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Top 10 Reasons America Depends On Survivalists And Preppers

July 25, 2011 by  

Top 10 Reasons America Depends On Survivalists And Preppers

There has been a lot of derogatory talk lately about “preppers” and “survivalists.” Here are 10 reasons why preppers and survivalists have always been vital to the United States and why it is essential that we have as many as possible to survive future disasters.

To start with, the titles “survivalist” and “prepper” would have seemed redundant a couple of generations ago. When the Greatest Generation was growing up, preparedness was simply a way of life. Before the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other Federal aid programs were around, people knew that they had to be able to take care of themselves in the event of natural and manmade disasters.

At the core, that’s what survivalists and preppers are. They are people who are aware that life is full of uncertainty and who have decided to put things into place for when bad times happen.

With that, here is the top 10 list of why America depends on survivalists and preppers:

1. FEMA: The cost for local, state and Federal agencies to plan, equip and staff for every disaster that might happen is cost-prohibitive. When disasters strike, government is quick to talk and quick to “ramp up,” but government help is slow to come and inefficient when it arrives. The irony is how often highly qualified and motivated front-line first responders are prevented from doing as much as they could by top-heavy bureaucracies.

Survivalists and preppers, on the other hand, are able to act quickly and efficiently to take care of their own houses and provide stability, structure and assistance for their streets, neighborhoods and beyond. Because they know the terrain and the players in the areas where they live and operate, they can quickly establish stable micro-environments for recovery to grow from.

2. Stable base: An organization (or nation) of people with narrowly focused, specialized skills may accomplish great things when everything is going smoothly, but it quickly falls apart when trouble comes and key people are knocked out.

The survivalist and prepper mind-set of jack-of-all-trades makes for a stable organization (or nation). If the specialist falls or needs help, others can help pick up the slack — even if it means they’re doing it at a slower speed or lower level of proficiency.

3. Joseph in the Bible: Preppers and survivalists have been around saving the day since the beginning of time. In Genesis 37-50, Joseph sees trouble coming and prepares for seven years. At the end of seven years, a severe drought and famine hit that last for the next seven years. Because of Joseph’s preparations, Egypt survived the drought and famine and was able to help the surrounding nations.

4. Founding Fathers: With the Constitution and Bill of Rights, our Founding Fathers pushed responsibility from the Federal government down to the individual citizen and promoted a survivalist/prepper mentality. They did it with the 2nd and 4th Amendments, they did it by example (Washington leading a mostly barefoot army across the Delaware), and they did it throughout their writing.

5. Siege warfare: Many of the things that happened after Hurricane Katrina are textbook examples of why siege warfare is so effective. The normal city has a three-day supply of food. The normal prepper has a six- to 24-month supply of food.

Which do you think is more stable in the event of a siege that is due to disasters or war?

If you focus only on food and water supplies, a city, county, region or country with many preppers will be much more resilient to being cut off from outside help than one with few preppers.

6. Independent from the government: How much leverage does an energy tax (or most other taxes) have on a family that’s living partially or completely off the grid? The more self-reliant you are, the less control the government can exert over your life through taxes.

7. Criminals fear the aware and prepared: This is fairly straightforward. Preppers and survivalists gradually become more aware and prepared than the average person. This will show itself in your walk, in your eyes and how you carry yourself. In short, you stop looking like a wounded gazelle and more like a badger… cute and cuddly, but ready to do anything necessary to stop a threat to himself or his loved ones.

8. Tyrants fear survivalists and preppers: In addition to living a lifestyle that insulates them from siege, some taxes and being nannied, survivalists and preppers are usually well-armed and seek advanced training. Good men have nothing to fear from an armed populace, but tyrants who seek to control the lives of others will always try to disarm them first through confiscation, taxation or pressure through media and the education system.

It worked for Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong and many more narcissistic, mass murders throughout the ages. It worked so far back, in fact, that Aristotle spoke extensively about how, in any society, those who control the arms control the state.

9. More preppers means fewer refugees and faster recovery from disasters: After a local, regional or national disaster, the number of refugees will be inversely proportional to the number of preppers and survivalists in the area. In other words, the more preppers you have in an area, the less strain the hospitals, volunteer organizations and government-run refugee centers will have.

10. More able to help their fellow man: After a disaster, you’re not going to see very many refugees donating their food, supplies or time. It’s not that they don’t want to, but rather it’s because they are in a fight for their lives and may be dehydrated, hungry and tired.

Preppers and survivalists who have food storage, water or water-treatment tools and who have prepared themselves psychologically for disasters will be able to help in several ways. First, they are less likely to become refugees or use the time and resources of first responders. Second, since they are prepared for disasters, they can help the people in their immediate area, which will lessen the load on first responders and reduce the number of refugees. Third, by helping themselves and their neighbors, preppers will increase the quality of care for people who do need first responder care or who need to relocate to a refugee center.

In short, the more survivalists and preppers we have, the more stable our families, cities and the country as a whole are.

Please let me know what you think about this by commenting below. Love it? Hate it? Do you have additional points to add? Let me know.

Dr. David Eifrig Jr.

is the editor of two of Stansberry's best advisory services. One of his advisories, Retirement Millionaire, is a monthly letter showing readers how to live a millionaire lifestyle on less than you'd imagine possible. He travels around the U.S. looking for bargains, deals and great investment ideas. Already his average reader has saved $2,793 since 2008 (documented in each Retirement Millionaire issue). He also writes Retirement Trader, a bi-monthly advisory that explains simple techniques to make large, but very safe, gains in the stock and bond markets. This is a pure finance play and the reason Porter Stansberry loves having "Doc" on the team. Doc holds an MBA from Kellogg and has worked in arbitrage and trading groups with major Wall Street investment banks (Goldman Sachs). In 1995, he retired from the "Street," went to UNC-Chapel Hill for medical school and became an ophthalmologist. Now, in his latest "retirement," he joined Stansberry & Associates full-time to share with readers his experiences and ideas.

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  • vicki

    “…the titles “survivalist” and “prepper” would have seemed redundant a couple of generations ago. When the Greatest Generation was growing up, preparedness was simply a way of life.”

    Indeed it was. That is why the great depression was bad but you did not see the riots in the US that we see overseas today and my yet see here.

    Not only was it a way of life but it was actively taught to both boys and girls thru the Boy and Girl Scouts of America.

    What is the motto of the Scouts? “Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared! ”

    Not surprising that the “progressives” spent years tearing down the BSA.
    Tyrants hate people who are prepared.

  • s c

    David, points 6 through 10 are enough to change behaviors in most U S cities. The career criminals in Washington should be told that in no way will
    our smaller cities be used as experiments for Uncle Scam.
    Those useful idiots and back-stabbers must be told that as long as we are engaged in foreign wars and Uncle Scam will not protect our borders, it is up to America’s REAL patriots in all 50 states [not 57, Mr. Prez] to do Uncle Scam’s job.
    Welcome to the new reality, Uncle Scam.

