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To Profit From The Gold Market, Timing Is Everything

August 12, 2010 by  

To Profit From The Gold Market, Timing Is Everything

The gold market has gotten a lot of attention lately. Through the end of June, prices were soaring, and many people—professional traders and savvy amateurs alike—made nice profits trading gold on the commodity exchanges.

Since then, prices have backed off a bit. So now the big question traders are asking themselves is, “Should I look to get into the gold market now, or is it too late?”

When it comes to trading gold, or any other commodity, timing is everything. Technical traders time their trades using signals on charts of previous price activity in a market. They look for the appearance of standard formations that indicate the time is right for a market entry or exit. If the signal isn’t there they’ll sit on the sidelines until their charts give them the green light.

What are the signals in the gold market telling us? First, look at the weekly chart (a relatively long-term chart) of gold so you can see what all the excitement is about.

Dec 2010 Gold
Weekly Gold through July 16, 2010 (view full-size image)

You can see how high prices are compared to where they’ve been. In fact, those highs at the end of June are the highest this commodity has ever been.

Now look at a recent daily gold chart to see what it tells us. It’s a chart of prices for December 2010 Gold (gold contracts that are due for delivery in December, 2010).

Dec 2010 Gold
December 2010 Gold from Oct. 2009 through July 21, 2010 (view full-size image)

You can see the highs that occurred around a price of $1,270 per ounce, and that prices are now hovering around $1,180. So, what are traders to do now?

In my opinion, while the gold market may still be offering a tremendous opportunity in the long term, this is not the time to be getting in. This is the time to be waiting on the sidelines, and there are a number of reasons why I say this.

First, one of the primary principles of the trading methodology I follow is to trade with the trend. That means if the overall trend in a market shows that prices are rising, we want to buy the market—known as going long. Conversely, if the overall trend in a market is down we will sell the market—also known as going short.

We don’t want to go against a market. If the overall trend is up, but the market appears to be making a correction with declining prices, we don’t want to sell that market. We will wait to see if prices resume the rise and then we’ll buy. On the other hand, if the market clearly shows that the trend has reversed and that prices will continue to fall, we may then consider selling.

For all we can tell right now gold is only making a correction, which is to be expected in a market that has just made all-time highs. No market goes straight up or down. There are always advances, and then pullbacks, all along the way. As far as we can tell right now gold is in such a pullback and there is no indication at this point that the trend has reversed. But we don’t want to buy into the market while prices are declining because we have no idea how low they will go. As technical traders we would only consider buying when prices have clearly resumed the uptrend.

How low could prices go in a pullback? Look back on the December Gold chart and look at the horizontal line I drew. This is the 50 percent line. I determined where to draw this line by adding the high and low prices of the last major move in Gold and dividing the result by two.

There’s tremendous psychological power to the 50 percent line. Prices seem to be drawn to it like a magnet. Traders watch as prices approach this line. Often declining prices will bounce off this line and head back up. That may happen in gold. The 50 percent level is at $1,105. With current prices at around $1,180, that means gold may be being pulled all the way toward $1,105. That’s a pretty scary drop and there’s no use trying to catch a falling knife. I’d rather wait for prices to resume the rally before getting in.

Finally, there’s a fundamental reason why this may not be the best time to buy gold. As a general rule, gold prices tend to peak in late summer, and then decline through October when they usually bottom out. Then they tend to rise through the end of the year. If that pattern holds true this year, don’t be surprised if gold prices hold steady or decline until November. After that, if they resume their uptrend we may see new record highs.

So, how will we know when it’s time to consider entering the gold market? If you look at your gold chart it will tell you. What you want to look for is the leveling off of the downtrend followed by a resumption of the uptrend. This will likely occur when the traditional seasonal rally kicks in toward the end of the year. However, there are never any guarantees in trading. That’s why we have to look to our charts to confirm the wisdom of our trading decisions.

Successful traders only buy into a market that looks like it wants to move higher. If you’re interested in trading gold, become familiar with the chart patterns in this market and learn the signals that indicate the timing is right.

—Jim Prince

Jim Prince

is a 20 year trading veteran and the educational director at The United States Chart Company—one of the futures industry’s premier charting and data analysis services. Jim directs U.S. Charts’ numerous course offerings for both beginning and advanced traders, preparing course members to enter the markets as knowledgably and safely as possible. To this end he prepares weekly newsletters, market alerts, training videos, webinars, a daily market blog and more. Over the years he’s helped hundreds of thousands of individuals discover the profit opportunities awaiting them in the commodity markets.

