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They Win, We Lose

April 5, 2012 by  

They Win, We Lose
President Barack Obama and his accomplices have displayed politically pathological behavior lately.

Since I submitted my column “The Worst Week Ever,” I’ve found myself musing on the politically pathological behavior displayed of late by President Barack Obama and his accomplices. Not that I don’t recognize Obama’s tenure so far has involved some fairly — ahem — befuddling benchmarks; but, as I suggested Tuesday, the Democrats must be in full panic mode. And their reactions under electoral pressure of their own creation remind me of a drug dealer with two strikes on his record getting popped for selling crack to an 8-year-old.

Of course, to hear liberals tell it, they’re as comfortable as the furniture in one of Warren Buffett’s private planes. If we presume the liberal elite are correct and Obama’s re-election is a foregone conclusion, then we can also fairly presume that his erratic behavior is not born of fear of rapidly declining fortunes. Instead, it is a nationwide dance of liberal celebration.

And what a dance it is! The shockingly violent Occupy rallies, the union thug attacks on the people of Wisconsin (among other places), the incursions against the Bill of Rights and the foreign policy miscues are all steps in an elaborate number that has reached a crescendo in Florida. Down in the Sunshine State, Democratic Party leaders and mouthpieces have descended like a biblical plague of locusts. Spurred on by Obama’s ill-advised remarks about Trayvon Martin, leading lights of liberalism — including the “Reverends” (that means you, Jesse Jackson, and the rest of the usual suspects) — appear to be doing their best to incite a race war.

Meanwhile, Obama has reacted to what he feels were excessively insightful Supreme Court questions regarding Obamacare by edging toward a turf war with the judicial branch. Following Obama’s inappropriately disparaging remarks about the “unelected group of people” on the High Court, the three-judge panel at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals demanded clarification from the Administration, with the Judges issuing a none-too-subtle reminder of just how far the long arm of the law can reach.

In major cities across the Nation — from the crack dens of Washington, D.C., to the festering swamp of New Orleans and from the smoldering ruin of Detroit to the freak shows in California — the Democrats have established hegemony, crime, poverty and misery as the rule. And the same Democrats who would have us believe Obama is guaranteed four more years in the Oval Office are spreading the same seeds of discord across the fruited plain.

I’ll grant that taking as legitimate the Democrats’ proclaimed confidence requires a greater suspension of disbelief than a North Korean propaganda film. But I’m willing to admit it’s possible Obama and his cronies have deluded themselves into believing that they’re unbeatable. If they really are convinced that victory is assured, then it follows that their bizarre behavior is the planned result of their schemes, and the cities I mentioned before are testament to the long-term effects of repeated Democratic victories.

Ill-conceived economic policies resulting in crushing debt, shocking corruption, virtually apocalyptic urban tableaus, a comprehensive disregard for the Constitution and submissive dealings with our adversaries are the modus operandi of Democrats when they think they’re winning.

Food for thought: Why is it that in order for Obama and the Democrats to win, everyone else has to lose?

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • s c

    Welcome to the club, Ben. About that pathological behavior, though. It’s NOT just political, and it extends right into the White House. Without trying to split semantic hairs, psychotic sounds better than pathological. Some ding dong readers might confuse pathological with ‘logical.’

    • Sirian

      “Some ding dong readers might confuse pathological with logical.” – LOL!!! I wonder who that might be? LOL!!! ;)

    • Vigilant

      By Dr. Walter Williams

      Can President Obama be defeated in 2012? No. He can’t.. I am going on record as saying that President Barak Obama will win a second term.

      The media won’t tell you this because a good election campaign means hundreds of millions (or in Obama’s case billions) of dollars to them in advertising.

      But the truth is, there simply are no conditions under which Barak Obama can be defeated in 2012.

      The quality of the Republican candidate doesn’t matter. Obama gets reelected.
      Nine percent unemployment? No problem. Obama will win.

      Gas prices moving toward five dollars a gallon? He still wins.

      The economy soars or goes into the gutter. Obama wins.

      War in the Middle East ? He wins a second term.

      America’s role as the leading Superpower disappears? Hurrah for Barak Obama!
      The U.S. government rushes toward bankruptcy, the dollar continues to sink on world markets and the price of daily goods and services soars due to inflation fueled by Obama’s extraordinary deficit spending? Obama wins handily.

      You are crazy Williams. Don’t you understand how volatile politics can be when overall economic, government, and world conditions are declining? Sure I do.

      And that’s why I know Obama will win. The American people are notoriously ignorant of economics. And economics is the key to why Obama should be defeated.

      Even when Obama’s policies lead the nation to final ruin, the majority of the American people are going to believe the bait-and-switch tactics Obama and his supporters in the media will use to explain why it isn’t his fault. After all, things were much worse than understood when he took office.

      Obama’s reelection is really a very, very simple math problem. Consider the following:

      1) Blacks will vote for Obama blindly. Period. Doesn’t matter what he does. It’s a race thing. He’s one of us,

      2) College educated women will vote for Obama. Though they will be offended by this, they swoon at his oratory. It’s really not more complex than that,

      3) Liberals will vote for Obama. He is their great hope,

      4) Democrats will vote for Obama. He is the leader of their party and his coat tails will carry them to victory nationwide,

      5) Hispanics will vote for Obama. He is the path to citizenship for those who are illegal and Hispanic leaders recognize the political clout they carry in the Democratic Party,

      6) Union members will vote overwhelmingly for Obama. He is their key to money and power in business, state and local politics,

      7) Big Business will support Obama. They already have. He has almost $1 Billion dollars in his reelection purse gained largely from his connections with Big Business and is gaining more every day. Big Business loves Obama because he gives them access to taxpayer money so long as they support his social and political agenda,

      8) The media love him. They may attack the people who work for him, but they love him. After all, to not love him would be racist,

      9) Most other minorities and special interest groups will vote for him. Oddly, the overwhelming majority of Jews and Muslims will support him because they won’t vote Republican. American Indians will support him. Obviously homosexuals tend to vote Democratic. And lastly,

      10) Approximately half of independents will vote for Obama. And he doesn’t need anywhere near that number because he has all of the groups previously mentioned. The President will win an overwhelming victory in 2012.

