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There’s Only One ‘Fair’ Tax Plan

May 30, 2013 by  

There’s Only One ‘Fair’ Tax Plan

To hear the liberals tell it, government exists to make life fair. We need “fairness in broadcasting.” The “rich need to pay their fair share.” Under the “Our Party” tab on its website, the Democratic Party crows:

(W)e’re greater together than we are on our own–that this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot, when everyone does their fair share, when everyone plays by the same rules.

Granted, the Democrats’ idea of “fair” diverges from the definition suggested by Messrs. Merriam and Webster. After all, it isn’t fair that their support groups get all the really friendly Internal Revenue Service examiners. It isn’t fair that the corporate media lists so far to port that it’s in danger of capsizing. It isn’t “fair” that they’ve done to higher education what termites do to untreated lumber. And it isn’t “fair” that they get to hog all the best tee times at all the best golf courses.

Now, we may never devise a method to play through the Obama foursome on the back nine at Isleworth, but we can devise a method to assure that no American is ever again asked by some Federal goon about the content of his prayers. Fortunately for us, someone already has.

In the late 1990s, a group of green-eye-shade types put their heads together to come up with a way not only to protect their fellow citizens from Uncle Sam’s shock troops, but to render the shock troops themselves obsolete. The fruit of their considerable economic IQs is the FairTax.

The FairTax would end the punitive tax system the Democrats currently employ as a political weapon and bury the corruption engendered by allowing political hatchet men access to law-abiding citizens’ private lives. By replacing the graduated income tax programs currently in place with a one-time sales tax of 23 percent on new item purchases, it straightens out our byzantine system by walling it off. And with exemptions (in the form of “prebates” keyed to necessities and needs) built in, the FairTax even allows for those who have yet to achieve the American dream to keep more of the tools they need.

Picture it: a Nation flourishing under a 23 percent consumption tax. The American economic engine would be driven by the total participation of every single American. And the FairTax is the economic definition of egalitarianism. When some overpaid liberal Hollywood twerp buys a brand-new Range Rover in which his chauffeur will ferry him to Democratic fundraisers, he’ll pay a 23 percent tax on a really nice car. And when some overworked small-business owner buys a new minivan to ferry his kids to school, he’ll pay a 23 percent tax on a soccer-mommy mobile.

Of course, the FairTax “prebate” system does produce a sizable amount of data and/or paperwork related to Federal disbursements to families. But that volume is merely a babbling brook compared to the oceanic roar of the current system’s endless warren of bureaucracy. Besides, I’d rather the IRS be reduced to digitally rubber-stamping outgoing checks than hassling people about the content of their bedtime prayers.

And a system that provides entitlements based on the number of household dependents does open itself up to potential fraud. But such cases would be mitigated by the set limitations on entitlements, rendering abuses simple shoplifting compared to the grand larceny that goes on now.

With the FairTax, scandals like the one assaulting our senses in Washington right now will be just a sad memory. Democratic politicians bent on destroying the fabric of society by deploying IRS storm troopers to comb through the lives of their perceived enemies will be thwarted by the complete lack of IRS storm troopers. Never again will a brazenly corrupt President be able to deploy a tax tomahawk at a guitar manufacturer. Never again will a cruelly fascist political party be able to fire a fiscal cruise missile at a citizen’s group just because the group has the word “Constitution” in its name. No longer will we have to gaze collectively at the television screen while the people in charge of collecting our hard-earned pay treat the truth the way Roman Polanski treats underage starlets. We will be the ones in charge of disbursing our funds to the government, and each such disbursement will include a benefit to us in the form of whatever we just bought.

With the FairTax, we get rid of loopholes, offshore money-laundering and Constitutional abuses. Everyone pays his “fair share.”

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Gary.

    You must be joking!

    • USMC and America Proud

      Why would Ben be joking? Is it because you think that it’s impossible to do? Then get a copy of the book and read it! It will fire you up enough to call everyone you know and have ‘em call their reps and DEMAND that they support it, or they face recall!
      Or do you think that if enacted, the law will somehow ‘not’ be fair to all?

  • http://Yahoo LB Duncan

    Sounds good, but what about the 10%?

    • USMC and America Proud

      Have you read the book? If not go find a copy and read it, and if STILL nescessary, the second book that re-explains and does away with misconceptions about how it would work!
      For instance, right now, when you buy something, do you have an idea of how much taxes are in the price, BEFORE you pay any sales tax at the checkout? The fair tax act does away with all those ‘pre-sales’ taxes so that when you buy the item, the tax will always be built into the price! What you pay at checkout is the price stated on the shelf! A gallon of milk, MINUS the required price controls would sell for about $2! A car would sell at the sticker price, and even WITH the 23% tax built in, would be cheaper than what you’d pay now!!
      What our ‘Representatives’ don’t like about it, ESPECIALLY DEMOCRATS, is that it takes away their power over US! The government would have to ‘live within what is collected’ instead of spending like there’s no payback time!
      Like I said, if you HAVEN’T read the book, gi to the library and read it! Guarantee you it will make you furious as to what the system does to us right now!!

