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There Must Be A Morning After

November 8, 2012 by  

There Must Be A Morning After

I wrote a different column at first. It was reasonably lighthearted, as I wanted to avoid being excessively morose following President Barack Obama’s re-election. It had some cute little one-off gags about the Senate win by Elizabeth Warren and her fake Cherokee cheekbones and Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. winning a landslide in his Illinois Congressional race despite making his father look like a Franciscan monk while Junior hides from investigators in a Minnesota hospital room.

But I don’t have it in me to be my usual sunny self. I am morose. I’m as sad as a homeless guy who just found out the Democrats pay only for votes; and that, tomorrow, he’ll be back to counting cans for the recycling deposits. I am so confused by my country from time to time. I understand the allure of the Obama life. Food, clothing, money, healthcare, Jay-Z tickets and cellphones are all free. Work is a thing of the past, as is responsibility. It’s always someone else’s job to make sure you’re covered. The politics of ease are a powerful drug.

But I like being free. I love it. I love that I can point out that the leader of the country is a profligate liar without being shot, beaten or sent to the gulag for it. I love that I can discuss the crimes he has committed and will commit in his insatiable quest for power without black helicopters descending on my house. I even enjoy the fact that Democratic sock puppets can party themselves into an even deeper stupor than usual after their icon’s victory, despite the fact that they’ve sold their country into slavery in doing so. And if I have to pay for creature comforts with my own cash, then so be it. It sure beats living in one of those sad, gray little dictatorships like North Korea.

And I’m not fleeing the country. I’m not one of those uber-wealthy Hollywood clowns who promises emigration to the nearest convenient tax shelter in the Caribbean every time my guy takes one on the chin. Even if I end up being the last man standing in a country overrun by liberal filth and their idiot minions, I’ll be damned if they’re going to run me off. I survived eight years of Bill Clinton’s dough-faced dishonesty; I can survive eight years of Obama’s mealy-mouthed mendacity.

Clinton was a liar and a reprobate, but at least he was fun about it. I never got the sense from Clinton that he hated me (though I did from his wife). Obama hates me. He also hates most of you. Close to 50 percent of the Nation no-voted Obama, and he despises them for it. He despises their God and their guns. He reviles their refusal to knuckle under to socialist nightmares like Obamacare. Clinton may have been a screwball, but at least you knew he could hold his liquor and might be fun to party with. Obama is a living, breathing archetype of the effete elitism that has turned the Democratic Party into the national disgrace it has become. Democrats aren’t better than we are, but they think they are and they act accordingly. Witness Obama’s casual mendacity on Benghazi, Libya, and Operation Fast and Furious.  Furthermore, witness his comfort in skirting the law with “executive orders.”  He rules by fiat — like some kind of sideshow emperor.

Obama’s re-election is bad news for America. But we’ve received bad news before, and we will again. As the returns rolled toward Obama last night, I comforted a pal by suggesting that while Obama’s re-election may be a hurricane of horror for liberty, the storm surge might help to wash the shore clean for 2014’s House and Senate elections. We made it to 2012; we can survive to 2016. When my friend suggested I was trying to put lipstick on the proverbial pig, I offered another outcome:

It’s 2012. If the Mayans were right, then none of this matters much.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Bill Scantlen

    Hopefully, the Mayans were right. It beats going down slowly. Let’s make it a quick death. No torture.
    I personally, do not believe we will ever recover from ths election. Obama has no plans of ever leaving the Whitehouse. The Constitution be damned! One more massive executive order should do it and Congress will sit there like they are brain dead which infact, they are.

    • eddie47d

      You are the problem Bill and it is starring you right in the face.So you bought into the authors swagger who sounded like a drunk recovering from a late night binge. The election wasn’t about cell phones or N Korea yet the far right made it so. You denigrate with disparaging comments and use words like filth and idiots. You all think you have a moral compass but this article says differently. This “Conservative” hate filled rancor is what is bad for America and you all skip along like it is normal human behavior. You lose on more than one front!

      • Paul Wells

        Oh, Real American…if only it were that easy! eddie47d infects us every day with his strident good humor and liberal lunacy to the point that it makes you want to puke your shoes up!

      • millie

        To eddie47,

        You just don’t get it, we are losing our country to a muslim dictator. Why don’t you do your research on this black potus?!! It is obvious you know nothing. This muslim potus is in bed with the muslim brotherhood and he won’t be satisfied until he brings America down. Obama hates America and if you have children and grandchildren you I am sure you would like to see them grow up in a free country where they can be anything in they want to be.

        Bottom line, obama is dirty and he got blood on his hands with the Fast and Furious and the Bengazi. This man has lied repeatedly and the facts are slowing coming out. He is bad for the country and with his reckless spending the economy will crash and his healthcare will kill jobs.

        And still morons go and vote for this man, by the time these useful idiots wake up, it will be too late. I pray that we still have a country in 4 years from now, we are in danger of becoming another socialist nation. Thanks to the morons that voted this undocumented imposter back in office

        One more thing, by the end of 2016, I got the feeling that obama may not want to leave. Obama is capable of signing a executive order to serve another term. This guy like power and to get rid of him is going to be a bitch.

      • eddie47d

        You lie again Millie. Are you proud of yourself and the sheeple who follow your baited breath!

      • eddie47d

        Why Paul you are one of those loony Conservatives I was talking about. Did you get a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. Now go and clean up your barf on those shoes.

      • Gregory Brooks

        Yon tell them Eddie and may be just may be one day they will get thear heads out of where the sun don’t shine and see what it is really all about.

      • pcwill55

        The dems do it too!

    • mark

      Hopefully the Mayans are right?! What pathetic, apocalyptic fatalism. Longing for the end of the world because your guy lost the election. I hope every man, woman, and child on the planet dies because I’m unhappy with who is in the White House. What a wonderful and selfless sentiment. No wonder you guys lost.

      • wandamurline

        Personally, I don’t plan to go anywhere, I will not go silently into the night and I will not stand down without a fight….so you are wrong that I am unhappy with the results of the election caused by the free loaders and unions of this country, but I won’t go down easily and I believe that there are a lot of others that feel the same. America is bigger than the Democraps and the liar in chief.

      • eddie47d

        PERSONALLY I don’t think you are being helpful for a better America Wanda. Your rage and silly name calling shows where the right wing elements will take us and I doubt if it will be a paradise in Heaven.

      • Hedgehog

        Mark, ease up a little. If I understand the anthropologists correctly, the end of the Mayan calendar did not signify the end of the world, but the end of an era. What the intelligentsia cal a paradigm shift or a rule change. No big deal, maybe like the song says, this is the “dawning of the age of Aquarius.’ You’re right it’s no reason to damn the entire world to perdition. Humans are adaptable.

      • Kate8

        eddie, you miserable hypocrit. Are you forgetting the rancor that came from the Left when Bush was elected?

        Gloat while you can. America is bigger than Obama, and his days are numbered.

        You think you’ve won. Heh heh. Enjoy it while you can.

      • Vicki

        Kate8 says:
        “eddie, you miserable hypocrit. Are you forgetting the rancor that came from the Left when Bush was elected?”

        Does he even remember the tweets from liberals as to what they would do if obama lost?

      • Kate8

        Vicki – No kidding. Liberals seem oblivious to the really viscious attacks and threats that come from inside their ranks, which are MUCH worse than anything coming from patriots.

        Note Karolyn’s post somewhere below, saying that things like that NEVER come from liberal-land, but only from conservatives.

        If it weren’t so tragic it might actually be humorous.

      • eddie47d

        I’m not bragging about Obama winning and didn’t say so. So Kate 8 continue with your make up stories and false bravado. I was simply pointing out how nasty some Conservatives are and you seem to prove that point.

      • Kate8

        Now more things come out.

        Only 60% of voters turned in ballots. Half of those were for Obama. This means that only 30% of the voters voted for Obama. That doesn’t say much for him.

        Then, it seems, hundreds of thousands of military ballots were “lost”, and arrived one day late.

        So much for Obama’s support. In spite of the fact that he has no mandate, he’ll continue to trample our Constitution out of existence. And yes, the EOs will keep coming. He thinks he’s a dictator.

      • Kate8

        And another thing. You liberals are okay with men and women who are sacrificing life and limb under the command of Obama being disenfranchised, having their votes not counted because of an “accident”; yet it’s the end of the world if some illiterate, uninformed black on welfare doesn’t get to cast at least one ballot.

        You guys won’t get away with this stuff forever. Payback is always a you-know-what.

    • American 1st

      I am with you. This slow death of America began 4 years ago. Look at what THEY did the past 4 years, the next 4 will be worse.

      At first I was appalled at the number of anti-Americans that voted for Obama & the downfall of our country. Then I analyzed their base, realizing that a Party that Boos God will do anything. Yes, I realize that Lies & Propaganda worked, but the Dem base is really disturbing: Athiests, mothers with “baby daddies” who can’t collect all that welfare if they get “married” (no morals), Muslims (cult), racist blacks, Gays & the list goes on.

      Maybe Obama was right, maybe “America is no longer a Christian nation”.