      – Dr. Walter Williams

      • LTCB

        Dr. Williams, you are part of the problem this nation has. A dim view of itself and a desparate need to “feel good”. I won’t prognosticate on whether or not big O can or will be defeated. I will say that one group has to go or there will likely be another civil war. It’s getting that bad. Most will try to hang on and keep singing the same old song but, boys, the bar is out of booze and is closing. We’re not in a dry county. Now, all of the vices of man will be rampant and righteousness will be almost unheard of anymore; if this person wins in November. We’re just about done “listening” to the leaders because they’ve ALL failed to lead us for far too long. Personally, I feel more loyalty to Uganda than I do to the US with the present administration.

      • Kenneth Mills

        very well spoken…….. there is no way he can lose…i have covered most of the things you have spoken about in my personal research of this man…we have had the big lick!

      • 45caliber


        Dr. Williams is a noted conservative. His article is simply pointing out why the Democrats believe they will win. And they well may due to these reasons.

        However we do have some Democrats and many independents waking up. There are fewer people now worried about being accused of being racist if they vote against him. States like Texas are trying to get voter ID passed so they can restrict people wanting to vote for their great grandparents who died fifty years ago. Some states are even trying to insure a fair and honest election. (Don’t count on Chicago doing this though.)

        Incidently, just this morning, I saw an article where one of Hillary’s supporters is telling of threats, intimidation, and even possible murder in the last Presidential election to keep Hillary’s name out of the race. I wonder if that might happen again …

      • Vigilant

        LTCB (is that Lt Col B?),

        Kindly explain how Dr. Williams is part of the problem because the nation has a dim view of itself, and then turn around and say, “Personally, I feel more loyalty to Uganda than I do to the US with the present administration.”

        If your loyalty to the founding principles of this nation depend upon who is sitting in the Oval Office, then you are a weak sister indeed.

        Uganda will no doubt welcome you. We don’t want you here.

      • Patriot

        What’s up Doc? More like Wake up Doc! This is exactly what they said prior to the 2010 elections, that everyone will forget, well, we will not & did not forget! We “the Silent Majority” do not have time to write everyday on blogs like the paid folks do on this site, or protest on the streets, call our congressmen, etc. however, we do Vote when there is a cause big enough. The Cause you ask; to beat, destroy and overwhelm Obama and his Big Government Ideology we are Americans and we will not stand for this, we cannot stand the Czars, Pelosi, Reid as well as the establishment Republicans, our Voice will be heard, this is not a political fight, it is an American Fight. Do you hear that roar in the background? If you do not, you soon will! The Free Will of the American People Will be Heard come this fall!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Sorry, it wasn’t written by Dr. Walter Williams

      • Vigilant

        Good catch, Nancy. I stand corrected. It was sent to me by e-mail.

        Nonetheless, the article, by whomever wrote it, raises serious concerns, not only about the state of our nation, but also about the danger of being coddled into thinking that the defeat of Obama is a slam dunk.

      • Wyatt

        Ok Doc , so Obama will win a second term or rather will STEAL a second term . Actually I am of the belief that he will find some reason to give him cause to declare Marshall Law and cancel the elective process . Be it civil domestic or mid-east war or any war . Anything that allows him to seize total power and declare himself dictator for life like the good little Communist he is . And it is people like you who seem willing to sit back and take it . Then bitch and moan as he marches you off to some FEMA camp to work for him and his chosen elite . Infact I believe if he should lose the election his private army will guard OUR WHITE HOUSE and prevent his orderly eviction . There is every possibility of this happening with this ego maniac as he has no principals other than what he wants .

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I agree with you, Vigilant. I’ve never even heard of the guy but I believe whoever wrote it is perceptive. Unfortunately I think it’s true. I wish that I didn’t think so but once you’ve taken your head out of the sand, it’s hard to put it back in again.

      • Don

        I totally agree with Dr. Williams; the United States has become a nation of idiots. With all that the country has gone through during almost 3.5 years, you would think that the Republicans (anyone of them) would be really out pacing Obama, but they aren’t. I still find it amazing that the least qualified, most secretive man who ever ran for President wins based on a empty, meaningless slogan of Hope and Change. And, many people will still vote for Obama even though he is driving towards a cliff. What a bunch morons!

      • Me Again

        I pray you are wrong. Obama is on the path to destroy our country, our faith, and everything we hold dear. God is on our side, and I believe He is going to intervene on ourr behalf. I will keep praying. He is the Devil, he and Soros and the ones like them. We have spent our lives here fighting against these kinds of people. Power to God.

      • JDL

        I agree with Williams but not for the reasons he posted. In his eternal arrogance, he assumes most Americans are actually more stupid than he when it comes to economics, a mathematical impossibility. But I think Obama will win due to large scale election fraud, period! In short, he will win because he is a thug who is backed by more creepy thugs.

      • boyscout

        Sad,but all too true. I just wish to hell that I didn’t have to agree with most of your thoughts.

