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Trayvon Activists Force Elderly Couple Out Of Home

March 29, 2012 by  

Trayvon Activists Force Elderly Couple Out Of Home
Spike Lee tweeted the wrong address for George Zimmerman, the man who is the center of the controversy surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin.

Thanks to a tweet by Spike Lee, an elderly Florida couple is now residing in a hotel. Lee tweeted the couple’s address as that of the home of George Zimmerman, the man who pulled the trigger in the Trayvon Martin case, to his 250,000 followers.

Since then, the couple, a 72-year-old man and 70-year-old lunch lady with a heart condition, have received death threats, hate mail and unwanted media publicity.

Apparently, the confusion stems from the fact that the woman has a son named William George Zimmerman who resided at the address in 1995.

William Zimmerman traced the original tweet back to Marcus Davonne Higgins, a man who lives in California. When Zimmerman contacted Higgins, Higgins responded with “Black power all day. No justice, no peace,” followed by an obscenity.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Brad

    Spike Lee should be arrestaed for his action. He is a racist bigot to the lowest level of scum

    • Harold Olsen

      This elderly couple should sue Spike Lee’s racist ass off.

    • http://Google AnnieL

      But, is not Spikie an Idiot any way? I mean…what do folks expect from an IDIOT!

    • Joe H

      If AYTHING happens to this elderly couple, Spike should be arrested as an accessory to the crime and share in the punishment given to the perpetrator!! EQUALLY!! He is responsible for his actions the same as you or me!!

    • J.Kenney

      This is so typical of this racist , Lee is really an abombination to this country and a disgraceful bigot who will never get beyond the pigmentation of his skin.

    • Sam

      Well you are all right about Spike Lee and so many others like him that push their racism off as civil rights. This has become an epidemic among the leadership of these groups as they force feed these racist ideas to followers without consequence or cost to themselves. The complete disreguard that that they have shown for other races of people, is criminal. Yes I think and believe that these people should held accountable for these crimes against innocent people, wasn’t this the same thing that some students did to a young lady that caused her suicide? Untill they can look at a person and see a person and not a color this will continue to be the problem that keeps us all divided and the powers that be in power. Lee issued an apoligy but the damage has been done and two elderly people had their lives torn apart by hate mail and death threats. Yet the courts don’t see this as a Hate Crime, Something is really very wrong with this, Lee knew what to expect when he posted his tweet and that is the part he should be tried for. This is the message Lee and others like him are sending to America. He gave 250,000 fanical racists a target address, how could he not have known?

      • Joe H

        Hey! He issued an appology, all better, right??? So the couple were scared out of their home, got a few death threats and could have had a heart attack from stress at their age, well nobody lives forever, right? NOW TO LEAVE SPIKE’S WAY OF LOOKING AT IT! Spike Lee, you stupid, brainless, unthinking idiot!!! At the very least, you should be made to pay for this couples out of pocket expenses and something for their suffering!! There is no MOST that could be done LEGALLY to you!!!

  • Gary L

    It is a damn shame. It is probable that nothing will be done about the bounty.
    And you could be sure that Spike Lee doesn’t give a damn about justice for the elderly couple that he hase screwed over with his irresponsible tweets.

    • eddie47d

      I think he should apologize but wait you all think apologizing is a sign of weakness so he can’t do that. His fault was not verifying the original tweet as credible which means he should do the right thing as a public figure and offer to pay for the hotel bill. Then apologize for making a wrong judgement. Hey maybe we can get the Republican candidates to offer public apologies for insulting each other and embarrassing the voting public.

      • Michael J.

        eddie47d said:
        “His fault was not verifying the original tweet as credible”

        So if the correct Zimmerman had lived there, Spike Lee’s actions would have been justified?

      • JeffH

        Some people just can’t be fixed!

      • eddie47d

        So Jeff is that like anti-abortion activists posting the addresses of doctors which led to the killing of 3 of them.

      • eddie47d

        I see your point Michael and that would be equally wrong.

      • dufas magnet

        “His fault was not verifying the original tweet as credible”..
        “So if the correct Zimmerman had lived there, Spike Lee’s actions would have been justified?’

        I was ready to jump on you like a fly on… But then I noticed that “?” and I realized your on the side of right.. Anybody who answers ‘yes’ is as much a low life as the S.B. who passed out the address.. There’s a million dollar bounty on Zimmerman thanks to another radical bunch of bigots (the ‘new’ black panthers). I’m wondering how the system would have handled the situation if the wrong people (in this case the old couple) would have been blown to hell by a bomb from some money hungry idiot.. Spike Lee should be ashamed of himself by instigating more hatred from this dumb ass stunt and some big shot lawyer should represent the elderly couple and sue the bastard for all he’s worth.. The law will take care of Zimmerman because now the people demand it (justice) meanwhile, this same law should investigate Lee’s ulterior motive and charge him as well. We’ll see just how much the law means in this Country from this stupid act.. No longer will I attend anything this selfish bigot creates.

