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They Own It All (Including You) By Means of Toxic Currency by Ronald MacDonald and Robert Rowen, M.D.

May 6, 2010 by  

“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark on their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:17-18

If you can get past the name of one of the authors and the religious reference to the beast and its mark as mentioned in the Bible, there is a lot of profundity in this book. Authors Ronald MacDonald and Robert Rowen, M.D., have researched their topic well and laid it out in a manner that is easy to follow.

They posit that the beast mentioned in the Bible is actually alive and well today and it is the international banking cartel (including the Federal Reserve) that spits out the fiat currency we use today.

Their beast is not religious in nature; it’s economic. And it should better be represented as the bea$t. But it still holds sway over economic transactions and everyone who has used fiat currency bears its mark, they say.

The authors build their case by citing Biblical references and old law dictionaries to show how words have changed their meanings in ever-so nuanced ways, and through those changes we have moved from being ruled under common law to maritime law. This change has drastically affected the rights we hold as individuals.

Using easy-to-understand examples they explain the concept of debt and how the bea$t now controls all currency. They also provide legal definitions of common, everyday words and how certain legal cases and the change to maritime law have affected what those words really mean.

And it started, they say, when the United States ceased using dollars backed by gold and silver and went to a fiat currency in 1933, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) stole the gold of Americans.

“…the Double-stroke Dollar Sign (dollars) that were used until 1933 had both form and substance. A subtle change that few would take heed of sometime after 1933 was the substitution of Current Dollar Sign for Double-stroke Dollar Sign. The former has form only. A Jell-O mold has form, but without the Jell-O it lacks substance or real value. Seeing the mold at a distance, and unable to see that it lacked substance, you could be tricked,” they write.

Quoting from Modern Money Mechanics, the Federal Reserve’s own publication, they prove their point:

“In the United States neither paper currency nor deposits have value as commodities. Intrinsically, a dollar bill is just a piece of paper, deposits merely book entries. Coins do have some intrinsic value as metal, but generally far less than their face value.

“What, then, makes these instruments—checks, paper money, and coins—acceptable at face value in payment of all debts and for other monetary uses? Mainly, it is the confidence people have that they will be able to exchange such money for other financial assets and for real goods and services whenever they choose to do so.”

The authors write: “When you seek information directly from the bea$t (the international banking cartel of which the Federal Reserve is key), you discover that the ‘commodities’ of paper currency and demand deposits have no value other than the ‘confidence’ that someone else will accept it in trade.”

Because of this system of debased currency, everyone who touches or has touched fiat currency has received the mark of the bea$t. And you can no longer buy or sell without using the instruments of the beast, as the Revelation prophecy predicted.

Finally, they write that you yourself have become mere chattel, the property of the government. As chattel you possess no sovereign rights, but only privileges that are granted.

“You have been compelled out of the honest common law and your unalienable rights,” MacDonald and Rowen write. “In the latter, you were Sovereign. You have been cast into a jurisdiction of the Bea$t. Greed is ‘the Bea$t.’ In that jurisdiction, the Bea$t can forcibly take from you at will by hearsay accusation only. Yet when you present written claim to your property, like a gold certificate for your gold coin, the Bea$t confiscates it under threat of force. The Bea$t has it both ways. This matches the prophesy, word for word. It has come to pass, via illusion, beguilement and trickery. Honorable competition has ended. In this physical world, all material wealth (and You) belongs to Them (the International Bank$ters).”

MacDonald and Rowen believe there is no remedy in fleeing to another country because almost every other country in the world uses fraudulent liened bank notes, and hence the Bea$t’s money. The only recourse is to take whatever steps necessary to end the Federal Reserve and return to real dollars backed by gold and silver.

This book does an excellent job of taking the reader through the course of events that have stolen the liberty and our wealth of Americans. The simple examples and illustrations are easy to understand. It is a book that you should read if you want to know what is taking place in your country and why.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • home boy

    isn’t it funny how noone has replied to this article. by the way , the beast in the bible is satan.knowing that to be true you would then understand why all these things are happening to the world today. read revelation chapter 17 and 18. satan is alive and was cast out of heaven in 1914. and heknows he only has a litle time left before he is destroyed by god. hence all our tribulations that have occured since you can use money as our demone but it is just another tool used by satan to take us down.

  • Anthony

    First of all – anyone and everyone needs to review this website and then prove where it has errors.

