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These Senate Contests Are Crucial, Too

November 2, 2012 by  

These Senate Contests Are Crucial, Too

With all of the focus on the race for the White House, let’s not forget about some other crucial elections on Tuesday. It looks like the Republicans are a lock to retain control of the House. That’s encouraging, since the Constitution requires that all spending bills originate there. If the House won’t approve it, the President can’t spend it (not that this has had much impact on the big spenders in Washington in the past).

One of the blessings we got after the midterm elections in 2010 was that Nancy Pelosi was no longer the Speaker of the House of Representatives. One of the biggest disappointments was that Harry Reid retained his incredibly powerful post as Majority Leader of the Senate. He has used that position to keep every piece of reform legislation approved in the House from coming to a vote.

All of that could change on Tuesday — assuming the Republicans can win four more seats in the Senate than they hold now. Remember, unless there is a conservative majority in the Senate, there is not a chance that Obamacare will be repealed, that the bailouts will end, that any entitlements will be reformed, that the budget will be balanced or that the deficit will be reduced — even if Mitt Romney occupies the White House.

As Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) pointed out in an advertisement, “A president can campaign on good policies, but he doesn’t write the bills. As long as liberals are in charge of writing legislation, it will be difficult for a Republican president to sign the right bills into law.”

If Romney does enjoy the landslide victory that my colleague Wayne Allen Root has been predicting for months, the tide should be strong enough to carry a bunch of Republican Senatorial candidates to victory. That is far from a sure thing, however, so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

I did uncross them long enough to send some support to several candidates I thought deserved it and a couple of organizations that have been doing good work in some key elections. Two of my favorites in this category are Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks and DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund.

Here’s a look at some of the most important Senate races I’ll be watching the closest next week:

One victory we’re sure to be celebrating is Ted Cruz as the new junior Senator from Texas. The polls there are predicting that the Tea Party favorite will defeat his liberal opponent, Paul Sadler, by a huge margin. Texas has become one of the reddest of the red States in recent years — something that must have Lyndon B. Johnson spinning in his grave. The key to victory for Cruz was winning the Republican primary, where he enjoyed a come-from-behind victory over an establishment Republican.

Nebraska is another State that’s looking pretty good for conservatives. This where a political upstart, Deb Fischer, shot to the front of the pack in the Republican primary after she received a powerful endorsement from Sarah Palin. So much for all of the mudslinging that the 2008 Vice Presidential nominee and former Alaskan Governor doesn’t have any influence anymore in the Lower 48. Fischer’s opponent is Bob Kerry, a former Senator who moved to New York City after losing his seat in 2001. Kerry has a well-financed campaign and is running some nasty attack ads against Fisher. But so far, the polls say she has a comfortable lead over the liberal carpetbagger.

Things also look good in Arizona, where the latest Rasmussen poll says conservative Congressman Jeff Flake enjoys a six-point lead over his liberal opponent, Richard Carmona. The Democratic Senatorial Committee and Majority PAC, a political action committee linked to Reid, are pouring millions of dollars into this race and are running some incredibly dishonest ads. One doozy shows Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl appearing to endorse Carmona — without mentioning that the comments are from when he was up for appointment as surgeon general. Both men have endorsed Flake in the current election and have complained loudly about the misuse of their remarks. Here’s hoping that the deceitful strategy fails as badly as the Barack Obama campaign’s efforts to demonize Romney and Paul Ryan.

Things are neck and neck in Indiana between the Republican nominee, Richard Mourdock, and his Democratic opponent, Joe Donnelly. Mourdock is the guy who knocked off a RINO icon, Dick Lugar, in the primary there. Hopefully, Romney will win the State’s 11 electoral votes by a wide margin and his success will help carry Mourdock to victory.

A lot of political prognosticators say that Ohio is the most important battleground State of all. “Whoever wins Ohio wins the Presidency” is the popular sentiment. I disagree. With enough Republican victories in other States, it’s mathematically possible for Romney to lose the popular vote and still win the White House. Still, a Republican victory in the Buckeye State will make things much, much easier. And it would also help conservative challenger Josh Mandel defeat the liberal incumbent, Sherrod Brown, in the Senate race there. If the Republicans are going to gain a majority in the Senate, it’s crucial to win this one.

Virginia is another key battleground State, both for the Presidency and for the Senate. As I write this, the Rasmussen poll indicates conservative challenger George Allen is trailing his liberal opponent, Tim Kaine, by just one point. That’s well within the margin of error and makes the State too close to call, the pollsters say. I’ll go out on a limb and predict that Romney and Allen will both emerge as winners here.

A few months ago, I would not have included Pennsylvania in a “conservatives can win this” column. But even the Democrats acknowledge that there has been a huge surge for Romney in recent weeks. The rising Republican tide has also lifted the prospects of conservative challenger Tom Smith, who is running against liberal incumbent Bob Casey for the Senate seat there. Both sides and the super PACS are spending a fortune in the State. A Republican victory is pretty important, if not crucial, to win the White House and gain a majority in the Senate.

So there are seven Senate races I’ll be watching very closely next week. Conservatives have a very good chance to chalk up victories in all of them. If they do, I will be proud to have played some small part in making it happen.

I’m not nearly as optimistic about the outcome in Florida, where I currently live, or in Massachusetts, where I lived many years ago. It will be a cinch for Obama to carry the Bay State by a wide margin. And the Democratic victory there will probably be enough to enable that faux Indian, Elizabeth Warren, to take the Senate seat away from Scott Brown. Ah well, it was nice to see Ted Kennedy’s seat in Republican hands for a while.

I’m pretty sure the Romney/Ryan ticket will carry the day in Florida. There won’t even be enough hanging chads to fight over. But that doesn’t mean that Connie Mack will be able to move up from the House to the Senate. Right now, it appears that Bill Nelson, the Democrat incumbent, will win re-election by a narrow margin.

