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Tragic Mass Killing Gets Politicized

July 20, 2012 by  

Tragic Mass Killing Gets Politicized
James Holmes allegedly entered a movie theatre and massacred innocent people.

The tragic massacre allegedly carried out by lone gunman James Holmes in an Aurora, Colo., movie theatre early Friday morning has captivated the Nation and created a feeding frenzy among gun control advocates.

Reports indicate that Holmes, a 24 year-old former Ph.D. student, entered the Century 16 movie theater through an emergency exit and opened fire on attendees of a screening of the highly anticipated Batman film “The Dark Night Rises,” killing 12 and wounding up to 38 others.

Little is known about Holmes at this time, though he is described in some media reports as a “loner” and a “highly intelligent man.”

Media and gun control proponents have jumped to politicize the tragic event.

Some reports indicate that Holmes was possibly a member of a violent faction of Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Black Bloc, and was upset by a negative portrayal of OWS in “The Dark Knight Rises.”

ABC’s Brian Ross attempted, incorrectly, to link the shooter to the Tea Party. reported that the gunman is a registered Democrat.

CNN’s Piers Morgan took to Twitter to attack gun rights in light of the tragedy.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg took to a talk radio program, saying: “[M]aybe it’s time the two people who want to be president of the United States stand up and tell us what they’re going to do about [guns], because this is obviously a problem across the country. And everybody always says, ‘Isn’t it tragic?’”

Representative Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) claims that the mass killing was the result of “ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Thinking About

    How many weapons are needed to “protect” ones self? It is an out of control world we live in today. We are required to license our vehicles but guns can be owned and used by anyone. There is a lesson to learn here but now NRA will just send out more information and ask for more donations.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Why is it so hard for you to admit that you want gun control in this country?
      The shooter out of Colo. is with all probability for gun control in this country and assumes that he would be in accord with others who want gun control. His actions would spur on the gun control politicians to abolish the Second Amendment.

      • Sarah H.

        I live in Illinois, where gun owners are required to have a “FOID” card – Firearms Owner’s Identification”. Chicago has some of the most strict gun control of any municipality in the country, and gun crimes are RAMPANT there, and only increasing. Gun control does NOT work. Any psycho with a motive will get his/her hands on a gun. It doesn’t matter if they get it legally or illegally. The only thing you get with unarmed civilians is a bunch of armed thugs and criminals who can kill and rampage innocents at will.

      • nina foster

        I want the 2nd amendment protected !!! Just because this happened doesn’t mean we have to lose it.. If our guns are taken away friom us like England, only the bad guys have weapons…

      • vicki

        The theater reportedly prohibited CCW holders from taking their firearms into the theater. Yet the killer allegedly brought in a rifle, shotgun, and handgun. Seems like the theater might bear some responsibility for failing to keep it’s clientele safe.

        What should have happened is clearly shown in this video.

    • Its my god given right

      See the only thing that gun control will do is keep guns out of the hands of the people that use them for hunting,protection and recreational use. The criminals will always be able to obtain them. What if one law abiding citizen had a concealed weapons permit and started returning fire or even killed him how many innocent people would of been saved. Remember Gods honest truth criminals and wackos will always be able to obtain firearms!

      • http://L R

        Well lets just look at that for a second. Were all in a theatre in lets say, Texas and most of us have concealed firearms on our possesion. Its dark and the movie is about to start. Shots ring out…
        I wonder who wouldnt pull out and start firing.. in a dark theatre.
        Maybe the bad guy goes down, but how many innocents would have caught a bullet in frantic action of the moment?
        Sounds like Im against guns, no.
        If on one side we had no guns, the dark nite would still have conjured a way to kill people(one story apparently said he was a phd student) and if we’d all been packin people still wouldve more than likely been killed.

        But hen again some folks might say, “Yeah, but Texans duck!”
        Not so sure of a Californian theatre…

      • Michael J.

