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Their Worst Week EVER (For Now)

July 23, 2011 by  

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • sean murrey ILLInio

    Carney is worthless as tits on a boar hog.

    • Big John

      Hot! Hot! Hot!

  • http://personallibertydigest Paul

    Great true stuff is what it’s all about. The truth will set us all free. When the truth about them comes out from them that they are ignorant it helps us all feel better about our future :)

    • Thomas

      Hi Paul. I agre with you. May I add a little to your comments?
      In The 30′s, Will Rogers( political satirest) had this to say:
      “If you injected TRUTH into Politics, You Would have NO Politics.”
      ” Communism to me ,is one-third Practice,and Two-Thirds Explanation”
      “People’s minds are changed through Observation,not through argument”
      Will Rogers was a man who could be depended on to see things clearly and express them in terms every one could understand.
      God Bles America,,,,

      • sunshineIQ

        According to a blogger Will Rogers said, “If you injected TRUTH into Politics, You Would have NO Politics.” Am I to conclude that Politics is LIES? And whoever can LIE better wins the election?

  • Chris

    Political satirist are supposed to be cutting-edge, funny and realiastic. When is Ben Crystal going to either?

    • Jyrine

      About the time you become cleaver.

      • itsjustme

        ouch…you hit him right between the eyes. Nice shot

        • Jyrine

          Thanks itsjustme. Your comment was very insightfull. I happened to be a Scout Sniper with the Marines in the war.

    • L

      Chris, you are such an Obamabot.

      • BD

        Chris, lay off the kool-aid man, it is killing your brain.

        • http://naver samurai

          Too late! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Jay

      Maybe Chris will roll up his sleeves and show us how’s its done! What do you say Chris?

    • Jyrine

      If you don’t like him, don’t come here dummy.

  • Chuck

    Obama has the right guy as spokesman in Carney. Both have a definite lack of veracity and neither have any idea of what the truth actually is.

    • Vic

      They don’t need the truth. Communist (and islamic) rule mandates to say anything that benefits their cause of taking the world over, it does not matter if it’s true or not.

      • juswonderin

        Vic, you’re so right! Along with the attempt for the radical Islamists to take over the world, don’t forget that the U.N. has their claws in America more than the others … NWO sound familiar?? While we’re arguing about the economy & debt ceiling, the fascists, communists, George Soros, Michael Moore & the like are throwing more & more money to those that want Barack Obama to become the first dictator of America. We’re not only losing our rights that are being slowly taken from us, our great educated politicians are allowing part of AZ to be ruled by Mexico. I’ve heard that part of California wants to cecede from the U.S. alos. So, no matter where we turn, “THEY’RE ALL” after us to destroy everything about our “free” country!! Why is it that we just cannot seem to mobilize, unite & take our country back??? I suppose it’s because so many of our young people have been “brainwashed” & indoctrinated with the concept of the NWO & the radical liberals know everything & are much smarter than the rest of us & our loyal elected officials! It’s not an “IF” but a “WHEN” will we lose all our rights, values, religion, laws, & our country & most of all our Constitution with all the NWO judges that’s wanting so desperately to overturn our Constitution & install INTERNATIONAL LAW under the rule of the U.N. I may be wrong, but it seems that our elected officials are just playing with the people of America & to distract us from what’s really going on behind closed doors & oh, the secrecy of it all until one day…IT WILL BE ALL OVER for the common American & our great country that so many good men & women have spilled their blood for our freedoms!!!

    • BD

      The truth is whatever NObama says it is.

  • Gayle

    Personally I like Ben Crystal, his satire, and he is cutting edge and funny. Who I can’t stand is that jon stewart, his is childish and embarrasingly not funny. I tried one time to listen and it was sophormoic at best.

  • Pat McIntyre

    Ben Crystal is such a bigot and quite disgusting.
    Has NOT and never will be able to hold a candle to folks from MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, BBS, NBC etc.
    Ben tries to be like Hannity…….Mr Trash!!!!
    Ben tries to be like Limbaugh….drugged out Limbaugh.
    Jon Steward beats ben crystal “hands down”…just plain smarter.

    • k heller

      Pat McIntyre you have got to be a liberal democrat.

      • skip


        • dimdems

          I just love the way the libtards on this site continue to prove that they can dish it out but they just can’t take it. Get used to it. All of you and your loser leader Barack are on the way out and will be mocked for decades to come.

          • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

            I think you are wrong. The next elections have already, in my opinion, been completely rigged. Remember Nevada, between illegal voters in a last minute flood, and computer “repairs”…can those with enough freshly printed fiat money lose?

            And I am sure Obama will be printing lots and lots of money in denominations big enough to assure the votes.

        • Dale on the left coast

          Skip . . . you are talking about one “Nut” . . . . who went over the top!!!
          Have you been to the Scandinavian Countries lately??? It seems crime is going through the roof and the new arrivals, most who live on welfare, are creating many problems.
          So now we can update the score on terrorist hits . . . right wing nuts 1 (one) . . . muzzie terrorists 999,999 . . .
          Skip – you prove lieberalism is a mental disorder.
          Then there’s Barry . . . has increased US debt by almost 50% in only 3 years . . .

        • duif100

          And the evidence is ???????????????????????

        • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

          Having given the Nobel prizes to your short-list rather proves the Prize is politics these days, not actual achievement in benefiting mankind.

          Anybody put a stethoscope on Dr. Nobel’s grave to see how fast he is spinning?