  • Michael J.

    Mr. Morris,
    FEMA is a scourge on the people of this country. Whatever Jimmy Carter saw as a goal for FEMA has been swallowed by the Department of Homland Security. Their agenda consists of population control, weapons confiscation and detainment of wrongly perceived anti government dissidents such as returning military veterans, Ron Paul supporters, anti abortionist, Christians and law abiding registered gun owners. All other public assistance will be cast-off once their primary mission commences.

    DHS originaly formulated to protect us from foreign terrorist has been re-purposed to focus on the very people it was designed to defend.

    When the round-up begins, all information required will be provided by multi agency colaberation including recent census data with GPS coordinants.

    • mark

      When the round-up begins, yeah right! More right-wing, over-the-top paranoia. I remember the Survivalist Movement of the 1970s and the fear of the “Collapse” and/or the “Big Round-Up.” Of course 40 years has passed and the dreaded government round up of significant portions of the population or the collapse of industrial society has never occurred. But this never discourages the movement. ZOG (Zionist Organized Gov’t) was the big boogey man back then, now it is FEMA, the UN, or the “Anti-Christ from Kenya.” It is always something or someone new who is going to destroy us. Just like those end-of-the-world enthusiasts who keep predicting the day the World is going to end. It just never comes true. But this does not bother them in the least; they just keep preparing for this ludicrous and non-sensical outcome. Fear and paranoia seems to be the driving theme of so many American lives. It is very sad. Keep buying those canned beans, guns, and bottled water! Good luck with the your new bomb shelter. A least these activities help the economy a little.

      • Mickey

        In Reply to: mark says:
        July 25, 2011 at 9:12 am
        So Mark, are you saying we should not know how to prepare in case of a disaster of any kind or have the KNOW HOW to take care of ourselves? Just becasue of some conspricay theory? Born, raised and residing in the hills (That is rural for you city slickers) we learned how to grow our own food, kill, clean & cook what we could catch or kill. There are way to much of the population that cannot do any of this and if the grocery stores go down they will starve!!! I think maybe Mark you could be one of these, Learn to survive as the next Tornado, hurricane or terriosts action might be in your neighborhooD!!

      • Wapitiman

        You follow your trail and I’ll follow mine. Good luck. I hope you’re right. If you are, I have lost nothing; but if you’re wrong you have lost…

      • the77surfer

        Then there are also people, such as yourself, who cry out to the very same oppressors ,who cause this kind of chaos. What you should fear is your obvious delusions that this government or any other in your life time has been there to do our bidding. Just be prepared for ANYTHING is what everyone is being warned about. Don’t you think it is better to be prepared for the worst, but praying for the best ?

        • John3-30

          You are so right when you say prepare for the worst, but pray for the best. But you forgot one thing. Delusional Progressives, like Mark, usually don’t pray until after a disaster or grave illness has struck. So for them “I don’t pray, and I don’t prepare, because all I need to survive anything is FEMA, DHS, BATFE and my full faith in my government.”

      • Michael J.

        Don’t worry about Mark, he’s yucking it up just like the Dinosaurs did the day before the asteroid hit.

      • Michael J.

        When the time comes… All that will be left of those who do not prepare is a dirty skidMark.

      • andrea francis

        You may be right, and I really hope you are, but having a few extra beans or rice etc. is certainly not going to hurt anyone, right? If there was a natural or man- made disaster and stores have only 3 days worth of food, the people that have food and water for their families would be thought of as smart, and not fools as you suggest they are! And when you are standing in line with lots of other people hoping the store doedn’t run out of milk before you get to it because your kids are crying for milk, maybe you will remember your scathing diatribe about folks who understood the signs of the times, and you may wish that you had listened to them!!

    • EddieW

      It seems that every government organization eventually falls into the hands of those who want to totally control every aspect of our lives. Do think they can makes us a better people? NO…just want to deprive us of our freedoms. Every Government organization seems to end up in this “box”!!

    • http://MSN CHARLEY60

      That is the idea of a federal ID card. In China, with these, they required religion on it also. The story line was in case of your death who to contact. But last Easter those, who had put Christian on there application, found a policeman at the house stopping them from going to Easter worship service. Thousands of them. For the good of the State. Now we are told ,here, we need them for security reasons.

  • JC Refuge

    I’ve been in the preparedness business for 10 years ( What I have seen and experienced throughout that time (and for the decades prior when I was in related activities)is that there are two key “deliverables” to a serious preparedness avocation that are not necessarily apparent on first blush …

    1. Peace of mind. There comes a balance in life when one has a solid foundation of “life” insurance. Bad things happen out there daily, to some degree or another … from personal setbacks to community catastrophe or worse. Knowing that you personally are well situated for most anything life can throw at you means you sleep well at night–even when the headlines are at their most frightening. To say the least, folks who are at peace are not a problem for their neighbors or for the authorities.

    2. Responsibility. Not only are folks who embrace readiness not a problem, they are often part of the solution when issues do arise due to natural or manmade disaster. But even before disaster strikes, citizens who put forth the effort to personally mitigate risks are also extremely likely to take their sense of community and responsibility to others and as citizens very seriously. They are often active and materially involved in initiatives of real value– politically, socially, commercially, and professionally.

    • ed

      Governments ie state and local have been outlawing preparedness to control the populace by limiting citizens to a small amount of stores like 6 days max. watch out for these anti hoarding laws

      • vicki

        Do you have some examples? It might help Mark to realize that government is not his benefactor.

    • donnaroo

      Very well said!

  • wishladya

    I lived next door to a Mormon family, and we went grocery shopping together in the early 60′s. Since that time, I’ve kept myself stocked up for a year with survival foods. I grow my own garden, and I keep the freezer stocked with meat. I also have canned meat, some I canned myself. Learn to make do with what you’ve got, but make certain you’ve got to get by with! Planting a garden and preserving the food, buying & keeping seeds for the next year, be prepared to protect & defend your family. Instead of worrying about how to apply for aid, figure out how to be your own aid.

  • Bill Scantlen

    Growing up on a farm in Northwest Ohio in the late 30s and 40s, we were then and I am now a prepper and survivalist. We raised everything we ate. We had no running water in the home, no bathrooms, no AC or electricity or furnaces (wood and some coal gleaned from along the railroad tracks that had fallen from the cars)
    Although, it was against the government to butcher your own homegrown meat we did it anyway. Not for sale but for surviving with my Dad and his brothers’ all participating.
    It is a mindset that influencing me even today and although the feds will shortly monitor our home gardens, my word to them will be,Get the hell out of here!

  • david

    I have been prepared for many years. I rotate my can goods out. I do not worry about my long term food,as it will last 30 plus years. I sold and cashed in all my assets over 10 years ago and bought gold and silver. My extended family have a large supply of guns and ammo to keep these things. I control my own energy with solar and generstors( they are air coolded diesels and I make my own biodiesel processor) The funniest part is that everyone does not laught and reciule me anymore.

