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Tom Daschle To Chair Health Information Center

June 21, 2010 by  

Tom Daschle to chair Health Information CenterIn order to defend and promote the recently passed healthcare reform bill, the government has set up a $125 million Health Information Center, to be co-chaired by former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) and Victoria Kennedy, the widow of Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.)

The initiative was launched by Democratic activist Andrew Grossman to provide a united front for the administration to defend and depoliticize the reform, according to

"When you treat people with respect and try to understand how they interact with businesses and politics, you can move them," Grossman explained, quoted by the news source.

However, Daschle has been challenged by former New York Governor George Pataki, chairman of the freedom organization called Revere America, to debate him on the merits of the overhaul, which he believes is against the wishes of the American people.

In a letter to the former lawmaker, Pataki stated that "every day [Americans] understand more and more that ObamaCare is a dangerous overreach of government that takes away their freedom, that it jeopardizes jobs and the economy, and that it threatens to fundamentally alter the patient-physician relationship and reduce our high standards of medical care."ADNFCR-1961-ID-19844869-ADNFCR

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  • s c

    These progressives need a united front? They’ll get a united front from a twit like Daschle? I suppose they can take refuge in the idea that Baaney Fwank is watching their collective posteriors, so to speak. At least he’s ‘qualified.’
    Apparently, Mrs. Kennedy will give progressives their ‘sympathy’ ploy. So who’s going to give them our hearts and minds? Who’s going to provide ANY of the much-needed (and not forthcoming) LEADERSHIP these rejects never had?
    I suppose someone like George Soros or Carlos Slim could BUY some media types, and try to hold back the sea change that’s coming. Money can buy anything, can’t it?
    Of course, Soros and Slim may want to use a currency that’s worth having (perhaps the Swiss franc?).

  • J. B. Williams

    This rat waa so bad as a Senator that he was voted out of office. He is obviously NOT for anybody but himself and his radical views. But you can’t get rid of a rat simply by voting him out of one office.

  • Anna Mydlarz

    Wasn’t this the senator that was on the fence during the vote and changed his mind and voted for the health care bill in the last days…Any reasonable person can see that he made a deal with the Administration, which is in violation of the hatch act. I think someone who believe in the law should look into this.

    • Smilee

      Oh Anna

      He was no longer in the senate when this vote came up, he was not allowed a vote because of it, Knowing the facts would save you a lot of embarrassment

  • Roger Stonecipher

    This appears to my to add to the wasteful created by the so called way to rectify our medical health problems that exist in this wonder country of ours. But as the days go on it is apparent that the program that was shoved through behind closed door is doing nothing but adding to the problems and not really addressing any of them as they should have been had they been out in the open and been developed by the majority and taken into consideration of the wishes of the people of the United States of America instead of being shoved through by a clik.

    • Smilee

      You have all your facts wrong, in ten years this law will still be here and people will love it and start to see the projected savings in the second decade as projected by the CBO and their estimate does not include savings from no medical bankruptcies which will put much money in the providers pockets and many other hidden savings that will come to light not yet included in any projections but real savings never the less. This will one day be very popular

      • Anthony

        This is a load of bullwinkle crap.

        • s c

          Anthony, when a progressive talks about FACTS, he/she/it means ‘progressive facts.’ I can’t prove it, but whoever took over for Pavlov is doing a remarkable job of turning otherwise normal Americans into Pavlovian, progressive mongrels.
          By the way, when you talk to a progressive, be sure to say WOOF before you get too close (leg-humping is obligatory for them). They tend to whiz on or attack those they suspect aren’t fellow Pavlovian mutts.

          • Smilee

            Are You Capable of saying anything intelligent?????????????

      • GregS

        So, Smilee, where did you get YOUR “facts?” Seeing that NONE of what you just said has materialized, you must have just pulled them out of your empty head. Roger, on the other hand, is CORRECT:

        - That whole program was shoved through behind closed doors.
        - It was shoved through AGAINST the wishes of MOST of the American people, as indicated by most polls.

        • Smilee

          GregS says:
          June 22, 2010 at 1:06 am

          So, Smilee, where did you get YOUR “facts?” Seeing that NONE of what you just said has materialized, you must have just pulled them out of your empty head. Roger, on the other hand, is CORRECT:

          - That whole program was shoved through behind closed doors.
          - It was shoved through AGAINST the wishes of MOST of the American people, as indicated by most polls.