        • http://naver samurai

          Skip, did you forget to take your geritol this morning? Enough said. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • http://lives RAYMOND HARBIN




          • Karolyn

            Well, Norway has a leftist, socialist-style government, and he was against the government…

        • Sickofitinca

          skip, you are one sick guy. You should take a day off and seek some professional help.

        • Master Gunny

          Once again we see the politicization of a tragedy, engineered by folks on the left. A psychopathic, maladjusted, megalomanic represents neither the left nor the right, only evil. His ideology is secondary to the warp in personality that has driven all mass killers over the ages. Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, are “types” to be sure but far more sinister are the legions of underlings who executed (literally) their policies. Murder is a disorder of the value system, a psychosis of the heart and mass murder the evidence of a person devoid of any conscience or morality. Call it demonic, Satanic, or whatever the fact remains that perpetrators of such crimes have crossed over a line of sanity long before the actual act that makes the headlines.
          I will note, in passing, that there seems to be more acrimony, accusations, and insults hurled from the left side of the spectrum than he right. Having said that I would urge all who participate in these discussions to avoid the personal attacks, insulting language, and wild accusations that taint the atmosphere. What is needed now are cool heads, reasoned discussions, and presentation of unadulterated facts. One the emotions kick in the whole tenor of a discussion changes and the human instincts of flight or fight take over. Since these blogs are done in the safety of ones home the discussions quickly gravitate to a lot more fight than flight.

          Students of the Civil War have long noted that it was the hot-heads, from both sides, who inflamed emotions and hardened the positions of their resepctive causes. War was not necessary or even inevitable to solve the issues of slavery, tariffs, and the differences in social order. I fear that today we are moving toward a place where neither side can find the common good because they have become so fixated upon their own ideological and political positions. Social upheavel does create change but seldom to the betterment of a society.

          • Dan az

            That was an excellent post! thanks!

          • http://naver samurai

            I second that motion, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Dan az

          What all this tells us is that the strict Norwegian gun control laws did not prevent the mass murder,” Snyder said. “They did make it virtually impossible for a prospective armed Norwegian legally to have the gun which he or she could have used to take down the violent criminal perpetrator anytime during the 90-minute horror.”
          Now where was the logic behind disarming the people to prevent this happening?He wasn’t suppose to have the gun but that didn’t stop it did it?You are a true moron!

    • bobinpa.

      you are a Brainwashed, Progressive “lib-Tard”. And really should consider geting a Life.

    • S.C. Murf

      Time to make that popping sound Patty!!!

      up the hill

      • http://?? Joe H.

        S.C. Murf,
        Have you checked out HR 4646?? from the great people that promised that if you make under 250,000 dollars a year you will see no new taxes??? A 1% tax on EVERY banking transaction? Transfer 10,000.00 from one account to another in the same bank? Uncle Scam gets 100.00 for YOUR trouble!!! Write a check for a new car or finance it through a bank? 1% tax on that!! Seeing that it’s a tax on ALL transactions, I guess if you buy a house at 100,000.00 you’re gonna pay a thousand more for said house!! A 1000.00 paycheck or social security check, direct deposited? you guessed it, 10.00 out of that check!! gonna kill some peoples plans all to hell!! Don’t forget that mortgage payment you make NOW!!! It’s going to go up like a variable rate plan!!! E-mail, write, and CALL, PEOPLE!!!!! Check it on snopes!!

        • Barbara Turner

          Analysis: It’s true (as of this writing) that there’s a bill in the House of Representatives which would impose a one percent tax on financial transactions if passed (H.R. 4646: Debt Free America Act), and it’s also true that it was introduced by a Democrat (Rep. Chaka Fattah, Pennsylvania). However, the legislation has zero co-sponsors, nor has it even been acknowledged, let alone endorsed, by the Obama administration. It’s expected to go nowhere.

          Rep. Fattah has introduced similar bills before over the past six years or so, obviously without success. In a September 2010 interview with Brooks Jackson of, Fattah said no one at the White House has commented on the current House bill in any fashion.

        • Mike A

          Joe H.
          That tax was originally put forth as a way to eliminate income tax. It was warned at the time to:
          1. allow no exceptions
          2. Income tax must be eliminated

          The bill as presented now includes exceptions for banks and securities dealers. They would be paying the most in taxes if not excluded.
          Also, there is no provision for elimination of income taxes.

          Another good idea perverted to steal from the average American at to benefit the power brokers.

    • jibbs

      Troll Alert, Troll Alert!!!!

      • http://deleted Claire

        Personally, if I had to depend on news or whatever, Rush, Hannity, Beck, Olbermann, Mathews, and the rest of the MSM, I would do without. They are not people I listen to and if I do I let their diatribe go in one ear and out the other. They are all biased and this is exactly what is wrong with our country. If any of them are so damn smart, why don’t they run for POTUS?

        • Jyrine

          Uhh Clair, Rush, Hannity, and Beck arent MSM.

          • Vagabond

            Jyrine she is too dumb to know the difference,

          • Kate8

            Claire is far from dumb. She, like many of us, has gotten fed up with the lies and sellout of all media sources.

            FoxNews and affiliates are nothing but the controlled opposition, there to steer conservatives in a desired direction while telling us what we want to hear. I used to trust them, but they all sell us out as quickly as any, and I watch them no longer.

            While I have enjoyed listening to Rush and other conservative talkshow hosts at times, and I don’t see any of them as racist or evil as the Left likes to portray them, they aren’t wholly truthful, either, as they operate within broadcast constraints of the “truth”.

            The Right has turned out to be the Left’s evil twin.

