Third Firearms Company Announces Relocation From Gun Control-Crazed New York


Two gun companies in New York have already announced they are relocating their operations out of the State in the wake of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s hasty signing of the SAFE (Secure Ammunition and Firearms) Act early this year. Now a third company is following suit.

American Tactical Imports, which ships other manufacturers’ firearms and also manufactures its own weapons, has announced it will relocate to Summerville, South Carolina in a move that is expected to transfer 117 jobs as part of a new $2.7 million investment.

Company officials attribute their decision to New York’s restrictive gun control stance, as well as to their belief that South Carolina offers a legal climate that hews more closely to the 2nd Amendment.

“As one of the gun industry’s top importers and manufacturers of firearms and firearm related accessories, ATI’s decision to relocate is two-fold,” the company explained Monday in a press release. “ATI believes it is imperative that a firearms importer and manufacturer do business within a state that is friendly to the Second Amendment rights of the people.”

Two other New York-based companies have announced relocation plans this year as a result of the State’s latest round of restrictions on firearms. Officials with the Kahr Firearms Group said in August their company would relocate to Pennsylvania. Remington Arms, which has been based in New York for more than 150 years, began searching in August for a site in Tennessee to relocate its 1,200-employee operation.

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  • squeeze127

    Somewhere down the line, the LIVs gotta wake up to the fact that Democrats are not business friendly. I have my doubts to that as I observe what’s going on in Detroit.

    • Deerinwater

      Not to every business , this is true.

  • jerry1944

    GEEE Tenn with all those muslumms. They could move to a lot better place I think. Like down south where we don’t have many

  • mtman2

    NYS will go broke like Ca + Greece before anything will be done!

    • KennyLLC

      They will go broke like Detroit because the armed criminals will take over and always get superior arms illegally, while law-abiders are disarmed with their hands behind their backs just for trying to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to defend themselves.

      • mtman2

        “Well” Ken: It ain’t over here yet on the final verdict for the nefarious “SAFE Act”. It is going to court as Un-Constitutional…WE certainly hope truth wins out with an honest ruling.
        Andy Coumo is a ‘bug’, even worse by far than his father!
        People mean nothing to him, only his ‘career’ is important. He is so narcissistic he can’t and doesn’t want to see the truth that people only re-use him for their own enhancement
        Real people, that Love Constitutional/America and the people of their states real needs, are WHO WE must have run for office w/out a political career motive.
        We have let these other types take over for -WAY to long!

  • KennyLLC

    Bloomberg has already accused South Carolina of smuggling illegal weapons into NYC. Now you see why. He is a liar, and needs to be medicated.
    His state lost a perfectly good business to my home state. that sells to law-abiding citizens.
    Next thing you know it’ll be accusations of Tennessee illegally funneling 33oz. Cola’s all the way to Times Square !

    • KennyLLC

      …oh, and Pennsylvania makes beer in the oldest brewery in America since 1829 !
      May as well pull all their taps out of every bar in NYC too.

  • Don in Ohio

    It’s about time the Democrats/Libs/LIV/Socialist figure out “we the people” aren’t going to put up with all the anti-business bull crap. Just Google “state by state job growth” and you will see that only Florida, NC and SC are in the top 10 east of the Mississippi. NONE of the heavily Democratic states made the top 10.
    I suspect if you took away the top 10, the rest of the country would have next to ZERO job growth.
    So when Odumbo brags about all the jobs HE has created he really should be praising the Republican for keeping the country afloat!!!

    • Deerinwater

      “Just Google “state by state job growth” and you will see that only Florida, NC and SC are in the top 10 east of the Mississippi. ”

      Right! ~ your Federal Tax dollars at work. ~ Remove the federal money going to these states and watch what happens.

      • Don in Ohio

        Deer, do you mean the top 10 get more Federal money than the other states??? I doubt it.

  • pnwdave

    Good for them! Why support the economy of a state that wants to put them out of business?

    • Deerinwater


  • hippybiker

    Every firearms business in this country should cease doing any business with States like New York. No guns, ammo, or spare parts. Just to show how crazy the law in New York is, a fellow who visits from That State told me my Bolt action target rifle is illegal there because it has a thumb hole stock. Does anyone else find that ludicrous?

