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Timeline shows Bush, McCain warning Dems of financial and housing crisis; meltdown

May 10, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    My, oh my. Does this mean that Baaney The Fwank is being judged by mere mortals? Why can’t people see that Baaney is omniscient and can’t be judged according to mortal standards? Why don’t people admit that Baaney needs to be seen as a demigod who is about to transcend earthly limitations?
    Just because mere mortals dared to complain before the stuff hit the economic fan doesn’t mean that Baaney made a booboo. Just because Baaney might have put ‘fwiendship’ before doing his job doesn’t mean he didn’t have America’s economic best interests in mind.
    How quick peope are to judge a demigod. The idea that Baaney got everything his way (and his fwiend got rich at our expense) doesn’t mean that any harm was done. It’s only money, and that can be printed any time of the day or night (right?).
    Besides, there’s no doubt in my mind that Baaney wouldn’t mind returning all the money he made via those years. Aren’t politicians entitled to make as much money as possible when they go to Washington? Isn’t that just a part of the hands-on, ‘on-the-job’ training that our leaders deserve?
    Why, if a politican can’t get rich quick at our expense, then why have elections and send them to Washington? [right?]. Come on, folks, we MUST have standards. Besides, we can’t ever have enough fwiends in life.

  • Howard

    they should get payed a lot of money(by the rich)for the service they render(for the rich)to the people that rea[ly run the country,dont ya think???

  • Dennis

    “How queew”, said Alice.


    Bawney Fwank and his cohorts ought to be brought up on charges of conspiracy to commit fraud just like all the other white colar criminals in this country! Lets face it, it’s their Job that they were hired to do to watch over the workings of Government in our stead and for our best interests. With that in mind they should also be fired and taken to task when their Job has not been done or even done against the best interest of the Country! To me it is nothing short of criminal action and should be dealt with as such! Here we have him on tape covering up criminal activity which could be used against him in a court of law! How can anyone claim to be so smart and say things that are sooooo stupid? Wake up America, they don’t just want some they want it all because they think that John Q. Citizen is to stupid to have anything!

    • DocGay

      To True Patriot, There is a saying that use when stuff like this comes up. Blue collar crime pays and white collar crimes goes to jail.

    • Lee J

      What a bunch of idiots you guys are. Who was in power from 2001-2006 THE GOP. You had the White House, and both the Senate and House and did NOTHING. Your pockets were so full of corporate and Wall Street money you should all be in jail.

      • Andym

        All this proves is that “all” these clowns are in bed with the lobbyists and banksters. This ain’t about Dems and Rep. its about crooks period.

  • s c

    This might seem nitpicky, but WHERE are the progressives on this topic? HOW can they NOT stand up and defend their special fwend? HOW can they claim to care about the rest of America if they let Baaney do what he did?
    Come on, you enlightened and compassionate progressives. Here’s your chance to PROVE that you represent all of us (unlike robber baron Baaney Fwank, who cares about himself and his fwiends, but doesn’t give a damn about America).

  • Sheila Reynolds

    This video should play over and over again to counter the lies the progressives promote to the contrary. BF has gerry-mandered his district to the bluest of Massachusetts voters, but even they have to be shown the truth over and over and over again.

  • Hurricane Glenn

    I have seen these videos and others for more than a year now and still this “bombshell” of info seems to slide right by the mainstream media without much if any play or discussion. Isn’t it time that a major statement be made about the way this entire mess actually came about? The deafening quietness on this issue makes me think that there is much more to it than the public is being allowed to know. Maybe there is blame to be laid on both sides of the fence, dems and republicans alike.

  • D. Schroeder

    The news media (papers, MSNBC,ABC,CBS, etc.) are in a very tight
    circle with the Democratic party—-I’m sure that they will be
    enlightened at the time when one of their reporters makes a mis-
    statement and they incur the wrath of the Dems leaders–and that
    day WILL COME!!!

  • D Joffrion

    I can’t believe that this Barney Frank still has a job. What a stupid freaking IDIOT.

    • s c

      DJ, take your anger to the next level. There is no difference between a career politician and a career criminal. If it makes sense to imprison criminals, then how do we explain people like Baaney Fwank, Schumer, Reid, Pelosi, McCain, Waxman, Leahy, Feinstein, Boxer, Durbin, Specter or any other scumbag who should be behind bars but isn’t?
      The Founding Fathers knew that no career politician could be trusted. There is ONE thing that will stop it.
      The day we REFUSE to give consecutive terms to politicians, life will get better, and politics will attract people who put the nation before themselves. Treat these criminals like royalty, and the mess we’re in now is what we get.
      Either continue the insanity, or give NO politician any consecutive terms – EVER. As long as we give criminals reasons to become politicians, we deserve nothing, let alone freedom.