    • Jenna

      David, I sure hope you bring a spelling book into that bomb shelter with ya. All this is such a stretch. Where is GOD in all of this?? Does He NOT say, “take no thought for tomorrow, I will take care of you?” Granted, this does not mean to be foolish or wasteful…but good grief, people…are you folks every HAPPY? RELAXED? Do y’all EVER have fun doing anything but polishing your guns and making sure all of your can’s labels face forward? Please spare me your scathing replies. I’m not a fan of our government nor politicians, but I sure am PRO-active in my own community to make changes at the BASE level…where it matters most.

      • Lauri

        Jenna if I were to take a guess you live in dense verticle housing. You have never had the joy of eating a tomato fresh from the garden. You could call me a prepper if you want, but as the country song says, ‘country boy can survive. You can bet if anything happens in my area, all of us, meaning ranchers that supply the beef you might eat will survive, but you can bet your meat and veggie supply will run out quickly as farmers take carre of thier own first, and think of you third.

      • Denno

        Oh Oh….SPELLING POLICE !!!! Bring all your spellers, grammar and etiquette books to the shelter with you. They’ll taste good after a few days. In the meantime, we vulgar commoners will be feeding the effete as they grovel unprepared in the real world.

      • andrea francis

        Did you ever see the bible verses about the grasshopper and the ant? I cannot remember which book it is in, but God says; “Go to the ant and see how he toils to put food away for winter, and compare him to the grasshopper, who doesn’t prepare at all, and gos hungry in the cold” That is not a quote, but that is th gist of the verses. So I say; “Pray and Prepare!”

  • SLHaynes

    Excellent and well said. Those complaining the most about the “preppers, etc.” will be the first to need help!

  • Victor D Easley

    And, as is evident by the replies so far, “preppers” are much more civil, rational & mentally stable than their liberal opponents. Why then is “hoarder” such a dirty word? The only answer that makes sense to me is that order and self-sufficiency is contrary to the goals of the power elite.

    • 45caliber

      A “horder” is the ant in the Ant and Grasshopper story. Sadly, today, the grasshopper gets the ant’s stores and the ant is kicked out into the cold to freeze and starve.

      • vicki

        Only the unarmed ant. :)

        • Denno

          LOVE that reply !!

  • Mike

    I agree with everything in this article. But one thing that being a prepper has done, IMHO, is being a prepper, or at least the mentality, is also why the country is in the shape it’s in. Weve prepped for a disaster, fall of the dollar, etc, but we don’t want to advertise that we have, we don’t want anyone outside our immediate circle to know. So, we stay inconspicuous. Which is a good thing. But I also think we carry this type of thought to the political arena. How does less than one percent of the population(homo lobby) get more rights than Christians, veterans, etc? Cause they have big mouths backed by money. approximately 335 individuals control 330 million people. This is why they’re scared of an armed population. This is why , as preppers, also need to comeout of our safe zones, and get like minded people in office for common sense solutions. Example: crafts a 1960 mile long by one mile wide military base. It will stop the flow of drugs and illegals. Pass an amendment that says until the age of 18,all children will be considered the same nationality as the parents. Reinstate the debt china owed the us from ww2. Quit paying welfare recipients for children. Open up the orphanages, since most would be taken care of better. Start charging foreign govts for housing Thier prisoners. Start collecting from any country where our troops are stationed, s Korea, Iraq, afganastan, etc, instead of the us going in debt. There are many more common sense fixes, but it starts with like minded people. Keep prepping, get active, and let’s take this country back!!!

    • the77surfer

      Great thoughts, and great people will tend to migrate together. There are a lot of people who were awake already, and are doing our best to wake up the sleeping giants. We have a great army of useful thinkers, that need to know that others feel the same as they do. TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK FROM THE POLITICIANS !!

  • Marilyn

    I grew up in the 50′s and 60′s. My Mom and Dad grew up during the depression. My Mom would reuse aluminum foil, plastic bags and anything else that she could because of that. Unfortunately, my generation grew up quite comfortably in comparison and didn’t learn these conservation lessons. We have become a very wasteful society throwing out what our parents generation would have loved to have and fix. That being said, my comfy, serene life has been upended with the election of our current POTUS. As a result, I have become a survivalist and prepper. I have, over the last two years, accumulated 25 year shelf life food to feed my family for over a year, guns and ammo (which I never owned before), an “off the grid” home in the mountains and gold and silver. The indicators that I have observed that tell me that this society can collapse have not changed. Many of my friends think I’m off my rocker and some have followed suit. The problem as I see it is that many people have not yet seen any change in their life style and ergo – think things will always be “fine”. I guess they prefer to see the glass half full. I’m not really a pessimist, but I’m thinking the glass is half empty. I hope (and pray daily) that I’m wrong.

    • Michael J.

      Good for you. I too have become a hoarder of sorts, thinking twice before throwing anything away. Try to use everything twice, if not three times before discarding. Obama has been my best teacher, indirectly that is. In the last 2 1/2 years I’ve learned how to make chicken soup out of chicken scat, thanks to the faux POTUS. Good luck to you and yours!

  • FreedomFighter

    Many “Preppers” are Feeding the hungry also.

    Example: When rotating foodstuff for replacement I take them to the local food bank, and so do others in the the hand of five.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • TML

    I love it
    I can’t believe there could actually be any derogatory talk about such things.

  • hardy perry moore

    david, i respect your right to express yourself,but you do know the web is monitored as well as every phone call made in usa for “terroists” expressions. i forget if it was chinese or japanese that said nail stick up get nailed down. food for thought.

    • Barbara

      Hardy, it was the Japanese. Why are we discussing this? Everyone should have a supply of staples in case of emergencies. But a year’s worth, I don’t know. Take a look in your cupboards and figure out how many meals you can make with what you have on hand. Try to have a month’s worth. But are you really eating canned and dry foods as a daily diet. Fresh foods are probably the major part of your regular diet and these cannot be stored. If chaos does come, your supplies will probably be taken by those with bigger guns than you have. You only need enough food and water until the government takes charge of the looters.As nutsy as our government behaves sometimes it will not allow the chaos some of you are preparing for.

      • DurangoKid

        Barbara, one important consideration….the looters with bigger guns MAY BE THE GOVERNMENT!!

      • http://Yahoo TeaTime

        Surely you jest!!!