        Well let’s just look at that for a second. Realizing that most who engage in these attrocities are cowards preying upon the unarmed. Things could have been different if on the other hand, the gunman knew all or at least some of the theater goers were packin heat. Chances are, this incident would never have happened. People would still be alive and we would be discussing something more relevent like the fact that the highest office in our government has been usurped by an illegal alien right under our noses.

    • David Love

      you want gun registration … ” for the first time inhistory , a civilized nation has complete gun registration. Our streets will be safer,our police will be more efficient and the world will follow our lead into the future “… Adolf Htiler 1935 ….. be careful what you wish for ! No second amendmant ,no Constitution, no FREEDOM

    • Vicki

      Thinking About says:
      “How many weapons are needed to “protect” ones self?”

      Depends on the size of the Mob.

    • dalene44

      Ironic that Holder and the ATF were leaning on US gun dealers to sell to criminals they knew would use them for nefarious purposes and import them to Mexico. When guns were banned in England, the black market moved in immediately to sell to their criminal customers. The Swiss require young men to own a gun and they have one of the world’s lowest crime rates. Crime rises with gun control.

  • angelwannabe

    Sure MSM is going to exploit this tragedy, just more reason for the UN to try and take law abiding citizens guns__Citizens guns aren’t the problem folks, the wack job that gets a hold of them are…..thoughts and prayers are with the victims and they’re Famiies…..

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Why did non of the movie goers have a weapon to take this human trash down in self defense?

      • angelwannabe

        NB, don’t know if if anyone was packing or not, but as per some of the reports, this guy caught everyone off guard and originally thought he was a part of the show until the gunfire started….some folks said they even played dead to save themselves….this guy is just a tragic nutjob who needs to be put away….

      • angelwannabe

        In addition …oddly enough, there were allegedly three Military personnel in the theater watching the movie too…according to reports.

      • http://Facebook Jim B.

        There is a law in Colorado that you are not allowed to carry a weapon in public places….therefore the only one carrying was the nut case and the people had NO defense against him. If they had, he would not have gotten off 71 shots and it’s probable that many fewer would have been wounded and/or killed. Just some facts for you to ponder.

      • http://aol giorgio

        Because it`s illegal for the good people to own guns, only the nuts have them

      • Randy

        Wouldn’t have done much good..he was in full armor, but had I been there I would have shot his ass anyway!!

      • Jay Dearien

        That’s a brilliant question, NB. If somebody would’ve been armed, then this whole tragedy would have been avoided. More dangerous than owning guns, or driving a car filled with gasoline, or anything with electricity is being an untreated mentally ill person. That’s where the work probably is.

      • angelwannabe

        Thats the problem Jim B, Gun Laws only hurt the Law abiding individuals, it does nothing to the criminaly insane because they obviously attack outside the law anyway,or they wouldn’t be criminals.
        Washington knows exactly what they’re doin, the more massacres happen, the more Washington pressures MSM to report and play on it, Washington then pushes further control, til finally the citizens one day will be unarmed__UN is the biggest advocate of controls!

      • dalene44

        It was a ‘gun free’ theater.

    • Matt

      Was he not a citizen?!?!?! The point of gun control isnt to completely take away the rights of citizens to own guns. That would be gun denial, gun prohibition, or gun refusal. Gun CONTROL aims to identify wack jobs and keep guns out of their hands.

      • angelwannabe

        Matt, Gun Controls are a hidden agenda to disarm us AND THE SECOND AMENDMENT PERIOD and the end!!!
        If some nut job has it in his mind he wants to massacre people, HE WILL FIND A WAY TO DO IT, reguardless if there is gun control or not…..THE CRIMINALS or the INSANE DON’T FOLLOW OR GIVE A RATS AZZ ABOUT GUN LAWS..besides if this guy had licensed guns, he may have been in his right mind when the gun was purchased……something triggered this guy…its gonna take a while to find out.

      • Michael J.