      • Tori

        sc, you are absolutely correct!!! It used to be that MEN OF HONOR served their country in low or no pay government jobs, because they loved their Country and wanted to do the right thing…They were, at one time, required to go back in to civilian life and have a “real job” after one or two terms in ‘public service’. I want to know when that changed and when being a politician become a life-time career? Is it at all possible or even feasible to go back to that??? We only allow a president to serve two terms, so what’s up with the rest? That goes for the state and local legislatures..Most of them are destroying their respective states as well!!! Lastly, I hope and pray that we as a Nation are protected from this immoral, ignorant buffoon that currently occupies the White House… Before he does permanent damage to our Great Nation..Thanks

  • janet & bill

    I have posted this on my Facebook , and over and Over on Blogs (FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS) I AM IN REAL ESTATE AND THIS CHAPS MY HIDE..when a Article comes along I MAKE SURE TO MENTION IT… Considering that Freddie and Fannie paid themselves Bonuses just this last Christmas , and are now asking for BILLIONS MORE BECAUSE THEY LOST MONEY… it is appalling that no one {other than fox, and glenn beck on this) Everyone in the Nation NEEDS TO SEE THIS and Esp. MASS where they can Elect him OUT !

  • Duende

    Why do so many vociferous conservatives only seem to see the evil that’s done by demoKrats. The republicans are as predatory as the dems could ever think of being. The only difference I see is that the dems tell nicer lies (which means more hypocrisy) than the republicans. The dems tell you that they really care for the average guy and then shaft you for big money while the republicans tell you that they’re on the side of the working guy but you know all along that only big business is their only interest. Hmmmmmmmm.

    • Illinois gramma

      You can villify Republicans for looking out for big business, but if we don’t support private business (big or small) in our country, who will employ the masses? Barney Frank is a disgrace and the fact that he has represented Massachusetts for so long doesn’t say much for the people of that state either.

    • Chance

      Yeah well, but it was Barney and Waters who kept saying everything was fine Fanny and Freddie were not in trouble. Even after Bush and McCain warned the dems 17 times, yes seventeen 17,17,17 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hirider

      Duende is completely wrong about Democrats being more ethical than Republicans. I strongly refute his statement and will tell you why. I’ve worked for many years at the grassroots level for the Republican Party and have worked with MANY others who share my values and thoughts about Democrats and Republicans. I have met and talked to many candidates who were running for local, county, state, and national offices and have always supported those who I thought were truthful and ethical, and very qualified for the positions they sought. For instance, I’ve known many Republicans who became involved in a scandal. in nearly every case, he was advised or asked by other Republicans to step down. Most of them did. Those who refused to step down were not re-elected when the next election came around. So the grassroots Republicans will police their wayward politicians. On the other hand, many Democrats have been caught in unethical situations and some or a few grassroots Democrats may ask for their resignation, but in most cases the politician will refuse and continue on as if everything is normal, and will be re-elected in the next election. How many Republicans can you name, who has been accused of a scandal, that is still in office? Not many! On the other hand, how many Democrats can you name, who has been accused of a scandal, who are still in office? Too many! Several are named in this thread above. So I contend that the Republicans at the grassroots level are more ethical than the grassroots Democrats.

  • s c

    Don’t waste your breath (or website space) flattering yourself, D. If you think ANY politician gives a damn about ANY working man, you have a serious reality problem. Our ‘leaders’ have used this manipulative trojan horse for generations because they know certain people will react like robots and line up to get screwed again and again.
    You’re at least 40 years behind the learning curve. Where have you been since the ’60s or the ’70s? Even this website’s resident progressives don’t talk about the ‘average guy’ and the ‘working man’ in the same breath. Our common enemy is in Washington – they’re ELECTED, and they claim to represent America. Believe that at YOUR peril, D.

  • charlie

    the life style this thing lives tells you enough..

  • Larry

    I am afraid I believe the meltdown was intentional. That this was forseeable is self evident since “lightweights” in the Rebublican party were raising the alarm so long ago and in so many ways. Whatever our politicians are most are intelligent enough to see the cause and effect ratios at work. We are being rolled over by an adversary as vague as is required to reach that critical mass, the tipping point where extrcation from this morass is going to be difficult. One World Order, New World Order, name it what you will the mighty sword was the Freddy Fanny manipulation. It was contrived – How could so many disparate issues come to focus in this time?

  • D

    So this is what “Hope and chage” looks like?

    May I bend over again please!