      • Joe H

        Well good, eddie, tonight we’ll all ask Bob to publish your name and number and we’ll post it as the home of the shooter. Of course we’ll appologize later, that will make it ok, right?? what do you suggest if this couple are killed in their sleep?? A slap on the hand???? Get real, eddie!!

    • JeffH

      With Spike Lee has done by posting the address of the elderly couple has made them “stalking victims”.

      Stalking refers to harassing or threatening behavior that is engaged in repeatedly. Such harassment can be either physical stalking or cyberstalking.
      Federal laws that deal with stalking:
      Interstate Communications. This statute makes it a federal crime to transmit in interstate or foreign communications any threat to kidnap or injure another person. (18 U.S.C. Section 875(c))

      Harassing Telephone Calls in Interstate Communications. This statute makes it a federal crime to use a telephone or other telecommunications device to annoy, abuse, harass, or threaten another person at the called number. (47 U.S.C. Section 223(a)(1)(C))

      I believe the couple may have grounds for legal recourse against Spike Lee. What Spike Lee did was totally irresponsible and obviously damaging to this couple.

  • Marc

    Spike Lee is change you can believe in. Transparency and unity like Obama promised right? Black power sounds like Obamas Black Panzzeee Panther Party.

    • Michael J.

      Obama is the New Black Panther Party enabler, he condoned this and future acts of agression with his handling of the polling station incident.
      While black on white violence is regularly being suppressed by the MSM, reports on oppression and police brutality suppossedly aimed at African Americans is amplified for maximum incendiary potential to the delight of Al Sharpton who started his career exploiting black woman as a PIMP, Jessie Jackson who is a minister who has never had a church and a politician whose never held an office. And then there’s Louis Farrakhan whose antisemetic comments cover You-Tube like wall-paper and whose racist rants against whitey are for suplementing his spare time. For all the above exploiters, convincing the black community that white people are their enemy is a full time job. As a matter of fact, say for example that it was today announced that there is a cure for cancer, The American Cancer Society would be out of business. And so too would be the careers of Sharpton, Jackson and Farraknan if they were to stop fanning the flames just for their own financial gain and notariety.

      • J.Kenney

        He sure is , this jackass in the whitehouse cant be trusted when it comes to racial issues and not much else. This guy has to be impeached !

  • Sirian

    If this isn’t just one of the most absurd things that has happened in relation to this case then just what is? Spike Lee, a bigoted vigilante in reality, has truly shown his sheer racial bias at it’s best. I certainly hope the older couple can find an attorney, pro bono, that will ferret out a lovely law suit that will only justly counter, in the end. . . $$$$$, the lunacy of Lee’s sweet tweet. The same applies, per se, for action from the Florida Attorney Generals office in relation to the NBP – New Black Panthers – “Wanted Dead or Alive” hit on Zimmerman. Have they not the *alls to slap them up the side of the head and follow the law? All in all, this is nothing more than pure, unadulterated, racial/political exploitation at it’s best!!

  • Former Det Boy

    …the problem is that you are forgetting something that we learned growing up in Detroit in the 60′s and 70′s, racism only goes one direction — white to black, it can never go any other direction. I will never forget a highly talented ethnic Chinese lady with a Masters from an American school in Nutrition could not get a job at the Detroit Public School system because she was not a minority… the minority for Detroit only meant black, which is kind of a joke in itself. If the situation was reversed and Spike was white and tweeting the wrong address of a black family he would be in jail already…. BO has made us more racially divided as a nation — it is part of his re-election strategy, try to get that white guilt vote again, stir up racial violence and hatred, energize his black base… its easy to see.

    • DocVenture

      Excellent points, and I’m thinking it’s time for white people to finally stand shoulder to shoulder together against this type of thinking. I’m not advocating violence, I’m not advocating breaking the law in any way, it’s just time to stand up for ourselves and try to change the conversation. It seems like a lot of blacks in America have this invisible chip on their shoulders, just inviting anyone to knock it off so they can scream and howl in outrage. It ought not to be like this, and if we would work together to make our country better, with more opportunity for all, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

      • castaway

        The only thing that will help with that notion, is to repeal the civil rights laws from the 60′s that have been dragging us down ever since.

      • Naomi

        It would be nice if we could do that. However, if we try to work together, we are considered “organized”. If a group of white people organize for any reason in the current political environment we are a “hate group”. That’s what the Tea Party is labeled even though not all of the members are white. It is scary. Other races are allowed to show pride in their nationality. Not white European or Anglo Saxons. If we do we are racist. Big brother is always watching. No, I am not paranoid. I am educated.

