

          “A person born in the United States is only a true citizen if the person’s father is a citizen.”

          Not true. This site may clarify some items re requirement for you -

          Here’s one example of the “rules”
          “Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is an alien and as long as the other parent is a citizen of the U.S. who lived in the U.S. for at least five years (with military and diplomatic service included in this time) “

          • jmp

            I believe this 5 year time frame needs to include at least 2 years from the time the person was 14..Obama’s mama didn’t meet that requirement.

      • EddieW

        Since he donates so much money to Democrats, I fear he is a RINO!!
        Love your “afterthought”!!! TRUE! I wonder if Obozo is even a citizen of this country? There is nothing so far where he became a citizen!!
        Just his mom maybe being a citizen at the time, and that is in serious doubt, still his dad was not ever so, his SS number is from a dead man in Mass. when he was around 14 in Hawaii…and had never been to Mass!! FELONY!!! To get into the school in Indonesia, he may have had to renounce any US citizenship, or he would not have been allowed!! Congress knows this, the “supreme”Court knows this, and won’t hear a case against him…!

      • Bruce D.

        There is a lot more to Trump than one issue. No one is taking on the issues like he is. No one is even close to him. He is resonating.
        “Trump also took aim at the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.
        “OPEC will cut the price of oil, and if they don’t they’ve got problems,” he said. “We are protecting Saudi Arabia free of charge. The Arab League asked us to go into Libya and we go in and we don’t say, ‘Are you going to pay for it?”‘
        “I would tell (OPEC) that oil is not going to $150 a barrel … it’s going to be at $40 to $50 a barrel.”

        On China, Trump accused Beijing of manipulating its yuan currency, contributing to a U.S. trade deficit that was unacceptable — it was $18.8 billion in February alone.

        “I would put a 25 percent tax on all goods coming in from China to the United States and I would do it without hesitation,” Trump said.

    • herman richardson

      Trump is better than anyone up there, at least he can make money, not just spend – wake up time to take back our country from the Commie Republicans and Democrats-let the government collapse, get the low lifes out of office-if you are getting your Check from the bunch you will not agree

      • Bruce D.

        No one is resonating like Donald Trump is at this time. He should be in the race and if there is someone better than him let them prove themselves just as Trump has to prove himself. Just because he may be running does not mean he has won already. In reality the field is not a strong one. Gingrich is probably the best qualified and can easily handle Obama in a debate but many view him as having a lot of baggage which keeps him from being an attractive candidate. Romney is trying to distance himself from the TeaParty and cannot be trusted although he appears to be next in line. Really it is not a good field to choose from. Allen West, Bobby Jangle, Criss Christi, and Mark Rubio are all exciting conservative candidates but are not ready for that role yet.

        • Vigilant

          “Gingrich is probably the best qualified and can easily handle Obama in a debate but many view him as having a lot of baggage which keeps him from being an attractive candidate.”

          Obama’s “baggage” is much more damning, but it didn’t prevent him from becoming president. The same media which overlooked/hid Obama’s traitorous associations would have a field day with Gingrich.

          • Kate8

            Vigilant – This is but yet another example of how the media controls the debate.

            Newt’s baggage? Who would think twice about it, except that the media is constantly reiterating it. We’re told he has too much baggage, so we toss him out as a possibility.

            Be certain that whoever has the support of the media is NOT going to be good for US. This includes Trump.

          • Vigilant

            Kate, we are in violent agreement!

          • Carlucci

            Newt the newt is a rino, and yet another potential trojan horse.

          • Kate8

            Carlucci – I don’t discount that as possibility at all. In fact, I have thought that same thing.

            We must be aware, however, of who the media supports the most, and who they demonize the most. As I said, they control the debate, and those who use the media as their control arm are the ones taking us down this horrendous road to perdition.

          • Kate8

            Carlucci – Trump could be an even greater Trojan Horse. He will get the support of all sides.

          • Carlucci

            Kate8 isn’t mad at anybody. She’s just trying to get your attention.

            Kate8 – see my post – scroll waaaay down…

          • Bruce D.

            As far as I know the media likes Obama and I do not think they will endorse any Republican canidate. I do not hear anyone making a case for Newt. If they were he would have announced two weeks ago when he said he was going to, instead of backing off. He would have ran in 2008 but no one seems to want to promote him. People have to be willing to come out and say they like him and want him to be president. People on this site won’t even do that. The media is only one part of it. Newt flatly isn’t resonating with most people.

        • Mushin

          Gentlemen, Gentlemen,

          Please, consider for one moment that your Donald Trump. Your in an exclusive club where you rub elbows with all the most powerful and influential people of the world, ie; George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, etc. Why would you EVER consider stepping on your buddies toes?! The answer is, you wouldn’t. Trump is playing the game and, like Sotomo (aka Obama), Bush, Clinton, etc, he’ll play like the pied piper until he get’s into office. Then he’ll do what’s expected of him from the club members.

          Tunaman’s assessment is accurate – the corruption is so thorough is it highly unlikely it will be halted no matter the intervention (as much as I’d like to think otherwise). God bless America.

          • Bruce D.

            Trump adds a lot of energy to the presidential campaign. It would be a big mistake to not let him have his say. No one will be forced to vote for him. His ideas need to be heard. Who you vote for is up to you.

          • Kate8

            Mushin – I am certain that you are right about Trump.

            Consider this also: no one gets a huge TV show without the backing of those who own the media.

            We are, as usual, being PLAYED. And, as usual, we are sucked right in.

          • Kate8

            In fact, we need to consider who gets the media attention. If we were really given any real choices, Ron Paul would be getting much more attention than he ever does.

            REAL statesmen get virtually ignored by the media. They aren’t even given a chance to debate more than nominally.

            We obediently play the game, readily accepting the choices placed before us, not realizing that any differences between them is an illusion.

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            kate8, Ron Paul won’t get the press needed to win nomination much less a Presidency, the elitests already know he can’t/won’t be bought, so the Liberal News media ignore him.

          • Kate8

            Angel W – Yes, the media will ignore him, thinking they will get away with controlling the election as they always do.

            That’ why we need to find a ways to launch our own campaign, using the internet and private media. We could organize and put up signs, write letters to newspapers (does anyone read them?)…I don’t know. There has to be a way for US to take back control of our election process.

            People are on to the game, and are realizing that we end up the losers every time. Maybe we’re ripe for something new. The TeaParty showed us that YES WE CAN.

        • Born in America


          • JIBBS

            Please turn off the caps, it make’s reading your posts tough…..skip

          • JustDon

            Why are you yelling at us? Have we angered you in some way?

            You also might consider some punctuation and spell-checking. (It’s “Perot,” by the way…)

        • B & J


          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

            You mean Mitt Romney of the infamous RomneyCare in MA? That Mitt Romney?

            He would love implementing ObamaCaare….

            Go to

          • Kate8

            No one who belongs to or works for the corporate elites is going to be about saving America. You might as well get that idea out of your system once and for all.

            Sigh. When, oh when, are we going to snap out of this media-induced stupor.

          • JustDon

            Why are you yelling at us? Have we angered you in some way?

            I agree, btw, with the poster stating that Herman Cain is intriguing.

      • http://YAHOO val


        • B & J


          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

            Carefull there B&J

            Remember, Little Barry the communist Kenyan was also touted as the “savior”. We all know how that turned out.

            The only Savior is Jesus Christ Himself. Trump is no more than a mere human.

            He does have that NYC Chutzpa which makes him a tough adversary.

          • Kate8

            Old H – Until more people turn off their TVs and start thinking (if they still have that ability), we’ll keep dutifully marching down the path laid out for us.

            Or should I call it a chute?

          • Kate8

            Old H – My point is, the SAME GROUP OF PEOPLE control EVERY word we hear!

            Their agents may LOOK different, but what we don’t see is that a little way down the road, it all ends at the same place!

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

            Yeah Kate8, you are correct in your assertion. However, the fact that eyes are opening may be a good sign, but enough and in time?

            Tis is why I began the “prepping” last Fall. I hope there is enough time to assemble everything we will need to last at least one year while the dust settles. When you stop and take stock of what you consume in 12 months it can be overwhelming.

            For well over 6 lustrums I have been preparing by saving and investing. Now the paradigim (sp?? has changed completely.

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        When the government collapses it will be because of the low-lifes and they will be sure to have things set up to keep them right where they are.

        It is becoming more and more apparent that the TEA Party folks are the only ones truly interested in saving our Republic.

      • http://windstream Jo Anne

        I agree. As for the birth certificate issue, aside from where he was born , no one pays the kind of money he has paid to hide his records unless there is something he doesn’t want Americans to know about . Where there is smoke there is fire. He is guilty of something.
        I remember how Jo Biden made the statement “He is clean” about Obama before he was elected. Many felt it was a sort of disrespectful statement and referred to his race. I feel Biden was saying they had his records well hidden.Obama was too sure of being President way before the election. He also took it for granted that he had Pilosi and Reed to do the work before he arrived and he flat out said that on one occasion. (Not in those words).
        I like Donald Trump. As for his past. People do things and learn from those things. They change . they grow. At least intelligent peop[le do. People who are business people do. Trump has stated that many of his previous opinions have changed. I have given to charity’s in the past and later decided that I was not going to support them and did not know all the facts about them. Everyone who has done any business at all has made errors in judgement or has just had a run of bad luck due to curcumstances beyond your controle. I refuse to judge if Don Trump is the kind of Christian that some feel is worthy to be called Christian. He say’s he is,I believe he is. God is the judge. As for divorces, if everyone who has had a divorce was cast out of the church, there would not be many in any church. I will never judge that!

    • homeboy

      every day this web site has good things to discuss and debate. i am wondering when people are going to realize that the system we have does not work for the obvious reasons, corruption to name one. not only does this country need changes but the whole world needs it. so do you really think man,after 6000 years, can do the job right because it hasn’t happen yet? the only way this country has a chance is to completely change our government and you have to start with getting rid of all politicians. maybe it can run like a corporation. i don’t know but i do know man does not have the answers . don’t mean to burst your bubble but thats the truth. so maybe a business person will have a different take on running the government. whats your thoughts?

      • Mike in MI

        Homeboy -
        I think I have it on pretty good evidence that it’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better – all over the world – focussed on the mideast. The Devil’s only hope of retaining control of the world, at this point, is to destroy, really destroy all the Jews…everywhere. And, this time he really has to do the job. So he’s going to make the whole world mad at Israel and Jews anywhere…mad enough to want to hunt down and destroy every last one. He’s working on it right now if you look around. I’m warning you stay away from it and aloof from participating in the things people are going to start doing.
        He’ll probably try to make it appear that they aren’t the only group he but if history is any guide it coul get unbelievably vicious.

      • Carlucci

        I agree. Getting rid of the Federal Reserve and parasite bankers in govt. is a great place to start. All of this other stuff, including Trump, is a dog and pony show designed to distract the masses.

        • Mushin

          Correct my friend.

        • JackBSanD

          Be careful Carlucci, Glenn Beck mentioned the same corrupt bankers by name and he was booted off the air because his “ratings were low”! Kicked off the one channel that was viewed by mostly Conservatives and nosey Liberals? What does that tell you?

          • Carlucci

            Thanks, JackBSanD, but I don’t have a t.v. show. I’m not much of a fan of Glenn Beck, either, after he sabotaged our libertarian candidate for governor of Texas on his talk show.

            The problem is we will never get out of this hot mess until democrats and rinos are gone from the federal leviathan. People just don’t get it. Take a look at this and find out why:


          • JeffH

            JackBSanD, Beck “booted” and “low ratings”? Me thinks you’ve been listening to the wrong people. Beck’s leaving his daily FOX show because he wants to and he’s still gonna be working with FOX through his highly successful multimedia company, or haven’t you heard.

          • Kate8

            Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. You disappoint me here a little bit.

            Beck stepped on a lot of toes. Soros spent millions trying to discredit him, causing advertisers to pull out…

            Methinks FoxNews received a visit. Probably the same guys who paid a visit to TruTV.

            Beck was warned over and over, and did capitulate to a point. But he was exposing too much.

            Time will tell, won’t it?

          • JeffH

            Kate8, sorry to disappoint but That’s what I believe has happened. Beck’s not going away, he’s just ending his daily FOX cable show. His media company, Mercury Arts Radio along with the BLAZE, is in need of his full attention and we will be seeing and hearing plenty from Beck.
            Had you heard that Fox News Senior Vice President Joel Cheatwood reportedly plans to leave FOX and join Beck’s company. If Cheatwood joins Beck’s Mercury Radio Arts observers say it would indicate that Beck could possibly have much bigger plans for his future in television than anyone realized.

          • Kate8

            JeffH – I am sure that Beck, seeing the way the wind was blowing, did, indeed, put together a new plan…

            While I still think there is more to this, I do think it will, ultimately, work out much better for Beck. This way, Fox is off the hook, and Beck has more freedom…hopefully.

            Those who stand for the truth will get the support of Higher Powers…I only hope he will now speak the WHOLE truth, without having to censor himself.

            I guess we’ll get to see what he is REALLY made of.

          • TIME

            I know Glenn, his rating are the highest for that time slot ever in recorded Telie History. As in there has never been a 5 PM show that has ever been on the same page let alone near it.
            Perhaps you should stop with the wack job Mind control media and find the “TRUTH.”

            Look I don’t see eye to eye with Glenn on many points, but he has many of his duck in the right pond.

            Yes I understand that Alex Jones and Glenn do not Mix well.
            Alex also has a TON of INTEL you should look into. Also look into David Icke. Between all of them you can at least get a clear picture of whats really going on in the REAL WORLD.

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            Carlucci, Jeffh and Kate8, I’m gonna jump in here, on the Beck Band Wagon, if ya’s don’t mind. I think he’s got bigger things in store and JeffH, I did hear one of the Fox excutives has been hired by Beck. Becks hands or tongue if you will, are tied by Murdoc at Fox. If he goes on his own, the future is an open door for him. Becks doing a good job at keeping us all in suspense too!

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Beck was not booted off, or asked to leave. On the contrary, they are begging him to stay, but there are bigger things ahead for Glenn Beck. And Im telling you right now, after listening to him for more than a few years, Glenn Beck is not the kind of kind that would let someone silence him with threats. That would make him speak out more. When your about the truth, you dont fear men and their threats. That is why Glenn is successful, because he spread the truth and reveals the evils these people do. And he will continue to do so.

    • Vigilant

      I agree with you Claire.

      What a farce! We have spent a lot of time arguing the merits/demerits of political philosophy on this site, but now that there are potential candidates looming on the horizon, what do we do? We start arguing about the “electability” of candidates rather than their core beliefs.

      Trump’s championing of a side issue shows just how opportunistic he is. I doubt that he gives a damn whether Obama has a birth certificate or not, he’s merely capitalizing on a controversial issue for political advantage. And, smart as he may be regarding business, chasing the birther question guarantees that he will spin, crash and burn.

      The real questions with which we need to concern ourselves are these:

      (1) Does the candidate believe in the core values of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution?

      (2) Will the candidate as president do his/her utmost to restore the Constitution, radically reduce the size of Federal government and rein in the Federal Reserve?

      (3) Will the new president takes steps to protect our borders from illegal immigration, to slash spending and balance the budget?

      Many will disagree, but I believe that concentrating on narrowly-focused issues such as abortion, gay/lesbian affairs and impeachment/birther concerns is a dead end game that diverts and detracts from the priority issues that need to be tackled. NONE of these issues will matter if the country is destroyed from within by the leftists/statist forces who would make us dependent slaves in a feudal barony.

      • Bruce D.

        If those are your qualifications Trump has already stated he will fix number two and three. Most likely will be able to fix those two problems better than anyone else.

        • Bruce D.

          I do not know about Trump reining in the Fed Reserve. Most likely he will not do that as Ron Paul has been trying to do that for years with little or no success.

          • Kate8

            Bruce D – They all promise what we want to hear. It’s called “campaign rhetoric”.

      • Andy Miller

        You talk out of both sides of your mouth. just like the imposter in the whitehouse today You said “(1) Does the candidate believe in the core values of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution?”, I think one of the first core values is the person qualified to be in that position, wich you say isn’t important, at least that may keep people that openly hate America out of office, and that is just what Trump is trying to expose or to confirm. HOW WOULD YOU TRY TO GET (BERRY SOETORO)out of office.

        • Bruce D.

          I agree Andy that eligibility is an important Constitutional issue and ignoring any part of the Constitution is a huge mistake. It may be politically correct to ignore eligibility but I for one do not like it. I am grateful to Trump for making it one of many issues that needs to be discussed. Trump is one person that does not fear the left and political correct thinking. I wish more were like him in that sense. Most on the right are somewhat timid.

        • Vigilant

          “You talk out of both sides of your mouth. just like the imposter in the whitehouse today You said “(1) Does the candidate believe in the core values of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution?”, I think one of the first core values is the person qualified to be in that position, wich you say isn’t important, at least that may keep people that openly hate America out of office, and that is just what Trump is trying to expose or to confirm. HOW WOULD YOU TRY TO GET (BERRY SOETORO)out of office.”

          Andy, I’m NOT talking out of both sides of my mouth. First, there’s a difference between core values and legal qualifications. Second, I do not believe that any candidate should skirt the legal qualifications to be president. Third, it’s both too late and too counterproductive to do anything about it at the moment.

          IT’s CALLED “PRIORITIES.” It’s an issue that, if faced head on by the president, Congress and the SCOTUS, would tear this country apart. We need action to get the government back to its original, Constitutionally restricted functions and get a handle on the debt, inflationary printing of fiat money, and national security (read: illegal immigration).

          At this time in our history, the last thing we need is civil unrest and violence in the wake of a Congress paralyzed by fruitless impeachment proceedings. If evidence is furnished to disprove Obama’s citizenship status, fine and good, but do you REALLY believe that 2/3 of the Senate would vote to convict? Be practical.

          I dislike this socialist president as much as the next guy, but I’m not letting a spirit of vengeance cloud my mind to the realities of what’s really important to this nation. First things first.

          How would I get rid of him? Through the ballot box.

          • Kate8

            Vigilant – I’m so tired of Conservatives always being so willing to compromise on core issues for the sake of being PC, or out of fear of being labeled “radical”. That is exactly why the media uses those buzzwords. They always work.

            Continually backing down only makes us look weak. In fact, it confirms that WE ARE WEAK. What we need to be is like a pitbull, and NOT back down on things we know are valid. They are going to hurl everything they’ve got at ANYONE who dares question the PTB, but we’ve got to STAND FIRM and not be silenced!

            Speaking out on real Constitutional issues makes us look bad (per Ben’s article above)? To WHOM? It’s the MEDIA that TELLS us we’re crazy, and sure, we let that back us down EVERY TIME.

            Conservatives need to STOP APOLOGIZING for being who are, and stop trying to look like Liberal Light. We are so afraid of being demonized that we try to look like “team players”, when the truth is, the American people want a real show of strength, something to believe in. THE TRUTH ALWAYS WINS. We need to stop being afraid of it.

          • Dan az

            You are exactly right!For one thing I read that if impeached he gets his hand slapped but if he is tried for treason then bozo spends the rest of his life in guantonamo where he can join his friends.No wounder he wanted to close it!As far as Trump goes he filed bankruptcy three times, where did he get the money to start over each time?Was it the elite or was it the mob?Either way something fishy about this guy.Hell maybe he would do the same with the debt to china,just not pay them.I just get a bad feeling about this guy.

        • http://YAHOO MARY MANDOLINI


      • Old Dog

        Agree agree with you 100%

      • http://deleted Claire

        Vigilant: Good post. I agree with your comments. To me, it is tragic that the ones that are most worthy of being President are unable to run or will not run. Why is it the ones that are least likely to be a productive president always are at the forefront. The 2008 campaign was a good example of this. The MSM centered itself around their “choice” of candidates and the rest of the candidates received little acknowledgement.

      • patrick H.T. paine

        “To conquer, first divide!”

        Your core values seem to have omitted the “Articles of Confederation”,
        which is key to understanding intent ( or primary FEAR ) of the
        founding father’s, framers, et al. re: a strong central government.

        Our history is the story of this struggle, which can be directly
        reduced to a simply defined dynamic, that the advantaged will seek
        to maintain their position by attempting to control, by whatever means
        available, those forces which seek to limit or restrain their ambition
        for power and further advantage at the expense of common good.

        This task is far more easily accomplished when one can direct one’s
        efforts at a single target, rather than having to deal with multiple

        Four score and five years after the “idea” took form, the first major
        step in this struggle was accomplished under the call to SAVE THE
        UNION. From this point on, it has been a losing battle so that what
        we have now, is a FEDERAL TYRANNY, which is so corrupted, that even
        the framers wouldn’t believe the extent of what they feared the most,
        would be possible.

        Can this result be altered? The answer to this question is, emphatically YES!

        Is there a source for this reform available from any political party,
        potential candidate or intelletual currently in the public eye?

        Why is this true? A simple perusing of the postings on this site
        should be sufficient to illustrate the nature of the problem.

        The degree of corruption has grown to such an extent, that the rhetoric of opinions offered can clearly be seen as “perceived self
        interest” posing simplistic solutions, while frustrations, easily
        degrade any reasonable debate, to self serving ad hominum attacks,
        allowing those with influence, to easily dismantle any directed
        reform, to one whose effects actually exacerbate, that was intended
        to be corrected.

        The ability to “rant” via the interenet, is simply a diffusion of energy, distracting the “victims” from mounting directed opposition except through those “entities”, who have already been effectively neutered, thus posing no threat to “business as usual”,
        regardless of what is claimed.

        “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls……..”

      • Harold

        We already have a dictator, “Barry Soetero.” His main goal is to destroy America…….. One idiot said we needed to amend the constitution and eliminate the natural born clause from it. He has never proven that he is American born (Barry Soetero). Those that alowed him on the ballot should be prosecuted and sent to prision…..!

      • http://none Jim

        When the “tea party” was being organized I predicted two things. First they would split the GOP wide open and then they would completely destroy the party. Both have now happened. The “tea party” is the best thing to happen for the Democrats. They will sweep victory in 2012.

        • Pathfinder

          Jim : Frankly, I am so tired of being stabbed in the back by rinos (i.e. candidates who talk smaller government and less spending when campaigning, then spend like democrats once they get into office); that I am quite willing to see the heard of RINOs totally destroyed.

          Maybe then, we will get some statesmen who will keep their oath to uphold the constitution. I am tired of socialists being given a pass just because they have an “R” behind their name. Like the whigs before them, the republicans need to vanish from this nation’s political scene, unless they can stop being twins to the democrats.

        • Pathfinder

          P S Jim : If the tea party is so good for the democrats; perhaps you would care to explain the record losses of democrats seats in the house during the 2010 electorial cycle.

      • kenneth kilmer

        There are a vast number of states that have or are trying to pass a
        law in their state that would require any presidential candidate to
        show proof of citizenship by having to show their long form of birth citificate. So those states that have the law in effect, would require Obama to show his…… Get it! Obviously, I don’t think he
        is able to meet that requirement… unless there will involve a mass
        voter fraud to come up with a fake certificate and I don’t mean a live birth one. Arizona, for example, will go further than that.
        Their law requires a candidate to show their school records, passport,
        etc: If you want to find out the truth about something, you might have
        to go through the back door. So Arizona is going about it the smart
        way, legislating law to do it.

      • Pathfinder

        Vigilant : While I do not consider constitutional qualification to hold the office of president to be a “side-issue” or a “distraction”; the three issues which you mention are certainly the kinds of things which we should be looking at : not only in this election, but in every election. We must stop putting people into office who do not keep their oath to uphold the constitution. On this I agree with you.

      • john

        Vigilant stated
        (1) Does the candidate believe in the core values of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution?
        If a candidate or a voter believes in the Constitution you must also believe that a presidential candidate is an American citizen.

      • Letsprosper2

        I agree with Vigilant, core values are what count.

        As Vigilant noted,

        The real questions with which we need to concern ourselves are these:

        (1) Does the candidate believe in the core values of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution?

        (2) Will the candidate as president do his/her utmost to restore the Constitution, radically reduce the size of Federal government and rein in the Federal Reserve?

        (3) Will the new president takes steps to protect our borders from illegal immigration, to slash spending and balance the budget?

        However,reined in the Federal Reserve is not enough, it needs to be put out of business. They are a primary cause in creating economic crisis-es. Check out they have a DVD called The MoneyMasters that gives a detailed history for the last 300 years on Central Banking and our economic demise and well being. They have a proposed law to remove the Federal Revserve from control of our money supply within one year.

      • http://n/a Emory Rice

        Did any of you look at Vision to America’s latest? The leftist Congress HAS Proposed a Bill to strike the Native born clause from the Constitution of the United States. Please check it out at

      • doris simonis

        I want to also know who paid for Obama’s education. It didn’t come cheap and he supposedly came from a poor upbringing. Whoever paid the large fees probably controls the white house.

      • Phil

        Trump makes some very valid points about the birth certificate (why has Obama spent millions in the court system to fight it) and our relationship with China (why are we giving in to them as much as we do) but he is in the news because of his ego. I also agree that issues like gay marriage and abortion as small potatoes compared to our national debt, security and entitlements. Every American needs to sit down and write out the 3 or 4 most important issues to them and the country and vote for the candidate that best reflects their views.

      • Bitter Libertarian

        “Many will disagree, but I believe that concentrating on narrowly-focused issues such as abortion, gay/lesbian affairs and impeachment/birther concerns is a dead end game that diverts and detracts from the priority issues that need to be tackled. NONE of these issues will matter if the country is destroyed from within by the leftists/statist forces who would make us dependent slaves in a feudal barony.”

        I agree, with one exception: If they are not eligible to be in the White House in the first place, then nothing else about them matters.

      • Cathy

        To those typing in all CAPS, please get your finger off the “cap lock” key. Irritating, to put it mildly.

      • barbm

        trump is a joke. just watch his tv show. gary bussey (sic?) is crazy, yet he got to stay on the show until last night. why? because of viewer draw. people like to see crazy. it’s not about the best qualified, it’s about getting a large audience. same with this birther thing. gary johnson, former governor of n.m. is emminently qualified. he lowered taxes not once but several times, he lowered the number of govt employees by attrition rather than firing, he balanced their budget, and he left office with a surplus of funds. i was looking at herman cain, i must admit because of his race mostly, but wikipedia says he’s against auditing the fed. he himself said, when he was in san antonio a while back, that he does want an audit, but i have to wonder if he’s being truthful since he was chairman of the kansas city fed for a year back in the mid 1990s. i normally wouldn’t even consider a lawyer, but cain does not and has not worked for a legal firm. anybody know whether any dems plan to give o a run for his money?

      • Cathy

        Well…I give a damn whether or not BO has a birth certificate. And I know many others who ALSO give a damn. Why wouldn’t that be important?

        If he doesn’t (and I don’t believe he has one), it’s called “high crimes and misdemeanors.” In other words, TREASON!

        • usmadgirl


          I couldn’t agree more!!! If proof shows he doesn’t have a birth certificate, hopefully he is out of here BEFORE 2012, every idiotic thing (bill, law, BS) he’s done will be null & void, all his goons & thugs will be gone “bye-bye” & we can actually have a “do-over” & get this country back on the right track & TRY to undo some of the damage he’s done!

