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This Is Priceless – Leah From New Hampshire For President

August 18, 2009 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Herb Rudolph

    Leah is right on the mark! She and millions of others are sick and tired of being called lemmings by those in the federal government, including Obama himself: we are not being led or paid by some lobbyist groups to voice our anger against those who think they can bully the American citizen! We are individual citizens of the United States of America who are standing up to be counted (and yes, you snitches out there can take take our names and report them to your puppet masters in Washington); we have had it up to our ears with you! We will NOT take this kind of garbage from government functionaries any longer! Note to Washington, D.C.: Keep your dirty hands off my medical care; everytime you touch something that ain’t broken, you manage very well to screw it up beyond recognition. Have you ever learned the meaning of the acronym, SNAFU? Ask any GI (if you have the guts to approach one); he’ll tell you. Another thing: keep your hands out of the public pockets!

  • Mike in NJ

    Whine, Whine, Whine.

    Read the bill for yourself then. It’s available.

    • Myke

      Mike I did read it. And so should you. It’s on the net.
      Sebelius believes in eugenics, which includes forced abortions, which said they may not work in third world countries because usually no Dr present at birth.Holdren suggested putting sterilants in our drinking water.Emmanuel called people with dementia, handicapped and old people “useless eaters”. Now they have found a new way to control population.Refuse medical care to old people.
      If you think all we are doing is whining, read the bill. You will see that if your parent or Grandparent needs a hip replacement or wheel chair they are not going to get it.Read it closely because they have tried their best to make it now be understandable.
      Anyway you look at it you will be in line with millions of illegals for health care. The Reps tried to put in an amendment that said illegals would be denied and it was refused. Obama himself on video said illegals would not be covered because by this time he would have them all legal.

    • Gloria

      I didn’t detect any WHINING – what are you doing on this site – did you lose your way or did you get here via the SNOOP TUBE?

    • http://aol wiley

      I have, and it SUCKS! YOUR AN IDIOT!

      • Tom

        People are being duped by Republicans and special interest health insurance companies.. This healthcare bill is what this country needs,including the PUBLIC OPTION.. A single payer system would be the best solution but if that’s not possible, any reform without a public option will change nothing..Health insurance companies don’t make money providing healthcare,they make money denying coverage and rationing care.. They made 400 Billion dollars in 2008.. Money that would have been better spent providing healthcare and lowering costs.. Insurance companies are not part of the problem,, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Dawn Marie

          TOm-TOm-Tom…………….how can one be so dim witted???? you have NO facts to back you up, just like the rest of the democrats….go ahead, you know that you want to—call us names–tha’s all you have, because the facts don’t back you up.

  • Keith Spennewyn

    Mike from NJ, so it’s ok for liberals to whine but not conservatives? Obviously you have missed the point that these bills are being passed when they have been read by the people we have duly appointed to read them and vote on our behalf. Leah is right, you are wrong. Good luck getting a copy of the bill to read before it has been passed.

  • Martha

    I am in the same boat as Leah. Never have I been to a protest, even though I was in college during the Vietnam War. Times are changing. Have attended a town hall meeting, and invited the Congressman in North Carolina to move to Germany if he so wishes to have a Socialist nation. That is where this country is headed unless those of us, strong enough to take on the radicals, stop this gamut. Hope to see everyone in DC, Saturday, 09/12/2009 at the Capital steps. When you have Congressmen like Messa say that he does not care what his constituents say – well good bye Mr. Messa. Good bye Nancy, Barbara, Harry, Frank and all of the extremist who are doing everything they can to destroy this country. They are so power high, that they have gone deaf. They will hear our votes! States must strengthen their voting requirements to keep the likes of ACORN and SEIU out, so they will not fraudulently destroy our elections….as they did in Ohio and other states. The Congress and the President plan to make the 12 million illegal immigrants as American citizens just to get their votes. Can no one see this activity? Our debt has quadrupled in 6 months. Currently each one of us owes $38,500.00 and the health care bill will just add more debt. Currently the USA is paying out @ $28,000,000,000.00 ($28 Billion) per MONTH, for interest. Does anybody get the picture?

