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Tom Brokaw Blames Obama For Deficit

October 16, 2012 by  

Tom Brokaw Blames Obama For Deficit

While appearing on “Meet the Press,” Tom Brokaw weighed in on the problem of the national deficit. The retired news anchor said that it has only gotten worse under President Barack Obama’s watch.

The Obama campaign has repeatedly harped on the unclear economic plan of Mitt Romney. Brokaw said that Romney should turn the tables and ask the President to describe in specific detail what he plans to do to reverse the problem he has caused.

“I do think that the governor is right, and we’ll expect to hear Governor Romney go after President Obama this time about ‘I want more details about your plan. You keep harping on me. I haven’t heard the details in your plan as well.’”

He went on to insinuate that the President needs to take responsibility.

Referring to debates that Obama was involved in before he was President, Brokaw commented, “President Obama was saying, ‘Look we’ve got a deficit of a half of a trillion dollars. I’m gonna get that under control.’ Well this week, that deficit is 1.1 trillion dollars and it happened on his watch.”

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • phideaux

    When even Brokaw speaks against obama we know obama is a brief flash in the pan.

    • msbets


    • Sheryn

      I didn’t realize Tom Brokaw was so stupid!!!

      • Paul Wells

        Sheryn, we all KNEW you are that stupid though. Read a book, get a clue, and come back when you work yourself up to three syllable words!

      • Randy G

        WHY should TRUTH be stupid? Grow up. that is the first Honest remark from a ‘newscaster’

      • eddie47d

        This is all immaterial because Tom Brokaw is the Mainstream Media and you all hate the Mainstream Media. To you all the Tom Brokaw’s are the enemy so why believe him now? To do so would make you major hypocrites!

      • Vigilant

        Sheryn says:

        “I didn’t realize Tom Brokaw was so stupid!!!”

        Need to look at yourself in the mirror, Dearie. What part of “the national deficit…has only gotten worse under President Barack Obama’s watch” do you claim to be false?

        One need be neither leftist or rightist to make that statement. It’s a fact, pure and simple.

      • Steve E

        Tom Brokaw was stupid before he became smart.

      • the fisherman

        Look in the merior paul. What do you see your self or mitt. And that is stupid

      • Millie M. Leon

        [post removed for name calling/ incivility]

      • TML

        “I do think that the governor is right, and we’ll expect to hear Governor Romney go after President Obama this time about ‘I want more details about your plan. You keep harping on me. I haven’t heard the details in your plan as well.’”

        So while admitting that Romney has not said exactly what his plan is, Tom thinks Romney should commit the Tu quoque fallacy, rather than want Romney to actually point out the details.

        Real smart Tom.

      • http://naver samurai

        Here is something Sheryn needs to read about her false messiah.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

        • Jeff

          Since you have such a close relationship with Him, you can probably tell us something about Breitbart’s current lodging. When a professional liar who pretends to be a journalist dies, does the elevator go up or down?

    • clemens harmon

      Nope. The flash in the pan is Romeny. He is a flip/flopper. He is only for the super rich.
      Like himself. Obama is trying is fix the mess,Bush left.

      • Ted Crawford

        WOW clemons, L’Umanita sure had you and Sharyn in mind!

      • sunshine

        How’s he going to fix it you dumb ass, by driving us futher in debt with his cronie capitalism. All he did with the stimulus dollars was pay off his big donating supporters. I’d like to see his college records to see if this guy is really smart or a dumb ass and if he ever took a course on economics.

      • Paul Wells

        Re: the Obfuscator in Chief’s grades…of course it’s all rumor and innuendo, but I heard that at Columbia and at Harvard, Mr. Obama accomplished nothing and didn’t show up to class a lot. I further heard at least at Columbia, he was a ‘C’ student. Really makes you wonder how he “skated” along, with someone greasing the wheels at every turn. I mean, he’s not dumb…he gets commissioned to write a book on race relations in America, and instead writes an autobiography, when he hasn’t worked a job or accomplished anything of note. He gets a Nobel Peace Prize when he hasn’t done anything. And then the democrats rage when we say “empty hat, empty suit, empty promises”. Wow. What a deal. He might be qualified to be an animal control officer somewhere, but he’s be the laziest one around, I predict.

      • Harrison Orr

        This kind of “cheering for our side” from well meaning but uninformed people disgust me.

        The whole economic mess was the result of thousands of people buying homes they could not afford and greedy irresponsible bankers approving the mortages. How is any of that is the fault of then president Bush?

        Too many people have come to think anything bad is the sitting president fault and likewise, anything good is

        a direct result of the presidents action. It don’t work that way.

      • Mike

        What mess did Bush leave? The sub-prime mess is a result of policies put in place by the democrats. Also, it was the democrats who took over Congress in 2006.

        Objectively, Bush may be the best we have ever seen. Go look at his record of economic growth. You can rail against the wars but try to understand we are forced to stabilize the middle east why? Because we cannot drill here. And technically we spend more on entitlements than on war.

        So try to educate yourself on the Bush administration before you slam him Clemens.

      • eddie47d

        Well Mike, Banksters and Wall Street Speculators caused the collaspe under Bush’s watch. He allowed these events to happen and even followed in Clinton’s footsteps in wanting more home ownership for Americans. The mortgage collaspe also happened at the end of 2005 well into his second term so should we blame it on Moses or the person at the helm. Bush also inherited a weakened but financially solid economy unlike Obama who got the complete wrath and a wrecked economy!

      • http://Yahoo Ann

        Wake up you idiot!!! If Obama was trying to fix the mess that Bush left, he has had almost 4 years to start to do something. He hasn’t even tried nor has he even scratched the surface to start to dig out of this mess. Odumbo hasn’t done a [expletive deleted] thing for this country, he has only made it worse, by sinking us deeper in debt.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        eddie47d, pretending that O does know how to be President takes an unreal amount of faith on your part and all of O’s followers.
        Leftist ideology does not allow you ideologues to admit that you have no idea how the world works.

      • Steve E

        There we go again, blaming Bush. The leftest mantra.

      • eddie47d

        Several people can’t stand the truth and look for their own excuses for Bush. Its one thing to be honest about Obama’s failings but most of the nonsense here is nothing more than phonied up talking points. (Obama is anti-military, Obama is a Muslim and will install Sharia Law and so forth). Yada Yada! We know what Bush did and didn’t do so stick to the known facts not political conjectures.

      • Mike

        Interesting that Eddie would reference “followed in Clinton’s footsteps” in his reply. So he admits the democrats started the problem? How did Bush follow? He warned congress 17 times.

        This is how it always works. Every problem starts with the democrats and the republicans warn of impending danger. Then when the danger hits it has to be someone’s fault. Blame Bush.

        Every dang problem we have starts with the left. Why are entitlements broken? Why is USPS broken? Why do we have to stabilize the middle east? Why is medicare broken? Why are compnaies forced to send operations overseas? Why would they do that? Do we really think they would prefer to hire overseas rather than locally? People always want to play the blame game but never want to ask why we have these problems.

      • mamacoop

        Clemens, Let’s see – Bush left office in 2009, the Democrats took over the House & Senate in 2007. They are the ones who wrote the bills, budget and did what they wanted to do. So O voted for Fannie & Freddie, Wall Street Bail out and other give aways so how is it Bush’s fault? You need to do some research on who was in power the last two years of Bush’s term. Then they got full control of Congress and the White House. How did that work for you? Since Republicans got control of the House, Reid has not once brought to the floor any of the budgets that have been sent over from the House. It is the responsibility of the House to do the budget and then approved in the Senate. Why are we still waiting? Time for the Dems to take responsibility for their actions including O. You can not vote for something and then blame someone else for the problem you in voting created.

      • Kinetic1

        It’s not all President Bush’s fault, but he added to the situation by providing grants to those unable to come up with a down payment.

      • Millie M. Leon

        To: clemens harmon,
        you are a dumbass just like sherny, you too go ahead and get your free obama phone and welfare while you still can

      • Rick Brown

        And creating over a trillion dollars per year in new debt is solving the problem?