      I prayed for our country & still do.

      • mark

        The Democratic base includes tens of millions of working Americans, union members, school teachers, military veterans, retired seniors, current U.S. military, educated women, and lots of young people, college students, etc. Your racist characterization of the party as consisting solely of welfare blacks is inaccurate.

      • Mamamia

        Hey American 1st, of course Obama was right when he said “No longer a christian nation”. Duh, it’s been that way for as long as I can remember…. that’s the beauty of America the free… freedom of religion. You can’t impose christian laws in the white house. There is reason for seperation of church and state. If not, then it is no longer freedom in America. There should no more be a “christian run white house” any more than there be an “atheist run white house”. The two do not mix. Why is this so hard for people to understand? I voted for Obama the 1st time so you are saying that I am anti-american? Isn’t that an oxymoron… an american voting for president is anti american? You are also a hater for saying all non-republicans are athiest and welfare receipients. Broaden your mind women. I’m surprised you don’t hate Romney because he’s a morman.

      • You Are All Slaves

        So the end of this country ended 4 years ago…more like 12 years ago when you people elected that retard Bush

      • Gregory Brooks

        You are one of them dumb asses that were being led down the road of no return, by the pide piper of come follow me and I will robe yo blind, then jrop you off the cliff and tell tou the other guy did it, just bcause I know you are dumb enough to go for it (YOU IDIOT).

    • Ted Crawford

      I agree with you Bill, that America will never recover from this election! I believe that you are wrong about Obama leaving office however! I believe he will gladdly leave!
      In response to his reckless and irresponsible fiscal policies, the IMF, OPEC and the G-20 will finalize their plans for SDR’s and the American Dollar will be replaced by them as ‘Petro dollars’ and also as the Global Reserve Currency. When that occurs our dollar will collapse. In just a few years the Office of President of the United States will cease to be a position of world Leadership! Few will even know who he or she is, for example who is the Prime Minister of Ireland?

      • Jayson

        I believe you are closer to the mark then you think, Ted!

      • Gregory Brooks

        This is for all of you who agree with Bill, where do you think we would be if President Obama hadn’t been elected in the first place? HUN TELL ME IF YOU CAN. OH you can’t can you! Well let me all of you would either broke bust and disgusted, one of the dearly departed or so depressed youare ready to die. You all sime to foreget that when he took office the stock market was on the verge of collapse and now it has been turned around. Do I need to go on, do I need To bring up the auto industry. NO NO don’t make do it, don’t make go on. What about health care,no I’m going to get right to thE reson you all talk all that bullandtell all them lies IT’S BECAUSE HE’S A BLACK MAN AND THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE YOU BUNCH OF RACIST PIGS YOU UNREFINED BIGOTS. NOW DEAL WITH THAT

  • Amy Heimann

    I agree with Bill’s comments. I truly fear that Obama will do something to basically eliminate the Constitution. Time for this girl to pack up what little I have and get out of here, before Obummer puts up guards at the gates.

    • Karolyn

      Sorry to hear your shakin’ in your boots Amy. Your political prognosticators have done their job well. Too bad you believe everything you hear from those you regularly listen to.

      • Elljay
      • American 1st

        Karolyn -

        Too bad you didn’t have enough respect for our country to vote for a man who could turn our economy around. You will go down with this sinking ship, along with the rest of the Demon-Rats.

      • larry ryan

        In 200+ years a passport was not needed to go to and from Canada. Is it a coincidense that a passport became a requirement under the Obama regime? I suspect in the coming years that leaving this country is going to become more and more difficult. You’re going to need the right papers, the right approvals, and to get those papers and approvals is going to require the right political views.

      • Alan

        As do you Karolyn. The problem is that everybody thinks they know the truth, that they are the only ones imbued with the ability to grasp the socalled “facts”. I think we will all be surprised should the truths ever be fully revealed.

    • mark

      So Amy, apparently Ben Crystal is wrong in his column when he condemns ” those uber-wealthy Hollywood clowns who promises emigration” when their candidate loses. You and numerous conservatives/libertarians are all proclaiming all over the blogosphere that you are leaving the country over this election. What patriots you all are. When fighting the British in the snow and the rain, following defeat after defeat, George Washington as we all know, just gave up in the middle of the war and fled to the Caribbean where he lived out the rest of his life in defeat and ignominy. Yeah, right. Thank God, the Patriots of 1776 were made of sterner stuff than the crybabies of today.

      What is also a laugh is that so many conservatives and libertarians are talking about fleeing to Canada! A country that has much higher tax rates, social programs, and a truly government-controlled national health care plan unlike Obamacare which relies almost entirely on private insurance companies and private physicians. And as for “before Obama puts guards at the gates,” this is exactly what conservatives have been condemning Obama for for years! That he has not put enough “guards” at our border “gates!”

      • MD

        Do you live on Saturn? Washington is being compared to Obummer??? The born American who loved this country and struggled and faught to build it from nothing, with a Kenyan who hates it, never had a job, never even thought of military engagement… actually just let 4 Americans get killed and lied about it for weeks. The laws that apply to everyone else here, do not touch him. I want to see his college transcrips, his grades. After all, my hard work feeds that parasite. AND I should be punished for working 100 + hours a week and being “rich”, so that every lazy creature on welfare can have a cell phone? And when it comes to securing the border, so that Americans don’t get killed in their backyards in AZ by illegals crossing – YES he has done NOTHING at all. But we all know he learned how to play golf. There will come a day when all of us who work hard to feed the parasites will just say… well then I won’t work anymore, as simple as that.
        But liberals like you do not see the facts when they are hitting them over the head. Your view of the world has nothing to do with reality. You might want to tell me where you live, so I can refer you to get some help, even though you are beyond it.

    • eddie47d

      The Constitution will not be eliminated Amy and all those cheap and worthless predictions about Martial Law and FEMA camps didn’t come to fruition. Time for you to become more level headed on the issues. I don’t like everything the Republicans stand for and not everything the Democrats stand for. The country may be in economic trouble on some fronts but it is not collapsing and is even improving. I truly don’t want the housing market to have huge price increases. (as an example) That was a false market and hurt everyone when the bubble burst. We need slow and steady in our markets,in government and in or personal lives.

      • Jake

        All I can tell you is that I have let go half of my work force, I’m not even drawing a check, and Revenue is down by half. One more step closer to going broke. No Politics, No Taking Points, just Reality. I guess to much Hope and not enough $$Change.

      • Karolyn

        Jake – I guess you must live in the wrong place. Real estate is booming here and in Charlotte, and we’re actually seeing help wanted ads in the paper (which haven’t been there in years). I had to close my business in ’94 because of the aftermath of 9/11 and lost my shirt. People close businesses all the time. Did I give up and feel sorry for myself? No.

  • Sailor

    No worries; all that happens, simply happens for a reason…we shall see what the future holds even if it is grim at this point….

  • Ann

    I am very afraid. Now Obama doesn’t have to worry about looking “good” for the next election. I am also shocked at Democrat “friends” who figuratively slap me in the face if I dare to express my disappointment that a gentleman, job creator, fantastic speaker and humanitarian like Mitt Romney couldn’t get elected. Our country has fallen very low. This election was blatantly good vs. evil–from the Presidential election to weed to homo marriage to CA refusing to label GMO’s so Americans would have the freedom to know what they are eating. More people fell for dishonest ads than didn’t. But if you look at the voting map, and look by county, it is very clear. PA, for example, didn’t vote for Obama–Philadelphia, Scranton, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, etc. did! THE CITIES! The places most prone to follow blindly the stupid ads without researching the bogus claims. The places most people don’t do “real” things like grow gardens and know what life is really about. I’m all for making such cities their own little states and letting the rest of us actually having a voice.

    • Karolyn

      Ann – Like people in the country are better than people in the city? Like people who disagree with your beliefs are evil? Just because somebody works with his hands and gardens, he is no better than someone who never gardened a day in his life and works in an office. We are all the same and are all brothers and sisters. What is wrong with you people? Your tunnel vision is so ingrained that you cannot even see anything else. I had the opportunity to see your “side” in action yesterday. I am a 65 yo woman back in school. We had a short discussion of the election in my Speech class, and the conservatives could not even speak without becoming irrational and bent out of shape. Why can’t people just live and let live? I know no liberals who behave as poorly as I see conservatives behave. I have seen or heard no liberals wish death on liberals. However, I have seen and heard that done by conservatives. Why can you not accept that there could be a possibility that you are wrong? Why can you never even try to see things through different eyes? What a boring world it would be if we all thought the same, but you apparently would love it to be that way.

      • Elljay
      • American 1st

        Maybe Conservatives got “bent out of shape” because they could see what BHO and the Democrats have done to our country in the past 4 years, because they heard the Lies & Propaganda being spewed by the Demon-Rats. They carefully orchestrated their BS to encompass the weakest of minds.

        They took a paragraph right out of another leader’s book:

        Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf (1925)
        The masses find it difficult to understand politics, their intelligence is small. Therefore all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points. The masses will only remember only the simplest ideas repeated a thousand times over. If I approach the masses with reasoned arguments, they will not understand me. In the mass meeting, their reasoning power is paralyzed. What I say is like an order given under hypnosis.