            BTW, Hello Claire! Hope you are doing well.

          • Kate8

            Oh, and Claire – One shure way to have your speech curtailed and your life controlled is to run for POTUS.

        • jondar2

          Could be they don’t run to be POTUS because they are too damned smart. Oblamer has a knack for hiring “Baghdad Bob” types to spin his lies into “believable propaganda”, for the sheeple who buy into the democrap agenda.

        • duif100

          I think that everything goes on one ear and out the other.
          There is nothing in between those ears to retain anything.

        • Jay

          You have a point Claire. Speaking of Hannity, when the US was all in a dizzy over the death of Osama, Hannity was praising obama to the highest, and giving obama full credit. I thought to myself, what a putz!

    • Jyrine

      Right k. Pat is obviously a Democommie plant. They can’t hold their own any other way.

    • Vagabond

      well pat I think you have just displayed to the world what kind of trash you are,

      • Karolyn

        Because he doesn’t like Ben Crystal?? How utterly ridiculous!

        • Jay

          He’s probably a “sock puppet”!

    • Stan Lee

      I suppose you had to vent your confused Leftist feelings. I doubt you feel any better, especially if you continue to watch all those people you loathe.
      Since you came here to tell us how you dislike this person or that person, I don’t believe you’d be missed.
      The Conservative forums are not about you, they’re about us….the people who understand.
      There are places for you too, try Huffington or Daily Kos. Don’t risk an infection of Conservatism and clear thinking.

    • Phillip

      Pat, if you love the media stations listed in your rediculous comment then you would really love Pravda, especially as it was during the Soviet years. I dare say that you get all chummy inside thinking about Dr. Joseph Goebels, Hitler’s media man

    • Rick

      If you think Jon Stewart is smart then the rest of can assume without fear that your IQ must hover somewhere about the 20 point level. Hell Forrest Gump is probably smarter than you are.

      • Karolyn

        Come on! You can’t even compate Jon Stewart to Ben Crystal! I wouldn’t doubt they might have similar IQs, but Jon is the humorist Ben is not.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          And you would know this, HOW?? Remember, Minnie Pearl, whom people thought was almost as dumb as you had a very good education and was a very smart LADY, which I can’t say of YOU!!

          • Karolyn

            They are both obviously intelligent, Joe. why do you constantly feel the need to denigrate me? I don’t do that to you. My opinion is as valid as anyone else’s even though it doesn’t coincide with yours. What’s your IQ? Wanna compare?

          • http://naver samurai

            OK Karolyn, let’s go head to head on IQ’s. I would win hands down. It would be hard to lose to you, since you are so underarmed. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Jay

          Karolyn:You can’t even compate Jon Stewart to Ben Crystal!

          Compate? Actually you can, and should, compare Jon Stewart to Ben Crystal. What’s the matter Karolyn, afraid of a little competition? I don’t think the “baby boy in diapers” Stewart, would mind.

    • L

      Pat M., do you actually believe anyone who disagrees with fascist Obama is a bigot? How sophomiric. You must have gone to the DNC propaganda site for your silly talking points.

    • Kimo

      Pat, you might be in the Wrong place, most of us here believe in hard work, and free enterprise , many here are givers, not takers,nor socialists, but members of the rupublic. “If not for fate,there would I be perhaps’ I am so happy, that I lived my life free, not in bondage.I am so sad ,to see the current state of the union. Neophites at every turn, little leage people, trying to run a major leage team……….

    • http://centurylink Jim

      stupid Irish mick!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Don’t be fergittin uld sod that I be Irish along with English and Native American!! There be a great number of good Irish!!

    • CJM

      Well Pat McI: Why don’t you get your head out of the garbage truck–or is your mentality so deficient you can’t do otherwise? Perhaps you ought to pay ‘tingle in my left leg’ Matthews…and see if you two can harmonize. Maybe obama will tingle your right leg!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Commonsense

      Hey Mac, have you lived your entire life in a D-cup. If you find stewart funny, that just means that you are probably very alone and what friends you think you have just use you for your stuff and probably laugh at what a moron you are behind your back. Me, I’m laughing at your being a moron right now. Someone as weak-minded as you belongs on the “Obama for Chains” bus.

    • Jay

      Hey Pat, maybe you and Chris can get together and show Ben how its done! What do you two say? Are you both brave enough to put on the “big boy pants”?

      • http://naver samurai

        Don’t they have to have something to wear pants? Just a thought. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Tom

      Dang there are a lot of what your calling liberal democrates here. If it weren’t for the restrictions on the language imposed here, I could come up with many more discriptive names to use for these half wits.

    • duffy

      Pat Mc,
      You have been brainwashed for sure,if what you wrote is what you think.

  • Andrew

    jf is might be confused when she is talking about which groups got together and called for her ban. the only groups i have seen that are visable and violent about their opposistion are the labor unions/socialist/anarchist/communist/60′s radicals ect… jf is a member in good standing in all of them. jf is a traitor and should have been tried and sent to prison for her outrageous trip to hanoi, and pictures taken of her sitting in a nv anti-aircraft gun. Americans were dying in a war nv the time of her pictures. jf shrivel up and … .

    • Vagabond

      Andrew you are so right. a hell of a lot of my friends payed the ultimate price because of her and others like her damned sorry ass, may she rot in hell,

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Hanoi Jane’s mother and Henry Fonda, if he is indeed her father, should have BOTH been slapped silly the day she was born!!!

  • PamR

    What’s wrong with you people? He was funny. I enjoyed it.