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  • FreedomFighter

    Dont forget the current political climate.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Bob L

    I don’t view gold as an investment vehicle in the same way as stocks or bonds. Gold is supposed to be the standard against which a nations money is pegged. Unfortunately, with the U.S. having unconstitutionally removed that limit on the government’s ability to spend and create fiat currency, it has opened the door to a Pandora’s box for fraud and outright theft by not only the government, but the international banking interests associated with the unconstitutional Federal Reserve CORPORATION.

    Since one dollar is no longer locked at a value of (+-) 1/35 ounce of gold, I look upon the “price” of gold as THE indicator of the worth of the dollar; the lower the price of gold, the stronger the dollar while the higher the price, the weaker the dollar. With the pace at which money is being created these days, look for the “price” of gold to skyrocket in the near future as our money becomes as worthless as the 1921 German Mark did when a postage stamp cost a billion Marks or more. Look at Zimbabwe today for a preview of the future value of the U.S. dollar if Washington stays on the course they are now on.

    • Al Sieber

      Bob L, I agree with you, as a hedge against inflation, not as a investment. you can print up too much paper, but not gold, it has to be mined.

  • Al Sieber

    Right now gold is trading at $1214.60 a oz., up $18.00. it went up $60 or more in a week and a half. either buy the dip, or buy silver which is still a good investment. silver is the poor man’s metal. gold and silver always hold their value, paper doesn’t.


    I like both gold and silver….At present our country is consuming more silver than is be ing mined, for his reason silver is my current choice.


  • CabotAR

    There is a better market than gold/silver right now, if you cannot afford them.

    Buy canned food now with expiration dates that are good for 3 years. You pay $1 for a can of beans today & then eat the bean in 3years. In that 3 yrs, inflation will make the can of beans probably around $1.50 (or more)so you make a huge profit & don’t have to pay capital gains. It could be a good barter item in 3 yrs.

    I bought gold/silve 5 yrs. ago at $550, but have now switched to canned food. Your whole family profits by this investment. I’m just a family guy who cannot afford $1,200 for gold but can spend a few dollars on canned food.

    • Richard Pawley

      There is a much better way than canned goods which can go bad. Rule one, never buy tomatoes in cans. The acid in them will leach out cancer causing chemicals from the plastic that keeps the cans from rusting. Dry canning is better. There are places that sell large number ten cans (and sometimes smaller ones) of many different foods. Large cans of dozens of different kinds of dry beans, packed in nitrogen. Wheat, and rye, and corn and oats can be purchased the same way. Cans of cooked and freeze dried Turkey and Beef, chunked or ground, all cooked and freeze dried and it will last almost a generation sealed in a can with an oxygen absorber if stored in a cool dry place. I have some that expires in 2034. From experience I know that coffee in vacuum cans will last a decade (at least 90 percent of the ones my mom gave me were still good after ten years). I read of someone who bought among other things a case of canned freeze dried blueberries in 1976 and he opened a can because he liked them. He ate them right out of the can. Thirty years later, after being stored in a cool basement he moved from Virginia to a Pacific Coast state and when he moved he opened a second can. He said the second was just as good as the first. I have about 9 pounds of spaghetti that I put away in 1999 at .30 a pound. I chose a high quality spaghetti on sale and after examining it carefully I put it in those plastic barrels that pretzels come in. I have one barrel left. On sale today similar spaghetti is 85 cents. By the way IF it has no cheese or meat in it Ragu spaghetti sauce will last three years past the expiration date in the glass jars it comes in. I found no difference in the taste of it when I opened and used jars that old. It might last longer but I buy on sale and rotate. IF ANYTHING CANNED SMELLS BAD DON’T EAT IT. Dry canning is the way to go. Learn about non-perishable foods but avoid the one year food supplies for a thousand dollars as they are not likely to be things you eat. Sugar will last for decades and honey will too. Think like a pioneer. They always had to have at least six months worth of food on hand at all times. Good sources are and and you can even buy 36 cans of the old 7 ounce-tuna-fish size can of gourmet cheddar cheese with cream added that comes from Australia and doesn’t need refrigeration if kept in a cool dry place. Less than a hundred dollars delivered from Laurie Gawronski, G & R Foods Inc. Reedsburg, WI 53959 (608-524-3776). Legally it has to be called a processed cheese but it is much better than anything I’ve tasted from here in the states (and it doesn’t have the artificial bovine growth hormones that are illegal in most major companies of the world and may be a contributing factor in the onset of puberty in girls as young as 7 and 8. These hormones are illegal in France, Germany, Italy, England, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada made them illegal because of what they do to the cows, much less what they do to humans. Just about anything is good enough for Americans. Don’t forget water, a good filter, toilet paper, everything you use will triple in price when the unbelievable waste of money that Congress has squandered in the past four years comes home to roost, causing huge inflation after the deflation ends. I do not know when this will be but some of my sources believe it will be in the next couple of years. So many here are still blaming, Bush, or Clinton, or Obama, but presidents come and go. It is CONGRESS. our Lords and Barons, who stay here until we vote them out. Need I say more. Just 12 weeks! If they are all re-elected you will live (or maybe not) to regret it!

