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Trouble Brewing In Iran, Stirred By Sanctions

July 3, 2012 by  

Trouble Brewing In Iran, Stirred By Sanctions
Iranian General Hossein Salami said war is inevitable and Iran will win.

As the United States and its European allies continue to impose sanctions on Iran, the Mideast country is becoming more defiant and combative.

European companies will no longer be involved in insuring Iranian oil. The latest measures come on top of previous sanctions levied by the United States and the West that have already hit Iran’s economy.

The United States imposed a new round of sanctions on Thursday, targeting financial institutions of any country that buys Iranian oil. Twenty economies are exempt from the sanctions for a period of 180 days.

As an EU oil embargo took effect on Sunday, Iranian leaders said the country was beginning a new round of war games that would involve firing missiles at models of foreign air bases.

The nation’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee also drafted a bill calling for Iran to attempt to stop oil tankers from shipping crude through the Strait of Hormuz — a key oil shipping route — to countries that support sanctions, a committee member reportedly said on Monday.

Iranian General Hossein Salami said last week: “Iran has complete control of all the enemy’s interests around the world and is on a path to reach equivalency with world powers.”

According to Salami, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have more than 1,000 ballistic missiles that are capable of reaching all U.S. bases in the region, all of Israel and some capitals in Europe. He added that the nation is also working with China and North Korea on intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • TIME

    No, its not brewing, its a fact that ist been in the works for a LONG TIME.
    The facts are very clear, the people in charge over there in Iran are not doing what they have been told to do by the {UK & US inc..}

    This is yet just one more power trip for the the real POWER – Elite / 1% to keep the Sheep in line in BOTH places, that being IRAN, and the UK and US also known as the People Farms.

    Its like a majic trick, {watch the other hand for the real trick.}
    The real trick will be with many faces on it; {so beware} the NDAA was not invoked in total secret for no good reason!

    Use your gray matter for something other than growing Bean Sprouts.

    Your De Facto Gov, declared war on YOU – Thats – the People on the People Farms.

    Peace and Love

    • John Woodbury

      We need to have a grown up leader in the White House, one who will return us to the constitutional form of government. Next we need to get the freak (starts with same letter) out of other peoples countries. Syrians want to butcher each other, let them. We need to remove all non-citizens or Green Card holders. And STOP buying foreign stuff (starts with same letter). If it is not made here we do not want it. We can do what China does tax the freaking stuff (see above notes) to death. Pull our troops home and demilitarize. Build our nuclear energy and drill and use our oil. We do not have enough, tough titty, we need to learn to get by with less. We next need to export every liberal to a European country of his dreams and let people who want to work in. Put strong restrictions on lawyers, and absolutely prohibit them becoming congressmen and senators. We need a defense shield and strong nuclear weapons. Who knows, maybe Iran wants nuclear for peaceful purposes (LMFAO).

  • Warrior

    While planned parenthood does the best they can with they’re limited resources, they just can’t seem to keep up with the demands of controlling population growth. To coin the popular phrase, there are more “tools we have at our disposal” to deal with this problem.



    • Mr. & Mrs R. Pasteure

      What in the hell are we waiting for ? Its time for the United states of America to drop a huge bomb on Salami Head and put these miserable slimeballsm out of there misery for good.The world is over populated now ,who in the world is gonna miss this iranian garbage.

      • Marten The Canadian Libertarian

        Please get some helps, and grow-up

        • Mr.& Mrs Pasteure

          Im talking commen sense and just why would anyone want to protect these lowlife iranians ? These messed up and misguided miscreants need to be silenced ! Its time ti commence bombing ….in 6…. in 5….in 4….

      • Maynard

        Sounds like more hypocritical Christians to me. The US has no right to tell a sovereign nation they cannot use nuclear power. For people like you to advocate murder, though not surprising, is disgusting.

        • Truegrit

          We can tell them that because they are such a violent country of murderous loving animals . Nobody has any doubt of what they would do with it if they had it,’cept you.