          It irritates me because other countries think we’re ALL stupid for electing him & “allowing” him to do all this idiotic stuff. I DID NOT VOTE FOR THIS MUSLIM COMMUNIST!

      • GregS

        Vigilant says:

        “The real questions with which we need to concern ourselves are these:

        (1) Does the candidate believe in the core values of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution?

        …I believe that concentrating on narrowly-focused issues such as abortion,… is a dead end game that diverts and detracts from the priority issues that need to be tackled.”

        Vigilant, if you are saying that issues, such as abortion, has nothing to do with a candidate’s belief in the core values of the Constitution, then I strongly disagree with your statement. There is NO way to determine what the candatate’s beliefs are, regarding the core values, unless you delve into some of those “narrowly-focused” issues, like abortion. ANY candidate can say that he/she believes in the core values of the Constitution, but unless they get more specific than that, how does one determine WHAT that really means?

        It’s the combination of many of those “narrowly-focused” issues that make up the core values of the Constitution. With regard to abortion, the right to life is one of the most basic rights explicitly found in the Constitution. Any candidate who doesn’t believe in the right to life of the unborn child can’t possibly believe in the core values of the Constitution!

        With regard to Trump, he’s such a flip-flopper on ALL of the core values, that he doesn’t even qualify as a presidential candidate in my book. I don’t think he really believes in anything, unless it’s what the public wants to hear. To use the old cliche, I don’t trust him as far as I could throw him!

        • GregS

          …and that ain’t too far!

        • GregS

          Wow, I really messed up that cliche, didn’t I? It should be:

          I trust him as far as I could throw him!

      • ONTIME

        Personally, the Donald’s running for prez is not a big worry, he has baggage and the opposition will gladly point out all the excess in order to derail him, he has to be convincing in order to attempt to run or succeed, his own questioning rhetoric has set the standard by which he competes.

        My hope is that he continue on in this same vane and make this unqualified shill we are saddled with cough up every last remaining shred of his Mystery Man status and put to bed all the questions he owes the taxpayers and voters of this nation by law and relation. This arrogant incompetent miss-elected clown needs to fess up and spill his guts and then we can apply judgement as to his legal status…..Hammer his skinny butt Donald.

      • http://PersonelLibertyDigest Curtis



      • Lynn F

        What difference does it make if Obama was born here or not?? And, even if he wasn’t, and was impeached, are we to replace him with another puppet? When are the American people going to wake up and realize we are continually lied to by Democrats and Republicans alike? They have been bought by the corporations. First we need to END the CORRUPT FED; second, we must ALL simply refuse to vote for a puppet Democrat or Republican.

      • Bob Parsons

        Interesting that first on his priority list is:
        “(1) Does the candidate believe in the core values of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution?”

        The Constitution requires our president to be a natural born citizen of the United States. So far, Obama’s puppeteer, George Soros, has spent nearly $2 million to keep Obama’s birth certificate, among other documents, under wraps. Yes, it does matter. All Obama has to do to shut everyone up on this issue is simply show a raised seal birth certificate. The only reason he wouldn’t is because he doesn’t have one.

      • Cawmun Cents

        What you failed to mention is integrity and character,which are hard to come by these days.We need(legendary leadership),not”I can barely beat Obama in an election.”Dealing with all the things you mention is of utmost importance,but rallying the populace to the cause of preserving our nation,in the face of world democratic socialism,is most definitely something you should add to the list.

      • Norm Davis

        If a person running for the highest elected office in the land cannot produce a legitimate birth certificate then he has not met the requirements of the U. S. Constitution and then logically how can we expect that person to defend and uphold the very document they have violated? How can we expect that person to protect our rights guaranteed by the Constitution? How can we expect that person to be a defender of ‘we, the people’? The Constitution should be sacrosanct to both citizens and leaders, not just citizens. Each state should develop a law that requires that a numbered birth certificate, just like the requirement for a child to participate in little league baseball, should be on file with the state before any name can be placed on the ballot for a national office. If little league can do it why can’t we? It is not a birther argument it is a constitutional argument!

      • mea

        The single way to stop the destruction of America is to run 39,000 candidates in the 2012 election… which means, we field 2 people – 1 as a candidate in each major party primary, running for every office, County, State, and Federal, on a government by Law Platform. The government by law campaign points are :

        1. capture and deport all illegal aliens and charge the entire cost of each illegal alien occurrence to each illegal alien, and then, charge a value equal to the whole cost of the nations individual illegal invading forces to/on/against the government of origin;

        2. arrest and prosecute all government employees who use their office/position/public/private funds/employees in any manner that aids and abets illegal aliens; [here judges get rolled, cuffed, and stuffed by the court bailiff under the RICO provisions.]

        3. arrest and prosecute all corporate/association/organization principles who use their office position – private public -funds – employees in any manner that aids and abets illegal aliens; [here, all foreign aiding and abetting criminals will be rolled in under RICO]

        4. arrest and prosecute all Media corporate/association/organization principles and principle owners – manipulators who use their media/access/control/position in any manner that aids and abets illegal aliens;

        5. arrest and prosecute all Attorney [corporate/association/organization] principles and principle owners – manipulators who use their commercial/public employee legal position in any manner that aids and abets illegal aliens;

        The opening 5 point campaign message from each candidate is timely and simple, each candidate says :

        “I will secure deportations for illegal aliens and, the criminal and civil prosecution of every government employee who aids and abets illegal alien activity.”
        “Elect me now ! Elect me, I will use the office to compel the uniform operation and application of Law“;
        “I will uniformly enforce America’s unique practice of one common law – commonly applicable to all.”

        “When you vote rational people like me into office, you replace the incumbent employee criminals with all good guys which leaves no protection for the ousted incumbents from the full weight of criminal prosecutions and civil recovery suits against themselves [government employee criminals] for every criminal act related to being an agent of or otherwise aiding/abetting illegal aliens/illegal alien criminal enterprises.

        Think about it, 39,000 candidates in the field during the primary election = 19,500 D candidates and 19,500 R candidates on TV and at every meeting, campaigning for Every public office, running on the issue of securing government by Law [see 1 thru 5 above] …a government that is free from the whims of the political charlatans who now occupy, obstruct, and/or refuse to carry out the operation of the Law; whom instead, violate the public trust, loot the tax payers and country, while aiding and abetting illegal alien criminal activities.

        …..if nothing else, the idea of using both parties to put 39,000 primary candidates in the field, running for office on a government by law platform, should be discussed by the general political net users. So, you have a duty to move the idea of instituting government by law into the mainstream electoral discussions – with a healthy dose injected into the colleges and universities [in every case work in Austrian economics].

        The disgruntled voters : retired, set for life, young, old, middle class can easily locate one another, hire someone like me to tell them what is actually going on politically and where to find information they need; then, they will organize, put in motion, and operate a political solution for America that does not involve bankrupting the country or aiding illegal alien criminals… they can do this from the comfort of their current lives.

    • Bear

      I think John Myer proves what my father once said compairing opinions with a certain body part…..everyone has one. I also know that you can eat an elephant one bite at a time and it will take many chops of the axe to fell a big tree. I know Donald Trump, Jr. personally and have had, in the past, several conversations with him concerning his father, and his beliefs. My interpreatation of Sr. from his son’s own words, is that he is a very fair man. I feel, knowing that, that Donald Sr. is taking Obama to task over something that Obama has NOT been fair about. This, I conclude is but one chop of the axe or one bite from the elephant. A bite and a chop that nobody else in the political arena has had the balls to take. I applaude his tenacity. John Myer might be correct in pointing out that Donald Trump’s motivation for going after the birth certificate issue is multifaceted in so far as it might get him more attention for his show, The Apprentice, and for his bid for the 2012 Presidential run but, at the same time it comes not without a great deal of risk. There are many who have already labeled him as a “birther” and have begun hurling those “Liberal” negative stones that they are so famous for. I call those morons, “Deniers.” All of us are entitled to our opinion of what motivates someone and to draw our own conclusions about their goals and motives. One thing is glaringly obvious about the Trump’s actions though and that is that he is bringing attention, through his personal influence, to an issue that needs to be resolved and he is doing it a great personal risk to his own reputation and accountability. Who else besides WND’s own Joseph Farrah has take such a big risk? I believe that we should be watching to see what Donald Trump does from this point on. Don’t forget that he has also pointed out his personal disgust for how this country has fallen behind China as a world financial leader and how we have been working so hard to make China the most powerful nation onb the planet. I feel like someone who is a financial expert is better able to deal with this problem than some law student. Look at all that Trump is doing and saying and think about it.

      • Bruce D.

        Trump should be in the race and have his say. In 2008 many in the Republican Party tried to get Ron Paul out of the debates and the Party . Paul said in a debate that the Republican Party cannot afford to be kicking people out of the party as it has been shrinking fast over the years. No one talked about kicking him out of the party after that.

        • Kate8

          Sorry, guys, but I can’t get past the fact that Trump has always supported the Democrat Party, and hangs with the likes of Soros.

          That should throw up multiple red flags. Remember the tactic of “raising up a hero of the people”.

          • Kate8

            You know how you know that politicians are crooks?

            They spend multi-millions to get a job that pays $100,000 (figure of speech. I know it’s a bit more).

      • Old Dog

        Please open yr eyes- trump is not the man for the job!!!!

        • Pathfinder

          Old Dog : I think that you are correct. While I like the things that Trump is SAYING now; Where was he hiding two years ago ? Trump’s sudden turn around on a number of issues makes me doubt his sincerity. Will Donald Trump talk a good game while campaigning, only to act like a big spending socialist one in office ?? I, for one, do NOT trust Donald Trump to support the constitution IF he gets elected. For this reason, I do not support Trump for president. I strongly suspect that Donald Trump is just another RINO.

    • Tom S

      Bottom line, Trump will end up being the obama ticket to re-election ala Ross Perot Trump. He alreadcy said he would run as an Independent if he didn’t get the Republican nomination. This is the Clinton election all over again. We need to get the Independent voters to realize what Trump is up to so “history doesn’t repeat itself”.

      • Carlucci

        I don’t know about that, Tom S. In the nineties, Jesse Ventura ran on an independent ticket for governor of Minnesota and only spent three hundred thousand dollars to do it, while his opponents spent millions. Jesse Ventura won that election by a landslide. It can be done when everybody (voters) get on the same page.

        • Kate8

          Carlucci – Did you hear the interview with Ventura the other night?

          He personally knows Trump. Firstly, he said he didn’t really think Trump was serious about running. Secondly, he said that Trump has always gone off and similar tangents, just for the attention.

          There has to be reason Trump is being allowed to bring issues (like the BC) to the forefront, when everyone else has been threatened into silence. If he had anyone worried, he’d be silenced, too.

          • Carlucci

            Kate – I missed that interview with Jesse Ventura the other night, but I did see one the other day and posted it on this blog yesterday. He was on a book tour and gave an interview. He also mentioned in the interview his victory running for governor of Minnesota, and only spending $300,000 to trounce his opponents. He said the CIA “invited” him to come talk to them, and they wanted to know how he won the election, especially since he only spent less than a million bucks.

            JV is so awesome. I wish we could clone him and the Doctors Paul.

          • Karolyn

            Hey, Dave, do you still have that link to the article about the drug war keeping black youth down? I lost it.

      • Stephan F.

        You may be on to something there Tommy.

        Re-electing Fuhrer Obama — or any number of his other clones for that matter — will be an absolute unmitigated disaster for the country. This maniac must be thrown out of office with abandon in the next election cycle (that means “at all costs” for those of you in California). There’s no denying it & few would argue the point. So how will this best be achieved?

        If one agrees with my assessment then there’s only one position to take — support the candidate who has the best percentage chance to win (based on up-to-date polling), even if that means pulling the lever for Donald Trump (Yuk!), or Mickey Mouse for that matter. Barry must be sent packing, this is a given. So you can just forget about any idea of being an ideological & disciplined voter this upcoming election (I’m talking to you Constitution Party, Green Party, Libertarian Party, etc.) and get use to the idea of voting for the (probable) front-running Republican. Because if you do vote third-party you will very probably be guaranteeing the reelection of a tyrant. Think about it.

        • Pathfinder

          Stephan F. : Sorry, but that is wrong. IF the candidate with the best % chance to win is NOT a true supporter of the constitution; then we all still lose. It does no good to elect a socialist dictator with an “R” behind his name. We already tried that with Bush 43. He and the RINO controlled congress (Remember there wher RINO majorities in both the house and the senate.) went on a spending spree. This upset the American people so much, that they elected Barry Soetoro, who is EVEN worse than Bush was. We must insist that real constitutionalists are nominated and elected. DON’T VOTE FOR ANY RINOS !!!

      • Old Dog

        Bravo! you hit the nail right on the head

      • Pathfinder

        Tom S : Exactly !! I agree 100 % I also think that Trump is just another Ross Perot.

        • libertytrain

          Pathfinder, I just said the same thing last week in a conversation I was having.

    • JeffH

      Claire, your “gut instinct” is correct. As Meyers said, we want to defeat Obama’s American Hope & Change lies so bad many look to anyone with a quick lip and a fresh face in the political arena to be “the one”. Trump is entertaining though.

      • Kate8

        JeffH and Claire – I get the troubling vision of a pied piper…

        • JeffH

          Kate8, has the Pied Piper ever stopped piping?

          • Kate8

            JeffH – Nope, ’cause the people keep following.

          • http://deleted Claire

            JeffH and Kate8–There are a number of pied pipers–scary.

    • Andon

      It really matters not who runs … who is elected President … and most of you know that. Presidents have no powers except to follow the agenda already established by the ones behind, the ones we don’t see but have all the power necessary in determining what the prez will do or not do, what he will say or not say. Why would every one be bent out of shape about Obama’s birth certificate now? The time to force him to show the BC would have been before he got elected. He’s been President for three years now? So why start now. It is obvious that he is not an American born citizen otherwise he would have gladly shown his birth certificate rather than spend millions of dollars in legal fees to hide his true identity. So much simpler to show the paper.

      So, get ready to see another show for 2012. And again, it’ll be business as usual … and the business as usual has nothing to do with the people and for the people. Get a grip on that one. It’s a corporate government we have and not a Republic any longer. So let’s watch the show and protect your assets the best you can, cause it all may fall apart sooner than later. I’ll stop now. Thank you. Andon

      • Pathfinder

        Andon : Check out how an organization, known as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) continues to remain in power in DC, regardless of which party (democrat or republican) is in office.

        You may find this to be a real eye opener.

    • Black Rose

      I have to disagree with you I think Donald Trump is the answer to our problems. I am glad he’s getting downright dirty looking after American people for finding the truth about Obama birth certificate. We need justice now not waiting for 2012 to come around. Obama is not for the American people at all. He is a Muslim and he is destroying America. We need Donald Trump to find out the truth for us Americans and so he can say “your fire” to Obama. I also think Donald Trump would make a great President because if he can run a business and still come out ahead with his experience I think he can turn America around fast. We need a tough person who knows how to run a business and government is a business if you know or not. So I say to you Claire and John sure Donald has something up his sleeve but it’s for the good of our country so don’t knock what Donald Trump is doing. You must love Obama communism world to say anything against a true American to find out the truth about our so called President Obama.

      • libertytrain

        Good Grief, you obviously do not read Claire’s postings to make a comment like this one.

      • http://deleted Claire

        Black Rose— Okay, you said your piece. Good for you. I will tell you this, I have a right to vote for whomever I want, just like you do. I don’t “love” any politician nor any political party. And no, I don’t like Trump and I certainly will not vote for him. If you think this makes me an Obama lover, go for it. Your opinion on anything means nothing to me. I am not a person to be pushed around, go push someone else into your way of thinking, I am not interested.

        • JeffH

          Claire, tell it the way it is…you go girl!

      • Pathfinder

        Black Rose : I hate Obama and socialism in all its forms, especially communism. My main objection to Donald Trump is that he has arrived to the movement late. I like the things that Trump is saying now. BUT, why was he so quite two years ago ? Why was he making such big campaign contributions to Charlie Wrangel ? He is TALKING a good game now. BUT, can you really trust him to support the constitution IF he actually gets into office ?? I see Trump functioning much as Ross Perot did. The Trump candidacy is a “red herring” being used to split our conservative vote and keep Obama in office.

    • Carlucci

      Well, since today’s article is about the Donald, I thought I would share this email link that I just received from Vanity Fair magazine.
      I burst out laughing when I saw what he said about “the weeper of the house”.

      Everyone can say what they will about Trump, but I have to admit that he’s very entertaining:

      • http://deleted Claire

        Carlucci– I have to agree with you on Trump–some of the things he has said has made me laugh like the dickens. And the “Weeper of the House” –that is really funny.

    • mark

      don’t like several things about Mr. Trump, and look at how BHO played the voters with his rhetoric.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I’m beginning to wonder if that program he is on is to get Nobummer REELECTED!!! He did vote for him! He has flipped on being pro abortion, or at least he says he has. He has flipped on Nobummer, or says he has! I’m very wary of him!!! He seems to be trying very hard to say EVERYTHING people want to hear!!!

      • http://deleted Claire

        JoeH–You never know–you may very well be correct in what you say. I just don’t think he is on the up and up. Something is screwy.

      • Pathfinder

        Joe H. : Exactly !! I agree.

    • Harold Whiteley

      Hummmm? Well, my comments are MORE to the article than to Thomas Parkes comments/points. I’d only say to Thomas: What did the 19 fellas and gals, all lined up, at the pre-30 month RUN for the OVAL OFFICE, make you feel like, if Trumps gives you a certain degree of unrest? geezes, remember that line-up from both parties, which if you go right, and keep going, and if you go left and keep going, eventually you will MEET together, and that’s just what the two parties have done, in my observing opinion, they are one of the same, on the flip side of the SAME COIN!! NO differnece, and the same ole rethroic of BLAME, BLAME, BLAME, DEFEND, DEFEND, DEFLECT, DEFLECT, REFRAM, REFRAME, BULLSHIT AND MORE BULLSHIT, FINGER POINTING, FINGER POINTING, AND ESPECIALLY (NOT SCREAMING, JUST RAISING MY TONE) that ONLY independents can/will/shall RISE to the level of speaking for the common little broke Main St. America tax-payers….and so, if trump can help MIX IT UP, WAKE US UP, GET US TO RANTING AND RAVING (Like I’m doing just now) then he’s a winner in my row boat!!…as the BIG PARTY SHIPS have created a WAKE behind them, that drowns all our row boats!! Just saying. Than, as for the rest of his article, AFTER the Trump beating up…scourring and souring, the basic facts and connections to his article are right on POINT, as far as all my personally connected research and reviewing of the 5Ws, the who, the what, the when, the where and the way…:-) PEACE Brothers and Sisters US-TAX PAYERS and independents, as I feel the two party system are the same end of the two headed rattle-snake!! Under ONE HOLY GOD, we shall trust, AMEN!! Harold Whiteley, DFW Metro TEXAS area!!

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      I agree its good to solve the questions of the legality of the phony birth certificate they tried to show, and the missing college papers, and many other mysterious things about this Obama guy, that the press should have investigated when he was politicking for office, instead of hiding it all. Shame on the liberal press for that. But Donald Trump is not the answer. The guy lives off other peoples money. He is a bank millionaire. He has filed bankruptcy more than once. Without the banks backing his ventures, he has nothing. No, this guy is not the answer, but I along with millions of other would like to have this birth certificate thing done once and for all. And Obama having spent millions to hide it, obviously shows he doesnt have a legitimate American birth certificate, and shame on our political procedures that doesnt make sure of this before a candidate even gets to run.

      • Pathfinder

        Beberoni : I agree. Shame on the politicians for not keeping their oaths and not supporting the constitution.

    • Dave

      Am I reading this correctly – the “birther” issue, founded on Constitutionality is a ruse to side track investigation on the rest of BHO?
      IMO BHO makes William Jefferson look like Geo. Washington!!! Though we know that “Slick Willie” wasn’t born in Hope, at least he was born in Ark. and served as governor for a term. BHO is claiming to have been born here (he wasn’t, his father was of dual citizenship (Slick’s wasn’t), and he never served a complete term as Senator of Il. At least the Clinton’s served as lawyers; BHO and his main squeeze have been disbarred from being lawyers, BHO was a lecturer and not scholar of Constitutional Law and given his substantial sum hiding his origins, education, affiliations, etc (Ayers couldn’t help himself any longer without outing his authorship of Dreams…)
      These and countless other errors should tip off anyone (minus “the Donald’s” revelations) that BHO is indeed what Trump says he is – a major scam artist dwarfing the likes of Berny Madoff.
      Business acumen can be hired; Trump smells too much of “old school” liberalism. No doubt he speaks for a sizable number of people – those who would back the likes of “Billary”.


      • Pathfinder

        Dave : I like your post. Just one minor correction. Michelle has NOT been disbarred. She is, however, on the inactive list and can return to practice with little difficulty. (We do not want to overstate our own case and have our credability undermined.) Other than that, great post. The sooner we can remove BHO and Moochelle fro the whitehouse; the better.

    • tom heikkinen

      Well Trump will give this country integrity. Obama will destroy this country in another 4 years in office. We will loose our christian values on awhat this country was built on, and we will be ,living from hand to mouth. I don’t see anybody else on the scene that can defeat Obama. Trump can deal with France and China who are trying to railroad the dollar as the currency of the world for another option. And, Trump can restore fiscal integrity in the Unites States. Obama spends like it is his money. By the way after Obama got elected one of his group dislodeged a friend of mine in Florida who lost his business after 20 years by bid. The other party had insider information. He said he was Obamasized.

      • Pathfinder

        I see a large number of candidates, all of whom can defeat BHO. To name just a few : Herman Cain, Bachmann, Jindal, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Allen West, Sarah Palin, and Alan Keyes. One thing we should wait for and see, is how the first few primaries work out. Watch to see which candidates actually announce that they are in the running and see what shakes out. In the meantime, I am making it clear that IF the republicans want my vote; they had better NOT offer me some RINO as their candidate. DON’T VOTE FOR RINOS !!!

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Mitt Romney also.

  • http://! Angel Wannabe

    Trumps NOT the answer!_
    Its seems he’s banking alot on the Obamas BC. No one else has been able to find the truth about it so far, and constantly making it a talking point, is going no where. It’s also fairly obvious, Trump’s gonna support, who supports him. By the looks of the politicians he supported in the past, its gonna be the left. He may talk a good game, be a good business man, but bottom line he’s a money man. I agree with John and Clair, Sincerity is conveniently used when it serves a purpose, and when there isn’t a purpose its a burden.
    Buyer BEWARE!

    • Vigilant

      Angel, I believe you are 100% on the mark.

      • Pathfinder

        Angel & Vigilant : That makes three of us. The Donald is TALKING a good game. BUT, will he deliver the goods ???

    • Bear

      Angel Wannabe,
      If Trump is not the answer, who is? Another Harvard or Yale graduate? Another bum with a doctorate of jurisprudence? I think we’ve all seen how they function when in charge of our wallets. The Trump has built a billion dollar financial empire. He knows how to manage money and he knows what it takes to keep the bottom line in the black. He also knows diplomacy without yeilding a single foot of the territory he has gained. If you have watched his show, you will also know that you can expect the unexpected from him when it comes to making good chioces, and they are. I think too many of us are focused on the talkers that take no action to back up their talk. I’m ready for someone who can back up what they say and can be intimidating in the arena. Donald Trump fits that description.

      • http://! Angel Wannabe

        Bear, Unless its Ron Paul, Palin or Huckbee, I think we’re screwed. Personally I think we’re screwed anyway. They all talk a good game, they get elected, and alls well, until the powers that be, explain just who’s calling the shots behind the scenes, then its business as usual. Thats why ya never see anything getting done, and most of what they tell us are lies. It takes a long time to see it in this realm, myself included._-But I’m skeptic, I weigh everything and hope for the best. So take my opinion for what it worth to ya.

        • DaveH

          Nooooo! Not Huckabee. He is the quintessential smooth talking politician. Just another good old boy in the Government.
          And I love Sarah Palin, but I don’t think she can do the job. Stumping for the Big Government loving John McCain was proof of that. We might have been able to get rid of that RINO if not for her support.
          Ron Paul, yes.

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            Daveh, as I said below, Paul Ryan, may be a force to wreckon with in time too. We need people who haven’t yet been bribed by the spoils of the Washington elite.

          • DaveH

            I’ve listened to Paul Ryan many times on Fox. I like him, but I don’t think he has the heart for the necessary Big budget cuts.

          • JeffH

            DaveH, on Ryan, we’ll see. Ryan has been talking tough for better than a year+ now and I’ve had an eye on him. I do think he is commited and tough enough. I do agree 100% with you on Huckabee though.

          • Kate8

            DaveH – I agree with you on Huckabee.

            As for Palin, I do think she is up to the job (certainly much more so than Odumbo), but she has been portrayed as a backward hick by guess who for so long that that perception of her has stuck. Too bad, because she’s one smart, tough lady. But then, that’s why she’s brought such fear to treasonous hearts.

            We need a person with a strong bearing, who can stand for America without backing down, who can defy the ridicule of the media and become only more determined…someone who actually believes in what is right to his/her core and be unafraid.

            Ron Paul definitely fits that description.

          • JeffH

            Kate8, I luv Sarah Palin and think she would do the US proud as POTUS.
            She’s already been through the “trial by fire” and has held her own quite well and she’s smart enough to hire like minded people. Unfortunately, the media has just done too much damage to her. Obviously there are still a lot of folks on both sides of the isle that still believe what they hear which doesn’t bode well for Palin. We see them on this website regularly and it’s too bad because she understands the people and this countries needs far better than anybody else in DC, with very few exceptions.

          • Carlucci

            Huckabee is a mealy mouthed jerk, and big fat rino. Can’t stand the man.

          • http://deleted Claire

            Carlucci–I agree with you concerning Huckabee. I don’t care fo him either. But what about this:

            Ron Paul/Condi Rice

            I remember someone mentioning Condi Rice awhile back. I never hear anything about Condi Rice. Wonder what she is doing now.

          • JeffH

            No Condoleezza Rice for this kid. She’s attended the Bilderbeg Conference in the past which raises a great big red flag to me. Also a point of note, both Colin Powell and Gen. Petraeus and Texas Governor Rick Perry also have attended these “secret” Bilderberg meetings.

          • Kate8

            JeffH and Claire – And don’t forget that Condi sat and lied through her teeth at the 9/11 investigative hearings.

            Nope. She’s one of THEM.

          • http://deleted Claire

            Kate8–Okay, forget Condi Rice–I’ll have to think of someone else. I wonder why we never hear one word about her. She is keeping a low profile.

          • libertytrain

            Here Claire – this was interesting – kind of an update

          • Pathfinder

            Perhaps we should be taking a closer at other possible candidates like Herman Cain, Allen West, & Ron Paul. It is time to break the monopoly of the democrats and the entrenched RINOs, like the “Weeper of the House. During the “budget deal” (more like a budget cave-in IMO), there were 54 freshmen who opposed the entrenched RINOs. We need to keep those 54 in office and send more like them to congress so they will have enough votes to make the changes we want.