      • eddie47d

        You mean like Republicans who constantly repeat Hate Gays, Hate Muslims, Call Democrats Demorats and then expect civility to be apart of their moral compass. No thanks you lose.

      • rhcrest

        Yes i consider you leftists evil as sin. I have decided that i will no longer do business with any leftists in my personal life – hairdresser, plumber etc . From now on i am asking point blank if they voted for Obama and if they say yes i will find another person to do business with. Same thing with friends. I will no longer be friends with people that just voted for the demise of the country. And in fact, i would gladly fight you people in a civil war. I consider you my enemy just as the Colonists considered the British their enemy

      • rhcrest

        Live and let live? Are you kidding? These people want to live off of the fruits of our labor and we are supposed to be ok with that? If it was up to me i would cull the population of takers. I think that we will have to do that to save the country. and i have seen PLENTY of leftists wishing death on conservatives. They were tweating that they wanted to kill Romney, they hoped the people at chickfila choked on their sandwhiches, they wanted to kill Brad Pitt’s mother because she thought gay marriage was wrong and i could go on and on. And look at OWS and the union thing in Wisconsin. These people were very violent.

      • Karolyn

        rhcrest – You are a dangerous person.

      • Vicki

        Karolyn says:
        “rhcrest – You are a dangerous person.”

        Tell us how you feel about all those nice liberals who tweeted what they would do of obama lost.

      • mark

        rhcrest, what a twisted way to view life? I have plenty of conservative buddies, we argue, poke fun of one another, and share beers. I don’t see any of them as “my enemies” even though we profoundly disagree on politics. How can you tell who is a liberal/progressive type who you will have no dealings with? When you go out to a restaurant do you ask the waiter, the owner, the bartender who they voted for? And if they say Obama, do you walk out in a huff and take your business elsewhere? Unreal.

        All liberal/progressives are stealing from your paycheck? You do realize that the vast majority of liberals get up and go to work everyday, don’t you? You’d like to cull the liberal herd? This is a Nazi position, and also a Stalinist one, to physically kill everyone you hate or everyone who disagrees with you politically. Wow, what a twisted outlook. But then again, you have many Americans who agree with you, a smathering of leftist extremists but also thousands of members of the KKK, Aryan Nations, White People’s Party, Skinheads, etc. You are in good company with these groups, rhcrest.

      • Karolyn

        Vicki – It has been widely suggested that those were bogus tweets – only good for conservatives to use as fuel. Might even have been done by conservatives.

      • Vicki

        Who is suggesting they were bogus and what is their track record of honesty?

      • eddie47d

        Why does Vickie worry about what some Liberal says out there in cyberspace when she can’t control the hollowing mob on this Conservative site. Karolyn is generally civil yet you attack her and try and make her responsible for uncivil Liberals. Yet you are mum on Conservatives who are uncouth right in front of your face.

      • vicki

        eddie47d says:
        “Karolyn is generally civil yet you attack her and try and make her responsible for uncivil Liberals.”

        Really? Where did I attack her? Where did I try and make her responsible for any libereals beyond herself?

        eddie47d: “Yet you are mum on Conservatives who are uncouth right in front of your face.”

        What you need me to referee your little squabbles again?

    • Paul Lind

      To Ann — Your comment laments that city dwellers are “prone to follow blindly the stupid ads without researching the bogus claims.”

      On the contrary when Romney made the mistake of putting out his “bogus claim” just 6 days before the election that JEEP would be shutting US plants and moving overseas it was the city folks (and the CEO of Chrysler and the CEO of General Motors) who researched and found him to be a liar.

      That’s what cost him OHIO.

      • Dennis Phelps

        Was the CEO of GM in china when he did this?

      • Vicki

        Paul Lind says:
        “….when Romney made the mistake of putting out his “bogus claim” just 6 days before the election that JEEP would be shutting US plants and moving overseas it was the city folks (and the CEO of Chrysler and the CEO of General Motors) who researched and found him to be a liar.”

        How do you lie by making a prediction? And when JEEP closes its (remaining) US plants and moves overseas how will the nice folk in Ohio feel about their vote choice?

        What is even more interesting is the point. The ad appears to have phrased it wrong but there are thousands of jobs now in China that could have stayed in the US.

    • eddie47d

      You are so wrong ANN. I don’t know of any Liberal/Progressive who DOESN’T want GMO products labeled. Their are a few Liberal sites and petitions sites that demand labeling on any GMO products. That is something that the right and left can concur on then and work together to achieved proper labeling,right?

      • Dennis Phelps

        You can only hope!

      • Kate8

        Wealthy from both sides of the aisle are heavily invested in corporations like Monsanto. This was not a partisan issue.

        I do have R friends who voted against it. Why? “Because it was a poorly-written bill”.

        Aren’t they all. But it was our best shot at it.

        Unfortunately, people are limited to the propaganda they choose to believe.

        It’s a sad day in America, but we’ll come back stronger. We’ll take a few days to mourn, but then we’ll be even more determined.

        We’re mad as h*ll and we aren’t going to take in anymore.

      • Vicki

        I voted against it. Because there were lots of interesting “exceptions”.

        Either label or not. Choosing to label some just opens wide the doors of graft.

      • Vicki

        Voting for a poorly written initiative is just like voting for the lessor of 2 evils. I even read the bill itself. The exemptions are right in there.

      • Kate8

        Except now, Vicki, we have no way to know what’s in our food. Monsanto and other GMO corps spent big money to defeat this bill, and that, alone, speaks volumes.

        Dr. Mercola was in great support of it, and he is someone I admire very much. Who cares about the exceptions…at least we had something to choose from. And things like that can be cleaned up later.

        Humans are an errant lot, and nothing we do is ever perfect. We are always a work in progress, and the good thing is, most of the time, we can make later adjustments.

        Personally, I think the GMO debate is serious enough to take whatever protections we can get.

      • Vicki

        Kate8 says:
        “Except now, Vicki, we have no way to know what’s in our food.”

        So tell me. Is it better to think that you know what is in your food or to KNOW that you do not.

        Remember that if it had passed only those of us who study in detail the exceptions and keep track of the ever changing list would have any hope of knowing. The rest would blindly assume that they knew as they consumed that which they did not wish to.

  • Liberty Lover

    I don’t believe the Mayan forecast will prevail, but I suddenly find myself very sanguine about the possibility that it might.

    • Dennis Phelps

      Maybe election day was the event!

      • John J.

        According to the New Agers, a new consciousness will emerge because the resisters will have disappeared in a rapture type event. The New Agers’ version of the rapture is that the ascended masters will remove the resisters to a place of fire.

      • Karolyn

        And what “New Agers” are you talking of? Please don’t dump everyone involved in spiritual living and learning in the same category. However, nobody REALLY knows. Unfortunately, too many people BELIEVE they know.

      • Kate8

        Personally, I think the “rapture” refers to what happens to those who are able to “overcome”, or awaken from the illusion that any of this is reality.

        The Bible tells us that the number taken is small. That is because very few ever come to this realization… the illusion is so great. I think that “belief” is this reality is the “mark of the beast” (3rd dimensional existence), and that is why “most are deceived”.

        The good news is that knowing this is the first step. Following this process is the natural unfoldment.

        How long does it take? “NO TIME”. Because time only exists…in the illusion.

      • Kate8

        BTW, the entities which control us do so through our belief systems, be they religion, science, politics or any other. It doesn’t matter what we “believe”. It is belief, itself, which allows us to be controlled through the sustainment of the illusion, the Matrix.

        We are set free when we stop believing and simply are, as we’ve always been in Truth. There is a great difference between believing and knowing. Believing is accepting appearances. Knowing comes from inner Wisdom, which is revealed when we stop believing.

        Stepping back from all of this craziness, outside of our emotional connection to what’s going on, something else starts to emerge… it’s all a great mind game! And there are forces invested in keeping us stuck in it.

        No one is coming to save us. Only we can do that…by seeing it for what it is. That is why the assaults keep coming at greater speed and intensity…labor pains. We get to the point where we are so angry, so frustrated, in so much distress…that something inside of us snaps, and we just let go…

        Because a part of us has always existed outside of this Matrix.

        That’s my humble take on things, anyway. It’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it…for now, at least.

    • alpha-lemming

      Be of good cheer…. I have a theory as to why all these calendars stop in 2012… sometime between now and the end of the year, the human race will master time travel… immediately rendering all calendars obsolete.

      At least equal odds of that happening and BHO becoming a “reach across the aisle” centrist practicing Constitutionally restrained Governmental power.

      • Vicki


  • Elljay

    We are toast. My only consolation is that I have no children to leave this mess to. Expecting blood in the streets very soon. Redistributing OPM is not a sustainable way of life.

    • Dennis Phelps

      Survival is what people with children need to teach them.
      Not just the animalistic type of survival.
      They need to be shown how to survive in a dishonest political world.
      What kind of person to trust and the ones to watch out for.
      Parents I mean good parents do that, because the government won’t!