      • metalflyer11

        You are so brainwashed about the Iran(Bad Muslin) rethoric that you need a serious treatment of KOOL-AID withdrawal. Start turning off the TV and read some books instead(not comic books with a lot of pictures). If you read history Iran has all the right to be upset and defiant of the west(US, UK, Israel, etc….) We have been bulling them for decades except during the time of the Sha’ which was a west imposed puppet whore dictator. Do you know how many countries Iran has invaded or threatened to invade? You want the answer? =”00.00″.
        Do you know that we the US have 100s of military bases around the world in about every country we can think off(of course not Iran). Do you know how many wars and military engagements the US has been involved since WWII? 100s of them(all 3rd world nations). Would you like a Chinese base in the middle of Oklahoma? Have you heard of the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX that Dwight Eisenhower warned us about in his exit speach? Do you know who Dwight Eisenhower was? Kennedy tried to warned us too but he paid with his life.
        Come on man WAKE UP!!!!

        • Truegrit

          Its time for you to stop gulping kool-aid , you stupid jackass . Iran has been attacking every country around them for the last forty years. It attacked Iraq and many Iranians died .It also attacked Isreal through Lebbonon and many died again. It has attacked America in many countrys and it has attacked all religions on this planet. These rotton dogs need to be wiped out ,bombed to smitherines

          • Eric Jones

            You need to read a historey book IRAQ INVADED IRAN in 1980 to start the iran-iraq war iran was defending themselves.

  • steve

    you might consider buying oil stocks and oil futures soon. if they do what they threaten to do , you will see $7-10 gas

    • Steve E

      We need to Drill Baby Drill!

      • Sanders

        Yea, we should’ve been drilling all along. Had we done so this mess in the Straits of Hormuz would have very little impact on the US. It’s going to get ugly real fast.

      • Maynard

        If we had followed President Carter’s lead we would be independent of the filthy fossil fuel oil by now. The oil companies got the OPEC nations to withhold oil to create inflation and the hostage crisis in Iran was engineered by Bush as was the illegal sale of arms to Iran called Iran-Contra. Drilling in Alaska will be a drop in the bucket for voracious US megamobiles.

  • Vance McFarland

    Power to the people–of Iran!

  • James

    And our Idiot in Command wants to eridicate all coal power plants and not drill for what means? Just playing into the hands of the ones over there that control the oil. Actually all these moves just hastens the arrival of One World Government.

  • John Kaufman, Oceanside, CA

    Here is the real facts about Iran. Iran is deeply committed to develop a nuclear bomb and eventually a dependable delivery system for it. The US as well as others might as well realize this fact. What should be happening right now is a contigent plan as to what others who may be threatened by Iran will do in response. The US should have in place a simple, straight forward rules of engagement plan to follow through on if it is violated by others and let others know what those rules are. This is like a game of chess, with Iran, the US, and Isreal. Imposing sanctions is like hasseling a rattlesnake, it only makes them more agressive, the intent only makes matters worse.

    • Maynard

      Where do you get your so-called “facts?”

    • Eric Jones

      No the fact is that irans supreme leader issued a fatuah saying nuclear weapons are tools of the devel and american and israliey intelligence both admit they can find no evidence that iran wants ” the bomb “. but even if they did they have every right as a soveriegn nation to do so. and thats the truth.

    • Jamesroberts

      I live next to a very large joint Military Base, It’s an Army Base and an Air force base.. They are Hooked to each other….. For the last 7 months there has been helicopters flying at night without any running lights on. They are LOW and moving VERY FAST… I am also a Pilot.
      They are Flying at 180 feet, a month ago I watched as a 737 with Israel on the tail landed at the Air force base… The next day my Father and I watched as Two Osprey aircraft came through our neighbors yard at a height of 100 feet! They were moving fast and behind them you could see the tops of the trees above and behind THEM! Two nights later we had another Helicopter fly over head “so low that it blew a fan out of the window!” One month ago this all stopped, the 737 was gone… I study military history, as far as I can tell “they are getting ready to launch an attack on Iran, they also are planing to put men on the ground to go in and destroy what ever they are doing!” I would say that soon you will hear about this on the news! Also, six months ago I watched at night as three blacked out helicopters came over the top of the house, I could see the legs of the men hanging from the sides… Something big is going on, you will see it very soon!

