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Thomas Jefferson

October 6, 2008 by  

Thomas Jefferson

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

Thomas Jefferson, Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin (1802)
3rd president of US (1743 – 1826)

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Dirk

    How timely this quote is.  200 years later it’s dead on.  Bob, thanks so much for launching this new Personal Liberty website.  This is very timely and just what America needs.  I’m telling all my friends to sign up for your weekly Liberty Alerts.  Thanks, again.  Dirk.

  • Marianne

    Not much has changed in 200 years!  It’s time for Americans to be vigilant and to put pressure on our representatives. We need to keep informed and stand up for our freedom.

    • Nicholas Parisi

      Right on Marianne. The only thing left, is for 3M+ souls like you to join in and demand our reps to do the will of the people that sent them there. Americans today, like after Pearl Habor will rise up to the advancing evil that is in Washington.

      Bless you,


  • Ben Powell

    Sorry but I disagree Marianne. Our liberties are all but gone!!! When this nation was founded we were not taxed to death as we are now.  Upwards of 40% or more of  the persons individual income is taxed. When this nation was founded we did not have a property tax.
    Try to keep from paying that tax and you will see how quickly the powers that be will take your property. No we are not a free people anymore. This is a Socialist nation anymore and if Barak Hussein Obama gets into office it will only get worse.  He says spread the wealth around sounds just like Karl Marx!!!!!!!!
    No we are not a free nation any longer. I guess you could follow it back to when they started taxing the individual and then they said “only the rich will pay”, what a joke sounds just like a damn Democrat.  Or like Thomas Jefferson said when did they give the private banking cartel the ablity to make paper money?? And then there was Nixon I believe who helped rob the us of the gold standard. Oh, well I could go on and on. But what’s the use.
    I believe we are fighting a losing battle, because when the majority of people will go crazy over someone like Barak like he some sort of rock star this nation is in big trouble.
    Thanks for letting my vent. Ben

    • Nicholas Parisi

      Ben, you and she are both right from different viewpoints. Let us not become to scrupplous on minor points, but stick with the macro issue before America. I believe it is not late, but only the beginning of the end to the evil miscreants in Washington. Please sent me your thoughts.

      Sincerely yours in Freedom,


  • Jerry Colburn

    Let’s remember the liar loan mortgage crisis came about because the schools do not provide interracial functional equality.  Jefferson wrote at length on the underlying problem in the book he published at the request of the King of France, who wanted to read about each of the states, as a condition of our alliance with France during the American Revolution.  Jefferson’s contribution, Notes on the State of Virginia, can be found in most university libraries.
    In his discussion of the people of Virginia, Jefferson focused on the slavery issue, and dismissed abolitionist claims that behavioral differences arose from bad habits acquired in slavery.

    Jefferson proved his own claim in comparing the results of freeing slaves in classical antiquity, as against colonial America.  He observed that conditions in Rome and Greece greatly exceeded America in brutality — meaning that slaves in ancient times should have acquired worse habits and greater behavioral differences from the free population in America.  However, the opposite held true.

    Once freed in ancient times, slaves blended into the general society, often rising to positions of great importance.  Oppositely, in America freed slaves generally tended to remain poor and self segregated.  Exceptions to the general trend became poster children for abolitionists, but Jefferson emphasized that the statistical norm would not on its own change.
    Jefferson continued, arguing that no one could adequately explain the differences, let alone empirically justify any theory of racial inequality.

    Jefferson concluded, “It is to our shame that we have had the races of red and black man before us 150 years without ever having made them subjects of natural history.”
    In other words, Jefferson argued for creating a science, somewhat like anthropology, it would study not only differences between races, but more important the interface involved in assimilative and acculturative processes.
    To assimilate, individuals must pass through this interface, which functions like a hall of mirrors because of the extremely tricky language and culture conflicts at play here.
    The great sin of our time came with the failure of the political class to rethink racial equality policy to its roots, once policy failure became apparent in the mid-1960s.  At this point political correctness, along with neoconservatism, took power in American universities, spreading to the general society by 1974.
    Check it out for yourself — in our nation of immigrants, no University has a program or a department dedicated to creating the science Jefferson envisioned.  Instead we have multiculturalism, with professors functioning as thought police erasing the reality of behavioral differences.