    • Jyrine

      He is funny PamR.

  • bobwhite

    Truth coupled with wit. I can see why Libtards would dislike that.

  • Warrior

    If you can find a replay of the interview with Sen Tom Coburn on C-Span this past week, I strongly recommend watching it. Tom pretty much lays out ALL the facts on what is going on in Washington these days.

  • Crystal

    I kinda look forward to this type satire to lighten up on some of the dreaded news we hear everyday.

  • skip

    Once again, wrong on every count, Crystal. Where do you dredge up this paranoid crap?

    • TombstoneLizard

      @ Skip LOL You’re calling Ben paranoid? I think it’s you that’s paranoid, because too many people on both sides of the political landscape are gunning after this administration for their utter disregard for America, the Constitution, and anything meaningful where our survival as a nation is concerned. Here, “skip” posting drivel; I brought you some of this nice, refreshing Liberal koolaid! Cheers!

      • Jay

        Tombstone, skip just said that to get a rise out of you. That is the job of these libertard, sock puppets.

  • http://deleted Claire

    I think the entire problem rests on the shoulders of both parties. Neither party is willing to compromise and do what is correct for the American economy. Do you think for one moment either party is truly “working” for the good of America or are they working for the “good” of their own parties? Neither party wants the other to have any success or credit for doing anything. This entire administration has been a farce since day one and I include both parties in this comment. It is a battle of the parties and who will win the next election, nothing more. Being “tied” to a party has been the downfall of America. It is all about the party they belong to, and right or wrong they are going to do what their “party” wants them to do. They want to destroy each other, that is the name of the game they are playing. Giving all the tax breaks in the world to businesses, corporations, and companies are not and will not make them hire. Heck, they have sufficient tax breaks now, are they hiring? Damn few of them are. Getting rid of social security–when we all paid into this program that all administrations freely stole from? These politicians owe their souls to the pharmas, companies, businesses, corporations, groups, insurance companies, etc. that donated to their election. The lobbyists? Give me a break. I don’t buy this crap anymore, I will not be a “sheeple” to either party. I will not support either party until such time they stop thinking about their party and the next election and start working to better the economy and create jobs. This should have been done in the beginning. Oh sure, politicians say what we want to hear but do you truly believe them? Seems like they change course the moment they are in office. I no longer believe or trust a damn thing any of them say. I am to the point that I think the parties should be done away with and simply elect the politician.

    • David B

      Hey Claire, I just posted a comment VERY similar to yours!Even though I agree with you that parties should be abolished, people that think like we do should get together and form a political party that will restore freedom to our country! I personally hate politics, but it’s the system we have to work with, and not being a part of it is NOT an option!

      • Michael K. Murphy

        “people that think like we do should get together and form a political party that will restore freedom to our country!”

        Claire and David, it’s called the TEA Party, welcome!

        • David B

          The Tea Party is a narrow-minded special interest group that does NOT represent MY interests in letting people live their lives like they want to. The Tea Party is NOT an all-inclusive group like they portend to be, and some of them are downright scary in their beliefs, Christine O’Donnell for example.

          • Richard

            David are you saying that you preferred an admitted Nazi over Christine O’Donnell. I will admit she made some strange statements but they were blown way out of proportion by the media.

            Claire I can certainly agree with alot of what you said but its not the governments job to create jobs, in reality they can’t. The government can only take revenues from working people, they do not create, manufacture or produce anything. This bad economic situation is a direct result of government intrusion.

          • Jay

            So true Richard! Government and government employees are wealth consumers, they generate zero wealth. Taxes cannot be considered as generating wealth, as taxes are extracted from wealth generating, and hard working Americans!

    • Rose

      Claire, I agree with everything you said, except for the fact that the politicians (most, anyway) are working for their OWN good. My guess is they are the only group in America who hasn’t been affected by the current economy. Where else can you vote yourself a pay raise? Where else can you get a full pension after “serving” only one term. Where else can you be exempt from contributing to Social Security? Exempt from forced healthcare? The list goes on and on. Unfortunately, I’m not sure a solution to this country’s problems can be found in the current political system.

      • Kate8

        Rose – I agree with you and Claire.

        No matter who they were before going into office, politicians become the biggest crooks ever. They are all about CYA. It seems that it is the nature of the beast. And here we are, expecting pathological crooks to do the right thing for US.

        These weasels have been bought and paid for by people who control ALL of the world’s money. We are nothing to them, and they don’t need us. It’s the oldest story in the book.

    • Vern Holford

      Crystal was good fun. David B is right about the parties too an extent. Our political parties’ proper names should Socialist Party A and Socialist Party B. The moderate approach and compromise is how we got into this mess. The compromise just keeps giving Fed Gov more power. If we (I hope) do not raise the debt limit then the president can decide where to cut. Let’s see what is priorities are.

    • Cawmun Cents

      What you have here in America is a willingness to argue over how nuch we let the gubment shyte on us.Apparently,we havent gotten buried too deeply,because the thought seems to be,that we need to keep this outhouse in use.No matter how much comfort one might achieve from climbing out of the steaming pile of debt,some feel the need to be covered to the full extent.I cant believe that there are gubment people(who we supposedly hire to represent us)under a mountain of shyte,complaining that the shyte isnt deep enough yet.Is there no shame to the American psyche?Is there no point to which we just say,”Hell no!”?I’m out-CC.