      • sam1966

        He is no where as big a flip-flopper as John Kerry. I think you need to read this to awaken you dense little lib/prog mind.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님과 국가 대 한!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

        • Jeff

          Romney is way beyond a flip flopper. He is the most dischonest politician we’ve ever seen. The cynical manner in which he dons and doffs positions would have made Nixon envious. And he has done it on virtually every issue, not just in the course of his career, but during this year! His position changes between the evening when he gives a speech and the next morning when his campaign aides explain his real position. Romney is like the guy who runs an Amway meeting. He’ll say anything to make the sale.

          Does he have a healthcare plan that provides for people with pre-existing questions? Depends on who’s listening. Same with his tax cut plan. He’s in favor of equal rights for women in the abstract but he won’t say if he’d have signed Lilly Ledbetter. He’s in favor of some sort of comprehensive immigration reform but he’d veto the Dream Act.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I think his is VERY telling!!! The elite(owners of all media) use the main stream media to tell the people what to think! For years now, you haven’t heard one single negative thing about obumass! In the last few weeks, we’ve seen chinks in obumass’s armor! They’re starting to reveal his failings and they’ve been praising romney/ryan. I’m telling you, the elites have decided to dump obumass and put romney in his place! I am 100% sure that romney’s going to win just because that’s the direction the spin is going in! When you control the information, you control everything!!! I’m placing my bets (not really) on romney! He’s gonna win! All you democrats, don’t worry about a thing! Nothing will change except what you’re TOLD! The agenda goes forward!!! This is all one big show to distract us from who is REALLY making the decisions! If everybody “thinks” that he was fairly elected, well then, what can you do? We need to wake up to the fact that our elections are meaningless. The two party system is a false paradigm! Those in control, control BOTH parties!!! THEY decide WHO gets elected! NOT YOU!!! I’m telling you! romney’s gonna win!!! And it will make NO DIFFERENCE!!!

      • Linda from NYC

        Hi Nancy,
        you may be right about the two parties, but just in case I would rather see Romney win then this muslim hitler. The best way to go is believing in the word of God, you and I know that this is all in the bible in the book of Daniel and the Rev. I have read your comments in the past and I agree with most of what you say and you do know what you are speaking of.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Thank you, Linda! I DO believe that this is biblical! I think that it’s utterly important to recognize the evil ones! Remember, the bible has WARNED us that MANY will try to fool us! And that most people will be fooled! The time has come to put an end to our tunnel vision. We must use our peripheral vision and look at the WHOLE picture! The republicans and the democrats PRETEND to be different. They espouse “different” agendas. They “claim” to stand for different things. But in reality they ARE the same thing! They DO the same things! BOTH SIDES ARE OWNED AND CONTROLED BY THE SAME PEOPLE!!! Details may change but the agenda goes forward! NO ONE represents US! Only those with money and power are represented! I think we are living in dangerous times and people need to wake up and recognize the evil around us! We must no longer be lulled into a sense of complacency! We must LOOK at what these people DO, NOT what they SAY!!! Did you ever wonder how EVERYONE in Babel became evil? It is complacency and acceptance! We MUST pay attention and NOT let evil influence us!!!

    • wandamurline

      I was shocked as Tom Brokaw is a progressive liberal from h#ll, so I was shocked again. Obama keeps saying that he inherited a mess…..well, history tells the whole story….let’s go back to January 3, 2007…..remember that date because that is the day that the Democraps took over the Senate and House of Representatives and Obama was a voting Senator at that time. Look at the charts, before they took control, the deficit was under a trillion…everyone is blaming Bush for this mess….but look at who was in charge….the Democraps….SO IF OBAMA INHERITED ANYTHING, HE INHERITED IT FROM HIMSELF. Time to take responsibility for the incompetence of the last six years….they had total control over the federal government and they did absolute nothing but to put us into the greatest debt we have ever seen. It is time for a change.

    • Jeff

      Here is what Brokaw actually said:

      “I looked at that debate we that talked about a moment ago, it was playing last night on C-SPAN, and governor [sic], now President Obama was saying, “Look, we’ve got a deficit of half a trillion dollars. I’m going to get that under control.” Well, this week, that deficit is $1.1 trillion and it happened on his watch. He is going to have to answer for that.”

      He was stating the obvious. Obama has to explain why the deficit is so large. And Romney will have to show how a massive tax cut and increases in defense spending will do anything but make it worse. Here’s why we have the deficit we do:

    • ssgrick

      Eddie47d said “This is all immaterial because Tom Brokaw is the Mainstream Media and you all hate the Mainstream Media. To you all the Tom Brokaw’s are the enemy so why believe him now? To do so would make you major hypocrites!”
      No Eddie47d we are not hypocrites for now saying we can’t believe what we are hearing from Brokaw’s mouth. We just are having a hard time trying to figure out what suddenly caused Brokaw to wake up and smell the coffee about obaMAO! If you remember he was one of many in the main stream media who reverted to a bunch of glassy eyed schoolgirls giggling about the new cute guy at school!

      • Jeff

        Brokaw did not blame the deficit on Obama. He merely stated the obvious – that Obama needs to be able to explain the increase in the deficit over the past 4 years. The answer is quite simple. The vast majority of the deficit is from the Bush tax cuts, the 2008 financial crash, and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Obama’s policies are responsible for the tiniest part of the increase.

  • Harold Olsen

    I guess you could say that Brokaw is the current Walter Cronkite. When LBJ saw that he lost Cronkite’s support he decided not to seek a second term. I wish Obama would follow LBJ’s lead.

    • Paul Wells


      I might wish that too, but the Muslim Brotherhood’s boy just won’t give up his struggle to islam-ize America. He won’t rest until he has defeated America from within, yet you see him speak out and about, and there surrounding him are all his deceived, fawning masses. I do believe this is delusional, mass-psychosis type thinking and that scares me the most!

      • Ted Crawford

        I believe that you are absolutely correct Paul! I’ve been involved in Politics since 1968 and I’ve never been more concerned for this Nation than I am right now ! !We’ve seen this type of unsubstantiated, fawning adoration before on the World Stage, in the 1920′s!

      • eddie47d

        Did you say that with a straight face Paul? Obama doesn’t have any loyalty to the Muslim Brotherhood so that is a farcical lie.He has to deal with hundreds of world leaders and not all to our liking. The same with any President so your comment is uncalled for. That is like saying Eisenhower is a communist because he allowed Russia to sweep through Eastern Europe and take hold. We can’t always control external events no matter how deplorable they are at the moment. ” Islam-ize America”? Man you have really bitten into the right wing poison apple!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I’m sorry eddie, but you are wrong! obumass does show loyalty to the muslim brotherhood!!! He has them IN his administration and he has repeatedly given them his aid and support in overthrowing the countries in the so-called “arab spring”!!! He has even bowed down to them!!! Face it! It has been his hope that they would rise and gain the respect that he “thinks” they deserve! He was RAISED as a muslim! It is in his blood. Even if he had converted to Christianity, which I don’t believe, he is still a muslim inside!!! He had to “pretend” to be a Christian because it would be political suicide to admit that he is a follower of islam! Actions speak louder than words!!!

      • eddie47d

        Wow Nancy we even allowed Catholics to serve in our government. (Kennedy’s) Heck maybe even a Mormon. Muslims are a part of this country and as many as there are Jews. Naturally there will be some representation. You dropped the ball on that one.

      • sam1966

        I see ed-duh needs to look at this one:

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

      • Ted Crawford

        In spite of Eddies Partisan Blindness, events in the Middle East give much credence to your assertion! as the addage says ” {his} actions speak so loudly, I can’t hear a word he is saying”!
        Let’s look at four examples: Egypt – Before the Muslim Brotherhood became involved, he did little! After they appeared on the scene, full bore!, Lybia – The Muslim Brotherhood erupts, even if publicaly he ” Lead from behind” he was heavely involved~ Iran – The Green Movement, clearly NOT the Brotherhood, absolutely nothing, almost total silence not even moral support from him!, Syria – Again, up to now, no brotherhood, Obama, at least gives lip service, but takes no substantive action! Should the Brotherhood make an appearence….? We’ll have to see!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        eddie47d, there is a difference between muslims and the muslim brotherhood! The muslim brotherhood is a radical group of jihadists!