When all the results are known, I suspect we will be celebrating a wonderful early Christmas present when it’s confirmed that Reid will no longer be the Majority Leader of the Senate. That means he will no longer be able to prevent votes being taken on all of the good legislation (and even some of the not-so-good stuff) I expect to see passed in the House of Representatives.

That’s my take on some of the other crucial elections coming up Tuesday. If I’ve missed one that you think is important, please take a moment to click on the “comment” key below and tell us about it.

Next week, we’ll talk about what happened on Tuesday and what it means for our country. Until then, keep your hopes up — and some powder dry.

–Chip Wood       

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • DaveH

    Chip Wood says — “One of the biggest disappointments was that Harry Reid retained his incredibly powerful post as Majority Leader of the Senate. He has used that position to keep every piece of reform legislation approved in the House from coming to a vote”.
    What? The Liberal Progressives have been telling us for years now that it’s the Republicans who are blocking Legislation. They wouldn’t lie would they?

    • Warrior

      Well, as that famous magician, timothy geithner, said at the congressional budget hearing meeting regarding the debt, “we don’t have our own plan, but we know we don’t like yours” and the minority committee leader chris van holland’s statement about the effects of inflation when Paul Ryan was grilling helicopter ben, “yea but look at the declining cost of flat screen tv’s”, I knew right then, we were being guided by “overly capable leaders”! What’s that slogan again? Oh right, “FORWARD”. hehehe

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I say, “ONWARD”! As in “Onward Christian Soldiers”! Hehehe!

      • omanuel

        Thanks for the posting.

        We are witnessing the death throes of the United Nations, an organization I personally supported before Climategate.

      • DaveH

        Congratulations, omanuel, for being one who has awakened. The United Nations was created by Leaders For Leaders. Leaders know that the further they can remove Government from the people the easier it is for them to keep their Power and Perks. We’ve seen the Federal Government grow wildly past its Constitutional Constraints for that same reason. In fact in 1900, the Federal Government was only 1/8th of its current size relative to GDP which takes into account the increase of population to present. Yet, with 8 times as much Government, here we are with our economy sucking badly and making enemies around the world with our military meddling. So much for Government “protection”.
        As Thomas Jefferson said — “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground”.

    • Vigilant

      At the moment, the predictions do not look too rosy for the Republicans wresting control of the Senate from the Democrats.

      According to Rasmussen, The two parties are dead even at 43 seats each. That means seats not up for election, or safely in their pockets as indicated by polling numbers. If you add in “leaners,” the Repubs are ahead of the Dems, 47 to 46.

      That leaves 7 “toss up” seats. Democratic candidates are leading Republicans in 5 races (FL, PA, MA, OH and VA). Republicans are ahead in only two states (WI and MT).

      Unless there are radical changes in voter sentiment or turnout numbers, the Democrats will retain control of the Senate, 51 to 49.

      • Vigilant

        Correctiion on Montana. It’s a dead heat.

      • Smilee

        Vigilant says:
        November 2, 2012 at 8:37 am

        Correctiion on Montana. It’s a dead heat.

        So is WI

      • Mikey

        Here in California, the Republican candidate Elizabeth Emken faces an up hill battle against entrenched incumbent Diane Feinstein. Feinstein has done nothing in the last 6 years but run the state towards bankruptcy (yep, she’s a democrat). What’s worse, is that Feinstein refuses to publicly debate Emken. The arrogance is appalling! Please help Emken if you live in California. Check her out:

      • Vigilant

        Update on Montana: Rasmussen today shows Romney 53% to 45% Obama. Quite a change.

    • Oliver K. Manuel

      Thursday 2 Nov 2012: (Four days before the Presidential election)

      Climategate “spilled the beans” in Nov 2009: The AGW scare by Al Gore and the UN’s IPCC rested on 30 years of fraudulent government data –

      Deception was traced back to the formation of the United Nations on 24 Oct 1945, but Climategate was not mentioned in the 2012 Presidential debates between a.) Obama and b.) Romney, . . . Why not?

      Climategate was the shadow of a cancerous growth that developed out-of-sight for sixty-four years (2009 – 1945 = 64 yrs): The Big Brother that Orwell had predicted:

      The 2012 Presidential election is an expensive distraction from the central issue facing Americans today. Do we want a.) or . . . b.) ?

      a.) A Return to Constitutional government:

      _ The Declaration of Independence:
      _ The US Constitution: and
      _ The US Bill of Rights:


      b.) Continue to form a one-world government under the

      _ UN’s “Core Agenda 21″:

      That is the central issue Obama and Romney hope to avoid discussing so Big Brother will have four more years for growth before the next election.

      With deep regrets,
      - Oliver K. Manuel
      Former NASA Principal
      Investigator for Apollo . . .

      • Paul Wells

        Well Oliver…I think the majority on this blog would prefer option A. If only it weren’t so hard to get to, with the blathering left and their smear tactics and deep simmering disdain for America. I’m sure you are aware, there has been a campaign in this country for quite some time by leftist subversives. If you read the Communist Manifesto, they have nearly accomplished their agenda by what is stated here:

        And as you read through this list, you will come to realize that they have accomplished nearly every one! Never mind that neither Communism nor Socialism has been successful in ANY country in which it has been tried.

        There is so much blame to be spread around that it’s hard to get at the root of “where we went wrong”, but chief amongst them in MY mind is the 60′s & 70′s radicals have now gotten their journalism degrees and are out there spouting their liberal drivel and “truth”. Further, they have been pumped full of sunshine that their mission is not to merely “report” the news, but to instead “save the world”. Thus, you have distractions like global warming and their incessant harping on how humans have brought all this one, irrespective of the fact that throughout the history of the earth there have been warm cycles and ice ages. You have a media so complicit in pushing the liberal agenda that you can no longer trust them.

        Secular humanism and political correctness are the cocktail for this generation, and no one seems to mind. We have allowed our borders to be breached, and even in some cases encouraged the breaking of our laws while turning a blind eye.

        I could go on and on, but Oliver, I for one, want option A. Now…how is it you propose we get from where we are, to that lofty goal? You’ll get no help from the left, who is terrified of what you propose. I do believe another civil war is coming in this country…if we don’t get our moral compass back, and in a darn big hurry!