      • http://Google Daniel

        I see, I have not read the books. I have read many exerpts from different articles and commentary. I know these can skewed to whatever the journalist wants to convey. But, still, I’m not fully convinced that starting now a new form of taxation is not open to congressional manipulation with “revisions” adapted to the possible Bill. However, even then, pardon my lack of reading the books you mention, most of the real estate of value and goods we consume are already property of the upper class. Is property taxes going to be levied? How can we, that have larger households with college age students afford to maintain these when our taxes are equivalent to those that have more? I guess our kids go to cheaper schools. I don’t think they are taxed (correct me if I’m wrong) how is it that the rich will pay more? I guess that’s explained in the book. But, they are already set. What about us the middle class? I know that roughly calculating about 60% of our income is going to tax some way or other (my own accounting or situation). 23% seem like a godsend, more for my family. But what of Social Security is that included in the 23%. how about State and local taxes? Please orient me. Are we going to place import tariffs on Toyotas? Or, nothing I’d taxed until after it is sold retail. No income tax only tax on consumed goods! Will gasoline prices go down since they are no longer taxed before you purchase or do we rely on the honesty of the retailer to only add 23% at the pump? And as said before what stops congress from creating benefits in the shape of some card or document excluding them from these taxes for Diplomatic Reasons. Is the IRS involved? I must read these books you say. Thx

  • http://Yahoo LB Duncan

    Sounds fair, but what about 10% across the board?

  • http://Google Daniel

    Nicer post! I do believe a Fair Tax is a good idea, but how are we to make absolutely sure everyone plays by the rules. 23% seems a bit high for your average citizen. Would this include City, State and local taxes? Wil all other unseen taxation halt. Like cigarettes, only as an example, the majority of it’s retail price is tax. Many other common use items carry tax burdens on them before reaching market. Will death taxes and property tax go? And, will bureaucrats enjoy the use of some tax free card or document like resale purchasers do? If all we pay is 23% we really would, as a majority pay less if no further tax than that is allowed. And, that means exactly that, no other tax is paid. Not at the grocery stand or the automobile salesroom. No more tax other than that, even hidden taxes as form of tariffs excise or whatever, all gone. Do this and yes everyone will pay their fair share from that moment on. But what about these 1% that already own the greatest estates and largest bank accounts? They will commence paying taxes on what they consume, but they already own it all. How are they to pay when it already belongs to them? I guess I find implementation dificult and would appear to be biased to the middle and lower class. Perhaps these issues have been contemplated but as the questions posed I am in doubt an need further clarification on how this Fair Tax worked and how it is to be implemented.

    • Travis

      It would get rid of all federal taxes, to include individual and corporate income taxes, social security and Medicare taxes (i.e. payroll taxes), the gasoline tax, excise taxes, capital gains taxes, inheritance taxes, gift taxes, etc. The thing you have to realize is that employers pay half of the payroll tax, and the prebate would cover your taxes up to twice the level of poverty (based on spending that amount, since it is a consumption tax and not an income tax). So anyone that spends less than twice the level of poverty won’t pay any taxes (and instead get more than they paid in, which happens with the current system). The FairTax is better than the current tax system for all income levels.

  • Jerry James

    I really like this idea a lot! Only problem I have with this article is that, where it is true that the current administration is very guilty of IRS led terrorism (among many other things), so is the republican party just as guilty. This is not a partisan issue in the large scope of a very corrupt one party system disguising itself as a two party system.

    Bring down the “two party” system and change like this can begin.

  • Johnny Appleseed

    The Fair tax is bad for landlords and that’s the only problem I have with it. I don’t like the idea of being more under the thumb of the government as I will be forced to collect taxes on rent.

  • David

    Seems like there are a lot of good questions. Though I’ve seen no one suggest going to the source, you can look at the faqs, use calculators and input your personal data to see how it would effect you. And you can also read the bills in Congress. I think the pdf is less than 120 pages if I remember correctly.

  • Travis

    The FairTax truly is the best single piece of legislation…indeed it is the only one that could get our economy going. Those that want jobs and protection from the IRS should be pushing hard for it.

  • Jesus Mercado

    Your right wing nut idea sucks just like all you conservatives suck. This nutty idea is just another multi-trillion “tax break” for your Big Business Corporate fat cats that will be foisted on to the middle and lower classes, the working classes. No need too ask where you get your brown noses from, because we can see they’re stuck so far up Corporate Americas (fat cat, investors, shareholders, etc) asses while you suck their penises.


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