        • Jeff

          If you and Paul actually think Obama either can or intends to turn the U.S. into an Islamic Republic (like Iran?), you are simply insane. We are no more likely to become an Islamic Republic than to evolve into 3-legged animals with wings in the next 3 generations.

      • Jeff

        I’ve often wondered and you seem just the expert to ask. Does it hurt to be crazy?

  • GALT

    The Wonderful World of Willard…..Part 2 of a continuing series, exposing another bit of TRUTH…….in a picture puzzle.

    Circa 2001 the dot com bubble popped, the market dipped, jobs were lost and a recession began……….the jobs were not recovered until 2004 a presidential election year……..
    2004 also saw the passage of the American Jobs Creation Act ( of 2004 ) which is an interesting name for the legislation because this was not a direct stimulus to create jobs but an application of the “trickle down” theory……….which was proposed to capture “off shore” profits by international corporations which had eluded taxation.

    The theory ( and it’s only a theory and not to be confused with a “scientific theory” ) stated that if the corporations were allowed to “repatriate” this money ( for some reason money and patriotism seem to be somewhat disconnected and a diffult concept for international corporations ) then they would re-invest it in all manner of market competitive activity and THIS would result in ECONOMIC GROWTH and JOBS, JOBS, JOBS….and maybe some chickens……..

    It was passed by 205 Republicans and 75 Dem’s……….and 43 and 25 in the Senate…….thus demonstrating the then presidents ability to reach across the aisle to achieve bi-partisan solutions…….and was projected to employ one in every twelve of the current jobless…… ( see the then BLS employment numbers or Jack Welch for verity and/or cooking )

    843 Corporations repatriated 312 billion while escaping 80 billion in taxes………and free market capitalism was unleashed to work it’s MAGIC or “magical thinking” depending on your ability to assemble a “picture” from pieces of FACT.

    The largest beneficiary was Phizer and just in case you are wondering how hard it is to get money from “patriotic sales” to another country which grants more favorable tax treatment like the Cayman Islands, it just demands someone with “real business experience”……. because as Willard has reminded us, “Corporations are people too, my friend.”

    In Phizer’s case, they simply assign the rights to a drug ( Viagra, Lipitor )to an off shore subsidiary which collects a “royalty” ( nice word that ) on every pill sold and this avoids the predatory 35% corporate tax rate….imposed by the present commie/socialist government of these United States…….please however, don’t try this at home especially if you DO NOT HAVE “real business experience” because some “people are MORE EQUAL” than others.
    After receiving this “forgiveness” Phizer proceeded to close factories and eliminate jobs……in 2004 it employed 115,000 people, by 2009 it’s work force was 74,000,…………trickle down had “stimulated” the loss of 41,000 jobs.

    This may have something to do with the fact that the American Job Creation Act ( of 2004) carried no obligation that this money, not one dollar of it, be used to create jobs or expand research…… fact it did not specify the United States at all….simply what the executives determined would “stabilze” the company……….so what did Phizer do with this money? It was used in an attempt to manipulate its own “stock price”……..another piece of the Wonderful World of Willard which will be covered as this series continues…….

    In all, 100,000 additional jobs were lost… a result of the American Job Creation Act and the 80 billion in lost revenue, had to be borrowed which became part of the debt, with interest……at current rates for Phizer alone, comes to 1 million a day……. to be paid by the “not so equal people”.

    Coming soon: The 35% Corporate Tax Rate…….and a little more “magic or magical thinking”….. in the world of “business as usual. “

    • Mikey

      Guilt, who pulled your chain? No one asked you to give us some irrelevant rant about something that may or may not have happened 8 years ago. This article was about Tom Brokaw telling the truth for a change. You are so full of yourself, you can’t even stay on topic.

      • eddie47d

        Tom Brokaw always tells the truth you foolish little man and has always been a respected journalist. .

      • Mikey

        Yes, a puppet well respected by his puppet masters on the left.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        eddie47d, respected by whom, believed by whom?

      • eddie47d

        Who do you look to as a respected journalist Nadzieja? I bet more folks will endorse Brokaw in ANY national poll over anyone you mention

      • GALT

        Be a good mushroom Mikey…….as you salivate over today’s bell, btw do mushrooms have chains? A more appropriate metaphor would seem to be “rooted to the spot, waiting to be fed.”

        BTW the topic is “responsibility”…….which seems to suggest that some idea of the contributory antecedents might be useful……….

        You are, of course, free to demonstrate which of the FACTS cited did NOT happen…
        and when you fail…….why none of the facts matter, and when you fail, why the promise
        of the “wonderful world of willard” which embraces these FACTS as a solution, will
        produce a “different outcome”……… for Tom Brokaw, that he didn’t report any
        of this, nor did any one else………nor have they been raised by anyone………including
        those erstwhile champions of “government is the problem”…….you would for ONCE,
        be absolutely correct……..but, you are at somewhat of a disadvantage, since you probably missed part one of this series…… just for you……..

        President WILLARD and your future…..
        “business as usual”….

        GALT says:

        October 10, 2012 at 5:42 pm

        You might think, and in being generally ignorant, I would predict that you do believe, that the “state income tax” you may be paying goes to the state you are working in?
        In 19 states this is NOT the case……take Kansas, as a specific example….AMC theaters, which moved it’s HQ from Kansas City Missouri, to Leaward Kansas, 10 miles away…….which simply shifted jobs across state lines…..but in exchange the CORP gets to keep the “state income tax” collected although their employee’s are “clueless” ……( as you are ) How much is this worth to the owners over the TERMof this agreement…..a mere $47 million, basically chump change, right?

        Who owns AMC theaters? J.P. Morgan, Apollo Mgmt, the Carlyle Group and Bain Capital Mgmt. No jobs created, just moved……

        But as I said, there are 19 states that have done these deals…..and 2700 corps which have arranged them….to include, General Electric, Goldman Sachs, Proctor and Gamble…as well as foreign companies,including Siemans and Electrolux……… as well as Japanese, Canadian and European Banks…….

        Further ignorance on your part, re; the revolution and the phrase “no taxation without representation”… that the CROWN was not the problem…..nor was taxation, British subjects at HOME, were taxed 25 to 50 times as much……the PROBLEM was the EAST INDIA COMPANY…..a state sanctioned MONOPOLY…….is a patternbeginning to develope for you? No? If you had read Power, Inc. or any of the “other” books on the list of MY required reading…..….the revelation above would not be SHOCKING NEWS…… would just be another piece that FIT the picture of our present…….

        And one final blow for today……….this time the median WAGE which in 2010 was $29, 448…….in 1966 it was $392 DOLLARS LESS………SINKING IN YET?

        Oh wait, just one more FUN FACT for today, there was a time when banks charged a $6. fee for a bounced check…….the banks costs for this was 30 cents, the present day cost is ONE CENT…..the fee is over $40 although you probably won’t know until it happens.

        It is always a pleasure to talk to people who believe they have a RIGHT to their opinion…….insistence on sharing ignorance has always been useful to someone……..willing victims do make the BEST MARKS, after all…and such PATRIOTISM should not go unacknowledged…..hopefully President Romney will leave the $200 something Social Security DEATH BENEFIT intact..rather that removing it as an excessive entitlement?

        FINALLY, the FACTS presented here are intended as a WARNING, not as an endorsement for the current President…..nor are these FACTS….NEW……..and we have just BEGUN to explore them……and in the future you will begin ( hopefully ) to understand that you are living in a “nightmare” which began many decades ago……two examples of which are Eisenhowers “promise” that nuclear power would yield “abundant power to cheap to meter” and that “competition and free markets” would result in lower costs……as in the breaking up of ATT.