      • DaveH

        There is a Principled Choice for those who don’t want to waste their votes on Obama or ObamaLite:




        THAT WAS FUN.

      • DaveH

        Are you tired of political doublespeak as spoken by Politicians?
        Are you craving some straight talk?
        Listen to Jim Gray, Vice Presidential candidate on the Libertarian ticket (scroll down to video):

      • DaveH

        And on this video, Gary Johnson gives the debate that wasn’t:

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Nevada voters are to blame for Harry Reid

      • Tony Newbill

        Hes gotta go to break the Log Jam !!!!!!! If we want to fix the problems we have we have to keep these ideologues Rolling in and rolling out until the law of Averages gives us the results we are wanting to see !!!!!

      • Palin16

        I’m not so sure about that Rhonda. I live in Nevada. Many people claimed they voted for Sharon Angle, but the printout said Reid. On the morning of that election in 2010, all the polls had Angle up by 5%. Reid looked foolish and senile in their only debate, fumbling around for his notes when asked to give a closing argument. The unions were also bussing casino workers to early voting locations and telling them if Reid loses they might find themselves out of a job.

    • http://pbt Del

      Does a fish swim?

    • Carol

      DemoRATS Lie? Every time one opens their mouth another lie is coming out, even DNC was a big lie as when vote was taken to put God back in platform three votes were taken and none were anywhere near 2/3 majority needed, but it was passed anyway. Have decided this voting season (and until some big changes are made) and all the lies and crap being spewed , I will not vote for ANY demoRAT, and fully beleive that they have been taken over by communist party of US, and they will lie about that, but look at what they say and do, and truth will be evident.

      • http://none Claire

        All politicians lie.

  • George Somsel

    You forgot Todd Akin in Misery (yes, I know how the state’s name is spelled). He may have made a rather stupid remark, but that is not, in itself, a reason to hang him out to dry. We need him.

    • Paul Wells

      He’s currently down 5 points in polling with Claire McCaskill. I live close to the border, and she’s running attack ads 5 to 1 against Akin. She has really made political hay with some of his unfortunate comments, and sadly it’s working. This one he would have done better to drop out as many suggested, as there was one almost as conservative, and one more moderate that ran against him in the primary who also would have been good.

      • Ted Crawford

        I could easily vote for Mr. Akin, perhaps because I ran across a study, like what he referenced in a magazine in a Doctors waiting room some years back. It was from a Medical standpoint, but I thought it was a little Iffy, not as disingenuous as those Climate Change Scientists(?) but still a little out there.
        Richard Murdock is a very different matter! I must admitt I’ve only given him a glance, I live in another state, but his idea that Politics gives him the right , in his own words, “To force my opinion on others” is a little too Progressive for me!

    • eddie47d

      Akins and Mourdock both must go and good riddance to them and their slanderous comments. You may think Biden has foot in mouth disease yet Republicans have their own who trip over their tongues.

      • MNIce

        The only people besides Jesus who never said anything stupid are those physically unable to speak. (Look in the mirror, eddie, enough people have told you that you don’t always think things through before clicking the Post button.) The issue is whether someone is persistently foolish in his speech. Unfortunately, Joe Biden fails this test. So far as I can tell, both Akin and Mourdock do passably well on it.

        Mourdock’s comment was even correct, just poorly formed and too easily taken out of context. (For if God gives life to all, and He does, then He also gives it to children conceived by rape, and no reasonable person would deny that a child of rape also is a human life. Giving life is an act of God’s will, therefore Mourdock stated a fact. However, some silly people tried to distort this to imply Mourdock said rape is God’s will, when it is absolutely not.)

        We would all do well to review James chapter 3 on a regular basis. “In the multitude of words, sin is not lacking, but he who restrains his lips is wise.” Proverbs 10:19

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        eddie47d, I would GLADLY have Akins or Mourdock represent me!!! No baby should EVER be killed!!! EVER!!! Regardless of the circumstances of conception a baby (call it an embryo, a fetus or whatever you want) is a purely innocent human being!!! There are MANY willing people waiting to adopt! The killing of our babies and children is THE most EVIL thing in our society and the world!!! Any woman who would not give life to the child growing inside her is corrupted and evil!!! I HAD an unplanned child AND I adopted an unwanted child! BOTH are equal blessings!!!

      • Sam Reene

        I’m with you eddie47d, Akin and Mourdock must have been dropped on their heads numerous times as babies.

    • http://yahoo Dennis Webster

      George,,I whole heartly agree!! WE need the Senate, to get the ball rolling on all thats been passed,thats hurt this Country! Lets Hope for the Best to Come!!

    • http://pbt Del

      The liberal media has tried to demonize him also. He is a staunch conservative. He may have made a stupid statement, but we all do that sometimes

    • Fred Vail

      i had to read down through quite a few comments before several of you remembered Ted Akin in MO. This one was in the bag for the Republicans until one misstep by Akin. Now, if you are a Biden, or an Obama, you can make as many stupid remarks as the day is long—and the Liberally bias mainstream media will let you off the hook….in fact, they’ll often do better than that….they’ll merely ignore it entirey…same for Fast & Furious and Libya…but they play by different standards when it comes to Republicans. Once the true facts are out..after this election…the press will have a hard time regaining the faith of the American people–if, in fact–they ever can. Shame on all of them. They apparently want a ‘rock star’ in the White House and not a leader. To the victors, go the spoils. Shame, shame, shame.

