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There’s Method To Obama’s ‘Madness’

March 8, 2013 by  

There’s Method To Obama’s ‘Madness’

Congratulations! You’ve managed to survive a whole week since sequestration hit. And despite all of the dire warnings that were issued, airplanes didn’t fall from the skies, prison gates weren’t thrown open, the indigent didn’t lose their food stamps and essential safety personnel didn’t lose their jobs.

In fact, nothing of consequence seems to have occurred — despite enough bluff and bluster on the topic to fill hot air balloons from one end of this country to the other.

At a press conference on March 1, President Barack Obama shed a few crocodile tears for janitors who have to clean up after Congress: “Starting tomorrow everybody here, all the folks who are cleaning the floors at the Capitol. Now that Congress has left, somebody’s going to be vacuuming and cleaning those floors and throwing out the garbage. They’re going to have less pay. The janitors, the security guards, they just got a pay cut, and they’ve got to figure out how to manage that. That’s real.”

Only problem was, the sequestration had nothing whatsoever to do with any janitorial pay cut. Oh, there was a tiny pay reduction taking place. But that was because, as part of the tax-increase package the Administration won at year end, a payroll tax cut that had been in effect for two years was eliminated. Thanks, Obama!

This patent doctoring of the facts was too much for the official fact checker at The Washington Post, who gave the President “Four Pinocchios” — the worst rating — for this whopper. He concluded that “nothing in Obama’s statement came close to being correct.”

Of all the doomsday cries that were issued, the funniest has to have been the claim by California’s wacko Congresswoman, Maxine Waters, that the sequestration would mean 170 million Americans would lose their jobs. For that many people to be fired, 30 million more people would first have to be hired — since the total workforce in this country comes to just over 140 million.

In the video of the event, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi can be seen leaning over and whispering something to her colleague, who then restates the number of jobs that will be lost as 750,000. Even that number was absurdly high. A staff member later explains that what Waters meant to say was that the sequestration could cost 170,000 Americans their jobs.

All of which is a total bunch of malarkey, of course. Even with these so-called “devastating” budgets cuts (of course, they’re nothing of the kind), Federal spending will still be significantly higher this year than it was last year.

Did you realize that? Even if all $85 billion in spending cuts are actually made this year (something which I seriously doubt), the Federal budget for this fiscal year will still be several billion dollars higher than it was last year.

In fact, the total Federal budget of $3.553 trillion is a whopping $446 billion higher than it was when Barack Obama took office. Does anyone anywhere really believe that reducing the budget by a measly 2.3 percent will lead to an economic Armageddon? Of course, it won’t.

Even Obama finally seemed to realize that he may have been overstating things a bit. At a press conference last Friday, he said: “We will get through this. This is not going to be an apocalypse, I think, as some people have said.”

Of course, the “some people” who issued the grimmest forecasts were mostly folks who work for him, like Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, who said he might have to furlough 5,000 air traffic controllers when the sequestration hit. Or Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who threatened to close or cut back hours at all of the National Park campgrounds. Or Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who said she might have to sideline 5,000 agents who are supposed to protect our borders.

Another member of the doomsday chorus was Education Secretary Arne Duncan, who claimed that some teachers had already begun receiving pink slips even before the budget cuts went into effect. When challenged to identify even one public school teacher who had lost a job because of sequestration, Duncan wasn’t able to do so.

But my favorite story along these lines featured reporter Bob Woodward. He has been a darling of the media elite ever since he and his colleague (and a then-anonymous source they called “Deep Throat”) helped bring down Richard Nixon during the national scandal known as Watergate.

Referring to Obama’s claim that because of the pending sequestration he couldn’t deploy a second aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf, Woodward said, “That’s a kind of madness I haven’t seen in a long time.”

Things got a lot hotter between the reporter and the White House when Woodward had the nerve to repeat something we’ve said many times: “the automatic spending cuts were initiated by the White House.” In a column in The Post, Woodward went on to blame “months of White House dissembling” for eroding “any semblance of trust between Obama and congressional Republicans.”

This was too much for the Obama acolytes, who have come to expect tacit support, if not outright fawning, from reporters who cover national affairs. Press secretary Jay Carney said that Woodward’s column was “willfully wrong.” Then Obama aide David Plouffle got even nastier, saying that Woodward reminded him of a once-great athlete who was way past his prime.

Woodward himself added more fuel to the fire, when he appeared on “The Situation Room” on CNN and described the White House reaction. “They’re not happy at all,” he said. He went on to reveal that one senior Administration official told him, very clearly, “You will regret doing this.”

In a major article last week, The Post revealed what is really behind all of the harsh rhetoric and hard-ball maneuvering coming from the Obama Administration: “The goal is to flip the Republican-held House back to Democratic control, allowing Obama to push forward with a progressive agenda on gun control, immigration, climate change and the economy during his final two years in office.”

Obama has promised to help raise $50 million for something called Organizing for Action. This is a new group, led by Jim Messina, his 2012 campaign manager. Its goal is to defeat key Republicans in 2014 and make sure Nancy Pelosi returns as the Speaker of the House.

With Obama in campaign mode for the next two years, you can toss any hope of compromise and conciliation out the window. Their strategy to win control of the House is the blame game. And the kid gloves are off.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • FreedomFighter

    Obama has promised to help raise $50 million for something called Organizing for Action. This is a new group, led by Jim Messina, his 2012 campaign manager. Its goal is to defeat key Republicans in 2014 and make sure Nancy Pelosi returns as the Speaker of the House.

    Americans that don’t want the liar and chief to have his evil lacky captain Nancy Pelosi back as speaker should start now… get on the election crews, infiltrate all levels of the process: KEEP THESE THUGS HONEST or at least cut down the expected voter fraud that will certainly take place.

    We have seen in the past elections massive fraud, 120 percent of a district voting for a democrat, the dead voting for democrats, ballets going missing, voting machines being rigged, and all other manner of sign pulling down and dirty tricks. Start now to organize resistance to the fraudsters, get political, get loud, get the opposition vote heated up and let’s get rid of Patently Progressive Pelosi and her crew of commi thieves.

    Good men and women need to fight politically to save this country from the Progressive communist socialist and fascist cabal that now has a chokehold on congress and the white house.