    • Karolyn

      Claire – Good post especially “Giving all the tax breaks in the world to businesses, corporations, and companies are not and will not make them hire. Heck, they have sufficient tax breaks now, are they hiring? Damn few of them are.” I read the results of a recent poll indicating the majority of people, even repubs who voted for tea partiers, want loopholes and other outs for the rich to be changed so they pay their fair share. Washington turns a deaf ear.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Show me a link to that poll!

        • Karolyn

          Sorry – It was something in my travels. I see, hear and read so much; I can’t keep track.

          • Jay

            Off course, and the dog ate my homework!

          • Karolyn

            Actually, that really did recently happen to me, but it wasn’t homework; it was a school book.

          • http://naver samurai

            Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just like the average lib, all talk and no action. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      Our first mistake is electing Politicians, rather than statesmen who believe in our nation, not in petty power plays.

      Second is paying them way too much. Our great statesmen did not get huge salaries and huger benefits for life! They came from working, served their country, and went back to earning a living! They knew what working life was like! And they would be back to it under what laws they passed.

      And a third mistake is condemning morality. Rome headed downward when immoral playing became what was praised and held up as the goals.
      When the Emperors played, rather than governed wisely.

      Finally, a bad mistake is not teaching real history, our own and the World History. Our people by and large do not know what brought Rome down. They do not know what caused the Dark Ages, or the misery of the people in that time. They do not even know what caused Germany’s wild inflation that set the stage for WW2. They are not taught that ill-considered actions have consequences.

      So many things we as a nation have allowed ourselves to be pushed into, and I am afraid America may not have another chance left, having gone too far the wrong way. What say the liberals and the conservatives?. Is history valid, or can we ignore it with impunity and keep on playing?

  • Mike Rios

    This stuff, though laughable is not very the way Crystal presents it. With the fake laugh track and the dry jokes it makes me want to cancel my email alerts if this is the best you guys have to offer. Did somebody actually tell Crystal he was funny or did he picked out of the Manpower Labor Pool just because you had a vacancy that needed to be filled?

    I think I’ll resort to watching Leno. At least he’s a professional comedian that doesn’t need a laugh track. People actually laugh at his political humor.

  • David B

    This country is so divided and mean spirited it’s not funny. Civility and manners have been replaced by name calling and mudslinging by conservatives AND liberals. Compromise has been thrown out the window in favor of being stubborn and self-serving…it’s no wonder this country is in such a mess. I’m a liberal, but would welcome an independent political party that takes a moderate approach which considers ALL viewpoints and brings people TOGETHER, instead of DIVIDING them. It’s almost laughable how people talk about getting the government out of their lives, but only regarding things THEY want. For example, many conservatives are in favor of people owning ANY kind of gun they choose, but oppose people owning drugs of their choice, even though that’s government intervention too. And many liberals favor gun control, but want drugs legalized. Supply and demand for both guns AND drugs creates a black market for both products, so restrictions on both should be loosened up, with SOME regulation of course, and taxed to help get the country out of debt. We should also get rid of personal AND corporate welfare, which is draining our coffers. Stopping the outpour of money to help other countries, and redirecting it to help OUR country would be a step in the right direction too. We should also institute a FLAT TAX of 20% with NO deductions for income tax, to be fair to everyone. While we’re at it, we need to tighten up our borders, deport all the illegal aliens that already got through, and make English our national language…bet you never thought you’d hear a liberal say THAT, did you? We all judge each other WAY too much, but we all should be more concerned about fairness, personal responsibility, and letting people live their lives the way THEY want to, as long as they’re not hurting anyone else physically, emotionally, or economically…that’s what LIBERAL means, and I think it’s a concept that’s been tainted and maligned. I’d like to see a political party formed that would allow ALL of us to have our unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    • Cawmun Cents

      David B says,
      “This country is so divided and mean spirited it’s not funny. Civility and manners have been replaced by name calling and mudslinging by conservatives AND liberals.”
      If you are buried under a mound of shyte(or mud as you so aptly titled it,however I dont like the smell of it,so shyte is the term I will coin)then,all you have as a form of digging your way out is to fling it upon those who are as deep in the pile as you(yourself)are.
      Its not a mystery,its a misery,as in;it loves company.Yes there is an overwhelming amount of animosity since the turn of the century.You cannot say that you werent warned.
      Some will tell you that the Holy Bible is just a book of myths.But it has been and is the most accurate predictor of the human condition that this reader has ever known.The ball is rolling.It is a snowball of refuse,that is rolling towards us all.Why?Because unlike our founding fathers,we have decided that we are strong enough that we dont need God anymore.Yep.And historically whenever that happened,the nation in question gets got by the snowy shyteball and storm that ensues.You may think I am a lunatic for saying that,but if you read what the good book says,you might draw a different conclusion.
      But when you decide to bury yourself under a mound of shyte,hoping that the snowy shyteball will just jump over you,you will be surprised when it explodes over your heads,and covers you so deeply that there is no escape.
      Ordinarily I do not mix coversations of God with those of snowy shyteballs.But then again,most of those out there who do not believe in God,can appreciate the gravity of a snowy shyteball rolling towards them.Whetehr they will notice or admit that it is coming is a different story….-CC.

    • SeekingUnderstanding

      David B.,
      I agree with all your comments and concerns. You’re what’s called a ‘Classical Liberal’. The ‘Liberal’ philosophy adopted by most all of the Democratic Party has been hijacked by ‘Progressives’. But even more disheartening is that starting with H.W. Bush(41) to Obama, our entire political system has been highly influenced and has caved-in to Progressivism.