  • rb

    Did they said they have 1000 ballistic missles or just bm’s at their disposal? They been firing bm’s around the planet for more than 30 years. Oh and watch out for Iraq. It was the Iranians that allowed Iraq to sell their oil when the sanctions were on that country. Do we really think the new pro-Iranian Iraq won’t help them?

    • Maynard

      rb I fire a bm daily. LOL. Is it not strange that some of the posters here believe Iran is so evil when they have had only one major war in recent history,in which we supported Saddam against them. Iran signed the international treaties against the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Israel has not. No country has defied the UN more than Israel.
      We would be be upset if some foreign entities killed our scientists working on the peaceful use of nuclear energy and then pulling all kinds of financial tricks and boycots on us Of course, we would. What the tactic appears to be to me, is to harass, threaten and try to force Iran into taking some action that we will then use as an excuse to attack. Our government already did something along that line when they falsely tried to accuse Iran of attempting to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador. Look for some kind of false flag in the near future that can be used to justify an attack.

      Vanguard. You think it is Britain’s right to take Iran’s oil. I don’t. If a country wants to control its own resources they have the right to nationalize them, by compensating the foreign businesses for their investment. It is not against capitalism to allow countries to maintain sovereignty.
      You are right that I do not like nuclear power, but I believe Iran has the same right to develop it as in any other sovereign land. I do not like it because of its inherent danger of emitting radioactivity and the problem of disposing of the radioactive wastes produced which will last for millenia.(millenia is the plural form of millenium) If there is an earthquake or tidal wave, as happened in Japan, the radiocativiy from the plants and/or the storage areas can be released. We have other safer alternatives. Unfortunately, the capital investment in alternatives is being withheld because these sources, wind, sun, geothermal, hydrogen, biomass, are much harder to monopolize. Fossil fuels, despite they fact that they are filthy and pollute land, air and water are preferred because of their limited availability, scarcity and the fact that they are already bought and paid for by the monopolies.
      Vanguard, insults are not arguments. Neither are labels. I am liberal to the extent that I believe that the world’s resources should go to satisfy human basic needs which often do not coincide with making profit. Therefore, I do not believe in unbridled capitalism. It has long been established that there need to be rules and regulations. Look what happened to our economy when the rules were removed from financial institutions. We bailed the banks out in 2007, to the tune of a Trillion Dollars.
      However, I am in favor of conserving the environment which I consider conservative. I am for conserving human rights and freedoms, which I also consider conservative. I am against the violence, destruction and tragedy of war, which I consider conserving peace, also conservative.

      • Truegrit

        I’m pro American and I want to see Americans win in everyway ! The strongest country,the wealthiest country and the most desirable place to live with jobs for all Americans and good lives.

  • http://none Al Sesona

    Occasionally, this WW II old timer grows sadder and more puzzled wondering what in heaven’s name was learned, given all youth killed, or survived coping with mental and physical maladies of one kind or another long after military service ended? Evidently, upper level leadership has no qualms believing men and women can be taught to kill, get exposed to a perceieved enemy with similar intentions,,, then return home as though it’s possible to be 100% civilian,,, again! Seriously, dear people, there’s no way to do that, if the pure truth was told and honored.

    Then there’s the,,, “being withheld for reasons of national security”, we are confronted with when searching for information. Guess maybe I’m a bit loony believing best national security is when common folks at the street level know “everything” transpiring at upper decision making level. You know, totally informed? Hardly the way it gets done currently.