    • Vicki

      Elljay says:
      “We are toast. My only consolation is that I have no children to leave this mess to. Expecting blood in the streets very soon. ”

      Why? The liberals who tweeted riot if obama lost, won. No reason to riot now.

      Oh wait. The socialists are about to run out of other peoples money.

  • SarahR

    The liberals have had sixty years of bringing down America. We The People have only just woke up. We must start our own political party and fight for our once great America.

    • jopa

      Sarah:If the Democrats were in control for sixty years well that is a very long time.I must say they have done a wonderful job then.This is the greatest country in the world and I have travelled extensively and not many countries compare to the United States.A big thank you will have to go out to the Democrats that have been in power in these United States for over sixty years for a job well done.It is even going to get better in the next four years.

      • Vicki

        Democrats != liberals. There are plenty of liberals in the Republican party. One well known family has the name of Bush.

  • sesame

    Sounds like the mirror image of the 47% Romney disparaged that included wounded veterans.

  • Steve E

    I think the Mayan’s had the date wrong. The date should have been Nov. 6 2012.

    • Vicki

      There are likely dependencies in calendar times but the date of 21,Dec, 2012 does have astronomical significance which tends to be a key-frame in the stream of time. (Too much video editing as a child :) )

    • Mamamia

      Steve…. good one.

  • Amelia

    Obama has already destroyed the Constitution by his self -appointed dictatorship…wake up—before he tightens the chains we will never get get out of….
    Congress is the most powerful of the three branches of government ot proect the Constitiution….

    • Vicki

      Would that be the Congress that gave obama the NDAA 2012?

  • KONA

    I have a question: When Obama takes the Oath of Office in January and places his hand on the Bible and swears to “uphold the Constitution”, isn’t lying to Congress and the American People grounds for impeachment? It was almost laughable to observe him giving the same kind of speech he “hypnotized” people with in 2008. He has spent 4 years dividing this Country and NOW he is going to bring us all together and “reach across the aisle”? If anyone believes that, they REALLY drank the Kool-Aid!!

    • mark

      KONA, it takes a two/thirds vote in the Senate to impeach a president, that’s 67 votes. The Democrats thanks to wins yesterday now have 55 senators. Impeachment of the president is impossible. Wake up and face reality.

      • Dennis Phelps

        Well aren’t you lucky !

    • eddie47d

      I can see PLD will be just as exciting as the last 3 1/2 years. Thanks for giving us a heads up KONA in keeping the political wars alive.

    • John J.

      Bush didn’t uphold the Constitution either. Neither side wants to fix the economy which would require, among other things, ending (not just auditing), the Federal Reserve.

    • Kate8

      KONA – We have no idea which book Obama places his hand on nor what oath he swears.

      If you will remember, it was a re-do, and done behind closed doors. It is quite obvious that he did not swear to uphold, protect and defend our Consititution.

      The fact is, there is no truth in him. We cannot trust anything he does.

      Take heart, and get ready for Plan B.

    • Mamamia

      Correction…. Obama has not divided this country. The congress and the american people have. How else did it get this way? One man is just not that powerful. The people and government had to have participated in being partison, racists, bigots and haters for this to of happened.

      • Kate8

        I think they just got a taste of what it’s like to not have to be responsible for themselves anymore. No matter what mistakes they made, they were guaranteed a bail-out. BigBro is there to catch them.

        All the other stuff is just what politicians throw at us to convince us that we deserve to be watched over and taken care of, one way or the other.

  • Donald De

    I don’t understand the ingorance from one that is supposed to be educated. I feel your words are biased only because a Black man was elected to be President. White people do NOT have an inherent right to be in the White House.
    Romney spoke many lies. People like you do not want to acknowledge them because you are afraid to admit that you may be wrong. The truth can be seen from all angles. A lie is only seen from one angle.
    If you knew the Bible, you would know that the Liberal man is perfered over the Rich Man. Yes, it is there.
    Do you need a ride to the bus station?

    • Dennis Phelps

      Get off the race card !
      You are the inciter of racism here !

    • John J.

      Jesus is not a Communist/Socialist – you are reading the wrong Bible.

    • Kate8

      Chapter and verse please. Because I can find many quotes to the opposite.

      Ecc. 10. The wise man’s heart leans to the Right; the fool to the Left…”

      And when you call Romney a liar, I nearly gagged. Not one word of truth has ever come out of Obama’s mouth, except his promise to “fundamentally change” America, and to “skyrocket” electricity.

      How is it that he has come from a six-figure nobody to having an unlimited bank account?

      • mark

        “Not one word of truth has ever come out of Obama’s mouth?” Really, Kate8. Gee that’s funny because when he ran in 2008, he promised to enact a major heatlh care reform guaranteeing all Americans health care. He also called for major new regulation of Wall Street, banking, and the mortgage industry. He also called for using government funds to save the struggling auto industriy. He also called for a major government stimulus to keep the economy from falling into another Great Depression. He also said he would pull all American troops out of Iraq. Last, I checked, he did all of these.

        He did not close Guantanamo as he promised though most conservatives are delighted with this. He also has not delivered yet on his promises of reducing the deficit or restoring Americans to the pre-crash prosperity. But to say not word of truth has ever come out of his mouth is a complete fabrication on your part. Obama has carried out much of his 2008 pre-election promises. That is why so many posters on this blog have been so outraged with him over the past 4 years!

      • Kate8

        mark – Sadly for most of us, yes, he did those things as promised. But we don’t all think they were good things.

        My point is, none of the things he’s promised are for our good. They are not what they seem to you, his devotees. They are traps laid for us, which will really bite us when they take hold. It’s all a great deception. All lies.

    • Paul Wells

      So, by your “hypothesis” Donald De, a rich man could not possibly be Liberal, and vice versa? That what it seems to be suggesting. What about ardent Obama supporter, George Soros? Ultra Rich and Ultra Liberal! So…I’m kinda thinking you are just kinda spouting nonsense.

      • Donald De

        What part of the truth is it that you do not like?

      • Paul Wells

        Oh, gonna play it that way, huh? You didn’t answer my question (which does not surprise me), I pointed out the paradox in what you are saying, and now you just say “huh? I didn’t understand the question, but I’ll accuse you of not being grounded in the truth anyway”. Typical left wing loon.

      • eddie47d

        The right wing “loons” seldom answer my questions including yourself so what’s the difference Paul?

    • Frank Kahn



      It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that raising tax rates will have exactly 0 effect on the deficit. I say this in a percentage of accounting. If you actually look at the numbers, even a balanced budget would not greatly improve the situation. The debt is so huge that you need an extremely large budget surplus to even begin to address the situation. And you cant have a balanced budget just by increasing revenues without reducing the spending.

      I would be very pleased, if, if, if Obama would (dreaming here) even one time propose a budget that is even marginally close to being balanced. He can not continue to blame the debt on BUSH, it is all his now. He has had 4 years to provide us with a balanced budget and has FAILED. The cost of military action is also now on his shoulders. Every penny we spend in the Middle East is under his watch so that money is his spending.

      He claimed, during his campaign, that we will use the savings from ending the war in Iraq to build up the infrastructure of the country. OKAY, sounds wonderful, but, that money was already spent, so where will that money come from? Is he saying that, since we dont have to spend 5 trillion dollars (that we dont have) on war, we can spend 5 trillion dollars (that we dont have) on infrastructure?

      So many people seem to think that conservatives are the ones who fail to see the truth about the policies of the president, but I seem to see a lot of liberals that have the same, if not worse, myopic views of his policies.

      But, when it comes to narrow minded thinking, it is you liberals who claim it is just racism that are the worst.

      Now, my views on Obama’s economic policies are based on rational financial concepts, so I dare you to say they are race related or bigoted in any way.

      And, dont reply with any ranting about Romney, I did not say I believed his taxation plan either, nor did I say I supported him.

      • donald de

        I have no idea what you are ranting about. I never said the word “Racists, bigoted or the color on any one. I feel you have a misunderstanding that is worth examing. And speaking for myself, I am no racists. If you knew me you would know that. Don’s assume!

  • Ron Jobst

    Hey Ben .. Since you astutely recognize Obamas flair for the “EO” prepare for the dismantling of the Constitution including the electoral process, the flag and the National Anthem. He is here for a long while.2

    • Vicki

      Executive orders are to the administration. They are not law. They are not Congress. They might affect law but only because they affect the branch of government tasked with upholding the law.

      If you really fear the EO then you need to get Congress to WRITE the laws instead of passing them off to un elected bureaucrats.

      • Frank Kahn

        Actually, Vicki, EO’s were originally intended to facilitate and clarify existing legislation (laws) and in fact have been overturned when found that they did not have an original basis in legislation. An Executive Order is considered Law, but was originally limited to inter agency mandates. It is in the scope of Obama’s EO’s that there is a problem. His Executive Orders, often, write new laws instead of modifying or enhancing existing laws. This is in direct violation of the constitutional powers provisions. It is the Legislative branch of government that has the power to write legislation for new laws, and congress that approves them. It is not now, nor has it ever been withing the authority of the President to create laws.