        Angelwannabe said,
        “something triggered this guy…its gonna take a while to find out.”

        Just my oppinion, but I think that the gunman is probably a victim of the public indoctrination system. Can you imagine the effect of being told that the country you were born in is unworthy of respect? That because you’ve been taught to disrespect the flag, our nations national anthem,etc., etc., you are condemned to a life without pride in your heritage. Why is it that people are surprised that the teaching of hatred happening in our schools towards anything American is now boiling over? Or is that the intent?

  • http://none Virginia Kind

    The first thing the Israelis did to the Palestinians when they declared statehood was to
    take all their guns away. First they did a registration so they knew where to look. Why do you suppose this is the US government’s main preoccupation as they take over our liberty and other natural rights?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Was has Israel to do with your nutty beliefs?

      • Virginia KIND


    • Virginia PICCININNI


      • rich hutchins

        Isn’t the point of this article about how bad it is that people are trying to politicize it – on both sides?

      • Matt

        Wow did you miss the point of the article, Virginia. Good grief!

      • jopa

        It has also been reported that he is a registered member of the Tea party of Colorado.However it was retracted and it was a different person with the same name supposedly.We just have to wait for everything to be sorted out for the true facts.

    • Jay Dearien

      Yeah, gun grabs are bad. There’s a great documentary by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership ( called “Innocents Betrayed” that documents all the genocides of the 20th Century and how they were preceded by gun grabs. It was the excuse the Nazis used to invade homes and round up undesirables, including Albert Einstein, who left Germany after the third time his home was invaded by thugs “looking for guns”.

      Politicians and political institutions don’t care about motivations or reasons — I think they just do what sounds good and what solves their immediate problem and hides whatever shameful thing they want to hide. But whatever you say, “gun control” and genocide go hand in hand.

      • Justin

        Well said, good sir.

    • David Love

      Hitler, stalin, muselini, mao ,castro .most of the worlds worst tyrant murderers started with gun REGISTRATION

  • Doc Sarvis

    Interesting juxtapostion of this story on the same day this site reports on the “kids gone wild” at Wally World.

    Many of those posting on the kids gone wild story blame the race of the kids (with many racist comments). Nobody got hurt and I guess some fruit got destroyed but the thread was full of how terrible a certain race is in our country.

    Here the main concern is that government will take away our guns.

    I am pretty sure if the perp of this awful shooting spree that killed 12 and dozens more injured, had been a black man instead of a white man the racist comments would be flying as opposed to the concern over gun control.

    • angelwannabe

      SSDD doc…interjecting the race card, where it has no bearing… just to try and start something, you paid shills need to come with a different strategy, it STILL doesn’t work!

      • Doc Sarvis

        race had no bearing in the other story I reference, but if you read the posts they are almost ALL about race.

      • angelwannabe

        Doesn’t matter to me doc, I was posting my opinions based on “this article only”, I don’t quote or mingle other articles in, it just causes more problems…the country’s got enough problems!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You have no sense of what things are percieved to be evil or not evil.

  • JHoward

    Additional proof that more citizens need to have Carry Permits! I am betting the Theatre was a “Gun Free Zone”.

    • vicki

      We don’t need permits to exercise rights. The very requirement of a permit is infringing on a right. (Just ask any liberal about voting “rights”)

      I have heard that the theater was a “gun-free” zone by the decision of the theater management. Yet the killer allegedly brought in a rifle, a shotgun, a handgun, a gas mask and stuff to make some kind of noxious gas. That gun-free zone was pretty much as effective as the gun-free zones created by politicians around our schools (Columbine, Virginia Tech) and our military bases (Fort Hood).