    • Gruber Williams

      I find it very ludicrous and ridiculous, here in California you cant even have a collapsible stock for shotguns. This would make a shotgun harder to shoot accurately but I guess a collapsible stock would make a shotgun look like a “big bad assault weapon”! Lol!

      • billybob

        The State of California is the most liberal state in the US. If they have their way it will be impossible to own a gun or have ammo in the state. They are working on taking away the right to sell Ammo unless you have a special permit issued by the State. Only hitch is that it may take 20 years before they will issue any permits if you applied today. These are the most liberal of the far left. We have a forty year Socialist who is in the Governors house. We have a super majority of Democrats running both houses and we as a State are going broke faster than a speeding bullet. Moon beam is pushing for a phantom train to now where. It will start out in LA and suppoedly get to San Francisco in two hours. Well their logic doesn’t figure! It makes stops along the four hundred miles every fity miles or so, Which makes their 2 hours impossible. The next big lie is the cost. It will be twice or even three times the estimated cost which is well over $15 billion. Now competing with this is the local airlines that have fights up to the bay area every half hour. Just another political pay off for the unions that voted Moon beam into office. We may be the first State to declaire bankruptcy. They are taxing anyone who owns a home, eats or drives a car out of them. They have impossed a double tax on anyone who lives in a forest. They say it is to protect those who live there from a fire. Well it is being challanged in a court of laws because we are already taxed for that very same reason. In the mean time they just keep stealing the money in hopes that it will be found legal. If it isn’t they will just not give the money back but credit us for future taxes. Neat way to steal Moon beam!!

    • billybob

      Maybe those who make the Ammo should just stop selling Ammo to the local Police of New York. Tell them that the seven bullets thay have is all they need for their jobs. After all they only need guns to fend off wild crazy Deer!

  • Jim B

    Let’s just call it what it is, stupid Cuomo! He pushed, and pushed, and his cronies pushed and pushed, and his minions pushed and pushed, and he screamed out that nobody needs more than 7 bullets to kill a dear! You see, according to New York Stupid, the second amendment was about hunting deer! But just to be fair, outside of New York City proper, no one is with Stupid on this. But in New York City proper ignorance rules the day. Them folks didn’t even know that the US Constitution had a right to bear arms amendment in it, and a great many of them didn’t know that there is a US Constitution. Unfortunately ignorance and stupid out numbers the well informed conservative outside of the big apple. So the rest of us have to live with Stupid, and the Stupid before him (also convicted for sex crimes), and the Stupid (shamed out of office for some wrong doings). Shameless just like their FED counterparts W/DC.

  • bobbill

    Being a old independent trucker had to do business with union companies in New York city no love for NY. Know what these firearms companies are going through Como is only cutting his own throat , just how dumb can they get ? But then they are Liberal Dem’s!! Welcome to Socialism!

    • Deerinwater

      Welcome to Freedom of Choice and to move about.

  • Deerinwater

    Good! Is not Freedom to choose wonderful?

    Relationships come and go. ~ If you can’t dance with the one that brought you, there was little need to bother going to the dance.

    Why stay in a bad relationship?

    Whether you are a hooker, lumberjack or cotton producer, you need to locate yourself well, it goes without saying.

    New York is addressing it’s perceived needs by current leadership. Where it good or bad, only time will tell.


    glad to see some people and companies believe in the 2nd amendment!
    remember what all this is about for NY,AGENDA 21,they had a segment on cnn today with mayor bloomberg about cities and how they will save the “world”!?!bullcrap!they want to say that they need to keep the upper 1% of the cities people and companies to keep the city going and going green and so they raise taxes is the way to go,they want to move the 1% into the big cities and i guess the supporters of the constitution are not in the 1% of big cities unless they bend to the will of the upper elites and people who support obama’s sick agenda!check it out what was said in interviews with bloomberg and the following interviews after bloomberg too!3-Nov-2013,sunday’s on CNN!it’s all about implementing agenda 21 into the states and big cities,nothing else!kinda like the airport shooting,there is a load of crap!look at what was being done while this convieniant little show was going on!(and no body’s talking about shooting today)other than a quik blurp saying all is normal,it was a show to divert your attention!