  • home boy

    if you really want to know were gold and silver are headed you should read the book of Ezekiel chapter 7 verse 19 in the bible. you remember that pesky little book that has had over 700 prophetsies come to past. do yourself a favor and trust in God not man.

    • John Bowie

      Sir, what you quoted is referring to Ancient Israel. I would suggest that in essence you are correct. However, if you want to prepare for the future, place your faith in our LORD Jesus Christ. Also, the New Testament is for our times, the end times. In the latter days there will be wolves dressed in sheeps clothing. There will be false prophets. There is no way to the Father but through me. All of the Bible is true, but the New Testament is for our time. Just think how many millions of people have been led astray by “false Prophets”, i.e. Mohammad & Islam.

      With Love in Christ, John

      • ValeDM

        I think you’re forgetting many of the prophets of the Old Testament
        had much to say about the end times—it all isn’t in the New
        Testament. Go back and read ALL the prophets in the Old Testament and
        see for yourself.

        • John Bowie

          You are absolutely correct. My bad

      • Tazio2013

        john bowie,

        you and home boy seem to be on the same crusading christian zionist page so, let me remind you that jesus of nazareth was a man, not god, not lord, et. al. and “Man is the measure of all things.”

        • John Bowie

          Sir, I don’t think you could remind me of anything I would be interested in hearing, or even bother to listen to. I can see from your writing where you are coming from. As to Jesus being a man, yes he was, but for a christian, he was more than man, he was & is GOD.

        • Michael Peeples

          Tazio2013,You are dead wrong about Jesus The Christ,Messiah,Savior and Lord,because He is God who came in the flesh and paid the price for all of our sins.It is to bad that you are blind to that,because you will stand before Him one day and give an account for what you have done in the flesh good and bad .You still have time to ask Him to forgive you of your sins and unbelief.This I am telling you because I care about you.This isn’t for debate,so I won’t get into a discussion with you about it.May The Lord open your eyes.
          A Servant of The Lord

        • Richard Pawley

          Spoken like a true Marxist. Christians and Jews want to live in peace and most others want to rule them and the world. Those who have a grasp of the Bible, old and new testament, have a better understanding then all the atheists who ever lived. Somewhere it says, “a fool says in his heart, there is no God” but it also says to call no man a fool, so I can only say you are greatly misinformed. That doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love you but that you have a great deal to learn, more than could ever be relayed in a forum like this. I, for one, am grateful for all that I have learned in this life and that I have discovered that God not only exists but loves an insignificant speck of dust like me. When you have experienced the love of God in your heart, there are no words that can adequately express it. I tried in my autobiography but that is just my story. The fact that there are better ones doesn’t diminish what God has done for me. You may have given up on people who claim they know God but don’t give up on Him. He won’t give up on you!

      • kathy

        yikes, always someone proselytizing even though the subject at hand is financial.
        oh god, please save me from your holier than though followers………..

        • Fed Up Gal in NM

          Why on earth would you need God to save you from posters on a conservative blog site?

          Can you not simply save yourself by leaving the site?

          • libertytrain

            Well Fed Up, that would require someone from the government explaining to them how that is done and then give them a substantial, yet fair, allotment of some kind to get them to actually move on.

    • Tazio2013

      How can you believe in something that doesn’t exist? Read ezikiel and the rest of that christian zionist ot nonsense if you have time to waste but, if you want a bit of objective Reality, read THE BLACK SWAN by Dr. Nicholas N. Taleb.

      • home boy

        that’s right. you keep believing in man and see where it gets you. your probably a charley rangal fan also. here’s something to think about. when jesus was being crucified he yelled out and said ” father forgive them for they know not what they are doing”. so if jesus is also god why would he talk to himself infront of others that way when he also told people he came here on behalf of his father?

