Tornado Touchdown Confirmed In Quebec


TROIS-RIVIERES, Quebec, Sept. 5 (UPI) — Environment Canada confirmed Monday a tornado touched down in Quebec, uprooting trees, shattering car windows and damaging rooftops.

The tornado that ripped through Trois-Rivieres, Que., Sunday night was rated an F-0, the lowest intensity on the Fujita scale, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported.

“There were a few clues indicating it was, in fact, a tornado,” Andre Cantin, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, said Monday.

Residents described what they saw as rapidly developed, rotating clouds. Mud left on houses and the pattern of downed trees also point to a tornado.

“People were responsible — they took action,” said Trois-Rivieres Mayor Yves Levesque. “People were outside having barbecues, some were working on their houses. When they saw the black cloud coming in, they decided to go inside the house.”

City workers spent Monday cleaning up debris from the twister and making sure homes were still structurally sound.

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