        If you do research on the different functions of the 3 branches of our government you will find that many things that have taken place under this administration are un-constitutional. There has been a new policy of letting the wrong branch of government enact different forms of legislation.

        The ACA (Affordable Health Care Act) was not written by the House of Representatives, yet the Supreme court held it as constitutional in the form of a TAX when it is specifically stated in the constitution that the levying of new taxes is the function of the House of Representatives.

        You might call these minor problems, but they are indicative of a great loss of constitutional authority.

        The president of the United States (any president) is not authorized to make new law. To do so is a form of dictatorship. The president does not like what the legislative branch does or refuses to do, so he makes up his own personal law. In effect he is dictating to the country that what he says will be law no matter what We the People want.

  • American 1st

    Is anyone still in the stock market after the disastrous election? Did it react to another 4 years of Obama Hell or what?!?

    • http://aol Carsrus

      YES, and going down with AMERICA! Obama is the Titanic, and sadly, I thought he’d sink, as Romney saved US, instead, we will all DIE with this inept, “Captain” as he steers US to hell! America is NO MORE, and in 4 more “annus horribilis” we will be under the rule of commie CHINA, and Obama, Vice Chairman of the People Republic of the United States, forever! GOD HELP US!

      • Mamamia

        You are so incredibly ridiculous and paranoid. I might suggest a xanex prescription? People always freak out when their party doesn’t win and proclaim to the world that life is over and the world is going to hell. Never happens.

  • jopa

    My My MY, apparently Mr. Chrystal only watches Fox news.It was the lying that cost Mutt Rummy the election, especially the Ohio vote with his outrageous claims about the Jeep jobs going to China.Even after Chrysler came out and let the public know the jobs were staying he kept running his phony ads.The Republican plan of don’t let the facts and truth get in the way really backfired on them this time.There treating the American electorate as a bunch of dummies has shown them who the real fools are and their votes cannot be bought.

    • http://aol Carsrus

      Listen, u FOOL, Obama is the LIAR, he bought your votes, and now America is RUINED by a commie, wretched LIAR. Fools like u have now made Obama’s job easy, the re-distribution of MY hard earned money to u dole takers, the END of the FREEDOMS we cherish in our Constitution, which this sob will DESTROY, and insuring that the United States of America will become a 3rd World state, a LOSER on the world stage, and to impose his ULTIMATE goal, letting commie China take US over with out firing a SHOT, because they now OWN US! U discusting inept non critical thinking people just made America DOA!

      • John J.

        Romney is also a liberal. He is just as much a liar as Barack Hussein. Neither one is a Christian. One would think even the most immature authentic Christian would recognize that simple fact. Of course, the mainstream church buildings are filled with fake Christians who think their good deeds will save them and that they can combine false religion with Christianity – they will be joining Barack Hussein and other government officials in persecuting real Christians – our society is quickly heading in that direction.

  • http://aol Carsrus

    I too, am sick to my stomach! HOW, just how could this evil, snarky, nasty “little man” have won? We are losing every freedom given US by our Great Constitution. This man is filled with HATE, he hate’s US, AMERICA, our DEMOCRACY,and all we stand for! To me, the America I have grown up in, and cherished is D E A D !!!!!! We have been overtaken by non-working, lazy, spoiled brats who DEMAND to be given, given, given everything without WORKING for it. Obama won by his snake oil salesman charm, his forked tongue, telling those people I will give u all the freebee’s u wnat, VOTE for me. HE is the consumate SLAVEMASTER, taking care of the uneducated slaves. I truly mourn the loss of this once GREAT Nation, we are now doomed to failure, just as other Great Nations in History, from within, not by infiltrators at WAR, we have DEFEATED ourselves. A nation at RUIN! GOD HELP US!

    • eddie47d

      NO you are the one filled with lies and hate Carsrus. You have overdosed on hate and have a head of Methuselah.

      • Kate8

        Truth is not hate, eddie. Lies are hate, no matter how much they might tickle your ears.

        People who understand who Obama is are rightfully sickened by people like you. He didn’t win anything. He was chosen, and not by the American people. I simply do not believe that the majority of America is as blind as you.

        We are so tired of you liberals and your twisted pontifications. Just stay out of our way when the SHTF.

      • Vicki

        Ease up on eddie Kate8. We need his kind around to show others the wonderful thought process of the liberal.

      • mark

        Kate8, oh I get it. Obama wasn’t fairly elected. He was chosen. But if Romney had carried three more states and won, he, of course would have been fairly elected. The same applies Ron Paul, I assume. When your guy loses the system is rigged, but when your guy wins, the people have spoken and America is saved! That’s a wonderful system, but its isn’t democracy. In a democratic republic despite the pain involved, we have to accept thef act that sometimes the people we vote for, lose.

        I can tell you I wasn’t too happy when George W. Bush won in 2000 with 550,000 less popular votes than the guy I voted for, Al Gore, in an election decided by thousands of debatable “hanging chads” and the only presidential election in U.S. history decided by the Supreme Court (which had 5 conservative and 4 liberal justices). I also wasn’t very cheery when Bush won again in a close election in 2004 by one state (Ohio). But this is the way the cookie crumbles in a democratic republic. Sorrowfully in both cases, I accepted the fact that George W. Bush was my president.

      • Kate8

        Oh, gee, mark. I do remember the cries from the Left about how W stole the election. This persists today.

        As a matter of fact, I do get that whoever wins is decided by those above our pay grade. I never came out in support of Romney, and Ron Paul was the choice of the people, so he got tossed.

        As I’ve said ad nauseum, you get the pick of the elite from the R or the L. No one gets in who the elite have not chosen, and are wholly owned by them.

        That’s why it’s so comical how you Lefties think your guys really care about you, while all the while they’re sucking you dry just like the rest of them.

        Again, if it weren’t so pathetic, it might be hilarious.

      • eddie47d

        Enough of your nonsense Kate and Vickie.As if Romney wasn’t CHOSEN. Are you now covering for him and his puppet masters. Besides Romney had his own Pinocchio problem if you really care!

      • Kate8

        eddie – If you would actually read the responses you would see that those points were addressed.

        You can’t have a conversation with someone who doesn’t listen to what is said.

      • Hedgehog

        Hey Eddie it’s your favourite foreign troll again. I’m just here to ruin your whole day, maybe even the next 4 years. This is not a prediction, or a prophecy, or a threat, it’s a reminder. Remember, Joe Biden is one heartbeat away from being President and Barack Hussein Obama is one heartbeat from being fertilizer.
        Oh! and to answer your question of yesterday. No I don’t run the death squads up here in Canada. We don’t need them. If we ever do we’ll probably contract the job out to experts. The world is full of them.

      • Kate8

        I’m still stuck on the visual of Obama as fertilizer. :)

        At least then he’d be good for something.

      • vicki

        Eddie47d writes:
        “Enough of your nonsense Kate and Vickie.”

        Nice attack on the messenger. Typical liberal. Thanks for making my point.

    • John J.

      Cheating also helps.

  • teaparty13

    Time for US patriots to move to RED states, leave the dems, libs, freeloaders, to the BLUE states, roll the dice and see what group will still be around in a few years.. just heard on radio large group cheering BHO’s win and chanting goodbye to Israel…hope all the Jewish voters enjoy the new Democrat party…

    • jopa

      Kate8;You may be right that Obama is the chosen one perhaps by God.I have seen many posts on this site saying God will be the one to pick our President but I myself believe the popular vote and the electoral college was the source to pave the way for America to be even more great than it is today.We are just so blessed to live in a country such as ours and the opportunity that is so prevalent for all Americans to make life as they want it to be as long as they have some ambition and goals to pursue they can achieve success.

      • Kate8

        jopa – Wow. Where are you now…in third grade?

        It must be nice to be living in wonderland.

  • pete

    I too am morose and sad like you Ben. The America which I knew as a child was proud and filled with men of purpose but nowadays it seems that those days are gone and the few men left will need to sort it out – we just need to find them and then we can begin again and make this nation great again. No pansies or gays, no idols, just pure and simple honesty is what we need and all will be well. Of course that may require some sorting out, but hey, we did it before so why not again. The country is divided in 2 and no country can survive when 50% of the people hate the other 50%. This land belongs to Americans and those who wish to argue the point need to take great care and be prepared to use more than poetry and worthless rhetoric to make their point and in fact need to decide whether they are Americans or something else. Real Americans do not indulge in the fantasies of this person residing in the White House, they have better principles than that. His supporters are evidence of the quality of people that this land can do without.

    • mark

      We need all Americans, pete. Outside of violent criminals, there are no Americans that we can do without. They are all our brothers and sisters whatever their failings.

  • Polski

    Yes, Ben Crystal, we’ve had bad news before. Bush/Cheney for 8 years. That’s why we’re in deep doo-doo. Your problem is that your evaluation is unbalanced. You’re right in that Obama is terrible. But you don’t mention that the Republicans are HORRIBLE. And you don’t mention that we can’t vote NONE OF THE ABOVE. But I guess you have to write the things you do or this forum will fire you.