        What is business as usual? You are about to find out……stayed tuned…

        P.S Mikey……forgetting the lessons of history dooms you to repeat them………
        of course if you are clueless as to the “history”………you have no chance…….
        and rest assured………we have just begun “exposing” the history……..

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Mikey, you’d do well to read Galt’s comment again! When someone explains to you, in easy to understand language, what is REALLY going on, you should take heed!!! Sometimes GALT speaks in riddles. That is not the case here! Read it again so you understand! Those in power, make the rules for those in power!!! Their goals do NOT include making things better for the average person! Read it again and understand!

      • Mikey

        I’ll try. Galts writing style (circles and questions) is often hard to understand. I wish he’d just get to the point.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        So do I, Mikey! So do I!!!

      • Mikey

        He actually does have some good points, you just have to dig through a few insults and unanswerable questions to find them.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Thank you, GALT!

  • http://none Claire

    It is pitiful when people have to rely on news media hounds in order to make a decision. Does anyone make up their own minds about issues? Can a person really believe what the media says? Or is it a matter of hearing what we want to hear? They contrbute their own analysis and innuendos of the issues, none of us really find out the real truth. The news media have their “favorites” so naturally they are going to try to sway people to think like they do. Personally, I may listen but their words mean nothing. I am independent, I must make my own decisions. Opinions are like [expletive deleted], everybody has one.

    • Robert Smith

      “Can a person really believe what the media says?”

      Generally NO. It’s mostly BIG BUSINESS.

      Remember, Bain owns Clear Channel, which owns Rush Limbaugh.


      • Bev

        Bain also has made huge contributions to the Obama campaign. What is your point?

      • The Big Easy

        @- r s ——-COMRADE———–1)Not when they only report DISTORTED left wing progressive PROPAGANDA ginned up by the flea-infested flea-bagger occupier administration that is in the white house now.–Why don’t they ask about the school transcripts that are ( at the cost of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS) SEALED ,or what about all the going on of the ‘schroom gang’ when they were doing ‘cocaine and mary-jane’,or why the Ambassador that was MURDERED had NO PROTECTION from this administration ????? Or what about ‘the fast and the furious’ where this administration sent SEVERAL THOUSANDS OF HIGH POWERED AUTOMATIC WEAPONS to the mesican drug cartel so as to get support for the ELIMINATION of the SECOND AMENDMENT from the CONSTITUTION,or what about the fact that eric (the red) holdum will NOT prosecute the black panthers for voter intimidation in Pa. when they were in para-military outfits with billy clubs ,because they are black–so the laws mean nothing to eric ( the red ) when it is for the black folks.Just like this new GARBAGE of not needing a photo I.D. to vote,this administration is suing the various states for following the LAW and REQUIRING a photo I.D. in order to vote.The motto of the d.n.c. is ‘VOTE EARLY AND VOTE OFTEN’ is alive and well.
        2)’It’s about big business’,sure applies to this flea-infested flea-bagger food-stamp pink-slip giving occupier in the white house,he is always going off to several MILLIONS of rounds of golf,or some VERY EXPENSIVE party in the white house (at the expense of the TAX PAYERS ),or going off in ‘air force 1′ to n.y. with his woman for some dinner ( at the TAX PAYERS EXPENSE ),or the lettermen ‘show’,or some 40 THOUSAND DOLLARS A PLATE fund raiser, or at some hollywood movie star’s function,BUT NEVER with the poor people that he and the democraps are SUPPOSED to care so much about !!!!!!!!!!!!
        3)Remember, that george sore ass owns the left wing state run media,which owns mo-bummmmer.

      • eddie47d

        There was not any voter intimadation Big Sleazy that is a reich wing fabrication so enough of your distorted swill. Now tell me how those two American security guards got killed if there wasn’t “any” security? (Do you ever think before you speak)? “Thousands of weapons”? Your mind is imploding with hyperbole (maximum of 2,000) and your Second Amendment rights are intact. You are low on facts and high on stupid!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        He who controls the information, controls the world!!!

  • Paul Wells

    So, here’s a question for you. Why does it take a guy retiring from the MSM before he will tell “the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” when the rest of his employed brethren just lie out their pie-holes? In addition to having the most liberal bias I have ever seen, it’s incredible the number of news stories they won’t even pick up, because it will make their WH fave look bad? WTF is going on here?

    • Tigerous

      What is going on is high-profile guys worrying more about their paychecks than the truth. This also exists in the military where the brass worries more about their careers than doing the right thing. Why else would we hear from retired executives, news readers and military brass things they should have been saying prior to retirement but didn’t. The guys with real stones are those who risk it all to tell the truth while still vulnerable to retaliation. Courage is doing the right thing even when you are afraid and are pretty sure the consequences will be unpleasant.

    • Randy G

      For the same reason people called UFOs ‘Swamp Gas” wasy back when. They were told to LIE!!!

    • Steve E

      Wait until Obama is out of office and see how many of his former minions tell the truth, whether it be an article, interview, or book.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Those who control the information, have decided to back romney this time around!!! You’ll hear more and more of it in the coming weeks!

  • hipshotpercusion

    You have to ask yourself. “Am I better off today than I was in 2008?” My answer is “Hell No!” I will cast my vote accordingly.

    • alicia

      Hell ya. Are you part of the unemployment line?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        We’re not in the unemployment line but we certainly are NOT better off than before! We’ve lost bonuses which made up $10,000 of our salary. Our raises have been in the 2% range instead of the 7% range! Inflation is eating our money faster than we can! Grocery bills, gasoline bills and utility bills are rising at a rate that our income does not! Our insurance coverage has dropped drastically so that we are paying at least four times as much out of pocket!!! In what ways are your circumstances improved?!? I’d really like to know because I can’t imagine it!!!

  • Corkey

    Could care less what Brokaw has to say. He has been complicit in lying to us for decades while receiving a huge paycheck. Both candidates are terrible plain and simple

    • eddie47d

      Oh Please now tell us who is telling the truth Corkey? Lets see about their facts or is it just what you want to hear!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I agree with Corkey!!!

  • laura

    Wow Tom, it’s about time the media is coming around.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Follow the agenda! There’s a reason! Those who control the information, control the people!

  • Dwight Mann

    Gary Johnson! Need I say more?

    • wethepeople

      Gary Johnson was Ambassador to China. You think he’s going to bring more jobs to USA. I think he’s a Red Herring and wouldn’t vote for him either. I’m going Romney/Ryan only because I don’t want Obama and Johnson doesn’t even have a short shot in this one. If someone wants to run 3rd Party they needed to do it before this time, and should have gotten their base mobilized. Ron Paul just flew the coop and left us high and dry. Romney is not an insider at least. We have more hope in a Romney than in a Communist/Muslim Brotherhood Obama.

      • Scott in SC

        You’re thinking of John Huntsman.
        Gary Johnson has never been an ambassador. he started and built his company here in the USA.

      • Bev

        I would also like to point out that Romney is not doing this for money or fame. He’s not worried about his “political career”. In my mind he’s just exactly the kind of guy we need to come in and clean up after Obama. He’s a guy that’s not afraid to make the tough decisions. We need Mitt Romney and we need him soon.

      • eddie47d

        Romney “is not an insider”? Who spoon fed you that malarkey? How do you think he got away with his onerous business dealings. Either he is the ultimate crony capitalist or he’s added proof that MORE regulations need to be passed to reign in Bain’s behavior.

  • roger gunderson

    I don’t know why anyone would reelect Obama when he has added so much to the debt.
    Just think 4 more years will do.

    • Robert Smith

      Yup. Start to PAY IIT OFF like Clinton did.

      Gotta fix the eight year screwing from Bush before it can be fixed.


      • Dad

        Obama has the same amount of debt as Bush… only difference is Bush had 8 years to Obama’s four.