    • Gloria

      Some of us can see why these weasles want these 12 million illegal immigrants made American Citizens. I think that most of us saw that when that dementia impaired Pelosi promised them in San Francisco that “you are the future of this country.” What she failed to tell them is that there probably won’t be a country for them to continue to milk when these leeches are done bleeding th country.

  • Shirley in OREGON

    You said ‘IT” just likes it is and I applaud you. The Obama Administration and his Liberal Congress thought they could pull the wool over”US” Americans eyes. They have NO clue that “WE” Americans do listen and know when things aren’t right….and “WE” do speck our minds, of course they don’t listen unless it’s what THEY want to hear.
    Here in Oregon most of the Representatives & Senators have there “Town Hall Meetings” even if they have them, in the day time or in some out of the way small town, believing that not to many citizens will show up because 80% of us have to go to work to make house payments and put food on the table for our families.
    It’s interesting that most of the “Town Hall Meetings” are not in the large cities across the U.S.A. are the Liberals so afraid that they can’t handle the questions from a lot of U.S. Citizens? Or is it because they don’t have any RIGHT answers? All they do is Babel and have know idea what they are talking about.

    We all have to stand UP and SPECK out to what we know is WRONG with this administration.
    Thanks Leah for speaking the TRUTH!

  • Bill Whitfield

    Never have I seen America so divided, so racially inflamed as today! Instead of Obama being the great “Uniter” that he was hailed to be, he is instead causing racial hatred throughout America. He just set free New Black Panthre Party lawbreakers, who broke Federal laws by intimidating voters (Where’s Jimah when you need him!), he spoke of transparency, but meant only for everyone else, not himself, or otherwise he would make “Birthers” eat their words by producing his long form birth certificate and other documents. He wants his own private force (Brown Shirts), he wants to be able to keep getting elected ( same as Chavez, Castro, Zeyala, and Ortega! Obama is bad news and should be investigated! As is, Obama could never hold a Federal job if he applied for one! He would have to show his birth certificate, he couldn’t get a security clearance because of his past ties with radical domestic terrorist and racist preachers. This man couldn’t even qualify for a janitors job for the Federal government, but he was elected president! God Have Mercy On America!

    • denalaurens

      I drafted

  • silas

    i will be part of it

  • EastBay.CTS

    Please post the YouTube link to this video.


  • Steve Burton

    I love everything all of you are saying and I am so happy to hear that most people feel like most of us here in Alabama.
    The power take over will not happy by Obama he can take that to the bank.

  • Alan

    You know it’s not what is in the bill but what is not in it, ie; abortion is not included as not being covered, illegal immigrants not mentioned as not being covered. This bill is so full of political doublespeak and inuendo that there are very few sections that are clear and the ones that aren’t are that way so the government can change as they see fit. As far as these town hall meetings, the liberal press would have you believe the attendees that oppose the plan are plants or at the very least organized, but when you look at some of the videos there are seiu and acorn people getting off of buses. When in Montana people carried weapons around (dumb I agree) but then we were told they were white angry racists, again when uncovered there were several black men carrying and the perticular picture they were referring to was in fact a black man. They want to turn this into a racist/ nazi thing and now a religious thing when really all it is is we are tired of the lies and deciet coming out of Washington. It may be Obama’s plan but it is Pelosi, Reed, Dodd and the rest of the congress and senate that are to blame for most of it and if we don’t take the opportunity in 2010 to fire as many of them as we can then shame on us
    Leah, you are a great spokesperson for not having been politically active before. As with you a lot of us have had enough and it is time to get them to realize they work for us….

  • Tom Simpson

    Go Girl.
    You are right on the mark. It is time for the people to stop being a nation of sheep. They want to shut down debate on everything from Global Warming(now climate change), genetic engineered foods, etc. Don’t get be started. They won’t even label these foods and the public is silent for the most part.They rioted in Europe.

    This is what is needed. For the American People to be actively involved in our government. I think many of these politicians don’t want to hear from us(both parties).

    I would like to see a poll to see how many people don’t want any health care. They aren’t getting any choice. I don’t recommend that, but it is supposed to be a free country.