    Ten years after Jefferson died, Tocqueville wrote Democracy in America, with the premise that American conditions of equality “… modify whatever they do not create” in American life.
    By 1974 America accepted political correctness and agreed to live a lie on American conditions of equality.  Small wonder that by 1992, America elected a plain liar as President, and in 2000 gave a plurality of the votes to a compulsive fibber.

    So, Jefferson and Tocqueville would appear correct, and superficial bailouts cannot reverse all the lying that has gone into the present financial crisis.  We have become a nation of liars, and our salvation comes only in accepting the truth, especially about what we have been over the past 40 years.  We can begin by restructuring our universities.

    Copyright 2008 Jerry Colburn, permission to copy available by request at

  • Martha Weems

    .Much is blamed on our government, but the real blame lies at the feet of “We,
    the People”. WE have sat passively by and ALLOWED these things to happen
    in our country…WE have allowed the ACLU to grow and to take away our
    religeous freedoms; WE have allowed ACORN to grow to such a dangerous
    state; WE have sat quietly while Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bankrupted our
    nation while President Bush and others appeared before Congress fourteen
    (14) different times, urging Congress to regulate, pleading for Congress to stop
    the carnage, 14 times, while we sat and did nothing. Quite frankly, I can hardly
    blame the members of congress, the ones not making millions from the under-
    mining of our economy (there are plenty of other reasons, but this is one of the
    biggies), because if they did stand up as a minority in the House, would any of
    WE the people go to bat for them? Not on your life! It is only when WE feel the
    hurt personally that we become outraged and look around for someone to blame.
    You say you don’t know what the answer is? Well, I can tell you. 1) Start by
    keeping up with the issues and keep up with how each and every S enator,
    Congressman, State Representative, Governor etc. votes on every single issue,
    from Washington all the way down to the county and city levels because that
    is the ONLY way you can hopefully know how they really feel, as many will say
    only what they believe you want to hear. Once elected, it is a different thing.
    2) Don’t vote for someone just because they have the same skin color as you
    do…vote his/her past performance and weigh their words very carefully. 3)And
    this is most important of all, watch them carefully, and when election day comes
    around again, if they have not upheld their office in the way that they promised,
    VOTE THEM OUT! It might take two or even three elections to get the fact
    through to them that if they lie, misrepresent, go against the will of WE the people,
    they will enjoy a VERY SHORT CAREER as a representative of WE the people
    and will be looking for other employment. It has been in our power all along
    and we have not taken action…instead we have been passive, lethargic sheep.
    Most of us are unaware of the real reasons we are in the mess we are in because
    we are either too lazy and non-caring or too lazy and non-caring. Many are
    referring to Thomas Jefferson…Did you know that in regard to the”wall of
    separation betwen church and state”, supposedly penned by Jefferson and used
    so widely today to rob us of our constitutional religious freedoms, was in fact
    part of a letter he wrote to the Baptist Church in which he stated time and again
    that the metaphoric term of the “wall of separation etc” imposed its restrictions
    on the federal government ONLY. Did you know that?…Or have you heard it
    said and rather than find out for yourself, believed the lie in its entirety? It has
    been used to keep America’s school children from bowing their heads over
    their lunch, while allowing the stopping traffic for hours in Manhattan so that others may kneel on 5th Avenue to pray. I wonder how much that cost merchants in New York? It costs nothing to let our school children recite the “blessing” over their noonday meal. Make no mistake about it, this mess is OURS and we need to first OWN IT and then we can CHANGE IT. Otherwise, only God can help us and I wonder if HE would want to help a people that have been given so much only to destroy it.

    • Nicholas Parisi

      Yes, Martha, we the people are to blame. Our complacency and inattention is truly on us, as well as our culpability in the resultant end. Yet, they did these things in our name. in defense of our neighbors, they are kept busy with such mundane things like feeding their families, paying bills, keeping their collective heads above the water and buying into the reported news. Americans are so busy with frivolous things, such as watching TV, soccer, dancing lessons, etc., than what is happening to our beloved freedoms. We have been lulled into a pathetic apathy; by letting some one else do our thinking. The dumbing down of America was their plan and they have succeeded in their mission. Be not so judgmental of others without considering their condition in life here in America. I thank you for your efforts, and sharing your mind with others.