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

    • Warrior

      Get ALL “progressives” out and send the Rino’s packing with em.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Warrior, before we decide to throw all the bums out from all political offices it behooves us to find out what kind of up and coming and hungry for power tribal chieftains aka political messiahs are waiting in the wings to take the place of the discarded.
        Got to partially do jury duty but I was not one of the chosen ones to be in the courts, but sitting there and getting to observe the system, the thought crossed my mind that the purpose of people getting into city politics or any political office is because they want to child proof or would it be better be called “idiot” proofing” the world. Child proofing either keeps the child safe or keeps the parent from becoming insane from constantly being in control. The same thought is behind politics.

      • Warrior

        Nads, spending your time at the “legal factory” is soo much fun, is it not?

      • Glen

    • ? Chocopot

      Well stated, FF. Without all the fraud they commit, which has been well documented for decades, the Dems can’t win an election. Someone needs to begin taking action against it.

      • eddie47d

        Its also been documented for decades that voter fraud is extremely rare yet you all hype it up like your fellow Americans are always double voting and getting paid to do it. Freedom Fighter is another alarmist who want to stoke the fires of absurdity and you all gobble it up like Cookie Monster in a Keebler factory.

    • Toy

      $50 million will keep a carrier in the Gulf for 2 days!

      • Deerinwater

        That sounds about right. ~

        To tie a 80 ft. shrimp boat up to the dock and not even start the engines cost 200 hundred dollars a day. To top the tanks for 7 days and nights of shrimping cost a little over $1400.00 .

      • jopa

        eddie;There have been several cases of voter suppression by the GOP and just last week in Florida there was another case of voter fraud by the GOP.I have never actually seen any cases of voter fraud committed by the Democrats just a lot of accusations to blow smoke and make cover for the real villain.

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        jopa aka Ass: “There have been several cases of voter suppression by the GOP and just last week in Florida there was another case of voter fraud by the GOP.”

        jopa aka Ass, prove it. Without prove it just Democratic fart.

        jopa aka Ass: “I have never actually seen any cases of voter fraud committed by the Democrats just a lot of accusations to blow smoke and make cover for the real villain.”

        jopa aka Ass, here is a DEMONcratic smoke with veeeery bad smell:
        Ohio Voter Fraud: Ohio poll worker voted 6 (SIX !!!) times

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        jopa aka Ass, here is the Kenyan Community organizer’s organization ACORN on the trial for the massive FRAUD

        Nevada – A.C.O.R.N. On Trial Voter Fraud

        P.S. ACORN committed the Voter FRAUD across the country.

        • tony newbill

          The sign of a nation in collapse is the rule of constitutional authority being ignored by those in the position to take action to uphold the rule of those citizens liberties elected by those same citizens .

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        jopa aka Ass, here is the Voter FRAUD in FL: Programmer under oath admits computers rig elections

        jopa aka Ass, you are a LIAR.

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        jopa aka Ass, here is the TX DNC Staffer Assists Double Voting:

        @ProjectVeritas_ EXCLUSIVE: DNC Staffer Assists Double Voting In Support of the Charlatan

        jopa aka Ass, you are a DEMONcratic LIAR.

    • http://personalliberty Alondra

      Mark Levin to Karl Rove: Your PAC is Anti-Tea Party.Your Stabbing Tea-Party In the Back!

      Mark rightly warns conservatives: Do not donate to GOP and to Karl Rove’s PAC.
      Donate directly to the Tea-Party candidates.

      Please Pass it on.

  • Bill

    Oh, Darn it.
    I was hoping they would shut down half of the government. I’m sure we would not have missed them

  • Warrior

    Did anyone see that interview piglosi gave last week where she couldn’t find her purse? Seriously, that women is deranged. Jesse jr. doesn’t even display behavior that odd and he claims to be “bi-polar”. I don’t believe she even has a single pole. Next time a country wants to send an “unmanned” vehicle into orbit I found the perfect candidate. [comment has been edited]

  • Nadzieja Batki

    Considering Woodwards’s political ideology why is he crying foul now or could it be that he has become one of the Leftists’ discards and this predator has now become the lowest on the pecking order. So I don’t believe anything Woodward has to say.

  • Robert Ray

    Why dont we IMPEACH the gun grabbers as treasonous ?? It IS TREASON to violate the constitution!!LETS GET IT MOVING!!!!

    • Texas Ride

      Robert, this is an “illegal regime” and everything they have done is treasonous! It has been going on for nearly five-years and the criminal politicians in Washington are just “lapping it up.”

      I was disguested at the Twenty-car motorcade that drove RINOS one-half block to be hosted to an elegant, expensive dinner! McCain is demented, changing his position daily and his butt-buddies are just as demented.

      Everytime I remember how McCain refused to campaign against obammie (it drove Palin nuts as she wanted to win) he should have been thrown out of Washington. And, he is still being a full-time “jerk.” It is time for patriots to regain power and stomp the heck out of these patronizing old duffers.

  • Sgt. York

    The Democratic slogan has changed to Mr Chicken Little Now in Charge.

    • Deerinwater

      Confess , ~ you made that up! ~LOL!

      Well the sky is going to fall on somebody ~ but it won’t be me.

      I was glad to see the GOP actually stand up for that they been saying that they wanted !

      As they say a lot of things that they don’t believe and have no plans to act on purely for “posture” sake. Words are often hollow threats.

      Like Rand Paul’s filibuster. ~ I don’t mean to steal his thunder and in one sense I admire his efforts. ~ About time we seen a real filibuster on the Hill.

      BUT ~ to expect a Law enforce to openly limit it’s options to what it will or will not do in defending laws and honoring public trust in it’s dealing with criminal activity is a bit of a wild eyes dream. ~ All options are considered in regards to the gravity of the crime. ~

      I admit that it’s a legal entanglement ~ to be certain but it’s for the courts and not Law enforcement to make such decisions. ~ Why he was address Eric Cantor or the administration and pressing them for a promise ~ was either immaturity and lacking of knowledge as to how our system works ~ or just simply “Show Boating” in a self elevating manner ignoring the complexity George Bush’s war on Terror has become.

      The answer to his question must be presented to the courts and not Officers of Enforcement.

      Somebody has to make decisions and lead ~ It seems Rand Paul thinks that he’s up to the task. ~ Maybe in a few more years. But after the Benghazi Senate hearing and now this, ~ he’s still a Junior statesman with need of more experience. I hope he get it.

      For now, his argument is weak, misdirected and predicated on virtues that don’t exist except in his mind.