      My disgust at politicians is pretty much the same as that shown by Suzanna Hupp when she discussed gun-control before the Texas legislature
      go to youtube and watch?v=71YpogEUCDI

      • cawmun cents

        The very same people who talk up”permits”to carry a firearm,will complain when they are forced to have permits to move from point A to point B.They really dont understand that it is the progression of the permits that will bite them in the posterior.
        Freedoms dont get snatched from you all at once by these socialist charlatans,they take them away a small part at a time.
        But they tell you it is for your own good.
        Just keep moving….the cattlecar is near……hope you like community showers.

  • Mouser

    Once again, it must be stated that guns don’t kill people, people do. If he had not obtained the guns legally, he would have found another way. Our government will NEVER find a constitutional way to remove guns from American homes. We have watched as some of our freedoms have been taken away, but gun ownership will not be given up without a fight. Taking legally obtained guns away from Americans will not make this country any safer, it will just make us less able to defend ourselves, and the American people will not sit idly by and let that happen.

    • Cheryl

      I agree wholeheartedly. Let’s go back to the real crime of not diagnosing mental health issues & helping these people with serious issues. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people!

  • Josh

    The police were right outside when this happened. Of course they do nothing until it is over. Just like Columbine, and of course the media doesn’t ask them why they didn’t do something.

    • Marilyn

      Josh did you expect the police to have a crystal ball and know this was going to happen? This took seconds to occur, and a theater that usually has an off duty officer working there, this specific night did not. Police responded in a minute. I hope you are not the type that dials 911, if someone is assaulting you, or breaking into your home/car. Seriously, people!! And those blaming guns, c’mon! I’m not pro-guns, this was a lunatic that would have done this even if he had to steal the guns, or make a bomb or whatever. EVIL will find a way to do its will!!!!!

  • Bryan

    How can you not portray Occupy Wall Street badly? It’s a bunch of smelly, unintelligent protesters who are occupying the wrong place. They should be in front of the Capitol Building and the White House protesting there.

  • Josh

    Are you guys forgetting that criminals don’t follow laws? Laws restricting access to guns will only result in disarming law abiding citizens. There are always black market channels for criminals. Look at the drug war.

    The theater was a “no gun zone.” How convenient for someone looking to shoot up the place.

    I’ll tell ya – If a single regular, non-criminal citizen in the theater were armed, this event would have been far less tragic.

  • Julie

    GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE!! If anyone on here thinks by taking away all the guns everyone will be safe, then thier just as crazy as James Holmes. If they take all the guns there will be the biggest black market gun sales in the history of the US. The only problem, all the criminals would be armed instead of the good law abiding citizens. Then what do you think this world would look like!!

    • vicki

      If you waived a magic wand and made all guns cease to exist and the ability to make guns cease to exist people would still kill people.

      Guns ARE however the best means of individual self defense. It is that self-reliance that scares politicians. If we ever figured out we don’t need them they would be out of a job.

  • Sharon Shown

    Not sure when this blog was placed here but it has been stated in some of the news sources that the shooter bought a ticket and then went out the ‘exit’ and fixed the door so that he could get back in. His car was parked out back of the theater away from prying eyes. It is sad that something like this happened but it might have helped if there were closed circuit cameras at the back of the theater and maybe…just maybe something could have been seen in time…to have stopped this. No one knows for sure

  • mike sanchez god bless the 2nd amenment

  • Lisa Shinn

    Gun control over law abiding citizens is not the answer. Even if every gun was taken away from legitimate gun owners there would still be a problem. The “bad guys” will ALWAYS find a way to get guns. Most killings with guns are done by illegal gun owners. If you want a gun and you are not legally able to obtain one…there is always the black market. Gun control will not work. Don’t you find it odd that every time there is new gun legislation up for debate, something like this happens. Coincidence? I think not!

  • stan_in_usa

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Beleigh

    The bad guys and people with wrong motives will still get the guns they need to do what they want. The only people who will be hurt by gun control are law abiding people.