          • Pathfinder

            Perhaps we should be taking a closer look at other possible candidates like Herman Cain, Allen West, & Ron Paul. It is time to break the monopoly of the democrats and the entrenched RINOs, like the “Weeper of the House. During the “budget deal” (more like a budget cave-in IMO), there were 54 freshmen who opposed the entrenched RINOs. We need to keep those 54 in office and send more like them to congress so they will have enough votes to make the changes we want.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            I see Mitt Romney as being as qualified as any candidate out there. And his business acumen is there also. And some try to make an issue of his being a Mormon, but I say so what. Im a Christian and it isnt an issue here. Did Kennedy’s being a Catholic interfere when he was president? I dont think so.

        • Stephan F.

          Angel W:

          You put (the gorgeous) Sarah Palin and a mixed-up neo-con like Mike Huckabee in the same category as Ron Paul? Ouch! Let’s hope it was just a slip of the tongue. Best Regards.

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            Stephan F, I could care less what they look like male or female, as long as they got what America Needs up stairs. Sides, looks fade, wisdom & personality prevail.

          • Dan az

            You and me both!Ron has been the only one that has not backed down on any issue and palin would make a good side kick,Her following is still large and with her attitude and pauls determination they could go far!

        • JeffH

          libertytrain, I looked at that website yesterday also. Did you notice that Rice has served as a member of the boards of directors for the Chevron Corporation, the Charles Schwab Corporation, the Transamerica Corporation, and the International Advisory Council of J.P. Morgan. Pretty exclusive group I would say.

          • libertytrain

            Yes, Jeff, I did notice that.

        • Dave

          No one seems to be addressing the issue of Islam; with the exception of LtC. A. West. As in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and elsewhere these lie in the grass waiting their opportunity – given our porous borders, our oil affiliation with Saudi Arabia, and the number of “victory” mosques,compromising “Christian” churches, and the rejection of basic Christian doctrine in many fundamental Christian circles, we are ripe for the picking as are the above countries. The vacuum created by the Muslim in the Oval Office is perfect for the infusion of Sharia Law and with it, Islam. “Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything” is as true as BHO said himself – ” those who won’t say anything often have something to hide” (my interpretation). The truth is often hidden in a flurry of words; frequently read from a teleprompter.

      • steve

        Ron Paul should be our candidate. Only neo-cons could think otherwise.Let’s get together and quit squabbling. Read Trump’s book – The Art of the Deal. He’s little better than a con-man. Which still makes him better, as a person, than Obama- who is a con-man with a Marxist agenda.

        Let’s get together behind Ron Paul as the ONLY candidate with a consistent agenda based on Constitutional principles. Vote your conscience – any other vote is the one that’s wasted. And quit the squabbling over red herrings.

        • DaveH

          But Ron Paul is too old to Command all our overseas troops acting as the World’s Policemen. Yaaaaaaaaay!
          Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul.
          Get us out of the United Nations.
          Bring our troops home.
          Eliminate the Federal Reserve.
          Eliminate the Unconstitutional Federal Government agencies (that’s most of them).
          Let’s get our Freedom back! I’m tired of jumping through ridiculous government hoops like a trained seal — Orf, Orf, Orf.
          Vote Libertarian, the only political party with the principles and the huevos to get the job done:

          • Dave

            I trust you’re not married; Libertarians are ant- DOMA, as well as many of the other values resting their security in the Bill of Rights. What rests on DOMA but our nuclear family, it’s unique form and the rearing of children knowing a female mother, male father, and unmolested children who understand the opposite gender, the teaching of right and wrong, and the other core values upon which rests our fundamental values.

          • Pathfinder

            DaveH : I changed my registration to Libertarian a long time ago. (Also am still trying to get our party to drop that stupid “open borders” position.) IF the republicans have enough sense to nominate Ron Paul; they will get my vote for the first time in over a decade. I am also willing to support any true constitutionalist. BUT, I REFUSE TO SUPPORT RINOS !!! So if the leadership of the republican party does not offer a constitutionalist candidate; my campaign donations and my vote will go elsewhere.

            DON’T VOTE FOR RINOS !!!

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            The moment the Libertarians embrace Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, I will jump on board in a milli-second. They do have a great floor plan and have set their sights on running things the right way, and getting rid of the waste and political correctness, but I do know, a government void of God, is a doomed government. Godless men are what has gotten us in this mess, lawyers all clamoring after the almighty dollar. Our moving away from God is what has made this country sink to its lowest level ever, and the more we reject Him, the more we will sink. Its just the way it is. Without His hand upon us, were toast, and our fearless leaders keep throwing him out more and more, especially on the left wing side, and even when the right is in power, the left always gets their way on evil things such as abortion and no pledge of allegiance and mentioning God. And from everything Ive read on the Libertarians, as much as I like their platform, they seem to have a distinct rejection of God, and until that is fixed, I cant get aboard.

        • Gregg Jackson

          I must say that I agree with Ron Paul on a number of economic issues including his consistent opposition to the unconstitutional Federal Reserve, both bail-outs, and the recent lifting of the debt ceiling.

          But on the major social/moral issues that under-gird any society’s economy (life and marriage), Ron Paul is as far from being an authentic pro-Personhood pro-lifer and pro-family conservative as you can get.

          The bottom line with Ron Paul is that he claims to be pro-life but believes that individual states may allow the killing of pre-born babies if the majority of voters say it’s ok even though inalienable rights may never be alienated. He also claims to be pro-traditional marriage but is on record numerous times in support of same-sex “marriage” (or as Paul himself says, “whatever they want to call it”).

          The guy who just won the Gay friendly, formerly conservative, “Conservative Political Action Conference Presidential Straw Poll for the second straight year:

          1. Denies that God says homosexuality is a sin.

          2. Supports open homosexuals in the military and repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”

          3. Supports the “freedom philosophy” of legalizing cocaine, heroin, marijuana and all other hard drugs. “Government has no role or authority in regulating drugs.”

          4. Supports legalization of pornography and prostitution.

          5. Supports right of homosexuals to marry one another. i.e. “gay marriage.” (“Gay couples can do whatever they want.”)

          6. Is “pro-choice for states” on abortion. Individual states should be able to legalize abortion if they so choose. All pre-born babies don’t possess a God given right to their own lives which no individual state may ever violate.

          7. Supported abortion legislation regulations which have resulted in 7.4 million chemical and surgical abortions since taking office in 1997 in Congress.

          8. Doesn’t believe it’s government’s role to “legislate morality” even though all laws are based on morality.

          • DaveH

            Bottom line — Ron Paul believes in Freedom. You don’t.

          • DaveH

            In regards to the Drug Wars, one would think we would have learned from the Folly of Prohibition. One would think wrong.

          • JeffH

            DaveH says: Bottom line — Ron Paul believes in Freedom. You don’t.

            HEAR HEAR!

          • sarahb

            Thanks! You just help me make a decicion NOT to ever vote for Ron Paul. You gave me 6 good reasons and 2 questionable ones.Thanks agiain. I’ll have to do more research now!!!!

          • Carlucci

            But you really cannot legislate morality, Gregg. Not when you are dealing with human beings. Remember when the U.S. govt. attempted to do that when they instituted Prohibition? It was a colossal failure, and organized crime was rampant.

            The bottom line is that people are going to do what they are going to do, for whatever reason. History has always shown that it does not matter what kind of controls you put on people, all of the stuff you posted is still going to happen, regardless.

          • Kate8

            I believe that such issues should be personal choices, and the State should stay out of them completely, taking NO position.

            Besides, when the government gets involved in such issues, they are used as battering rams to further divide. Government has no place in setting morality standards, anyway. What a joke.

          • karolyn

            Carlucci – I might add to what you said – “So why spend all that money?” I received an email yesterday from the Drug Policy Alliance yesterday about the Fed conducting 28 raids on legitimate (in their respective states) medical marijuana sites. BTW – I also got a letter from George Soros today promoting the DPA in which he talks about being a big proponent of an “open society.”

          • DaveH

            And in poor neighborhoods, the do-gooders have created havoc. The residents see the successful drug-traders as heros and strive to emulate them.
            The drug wars are futile. They create most of the crimes attributed to drugs (due to their high cost which is in turn due to their illegality). The drug warriors use them as an excuse to trample our rights. Innocent people are caught in the middle. Oftentimes morality is sacrificed in the drug warriors’ fanatical efforts to save us from ourselves. And they enrich the worst segment of society — the drug lords. Just what we need, money is power.

          • DaveH

            In Portugal, before 2001, there were the same outcries of certain doom from do-gooders who wanted to save people from themselves and fought to keep the decriminalization from taking place:

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            I agree totally with you. This living in a gray area where everything is all right as long as you dont hurt no one, is the exact games the democrats play. The family has broken down, the moral structure of this country has broken down, and without God, we are doomed as a country. And some would call this freedom, but thats a cop out. Thats like saying we shouldnt have police forces and I should be able to walk into a Walmart and take whatever I want, and if you stop me, your violating my freedom. It isnt freedom for a man to bonk a man like he would a woman. Its sexual perversion at its highest. Its sick, and yes, God did say it was an abomination to Him. If that isnt a condemnation of it, I dont know what is. But its wrong, and I know its wrong, and Im sorry, but I cant stand around like the crowd, and say a wrong is a right, because its not. Am I judging? No. God’s word has already stated that. Do I accept the gays as people? Absolutely. Actually, they are very nice people who dont harm others. But that doesnt mean I have to accept their life style, any more that I would accept the life style of a guy that gets drunk and drives his car downt he sidewalk. Its wrong, and I know its wrong, and Ill tell him its wrong. Without God were done. And thats the facts that no one can change. He will come again, and is coming again, and He will have the final say so. And im not going to be one that tells Him, “I was just trying to get along with everyone so I accepted everything they did”. Nope. There is a right and wrong, and inside, we all know it.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Kate8 says about peoples personal issues and the government should stay out. I agree, but the government has gone overboard with picking and choosing. Such as, if guys are gay, so be it. They are. But the government affords them extra care and protectionism, such as Kobe Bryant just made some gay slur to a referee, and its national news across the country, crucifying the guy. And Im not a Kobe fan. But any guy, lets take Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for instance, can go on live TV, and call white people honkies, and Jewish people heimies, and thats ok. Well, we are either free to say and do anything, or we arent. You cannot pick and choose who to side with and who not to side with, if were really free as some are claiming we should be. If you can attack and insult Christians, Catholics and Jews and Whites, then you sure as heck should be allowed to insult and attack gays, blacks and muslims as well. So if the government is going to allow us to be free, then we cannot have this political correctness, where some groups are open game, and others are untouchable. Its not right. Now Al Campanis of the L.A. Dodgers years ago, was fired because he made a statement, for better or worse, right or wrong, and said that blacks didnt have the mentality to manage. He was fired, after about 30 years with this organization. It was considered a racist thing, and he paid. But Charles Barkley, can be on live TV in an NBA broadcast, and look right at his white partner, and say “You white people are just stupid”., and thats ok. Now you tell me how this is freedom? Freedom isnt just to protect and give advantage to some, and to make open game of others. That is what is going on today. If were free, then free us all big brother, or stay out of it. And I agree the war on drugs has failed and is a big devourer of billions of dollars, as lawyers are lining their pockets with our money. And it is in their best interests to keep it illegal, or they will lose their honey pot. If it’s legal, the money goes into the tax coffers, where we all benefit. And truthfully, either way, legal or illegal, drug users are going to use and get their drugs. Again, those are just the facts. But the lawyers have this set up, and the prejudice thing set up, and the hate crimes things set up, so that guess who pockets money on all of it? Yep, the lawyers. And who runs the country? Yep, lawyers. Is it any wonder we are so screwed? But rest assurred, one day their reign will end. Maybe sooner than later.

        • Tom S

          I agree. Trump is a “Trojan Horse” for bin bama to get re-elected like Perot did for clinton, nothing more.

          • Carlucci

            And Obummer’s not a Trojan Horse? Bad news everyone, they’ve all been Trojan Horses since 1963.

            Wouldn’t everyone agree that your mind is like a parachute, and works best when opened? Check this out:


          • DaveH

            Makes you want to salute “Sieg Heil!”, doesn’t it Carlucci?

          • Kate8

            Carlucci – Very good point.

        • Pathfinder

          steve : I too am a big fan of Ron Paul. And I will gladly support his efforts should he decide to run. However, he is NOT the ONLY good candidate out there. Herman Cain, Allen West, and numerous other true supporters of the constitution are also good prospects. I am eagerly awaiting the primaries. IF Ron Paul does well (And I hope that he does.); I will be glad to donate to his campaign and to support him with my vote. IF some other constitutionalist gets the nomination; I will gladly support that candidate. BUT, if the republican leadership tries to pawn off yet another RINO as their nominiee; they will NOT get my money nor my vote.

          DON’T VOTE FOR RINOS !!!

      • http://! Angel Wannabe

        Bear_ I also think in time, Ryan might make a winner. Its gonna be tough call all the way around, it’ll be interesting to see what the newbies in Congress get done, or should I say, what the elitest says they are allowed to do.

        • Bud Tugly

          Ryan would be a more attractive candidate if his budget proposals were based on real math rather than voodoo economics which will be quickly discredited by the media,

          • JeffH

            Bud Tugly, discredited by the media? Voo doo economics? Do you believe the media? Have you analyzed Ryan’s plan or will it cost you some of your entitlements?

          • Bud Tugly

            I have looked at his plan. First of all he claims that it will give Americans the same health care as US government workers… UNTRUE. Government workers are covered by the government for 75% and pay the remaining 25% themselves. This is a percentage of whatever the cost may be. Ryan’s plan offers a fixed amount that does not change no matter what the real cost is. This leaves seniors, who have worked all their lives, with the prospect of paying higher and higher costs with less and less money. If this is his plan he should at least be honest about it. It leaves a very vulnerable segment of our society in a worse situation. The elderly who have led productive lives and paid their fair share of taxes all their lives should not be the ones to foot the bill.

            Read the details. Ryan’s budget also provides diminishing help help to the disabled. This is neither compassionate nora pragmatic source of revenue.

            Ryan talks the talk but the devil is in the details.

          • JeffH

            Bud Tugly, you are full of it. Can I guess that you are in favor of Obamacare? I suggest you actually educate yourself rather than try to sneak your word by…because I will verify and yes, you are still full of it.


          • JeffH

            Bud Tugly…and Ryan’s plan isn’t the only one out there to be considered. Sen. Rand Paul has a program that would balance the budget in five years by cutting $4 trillion — or 20 percent — off the Congressional Budget Office’s baseline. John Stossel thinks it’s a better plan.

        • Bear

          Looking at the polls, Trump is ahead of all those you listed……even Newt. I’m not set on any one person at this point but I am looking for someone who is NOT a lawyer turned politician.. Jesse Ventura said that it should never happen that people who interpret the laws be allowed to make the laws. THAT is a conflict of interests. Yet, we have over 90% of the politicians in this admisistration that are lawyers. I feel that this is the problem. I’ve never known a lawyer who understood how to manage money, run a business or tell the truth. All of those qualities should be inherent in any leader that we select to office. So, out of all the choices that we have set before us, who do you think fits the mold?

      • Skeptic Al

        Bear: “Trump… knows how to manage money and keep the bottom line in the black.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the same guy that’s been bankrupt three times? Is this what you would have him do with the U.S? His M.O. seems to be to start a company, sell lots of stock and bonds, pay himself handsomely, put the money away safely somewhere, perhaps get a new wife, let the company go under, and repeat.
        Ron Paul is the only decent candidate presented here so far. Ron Paul/ Ross Perot in 2012.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          ROSS FREAKIN PEROT?!?!?!?!?!!? We been there, tried that, and nobody wanted that!!!

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Ron Paul to me has the same problem as Ross Perot, he comes across when speaking in public as a little whiny ass. Now dont get me wrong, I agree with almost everything he says and stands for, but he isnt the strongest of speakers and doesnt come across as strong and assured, and public perception is a lot when it comes to elections. More than it should be. People made fun of George Bush because of his pronunciation of words and his Texas accent, but it was recognized that he spoke from the heart, and not from bare words on a teleprompter like the current wanker in office. But I have talked to a lot of people when they did the debate last year, and Ron Paul failed to impress any of us, and there in I think will lie his problem, how he is perceived by the public by his looks and demeanor. It may not be right, but people are heavily swayed by that these days.

        • Bear

          So, Thomas, what’s the point exactly? Yes, Trump was on the ropes once that I know of and he did rebound. Who in the political arena has doe that for this nation? If Trump knows how to rebuild wealth, which he does, don’t you think that might be worth something as opposed to some more lawyers turned politicians who only know how to rape our Social Security, Medicare and run us deeper into debt? You are saying that Trump is a poor choice and a failure because he had financial difficulties at one point in his life. Today, he is a billionaire. By the way, do you have any idea how many times Abraham Lincoln ran for office unsuccessfully before being elected as President? Trump is a huge success today and he is the ONLY one who is pushing to get the truth about Obama’s right to occupy the oval office. Stop looking at the negatives and look at the positives from this man. He isn’t a billionaire because of some book deal he made after balling some intern while in office. He made his billions by making wise and good decisions in the realestate world. We need someone who can figure out how to create wealth and he has the track record in that department. Who else does?

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        No, no, no. Trump does not know how to manage money, or he wouldnt have ahd to file more than one bankruptcy. He lives and dies on banks loaning him money and banking on him. Then he runs them in the ground and lives high off the hog, files bankruptcy, then gets a new bank to back him in a new venture, and off he goes again. Thats not the kind of fiscal conservatism we need in this country. Not at all.

    • Kate8

      Angel – I think there are many who well know the truth about the BC. It’s just such a great joke on the American people, no matter which way it goes.

      It has been such a great divider. Probably beyond their wildest dreams.

      • http://! Angel Wannabe

        kate8__ the elites are betting that the American people are so confused, that whatever the Liberal News Media feeds us, they think we’re gonna fall for again_well, maybe at one time, but more folks are more informed now, than they have been for years! STILL more folks do need to open they’re freakin’ eyes!
        Which makes me question why the Liberals that frequent this site, are on here, besides a paycheck. Certainly they can’t believe, anyone here is interested in they’re Socialist mindset or agenda?!

        • Kate8

          Angel W – Easy money.

          Some people will do anything for it.

          And I know so many people who are soooooo confused by the continual conflicting reports about EVERYTHING that they simply have closed their ears and don’t want to hear anything.

          That’s the whole idea, though, isn’t it?

    • Old Dog

      So right Angel-I see you got yr cards right!!

      • http://! Angel Wannabe

        Old Dog_ alot of us have opened our eyes, but we need more!

    • Harold Whiteley

      …to continue my comments prior…as trump isnt any different that any of the two parties career spit tongued politicans, as they all switch parties and directions as the wind of political correctness spins them. They are like toy tops, spinning as the STRING is pulled by the REALLY IN CONTROL as their PUPPET MASTERS, thus, they all are puppets, as the US-GLOBAL Elitest, re: the one’s running the global agenda of a ONE WORLD GOV and ONE WORLD BANK,, are the one’s pulling the strings of control, greed, money-making, POWER!! Obama is a PUPPET as has been CLINTON and G. W. BUSH, as they are all members of the illuminate…ONE RULE GOV and AGNEDA!! It’s all connected like the skeleton of a skinned SNAKE, bone-joint-to bone-joint. POISON for sure!! Anti-CHRIST for sure!! Regardless their sugar-coated nice, nice, all we can personally do is pray for Almighty God’s blessings in the form of discernment, to KNOW the differnce from the “EVIL-doers” and the “Godly-doers”…PEACE FOLKS, and GOD BLESS AMERICA and TAX PAYING AMERICANS on Main St America!!..:-)

  • C Parrish

    trump brings a very good qualification we all need to consider; he is not a career politician. The only thing a dem & rep can agree on is they do not want a third party to share the greed, corruption and our money with. both parties have a share of the blame for the finincial mess we are in today and trump is a business man with no insider corruption and special interest money has not invested in his campain.

    • Old Dog

      So what ? he probably will make much more being in the White House and his track record?? we all like also to talk about all the other Presidents personal life what would his past life about? He might be a business man but it takes different qualifications to be a true president!!!! Thats my humble opinion!!!

    • Harold Whiteley

      YES YES YES!! right on point…!!!..:-)

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Trump is not a good business man. Many, many of ventures have gone up in smoke, and he has filed bankruptcy protection more than once. That is not a good business man. He lives on bank money. You want a good businessman running things, then vote for Mitt Romney. His track record of running things make Trump look like a girlscount when it comes to success. He even ran the Olympics flawlessly. If you want a businessman, thats the guy, not Donald Trump. He is only as good as his next loan, and we dont need that.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Trump may not be the answer, but then who? Who in the Republican party can take on Obama and win? Who has what it takes to get our country back on track? Who will stand up and put America back to the powerful nation we once were? It seems that one of the issues we had the last election was coming up with a candidate to rival Obama. Will it be the same old stuff the next election?

    • CAR

      well we got another Bush coming on the way. Apparently the reps are choosing George W. Bush’s brother, i forget his name, as a presidential candidate. That might help, not!

      • Lastmanstanding

        CAR. The Bushes are the NWO. 41 said it in a speech in 91 and the planet elites spanked him. The term was never used again until lately. Do some research on who these people are…they control the Fed and most of our politicians. I am ashamed to have voted for them. Coming to the Drudge Report soon.

      • Harold Olsen

        I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve had my fill of Bushes. I would be quite happy if I never heard their name again.

        • Carlucci

          me too.

          • DaveH

            Me three.

          • Kate8

            Same here. That goes for Cintons, too.

        • Old Dog

          Me too!!!!!!!

      • Joe

        We for sure DON’T NEED JEB BUSH…. He is married to a mexican.. that could open the flood gates even more…. we need a Patriot, someone with Ball$….

        • Bruce D.

          You are right about that issue as he has stated his support for an open border or close to it. Jeb was an able and effective governor. No doubt about that. It would be a bad idea to make him president though.

        • DaveH

          The Mexicans are not our problem. They are just a distraction (red herring) from our real problem — Gargantuan Government.
          Our Government (all levels) now spends over 39% of our GDP. Damn near half our money! That’s ridiculous. Hong Kong, a big crowded city-state, spends 17%. Singopore spends 18%. Both have robust economies. Why do we need 40%?

          • Tom S

            The dumbocrats are spending much more than that. Since bin bama was elected, the defecit has risen so high that if every American gave all the money they made to Congress, we’d still be in debt.

          • Mike in MI

            We’d still be and soon will be forever under-water-in-debt. But, everybody is so use to credit cards and other forms of debt they just think we as a nation can just declare bankruptcy and wipe it all away and start all over.
            Well won’t they all be unpeasantly surprised when they find out China isn’t a nice big fuzzy cute Panda bear – but a huge, howling, ruthless tornado that will do anything to get its way. Ask anyone who was in the Korean war. They also re-wrote and updated the book on brain-washing.
            You think you own your house? Forget it. It’s been put up as collateral on government debt. You’re a renter. That’s why they can take control of it and give it to someone else who can make more money for the city/county/state/whatever they decide to give it to.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Because we are run by lawyers, and lawyers live high off the hog, and they feel the need to spend, spend, spend, especially other peoples money. At least this country sent over 60 of them to the curb this year, and we need to do this every election until they finally understand that they work for us, not vice versa, and if they dont serve the people, the people will serve them their walking papers. America is waking up. Here in Indiana, were tired of the career politician who does nothing, and you watch us vote old Dick Lugar’s butt out of office in 2012, and its been long overdue. But like I said, people are getting tired of it and waking up, and these guys that dont do anything, are going to be voted out.

      • Carlucci

        I think they are talking about Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida.

        God help us – no more Bushes. Another Bush in the White House will take us straight to hell in a hand basket. They are part of the elites – charter members of Skull & Bones.

        Don’t vote for a dem or a rino, unless you want more of the same. Vote Libertarian.

      • Gregg Jackson

        Neil Bush? I guess if the Republicans can nominate a member of the Keating Five, maybe another beneficiary of the S&L bailout/handout can head the ticket in 2012.

        Just another example of how America’s taxpayers are a Corporate Cash Station.

    • Dan

      No one it seems. Very disappointing.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Where’s Duncan Hunter SR, when we need him???? Flood his son with Emails people!!! Make him try AGAIN!!!!

    • http://naver sook young

      I’d vote for Mitch Daniels, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Backman. They are very much better than Obama.

      • john c

        Lets give Ron Paul a shot. The man has great vision believes the Constitution is the law of the land. He wants secure borders and small government. He thinks the States should govern themselves and the feds responsabilities are to handle the foreign affairs. Sounds like somthing our fore fathers had in mind.

        • Lastmanstanding

          john c. The Paul’s may be our last chance to remain free.

        • http://! Angel Wannabe

          john c, Me thinks Ron Paul too!

          • fixr

            All of the afore mentioned candidates could and would do a wonderful job, in my estimation. The problem lies in the fact the elites don’t and/or can’t control them. And none are establishment politicians.(good old boys) That’s the frightening part to me.

        • Bruce D.

          Ron Paul had a shot is 2008. He will have another shot in 2012 if he wants it. But that is all he has is a shot, like everyone else. He needs to make his case to Indepedents before he can become a creditable canidate. The Independents play a big part in the election process and he needs to resonate with them also. Ron Paul needs to show that he can get more than 8% of the population behind him. I would vote for him but so far he has not been able to show that he is able to connect with enough people. That is something that needs to come from him.

          • DaveH

            What more proof do we need?

            The only thing holding Ron back, is the same thing holding the Libertarian Party back — a concerted effort by the MSM to stifle their voices. The PTB’s are doing everything in their power to keep the public ignorant. But, thanks to Fox Business Channel and the Internet, the flood gates may be opening soon.

          • Kate8

            Bruce D. – I think people are wiser now than they were in ’08.

          • Bruce D.

            First of all Ron Paul has not given an indication that he wants to run. I think he would run if people sent him two million in contributions to start of his campaign. If that does not happen he won’t even run. If he does run it is still unlikely he will get more than 8% of the general population behind him even now. I do not even see his name in the polls anymore.

        • Robin from Arcadia, IN

          john c…. It’s up to Ron Paul to get his agenda out there. Trump is all over the media. I don’t know much about Ron Paul. What I do know he sounds like a viable candidate, but if no one knows this, he won’t get far. Obama had his face everywhere. Ron Paul needs to do the same. People vote for those they think they know, or party line. Trump is making a big splash and right now until somebody better comes along I happen to like what I am hearing.

          • Gregg Jackson

            Ron’s agenda? His pro-choice, pro-gay agenda? I don’t think so…

          • DaveH

            Ron Paul believes in the right for people to control their own bodies and their own property.
            As far as his abortion stance goes, here is what Ron Paul believes (not what Gregg believes Ron Paul believes):

          • DaveH

            Personally I think most abortions are a mistake. But ultimately it is the mother who bears the weight of the decision. The fact is that many mothers still die in childbirth (about 400 per year). Otherwise I would consider it reasonable to require that they birth their babies and then give them up for adoption if they don’t want them. But do you, who want to force your decisions on the mothers, want their deaths on your hands? If God is displeased with their actions, let God decide their punishment.