    God bless the TEA party. At least they are helping to throw the weak knee’d RINO’s out. After the Dems and the RINO’s are kicked out, only then can the people start the process of repairing this country. Never forget and teach the children.

  • Dave

    What is really amazing is the bonus still goes out when the company is failing. I could just imagine what the response would be if I asked for a bonus and my company was failing. They say these were already in their contract abnd had to be paid, however, I’m sure this was on the condition the company was doing good. Instead of a bonus all of them should have been fired!!! D, I believe all this came about BEFORE hope and change. People on your side of the fence keep saying “wake up” when both sides need to wake up and see that neither side has your best interests in mind. The “TEA PARTY” (even though there are so many people who believe in it and to those people my hat is off) is a ruse and has been infiltrated by the republican party because their party went off the cliff. The democrats and the republicans have rode this horse almost to death and how people can’t see this election after election is beyond me.

  • marvin

    Dave there are alot of indep, and dem in the tea party and i have a puter and look and lesson never one side to any thing all repub,s are not stuped as you are implying we can and do know right from wrong and a lie from the truth it is your right to think the tea party has been infiltrated, but a lot of the invaders are liberal plants not right wing repub nuts so please do not put all tea party member down for we do care and love this country and are try to make a differance just look at sen bennett -r a rino and c crist, specter,who said he would not let the people tell him when to get out,there are times when you got to get of the fence and speak out, so when you judge the tea party you are judging me and 1 million+ american that do not like bussness as allways and are trying one vote at a time an one politison at a time to bring back fair and smaller goverment

  • Larry

    As a teapartier I ask you to go to some in your area and reconsider the comments I see here. Most opining left leaners have not gone into the belly of the beast. If you did you would find yourself, not a ravening horde of neanderthals, but a group of concerned individuals with even your best interest at heart.

  • Dave

    Larry, Marvin, Did you read my entire post?? the part in parenthesis!SHEESH!!!!!!!! It said even thought there are so many people who believe in it and to those people my hat is off. Did you miss that part???? LEFT LEANER, Belly of the beast! Who the heck are you?????

  • Shar

    Barney Frank – Where are his teeth?? anyway??? And his “partner”, “friend”, “significant other” was at the TOP of F/F somewhere and he was reaping the $$$ right along with Frank. Raines was as crooked as they come. Lots of people took the $$$ and ran (as in out of town). Clean House and Senate. Get the Radicals out of Office. We should have audited the Fed/Central Banks but these cowards in office let that slide a couple of days ago. Ron Paul is right – the FED is at the bottom of everything!! More $$ for the rich at the expense of the general public (do we get cheap $$ at the discount window – NO NO NO). It is a sad state of affairs – but I think the last laugh will be on the GREEDY!

  • Leonard

    There is one who has all power, that one is GOD may we find him NOW!
    God save the USA

  • james shelton

    McCain is still a traitor and this comes out as he’s up for re-election again!!! Don’t be fooled by this S.O.B. He is & has always been part of the problem. He usually jumps on the illegal invasion bandwagon this close to election time with his gov. paid butt kissers helping screw the Americans @ the poles.
    Watch out for this Rino he’s always been a Kennedy tag along. Probably washed the murders balls for him——golf balls I mean
    I know what you’re thinking

  • Arcadia CA once

    At McCain’s age he probably knows this is his last election. Without having to worry about what re-election and what voters want he is more likely to vote his conscience, and if his past actions supporting gun control and amnesty are any indication of his true feelings then his conscience is not to be trusted, and this last term would be a travesty. I wish Arizona could do better. Right now anyone would be better yes, but I mean much better. If you are in Arizona I say vote him out in the primary and then try to get someone much better next time around.

    PS. I’m sure someone else warned of the financial crises long before Bush, and McCain did.

  • St. Charles, MO

    Strange how I recall Bush, during the 2004 elections, bragging how the government increased housing for the poor so much.

    The issue is where the Bush administration for private bank section when several state AGs complained about their mortgage abuses during this same period. They, after all, have at least half the mortgages.
    I recall the banks’ liar loans ballooned in 2005 on. Ask Barney how the Republicans voted in 2005.

    No wonder you Republicans have to point at the Freddy Macs.

  • St. Charles, MO
    # Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, who in 2004, near the peak of the housing bubble, encouraged Americans to take out adjustable rate mortgages.

    # Wall Street firms, who paid too little attention to the quality of the risky loans that they bundled into Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS), and issued bonds using those securities as collateral.

    Check the rest for yourselves.
    # The Bush administration, which failed to provide needed government oversight of the increasingly dicey mortgage-backed securities market.

    # An obscure accounting rule called mark-to-market, which can have the paradoxical result of making assets be worth less on paper than they are in reality during times of panic.


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