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Third Party Debate Scheduled

October 19, 2012 by  

Third Party Debate Scheduled

Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson will finally be allowed to participate in a Presidential debate, except Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will not be present.

The debate, sponsored by the Free and Equal Elections Foundation, will take place Tuesday and will also include the Justice Party’s Rocky Anderson, the Constitution Party’s Virgil Goode and the Green Party’s Jill Stein.

“The previous debates between President Obama and Governor Romney have failed to address the issues that really concern everyday Americans,” said Christina Tobin, founder and chairwoman of the Free and Equal Elections Foundation. “From foreign policy, to the economy, to taboo subjects like our diminishing civil liberties and the drug war, Americans deserve a real debate, real solutions, and real electoral options.”

Johnson has also been critical of the two-party Presidential debates, describing them as “dueling Phil Donahue acts carping at one another over who is worse.”

“I defy anyone who watched the debate to identify a plan from either the Republican or Democrat that will achieve a balanced budget,” he said. “We need a fundamental reduction in the role and cost of government, and both Romney and Obama are fundamentally big-government guys.”

The third party debate next Tuesday will be broadcasted live by Ora T, a digital programming service, and moderated by famed television newsman Larry King.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Harold Olsen

    I saw something last week where Free Speech TV taped the debates and then had the third party candidates join the debates. The video, apparently, was stopped after Obama and Romney spoke and then the third party candidates were allowed to answer the same questions. I don’t remember the name of the organization who runs the debates these day, but they only allow the Democrat and Republican candidates to participate in the debates. When the League of Women Voters ran the debates, ALL candidates were allowed to participate. It makes it appear that the Democrats and Republicans are afraid of other competittion and other views. I hate Obama and don’t really like Romney much better. Unless Obamaclone Romney can give me a reason to vote for him, I’m going to be voting for the Constitution party candidate Virgil Goode.

    • tlgeer

      If there are enough delegates in all 50 states to put a person on the ballot, then they should be in the debates. If there aren’t, they shouldn’t be there because they have no chance of being elected.

  • Karen Bracken

    What time is the debate on Tuesday??

  • John Hasse

    Give us contact information. without time, location, etc, this is merely gossip. why not make it news????? We get our choice. waste our vote by voting for a big government supporter, or waste our vote voting for a third party candidate. As for me,,, the lesser of two evils is still, well, evil, and I choose not to vote for evil.

    • TIME

      Dear John,

      Good for you, I feel your point of thinking is what is needed far more in this nation of Babylon,
      The nation of confounding mindless rhetoric ~ thats so hollow and transparent to even people without sight. Yet ~ I still can’t understand whsts wrong with so many Americans that they still have their ( eyes wide shut.)

      Our system allows “Pure Evil” to foster and to grow to level ‘s ~ that to call what we do by voting for these criminals we are alledged to be a choice is ~ absurd ~~ and ~ thats the understatment of all time.

      Got your nation ID card yet? If you got a Drivers Licence after 2006 you sure do, it has its very own RFID Chip in it. How special is that? Thanks GWB!
      Are you safer after the Patriot Act, NO.
      Why ~ after all look who designed this special plan, {Don Rumsfelt, Dickie Chaineeeee, and Daddy Bush, and lets not forget that special: ~~~ Joe da Biden the school yard bully.}

      How about that special NDAA? Now there you should all feel much safer now that anyone can be a bad guy, Oh, wait that means “”YOU”” may be the bad guy..
      Or that odd little old lady down the street that feeds all the cats, yep, she’s a really bad guy!
      Anyone who thinks ~~ is also a really bad guy too, ~~ OMG what ever you do ~~ don’t connect the dots about the “”Home Land Security”” ~~ being oddly the very term used by the Nazi’s for the Gestapo SS, as they too were the “”Home Land security””
      Now don’t you all feel so much more safe?

      I know I feel much better about the UN Agenda 21, thanks ~ Bill Clinton,
      I know that some day~ I will live in a very clean world ~ one with very few people in it, and I thank Bill for starting this clean up, wow ~ what a fine guy he is.

      But lets not forget the UN Food agenda started back in 1962 ~ and that special Floride in our drinking water so our teeth will be stronger, ~ oddly that seems to be not true, as peoples teeth are in far worse condition now than ever before let alone how their brains seem to be lacking in ability, but it can’t be the FLORIDE now can it?.
      But don’t any of you worry ~ You will die long before your teeth fall out from food with no nutrient value.

      Or you could get cancer from all the special GMO’s! Or heart failure or stroke from all the steroids in the meats we eat that are all FDA approved, Oh thanks UN for making sure our food will kill us I feel so much better now. Nothing like a good shepard tending its flock.

      Now all you just get out ~vote for more of these super special people so we can all die faster.

      When will the American people wake up?
      What the bloody hell will it take to wake Americans up?

      Peace and Love

      • tlgeer

        “I know I feel much better about the UN Agenda 21, thanks”

        Have you read it? The real thing, not the opinion of it on websites.