          • Carlucci

            DaveH – I just went to the link you posted. I don’t know how anyone could infer that Ron Paul is pro-abortion. He’s an obstetrician, for goodness sakes, and has delivered over 4000 babies. Gregg has got it all wrong…but that comes as no surprise as he thinks that morality can be legislated…

        • http://naver sook young

          I’ve heard of him, but don’t know much about him. If he stand for all the things you say, then I would consider voting for him, even if he ran as a third party. I vote with my conscience and not by party. Can anyone tell me a site I can find out more about him? Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

          • Dan az

            Hey Sook
            Please check out this site and look at his history this is the man and only one that stands for liberty and what the constitution stands for!

          • Kate8

            sook young – Not only that, but Ron Paul has been around for a long, long time, fighting for America, and hasn’t backed down ONE BIT. He’s held his ground against all odds.

            That says a lot. And he keeps getting re-elected to Congress.

          • http://naver sook young

            Thank you Dan az for the very interesting site. I’ll share this with my husband. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

      • William

        sook young anything is better than obummer,

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Amen to that.

      • wandamurline

        I am not saying this to be racist, but the GOP has to have an African American on the ticket, at least as a VP. We have a number who fit the bill and would be wonderful on the ticket. The Demorats have billed us as racists, and if we want to split the black vote in America as some will vote on skin color not matter what the character, we have to have someone who will represent all of us. I personally would like to see4 Allen West as a VP…I think he is a little new to run for president…maybe later on. Romney, Huckabee,
        Gingrich, Palin…these people simply cannot defeat Obama…you must remember we have ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC…the alphabet news medias who will collectively destroy these people. They destroyed Palin when she ran for VP, and any of the four above will get destroyed by them. We are not just fighting Obama, we are fighting the main stream liberal progressive news medias. We need strong, conservative candidates. I like Pence, but again, the news media will hurt him because of his stance on abortion. Not sure of Pawlenty or Herman Cain. There are some things in Herman Cain’s background that would be thoroughly investigated by the alpahbet news. We have to have someone fresh, that is not carrying out a lot of baggage, a conservative who believes in the constitution, and can stand his ground to Obama. I like Paul Ryan…who is super smart and can hold his own on the progressive liberal Sunday morning talk shows. Ryan and West would be a great combination.

        • Harold Olsen

          Anytime the Republicans have put black people in their administrations in positions of power, such as Condoleza Rice and Colin Powell, the left and, especially, blacks, have vilified them saying they were not true black people. The same with Hispanics in Republican administrations. No matter what the Republicans do regarding minorities they will always be vilified as racists. It’s the ONLY way the left can keep minorities from voting Republican. The left is terrified of that happening.

          • libertytrain

            “Anytime the Republicans have put black people in their administrations in positions of power, such as Condoleza Rice and Colin Powell, the left and, especially, blacks, have vilified them saying they were not true black people.”

            Ain’t that the truth.

          • DaveH

            And then there’s Alan Keyes, a staunch conservative, who has run for the Republican nomination many times, but has been basically ignored.

          • Kate8

            If a black man or woman is the most qualified for the job, I’m all for it. But ye gods, we can’t just run one because of his skin color. Look where that got us.

            We need to pick the best PERSON.

            Nothing else to be said about that.

        • Bruce D.

          Wanamurline, I like Herman Cain and Allen West a lot. They should be given consideration. I am 100% against having a token black on the ticket. We need to get past that kind of thinking.

          • Michael J.

            Bruce D,
            The first thing to do with any perspective candidate you are thinking about supporting is to search the web for any Bilderberg, Trilat or CFR affiliation.

            I like what Herman Cain has to say, Alan West sounds good and I love what Trump is doing with the BC issue. However, I am not sure any of the above is up to the task of being POTUS.

            Bachman and both Paul’s are top considerations for me because of their principles. If they or anyone like them runs and is successful, they will likely be featured in the next Zabruder film.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Wasnt Token Black a character on South Park? But I know what your saying. Judge a man by the content of his character, not the color of his skin. But when 85 percent of a certain color, voted for a man of the same color, I have to see that this ideal was lost somewhere.

        • Tom S

          Bravo! You make an excellent point.

        • Gregg Jackson

          Maybe Trump will pick his buddy Charlie Rangel for VP!

        • Old Dog

          You know this is the problem with us Americans!!! Why do we have to have a African American as VP? If he fits the bill O.k. but we do not HAVE TO- What I mean is the persons who are fit to do the job is the ones that we should vote for-not the skin color-just to have people say that we are not Racists-Another thing cant we just say WE AMERICANS-why do we have to say African Americans- I think that the African Americans always refer to themselves but Why.? Arent we aLL Americans working towaRD THE SAME GOALS which means a better America?
          I vote for the person or persons who are right for the job not the skin color or because I am afraid that I will be called a racist. That is exactly what happend when we voted for Obama!!!!! I could go on but Ill stop here!!!! Thank you!!!

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            I agree. That is a separatist racist thing for an American, to label themselves as something different than an American. Its racist as can be, and setting yourself apart, instead of being as one with the country. My ancestors were from Prussia, and Im sure as hell not going to insist that everyone call me a Prussian-American. No, I was born here, raised here, and live here, Im an American. Period. And I have to add this, I have been to Africa more than 95 percent of the so called African-Americans in this country. I think my white butt should be Arican-American then. But, I love this country, and I was born in America, therefore, I am, AMERICAN.

      • Bud Tugly

        Bachmann talks the talk but comes across as too ditzy to be taken seriously. If you think Palin was an easy target for comedians, wait until they start on Bachmann if she runs.

        • Kate8

          Bud – I’ve heard people say that about Bachmann (usually liberals), but I’ve never seen her act ditsy.

          My perception of her is that she is one sharp, gutsy lady. And a patriot.

          • Old Dog

            Agree-Maybe its time for a Woman Prez-

          • Bud Tugly

            turn off the sound when she is speaking and you will see what I mean – just check her body language.

          • Kate8

            In any case, I hardly think Bachmann IS ditzy. She’s actually a very accomplished woman, having run a successful business and having served as WH accountant, or something like that.

            She’s highly intelligent and she fights with dignity.

            Good grief, no one had a problem with old swivelhead. Why do the men always get a pass for any oddities.

          • JeffH

            Kate8, I’ve seen and believe the same…and she most certainly is a patriot.

          • http://naver sook young

            I agree with you Kate8! She would be a good candidate for president. The problem is that many of the liberals and the media don’t like her because she’s a strong woman. They don’t like women who live by their convictions and by the ways of God. Why? In my opinion, I thinks its because they can’t control someone like that and it scares them. I would vote for her against the current pretender we have in office now. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            That is why the liberals attacked, attacked, attacked Sarah Palin. She is very intelligent. Very successful. Very good looking. And actually served her people and balanced her budget. That scared the hell out of them. And being a guy who never would have thought Id vote for a woman for president, Mrs. Palin impressed me more than any of the candidates. Look at the frenzy she caused the liberals. Heck, they sent 200 spies to Alaska to dig dirt, only to have to fabricate lies and attack her children. And she weathered the storm. The republicans fault was running McCain-Palin, instead of Palin-McCain. Had they gone that route, I dont think we would be stuck with a muslim Kenyan as president.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        You are right about Mitch Daniels. The guy is a businessman, a successful business man, and he has taken Indiana from bankrupt status under Governor Obannon, and brought us into having a surplus, unheard of these days. Funny thing is, all the state democrats are trying to make a plan to spend it up, you know, since its there, and he wont let them. If more of our government officials worked like this, what a wonderful country we would have again. By the way, Mitch prays and believes in God. Its good to have the boss behind you.

    • steve

      Ron Paul.

    • DaveH

      We cannot continue to put people in office who don’t really have the desire to shrink our Leviathan Government dramatically. Have you ever known a drinker or a smoker who has quit gradually? It can be done, but it is very, very unlikely.
      We need cold turkey (or at least some dramatic cutting of Big Government). As long as we put in people like Donald Trump, the Government will just keep growing. The best I could see somebody like Donald doing is to shrink it back to Bush’s days. NOT NEARLY ENOUGH! Because then the next Government Growther will come along and back up we will go.
      We need dramatic, while us old farts are still around to tell the young people how we lived just fine with half the government we have now. If we make dramatic cuts, the people would see the benefits of small government in the short time before the next election. Otherwise, they are likely to buy into the Liberal Siren Song once again, and back we go towards our eventual collapse. After the collapse it is unlikely that we will ever get the kind of Freedom back that our wise Founders tried so hard to preserve for us.

      • JeffH

        DaveH, I’m in total agreement with what you just said. This country needs a good dose of “shock and awe” to realize we can survive without government’s signature all over everything. Do not depend on the PTB in either party tp provide that. We do need “fresh” leaders who do respect the Constitution and the principles laid out by our founding fathers.

        Reference often the Mises Inst., Cato Inst., The Heritage Foundation for your information as DaveH often recommends and I think we’ll all make wiser choices for the enduring future of America.

        • JeffH

          I’d like to add the Media Research Center to that research list.

        • Kate8

          JeffH – This is slightly off-subject, but did anyone else know that our Pledge of Allegiance was written by a socialist?

          I never knew that, but after reading who is was and why he worded it as he did, I see it now. Interesting.

          • JeffH

            Kate8, very interesting. Bellamy was a Christian Socialist but the Pledge of Allegiance that we learned and recited was not his exact words. It was based closely but has been modifies several times to what you and I are familiar with today. Here is a little history on it.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        So very true DaveH, so very true. And how many times has Trump gone bankrupt, usually with other peoples money loaned from banks. I dont think that is what we need, as that is what we have now, people spending other peoples money.

    • Kate8

      Trump is another Democrat wanting to run on a Republican ticket.

      Haven’t we learned our lesson yet?

      The biggest lesson is that there is no difference between the parties anymore. They’ll choose whichever one seems their best shot.

      In fact, I’d venture to say that there is no Republican party anymore.

      • Carlucci

        The dems and rinos – a two headed monster sharing the same body.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Who cant beat Obama. My gosh Robin, after all the damning things he has done, and his lack of listening to the people and shoving his illegal health care down the throats of 70 percent of the people that dont want it, along with his balooning the debt to record highs, to supporting illegal immigration in Arizona, and even using our tax payer money to keep it happening, and buying lawyers for caught terrorists in the war, and not speaking to the head general fighting the war for 6 weeks, then firing him for telling about it, to still not having a plan and going back on his every word, the Republicans or Libertarians can run anyone they want and beat him. I dont even think the democrats want him to run again. He has exposed them for the liberal arses they are, and he is un-electable. Totally un-electable at this point, and he just makes it worse for himself and the dumbocrats at every turn.

  • john realty

    at least someone is speaking out . there is an awful lot of circumstatial evidence hat he is not a anturalized citizen. There is also absolute proof, since a naturalized citizen must have parents that are citizens of the United States. Mr. obama’s father was an English citizen, therefore he cannot serve as president.

    Someone explain whay he is hiding his whole life, including passports, college records etc.

    • Alice

      It is important to remove Barack Obama from his office. Obama has many wrong ideas about economy and United Stated involved in non-win war with Libya. They want keep borrowing money from China and live on debt. Many people lost their savings. We living an anarchy society with wrong President who is born in Kenya therefore he is not eligible to be in the White house. Obama committed fraud against American people.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Thats because Obama has been in Chicago too long, the king of the hand-outs. Big liberal cities like that are full of government social programs and handouts to the losers that dont want to work. And people like Obama cannot see how damning that is for America. You dont give a lazy arse that wont work a free paycheck and food stamps. You kick him in the butt and tell him to get to work or go hungry. Things wont get better until they realize that.

  • Tim

    I believe that Trump has the motive (alterior) to get in as no.1. It would be very hard for him to do worse than Obama and that in itself is a dangerous distraction.

    He has executive experience and plenty of political savvy – enough to split the opposition to Obama even if he was genuine.

  • VanZorge

    perhaps we could wait a little bit and let the campaigns develop??? prematurely jumping off or onto any one bandwagon or another seems a bit short-sighted to me. RELAX

    • Bruce D.

      I agree with you VanZorge. It is silly to start getting rid of people before they have had a chance to make their case.

  • http://facebook Maureen

    Is there really a Politician or person out there that will
    really tell it like it is. Or tell you the whole truth. NO THERE IS
    NOT Most are for themselfs. I for one will go with Trump. He is a lot better than any of the ones we have in office now. He has proven himself a great business man. Maybe thats what we need. OBAMA certainly isn’t. He is not a Citizen of this country and should be impeached and throw in prison. If he has nothing to hide than why is he afraid to show his Birth Certicalte????? That right there tells me he is a lier and cheat. This country is going to hell like Trump said because we have people who don’t even know the History of this once Great Country. Time to get them all out and start over.

    • steve

      Vote Ron Paul.

      • DaveH


        • Kate8

          Double ditto.

    • Old Dog

      I aint voting for Trump!!!

      • Dan az

        Old Dog
        Me either!Talk about digging up dirt on someone now there is a perfect example.Transparent not hardly try finding out who financed his bail outs!He is useful for one thing and thats being a thorn in bozo’s side.

  • Harry Sothern

    A very insightful article by John Meyers. It certainly enlightened me with facts about Mr.Trump that I never knew. The information in it should be read by everyone.

    • Hannibal

      You made 3 statements ; 2& 1/2 with which I agree with.. The only difference is that there is no proof to Meyer’s theme.. As you said, he enlightens.. He offers an option to consider is all.. Mr. Trump did indeed contribute healthy sums to democratic endeavors however both parties did well by him.. Money talks however no solid conclusions can be drawn from the numbers indicated..

  • Leon Sager

    The honest plain truth is:
    Trump is the only one out of the Republican line up that possibly may beat Obama in the next Presidential Election.

    The others just don’t have what it takes to beat him.

    • Hannibal

      You could very well be correct & for the sake in the best interest of the u.s., I hope you you ARE..

    • ucm4u

      Or the money.

    • steve

      By that logic, then, we must vote for Obama if Trump doesn’t run?

      Vote your conscience – vote Ron Paul.

    • Don

      How about Trump/Palin ????

    • JeffH

      How about Paul/Bachmann?

      • Kate8

        JeffH – I think you have a winner!

      • Carlucci

        Paul/Ventura = Dream Team

        • http://deleted Claire

          Carlucci–Good choice.

      • http://naver sook young

        How about Paul/Palin? Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

        • Kate8

          sook young – Love that team, too!

        • JeffH

          OHH RAH! For God and country!

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            What about Paul-Romney?

        • Dan az

          Hey Sook
          Now your talking!

        • http://naver sook young

          Thank you my friends, thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

        • GregS

          Excellent suggestion, Sook! You’ve got my vote!

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Come on Leon, give me a break. Any of them, even old John McCain would beat him this time. You doubt that America has woken up. I dont. This guy and his party have exposed themselves as the anti-American liberals that they are, and they are leaving, just as over 60 of them left in the 2010 elections. It really doesnt matter. Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, or a slew of others will beat this guy hands down. America is tired of what the dems are doing, walking off the job and acting like little kids, and passing illegal health care laws, and just doing whatever they want, including starting wars without congressional approval. They are done man, finished. Kaput. Its over for them. Watch and see.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      I have to respectfully disagree. Mitch Daniels or Mitt Romney would give Obama a spanking of Reagan vs. Mondale proportion.

  • Greyhawk

    Donald Trump For President in 2012. He is the only person in the USA today who has the courage to tell it like it is as to our foreign policies, Opec, and China and also challenges Obama in every other way. What do you folks want? Another RINO? I don’t think so. Trump sees where this nation is headed and where it is headed is going to be confiscatory taxation and endless federal regulations and expansion in size and power of the Federal Government which is the Exact Thing That Has All but Destroyed Us as a Sovereign Nation. Trump knows it is just a matter of time before this Communist Regime of Obama and the Current Congress before the Government Begins Taxing Away All Wealth and in the process, Confiscating Everybody’s Property. They are already impeding our property rights and their policies are destroying our economy and our monetary system. Trump Is The Man. Do not listen to any of these MSM RINO Supporters like is being presented in this Hit Piece by a RINO supporter. The Dog and Pony Show we just witnessed in the Budget Debate should be enough to show you that Boehner and Reid and Obama just gave us another Snow Job. Our congress is worthless and all the grappling you see on MSM and Fox is but a Dog and Pony Show and is only Produced For Public Consumption to fool the Ignorant Masses to make us believe that we have somebody fighting for us. What a joke. Trump knows it is a joke and he can and will do something about it. Join my FB cause: Donald Trump For President in 2012. Thanks Jerome Ennis—

    • Warrior


      As long as Donald selects a serous running mate like a Chris Christie, Allen West or Michelle Bachmann, I’m on board. Otherwise it will be another Perot disaster.

      • karolyn

        Chris Christie has stated that he is in no way interested in the White House.

      • Bruce D.

        If Criss Christi is in the mix he needs to be President, not vice President.

        • Warrior

          Think 2016 my friend.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Look into Trump’s bankruptcies, then tell me how good of businessman he is. And never trust a guy with a comb over.

  • Mick

    I am with Claire on this one..I have been watching and listening to certain interviews and one in particular made me very uncomfortable, the fact that he said he gets along well with UNIONS, I get fidgety when I hear this word…………

  • poorman

    Thank you John all information is treasure to the uninformed,this Trump character could be promoting himself but the subject matter he has chosen is popular with some.I could care less where Obama was born.America needs a Presidential candidate first able to defeat this unamerican President.Trump promotes America first that I agree with and he at least is familiar with what makes business work,I would choose him at the primary level but we will see how things develop.

  • Polski

    You inflicted Dubya on us, so even though Obama is terrible, republicans are horrible. Trump’s giving to democrats and republicans is pretty even. There were a lot of mysterious things during the Clinton years, and they should have been investigated more. Of course, Dubya-Cheney are serial killers, Iraq is much worse than the Green River killer.

    • http://naver samurai

      Bush, baaaaa! Iraq, baaaaa! Chaaaaange! Why do you libs always bring up Bush when the POTUS is Obama bin Laden? Obama ought to be thoroughly investigated on all fronts, tried, and imprisoned for falsifying records and for vioating the Constitution that he swore to uphold and protect. Get off of the kool aid. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • William

        AMEN samurai,

      • Jovianus

        If it weren’t for Bush and the GOP policies that were pushed through those eight years of disaster, we’d not be in economic, social and international positions we are today and trying to fix the mess ….

        BTW…the two LOWEST administrations for economic growth since 1930. Want to venture a guess as to who “led” the country? If you guessed Reagan and Bush, you’d be correct.

        So tell us how those ‘conservative’ policies worked out…

        • Thamera

          Who was in control of congress JOVI??

          • Gregg Jackson

            Six years of republican congressional control (2001-2007) and you blame Bush’s inability to use a veto pen for the economic collapse? Couldn’t W man-up to Nancy-pants?

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Lets see Jovi-Anus. Under Bush, employment was at an alltime high in this country. Under Bush, unemployment was at an all time low in this country. Under Bush, the stock market reached an all time high. Even when he left, unemployment was only 4.5%. And it wouldnt have been that high, except knowing the democrat tax monsters were coming, business started laying off and stock piling the cash to pay the incoming tax monsters. Now enter your Obamination. Gee, unemployment up over 10 percent, of course, we all know it is higher than that but the liberal news isnt going to report the truth about the left’s inadequacies. The only jobs he has created are government jobs that we all are paying for. He has lost jobs by the millions, mishandled the stopping of an oil leak, shoved an illegal health care plan down the throats of 70 percent of people that dont want it, spent more in his first 8 months more than the previous admin spent in 8 years. Escalated the war in Afghanistan when he said he was going to stop it. Entered into an illegal war in Libya without congressional approval. Expanded welfare. Expanded food stamps. Expand unemployment pay. Expanded WIC. Expanded abortions, even paying for it with our money in Third World countries. And yet, losers like you, sit there saying -Bush, Bush, Bush. Amazing. Simply amazing. Jovi Anus, get in touch with reality pal.

        • steve

          Okay, JOV- you win the award for the most clueless. lol

          Vote Ron Paul.

        • Tom S

          You have no clue what you are talking about………….go tak another Librium and sit in the corner playing with your navel lint.

          • Tom S

            This was directed at JOV.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            He obviously cannot see his belly button lint, as he has cranalanalitus.

        • Gregg Jackson

          Jovianus – your argument is correct. Unfortunately, facts don’t mean a damn thing around here.

          • Thamera

            what facts? Care to elaborate Gregg?

          • Kate8

            Sorry, Gregg, but what you view as “facts”, we recognize as nothing but liberal talking points.

            Something has to be true in order to be a fact.

          • Dan az

            Seriously Dude you and anus need to do your stinky finger painting on a liberal site where it would have more consensus of your illogical dribbel.Go shake out your diapers and refresh your thoughts of utopia on someone else, the tit is dry here.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Yeah, its Bush’s fault obama has spent us into oblivion, started an illegal war in Libya without congress approving it, and that he has spend a half million in legal fee’s to keep from showing his birth certificate and college papers that dont exist. Its all Bush’s fault that Michelle has spent more than any first lady in history. Its all Bush’s fault that Barack has raised unemployment from 4.5 to over 10 percent, AND RISING. Its all Bush’s fault that obama went into a back room and illegally shoved a failed health care plan down the throats of 70 percent of the population that dont want it. And to you, its probably Bush’s fault that Obama cant stop smoking. Wow. Lay off the cid dude.

        • http://naver samurai

          If your right about Reagan, moron, then why did contributions to charities go up 55% while Reagan was in office. The most under any president ever in this country. Bush’s problems were actually started by Clinton and Carter with the Fair Housing Act, the legislation dealing with home loans under Clinton, Fannie and Freddie, etc. If it was so bad, then why didn’t the libs who controlled Congress and the Senate (2007 – 2010) do something to prevent this from happening? I guess you really don’t let the truth stand in the way of a good rant. Keep up the good fight, fellow patriots! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Your right about Clinton and housing thing. Barney Frank, Franklin Raines, Jamie Gorelick and a few others should be in jail over that one. How they got away with it, I dont know. But Clinton did set the whole thing up, and when they collapsed the banks, there they all stood, pointing the finger at Bush who had nothing to do with it. And our liberal press again failed to do their job and truthfully report the facts. Amazing.

      • steve

        Right on!!! And Vote Ron Paul!!! :)

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Its simple. The liberals have no plan or foresight, so all they have is finger pointing. Thats it. That is all they know how to do, is blame others. And they are good at it, buts thats all they offer.

  • Jovianus

    the circus continues. Instead of taking on the GOP policies of ripping out core programs designed for America’s youth, poor and middle class … Trunmp, Bachman, Palin, etc focus on non-issues designed to gather the Far Right wing christian conservatives onto the bandwagon (since renamed the Tea Party, aka American Taliban.)

    Romeny is forced to run away from his successful health care programs he worked in partnership with both parties in getting into Mass. Law, Gingrich has had more wives than most GOPers can count, Pawlenty plays to the audience (when not putting them to sleep). Did I miss anyone?

    Here’s a good item for people to consider… can anyone name a proposed GOP cut that does not affect the youth, poor or middle class? Can anyone name a proposed GOP cut that negatively affects corporate welfare, the military or the wealthy?

    Who do they represent? You? Think about that.

    • Dagney

      If the government would get the hell out of the way and stop picking winners and losers and purposefully attempting to DESTROY America, the youth, the poor, and the middle class would be able to find decent jobs to take care of themselves, thank you very much. Democrat entitlement policies is what brought us to the brink of bankruptcy and if you deny that, you don’t live in reality. Yes, some elitist and career politician republicans are just as guilty. The main problems that we’ve had in this country is the disresect and plain ignoring of our Declaration of Indpendence and the Constitution. Everytime “the people” vote for one cent of more taxes to give to these criminals, they are giving up their freedoms. Anyone who will adhere to those genius documents, even Trump if it comes to that, has my vote. Whoever, gets the Republican nomination, in the end, will get my vote. Though, I would prefer someone like Herman Cain, or, if he should choose to win, my hero, Allen West. But, if the nomination should go to the fake evangelist, Huckabee or “Mr. Hair” Romney, I would vote for either of them, too. The truth of the matter is, this country cannot stand any more America-hating Democrat policies and they must be rooted out! So, in the end, I will hold my nose and vote for ANY anti-Obama.

      Trump’s political giving records don’t bother me. He’s given pretty evenly to both parties as a business man. Business men have different priorities. I’m a realist, and don’t expect perfection because none exists. However, I WILL NOT vote for evil and EVIL is what is embodies the Democrat party AND thier policies!

      • William

        so very well put Dagney. I agree 110%,

      • steve

        Hey, all – Atlas Shrugged is to debut, appropriately, on tax day, April 15th, this year, in some cities.

        Vote Ron Paul.

    • William

      you sound just like a wellfare case. a flaming liberal and an obummer supporter,

      • Jovianus

        William..I am a supporter of this administration because with the cards dealt to him by the past administration and GOP policies sending us to ruin, he’s done a fine job. Has a few areas where I disagree, but he’s pulled us from the brink and moving forward.

        Problem is the extremist elements won’t look at facts. Even they would shudder if anything close to what they espouse came to fruition…including the acked out interpretation of what the “Founding Fathers’ meant. One issue they have to face is when they refer to the Founding fathers…they can’t tell you. Even “Founding Fathers’ is made up fiction in thier sick and twisted minds.

        • Bruce D.

          The fact is we are bankrupted and it is one fact Marxists do not like to look at. It did not help that Obama has started another war which has already cost 240 billion without any end in sight to the money that will be poured into Libya. You complain about cutting 61 billion. You have lost touch with reality Jovianus. It is easy to do when it is other peoples money you are spending.

          • Jovianus

            Why are we bankrupt? Seriously…give it thought. We gave the wealthy special tax brackets lowering their already absurdly low rates, we increaed corproate tax breaks and subsidies, we had two unfunded wars by Bush, and he slammed through unfunded mandates which are now requiring to be paid.

   reverse everything the former administration pushed into law and policy, reverse the absurd deregulation of the finance and insurance industry he foisted upon us, and get rid of those special tax brackets for the wealthy. Take away corporate subsidies as well.

            Voila ! No more problem with budget deficits.

            If corporations are reporting record profits, and the wealthy are reporting a greater share of wealth…why do they need help via more tax breaks and more subsidies?

            Now we have two great quotes by the GOP…one is calling for Obama to show more leaderhsip…guess becasue the party of No can’t lead or propose anything of substance other than slamming the youth, the poor, and the middle class eh/ The other is…and ya gotta love it…after citing what he said were facts (i.e. using numbers and stats)…Sen John Kyl, R-Ariz issue the following:

            “My remark was not intended to be a factual statement’

            LOL…uh huh…now THAt is the GOP slogan !

          • Bruce D.

            I guess Jovianus that Obama spending over 5 trillion dollars in the last three years has nothing to do with the problem.