      • eddie47d

        That’s poppycock Naomi. I grew up around Swedish/German/Norwegian clubs and even some Polish clubs. They had a great time expressing their cultures and I don’t remember any one stopping them. The old ways just died out over the years.

      • Opal the Gem

        That was a long time ago eddie. Back in the 50s and early 60s you could belong to white clubs and nothing was thought about it much different than now.

    • mfrad17

      Amen brother, it’s amazing to me that the liberal media can splash this stuff all over and nothing is said about it. The way I look at it, racism is rasism, no matter who the parties are that carry it out. How is it acceptable for the splinter factions of the black community to rise up and spew their rhetoric, without fear of backlash. If any other group was to do the same thing, they would be known as racist whackjobs. It seems to me that the media is what is creating racism between the races. If you turned on the tv or radio and didn’t hear a slanted point of view, that made it sound like certain races are catered to, you wouldn’t feel the sense of anger toward that race. If only the media could present the facts and leave their own jilted take on things, this world would be a better place.

  • Warrior

    Bobby Rush put on a good show yesterday. And to think that he defeated “flexible in chief” in an election. After that episode, “gumby” ran only in elections in which he was not apposed. Isn’t that axelrod fellow just the cleaverest manipulator?

    • Sirian

      Oh yes, that was a true display of his intelligence – HA! Did you happen to notice that it was a “grey” hoodie, not “black” – hmmm, wonder why. . . :)

    • eddie47d

      Rush proved his point and paid the consequences as per the laws of attire in Congress. A hoodie is a piece of clothing worn by millions of Americans and his point was that wearing one should not lead to stereotyping.What’s next to condemn ski parkas?

      • J. Dexter Smith

        Also millions of Americans wear their pant at testicle level with their drawers showing, I think that the honorable congressman should have “portrayed these Americans” correctly and went all the way, a rap-cap on sideways, half the shirt tail in, half of it out, one red sock, one white sock, one flip-flop, on lace up boot, and don’t forget the sunglasses all while waving a 9 in one hand and a cheap Chinese made brotherhood flag in the other. If you’re gonna go, go whole hog.

      • JeffH

        Ignorance is bliss


    Spike Lee should be forced to live in that house for at least sixty days, in order to teach him how stupid and unilateral his actions are.

  • AttilaTheHun

    Isn’t this the definition of hate speech?

    • JeffH

      …not if you’re a liberal…doublestandards are the norm…

      • Ted Crawford

        It seems you are right JeffH; I guess that to use the term Liberal Hypocrisy is just to be repeating ones self!

  • Jim

    Lee ought to go back to his movie “Doing the right thing” No, its always about him. Only difference between the KKK and the Black Panthers is the color of their skins. I believe this summer that racial things will be happening more and more. Gotta stir up the masses to lock in the black vote for Obozo.

  • Donald York

    Spike Lee, like Michael Moore are weasels! Who gives them a second thought?

    • DocVenture

      Apparently, racist morons who would call/pester/annoy & threaten old people to the point where they didn’t feel safe in their home. It is the very definition of a hate crime, but since it’s Spike Lee & his “boyz” it will go unpunished! What a defective America we live in!

  • s c

    WHERE are the utopians? Where are the thin-skinned, compassionate, caring and nicey-nice defenders of all things Obummer?
    Spikey, that protector of truth, justice and respectability, seems to be above the law [a close, personal friend of Obummer and Holder?]. If we had a DOJ and a functional AG, if we had real law enforcement at the federal level, and if we had a functional president – instead of a string-activated shill for hidden interests – maybe that couple in Florida could get some JUSTICE.
    People, what you’re seeing is the religion of government.
    This what you really get when you trade character for rhetoric. This is what you get when you turn off your brain because it feels so good. This is what you get when the ends justify the means.
    Utopians, wherefore art thou, hypocrites? Yoohoo, sheepdippers and pond scummies. Here’s an issue you need to EXPLAIN to the world. Don’t be bashful. Just take those pills and drink that swill. Fess up, ho bags. This is YOUR government in action – or should I say INACTION?

    • DC

      Dang S.C. You sure know how to lay it out. Seriously though your rhetoric is right on. Think about this, I am part Souix, my wife is from GermanIc barbarian roots, one of my sons is full blooded Inuit, my sister married a black man. We are all Americans. I do not like The President’s leadership and subsequent results of his leadership. However, that being said, he is the President during this time and that office is to be respected. In the end, we must control the government intelligently by voting.

    • Joe H

      you are completely right! Of course IF we had those things, they would have been knocking on spike lee’s door the minute the story broke and the panther leadership would be up on charges when the bounty was offered. Alas, as the evidence proves, WE DON’T!!