    • Vicki

      Polski writes:
      “And you don’t mention that we can’t vote NONE OF THE ABOVE.”

      What ballot were you using? Mine has a place for a write in candidate.

  • Debi Pruitt

    Ben Crystal I couldn’t have written it better myself. I agree with every word. But what we all fail to acknowledge is the fact that God Almightly has everything under control and happening right on target. This country is going to have to face God someday and answer for allowing it to become a godless, heathen nation. There is only One God. A fact that the lost just cannot confess. Obama is not and will never be above his sin and he will stand before God and account for it.

    • Linda

      Debi I agree with you. It is just so sad to think that people have become what they have and that they can not see that what we are doing is so wrong. We have no respect for life in this country anymore. WE think that we can do whatever we please and there will be no consequences. We the people have decided to give up taking care of ourselves and each other and letting the government do it. It still baffles me why people think that government is the way to go.

      all those lives that have been lost to keep us free and we are free no longer and they can’t even see it.

  • David Brown

    Thank you Thank youThank you!!! I am working over seas and have felt sick since theelction and you put my feelings into words. I do not just want to give money to boot out all those blood sucking socialist but I want to activly be involved in their demise. I have not read any of theother respoonces since it is late over here and well past my bedtime. We need to be organized and protest. The TV loves those kind of news stories. Lets take out country back!! Again, Thank you.

  • 3legchicken

    Oh woe is me!

  • KJQ

    Ben, it certainly won’t console you, but I think you should know that it really doesn’t matter who wont the Presidency (at least economically), because American (and by extension the entire 1st world) is about to collapse (see linked article below). This isn’t a theory, just a common sense examination of the economic math facts. The decline really started when American ‘rugged individualism’ morphed from entrepreneurialism to pure selfish, ‘me first’, ‘gimme, gimme’ consumerism. Sure, the tipping point was reached 4 years ago, but the seeds were planted long ago. The decline just accelerated in our post-modern, moral relativistic culture.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest ron lassiter

    America has crossed a line, and I am afraid it can never go back. There was a time when our politics was a true debate, and decisions were made for the betterment of all. That has been replaced by the lust for power and the willingness to go to any length to maintain it. A large number of the electorate only listen to the grumbling of their own bellies, wanting nothing more than someone else to fill it. Jefferson warned us about that, and we are watching it come to pass. Both political parties must shoulder the blame, for they have sacrificed the ideals of the United States for power. When Obama was elected for the first time, I kept an open mind, hoping that he could truly change the discourse in DC and return it to a politics of the people for the betterment of our country. He has proven to be a gutless liar, bent upon destroying the ideals upon which this country was founded. Would Romney have been any better?, I have my doubts, but he could not have been any worse. I am a true Independent, and I can stand above the fray to take an objective look and render my judgements. I saw Obama’s true agenda during the passage of the new health care mandate. Secret sessions and shady deals undertaken by politicians who didn’t even read what they voted on against the clear majority of Americans chilled me to the core. This from a man who promised transparency. I read the mandate, and it is nothing more than another way to enslave the American people further. Fast and Furious is another instance where the truth has been subverted. The Benghazi Incident has infuriated me. I may be old school about it, but I believe in no man left behind. To have the resources at hand and simply sit and watch for seven hour as Americans die is unforgiveable. They died so it wouldn’t be revealed to us that our government was supplying arms to the same people as the Iranians. Two high ranking military officers were fired because they sought to do the right thing.
    Our problem is a moral one; not political. I am a Christian and make no bones about it, but Christianity has fallen from favor these days. Christianity teaches us about personal responsibility and upholds truth as its highest ideal. It holds in highest esteem the value of human life and ultimate equality. It is these same principles upon which this coountry was built. We have detached ourselves from this. We have sown the wind and will reap the whirlwind. God is soon to judge this once great nation, and is now indeed doing so. Sixty-plus million innocent lives do not exist because of our wayward and distorted thinking. We certainly face an angry God. You can rail against me and call me all manner of names, denigrate me to the nth degree, but it matters not, for the future will justify my words. The truth will ultimately win out and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

    • Cindy

      Well said Ron and so very, very true.

  • wordsofwisdomfromanoldfart

    One thing this article has done is to divide the people by the idiotic rancor of poitics, which if people were to look at it with sober eyes, would realize that it is all BS static in the air, to convince certain people that they won and the others lost.
    The fact is that BIG GOVERNMENT has won, and us little serfs have lost, lost our unelienable right to freedom, and lost our friendships as a human race because they have effectively divided us.
    Come on people, let’s start getting along and enjoying life again and tell the runit’s of the world to go to hell, that we are not playing their game any more, that they can go play with there self, they can go straight to hell, we don’t need their gifts that were bought by the money they sold from us, and we are tired of their lies and their murderous ways.
    As my wise old mother used to say when my younger brother and I would get into a fight “come on boys, remember that you both have the same parents, and you have allways loved each other, so get along and enjoy life, go fishing”, where are the peacekeepers today that can bring some sanity from the psychotic (so called), elite of the world?

    • sadforyou

      No. I will not now or ever help a Liberal again.

    • Vicki

      Get people to realize that the paradigm is not left vs right nor liberal vs conservative but it IS 100% government vs limited government vs no government.

      A quick side note. no-government is not necessary bad or chaos. No-government would work for a completely self governing people. A people that revere life itself and Free Will. The unalienable right to say no or yes. The self control to place others desire to not do what you want above your desire for them to.

      For such a people, government is not necessary. For the rest of us a little government is good. A lot of government is bad. This is because George Washington is entirely accurate in his quote:

      “Government is not reason. It is not eloquence. Government is force; like fire it is a dangerous servant — and a fearful master.” —George Washington, 1797

      Look around you. Is government serving you by enslaving your countrymen? Taking their money to give to your pet charity (Solyndra for example)? What happens when “they” become controlled by the other party. Will you become the slave? Are you not already a slave and just ignoring it? When you take your personal property (car) to a friends house do you have to have a permission slip (drivers license) with you in-case a hall monitor (policeman) should stop and question you?

      The brainwashing started with your birth and runs VERY deep.

  • Munnster

    In the words of “Dandy” Don Meredith, “Turn out the lights, the party is over….”
    We will NEVER recover from Obummer being re-elected. If we have a populace that is so f-ing stupid as to re-elect a President who hates this country and can’t see it, then our fate is set is stone. So sad…… We have failed our future generations and did not heed the advice of our Founding Fathers on how to keep our freedom and liberty. We are destined for a bleak future…..Sad that we have given this country away.

    • Paul Wells

      Well, in all fairness to the left wing idiots, Munnster…The completely out to lunch MSM in this country most certainly contributed with their “no bad news abour our Messiah” positions, failing to even report Benghazi except for the fact our embassy was trashed. Ambassador Stevens executed at the hands of al-Qaeda terrorists, hmm..all swept under the rug. So those who chose not to do a little independent research probably still live in la-la land with their happy faces on, while the country goes to hell. I kind of think we are at the point where it doesn’t much matter anymore. Now, another civil war or some other calamity might change that…but at our current trajectory…I’d say it’s all over by 2016!

    • eddie47d

      Paul wouldn’t know fairness if it hit him in the keester. LOL!

  • Sandra Mason

    You should all go see the Obama 2016 movie. That tells it all!

    • eddie47d

      Yes Mame that sure did put egg on Trumps face and a few other sheeple for his cause. (BC)

  • Michael Heating

    hedge u r right about 1 thing under obumer the people r gonna have to adapt to card board boxes or kicking there dog out of his house so there rm for his family many familys out there with signs work for food and tin cans

  • larry ryan

    The idea that there will BE an election in 2016 strikes me as a bit naive. There may not be one in 2014. I’ve no proof of my opinion and speculation other than observation of Obama’s actions and events as they’ve been unfolding. I think Obama is glad he won the election, but it really didn’t matter all that much. I think there were plans in place to declare martial law before January if he lost. I think that within the next 2-3 years there will be a push by Obama and his handlers to repeal the 22nd ammendment giving him a 3rd, 4th, etc. term. I believe that when that fails, a crisis will be manufactured and martial law will then be declared. It will be called a temporary condition. It wll be permanent and Obama will be president (dictator) ’til he dies. No doubt the mindless faithful will label this the ravings of an ultra right wing sore loser. They won’t recognize it until it happens and many won’t recognize or acknowlege it AS it happens. I’m glad I’m old and on my way out. I won’t live to have to see what’s going to take place. Given my political views I rather imagine that once Obamacare is in place my ability to get needed meds will disappear so I won’t have to endure some jerk burearcrat wanting to administer “end-of-life-counseling”. Lack of meds will take care of the problem in short order. I’m just sorry my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have to try to fix the mess, assuming there’s anything left to fix after 30-40 years of Obama and his handlers.

    • Karolyn

      Suspension of elections and marshal law was predicted for this election. That obviously dd not happen. You people are really off the charts. You’ve been listening to too many conspiracy theorists and wacked out conservative big-mouths. Try reading and listening to sometihng else for a change. You might learn something. Hearing from both sides is the only way to have a balanced view. Of course, if you like being off-balance, then oh, well.