      • gadfly32

        the only way obama wins is if the election is fixed. This might well be the case. There was massive fruad in the last Presidential election, even Mc cain thriugh the election by not fighting obamas effort. not that Mcains election would be an improvement.

      • Jerry

        One thing Walter Williams (who I consider to be a brilliant Conservative thinker!) didn’t mention was how well the DUMBS have learned how to CHEAT on elections! This goes all the way back to the 1920′s, and especially for FDR, JFK, and a real attempt with Gore!
        I continue to PRAY (something the LIBs don’t know how to do!) that the majority of Americans can somehow remove their heads from the places they’ve had their heads for the past 5 years, and WAKE UP to what is going on, and then understand HOW to fix it, in November!

    • ccfonten

      They are pathological…they are truly evil, psychotic people. And I think from watching Obama over the past 3+ years, I think he is seriously coming unhinged. I also think his “handlers” are having a harder time trying to control him.
      If obamacare gets shot down by the Supremes, he will really start to implode as he cannot and will not accept defeat, rejection, or the likely hood that he will be booted out in November. I think some very dangerous times are coming this summer and fall.

      • JUKEBOX

        If you listen real close to any of his lie filled campaign speeches lately, you can hear the panic in his voice, but he is so self centered, he can kill someone, and absolutely deny any involvement.

      • Kate8

        JUKEBOX – Yes, but don’t forget, he doesn’t need to deny involvement anymore. He’s given himself the authority to kill anyone he wants, anywhere he wants, for any or no reason, no questions asked.

        Stories are coming out about the upheaval in the D party prior to the presidential primaries between the Hillary camp and those who were catapulting Obama to the head of the line. There were destroyed ballots and death threats, and fatal accidents of those who refused to cave.

        Obama will win because his handlers will make certain of it. They will promote the illusion that most people support him, and they will announce his victory before the votes are even counted. If they are even counted.

        So much is coming out every day about the horrendous crimes committed by the PTB and their minions, including Obama, yet things continue on as usual.

        We are living in a world of insanity.

      • Wyatt

        Coming unhinged ? He has been unhinged since birth , where ever that may have been at . He has flaunted , defied and trampled our Constitution at will and now feels that there is nothing he can not do and get away with . Time for him to be slapped down along with his cronies , Reid, Pelosi, Waters, H.Clinton and Holder along with all those lapdog liberals who surround him .

      • Jerry

        But you realize, if Obummercare goes down, he’ll just blame someone for ignoring the importance of it!
        He has YET taken a LEADERSHIP position, but he sure knows how to pass the blame!

    • Bruce

      How could Obummer lose a rigged election?
      The last election was corrupted and rigged by Acorn and voter fraud.
      So why anything different this time?
      Sure Obummer will win with 95% of the vote just like Russian politicians used to win in landslides, every time.

  • anonymous

    he has won, all our freedoms are gone, the constitution is useless since nobody will follow it, he had fema set up concentration camps, complete with gas chambers, his agenda he outlined with his socialist professor in college that he needs to kill at least 26% of the us population to remove any resistance to communist reform so that is why everyone else has to lose for him to win

    • Karolyn

      Can you cite sources for there being FEMA camps with gas chambers? Or is this just another rumor being spread by people who don’t investigate what they hear.

      • EC Boyle

        I think anonymous has tongue in cheek. But, for me I’m scared since with “care” the obama death panel will be after me. At this time, all medical records generated by your doctor(s) are transmitted to the Washington Cloud and assimilated so that when your medicare expences become to much, you’re eliminated.

      • Doc Sarvis

        E.C. Boyle, where do you get that information?

      • metroman

        Karolyn, it’s really easy to see what the camps are, google “Fema Camps” then do your own research and your be the judge. Better yet I would use “startPage” for a search engine, big brother owns google and they may start tracking you.

      • Flashy

        Karolyn…on this site they always warn of these “FEMA camps’…yet, no one has ever been out to take a gander at them. they’ll absolutely swear the health care reform contained “death panels”…even though they cannot cite the passages nor can they find a reputable fact site which will support the contention.

        Notice how they will cite the most dire and dangerous outcomes, no matter how outlandish, of “newly discovered’ evidence or policies. They need to fertilize the insecurities which has them join together to cheer on the elements of the TP Trilogy of fear, hate and ignorance.

      • FED-UP

        Just Google “FEMA”. If you haven’t tried it — Why not? Duh!

      • Flashy

        Fed Up .. have you gone in person to check out any of these so-called “camps” ?

      • 45caliber


        There are some camps that make no sense without the chambers. They have buildings with six inch gas lines going into them. Many camps have multiple layers of fences, etc. Some have various lines going to different parts of the camp that indicate speration of people into different layers of security. None of these are necessary if the camps are simply meant to provide termperary shelters for people until their homes – after a disaster – are restored. Check out some of the sites and photos on internet.

      • Flashy

        45…I’ll ask you. You’re usually a sane, if often misguided, one on this site

        Have you personally seen one of the FEMA “camps” ?

      • JUKEBOX

        Karolyn, there are secret facilities in this country that the average citizen would be shocked to know they exist. Yes, I have seen some of them, but I know this is only a small portion.

      • sidewinderaz

        Flashy is great at criticizing other people’s posts yet has little to contribute in substance. Most of his posts seem to be trite comments to someone else voicing an opinion or observation yet has no substance or substantive solution other than a snide comment about the author of the post or his subject matter.

        So back to the subject at hand. Tell us all Mr. Flashy. Have YOU done any searching (in person) for the existance of any FEMA camps? Please enlighten us all on where you went and what you found or didn’t find. Or are you just a big mouth schmuck?