  • Joe Brown

    I agree that silver is unvalued and anything to protect you and your family from government fooling with the money and inflation.

  • Tazio2013

    For what’s it worth, here is my interpretation of the existential facts re how fewer than 4% “gold guys”; i.e., a minority of open-minded, clear-thinking, freedom-loving individuals who re-cognize, are returning to and will eventually re-establish a global De Facto Private Gold Bullion Standard, see the period from Now to 01/20/17 evolving with the as yet unanswered question being: Revolution or Renaissance or Black Swan or Combination of all three?

    THE GOLD GAME: Honest Money / Austrian (Misesian) Economics / Free-Market-Thinking-Capitalism (Gold Bullion) vs Fiat Money / Socialist (Keynesian) Economics / Militarism-Statism-Corporatism-Mercantilism (USD, Euro, Pound, Yen).

    THE GOLDEN PHOENIX: Proprietary Algorithmic [intelligent (strong AI), complex, evolutionary or ICE algorithms] Gold Forecasting & Trading Model which currently and heuristically predicts that gold bullion will be valued at more than $3,350 +/- $150 per ounce by 01/20/17.

    In my considered analysis, the next ten years will be a decade of great and dynamic geo-political and socio-economic change and I intend to stick around, Allah willing, and actively participate as best as I am able!

    Why do I enjoy periodic PLN exchanges re current events and related polarizing topics? Because the majority of PLN early responders are typically very predictable white wing wacko, crusading christian republican, faux news following, glenn beck believing, xenophobic/homophobic sheeple having definite fascist tendencies. I see the North American SPEKE (social, political, economic, knowledge-based, ethical) system bifurcating into a devalued dollar socialist/fascist system (read 1984 by George Orwell) for 96% of the population and a DFPGBS system for the minority 4%. So, let’s continue to stay in touch and see what happens!

    I have a definition of TRUTH that will appear a bit later.

    • DaveH

      Knowledgeable people just state the facts. Only people who are unsure of themselves need to name-call, condescend, and otherwise attempt to childishly manipulate people they don’t agree with.

      • helen

        I’M WITH DAVE H …

      • Anthony

        Totally agree, DaveH. Tazio2013′s first most obvious mistake was fomenting the “false” left/right paradigm discussion… and as usual pushing the “nasty right-wing republican” angle, which is the choice of the BoD inside the CFR. Obviously this person (male or female, I don’t care..) has never actually invested any research into the bottom line of debate – which is either Man allows themselves to be made slaves of money, or they fight for the freedom to have money be only a tool to achieve a quality of life they prefer… much like all of us using a Computer, to get online and comment right here.

        For the last two hundred years, monarchs, royal families, then Governments, themselves, ….all falling for the manipulative coercion of simple Bankers… who would dangle carrots until the last minute where the so-called Powerful were suddenly at someone else’s mercy. I doubt Tazio2013 has given even the most remote consideration to these very real facts.

        I know this – as long as most people keep writing off this truest of reality versions… it will continue to get worse and worse.. until, like it or not, we really do see the fruitiion of the writings on the Georgia Guidestones.

        People want to sit back with their remotes and call others names for attempting to sound the warning? It’s their loss. I’m sure they’re just waiting or the next bandwagon… that’s usually how it is.

        Knowing the TRUTH about many of the War Conflicts our Country has been a part of throughout our history… and how many of those situations were actually started by FALSE FLAG EVENTS… which is the case… well, let’s just say a lot of people died believing a bucketful of lies. A sad truth, overall.

        Tazio2013 needs to learn a lot more before he gains any credibility here. Right now, it’s obvious fantasy.

    • Gregg Pellegrino

      Well… if your definition of “truth” has ANYTHING to do with your definition of the Messiah, the Christ “Jesus of Nazareth” then please continue to tell you lies (Allah willing)!!!

  • John Bowie

    By the by, I agree with stocking up on canned goods. Also, water purification & solar energy, plus guns & ammo. If you can’t protect your cache, it will be taken from you.

  • Tazio2013

    The TRUTH is:

    Civilization is the way that people honestly and peacefully cooperate by trading goods and services for mutual self-interest.

    Conspiracy is the way that criminals cooperate for mutual self interest in forcefully or fraudulently depriving the civilized of their just rewards for being so.