    • nc

      Sgt. York, the Democrat Slogan for over 4 years now has been “COME VISIT OUR OVAL OFFICE”

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        Oh my. The Libtardic farter is producing a lot of hot air by discharging the green gas.
        It’s called Democratic CARBON FOOTPRINT

  • Deerinwater

    Well, ~ it takes longer then a week to see much less feel any effects. ~ Of course if you are a Bell Helicopter employee with a pink slip in your hand you might argue the point.

    They have been making top scale money for 30 years, I wouldn’t worry too much about them. I shop for groceries and buy the same gas they do and they make 10 times more then I do, ~ After 30 years ~ C’est la vie

    This whole thing ~ is fine by me ~ but it will be a game changer for a few people.

  • eddie47d

    For issues that are extremely serious they have become darn funny. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry at all the stupidity on ALL sides. While you go on the attack each day and claim superiority the phoniness is just too glaring. Conservatives have been crying wolf over the same topics for years and their “doomsday chorus” doesn’t always match up with reality. Despite all the “dire warnings” from right wingers the housing market is up,illegal crossings at the border are down,car sales are up,nothing even close to martial law has been enacted,elections haven’t been cancelled. Yet you keep sounding so many false alarms and “overstating things” a person doesn’t know which door to run out of. Occasionally you get something right but who is really the “chicken little”.

    • JohnC

      When the housing market is up it means that they printed more money that is worth less thus causing the value artificially to increase as measured in Dollars. However if you look at the amount it takes to buy one ounce of Gold in dollars there has been a steady increase in price that is it takes more worthless dollars to buy the same amount. This information is easily obtainable on the web from multiple sources you choose you will see a tripling in the price of gold from 2005 to present in 2005 at around $500 an ounce to present $1500 or higher what does that mean in terms of dollars. It means the value of the dollar has declined its true value is a mere shadow of what it was one way to prove this is to look at what it costs to buy a car for instance in 1980 a new car could be had for $8000 today a car of the same quality $24 – 30 thousand the same thing has happened with the price of real estate. Has it really appreciated in value no, but it has retained its value in the face of a declining dollar.

      • tony newbill

        Housing is up because the federal Reserve took under water mortgages off the books at the 2 big to fail banks and rolled them into the books at Fanny and Freddy thus making the Inventory numbers lower manipulating supply and demand fundamentals .

  • Flashy

    Chip…throughout your article, not once did you mention why the sequestration came into being. it was the result of ongoing attempts by the WH to find some path out of the crisis generated by the extremists in the House as they held this nation hostage as they pulled the equivalent of pouting teenagers wanting to get their way. It was signed on by the leadership of both Houses of Congress because the Pres. was the only one offering any type of solution AND it was meant to be such bad policy Congress would be forced to deal with reality to prevent it happening.

    Think about that. When agreed to by everyone, it was considered bad policy. not just bad…terrible. So bad in fact, Congress would be forced to compromise on a reasanable balanced in revenue/cut budget. And up to two weeks before it hit, Boehner was writing Op Eds about the effects and how it would drop GDP, cost jobs, and endanger our national security.

    As to the effects…nice play pointing out the skies did not immediately fall. i’m wondering what the articles in may will be when the cuts do show the effects. It won’t be noticeable to the public in agencies heavy into research such as NASA…those will curtail moving forward and setting up for a better future. It will be noticeable in areas heavy into servicing the public. National parks…where the majority of funds are for personnel, the FAA which is the same, the usual summer repairs to highways and roads…and on and on.

    But then…you’ll blame Pres. Obama again is my thought. Simply because you will not lay the blame across the board, you will aid and assist the extremists in avoiding standing up and saying “we’re responsible!” , and certainly you are not expected to point out that while they cry about the government failing they are fighting tooth and nail for their favorite programs not to affect their districts. letting others take the pain for the deeds they insisted on bringing.

    And your cite of the “increase” in the budget. laughable. care to detail where those ‘increases’ occurred? Care to cite the fact that federal spending grew at the slowest rate the past four years than any other administration in the past 50 years? Care to detail just how much of the budget inherited by this administration (his first year was still the Bush II/Cheney GOP budget) ?

    nawwwww….that would require fairness and openess about the true state of affairs.

    • tony newbill

      Flashy the way out of the Ressions has been the Federal Reserve monetizing the debt juicing the market , while the real capital growth in the pockets of Real People has been shrinking . Anyone can Print FAKE Money and create a Great LOOKING balance sheet !!!

      These 2 links Conflict with each other on True Equity Growth from a expansion in supply-side metrics ……
      More Americans raiding 401(k)s to pay the bills

      US household wealth regains prerecession peak

      ht tp://

      • Flashy

        “Flashy the way out of the Ressions has been the Federal Reserve monetizing the debt juicing the market , while the real capital growth in the pockets of Real People has been shrinking ” <— Tony

        tony….that has been the prescription between 2001-2009. When bush II nominate bernanke to take over the Fed, one of the first deeds (or misdeeds0 was doing away with publishing M3. then pumping $$ into the economy to kick start it from a Bush II recession or stagnation period which was in the wind. Under Bush II/Cheney, it was socialize risk, privatize profit mentality, and they went spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave. Bush II/Cheney cut revenue and raised spending to new heights. Add in two unfunded wars, cut the number of regulators overseeing the markets, politicize agencies such as the SEC, FEMA, and the security arena…and we have the disaster which occurred. That is what ahpened…like it or not.

        yes, it is blame Bush II/Cheney/GOP for everything…because that is exactly where blame should be laid.

        I agree that the formula which has been forced upon this nation is what you described above. Wholeheartedly agree. Real capital growth in the real people has been shrinking. yep…agree. but as the budget sending continues, and real capital growth slow…where is the money going? it doesn't just 'disappear'. fact is, earnings amongst the high incomes and corporate America are going up…and up. Look at the proposed budget cuts emanating from the House. The spending being proposed cut by the GOP in the House is targeting not those who are receiving the largesse…nope, they're keeping their cut.

        Revenues…who is being asked to pay a tad bit more by the administration? not the ones who are stretched tight…but those receiving the majority of the spending bennies. the ones at the top showing increased revenues. they are not being asked to take a loss…just not keep as much as they are making skimming the cream off the top.

        Supply side economics doesn't work. We have had 30 plus years showing that it doesn't work. It assumes human behavior and economic decision-making that is far outside reality. Reagan's 'economic miracle' wasn't because of "voodoo economics"…it was because he spent and practiced exactly what you stated was the problem! All the while cutting revenues from the wealthy! The frippin' debt skyrocketed under Reagan. Going from 68 billion deficit spending to the hundreds of billions. THAT is your 'economic miracle"?