      • Kate8

        Flash could be led right up to the triple barbed wire fence and shown the stacks of plastic coffins, but he’d still deny they exist. That’s because he’s on the prog payroll.

        Karolyn won’t believe that those in power have any evil intentions, either. She thinks that if she refuses to see evil, it won’t exist. This is how the PTB have managed to get this far.

        We’ve become a pathetic lot of namby-pambys who can’t bear to have their delicate sensibilities offended by unpleasant talk of evil forces taking over our lives. Thus, these forces move forward unhindered, mocking us all the way for being the useless lemmings many of us are.

        Soon you people may count your lucky stars that there were those who had the courage and fortitude to face reality and gear up on your behalf. I only hope that somehow you develop the eyes to see the depths of sacrifice these brave souls are willing to make for your sorry lives, and maybe beg for their forgiveness for your being so weak minded.

      • Nancy in Nebraska
    • Doc Sarvis

      anonymous writes;”…all our freedoms are gone”, yet enjoys the right to free speech. Your first premise shot out of the water at your first keystroke.

      • Jerry

        Well, Doc, you obviously are part of the problem, with your head in the sand!
        There have been TREMENDOUS restrictions, lately, on our First Amendment rights!
        Since Comcast and NBC merged, now I get threatening letters from Comcast, warning me not to download Peer-to-peer media (that the Supreme Court already allowed!), and if that isn’t RESTRICTIVE, and proof that BIG BROTHER is watching, there is NO HOPE for your kind!

    • Steve E

      I thought they were only going to kill 25% of us.

      • Flashy

        Naw…they recently discovered over 75% of the people are not falling for the radicalism of the GOP. So they’ve increased the total numbers.

        It’s akin to the Muslim faith. For a Muslim, the faithful will receive their virgins. For the “true” Christian, they will receive salvation and a seat at the table in their Heaven.

      • 45caliber

        Steve E

        The estimates are far higher than that. At present we have about 7 billion people world wide. The PTB (powers that be) want to reduce that number to about 500 million. They believe that number of people would be easier fed, better use the raw materials, and be easier controlled.

      • Brad

        Flashy said, “Naw…they recently discovered over 75% of the people are not falling for the radicalism of the GOP. So they’ve increased the total numbers”.

        Flashy where is your source, I can believe 75% of independents don’t trust the democrat party and the lefts radical hope and change, these are just a personal opinion, so who cares?

      • Steve E

        Well, I’m not jewish, so I won’t get on the train’s boxcar without one hell of a fight. I will reduce the their population myself before they get me.

    • Bob

      I have heard the BS about concentration camps before but no one has shown pictures or given firsthand accounts of visiting such places. It’s these outrageous claims that places you into a group known as Kooks and no one will give anything you say a serious listen.

      • 45caliber


        There are a LOT of pictures out there with the sites located on maps for your enjoyment. Simply look.

      • Steve E

        I saw a youtube video that showed the massive storage of grave liners stored on some land in Georgia.

      • Jazzabelle

        There are a bunch of YouTube videos of various camps in various different places.

      • Nancy in Nebraska
    • Carl

      Why would FEMA set up concentration camps? It’s a good way to buy votes.
      FEMA is merely incompetent, but the F in FEMA stands for Federal, a synonym for Incompetent.

    • eddie47d

      Anonymous and a few others will be the reason Obama will be reelected. Independents are the swing voters and they see and read the nutty comments that get taken as the gospel. They don’t want to be controlled by those nutty extremists on the Right anymore than they would want to be governed by extremists on the Left. The darkness that the right presents as fact when they are wrong will be their undoing.

      • anonymous

        i see you are on goldman-sach’s payroll

    • Flashy

      juke..i did, in fact, loom up these so-called “Camps”. In the area i reside, of the seven isted…six are federal prison sites or military bases. It would indeed be a far stretch of the imagination to state any construction on these grounds are “FEMA camps”. The one not listed as being on a federal prison site or military base is “under construction” and in a location which will require several hours driving.

      It is in a very scenic area, and it would be a nice weekend trip…so remind m in about two weeks when the weather turns late Spring like…i just might go up there.

      If you’re correct…i won’t be able to post here anymore which would, no doubt, cause glee to some ‘fore they wouldn’t have their irratio0nality pointed out day after day. Of course, if this is all hype fakery …which i strongly suspect….y’all will definitely hear about it. I’d say you could count on it.

      So …ya want me to take the trip?

      • Jazzabelle

        Yes. :-) And take lots of pictures so we’ll know you are telling the truth.

      • Flashy

        no problem. it’s Okanagon County and the scenery is spectacular up there. Given the remainder of the list cites federal prisons and military bases…I hold all trust that i’ll be spending many a day posting about the nonsense of the “FEMA Camp” fantasies…

  • Sirian

    It’s all part of the plan Ben, they want everyone to lose so they can be in full control. That is always their modus operandi – power & control. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Karolyn

    Even if the Republicans win, we all lose.

    • Carl

      Which leads to the Tea Party.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Which leads to Doom.

      • Flashy

        No Doc…not Doom…perhaps a regression to 16th century strict theological and elite dominated oligarchical government where the few lorded it over the many, coupled with the total collapse of the modern economic system ushering in times of deprivation and starvation, … but not Doom.

      • Brad


        The democrat party has already doomed this country, 5 Trillion and counting…

      • Jay

        Flashy says: No Doc…not Doom…perhaps a regression to 16th century strict theological and elite dominated oligarchical government where the few lorded it over the many, coupled with the total collapse of the modern economic system ushering in times of deprivation and starvation, … but not Doom.