      • Jude Montarsi

        The government has a recent history of incompetence on the homefront as exemplified in the aftermath of Katrina, and more recently Sandy. Based upon my observations of the rural county where I live–where only a few well-connected families “control” everything from businesses to law enforcement and the courts, it would not surprise me in the least that if a time came when the government had to act to stop looting and harassment of law abiding citizens during a period of hardship or civil unrest, the “local officials” would be the first in line to loot! I’m ex-military. I have travelled and lived and worked in other parts of the world as a civilian in non-government employment and have plenty of opportunities to sharpen my skills of observation. What I see taking place in my community–and in my state–has given me pause for serious concern. I’m already surrounded by hungry people who can’t do for themselves–and if you think there is no hunger in rural America, open your eyes. I also see a generation who have no sense of community–completely narcissitic to the point of sociopathy. I have never kept weapons in my home, but as I watch the slow implosion of what was once a vibrant society, I’m reconsidering the need to be armed. The “fear” (if that’s what you want to call it) cuts across the entire social spectrum. Everyone I talk to from every walk of life and socio-economic class I talk to, seems to be preoccupied with some kind of impending disaster/doom. Anyone with eyes in his head can see that things are changing, and most people sense on some intuitive level that the change is not for the better. So, prepare for the worst, and hope for the best and be as self-reliant as you can be given your circumstance. That’s just common sense.

  • balboaboy23

    When the round-up begins, yeah right! More right-wing, over-the-top paranoia. I remember the Survivalist Movement of the 1970s and the fear of the “Collapse” and/or the “Big Round-Up.” Of course 40 years has passed and the dreaded government round up of significant portions of the population or the collapse of industrial society has never occurred. But this never discourages the movement. ZOG (Zionist Organized Gov’t) was the big boogey man back then, now it is FEMA, the UN, or the “Anti-Christ from Kenya.” It is always something or someone new who is going to destroy us all. Just like those end-of-the-world enthusiasts who keep predicting the day the World is going to end. It just never comes true. Fear and paranoia seems to be the driving theme of so many American lives. It’s really very sad. But keep buying those canned beans, guns, and bottled water! Good luck with your new bomb shelter. A least these activities help stimulate the economy a little.

    • LTC (Rt) Ray Burke

      A typical example of the ant and grasshopper parable. You grasshoppers are all alike. You ridicule those of us who choose to prepare for future lean years while you fritter away your time and resources. Well, that’s your choice. But don’t come to us ants for help when the s*** hits the fan !!!

    • vicki

      BalboaBoy23. Why are you parroting Mark’s post (mark says:
      July 25, 2011 at 9:12 am)?

  • dan

    I hadn’t really remembered where my preparedness bug came from…
    God Bless the Boy Scouts and the men who took the time to teach/lead
    a lad like me.Like David, I’ve been at this for awhile and have a homestead (despite sled -dogs eating the chickens ,the milk cow dying,the well going dry ,the Ex,the house-fire the car falling on me or even the falling off the Harley fiasco)but have been aware ,for many years ,that without well thought out tactics and defended perimeters,guns are just a loud means of suicide if attacked by superior (organized?) forces.Trying to defend a fixed position depends on outlasting the resources and will of your foe in a condition to make survival worthwhile…and not having a weak link that they can capitalize upon,and they’ll find one or make one.
    Having a backup plan or two is prudent.Anticipate the problems,prepare for the worst case scenario,,hope for the best….but never give up !

  • denniso

    something not working here.

  • denniso

    OK,maybe things are fixed.

    I have been trying to post a comment asking why Bob Livingston has not done an article on the slaughter in Norway. Is it not serious enough? Nearly 100 young people hunted down and killed,and the bombing in Oslo as well,by the same misguided and sick guy?

    The guy is a self avowed right wing Christian who was trying to start a violent revolution against multiculturalism and tolerance in Norway…sounds a bit too similar to many of our own rightwing Christians decrying diversity and acceptance of other religions and people.

    • meteorlady

      Right wing Christian? What exactly is that denniso? I’m unclear about a lot of things. Redneck for instance is associated with most anyone that lives in the south. Bible thumper is another good one. As for accepting another religion, I’m more than happy to do that. I don’t however consider the Muslims as having a religion. Their form of governance fits the “cult” definition better than religion.

      I have a masters in economics and run a small business. I live in the south, go to church, and help out in my community. I spend 8-10 hours weekly on Habitat for Humanity and our local children’s fund. Most all the other “right wing Christians” I know are right there with me. What have you done for your community and it’s people?

      • denniso

        There are rightwing Christians and leftwing Christians…there are left and rightwing non belivers and belivers in other religions. In this country,a majority of Christians are rightwing,which means they vote Republican,want their religion in public schools,support almost any and every war,want whites to be the dominant people and are generally opposed to equal rights for absolutely everyone.

        • http://Yahoo TeaTime

          Do more research. I am fairly right wing & I say bring ALL the troops home!!!Put them shoulder to shoulder on the souther border. No I do not live there!! Another surprise, I am a redneck from INDIANA. Redneck is more an attitude than a location. Do you know we have 50,000 troops in GERMANY alone & since WWII !!!! WHY??? Can anyone answer that

    • Michael J.

      Why is it that madmen are so often able to operate at Super Special Ops level effectiveness the FIRST time they take up arms and with no known training?

      Do you ever wonder about that?

      Do you ever wonder how “lone gunman” are able to kill so many people before they’re stopped?

      Why there’s often talk of a second – or third or more – gunman that fades away?

      I do.

      If mayhem were this easy, military forces wouldn’t need to spend weeks and months to bring killers to this level of effectiveness.

      Isn’t it odd that when “right wing nuts” or “Muslims” or “militia” or “nationalists” or “anarchists” or “gun owners” or you-fill-in-the-blank are needed to get a point across, they magically develop super human combat skills…without training…without logistics…just learning as they go along.

      It’s [word removed] folks. The story as it is being told is total [word removed].

      The only real thing about it are the innocent victims.

    • Siegie1

      The guy is deluded if he thinks he is a Christian. I thought I was a Christian for 33 years before I realized what it truly means to be a Christian. A Christian is someone who, first, realizes he is a sinner and helpless to rectify the situation. No amount of good works will balance or cover the sin. Second, he believes that Jesus paid the penalty for his sin; and third, he accepts Jesus into his life as Savior and Lord. God’s love and peace fill his soul and his love for ALL others cause him to desire to share the peace and love he has with anyone who will listen. This guy doesn’t fit that description!

      • Cawmun Cents

        While I can say a qualified”Amen”to what you stated brother,we should be careful about that which is Gods to decide.-CC.

    • donnaroo

      So, to understand your post, Christians and “right-wing?” are synonymous terms that you lump together with nuts who blow up young children? What kind of kool-aid are you drinking Denise? For Gods sake: (or should I say Allah’s sake?) it is YOU and YOUR thinking that keeps seperating us all into different categories and once divided, we will fall! Why don’t you explain to us what religion we don’t tolerate? We tolerate all peace loving religions. Sharia? He double hockey sticks NO! Why don’t you read and educate yourself on Muslim law and then come back here and explain to us all just WHY it is we should “TOLERATE” Sharia Law that is disguised as religion! As a woman, I would think you would reconsider your stance about a supposed religion that allows WOMEN no say, no education, no access to the remedies of law, etc. IT IS JUST YOUR TYPE OF TOLERISM THAT WILL GET US ALL KILLED! As for me and mine, I’ll be prepared DUE TO people like YOU!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear denniso,

      As to your comment about having problems posting: We are still have technical difficulties that will last a few more days. We will rectify them as soon as possible. Meantime, you will find that comments will be slow to appear.