        Yes..targeted spending cuts are needed. Absolutely. Chosen selectively and impacting those who are skimming from the government. The wealthy and Big Corporate America. yes, tax reform is needed. Ever wonder about if taxes are too high, why the wealthy and Corporate America are fighting tax reform?

        All that the administration and non extremists are saying is…yes, cut spending but target it. And yes, raise revenues on those who are making the money from the spending. Not cut out the profit…but having it less of a profit to a more reasonable and fair level 9at least from government)

        What is wrong with that?

        • tony newbill

          Just having the Federal Reserve increase the capital supply and then turn around and tax it back into the Government will do nothing to expand supply , because right when the supply expansion starts the interest rate hikes and tax hikes built into the new regulations will stall the true supply-side growth expansion of supply . This is nothing but a smoke and Mirrors ZERO Growth Policy designed to appease the Environmentalist supporters .

          The Tax Code needs to close the Loopholes that isolate these funds off shore and instead allow them to be reinvested back into the USA in Supply Expansion projects that can stabilize Inflation in the growing short supply sectors , this will bring down the cost of living and or stabilize the inflation to we the peoples cost of living , and stabilize wage growth with a better employment rate . Todays labor report was neutral growth due to just as many people stopped looking for work as those who found jobs .

      • Texas Ride

        Get rid of the Federal Reserve!

        We have a group of global elites that own this country. They own it because they are the private owners of the Fed! They own our country because they “own our money!” The American people own nothing.

        The Fed prints our money and sells it to us!

        We borrow from the Fed more than we borrow from China. It is not China that we must worry about. While their printing our money, deflating the value of the dollar, stealing vast amounts of wealth from every American, they control the interest rates, they control the amount of money in everyone’s pocket.

        Face it, this group of foreign elites and wealthy families saw a long time ago the advantage of owning the “new country of the United States.” They got control and have stolen our wealth for One Hundred years. (Not to mention that they print money for themselves. No wonder they have an unlimited amount of wealth.) Now, it is time to proceed with their long time goal of not only owning the United States but of owning the world and all its wealth. I mean, after all, it has worked out great for them “owning the biggest and most prosperous country of all,” so why not the world.

        The coming events will determine the ownership of America. Will Americans end up with their country or will it continue to belong to the wealthiest families of the world. We need to eliminate the problem of the Federal Reserve and get out from under their control

        • tony newbill

          Texas Ride you are right , what divides us more than anything is our inability to create our vital needs and when someone controls that means to enable we the people to be productive and create our needs this opes the door for then a manipulation of the minds and influence the supporting groups selecting , sorting and herding like Sheep , and this is called Factionalism !!!!

          The USA and the world is suffering from the effects of Factionalism !!!!!!!!!

          We need to END Factionalism in our policies across the board if we want to find Peace and Stability and your statement about ending the Fed will be a good place to start . They have told us over and over that the power of the Monetary Policy would be a bad thing and that was why they enacted the Federal Reserve , but is the way we are today really any better is the debate we need to have ????

      • Texas Ride

        Yes, Tony, Factionalim is the biggest problem. What helped to bring that on was the “Balkanization” of our country and our open borders policy.

        Teddy Roosevelt said, “The one absolutely certain way of bringing this Nation to ruin, of preventing all possibilities of its continuing as a Nation at all, would to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.” So there you have the progressive regime’s reason for its refusing to protect our borders. It is a sure way to destroy this country and its sovereignty.

        America is becoming a group of “squabbling nationalities” that reside in one geographical area. Each nationality has different factions within its group. They are only loyal to themselves and their own self-interests! Basically, everyone is fighting to split up the wealth of our country the only question is who gets the bigger piece of the pie.

        Our government and political groups are splitting into factions that are only interested in self-serving objectives, and so are the residents. With the loss of leadership and the ignoring of our Constitution, our freedoms have been eroding. Government has to be brought back to its original purpose, as stated in the Constitution. Decentralize the behemoth.

        Morality and Patriotism must be brought back to Washington. America and its well-being should be the touch-stone for any law passed or any official elected. RINOS like McCain should be sent “packing” never to return. And, we must have a real American in the oval office. To heck with what the illegals want, or what the muslims want, or what the rest of the world wants (that includes the UN.)

        Our immigration laws should be enforced to keep the current invasion at bay. Our citizenship should be re-established as something of value that people must qualify to obtain…instead of them being allowed to “steal it.”

        American citizenship should not be “sold or given away like coupons in the Sunday morning gazette! We must limit immigration to numbers that our Nation can afford to assimilate without endangering our American culture…diversity be damned. Diversity is a progressive tool used to harm this country. American should have but ONE culture, that is its American culture. Political Correctness be damned. Aren’t the majority of Americans sick of all the PC.

        America must come together as one people, again. Fighting the forces of factionalism is paramount. Our cohesive fabric must be mended. The only way to do that is to rid ourselves of those that fan the flames of “factionalism.”

  • Ernie

    Did any one in the goverment take a wage cut or health care cut, Hell any kind of cut?

  • rendarsmith

    So Obama desperately tried to get his name off the sequester so it is seen as the Republicans’ doing. Now anything bad that happens over the next two years will be “caused by the sequester” which is now “the Republicans’ fault”. Anyone with a brain can see through this, but the sad thing is most democrats are dumb enough to believe it.

    • Old Henry

      Wait till the commie Kenyan and his butt buddies at the alphabet networks gets Dancing with the Stars, reality TV and Monday Night Football cancelled because of the Sequester.

      Now that will bring the brain-dead low / no information idiots to their feet!

    • nc

      Rendarsmith, what most Democrats and independents know is that “sequester” came from a bill drawn up to Republican approval and passed by the Republican controlled House> If the Republicans had not wanted the bill they would not have allowed it on the floor or passed it and we would have no sequester.

      • tony newbill

        NC Best thing that ever happened that sequester …. it makes the accounting department more responsible when they are PUSHED to make sense of how the Revenue is spent .

        Washington’s BOOM Town Times needs a Little Correction Time !!!!!!!!!

  • rendarsmith

    Here’s a question. If we are so concerned with budget cuts and we’re going further in debt, WHY THE HELL ARE WE GIVING $250 MILLION TO EGYPT?????

  • Old Henry

    It is possible that Comrade Waters was including jobs from the 7 states that only Soetoro (and now Comrade Waters) knows about.