        Flashy, you just described the living conditions under the current administration, so we need not travel back in-time. Haven’t you figured it out yet; the past has always been the present, and the present, of course…oooh spooky! Nothing has changed with respect to the nature of man, except the toys are a little more sophisticated! Cheers!

    • Brad


      If Ohmama wins we all lose…

    • Steve E

      I’m glad I have prepared myself to live without government. I have been storing food, gold and lead for years. I started preparing a couple of years before the housing crisis. I saw the crisis coming and thought (although I was wrong on timing) that the housing crisis would be the big collapse. But the collapse is coming soon. People laughed at me when I was preparing. Now I will have the last laugh.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Karolyn, this time I agree with you!

  • joseph sacramento

    After reading this pack of lies and l m a o i know for sure obama 2012 who paid you anyway kochs?

    • Vigilant

      A third grader could put together a more coherant sentence than you did.

      Fellow commenters, this is the type of person who votes for Obama. And (chuckle, chuckle) they tell us liberals are smarter than Conservatives.

      • Flashy

        I wouldn’t catagorize Vig..I’ve read some similar type of posts spouting the extremist right line….

      • Brad

        Like you know Flashy, you have no credibility so what ever we read from you is nonsence any way…

      • JUKEBOX

        They are simply educated beyond their intelligence level!

      • eddie47d

        Considering that Brad accused me of saying something I never said or implied a couple of days ago I would think his credibility has been damaged.

      • JeffH

        falsy, then you agree that there are “dummies” on both sides of the political spectrum? I’ve always been told that only the liberals are educated…at least told that by the progessives. Certainly clarifies your lack of rational thought.

      • Flashy

        JeffH…that post Vig commented upon may well have been a sarcastic plant by one of the right. Prove me wrong.

      • Sedai

        Ooh, Flashy’s become a conspiracy theorist!

      • Brad

        Atleast when I have extreme thoughts and or opinions, i’ll provide a credible sourse where as, you always provide personal opinion and never site a sourse, so who’s credability is shot eddie47d, it’s yours.

      • Vigilant

        Flashy says, “JeffH…that post Vig commented upon may well have been a sarcastic plant by one of the right. Prove me wrong.”

        Flashy, are you still beating your wife?

      • Flashy

        Naw…not a conspiracy theorist. Just wanting JeffH to prove my statement incorrect. His own tactics used against him.

      • Blue Devil

        Flashy — You did not answer Vigilant’s question!!!

      • Flashy

        Vig..I’m not married. When i was married, yes I beat her. I beat her often at Scrabble and Cribbage

      • Vigilant

        You missed the point. I, like you, posed a question that is unanswerable as phrased.

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  • Silas Longshot

    “Even if the republicans win, we lose?” Eh….maybe. But better a lesser devil you ‘could have’, than the one you KNOW you have.
    I thought the Clinton era was bad. Oh, to have seen the future, right? Waco. Ruby ridge. Kidnapping children at federal gunpoint. Attack on 2nd amendment gun rights. All that seems like a spring day compared to the insideous plottings of this Marxist and his Chicago thug agenda.
    It’s gonna get ugly.
    Prepare while you can.
    Search surviving urban crisis.

    • eddie47d

      You should be more concerned about the thugs on Wall Street and crony Capitalism which devastated our economy.

      • Jazzabelle

        Why? What’s your money gonna be worth to you, eddie, when you’re executed in your own home by a renegade SWAT team and your children spend the rest of their childhoods in foster care (if they survive)?

      • eddie47d

        Yes and those SWAT teams with be out there in defense of crony Capitalism and it will be business as usual. Both will be stalking this country for the benefit of the few. That will be your Brown Shirts (or Blue Shirts) going to bat for corruption on Wall Street and the Elites.

      • Kate8

        eddie – You continue to ignore the fact that it was Wall Street and Goldman Sachs funding that put Obama in the WH. HE IS THEIR MAN, and they own him.

        Get a clue, big guy.

      • Jay

        Kate8, i think Eddie really wants to come-out and admit the disaster that is obama, but fears reprisal from his liberal brothers and sisters on this forum!

  • Carl

    This appears to be another case of an “Empirical Presidency”. He believes his own press and thinks that he is above the law.
    The Legislative Branch moves too slowly for him to implement his manifest destiny agenda, so he’ll need 4 more years.
    Now he’s trying to preempt the Judicial Branch. He may find out that judges have even bigger egos than politicians.

    • EC Boyle

      Don’t forget, He believes his own b…s…. Enough said

      • Carl

        I believe I said that, in a perhaps less elegant way.
        Remember, these are people who consider 51% a mandate.

      • Flashy

        Ummm..that would be GOP math…where Bush II stated 50.7 was a “clear mandate”

      • Brad

        Hey Flashy get it right, it’s called a majority…

      • cynicac

        Flashy, I don’t recall Bush claiming a “Clear Mandate”, some of his supporters did. Perhaps you could give me a reference that I could lookup. Besides, Bush was a politician too.
        Also, some of the people calling it a clear mandate were doing so in reference to the fact that blockheads like Ralph Nader were mudding the water, so to speak, where 51% in a three way race is a bit stronger than in a two way race.

      • Flashy

        Cynacic…you’re correct. I had thought it was Bush II, it was Cheney who called 50.7 % a “Clear mandate’ to maintain the Bush II agenda …

      • Norman F.

        EC its not his B S. Its written by the people you rarely see. Valerie Jarett and the dozens of “czars”, all firm Communists.