      Sincerely yours in Freedom,


  • John King

    Do all you can to help get out the conservative vote. If Obama wins and sweeps in a super majority in the House and Senate then it’s ALL OVER for the United States of America.

    The possibility exists that conservative sections of the country may
    consider seceding from the union in order to preserve their liberties. Don’t laugh, it could become a reality.

  • Chuck m

    To Whom It May Concern:
    I feel it is time that we follow the lead of our forefathers and form a declaration of Independence from the Confederate government who is holding power over this great nation. In reality the Washington crowd is corrupt in every sense of the word and have become a confederate government. They no longer respect the Constitution of the United States or its’ Bill of Rights. In fact they consider it the least binding law when passing regulations that effect us all. They no longer respect or represent the will of the people who they are elected to serve. They have even corrupted our elections with non traceable and faulty voting methods. Registering one person hundreds of times and allowing such criminal acts to stand, even after being exposed. It’s unbelievable what has happened to us over the past 15 years and more so in the past 5 years. Who would have thought that we would need to watch what we say in America because Big Brother is Watching. We now have Word police, thought police, fun police, city police, county police, federal police, airport police, park police state and federal, fbi, cia, animal police, and several hundred others i cannot think of. We are being regulated, taxed, and policed out of existance.There is nothing this Washington crowd touches that is not completely corrupted. More and more of our Constitutionally guaranteed rights are being eroded each day these people remain in power. We will wake up very soon and it will be too late. They will have stripped us of every means of rebelling and taking our lives back. There is already a consensus by a few in this country that we would be better off as Marxists or some resemblance thereof. These people are assimilated into our educational institutions and are controlling the curriculum in our schools. Our young people have not even been taught patriotism and the rights guaranteed them by our Constitution, so they do not know what they are loosing. This was taught in our schools just a few years ago, and required subjects, not elective.
    We are being taken over by the multinationals with our own money that we have given them. How ignorant can we be? Our elected representatives have legalized graft, corruption, and pay offs for votes, by taking the money through the back door in their campaign finances and brother in law deals with friends and relatives. They have even been accepting money from foreign governments in this manner. This is strictly prohibited by our constitution. All of the above are criminal acts and need to be treated as such. Due to this corruption, you see a law being passed and you say, “how can that be good for America”, but it passes anyway. It is completely contrary to common sense and many of these recently passed laws should be considered Treason. They have destroyed this country, morally, economically, and have negatively impacted the USA worldwide.

    We have a Constitutional duty to overthrow these thieves and criminals and form a new and (Independent United States of America) which will again serve the will of its’ people. This can be done by a simple vote of the people from each state that chooses to become a part of the New America. We have the perfect format in our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. We simply re-implement these documents and any law to the contrary “NOTWITHSTANDING” as is stated in our Constitution. We obey no laws that are contrary to the rights enumerated in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We elect a new President  and Congress in the manner prescribed by our constitution, we elect new state officials, all current corrupt government agents must be fired. They seem to think they are above us and have no allegiance to us, we implement a fair tax system, possibly a national sales tax. We refuse to acknowledge any and all laws or regulations that are rooted in this current Confederate government. We pay no money to this corrupt system.  All member states retain their National Guards and their right to keep and bear arms of course, as protection against the corrupt Washingtonites.
    If you think Obama or McCain will be the savior, you are completely confused. These people are part of the problem. By the way , spreading the wealth around, is one of the main platforms of ” The Communist Manefesto.”
    Please forward this email to everyone on your mailing list


  • John Brashear

    Well elect obama and we wont have to worry anymore, the once Capitalist Nation of the USA will become a third world Country under a Marxist economy,…anyone doubting me, just listen to obamas “theory” on the Economy, he’s a Marxist by any measure….trouble is, the Media remains silent, and most have NO idea who the REAL obama is….