  • Steve

    I would take my wife and go on a nice vacation and have my lawyer send the bill to spike Lee.

  • hooder

    Spike Lee another worthless Hollywood airhead who is so racist he smells of it.

  • bboyd60

    Spike Lee has some money. The elderly couple should sue him for a large settlement.

    • eddie47d

      Can’t do that either because you all despise lawyers and say it is wrong to take advantage of other peoples money. What a dilemma! At least I see you are willing to go after some free money. LOL

      • Brad


        Lets put the shoe on the other foot. What would you do if you and your wife were in the same situation…

      • JeffH

        Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.

      • Naomi

        What is wrong with you troll?! Do you think it is right to laugh at an old couple getting death threats? I’m sure you would still Lol even if they were killed. Go bother the Daily KOS or some other junk site.

      • s c

        Say what you want, comrade ‘e.’ We merely try to point out the obvious. Almost everything that comes out of your flapping mouth says ‘Love the fuhrer. Praise the fuhrer. Worship the fuhrer. The fuhrer is God.’
        You own him Bubba. You’re also ‘stuck’ with him. You’ve proven that some scummers in America have no conscience. If you ever had one, did you have it surgically removed?
        To people like you, GOVERNMENT is your RELIGION. You are a warped, twisted disciple of that _____ religion. Would you like to know exactly what you can do with it AND your fuhrer?

      • eddie47d

        This is for your benefit Jeff since you have claimed that the Liberals are the racists and you never condemn the Conservatives who make racists remarks. You pal SC made a whopper and exposed herself big time in one of the other articles today. “Just Sayin”!

      • JeffH

        eddie again tastes his own shoe leather by saying “Jeff since you have claimed that the Liberals are the racists and you never condemn the Conservatives who make racists remarks.”

        1. If you really paid attention you’d have noticed that I do openly condemn “racist” remarks on this website…no matter who it is.
        2. Who are these “conservatives” you speak of?
        3. You are just one example of the many liberal racists on this website…it’s one of the reasons why your comments are being monitored by PLD

    • http://Bud12 Ed

      Yes, send the bill to Spike Lee, and boycott all his films and any film from Hollywood featuring black actors. Let Hollywood know that we are fed up with their racism.

      • eddie47d

        As if you watched any of his movies to begin with!

      • JeffH

        What films? :)

      • Michael J.

        Spike Lee was spawned from affirmative action, Hollywood style.

        In this day and age you can become filthy rich if your people have become a thorn in the collective liberal conscience.


    If the obama group can formant enough un-rest that race riots start then there will be his excuse to suspend the rest of the Constitution and declare martial law.
    I was under the impression that offering a reward “Dead or Alive” was a felony. But I suppose that if Negroes do it it is permissible , especially the black panthers.
    “Gear” up for a loooooong hot summer folks.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    I’ve been disheartened by all the ridiculous lawsuits filed in our current litigious culture, but this is one time a lawsuit is needed. At the least the couple should sue Lee for pain and suffering.

  • YesCubanB

    I know the right has to be looking as this as a gift from God or whatever. Must of been running out of ways to make Trayvon Martin look bad. :: yawns:: please, feel free to send me your hate. The more you people open your mouths and show us your ignorance, the more you help the left. What’s next on the agenda folks? Maybe we can invent new ways to hate Muslims. Or we could just sit around and blame illegals for “taking all our jobs”. (Trust me, it feels just as ridiculous for me to say that as it does to hear it from the usual douchebags). Or when all else fails, I guess we can resort to blaming the “liberal media” and/or Obama for all life’s problems. Sorry for the rant guys. I must sound silly, like an angry, fired-up conservative. “Me no like way country headed in. Me real patriot!” :) that was fun actually.

    • rtringgo

      Well, we can all see what a MORON you are.

    • Liz

      You my Dear are in complete denial. The old couple did nothing but be who they are. Did absolutely nothing to deserve this. I bet you haven’t evn tried to get the real information on the Treyvon case, just listen to what is written and broadcast on the lame stream media. With non thinking people like you this country is an unsafe place. Your bigotry is obvious, I hope you and your kind smarten up. Because this country is falling backward, when the masses listen to the likes of Lee. We have a big problem.
      Get a life, do some research think for your self for once. I’ll pray for you!!

    • J. Dexter Smith

      Wow! A patriotic Cuban! Things must be slow in North Miami Beach.

    • JeffH

      “I know the right has to be looking as this as a gift from God or whatever. Must of been running out of ways to make Trayvon Martin look bad.”