      • sunshine

        What morons like you are missing is that the economy under Bush was doing great for seven years and the biggest blame for the crash should be laid on the idiots like Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Maxine Watters. They totally ignored the warnings from the Bush admin. that Fannie & Freddy were heading for serious problems. But they were too busy lining their pockets with big donations to give a crap, thats why they all said there is nothing wrong with the two lending institutions.

      • Ted Crawford

        A little research would point out that our economy began to truly struggle in mid 2007, when our deficit spending, that had averaged a 2.7% increase annualy for the previous 6 years,began a meterioric rise that didn’t culminate untill mid 2008, at over 6% ! What changed in 2007? The 109th Congress was sworn in, Harry Reid (D) Nevada – Senate Majority Leader and Nancy Pelosi (D) California – Speaker of the House! Article 1 Section 7, Clause 1 explains the importance of that !

      • The Big Easy

        @-r s & dad———COMRADES———IS YA’LL CRAZY ????ARE YA’LL DOING ‘BATH-SALTS’ ????????????’Pay it off’,ZOMBIES,the flea-infested flea-bagger food-stamp pink-slip giving occupier what’s in charge in the white house now wants to do Q-E-3, ZOMBIES.——If ya’ll were to do some look-see into the last years of President George Bush’s term,you WOULD see that the democraps were in power in the congress!!!!!! Just like the first 2 years of the flea-bagger occupier now,so STOP with that GARBAGE of ‘it’s all Bush’s fault’,so what you are saying is that this flea-bagger can NOT ABLE TO accomplish anything good for the AMERICAN CITIZENS ?????? But he sure can help the muzzzzzslime bros. in egypt,and now
        And as for the eight years of President George Bush,when he left office the national debt was some 9 TRILLION DOLLARS,and NOW after only 3 1/2 years of the flea-bagger occupier ,the national debt is some 16 TRILLION DOLLARS and COUNTING RAPIDLY.—————–COMRADES,ya’ll need to lay off the ‘ZOMBIE-BATH-SALTS’, or whatever ya’ll are DOING.————–ZOMBIES————

      • Kinetic1

        The problem here is that Mr. Brokaws’ words suggest that President Obama doubled the annual deficit. In truth, he has barely moved it.

        “Referring to debates that Obama was involved in before he was President, Brokaw commented, “President Obama was saying, ‘Look we’ve got a deficit of a half of a trillion dollars. I’m gonna get that under control.’ Well this week, that deficit is 1.1 trillion dollars and it happened on his watch.”

        Yes, at the time of the debates the annual deficit was about half a trillion, but by the time Obama took office in January 2009, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office had already estimated that increased spending and decreased revenues would result in a $1.2 trillion deficit for fiscal year 2009, which began Oct. 1, 2008. With two wars and growing unemployment, it was unlikely that anything could be done to stop the increase.

        Fast forward to 2010 and you have Mitch McConnell’s famous quote “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president,”
        With that sort of attitude in Congress, just how much forward movement would you expect?

        Let’s not forget, the last President to inherit such a slow economy (and it really wasn’t as slow by any measure) was Ronald Reagan. When President Reagan took office the unemployment rate was under 8% and within a year it had soared to 10.5%! We’re talking about over a year of plus 10% unemployment from the hero of the Republican party. It took his entire first term to get unemployment back down to where it was when he began. And the deficit? Well, anyone who cares about the truth knows that Reagan tripled it during his 2 terms, but back then folks like Rush and Dick Cheaney were telling us that it didn’t matter!

        A better way to look at this may be spending in relation to GDP. Reagan averaged 22.4% over his two terms, while Obama’s average so far is around 24%. Reagan had a relatively cooperative Congress and no war, while Obama has a openly hostile Congress who’s stated goal is to defeat him at any cost and two wars that were previously paid for outside the budget. Do you really expect to see much improvement in the economy under these conditions?

      • eddie47d

        Speaking of “Comrade Zombies” and Big Sleazy chimes in? Are you the poster boy for Conservatism,Fascism or both? Since the Conservatives don’t denounce your provoking trash then you must be one of them!

      • sam1966

        SSDD, eh Rob? Bush, baaaaa! Cheney, baaaaa! Chaaaaange! Can you ever quit being a sheeple> FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

    • Dussty1

      Roger, don’t kid yourself. There are still plenty of young people out there who will vote to re-elect the snake oil salesman that is Obama. The ones who are still in school and don’t yet know there are no jobs for them when they graduate. And, of course, all those who live off the gov’t largesse. All Romney has to do is pin Obama down to deliver SPECIFICS. Obama can’t perform without a script, so the next debate will be interesting.

    • Jeff


      Can you read? And what will Romney’s tax cut do to the deficit? Can you spell W? Only, deficits don’t matter as long as a Republican is in the White House. Isn’t that right?

  • Rhesee

    Good for Mr. Tom. I wish the rest of the media would listen to him. He is a star in my book and people look up to him. Keep up the good work Tom. We all still love you.

  • steve

    Wow! I thought Tom was news anchor (retired)? He seems he has become just another “takng head”, looking to cash out. And I used to like and respect his opion. So, Tom thinks that a speech given 6 years ago, is the measure of today? I guess Tom forgot that 4 years ago, Bush came out and asked (told) the Country he needed a blank check to save the banks and wall street…….the market has now recovered everything lost (before the election)…manufacuring is up for 30 straight months…housing prices are up, especially in the 4 gardest hit regions.

    Tom knows good and well that it takes years for policies to work their way through the system…..hell, the first nine months, the president is working from the previous presidrent’s budget.

    Tom also knows that America was not paying for the costs of either war, and was paid for through “supplemental spending packages” which Bush did not have to include in the budget.

    Tom also knows that more than 80 percent of the bufdget, is non-decrearionary – and once things like 2 Wars and an 800 billion prescription give away (also ot paid for) is put in place, it is almost impossible to change.

    What has the republican controlled house done? 31 failed attempts to repeal hrealth care and dozens of bills to rename post offices….and of courtse vote NO (automatically) to anything the President proposes – no matter what.

    For 6 ystraight years. Repuks drove us off a cliff and nnow blame obama becauyse it can’t bring back the 8 million jobs Buysh lost fast enough?,

    • wethepeople

      Supplemental Spending Packages? Please….it comes out of our pockets, and so does Social Security, even though they’ve robbed it numerous times and have bankrupted the system. The Federal Government is too large. Taxes are enormous for Federal, and State is 1/4 of that amount. How is that for the Tail wagging the Dog? I don’t think you know what spending money comes from? It comes from borrowing from the Federal Reserve Bankrupters at a huge interest, and then QE3ing it so Gas prices hike up, as well as food prices and everything else. Obama is in bed with the Federal Reserve, as was Bush. Don’t tell me Bush did it all, when Obama has done worse.

    • Bev

      OOOOH Stevie you need to put that keg of kool-aid down. Before you come to this website to blog you might want to do some real research and not parrot the libtoads talking points. A couple of items on your list might include researching QE1, QE2, and QE3. If the impact of printing money willy-nilly doesn’t scare the bejusus out of you I don’t know what will. I guess when you need a wheelbarrow to bring your money to the grocery store and a backpack to put the food in, will it become clear to you.

      Also do some real research into Obamacare. Hidden in that [comment edited] legislation is a little known fact that if you sell your house you’re going to be paying a federal sales tax of 3.8%. This little number was thrown in there to take of advantage of seniors selling their homes and downsizing. You can personally thank your beloved leader and Harry Reid for this little “no taxes on the middle class” moment. Just so you don’t have to do the math I’ll give you an example – if you sell a $100,000 home, you will pay Obama $3,800.

      You keep singing the praises of a man who would like to see this country look like central Africa and we’ll soon see this country look like central Africa. Wars and all, along with Sharia Law. Our constitution is being used as TP and people like you have a right to vote.

      • D

        Well said!!!!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Oh come on, Bev! Don’t you WANT to give obumass another $3800? He needs it to pay for the medical bills of the illegal aliens and the muslims!!!