    We read where our educational system needs improvemen so that we can produce more math and science graduates, when quite frankly, far too many young are frequently ill-mannered and non-caring about others in their midst. Were you to seek out questioning how many have basic skills and talent to use them, what percentage would it be?

    In my most humble opinion, folks, we need to get very very busy teaching kids how to be skilled at a variety of tasks and how do a respectable good days work, long before having math or science smarts. Our nation grew to be a world leader because us oldtimers took pride in our accomplishments day in and day out. Only then will we begin to have it well in our crumbling economy. Anyhting else is wishful thinking, in my estimation.

  • SJJolly

    Iranian General Hossein Salami is like a barking dog in the front yard. The real question is what the home owners are doing inside the house. Are they on the phone, negotiating an end to the stand-off, or loading up weapons and baracading the doors?

  • Junk Bin

    time to drop a nuke on Tehran. They declared war when they took the US embassy ( an act of war), we simply respond and say after careful thought we will oblige you in a war. following this message, all military, communication, water, and electrical generating sites get leveled. All suspected nuke sites also get the same treatment.

    • TML

      Junk Bin says, “They declared war when they took the US embassy ( an act of war), we simply respond”

      Wanting to drop a nuke on Tehran is pretty hypocritical don’t you think?
      Besides you got your history incomplete, because the US Embassy being taken was a direct result of U.S. CIA overthrowing the first vestiges of Iranian democracy in 1953 to re-install the Pro-US dictator who ruled the Persians with an iron fist. The Iranian revolution (when they took the US Embassy) was 1979… give it a rest. The US and western allies are the only ones committing acts of war with these pointless sanctions. Iran is even VOLUNTARILY a party of the Non-proliferation treaty which allows them to develop nuclear energy (they can leave the treaty if they wanted to develop nuclear weapons just like North Korea did). Strangely one of the 4 countries not party to the treaty is Israel… lol. These sanctions are an act of war, and the US does not have the moral high ground.

      • Megashellac

        I agree, good post.

      • Marten The Canadian Libertarian

        I agree 100% too, and Ron Paul has the solution for that

      • Jimmy The Greek

        You got that right ! and who gave the zionist state the right to have nukes ? we should be have sanctions on them for building them .

      • Jimmy The Greek

        This is the same crap we pulled on the japanese in the 1930s and look were that got us .

      • Sanders

        The zionist(Jewish) nation has them as a deterrent for the mullahs to attempt another all out war against them. It was we, the USA, who allowed them to have them for this very purpose. A little history lesson for you all might serve you well.

      • Sanders

        Hey Jimmy Greek,

        Now I know you need a LOT of history lessons. The Japanese were nuked in the 40′s, you know, during the 2nd WW and in doing so saved thousands of American lives. The Japanese were some of the most brutal oppressive SOB’s the world has ever known during the time period leading up to and during WWII.

        Again, do a LOT of reading into our history and especially about the world wars and our foreign wars in particular. Right now you are making yourself look stupid.

      • Jimmy The Greek

        Sanders Google ” The Samson Option ” and that well blow holes in your thinking , The zionist have been blackmailing the Europeans and America with them since 1967 . If we let them fail they take the world with them ! That is what the Samson Option is all about ! we need to get them before they destroy the planet !

      • Jimmy The Greek

        Sanders I am taking about the sanctions we put on them before the war in the 30s that is the reason they hit us on Dec. 7, 1941 you fool you are the one that needs a history lesson !

      • Sanders

        My mistake, Jimmy. I thought you were talking about nuking them. I know my history quite well, thank you.