        Look at a recent picture of Hillary Clinton and compare it to one last year. She is obviously sick. Then think of her travelling the world and rarely in the US. She has already said she will not be Secretary of State next year. The go back 4 years to the last debate between President (capitalization for the office, not the man) Obama and her when she began her opening statement by saying that it was the greatest privilege of her life to be on the same stage with “this man”.

        No, my friends, this is an evil that goes very deep, all the way back to 1960 with a song,
        “When a Child is Born”. Listen to it on the internet paying close attention to the third verse where it tells the things the child will do when he is in charge. It will run shivers up your spine.

        Be prepared!


      Saul Alinsky is dancing with the Devil because he is so proud of Obama.

    • Vigilant

      “This appears to be another case of an “Empirical Presidency”. He believes his own press and thinks that he is above the law.”

      And to think that Richard Nixon was threatened with impeachment for crimes a mere 1/10th of the unconstitutional and criminal activity of this administration. note: “imperial,” not “empirical” is the correct adjective.

      “The Legislative Branch moves too slowly for him to implement his manifest destiny agenda, so he’ll need 4 more years.”

      Legislative impotence has never stopped this president. He merely bypasses them illegally by executive order, czar mandates or regulatory agency fiat. This is, beyond any shadow of a doubt, the most dangerous presidency in the history of this nation.

      • Cynicac

        Thank you ever vigilant one. I won’t make that mistake again.
        This president is anything but emperical — facts don’t matter to him.

  • bhaavisto

    I do not believe that there are concentration camps or gas chambers in the US. I have heard this BS before but no one has ever shown pictures, or given any first hand account of visiting any of these places. It is stupid claims like this that takes away from any serious thought being given to your argument and places you into the group known as Kooks.

    • Carol

      Both Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones visited several FEMA camps and showed them on tv, along with the tens of thousands of big, black, plastic caskets which can hold four people. I didn’t believe it either until I saw them with my own eyes.

      I don’t know if they’ve installed the gas chambers yet, but maybe they’re waiting until Obama gets his wish of being reelected and begins to carry out his NDAA ‘law’.

  • skippy

    Bring it home Ben baby!! Great article!!! :) I can see what ‘we’ are in for IF he gets re-elected. I am pretty sure the supporter fools however, do not. Well, I pity them.

  • Carol

    Obama is the most corrupt lunatic we’ve had in the White House. The man spews nothing but lies and hatred for America and American citizens, and all his minions follow him like baby ducks following their mother. He needs a psychiatric evaluation before he even considers running for President of this great country again.

    There was a small article in my morning paper that said, ‘Bill bars insider trading by lawmakers.’ It goes further to say that Obama signed the legislation to assure everyone “plays by the same rules.”

    Obama is not only insane, but he’s one evil man whose objective is to confuse, divide, and conquer. There was already a law against insider trading and Martha Stewart is proof of that. The same rules and laws that applied to Ms. Stewart should have already applied to Pelosi and the others who did insider trading.

    Delusional? Corrupt? Insane? Or all of the above? Take your pick, but all of them apply to Obama and his minions.

    • Flashy

      Ummm Carol…FYI…Congress had been exempt from the specific Insider trading rules which govern you, I, Martha etc…

      • Brad

        Sorry Flashy, congress has specifically written themselves out of any insider trading laws; Now congress can’t profit off of insider trading because Ohmama signed a new bill into law preventing congress from profitting from insider information. In the video you will see San Fran Nan Pelosi lie her way out of her dealings with Visa.

      • Flashy

        Brad…i was informing Carol her impression Congress had been subject to insider trader rules was in error and the bill she referred to was related to the push by Pres. Obama to bar such practice in the future.

        Have a nice day…

  • Bob Rice

    Hi,everyone quotes those rag heads,saying that if they become suicide bombers,they are guaranteed 72 virgins,(not in heaven) Jesus Christ would NOT let them in,(they must have their own place to go) i dont know what its called (and i could care less)but,WHAT would you do with 72 virgins?i can hear all the complaining and bickering among them,(virgins) now.,,that would be enough to make a bomber,see the error in their ways. WE MUST defeat oreo in November,or,AMERICA will be essentially FINISHED. i dont believe there is enough military and police,to stop the American VETS (im one of them) from storming the gates to our WHITE House and hanging that clown,from the nearest tree.

  • sabulaman

    I beleive the Dems have figured out how to win elections in the big cities through fraud. That is why they are so confident. It was tested in 08, and they have had 4 years to refine it, and take it even further. Anything can be done electronically these days. Watch out.

  • Carl

    In an attempt to answer Ben’s question:
    “Why is it that in order for Obama and the Democrats to win, everyone else has to lose?”

    It is a basic tenant of Socialism that all (except the ruling class) must be brought down to the same lower level of subsistence in order to be equal. The ruling class being “more equal” of course.

  • Ron

    And while y’all are doing so much hand-wringing over Obama’s Secret CommuNaziHomoSocialistNig-A-Kenyan FEMA Concentration Camp/Crematoria to Incarcerate RealAmericans, have you noticed that we’ve quietly created a corporate privatized prison system that incarcerates more of our citizens than any other Western democracy–all the while investing money back into lobbying groups that back Republicans who c-r-o-w that America is becoming a festering hell-hole of crime and the only solution is to build more private prisons and incarcerate more “customers” for the corporate prison system?

    Rest assured, America has concentration camps. They’re called Prisons, Inc.
    But as long as they keep nitwits spinning in circles on the latest Obammanid Voodoo plot, they smirk with confidence that they’re pulling this off right under your nose and you can’t even see it.