      The so called ‘Conservative’ Republicans had to relent to “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”, primarily concerning the Keynesian economic model of government spending, if they wanted any chance of being reelected. George W. Bush’s 8 years is disturbing proof. Even with a Republican control congress (a missed opportunity to lower deficit spending totally wasted) he spent, regulated and created social programs to make the most ardent big government Progressive look like a piker. Yeah, the war was expensive…yada ya…but he spent ferociously outside of that. Remember TARP in the very end?
      Definition of Progressivism from Merriam Webster: “One believing in moderate political change and especially…’social improvement by governmental action’ “.

      The last five words should be greatly feared. Although you would be hard pressed to find a Google search directly or overtly saying this, the last 5 words is another way of saying centralized government planning; it’s Marxism/Communism, Centrally planned Social engineering. You can’t legislate behavior! And you can’t be ‘given’ a livelihood! ESPECIALLY by government.

      I’m a Libertarian myself, but would just as easily be proud to be a ‘Classical Liberal’.

      • Karolyn

        Thank you DavidB and Sinking. Very rational posts filled with truths. All the hate and venom gets tiresome and boring with neither side giving an inch. We are all in this together, and too many fail to realize that. It always has to be “us” against “them.” and too often I hear people summing it all up by saying “If you don’t like MY way, move to Cuba.”

        • Cawmun Cents

          Yeah well we are very sorry if we cannot see ourselves getting out of debt by incurring more.The fact that we see things logically disturbs those of you who do not,but that doesnt mean we cant drink together….Cheers!-CC.

  • Jyrine

    Do cancel out Mikeee. It could only help clear the air in here.

  • MA61

    How many more lies will Barry S., aka Obama, say that will still convince the dumb american public? How much more will the true patriots take all this b.s.? The real tyrants bankers,oil companies that spend billions to lobby and protect their interest without thinking about the people of this great nation. Will you accept being slaves and give up all your rights and freedom? Useless wars that protects their selfish interest not the so call terrorist threat and the sacrifice of our men and women who are there fighting for the wrong cause. We have been warned by the founding fathers about big government, history will repeat itself and the sacrifice that they made will all be wasted. The royal brits are no royalties, they are nothing but wolves dress in sheeps clothing. Why are people so dazzled with royalties and celebrities, they are mere mortals just like you and me that took upon themselves to be worship. Idolatry is a sin, remember?

  • RJamson

    Tits on a boar hog is pretty important..the more tits HE has, the more
    he can past on to his offspring and that means that his female offspring will have plenty of “feeding stations” for her piglets.
    If a sow has 10 babies and only eight tits than two will probable die.
    …but I get your point..LOL

  • gordon

    Pat McIntyre another lib dumbocrap with low IQ probably in low 70′s a good example of brain dead

  • dimdems

    RJamson, I love your post. It is so true and I can’t help but think of the government as that sow with too few tits to feed the ever- multiplying piglets on the dole. Of course, Obummer wants to add more piglets until he starves all the piglets and the mother dies from malnutrition herself.

  • hicusdicus

    I just made a comment and was told that I was making comments to quickly and to slow down. It was the only comment that I have made. How does that work?

    • Cawmun Cents

      The FBI cannot track the entire thread all at once so your post gets tagged.
      Gotta love the information ae and its wreckless abandon.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I got the same notice!!!

    • Jay

      Same here! I was trying to post that communist’s are subverting America from within!!!

  • Thomas Avery Blair, EA

    MSM = Multiple-Syllable-Morons? :)

  • General_Issue

    I am suprised the networks have not picked up on this guy (Ben Crystal).

    Well….. not suprised that NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, or PBS would ban him for life from thier “news” or commentary lineup, but at least FOX could have signed him up for “the Five” instead of makingus watch that bloated idiot Bob Beckel.

    • chuckb

      gen issue, isn’t bob beckel one the most obnoxious people on tv, alan colmes is a close second. it must be it runs in liberals blood.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        The only person on T.V. that gets paid to play poker on a handheld device while he is supposed to be discussing current political problems! Course perhaps he, like the guy a few posts above, just doesn’t have the equipment to do the job!!!

    • Karolyn
      • Karolyn

        The above posted in the wrong place.

  • chuckb

    one of the subsidiaries of the democratis party (the aarp) have mailed out petitions to send to our congressman, telling them not to vote for cuts of social security or medicare. they also backed obamacare. the msm and orginizations like aarp carry the propaganda for the liberal establishment, it’s no wonder we caan’t balance the budget. i wrote aarp during the fiasco over obamacare, complaing of their backing this nightmare bill, my answer from them was: we don’t understand all the fine print the bill contains, however, we feel it’s in the interest of our clients. opf course it’s in their interest, barry gave them a huge chunk of money for their endorsement.

    also isn’t it strange when the democrats come up short in gotiations and they are starting to look bad, all of a sudden it’s both parties fault. it’s not both parties fault on this budget, it’s the bolshevik psrty that can’t come up with a reasonable solution other than raising tax and the debt ceiling, that’s what got us into trouble in the first place. we have a prseident who doesn’t understand economics or anything else, in fact he’s just plain stupid.
    does anyone know an alternative to the aarp?

    • HOG

      Chuck… out Amac. I don’t know much about it but intend to. –HOG

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      How about the “AAPWP”? American Association of Productive Working People”?

      Problem would be finding a time anybody could come to meetings!