      • Maynard

        We allowed our CIA to install the brutal Shah replacing the popularly elected leader who wanted Iran’s oil to belong to the Iranian people, not British Petroleum. BP is the same company that just trashed the Gulf of Mexico with their oil leak and now puts forth pretty propaganda lies about how beautiful it is despite the millions of sea creatures killed, the damage to the beaches they have NOT cleaned up, and the destruction of fishing which many in the Gulf depended upon.
        Now, certain selfish, short-sighted posters want us to destroy more pristine areas and run a pipeline across our most precious aquifer.
        Why don’t we demand clean energy: wind, solar, hydrogen, geothermal instead of more of the same addiction that is debilitating us, filthy fossil fuels?
        Hydrogen gas is in every drop of water and using it for fuel in the internal combustion engine produces only harmless water vapor as its byproduct. If we can go to all the trouble to fight wars for oil, dig the filthy substance up, ship it thousands of miles at great cost and continual spills from tankers, refine it and distribute it while harmful vapors are emitted all along the way, burn it as ffuel producing carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and other harmful gases, we can figure out how to use hydrogen. It’s used for space travel already. Cars that run on it have been produced for years.
        Obama killed the support Bush had given it. Why? Because hydrogen cannot be manipulated for monopolistic profit the way oil can.

      • Vigilant

        Maynard says, “We allowed our CIA to install the brutal Shah replacing the popularly elected leader who wanted Iran’s oil to belong to the Iranian people, not British Petroleum.”

        That “popularly elected leader” NATIONALIZED the oil company in 1951. In my book, that’s cause for replacement. :

        “In 1951 – the newly elected Prime Minister of Iran Mohammad Mossadegh nationalised the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company – AIOC; now known as British Petroleum or BP – of which 85 per cent of revenues belonged to London. Mossadegh responded to Iranian discontent over British management of the company, and a growing nationalist movement against the United Kingdom, by implementing the first-ever nationalisation of an oil company in the third world. The British Empire responded with its own escalation, cutting off Iranian oil from world markets.”

        What part of “85 per cent of revenues belonged to London” do you not understand? Or are you an anti-capitalism nut?

        • Truegrit

          Lets cut Iran off from everything they have stolen so much property from the true owners of those owned propertys that they deserve sanctions.Remember Colombia and Venezeula both nationalized American oil companys propertys and assets and Cuba stole billions of assetts of American Companys .This is why we dont have trade with them, until they pay up it will probably go on the way it has.And this is only the tip of the iceburg of countrys that have stolen American Property that had been bought and paid for cause they were looking for foreign investment.Then they shived these companys in the back.

          • Eric Jones

            Columbia and Venezuala nationalized drills drilling ther oil. you cant steal your own resorces.

      • Vigilant

        Another Maynardism: “Why don’t we demand clean energy: wind, solar, hydrogen, geothermal instead of more of the same addiction that is debilitating us, filthy fossil fuels?”

        Where’s the term “nuclear” on your list of clean energy sources? It appears you’ve got an unuttered beef against Iran as well, but your leftist sentiments won’t allow you to express it.

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    Our best action would be to give Isreal all the support they need and keep our snout out of there. They proved before they can take care of themselves

    • Marten The Canadian Libertarian

      Don’t you see that Israel ” is the Problem”

      • Jimmy The Greek

        He is not smart enough to see that Marten ,

      • Sanders


        Them damn Jews, you know, the very people that inhabited the land of Israel a couple thousand years BC. How dare they stay where they belong, in the holiest land on Earth, right where GOD put them. But they’re the problem. No, it’s people like you who are ignorant of what the Bible tells us, who are the problem right along with the madi worshippers.

        • Mr.& Mrs Pasteure

          The Jewish People deserve to keep their homeland and are not the problem. The problem is the two-bit middle eastern aggressors who cant stop stealing and need to wage war to constantly satisfy their bloodlust.

      • Jimmy The Greek

        This is for Sanders The bible was written by the jews so it is in there favor , If the Greeks had written the bible the us Greeks would have been the chosen people .

      • Sanders

        You just keep believing what you believe, Jimmy, and you can swelter in the heat of eternal damnation with all your non believing friends.

      • Sanders

        Furthermore, the Holy Bible has been in print for hundreds of years. Long before the International Body re-established Israel as being the Jews’ domain.