    • Ted Crawford

      TARP was, as you stated, requested by and granted to Bush ’43′, by the way with the current President and Vice-President voting in favor of it! Bush spent aproximately 1/3 of it, leaving the remaining 2/3 for Obama to distribute. It was, unlike what you state, largely paid back, plus interest! It turned out to be a Net Positive to the Treasury, unlike the Stimulus!

    • Jeff

      Relax. These right wing loons will blame Obama for anything and find validation wherever they can. Brokaw did not blame Obama for the deficit. Here is what he said:

      “I looked at that debate we that talked about a moment ago, it was playing last night on C-SPAN, and governor [sic], now President Obama was saying, “Look, we’ve got a deficit of half a trillion dollars. I’m going to get that under control.” Well, this week, that deficit is $1.1 trillion and it happened on his watch. He is going to have to answer for that.”

      This is certainly true just as Romney needs to explain how his tax cut plan won’t grow the deficit even more. I don’t think Obama will have any trouble explaining the deficit he inherited and how he’s reduced it each year. The primary drivers of the deficit are the 2008 crash, the Bush, tax cuts, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Policies originated by Obama have added a negligible amount.

  • Elected4Life

    In order to wake up, the sheeple must START listening to Personal Liberty Digest, RT News, and yes even Alex Jones Infowars, The 912 project, Gulagbound, Campaign For Liberty and economic experts like Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff, Bob Chapman, Marc Faber, etc.

    We’re headed for revolution as more & more sheeple are awakened to what’s coming. Viva Revolution!

  • http://n/a DaleH

    For me It is not just the debt, it is obama’s disrespect for the US and what this country has always been for the rest of the world–the disrespect for the Military, the bowing to islamist leaders shows what he thinks of the US– he is only putting in play what he was taught to believe as a child and still believes to this day about the U.S.– We need to send him back to Chiago or preferably further than that —and for him to take all his socialist/communist advsors with him—that includes any of the MIlitary Chiefs that have and are enforcing his orders to the Services –they need to be retired to home and not heard from again–Iwas one of many Americans that put their life on the line in Koreafor tthe U.S. , but it was not to have a Socialist/ Communist govt—we saved South Korea from that kind of govt , so whay should we have that here in the greatest country in the world—Vote Obama OUT on 6 Nov—–

    • The truth

      Most misinformed and ignorant post among them. Congratulations!

      Anyone stop to wonder why the article had very little of actual quotes? Anyone actually watch the interview? You guys will believe anything.

      • Paul Wells

        Yeah, your nickname really says a lot, except that “The truth” is not in you. Name one thing DaleH said that was not true. Everything he said is true, you are just a simpleton.

      • Ted Crawford

        Dale made specific declarations he believes to be factual. If you, seriously wish to refute them do it in a substantive manner! These continued idiotic Alinsky rants by you Progressives are as tiresome as your, equally empty of substance, ” Blame Bush ” rhetoric!

      • http://n/a DaleH

        (the truth) ??—I only posted what I have read about obama’s history that is open to the public–take a look at his mentors as he grew up–and then his 20 years of listening to that preacher damn America—and you don’t see that he is only using his position to bradcast his dislike of America and what this country stands for , to the rest of the world and insure that his Muslim Brothers understand that what he wrote in his book is still true as the day he wrote it –I can’t remember word for word his declaration–but he wrote he would stand with the Muslims if things went south —For me that says his loyalty is with the Muslims, not the American people –and he has proved it time and time again since he has been president—
        What I don’t understand most though is why Liberals , no matter what stripe they carry in the party, cannot understand or are unable to face up to the truth or even speak the truth.
        And the ones that lie the biggest lies are ones in Congress–yes there are Republicans that do the same , but I think the welfare of this country is more important than any politicians quest for power and money–and any of them that lies to “We the People” should be expelled from office—
        I don’t have to supply qoutes or websites to make my point in my feelings about obama–all have to do is see what is happening to my country every day –it is not the same country i fought for so many years ago and it makes me sick to my stomcah to think that there are American citzens who will seel this country down the tubes for an American hater like obama—

        • sue conservative

          Finally someone to tell it like it is. Holding the congress responsible for the president still in power. There has been enough of his nonsense and illegal dealings to throw him out of office for treason but there he sits on his throne. He does not have the credentials to be in the WH and there is enough question to bring all kinds of real investigation by the congress but there he sits without so much as a pinch. He seems to have a teflon exterior as all things roll off him protected by the press and an evil attny general. The entire administration is straight out of the bowels of hell.

    • eddie47d

      Saying Obama disrespects the military is not factual and probably more so in the other direction. Yet I don’t know Dale’s personal experience and he sees things differently.

  • Gman

    It is a shame that America is a land of sheople. With short, short memories. But it is understandable. As long as Uncle Whitey’s pockets are at least semi full everything is honky dory. But let his pockets get empty and and he cries bloody murder and places the blame on everyone but himself. To rehash how our country got to the terrible place it is in wouldn’t do any good here. Everyone knows that the debacle happened before Obama took office. Everyone knows that the vastness of the problem belies anyone fixing it in for years. Economic experts have said that it will take many years for us to dig out of the hole that we are in, and only with the accompanying pain and suffering resulting from tightening up our collective belts and weathering this fiscal storm. No one man, or Congress can fix this mess. Especially without working together to get the job done. We have so many political factions in this country that all want what they want for their constituents that we are constantly in flux. Appropriations for everyone’s pet projects. Government agencies that do not work to protect the interests of the people. Institutions outside the purview of the government, able to do what they want ,when they want to influence our economy as they want. With so many factors and variables people don’t have or take the time to check out candidates’ records or statements to get an accurate picture concerning who should be in office. And the masters of it all, the money men continue to corrupt our way of life for their own financial gain while we the “common” folk suffer at their hands. It’s time to wake up and take our country back.

    • Moment of Clarity

      “… people don’t have or take the time to check out candidates’ records or statements to get an accurate picture concerning who should be in office.”

      Yep – they did not take the time to get an accurate picture of Obama back in 2008, when all along he was telling us who he is and what he is – but nobody would listen – all they heard was “hope and change” – now look where we are, hopeless and unchanged

  • Jim

    What disgusts me the most is obunner’s arrogant attitude and total disdain for America and Americans.

    • uvuvuv

      you forgot his fakely chummy smile

  • http://Google Joseph Salomon, The Elder;

    Dear Tom, Uncle Joe here; WWII & Korea, A year ago I was predicting riots ! And MARSHALL LAW, Canceling the elections this November, To my great surprises it did not happen YET; I AM HAPPY TO BE WRONG !Why does O B need 423 to declare Executive Orders, WHY ! 43 PRESIDENTS BEFORE HIM, Used less than 200 EX. OR,
    Shame on Congress & shame on the American people who are brain dead ! To let him act like an EMPEROR!

    What will he do with PUTIN if he is elected ? What is his plan ?
    To sell Japan ? Korea ? Taiwan ? Philippines ? Maybe Alaska & Hawaii Also ?
    No Way that could ever happen could it ? Not our Slick Willie ~(:>)
    Tom Stay well, Live LONG, Stay happy, GOD BLESS ! Us all,

    Joseph Salomon, The Elder;
    10/23/12 is my 86th Birthday;

    • tigrebleau

      It’s martial law, not Marshall law; and if BHO loses, wait to see what happens prior to Romney’s inauguration.

      • Bill

        Rely glad sum1 is on this web sit polecing thu speling.

      • GALT

        Really? Too bad because Marshall was spelled correctly……….but there was a correction,
        which you seemed to have missed……….want to try again?

  • Bill

    From what I’ve heard, Brokaw leans to the left. I guess there are some liberals that can’t be fooled 100% of the time

    • Ted Crawford

      To say that Brokaw leans to the left, is to say the Pope might be a Catholic !

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Ahahahahahaha! I agree!

    • eddie47d

      Brokaw has always been a moderate but Republicans can’t stand anyone who isn’t as extreme as they are.They love the media wars and even egg thm on.