  • Dave

    Hey every one;
    Why can’t some of these people see what is happening in this country. I know that things were not that good before the election but now look. I am very troubled by politicians getting so cocky on T.V. with hey didn’t you hear there was an election! So that gives them god power?
    And also I am tired of these same people who have helped to screw up this country who are so qualified get a raise when most of us have taken pay cuts or job loss why they sit back and take their lavish vacations etc. on our dime. And another thing don’t some people find it strange that a milionare movie star advocating a tax rise for them and their buddies. It just does not make any sence! People of this country need to wake up and realize that we can do for our selves. This is how our country got be be so great and this crap that goverment can do more for you is just that. My grand father always said that any time some comes up and says I am from the goverment and I can give you——– watch your wallet! thank you for listening.
    Dave from wi

  • Dave Too

    Leah, thank you for so clearly stating what we all feel. It is unfortunate that we were not so aware before the last election.
    There were voices warning us but the biased media managed to override and hide the truth from us then. Now we are wiser and will not be fooled again. Vote the bums out in 2010!

  • Philip, from Oregon

    I love the debate over who is right or wrong> the libs. say that all that is going on is the government is trying to help the people, but not imposing socialism, but what I want to know is how mandatory health care, sharing the wealth, legalizing millions of illegals, subduing freedom of speech, disarming the people, taking away the right to assemble, need I go on, How is this not an introduction into socialism? The American people had better wake up and smell the coffee before it’s to late.
    Here in Oregon we have a governor we like to call sleepy Ted, this is the most liberal guy I know, in Oregon that is, and he is taking us down the sewer, as we speak, as fast as the president and his cabinet is taking the nation down. The liberal left media would have us believe that all is well if we would let the president do his job, and if you believe that then I have some wonderful desert property right on the beach for sale.
    “WE THE PEOPLE” need to stand up and tell the government”NO MORE”, we have had enough.

    • Ward Tipton

      While I can certainly see some similarities to the events of the rise of the NSDAP (The German Nationalist Socialist Worker’s Party, commonly referred to as the Nazi Party) the more I see, the more it looks like the beginnings of an all out move towards Stalinist communism right out of the playbooks of Chairman Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot and other “People’s” leaders of the past. While a vast portion of the people may believe the rhetoric, history has shown time and again that policies such as these always result in failure and no amount of refining by the New Black Panther Party, Acorn, the SEIU, La Raza or other groups will make it work any better this time.

      What is the old saying? Misery loves company? I think far too many people are just looking for some company to share their misery with … at the expense of those of us who are actually working for a better life and depend on our sense of personal responsibility rather than some nanny-gone-bad government program.

  • Roberto

    American will be save if we listen to American women like Leah. I feel proud to be an American, because we live with the smartest and most charm females of the world.

  • Ann

    REAL AMERICANS expressing themselves are so very inspiring: I’m tickled pink to be reading here and breathing the fresh air of freedom. More power to you! God, bless America!

  • John C. Davidson

    This is occurring throughout America and for once, we are finding out the type of people we have been electing to represent us. Most act as though they won the lottery once elected, though.

    Now, we have them on the run and they can’t hide anymore. Keep the pressure on them and the weak will capitulate.

    Soon, they will have to return to their pulpits to an answer to their constituent. It will be interesting to see how they try to talk their way out of this mess. Stay tuned…

  • Rick

    All I can say is…GONE in 2013…!