    Last Friday, 3/1/13, I received an email from my U.S. Representative (a Dummycrap) declaring all the havoc and woe that was going to befall us do to the Sequester cuts.

    Of course being her conscientious employer I replied and explained what an idiot she was – politely of course – as there were NO cuts, only miniscule, unrecognizable reductions in budget increases. And then to assist her out of her pool of stupidity I took the time to explain what a cut consists of, which probably will do no good given her Dummycrap mind-set.

    “We will get through this. This is not going to be an apocalypse, I think, as some people have said.” That “some people” being the communist foreign national Kenyan.

    I noticed that Nazitano was not going to have to cut back on purchasing hollow point ammunition or automatic weapons, or armored tank-like street vehicles, or the personnel to run them.

    I wonder how long it will be before Woodward is “Breitbarted” on a D.C. street…

    • Texas Ride

      And, the cuts didn’t stop Nazitano from getting those badly needed “new uniforms,” at a cost of $1,000 apiece, for the HS agents. Another little tidbit, the contract for the uniforms were with a foreign company! Bet there are some U.S. companies that could have done a better job on those uniforms.

      I guess if HS is going to be that heavily armed, they need to look “spiffy.”

      • Old Henry

        I had not heard / read about that Texas Ride.

        Remember when the Army was having their berets made in China?

      • nc

        Texas.. Seems I read somewhere once where the bush administration was paying Haliburton $45.00 for each case of Cokes and $100.00 to do 12 lbs. of laundry. Probably just the tip of the iceberg! If cost is your concern, then go figure what it will cost this nation to care for the 30,000 seriously wounded young military and those who develope serious mental problems for the NEXT 60 YEARS OR MORE FROM A WAR STARTED FOR THE WRONG REASONS?? 2 TO 3 TRILLION?
        What did PRESIDENT bush;s man in IRAQ tell him three weeks into the invasion of IRAQ?
        “Mr. president we have found NO WMD and we don’t think we will find any.” but the incompetent duo of bush and cheney stayed on anyway and 5000 more Americans died!

        • tony newbill

          NC check this article out , its a Middle eastern Forum on the subject of WHERE Iraqs WMDs are !!!!! Obama warned Syria not to long ago NOT To use the Bio Weapons or the USA would Respond ……

          Heres a Quote in the Article and lots to back up the claims …….

          U.S. intelligence officials remain concerned that the Syrian government has become custodian to Iraq’s biological and chemical weapons .

        • tony newbill

          NC that Middle eastern Article was linked in this NY Sun article , which gives a expanded version of the WMD debate …… Iraq’s WMD Secreted in Syria, Sada Says

  • Right Brain Thinker

    In a major article last week, The Post revealed what is really behind all of the harsh rhetoric and hard-ball maneuvering coming from the Obama Administration: “The goal is to flip the Republican-held House back to Democratic control, allowing Obama to push forward with a progressive agenda on gun control, immigration, climate change and the economy during his final two years in office.”

    So, would someone tell us how this is a bad thing? Taking back the house so we can get something done and move the country forward? Especially since the Republican agenda from the day after the 2008 election was to destroy the O’Bama presidency no matter how much damage was done to the greater good. It’s only “harsh rhetoric” and “hard ball” because the sore losers of the Party of NO are on the receiving end. Hypocrites all.

    • JohnC

      Good take back the house will give the T-party a chance to take over the senate and if you don’t will give us a chance to impeach the usurper in the office of president besides if Obama has his way he won’t need congress anyway as he will rule by decree

    • The Christian American

      There’s nothing new about that. Look what happened when the Republicans controlled everything. We got Bush and more destruction to our Constitution, more red ink spending, a criminal war and on and on. With government divided as it maybe they’ll spend their time fighting with each other and leave us alone

    • Frank Kahn

      Moving “forward”, in your usage, is questionable. The word destruction is better applied to the gun control portion. The words, delusional misrepresentation of facts, is more appropriate in the GW / CC debate. And, sinking economic indicators, is not what I would call “forward” in the economy.

      I could support the word “forward” in some areas of the Obama administration. He seems to be very good at moving forward in promoting racial tension (racism). He is extremely good at moving forward towards more immoral behavior in the nation (homosexual tolerance). He has moved forward in promoting class warfare (the rich don’t pay their fair share). He is going forward in expanding his ability to murder innocent people (drone strikes against foreign nationals). He has put forward the idea that his spending is not a problem, it is revenue that is the cause of the deficit (higher taxes, no spending cuts). He moves forward, almost constantly, with his using fear tactics to scare people into doing what he wants. He has moved forward in pretending that illegal immigration is not a crime (amnesty to illegal immigrants). He supports moving forward on strict gun control, to solve a problem with mass murders, based on emotional fear mongering and lies (ban on semi-automatic hunting rifles and hand guns as well as, more than minimum capacity, magazines). Tries to forward the idea that nothing is his fault (it was bush that did it). He supports the media, and his administration, in forwarding the idea that he does not lie, everyone else just misunderstood what he meant. He moved forward on forcing people to buy health insurance, even if they don’t need it (AHC).

      I am sure that your opinion on many of these subjects will make you defend his words and actions as true and justified. I am also sure that your opinion is not fact.

      p.s. in the other thread where rendarsmith kept calling you Mr. Science Fields, that was a direct quoting of your previous claims on a different thread. Mocking your wildly generic claim to some kind of science expertise is quite understandable.

  • Art

    Hey Obama! Let’s start with an across the board 20% pay cut for ALL US govt employees. including congress and you. as well as a 20% gov’t staff reduction. The private sector has been paying the price for bad economics for years…that’s why unemployment and underemployment is 23%. It’s time the free ride for gov’t employees stops! Or are you to indebted to those union jackasses?

    • Texas Ride

      Art, good idea. Politicians and government employees should get paid “on performance!”

      Let the amount of pay they get be commensrate with their skill.” If the country is doing great, the economy is perking along, people have jobs, immigration is under control, people can afford to buy groceries and make their house payments..politicians keep their salaries.

      But, when the economy is in the dumpster, criminals are being let out of jail to roam our neighborhoods, businesses are going under due to bad legislation, inflation is soaring, the Fed can’t find Nine Trillion Dollars it just printed, and all the other garbage that goes on.. politicians’s pay should be suspended! They have stolen enough, taken enough kickbacks and money from lobbies, that these politicians never have to work again. That is the problem!