  • Roscoe Riggins

    I don’t understand a lot of people, running a country with single minded people holding on to their views that don’t include the whole country? We need more people who can find their views in what’s best for the United States views?

  • Dad

    Perspective on federal monies:

    * U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000
    * Fed budget: $3,820,000,000,000
    * New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000
    * National debt: $14,271,000,000,000
    * Recent budget cuts: $ 38,500,000,000

    Let’s now remove 8 zeros and pretend it’s a household budget:

    * Annual family income: $21,700
    * Money the family spent: $38,200
    * New debt on the credit card: $16,500
    * Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710
    * Total budget cuts so far: $3.85

    This administration is failing because they have NO budget!!

    • Robert Smith

      Yes, we should got back to the days of Clinton where we had a budget surplus and the economy was on track.


      • uvuvuv

        yes he had a budget surplus until the stock market collapse, which he handed off to george bush, and then everyone yells about his handling of the economy, which by the way was also hit with 911. if gwb had any idea obama would ram through 787 billion in “stimulus” he might have stolen a march and divvied it up instead with the taxpayers, giving us 5000 each. he already had a precedent, mailing out those $700 checks, which were effective by the way, because even dems agree the recession “ended” in july 09. i’m not trying to convince you, i’m just adding a different perspective. i agree the clinton years were tremendous but in retrospect were also bubble based.

      • Ted Crawford

        However, Robert, that’s NOT what Obama is asking for! He’s simply asking for us to return to the Clinton era “Tax Levels”!
        If we can remember our High School Math, we know that for any equation to remain accurate, Whatever is done on one side of an equalls sign, must also be applied to the other side! If ‘X’ = taxes, and ‘Y’ = spending, and ‘z’ equals the budget: Clintons equation was ; X+Y=Z . Obama wants to change it to 2X+Y= (?), it’s no longer Z !
        Obama is currently spending at a rate 800% of what Clinton spent! We’ll agree to the changes in the taxes as soon as he agrees to make the coresponding changes to the Spending!

      • Ted Crawford

        OOPS ! It should be X-Y=Z , Sorry, I guess I’ve been out of School too long!

    • eddie47d

      Compromise and working together are not Republican values. They destroy by stalling and demonizing.

  • Liberterian

    Brokaw needs to go to the old fools home. Obama and Romney both need to show the goods! instead of fleecing the sheep or the sacred cow for that fact. Neither of them two, have shown their weight in a grain of salt. Talk is cheap, walk the walk.

  • Sun Rising

    Though Brokow is very correct, Obama has made our situation worse – very worse. Obama however did it with the concent of the Republican party for the last two years to the tune of almost $3 trillion! By not shutting down the government in an emergency measure, and by not providing substancial cuts that would balance the budget, the Republcian congress did provide aid and comfort to the Obama Administration. Today they are trying to determine how to reverse a $100 billion cut from the sequestering they passed!

    What also needs to be evaluated is that Romney/Ryan is proposing to add another $4 trillion over their proposed budget. Obama era added over $6 trillion to our debt. Brokaw is saying that was bad. Now how is adding another $4 trillion suddenly better?

    We need Romney and Ryan saying NO MORE DEBT. And instead of a ramping down plan that will take over 40 years to balance – if all goes well, lets force the two to start talking in terms of paying back the debt NOW!

  • Mike

    Romney’s vague plan is still better than Obama’s big government plan.

    • Paul Wells

      All of the liberal’s fault Romney for not giving specifics, yet he clearly, and unequivocally stated, here is my goal, reduce debt and increase jobs by lowering taxes, and closing loopholes, then added, and this is the part brain damaged liberals don’t hear: We will do this through bi-partisan legislation, i.e. working across the aisle. The very thing that liberals and dem’s are so critical about, is no bi-partisan negotiations on anything. The idea is, specifics aren’t the President’s domain, he’s there to steer the overall objective. This is as it should be. Give Romney a chance. If he locks himself in to a specific plan of attack, then can’t get Congress to support, the heavens will yell down, “You lied!”. He’s doing something presidential, exhibiting leadership, something that brain dead liberals don’t recognize.

    • eddie47d

      Romney and Company became very wealthy over those loopholes. What makes you think he will make them go away. Will it be do as I say but not as I do?

      • Paul Wells

        eddie47d, if he does renege on that…believe you me, I’ll be the first one in camp saying vote him out! He better do what he said on that, because we can’t dig ourselves out of the mess, unless he does!

  • sue conservative

    Mike and Harrison have a strong case to make leaving the mess “Obama inherited” in the lap of the Dems.
    Go back to 1977 when the Community Reinvestment Act was passed by D Jimmy Carter. “ As an activist lawyer in Chicago Obama representing Acorn, pressed Citibank to make more loans to marginally qualified African-American applicants ‘in a race neutral way’.” The goal was to force banks to provide credit to businesses and homeowners with poor credit, to stop banks from “red-lining,” or refusing to lend to people in low-income areas because the risk of the loan not being repaid was too high.
    Then along comes D Clinton and he decides to set new rules that allowed subprime mortgages to be securitized. Securitization of mortgages into bonds, a process that became a multi-trillion-dollar business in the 1990s, increased dramatically the liquidity, or amount of money available, to make new home loans.
    Because mortgage originators could sell their mortgages to investment bankers, creating mortgage-backed securities, mortgage originators did not have to hold the mortgage in their portfolio. As a result, mortgage lenders could more easily engage in riskier lending, including lending to less qualified buyers in the subprime market. In 1992 Freddie and Fannie Mae had a field day with “affordable housing loans” low income loans. And the base of the bubble begins.
    I could bore you with the details of subprime mortgages and how they blew up the economy but that is not what I want to point out. The bubble burst in late 2008- 2009 as a result of greed, corporate corruption, and government support from both parties as they both watched and did nothing to stop Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fully knowing what was going on. There were efforts to regulate these behemoth institutions and they were blocked in congress so there is plenty of blame to go around.
    It is disingenuous to blame Bush alone for the crash of 2008 when the Democrats had control of the government and did nothing to stop the looming burst and buildup of debt. It is also amazing that there have been neither arrests nor prosecutions over all the enormous scandals of millions of dollars of funds paid and favorable loans paid to officials in these departments, some of which were returned to be sure, but no prosecutions. D Sen. Dodd and D Con. Barney Frank should have been brought under investigation for their part in bringing this country to its knees but they are Dem.s and that never happens to them.
    It was the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 and the subprime mortgage debacle started in the 1990’s that created the big crash of our monetary system and I am tired of George Bush being blamed for the greed, corruption and folly of this government and bankers. The banking and monetary corruption is still going on so don’t think it is over yet.

    So you get what you create yourself and now it is your own mess to clean up and instead of doing so in his first year, which he said he would do, he made it worse by shoving Obamacare down our throats. What a jerk! Anyone who votes for Obama is either iignorant or unwilling to face the truth or just likes free stuff. The free stuff will end in a second term when the money runs out just like in Europe. Grow up!

    • D

      Let’s hope that people read this and truly understand it…….

  • michael

    it is unfortunate that Brokaw had to retire before he came to his senses and speak out
    about this president, but unlike the rest of Obama’s media-enablers, better late than never.

  • Patriot

    I am very curious to know, if you are an Obama supporter, give me just 1 example, plan, policy, etc. as to why you would vote for him? If you love your country and can truely have an objective point of view, what can it be? All I hear are attacks and blame, really no positive, constructive reasons. I for one am trying to save our country so that my children have a future, to hopefully reverse course from the coming economic and currency collapse. There is no more road to kick the can down, if this lack of fiscal responsibility continues we are all in serious trouble, just ask yourselves when the checks and the music stops, what will you and your family do? If you do not have a good answer to any of these questions, our only choice is to vote for someone new and hopefully they can reserve course. For our own survival we really only have 1 choice this November. Unless you have something constructive to say, please do not respond!

  • Robert Smith

    Patriot asks: ” if you are an Obama supporter, give me just 1 example, plan, policy, etc. as to why you would vote for him? ”

    The economy is turning around. The housing market is stabilized and on the rise, employment is getting better, and the stock market is a new highs.