  • Patriot

    What’s up Doc? More like Wake up Doc! This is exactly what they said prior to the 2010 elections, that everyone will forget, well, we will not & did not forget! We “the Silent Majority” do not have time to write everyday on blogs like the paid folks do on this site, or protest on the streets, call our congressmen, etc. however, we do Vote when there is a cause. The Cause you ask; to beat, destroy and overwhelm Obama and his Big Government Ideology we are Americans and we will not stand for this, we cannot stand the Czars, Pelosi, Reid as well as the establishment Republicans, our Voice will be heard. Do you hear that roar in the background? If you do not, you soon will! The Free Will of the American People Will be Heard come this fall!

    • Flashy

      “…like the paid folks do on this site”

      Who receives pay? I’ve read a few which appear to be “plants” to buttress up the failing points of a discussion…and a few which appeared to be coordinated intentional and thinly veiled attacks attempting to discredit a Moderate viewpoint or writer…but as far as anyone being paid?

      i don’t see anything which would suggest such.

      • Patriot

        To Flashy,

        Either you are paid for or a complete worthless idiot, since the number of times I see your name responding it is obvious you do not work, because if you did, you would fired by now!~

  • Brian Patrick Corcoran

    I see a lot of disbelief posted here. I guess they will believe it when it all comes to pass and they find themselves in a FEMA camp. Glad I left the US permanantly.

    • Vigilant

      Glad you left the US permanantly? So are we.

    • Christine

      I still believe the US is the best country in the world to live in! We have governmental and economic issues at the moment, but who doesn’t. It may be time for a revolution, where the people retake the government and have it work the way it was meant to work ~ “For the people, by the people!”

      I also feel that Hillary Clinton should be elected president in November 2012! I wanted her to be president in 2008 as well. I believe we would be much better off if she was elected president rather than Obama. However, I am unsure where all the anger and hate comes from about President Obama? I mean, the mess he walked into from GW Bush is enough to cause anyone to have a nervous breakdown. At least Obama took care of Bin Laden when Bush protected him.

      As far as the FEMA camps, we have had concentration type camps for many, many years! We put the Japanese in them after Pearl Harbor was attacked, and many other examples going back to the American Indians and reservations. I’m not saying it’s right (it’s not), but it is not anything new for this country.

      It is time for the American people to demand a new government, one that works for them, not for itself and to hell with the people! In order for this country to thrive, we need to ALL stand together and support each other in order to make this country stable!

      • Joseph Murphy

        Christine: Please read the book, “The Manchurian President” It will prove to you, what an evil man, some stupid Americans elected for president. Muslims, who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord, told myself and friends, what a dangerous man, Obama is.. You are aware, that Muslims that accept Jesus as Lord have signed their death sentence.

  • Kane Bittner

    I couldn’t take it any more! You trolls on here just keep stirring the pot and trying to mix in your mis-information to create doubt.
    For all of you that “doubt” the existence of the FEMA camps…;wap2

  • Mirage

    Hey Ben Crystal,
    How about conducting yourself like an adult, like the professional journalist you’re supposed to be?
    Skip the hate mongering Natzi/drug dealer type of rhetorical branding you’re trying to pin on the president and stick to the facts; sans the over compensating machismo.
    In other words: Grow Up.
    If you don’t like this president’s policies, fine; try articulating why, and what better ideas you and or, your party might have … skip the juvenile play-ground banter.
    This president is just a guy and father, who like most Americans, loves his family and wants the best for them in a country that is safe, versus orchestrating his nation’s collapse. President Obama may have some poor policies, but that is another subject entirely.
    Lastly, If you just need to blow off steam, go back to the Dakotas and kill a pheasant or two.

    • Vigilant

      “This president is just a guy and father, who like most Americans, loves his family and wants the best for them in a country that is safe, versus orchestrating his nation’s collapse.”

      Now that’s indeed what I call a “mirage.”

  • jopa

    Kane Bitner Looked over your list of camps timeline and locations.These are not FEMA camps you goofball, they are established prison and military bases that have been in existence for decades.Next thing you know you will include baseball fields on your FEMA list with there high fences and clubhouses where they club people.

  • jopa

    Nancy you have got to be kidding me, that is your proof.Jesse Venture a former wrestler and wannabe movie star.It is common knowledge there is a high percentage of Americans that watch these types of shows about conspiracies, UFOs, sasquatch and the loch ness monster.The group also watches Fox news and they are all scared shi—s someone is coming to get their guns, cell phones, TVs and transistor radios. The part in the clip about the caskets is true in that there is a need for them due to the fact 99.9% of the population will be dead within the next 100 years.Time to put some real intelligent thought into your life.

    • Jay

      No jopa, i don’t think she’s kidding. Think about it. Why FEMA camps? Well, in the event of a disaster, such as Katrina, we can assume that there would be a considerable number of displaced, correct? Why the coffins? I’m sure you can figure it out! But what Nancy and others are suggesting, is that these camps/coffins are there for reasons above and beyond the original, or seeming intention. Why is that such a stretch? Because we live in America, so it can’t happen here? Now who’s kidding? I suppose next you’ll be telling us that the Holocaust never happened, or that Mao never slaughtered millions of his country men, or that Stalin never existed, or that the Roman Catholic inquisition never happened. Should i go on? Are you suggesting that totalitarian madness/oppression/genocide can only happen on foreign soil?

  • Robert Pedersen

    Our President should be impeached, not reelected. He is out to destroy our nation. Wake up Americans.

    BP in Oregon

    • Kate8

      Robert – Impeachment would suggest that he is, in fact, legitimately occupying office.
      It’s far too good for him.

      Send in the troops, cuff ‘im, haul ‘im off to GITMO.