  • James Collins

    it seems to me that if someone in the theater had been herring a legal firearm he or she could have stopped the killer or attention least

  • john

    Did any one notice the woman named Jessica who works as a news person, one of the 12 that was killed? She was in Canada, in a mall when a gunman shot some people. It is against the law to have or own a gun in Canada, but this did not stop the man shooting people in that mall with a gun. So much for gun control in Canada.

  • Guy Musgrove

    I do think if people where armed and trained on how to use those arms the shooter my of killed one or two people before some one shot him down. But I do have one question they say there way an off duty cop working security there where was he or she as soon as the shooting started and why did they not do what was needed to end this guy. Cop are not out there to protected you there major job is to asses fault after a crime has been committed, Only you can keep you safe and the people need to wake up and arm there selves and get some training to defend there selves or more stuff like this will keep happening. It saddens my hart to see this but if some one was trained and had a gun it might not of been this bad.


    Coincidence that this was done at the start of Ramadan?
    Look back at all of the tragedies caused by Muslim extremists and you find they have date related meaning to the extremists!
    God bless America,and those we have lost to this Jehad.

  • bruce

    The problem isnt the guns being sold, its insane people and extremists. How do we stop that? We cant!

    • angelwannabe

      bruce, no we can’t stop every nut job from committing crimes, there is already ENOUGH gun controls in place. Someone can register they’re gun, be background checked one day and snap the next, its a risk.

      Someone said above that guy was a part of education system and indoctrination, I’d also add Mind Control, the biggest one sits in our living rooms and its called the TV… mind control, its quite remarkable….

  • jack jill

    You stop it by allowing citizens with ID to buy guns and take to such places. When NUTS pull their gun out they are taken down or held at bay by Legitimate gun owners until police arrive!!

  • Sharon Shown

    Another thought that I had was that how this fella had so many guns. It would seem that someone that young should not have been allowed to purchase but one gun. As time went on if there were no incidents then other guns could be purchased. Something is just not right with someone this young having that many guns.

    • Vicki

      Given the number of guns possessed by much younger people who are involved with illegal activities what would your law accomplish? Reducing the number of guns in the hands of a law abiding ADULT.

      How useful would that be?

  • TIME

    For just a moment if you would all ponder the following;

    As I can’t prove this as of this moment, – What I am posting is an “Educated Opinion” based on profiles of past events that I can prove were 100% staged / Fake events.

    As most of you should know by now about the UN SAT; for those that are still clueless thats the “United Nations Small Arms Treaty” – of what again is 100% based on the September 11th 1961 State Department Instrument on the {De-Arming of the American people.}

    That brings me to the OPINION part of this post, its my well learned opinion that this was a 100% Staged Event for Effect. This time the persons killed were in fact really killed from what I can find as of my posting this.

    *** – Unlike the Gabby Giffords event of what no one died, nor was anyone really shot. It was all 100% Staged for effect.

    As I noted as far as the “UN SAT” – such events will keep unfolding until the American people “DEMAND” that the De Facto Criminal Gov take the Guns away, so as to not have such events occur again.

    Keep in mind that its not just the Progressives but their Zion’s friends as well, all who wish to have as little restiance as possible to bring about their {“New World Order,”} where their One World Government run from the UN can take place.

    That can’t happen in the 50 states until the public is 100%
    “DISARMED” As well you must keep in mind the NDAA – the PA let alone the last EO signed by B OMEN on the total take over of {all Communications} when the Masters claim that there is a National Emergency.

    People if you don’t start reading bewteen the LINES where the real intel is, we are all DOOMED to HELL on Earth.

    Well that is many of you! On the other hand many of us who have really our EYES OPEN and the wax cleaned out of our ears, not only see it, we hear it in the tone of the vocal tones spoken.

    Peace and Love.

    • Michael J.

      First thought I had was this was “Fast and Furious” part two.
      The government has now earned the designation of being first on the list of usual suspects.