    In theory, the maximum number of conspiracies is number of criminals divided by 2. In other words, conspiracies are VERY common.

    And, when the law is wielded by criminals, criminals become dominant and civilization socially / economically implodes by the destruction of the peaceful and honest environment required to be productive.

    From a historical timeframe perspective, assuming these criminals remain unopposed, they will consolidate their power and will no longer have to be stealthy and conspire out of sight. Then, it will be pure “might is right” until the whole thing implodes due to no reason (apart from guns, aimed at our and our families heads) to be productive.

    Then, the cycle of fall and rise of civilizations starts again. They fall by intent (predators destroy reason / ability to be productive) and rise by freedom (no organized dominant force able to prevent people from cooperating for mutual self-interest)

    I, for one, am determined not to be complicit in these crimes against humanity and civilization and definitely would prefer to not be put in the position of truthfully stating “told you so”, but many are too stupid to notice, stuck in their parochial intellectual rut which includes only their immediate surroundings, preconceptions, religions and goals at the expense of others.

    For those white wing wackos who can read above an eighth grade level, try reading The Daily Bell and put a bit of objective Reality into your minds!

    • DaveH

      Did you bother to cite that text as being from the Daily Bell, Tazio?
      Do you think it makes you intelligent to plagiarize the comments of others?

      • DaveH

        When you get there, search for “the truth is” (without the quotes).

        • Anthony

          ROFLMAO …. Tazio2013 gets outed once again…..

          Goodun, DaveH

    • Fed Up Gal in NM


      To build credibility, you might want to start with having a discussion without using the race card. Oh, that’s right….you’re not interested in a discussion….you’re just interested in antagonizing people.

  • John Bowie

    Gold is a good hedge any time. However, after it all falls apart, and it will, what do you think will happen to an individual that tries to spend or barter with gold? How long do you think that individual will last from the first moment he/she tries to use that gold in barter/trade. Who got the gold when the Nazi’s took over. That’s right, the Swiss, ultimately.

    I’m having alot of fun with this….Oh, it could never happen here. Yeah, right. I never thought the United States would be stupid enough to elect a socialist either….or, is he a ….America hating muslim…or, is he even an American….

    I am 63 years old. I survived this long, so I must not be a total idiot. As I look back over my life, most of it in the U.S., the only social change I can think of that was good for America was integration. Everything else has proven detremental to our society. Most of it took place from the elections of Billery, George II, & Barry Soweto (or whatever). To heck with hoarding gold, we better start paying attention to violations to our Constitution!

    • Tazio2013

      I’m older than you and agree that you are not a total idiot but you getting very close to the edge!

      • John Bowie

        OK, then name something in western society that has improved in your lifetime….

        Discount Christianity all you wish. It is an argument that can only be answered in death. That is why it is faith based. I’m sure we both will find out with-in the next few year who is right & who is wrong. If you are right, it won’t matter. If I am right, then it will have a tremendous effect on us both for all eternity.

        Thanks for the slam on my intelligence, it keeps me from thinking I’m more than I am. I’m sure you have the same problem, right?

        • DaveH

          Ignore Tazio. He says he’s older than you, yet his comments sound like those of a eighth grader who in lieu of fact must resort to name-calling, condescension, and other personal attacks in a vain attempt to elevate himself by lowering others. And now we can add plagiarist to his qualifications (see my earlier comment).

        • Fed Up Gal in NM

          John Bowie,

          You’re right about Tazio; he will find out soon enough….and I don’t think he’s going to like the outcome. Kind of sad really; you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.