      • Sam Reene

        Fred, remember 4 yrs ago when the US Economy was collapsing after 8 yrs of a Republican Administration who gave tax cuts to the rich, and started 2 wars on Uncle Sam’s credit card…. Fox News claimed that President Obama’s economic plan is a “path to Greece” by deceptively comparing the national debt in 2009 to the debt projected in 2016. But economists agree that much of the debt added during the Obama presidency was a consequence of the recession and Bush administration policies, not new Obama policies. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) chief economist Chad Stone said in testimony before the Joint Economic Committee in June 2011 that “the economic downturn, tax cuts enacted under President Bush, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq explain virtually the entire federal budget deficit over the next ten years.” After examining the numbers, PolitiFact determined that “using raw dollars, Obama did oversee the lowest annual increases in spending of any president in 60 years.” Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein estimated that Obama’s policies are responsible for $983 billion of the nearly $5 trillion increase in public debt over the course of his administration, while the remainder of the debt increase is attributable to Bush-era policies. Varney added, “You raise taxes in an already weak economy, and you weaken the economy even more, and therefore you produce less revenue going to the Treasury, so the deficit’s bigger.” But economists believe that ending the Bush tax cuts for upper-income taxpayers — a key component of Obama’s “fair share” tax plan — would not hurt the economic recovery.
        Tax Policy Center economist Howard Gleckman pointed out that tax cuts for the wealthy generally do not go back into the economy because ” higher income households are more likely to bank the cash than spend it. As a result, tax cuts for these high-earners will do relatively little to boost the economy in the short run.” Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman explained that during President Clinton’s first term, “when the very rich paid much higher taxes than they do now, the economy added 11.5 million jobs.” Have a good day

      • GregS

        Sam Reene says:

        “…remember 4 yrs ago when the US Economy was collapsing after 8 yrs of a Republican Administration who gave tax cuts to the rich, and started 2 wars on Uncle Sam’s credit card…”

        I remember, about 13 years ago, when the Democrat Clinton administration, with its unrealistic housing goals, changed the rules for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to require banks to virtually hand out real estate mortgages on a silver platter to people who couldn’t possibly afford them. This started the real estate bubble, which is well documented as being one of the major causes of the economic collapse.

        I also remember that it was the Democrat Clinton who signed the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act. It’s also well documented that, from 1933, when this Act was passed, to 1999, when it was repealed, this Act was responsible for preventing large bank failures and financial panics comparable to the Panic of 2008.

        So, Sam, the financial collapse has enough blame to go around to just about everyone, but, if you really want to point fingers, THE DEMOCRATS CAUSED IT during the Clinton Administration. Furthermore, when the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress during the last two years of the Bush Administration, they made NO attempt to prevent the coming crisis, even though they knew what was about to happen. In fact, they killed a Republican bill in the Senate Banking Committee, which would have reined in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

      • GregS

        Giving “tax cuts to the rich” is NOT what caused the economic collapse. The two problems, created by the Democrats, which I described above, caused the economic collapse.

      • DaveH

        The Glass-Steagall Act (Banking Act of 1933) was, like most Government regulations, a political tool used by Crony Capitalists (in this case the Rockefeller group) to stifle their competitors (in this case the Morgan group). It also allowed the Federal Reserve to use U.S. government securities in addition to gold as collateral for Federal Reserve notes.
        The Federal Reserve is the Problem. Not the absence or presence of the Glass-Steagall Act.
        To learn how Government has come to the aid of fraudulent bankers throughout our country’s history, read this book:

      • DaveH

        Those, who don’t understand the concept of money thoroughly, should read this book first:

  • Zod

    I recognize satire ;) Audit the Fed has been blocked from the floor of the Senate, as better than a dozen others by Reid. Why he was reelected is beyond me.

    • Paul Wells

      That’s easy….the republicans put up a goof against him, and union goons from SEIU put a full court press on to re-elect him. There are also reports of voter fraud that SEIU may have been involved in, in his re-election efforts. Is anyone surprised? The Republicans need to run a good candidate and they’ll can get him out. Of course, if Bambam doesn’t win, he may just pout and take his marbles home (retire).

    • Carol

      I have often said the same thing about why Mass kept electing Kennedy after he dumped Mary Jo, and yet they kept him in office and he was not a nice person or trustworthy either, but people can be stupid, look at the ones voting for Obummer. Personally I don’t think they have many brains.


    How about “RICK BERG’ FOR SENATE IN ND.?

    • Smilee

      Terrible Choice

  • Bob Gray

    I think Todd Akin will be a good Senator. He should win. With his seat Harry will be out.

    • Vigilant

      Missouri is not even in play. McCaskell’s got it sewed up.

      • omanuel

        “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch !

        The 2012 Presidential election is an expensive distraction from the central issue facing Americans today. Do we want a.) or . . . b.) ?

        a.) A Return to Constitutional government:

        _ The Declaration of Independence:
        _ The US Constitution: and
        _ The US Bill of Rights:


        b.) Continue to form a one-world government under the

        _ UN’s “Core Agenda 21″:

        We know the answer. That’s why we will not be allowed to vote on this.

        - Oliver K. Manuel
        Former NASA Principal
        Investigator for Apollo

      • http://none Claire

        I hope McCaskell has it sewed up. If I lived in Missouri, I would vote for her.

  • Annette

    California 8th district has an important race Tea Party favorite Gregg Imus vs. assemblyman Paul Cook register as a republican but votes with demo crates. Votes for higher taxes and for illegals AB353. Christina Byrnes 760.256.3323

  • Ken Rockeman

    Another key race is in Montana where Denny Rehberg is neck and neck with Jon Tester. GO DENNY

  • David

    Hope they get Bill nelson OUT in Florida! He’s a bought suit for Monsanto who is ruinious for your health!Ohh he loves the TSA as well

    • Carol

      I agree, Bill Nelson is a looser and running a nasty campaign, very nasty about Connie Mack, who we will be voting for tomrrow.

  • Liberty Lover

    The odds may be better than you think for taking control of the Senate. Wayne and Dick Morris are likely to be proved right about Romney winning an easy victory. Most polls being taken today are fatally flawed by not acknowledging a huge shift that has taken place in the electorate. When Gallup polled more than 7000 voters in 2008 to ask which political party they identified with, Democrats had a significant edge over Republicans, 39% to 29%. When that same poll was recently repeated, the edge had swung to Republicans by a 35% to 34% margin over Democrats. That’s HUGE! So we have more Republican voters today, who are more energized than their Dem counterparts, and we have Independent voters breaking strongly to Romney. Romney is going to win by a minimum of five percentage points while topping 300 electoral college votes.

