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To Protect And Serve Their Own Prurient Interests

March 13, 2013 by  

To Protect And Serve Their Own Prurient Interests

Police officers — whom I call LEOs (legally entitled to oppress) — hate having their authority questioned and can invent all manner of “crimes” with which to charge their victims. Take the case of Kristen Walker as just one example. Her experience was posted on

Walker was a passenger in a car stopped by two Rochester, N.Y., police cruisers on March 6 at about 1 a.m. She and her boyfriend, James, had just left a 7-Eleven store and had noticed that a security guard/police officer had subjected them to extra scrutiny while they shopped.

One officer approached the driver’s side and ordered James to step out of the car and produce his driver’s license. Two officers approached the passenger side, and Kristen rolled down her window and handed her ID to the nearest officer. As she did, she asked why they’d been stopped.

The officer responded, “None of your f—ing business. We don’t have to have a f—ing reason to stop you,” indicating the LEO understands his place in society is to lord over the proletariat class unrestricted by petty laws.

“Well, to make a traffic stop you have to have a reason,” Kristen replied.

She said the officer then responded, “Yeah? You smart-ass little bitch, get the f— out of the car.” She said she complied and was promptly grabbed by the arm, which was twisted behind her back. She told the officer she had been raped in 2007 and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result, and she was uncomfortable being so handled. She said the officer responded with a chuckle and then slammed her head onto the trunk of a police cruiser.

Kristen admits that after her head was slammed down she yelled something along the lines of “What are you doing?” The response, she said, was for her to shut the f— up. “I have freedom of speech,” was her reply, to which the LEO responded, “Well, your freedom of speech is about to have your freedom taken from you.”

While all this was occurring she was holding her cellphone and trying to record the encounter, and the officer took it away from her and put her in handcuffs. Then, instead of calling for a female officer to conduct a body search, both male officers did a pat-down search, even sticking their hands in her pockets.

An officer then put her in the back of the cruiser with the words, “I should beat the f— out of you.” She responded with, “Go ahead, because if you do, I’ll have your badge.” The officer then pointed his pepper spray canister as if to spray her in the face, but didn’t push the button. He then closed the door, Kristen said.

She watched while one officer went through her phone. When they noticed she was watching, the second officer flipped her the bird. One of the police officers then opened the front passenger door of the cruiser and Kristen asked for his name and badge number. The officer responded with, “Blow me.”

Kristen said she replied with, “Blow you, huh?” To which the officer responded, “Yep, blow me you little whore,” and then closed the door.

As she sat in the car, a female officer approached, looked inside and taunted Kristen for crying.

After a few minutes, a different male police officer approached the car and tried to calm her down. Kristen said she asked him what was going on. He didn’t answer, but asked why she was upset. She says she explained to him about her rape and PTSD and the treatment she’d received.

“I even told him that I thought that police officers are supposed to be held to a higher standard, and he said ‘yes we are but I can’t say anything, because I wasn’t there.’ The officer told me to take deep breaths, and he said he would be back in a few minutes, then he stepped out of the car,” Kristen said.

“He returned and I asked him once again what was going on and the officer says to me that I had reached under my seat which I told him was not true, then he says to me ‘Here’s the deal, we’re going to let you go’ I then told him that I wanted their names and badge numbers, and he says ‘If you get their names and badge numbers you’re either going to jail for disorderly conduct or they’ll take you to the hospital for a mental health arrest.’

“The officer told me that I wouldn’t have to deal with the officers anymore, he said to me ‘I will take you out of the car and I will take the handcuffs off of you and once I do you are to walk around the police car and not say anything and get in your car and leave’, so I did exactly what he told me.”

Notice that the LEO, though appearing to be siding with Kristen, acknowledges that his brothers in blue will fabricate charges if they deem her uncooperative. In other words, she was offered the chance to purchase her freedom from further persecution with her silence.

Neither Kristen nor James was charged with anything, and both were allowed to leave. When they got home, they called 911 and asked for a supervisor. A sergeant called them back and told them they had been stopped because the security guard, who happened to be a Rochester police officer, thought they were suspicious because they seemed to be carrying a lot of cash.

The money they carried was their own, Kristen told the sergeant, the result of cashing their income tax return check earlier in the day. She asked the sergeant for the names and badge numbers of the officers involved, and he refused to give them. He then began asking all manner of personal and irrelevant questions about their activities.

Kristen should thank her lucky stars — and perhaps be grateful for the fact that her boyfriend was present. Many women aren’t so lucky, as Monica Contreras found out.