      Where ignorance is your master, there is no possibility of real peace.
      Dalai Lama

      You obviously aren’t paying attention or you’re watching too much MSNBC…either or…

      The racist hate promoting left, like yourself, is what is looking bad…

    • Naomi

      Wow! Good job! Way to stick to the program! Turn everything that liberals/ progressives do around (ex. Hate, blame, racism, name calling), feign boredom in an elitist way ( yawn) get an Obama plug in there (poor put upon man gets blamed for everything). You should post this somewhere where it could really be appreciated!

      • JeffH


      • eddie47d

        Earlier you said you weren’t paranoid Naomi but now I’ll have to disagree!

      • Joe H

        As evidenced by his ignorant post, he is not that smart. Instead he plays in the BS and trys to spread it HERE!!

  • FireMall

    My best friend had a son going to college in San Marcos Texas over 2 years ago..

    In one week a gang from San Antonio that calls themselves Hoodies were doing Home Invasion robberies in San Marcos.

    During the week these Self described Hoodies killed two residents during the invasions.
    The third invasion was my friend’s son’s apartment.
    The victim told the Hoodies to take what they wanted and he wouldn’t even report the event to the cops.
    The gangstas ordered the 23 year old to lie down face first on the floor.
    Before the young man could get down the scummies put a 38 slug in his back 1/4 th inch from the spline and the bullet existed out the left shoulder and destroyed the young man’s use of his left arm.

    The gangstas were caught that night and were out on bail before their only surviving victim woke up in ICU.

    3 weeks ago , after 2+ years of delays , the 2 accomplices were sentenced to 15 years each. Which means out in 5 or so years for good behavior
    . .
    The “shooter” agreed to a Plea bargain and got 8 years “PROBATION”.
    The shooter also had an added aggravated Felony against a 70 year old while out on bail.
    The families of the other two victims who were killed execution style haven’t called for Riots and offered a Bounty on the perps even when the San Marcos DA couldn’t file capitol murder on the perps because there were no Witnesses to the Murders.

    My friend’s son wasn’t supposed to survive , otherwise the perps would have walked.

    There wasn’t much adoo about this in the Media about this atrocity in the news either.

    There was not any White or Black San Marcos citizens rioting and demanding these black gang members be hung in the square and there wasn’t a Murder for hire Bounty Publicized as the Black Panthers have done for Zimmerman.

    However, in the Interest of Racial Tolerance , a Mostly Black group of Congress members have jumped all over the Trayvon shooting as Racial Fodder for repealing the Castle Doctrine.

    Or , In Reality, These Communist Congress members / Useful Idiots are being used to promote Gun Control for Hillary’s U.N. Global gun control agenda .

    Considering the Liberal / Progressives Congress members are using Racial Prejudice as a front for Gun Controls for their puppet masters , thus , I have to wonder if the Trayvon deal wasn’t a set up by a Black Panther type gang considering the Racial, Gun Control gig is all that seems to be at issue here.

    Not to mention the speed in which the Media And Congress set up the false flag hearings could have the effect of raising suspicion as to the true motives behind what has turned into a Racial event.

    Seems a tad Racial for Obama to come out after the Ft Hood shooting and warn people to Not jump to conclusions about a cut & Dried case of Mass murder against the Ft Hood shooter then Obama Intentionally Race Baits the Florida deal.

    I for one , See nothing But Racism coming from “We The People’s” so called President & Congressional Representatives that are the ones Hollering Racism.

    Other than the “FACT” that “WE” have a POTUS Using Racism to bolster his re-election and Congressional Communist party members calling for a Lynching of Zimmerman , With the Help of their Covert Heroes in the Black Panther gangs for the purpose of nullifying “WE The Law abiding People’s” Right to protect ourselves against the very People who are sworn to Protect “OUR” Rights , “We” are done, and I sadly have to acknowledge that America, as a Free Nation, has pretty much become a page in the past.

    • Naomi

      Sadly, I couldn’t agree more. Gang shootings, robberies, home invasions are a daily occurrence that we are expected to accept as part of life in the good ole USA under progressive rule. I will never surrender my right to protect myself and my family and neither should anyone else. If Obama is re elected things will only get worse. These thugs are becoming so brazen due to our lax laws that what were once safe suburbs are now very unsafe. There is no where left to go that these criminals will not follow.

    • eddie47d

      You Betcha! Those criminals on Wall Street have done us wrong and we shouldn’t take anymore! Fat chance of that! When the Elites don’t have moral values it trickles down through the rest of society. It’s not just the Elites in Hollywood either.

  • Liberty

    Spike Lee is just a puppet..Obama & his henchman are trying to start a race war. Another false flag??

    • eddie47d

      Race wars have been going on since the birth of our nation. Who did the race baiting for the first 250 years? Heck discrimination was fully legalized most of that time so get over yourself!

      • TML

        eddie47d says, “Who did the race baiting for the first 250 years? Heck discrimination was fully legalized most of that time so get over yourself!”