        • Richard Pawley

          John, you say “It is an argument that can only be answered in death. That is why it is faith based. I’m sure we both will find out with-in the next few year(s) who is right & who is wrong.” I was an intellectual Christian since I was about three years old. I believed in God at that age and the reason would take far to long to tell here. It’s partly why I wrote my autobiography four years ago. However, once one has heard about and progressed to what some call the second step in Christianity, as explained in the section called ACTS just past the gospels well, my church didn’t even teach about that when I was growing up. However, when I had the same experience as those in the Upper Room in ACTS my life changed from believing to knowing. Once God has spoken to you, and you grow in the relationship and you know that you know that you know, your faith and your life will be different. Remember Jesus said the “Kingdom of Heaven is within you! While we do go to a different dimension, the world of spirit, when we leave here for good, and St. Paul mentions the “third Heaven” so we know that there is more than one place we can find ourselves in (besides Hell of course), our heaven or hell actually begins here. We carry it within us to some extent. Surely you have had prayers answered? That is God manifesting Himself. Jesus said “God is Love” I know of someone who was lead 3,000 miles to California and he rented a car and just drove. He found himself on the top of a hill, over looking a valley. (This was when I was a child). Now whether the Holy Spirit that spoke to King David and who Jesus promised he would send to all his followers who asked, spoke to him and told him to buy it or he just prayed and felt led to buy it after praying I do not remember, but that valley today is a huge mall and that gentleman is very rich. I am not. I’ve never even owned my own house but I was once led to take a trip half way across the country, and although I did not become rich as a result, that trip proved to be certainly worth my while. One of the problems people have is that no one can put God in a box. He himself said that no human being could see him “as he is” and survive the experience. Yes, he is awesome and that is why he sent Jesus so we could grasp what He is like. Sadly, often when a person comes to experience Jesus, and they are Baptist, or Catholic, or Pentecostal then they have the normal and human tendency to believe that the Baptist, or the Catholic or the Pentecostal church is THE CHURCH, not realizing that that particular church was merely the avenue by which that person was reached. God seems to be doing a new thing and as economies collapse around the world in the future and there is horrendous inflation and even food shortages you will see the difference between those who are going to pieces and those who will have the quiet confidence that God is in control. As his children we are supposed to be examples for people to see, representatives. Some will never set foot in a church and we are the only ‘church’ they will ever know. I believe that it is only through the Holy Spirit that we can go beyond belief to knowing. When one reaches that point a person will not be trying to make converts to this church or that one but will be trying to lead the lost to an acceptance of who Jesus is and what Gods wants for them personally and individually. Early in the 20th Century Jesus spoke to a British woman over a ten year period and taught her personally. One of the hundreds of things he told her was to keep things simple. Words to the affect that “all my followers know and keep the simple rules I taught when I lived on earth as a man, most of them would be puzzled by all the rules of your churches.” This and several hundred more short instructions can be found in the simple classic paperback GOD CALLING, edited by A. J. Russell. Another, completely different, more of an action thriller although it’s only 106 pages long is called PRISON TO PRAISE, another paperback that is available in 50 different languages and is the story of an ex-con man who had a funny and fascinating conversion experience that involved the War in Vietnam and the president’s sister and so much more in the 1970′s. For someone who really wants to know I would recommend both. You won’t regret it, and for any believers reading here, please pray for the tens of thousands who will be in Washington, DC on August 28th, the last great assembly of people to ever meet by the Lincoln memorial, in an attempt to restore Honor to America, along with Faith and Hope. It will be a huge American picnic and some believe it will make history. And pray for our country. Another thing Jesus told the woman in GOD CALLING was that “when you see how wonderfully your prayers have been answered, you will regret, deeply regret, that you did not pray more”. Those who believe have the obligation and the privilege to pray. This is not some ‘has-been’ nation. Although we are greatly in debt and Congress has squandered more than we can comprehend or every pay back without horrendous inflation this is the United States of America! If you don’t like what Congress has done and continues to do you can vote many of them out in eleven weeks. May God bless American and all who love her. Dum spiro spero!

    • Mark

      People are paying attention to the violations of the constitution but it does not matter anymore. The are too many who do not care as long as things are changing towards what they think the country should be like. Additionally there are a lot of people that atach a D or R to their name, and as long as it is their side doing the damage then it does not matter, because they have absolute and blind loyalty.
      I think that the first step in clensing the government is not vote for ANY lawyer. Lawyers by training and trade and into twisting the fact to get a desired outcome. We would be much better served if the government was made up of plumbers.

      • Anthony

        Markus -
        I would hold off on the “blame game” towards previous Generations. MANY OF US (including yourself) have spenta fair amount of time walking thru life, blissfully ignorant as to the reality of things in this Country and around the World in other Countiers.

        Fact: During Xmas Holiday vacation time, for Congress, circa 1913, 3 Politicians sold out the entire Country while everyone else was celebrating with Family a very special Religious Holiday.

        What happened? They voted in… the Federal Reserve Act.
        We now know that to be the Silent Revolution of 1913.
        Along with it, they shoved the 16th & 17th Amendments down our throats.

        We lost what was left of the Jeffersonian America during that fatal year.

        THAT IS THE REAL TRUTH … and to discuss anything else… is sophistry!