    Second – ONLY five Countries on the entire Planet are still “without” a Rothschild Central Bank. IRAN is one of them, as is SUDAN and Lybia. I forget the other two, for the moment.

    China has a Central Bank, as communism cannot exist without one.
    It is widely known that Rothschild funded Mao in his takeover of China. China runs on a slightly altered version of Karl Marx.

    Saudi Arabia has a Central Bank – that’s why OPEC is such a sham.
    Soviet Union became exactly that with the help of Rothschild funding to the Bolshevicks. You see, the Tsars consistently refused the Central Bank notion presented by the Rothschilds and ultimately, their family was erradicated for it.

    Here in America – only North Dakota and Montana have any Banks that are NOT related to the Federal Reserve – which constantly does the bidding of the Rothschild’s European Central Bank System.

    Let’s just say “it’s all one big family” and understand that’s the real truth of it.

    It used to be considered pathetic that European Monarchs used to marry theri cousins to retain their wealth and power .. the Rothschilds have taken that process to new heights.

    How’s that for a comment?

    • SiliconDoc

      That’s an excellent comment Anthony.
      Glad the internet is here to get this hidden information out.
      Not that a lot of people care much when learning it, not like I do much but contribute to spreading the information on the net and to some personal friends and acquaintances.
      I’ve also read how all the gold in the world is not enough to “cover” the other assests, and therefore “back” the money.
      However, the problem is more complex than just that. When we were on a gold standard, the government just kept devaluing the money anyway, by increasing the dollar value of an ounce of gold.
      So, a solution that takes the standard fair ideas would be one that keeps inflation at 0% all the time, which of course is the FEDS “officially spoken about” legal duty. It’s obvious to any observer though, that they shoot for the manipulated basket ~3% per year (which is actually 10%-20% if you ask me).
      Further, the points in the article about the FED setting interest rates are very important.
      I certainly remember 5.25% deposit interest vs the 6.5% loan interest at all the local banks.
      Every dollar I had in the savings account got that 5.25% per year, even the 1st dollar. There were ZERO yearly or any time fees. No fees at all.
      Now, a few years ago (not long after 911), we were offering investors a locked in 4% per year interest on large investment amounts. That was “a great deal” and hard to find at the time.
      Banks offer ZERO savings account interest with fees and charges below a standard $1,500.00 deposit minimum. Accounts carry transaction fees, and the “bank atm card” carries more, the credit card, loan shark levels, the check loan store fronts, 508%+ per year interest – worthy of PRISON TIME not long ago.
      So, you know, what used to be criminal is now right out in the open.
      What used to be considered massively unfair is now bank SOP.
      I guess their “spread” had issues and 1%-2% got so boring, and spreads north of 20% are “now required” “to survive” but they still collapse and need a bailout since, that easy money is gambled away on crimes and lies in the markets. LOL
      It’s a criminal syndicate and it finally let go of all inhibitions and went wild, not caring who notices, since the spin machines are so psychologically perfected nowadays they have become part of the usual culture and “normal conversation”.

  • 8Ball

    I read your review and have read the book… On page 176 it says:

    “…regarding investment gold bullion coins. They would have you believe that these current coins are equivalent or superior to the coins minted before the great 1933 theft. We promise you that they are not. Do a little homework. On the internet look up the Coinage Act of 1792. Study the Coinage Act of 1792 in appendix F. Discover the ownership of the metal of the gold and silver coins. Read how they were minted. Then go to the u.s. code Title 31. Read the specific sections authorizing coining of current bullion coins. These sections are 5111,5112, and 5116. ”

    Perhaps you can help me with this.

    First: I have been unable to find any reference to an “Appendix F” associated with the coinage act of 1792.

    Second: the statement alludes to an assumption that the pre 1933 coinage is somehow superior to the current bullion coinage that is being issued by the USG. Instead of asking people who are reading challenged (most younger Americans) to paw through a few pages of documentation on the laws that are quoted, why not just say why the older coinage is superior to the newer issues?

    What is your explanation of the statement that I quoted from the book? Why are the older minted coins superior? Do you know how to contact the authors directly instead of going through the website?

    Thanks, 8

  • s c

    It’s too bad that this topic yielded so few comments. To take a guess, it’s another proof that public non-education “works.” That is, it dumbs-down and produces people who don’t like to read or think very much.
    Would anyone like to take a guess as to why topics like the Fed, the imploding dollar and treason aren’t taught in public schools?


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