    If the polls gauging Senatorial contests are equally flawed, we can expect GOP Senatorial candidates to fare much better than currently forecast.

    Today’s pollsters might not be hopelessly stupid to miss the obvious. Keep in mind that these polls are being produced by the same corrupt media that are doing their best to keep Obama in office.

    • Vigilant

      Rasmussen has the best track record of all the polling organizations. Their data to date shows a much closer race. I hope Root and Morris are correct.

  • http://yahoo Salty Sailor

    How about Linda McMann from the great state of Conn,

    • Smilee

      Probably a hair left of Bachmann but not by much,

  • Warrior

    My residence has been redistricted from Jesse Jr’s control to booby rush. Most “union” members at this point are totally apathetic towards voting at all. This is what their handlers provide them with and they lay down and accept this as their lot in life. Pathetic!

  • http://MSN Joan Brooke

    Let us get Cardin OUT of Maryland! We need to get rid of the Democrat Machine that we’ve had for too long!

    • Dave

      Joan is absolutley correct. Maryland and Delaware are both democratic strong holds that must be breeched. The blame….a majority of the electorate are blinded to the core issues of the day. They are spoon feed nonsense by the “party”, and march lock step into the polls and pull any lever with a “D”. Good news though, Cecil county Maryland saw a hugh increase in registered Republicans, now out numbering the socialist, whopps…I mean democratic party. Lets Triple our efforts and WIN this one!!!!

    • DaveH

      Maybe because people can’t tell the difference between the Democrat Progressives and the Republican Progressives?
      How about a real choice in Maryland?

  • Byron

    I live in the corrupt state of Illinois. I think in the Senate race in Wisconsin that it’s imperative for Tommy Thompson to defeat Tammy Baldwin to take away the liberal seat of Herb Kohl.

  • chfarms

    Former governor Tommy Thompson is in a heated, expensive battle with extremely liberal card-carrying communist and self-proclaimed lesbian Tammy Baldwin. They are fighting for a seat being vacated by retiring democrat Herb Kohl.

  • hipshotpercusion

    I’m hoping and praying that O-bozo’s personal physician will be picking the gravel out of his a$$ next week, from the landslide!

  • boyscout

    Black Pot vs. Blackk Kettle. Hmmmm, maybe both have been in the fire toooooo long !

  • Liberterian

    You are very right, any senate and congressional pickups along with retentions will definitly make it easier to legislate and promote a better program.

  • Nancy in Nebraska

    Nebraska is no longer so secure for the republicans. The race is very close. A BUNCH of republicans are coming out and endorsing the democratic candidate! Including former senator chuck hagel! It’s the craziest thing! I can’t imagine why they’d endorse the democratic candidate when everybody knows the senate is going to be so important! Kerry (the dem) is going on and on about how bi partisan he will be but has already said he will support reid and will support the healthcare. I’m so disgusted by he whole thing that I don’t even want to vote! But I don’t want that to be interpreted as apathy so I will go and vote for whomever I am able. I find it astounding that there are so many sheeple who will vote democrat just because someone tells them to! And I can’t imagine that they THINK that they will be represented by a New Yorker who won’t even move his family to Nebraska! This man will not represent Nebraskans! He will be that final vote that the democrats need to dictate to us! Nebraskans are very conservative but for the most part are very bipartisan. They will vote for the person who can trick them into thinking they will represent them and their views. The repubs could lose this one. SAD!!!

    • Paul Wells

      Not so hard to understand, Nancy…when you have a RINO like Bloomberg coming out for Obama. I think despite the best efforts of the ‘R’s to purge their party of RINO’s…there is still more purging to do. It does make me sad, knowing how close some of these races are, and that they are basically turncoats.

      • MNIce

        I didn’t think Bloomberg even pretended to be a Republican anymore. If he still does, he does a terrible job of it.

    • DaveH

      I can’t imagine why there are so many sheeple who think that voting for either of the major parties will result in Less Government.
      There is only one Principled Choice for those who want their Freedom and Prosperity back:

      Don’t wait for the ultimate collapse of our Freedom and Economy. Act now. Help us build awareness in Libertarian concepts before it’s too late (if it isn’t already).

      • Paul Wells


        I have this advice for you: Get out and start campaigning diligently for Gary Johnson, for 2016! You HAVE to realize that with less than one percent of the popular vote according to the latest polls, that he hasn’t a chance. But if you will redirect your energies into 2016, you might have a shot. I’ll say this, you’ve at least been successful at making a few people aware of who he is, so bravo on that!


        “Paul Wells,”


      • DaveH

        Paul says — “You HAVE to realize that with less than one percent of the popular vote according to the latest polls, that he hasn’t a chance”.
        You have to realize, Paul, that if we don’t start voting for Principles, we can never get Principles.
        If you want to travel to a destination North of you, you will NEVER get their by traveling West.

        He doesn’t have a chance because too many people like yourself, Paul, have drunk the Progressive Kool-Aid which they have been doling out for the 40 years of my voting life. Swallowing that Kool-Aid and voting for the Lesser of Two Evils will NEVER get you something better than Evil.

      • DaveH

        Latest polls?
        I ran across this interesting piece on one of the main Pollsters — Gallup:

      • DaveH

        The biggest impediment for Gary Johnson right now is Name Recognition. Very few people even know who he is, let alone what he stands for. This has been a purposeful effort on the part of the Propaganda Media, who despite their image of supplying information to the people, have done everything they can to exclude him from mention.
        There is a very good reason that the MSM are trying to sweep Gary Johnson under the rug. He advocates Free Markets, getting the Government out of our Marketplaces, which would make it nearly impossible for the Crony Capitalists to get special favors from their Crony Politicians in exchange for Campaign Contributions and other bribes. The Magician Politicians use the UnFree Markets to dole protections out to their Crony Capitalists in the form of competition-stifling regulations, subsidies, price fixing, tariffs, quotas, and other such protective devices, all while lying to the public about their real intent.
        So the question is — Are you going to let the Crony Capitalists stifle the choices that people have or are you going to stand up and protest their manipulations by voting for the guy who they want least in the White House?

