There’s A Downside To Vaccinations

Since the 1980s, vaccination schedule mandates started from the CDC, the Food and Drug Administration and State health agencies requiring that infants, toddlers and teens be vaccinated against numerous diseases.

Everyone reading this article most likely has been vaccinated at some time in his or her life. You probably thought you were doing something worthwhile to protect your health and well-being. What you undoubtedly did not realize was the downside to vaccinations which, unfortunately, is not adequately emphasized by physicians or the media.

Sad vaccine-related complications occur by the thousands — especially in infants, toddlers and teens — as documented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). And a most sinister reaction can occur when vaccine-related symptoms appear similar to the effects of child abuse, prompting law enforcement officials to press charges against a parent or caregiver. The symptom is brain inflammation, and the criminal charge can be any one of several, but the most frequent is shaken baby syndrome.

In the 1980s, the CDC, the Food and Drug Administration and State health agencies began requiring that infants, toddlers and teens be vaccinated against numerous diseases, many of which had become self-contained with little or no health threats. Some examples include:

  • Pertussis (whooping cough) According to Vital Statistics of the United States and Historical Statistics of the United States: Colonial Times to 1970 Part 2, mortality rates went from 16 in 100,000 to two in 100,000 in 1942. The pertussis vaccine wasn’t even introduced until 1948. Pertussis vaccines cause a number of adverse reactions.
  • Influenza mortality rates in the United States went from 180 per 100,000 in 1933 to fewer than 10 in 100,000 in 1965. The flu vaccine was widely administered starting in the late 1980s. Senior citizens were targeted, and today many seniors suffer with Alzheimer’s disease. Is there some connection since flu vaccines contain aluminum, a neurotoxin, which stores in the brain? Aluminum has been implicated in dementias.
  • Measles deaths in England and Wales went from 1,200 in 1850 to fewer than 50 deaths in 1950. The measles vaccine was not introduced in England and Wales until 1965. The combination of measles, mumps and rubella vaccines into one vaccine has been linked to more adverse reactions.
  • Tuberculosis deaths in New Zealand went from short of 1,400 in 1880 to about 100 in 1951. The BCG (tuberculosis) vaccine was introduced in New Zealand in 1953.

Within 24 hours of birth, infants in the United States are vaccinated with the Hepatitis B vaccine. At 2, 4 and 6 months of age, infants receive a series of vaccines, sometimes as multiple vaccines in one dose or individual doses during one visit. Vaccines contain numerous neurotoxins capable of causing brain inflammation. Several vaccine adjuvants (Tween 20, Tween 80 and Triton X-100) are ingredients that were used in DDT sprayed on World War II servicemen. They are capable of causing apoptosis (cell “suicide”) and epileptic seizures, and some people believe they enable aluminum and mercury (thimerosal) to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Since a child’s immune system is not fully developed until about age 2, their bodies are not capable of dealing with all the toxic and poisonous ingredients found in vaccines injected into them (26 in their first year of life). To understand more about vaccines, I suggest you visit

Common vaccine reactions in infants are fussiness, uncontrollable screaming or fits, which may cause parents to seek hospital emergency room help. The symptoms often lead doctors to believe that abuse has occurred when, in reality, observed brain swelling or inflammation may be directly related to vaccines. Such reactions can happen shortly after a vaccination or over a prolonged period, since neurotoxins and poisons cause biochemical events that induce and prolong inflammation. If indeed the child has suffered trauma from being shaken and there are trauma marks on the body, then legal charges are in order.

The end result of abnormally prolonged lipid peroxidation may be abnormal brain inflammation with secondary brain edema (swelling). In essence, the brain might be compared with highly inflammable dry grass or brush enclosed in an area with elevated oxygen levels, needing only a spark to set off a conflagration of inflammatory lipid peroxidation. In all likelihood, vaccine adjuvants provide this spark far more often than generally realized, as Harold E. Buttram, M.D., and I wrote in our paper, “Vaccines and Brain Inflammation.”

To better understand what happens in the brain, as Dr. Buttram and I wrote:

In explanation, microglia and astrocytes are first-line immunological responder cells located in the brain that defend against foreign infectious invaders. Normally this response, such as to a viral infection, is of limited duration and harmless to the brain. However, when microglia and astrocytes are over-stimulated for prolonged periods, which vaccine adjuvants are designed to bring about, this extended activation can be very destructive to the brain causing inflammation and/or bleeding.