      Professional politicians are criminals that never are held accountable and they do not obey the laws they pass for everyone else. They think of themselves a “an elite class” that doesn’t have to live under the same rules that they made for the lower “classes.”
      Bernie Maddof crimes are highly insignificant when it comes to the crimes of Washington.

      • The Christian American

        Read three times winner of the Medal of Honor USMC Major General Smedley Butler’s “War is a racket”. He’s got the right idea. It’s on the net under

    • The Christian American

      There are more people employed by the federal government than there is in all of industry combined. Remember, government is OVERHEAD, nothing else. Some necessary. Some not. Maybe 10% of that overhead is meaningful while the rest should be done in the private sector. For every dollar the government takes to do whatever, 60% to 70% is spent as government overhead and the rest is for, hopefully, legitimate purposes.

  • Uknowho

    Lets call the sequestor what it is… making a decision without making a decision. Spending cuts need to happen…They do… Everyone understands this…It was done by both parties and Obama.

    But if you are a Republican, do you want to go into the next election with your opponent saying you cut defense spending?

    If you are a Democrat, do you want to go into the next election with your opponent saying you cut services for the middle class and poor?

    I am thinking the answer is NO on both counts.

    Personally, to get our financial house in order we should take the money out of the wall streeters, banksters and defense industries that have for decades lobbied Congress for their bloated budgets, relaxation of banking and wall steet rules that made tremendous amounts of money of the backs and lives of regular Americans.

    The cuts are going to take awhile to be felt and I can tell you first hand, the defense industry is not happy about them. To say that everything is ok is the same talk that says “Well golly gee… Its cold where I am, obviously there is no GLOBAL warming happening”

    Its silly…

    The reality still is that we need spending cut along with a raise in taxes on the wealthy to put us on the right path. Spending cuts will not do it alone, and neither will raising atxes on the wealthy alone. This idea that these people are the job creators is bunk and it is proven bunk… It is the spending by the middle class and poor that drives this economy and we need to make their lives beter before the country’s ship gets righted… That means dealing with the lack of regulation against gaming the system in the banking and wall street arenas, redoing our trade agreements to be good for OUR workers and to invest money in our infrastructure and reform education.

    Anything less is mere window-dressing on the fundemental problems with our economy.

    • Texas Ride

      Uknowho, there shouldn’t be any tax increased until 100% of the people start paying “their share!” Isn’t this what I hear all the time, incessantly. To use one of obammie’s favorites, “everyone uses the streets and bridges” so everyone must pay. Well, how about it!

      Everyone” should have skin-in-the-game.” That includes the lowest of the “gimmies” to the highest of the high, like GE!

      GE pays NO taxes. Most of obammies’s buddies don’t pay taxes. They get tax money given to them in one form or the other. And, BTW, if you don’t like the way Wallstreet and the banksters do business, you can blame that on obammie, as well.

      The military needs to be held accountable for the money they spend. Instead, politicans allow corporations to lobby and make deals under the table. All our problems in this country comes from our corrupt government and the criminals running it. This is becoming more and more apparent the more obammie talks and he talks alot because that is all he is good at doing. He would never be in office if it weren’t for the corruption in Washington. Our country has been sold out.

    • http://yahoo Don

      seems the only places cuts were made were in essential services this running the military, education and a they were talking medicare and social security. why hit the old who in a lot of cases have nothing. what about all the billions of dollars paid out to the oil industry and foreign aid and bunches of other things that do not effect the running of the country and the care of the people. the people seem to be thought of last. most politition’s benefactor, the wealthy never get hit. this seems to be how it is any more. they don’t give a damn if this counry goes down.

      • The Christian American

        He couldn’t do any meaningful cuts if he wanted to. He and his kind have conditioned people to come to the government trough for so long, if he did they’d lynch him. Obama’s not alone in this. Many Republicans are right there with him.

  • boyscout

    Chip, for an intelligent guy, how can you beat such a dumb drum? Can you not see that the board is flat and both black and white squares are occupied by Aholes? or do you simply assume my gullibility? Effects? give it time, you will see some (ha ha, a few will be beneficial but most not so much so). Yes we need cuts; SERIOUS cuts in the proper areas (look to R.P. for some glowing suggestions.) Think a little harder before you post and strive for credibility.

  • The Christian American

    You know when you think about it terror of one sort or another has been a driving force in America since our fear of communism after the second world war. Korea ws the kick off. Since then “the” government has postured it self to be our “protector” and has been expanding that role ever since. Afraid of this. Afraid of that. “I’m from the government and I’m here to “protect” you, said the snake ot the mouse. It has gotten so common place the government openly uses it, forinstance the way Obama used it just now. Fear and terror. TERROR: a physical or psychological act, possibly violent in nature, committed to gain or maintain submissiom. DC has to be the main source of terror around the world. If they can’t it peacefully through propaganda, then they will use force. We’re the suckers buying their terror instead of simply taking the sage advise President Washingto gave us at his Farewell Address. Read it. It’s on along with other founding and other pertinent documents. We put “In God we trust” on our coin and then put all our trust in a government that everybody says is sinking us. A bit of an oxymoron wouldn’t you think.

    • David

      Dear Concerned Christian,
      President Reagan said it so mightily while he was president which we need more godly men like him to step up in our nations capital. “If we are not a nation under God, we are a nation gone under.” And rightly speaking, Look at the new quarter with President Washington on its face. The old quarter the president faced, “In God we Trust” now the new edition “In God we Trust” is behind his head. Maybe its hypothetical, but maybe it’s now the stance of this nation. Think about it!
      Concerned Christian II

      • The Christian American

        The condition of this nation can be found in 11 Corinthians 3:17: Now the Lord is the Spirit: And where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. No Spirit of the Lord: No liberty
        or America.

        • tony newbill

          Its time to focus on the Politicians who are practicing Factionalism and make the the primary reason to vote them out of office !!!!!!!!

    • nc

      Christian, you say we put our trust in government that EVERYONE says is sinking us.”
      Everyone here on a “permanent” basis might be saying the government is sinking us but when I check the last census and count the number who post here I find a startling fact!
      EVERY ONE IN NOT HERE! WHAT PERCENT OF 1% OF OUR POPULATION IS HERE HERE PREDICTING THAT? IT’S LIKE A Fox News “CALL IN” POLL WHICH ARE ALWAYS ANTI-DEMOCRAT BY 80%! The sheeple who watch nothing else then believe that the whole country is 80% anti- Democrat! Then when we have a national election and the Democrats win the sheeple ask ‘How in he!! did that happen?”‘ and scratch their heads
      Sweep Hannity then tells them he was just kidding, Landslide Root still doesn’t realized he missed the call and the knuckle draggers here scream “stolen election”! YEAH, RIGHT!