While in Las Vegas family court in August 2011 for a routine hearing in a divorce case, Contreras claimed she was sexually assaulted by court marshal Ron Fox after he ordered her into a room for a drug search. When she went back into the courtroom to tell the hearing master (judge) what had happened, Fox told a deputy to arrest her on a contrived charge of “false allegations against a police officer.”

As Contreras pleaded with the deputy and hearing master not to arrest her, the hearing master turned her back. (Watch the video here.) Fox told her the arrest would go away if she recanted, so she agreed to recant. But when she got to the microphone, she stuck to her guns. She was cuffed and led away to jail, and her daughter was put into protective custody.

According to news reports, Contreras filed a complaint with Court Marshal Internal Affairs two months after the incident. Fox was later fired, and a widespread investigation has begun that has uncovered numerous assault allegations and other malfeasance in the court system.

And then there is Magdelena Mol. The young wife and mother had been visiting a friend and called a cab to take her home. As she waited on the street for the taxi to arrive, Justice, Ill., police officer Carmen Scardine stopped in front of her and ordered her into his car.

Scardine demanded identification from Mol and called the dispatcher to run her name but didn’t explain why he had ordered her into his car. When the taxi arrived, he sent it away. Then Scardine drove Mol to a secluded area and sexually assaulted her.

Despite a complaint filed by Mol the next day (which was upheld by the Justice Police Department), Scardine has not been charged with a crime or even terminated. He’s free to terrorize other women in Illinois.

Sara Smith had a similar experience after being involved in a minor traffic accident. Her liability insurance had lapsed, and she was driving with an expired license. But Pittsburgh Police Officer Adam Skweres had a deal for her. The traffic citations could be made to go away in exchange for sexual favors.

Skweres told Smith that “he could make it look like [the accident] was my fault or he could give the driver a ticket for failure to obey signs,” she recalled in an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Skweres quite generously promised that what he would demand of Smith would not be “as bad as what would happen to me in jail.”

Smith, 24, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “He said, ‘You don’t know what a young girl like yourself could do for a guy like me.’ He told me if I ever said anything, ‘I’ll make sure you never walk, talk or speak again,’ and looked right at his gun. I didn’t know what to do.”

Despite her complaint, the city of Pittsburgh didn’t take Skweres off the streets until four years later, after he had offered the same deal to at least three other women and attempted to rape a fourth.

William N. Grigg blogs regularly about police abuses. As Grigg notes, on-duty sexual predation happens far more often than most people realize.

As of 2008, there were roughly 600,000 state and local police officers in the United States. If former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper is correct, at least 30,000 of them are active sexual predators.

On-duty sexual predation by police officers “happens far more often than people in the business are willing to admit,” Stamper warns in his memoir Breaking Rank: A Top Cop’s Expose of the Dark Side of American Policing. “My cautious guess is that about 5 percent of America’s cops are on the prowl for women. In a department the size of Seattle’s that’s sixty-three police officers. In San Diego [where Stamper began his police career], 145. In New York City, 2,000. The average patrol cop makes anywhere from ten to twenty unsupervised contacts a shift. If he’s on the make, chances are a predatory cop will find you. Or your wife, your partner, your daughter, your sister, your mother, your friend.”

And pity the poor soul who deigns to object to the abuse and tries to resist. Fabricated charges of resisting arrest or disorderly conduct are the usual fallback position of the abusers. That is, if the abused gets out of the encounter alive.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Buster the Anatolian

    There are many good police officers out there. However, those who behave as those mentioned in the article did should not only be fired they should be stripped naked, tared, feathered, and run out of town on a rail.

    • RivahMitch

      I prefer massmilitia’s solution. The problem, not just with some police but with the governments as a whole today is that they are insufficiently afraid of the citizens. As Jefferson said, “Where people fear the government, there is tyranny. Whee government fears the people, there is liberty.” Semper Fi!

      • redhawk

        I’m with both of U gents. The question is, when fit hits the shan, where will the police, national guard and military line up? WILL they support the Constitution of follow their commander-in-cheif? You are right, the government does not have ANY fear of the people. How do we change THAT? Elections are won or lost on 51% to 49% votes. We have leaders that buy elections by bailing out big employers. Lets hear some real solutions about how to deal with those that “Serve Their Own Prurient Interests” under the guise of protecting us from ourselves. Is this now becoming an epidemic local problem because national leadership sets the pace for it? If we “cut off the head” will we kill the monster?