  • Stella

    I believe in Freedom of Speech, and our civil liberties. The right to bear arms and the freedom to live our lives as individuals, making our own choices, especially the right to choose our own physicians and make our health decisions without government interference. The senior citizens of today and the aging population of baby boomers are the very people who have been paying into Medicare and the government officials’ wages ALL THESE YEARS… Now this liberal movement to socialize everything and give the government the power over our lives is spinning out of control. They want to take away American Citizens’ liberties, and give it all away to illegal immigrants. First they will legalize all the immigrants and make them American Citizens, then they will hand over our hard-earned rights that we’ve worked all our lives to earn the right to collect on in our retirement years. If we oppose it, suddenly it’s not “freedom of speech” – it’s called “radical far right extremist hatred” by the media and the government and the new “brown shirt” czars that have been put into power in various positions to create an underground ruling authority that answers to no one but the President and his own extremist socialist movement. Soon, if Americans don’t wake up and see what’s happening, it will be too late…people will start disappearing who oppose their agenda, and being labelled as traders. More people will be afraid to speak up and further suppression of peoples’ rights to free speech and the freedom to assemble with diminish to the point that anyone who disagrees will be afraid to speak up…Our forefathers fought for our FREEDOMS. They gave their blood, sweat, fortunes, and very lives to make sure their children and fellow citizens with the dream to live their own lives on their own terms was possible…The new powerful proponents for “Change” – even if it’s wrong (for AMERICAN CITIZENS!) they want to rush to “Change” it are changing everything as quickly as possible – so fast they hope to inundate even the elected officials with so much change so fast that their heads are spinning and they’re all dazed and confused.

  • Joe Achord

    It’s time for the People to take back
    America. In order to do this, we must all unite and vote these idiots out. It does not matter if You are white,black,hispanic, are any other race. Democrat or republican, independent, or otherwise. This will be the only way we can take back our country. The Black people think that the messiah has come to save them. WRONG. Why do You think the damocrats have keep them so surpressed all the years with these free programs? So they will vote like the crooks want them to. Why do You think the government and the leaders of the NAACP want intergration so bad? I,ll tell You. Because the level of education has not been brought to the level of the white, but down to the level of the black people. I have Black friends who also think along these lines as well. So don’t Even think I’m a racist. Wake up America. Time is running out. This guy you call a president should be cleaning out septic tanks.

  • old1

    We the People can not survive three and a half more years of this usurper! America will not be “Our” America by then. He is not Constitutionally eligible to set in Our White House! He is not a Natural Born American Citizen as is required by Article 2. Section 1. paragraph 5. of our great Constitution.
    His father WAS NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN! He was a Kenyan Brit. Being a British Citizen under the British Nationality Act of 1948 Obama Sr, caused Obama Jr. to be born a British Citizen at birth. NO ONE BORN A CITIZEN OF A FOREIGN COUNTRY CAN EVER BE A Natural Born American Citizen! Natural Born = Born of Blood & Soil! That is the blood of BOTH parents who are American Citizens at the time of ones birth and that birth on American Soil. Obama Sr. was not an American and Ann Dunham was only 17 and had not lived in America for 10 years with 5 of those years after the age of 14. She would have to have been at least 19! Whether on not he was born in Kenya or has a Hawaiian Birth Certificate does not matter. He CAN NOT BE A NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN as stated above, thus he is not President of the United States today! Call your Senators & Congressmen (& women). Call your local TV station. Demand that some Government agency corrects this most terrible oversight! We can force the Supreme Court to hear these charges if we just raise our collective voices! MAKE YOURSELF HEARD!!!
    America’s future depends on “YOU”!

  • old1

    One last note; “WHAT IF” he is not even a simple citizen of Our Great Country? “WHAT IF” we have a Illegal Alien in our White House? “WHAT IF” our greatest Nightmares have came true? GET INVOLVED! You will surely not like the next “WHAT IF”!



    No one is telling the truth in plain english. The government requires plain english contracts from business and writes incomprehensible bills in Congress!

    The TRUTH is: We need to cover 45 Million people not on medical insurance (some are worthy, many are non tax paying, foreign, or on the dole in most things)- how do we differentiate the bum from the unfortunate?
    That is the WELFARE piece of this Bill…a dole, period.

    The people working with coverage and Medicare are paying their way.
    I contributed for 51 years to Social Security, about $ 500,000 without any interest being earned. I have PAID for my care and do not want it doled out to those who didn’t pay. Similarly for hard working Americans paying their share through payroll. They are paying their way. We do not want our benefits one iota since we paid for them.

    P.S. The only reason Medicare is broken is because the govenment has been tapping the Retirement fund since 1940 even though it was supposed to be a SEPARATE money pool for retirees and disabled. It went broke when I was serving in Vietnam in 1968 because we used it to pay for the war…the fund was being used, and still is, as General Tax Revenue. That is illegal and against the 1933 Law when the Retirement fund was started as a SEPARATE Social Security FUND. Let’s seggregate these funds and it will never be broke again.

