This Picture Might Explain The Journalistic Confusion About Guns


With all the mass confusion among reporters in the mainstream media over which bad guy used which bad gun in which bad murdering spree, isn’t it about time someone gave these hapless journalists a little help?

One Twitter user thought so. On Wednesday, Mike Morrison, a self-described “advocate of Liberty,” offered this handy visual reference guide. From now on, Piers Morgan, you have no excuses.

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Personal Liberty

Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • Alan

    Lol…..yep, that about sums it up alright! They’re all the same to the non-discerning eye. But they should do much better now that they have a recognition guide.

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      Yah Right…Now they will be able to identify them…
      Liberals could not tell the difference between a BB Gun versus a Rocket Launcher…LOL

      • Alan

        Liberals couldn’t tell the business end of a firearm from it’s butt…! Oh well, what’s to do FreedomTrainUSA? What really makes me laugh is when they seek help from we “gun nuts” when the situation turns dire. Suddenly the term “I’d rather have a gun and not need it, than need one and not have it” takes on a whole new meaning for them.

  • Richard Erwin

    libtards are still too butt stupid to understand

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      The REAL problem is that Liberals do not use CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS…Facts are meaningless to them…Because they get in he way of their Radical Destructive Agenda…

      • Richard Erwin


      • Harold Olsen

        Facts just confuse them and truth is not compatible with liberalism and progressivism.

  • Jeff

    As the owner of both a Bushmaster and a few Glocks I find this hilarious. Guess the libs would say I’m a ticking time bomb since I own “scary guns”.

    • boone1

      I like AK47’S myself like them ever since Vietnam.You can pull one out of a rice paddy lock and load fire and you can’t do that with an AR-15 OR AN AR-16 You have to clean both rifles first.But not that old AK47.

  • Ol’ Grey Ghost

    This might help them understand better: “What’s in a Name…?”

    • William Menikheim

      Ol’ Grey Ghost, I’m sure Col. Moseby is laughing in his grave. I love your “Bonny Blue”

      • Ol’ Grey Ghost

        Uh, William, for the record, it’s the First National Flag of the Republic of Texas, but, hey, they’re so similar and both represent the fight for independence from an oppressive government that had overstepped its Constitutional bounds (the U.S. Constitution of 1787 and the Mexican Constitution of 1824), then go ahead and enjoy it to its fullest…

        • William Menikheim

          Yes, you are correct. The “Bonnie Blue” was the first flag of the Confederate States of America. CSA was forced into an illegal war by the Government of the North. Here in NC, we call it the “war of Northern Aggression”.

          • Robert Messmer

            Its always the North–see NORTH Korea, NORTH Vietnam.

          • Ol’ Grey Ghost

            Here in the Republic, we just call it “Lincoln’s War.” We’re still trying to overturn White vs. Texas (SCOTUS, 1865)…

  • guy r west

    dont own a gun or rifle yet but when i get our of gov. houseing and get maried ime buying a gun and it will stay right beside my bible. Looking at that gun identifaction chart who doesnt know a bb gun from an AR15 OR A CAR FROM AN AR15 shese .

  • lbrack

    Based on their news reporting, I had just assumed that journalists already had a similar guide to scary, terroristic firearms. Maybe they didn’t have a visual aide before; but with their “everything looks like a nail to a hammer” mentality, what benefit would a visual aide provide journalists?

  • Ben

    It would be funnier if it weren’t true. The lefties probably think the Musket was a high capacity assault weapon.

  • A_Murricun

    List incomplete. Omitted Pennsylvania rifle (assault rifle) as used at battles of Concord and Lexington. Omitted sling as deployed by David against Goliath.

    • Bill

      They also forgot pea shooters and the football in Charley Brown and Lucy

  • squeeze127

    Guess my avatar is an AR-15 too. Accurized 1911 maybe looks like a bazooka to them, eh?

    • Oldawg

      No, that’s a Glock

  • icemancold


    • Alex

      Those were used for a MILITARY purpose. Back to school for you…

  • Harold Olsen

    Yep, that’s the brain dead media for your. Every gun is an assault rifle. I’m surprised there weren’t pea shooters and slingshots in the picture.