          • Jovianus

            Ummm… and what was his inherited budgets? Bush’s last budget, the 2009 budget…was not Pres. Obama’s. Obama increased the budget by 20%…and that included the stimulus package and the bail out of the AMERICAN auto industry. He’s gotten the banks to pay back TARP, and we’ve been repaid on the auto bailout…both at a profit to us.

            You must be a fan of John Kyl….you don’t mean what you say as a factual statement.

            Now…as to what i was stating in reversing the Bush economic programs which drove us to these depths … you don’t agree?

          • Brad

            Hey Ainus,

            Since 07 when the “RATS” tooks control of congress, the national deficit has gone from 10.5 trillion to 14.28 trillion today. That’s your answer, you need to talk to the DNC and ask them why they are spending a dollar in income tax and topping it off with an extra 40 cents in deficit spending? When you can can answer that question, maybe just maybe the congress can balance the budget and start paying down on the deficit.

          • Old Dog

            I agree with you- And I also think that we should not meddle in other countries!!!! Those people have a very different way of thinking and it will not be easy to adapt to western ways- no matter what the say now- the novelty will wear off- People tends to follow others without really knowing what the outcome will be- and when REALITY set in -it will not be a pretty picture!!!

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Jovi-Anus – do you really think all the banks paid back all that money and that GM and Chrysler really paid back all those billions? If you do, I have some ocean front property Ill sell you for 100 grand an acre here in Indiana. Wow, are you kidding me. You really believe that?

        • Thamera

          “acked out interpretation of the constitution?” Perhaps you could define acked? lol You really think that most posters on this forum can’t define founding fathers or know who they are? You sir, are laughable and obviously the one that has trouble with the constitution along with the founders of it. As such, it is difficult to lend you any credibility.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          yup he’s heading foreward, goose stepping all the way, and just today said the very thing we said he would. RAISE TAXES!!!!

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          If you call what obama has done a fine job, then you must think Carter was terrific. You are so far removed from the truth, Im not sure its save for you to be in the free public moving around.

    • Conservative at Birth

      By Corporate Welfare, do you mean GE?

      • Jovianus

        Conservative…GE is one. They do not stand alone.

        • Bruce D.

          Planned Parenthood is another. NPR would be another. Soros would be another with connections to the billion(s) loaned to the Brazil oil company. Now we find that Google is filled with political corruption and has infiltrated the Obama Whitehouse. Also the billions Obama has given to corrupt Wall Street Corporations which heavily funded his campaign. I believe the Unions are corporations also and we all know the corruption involved there with the Democrat Party as one hand feeds the other. Obama is up to his neck in corporated corruption and information secrecy.

          • Jovianus

            Jeesh…PP…healthcare for woemn, youth and the poor. NPR…sure, let’s waste the information source for many of our rural Americans.

            Uh huh … sure. Jeesh …

          • Thamera

            those old talking points really get you nowhere Jovi…women’s health care, the youth, the poor…gadz do yo have any real life experience with any of the programs you speak so highly of????

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          G.E. should not even be allowed to sell anything in the United States that they are now making in other countries, employing people for 2.00 a day, and making junk. Buy any GE lightbulbs lately? They burn out every 2 weeks to a month. Junk. And they tried to bilk us all with Al Gore to make billions pitching their global warming crap trying to force us all to buy what they were selling. I wont buy any of their products. Any.

      • Dagney

        That reminds me of another thing. People who care about truth, please realize that ANYTHING the left accuses the right of doing…. that accusation is EXACTLY what they, the left, are doing or worse. It’s projection plain and simple. So, please, people, keep that in mind as the accusations fly from the left.

        • Bruce D.

          I find what you are saying to be true a lot of times. It is impossible to have an intelligent conversation with Jovianus as long as he keeps defending the spending habits of Obama and the left. He denies reality all together and so loses his credibility to debate. He just can’t find anything wrong with the way democrats spend money. He can’t even be truthful with himself and acknowledge that the war on poverty has failed and that giving money away is not and never will be the solution to poverty. It just exasperates the problem.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          You nailed that one on the head. That is exactly what they do. They do something, then turn right around and point fingers at other people and blame them. Its amazing, then our liberal press backs them up and helps spread their lies with their propaganda. And unfortunately, a lot of people dont get educated and dont even know they are lying to them. Like my 86 year old dad, who doesnt get out much anymore, and believes what the newspapers tell him and the liberal news media. When I talk with him and expose them, like yesterday, when I told him how the liberal left democrats run hollywood, promote gay rights and abortions, and he ask’s me where I hear this stuff from, and why am I the only one that knows it and nobody else does. I have to tell him, that everyone knows it, except die hard democrats like him that rely on the local liberal newspapers and alphabet networks for their news. He says how he has never heard any of this. And thus it is so, with many, many left wing liberal supporters. They dont even know what their party stands for, or who they are. But we all can kind of thank Obama, as he has brought them out of the darkness somewhat, and helped to expose them as to who they really are, and that is why over 60 of them got sent packing in 2010, with more to follow, including himself, in 2012. Boo Yah.

    • Conservative at Birth

      Successful health care program? Did you know that the medical costs in Mass. have risen at a higher rate than any other state in the nation because of the health care legislation? You call that success?

      • Jovianus

        Just looked it up. 58% approve of Mass health Care, 27% see it as a negative. Think about that next time you hear someone saying Health Care Reform sucks. As to our national health Care Reform, 52% see it as favorable, 41% view it as unfavorable.

        I supported, and still support, a Public option. That would not only drive down prices, but that freed up cost burden on business would give a jolt in the economic arm to every small buisiness and we’d bust the seams in business activity

        • steve

          Proving once again that the majority is always wrong, to quote Ibsen.

          Vote Ron Paul.

        • Vigilant

          Jovi Anus rides again: “Just looked it up. 58% approve of Mass health Care, 27% see it as a negative. Think about that next time you hear someone saying Health Care Reform sucks. As to our national health Care Reform, 52% see it as favorable, 41% view it as unfavorable.”

          As I commented to jopa yesterday, your postings are comic relief, always good for a belly laugh. To paraphrase Dean Koontz, your utterings are the philosophy of Marx/Engels filtered through the lens of Abbott and Costello.

          You need to stop reading Huffpost and other leftist propaganda sites. How about , posted on April 7th:

          “Mitt Romney and his supporters have been telling us for two years that RomneyCare is popular with Massachusetts residents. While that may have been true in the past, it appears as though public support for the plan has eroded significantly.

          Health care and Mitt Romney

          Massachusetts health care was seen as working by 38 percent of registered voters, while just under half (49 percent) said it is not working, and 13 percent were undecided. Asked if Mitt Romney’s role in health care here would help or hurt his presidential campaign, 54 percent of voters said it would hurt; 22 percent felt it would help; and 22 percent were undecided.

          “Health care continues to define Mitt Romney and weigh down his presidential campaign like an iron stethoscope,” said Paleologos.


          The statewide survey of 500 Massachusetts likely voters was conducted April 3-5, 2011. The margin of error is +/-4.4 percent at a 95 percent level of confidence.”

          And then there’s Rasmussen on April 11th, as follows: “A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 51% of Likely Voters at least somewhat favor repeal of the health care law, including 41% who Strongly Favor it. Forty-one percent (41%) oppose repeal, with 28% who are Strongly Opposed.”

          Wake up and smell the tea.

          • Tom S

            JOV conveniently forgets how long the dems have been controlling the purse strings in Congress, even under Bush. I’m not narrow minded enough to say the Republicans are saints, they’re not. BOTH parties have raped this country and stolen from the Social Security trust. The problem I see with the dumbocrats is they want to give this country away to minorities whether they’re her illegally or not. Their social programs have gone a long way to destroy this economy.

          • JeffH

            Vigilant, why do you always ruins the commies day?
            Because you can! LMAO!

          • Thamera

            Correct as usual Viglant :D

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Now that Romney can see it first hand, and that it doesnt work, and that people dont want it, just might make him better at what he does. Massachusetts is such a mess, and it is wholly owned and run by the MOB. Nothing gets done there unless they say so, and if they wanted this health care thing, it was getting passed. And you can bet some of their cohorts are cashing in on it. And such will be on the national level if it gets set up. Democratic run insurance companies will be cleaning up, and funneling the profits to the democrats, so that they can buy more and more elections. Ill guarantee it.

    • Vigilant

      Jovi Anus once again proves his ignorance: “Romeny [sic] is forced to run away from his successful health care programs he worked in partnership with both parties in getting into Mass. Law”

      What world do you live in? Anyone who would categorize Massachusetts’ health care system as a success is positively balmy. Hint to the intellectually challenged: politicians don’t run away from successful programs.

    • fixr

      You missed Palin! What negativity do you have toward her?

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        That she is hot. Jovi-Anus will somehow try to make that a negative, because that is how he rolls.

    • Thamera

      Jovi, I’m going to guess that you don’t work for any of the so-called successful programs that you hold in such high esteem for the middle-class, poor, the youth….I am in the THICK of it and if you can’t see the abuse, waste and fraud then you are indeed turning a blind eye…not to mention those same programs are largely unconstitutional!

      • JeffH

        Thamera, I honestly think jovi gets paid to say the things he says. Nobody could be that consistently…well, you get the gist of it!

        • Thamera

          *sigh* I do :(

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Your right Jeff, Jovi-Anus is a plant. There is no way any human being could possible be that stupid and out of touch with reality. Its a plant by the libs for their own laughs. I know he makes me laugh also. Its almost like listening to Beevis and Butthead in the same guy.

  • Jane Lane

    Donald Trump for President? Sure he is a businessman, who borrows from the big banks. We already have lots of people in Washington who know how to BORROW. That is the problem. The only way the finances of this nation can be fixed is to get rid of the FEDERAL RESERVE bank. For those who do not know, and I hope there are not many left who do not:
    the Federal Reserve Bank is PRIVATELY owned by an international banking cartel. In a deceitful coup, they tricked our government into letting them print and control our currency and then LOAN it back to us at whatever interest they want. According to the Constitution, Congress is supposed to issue our money. No matter who is president (and that is another subject), we will always be under the control of the international banksters until we get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank.
    some suggestions: read The Creature From Jekyll Island .
    watch: The Secret of Oz, Fiat Empire, The Money Masters
    We as a nation have been in deep doodoo since 1913.
    Time to stop the insanity.

    • James in NY

      “We as a nation have been in deep doodoo since 1913.
      Time to stop the insanity.” Best laugh of the morning so far. One would think after almost 100 years we would be a nothing nation by now. We are still the richest and most powerful nation on earth. Get some more coffee you conspiracy nut case.

      • Vigilant

        Yes, James, laugh all the way to your grave. One doesn’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to recognize the damage done to our financial health by the Federal Reserve. The printing of fiat money is destroying this nation as we speak. Take an Economics 101 course, idiot!

        When the chickens come home to roost, the chicken house itself will have burned down.

        • Old Dog

          Vigilant you said it!!!! Tell that nut case

      • JeffH

        James in NY, coming from a man that has put “NY” in his “name”, you’ve mention 1913 and conspiracy in the same comment. Who’s the real nut again?

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        James, you are aware we have been around more than 100 years dont you? I mean the bi-centennial was in 1976, and that was 200 years. Are you are aware that we are quickly heading the way of not being the most powerful nation in the world, and we already are not the most successful anymore, that would be China. And if not, then why do we owe them billions of dollars? We are on our way out, and it has nothing to do with any conspiracy. It has to do with our running away from God. He is slowly but surely lifting His hand of blessings on us, as we drift further and further from Him. And even now, the party that has the clearest goals for us, the Libertarians, are based on an atheistic society, where we are basically our own gods. And you expect God to bless us still? I dont, and as I look around me, I see a nation falling apart, more and more day by day. And soon, we will be no more. Its coming, and short of coming back to God, there isnt a think we can do about it.

    • Disgusted

      You are spot on. The Federal Reserve is the anchor chained to our nations leg and it is dragging us to the bottom of the ocean!

    • Old Dog

      Agree with Jane Lane

  • Ajfrench

    Evidently we do. Afterall, the ones in there now aren’t listening. They perceive the people as stupid and lacking in understanding how things work. We do and we don’t like what we are seeing.

  • Dan

    Trump is a red herring the media is trying to portray as the front runner. They are trying to chose the Republican Nomination just like they did for John McCain. It worked once, more than like the dupes will for for it again.

    • Mick

      Dan says:
      April 13, 2011 at 7:41 am
      Trump is a red herring the media is trying to portray as the front runner. They are trying to chose the Republican Nomination just like they did for John McCain. It worked once, more than like the dupes will for for it again.
      Dan …I think you have touched on something there !
      I wasn’t comfortable with McCain and with ood reasons, look what we winded up with………

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Yes, something was wrong there. In a day and age where people are sick of career politicians, why on earth would have the Republicans ran 150 year old John McCain for president? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Palin-McCain would have fared much better than McCain-Palin. They tried to blame it on her, but we all know it was him as the reason they didnt win. Many Republicans stayed home, because they werent going to vote for him. I know, I almost did myself, but realizing who we were running against, I got out and voted. Those who didnt vote, dont complain, you have no say so. Those of us who did vote, we have the right to complain about this loser in power now.

    • William

      Dan the media and oprah winfry worked over time on getting the phony elected who is disgracing the whitehouse and the country, I think Donald Trump just might be the very thing we need. he damned sure cant screw up any worse than obummer the great faker has, I am sure james earl carter is the happiest man in the world now just knowing some one came along and screwed things up far worse than he did,

    • Nancy

      I’m wondering if he’s a red herring put out there by the GOP to deflect attention away from speculating which GOP candidates will be running. Trump doesn’t mind asking the controversial questions that other candidates cannot or will not ask. Whoever is nominated by the GOP won’t be tainted by Trump’s “showmanship”. I personally hope he does find the evidence that Obama is not a naturalized citizen. That will make him an illegal president, and Trump will have served his purpose.

  • Honkny Snert

    Obama and many others should be in Jail. The sooner, the better. I cant imagine anyone with a brain could have put a guy with his background, or lack of, in charge of our country We need a businessman running this Country before its too late.

    • Patrick Beatty

      Definitely agree with the “put ‘em in JAIL” sentiment.
      ALL of them. Starting with our “Disaster-in-Chief”.

      And, the “with a brain” comment” ?
      THAT’s the key here. The way I’ve seen it, not too many democrats are suitably equipped in that department.

      Most (if not ALL) seem to be more concerned with how much they can SUCK off the “federal TEET”, than have ANY concern – whatsoever – with the overall welfare of the country.

      Trust me, I’m in FULL agreement with FAIR taxation, but I have a BIG problem with paying for the Welfare, Unemployment, and Food Stamps issued to a fat, waddling, pregnant… person… that I see getting into her Cadillac ESCALADE, after giving the cashiers, and everybody else in the store “Holy Hell” for not “acknowledging her particular B1tch that day”.

      There’s just WAY too many BUMS – many of which are ILLEGAL aliens, no less – we’re having to finance these days. And, it’s HIGH time that we acknowledge that basic fact.

      I just wonder how many BILLIONS we’re squandering paying for no-loads not even willing to GET a JOB !

  • William

    Mick. you can get along with unions and union members without standing with either one, I used to work for a company that was unionised. I refused to join the union. I still had a hell of a lot of friends there, when I decided to quit and join the Air Force the superintendant begged me to stay. as did a lot of the other people there, I still have a lot of friends who are union members. but I damned sure dont have to vote for any union person nor will I knowingly,

    • Mick


      I agree that you can get along with some union members some just go with the flow to keep their jobs and after awhile many turn to the unions way of thinking, unions like democrats have a way of painting a rosy picture but do not warn the people of the thorns coming with it,,
      I applied for a job in Missouri in 1994 and was told that if I didn’t join the union I could not get the job, I caved and regretted it ever since, I lasted until 1996 and could no longer stomach their practices so I quit…….

      • William

        Mick I fully understand. I too have known some union people who I would shoot quicker than I would a snake But I am fortunate enough to live in a right to work state. THANK GOD for that. there are lots of unions around here too. untill my retirement I was an over the road truck driver. non union. many of my friends drove for union companys. roadway yellow Maclean pilot ABF and so on. I drove for Old Dominion and it was a damned good company with very good benifits and very good people in supervision,

        • Mick

          William says:
          April 13, 2011 at 8:20 am
          Mick I fully understand. I too have known some union people who I would shoot quicker than I would a snake But I am fortunate enough to live in a right to work state. THANK GOD for that. there are lots of unions around here too. untill my retirement I was an over the road truck driver. non union. many of my friends drove for union companys. roadway yellow Maclean pilot ABF and so on. I drove for Old Dominion and it was a damned good company with very good benifits and very good people in supervision,

          William,,,I am glad that you had the chance to work for such good company, good for you but there were good company which have been destroy by unions and as the result we have worse companies now than good, the fault lies directly on employees always wanting more and the greedy unions over willing to oblige. It’s a true shame ….

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      I agree. I worked in unions for 13 years, and have been out of them for 14 now, much to the better, thank you. But I have many friends working in the union, and I will tell you this, its a shame but they have to lie to their union heads and co-workers, and act like they vote democrat, or they will be black balled out, and they know it. And they tell me there are many in their ranks, that have to act as if they are on the left, and that the unions send guys out prying into thier political beliefs by starting discussions quite often concerning politics. And they have seen, if anyone offers up that they are Republican or other than democrat, that they arent around very long. This is so wrong, but then again, this is your unions of today. Thuggery at its finest. I am so blessed to be away from them, and my life is much better financially since I got out.

  • chucky

    From what I have heard from friends who work for Mr. Trump is he might just have proof. In 1981 Barak Obama was in Pakistan which at the time was on the u.s. expulsion list like cuba you have a u.s. passport you could not enter country. He entered with a brittish or indonesion passport.I have worked for Donald Trump in the 80′s as a casino management employee at Trump Castle(later Trump marina). I think the media hype about him casts him as an evil man but I can tell you he is a man that cares about people, strives for perfection whatever he puts his mind to, will reward you if you are an asset to the corporation, on the other hand will fire you on the spot(saw it on dozens of meetings) if you B.S. him, try to hide something from him, or just not doing your job to your full potential. You will work for him,there are no check collectors working for him. The energy he brings to a board room,energize the people in it and his general approach to succeed is amazing to watch. He just might be the force needed to turn America around. Alot of people think that he has ties to wall street and will give the financial district a pass to keep on stealing.I doubt it he is the big ego needed to clash with the egos on wall street. If you want the borders closed and a level playing field for American businesses to compete with the emerging foreign competition this is your canidate. you should support Donald Trump because imagine the bully pulpit he will run this country from,which is sorely needed. I believe that Donald Trump will turn things around in 4 years more than any canidate in the field

  • Michael McDermott

    Aren’t we all under the highest scrutiny when looking for a job? Why not shouldn’t the person that is going to be PRESIDENT? or for this fact, IS PRESIDENT. When I applied for a job, I had to go through a BACKGROUND CHECK, CREDIT CHECK, and provide ALL DOCUMENTS PROVING I HAVE THE RIGHT TO WORK IN THE UNITED STATES. You would think that anyone running for President or who IS PRESIDENT, would have to succumb to even more scrutiny than that. If I recall my history lessons, even the parents are supposed to be citizens of the United States in order for one to be President. OBAMA’s father is some sort of Ambassador in Kenya is not even a US Citizen. Why shouldn’t we demand these things of our own leaders, since they make us go through so much scrutiny to get a job?

    As for Trump being President, he is not my first choice, due to the fact that he is again, up there with the Rockefellows, Rothchilds, etc. The Iluminati lead this country and we follow like sheep. It is the rich that run the country, and the RICH that want to get rid of middle and lower class. So when I think of TRUMP being President, I place him alongside those groups of people, however, he has reflected a good head on his shoulders when it comes to running businesses and knows that world in and out. He has helped and is for helping diversity groups and suppressed peoples and groups. He has displayed good organization and business savvy, but does just things alone make him the BEST CHOICE AS A LEADER OR PRESIDENT? Well, we shall see. But first off, our government should check out OBAMA’s background, which should have been done, BEFORE HE BECAME PRESIDENT.

  • sean murrey

    Lets see what will happen.

  • Pat Ricia

    This might sound silly, but my personal objections to Trump include his ridicuous hair style, bloated face, 3rd marriage to a youngster who agrees with whatever he says or does, and lastly, his in-your-face style of confrontation. I’d like our President to have tact, dignity, and honesty in his/her dealings with us and with others. The very fact that Trump gave 52% of his donations to the most outrageous liberals tells us that he is less than honest and forthright in his dealings. Further, he insists that his Companies’ bankruptcies reflect nothing about him personally, is less than truthful, and that he is unable to confront his own inadequacies. Not a good qualification for President.

    • William

      Pat you just quoted some STUPID reasons for not liking the man,what has his hair got to do with anything? bloated face??? have you paid attention to some of the fatarsed politicians sitting in washington??? remember teddy the swimmer kennedy?? what has his marriages got to do with anythin?? the man is a brilliant businesman, not a community organiser and while I have never met the man I was in one of his casinos one time when he was there and he struck me as an affable person the way he was mingling and talking with the people. workers and patrons,

  • ogetreal

    Ron Paul is the only one who can get this country back to the Republic it should be. He won the poll over all other Republican hopefulls at 33%. He is not afraid to stand up against the Federal Reserve and will get rid of the central banking system that is rapeing this country. We need to get rid of the Banksters. The treasury needs to start coining our own currency just as our Constitution dictates.

    • Carlucci

      You got it.

  • JessefromGA

    I too am worried. I like many others thought maybe Trump would work as President. Now I’m against it. Also he’ll more then likely split the vote thereby guaranteeing a Soetoro victory.

    We cannot allow this to happen. We the People must save this nation from the evil, vile progressive movement that wishes to destroy us!

  • Former Walmart person

    Our country is doomed. I am convinced. Even if we can turn the ship around, its too late. The entire system is corrupt to the core, and it must collapse for us to enact real change we can all believe in.

    Have storable food if at all possible and obtain and maintain firearms. Don’t give up your guns under any circumstances. What people need to realize is that if the crap ever truly hits the fan and if our military or the UN military or whatever litterally start going door to door to transport people to FEMA camps, a quick and violent death with your rifle in your hand is the way to go IF attacked first (making it clear that pre-emptive violence is never right, but only violence in self defense). The Nazis would hang people SLOWLY so instead of having their neck snapped, they would slowly suffocate. The treatment of the Jews in the camps was horrible, and honestly I think by the time many of them went to the gas chambers, they probably thought it was a blessing for there terrifying existence of pain and fear to be brought to an end (remember, when the Jews gave into the Nazis, it wasn’t like they got to live a good life with nightly steak dinners).

    So, remember, that there are things worse than death. Far worse. Our government is so corrupt and so evil, they won’t just kill you. No, they will enslave you and make your life a living hell. you will be begging for them to just kill you if the crap really hits the fan.

    • Lastmanstanding

      FWP. Now you talking…God bless you!

    • Lastmanstanding

      I have some connections to the US military. They will be with us. That is why they are being spread out across the planet, and not being brought home. I’m just thinking out loud…

      You have seen obama go past the congress to the UN in libya. he will do the same against us with the un. Remain vigilant.

    • Void1972

      I remember buying ammo at your store in 1999 and 2000. My ammo has increased much more then gold and silver has since then.
      I beleive ammo has always been the better investment over all else because of the wonderful things you can do with it!
      God Bless America, and those who fight for her!!!!

  • Cribster

    While Trump is a very entertaining distraction from all the chicanery going on in Washington I don’t trust him one bit, he raises my hackles.

    I’ve had personal encounters with his type, he talks a good game and acts like your friend but when it comes down to it Trump is going to do what’s good for Trump.

    I truly hope we have better choices than him!

    • William

      cribster I think you just described the democratic party to a T,

  • Norm

    Trump, Palin, Huckabee, Gingrich, Pawlenty, Romney, Moe, Larry, Curly….. HAHAHAHAHA

    Obama have a great six years!

    • http://naver samurai

      Are you high on lib crack? I’d rather see Sarah, Michelle, Mitch Daniels, or Chris Christie in office than the “he’s the one” that we have now. 6 more yeatrs of Obama bin Laden will destroy this nation and may take an uprising of patriots to complete this mission. Keep some powder dry. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      P.S. 6 more years of Obama bin Laden and you laugh about that? You must be an ostrich and have had your head buried in the sand for the last 2 years.

      • William

        samurai dont insult the ostrich, the gentleman?? hasen’t had his head in the sand. more like up his arse,

        • Norm

          I’m sure you would know all about walking around with your head up your a*s. Take a deep breath!

    • Harold Olsen

      Actually, I’d vote for Moe, Larry and Curly. The others, not as smart as those three. Well, Palin maybe. She keeps getting called stupid yet she gives an hour long, or longer, speech off the top of her head only writing few words on her hand as reminders, whereas Obama is called intelligent yet can not give a speech without it being completely written out for him and put on a teleprompter for him to read. If the teleprompter breaks down, he’s screwed. He can’t finish his speech.

      • Norm

        At least Obama has something intelligent to say.

        • Kate8

          Norm – Only when he’s reading it.

          • http://! Angel Wannabe


        • http://naver samurai

          Only if he’s using a teleprompter! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • http://Verizon Bud G.

    I think Claire is right in having reservations about Donald Trump but he is the only candidate with the money to effectively challenge Obama and remember the Republican Party was 23 million in the negative the last I heard. Like him or not, we need to rid ourselves of this cancer on our country. Both have a big ego but the difference is knowledge and experience and Trump wins this in a landslide.

    There is a man in Congress now that many don’t know about. His name is Adam West, a Congressman from Florida. I saw him in a town hall meeting in a confrontation with a representative of CAIR. Let’s just say the representative from CAIR got a very blunt response in realistic fashion. His name will become more prominent as the months pass and thrown into the President or Vice President mix.

    The Vince Foster investigation was a cover up. Not only was the scene of the crime staged but the weapon was in the wrong hand. It was reported that he was about to expose the dealings of Hilary Clinton in the Whitewater case just before they found him in the park.

  • Danny Buckles

    Here it goes again stupid republicans shooting their selves in the foot.John Myers? I thought you were a more intelligent man than this.Why for the sake of having a chance to exspell Obama do’nt you spend your energy assuring that Donald Trump,wins the republican primary. Which would pretty much guarantee him defeating obama. Or sir are you the one that is guilty of what you are accusing Donald Trump of. You sounded a lot like Bill Orama oops Oriley in this article. You used a small amount of what may be true to create a very large accuasation shame on you sir.

  • Crashaxe

    Trump is a shill to help obama win in the next election by drawing votes from the biggest threat to obama

  • http://yahoo david coloma

    “ABO”…..anyone (or anything) butt obamama

    Americas first black , commie, muslim, anti-christ, hatefull
    occupant of the “WHITE” house…with the first ho in SECOND

    death from obamama care awaits “ALL” of us……..Trump him ,
    Palin him , Paul him , ps……. “ABR” …. ROMNEY is a white “ABO”

  • Nancy

    My feeling about Trump is: For president – No. (Anyone would be better than Obama, but if Trump has liberal leanings, then I don’t want him in that office) But I like the way he’s sturring things up, particularly the birthers. I don’t know if Obama is a naturalized U.S. citizen or not, but Trump is raising some questions that need to be answered — like why has Obama spent so much money to keep his birth certifical hidden? Why did he release the “Certification of Live Birth” instead of the birth certificate? What is on it that he doesn’t want seen? What about the aunt who claims he was born in Kenya? Why did his grandparents wait 8 days to put the birth notice in the paper? These are questions that may benefit the GOP, and with Trump asking them, then it takes the heat of the candidates who may consider running. Just my 2 cents.