    In summary, the government can start a Medical Welfare system for the needy, unemployed, and disabled non-insured 45 Million Americans,
    as a SEPARATE BILL…just leave the rest of us and our insurance alone. And, for heaven’s sake, cut out the “voluntary counseling for the elderly”. I have a right to live as long as I can without a bureaucrat counseling me that I am becoming dispensible.

    That’s my opinion shared by millions of Americans. No tyranny in the
    USA. We want our representative to represent our interests. That’s their job. If they don’t do it, out of office they should go.


  • JoeR

    The 60 percent of us who either didn’t vote, or voted for real change aren’t the one’s throwing away our votes on the frick or frack candidates nominated by the Republican or Democrat parties.

    At 70 years of age, I’ve seen this kind of buyers (voters) remorse too many times. If you want to see constitutional government ever again, vote for whoever the Libertarian Party offers. I admit that it’s last offering (Bob Barr) was the least attractive of all those contending for the nomination, but that’s the only time in 40 years I had to bite the bullet and vote for the lesser of evils the same way that Democrats and Republicans do in every election cycle.

    When 20 percent of the electorate choose the president, it means that way more than half of us need to get off our duffs and participate in the only way that will make any difference… stop voting for the lesser of only two evils.

  • Gwen

    Why have we not started talking seriously about ” IMPEACHMENT” … BEFORE he takes us down????

  • Gwen

    I should add : With as much damage he has done in the very short time he has been in and the major damage that he has in store for us
    ( U.S. ) with the health care plan, etc. ” his? ” “agenda”, his actions show me that it is only going to get seriously, seriously worse. Why wait til next election … that’s too far into the future when you compare the time frame of serious damage he is doing now… serious damage that will be hard , IF NOT IMPOSSIBLE, to undo.

  • Al, –Betrayed WWII Veteran!!

    I’m with you GWEN, Impeachment proceedings should have been initiated the minute he was sworn in as President. There is no doubt in my mind that, more than a few people in our Justice System, have deliberately shunned the “Citizenship”question. I’ve seen 12 Presidents come and go; one just go, and the 14th has just arrived. I hope to see him GO soon.I have never seen any President stride into Office under such a blast of bluster, Lies, and Ego. With most of the people knowing he has NO experience, no honesty, a shady background of association with high profile shady people and organisations. During the “Brainwashing” period, (campaign), it was clear that he was on a mission that does not include the best interest of our Nation.It is very clear to anyone That , as “Old 1″ above says He connot be an American Citizen, and our whole legal system has simply ignored the FACT. If he Could produce a legal birth certificate why would he not do so? and why have none of our Checks an balances concerning his actions other than eligibility for the President, kicked-in? As a WWII veteran, I feel that my time and efforts against Hitler’s tyranny have now been made a mockery. For the nearly 3 years I was in Europe, I Really, Really, felt that what I was doing was benefiting first, my family and future. Second, the downtrodden of Europe and the rest of the World. Now, this weak minded, Narcissistic, ugh,– “Person” comes along and knocks out the whole foundation of our United States of America, and nobody does anything about it. Surely there must be some other veterans who had a much more horrible existence than I did, (I wasn’t wounded) who have such feelings also.

  • Carolyn

    I have been thinking about that very thing in the last couple of weeks. Impeachment! Why is there not a push by “any one” party to find Obama’s place of birth and upbringing. Why is there no mention of Obama’s childhood like previous presidents? I’m with Gwen,,, we need to find out how to go about impeachment. Does any one know how one goes about this? Not only for our president, but for our congressmen who are not listening and in fact are bolstering hatred and declaring they themselves know what is the right thing for the public and can’t understand why “the people” just don’t get out of their way of what THEY think is best for us… who elected them to REPRESENT US, WE the PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE. Since when did the tides turn when

  • Carolyn

    I have been thinking about that very thing in the last couple of weeks. Impeachment! Why is there not a push by “any one” party to find Obama’s place of birth and upbringing. Why is there no mention of Obama’s childhood like previous presidents? I’m with Gwen,,, we need to find out how to go about impeachment. Does any one know how one goes about this? Not only for our president, but for our congressmen who are not listening and in fact are bolstering hatred and declaring they themselves know what is the right thing for the public and can’t understand why “the people” just don’t get out of their way of what THEY think is best for us… who elected them to REPRESENT US, WE the PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE. Since when did the tides turn that we elected them to say what WE want???