    But like Winston Churchill once said, the biggist Argument Against “Democracy”, is spending 5 Minutes with the Average Voter.

  • Bob Livingston

    You couldn’t be more right!!!  The USA is gone except for the wellfare people. They are taking all production and savings from the workers. –Bob

    • Smilee


      We would not have many welfare people if the jobs in this country were paid a living wage, the need for welfare is created because employers refuse to do this and all they have to do is use their lobby money for wages instead they seek welfare and special favors for their corporations, they demand welfare for the rich and receive the lion’s share of our welfare budget. You see you have to first pay the workers before you can take away their savings. Why do you suppose savings in this country has nosedived during the last 30 years. What the workers really need is a lot more Union representation, when we had that in this country we did save and had a lot less poor people in need of welfare. I was union, my pension is $1000.00 more per month than my non union coworkers where I worked and because I made more money than them my SS check is larger as well. Because of it I do not need any welfare and my Company is still very profitable. Welfare has been indirectly created in this countries because of the way corporation have paid their employees and our mentality is that the employer should make all he can and still not pay his help and if he can not make enough to pay them he should not be an employer, this would solve the problem you cite and place blame were it really exists.

  • http://none B Bone

    Does anyone here belueve in the “Creator” repeatedly written of in The
    declaration of 1776 in varying terms?  And a living God the authors apparently
    controlled destiny.  Should that be the case they surely would believe the’condtions is the wirld today is included in that destiny.  Be that as it may,
    in any event…this document provides the authority to chatge our government,
    after a “…long train… of abuses.
    The prime abusing in stitution is the privately owned Federl Reserve; which, was created by conspiracy in 1913…contrary to the constirution’a money provisions.  This plus other supporting legislatin set the stage for the paet
    95 years of near total war,  The Marine General, Smedly D Butler wrote or his career, uncluding clearing three ontinents for Wall…Street to do business
    and that “War is a Racket”..for profit.  How could this nation wage war, without The Fed” first approving the cost?  Then there’s the huge fraud of
    various Man Made Rights!!!

  • Motherof sons

    Mc Cain will give us more pain and Palin is not for the women I know in the world. Obama and Biden are trying to give us the steps necessary to regain a nation by the people and for the people. It would be a beginning I do not know who on this site gained more freedom from the last 8 years but it wasn’t a great economic thrill for most of us and most of us have no labor rights left and things touted as more choice have made a lot of us slaves to big corporations and businesses that basically have been robbing us all blind. People wake up. They did not want to give up slavery a long while back because it would hurt the bottom line,ie slavery had low overhead,free labor . It is the same thing now only more slaves of different colors and different countries doing labor cheap .They do not want to give that up even if most of us become homeless. The rich are controlling the poor like a monarchy in America and other countries financillay, are beginning or have owned us for years,where did your outsourced job go? America may just become a concept we carry in our hearts as we move overseas to get a job that pays for our college education or we can stand in the streets and start another American revolution. Oh yeah, American Halloween candy is tainted with milk powder from China,first it was pet food, then peppers from Mexico, then our childrens toys and now their candy. conservative does not mean Republican with over priced wars that should have never began. Ponzi schemes replacing good conservative accounting so the rich get richer and 80% of our country goes broke to save a bunch of greedy fools. God Bless America ,vote for the people, Vote Obama -Biden! By the way I am a white American and I am not prejudiced but I am against Rich people owning my country which is supposed to be a democracy by the people,please wake up people!  Take it back, do not be fooled! Good men come with many names and come in many colors and bad men can be white and bad can be a woman. Start your own victory garden without all of the chemicals and support your local growers who bring you food products from the USA only. Quit buying crap that says distributed in  the US but made in China, read the labels! Then start investing in jobs that save the earth and our children’s future and give us jobs that pay a decent wage .I could go on but most of all think for yourself and make decisions on what you find out by facts!