  • Gale

    What happened to just plain ole work. Overhead isn’t work. Sitting on your duff isn’t work. Building something is. To much overhead and not enough construction of anything leads us to what we now have, nothing. Lobsists and entitlements to planed parenthood and npr have no place in Wash.. Obama is just talk, union leaders are just talk. Trump is just talk but leads. I don’t have any money so can’t compete but would love to change what is going on with this country. Unions within the govt. wouldn’t be allowed.

  • Rick

    I think the point we are all missing here is, if Mr. Trump does find that Obama is not a US citizen he would not be allowed to run for a second term and therefore would be out of a job. Problem solved.

    • http://! Angel Wannabe

      Rick_ thats true, Trumps the only one with enough money to support an thorough investigation of Obama’s records. But a Presidential run?_I’m not convinced he’s it.

    • Harold Olsen

      Even if Trump were successful, and I hope he is, in proving Obama is not eligible to be POTUS, it is still not enough for me to vote for him. Like Obama, he is nothing but a self-centered SOB who cares nothing about anybody or anything but himself.

      • Nate

        Harold,,, I believe you`re mistaken,,,,I`ve seen Trump many times, He is PROUD to be an AMERICAN & loves this Country….

  • Vigilant

    Brendan Coffey’s blog on is ridiculous, when he claims that Trump’s “political donations since 1989 show a distinct support of the Democratic Party that may not go over well should Trump be serious about running for the Republican Party nomination for President.”

    52% Dem. vs. 48% Repub. contributions hardly shows “distinct support of the Democratic Party.” It shows, rather, that Trump is a fence-sitting opportunist.

  • dan

    Agree with Dan….there has BEEN a candidate who expouses the same conservative principles but was/is censored by MSM … Ron Paul.
    Now we’ll see the same tired /rejected political hacks going for the brass-ring of the presidency…same old dog and pony show.Perhaps we should elect a man that knows a thing or two about beauty pageants,LOL’s.I like his observation that Barry Soturoe (aka: barrack husein obama 2)is a fraud and a con …he’s also proposed CHARGING
    for our foreign interference/entanglements and occupations….but what price for the blood of finest patriots?

  • cheryl lynn

    I want to give him a chance. Tell us what his platform is. I just can’t believe he would be any worse that what we have. At least he is a capatalist, not a communist. He wants to keep his wealth, not spreat his wealth around. I also see him as vocal and powerful not crying. Why did Obama spend 2 Million to cover up his past? Inquiring minds want to know. Looking for the truth is definately not a bad thing. A lot of rich farmers in california give large contributions to both Democrats and Republicans. Not sure why. I guess to get favors from both sides possibly good business in there minds. Money is power.

    • Lostwages

      We don’t really know what he is or isn’t! Chasing Obama’s past and spending his money to do it doesn’t make good sense when Obama locked the door to all presidential information when he took office. So whats his point here? As for the “rich farmers”, yes money is power, they have the power as does Trump! He doesn’t need to be president to have power and what makes you think the very wealthy are spreading their wealth? The only wealth being spread is that of the middle class American! Trump has little to gain spending millions to get elected to a job that doesn’t pay that well. Not very good business in my eyes!

  • http://personallibertydigest William Miller

    Any of u that do not have a skeleton in their closet please take one step forward.. The Donald should scare the dickens out of all folks who have a weak stomach. He is pretty clear about what he would do to get this country back as a strong American Republic and to some of you it is not palatable. Cowboy up folks… we need someone like the Donald who does not give a hoot about politics. Most of us are regretful for some of the contributions and donations we gave in the past and we did it at the time because of something specific. a lot of YOU probably voted for Obama and are regretful. Time to shake it up and The Donald may be just the ticket. and he has Obama scared to death. So far there is not a stand out contender announced… but we should be able to get a good Pres / VP out of some of them.

    • Stephan F.

      Giving campaign donations to mainstream Republicans to me is just plain dumb, but donating to anyone with a ‘d’ after their name is unthinkable…and unforgivable.

  • TIME

    Saddly, What you see now is a Dog & Pony show to keep you all running in circles so you can’t see the real show.
    The Constitution was trashed by {“Executive Powers”} years ago thus the Donald is little more than a side show for the moment.

    We now face what we allowed to unfold over the last 100 years. Everyone wanted to feel safe, well we all got it!
    We traded our freedom for Chains, So Welcome to the New World Order.
    Welcome to the never ending wars, food shortages high cost of everything, control of your life down to the very nano.

    We now will be going back to what existed for 5000 years prior to the American Experiment you just saw that clearly displayed last Friday.

    Anyone recall I said gas would be $5.00 PG by May 2011?
    Whats gas cost today? I just paid $4.55 PG its April 12th 2011.
    What will gas be in say January 2012?
    What will your food cost be then?

    • Lastmanstanding

      TIME. We can only keep chipping away at people, sheeple, etc.

      time, is running short…God Bless you.

    • http://! Angel Wannabe

      TIME, too many still, are hearing the call the sky is falling, but refuse to look up and see. I’m fairly well convinced, this is all a show too. And the win that took place in November, is what the elites allowed to take place, to shut us all up and make it look as though we the people still have a voice. I, for years thought in the proverbial Left Right paradigm and its a hard habit to break. I still find myself slipping back into it from time to time. Folks HAVE to watch what’s actually being done in Washington, not listen to the language. That’s what got us in trouble in the first place.

      • http://! Angel Wannabe

        Time, Washingto isn’t about we the people, God or Country, or who would best serve the Constitution. Its a matter of wether or not the the strings are thoroughly attached, and the reaction time of the puppet.

        • TIME


          Your on target the media keeps telling us daily, yet the sheep still graze on Orange Sunshine acid.
          I was watching FOX Friday when this whole dog and pony show was unfolding like bad gas from eating to much Garlic and Hot Black bean dip.

          A statment used really is the true gig, “the government is detached from the people.” Wow, saddly the sheep are still are seeing bright colors and blue skys, with marshmellow clouds, and pink stars.

          Oh well we can keep trying but people have to stand up and take a stand for something, as we see here daily many who post keep falling for anything, {or are they in fact trying to sell us who see a bill of goods due to their being paid to do such?}

          Even the most stupid of the stupid can’t be so blind as to miss the most obvious signs.

          • Kate8

            TIME – You wouldn’t think anyone could fail to see the signs, but then, if you don’t believe in signs, you don’t see signs.

            Too many are drunk on the kool-aid, and still don’t think anything is amiss. I know, it’s mind-blowing.

            BTW, lots of people are predicting something huge within the month. At least, by the end of the year.

            I still have my doubts as to whether there will be an election in 2012.

      • Thamera

        You are so right about the “language” Angel. When Obama was running, I was reading “Wild Swans” and the language spouted from Obama was almost IDENTICAL to many of the things that Mao would say. The parallels were amazing and alarming and I was shocked that so many people could be lulled to “sleep” with Obama’s rhetoric.

        • http://! Angel Wannabe

          Thamera, Its just the same as these damn wet-behind-the-ears kids today sporting CHE’ shirts, none of them realize they’re advertizing a murderous dictator._-I blame alot on the schools for not telling the truth, but I blame the parents more, no ones home to correct these kids visions of right and wrong. I won’t say all but a lot of parents today, fall outta love with the spouses as soon as something doesn’t go their way, and the next thing ya know, they’re out getting laid or married again without thrying to figure out what went wrong the first time. Its no wonder the youth today has no responsibility, they have no role models to look up too. There are no heros, when they’re are, ya wanna bet they’ll get trashed.

          • Thamera

            Amen to that!

    • Thamera

      And just today on the morning report it was reported that consumer spending increased last month (drumroll) due to the increase in the cost of gas! LMAO!!!! That it will rise even higher, I have no doubt.

  • Debbie

    You didn’t mention which Republicans Trump donated to. It’s not like he donated all that money to just one party. The money was donated almost 50/50. I’m not a big fan of Trump, but we have to remember that he is a business man who understands economics and capitalism (which helped make him rich). Liberal policies are not friendly to the way he does business and he sees where this country is headed if something isn’t done soon. I’m not convinced that Trump is somehow helping Obama and wants him re-elected but I’m not convinced that Trump is all he says he is either. The jury is still out.

    As far as making the comparisons to Clinton’s re-election. Bob Dole was not the right candidate to run against Clinton and that is why Clinton was re-elected. Republicans suck when it comes to picking candidates!

  • Harold Olsen

    There is absolutely NO way I would ever vote for Trump. Like Obama, he is an extreme egomaniac who cares nothing about this country, only himself. Both he and Obama are nothing but a couple of self-centered bast**ds. If Trump is the GOP candidate, then we may as well keep Obama. As the saying goes, “Better the devil that you know.”

    Unfortunately, the rest of the field of Republicans who may or may not run, isn’t much better. I can’t think of a single one that I would vote for. I had though that possibly I might vote for Bachmann but in recent months, I haven’t been so sure about her. I’m not so sure she is a true conservative. I was watching her on “Hannity” the other night and I thought she was pathetic. She criticized that dog and pony show that the idiots in Congress put on this past week about cutting the budget. Then she turned around and defended the Republicans caving in. She’s like O’Reilly on Fox. He’ll criticize Obama and then end his criticism by defending him. No, she won’t get my vote either.

  • MaryLovesGod

    Until now I never thought much of Mr. Trump but everything he has said and stands for sounds right to me. Now that I know where he puts some of his money politically I can’t help but be skeptical about his intentions. I believe he really cares about the U.S.and wants to see us get out of this horrific mess Obama and previous Presidents (and politicians running the government) have gotten this wonderful country of ours into. He’s address topics that Democrates and Republicans have not addressd ie the price of oil and gas and how it’s effecting those of us who are not wealthy and struggling to get by and put food in our mouths.
    I’m really upset that Obama has decided to run for another term and can’t believe that there are people who refuse to see all the wrongs he has done! He’s a pathological liar and speaks for forked tongue! He is evil and has evil intentions of bring this country down no matter what it takes!
    As far as politicians go there are none left that I trust – they all have self-serving alterior motives!

  • Jack Taylor

    Yes, I remember shortly after Mr. Idiot won the presidency, that Donald was all in favor of Obama and supported him 100%. I guess a guy can change his mind, but I am doubtful that Donald is sincere in his criticism of Obama.

  • Lostwages

    Great write up John! This really makes us think twice and with the way things have gone over the past 20 years we need to think a lot more. I find Trump likable on the surface and him questioning Obama’s past is great for pulling our favor his way. But, we have not seen or heard anything we didn’t already know. I’m going to tread on the side of caution here and take a side road. Is Trump another Obama? By that I mean is he the other side of the coin? So that no matter if Obama wins or Trump wins, the new world order wins! Trump is a very rich man and a worldly person. What makes anyone think that he would not be for one world government and a one world bank? Do you really think he is for the common man, the middle class American? If he’s so business smart, why would he be willing to spend millions to be the president? It sure doesn’t pay that good, not a very smart business move! Do you really think he goes to lunch or dinner with the likes of you and me? Or does he hang out with the rich and influential upper class? I would think twice again before I would jump on board the developing “band wagon”. I would give a lot of thought to the idea of another “somewhat political” unknown showing up this late in the game and he wants to be the “quarterback”! We have seen what this can lead to! Also, if the Republican vote gets split two ways, part to an Independent and part to a Republican. Obama stands a greater chance of winning in 2012!

  • kenneth kilmer

    I believe Donald Trump is so self serving,he would have more to gain
    if Obama was re-elected. My instincts tell me he is a republican
    George Soros. Obama’s policies give Donald great favor in massing
    billions of dollars to his bank account. It is unforunate we have
    several candidates who speak from the heart with true conviction
    and ( two are woman), that they are the lowest in the polls as likely
    GOP candidates. Two years ago if you would asked likely voters do you think america would ever have a black president, your answer maybe would be no.Put the question to a woman candidate and it may be not for decades.
    to come

  • Robert A. Purinton

    Trump is not what this country needs. I think Trump is out for Trump and Trump only. He is putting on a show; but, he didn’t get where he is by helping the little guy. We have enough money grubbers in gov’t.
    I don’t know about him secretly supporting Obama or his being a distraction to diffuse the birth certificate debate.
    We need a slim trim gov’t that will be there for the people. The gov’t needs to get its slimy tentacles out of facets of gov’t better handled by the states and get on with winning the hearts and minds of the world.
    The states should handle things locally and the Federal gov’t. should be a barrier between the USA and the world.
    I do like the way Palin cleaned house when she became governor of Alaska. It might not be bad to have her in the White House.

  • Hannibal

    .. Look, everyone can talk & type until they’re blue in the face.. Regardless, if you’re in front of the curve with Jesse Ventura & I, you’ll comprehend that in the end it’s all in the hands of the Bilderberg Group..

    • http://! Angel Wannabe

      Hannobal, Yeah someone got to Jesse Ventura, he has sure been quiet lately?!

      • Kate8

        Angel W – I don’t know if he’s really been gotten to, or if he could be. He’s pretty tenacious. He’s an old Navy Seal, after all.

        He was on the radio for 2 hours the other night. Odumbo’s thugs paid a visit to TruTV, so his show disappeared. He said he has a new website, though, but I can’t remember what it is. Wait…It’s:

        He said that being governor was so hard on his wife and family, and their kids were threatened…it was affecting his wife’s health. That’s why he didn’t run again even though he was a shoo-in. Plus, he’s moved out of the U.S. He said he ‘gets up with nothing to do, and goes to bed half-done’. LOL. Sounds great.

        I don’t think we’ve heard the last of him, though. But then, what do know.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    Thanks for the information John. I am like Claire and others of you that simply don’t have a good gut feeling about the Trump. The fact he gave to Schumer, Reid, Rangel, Kerry, Kennedy’s and others should throw up a red flag to everyone… How does he really feel about a one world government? I woild be if he suprised if he hasn’t been indoctrinated into the new world order G.W. Bush Sr. openly spoke of it. We should learn from the history of Babel but our world for the most part has rejected God and is yearning for Babel and their one world ruler.

  • kenneth kilmer

    It is my belief that for the 2012 presidential, america will see that a wide spread of voter fraud on behalf of the democratic machine
    will take place if they see that Obama is behind in the election process. The democrates have always used evil tactics to insure their
    end results. The republican party (GOP) haven’t a clue how to be that
    corrupt to use voter fraud. They are idiots when it comes to implement
    voter fraud tactics. That is why they hd lost so many elections in the past.

    • Kate8

      kenneth – You speak the truth.

  • Belcara

    If Trumps motivation is to scarf votes away from serious conservative candidates and get Obama re-elected, then shame on him! We American citizens do not deserve to be treated with deceit and scorn. I am applaud that powerful people and politicians could behave in such a manner. Our forefathers did not behave like that and we should not tolerate deceit. Trump should come clean with his motivation for running for president. I for one have had enough hurt and disappointment from this government.

  • http://none ralph herman

    Trump has always used other peoples money to make big profits and most of it was for him.Of the failures he has had very little of the money lost was his and sounds like a con man or just another crocked public figure

  • http://Trumped-Up ed

    Initally I liked what Trump was saying especially with handling China. Now I believe he is an opportunist as he supported Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President and last fall/winter gave $50,000 to the campaign of Emanuel for mayor of Chicago. He also states that he was always pro-choice on abortion but now he is pro-life because “a very close friend of mine decided to have the baby after planning on an abortion and they are so happy with the new baby!!” This has changed my mind on abortion. “OPPORTUNIST INDEED!!!”

  • tennis4me

    At least Trump is not afraid to fire someone who isn’t doing their job. We need to clean house with our government! And so what if he has equally supported Dems. That shows that he is would able to work with both parties.

    We need someone strong with a business mind and one who knows how to get our economy back on track. Who is a better businessman that would run (I hope) than Donald Trump.

    If he could choose a black VP who is strong on National Defense, that would be an awesome ticket! And maybe, just maybe we could get this country back on track before it’s too late.

  • Steve G.

    I think the Donald is serious about turning this country around. Mr. Trump knows what he’s doing with finances and we need that more then ever. I also feel he truely loves this country and will do everything and anything to get it back on track to prosparity. Unlike all the PC correct RINOs and the socialist Libs he won’t bow down to political pressure nor leaders of countries that are trying to bankrupt or kill us. He’s an “in your face”, here’s how it will be done kind of guy and this country needs that badly with what has transpired the past few administrations. I think he’s a Regan wit BIG Balls that will Get’er done.

  • SS McDonald

    Better Trump than Obama

  • bob wire

    Two words, “Blind trust”

    this peacock doesn’t impress me as being the type

  • Lowell Moore

    Donald Trump will run as an Independent and split the Republican
    vote. Obama wins a second term, which is what Trump wants.

  • bob wire

    You people sure go for the “glitter” and eye candy. Your choices as superficial as your stated motives.

    The DNC is looking forward to all of this.

    How about a Trump/Palin ticket?

    • Nate


    • Thamera

      Hey Bob W. glad to see you back on…sincerely

    • JeffH

      Geez, nice to see you’re a man of your word!

    • http://deleted Claire

      bob wire–I am glad to see you back, like Thamera, sincerely.

      • Carlucci

        me too, bobwire. don’t go away.

    • Kate8

      bob wire – This, coming from a man who voted for an empty suit just because of his skin color?


      Good one, bw!

      • Kate8

        bob w – Or was it the “campaign rhetoric”?

        You were taken in by a Joker!

  • AkTom

    I’m all about seeing oblame-ah not serving a second term. The sooner we get him out of the whitehouse the better. At first I was excited to hear about Trump and he definitely talks a good game but when I learned of his previous contributions to schumer,kennedy,kerry etc. I’m now highly suspicious. Whoever the next presidential candidate is will be under extreme scrutiny.

  • David Baker

    Trump’s political contributions were necessary, for business purposes, to help him navigate in the system.

    Not one, mealy-mouthed, vacuous, empty suit in the line up of conservative imposters/RINOS being served up by the Republican Party would dare run against Obama and the Bolshevik apparachiks, standing on the threshold of political hegemony in America. We saw Rove’s finger prints on the hands-off Kerry in the Bush second term campaign and ditto, McCain against Obama. THe Bush clan of RINO traitors steadfastly refuse to lay a glove on the Democrats in general and Obama in particular. They are in fact, traitors – one look at the ravages of the millions of illegal immigrants transforming the population, the identity of the country can be treced back to 12 years of Bush rule and another 8 of the RINO Congress under Clinton..

    Not long ago, Jeb Bush stood efore a mic and announced that the Republican will never win anothr election being percieved as the White Guy’s party…and his son was still at it after the white guy’s Tea Party swept across the fruited plain…I’ll roll the dice on Trump..

  • Tunaman

    I do not think it matters who the REPUBLICRATS nominate; the whole purpose of the sock puppet in the white house was to destory the USA as the only world super power! If you learned anything from history, nations will destory themselves from the ROT AND CORRUPTION within! Next stop for this once great nation will be ANARCHY; once the dollar is no better than toilet paper!!!

  • Nate

    I`ve wondered,,, Has anyone checked out The Bildeberg Group??? I`ve mentioned them from time to time in replies to some of your comments on here. Both Bushes are Bilderbergers, as are the Clintons,Oprah, Rothchilds, Kissinger,Rockerfellers,Queen of the Netherlands,etc. Bilderberg owned businesses include,Walmart,Citi Bank, Wells Fargo,Chase Bank,Shell Gas,Exxon Mobil,Haliburton,& so many others, I could go on & on.
    Go to Prison,, Or check out Alex Jones on You-Tube, He`s an International Journalist that knows ALL about it & them…..TO OUR GREAT COUNTRY & OUR FUTURE…..

    • Thamera

      I know a little, but not a whole lot about the Bilderberg Group except that they are a group of wealthy elites that seek control and power and that they like to operate in “the dark” or behind “the scenes”. As for Trump, personally I am not a fan.

    • Carlucci

      Thank you Kate8, Tunaman, Nate, Vigilant, DaveH, (and others who “get” it),

      Everyone – Kate8, myself, and others are attempting to tell you something. When someone on here posts about the Federal Reserve, bankers, etc., you absolutely must pay attention, because that is the root of the problem in this nation. All of this arguing about Obama, the birth certificate, the next dem or rino candidate (i.e., trojan horse) is a waste of good energy. None of those people can save America. We can only do that ourselves.

      I hate to sound like a broken record, but if you really love America and want to maintain your current way of life, you all must watch this link and understand what is going on, why we are in the mess we are in, and what we can do about it. Stop being distracted by all of this other stuff in the media – that is precisely their intent – to distract you and keep your eyes off the real problem.

      Old Henry and Patty have already sat down and watched this. Please commit your time to do the same:

      • Thamera

        Thank you Carlucci et al.

      • Kate8

        Carlucci – I saw this a long time ago. Thanks for the good work.

  • Dr. smith

    as far as Trump making contributions to the parties, I believe that called “doing business”. You buy favors and you donate to each party. not much difference between $291k and $320k, he’s covering his ass.

    As far as the birther issue, it shines more light on the Obama coverup. like, why does he have his kindergarten records sealed?? Trump gets lots of media attention, if the dumbasses in the country start remotely thinking about what a fraud this guy is, then the better for an Obama opponent.

  • l Sloane

    follow the money! who puts who into places of power! It is not the person running for office, but the people and organizations behind the machine, follow the money!!! If Trumps only makes you think, then good on him! Wake up America! think for yourselves, study, listen, go to meetings, talk to others, see many view points! Follow the money!

  • Mike G.

    I’m a true conservative. I voted for Reagan as soon as I was eligible to vote and haven’t stopped my conservative voting or involvement. I understand the pitfalls of electing a guy like Trump and that he’s not as conservative as I, or most of my friends. However, the most important thing to consider is that if Obama is re-elected, he will bring about the end of America as we know it. Perhaps Trump IS greedy. If he is, then he wants America to prosper. If America doesn’t prosper, rich people suffer. If rich people suffer, poor people starve and the middle class disappears. A greedy, capitalist president might be what America needs right now. That would certainly be better than someone who wants to “spread (your) wealth”, right?

    There is no declared Republican candidate other than Trump (yes, I know there’s nothing official from him yet either) who articulates the issues that many American politicians don’t touch. They aren’t “3rd rail” issues because these politicians don’t believe in them, they’re that way because the politicians are afraid to talk about them for fear of being marginalized. Trump, knows from decades of success in business, not only how to market, but how to lead. Courage is needed for leadership. I’d like a leader who once again has our international rivals and enemies shaking in their boots. Trump is not afraid to say, “We’re number one. Get over it!” That’s who I want as my president; not more of the same “appease the left” limp-wristed Republicans and certainly not 4 more years of the poser-in-chief. By the way, if Trump isn’t nominated, Obama WILL win, period. As a note, I’m a professional, political strategist, not just some armchair quarterback with an opinion.
    I’m sorry if those of you who who think Trump is crazy or somehow not suited for the office can’t see the beautiful logic of his candidacy. Perhaps you’re among those who mistakenly drank the Obama Kool-aid leading up to the ’08 elections and have changed your mind, but still have discernment issues about presidential candidates. Maybe you’re someone who backed McCain last time. Wasn’t he a perfect example of what happens when a Republican is too afraid to call out a socialist? He was intimidated into not talking about Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, Obama’s vanishing college transcript, 57 states, his ties to big labor and ACORN and yes, his place of birth. These were all legitimate concerns that if the shoe had been on the other foot, the Democrats would have effectively capitalized upon. The major reason conservatives lose elections, isn’t that we’re wrong on issues. To the contrary; we’re right on the issues, but we have no clue as to how to fight and win. Trump is a WINNER. We can’t be effective in winning the culture war without having the “bully pulpit.” Trump might be our only hope.
    As far as Trump splitting the vote is concerned, you control that. Vote for him. Support him. If you don’t like the other Republicans tell them why! Don’t let them get away with being cowards! Tell them you want them to butch up or you’re voting for Trump! And if they don’t do as you ask, vote for Trump as promised. Vote split averted!

    • Void1972

      Mike G,
      It doesnt matter who we vote for, the new voting system is so corrupt, Obama and his millions of Acorn followers are so corrupt, Bush was so corrupt, Clinton was so corrupt, Bush 1 is so corrupt, Mccain is so corrupt, 98% of the house and senate are members of the CFR and are so,so,so corrupt. All world Governments are corrupt!
      Trump is a member of the CFR, had more wives then Henry the 8th, donates money to all corrupt politicians and even has corrupt hair!
      Do you think Trump is corrupt?

  • Niko Tesla

    ONLY Dum people would ever vote for Donald Trump?

  • Niko Tesla

    RON PAUL Guys NOW!

  • Niko Tesla

    is that REAL Money Donald Trump is burning then I can find a LAW
    in the US Code to Charge him With!

  • Maryann72961

    Trump is a business man first, and his goal is profit. I for one am glad to see him address the birth issue, I also know if he were to run for president, I would vote for him if he wins the primary, I myself perfer to see someone like Michelle Bachman on the ticket, but as has been stated here, there are bigger powers behind the president pulling the strings. We will need a strong canidate to over come those powers, and put this nation back on track to what our founding fathers intended when they wrote the constitution. There are alot of names flying around as to who is going to be the Republican canidate, and unless we come up with a strong canidate, someone could very well slip in as an independant, and do to the election what Puero did when he ran as a independent during the clinton election. By splitting the vote, it allowed Clinton to win. Not only do we have to get focused on who is running for the president, there are alot of senators and congressman coming up in this election, and states that have these canidates coming up for re-election, need to start getting behind the conservative canidate, and replace these bums that are refusing to vote and stop these policies that are tearing this nation apart.

  • Maryann72961

    If president Obama wins, American could lose, If president Obama wins, and still retains control over the senate, America will lose for sure, If we continue to clean the senate and the House, at least if Obama wins, we can minimise what effect he could have, and then maybe someone will start impeachment procedures.

  • Geanene Lubinski

    Trump is an informed, experienced business man and that is what we need right now. Our nation is in serious trouble and we need a leader who can disregard popularity, political correctness, and just do what needs to be done to return our nation to its former status in the heart of our people and the eyes of the world. Common sense needs to be applied in our government and of all the candidates right now, Donald Trump seems best prepared to lead. Whether we agree or disagree with him, I believe he says what he means and means what he says.

  • Grandma Bev

    Why can’t anyone see that the one person who has cleaned house as governor, took on the powers that be (both Republican and Democrat), and has the courage to say the things that NO ONE on the Republican side has said (until Trump suddenly took center stage-spurred on by the liberal media)is SARAH PALIN. The libs are scared to death of her which is why she has been so roundly and unfairly trashed. We have someone who has all the qualities conservatives are looking for but we are believing (as usual) the liberal hype that she is “unelectable”. They’re scared she’s not!