      • http://google gary gerke

        They have a right to fear us, the days of people not knowing the law are over. Always record and or video any confrontation with the police, otherwise they can and will own you!

      • Wde H. Calhoun

        How many of you that are complaining about the Government go out and Vote for your Congressman or Senator. WE THE PEOPLE or in the position to make change. The people of this country are the bosses not the local politicians. I get so tire of hearing people complain but when it comes time to vote and get the deadbeats out of government all I hear is Quote. we can’t do any good our parents complained and people will be complaining when we are dead and gone. If we don’t come together as a nation and vote out the deadbeats an crooks and get honest folks running our government then it will be the end of America as we no it. If every registered voted at every election and got new people in government then maybe we will survive but the American people need to get off their Dead Buts and vote we are there bosses read the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. WE THE PEOPLE CAN MAKIE CHANGE IF WE ALL VOTE NOT JUST 5 OR 10 % > WE ALL NEED TO GET OUT AND VOTE FOR THE BEST PERSON AND IF THEY SCREW UP VOTE SOMEONE ELSE IN EVENTUALLY WE WILL GET IT RIGHT,BUT WE ALL HAVE TOO VOTE NOT JUST A FEW AND YES YOUR VOTE MEANS SOMETHING.

    • Robert L.

      Ran out of town on a rail,,,,,,
      So they can go somewhere else and keep doing it again,,,,,
      no way,,,, they need to be put in jail and get beat the [expletive deleted] out of them by the a likes thugs who would have a field day everyday whit these pieces of dirt.

      • Susan

        《in reply to Robert 》
        re: run out of town on a rail

        The criminals that are being run out of town on a rail won’t be bothering anyone else. The tarring before the feathering will take care of that just fine! They can just be loaded on to rail cars in body bags after that and off to the dump they go! It would be a nasty way to die but filthy trash does need to be removed!

  • Cheryl

    I had experienced first hand an assault from a police officer after being stopped for speeding. It was all caught on tape. Very horrifying. Broke my hand after grabbing my license out of my hand and dragged me out of the car.

  • http://liberty massmilitia

    no they should be shot and killed for what they did, cops lie period, their are no good cops, they all lie to protect each other, the cops in my Massachusetts town are a bunch of jack booted thugs

  • worldwatchman

    These are the bottom feeders who shouldn’t have a badge and should be arrested, imprisoned and made to share a cell with a lifer who just doesn’t care who he is because from then on, the bottom feeder was going to be his bitch. These pieces of crap give good upstanding law enforcement officers a bad name. Even they would want to slap the arrogance out of them. Myself, I’m old fashion, I’d beat the crap out of them. With a smile on my face.

    • Graham Quentin

      The source of the problem in the Police Department is largely “Affirmative Action”. They are FORCED By law, to hire those who fit a demographic criteria – instead of only hiring based on those BEST SUITED for the position. Unless / Until Affirmative Action (racial profiling / Racial quotas) is PERMANENTLY removed from the American culture, this will continue and only get WORSE as time goes onward………………

  • Buck Dude

    I’ve seen bad and good cops all my life.
    The bad cops used to be filtered off from the force by the good cops.
    Now it seems, there are fewer good cops around to “Serve and Protect” as there used to be….

  • Peter

    I think the saying goes, “Any person can face adversity, but if you truly want to test a person’s character, give them power.” ‘Nuff said.

  • mari

    In every group, no matter what the group is (religious, political, ethnic, or just a sewing circle), there are good and bad people. Unfortunately, the group called police have a lot of power, and that makes the corrupt ones very dangerous and hard to stop. I admire these women who took great risk and stood up to them.

    • Mark Are Reynolds

      Haaa…the group called GOVERNMENT has TOO MUCH power and it needs to be cut back to pre 1776 levels. It has been turned totally upside down. And we just sit by and watch it happen.

  • redhawk

    This reminds me of stories that used to come out of the old Soviet Union. First of all you didn’t drive across country without ALL your papers in order and if you did you had to have enough cash (or trade goods) to buy your way out of a traffic stop, which often didn’t come with any reason. This story was written over 20 years ago as one example to show how fortunate we are in this country to have a “decent” system of law enforcement and just how evil the “evil empire” had become. Now, as the USA takes the ever steeper slide into socialism, those evils seem to be increasingly perpetrated onto OUR citizens. Where do we go from here? Do we have to become the worlds police force and subdue our own citizens as part of that process? Many would say we already have & it’s hard to disagree with that assessment. A lot of western leaders called Mr. Bush a cowboy that used coyboy politics but Mr. Obama just does whatever he wants, law, Constitution, traditoins or even common sense don’t seem to matter. It’s all about power.and it’s NOT just Mr. Obama. He only sets the mark.

