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“Those Voices Don’t Speak for the Rest of Us”

October 6, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • http://yahoo Paul A. Jaramillo

    Do you think we the people can unseat barack husein obama from the office of the president, or are we stuck the him like Hugo Chavez? Ponder this thought.

    • Earl Rolling

      Obama admitted on TV to be a Muslam. The cover up behind his birth certificate. Why don’t somebody go after George Soros who pulls the Obama’s strings? WE THE PEOPLE have been lied, deceived, sold out, stepped on. The Democratic Party has slowly chocked USA. Our representative ONLY REPRESENT THEMSELVES AND FATTEN THEIR WALLETS.
      DEMO means PEOPLE but in the name of DEMOcracy PEOPLE have been gagged

      • munday in Texas

        its not just the democrats its all of them. All career politicians need to be voted out. I am so tired of being lied to.
        I hate emotional politics. I hate being herded. I want to tell all you sacks of fecal matter that you will never get Islam to comply acct its not the money. They will crush you and leave you
        with nothing and you don’t even see it. You cannot negotiate with an idea or belief and in the mean time you would sell us down the river for your idea. May God have mercy on your soul. I have to forgive you, but God will not. Put that in your pipe and smoke it bub!!!

  • BrotherPatriot

    Subpoena, investigate & expose. After Nov…I see alot of this coming down the pipeline once we begin replacing the crooks who have done so much damage to this great Nation.

    The above will help Lt. Col. Terry Lakin in his defence, it will help the 9/11 Architects & Engineers in their quest to bring us the truth. This, we will all see soon enough.

    Enough of political correctness. Enough of whether its “embarrassing” to the polititions…enough…is enough.

    We the People DEMAND it…!!!

  • Elaine

    Starting with the vote in November we must continue on with our assault against the Democrat/Progressives now in power.
    Forget political correctness, a ploy they have used for years, we must stand against anyone who does not see our Constitution and its protection as our goal.
    Contact your congressional reps on either side and stand against any and all these traitors and insurrectionists and their plans.
    Obama is pushing an international gun ban – stop them, they are considering ways to confiscate your 401K’s and give you back 3%, stop them.
    The destruction of the United States is his goal and we are the only ones in his way. No fear, we are united.

  • Beth

    I wish there was enough “we the people DEMANDING IT” and obviously there is not enough at this time for if there was something would be done for the best of Americans or at least the media would be showing people everywhere in the US retaliating Obama’s actions as a President since he’s been in office but the US has just gone under and will keep sinking further till we drown unless there is CHANGE.

  • Sam

    Thank God for the voice of Ronald Reagan, which still resonates today.
    The people of America need to wake up and smell the coffee… We are loosing the values and the country that men and women of honor have fought and died for. If the conservatives of this country do not stand up and vote, they will have the failure of this country on their hands… WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

    • Beth

      Sam I agree. Let’s develope a group in the U.S. to get back American culture and not become extinct, I feel it is close their. Reagan turned over in his grave probably several times. God bless him!

  • Jeff

    Trying to fix the Federal Government by sending Republicans to congress instead of Democrats is like trying to save a sinking boat by drilling holes in the bottom to “let the water out”. We need to start electing STATE level politicians who will have the guts and determination to tell the Feds (and the Federal Supreme Court): “Go to hell. We ain’t gonna do it and you can’t make us.” Somehow we have forgotten that the Supreme Court is NOT the arbiter of what is constitutional and what is not… the individual State Legislatures are. That’s the root of Article 10 of the Constitution. The only power the Feds have is that which we (as people and as states) are willing to accede to them. If enough states nullify or just plain ignore the bloviations of the inmates of the Nut-house on the Potomac, they will dry up and blow away because, once their power is gone, the power brokers will disappear, too.

    • http://none Mike

      I think the time has come for the 10th amendment commission to stop this kind of centerlized power in washington. They have come to the point where they belive that they rule in spite of the people insted of at the will of the people . We have brought alot of this upon ourselves by voteing these people in time and time again over the years. We were never ment to be ruled by one person or represintive forever> We broke away from this type of gov.200+ years ago for a reason. Now it seems in our complacency we have elected the same eliet’s that ruled us from Brittan.We have taxation without representation again i.e the healthcare bill which was rammed down our throats despite it being overwhelmingly unfoavred.Now we find the I.R.S is going to be involved in the enforcement of the bill (1099′s for all)and if we dont comply to the rule we face fines and imprisonment. Much like the tea tax that triggered the Bosten tea party.Its time for our new reveloution (not with gun’s)but with our voices and our votes. Its not to late for that I belive but its going to take a consorted effort across our nation to stop and reverse these laws . Yours Truly Mike

  • Gemini

    Why doesn’t somebody start to organize a rally that will march to Washington, D.C. to demand that those who are supposedly the representatives of the people start an investigation into Barack Obama’s legitimacy as president? He is a fraud, planted by those who want to bring America down. There are a lot of signs pointing in that direction but nobody seems to be doing anything about it. There are so many unanswered questions about his past that he has not attempted to address and continued to hide.