      As to your comment about the shocking events in Norway: As you might imagine, I am not buying the meme that he was a Christian and I do not classify neo-Nazis, if that’s what he was, as being right wing. I am equally certain that you will not agree with my take. I believe there is something far more nefarious afoot, and there is certainly much more there than meets the eye.

      I thank God that the death toll has come down 92 to 76. I find it quite disturbing that Norway doesn’t have the death penalty. And I pray that his claim that there are more like him is empty rhetoric.

      Best wishes,

      • 45caliber

        I agree about the law in Norway. Apparently the MAXIMUM sentence the criminal will receive is about 21 years in jail.

        Further, the judge has ruled that he must be kept locked up for 2 months – but unless more evidence turns up, he will then be released until trial. And since they have small jails, many criminals after sentencing remain at home until a place opens up.

        • denniso

          Dear Bob Livingston,

          Thanks for the info on the tech difficulties,so I now know it wasn’t my computer.

          As to the Norway event, why can’t you believe the killer is a Christian? Because all Christians are inherently good and incapable of this sort of evil? Now is he a ‘true’ Christian in his heart and a real follower of the example of Jesus? Turn the other cheek? Give to the poor? Judge not lest you be judged? No, of course not,but we could give that test to our Christians here and many or most would also fail it.

          It sounds like you are already buying into some hidden conspiracy,rather than accepting the fact that a lone madman,maybe w/ help and certainly w/ supporters,is capable of pulling off this kind of slaughter in an effort to stop the diversifying of his country. Why is that so hard to believe? Because you know that this sort of violence adds support to those who favor clamping down on assault weapons or paints intolerance for what it is…sick? Intolerance of civil rights,religious rights,gay rights and all human rights,is the real threat in the modern world. I would guess that you and most here prefer to think of rights violations as just another politically correct gimmick designed to take away our rights as Americans.

          Thanks again

    • LTC (Rt) Ray Burke

      Interesting commentary from a left wing atheist.

    • 45caliber


      “right wing Christian”?

      According to today’s newspaper (English anyway) he is an atheist, not a Christian. In fact, as far as I can tell, ONLY the US media is calling him a Christian. All foreign news are calling him an atheist. Perhaps you should check out more than what is on the local TV news.

      • denniso

        I’m not trying to malign all Christians. Whether he claims to be or not is irrelevant…he already said that he was trying to send a message against a multicultural country,allowing Muslims in particular to enter as well as blaming the labor party there for their tolerance of ‘outsiders’.

    • Cawmun Cents

      (There is no excuse for shooting a bunch of people who have no way of defending themselves.Such an individual,no matter the claims of who or what he is,is a coward in the truest sense.)
      Probably for the same reason that they didnt mention that the camp that he went nuts in was there to indoctrinate young folks with communist ideals.How come they didnt mention that?But if you are going to tell the story…make sure the whole story gets out,not just the part you think is pertinent.I looked up the Norwegian Labor Party,and the youth division of that entity was claimed by the communist party in 1927.

      • denniso

        Here we go…so if the kids at the camp were learning anything that could be called ‘communist’ then you think it’s OK for them to be killed,despite your initial disclaimer? You said there’s no excuse for the slaughter,then you essentially make one up…they were being indoctrinated as communists! Muslim,Communist,whatever,you can’t qualify your disapproval of such a horrible killing based on who the victims are or what they’re doing…much like blaming a raoe victim for what she wears. Be a little smarter.

        That’s the danger of being intolerant of whole groups of people,religious or political…some people then think it’s OK to kill them in the greater interest of society,just like the killer did.
        It is sad and threatening that we have people in this country who think just like the killer in Norway.

        • Void1972

          “can’t we all just get along”? I guess not! This is the fact. No, I do not agree with You, Muslims, Communist, Gays, Blacks, Spanish, Liberals, Progressives, Socialist, Satanist, Marxists, or any other evil, anti-American, anti-Christ scum that is trying to destroy this great nation.
          Tolerance, Equality, Diversity? These are the three Communist words that destroyed Europe, and is on it’s way to destroying the American Dream!
          Your ignorance comes from your lack of knowledge.
          You try to justify your ignorance of God by blaming such evil on Christians. Just read the Bible.
          Muslims are followers of a true evil cultist, just read the Koran.
          Communism was created by the same demented families that now control the world, just read To Eliminate the Opiate.
          The Gay movement was started by the same Communist families along with the sick and demented TV shows we now endure, to help bring down moral standards in America.
          Blacks and Spanish have also been corrupted by these same super powerful Communist families. Corrupted enough To Destroy the Basic principle of human survival, The Family. Destroy the family, and government has total control of your life.
          Liberals, Progressives, Socialist, all the same as Communism. All based on Plato’s three tier power structor. Government, Military, Workers. The Government has full control, wealth and power. They are the Elite. This is what Europe has always inspired, and now is infecting America.
          These same Communist families are not Followers of God, although they pretend to be. Their true lord is Satan. These are extremely evil and demented people, who have been caused great mental sickness do to centuries of inbreeding.
          The insanity is spreading. These followers of Satan now control Hollywood, Media, Newspapers, Magazines, almost every bit of information going into your poisoned head is from them.
          They create candidates for every office who are corrupt, and will only remain in power if they follow orders. Council on Foreign Relations.
          No Denniso, I do not agree with you and those like you. But here in America, we used to have that option.
          If I don’t want to live next door to you, I used to have that option. Now you are forcing me to accept your demented homosexual behavior as normal. Your Tax sucking Black and Spanish criminals as my Neighbors. Your so called “Peace loving” Muslims Mosque in my city they destroyed. Obama’s staff of Communist Czars.
          No, I do not agree. I will keep on moving until I find an area as the one I grew up in. Where people were all alike. Italians, Germans, Blacks, Irish, Polish, Jews, Christians, Americans. We were all poor, all struggled to make our own American Dream. It was always a struggle, but it was our America, our Dream. We got along because we needed too, to survive. not because it was forced on us.
          That was America.
          Your dream of multi culturism is not working anywhere on the planet, so wake up. We cannot all get along, but you and yours can move to Russia, Cuba, or anywhere your Communist ideas will thrive. So Denniso, Please stop trying to shove your sickness on the rest of us. We are getting very tired of you and yours!
          God Bless America, and those who fight for her!!!!

