Toronto Beer Blogger Gives Up Food For A Liquid Diet For 40 Days And 40 Nights


A Toronto man has put himself on a liquid diet for Lent and swore off food in favor of “clear” fluids like water, coffee and, his main source of nutrition for 40 days and 40 nights, beer.

Beer blogger Chris Schryer hasn’t consumed any solid food since Ash Wednesday on March 5 and plans on keeping it up until Palm Sunday.

“I’m feeling fine,” Schryer told CTV Toronto. “I’m quite impressed with the impact that the beer has had, and how filling and nutritionally sound it seems to be.”

The 33-year-old usually drinks a custom-crafted beer called Brewmaster’s Tithe that he created with the help of Toronto-based Amsterdam Brewery. He estimates that the the German lager is providing him with about 2,000 calories per day. “I would definitely be emaciated without the beer; the caloric value is just incredible,” he said.

Schryer’s self-imposed fast will end on April 13.

“I look pretty healthy now, but by the end of the 40 days my wife figures I’ll look like a castaway on account of my bushy beard,” Schryer told the National Post. “Without being dramatic, it definitely is not fun; it’s challenging. Every meal time there’s challenge.”

Even though he’s not eating, Schryer has still kept his role as the primary cook in the house and continues to prepare meals for his wife and two children. When he does start eating again, Schryer is looking forward to eating lobster.

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