  • Dwight Mann

    Trump is spending his money to investigate the Birth certificate controversy. I think his motive is sincere, and I hope he does find out just exactly what Øbama is hiding, that would be a service to his fellow Americans. At this point Trump has my vote.
    He has donated to different political liberals, because in NYC that is the cost of doing business. . .

  • DaveH

    I’m with John on this one. There are many upstanding men who would be a much better choice than the sycophantic Big Government lover Donald Trump. Most of the commenters are illustrating exactly what has gotten us into this mess in the first place — too many blindered people that are willing to ignore the signs all around us that we are being taken to the cleaners by the ruling elite. Quit jumping on the bandwagon of every smooth-talking elitist who promises to deliver you to the promised land.
    We don’t need a good manager. We need somebody who will start unraveling the decades of Unconstitutional Big Government growth that has been occurring almost since the beginning of our country. Donald Trump is not going to do that. He’s full of himself, and he likes the power. He isn’t going to downsize the United States in any significant manner.

  • ProfChuck

    Trump has gained popularity because he rattles cages and makes people crazy. While there are some cages that need to be rattled and some boats that need to be rocked “The Donald” must be more than a one trick pony. He needs to take on the sacred cows of the liberal/progressive establishment. He should take on George Soros head on and point out the colossal incompetence of people like Schumer and Reed. If Obama’s birth certificate is all he’s got he won’t get very far. If he can truly demonstrate his intentions for the country he has a chance but he needs to take a “no prisoners” approach toward the left to succeed.

  • Stanley O.

    All of the comments this morning have made for interesting reading. I personally am leaning towards giving Mr. Trump a second look, he may be fooling us on his intentions but let’s give him a chance to explain his true thoughts. I’m 82 years old, voted in every election since Truman/Dewey and even though I voted the Republican ticket every time, there were candidates that were disapointing to me. Although there are probably fine Republican men and women waiting in the background, at the present time I do not think any of them would stand a chance of beating the usurper we now have in the Whitehouse.

    We need more information Donald.

  • Mary Lou Bruner

    It is easy to see from all of the intelligent responses that Myers has written a thought-provoking article. We need to see more articles with facts like this one. We need to see more articles which cause people to think and analyze what has happened. Donald Trump may not be presidential material but he is serving a worthwhile purpose right now. He is causing people to realize that Americans may have been “duped” into electing an unqualified person to the highest position in the land.

    This eligibility issue is different from the issue which was a distraction during the Clinton Administration. This issue could be easily solved if Congress would force this president to present several documents. That is not likely to happen. So, as some of the readers mentioned, the states should take action to see that every candidate for President and Vice President present documentation to the different Secretaries of State BEFORE their names are allowed on the state’s ballot.

    It is very important to expose this cover-up and untangle all of the complicated details of how this president was able to get around the Constitutional requirements. We need to make sure this does not ever happen again.

    As for letting this issue dominate the presidential campaign, we should NOT do that. Obama has been a terrible president who has not represented the best interest of Americans at home or abroad. He should not be given another term based on what he has done during this term in office.

    However, we do not plan to forget that Obama is in this office because he was not vetted properly. If we can get some more real conservatives elected to Congress we plan to see that this never happens again.

    When we cast our ballots we have to choose from the choices available. I hope we have someone better than Trump but in the end we have to choose from what is available. I like Michelle Bachmann and Allen West but I may not get to choose them if the elitists have their way. Allen West is inexperienced in politics, but he is not inexperienced. He graduated from military academy and he has had many years of experience in the military. Michelle is a lawyer and anyone who can take care of a family with 23 foster children and accomplish all she has accomplished — Let’s just say she could manage the country because she would choose capable people to advise her as Ronald Reagan did.

    I agree with the comments of Bruce D. He is a man who has his head on straight.

  • barbm

    i don’t know how anybody in their right mind could even consider voting for someone who has filed bankruptcy several times thereby stiffing all the people who trusted him to pay them. he has zero tact, so how could you trust him with diplomacy? and to add insult to injury, his hair really sucks. he’s made himself a joke – one that i don’t want played on me. there are more people testing the potus waters than i can keep up with, and many are qualified to lead. trump is not. i wouldn’t vote for any of the rinos either, but there’s gary johnson who did a fabulous job as n.m. governor, paul ryan whose knowledge of economics is impressive, herman cain who (even though he’s a lawyer) has a business resume a mile long. i’d love ron paul, but he can’t win because of the msm. why would you vote for trump with as large a choice as we’ll have. what we need is to get down to business and decide whom we’re going to back. 11 months until the texas primary, sooner in other states.

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      I sort of like his no tact. He calls a spade a spade – no pun intended – and I think that would improve our diplomacy.

      HIs hair? I heard he has agreed to a make-over on Oprah. I could not care less about looks, but I guess in this media world….

      Right now I think people are drawn by the fact that he is taking the fight right to Little Barry face and creating a storm. We shall see if it blows itself out.

      I agree about Ron Paul. So, GO HERMAN.

      • barbm

        i meant to put a smiley face after the hair comment. looks mean nothing. if you want looks, go for palin/perry or vice versa (sp?). what a mess that’d be – but VERY pretty. i think that’s how kennedy beat nixon. as for taking it to barry’s face, i think that’s what a bunch of states are doing. i won’t vote for him unless palin is his only opponent. :)

  • http://none Margaret

    Trump is another John McCain. If he’s a union man, he’s another push into deeper socialism and a NWO. The people running this nation are an incorporation, not a republic. The foundation is rotten so the nation can’t stand. We need people to return to the dejure form of govt – which is out there. The original republic was vacated’ starting in 1861, but not terminated. Then the one world govt folks created the incorporated system in 1870, which ‘we the people’ have been trapped in for 140 years. We have to consider the real enemy of ‘we the people,’ the spiritual force behing the scenes, to see what has been happening to this nation, and figure out what he’s up to, if we really want to get a handle on where things are and where they are headed if we continue in the republican or democrat ditches.

    • Vigilant

      Please cease and desist with that US Corporation BS. The Organic D.C. act merely incorporated the District of Columbia, as thousands of American cities and villages have done.

      Do yourself and all of us a favor and READ the act, it’s available on the internet. NOTHING in the act says or does what you purport it to do. We are a Constitutional Republic and always have been. We are NOT a corporation.

      • Kate8

        Vigilant – Technically, what you say is true. This only applies to DC.

        However, the people of America have been duped into believing that they must comply to every (illegal) Act of Congress. If ‘laws’ are passed, and no one voices objection, then it is “deemed” to be accepted by the people.

        “My people perish for lack of knowledge”.

        BTW, the people have STRONGLY objected to Obamacare, so according to this passage, it cannot be law. No one has pointed this out.

  • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

    Good Areticle. Thought-provoking.

    When Trump started on the B/C issue I was very glad as I have been one of the electorate who has been sure that Little Barry was a Kenyan since late in 2007.

    However, yesterday, 4/12, I heard that Trump is now saying that if he may run as an Independent. That got my immediate attention and thoughts of the Little General with the bad hair cut began to emerge.

    Also, after watching a video link posted on this site on Monday the pieces began to come together. The NWO wants Little Barry in our WH and his re-election is growing dim and TEA Party candidates are coming to the fore. Trump is the NWO’s wild card to split the vote and ensure Soetoro’s re-election.

    If the House stays and the Senate goes Republican Soetoro will hegate them by the summer of 2013 and become what he has truly thought of himself – DICTATOR-IN-CHIEF.

    The rest, as they say, is history.

    • http://! Angel Wannabe

      Old Henry, Thought Provoking!

    • Kate8

      Old H – They’re already talking about taking way from Congress the ability to levy taxes!

      I do think O plans to be dictator.

  • Pat from Phoenix

    After reading the comments I want to say I am in full agreement that Mr. Trump should run. I love that he is exploring the birth cert. But, the comment he made yesterday showed that Trump will be a strong leader. If Pakistan gives up Osama we will send the money if not no money. That is a lot of money, which I think we should not be giving and money to any country. But that is how Donald works he has no fear of putting any country in their own place. The comment about China “if we tax them 25% on their goods it will put them in their place”. That is what sold me on The Donald. I feel he will be like a Reagan TOUGH and do what he says and means.

    • Cathy

      Right Pat. Trump wouldn’t take any crap and certainly would not be apologizing for America like that thing in the WH has done more than once. Ha…could you just see Trump bowing to some Saudi king? NOT!

    • barbm

      okay, so he pisses off china. where’s the money coming from to cover the budget if we need another loan? we don’t have both houses yet, so there’s no guarantee that it’ll be balanced any time soon. obama hasn’t been beaten yet either, so he’ll just veto. what happens if china calls all their loans? he’s already causing tumult with that kind of rhetoric.

    • James in NY

      The comment about China “if we tax them 25% on their goods it will put them in their place” You mean a 25% tax on all Chinese imports into the US. But who would pay this tax – US consumers in the form of higher prices. Sounds like we would be cutting off our noses. Reagan belived in free trade. Trump’s idea could not be further from the concept of free trade.

    • Vigilant


      “But, the comment he made yesterday showed that Trump will be a strong leader. If Pakistan gives up Osama we will send the money if not no money. That is a lot of money, which I think we should not be giving and money to any country. But that is how Donald works he has no fear of putting any country in their own place.”

      The above is a good example of why he should NOT be president. Talking tough to the choir gets votes but doesn’t solve the problem. And it doesn’t face the realities of the world, in which not everything can be bought and sold.

      Mostly, it shows a crude and naive reductionism of the Pakistan problem into a neatly-tied package of black and white. It’s not.

      It fails to consider the value of diplomatic balancing, and denies the very real possibility that Pakistan could become the new Taliban stronghold. Bribery and extortion to have Bin Laden handed to us on a silver platter serves no purpose whatsoever, and would not by any stretch decrease the level of terrorism in this world.

      Pakistan, in case you’re unaware, has nuclear arms and so does its enemy, India. Any roughshod treatment of Pakistan could place its government in an unstable position where the likelihood of theater nuclear war would multiply. If you think we’ve got a problem with nuclear contamination from Japan, you’d better rush to get your potassium iodide pills, because any nuclear war in the ME would make Japan and Tschernobyl look like child’s play.

      Trump needs to start looking like a statesman instead of staring across the table at Pakistan as if it’s an apprentice under his thumb.

      Then you say, “The comment about China “if we tax them 25% on their goods it will put them in their place”. That is what sold me on The Donald. I feel he will be like a Reagan TOUGH and do what he says and means.”

      Reagan was smart enough to understand that prohibitive tariffs don’t solve economic problems, they cause and exacerbate them. Trade wars have never benefited one nation over another. Both become losers.

  • Bette Cadwell

    As for Trump for president – why not, we have had a peanut farmer, and an actor. One was great and one was a disaster, but we the people survived! Let’s not count any one out.

  • Cathy

    From a newspaper in Kenya:

    If Obozo is reelected, I’m leaving the country. Soros wants to destroy the US and his puppet Obozo is doing a great job doing just that.

    • Kate8

      Cathy – Good job! Thanks for the link.

      I guess they couldn’t erase everything.

  • Bert Cundle

    Well… At first (long time ago…)I thought that Trumph is just what this country ( U.S. of A.)needs! A successful Bussiness Man to be President! But: Success on a self platform is so much of the past!

  • Marray

    Marray says:
    1. Donald Trump would be nothing without his father, Fred Trump, who bought up apartment houses all over New York City.
    2. Trump has been on the verge of bankruptcy several times but has always convinced the bankers that they would lose their jobs because they were stupid enough to lend him enormous amounts of money in the first place.
    3. Trump is notorious in New York City real estate development for stiffing subcontractors at the completion of his building projects:
    ” Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you on the next project.”
    4. Most general contractors would rather not work for him, but sometimes he’s the only show in town.
    5. Some years ago, he volunteered to take on the Chinese because he felt our President at the time wasn’t up to it. He has an unfortunate tendency to fall over his drastically inflated view of his talents.

  • richard vollet

    Trump is exactly what I am looking for. I agree with everything he says and he is the only one that is talking about how we as a country are a mess with all the bases we have in the world and how the other countries take advantage of us. We need a non politician in there for awhile. I have no respect for any politicians. I voted for ross perot.

    • Vigilant

      You don’t get to hold ANY elective office unless you’re a politician. If Trump wasn’t one before, he sure as hell is one now.

      As Shakespeare might say, politics is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, and signifying nothing.

  • samuel997

    Democrats brought the quarrel into the ideological ground for good. Next president has to be a conservative with a clear mind to who, how and where is the enemy of freedom (personal and economy). With Obama, Democrats went to far deep into the left. There is a huge task bringing the country back to its founding rails. Has Trump enough understanding, enough ideological content for the fight ahead?
    This requirement goes ahead of being a Billionaire or else

  • Joey Biden

    I’m not sure yet about Trump. The real question we have to ask is. would he be any worse than the dictator we have now. Could he be any worse than the current choices we have. You have to admit that he is a successful businessman and what this country needs badly is someone to pull us out of our debt crisis.

    • barbm

      has everybody forgotten that trump filed bankruptcy a couple of times? the only reason he’s still rich is that he held his lenders hostage forcing them to lower interest rates and extend the terms of his loans. he had to relinquish his majority stock position in everything. you may call that being “a successful businessman,” but i don’t. gary johnson, former (only because of term limits) governor of n.m. worked his way through college as a handy man. after college, he started his own construction company but was the only employee. he turned that company into an empire and himself into a millionaire. now, that’s hard work and success. he:
      •Never raised taxes during his 8 years as governor of New Mexico
      •Cut over 1,200 government jobs without firing anyone
      •Cut taxes 14 times
      •Vetoed over 750 bills which allowed him to balance the budget and leave a sizeable surplus when he left office
      •Was the biggest advocate in the country for school vouchers
      •Started his own small business and became a multi-millionaire

  • john t

    john myers i think you want to muck rake a little. don’t you think that this is what you are trying to do? do not comment that type of bull on trump. so what, he made some not so honorable contributions to shady persons in the past. but, he is a straight shooter and just like reagan will not lie to his fellow americans. this is 100 times more than i can say about the liar and cover up artist that is in the white house at this time!!!!

  • PAX

    Question to John Myers. You live in Canada, what is your interest in US politics and Pres. Obama’s birthplace? Are you someone who went north to Canada to escape the draft in the 60s or 70s, an expatriate who moved to take advantage of Canadien health care, or are you a Canadien citizen just wanting to stir up political unrest in the United States for your own monetary benefit?

    • John Myers

      Dear PAX,

      I am getting on in age but I was 14 when the Vietnam War ended. My father was an American, and I went down to work for him in the 1980s. In the late 1990s, I took an oath as an American citizen. I am an investment writer whose focus is on energy. Calgary is one of the two biggest oil capitals in the world. As a reporter I go where the story is and the story is up here.


      John Myers

    • DaveH

      What difference does it make to you what John’s personal life is? His personal life has no bearing on whether his opinions are right or wrong.

      • Old Dog

        PAX I think you were out of line!!!! I can see that John has good manners as he answered you as a gentleman!!!! I would have not!!!!!

  • John Aalders

    Only Donald Trump is capable of exposing and taking on the Soros financed schemes that drive the anti America Obama debacle.

  • Charlie Sheen

    On top of Trump there is a toupee.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Dont be a troll, you warlock.

  • ProfChuck

    Obama’s academic records may be even more important than his birth certificate. His approach to economics reveals at best the efforts of a complete novice and one entirely without an understanding of how economics actually works. For example; should the primary function of taxes be to raise revenue or to control the behavior of the tax payer. If it is to provide revenue then raising taxes is counter productive, if on the other hand it is to alter behavior than raising taxes has predictable results. The rich will find ways to avoid taxes including leaving the country in favor more friendly climes. So it would be interesting to know what courses in economics Obama actually took in college and why he believes the things he does.

    • JIBBS

      olama and his wife both gave up their lic. to practice law in IL. This was done to avoid a lot of Q’s about both of them, including his name change.

  • Janis Keller

    I’ve listened to Trump enough to realize that he’s bringing up a lot of the problems Americans have been trying to point out to politicians for years, but to no avail. Trump, obviously, not only cares, but knows how to handle a lot of these problems. I like what I hear form Mr. Trump, and I am tired of what I hear from the politician. The Republicans have gotten into the Senate and already compromised, and that’s the last we’ll see of their promises. Trump’s not a politician who speaks rhetoric and bypasses the subject-no, he goes straight to the point, straight to the subject, answers any question squarely and completely. No playing around. His attitude is so refreshing. Ya’ll can bad talk him all you want, and you can keep your politicians with their compromises. I want someone who is bold, and someone who will speak what I’ve been thinking for years, and talk a solution for it.

  • Jackson

    Hells yeah this guys a bad arse! hes got the publicity, the money, the know how and smarts to lead the chariot into battle! You bitch about him doing this for publicity, who cares, if thats what America has come to to get real answers, then so be it, Ill ride right next to this man weilding a spear! And are you kidding me, all this fool (obama) has to do is say ok stop, here it is. The real question is why is he NOT showing his BIRTH certificate? Go Trump! We gotcha back! and ps for all you out there a birth certificate is not the same thing as an add in a news paper or a certificate of live birth….

  • Lana

    It is ironic, but for now Trump has the best chance to win over Obama, especially if he will go Independent. I will vote for him over any repub, but Ron Paul. And I hope over hope that he will get that stupid birth certificate Obama hiding.

  • jopa

    As the above article states we were in a depression in 2008 and we are finally getting back on our feet.Everyone talks about President Obama’s spending numbers when in fact they are the numbers from the previous administration.When you start a couple of wars and lower taxes at the same time you are going to have the outcome we are living today.Our president must have it right when nobody will step up to the plate and say they will run against him.I do mean serious candidates and not just putting out feelers to enrich there PAC’s.

    • Lesismor

      jopa are you sound like a liberal. The money we earn belongs to us…we do not work for the gov’t to support their wars and “charity”. Bush was right to lower taxes and wrong to get us into a war with Iraq.

      We get the leadership we deserve because we are sheeple who believe what we hear on TV and vote for Mr. Personality for president. We need to be skeptical and research everything. Trump is just another big personality with no foreign policy experience who thinks that because he says so “it” will happen. Another dictator in waiting.

    • JeffH

      jopa. isn’t it time for your meds…again?

      • Thamera

        We are finally “getting back on our feet” eh Jopa? That’s one of the best laughs I’ve had all day! Or maybe you think it is a good thing when the news reports that consumer spending increased last month even though it is directly related to the increase in gas! LOL

        • Kate8

          Holy cow, jopa. Are we living in the same country? Even the same universe?

  • MaDee11

    We need to elect leaders with INTEGRITY and the tenacity to get the job done! We need leaders who are willing to stand–and keep standing—for the constitution and for carving the government back down to size.

    I personally would like to see a MICHELE BACHMAN/ALLEN WEST ticket. They both fit the bill; no one has to guess what they believe–they are upfront. They understand what is at stake and have a deep respect for this country, our history, and the constitution. (I came to this conclusion on my own, by LISTENING and seeing if they walk the walk, rather than just TALKING, allthough they are both great communicatiors–without any need of teleprompters!. Then I heard Glenn Beck chose the same pair—no doubt because they “both walk the talk.”)

    An added bonus, Col West would pull the conservatives and independents that had temorary insanity (voting for Obama) back into our camp all because they wanted to vote for a black man. For those people who vote because of color, Col. West is certainly someone who would give them something to consider—blacks, or whatever color, can still vote for a black man, but this time he would be a man who is an authentic American and proud to be!—without apologies! I am sick of the race card– I don’t give a flip what color a person is as long as he/she is has integrity and is worthy of our trust!

    • Gregg Jackson

      Adam West has a better chance to win than woman-hating Allen West.

  • spitfire

    You people can vote youselves senseless, and it will not change a thing. You all need to stop being so naive, and realize it will take extreme actions to save what is left of our republic. It will take people who are of high moral character,have a love of country, alot of motivation, and lots of courage, with the willingness to risk it all for the cause.

    So, you go ahead and vote, and have a false sense of accomplishment. It will not change a damn thing. We need to band together, and take back what is rightfully ours,THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    • Vigilant

      It makes us sane people a more than a little uneasy when we are subjected to your continuing talk of violent revolution. We’re still a long way from that, and the last thing we need now is a hair trigger-happy mob.

  • Barbara

    Who else has the balls to look into Obummer? None of the republicans will….they cower with their tails tucked in…at least Trump has his people in Hawaii turning over every stone. Talk is cheap and that’s what the republicans are doing….I want to see the action….like when they go out and ask for contributions, they have to get off their asses to do it…do the same on Obummer.

    • Kate8

      Barbara – More importantly, why is he being allowed to do it? No one else has been.

      Food for thought. Remember, things are rarely as they seem.

  • Dana hayes

    My worry is that Trump is just doing this to make sure Obama is re-elected. I am sure he has made some $$$$$$ off Obama being in office. When Trump said he will go Independent if he does not get the GOP nomination, it assures that Obama will get back in


  • Tierra Teneil/Johnnie Blando

    Regardless of Meyers ramblings, the GOP has put up the same bunch of wimps and loosers minus McCain. If nothing else, Trump has brought the birther situation and China situation front and center. When I hear some one say: (1) we are going to abolish all activist judges going back to the judge in California who claimed prop 187 was unconstitutional to the last (3) judge panel who let Susan Bolgers ruling stand on Arizonas SB 1070, and many in between, and (2) the war on terror is right here in America and go after C.A.I.R., the muslim brotherhood, and others, (3) go after the media for treason, I will vote for that person,……until we hear that kind of language, you can plan on the America you once knew, “GONE WITH THE WIND”.

    XOXO Tierra

  • Davy

    You are wrong this time.The rich guys can use all their big bucks to sway the votes for Obama ,but it would not work because the American people would prefer slapping both the democrat and the Republican leadership for not standing up for the truth. Why have a team of lawyers and spend large sum of money protecting what should be public property ,which is the president of the USA. People have every right to know the integrity of their president, their public property. They have been hoodwinked by both parties and the mass media ,all controlled by vested interest.The American people are ready to take back the country

  • Jack54

    To All:

    This world of ours has been a constant mess since God gave it to our ancestors to run the show…no one outside of God, Jesus and Satan really knows the whole story…it most certainally is a world of appearances (Christ told us that much)…I never used to belive in Satan…but the more I read about Satan…the idea that Satan exists and those who are influenced by Satan run the show most of the time…psychopaths to varying degrees…

    Also, via extensive reading one can find a pattern showing control of governments by the elites throughout history…money is always a major factor…it takes a lot of money to pay for the force of arms required to win control of lands and governments…snowing the people is the easiest part of the puzzle…

    World History may not be correct the way we have been taught it…some possibilities are:

    *Satan and the group of evil angels discarded from heaven and relocated to earth became an immediate thorn in the sides of God and human kind here on earth…they controlled ancient governments and religions…the Egyptians…the pyramids…a number of this group sailed to the Americas…more pyramids…more evil religions…

    *The Ten Commandments are basically good…religious leaders twist things a bit to allow them to control the population and in effect be tyrants…“Thou Shall Not Kill“…becomes “Thou Shall Not Commit Murder“…of course the leaders determine exactly what is murder…“Thou Shall Not Use God`s Name Falsely“…meaning saying something is a order or direction from God when it is really an order or direction by the leadership…“Thou Shall Not Use God`s Name in Vain“…G..d Da.. it…a common phrase since the beginning of human kind often uttered by frustrated individuals which actually is a form of acknowledging that God exists…perhaps a form of praise…although none of us have the right to damn things in the name of God…but the twisting religious leadership changed it to exonerate themselves from always snowing the population with a general bombardment of lies including their right to rule coming from God…

    * Biblios…history…Greek translation…originally, Greek Jews translated the Hebrew Scriptures…some of these scriptures became the Bible…of course, the Greeks…the bastions of Democracy…who owned slaves…who often burned neighboring cities to the ground…the possibility exists that they played up the idea that God said it was OK to conquer and enslave the evil neighbor…

    *The Catholic church and the usury laws was a catalyst for Europeans like the Rotschilds to convert to Judaism and start banks…they were Germanic…not Semitic…so, the totalitarian Catholic church now had competition that still exists to this day…also, Semitic Jews as they moved thru Europe did buy slaves and have slave wives…this of course was part of the reason Christians were evil to them…but, hypocritical Christian nobility also had slave wives or concubines…

    *Modern Jews are a mixture of peoples as we all are…not Semites…actually, the Jewish elite had DNA tests done and the HAPLO group most prevalent showed up to be the same as the ancient Hittites…Turkey…not the same as most middle eastern semites…somehow when the Hittites invaded the middle east a large number ended up in Judea…

    * Hitlers father may have been the offspring of a Rotschild…Hitlers SA may have been funded by the Rotschilds…the SA fought all the street battles with the communists that allowed Hitler into power…Hitler was to conquer the Soviets and end communism in exchange for the financial backing of the Rotschilds…Stalin was an ex Jesuit Priest turned communist…Stalin was chosen to take out the Czar Nicholas who had stiffed the Rotschilds…once Stalin ascended to power and after he had the Czar`s family murdered he considered his deal with the Rotschilds completed… he broke off relations with the Rotschilds…Stalin started his own banking system…the Rotschilds now wanted Stalin out of the picture…

    *Hitler of course was a big time impulsive compulsive nut case worse than Stalin…Hitler took most of Europe…this was not part of the deal with the Rotschilds…Hitler had to go…

    *Hitler tried to make deal with the Brits to take-out Stalin…Hitler tried to make a deal with Stalin to invade England…of course no one trusted Hitler and no deals were made…Stalin was massing his armies to invade Hitler in 1941…Hitler was getting his oil from the Ukraine and Romania…Hitler had to hurriedly mobilize his armies to beat Stalin to the attack to prevent the total cut-off of his oil supply…that is why the German army was not equipped for the winter campaign of 1941…wars for oil…some things never change…

    *The Rotschilds instigated the War of 1812…and when US banking was to include Rotschilds interests they called off the Brits…

    * Hillary and Barack were invited to the Bilderbergs Annual Meeting 2007…Barack has the backing of the Bilderbergs…Barack…outside of health care…has been little different than the Bush clan…

    There is no true democracy…religion is a man made term…there is a God…Jesus Christ told us every thing would be like this until he returns…only those accepted by the ruling elites will rule most of the time…a maverick enters the leadership scenario once in a while…then is quickly removed…power and control brings wealth…wealth brings power and control…collusion and conspiracy is a constant…money go`s to money…

    If all the normal people have the courage to treat others as they want to be treated…then we will survive and improvements will always be a possibility and the ruling elites will always fear us…the ruling elites have always had their henchmen…in reality they have not been admired…but hated…so what was the point in their quest for power, control and wealth in the first place…to be admired…maybe they were admired by those who are just like them…but hated by all the good people…

    If good people act in unison during the modern system of internet and lasers…we still have a chance to maintain some degree of democracy and good living standards…just don`t give up or give in!

    Have a nice day!