    • Harold Olsen

      Oh, I forgot one. What about a squirt gun?

      • Mike Hinds

        The red-and-black “Glock” may be a squirt gun.

  • Alex

    ANY gun may be used as an assault weapon.

  • Alex

    Cricket Chipmunk Rifles are “assault” weapons—just ask the five year-old member of our “Well-Regulated Militia” who shot and killed his sister…

  • dave

    Hilarious! I have a few people that I am going to pass this out to. Just to help them understand the difference, you know?

  • John Davison

    If the media and the Idiot’s in Washington would find out how these criminals are acquiring these street guns, and prosecute the guilty party’s. Assault weapons have already been band. Gun’s are not the problem it’s the ILL minded criminals, so let’s bring the DEATH PENALITY back to every state in the U.S.

  • US Army (retired)

    I am a gun. I have challenged the waves and crossed a vast, unforgiving sea. I have landed on these shores. I am held by the pilgrim, the pioneer, and the trail blazer. I have brought civilization to a barren wilderness.

    I am a gun. I have fed the early settlers. I have protected their cabins. I have flamed in the cause of liberty. I have brought down tyrants. I have given birth to a brave and noble land of freedom.

    I am a gun. I have ended slavery. I have tamed the West. I have established law and order. I have crossed a continent.

    I am a gun. I am fallen into the dirt wherever brave warriors die. I rest beside their bodies. I am stained with their blood. I am covered by their battle helmets. Planted with my bayonet in the soil, I stand as a battlefield cross, a simple but poignant memorial for their sacrifice.

    I am a gun. I returned across that vast, unforgiving sea. I have won two World Wars. I have flown over war-torn skies. I have jumped from planes, parachuting into danger.

    I am a gun. I have stormed the beaches, the jungles, the volcanic sands, and the frozen land. I have won great victories and signed peace treaties. I have returned to our shores for ticker tape parades and sometimes with no welcome at all.

    I am a gun. I started out as a rather primitive weapon, only firing one shot before I must be reloaded. But as the times changed and as man progressed, so did I.

    I am a gun. I can be used for BOTH GOOD and EVIL. I can take a life. I can be used to save them.

    I am a gun. I can inflict great hardship and suffering upon many in my path. I can also be used by good men to stop the actions of evil ones. I can end the bloodshed and restore peace.

    I am a gun. I can put meat on a family’s table. I can protect your household from harm by intruders. I can provide a means of recreation.

    I am a gun. If left untouched upon the table or nightstand, I can harm NO one.

    I am a gun. I CANNOT drive to an elementary school, a crowded shopping mall, or a Hollywood movie premiere.

    I am a gun. My eye cannot see but where I am pointed. I have NO otive. I have NO soul. I have NO compassion. I hold NO malice.

    I am a gun. I cast NO vote. I hold NO political allegiance. I embrace NO party. I employ NO political agenda. I practice NO faith.

    I am a gun. When only the military or the police may own me, then I will ALWAYS be used to inflict great numbers of deaths upon their citizens.

    I am a gun. Hitler used me to drive MILLIONS of Jews into cattle cars like livestock, transporting them to the gas chambers for their deaths. Stalin, Mao, and other notorious butchers of humanity used me to maintain their evil and twisted lust for power.


    I am a gun. I can be used to stop the forces of evil. I can be used for evil itself.

    I am a gun. Those who use me to harm others can only be stopped by those who wisely employ me in their defeat.

    I am a gun. Samuel Colt understood that I could even the odds against those of overwhelming strength or superior numbers. I have made it possible for the meek to overcome the mighty.

    I am a gun. When you mention the names of Bill Hickok, Alvin York, Audie Murphy, and Chris Kyle, it brings me to mind. Their mastery of ME made
    THEM famous.

    I am a gun. I have been praised and cursed. I have been both destroyed and treasured. I have been proudly passed down from father to son.


    I am a gun. I am the defender of liberty. I am the guarantor of free speech. I am a friend of the free. I am the missing element of the enslaved.


    I am a gun.

    • Ariviste

      I love this, Steven. It is so true.