          Some of it was my opinion but for bankruptcies facts, currently 60% of them are medical provider charges that get discharged and thus the provider does not get any of that money and writes it off as a loss on their income taxes, when the plan becomes effective all these medical costs will be paid by insurance companies thus eliminating medical providers loss and making it a part of their income and be subject to income taxes, this fact is known and of course it has not yet materialized (stupid statement on your part) as that part of the law has not gone into effect, funny you would expect such silly results and it only shows your lack of understanding of the law. These are known facts and not out of a empty head as that only exists on your shoulders. Roger also does not understand the law so he can not be correct either. This law became law like every other law and it is the only law that I have ever seen made (and I am almost 70 where) that was discussed in public before TV camera not on the house or senate floors and without their rules for the better part of three days, reality is it was more transparent than most laws in their making and fully recognized by all except the far right wing propaganda mill who never tell the truth and you appear to have swallowed hook line and sinker and this in the absence of any real understanding of this law on your part.

          • GregS

            Smilee, the bill was NOT “fully recognized by all.” Even the “far [left] wing propaganda mill” admits that MOST Americans OPPOSE the bill! That’s exactly why they’re setting up this ridiculous $125 million Health Information Center in an effort to brainwash the public!

          • Smilee

            You did not address any of my points, you simply went out on a tangent with your own bull$hitt, how can any intelligent discourse occur that way?????????????

      • Glenn

        Smilee you fool, why dont you go pay for you car or home 4 years before you get to use it. You fool!!!

        • Smilee

          Idiot you are comparing oranges to apples but maybe you do not know the difference

  • Mike Austin,TX

    How much is this going to cost? Start at $125M, then add all the “necessary expenses” with no accounting. In additional to the crushing debt for future generations already on the books?

    • Smilee

      CBO projects large cost saving in the second decade after all the start up costs have been paid also a small savings in the first decade. Debt will be reduced once the economy again booms as it has after other recessions and after world war two when the debt was a larger percentage of GNP than it is now, we have a large debt but time will change that.

      • Glenn

        Smilee, there you go again, when has the CBO’s projections ever been right, heck right after the law was ratified they changed projections to cost more than the original projections. And you think everything will be ok “once the economy again booms” well with the way things are going that may very well be some time now and thats after things get way worse. Come to think about it you may be better off in your safe little naive cloud.

        • Smilee


          So, you do not believe in CBO projections and I agree they are only projections but it is the best we have, personally I believe after reading this law the savings will be greater than projected over time and it sure removes a lot of health insurance fraud going on today. Yes it will take a while for the economy to come back but it always has in the past and it will again this time. You may believe in a second dip but not all do. It does not appear you are a very positive person by that I mean always looking for the good instad of looking for the bad as seems to be your preference. THINK POSITIVE!!!!

  • J.M.R.


    • Smilee

      Would you like some cheese with your wine????

    • Doc Sarvis

      So you are already taking advantage of government run health care. Good for you.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        If he is smart, he has a supplimental policy to go with medicare. The hospitals and Dr.s don’t care if he IS retired and on a fixed income. They figure cat or dog food will be good enough!!!

        • GregS

          …And that’s before the cuts. When those kick in, they won’t feed him anything!

      • GregS

        Doc, I wouldn’t call it “taking advantage” of an already insufficient government program, into which everyone is FORCED to pay, during their entire working lives. Furthermore, when all of those Medicare cuts from ObummerCare kick in, it will be a LOT worse.

        • Smilee

          There are no cuts in benefits if that’s what you mean, in fact it added preventive care and closes the donut hole in medicare D. The cuts will come from mandated better efficiency and equality payments to all plans.

          • Doc Sarvis

            That’s great. Joe H and Greg S should be glad to learn about that.

          • GregS

            Smilee, you and Doc obviously know nothing about the “Medicare Death Spiral” in the bill. This provision penalizes any Medicare physicians who are in the top 10% of costs for treatment of their patients for any given year. They will lose 5% of their total Medicare reimbursements for that year. By definition, there will ALWAYS be a top 10%, no matter how far down the total amount of money spent on Medicare is driven. Therefore, physicians will order fewer and less effective tests and treatments for their patients, for fear that they will be caught in the upper 10%. They will have NO way of knowing if they are in that upper bracket until they are actually charged the 5% penalty. This fact alone will force them to order fewer tests and treatments from year to year, until they will no longer want to deal with Medicare patients at all. This is solely driven by costs and has nothing to do with the quality of healthcare being administered.