      • Jimmy The Greek

        @ sanders Jews that have lived lived in palestine since after moses done a 40 year walkabout and krooked just before they got there , them Jews were never a problem . The problem the Khazar Jew’s converts from the bowels of russia , moved east into poland and Germany. They gave us the likes of Karl Marx and in the late 1800s Zionism . are the zionist that run Israel today are the problem .

    • Maynard

      The diaspora of the Jewish people from the Middle East occurred 2000 years ago. They reappear after WWII and use terror tactics on the Palestinians who have lived their continuously.
      Only a sick puppy would think you can leave a place for two millenia and then come back in and kill and evict the people there.
      As Jimmy the Greek said, they wrote down theOld Testament Bible, which is full of ignorance (Don’t use the same dishes for meat and milk products or eat shell fish or ham) slaughter, incest, rape, adultery, war and ethnocentric bias. We are supposed to let that vicious document be the blueprint for modern behavior?
      I don’t think so.Jesus came along and tried to get people to eschew violence and hatred. He rejected the concept of an eye for an eye and espoused peace and love for our neighbors and yes, even our enemies. If you do not wish to follow Jesus, stop pretending you are a Christian.

      • Vigilant

        Maynard, you’re an idiot.

        “They reappear after WWII and use terror tactics on the Palestinians who have lived their continuously.”

        Uh, you’ve got that ass-backwards, sonny. How much you leftist a$$holes love the United Nations, yet decide to ignore the UN Mandate that established Israel. From Wikipedia:

        “The United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine was a plan to replace the British Mandate for Palestine with “Independent Arab and Jewish States” and a “Special International Regime for the City of Jerusalem” administered by the United Nations. On 29 November 1947 the General Assembly adopted a resolution recommending the adoption and implementation of the Plan of Partition with Economic Union as Resolution 181 ”

        Hell, even the Soviet Union voted for it.

        “Only a sick puppy would think you can leave a place for two millenia [sic] and then come back in and kill and evict the people there.”

        The Palestinian arabs fomented the conflict, after a duly established UN mandate. And, FYI, Jews outnumbered the Arabs in that area by 905,000 to 735,000 in 1945. Even fellow Arab states (Trans-Jordan primarily) wanted nothing to do with the Palestinian refugess in their countries and refused to carve out a portion for them.

        Put that in your pipe and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

        • Truegrit

          You hit the nail right on the head ! Thats exactly what happened and history records it that way .I couldnt have put it better myself ,very well said .

  • HKaufman

    This country is a minor pain in the A**, but one that needs a bit of humility. Dont always think military action always to answer, but with this Country, :I SAY USA bring the PAIN.

  • FreedomFighter

    Trouble Brewing In Iran — wow im so surprised.

    Just think, trouble coming from an Islamic terrorist state run by sharia law…by a state that the populace wakes up says prayers to kill americans and jews causeing problems — Im so shocked.

    Nukem now and save some time.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Robert Bradfield


      It is that South African again,

      I read your posts often and in most cases I agree with your comments. In this case I must, however, totally disagree with you. Nuke them? Why? Is it because they pose a particular theat to the US? I can not see that.

      I would like to remind you about some of the actual threats to world safety that I do worry about.

      Pakistan, is a radical Muslim state with nuclear weapons and are ready and able to use it – but they are a “friend” of the USA.
      North Korea, has nuclear weapons, and although their launching of a rocket failed, will be in a position to attack the USA in the near future. The US have thus far not dealt with that country at all like threatening with invasion and sanctions of the scale applied to Iran.

      What does Iran have, the starting of a nuclear electricity generating plant or two. How does that threaten the US? Is it the possibility that they might build a nuclear weapon? Do anyone have proof that they are going to do so? I am just worried that we will under the disguise of “weapons of mass distruction” find us in a world wide military confrontation that no one can control.

      A big question in my mind is the following – Has the USA not become the schoolyard bully of the world, looking for confrontation just to satisfy himself that “I am the strongest.” With this the rest of the gang, Europe, UK and other members shouting “Amen!”