  • Brian Wheatley

    He is like a breath of fresh air.
    Next to him these other people sound like idiots, but they are dangerous idiots.

    There is nothing so sad as someone who ‘knows’ he is right, but he is wrong!

    O’Bummer, Pelosi and their friends are dead wrong, and the President really needs to be impeached. I hope that the request for verification of his life history is expedited.

    The day cannot come to soon for America.

  • s c

    Screw social justice. Screw pc and all of its disciples. Screw those who want to destroy America.
    Screw the puppet masters. Screw those on a short leash to puppet masters.
    America needs REAL justice, not the kind that is “purchased” through politics. OUT with ALL of the Washington SOBs. Come on, America. Freedom is more than a mere word. Throw out the trash. Flush the toilet. Drain the pig sty. Rip off the masks. Lance the boil. Do it for your kids. Do it for yourselves. Do it for your family and friends. Do it!




    We have a problem here in this great country of ours and that problem is Ignorance.When you send your kids to school and find out later that they are being fed the propoganda of the leftist that you (Their Parents ) don”t know the truth and they must Educate their feeble unstable Mommies and Daddies,This bull has to stop ! And they only way to stop it is to break the teachers unions who are under the control of their commie leadership.well learned in marxist ideology , and if your child should disagree , well , they are then sent to the school mental health advocate who will determine the next step in how to break the mistaken identity of being virtous and that God is the source of all good
    I guarentee that soon if these nutjobs aren”t thrown off their ivory towers ( Congress ) This country will be no more and be run by dictators
    God Bless America Land of the Free

    • Gina

      You mention schools and the kids: I had to remove my three girls and homeschool them. Why? They were teaching them outright LIES. One blatant example; that GERMANY gave us the statue of liberty- that was the tidbit that set off a war between me and that school. Now, while the girls were in junior high, there were issues; incorrect English teaching (punctuation, spelling and so on), bits of left-out history… when I would correct the girls, they would tell their teachers (as I told them they could) and guess what? They were branded as ‘troublemakers’. That school kept trying to schedule them for psychiatric evaluations, but at that time, they still had to have my permission, so that didn’t work- for them.
      Then the girls hit high school. Boy-oh-boy! By this time I was ready for this, I had gotten myself certified with my state for homeschooling. I read every textbook and went through all their homework. The history books were completely misleading and full of lies, as compared to my old history books (which I still have) and I won’t even try to describe how mistaken the sociology and other books were. I started calling the school on what they were trying to teach my kids. Things were not polite or pretty from that point on. I myself was accused of being mentally incompetent by the school social worker. Yeah! She called me in to a sort of ‘school court’ presided over by (had she realized it, she would’ve tried another venue) parents who I had known for 30 years or more, so they knew me better than that. About then was when I found that one ‘Germany’ tidbit, and TSHTF! About two weeks after that ‘court’, one of the parents told me the school system was pushing for a rule which would allow them to have students COMMITTED to a mental health facility without parents permission and that it was being hurried so they could put MY two girls remaining in school into the local nuthouse. This was on a Thursday. I went in and got all papers ready to remove them from school, but could not do so until Monday. Friday, they dragged one of my girlas to the nuthouse after she told a teacher; “That’s not true. Christians DID settle this country.” I immediately withdrew the girls from that school (since the school was closer than the nuthouse), then went and removed my daughter from that place. She was 15 at the time. Fortunately she wasn’t even processed yet and so never got thrown in with the really out-there folks which could have had traumatic consequences. What the school didn’t count on was that while they changed THEIR rules and were able to send her, the nuthouse was not able to finish her processing until I arrived and without my permission. They figured this would demoralize me, since too many parents think “well the school knows more than I do, maybe they’re right”.
      Upshot: I continue to expose this school to this day (6 years later) and they may have figured out that I am not going away. They did not succeed in branding me crazy, nor my kids. Oh, and both girls I ended up homeschooling got their homeschool diplomas with very high scores. Their knowledge of history is correct, sociology and english and even politics… One of my girls is so gung-ho about the truth she keeps history books in her living room and re-teaches her friends. So here I have 20+ year-olds, including her, still coming to my house to find out the truth, and trying to figure out why they have been lied to.
      Yes, I was taught liberal ideas as a teen, but I have a photographic memory combined with ADD (which is NOT a disorder, but rather merely a different way of processing information), so when they would tell me stuff, I’d go look up everything I could about it, and frequently caught my own teachers out in lies. That was why so many former classmates remembered me.