            You can euphemize this as “mandated better efficiency” if you want, but it’s really RATIONING!

          • Smilee

            You may think you are quite the prophet but I think you is just full of $hitt


    So Tiny Tommy “D” has magically appeared once more from the anal cavity of the elite Deemer party to ply his dark magic again……imagine that.

    • eddie47d

      Just like 5 deferment Cheney resurrecting himself as top patriot of America. I think I’ll take Daschle

      • Anthony

        As if Daschle would take one look in your direction and actually give a damn.

  • Enlightenment

    Yes Smilee smiles like a crap eating dog, but you can shine his kind of crap or polish it as he does and it is still the same thing “CRAP”.
    Anyone who believes his line isn’t slightly dented but completely broken.

    • Smilee

      WOW, you suffer from a terrible deficiency in both intelligence and vocabulary and have offered nothing to the subject at hand. Another who also lacks the ability to think!!!!!

  • Norman

    Smilee, Once a crook always a crook.

  • V B Carrier

    Did he pay the taxes he owed to the I.R.S.??????????????????

  • WarriorH

    I recently heard that the actual cost per $4,500 rebate for the clash for clunkers program with all administrative cost tacked on was around $19,000 per. Anyone else see this?

    • Doc Sarvis

      See what? What is your source?

    • s c

      Warrior, the original projected amount was around $16,000 per vehicle. If it has gone up to $19,000 then we have no one to thank but Der Obummer. I have a Chris Mathews-like tingle going up and down my legs, knowing that Der Obummer ‘cares so much’ about us.
      It is so rad to know that Der Obummer is the epitome of efficiency and compassion. You’ll have to excuse me, Warrior. My last weekly dose of high-strength lsd is wearing off, and I don’t want my friends to think I’m a conservative.

  • Norman

    V B Carrier, Those people don’t pay taxes. Only us commoners pay taxes. Even Hank Paulson was exempted when he sold millions of dollars of Goldman-Sucks stock. Remember Geithner, Rangel, Dashle and numerous others.

  • Anthony

    Daschle is anything but scrupulous. He proved that even moreso as a Lobbyist.
    As a Senator – he was concerned
    Then, he stabbed a few Indian Chiefs, in the back….

    What? Daschle a rascist? Say it ain’t so…
    Really?…. go ask those Indians. They are why he lost the elction.

  • http://gmail i41

    Daschle has always been a true socialist democrat, he went to college, then workeed for the registered communist George McGovern. To win, when to party had him run, his ex father in lawe, who was a banker bankrolled the slug. He was shagging his present wife when in Washington for “gorgous George”. After he was elected, his soon to be ex wife wanted him to move her and their kids to DC. He dumped her, and become like, a fly on a bull’s behing, with any democrat that was starting to rise in the party. In the mid eighties he had attached himself to Slick Willie as his idoil, stated by people in SD.When Onumnut was running, Little whimpy Tom was like a pox on Onumnut. Daschle has alway had a procivity for crooks crimminals and questionable dealings. A year ago Daschle was “overseeing a college money fund” with high interest charged to students and like most non-profit organizations, are legalized stealing, by paying directors a good amount of money. Why do you think Hillary was on Wal-Marts board of directors. Onumnut’s boys aren’t going after him in any way shape or form.. Daschle, in his book shows what he beleives in socialized medicine and Onumnut beleives the same socialist crap. After the election Daschle’s ex wife was appointed to some position, as stated in his book and the article from the Siox Falls SD paper. As for health care, doctors are starting to turn away medicare patients because of remburse ment policy of the democrats. Still beleive the sewage and what a great bunch of socialist democrats that are in office. If smilee beleives, there are going to be saving when numbers keep climbing higher every week. I’ll bet you beleive the crap on oil running out, climate change from humans, and we all can be vegans. Just amazes everyone the supposedly moron, over educated, stupid citizens there are in the USA.

  • http://gmail i41

    Anthony, wimpy Daschle lost because he did just like the dum-azzed George McGovern, George spent over a 1000 a vote in his second the last election, but he had never owned any property in SD. Just like when Daschle ex wife left SD he didn’t have a mailing address.ongress go on trips at tax payer’s expense and acommlished nothing. Onumnut really is close to Daschle, he is smaller than Michelle and more attenative, Obee has swung both ways.