        That was then, this is now. Racism from blacks against whites is no more justified or ‘right’ than racism from whites against blacks. The preceding history of this nation gives no leniency of racism to current generation of black communities, as if to think such racism is somehow justified against whites today for the wrongs of prior generations.

      • eddie47d

        Yet so many Conservatives want to go back to the old text books (look it up) which showed no accomplishments from minorities. I agree there shouldn’t be any such division in our time and place but the reality is that it still exists.

      • angelwannabe

        eddie__you said_”Yet so many Conservatives want to go back to the old text books (look it up) which showed no accomplishments from minorities. I agree there shouldn’t be any such division in our time and place but the reality is that it still exists.”

        If you can’t find the accomplishments of minorities is because your so-called “progressive” idiots have buried the information and also revised it and you don’t know where to look for the information!__Here’s a little info, There were Blacks involved in the Founding of this Country! I’ll even direct you to a book written specially for this reason__Have at it!

        and as far as division goes__ask yourself why white men started the NAACP? Google the info and dig a little, don’t snap back with the first article you read!!!

        _-Ask yourself why it seems Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and Louis Farrakhan and the like, keep squawking/preaching about us keeping the minorities down__The few I’ve mentioned are the ones who are keeping the minorities down, those so-called leaders and the minorities themselves. They need to stop listening to what everyone else is saying and listen to their Hearts & God!

  • Corsica

    Spike Lee is an ugly, goggle-eyed, deformed mulatto with a hatred for whites and a bug up his …Too bad he can’t be charged with anything. It would be nice if someone would perform a noble deed and get him in the crosshairs….

  • angelwannabe

    Way to go Spike Lee you Jack Azz!__your blessed enough to have a forum of followers, to use for either good or harm, instead of using your frickin’ head to check and see if you had the right man, you shut your eyes, spun the yellow pages and picked the first “George Zimmerman” you found__what and effin idiot!__Where’s the apology, are you helping to pay their hotel bill????__What a Frickin’ Wack Job!!!

  • http://Personallibertyalerts Robert Mo

    Isn’t his sorry a– in jail. Surely someone knows his home address to report it to every low life out there.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    I worked in downtown Oakland 27th and San Paublo for 3 1/2 years as the only white man in Emby Foods, I backed the Black people all my life until I worked there. I found black people especially the men the biggest bunch of Racists and cry babies I have ever met (not all) but most. My life was threatened at least once a week for the entire time I was there just because I was white even though they didn’t know how I felt or helped blacks my whole life. Now I wish the lazy Southerners had not used slaves and did their own work and we wouldn’t have this blight on our Country. People like Spike Lee, Morgan Freemen, Jessie Jackoffson, Radical Muslim Faroffcon, Samuel L Jackoffson and Obamination all racists and race baiters. Liberals are also to blame for this race baiting but most blacks can’t think for themselves because this Country is one of the least Racist in the World and they are too dumb to see it. Obamination is a great example of the ignorance of blacks they think Obamination is Black but he is a Half Breed Radical Muslim Communist America Hater with a WHITE MOTHER, DUH. By the way Obamination has done less for blacks than any White President except Clinton, Obamination defunded the only school program for blacks that had a 98% graduation rate, why is that??? Get a brain and realize that these race baiters are keeping you ignorant and outside the mainstream of what is really going on, if whites are so into hating blacks why wouldn’t we just get rid of all of you after all we have more people and guns??

    • angelwannabe

      Vietnam vet 67-68__My Dad was in WWII, he said the same thing__That when it came to covering the guys backs a few of the Blacks coward and backed off__He said some couldn’t be trusted__Now on the other hand__He had a Native American Sargent and a few specials that were Black, while stationed on Okinawa, Dad said they were so adept at tracking, the army used them on many missions, prior to moving in.

    • JeffH

      Viet Nam Vet 67-68, grew up in the East Bay and worked in Oakland for the better part of 30 years and know the area you speak of very well. That whole area surrounding 30th & San Pablo is generally not a good place to be in, especially at night…a good portion of Oakland is well known for their gangs, hookers & drugs, take your pick. I worked for a short while at Berkely Farms, which had a high wall around it to keep out the vandals and learned quickly that you brought your lunch to work rather than take a risk eating out.

    • Ben Williams SR

      I was in vietnam in 67-68 198 light infantry Brigade.your hate I don’t understand. A child is dead for know reason.

      • Ted Crawford

        First of all Ben Thank You for your service! Eleventh Cav. same time frame, Americal ’70′.
        The situation here , it seems to me, is as you say ” A child is dead”, the problem is that none of us know what really happened. How does the actions of those like Lee, Sharpton, Jackson, help gain anything except more hate, more violence and eventially more death?