  • Laurie

    I love Ben,it just saids it…

  • http://ba jeb bush

    john stewert sucks and he is a paid new world order shill to get the sheeple believing in a fake left ,right political order.oboma is a marxist that takes his orders from the fake ass fedaral reserve that is going to print their (and our ) fiat money to death. that means your money my noney will be wortless. our only hope is RON PAUL. to hell with all the other fake lieing no good loosers that dont care if your money(saveings) is wiped out. the fed must go. oboma must go.and it isnt because he is black. he is a f#$King lier a scamer and a killer of our freedoms. stop hateing each other and band together as AMERICANS,thats the only way to a true free contry.

    • Political Wonk

      I liked your post, other than that bit about Ron Paul. Lets get another third party candidate to steal votes from the Repubs and we get the idiot in chief for another four years. Can we afford that?

      IMHO it’s far better for us to band together, conservative, liberal and libertarian alike to get this anti-American, anti Semitic, pro Muslim, free spending progressive donkey of a POTUS, who is hell bent on the destruction of our nation, sent back to Chicago after the 2012 elections.

      “WE” also need to seriously consider the retirement of all the politicians in Washington who subscribe to the “let’s make a deal” school of governing. I’m sick and tired of the good ideas falling victim to this notion of “getting along”.

      Oh – I don’t think Ben has the greatest delivery in the world, but I like the substance of what he is saying.

      • juswonderin

        Personally, I think it’s time to cut the lifeline to the “career” politicians. We need to really end the “automatic” raises, they’re paid too much for all the time they DO NOT spend on the job anyhow. Too many “recesses” & not enuf work!! End the LIFETIME benefits & salaries they get even after only ONE term in office! They should have to put into the social security system & live like those of us that have paid into it for most all of our working years & only to have it stolen by greed, power & liars. Too many of them like Chuck Shummer, Barney Franks, Joe Lieberman, Harry Reid, Pelosi, & I can’t think of the Republican ones (& there are some) that have been in office way too long!! Time to clean house & get a NEW congress elected. I think the older ones are holding back to have things continue to be the status quo & not listening to the new ones that were elected. I think they really want to be able to do the job right. We just cannot continue to function like it’s always been! I’m outraged with the Repubs that voted to confirm Kagan & Sotomayer who are both One World Order & Internationalists that will destroy our Constitution & our way of life as we know it. WHY did the Republicans give those women LIFETIME authority??? It seems that whenever there’s a Republican appointment for judges, the Dems ax it right away & the Repubs just roll over & let it happen, even when they were the majority in Congress! I am a Republican, but I do not adhere to everything they put forward or hide!! It’s time for transparency, teamwork & to unite because we are so divided now, & the One Worlders & the U.N. are salivating over the division so they will can & will be overtaking our country, & I don’t think that it will be that far off. I believe one judge in Florida even said it was ok to use the Sharia law for the Muslims … NO, NO, NO!!!! WE MUST NOT USE ANY OTHER LAW BUT THE LAWS OF OUR CONSTITUTION or we are doomed! Surely there’s enough of us to resist & vote out those that are anti-American! The upcoming elections for President has been paid for by George Soros & all his organizations, Michael Moore & his also, & many in Hollywood. Danny Glover, Sean Penn, & many more like them are embracing Hugo Chavez, Castro & all other rogue countries. In my opinion they’re all Communists/Marxists/Socialists & I could go on & on, but I think everyone can understand my post. Hillary & Obama have already signed treaties with Russia & the U.N. such as the Land, Ocean & Sea Treaty (LOST TREATY) for the U.N. to have authority over all of them. If the treaties are ratified by Congress, it will be law — international law! Also the U.N. is really pushing for them to sign on to the International Criminal Court (ICC) that will give the U.N. FULL authority over charging our military with “war crimes” in a foreign country & not of their peers. The U.N. has stacked the council with countries like, China, Russia, I think Argentina, & is about to accept Iran. Now do we really want to be a part of that??? We send mulit-million dollars to the U.N. & they are about to put a global tax on us & we can’t take care of our own country & people for all the pride & greed!!! All this snipping at each other is exactly what they want!!! I agree with Donald Trump regarding the fact that the world is laughing at us for our stupidity!!

  • Karolyn

    OMG! This is the worst one yet! Stick to blog writing, Ben. I like your music, though.

    • http://naver samurai

      If it is so bad, then why do you keep coming back? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Jay

        samurai, Karolyn thinks she can do better! I’m still waiting…

        • http://naver samurai

          Mee too. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • professor

    People that didn’t love “Crystal” just have no sense of humor! What makes it funny is that it all is based in truth!

  • BimBam

    It is true. Liberals base their thoughts on EMOTIONS and not fact and logic. They, in fact, cannot stand facts and logic as it negates their emotions.

    It really boils down to THINKING ONLY OF YOURSELF! Feel good, etc. That is why liberalism destroys. It’s based on GREED!!!

    • Karolyn

      You are so WRONG!!! :-)

      • BimBam

        Thank you! You have compeleted Phase 1 of the Truth Principle.

        First, ridicule the truth.
        Second, oppose it violently.
        Third, finally accept it as truth.

        We have your ribbon ready when you complete all three.

    • Jay

      BimBam, so true!

      • http://naver samurai

        I second that motion! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Jeff in OH

    Again it turns up true. “THE DEMOCRATS ARE THE PARTY OF THE STUPID”….

    • Karolyn

      As are the Republicans!!

      • gordon

        the lib dumbocraps are brain dead most have iq of a 3 year old

      • http://?? Joe H.

        you sound just like another sicko who entertained children on tv and was caught playing with himself in a theater. His favorite phrase was “I know you are, but what am I”??? The libs small hero PEEWEE!!!!