  • Poor Richard

    This nation was brought forth on this continent by men, and women, who held to the highest ideals of freedom, liberty, and justice.  Among those things these people held most dear was what has become known as the “American Dream”.  It is not something that a government can grant to anyone through any means even wealth redistribution.  The “American Dream” was the ability without interference from the government to be able to accomplish something in a single lifetime through hard work and the sweat of the brow.  Along with the material rewards, which seems to be the only focus today, was and is a far greater reward.  One that comes from within and cannot be duplicated from without.  As for the posts in favor of Obama-Biden, I’m sorry but in time you’ll will live to regret the day you ever voted for Obama.  Check it out, Obama wants the IRS to send us a completely filled out tax return that all we have to do is sign and send back.  That’s just a short step away from having your “employer” send what your labor is worth to the government and them issue you a check for what they want you to have.  Easy solution to the taxation problem, this way there are no taxes you get to keep everything they let you have.  Downside is there is nothing to provide the ambition for you to excell and do better than the guy next to you and in the long run that makes for mediocre businesses.  Don’t believe that’s the case take a look at the changes in China.  Everywhere except in this country they have learned that the socialist and communist idealogies have a fatal flaw.  It doesn’t take into consideration the need for an incentive to be there for a person to strive for better than mediocrity.  Additionally, the post by Motherofsons fails to comprehend what is about to happen.  With a congress controlled by the Democrats and Obama in the White House the average worker will not be better off but in the intermediate term will fair even worse.  The House has already floated a trial balloon to test the winds for taking and merging 401k’s into the SS fund.  Silly union people don’t realize that what they are truly talking about is taking those huge union pension funds.  Once they have them in the SS fund then the government will give you a check when you retire that will represent your SS payment and a payment from your retirement.  Who’s going to be able to determine how much that payment is to be.  Also, under the system today if you die before you deplete your retirement in virtually all cases the remaining funds are passed to your heirs.  Under the proposed new system when you die before you collect it all the government will get to keep the rest.  Nice way of fattening up the SS fund so that it doesn’t hit the wall for a while more and as a bonus there will be more funds to make payments to those who never paid into or never paid enough in the system to qualify for SS.  Just think that is only one of the many neat programs we have waiting for us.  Do I think McCain is any better–actually, no.  It truly looks to me like someone stacked the deck against the average citizen in this country to give up a very very weak choice on the Republican side and jacked up the probability of the Democratic “surprise” choice winning.  Check out Obama’s contributor list for names of corporations and others that would normally be Republican donors.  Look for names like JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, National Amusements [Redstone family owns controlling interest in CBS, Viacom, Paramount, etc.], Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, just to name a few.  For me something doesn’t smell right about this entire election.  From Obama being able to raise nearly $1 billion dollars just to run a campaign to the way the media is blocking all negative press against the “golden” candidate.  You know come to think about it how do you go about raising that much campaign money in a system that has limits on the amount any individual can contribute?  Oh, almost forgot, the donors in the prior list contributed no less than $250,000 each.  Don’t you know that the employees of JPMorgan Chase got together and jointly contributed nearly 3/4 of a million dollars.  Give me a break!!
         Perhaps this is what the country needs to wake its citizens up so they can smell the coffee and stop being sheeple.  When push comes to shove and they’ve had enough then they may be ready to listen and follow someone who can show them how to recover their country using non-violent but very effective tactics.  The power truly lies in the hands of the people.  The politicians have been lying the big lie, that the government is all powerful and there’s nothing you can do about it, for so long that many, many people have bought into it.  Remember Goebels said that if you tell a big enough lie enough times it will be accepted as the truth.  Boy has the propaganda machine been working overtime in this country.  Not only have they become experts in Goebels propaganda techniques but they have also become expert in the brain washing area as well.  When enough are ready then those who are here to lead will appear.

    • Smilee

      Richard on October 30th, 2008 at 12:48 am

      I vote for Motherof sons and Anna, its obviously to any rational thinking person that poor little Poor Richard has lost his marbles and he can now only spew this jibber jabber. I’m starting to think that women are becoming the smarter sex in this country at least the two I mention hear seem to be a hell of a lot smarter. Maybe it is time to elect a woman president. How about Michelle Obama in 2016 to continue the Barrack agenda of giving this country back to “WE the People” and rescue it from thirty years of conservative influence that in the fall of 08 culminated in an almost total destruction of our countries economy.