      • Vicki

        Hard to have a balanced view with only hearing from 2 sides. Recent Presidential debates prove that. Need views from multiple sides of the circle to have any chance of balance.

        In a 3-D world it takes a minimum of 3 points of contact with a 2d+ surface in a gravity well to obtain balance.

        Make of that allegory what you will.

      • Kate8

        Lots of things are publicized to keep people riled up. Besides, once the plans get out, the gig is up, because it won’t work so well.

        I’m sure that once Obama got word that he was IN, he calmed down.

        But the game ain’t over…not by a long shot. Obama has work left to do to destroy America’s military and economy. And there are factions afoot who don’t intend that he remain for 4 more years, to put the final nails in America’s coffin.

        You can bet that pretty soon, all bets are off.

      • eddie47d

        Kate 8 supports many unfounded conspiracy theories that keep folks “riled up”. That a girl Kate keep ‘um confused and they will be yours forever.

      • larry ryan

        Clearly you weren’t paying attention. Martial law ONLY if Obama lost. Since he won it’s put off for a bit. I guess you must be one of the mindless faithful. You’ll refuse to recognize it even when it happens.

      • Karolyn

        No Larry. There were those who said the elections would be suspended and martial law would instituted.

      • vicki

        Karolyn writes:
        “No Larry. There were those who said the elections would be suspended and martial law would instituted.”

        Don’t know who “those” were but here on PLB the warnings were all based on Obama loosing or Obama THINKING THAT he would loose. Either or. Since neither there was no reason for Obama to play that card.

  • Michelle McMillen

    Thank you…your article was a bit of salve on the wound and kind of encouraging to see your looking “forward” and that is the last time I quote Obama.

  • HelenesDreams

    I promise you ..there will be a new president in another 4 years. Then, you can blame all of your problems on the next guy!

    The real problem with America is that so many people look to the government to solve there issues…and have lost their will. If you don’t like something, then change it. If there is a will, there is a way. Affect yourself and the people around you…it’s all you can really do, but it is a start.

    Look at the man in the mirror and find a way.

  • sadforyou

    I will do my best to survive no matter what, and if that means civil war so be it.My guns and my Bible comfort me, My fear is for the people that have no fear of the rich, push them too hard and we will have hell to pay.what effect would it have half of the fortune 500 company’s closed shop.Does anyone consider the effect of 120 million being unemployed on top of the 23 already .If you don’t think it can happen look at the unemployment numbers in Spain.Greece and Italy. The reaction Trump had after the election He employees 20,000 people, Koch Brothers employees almost 200,000 if this administration pushes too hard watch and see soup line anyone

  • Sandy

    Would not want to leave this country but may have to because cannot afford to live here after retirement. Spouse is already 70 and still working, while I am 63. Eventually we will be forced to retire when someone decides we are too old and we simply cannot live on SS alone. Unfortunately when we were younger the necessities of life did not allow for huge savings and later on the markets did not allow for such either. Working since ages 11 and 17 respectively one would think we would; however, contrary to popular belief not all white folks are rich!

    • Karolyn

      “As ye think, so shall ye be.” I am 65 and on my own. Over the past 7 years I have lived at times with no appreciable income. No mattter how it might have looked from the outside, I always maintained my positive attitude and always KNOW in my heart that everything always works out. It has always worked out my whole life, why would it not now? We make our lives what they are.

      • Vicki

        And though I echo your sentiments in this post I find it curious that you also support taking other peoples money at gunpoint to support your favorite charities. The fact that you elect government thugs to do the deed does not free you of the crime.

      • Kate8

        Karolyn – Here is a great article for you, by someone you surely admire:

        Being aware that things are not as they seem does not mean that your world crashes down. You simply choose how to navigate it.

        Believe it or not, I see the nonsense going on, and I’m still able to have faith that my life and my family are cared for and thriving. I live on very little, but what I have I’ve earned for myself. I just don’t need much.

        And every time a need comes up, I just acknowledge it and know it will be taken care of for me…and it aways is!

        My frige quit, and a friend needed childcare at that time, and paid me the exact amount to fix it. My stove quit, and another friend was remodeling his kitchen and gave me his old one, which is like new and way better than my old one. I wanted a patio and another friend delivered a truckload of slate from a job where he replaced a patio…and on and on.

        This is a way of life for me, and I marvel at God’s Hand in my life. We don’t have to allow awareness to disrupt our personal space. In fact, lack of awareness can make you vulnerable to the unexpected.

      • eddie47d

        Few things have been taken at gunpoint Vickie. There may be some exceptions when there was a military draft. We elect our officials and they vote to spend money on various projects you know that and so do i. If you don’t like the contractor fire him plain as that nose on your face. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. I voted against a $425 tax increase for schools. It passed, Ouch! The thing is the majority have spoken and no gun was used and no theft occurred. Now if that measure failed and they still went ahead with the issue then that would be theft .

      • Karolyn

        I am in agreement with the article, Kate. Thanks. Despite what you might think, I am very aware; and had I not happened on this site, I would not be as aware as I am. However, there are so many people these days angry and complaining day in and day out, wishing ill on those who disagree with them, wanting to fight, blaming, blaming, blaming, claiming to KNOW what will happen, hating, purporting to give up and move, etc. That contributes nothing to the common good, nor does it contribute to their own good. Some people are just not happy unless they are complaining about something or feeling sorry for themselves. How can all that negative energy not have an effect on them and those around them, then expanding out ad infinitum.

      • Kate8

        eddie – You can be sure that if someone declined to participate with the new “tax”, or whatever “law” might be enacted, because they chose not to agree to it…could very likely experience the guns coming out.

        The majority have no right to impose their will on everyone. If the majority decided that it was illegal to walk the streets if your name was eddie, would you agree to it?

        A majority vote does not make things right, or even okay. For people who claim to be FOR the average guy, you sure are FOR imposing your will on everybody.

      • vicki

        Eddie47d writes:
        “The thing is the majority have spoken and no gun was used and no theft occurred.”

        Just try saying no to that majority and let us know how that works for you. Not one of them will come for you with guns to take your money. They will dispatch government thugs for that.

        I am reminded of a really good quote from “The Patriot”

        “Would you tell me please, Mr. Howard… why should I trade one tyrant 3,000 miles away for 3,000 tyrants one mile away?”

  • Linda Allen

    I’m so ashamed of my country, I never dreamt in a million years this is what we would be facing..yes,Obama hates us &our God..if you don’t know that by now then it’s too late for you. Political correctness has been the downfall of this once great nation..but I refuse to be ashamed of or apologize for my country, and that was once called Patriotism. Revenge is a dish best served cold but I don’t think he can wait

    • eddie47d

      Obama doesn’t hate America or God. Get a grip on yourself!

  • Nancy

    Forget the Mayans, Jesus Christ is coming back, soon.
    If you don’t believe that I hope and pray you will take the time in light of what has just happened ( to me the unbelievable ) to investigate the Bible.
    If not you are in for the reality shock of a lifetime!

  • common sense

    I am just wondering who is to blame and who will be accountable for the deficit that is much higher (I believe 5 Trillion) than it was 4 years ago? Bush? The only thing we heard for 8 years was that all Bush cared about was oil. Well guess what? Obama gave 90 Billion of our tax dollars to failed energy efforts (which is equivalent to tax breaks/etc. that oil companies received from all presidents for the last 50 YEARS).

    Who will hold him accountable or even give this 10 minutes of coverage? CNN? NBC? The American voters? The latter is shockingly no. Nobody will.

    Harry Reid recently stated that they will raise the borrowing limit if they have to. How is it not common sense that this is not the way to go? Who (other than gambling addicts) think they owe so much money that they must borrow more?

    It is sad because a lot of people vote based on what they hear on tv. Sadly responsible professional news agencies do not exist anymore.

    I am not so shocked at the failed policies of the Obama administration because I knew he could not deliver anything that he was saying in order to get votes. I am however very sad that America as our parents and grandparents knew it is gone.

  • Gordon in Texas

    Although I am disappointed with the election results I am not surprised. It was evident that Romney wasn’t able to get through to the middle class and most of the populace. It was as if he was in a secluded room talking through Plexiglas. Not many of the words came through or were distinguishable. Most heard, “Blah, blah, blah.” Numbers don’t mean a lot to most people unless you can tie those numbers to tangible things that people understand. Neither Romney nor Ryan did that. They basically talked over people’s heads. Their loss was the result.

    With no disrespect to you, Ben, or many of others who actually take the time to research the candidates and the issues, the general voting public is totally ignorant in domestic and international affairs. I spoke with quite a few “educated” people about Fast and Furious and Benghazi and the majority of them (80 percent?) couldn’t tell me what the true issues were, if they heard about these events at all. Also, most could not tell me what the unemployment rate is, how many Americans are on food stamps, what our position is in the Middle East, how we spent the stimulus money, or what obamacare is all about (OK, I’ll give them that one; most legislators have no idea either). Many, however, have heard of the social issues that made the news. In other words, the word is not getting out to the majority of Americans regarding issues that affect everyone.