        • Richard Pawley

          True, but you have to admit that the Democratic Party is made up of almost exclusively lawyers, perhaps not the CZARS, while only a handful of Republicans are lawyers. They are doctors and farmers and manufacturers and actors and businessmen and on and on. Can one say that the country is better for having been mostly ruled by lawyers who consider the other side to be the enemy? I don’t think so. However, both parties today are much alike and both bow to the power of the owners of FEDERAL RESERVE BANK who control the money. That is why millions of “little people” even more diverse than the Republicans have joined together to form a loose association that is derided by the government’s propaganda agencies (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc.) to form the Tea Party. Bring your children to Washington on August 28th or at least watch it on whatever network will allow you to see it on TV in just two weeks. You will see something momentous, history in the making. If the former major networks won’t allow you to see it watch the BBC. This will be be as history making as the first man on the moon in 1969! You won’t want your children to miss it. Dum Spiro Spero!

  • atlas reborn

    the founding fathers gave us the constitution, and Franklin we gave it to you, the question is can you keep it? after eighty five years we lost it. after 235 years we buried it and s t on it. we have disgraced it and we have no honor for we have said we are smarter than the founding fathers who were fools. I beleive we are the biggest fools yet. and you and I will live to regret what we said and did. America died we started to die in 1860. we are starting to bury ourselves now. when you use the constitution as a peice of toilet paper (taking God our of america,gay marriage,welfare,illegal alliens and illegal laws, crooked lawyers who are also congressmen,senators,and presidents,and judges. and making states, and people subserviant to the federal government. which was not what the constitution said. read 9th and 10 admendments. )

  • atlas reborn

    remember that the constitution says gold and silver are the only things that are money, just read the constitution. congress will have the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof,.

    • Anthony

      Exactly – it never says in there, that we have the right to “outsource” it.

  • atlas reborn

    articl 1 section 10 no state shall make anything but gold and silver a tender for payment of debt. that means that gold and silver are the only thing that is money. I have yet to see an admendment to the constitution that makes anything but gold and silver money.

    • Mark

      That is a limitation on the states but not on the federal government. States cannot issue paper funny money.

    • DaveH

      From the Constitution. Article I:
      “Section. 10. No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.”

    • Al Sieber

      Atlas, thats the coinage act of 1792.

  • what’sitallabout

    TAZIO….a prime example of a very mean-spirited anti-American, arrogant, condescending, jerk. The rest of us are just ignorant…especially if wew are ‘believers’…in Jesus, that is..not in the fraud whose ‘followers’ practice atrocities such as : killing the infidel,slicing the throats of their own children in order to restore the family ‘honor’, and so on. We ought not be lead into comparisons ‘their god with our GOD’…there can be NONE…and as a previous post has stated, all of us will learn sooner or later, some to our horror! I can attest as can any CHRISTIAN that MURDER is never an option under ANY circumstance: my GOD does not require the shedding of innocent blood, ….as we all know only one so-called ‘religion’ demands such barbarism from its adherents. As for’ the ignorance of followers of CHRIST’ and the enlightenment of Muslims [yes I said Muslims]…are you for real??


      DAVE…enough with reciting the CONSTITUTION…sadly it is no longer relevant under the dictatorship existing in Washinton. These Marxists are making their own laws [dictated by the 'shadow government']….while the COngressional cowards stand by virtually helpless. It will take more than TEA PARTIES to wrest our nation from these gangsters. Complacency, apathy, ignorance, and ‘GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS’ destroyed the greatest system of government ever devised…a system which has advance civilization, created the greatest good for the greatest number of people, blessed us with THE GOD GIVEN FREEDOM to make it so..too bad so much of the rest of the world lacks the

      • Fed Up Gal in NM


        While I agree with just about all of your comments, I disagree on your thought about the Constitution no longer being relevant. It is, and absolutely should remain relevant. I don’t think our current military folks will give up that easy and neither will I. I could be wrong, but I think DaveH was simply trying to remind us all about the articles that make up the U.S. Constitution…..I mean really, if the schools won’t do it, it’s fine with me if DaveH wants to continue reminding us.

      • TIME

        For some reason this nation (and the world) loves the Obama’s. I guess I’m missing something, there seems little doubt they’ll be returning in 2012. I can’t help but feel that accusations of being Muslim and the Birther movement is essentially assuring Obamas reelection.

        • libertytrain

          will the real TIME please stand up -

          • Fed Up Gal in NM


            Good pick-up!