    In the industrial world there’s an old axiom, “An organization tends takes on the characteristics of it leadership.” If that’s true or even close to true in the bigger picture, we’re in for one awful ride in the coming years.

  • Mark Are Reynolds

    If a cop is found to be a sexual predator he should be tried and if convicted taken to a wall where a firing squad will end his pitiful existence on earth. And be sure to broadcast it on national media as a reality show showing what will happen to slime like this. Talk about someone making a bad name for police!

    • GALT

      Even Don Corleone refused to grant that favor on the day of his daughters

    • Karolyn

      Police are notorious rapists. In the 7 years i’ve lived near Charlotte, I’ve heard of four incidents of cops using their badge to gain sexual favor and one outright rape while a woman was drunk. They also have a high incidence of spousal abuse.

      • GALT

        Then there are those “women” who would use sexuality or its promise to
        avoid the ticket……..or problem………

        To illustrate the problem here…….( since women tend to keep their fantasies to
        themselves and the biological clearly overwhelms intellect, or imagined intellect )

        What do you imagine the results would be of a survey which asked the
        following question……..

        Please list those who would generate a positive response to the following

        “I would be willing to be raped by……..?”

        You can name both specific individuals or physical types.

        And please do not pretend that there would be no positive responses,
        because we BOTH know better……,

  • Robin from Arcadia IN

    My son is graduating in April with a degree in law enforcement. I expect him to be a great police officer. He has been raised with a Christian background. It’s too bad that some do take advantage of their position. But, they are not all like that.

    • GALT

      But they all KNOW there are those like that……how do the 5% manage to convince
      the 95% to ignore or cover up their actions?

      Is not a lie of omission, still a lie?

  • ibcamn

    Ive been telling people foralmost my entire life how crooked cops are,it’s taken that long for it to come to the surface,just in my lifetime!what’s been happening before that!??!and youve been hearing it from blacks for decades!!youve been hearing about it from bikers for decades!!now youve been hearing about it from the average citizen now for years!!do you now understand why i hate cops and talk poorly of them?ive been at the [expletive deleted]-end of their stick almost my whole life.this has happened to friends of mine and no one belived us because were biker trash to you!i personally can’t speak for blacks personal accounts,but i’m pretty sure it’s the same!i’m not going to say”now that it’s you,you finally notice!”.but if the shoe fits!

    read back on some of my comments ive said in the past year,and you’ll see what i’m talking about!like ive said,almost all cops are corrupt,those that are not,are crooked!

  • Abby

    How can we, the public, the city,the state, the government, allow these incidents to cccur. They complain about harrassment, how about physical and metal abuse by the blue coaters? Instead of reinforcing and supporting their fellow officers, these men/women should help in detering such incidents.
    Just like the government, it rules by intimidation and threats. May God forgive us all.

    • ranger09

      Abby, Its the codes the politicians have made to protect ea other, And it has worked its way down to all our Govt depts, The police depts have a code that protects ea other see no evil here no evil. That is our problem with our policemen and women. WHEN these people start reporting the Bad then we will have what we can call GOOD policemen or Women.Ive seen this for many, many years and i never was excepted as one of them, Because i did not allow any form of lawbreaking or drinking,or goofing off while on Duty. An this did not make me a popular person, And it was hard for me to survive when you cannot be trusted by your fellow officers for doing the right things. There is Right and there bis the Wrong

      • Karolyn

        It’s always been this way, ranger. This is nothing new.

      • Carol J, California

        Women if they have them. I have lived in Clearlake, CA for over 20 years and have never seen a policewoman. The only women who work for the dept. are office workers. And now they are hiring “Mexican anchor babies” who routinely harass non-Mexicans. I called to complain about the garbage being dumped in my yard, and was told I would be arrested for being a bigot. ??????? I was also stopped for running a stop sign while I was driving a vehicle which has to be comlpletly stopped before I can shift into low gear. I told him that and that I could prove it so he “let me off with a warning”.

  • Abby

    metal sould have been mental

  • BillT

    Here in LA we have the Crips, Bloods and what I call the gooks. The only difference between them is the Gooks carry guns and by law can srew with you and you can’t do a thing about it.