          • denniso

            You sound ill,and my hope is that there are people monitoring sites like tis one watching for people like you,who sound just like the killer in Norway. You will move until you find a place where everyone is alike? Then you mention growing up w/ a list of different cultures? What gives? You and people like the killer can’t get along w/ anyone who looks or acts differently than you,so your solution is to purify the country? You really do need help…

        • Cawmun Cents

          Two things really denniso.1<I happen to have been on both sides of the fence,in both of your arguments.2<I know what it means to be a Christian.It means giving up the things that man(Breivik)did.No matter how much you mignt want to believe that it isnt quite true,I suggest you read the words of Christ himself,if you do not agree.
          Have you ever lived in a nation where communists rule?I am not speaking of being there in a military capacity.I mean actually living as a citizen of a communist nation?It is not all that the leftist professors in college,make it out to be.Most of them have not lived in a communist country either.
          Have you ever been cold or hungry?Not the kind where you just go somewhere to eat or get warm.The kind where you dont have much and must either make or grow your own?When a policeman asks you for papers,you'd better have permission to be wherever you are,or you will be off to prison?The kind where all there is at the store is vodka and catsup?If you want vegtables or meat you have to have land to grow and raise them on.Try owning land in a communist country.You wont be alive very long to enjoy it.You will go to a prison that is not quite as kind as the ones you might experience here.And the court system is quite different as well.Ever try winning a case that is brought against you by a communist government?They point at you as you walk by and say,"guilty"and off to the fun house you go.
          you would be well advised to sign with capitalists.At least you get a trial,when an indictment is levied against you.
          Yes…stick to your country club life like a baby to his mothers breast.Suckle the sweet tenderness of capitalism.Before you know the cold breast of communism,shoot yourself.You will be doing yourself a favor.Many who live under the supposed safety net of socialism in other nations,arent as safe as they think.As witnessed by the happenings these last few days.They set themselves up like lambs for the slaughter,and when it comes,they can only watch while the butcher does his work.Maybe you want to live in such a place with such people.But do not hold those of us who do not in contempt.Some of us may have experience.-CC.

          • denniso

            I don’t see any point to your rant,except your suggestion that I shoot myself.

    • Joe

      This guy only considers himself to being a Christian as it relates to being NOT Muslim. Kind of like in the Crusades. You were either a Christian or a Muslim. I have not seen or heard anything else supporting a desire to be like Christ.

  • meteorlady

    I used to think that people would take care of each other in an emergency situation, but since Katrina and the actions of the people that stays there, I’m thinking there are a whole lot of people that will just take what they want instead of helping others. I watched as their emergency shelters were trashed, people were robbed and raped and could not believe that our country has gotten so uncivilized.

    I used to get information from my Grandmother about the Depression and she said they were farmers. They had lots of food stored and she canned, made her own bread, etc. They used to hand out small pouches of food to people passing through looking for work.

    Now we have third and fourth generation welfare people that depend on the government for everything. Those in New Orleans didn’t even move from their curbs waiting for the government. Most didn’t want to leave because they were scared their welfare checks wouldn’t find them. Sad the government has created this.

    Since I live in Texas I figure it’s going to be war at some point. The illegals Mexicans that are coming here have been taught that we stole their land and they are entitled to come here and take what they want. They are over running our schools, hospitals and ruining the job market yet our government sits by and ignores pleas from our governor to secure the borders.

    • 45caliber

      Keep in mind that most of those at the shelters were criminals before they got there. The actions at the Astrodome simply emphasised that. It’s been a long time since criminals in the US were willing to help others in emergencies.

      I used to kid my daughter (who married a man named Barker) about being “Ma Barker”. She was a woman who trained her children (among others) to rob and kill. Today there seems to be many women who would fit that name in truth.

    • Thinking About

      Your general statement of all waiting in New Orleans is far from the truth. I personally know many in the New Orleans area and it just is not true. Have you ever tried to evacuate in a city that size, lots of drivers sitting for hours and not going anywhere. What a about hundreds who had extremely I’ll and they refused to leave their side. Some was immobile unable to travel. Essential employees in utility and medical fields was not able to leave. Talk about surviving take some lessons from hurricane, tornado and earthquakes and know real survival. Think if trees lost their bark and your home went away you are going to run and grab your gun. There is needs to prepare but realization sometimes events will not go your way. May God bless this great nation and may we become the United States we should always be.

  • Marc

    I like all of the ‘preparedness’ info. very wise thinking ! As regards “denniso” on diversity, maybe he’s like to see DoD tapes of the peaceful Muslims ‘sawing” through American (and others) necks. They do Not whack off heads with clean, sharp swords. They use old saws. Step right up denniso. These Muslims are tied to their Quran (Koran) where we infidels are to be killed. Period.
    Me personally? I would expel ALL muslims from America, asap, for National Security. I’d stop training them in our military academies, and universities. It is Unfortunate that their holy book calls for us to die (or convert).
    Thus, they ALL have to go because how in the heck are we nice Americans and European [infidels] supposed to know which Muslims are okay and “which are true believers?”

  • Sadly Wiser

    This is what I’ve told my friends & family:

    The Boy Scout Motto is: BE PREPARED. A lesson from Daniel–by the time the handwriting was on the wall (Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin counted, weighed, short on the balance scale, divided) it was too late!

    Not everyone will be able to prepare at the same level, or in the same ways, but if we all prepare as G-d directs us we will be prepared. Examples: everyone can buy extra cans of food, toilet paper, basic first aid supplies, basic OTC remedies, & bottled water. Some have acquired EMS skills, the ability to hunt (etc.), and to garden & store food effectively. It would also perhaps be helpful to know who in your neighborhood is thinking the same way (and is trustworthy).

    I really like what the article touches on in # 7 regarding mental preparedness (my son pointed out however that badgers are NEVER cute & cuddly–look up badgers), although a lot more could have been said about how to mentally prepare. The #1 thing there is first to learn to observe what’s going on around you. The training I got in the EMS course I took in 1999 (Y2K prep) really jumpstarted my ability to observe, and the training has been really useful on several occasions over the years even when I stopped running on the ambulance squad.

    I would add that the EMS training was very empowering–I had come out of a domestic violence situation and feeling like a victim until I realized that by helping patients (we don’t call them victims) I was no longer a victim. And where before I rarely noticed police cars or even ambulances unless they were “lights & sirens”, I suddenly began to spot them all the time. The First Responder course is shorter–it covers mainly trauma (not medical) if you want to learn something more than basic first aid.

  • Mad Max

    It’s a tragedy that it has come to this. But I wouldn’t give up just yet. We still have one last option.

    If you are an American you have to Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    You can’t fight or fix what you don’t understand.

    “Spread the News”

  • RoyG

    the Gov and lib’s hate anybody who isnt dependant on them… preppers are self thinkers self motivated people…. being a prepper is the biggest threat to the dems one world theory thats why Pelosci call them Terrorist and the like..

  • Wobarg

    How can you mention the word “Christian” and associate it with a mass murderer?