  • Anna

    It is fascinating to me that the people who have spent 8 years taking away our rights and liberties; destroying our economy by turning it over to the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us against; damaging our freedom of religion by mandating religion for schools and charities; failing to fund our infrastructure, our military and the no-child-left-behind mandate; appointing incompetent people to head national agencies so that the agencies fail – are now claiming that with McCain/Palin they will not carry on more of the same.
    For the record:
    Obama is a Christian born in the United States.
    He is not a Socialist, he is a problem-solver bringing us thinkers and experts to balance our government and individual rights. We have all forgotten about balance and moderation – like Goldilocks we need a pudding that is not too much government and not too much individual – a nation that is just right balances the two to the benefit of all.
    We need to bring back the American middle class – the great consumer – then the capitalist wheels will turn and we will not have to have an authoritarian society.
    McCain and Palin promote fear and anger – as has every authoritarian, totalitarian government since the beginning of time – and we the people always suffer horribly under those regimes.

  • Drumright

    Nations come and nations go as history demonstrates.  In his book, “Why Civilizations Self-Destruct”, circa 1966,  Elmer Pendell commented that, compared to the examples of past history, the United States was moving through the cycle from birth toward death…..faster than those great nations and empires of bygone days.  The vision of the Founding Fathers of this nation was debauched, overturned and corrupted beyond repair beginning with Lincoln.  The defeat of the Confederacy effectively ended the vision of ’76.  A de facto form of government now sits in the seat of Moses as a result of Lincoln and the war against the States.  Robert E. Lee. in a letter to Lord Acton, predicted that the illegally established (by force of arms) central government in Washington would become, quote,….” aggressive abroad and despotic at home.”  He was correct. American Empire building got underway in 1898 (aggression abroad) and the U.S. has bases ‘around the world’.  The Republic of the Founding Fathers is on the way into the ash bin of history and this fate, ordained by our Creator in heaven, cannot be averted.  The ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box….have all failed to preserve ” God Less America”.

    • Smilee

      Still whining about it 144 years later, what a problem solver you make.

  • Jim

    The Constitution of the United States only provides for the Federal Government to tax in support of our sea lines of communications (for the navy and ports), custom houses, carriage of the mail and frontier outposts.  Something is really haywire today!  Under the British System that we call Common Law the Crown could only tax to 9% as a maximium.  To tax at 10% made the Crown equal to GOD and to tax at a higher rate, superior to GOD!  So, the thinking was that 9% was the max.

    Many think that the American Revolution started over “taxation without representation.”  It did not.  King George was levying a colonial tax to cover the costs of protecting the colonies from French and Indian incursions.  The tax was directly attributible to the colonies survival.  So, what was the real issue?  The colonies rebelled when King George decreed that all churches in America were to be banned with the exception of the CHURCH OF ENGLAND!  There was a movement among the churches in America to make the colonies “ONE NATION UNDER GOD!” as their destiny.  This scared George so he outlawed all churches except the one he totally controlled and was the head of.  As a result, the predominant battle cry during the revolution was “NO KING BUT KING JESUS!”  This should be a fitting battle cry today to be raised from not only the pulpet but in every area of human endeavor in this NATION UNDER GOD!

    • Smilee

      Sober up then give it another shot

  • Dan

    Grow up. Jefferson was an insipid, vapid politician. It’s entirely proper that Wm. Clinton’s middle name is Jefferson.

    Jefferson is taken out of context here, as this was merely another attack on the programs of Alexander Hamilton, to whom our nation owes tremendously for his insight and energy in creating a government that would actually work.

    Jefferson’s ideals here, out of context, are laughable, and not in the least applicable to our present situation.

  • Dan

    Additionally, previous poster Jim is a religion crazed buffoon, who’s points are as goofy as misquoting Jefferson.

  • Dan

    P.P.S. Anna, Obama’s real name is Barry Sotero. He’s as Christian as the fireplug down the street.

    And he and his associates are clearly at least socialist.

    Perhaps you should have your eyes checked, or learn to read.

    • Smilee

      You should see your shrink, it is obvious there is something wrong in that brain of yours, assuming you even have one, hate is a terrible thing to nurture.


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