  • Renderizer

    I was a victim of police brutality in 1980 while stationed at Pearl Harbor. It was new years eve and as was the custom I purchased a bunch of fireworks and went down to the beach in Waikiki to set them off. I was approached by a pair of police officers of Samoan descent who informed me that they were going to confiscate my fireworks. When I asked why, I was told that they were cracking down on the use of explosives by f___king haoles (Polynesian word for caucasians). When I argued that there was nothing illegal about the fireworks, I was put in a full nelson and beaten severely. Then they arrested me after stealing my money and throwing my wallet in the ocean. I was charged with two counts of assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.
    I spent an anxiety filled night in a holding cell facing a dark future. The next morning at my arraignment hearing, after being scolded for being a detriment to society, a gentleman stood up and requested that he be allowed to testify on my behalf. The judge asked him who he was and the man gave his name and said he was an alderman for Waikiki. The judge said that he would not be allowed to speak unless he was a witness to the crime (apparently, I was guilty until proven innocent). The Alderman responded saying that he and several of his friends witnessed the altercation. He then gave the true story and I was released, grudgingly. I was warned by the judge that he was going to keep an eye out for me and that I better keep my nose clean. Eventually I got a settlement from WPD. The two cops were suspended with pay awaiting the outcome of an investigation which eventually resulted in a reprimand.

    • Betty

      I’m sorry t hear of your encounter and glad you had witnesses to back you up. However, I can’t believe that it happens as often as people are saying in this blog I am 72 years old and have never had a police officer to be anything but respectful and kind to me. I realize there are bad cops out there but the majority are out there every dad doing their job and a lot make less than a ditch digger. We shouldn’t throw them all in the same bag.

      • redhawk

        You are absolutely right, Betty.But again, the leadership of this country sets the trend. There are wayyy less than 5% of gun owners who take advantage of our second ammendment right to keep and bear arms but every citizen who owns a gun these days is being targeted as a criminal via comrade Obamas executive orders. It’s just another example of injustice by those in “power”. The ultimate law of the land is the Constitution but not to those power elites who pass laws that don’t apply to them.

  • Peter 10-nov-1775

    Lower the standards and requirements for the job and this is what you get. The libs go to court and say the tests are too hard and they discriminate against the dumb and the criminals. The halhrican recently stated that more criminals be hired {read it here} EVEN in jobs security and other sensitive jobs.

    • http://google gary gerke

      True story….The liberal school system has been dumbing down our children over the last 30- years. No intellect, no questions asked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      The American people have walked into a socialist society with their eyes wide open, however, they have no understanding what the cost will be in the near future!

    • Karolyn

      Are you saying that smart cops can’t be corrupt?

      • GALT

        smart cop is probably an oxymoron and depending on the motivation
        to correct the mistaken choice ( and relinquish the benefits pending )
        the tendency to be corrupt is probably more likely among those of above
        average intelligence.

  • TML

    “’Here’s the deal, we’re going to let you go’ I then told him that I wanted their names and badge numbers, and he says ‘If you get their names and badge numbers you’re either going to jail for disorderly conduct or they’ll take you to the hospital for a mental health arrest.’
    The officer told me that I wouldn’t have to deal with the officers anymore, he said to me ‘I will take you out of the car and I will take the handcuffs off of you and once I do you are to walk around the police car and not say anything and get in your car and leave’, so I did exactly what he told me.””

    No, no, no, no, no, no, no, hell to the NO!

    If people want this kind of stuff to stop they first MUST stop consenting to crap like that! Civil rights laws allow attorney fees and compensatory and punitive damages as incentives for injured parties to enforce their rights. Even their reasoning for stopping them (seeming to have a lot of cash) does not give probable cause, much less justify such actions.

    I’d have said, well it looks like I’m going to get charged for disorderly conduct or sent to a mental hospital for asking for their names and badge numbers… and it looks like they are going to be prosecuted under United States Code Title 42 Section 1983 for false arrest, malicious prosecution, excessive and unreasonable force, and violation of my constitutional rights under the 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendments. You wanna make the list longer? Let’s’go!

    • Karolyn

      In theory I agree with you TML. My mother was a fighter for her rights, and that is how I feel. However, it has to be scary, especially for a women with ptsd.

      • TML

        All the more reason to fight it for a woman with ptsd. Not much theory about it; you either fight it or you don’t. I can’t really promote fighting it in the way my emotions tell me I’d like to, so the system is all there is.