  • Gregg Jackson

    Who is deciding the next election? Let’s look at a few of the players who will decide:

    EXXON MOBIL: The oil giant that was the world’s most profitable corporation in 2008 has spent $5.7 million in campaign contributions over the last ten years and $138 million in lobbying expenditures. Its federal corporate income tax liabilities for 2009? Absolutely nothing. Not only did it pay nothing, but it also received a tax rebate the same year of $156 million.

    CHEVRON: Chevron spent $4.4 million in campaign contributions and $91 million in lobbying expenditures over the last decade. It received a tax refund of $19 million in 2009 while making $10 billion in profits and $324 million in government contracts in 2008.

    CONOCOPHILLIPS: The Texas-based gasoline giant spent $2.5 million in campaign contributions and $63 million in lobbying expenditures over the last decade. It received “$451 million through the oil and gas manufacturing deduction,” a special tax break, between 2007 and 2009, despite $16 billion in profits over the same period of time.

    VALERO ENERGY: Valero spent $4.1 million in campaign contributions and $4.8 million in lobbying expenditures from 2001 to 2010. It received a $157 million tax rebate in 2009 despite $68 billion in sales during the same year. It received “$134 million through the oil and gas manufacturing deduction” over the last three years.

    BANK OF AMERICA: Bank of America employees contributed $11 million to federal political campaigns from 2001 to 2010 and spent $24 million lobbying over the same period of time. It made $4.4 billion in profits in 2010 while receiving a tax refund of $1.9 billion.

    CITIGROUP: Citigroup employees contributed $15 million to federal political campaigns from 2001 to 2010 and spent $62 million lobbying over the same period of time. It made $4 billion in profits in 2010 while paying absolutely nothing in federal corporate income taxes. It also received a $1.9 billion tax refund.

    GOLDMAN SACHS: The mega-bank Goldman Sachs, which is often called “Government Sachs” in insider circles because of its clout over Washington, spent $22 million in campaign contributions and $21 million in lobbying over the last decade. It paid an ultra-low tax rate of 1.1 percent in 2008, while also receiving $800 billion in governmentloans to help weather the financial crisis.

    BOEING: The aviation and defense contractor giant gave $10 million in contributions and $115 million in lobbying expenditures over the last decade. It paid a grand total of nothing in federal corporate income taxes in 2010 and received a $124 million tax refund.

    FEDEX: FedEx spent $8.7 million in campaign contributions and $71 million in lobbying expenditures from 2001 to 2010. It paid a .0005 percent effective tax rate recently, actually spending 42 times as much on lobbying Congress as it did paying taxes. To do this it utilizes 21 tax havens.

    CARNIVAL: The cruise line paid $1.7 million in campaign contributions and $1.6 million in lobbying over the past ten years. Despite the relatively low amount of money it spent influencing Washington, it has gotten away with a super-low tax rate. Over the past five years, its federal corporate income tax rate has been an effective 1.1 percent.

    VERIZON: Verizon spent $12 million in campaign contributions and $131 million in lobbying expenditures over the past decade. It paid absolutely nothing in federal corporate income taxes over the past two years and $488 million in government contracts in 2008; in 2010, it made $12 billion in profits.

    GENERAL ELECTRIC: General Electric spent $13 million in campaign contributions and $205 million in lobbying expenditures over the last decade while netting a tax refund of $4.1 billion over the past five years. It made $26 billion in profits over the same time period.

    As a reminder, the median effective income tax rate for family in 2007 was 13.6 percent.

    • Vigilant

      First, name your source if you’re going to cut and paste.

      Secondly, you conveniently left out the all time biggest donors, i.e., teachers/labor unions and ActBlue, Democratic activists.

      ActBlue is the all time winner with $51 million, and that’s just over the last five years. The all-time top 15 donors, with the exception of AT&T, Citigroup and the Natioanl Ass’n of Realtors, gave the lion’s share, by a large margin, to Democrat causes.

  • K.D.Wallace

    I sometimes can’t believe the stupidity of Americans. Then I remember who our President is. Fools. Yes I said FOOLS ,voted for a man with no credentials what-so-ever. They knew nothing of his background, nor did they care. The reasoning they voiced went from,”HE Is So Nice Looking “, “He Looks Like A President”, “He Is A Captivating Speaker”,(i.e. So was Hitler!)to “Would’nt It Be Wonderful To Elect The First Black President Ever”. The man is an empty suit voted for by people with empty heads. And now, I see some of you questioning a man like Donald Trump. Here is a man that has reached the position he is in by hard work.He obviously has a backbone,(seldom seen in Washington)is a great negotiator, understands what made this country work from the beginning because it is exactly what allowed him to make the money he has made.Let me tell you one thing and don’t forget it. A poor man never paid anyones salary. Free enterprize built this country. It was built by people with vision just like Donald Trump. It certainly was not the failed ideas of liberals in the past or rambling notions they spout now.He sees the direction we are going in now ,and for those of you that can’t tell up from down.It ain’t up!We do not need entitlements, we do not need a welfare state and we certainly do not need a Global Government. We need a stronger America.and someone to stand up to the ranting idiots in this country and around the world and have the guts to do what is right for America FIRST. BTW. The very idea that Trump is doing this to “make sure Obama is re-elected”.One must have their head in all the way past both shoulders to come up with that! Obama and his kind are taking more and more money from All working people. Understand one thing, Obama’s agenda, What he was placed in office to do was Destroy America and our way of life. He is NOT an American,in his own words he has “TRIED TO MOVE PAST HIS HATRED FOR THIS COUNTRY.” Don’t that make you feel safe? He Is a MUSLIM and he is working for them. Wake up people.

    • Red

      I agree KD, it is almost impossible to believe that 52 million people voted for this unknown semi-white politician. He said many times over that he intended to transform our government, i.e. destroy it, and replace it with Big Government socialism. Yet, people voted to destroy the most successful democratic republic in the history of the world. Now that they are stuck with this arrogant jackass, they are defending him!? A united republican push for Donald Trump is the only way to defeat this imperious dictator.

  • JonKemp

    n early 2008, when employees of The Analysis Corporation, a CIA contractor headed up at the time by Obama’s current deputy national security adviser John O. Brennan, a former CIA official, were illegally accessing Obama’s State Department passport files, WMR reported: “An informed source has told WMR that Obama’s tuition debt at Columbia was paid off by BIC. In addition, WMR has learned that when Obama lived in Indonesia with his mother and his adoptive father Lolo Soetoro, the 20-year-old Obama, who was known as ‘Barry Soetoro,’ traveled to Pakistan in 1981. He was hosted by the family of Muhammadmian Soomro, a Pakistani Sindhi who became acting President of Pakistan after the resignation of General Pervez Musharraf on August 18, 2008. WMR was told that the Obama/Soetoro trip to Pakistan, ostensibly to go ‘partridge hunting’ with the Soomros, related to unknown CIA business. The covert CIA program to assist the Afghan mujaheddin was already well underway at the time and Pakistan was the major base of operations for the CIA’s support.”

    • chuckb

      it would be hard for me to believe barry or his mother were mixed up with the cia. this sounds like some fiction writers pipe dream. also on the second page did you notice the news article suggesting the turkish navy should blow some of those israeli patrol boats out of the water. this website sounds like something out of berkely.

      • JeffH

        chuckb, gotta agree with ya. I’ve seen this info on BO before and just had a tough time believing it. Then again, stranger things have happened.

        • Kate8

          JeffH – Well, there’s some reason he sealed his records. There’s some reason why his life history doesn’t check out.

          Hows about he release them so we can see who he is?

          • JeffH

            Kate8, refer back to the post by Cathy? Re: 2004 Kenya born Obama running for senate in Illinois…like I said, anything is possible now,

  • chuckb

    let’s say barry is a republican. how long do you think he would be sitting in the white house refusing to show his legitimacy, 15 minutes? the bolsheviks would have had him expelled back to kenya before the inauguaration. what’s wrong with the wimpy repubs? they don’t have clue whether he’s legit or not yet they speak out and say they believe he was born in hawaii, they have no proof, but they believe.
    the proof is they tremble in their boots the media may ridicule them if they say otherwise, they have no stomach to launch an investigative committee to put the matter to rest. they have no stomach for much anything, at least trump has the courage to make the investigation, that is if it is a true one and he is not playing political games.
    the wimps have no stomach to stand up against the bolsheviks on the budget. one of them comes up with a projected budget that professes to eliminate the deficit in twenty years and all the wimps bow down, this is their answer and that far down the road you know it will be cast aside and forgotten. they should take action immediately to eliminate the deficit within a few years not somewhere in the future.

  • American Citizen

    I just read on NewsMax Trump’s ideas on what needs to be done to effect change for the better. I like his ideas, I just don’t like him. If a Republican whom I like can state these are what he or she stands for, that person will have my vote.

  • vkroo

    Some of you are not very knowledgeable on the eligibility subject. Heck, yes, I’ll take Donald Trump’s leadership in this area. Nobody that has taken an oath to protect and defend the Consitution has had the stones to take a stand on this issue. Think about it: if somebody had questioned his lack of credentials, and blocked his nomination, we wouldn’t be in this fine mess, Ollie!

    As for his mother’s citizenship, she was unable to transfer her American citizenship to her son, because she was too young to do so. She was not quite 18 when she had him,and that is the age a parent must be to pass on citizenship to an offspring!

  • chucky

    interesting questions..

    Why was Obama’s law license inactivated in 2002?

    Why was Michelle’s law license inactivated by Court Order?

    It is circulating that according to the U.S. Census, there is
    only one Barack Obama but 27 Social Security numbers and over 80 aliases.
    WHAT!! ??? The Social Security number he uses now originated in Connecticut where he
    is never reported to have lived.

    No wonder all his records are sealed!

  • Red

    All this speculation and bloviating is a great big waste of time. Let’s all get behind Trump and VOTE our Muslim nightmare out of office! It is the only sure way to be rid of him. Encourage everyone you know to VOTE for Trump. He is the only republican with the skills, financing, guts, and knowledge to draw enough independant voters to defeat Obama.

  • LiarsMustBeDefeated

    If John Myers only thinks Obama may possibly not be eligible to be president, then he has the same view as Trump. The birth certificate was found and put on the Internet. It shows Obama was born in Kenya. How stupid can people get? Obama has no answer because the answer is Kenya. Anyone that can’t see that is a blind Obama apologist.

  • swampfox

    go trump go!!!!!!!

  • DaveH

    These are the people who want to run our lives. Trash:

    • chuckb

      dave h, if i remember correctly, sanchez won the congresional seat from bob dornan, he claimed she won with illegal votes and i feel her election was fraudulent, however, the weak kneed wimpy republicans wouldn’t help him. they found a considerable number of illegal votes.

  • David Kyle

    Trump may prove the greatest weopon of the left. Clinton would not have had a second term were it not for Perrot. Now it appear that history may tragically repeat itself. It is unccertain if Trump could win the GOP nomination. Even if he did he would be more of a celebrity than a legitimate candidate. Even though running as a GOP candidate, he is likely an RINO with a distict left bent.

    If he does not get the nomination, he likely will be unsuccessful and winning the general election, but will split the conservitive vote and guarantee Obama’s reelection as Parrot did for Clinton.

    Two things got Clinton, and incredibly unpopulare president reelected. One Parrot running as an independent, and two running a very weak GOP candidate. sounds familure.

  • Moon

    All of you are idiots. Obama will be re-elected and there is nothing yon can do. Questioning his birth, you should be concern about the Republicans motive, Dems, Reps be on the side of doing the right thing!!!

    • http://! Angel Wannabe

      ah take a hike!_mooney

    • http://naver samurai

      Did you really have to drink the whole bottle of kool aid before posting? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • http://N/A The Blue Max

    Seems like most agree on the fact that the mainstream media pretty much controls the electorate. Almost like we have no mind of our own. Maybe because we don’t know how to do the research ourselves and are afraid to defend this Republic we love along with all of our freedoms! The Tea Party has it’s faults and even some loons in it’s ranks, but if we are tired of the way things are being done by Government, maybe the answer is the Tea Party.

  • Anthony

    For David Kyle — You have just parrotted the MSM angle on what the masses are supposed to think about Ross Perot running for President. That is exactly what the News Media dupicated on channel after channel, which was the marching orders from!

    I agree when people say, Trump is a snake in the grass. Because he is. And, my contention on why has to do with the fact that twice now he’s been bankrupt. And twice now, he’s risen from the ashes to once again be a multi-millionaire. Now, I’m all for working at the Carlton Sheets Real Estate game, but this guy has friends inside THE FED …. and everyone needs to get used to that fact.

    With the Ross Perot discussion – the Banksters AND The Bilderbergers “were” very worried about Ross waking everyone up and helping them get wise on HOW elections are totally scripted, etc., etc.

    I’ve seen the evidence time & again. No one gains national attention in Politics what don’t get CFR/Trilateral apporval, in advance. Only the candidates that THEY want us to see, will be herded out in front of cameras and lauded or defiled in American Media.

    THIS … is the real truth of it.

    Reagan was the last best chance, since JFK. I know a lot here, don’t trust Reagan. But, one thing we can do Private Investigator style… is go thru the Players who were surrounding him, since Day One. And, as you stack them up on a Listing, and then knock them down for whatever specific reason… over & over, you see only Reagan rising to the top. After all, if he WAS one of them, tell me why they tried to KILL HIM. And, yea, I think it was the same Bush who had a hand in eliminating John F Kennedy. Bush 1.

    Trump’s not the answer. Neither is Palin. She’s as in, as it gets. They pulled her out of Alaska just as the plan to heighten usage of HAARP was being scheduled. Look at the sparcity of HAARP-like events before, then after, Palin’s stepping down. Mitt Romney’s not the answer, either. He’s part originator of STAPLES – a Corporate Giant for Business Office Supplies. He didn’t get that way without huge sums of seed money from . guess who…. The Banksters. So, yea, his cajones are scrunched real tight.

    The rest of the herd (has-beens) being re-run thru the mill, are all one big joke. Gingrich? Really? He can’t even get his Civil War history correct. So much for the College History Professor. The times I think back about that Contract for America……

    John F’n Kerry? Who you kiddin’? The guy was a coward,.. an out & out coward. He had to have been the roll model back in the day for those Politicians preferred by The Banksters. I mean… take a good review of those in Congress.

    It’s a waste to even discuss the rest.

    I don’t know if he will be successful, but RON PAUL does stand a chance of finally pulling the curtain back, on the other 50% who still play along with this B$ “left/right” agenda. Ross Perot almost got it done. He didn’t have the Wild Web. Now we do… Lord only knows for how much longer. All of you had better make best use of it while you still can.

    A direct comment?

    “Mr. Trump… YOU are no Ron Paul.”

    The reason I say this … is one GLARING fact. No other Politicians (and that’s what they are) is discussing, in any fashion, the illegality of THE FED. Ron even makes inroads on discussions of how the 16th Amendment was never legally ratified in the first place. I would love to let him loose on his perception of the 17TH AMENDMENT (about Senatorial Elections).

    If you know of any other elected official who is stepping up to call for an ending of the FEDERAL RESERVE .. point me to it. And, I do mean all on their own.

    Trump’s a charlatan… a Grifter.

  • CJM

    Said it before and say it again: Trump would serve us better in some other capacity than that of the President. I heard Dick Morris endorse Newt Gingrich…and that’s a laugh. Most people in GA would not vote for Gingrich; makes me wonder where Morris gets his ideas from unless it is because Morris will endorse only those who think like he does. As for Trump, he should put his energies behind someone who will defeat Obama (given that Trump is serious about removing Obama from office). Morris doesn’t like Palin, so he will continue to be his usual negative self in that area; he also never mentioned Herman Cain, who is an intellectual with a lot of political savvy. Will wait and see who the nominee is for the republicans; let’s hope they do a good job.

  • Anthony Conder

    I’ll start off by saying I have absolutely no use for President Obama. I didn’t vote for the man last time and I won’t vote for him ever. That being said, I was a law enforcement officer for 20 years. I can objectively evaluate evidence and come to a logical conclusion. The only logical conclusion regarding President Obama’s place of birth is that he was born in Honolulu, HI, just as he has stated. Here is a link to view photographs, not scanned images, of his Certification of Live Birth:

    That should put to rest any doubt that Mr Obama was born there. I know, there are those who claim this is not the long form certificate. Well, HI is one of those states that only issues the short form computer generated version, except for the initial issue at birth, at least through standard request means. Perhaps they would release the long form if requested in person. I don’t know. But, according to their FAQ concerning this, processing in person requests can take up to ten days so I’ll wager they will only issue the computer generated form then. Below is the link to the HI Birth Record Request form. You will note there is no option for a long form or a short form. So, they will only send you the computer generated short form when making normal requests with this form.

    That should put the issue of his place of birth at rest. However, as other posters have indicated, there are still open, and as yet, unanswered questions regarding his possible adoption and legal name change to Barry Soetoro. If that is true, and he never legally changed his name back to Barack Hussein Obama Jr, then Barack Hussein Obama Jr legally does not exist. I believe to keep pressing the birth certificate issue is taking the eyes off the real ball. He has sealed his records for some reason. He has made his birth certificate public, although the one he posted on his website was less than perfect. Most of the questions concerning the original document he posted is mainly attributable to digital artifacts from a less than quality scanner. What he has not made public holds the answers we are looking for.

    Yes, at first I thought Mr Trump sounded great. But, it appears to me something else is going on now. I support Herman Cain. He takes the race issue out of the equation and his ideas are right on par with what we need to do to get our economy rolling again.

  • Pierre H. Dauby

    This story about Donald Trump reminds me of Ross Perot who was nothing else that a straw man Bill Clinton and his party members created to divide opposing votes. I learned this incidentally. Shortly after Clinton’s reelection, a friend of mine and his wife were invited to attend a party with irreducible democrats at a U.S. Ambassador’s residence somewhere in the Bahamas. And my friend to send me a postcard saying: “Hi, PHD; you do not know who was at the party? Ross Perot!” True story: my friend and that Ambassador were roommates at college!

  • http://N/A Burt Kaye

    Several years ago there was a movie that I will never forget- -The Manchurian Candidate.Laurence Harvey and Frank Sinatra along with Angela Lansbery portrayed what could eventually happen here if WE ALLOW IT to happen. Get a copy of the movie if you haven’t seen it- – and if you have seen it order it again and after you reaquaint yourselves as to what transpires in that phenominal film,then think twice before you vote.You will note that we can wind up as “hell in a handbasket” if Obama wins again in 2012!!!!!

    • Charley41

      Get the book “The Manchurian President”

      You will see we are in deep stuff.

  • thomas parke

    Last night I dreamed I was visited by an alien. It said,’Take me to your leader.’ I said, ‘Sure. Give me time to find out who it is. I’ll get back to you.’

    If Obozo is running a series of scams, his financial backers are behind it, of course. The same backers now control media spins and leftist priorities. So, if the birth issue remains prominent, that’s what his backers want (for whatever reason).

    So, why not focus on his most recent character betrayals? His day to day lies are provable. His lack of executive experience is provable. His history as a street-thug organizer is provable. His equivocations are provable. His Muslem identity is provable (as well as the warring history of radical Moslems in general, covering several centuries). His schooling in Muslem controlled Kenya is provable. His application for foreign aid during school years is provable.

    By the way, when Queen Hillary speaks of ‘America’s great Muslem contributions.’ without specifying which building came down first, ya just gotta wonder who appointed her. (She’s the lady with a memory problem, when asked questions about the near-500 murders of close associates, during the Hillbillary years, ranging from Arkansas to Washington D.C.)(…the Clinton Body Count…)

    Serious voters need to always be wary of red herring strategies, when dealing with criminal politics and well financed, unconscionable adversaries, whose allegiance to America’s enemies is clear treason. — those obviously cheered on by the empty skirts/suits in today’s communist media.

  • thomas parke

    So who screwed with my last paragraph? Wasn’t me.


    There is little doubt im the minds of many that this shill we call a POTUS has gone on to sabotage this nations economy and is trying to lock it down for the next several years. If the Donald can make the right move it’s rusty old as* to force a legal discovery of material obligation according to the law in order to force the hand of a arrogant SOB who has no credentials, then my hat is off to him.

    I like others am sick and tired of seeing elected and appointed officials act like frightened school girls whenever some allegation is tossed toward the half caste in the oval office. His rascism is atrocious, his manner toward this country is disgusting at best and his lies are blatant and in your face. If Trump can make hay and get the desired results then what law is there to stop him and why does the court and the congress shirk the sworn duty the are obligated to fulfill?

  • David Baker

    Republican morons in action..The Democratgs are eating the Republican’s lunch again..When ever the Democrats want to pursue a constituency they turn it into a fotball and the Republicans kick it every time..Except on immigration.
    The Republicans joined with the the Democrat party, which is in fact, the de-facto Communist party, and waved in millions of hostile third world immigrant tribes…Democrats propose extending unemployment benefits and Republicans, instead of blaming Obama and the Democrat policies that cost Americans their jobs, the idiot Republicans take the bait saying, “as fiscal conservatives, we can’t afford it.” Now the target Medicare and Medicade and of course, the Republicans are kicking these people in the teeth and the Kommiecrats and the smirking buffoon in Chief are running the table..Trump is right, he’s against letting the Democrats use these programs as political footballs while the Imam in Chief raid the treasury and bring the country to the brink of the, end game… They only group the Republicans won’t shaft is minorities. Even after the Tea Party ran the table in the last election cycle, the most virulent opposition to the American party, the Tea Party, comes from the RINO party..THe Bush Rove party…ANd who is sniffing around the Republican cesspool, Jeb Bush, who never say a Mexican he didn’t like, not even. Ms. LaRaza, Soto-Mayor.

  • http://google mike b.

    I would vote for Mickey mouse and daffy before id vote for Hussein Obama and his THUG Administration.

  • Hedgehog

    That may be right about Trump that he is hopeing to align his self with Obama theough the indepndents, but we have to do something before Obama wrecks this country with his insolence to ignore all laws that he dosen’t agree with his agenda of padding the Supreme court with people that do alighn with his way of thinking. Obama has constantenly done has he darned pleased and ignored the voice of the American people since he took office and Heven forbid if Obama is elected for a second term because we will defently be socialisc within five years with Muslems running it.

  • http://google mike b.

    Herman R. is exactly right. Trump is not a carrer washington beltway insider who has no idea how the private sector is going broke and out of business more and more every day due to the socialist Hussein Obama regime agenda. Throw out all the carrer wash. politicians who have destroyed America and get somebody with business experience such as Trump!!!

  • LuvleeWA

    I became nervous about Trump when he recently contributed 50,000 to Rahm Emanuals Mayoral campaign. I so wanted to believe Trump that I tried to justify it by thinking maybe he did it for business reasons because he has a huge building in Chicago. Now seeing he also donated to these other Dems like Kennedy it definately raises Red Flags.
    If Trump runs Independant he will split the votes and Obama will win. Remember how Huckabee stayed in the race and split the votes so Romney would lose against McCain. These slime balls will be up to their dirty tricks we can bet.
    Obama should be taken away in cuffs I’m sure but neither Party has the tenacity or courage to do something about it. Eric holder is another one that Reeks of a Treasonous stench.
    At least Trump has brought the BC to the forefront but then if no one challenges Obama I’m afraid a Precedent will have been set.

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    Any man dumb enough to blow it with Marla Maples isnt getting my vote.

    • http://deleted Claire

      Beberoni— Funny!! I appreciate your sense of humor.

  • Henry Foreman

    Trump is nothing but a con man. Please don’t fall for this kind of bull. We need a good bus. person in office but no one like this clown. Yes he know how to mone money. He does not run his own bus. He has gone broke several times. He spends other people money. All he does is turn the money around. It is like kitting checks. Uses money that is not here to pay for money that is not there. Some day it will catch up with him again.

  • Doc

    Smoke and mirrors are nothing new in politics and with Trump his motives were suspect from the get-go. Donald Trump is primarily interested in Donald Trump and what benefits him and his empire. The birth certificate of Mr. O is an intrigueing and also distracting from many other things going on. However, I, along with many other people do consider the question of his birth certificate to be relevant to most of the questions of Mr. O’s legitamacy not only as president, but also to all the bills he has signed and the appointments he has made. I have received information from missionaries in Kenya that they have seen a copy of a legitimate birth certificate for Obama and he was born in Mombasa, Kenya just as his Kenyan grandmother said he was and who claimed she was present at his birth. Why would someone (Mr. O) spend millions of dollars hiding this fact if it weren’t so? Food for thought.

  • Mohan Arun

    Would you or wouldnt you ‘vote for Trump’ if he ran for president? Are there any good reasons to let him sit there?

  • jopa

    Donald Trump is truly one of a kind.In the history of gambling and casino owners there has never been an owner of a casino going bankrupt, and Trump did it three times.He has had so many face lifts I wonder if that is his nose in the middle of his face or another body part from down below.Many of his creditors call him a dickhead.

  • http://Hotmail Jackie Boileau

    I am a Canadian so my opinion my not count, but I was very impressed when I heard D. Trump say, he wanted to bring U.S. back to the great place it used to be, by making sure that jobs stay in the U.S. and not to other countries eg China, he had some kind of a tax program to control companies to find U.S. a better place to manufacture their products, I agree with him wholeheartedly, I do not support the Republicans get rid of Medicad in the U.S., or attacking senior pensions. Republicans should get rid of their mean spirited against the most vunlerable people.

    I am certain the U,S, will succeed in clearing their deficit under
    d. Trump, jobs will help do just that.

    I say , go Trump, go Trump

    By the way I read that Trump is running under the Republican umbrella,
    I read on the site that some are complaining who Trump donated monies to , as I worked in Industry all my life and in the Accounts Payable, all big and small companies give monies to all parties, it is in their best interest, to make sure their issues are heard no matter who the government is.

  • GotSese

    If Donald Trump is another lier like Obama, then he is wasting his time.

  • Raymond Babcock

    i allready no what i get with ever one else who is or will run for president Donald Trump would be new no matter which side you are on we have all been losing with these losers for to long there will be no easy way out this is going to hurt real bad i will vote for Donald Trump even if i have to write him in i will do what i have never done before i will contribute i will try to get ever one i no and dont no to vote for Donald Trump

  • IreneK

    Trump himself may not be the person, but his attitude is definitely the model. There’s no one out there who’s making a stir like he is. His democratic contributions and somewhat liberal leanings may be a little problematic, but he has street cred on both sides, and the lapdog media really don’t know what to do with him.

    I’m very much wait and see when it comes to the Donald. I like how he’s in Obama’s face (about damn time *somebody* was!), how his planning to confront China and Opec gives us something new, because whatever they’re doing now ISN’T WORKING, and he looks like somebody who’s actually concerned about the health and prosperity of this country.

    So I can say that previously, my attitude was “yeah right,” but it’s now “let’s see what happens when/if he declares.” I think we dismiss him at our own peril because nobody else is doing/saying what he is. And he’s so much better than the secretive community organizer who currently resides in the White House.

  • Bill

    I really don’t care as long as we get Barry OUT!

  • http://google mike b.

    Trump is great and brave!!! He is just saying things most americans are scared to say because of this THUG!!!! administration.

  • http://google mike b.

    I dont care how many face lifts Trump has had as long as he gets Hussein Obama and this THUG adm. lifted back to Kenya!!!!


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