    • DLR

      The Inquisition comes to mind for christan mass murders. Torture in the name of Christ was pretty much sop in the dark ages.

      • Joe

        Dont confuse murder OF Christians by a political organization masquerading under the guise of religion (cult).

  • TML

    I love it… I can’t really understand how/why something like this would be getting a lot of derogatory talk.

  • TML

    Appearently something is up with the posting capability… been trying to post several times, but nothing goes through.

  • Dons621

    Survivalist Preppers Ring a bell? How about TEA Party-er,s. These Patriots do not have their Head buried in the sand like to many of the leaches that are the base for Obama. If you have ever studied BODY Language you would see “O” for what he is “ZERO” but make no mistake he present more destruction than a dozen ATOMIC BOMBS.

    • knights templer

      Prepare and join a survivalist group is a smart thing to do. There is nothing anti-government at all about them. I and millions of smart American do it so we don’t wind up like Katrina victims. Prepper? you bet! Thanks Don, good to know I’m not alone in this thought. Yeah, I agree Obama is a snake not to be trusted. Body language, actions, even his own words tell you his plan to destroy America and make us slaves and convert us to Islam but after he makes us a 3rd world country. A wolf in sheeps clothing for sure.
      PREP ON!
      God Bless America!!

      • denniso

        You’re right that there’s nothing wrong w/ being prepared for the worst,but then you go off on these lies about Obama and his wishes. How can you then wonder why most people think you and others ‘preparing’ are loons?

        • Denno

          Why is everyone “lying” about obama???? He has a lot of unanswered questions surrounding him. His history is moot. His educational records are “sequestered”. ( like Bill and Hills were) His decisions are poor and he has a fawning media that’s STILL running interference for him. When this is brought to the fore: “Everyone is lying”. The leftist obama apologists are the loony ones. Being dependent on “government” and obama, they’ll all be dumpster diving when the shlt hits the fan.

        • DurangoKid

          denniso….when they come for you ‘useful idiots’, don’t call out for help. If you know anything about Obozo’s upbringing and parents, you would know they were bent on the destruction of the United States. I pity you, you fool!!

          • denniso

            Your cartoon name says it all!

        • http://Yahoo TeaTime

          Here is a truth you can verify if you care to. The ONLY person in the whole UNITED STATES who can stop social security checks from being printed & issued is……..drum role please….the President of the UNITED STATES. PERIOD. This country takes in $203 BILLION monthly. That is enough to pay ALL S.S., Militay pay, Education, and have $39 billion left over. So what we are not paying might have to be some foreign aid short term, or EPA grants to CHINA!!!! Look it up. Become informed.

          • denniso

            Boy you’re smart! All the economists and business people who are urging congress to raise the ceiling before we are in deep trouble don’t know what they’re talking about,but you do. You’ve looked at all the numbers and the global effects and have no fear there is a problem at all! You must believe that Obama is making the whole thing up for political gain…again, you are so smart.


    All well and good , but how can you prepare to survive a renegade government when the peoples rights are relegated to the trashbin and they , ( the government ), have not only the power of the gun but usurpe the power of the courts to themselves . I’m a fat old cripple that can’t do much and I don’t think there are enough people with the will or courage to fight what is coming down the pike .

    • Michael J.

      BUCK CROSBY said:
      “I don’t think there are enough people with the will or courage to fight what is coming down the pike .”

      That’s cause you ain’t seen us play Cowboys – N – Communist yet!

      • denniso

        You sound a bit like the killer in Norway…

        • Michael J.

          And you sound a bit like breaking wind.

        • Joe

          Our founding fathers realized that “the tree of liberty must be replenished from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”

  • NunJoBizness

    #6 is my favorite. It put into words what I’ve been thinking for about the last 10 years now. I am doing everything in my power to get as far off grid as possible. I want to fly under the radar and stay out of this horrid govt’s sights as long as I possibly can.

    To me, THAT is security. Along with God, Guns, Beans and Band Aids!

  • Cawmun Cents


  • Krys

    Hi All – David – I agree with you & the rest of the Preppers – I grew up milking cows ect.& going to my Great Aunts twice a yr w/my Dad & we done butchering & preserving as a family group. Now I’m on my own & to remember the good ol’days & wishing I was back in that time when this mess wasn’t around but it doesn’t work that way depending when you were born.
    Why is it there is always some trying to drag the rest down to their level, if they disbelieve in preppin’ why even bother getting in on the chat? You can bet since they do know about “US” we’ll be the first one’s trying to be found.
    Got news for those peeps they can keep peddlin’ their papers else where sincce they have already proven they not worth the effort & all they would be are leeches. I’d rather it be someone who would help earn their keep.
    So keep on Preppin’Friends as we are the stable of the bunch right now. God be with Us all & may he keep us strong & guide Us.

  • Barbara

    Everyone should have a month’s supply of food in case of emergencies such as natural disasters. Most of us live on fresh food that cannot be stored. If serious chaos comes, whatever suppies you do have will be taken from you by looters with bigger guns than you have. The most important thing you can do is live in a neighborhood where people are civilized and united.

    • http://Yahoo TeaTime

      If that situation ever arrises, You will find few civil places of comfort in places where the populace has not prepared. You may find you are living in an altered reality created by a somewhat artificial, superficial existence.

      • Cawmun Cents

        Folks arent as brave as they make themselves out to be.Start shooting and most of the smartest ones,will seek easier prey elsewhere.The ones that do not,deserve what is coming to them.People dont want to have to fight for food and water,especially those who have no practice at it.Do any of you out there in reality land like to be shot at?Probably not.Therefore if you have supplies and ammunition you will be safer than those who do not,period.No sane person will argue otherwise.-CC.

    • Joe

      Show me a starved civilized man

  • http://PersonalLibertyNews Thomas

    We have been preparing for a ling time but have recently started gearing up to live off the grid as much as possible. It is essential for more of us heed the warnings and become a prepper.
    Thanks for all you do to help us stay the course!!!

  • Jefferson Dowda

    What is coming will make the great depression look like a great place to be. Americans were disciplined and knew how to survive and take care of each other in small communities. Even in the larger metropolitan areas there was little violence. Today we have so many dependant on government for their very survival, when our economy collapses, government will not be willing nor able to provide even their basic needs. There will be blood shed of biblical proportions. Millions will be slaughtered by the wicked who will not care who they hurt for their own survival. millions will die of disease and starvation. Only those that have survival skills and have formed groups that can defend themselves against the wicked will survive. If government becomes tyrannical the survivalist will also have to defend themselves against. Percentage wise America has already exceeded the unemployed rate of the great depression. A monetary collapse will bring it to perdition.