    • eddie47d

      That’s why there should be two headlines! There’s method right wing “madness’!

  • TIME

    Dear People,

    This as well as everything that emanates from the “ILLEGAL” City State of the Dstrict of Columbia ~ from the Corporation known as the: ” United States inc.” Is nothing more nor less that worthless brown waste material.

    Will you all please wake up to this ~ “TRUTH.”

    With all the spending cuts noted ~ they would not cut { One Single Days} Spending.

    Your questions should be among many ~ why is it that we are allowing these Criminals to run this nation in the first place?

    Why are we allowing “BIG Pharmaceutical Co’s” to write laws that you must follow, let alone laws as to what Products you must BUY from them, under penalty of Fine’s and Prison time ?

    Why are we as a nation allowing “BIG Insurance Co’s” to have a say in what you must BUY from them by LAW? Again under penalty if FINES and Prison Time.
    Hello is anyone home?

    The old adage that applies here is: { Who’s watching the store?}

    Until you get it in your head that there is NO Right Wing v Left Wing, as the Body holds both as one, so too is there only a SINGLE head on that body.~ Thus there is only ONE!

    One with the same goals ~ thus ~ its still only “ONE.”

    This nation was not set up as a ” Democracy” We had at one point in TIME, a “Constitunial Republic.” Thus FREEDOM for the people,

    We now are burdened with so much Debt that we are all nothing more nor less than:~ “Indentured Servants.”
    As a matter of fact, it would take many thousands of years to pay back this {$16.9 TRILLION DOLLARS} in debt at this point in TIME, HELLO is there anyone home?

    There is only a BLEEK outlook for the Future, no matter how much the mass mdeia sells the drug of “Indoctronation ~ Propagandato the contrary.”

    Stand up and speak out about these crime’s ~ ALL ~ of them.

    What ever happened to the American Sprit of FREEDOM?
    Why would anyone trade thier Freedom for chains of bondage?

    Peace and Love, Shalom

    • FreedomFighter

      Well said Time,

      We just nullify the debt — lets face it they created the money from thin air, we can do the same — just had the fed a piece of paper and say thanks we dont need you anymore.

      a fake payment for the fake paper.

      Laus Deo
      Semper FI

    • vicki

      The left vs right paradigm is a trap as TIME has noted. This little ~10 min video explains well the proper paradigm is 100% vs limited vs 0% government

      • tony newbill

        Vicki you have described ” FACTIONALISM ” to a tee and its being propelled by the Political Factionist who are too ideologically strung out now to have faith in the confinements of the Constitution to uphold its Meaning , so they choose to Fracture the Unity to divide the voters and then as this destruction takes on New meaning changes to the Constitutional process can emerge .

        These Idealists are too fractured by all the Peak Earth Philosophies to believe any more in the US Constitution or Bill of Rights as the foundation of Liberty , and certainly their Liberty to continue to be in the cat birds seat like they have been all along now for the past 30 40 years , and so they are destroying we the peoples ability to make change under the Provisions of Our Constitution !!!!!!!

  • Jim B

    The White House is shameless and a black spot on our nation’s capital. The lead Tic has perpetuated his own form of terrorism on America, most are too stupid to recognize it, let alone understand it.

    • tony newbill

      When a Politician is practicing Factionalism as their only means of Political relevance the decline of a democracy is imminent !!!!

      • vicki

        I hope you meant Republic. Democracy has to fail. It is just another tyranny. Tyranny of the majority.

        • tony newbill

          Yes I meant the democratic process of sustaining a Republic !!!!!!

          Its Obvious that Obama has been Oppressing the Rule of law under the US Constitution by not having a budget for the past 4 years and his Budget he submitted was rejected by the Will of the people through their representatives under the Terminology of what a Republic is and This is grounds for Impeachment but the Monarchy thats supporting him in the shadows of Our government will never do this or even make a feeble attempt to .

          By a republic, Madison meant a system in which representatives are chosen by the citizens to exercise the powers of government. In Number 39 of The Federalist Papers, he returned to this theme, saying that a republic “is a government which derives all its powers directly or indirectly from the great body of the people; and is administered by persons holding their offices during pleasure, for a limited period, or during good behavior.” Generally, such leaders as Madison and John Adams believed that republicanism rests on the foundation of a balanced constitution, involving a Separation of Powers and checks and balances.

  • jopa

    Wow this is a switch for PLD for once not predicting gloom and doom and everything is going to be honky dory.Of course we will be fine with the great leadership we have in our President.I have been trying to tell you folks this for so long but it has fallen on deaf ears.No one said the cuts were going to have an immediate impact except for Fox but the cutbacks will hurt many that will be laid off and their work week shortened.But this is America we will survive.

    • vietnamvet1971

      speak for your self when you are Drooling, Praising, kissing Obozo’s Butt.

    • Old Henry

      jopa, jopa, jopa, there are NO cuts / cut backs. The budge(s) is growing year over year. There is only an imperceptable reduction in the INCREASE.

      If there are ANY cut-backs they are / will be completely for show. I wonder if Soetoro the Kenyan will lay off his FIVE full time chefs. Or, Mooch’s gardener(s).

  • FreedomFighter

    Hey Jopa,

    Here is some gloom an doom for you, provided by LIBERALS:

    Billionaires Dumping Stocks, Economist Knows Why

    “After all, the stock market is still in the midst of its historic rally. Real estate prices have finally leveled off, and for the first time in five years are actually rising in many locations. And the unemployment rate seems to have stabilized.

    It’s very likely that these professional investors are aware of specific research that points toward a massive market correction, as much as 90%.

    Its a coming guys, lock down, it also explains the gun grab push

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI


    President Scarecrow’s predictions about sequester cutbacks are as bogus as the phony birth certificate and Social Security number he uses on his tax return.

  • black as coal

    it doesn’t matter what everyone says and do about this dickhead in the white house. he will stay there no matter what. maybe he will become the greatest president ever! he was put in there by others than voters. your vote does not count at all its a farce. i think this guy was at the right time and the right place. he made it. that was his ambition and he got it. his campaign did not matter, what he said didn’t matter either. he was set to be put there by others.