        • Jay

          Actually Joe, every time I hear the word liberal, I think of peewee!

    • Jyrine

      In just a few words you prety much said it. Add communist and ya got it.

  • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

    I have heard often in grade schools, “takes one to call one”, but hear very little of the libertarians calling names; they usually just present their opinions, for consideration by those who think.

  • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

    I just want to say I appreciate all the input.

  • malcolm1943

    to all and sundry that have posted on this site I will leave a few thoughts for all of you to ponder.
    1.You elected your representitives to do a job, but if you’ve ever gone to see what they actually do, you will find they have very large and expensive “staff” to do that work for them. Meanwhile they are very busy raising money and making deals for their next election. Maybe the gov’t. could save a lot of money by limiting “staff” for every elected official,cabinet member, advisor, every dept.
    2.This president and others before him have appointed “Czars” to bypass congressional scrutiny. More gov’t. money could be saved by not paying these people with federal funds, let the person who appointed them pay them and their “staffs”.These people are not part of a constitutional government.
    3.If in your private affairs you’ve gone too far in debt, the average person stops using credit, makes interest payments, but continues to pay the day to day bills that are neccessary to have a roof overhead, food to eat, and transportation to earn the money required for these things. The federal gov’t. can do this same thing and survive without incurring more debt, this is the point in history of this country to do just that. If the credit rating is hurt, so be it, over time as all the bills get paid off, it will improve and the rest of the world will see that the USA keeps it word and pays it’s bills, all be it a little slower than hoped for.

    • juswonderin

      Malcom, you have the BEST post on here so far!! I agree with you 100%!! They could also cut down on how many offices they have. One of my senators has 4 or 5 offices throughout the state … that being in Illinois! His name is Dick Durbin & an ardent supporter of ILLEGAL immigrants & we have more than our share because of Durbin! I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else suggest that the staff of our senators & congressmen/women that are strangling our economy..nice goin! There are so many ways & things that can & should be cut besides the American taxpayers & retirees & the really needy. They don’t even mention very often about all the fraud in gov’t & some of the businesses & social security/medicare/medicaid. Everytime I go to the social security office, it’s filled with young, healthy looking people that obviously hasn’t paid into the system, but are getting it anyway! THAT SHOULD STOP IMMEDIATELY!!! Anyhow Malcom, KUDOS TO YOU!

  • jopa

    hisidiscus Jay and JoeH That was me telling you to slow down.You were typing too fast and starting to make errors.I was watching you on Google Earth.

  • jopa

    I have to laugh at Chrystals mention of Chris Matthews in his routine every chance he gets.He is probably hoping for some air time,like free publicity to pull him out of obscurity.That is how Michele Bachmann was able to come out of obscurity when she mentioned talking to Chris she got a tingly feeling in her leg.I still ponder on her idea about all the states seceding from the US and get together as one.The Tea party has a real genius of a leader.

    • http://naver samurai

      If something ever happened to Michelle Bachmann to where her brain was only able to have her eat, sleep, and move, that would be a genius compared to you and Obama bin Laden. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Jay

        Hear hear, samurai. In fact, Michelle would tie half of her brain behind her back, just to make it fair!

        • http://naver samurai

          That’s very true, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • chuckb

    that’s almost as bad as your illustrious leader claiming there are 57 states, remember. we could spend the afternoon illustrating barry’s mis-statements, so i don’t think you want to go there.

  • Buddy

    Seem appropriate to have a definition of right wing and left wing.

    Probably not one in a hundred knows the real definition. I previously knew but “they” keep moving the “goal” posts. You know, like was done in the fictional story, 1984.

  • Jay

    The US military is developing software that will let it secretly manipulate social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter by using fake online personas to influence internet conversations and spread pro-American propaganda.

    A Californian corporation has been awarded a contract with United States Central Command (Centcom), which oversees US armed operations in the Middle East and Central Asia, to develop what is described as an “online persona management service” that will allow one US serviceman or woman to control up to 10 separate identities based all over the world.

    The project has been likened by web experts to China’s attempts to control and restrict free speech on the internet. Critics are likely to complain that it will allow the US military to create a false consensus in online conversations, crowd out unwelcome opinions and smother commentaries or reports that do not correspond with its own objectives.

    The discovery that the US military is developing false online personalities – known to users of social media as “sock puppets” – could also encourage other governments, private companies and non-government organisations to do the same.

    The Centcom contract stipulates that each fake online persona must have a convincing background, history and supporting details, and that up to 50 US-based controllers should be able to operate false identities from their workstations “without fear of being discovered by sophisticated adversaries”.

    Centcom spokesman Commander Bill Speaks said: “The technology supports classified blogging activities on foreign-language websites to enable Centcom to counter violent extremist and enemy propaganda outside the US.”

    He said none of the interventions would be in English, as it would be unlawful to “address US audiences” with such technology, and any English-language use of social media by Centcom was always clearly attributed. The languages in which the interventions are conducted include Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Pashto.

    Once developed, the software could allow US service personnel, working around the clock in one location, to respond to emerging online conversations with any number of co-ordinated Facebook messages, blogposts, tweets, retweets, chatroom posts and other interventions. Details of the contract suggest this location would be MacDill air force base near Tampa, Florida, home of US Special Operations Command.

    Centcom’s contract requires for each controller the provision of one “virtual private server” located in the United States and others appearing to be outside the US to give the impression the fake personas are real people located in different parts of the world.



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