  • Susan

    The headlong flight in the race with destiny is neck to neck between environmental collapse and global economic collapse. Which will get us first? Or will there be a tie and both hammer us at the same time?”
    Epic tornados, floods, volcano irruptions, drought and massive wildfires in the United States have caused untold financial and environmental damage. And it doesn’t end there, more life-threatening weather is expected, mix this with one heck of a storm of financial catastrophe with little or no recovery into the future. What do we have but a great unraveling of life as we know it.

    A months supply of food is not enough,when a solar flair takes out our electricity it could be two to ten years before the lights get turned on again. In the last week thousands have been given the “Pink slip” bread is almost 5 bucks a loaf, and in Az. the gas price is $4.24 a gallon. Life as we all know it is going away, don’t worry, the drop in your standard of living may only go back to the 1940’s instead of the 1900’s.

    Earth continues to survive but will humans? Prepare for ANY emergency, gather your things including your important papers and keep the emergency bag prepared. Hide most of your stash of food,silver and keep some in plain sight for when the legal looters come for a visit. Do you know of all the little places in your home to hide your silver and gold? Get prepared. Knowledge is Power.

  • Judy

    Everyone would benefit from CERT training.

  • bigez.1953

    Get one years worth of food. Stock at least twice the amount of seeds that you think you would need to grow your own food. Train yourself in the use and care of arms. Arm yourself and keep lots of ammo. Store water and obtain or build at least two water purification systems. Know how to set up a water collection system or two.
    This is a good START!

    • Cawmun Cents

      I need to work on that one…thanks for the reminder.

  • Diane Roehrig

    Being prepared isn’t an afterthought here in the South. It is a mindset and a way of life. The horrendous tornadoes of April 27th are an excellent example. We saw the destruction in real-time. We watched as people began climbing out of the rubble, calling to their neighbors and headcounting families. Chainsaws began as soon as people could find them. Neighbors and strangers began digging through the debris to free those trapped under trees and their homes. No forms or liability waivers were signed. Using bare hands and whatever tools they could find. No one waited for FEMA or a committee. Just citizens taking action as needed. Americans have always been self-sufficient. We need to again take responsiblity for our own situation.

  • Georgiaboy61

    Re: “When the round-up begins, yeah right! More right-wing, over-the-top paranoia. I remember the Survivalist Movement of the 1970s and the fear of the ‘Collapse” and/or the “Big Round-Up.’” Mark, go ahead and mock the preparedness movement, but if a significant natural or man-made disaster happens, or for that matter, social or unrest or war, those who have spent time getting their affairs in order and doing some preparation will probably come out ahead of those who do not. Chance, you may have heard, favors the prepared mind. There is no downside to preparedness; if the worst happens – whatever your definition of that term is – then you at least have done all you can to be ready to the extent possible; if the worst does not happen, you’ve lost nothing. Peace of mind is hard to put a price on, and independence and self-reliance are not bad things. So, instead of all that sarcasm, perhaps you might try thinking about how things will go down for you personally if TSHTF. My advice to you is learn to like living life as a refugee, because chances are, that’s how you will wind up. Cheers.

  • Thomas Avery Blair, EA

    My profession is that of a tax preparer and Enrolled Agent. I assist taxpayers in their often confusing dealings with the IRS and they in turn pay me for my experience and skills. Have any of you ever attended a seminar on how the federal government intends to collect taxes in the event of a nuclear event, a collapse of our economic system etc.? Well I have attended such a seminar. Property will be taken first; your time, labor and/or life (or wife) will be next.

    Preparedness is an option to exercise your ability to secure your life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that of your loved ones. Without true preparedness, you are little more than a morsel of rape bait or a ready source of protein to the fellow down the street that sees YOU as a ready food source “on the hoof” as it were.

    This past tax season I had a fellow tell me outright that he does not hold any illusions toward doing anything but his own personal survival. If he is hungry, he will eat whatever opportunity provides him; if he wants sex, he told me he feels pretty much the same way.

    The guy is a real piece of work. He believes in Darwinism, proclaims himself to be an atheist, and perceives no sanctity of human life…and he is a neighbor to at least a hundred adults and perhaps twice that many children. He told me his modest home is full of large knives, deer rifles, meat cleavers, etc. and that he prefers being the hunter rather than the hunted. If he can find someone like himself he’ll make a pact with that other fellow to watch his back while he watches his own. He also claimed to be a twice convicted felon (manslaughter!).

    I thought he might be joking until I looked him in the eye while completing his 2010 tax returns this past March…I’m pretty good at reading people…I am certain he was not kidding. How are you going to deal with such a monster when 911 isn’t working if you are not well prepared at your home doorstep to repel him away from yourself and your loved ones if and when all hell breaks loose?

    I sleep better at night knowing that I have every intention of keeping my wife and I alive, and am fully capable of taking the life of one who attempts to first take my own or that of my wife. The only thing I really concern myself with is how I will actually deal with the children of those adults who are not or who have not prepared who come to my door with starving eyes and dying of exposure or dehydration.

    In my community we have already started a vigilance committee made up of active duty military and local police personnel. When or if food riots begin, and looters come to our community seeking spoils, that group of the unprepared will be looking down the barrels of substantial weaponry held by men and women who know how to use them.

    We have established a dusk to dawn curfew arrangement and a list of “safe houses” for our combined stores of extra ammunition, foodstuffs, clothing, medications, etc., etc. Our community will survive because we refuse to accept non-survival as an option.

    Keep your powder dry and know how to lock and load in 3 seconds or less.

    God bless and God help America…prepare for the worst and pray for the best.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Thomas Avery Blair, EA

  • Thomas Avery Blair, EA

    Oh, and yes, I did tell local police about the guy saying he would have no problem being or becoming a cannibal in the face of civil disorder…he cannot have a weapon as a convicted felon…he is in jail on an unrelated crime…now a three-time loser.

    Let’s all hope nobody like him lives next door or down the street from you or yours.

    Pray for our nation…prepare in order to support and defend yourself and your loved ones…and organize your community RIGHT NOW for its’ own defense measures if or when 911 fails.

  • http://none daniel jacobson

    mark is a blind fool..all sighns point to a total takeover of our country,gun confiscation,martial law,for christ sake mayors of small towns are being told to shut up about camps outside there town..and i hope mark will be in one,,then he will know what some of us has been seen coming for a long free or die

  • Howie

    One of my main concerns at present is the legislation in congress right now pertaining to gun control by the gun-grabbers and UN gun treaties. With new laws with respect to micro-stamping our guns and registration and prohibation of semi-auto’s, what are we as law abiding people to do? Do we submit to such or do we intentionally resist such and become what the left-wing government describes as radicals and terrorist. I have always been a law abiding citizen and have never imagined being anything other than that but at the same time I don’t agree with the way this government is taking us.
    Do we take a stand and resist one by one as the police come to our doors. We speak of these coming calamities as a group on blogs and such but when they (police,ATF,etc.)come knocking, we as a group, are not organized as such and face a decision. Do I just shoot through the door and become another ‘Ruby Ridge’?


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