  • Richie

    Not what Pelosi says but what we say, we need to cast our votes then see where the change comes in!Make America a nation once more!We don’t wait until a bill passes before we find out what it is we need it now!

  • New Grandpa

    When society gets off our Keisters and the internet and out into the street, maybe something can happen, peacefully, hopefully.

    VOTE the B#$%^#d’s out of office, but be prepared to stay engaged because the newbe’s can become High with the power.

  • James

    Oh how far we have fallen! We can not allow this to continue. What will our children and grand children think of us if we don’t do what is needed to stop this insanity? America is the last best hope of humanity. We must preserve her greatness no matter what the personal cost may be! In the end, when future generations look back upon this moment in the history of this great nation, what will they say of us? Will they name us as heroes? As people who saw the wrongness of the direction our nation was being taken and made the selfless, hard sacrifices needed to turn us back to freedom? Or will they say that we were week? That we allowed this once great nation to slip from our grasp and become nothing more than a cliff note in the halls of the history of man? Of course, if they are forced to say the later of us, then surely they will forced to do so in whispers in back alleys; hiding from the enforcement of the elite. Suffering with enforced health care. Living in government housing, housing which is above their respective factories. And suckling at the teat of a failing government and a corrupt nation.
    Stand up America! This is no way for us to behave and absolutely the wrong way for this nation to turn! Make the sacrifice! Do what ever must be done and live with the consequences of our actions! If you love this country, if you love your children and grand children. If you love freedom, stand up and fight!

  • Greg

    Well folks, I like seeing the comments because it shows me I’m not the only one literally frightened by this liar in the White House. His arrogance is so obvious! He thinks he is the savior of America. I agree with Earl, George Soros needs to be lost in the Pacific Ocean some where so he will never be found. He’s a piece of excrement that needs to be eliminated and sent back to where he came from. Period.

    Hang in there folks, we are pissed and it’s gonna show November 2nd. Nancy will be able to move back to California and light up her bong on a regular basis.

  • http://voicesdontspeakforrestofus vista

    all that is happening is forcast in revelations in the Bible…please read the Bible….one world order it talks about ..pls….turn to Jesus,keep praying and vote to get these despots out of office….get involved….

  • wild bill

    Sure must be fum and easy to spend other peoples money! They prove it every day in washington. kick the bums out.

  • BobbyB

    Like Jeff says, Repubs are not the answer. They are just the other half of the problem. Both parties are owned by big biz PERIOD. If you aren’t raking in 7 figures, there’s not ONE R in office today that gives a fat rats ass about you and there are only a hand full of Ds. I get so sick of hearing about Reagan BC it’s irrelevant. That was Last Century. Yes, at that time, there was a LITTLE “Trickle down”. That was before globalization.
    I’m not an Obama fan but our decline started way before he was in any office. It started with Reagan and will continue until we rid our selves of these self serving bastages, D and R alike.

    Roy White, Thanks for your service, but Sarah Palin is a prime example of Self Serving!

  • wildwilly360

    Bring back the Klan for one more necktie party. This one in the Oval office. If our laws arent enforceable where the false god is concerned then we need to move on, or return to the old ways that worked !

  • An Idealistic Gentleman

    My freedoms come from GOD.
    Our countrys founders did their best to put these freedoms into words for people who don’t comprehend what has been given to all of us.

    • http://naver samurai

      Very well said and is true! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Lloyd Revalee

    Our right to bear arms is what has saved us so far. It was clearly the intent of our founding fathers that we should be able to defend ourselves against a corrupt government. Every district, every township, every county, every state, should keep a well armed and trained group of citizens that are able to defend our freedom. We should have school boards that control the teachers they hire, and demand that they teach our children our way of life our history, our religion (whatever it may be), and demand that our flag, and our flag only, be prominently displayed and flown. If we are willing to stand up and fight for our inalienable rights which our forefathers gave their lives for. Having lived all these years as a free nation, can we do less?l

  • Lloyd Revalee

    Our right to bear arms is what has saved us so far. It was clearly the intent of our founding fathers that we should be able to defend ourselves against a corrupt government. Every district, every township, every county, every state, should keep a well armed and trained group of citizens that are able to defend our freedom. We should have school boards that control the teachers they hire, and demand that they teach our children our way of life our history, our religion (whatever it may be), and demand that our flag, and our flag only, be prominently displayed and flown. If we are willing to stand up and fight for our inalienable rights which our forefathers gave their lives for. Having lived all these years as a free and independent people, can we do less?


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