  • beverly

    Sorry to say, as someone has alluded to, on the whole, too many non-thinking people were mesmerized by this silver tongued weasel who was propped up by ALL OF THAT MONEY! They got him groomed from the Chicago cess pool and put his butt there for him to bring all of the other cess pool inhabitants with him. Rahm, Geithner (why didn’t he go to jail…I would have been carted to JAIL), and what about the guy who is supposed to prosecute criminals? He won’t investigate and prosecute any of them. He is breaking the law and should go to jail also. No, it is not in the script for them to pay any attention to these things that we are bringing up. I keep seeing in my mind’s eye that he will be found packing his bags and getting out of dodge. We get what we stand for. If we stop standing for all of this crap, falling for it and even joining in on it, we will have a place which resembles his buddy Chavez’ place. AND STOP BUYING THAT CITGO GAS…IT IS CHAVEZ GAS. Pay the extra damned dime!!!.

  • beverly

    Sorry, meant to say, if we don’t stop standing…

  • Sally Warner

    Isn’t it funny that Leah never went to a protest before?
    When the Bush administration lied us into a war, spent the surplus. allowed Phil Gramm (in another of those midnight amendment votes she claims to suddenly care about) to rape our economy, put $9 BILLION in cash on pallets and let it disappear in Iraq, Leah sat on her hands.

    I find it telling that she thinks a conf. call with her representative that let everyone be heard (without the screaming, spewing and insulting signs) isn’t adequate, and I suspect it is because she prefers spectacle to discourse.

    The medical insurance industry is like a cancer in this country. When there’s more money for health insurance than steel in a US mfg’d car we know that the priorities are off. If we don’t get their boots off our necks they will sink our economy long term.

    I could hire 4 employees for what I pay in premiums even with high deductibles.

    Talk about rationed care! At least with a public option, I know I can vote and get input. When was the last time Leah went to a Blue Shield office with her sign and got her questions answered or had the opportunity to impact their policies? Never? Hmm, thought so. Why isn’t Leah asking them what justifies a $900 aspirin? Is that ok with her?

    And on the “socialist” semantics. Leah doesn’t seem to rail about our socialist police, military, water treatment, etc. If she is so scared of the socialized services, she should refrain from ever calling the police, dig a well and build a filter system, and cut her sewer lines at the curb. Oh and please stay off the paved roads.

    The bottom line is that there are basic services that we need that don’t fit a profit model. Health care is one of them.

    I lost my Dad 2 years ago after a $1m hospitalization. He was there just one month. The only reason we still have the farm is because he was retired military, and the beneficiary of…that’s right: SOCIALIZED medicine. Don’t tell me that 35 years in the service, and 25 years farming and teaching made him a lazy slacker unworthy of care.

    I read the “tea party” organizing lists and messages and contrary to what Leah tries to portray, this has little to do with health care and everything to do with defeating any future policy changes from this administration.

    Face it folks, you had control of every aspect of government for at least 8 years, and can’t name a single policy implementing conservative ideals that had any objective positive outcome. Not one.

    I want our country back, and until people look up and see they’re being duped by industries that take advantage of their hate, it can’t happen.

  • Conrad

    I am starting a new political party It is going to b called The Give it back party. Our purpose is to give back everything the federal government has taken away from the citizens of this great country.

  • Rick H

    Carolyn, to impeach the messiah requires an act of congress to conduct hearings on the high crimes and misdemeanor clause of the constitution. He must be tried by congress (good luck there democrats have the majority) Then if the charges stick and congress does impeach him that impeachment must then go to the senate who is the only body of gov’t who can convict him then remove him from office. Again good luck democrat majority. As far as your local rep that varies by the state but here in michigan we just need a recall petition with enough signatures to place them on a ballot




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