      • Joe H

        right you are!! What ever happened to innocent till PROVEN guilty??? The very basis of our laws!!

  • Dens

    Black racist bigots are jumping out of every corner of the wood pile on this trumped up Martin story. It’s amazing how these black people who have whined and cried for years about injustice are actually calling for a lynching and offering rewards for the killing of a white person who defended his own life from a punk sneaking around his neighborhood in a hoodie.

    If Martin had killed Zimmerman would they would have laughed and said “the cracker had it commin”? Yes they would.

    • Ben Williams SR

      your hate I don’t understand! A child is dead for know reason. I wouldn’t kill your son. I am a man I would not kill a child!

      • Buster the Anatolian

        First of all the investigation is not complete so we do not have all the facts and do not know what actualy happened. That said, if as some reports indicated was what happened here, some 6’3″ “child” jumped me and had me on the ground beating me I damn sure would shoot him.

  • T. Jefferson

    Spike Lee and his Pink Panthers need to be imprisoned.

  • Ben

    I hope that old couple sues the crap out of Spike Lee and the new Black Panthers and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton combined. At our age 65ish. we don’t need to have the crap scared out of us by armed thugs no mater what color they are. Spike you ought to be ashamed of your self you idiot.

  • Gene Gosnell

    Don’t expect The Justice Dept. to stop the personal attacks by people like Spike Lee, or others claiming the unfortunate shooting was motivated by racism. This incident plays right into the hands of People in office ( Obama, Holder, Clinton, etc.) and our National News Moguls, who would like nothing more than to destroy our rights provided under The Constitution of the United States. Thereby opening the door to Government by the Government for the Government. These people seem to have forgotten the Oath of Office they swore to. I think it is safe to assume that those who served and are now serving in our military and have fought and died to preserve our freedom have not forgotten that oath.

  • Spyder dalton

    keeping racism alive is profitable for some… it will never end with the likes of Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, and Lee.

  • FreedomFighter

    The satanist power brokers use media to pit whites against blacks and blacks against whites, while they continue steal boths races future in America, they push Agenda 21 to take land and means of production, Planned Parenthood to kill 50% of pregnant black womens babies and then use the turmoil, hate and violance to take away everyones liberty and freedom.

    They the powers put you against each other, divide and conquer, while they laugh at your stupdity and continue with the take over of America.

    I have seen this happen in the past, one indian tribe set against the other untill they are both weakened and impotent, then the powers, the same as today, take the land, the resources, the freedom and liberty of a people and enslave them.

    Fight the NWO together or be manipulated and defeated and enslaved.

    My perspective as an American Indian.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • LAB

    With the POS POTUS and Thugs in OUR WHITE HOUSE, we might as well just bend over cuz we R FKD! Spike lee should be in jail!!! Who the F does that racist pc of sht think he is???? Look up FUGLY in a dictionary…his pic is there! Dumb MoFo needs to be taught a lesson or MORE!

  • eddie47d

    Now Naomi and Brad can take a look at my 9:21 comment if you care to read everything. I would probably check into filing harassment charges too if that was my wife and me. So Naomi you are totally mistaken but do shoot from the hip never the less. Welcome to troll land!

  • oddbal

    get a rope. here comes the lynch mod. they wont care who they kill as long the mob feels justified.

    • JeffH

      oddbal, I’m assuming your comment was directed at the liberals ’cause they’re the only ones screaming for a “lynching”.

  • Whodere

    This is a sleeper.. A re-run of a lame “B” movie I once watched on LSD.. When is the Calvary gonna come to save the day? That’s all I wanna know. Everybody wake up and stop being pawns of bigotry.. The politicians are steering you around like zombies, you keep playing by their rules and you’ll find your votes didn’t mean squat! Put your blinders on and continue to scrutinize how this election year is screwing this Country. Let the authorities deal with Zimmerman, don’t fall for the bigotry.. Band together and make a change happen in America.. Ron Paul 2012.!!

  • Stephen Russell

    That FL couple should sue Lee big time for Life Endangerment.
    Have whole family file suit alone.
    & have Zimmerman sue 2.

  • Mike

    Bunch of Idiots

  • chuckb

    spike lee, jackson and sharpton along with the black caucus should be jailed for inciting insurrection. if any person other than a black should make these statements, god help them. th4e liberals would have them in court for committing a hate crime and then jailed.

    • J. Kenney

      Its time to deport these rotten damn race baiters and fine them $ millions for the deliberate abuse and racial instigation these race hucksters constantly stir up.