  • ranger09

    Yes there is a lot of BAD cops out there, There is also a FEW good ones, But out of what we call the good ones, How many of them report bad cops, When they fail to report a bad cop It then makes them as bad as the bad cops.

  • John Law

    As a retired LEO of 37 years, I am appalled at the conduct of these “officers”. This type of activity is what we are sworn to protect the citizens we serve from.

    • GALT

      And of course you were aware of none of this during those 37 years?

      Tell me what was the attitude toward the Dept of Internal Affairs?

      Or did you serve in Paradise with Jesse Stone?

  • Karolyn

    So sad! These a-holes give good cops a bad rep. Unfortunately, there are people who just love the power. They are all cowards. I’ve always been treated respectfully by cops, even when I was young and a hippie. The police here where I live in SC seem to be pretty good.

  • Cameron

    [comment removed for language]

  • http://personallibertydigest wayne mann

    more proof that there is no help for the american public. we are already a socialist/marxist country. WHEN WILL YOU STAND UP AMERICA??

    • GALT

      You first……..what’s your plan?

  • Fay Guht

    As these episodes occur, it is our civic duty to start filming. Where ever, when ever. Then get to a civil rights attorney. Also, the media should ALWAYS publish the names of these alleged cretins. Helps to warn your neighbors.

  • Karolyn

    After being robbbed, store owner shot 11 times by cops.

  • GALT

    We the people……..public servants…..and perception.

    All that protecting and serving must be HARD……..the reason that I say
    this is that it is rare indeed to recollect the number of times in my life where
    government employees actually could be described as the willing purveyors
    of service……….most cocktail waitresses would out shine them hands down,
    even with the most obnoxious of patrons.

    Since we have been pedaling this myth for 200 plus years, why don’t we
    make a few adjustments that actually reflects the relationship the mythology
    PRETENDS exists………..

    If this is a government which derives its “just powers from the consent of the
    governedt”…….then why do we have a President?

    If the MYTH is not a MYTH, then I as a “citizen”, out rank EVERYONE
    in government………including the President……

    So lets change that……let’s make the title……

    First Public Servant……..

    and adjust all the other titles accordingly……..

    If nothing else, such a change would truly be an example of “American

  • Jeff Miller

    I do not believe this happened.

    • Graham Quentin

      Why don’t you believe it happened? Are you saying that cops are above intimidation, harassment, Rape, Assault, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Assault & Battery, Murder????????????? If so, you are truly living a deluded life. Cops are human beings, and like every other human being CAN be turned to the dark side and break numerous laws – even though they swore to uphold them and to protect & serve the public.

      Just consider Congresscritters for a brief moment: They are sworn to uphold and defend the US Consitution AND to work FOR the constituents (read CITIZENS), but they work for special interests, and almost always these days work AGAINST the US consitution because it is too rigid or too out of date or too old or whatever other LAME excuse they come up with.

      Without getting religious, it is safe to say that ABSOLUTELY EVERY PROFESSION has good people and evil people in it. Even priests have evil people (remember Catholic church and pedophilia????).

      Ponder that for a while………..

  • Robert Taylor

    I hate to be redundant…but what we’re experiencing internally is fascism. It’s the same mentality as what our military is doing abroad and what Israel is doing to Gaza. Any young person that joins the military and swears to defend the Constitution is automatically violating that very oath if they go to war in an undeclared, unconstitutional war.

    • Graham Quentin

      The members of the military are obligated under UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) to obey orders without question with almost no exceptions. Their commander in chief (non military personnel) is “ordering” them to go into battle in Afghanistan or wherever else, and they are obligated to obey said orders. Where in the constitution does it give permission to a member of the military to disobey orders from their superior(s)? Please cite the specific section and text that does.

      And please explain what you mean, with regard to “what Israel is doing to Gaza”?

  • Michael

    Cops in this country continue to rack up a record of thuggery that would make Adolf Hitler proud of them. They will be willing accomplishes to obama’s Brown Shirts when the day of reckoning comes. In all these instances, the perps are the cops and unfortunately they outgun and usually out number the victims. Be careful folks, this crap is getting more serious by the day.

  • Bill Henry

    For those of you who have never heard the name Serpico. Search on it. Interesting reading for those concerned with corrupted police departments.

  • s c

    The obvious solution for this problem is to send such ‘officers’ to Chicago. They would fit right in, and Chicago could be assured of continued incompetence and corruption. By the way, this behavior is properly defined as ‘ultra liberalism on steroids.’
    Such officers were born too soon, and in the wrong country They would have made first-class Nazis or wannabe communists. .


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