  • Karolyn
    • http://personalliberty Alondra

      Now, March 8, 2013 vs. October 9, 2007

      GDP Growth _ _ _ _ _+3.0%_ _ _ _ _ +0.1%
      Reg. Gas Price_ _ _ _$2.77 _ _ _ _ _ $3.74
      Unemployment_ _ _ _ 7.2M _ _ _ _ _12.3M
      Food Stamps_ _ _ _ _26.6M_ _ _ _ _47.69M
      Fed. Balance Sheet _ 0.85T _ _ _ _ _3.07T
      Debt as % of GDP_ _ 35.7%_ _ _ _ _73.0%

      “Great is TRUTH, and mighty above all things.” (2Ezdra 4:41)

      I hope you liked Rand Paul’s 13 hours Filibuster.

      • tony newbill

        Alondra truth is good …… Karolyn I have Green Goggles for my cattle when I feed them dry straw , it helps to Trick then into eating lower quality feed but it ends up not being what sustains their lives ….

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        Tony, correction: The headline should be: October 9, 2007 vs. March 8, 2013 – The data of the first column reflects the 2007 numbers, and the second column – the 2013.

        • tony newbill

          Alondra , I hope Bob will post this live in a while because its an Important assessment of where we are NOW in the Coming Collapse I think !!!!

          Gang way to the Global Currency war and dollar collapse .

          The rally right now is going to cause a epic currency war of the worlds to break out very soon as food prices and defection from the dollar emerge . Last Months 253 Billion dollar Cash Expansion in buying t-Bills and MBS away from the banks by the Fed is a tell tale sign of just how bad things have become and this cash going into the market is fueling foreign nations inflation that will force them to reject the dollar and the market will ricochet like a rocket when China offers these 2 nations a option to trade without the dollar as their settlement currency , and once this domino falls it will set off a series of rejections in the EU and its Over for the dollar as world trade currency and we will see an explosion of inflation in the USA on existing supply and whatever Little bit of Foreign supply we import , Oil will rocket to the point that Obama will have to declare a National emergency and nationalize the markets . The Ammo and armaments build up are for this .
          Heres a signal of how the Global Food riots will cause the breakdown of the Dollar trade currency war thats coming we saw it bring on the 2008 collapse and its here again because all the real cash investments have been consolidating into Ag related Investments over the past 4 years since the financial collapse and the Federal Reserve has accelerated this now to the point we are going to see this finale ……
          Chinese Real Estate Bubble Could Deflate Dairy Markets

          And here is the UNSUSTAINABLE FEDERAL RESERVE BUYING SPREE THAT WILL PUSH THE REST OF THE WORLD TO A DOLLAR REJECTION BECAUSE OF THEIR FOOD INFLATION LIKE THE ABOVE LINK SHOWS IS STARTING TO HAPPEN !!!!! Do the MATH on 12 months of 253 billion and it tells you we are borrowing all of the Government operating funding , NO Foreign Buyers of the Dollar treasuries is happening NOW , this means Imports , OIL for sure is going to Hyper Inflate on existing supply in the USA very very soon !!!!!
          $253.5B—Obama Borrowed Nearly 6x as Much in February as Sequester Cuts All Year

          Fed Injects Record $100 Billion Cash Into Foreign Banks Operating In The US In Past Week

          This next article Compares the effects of a Currency use that’s Not supply driven in its expansion methods . The Central Banks are trying to FORCE the World nations to keep taking the dollar with EASY access to capital , Hitler did this same kind of a deal only it was in secret as he printed Counterfeit US Dollars and other currencies and fed them into the British money markets and cause inflation collapse .

          The Actions of the Central Banks that are Dollar denominated today are NO Different in what their ambitions are . Its going to cause the other nations to print their own currency or adopt another trade currency in trade negotiations . China and Asian Industrial Producers have the Upper hand in this Coming Currency war because they control the Durable production of Industrial Parts supplies , ie ; Tool and die and resource supply between the BRIC nations can superseded a Dollar dominated trade settlement agreement as inflation creeps into the markets of these nations being forced to use dollars and those dollars drive up costs to the nations people . We need Supply Expansion not Currency Expansion !!!! We need a Leader who can bring this to the attention of the people and start a debate around the idea that a tax code that Engages societies to invest in expansion of supply of vital needs is paramount NOW today to avert this disaster thats coming !!!!

  • Thade

    Hope these clowns r now busted for their panic mode EVERY other week! As far as GOP holdin out to get sequestration to kick in, GREAT! But the BIG test comes the end of the month. Lets c how they do then. Stand tough and SHUT it DOWN ! Like Mr Reagan said , You suppose anyone will notice???

    • tony newbill

      they won’t shut it down , they will kick the can like they have been . they are all in it together because they are in a slow motion decline to collapse of the current economic system . The rally right now is going to cause a epic currency war of the worlds to break out very soon as food prices and defection from the dollar emerge . Last Months 253 Billion dollar Cash Expansion in buying t-Bills and MBS away from the banks by the Fed is a tell tail sign of just how bad things have become and this cash going into the market is fueling foreign nations inflation that will force them to reject the dollar and the market will ricochet like a rocket when China offers these 2 nations a option to trade without the dollar as their settlement currency , and once this domino falls it will set off a series of rejections in the EU and its Over for the dollar as world trade currency and we will see an explosion of inflation in the USA on existing supply and whatever Little bit of Foreign supply we import , Oil will rocket to the point that Obama will have to declare a National emergency and nationalize the markets . The Ammo and armaments build up are for this .
      Heres a signal of how the Global Food riots will cause the breakdown of the Dollar trade currency war thats coming we saw it bring on the 2008 collapse and its here again because all the real cash investments have been consolidating into Ag related Investments over the past 4 years since the financial collapse and the Federal Reserve has accelerated this now to the point we are going to see this finale ……

  • Dave Bishop

    What with the release of (your choice: 3,000 or 5,000) illegal immigrants (undocumented, they say), the furloughing of Border and Customs Agents (supposedly 60,000 total), the US is in dire straits. We can ignore Maxine Waters’ dire prediction. It holds as much water as her marveling at the U.S. flag that was unfurled on Mars awhile back. But there is HOPE: the Obama’s have found enough financing to lease a mansion in Martha’s Vineyard for later this Spring!! There’s also enough to put up staff and Secret Service Agents int the local hotels. Our cup runneth over…

  • Elda

    I say shut the government down and send everyone home that is not necessary to keep the borders safe. Then let the states take over everything that is REALLY necessary. That is the way it was always supposed to be.


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