  • libertarian

    It a real shame that people like to jump off key everytime somthing occures without getting the facts first. Mr. Lee was so quick to convict without proof (Prejudice) that he put the lives of innocent people in harms way. Why couldn’t anyone let the police do their job without prejudice.
    Let the facts underlying the investigation be properly investigated and determine what and if a crime did or did not occure; don’t convict in the court of public prejudice. It is so very sad that pragmatic thinking does not exit in our culture of today. Another of them Reverand Al Sharpton moments, convict the innocent and don’t even appologize if that were even enough to right the wrong done. Lee needs to do some real soul searching and quit jumping to the race card to mire and pollute the situation.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Miffy

      In order to do what you are calling for, Lee would need a functioning brain which he clearly does not have.

  • Richard

    Zimmerman felt threatened and the constitution allows him to fire.

  • Richard

    Zimmerman felt threatened and the constitution allows him to protect himself.

    • Joe H

      The one question I have on that point is if he felt threatened, then as evidenced by the police tapes did he FOLLOW the kid for a distance??? Even after the police told him NOT TO??

    • Crystal

      911 Calls prove Zimmerman was the agressor. He followed Martin and was told not to but continued to do so. Zimmerman was carrying a gun, Martin was carrying Skittles.

      • omega55

        Sorry Crystal, but I don’t know how they got this mixed up but this is what I wrote. I went back to this site and this was the one that was written before mine. if you go back you’ll see the mistake they made. If I’m accused of anything I would like it to be correct.

        omega55 says:
        March 30, 2012 at 9:11 pm
        As long as we have people like Spike Lee, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson we’ll always have problems with the black race. These guys only stir up trouble, never do they fix anything. These three are nothing but gutter people. The decent people that want to do the right thing, get drag into the mess by these clowns. To them, this is not about a young man getting killed, it’s only about the clowns.

  • omega55

    As long as we have people like Spike Lee, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson we’ll always have problems with the black race. These guys only stir up trouble, never do they fix anything. These three are nothing but gutter people. The decent people that want to do the right thing, get drag into the mess by these clowns. To them, this is not about a young man getting killed, it’s only about the clowns.

  • firefight

    There has been an invisable barrier between races/ethnicities, in this country for as long as I have been alive and in every instance where a crime has been committed involving two different races/ethnicities, there has been controversy to varying degrees but not so much as when it involves blacks and whites. You don’t hear anything if it is crime involving a Polish man and some Irish guy because they are both are white but just let it be any white person and some individual of color and the race is on. I’ve noticed that it is always the news media that plays it up and gets the racial thing going. Why is that? It gets the ratings up, that’s why. Any opportunity to get the black community and the white community at each other’s throats will sell and the ratings soar. The real problem, if we look at crime statistics, is that the blacks seem to be leading the field in committing crimes against whites and this is a real problem because now, the white community is becoming over reactive, or not, according to how you look at it and now everyone is saying that white people are affraid of black people. That simply is not true. White people are better informed and know that by FBI statistics, they need to be more aware because a black person’s potential to do harm is greater than that of any other ethnic group. Whites and now other non-black ethnicities are becoming more naturally protective of themselves and their families when it comes to dealing with blacks. This is truly sad, but it is not a situation that has been created by any one other than blacks. When I lived in Mobile, Alabama, I use to work in some neighborhoods where the population was all black. I noticed that virtually ALL of the houses had barred windows and doors. Quite a contrast to other neighborhoods where no one had to have bars on their windows and doors. What was my natural reaction to this? Simple! Blacks don’t trust blacks……..and if blacks don’t trust their black brothers, why should I? Anyhow, anyone can get the statistics by checking out FBI statistical links on the net. Here is one such report. I would really like to see a group of black people start a program to make black people aware of these statistics and initiate some change to make blacks aware of just why they are in such a predicament. It isn’t because of what other people do but because of their own documented actions.

    The “New Century Foundation” studies Federal crime reports, and found significant differences in crime ratio between races, verified by the FBI’s NCVS, National Crime Victimization Survey, and The Department of Justice’s UCR, Uniform Crime Reports, FBI Communication’s Division, 304-625-4995.

    They state emphatically that the Judicial System is not biased against minorities.

    Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.

    Blacks are three times more likely to use a hand gun, and twice more likely to use a knife.

    Hispanics commit three times more violent crimes than whites, but the statistics are nebulous because sometimes they are classified as white, so it could be far higher.

    The best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percent of the population that is black and Hispanic.

    Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites then vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit a robbery.

    Forty-five percent of black crime is against whites, 43 against other blacks, and 10 percent against Hispanic.

    Blacks are seven times more likely to go to prison, Hispanics three times, and the reason is clear, because from 1980 to 2003 the US incarceration rate has tripled, and so proves that Justice is not only hard won, but well served.

    Continue reading on Federal Statistics of black on white violence, with links and mathematical extrapolation formulas. – Lafayette Political Buzz |


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