    • alpha-lemming

      Unlike the Dems which have been TOTALLY successful in removing all “Blue-Dog” (remember that demographic) democrats from their ranks. That party has taken more left-turns than the 2012 NASCAR season and they’re SO far left now…. the International Date Line looks conservative.

      • Paul Wells

        True enough…and what is fascinating is the way the D’s like to spin it that the R party has gone so far right. Of course, leaving out the fact that it went pretty darn far Left before it even thought about, hey..who is it we are, and what were our founding principles. The R party is still left of where it started. Don’t listen to any malarky from the left about how far we’ve moved right. They just do that as a diversionary tactic to draw focus away from how far LEFT they’ve gone!

      • DaveH

        Paul says — “The R party is still left of where it started”.
        You have no clue, Paul. The Republican Party started out as a Constitution-Trampling Big Government party which pushed for the same kind of Mercantilism (Crony Capitalism) that caused our Founders to rebel against Great Britain.
        Read some real history, not the Propaganda they spoon-fed you in school. Start here:—Americans/dp/0307382850/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1351951879&sr=8-1&keywords=hamilton%27s+curse

      • DaveH

        More on the roots of the Republican Party:

    • allblues

      Not surprising that Hagel would endorse Kerrey. He was a worthless POS RINO when he was in the Senate, looks like nothing has changed.

  • J. Macdonald

    Connecticut Senatorial could change the Senate as well

  • joe momma


  • deerinwater

    The outcome hang in delicate balance for sure. ~ This is good ! I hope more people engage the system of election.

  • Layne

    Hawaii may send Republican Linda Lingle to the senate. She ran against Democrat Mazie Hirono for governor and won, so it’s not unlikely Lingle can beat Hirono again in their senate race.

  • Tony Newbill

    Its time to Vote these Ideologues OUT OF OFFICE and try some new Ideologues and maybe just maybe we will at least have something NEW to argue over !!!!

    • Tony Newbill

      I am sick and TIRED of this Being about BUSH he’s GONE been GONE NOW for YEARS !!!! This is Obamas turn at Bat and he’s about to strike out with all his empty Promises of HOPE and CHANGE , listen to him and you would think we are still in 2008 , he can’t deliver , and consider this it’s not how much the Government Spends to recover the economy it’s the Confidence the FREE MARKET Investors have on risking their Money and the way this President attacks MONEY and who has IT My God no wonder we have NO Growth and a real recovery matrix that’s Equity backed not Government DEBT backed that’s Unsustainable and is making Obamas Empty promise UNSUSTAINABLE !!!

      Where are the HELP CENTERS that could have Been READY to MOVE in with Water Gas and FOOD to help the Hurricane VICTIMS ? They had Plenty of time for a Contingency PLAN !!!!
      “America are you tired of this President’s All Talk and NO actions “?

  • The Christian American

    Has any of the would be Senators campaigned against NDAA, HLR, TSA, the Patriot act etc. etc.? I know the love of money is the root of all evil but there are many thing other than money to consider as well. The people must get this idea the federal government is the replacement for God out of their heads. The Colonist at Bunter Hill said with their battle cry.. “No King but Jesus”. In the 1880′s, one year congress only convened for eleven days in the whole year. Regardless of what they say, they must feel the people’s fire on the back of their necks with every move they make. They’re predators to America and her Constitution. The only thing they have to do is live up to the Constitution, nothing else. Repealing the 14th. 16th, and 17th changes/amendments wouldn’t hurt either.

    • MNIce

      The 14th Amendment has its uses (or at least part of it). See the Life at Conception Act. The 16th and 17th, on the other hand, were terrible ideas that should have been rejected unanimously, particularly the 16th.

      • DaveH

        The 16th and 17th Amendments, along with the creation of the Federal Reserve (all in 1913) were the main tools used by the Progressives to grow our currently Gargantuan Federal Government.

  • http://yahoo Dennis Webster

    Thanks for the information on the Senate Races! If Republicans retain the House and They take back the Senate,,will Conservatives keep an Eye on the newly elected to make sure that Debt and Deficit,Freedoms and Liberties, and the Size of Government is reduced? That the EPA is rolled so far Back,that we never hear from it again,that Obamacare is Repealed in its entirety! That Republicans look at reductions within the next Four Years and not Ten Years down the Road,,which never works! If the Republicans win this Election,Its up to all Americans to “keep an eye on whats being Passed in the House and Senate,so that it benefits all Americans, not just Special Interest Groups!! God Bless All Americans and the USA !!

  • http://wildblue C. Derr

    Another important senate run is Reyberg over Tester. Tester has been sleeping with the environmental community for much too long. It`s past time we send him home permantly.

  • http://Yahoo David E. Bahner

    Paul Wells 10:07 am 11-2 comment above lays things out very well as to where we are and how we arrived at this point. We must all get the vote out next week and get this country turned around and headed int he right direction over the next three election cycles. Akin is making up ground quick in Mo. as Obama has not better friend than Claire McCaskill

  • farm kid

    tom smith has a good shot to win this race.come on penna. get out and vote tom into the senate. all you coal miners get out and vote,tom was a coal miner,in fact a union miner.

  • Brian D. Sylvia

    You’ve forgotten to mention, one OTHER “IMPORTANT” State race . . . “MONTANA”. I say that “Jon Tester” will get BEATEN, by “Dennie Reberg” . . . after all, it was TESTER, who was the “DECIDING VOTE” for OBAMACARE, an by doing so, he PISSED OFF a “LOT” of people here.