      I know that the threat of the US not to trade with any country that deals with Iran has had an impact on South Africa because we can not now import any oil from Iran and have to seek for suppliers in the back water of the world like Nigeria, also a part Muslim state. Thus what the USA is doing is impacting our lives.

      I do not support the Islam at all, but economic realities are exactly that, realities. I have not heard your government, or any American, offer financial support to countries such as us because of your government’s threats. I doubt that we will ever hear of such an offer.

      • Truegrit

        Mr.Bradfield ; You are far off when you say we are the schoolyard bully.We dont want in any way to be the worlds policemen but because we are in the United Nations they drag us in all of the time. We have many pending agreements with many countrys right now and if they are attacked guess who gets drawn into another war ? Thats right if South Korea is attacked we have to go in and fight the aggressor ,if Tiwaun is attacked by China we have an aggreement to go in and defend them and on and on it goes. When we got sucked into Vietnam we had a new agreement with the SEATO Pact . Thats the South East Asian Treaty Organization Accord that pulled so much from our great country and especially ourMilitary Men and their familys.It sickens me that Americans dont know that the United Nations is behind so many wars and The New Illuminatti (New world Order) ,the Bildbergers, the Council On Forweign Relations ,The Berlin Group and so many more. To save our people and our country we have to get ourselves out of the United Nations !

        • Truegrit

          I forgot to add that we Americans got sucked into the Desert storm conflict cause Saudi Arabia desperately wanted us there and so did oil rich Qatar and as always the damn puppets in the Whitehouse just go along with whatever the Worlds Super Rich tell them that they want.We have to get ourselves out of the United Nations !

  • Purplewarrior

    China is helping Iran develop a INTERCONTINENTAL BALLISTIC MISSILE ( that means launch from IRAN reach orbit into space fall back to EARTH hit US) and other NATO COUNTRIES..And the US gives CHINA $27.2 Million Dollars in Federal aid. Again who is CONGRESS working for?



  • Benjamin Fox

    Sanctions won’t work and never has, they are a danger because they want a world war so their madi can’t win the world for islam and allah, wake up, a war between the little god satan and the true God, the creator of the Universe:

  • Jimmy The Greek

    It would be be nice and really funny if israel bombs the persians and on the way home the zionist bombers are over taken and passed by nuke tipped ICBM’s ! a gift from the Persians ! for all anybody knows they may already have nukes .

    • Mr.& Mrs Pasteure

      I think your forgetting that the United Nations is also behind the sanctions and Iran must do what is best for all countrys involved.

    • Sanders

      Jimmy, you’ve confirmed my suspicion. You are one sick puppy!

      • Maynard

        The Persians (Iranians) saved the Jews from Babylonian captivity. Many Jews live in security in modern day Iran. They do not seek to live with the Zionist yahus that are in Israel.
        Iran is not a warmonger state. They do not trump up false flag incidents like the Gulf of Tonkin (non-Incident), 9/11 and the anthrax letters (inside jobs) or false propaganda such as babies being being ripped out of their incubators and WMDs (non existent) to justify war profiteering and military adventurism.
        You can look to our government in Washington, D.C. for that. Of course, you think they’re peace loving and mind their own business. You are one sick puppy or simply brainwashed.
        You probably thought the government was right to out Valerie Plame as CIA because her husband, James Wilson wouldn’t lie and say Saddam tried to get Niger’s yellow-cake uranium so they could have an excuse to attack Iraq.
        Now the propaganda machine is trying to paint Iran into a corner then use any act of self-defense as an excuse to attack. This will allow them to continue their war-profiteering with no-bid contracts like they got in Iraq and Afghanistan.
        Wake up! There’s no threat of Sharia law or non-existent Iranian nukes being sent on non-existent Iranian inter-continental warheads. It’s just a trumped-up excuse to keep the military-industrial-financial empire expanding.


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