    Also, no one is holding the MSM accountable for their incompetent behavior. The general public will not take the time to do the research on their own and would rather watch a talking head tell them tales than gather the information and make their own assumptions. And we have heard some ridiculous tales from the MSM in the last 4 years. In my 50 years of watching presidential races I have never seen media bias as was presented during this election. I have also never seen a media that has failed to present the facts as I have in the last 4 years. That is shameful.

    So no, I am not surprised at the election results but I am disappointed in the way this election was presented. Although the Democrats did not earn their win, the Republicans did earn their loss. And the American people had better be prepared for the years to come, because they won’t be pleasant.

    • simplybecca

      well said. Up until 3 months ago…., I was pretty much clueless. There I said it. I was pretty sure that I was just going to go in and vote for “the lesser of the two evils…” Shame on me for that. Especially since I am a registered Libertarian. But everyone was so hyped up about voting against so and so. “Gotta get Obama out of the White House… Gotta keep Obama in the White House…” Jeesh, and all I could think was, I can’t stand the sight of either of them or the sounds of their voices.

      And then, well a light went on and I became curious about things. I started to dig for answers to questions. I was not pleased by what I learned. I have not slept well because of it. I really sat back and thought about what I believed in. I studied the Constitution and Bill of Rights and then thought some more. And I’m not talking about just the last four years, I’m talking about the last few administrations.

      On Tuesday, I voted for a candidate that I truly wanted as President. I knew that he was not going to win the election. He was successfully blocked by the media and kept out of the debates. His voice was not heard. And before everyone starts screaming down my neck that my vote (and those of others for third party candidates) cost Romney the election… WE DID NOT COST Romney the election. Look at the numbers and do the calculations – State by State. I did. Romney is still short in every State and Commonwealth.

      With that being said, I do question the thought processes of the general public. Does Gay Marriage really matter when our Government’s spending is so out of control? In my head I can not reason out why these non-essential social issues are on the front burner while our Economy and Foreign Policy are burning on the back of the stove. (I personally do not believe that the government has any business validating or prohibiting a legal contract between two consenting adults whatever their gender may be. Jeesh, separation of Church and State. It really is that simple. Marriage in a church is up to the church. Legal binding between two people is all about money and taxes.)

      Our country is a mess. It will continue to be a mess until a much higher percentage of Americans wake up and take an interest in what our government is doing and start making some noise. Americans get all political around election time and then turn their back once it is over and allow their elected officials to run amok. And then we feel entitled to our anger that everything has gone wrong. A friend told me that she doesn’t vote because all politicians are liars and cheats. Of course they are, we have never held them accountable. From this point forward, this American is determined to be a watchdog and let each elected official know it.

  • realist

    This is the beginning of the end. For the last few years all one can do is prepare and watch the downward slide as the elites run the country into the ground.

  • Sterling

    well Bill,
    I suppose if we survived 8 years of “I’m dumb as a box of rocks Bush”…and “I’ll start a war for no reason in Iraq and pretend it has something to do with 911, and say the oil will pay for it”…then I suppose we can survive all your blowhards not getting your way because the majority of the voting public didn’t buy what you were selling.

  • Karolyn

    “Now that the election is over, may not all, having a common interest, reunite in a common effort, to save our common country?” – Abraham Lincoln 11/10/1864

  • Karolyn
  • Dee

    The only person that obummer loves is himself.

    • eddie47d

      Maybe someday you’ll be able to love yourself too Dee! “Don’t let your worries get the best of you:Remember Moses started out as a basket case”. So work on it!

  • Sandye

    I’m soery to say I agree with you!!! Sad to think theres so many people that voted for him…Any chance of impeachment for Benghazi?

    • Jayson

      Not a chance, Sandye. He’s un-touchable, above the law, beyond re-proach, insulated and protected by both sides. He is only a hand-puppet, a marionette, who’s purpose is to beguile you, infuriate you, or delight you, depending on which side of the left/right paradigm you stand. The fact is, there is no left and right, there are no two-parties, there is no opposition. There is only one political-party-system, and it is a tyrannical one!

    • jopa

      Sandeye.I guess you do have sand in your eyes and never did see the rest of the story on Behghazi or just another dummy that watches Fox and doesn’t know the real story.Didn’t you notice nobody here wants to talk about Benghazi any more?Our President came out as a hero once more on the Benghazi issue in that he was protecting the CIA from being ratted out as the Bush administration rats(Scooter Libby & Dickhead Cheney) had done in the past.

  • pistol

    Eddie is the only one making any sense on these comments. u racist radicals are the reason Obama won. unless a Latino runs for Prez outta the republican party they wont win cus they dont appeal minorites

    • Gregory Brooks

      Hay pistol you sure said amouth full

  • ChocoTaco

    This article and the comments that followed scare the crap out of me. The fact that you believe these things that you write is terrifying. The man who wrote this article is only a bomb strapped to his chest short of being a full blown terrorist….. They both believe SO blindly in things that aren’t true. You people are what’s wrong with this country, instead of sucking up the fact that your guy lost and trying to work together to fix this country, you spread hate, fear, and lies. You are the proof that this country is broken.

  • Alex

    After seeing this Commie Jopa clown, I realize that I came up on the wrong forum..ciao

  • archie brown

    There is no doubt in my mind that the moral decay in this country brought Barack Obama to the forefront and his election to two terms as President. Real conservatives just dig in and stand fast; those of you on the left, enjoy it while you can.

    • donald de

      What an absurd statement. Are you saying that those people that voted for Obama are inmoral? On what authority do you judge any one on what is moral? Are you the one perfect person that has the right to judge others? Your statement is unreasonable, illogical and irrational.

      • archie brown

        I stand by my statement. you can’t call the Demos a moral party, the Repubs. either. But the Dems are so much worse. it’s in the Good Book, evil=good, good=evil. It’s exactly the way the country is now. Not judging,just stating the truth, although you probably don’t believe that. Say what you will. That’s my last word on this.

        • donald de

          I do beleive what you said. Read, from “the good book” Isaih 32: 7-8

  • http://none nick beck

    in the course of the next 4 yrs we will more than likely come to a crunch time–its almost politically and philosophically divided 50/50. ill bet our 50% is more determined to survive and continue to fight for our heritage, and make no mistake IT WILL DEPEND ON THE 2ND AMENDMENT. if we INSIST on keeping it and USING it TOGETHER, when the time comes —we will prevail …

  • Merl Elton

    Sadly, the electorate has changed, permanently.The old school far-right Republicans are dying out. Women and minorities determine who is elected in this country–not whites, who by the way did not turn out; and did not believe that Hispanics, Blacks, and Women would turn out in far greater numbers, as they will in every election. Whites and conservatives got complacent and did not coalesce around Romney. However, Romney could have won despite the odds, if he had done the following: Never said he did not care about the 47%; never said he was against family planning; never told illegals to self deport; never told Ohio that he did not support the auto bailout; never selected Ryan as a running mate; hammered Aiken and other far-right idiots for their” killing” comments about women and rape–Romeny let his far-right base do him. Liberals delighted in watching Republicans eat their own. Libs are lapping up Rep tears with glee. Romney should have laid out a definite plan for creating jobs. He lost because he did not fight like hell against the Dems charge that “he (Romney) looks like the guy who fired you.” He also lost because he did not fight light a tiger against Obama in the last debate by going after him about Bengzhi, etc; and by jumping around about foreign policy and not being more knowledgeable about foreign policy. Romney lost because he could not aggressively sell America that he would be the better choice and would create jobs and grow the economy and help all Americans. He should have waited 4 more years to run,because beating a very popular, well-liked incumbent is nearly impossible no matter how great your campaign. Bad judgement on Romney’s part. So bad, that it seems that he intentionally wanted to lose.
    Although, Romney had class and looked wonderfully presidential, he did not deserve election because he showed poor judgement by his actions and decisions and timidity against Obama in the debates. Obama is a very smart, very tough guy and Romney was not prepared for him and his dirty, street-smart and ruthless political machine. Obama does not play nice and is the nastiest politician when necessary. Romney should have counter punched much more effectively. He underestimated Obama who played weak in the first debate. If Republicans ever hope to win, they must develop a way to reach out to others who are not like them. They must work out a fair and humane immigration policy while enacting border control. For example, immigrants must serve in the military; go to college, develop needed skills, not commit felonies, and live here and be good citizens for 12 years or leave; that will narrow the field. Sadly, Obama will grant blanket amnesty. Sadly, that is why more conservative Replicans should have been intelligent enough to side with Romney even if he was too moderate because they could have pushed him to the right later on. We must control the numbers who come into this country if we are to have enough jobs for everyone; especially in this economy. Sadly, no one in office seems to have a spine anymore and our leaders are too timid and weak to stand up for and do what is right. They allow themselves to be bludgeoned by the charge of hatred and racism and that is what is also destroying our country and that must also stop.There is no longer any strong leadership and our “leaders” worry more about their careers than their constituencies.


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