      Check this out (the plot continues to thicken):–Obama_Eligibility,_Birth_Certificate.html

    • Jay

      You can’t impeach obama, Robert, for the simple fact that he is not a legitimate President. And there lies the reason obama was installed. Should he not do as he’s told, they can simply remove him, thus avoiding a lengthy impeachment process.

  • Buck

    The more a pathological criminal gets away with , the more he will stretch his need to expand his criminal enterprise . And I have NO doubt this government is a criminal enterprise .

    • Kate8

      Buck – We don’t know the half of it.

      Check out the link I posted above. Makes your hair stand on end.

      • Jay

        Here’s another one Kate.


      • http://butI'mtolei Smilee

        Jay says:
        April 5, 2012 at 9:58 pm

        Are you really dumb enough to believe this BS, these investigators never got their hands on the original copies and the analysis they gave cannot be gotten from the copies they worked on. State of Hawaii has said the originals are on file there and have been since the week of his birth. It takes a court order to get these copies and the sheriff never attained that or those copies. Only a fool would conclude that there is any credibility in the utube you posted, it is pure hogwash.

        • anonymous

          i see you are in lala land, there are no birth certificates for that time period on file in hawaii

  • http://none don larson


    One year ago, I would have said that the President had little chance of being re-elected.
    But after watching the GOP version of, “Bring Out the Clowns,” during the recent Primary Season; maybe, the devil we know, would be better than the devil we do not know. Party Loyalists should read Charlie Krauth’s comments that he made recently.

    There are two things that the ultra-conservatives fear, that Money can’t buy: Intelligence, and the Truth! Did anyone really see much of that during the Primary? Unpopular with the true conservatives, Romney finally caved, as he, “Stooped to Conquer.” After all is said and done, does anyone really know what the Guy stands for? What is the message on the, “Etcha – Sketch, today?

    A more recent event that has sparked fear into the hearts of the the Rich; Intelligence and the Truth! is increasingly becoming the new Currency; and, thar ia. something that money can’t buy. The long knives are really coming out with respect to Ms. Warren’s Candidacy in the East. They have reason to be concerned. She is one smart Lady, who really has a handle on what’s going on in Government. She is also a very ethical and honest person; something quite foreign to the conservatives. The thing the Right fears the most about Ms. Warren, are the words, “Good Morning, Madam President! With respect to her intelligence level and truthfulness; she makes the current Republican Candidates look incredibility, “stupid,”

    And, one more thing: will someone tell me why it was OK, for Jefferson, Lincoln, and FDR, to take on the Supreme Court, when our First Black President cannot? First, “they,” tried to Lynch Clarence Thomas, now they want to deny President Obama his right to free speech. When will it ever end?!

    Folks, the Supreme Court Politicized it’s, thought-to-be-untouchable image; when, it handed down the Citizens United Decision, which gave rise to the Super Pacs; and, the ultimate destruction of our Democracy. The Shadow Oligarchy, which is comprised of the super rich, pretty much now, has control of all three Branches of Government.

    The Court was the last to fall; and, now they are, “in play,” and are fair game for questioning and criticism. Many of the Members of the Court can now lose those Black Robes. They spilled Kool Aid all over them.

    Truth Monger

    • Vigilant

      “First, “they,” tried to Lynch Clarence Thomas, now they want to deny President Obama his right to free speech. When will it ever end?!”

      Your penchant for overpunctuation is exceeded only by your ignorance of the Constitution and history..

      Who, my fine feathered friend, is trying to deny Obama the right to make himself look foolish? Who said he had no right to say what he said? Your perception of the First Amendment is that of an imbecile.

      Those who tried to lynch Clarence Thomas are of the same ilk as the activist justices on the SCOTUS: Breyer, Ginsburg, Kagan and Sotomayor. Or didn’t you know that?

    • Vigilant

      “Folks, the Supreme Court Politicized [sic] it’s [sic], thought-to-be-untouchable image; when, it handed down the Citizens United Decision, which gave rise to the Super Pacs; and, the ultimate destruction of our Democracy.”

      What irked Obama so much, and what prompted him to make the insulting and gratuitous remark during the State of the Union address, was the fact that at last the SCOTUS leveled the playing field. Prior to that decision, Labor/teacher’s unions and Democrat PACs FAR exceeded the contributions of the Republicans. If you don’t believe me, go to and remove the scales from your eyes.

      BTW, Obama’s remark that the decision would bring in foreign contributions was a baldfaced lie. Existing law prevents that (not that it stopped Obama from receiving contributons from China and the Gaza Strip and others). The SCOTUS decision DID NOT change that law.

      “Truth Monger” my a$$..

      P.S. What “Democracy” are you talking about? We’re a constitutional republic, not a democracy.

  • LadyLiberty

    “Ill-conceived economic policies resulting in crushing debt, shocking corruption, virtually apocalyptic urban tableaus, a comprehensive disregard for the Constitution and submissive dealings with our adversaries are the modus operandi of Democrats when they think they’re winning.”

    Clever wording. But not clever enough to disguise the fact that your article, too, is blatant propaganda in the other direction. You present no new information, only inflame your supporters to an ever-deepening disgust for their country.

    The Obama campaign offered hope to people like this, who were desperate to escape a crushing lack of patriotism caused by the factions in our politics.

    Ben Crystal, put your writing gift to some good use. Take a risk, reach out to the untouchable left. Stop preaching your gospel of disgust to the choir – aka this forum. Offer a solution, any solution, to the problems you so eloquently rant about, and you’ll soon find young voters from all parties flocking to the right. Stop being bitter and construct a platform. That’s all it takes to be on the winning side.


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