      • TIME

        Dear tigeer,

        In a word, YES, ~~ I also have copys of the local implementation from three areas where I owned homes here in America. these are Under differant titles but with in a few words the same basic value in content.
        (By the statment of a few words being differant,) ~ I am referring to the local areas names / citys / towns etc..
        As well slight variants in the title, such as: This little special ditty used by the SS Nazi’s for their “Race and Resettlement dept” ~ called: {” Sustained growth areas.” }

        Peace and Love be with you

  • Ed

    Even though Gary Johnson is the best candidate i think the way to defeat Obama and his team is to vote for Romney. Voting for Mr. Johnson plays right into Obama’s global aspiration and hidden agenda for a second term! Our freedom, Constitution, and future of the US is at stake!

    • Scott in SC

      Gary Johnson was the first Republican to announce he was running for the nomination, but the party leaders didn’t want him and kept him out of all but the first 2 debates. I don’t know anyone who wanted Romney yet he somehow he got the nomination because people were convinced that all the others were un electable.

  • The GLB

    This election is like trying to decide which dog will make a better cat … Lassie, or Rin Tin Tin?

  • James Williams

    I agree that America needs a new or completely revamped political party. However I question the wisdom and even the objective of a 3rd party at this time.

    I agree with Mr. Garry Johnson’s platform more so than Romney’s. However Mr. Johnson knows that he are any 3rd party candidate has no chance of winning this election. You can rest assured that no Obama supporters will vote for any 3rd party candidate. All that will be acomplished is taking votes away from Romney and likely reelecting OBama.

    Should Obama be reelected he will appoint one and possible two more of these [radical left wing nut job, so called, judges] to the Supreme Court and then you can kiss this Country good by. Nothing else in this election will really matter!

    Anyone considering voting for one of these 3rd party canditates will actualy be casting a vote for Obama and his Chicago style thugery. What Obama has done so far is bad enough but imagine what he will do if he is reelected, knowing that he will not have to face the voters again.

    Is this what we want for our children and grandchildren?

    This Country needs to get down on it’s knees and ask the Lord for forgiveness and to help us get this Nation back on track with the principals that it was founded upon.

    James Williams

    • enzo

      Yes James, on Nov 6, America should pray. No voting…just praying.
      That way, when Obamney gets (re)elected, we’ll have a warm heart knowing that we didn’t “waste our vote” and we we didn’t directly or indirectly (re)elect him…God elected him!! Explain that to your grandchildren…

  • Rocketman

    Harold: Of course they are afraid of the competition. Let them try to answer how they have managed to accumulate 16 trillion in debt or why we need to have U.S. troops in 106 countries, most of whom are at peace? They are terrified that they will be forced to account for their actions and know that it is only a matter of time before they lose control of the election.

    • Carl Manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

      Let them answer why they support the government’s fairytale lie of 9/11, the fairytale lie of killing UBL, and the fairytale lie about the Kennedy assassination. Let them be confronted with answering why they had SEAL TEAM 6 MURDERED??? The American People will someday find the truth about the District of Criminals, and they will hunt every one of these [comment has been edited] down and go after the blithering idiots they have elected who believe this propaganda hogwash, and it won’t be pretty. They’ll be dirtnapping before long.
      Sadly, Third Parties are sorely needed at this very moment – IF NOT NOW, WHEN??? However, the American Sheeple will not come to this reality until they are starving because these two parties have utterly destroyed the currency and the economy. That’s sadly what it will take to bring the criminals in DC to their rightful end and fresh new Third Parties and an entirely new political paradigm to American government. Many heads will roll, and many politicians from the two Establishment parties will meet up with an awful demise when it’s all over with. Many will die an ignominious death. I can only hope it’s all televised. Now that would be a popcorn and Coke in Hi-Def(Death) moment. They will all get their just reward as surely as there is a God in Heaven.

  • tgeer

    If there is only one person “debating” it’s not a debate.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      It’s apparent that you didn’t ever BOTHER to read the article!!! And yet, you feel qualified to comment?!? Ignorance is NOT a qualification!!!

    • Carl Manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

      Get back on that turnip truck, please.

    • Carl Manning – Sic Semper Tyrannis

      These “debates” you see between Romney and Obama aren’t “debates” at all. They’re just sound bites and “live” campaign commercials. It’s just political theatre arguing over meaningless trivial poppycock with pitting propaganda lies against more propaganda lies to see which lies will stick with the blithering, hopelessly, endlessly deceived, gullible fools and idiots who continue to waste their votes and lives believing their incessant, pathological lies and nonsense that no longer even border on insanity but can only properly be termed clinical insanity, if not madness. Obama is a serial murderer just as was Clinton, Cheney, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, and countless other Neocon nutjobs with the blood of innocents on their hands. Romney is another Neocon nutjob who likely will not hesitate to start WWIII with Iran, China, and Russia. Pick your lies, pick your Bilderberg bankster. Who’s the best liar??? That’s all these “debates” are: LIAR CONTESTS! Which Neocon or Islamic nutjob and bloodthirsty serial murdering “pig” will you put your lipstick on, America??? Who will you vote for to screw you and your nation over 6 ways to Sunday??? When you step into the voting booth to vote for these globalist propagandists peddling lies and insanity that insult not only your intelligence but even your common sense, you might as well be stepping into an asylum because you are lending credence to their insanity.


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