    • Tony Newbill

      Yeah these senators who vote with the Ideology that They know whats best for we the people rather than voting with the majority of their constituencies voice , They half to go !! we need to till the soil to weed out the impurities of what sustains the US Constitution that is the true representative of we the people and those who stray away must be put out to pasture and a new Representative be marshaled to meet the demands of a FREE PEOPLE !!!!!

  • Tom

    You didn’t mention important Senate seats in Nevada, Montana, North Dakota or Missouri.
    Repubs need those seats to ensure a majority. None of them are a sure thing but hopefully they can win at least 3 of them. Missouri seems out of the question thanks largely to self inflicted wounds by Aikin who seems like a very selfish man for not dropping our for the good of the party. Sarah Steelman would have been a sure winner. Oh well. There’s 2014 to think on.

  • http://none Claire

    We need Senators that will work together, regardless of party affiliations. This is exactly why nothing of any importance or necessity gets passed, and exactly why nothing will change. I find it amazing that some of these senators voted “against” issues that they were “for” in earlier times. What a tangled web they weave. To be honest, I think Gov. Christie has guts to stand up and commend Obama. It takes a “real” man to stand up for what he believes in. Kudos to Christie.

    • Tony Newbill

      Claire you are right and this Guy has to go , This is why we have the Crisis we have is because of these Ideologues and enough is enough they gotta go we need new Political Soil to grow our USA policies with !!
      Reid says he can’t work with Romney

      • http://none Claire

        Reid needs to retire, so does McCain, McConnell, and some of the old toots. They have been in there too long. I have to laugh–I am a senior citizen too and I know my limits, but I enforce my qualities!!

  • Evalyn Sherwood

    What about Nevada? I personally wouldn’t permit Obama in after his “I better not see you in Las Vegas” remarks….2 times. By-the-way, Muslims ARE permitted to lie according to the Koran when you need to.

  • jerry james

    Six other important Senate races need to be on the radar and “giving list” of those who can afford to help. Most important are 1) Rick Berg in North Dakota and 2) Dennis Rehberg in Montana, where prospects look good for both to win, but are still too close for comfort. Then, though they may not be “tea party” conservatives, the re-election of 3) Dean Heller in Nevada is a vital part of our taking the Senate and the election of 4) Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin and 5) Linda McMahon in Connecticut, where the races seems close and Romney is gaining, would be icing on the cake and possibly even the margin of victory. Thompson may be considered “establishment,” but he was, after all, a major key to the welfare reform Republicans forced on Slick Willie back in the late 90′s, and would be infinitely better than his socialist rival, Tammy Baldwin. Then there is 6) conservative Todd Aiken in Missouri, who, despite the huge brouhaha over his rape comment is keeping the race close (are there NO Democrats in this election cycle who have said stupid things — other than Obama, of course, and his “You didn’t build that” or “It wasn’t a terrorist attack on the Lybian embassay, but a spontaneous uprising over an anti-Muslin film!?!?!). Finally, we need to realize that we are going to lose a GOP seat in Maine for sure — another Rhino will be gone — but, if we also lose Massachusetts, as you suggest and I agree we probably will, it means we definitely need to win five or six Democrat seats to take control (depending on who becomes Vice-President). And Texas, Arizona and Indiana are seats we already hold — not “pick-ups.” So the “must haves” are Nebraska, North Dakota, Montana, (which all look favorable), plus at least two more, assuming Romney wins (Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Missouri, Connecticut). Then, if we should lose in Indiana, Arizona, and/or Nevada, we will need even more to offset any loses there. Like you, I think we are going to wake up Wednesday morning with Harry Reid gone, but it is far from a sure thing, and we don’t want to overlook races that could be determinative.

  • I once lived under the communists

    One of the “heroes” of the turbulent 60-s, Jerry Rubin declared after the 1968 Nixon victory: “We shall wait and until we get into the government with the help of our ivy-league degrees and continue our mission inside” or something like that. Well, they and the next generation of “progressives saboteurs are now in, firmly entranched… Something to think about! May the God Lord help us this time!

    • omanuel

      You are right.

      The scandalous 2012 Presidential election is the culmination to sixty-seven years (2012 – 1945 = 67 yrs) of deception after the United Nations was established on 24 Oct 1945 to guide America into the totalitarian one-world government that George Orwell described in 1948:

      I saw many examples of deception in government science after 1970, but I was a strong supporter of the UN until Climategate emails revealed this international scam in Nov 2009:.

      With deep regrets,
      - Oliver K. Manuel
      Former NASA Principal
      Investigator for Apollo . . .

  • jopa

    Every day more and more Republicans are starting to support the Democrats and it really looks as though Romney has met his Waterloo.Mayor Bloomberg and Colin Powell are huge endorsements for our President and Chris Christie and President Obama working together after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy just about brought a tear to the eyes of millions of Americans seeing them working together.The Governors praise of Obama did not fall on deaf ears nor the praise of Christie by Obama..If only we could all get together now it get rid of all the Republicans in the House and Senate that have held this country hostage for too long just for political gain.

  • roger

    yeah, let’s all get together and sing kumbiyahhhh!! Do ya’ll really think you are represented by anyone in D.C.? Another crucial election? It never changes, next election cycle will be another “most important election of our lifetime”.
    They all won. They divided and conquered……….

  • http://none Claire

    You know, watching the New Yorkers on TV screaming about getting no help–reminds me of my youth. I was raised on a farm, no electricity, no running water and we had an outhouse. Finally we got electricity and I can remember many evenings listening to “The Shadow” and the “soap operas” on the radio. I thought we were rich! Are we all spoiled now? How many of us could survive without the so-called luxuries of life? Disasters are going to happen, people should realize disasters can happen anywhere at any time. Preparedness is the key. It doesn’t take much effort to put together the necessities of survival in case anything happens. Hurricane Sandy is a true disaster, and I know people expect things to be taken care of immediately, but it doesn’t happen that way. Things take time, look at all the mess the workers have to deal with. At least Napolitano lifted the ban on non-union oil tankers so that they could bring in gas, etc. Disasters can happen in a heartbeat but the fact remains that it takes longer to do the repairs. It will take weeks to clean up the mess. I believe FEMA, Christie, Obama are doing the best they can with the hand they were dealt.