    He supports the right of women to control their own bodies.

    He supports universal health care even if we can’t get there during his terms.

    He supports equality in marriage.

    He supports education.


    • Mike

      1) I would not vote for Obama because his resume is a blank piece of paper.

      2) I would not vote for someone who ranks “Sitting Bull” as an American hero. That is a sure sign of someone who should command an opposing military not our own.

      3) I would not vote for someone who wants to take from others, only to invest the money in programs that will ultimately fail.

      4) Big government has not worked anywhere.

    • Patriot

      Hey Bob,

      Really, the economy after 4 trillion dollars in new spending is turning around? You are joking right, where do you think the $4 trillion went? Much of the QE’s now 3 to infinite was given to bankers to keep the stock marker looking good until next year, wait until inflation hits. You have your head so far in the sands you think that it is oil sands! Here is news flash, the women’s & right to chose is not even an issue, it does not matter what a President thinks, it is the law. The only issue is who pays for it and when there is no money, I believe people would rather use that money a bit more wisely. If you can afford to have a cell phone, flat screen TV with cable, you can afford to pay for your own choice whatever that might be. Nobody cares about the marriage issue, do what you want I do not care, just to not force it on the public. Most people could not care less what you do in your own private life.

      As for education, we spend more on education than any other country in the world and our students are failing due to our system. So any smart engaged person, would say we need to change the system, “IT IS FAILING OUR KIDS”! Stupid is what stupid does, wake up before you enslave us all!

      Once you realize that Obamacare is nothing more than control and has nothing to do with keeping you healthy then you realize what most of already know, “WE DO NOT WANT IT!”

  • R. Ray Morford

    There is such a thing as finally seeing the truth. Mr. Brokaw is still liberal in many ways. However, it doesn’t take much gray matter to recognize this nation is going bankrupt. I don’t always agree with Brokaw, but I do applaud him for speaking out while living in a den of wolves.

    • eddie47d

      Tom Brokaw has much credibility unlike a few pundits on FOX News. FOX has several credible newscasters but also have questionable characters or their own den of wolves. .

      • Donna

        that’s your opinion……..I sure don’t agree with you. Foxs News is the only place you can “really” find out what is going on. The rest of the Main Stream Media just tell us what they want to and their own view.

  • uvuvuv

    tom brokaw has always been vehemently anti-repub even in defying common sense, so this is a huge break-through. but remember, he’s just an entertainer and has no more gravitas than jessica lange did addressing congress about the farm crisis. but at least she did speak before congress, unlike sandra fluke who spoke before a gallery of empty chairs.

    • eddie47d

      Anyone who doesn’t believe in UVUVUV’s point of view is anti-Republican so that isn’t saying much! So are FOX newscasters “entertainers” also?

  • cerebus23

    how about all the other promises and talkng points form last election cycle obama either forgot or never intended to follow at all?

    we would be out of the middle east asap.

    guantamo would be shut down.

    he would fix the deficit.

    he would create jobs.

    he would have the most open and honest administration ever.

    he would allow all americans to read and study all legislation prior to passing.

    only promises as far as i can tell he actually kept were to big labor interest, big insurance interests, and trial lawyers interest. the rest of us can go straight to hell as far as he is concerned.

    not like we voted for the clown vs those that just put tons and tons of money into his pockets so he can campaign for 4 years in a row.

    people should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people. i do not think any of the politicans fear us enough.

    • GALT

      There is no reason to fear the clueless……..but you are right about the “interests”…….
      you simply have no idea why you are right……or to what degree…….

      • cerebus23

        and you can bend over and take it up the you know what form your obama.

        the blind deaf and dumb telling me i am clueless? i can forgive ignorance if it is innocent but turning a blind eye and intentionally buying into the [expletive deleted] that these clowns pedal out is disgusting.

        especially when it is a one way street, and not the two way street that it is in real life. all political parties are full of it.

        but galt i might invite you to go move to russia or china i am sure you would love it in those nations they are much more your speed.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        cerebus23, “I” believe what makes you clueless is that you have failed to understand WHOSE interests he is serving! “I” believe that he and all other presidents serve the interests of the mighty bankers who own the federal reserve and control everything of import! Read about that!

    • Mike

      I thought it was interesting that Obama promised to end NAFTA.

      He did not. He did nothing to discourage outsourcing during his term (one might inquire as to why companies outsource… there must be some reason).

      Then Obama had the nerve to call Romney “outsourcer in chief.” I thought that was very odd.

  • Donna

    Wow! That was a shock…..I never expected Tom Brokaw to EVER say anything against Obama….. Maybe he is the old Tom Brokaw I remember back in the 70-90′s and kind of neutral and not such a one-sided Liberal he is today. Congrats Tom……maybe you have “finally” woken up.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      He’s not woken up! He’s following orders! They who control the media have decided to scrap obumass and “support” romney! It’s all part of the agenda! You will see more and more of it in the coming weeks!

    • liberty49

      I don’t trust Brokaw. He must have another agenda. Wonder how many blacks that are voting for Obama noticed his ‘plastic surgery’ on his nose to keep him from looking so ‘black’? There is nothing genuine about this President.

      • Jeff

        I suppose you didn’t notice Romney’s tan when he spoke to a group of Hispanics.

  • Billy Karedes

    sorry to burst the right wing bubble again but obama was speaking about fiscal 2007 in that debate. The federal deficit was 1.2 trillion before obama took office. fact check this in about 30 seconds and you’ll see brokaw screwed up big time.

  • Jim

    Billy, let’s talk real time, obummer has had four years of trillion plus budget deficits and his budget proposal didn’t get a single vote in House or Senate. His delusional idea of utopia is pure socialism and that has never and will never work in any society. The man is a total fraud concocted by media, Soros and other far left progressive agitators. His incompetence is highlighted by his obsession with all the perks and power of the office without any of the accountability or responsibility. The future of everyone in the country, especially those under 35, depends on sending this guy back where he came from…if anyone can figure that out!!

  • John W. Hines


  • deepizzaguy

    Has Tom Brokaw finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel?

  • alf fecht

    pay attentioin to history, republicans will destroy america again.

    • sam1966

      Wanna bet? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

      You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

  • http://Google Joseph Salomon, The Elder;

    10/18/12, 6: pm,
    In 1927 when I was born, More than 20% of Americans could not read of write English,
    Back then no one ever heard of the RIGHT WING ~ OR LEFT WING ! Every morning in class we pledged allegiance to the flag of the United States of America; And to the Republic for which it stands! We took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America! It was simpler times; We were simpler people,

    Yes we were a bunch of dumb hicks, The telephone was new & magic, Talking movies was a marvel, We all went down to the train station to see the big steam engines come into the station, We would crane skyward to see an airplane fly over head, What marvels America offered us the freedom to invent, The chance to succeed or fail!


    We had no safety net to catch our fat asses, Look at this ! We had NO food stamps ! We had NO Heep ! We had NO SOCIAL SECURITY ! We had NO Medicare or Medicaid ! We had NO unions ! No Veterans Administration, We had NO unemployment insurance !
    We had know A.D.C, We had Jails to lock up drifters & hobos, We shot child molesters.
    Bank Robbers; And a list of people that our laws ! A cop was respected.

    We built Rail Roads, Dams & Sky Scrapers; No body wore a hard hat ! There were at least 300
    less Government agencies ! Farming was a gamble from season to season, There was know electricity anywhere in the U.S.A, IN THE 1800, You wanted to build a church ?
    You did it by hand ! A school again by hand ! You wanted to drill a hole ? You did it by hand ! The same with a boat or a wagon a house or a hospital, By hand !

    This is the bottom line;
    I hate & despise all of the RIGHT WINGERS !
    And I hate and despise all of the LEFT WINGERS !
    And all of the [expletive deleted] that root for them,

    But I do love the American Eagle, And it needs two wings to fly !
    Joseph Salomon, The Elder;


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