          • libertytrain

            Hey Gal – hope all is well – didn’t take much on that one – the genuine TIME we have all come to know and love would not speak such gibberish – just a rude boy playing games in the basement-

  • Cal

    The wise, old addage is as true again as it ever was: No man wins when Freedom fails(and ours is certainly being eroded away), the best men rot in filthy jails(or have their heads cut off) and those who cry “Appease, Appease” (our current administration) will be hung by those they tried to please.

    Lord God of Heaven, grant us wisdom in the upcoming elections to reclaim our beloved Country and restore rule “… the consent of the governed” instead of “by the ideology of the Supreme Court.

  • atlas reborn

    mark if that does not apply to the federal government then they would not be allowed to use federal notes or coins because they would not be gold or silver. so you can not have it both ways. also knowing that why would the federal note be issued if it would not be accepted by the states and their citizens? you can not have it both ways.

  • DaveH
    • Anthony

      Wealth is never destroyed, merely transferred.

      Google up how our own FEDERAL RESERVE shipped money to Germany in the 1930′s causing them to have a BOOM economy, while we suffered and starved.

      THE FED is simply replaying that very same script.

  • atlas reborn

    If the founders were that stupid that they would say coin money and regulate the value there of. and then bar the states from doing what they were going to do. there would be no trust, and we would have colasped immeadiatly because our founders would have to be liars and theives. and the people would not accept such corruption. that was because the states created the federal government and not the federal create the states. that is why the founders said that that which the is not delegated to the federal government is reserved to the or the people. the states were superior not the federal.

  • atlas reborn

    correction, that which is not delegated to the federal governmert is reserved to the states or to the people, the states were superior to the federal.

  • http://gmail i41

    The only way marxist muslim Omoron and the communist democrats will win, is if people sit on their lard butts and whine, and will not speak up at any gathering, and not vote. Every time a jackass says I don’t vote, or it doesn’t do any good, and they are all the same. Then tell just to shut the f–k up, don’t whine, you have no power to bitch. Every time costs go up and wages fall point out it was the communist democrats and marxist Onumnutts pay off to the unions and socialists. Communist democrats and their marxist leader cann’t blame anyone, but them selves and the pukes that voted them in and cann’t think for themselves.

  • Anthony

    @ i41 -

    I think almost all of us who have gone and done our homework can agree with your attitude. Especially when you try to warn others and they get that Stepford Wive(s) look on their mugs and parrot mainstream media responses, like ittle chimpanzees, all day long.

    Thanks to the Internet and some very brave souls, we’ve had an awakening of knowledge to real facts… and the real truth … of it all. We may not know everything just yet, but we know a great deal more now, than we ever have since John Marshall was Chief Justice.

    It’s our job to save as much info as possible, so we can keep spreading the word to our descendants. I don’t blame my Parents or my Grandparents. How could they help it? What tools, even at the Library might they have access to, that would have brought them this TRUTH about the events of 1913 or any other usurpation of our freedoms as laid out in the Declaration or the Constitution?


    In many ways, it seriously does look like it will have to get worse, before it gets better. Albert Pike is probably laughing in his grave – knowing his 3-Phase Plan (for 3 World Wars) is about to succeed.

    I hope not… yet, look at the news flashes on RealClearPolitics-com. Gnats are buzzin in a lot of ears right now… and it will grow more noisy in the next few months. If this Election looks like a fall back to something more Reagan-esque, you can bet WWIII will be made to occur very quickly ala yet another FALSE FLAG EVENT.


  • atlas reborn

    is that settled now?

  • Joe Kismarton

    Don’t think I will buy any gold.spent 5000 dollars in Jan 2010 for 13 gold coins which I did not want.I wanted bullion.Had to sell in end of May 2010 and only got 2900 dollars. bought from goldline I filed a complaint and an investigation is on going into the practices of goldline.with gongress and the city atty from Sana monica ca.
    am now buying silver.

    • home boy

      like i said , you keep relieing on man and see where it gets you.

  • bluefish

    I have been watching the gold and silver markets for 40 years. If you had bought gold and silver back in the 1970s(metal, not coins and after Nixon freed up gold) and held on to it, you would have lost a great deal of money(in constant dollars). The way you make money with gold and silver metal is to buy when it is at a(relatively) low price and sell it to some poor fool who doesn’t know any better when there’s a crisis and the price goes up. CabotAR has a good point-buy canned goods and other nonperishable items(toilet paper?-anybody want to do without that?) for barter. You can always use it if there’s no crisis and you aren’t taking advantage of other people.


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