    • http://Wallace Nick

      (Before any of the scared sheeple disregard any of this, at least research the three things at the bottom on your own.) You’re not the only one thinking this. It is clearly a false flag in my opinion. The whole background on the supposed shooter is cloudy at best, without anyone speaking in on the suspect with any FIRST-HAND knowledge at all. Not one “real” person saying “holy crap, I sat next to him in class”. He supposedly built a massive bomb with a propane tank (that took two built fireman to carry out of the apartment by the way). Then let the cops know of course (completely overriding motive). The pictures don’t even match, lay one over the other, the facial structure changes at the jawline and nose. Oh, and I guess he now has to wear a “face mask” in prison for SPITTING ON GUARDS. OMG, are you serious? Must be because everyone that spits on someone in prison wears “facemasks”. Oh wait, nope, only him. Oh, and by the way there is debate going through facebook right now on “privacy” concerns involving facial recognition software. Any moron can see that the government is trying to hide something, all you have to do is look.

      The why: UN small arms treaty

      The how: MKultra on james, an inside operative to carry out the shooting. Would explain complete comatose state and the fact the shooter was masked, and the fact that all the gear was “taken off” and thrown on the ground outside the theater, conveniently leaving a brain dead james holmes sitting there completely unarmed and ready for the taking.

      Oh, and for everyone saying the government would never kill innocent civilians to further their agenda, look up “Operation Northwoods”. Its declassified now from JFK’s time. Obviously JFK’s ethics didn’t work out too well for him did they?

  • Lucy

    This corporate/government media blitz on gun control coincides perfectly with our dear friends at the UN and their small arms treaty on July 27. We will be incrementally and rapidly disarmed so the power elite can have their way with us. Hope they’ll be gentle but I doubt it.

    • angelwannabe

      Lucy, this latest massacre incident DOES coincide perfectly with the UN 27 deadline….

  • Dave67

    Of course its going to get politicized. Here is the reality, no gun law will stop a determined person to do something crazy. To say anything different is foolish.

    • Dave67

      That said, i think we should start profiling young white males…. You just cant trust these people.

      • Michael J.

        Since Mr. Holmes was an admitted Democrat, I say we mandate the registering of Liberals. Maybe ankle bracelets would help.

      • Dave67

        And since the OK City Bomber was a Republican, we should do the same thing with conservatives

  • Thinking About

    If we control the speed of vehicles because more people would be dying then control is needed in firearms. If NRA was really responsible they would be leading the effort in promoting gun safety and not as much time pushing for bigger weapons and unlimited access to them.

    • angelwannabe

      C’mon TA, use your head, Gun controls, control your average law abiding citizen__ya really think wackjobs and criminals care what laws are in place, thats the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard…..Ya sound like a typical bleeding heart 2nd amendment hater!!!

  • dalene44

    TA, the NRA is not going pushing for bigger weapons and they have always advocated safety. They also are trying to insure our second amendment rights are not taken away by over zealous citizens or a tyrannical government..

  • George

    Bottom line is the second amendment is the equalizer. It ensures that the citizen and the government are equals. Not masters and surfs. An armed population is governed an un-armed population is ruled. Had there been trained armed citizens in that theater this coward may never have attempted this massacre. Maybe someone would have taken the coward out. Still, I would not so readily forfeit our only true counter to a toleration governmental system. We are the fly over, faceless masses, does anyone here really believe a self serving bureaucrat gives a flying F–k about you and yours if it doesn’t get them elected? They would just as easily heard us up and shoot us down under the right circumstances. The first people bombed from the air by the US government were WV coal miners, just the see how it would work out for them. Ever been detained by a cop, treated you pretty poorly I bet. When the bad guys come around, like joker here, and they have no remorse, who will save you? You are your first line of defense. If your un-armed.? What hope do you have.

  • Dean Vargas

    We should look for the cause, not support a cause. The weapons used is not the answer to stoping this kind of tragedy. After the fact is to late; what could we have done to head this off is the question; not what he used to commit the act.

  • GARY



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