  • Mad Max

    Don’t be a sucker your whole life. Voting isn’t going to change a thing. Everyone feels hopeless because they have no idea what to do. We have one way out. Fix your government and stop Complaining. Get off your couches and do something before something gets done to you. Don’t be a casualty or a victim. Stop asking for change. Stop voting for change. You have to MAKE the CHANGE.
    The three most important words in the constitution are “We the people” That means us.
    Democracy is more than just voting and complaining about the government.
    The revolution has started! It’s just waiting for you!

    “Be Smart!” –

    U.S. Citizens
    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    Non U.S. Citizens
    Read “Common Sense 3.2” at ( )

    How else can I say this? “We Are Free!” “Spread the News”

    This is how you get in evolved in democracy. Protesting and complaigning are for people with no ideas, not stategy and no leadeers. And worst of all No vision.
    I’m not religious in any way but bleieve in the following:

    “Where there is no vision the people parish”
    - Proverb 29:18

  • Jim C.

    Sam Reene: The longest period of continuous economic growth in American history occurred under George W. Bush. After inheriting a deep economic downturn from Clinton, followed by the 9/11 attack, Bush was faced with an economy at a low ebb. Within a year or so the economy began to grow, and continued to do so for approximately 4 1/2 years (with unemployment rates ranging from below 5% to 6%), until the Democrats gained a majority in Congress in the 2006 election, making Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the House. At the very end of Bush’s Presidency, the economy underwent a sharp decline, occasioned by a financial crisis caused by the housing market crash which, in turn, was caused by Democratic policies that had begun years earlier mandating lenders to make “sub prime” home loans (most of them backed by Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac) to borrowers with bad credit and/or no ability to repay them.

    While it’s true that Bush spent more than he should have, it’s preposterous to blame him for the economy under Obama. The spending by Obama dwarfs that of Bush and, worse, Obama’s spending was mostly wasteful and destructive, and was done solely to enhance his Presidential power (such as the favorable treatment of unionized workers in the GE bailout, which would ensure more campaign money for Obama, and the Solyndra boondoggle which also produced campaign funds for him).

    As for taxes, you seem to be confusing tax rates with tax revenues. When Reagan lowered rates, the actual amount of tax money received (revenue) increased. When investors and entrepeneurs can keep more of their money they have more to invest, expand, and hire more employees, which benefits the economy. When people “bank” their money, what do you think happens to it? Does it just set in the vaults and vegetate? Of course not! Banks make money by lending the money to those who will invest it in ventures that produce more money (i.e., businesses and entrepeneurs).

    Finally, Paul Krugman is an ideologically driven economist. All his economic pronouncements emanate from his leftist political biases (Keynesian, etc.). I’d trust Romney’s economic judgment over Krugman’s anytime – not only is Romney a Harvard MBA, he has practical experience in the business world as well as the political world, and I believe he loves America and wants to see it prosper, both financially and socially. (I know Krugman is a Ph.D., but how much real-world experience does he have?)

    • deerinwater

      “The longest period of continuous economic growth in American history occurred under George W. Bush.”

      Well that was the illusion perhaps, but Wall Street is not Main Street. ~ I would agree that there was a lot wealth transfer taking place. Can we agree on that?

    • DaveH

      There was no growth during the Bush years. It was an illusion, and that illusion met its inevitable collapse.
      The truth is that the Money Supply doubled in the 8 years of Bush, which more than accounted for any “economic gains”, since GDP is measured in those inflated dollars. The Federal Reserve created the Boom (House of Cards) with their profligate money creation, and like all Booms, it eventually resulted in a Bust due to the malinvestment which was an inevitable result of the false economic signals being received by our business people.
      See here for the True Money Supply:

  • deerinwater

    Chip says,”If Romney does enjoy the landslide victory that my colleague Wayne Allen Root has been predicting for months, the tide should be strong enough to carry a bunch of Republican Senatorial candidates to victory.”

    Yea, and if a pig had wings it would fly, Chip. It’s going to be hard fought regardless of who wins. Root is only dreaming with his “wish list” under his pillow.

    As for the Senate race, my view in more cloudy. ~ regional politics does not offer me a clear view from the distance I stand. ~ It’s a question of each regions own unique struggle, who is pulling the leavers and who’s spending the money. It’s a New Mexico and Harry Reid “thang”, ~ it’s been farmed to grow a Harry Reid crop as he serve them well with their special aspirations.

    Mitt Romney does not have any “coattails” , Willard has only money and a predisposition among 27% of GOP voters to vote along party lines even if it hair-lips the devil.

    Outwardly, Mitt Romney is a pleasant man, he is a salesman for Christ Sakes and clearly a good one. ~ I would be the last person to underrate his ability to sell. ~ Anyone needing to sale a keg of rusty nails , Mitt Romney would be my first choice to move them. I just wish he took the ramification of selling bad products more seriously.

  • war111


    Great job and great summation of the battle to be won on Tuesday to save our country and capitalism. God Bless America and all the patriots at PersonalLiberty.
    Wayne Allyn Root

  • Palin16

    Another Senate race to watch is in Nevada, Heller vs Berkley. Berkley, the democrat, is under House ethics violations for passing legislation that benefitted her physician-husband.
    She’s been behind in the polls all year. She’s giving up a safe House seat to run for a very unsafe Senate seat. Both positions pay the same salary. Seems like a stupid move.

  • Scott

    What about Kentucky Chip?

  • Boyd Sharp

    How about we just toss the whole smelly bunch into the Potomac. With Chicago overshoes. What’s the difference between a Republican and a Democrat? Is that week old dead fish a salmon or a mackerel? 2008 Senate races, the establishment GOP did not like the primary winners chosen by the people. Refused to help Miller, Angle, O’Donnell. Gave Reid back his post. This year, screw Akers, Mourdock. Boy do we need a brand new third party. Good riddance Repubocrats and Democans.


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