  • GregS

    A $125 million Health Information Center is yet ANOTHER WASTE of the taxpayers’ money!

    • Smilee


      What would you say if it actually improved efficiency, sometimes you have to spend money to to accomplish that, again you are just pulling statements out of that empty head of yours with no understanding of what you are actually saying!!!

      • doug

        Look who is talking about an empty head.

      • GregS

        Improved efficiency??? Smilee, you obviously have NOT read the article at the top of this page!!! The following quote from the article says it all:

        “The initiative was launched by Democratic activist Andrew Grossman to provide a united front for the administration to defend and depoliticize the reform, according to”

        In case you STILL don’t understand, let me spell it out for you:

        P R O P A G A N D A

        • Smilee

          Silly Boy Greg

          I do not buy the BS in the article above, it is propaganda, your a sucker for all kinds of misinformation aren’t you, I guess it feeds your biases making it easier for you to deny the truth

  • Marilyn

    I had 2 copies on my computer of the last two versions of this so-called “Healthcare Bill” and believe me there is more control of the people than any healthcare involved in it! Anyone who has or is cheering for this bill, I have found, is someone who wants something for nothing! Believe me that is exactly what they will get, NOTHING! What they will get is a raise in taxes about 3 times what they’re paying now! That is just for the Healthcare! Add Cap and Trade which has changed names 3 times the past couple of months, and several other bills and the taxes will take well over half of what you make! Energy prices will skyrocket along with food prices, which will in turn push up prices for all products bought by consumers. Jobs will not improve and within a few short years we will be a 3d world country run by a communistic government! Do not take my word for it ! Research it yourself! By the way I am a retired RN who worked in several fields prior to retirement!

    • Smilee

      I have read the law and researched it and I doubt you have as your understanding of this law is completely wrong, triple taxes??? Quite the imagination you have there, you forget health care premiums have more than tripled in the last decade and covered less and less health care benefits, this law will put an end to benefit inequities and if you believe the CBO this law will not raise taxes on more than 90% of taxpayers and not increase the deficit and in the second decade will show substantial saving in health care costs. Your hatred of our government will not change these facts although it appears you would be very happy if it did so you could say “I told you so” and try to justify your hatred of government or in other words you hate “We the People” whom are the government under our constitution.

  • airdaleusn


    So if you don’t pay your taxes you get a six figure job in a crooked adminstration.
    They are all the same.
    POLITICAN: A person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow short-sighted reasons.

  • Alex

    I just want to say this—–within time,,the truth that has been obvious to just the ones who had dugged deeper into Obama care will reveal it self. Eventually the liberals ,,some or most but not all will began to see what piece of “work” (using this term nicely) the Obamacare is really is. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing good about GOD EVEN Canada recently came out and said the choice that they took was starting tto look like wrong. one.
    I truely hope and pray that we can reverse this by some act or law in the near future. We’re Americans, dam it—–this country will demand it self back one day, Soon I hope.

  • Richard

    Liberal parasites such as these have been destroying functional societies for eons. They are parasites who take what others have earned and use it, to gain power; lying about their intent for the purpose of votes and power. This entire administration is just a grab to take more power away from the people, until the only power is the Government. It is time for good people to take their country back, and accept what made it so great to begin with; the people and the constitution. Liberal do gooders had nothing to do with this great nation success, at every opportunity, liberals destroy, ambition, character, honesty, honorability, commonsense and all those individual traits; that made America different from all others; the reasons, so many fought so hard, to come here. These liberal idiots, want to destroy every fabric of what makes America the best of them all. The idea of wanting America to be like any other country is the folly of fools and idiots, liberals are the worst members of all nations, they contribute the least and take the most. Liberls relish in making others weak and dependent on them, it is the only way thay feel usefull in life, it is a disease of the mind, liberalism!!!!!!

  • Nancy Jo Farry

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Your the parasite, you live here, take advantage of all the opportunities, Jerk! I don’t know why you even have a job, must be the Peter Principle at Work! What made America great were hard working people of previous generations-not yours Your generation sit on their asses and stir their shit,THE MORE YOU STIR IT THE MORE IT STINKS!! I’m ashamed of people like you ,and that you are even part of our society.
    I admire and respect our president! I’m sorry, that so many people are not thinking creatively, and accept being lead around by the nose, by the “do nothings,” who don’t do anything but bitch. It’s embarrassing to me when people display their ignorance!



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