As a result of vaccine damage, a child can suffer many health anomalies, including the autism spectrum disorder, which has been a common childhood health anomaly since the 1980s when innoculation with numerous vaccines became mandatory. Other problems can include allergies (especially to foods). Childhood diabetes also appears to be on the rise, and there is speculation and some research pointing to vaccine-induced diabetes.

John Classen, M.D., of Finland said during a 1998 conference held by the American College of Medicine: “All autoimmune diseases are increasing in incidence. General immune (over) stimulation from vaccines is a cause of autoimmunity.”

Considering that today’s vaccines have been incubated in cell cultures of aborted fetuses, monkey kidneys and other animal tissues, this should give any thinking person pause to consider the possible implications involved in manufacturing, injecting and receiving vaccines.

Recently recombinant DNA has been found in the HPV vaccine given to girls as young as 9 years of age. There are no studies I know of validating the safety of recombinant DNA, and none are proposed. Why? Many young women have died after receiving an HPV vaccine injection. See

Basically, a compromised child is left with lifelong health problems, the family is devastated, and infants and toddlers often are taken away from their parents and put in foster care while the courts press on with legal charges of shaken baby syndrome or any of several other legal charges. Many times, children who have glutaric acidemia are misdiagnosed with shaken baby syndrome. Emergency room physicians and nurses are not trained to perform proper medical tests that can exonerate parents of child abuse.

Numerous parents have had their children put up for adoption by the State because of the above, which, more often than not, is brain inflammation caused by vaccine reaction, which the FDA and vaccine makers deny. However, if you look closely at a vaccine package insert, you will see on some that brain inflammation is listed as an adverse reaction or contraindication. That is tacit proof that it can happen, I think. But who is to know whose or which child will suffer from brain inflammation? It seems like it’s a medically mandated crapshoot.

So many parents have been prosecuted legally for vaccine-induced brain inflammation as child abuse that they are fighting back. In August 2011, the Evidence Based Medicine and Social Investigation Conference took place in Vancouver, British Columbia, where numerous medical and legal experts discussed legal challenges defending those innocent but accused of criminal acts relating to child abuse that apparently can be traced to vaccine-induced brain inflammation, plus the failure of global legal systems to protect the innocent. That conference was the first of its kind. A similar conference is scheduled for August 2012.

The sad part about vaccinations is their often-irreversible downside, and brain inflammation is one that occurs often and condemns many perfectly healthy and beautiful children to a life with disabilities. However, the saddest part about the vaccine-induced brain inflammation issue, I think, is the CDC’s and FDA’s apparent disregard for what neurotoxins and other poisons in all vaccines really do to infants, toddler, teens, adults and senior citizens. Certainly, Congress should investigate what’s going on.

The answer as to why Congress probably won’t investigate can be found in the fact that in a September 2010 CDC report, nearly 90 percent of adults reported taking prescription drugs in the month before the report. Close to 75 percent of senior citizens take two or more prescription drugs, while 37 percent take five or more. However, it’s been noted that senior citizens who take multiple prescription drugs are at higher risks for falls, with as high as 15 percent interactions or adverse advents — even deaths. Aren’t vaccines pharmaceutical drugs?

In addition to brain inflammation, parents, Congress and the CDC and FDA, in particular, should be concerned with transcession, which may be taking place in human bodies. From a standpoint of future generations, there is the possibility that vaccines may be bringing about genetic hybridization in our children. In reality, that just may be the greatest hazard of today’s childhood vaccination programs.

–­ Catherine J. Frompovich

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Catherine Frompovich

matriculated in holistic modalities and natural nutrition, earning advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences and a Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice. She spent numerous years in practice as a consulting natural nutritionist and over 35 years in consumer health research and writing, which she continues in retirement. For years she worked as a healthcare rights advocate to ensure that the "powers to be" would not have their way in destroying complementary / holistic healthcare and its modalities as "quackery." For five years she edited The Healthcare Rights Advocate, a 32 page quarterly newsletter centered on the politics of healthcare in the 1980s. In the late 1980s and 1990s she represented holistic healthcare interests on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC. As a freelance journalist, Catherine wrote and produced two TV shows. One, "Turn Off The Violence," was nominated for the 1996 Telly Award. Her work has been published in The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine and other holistic healthcare journals, airline travel magazines, community newspapers, national magazines, and online Internet forums. She is the author of several books on natural nutrition and holistic healthcare. Her last book, Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What's Probably Making Us Sick, is available here. She has new book scheduled for publication in 2012 that will be titled, A Cancer Answer: Holistic Breast Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments.

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