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The Worst President Ever

April 16, 2010 by  

The Worst President Ever

A delightful experience over the weekend led to a discussion that prompted the headline for this week’s Straight Talk. Let me tell you about it.

My wife and I had flown to Washington, D.C., to spend the weekend with her youngest son and his glowingly pregnant wife. This will be their first child and everyone (most emphatically including grandma) is excited beyond words.

But “Boots’” arrival (that’s the infant’s temporary nickname) won’t be until October. So, the four of us decided to enjoy a perfect spring day by taking the Metro to the Washington Mall and then strolling down to the Tidal Basin to see the last of the world-famous cherry blossoms. While the ladies relaxed on a park bench, Micah and I walked to one of my favorite sights in the capitol, the Jefferson Memorial.

As you may know, the building is modeled after the Pantheon in Greece, a design that Thomas Jefferson admired very much. Inside, a magnificent 17-foot bronze statue of our third president looks out toward the Washington Monument. On the walls around him are panels containing some of his most famous quotes.

The first panel, naturally enough, quotes the beginning of the Declaration of Independence, including the phrase, “endowed by their Creator…” The second panel starts, “Almighty God hath created the mind free.” The third states that “God who gave us life gave us liberty.”

And surrounding all of this, in letters three feet high, is this: “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

Standing there, reading these words, it is impossible not to be reminded of Jefferson’s reverence and piety. As I read all the references to God and our Creator, I couldn’t help but wonder would it even be possible to construct such a memorial today? Or would the aggressive atheists and their friends in the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) make certain this wonderful edifice would never be built? Or if it had, that it would not have contained any of these heartfelt sentiments by a founding father?

As we turned to go, Micah pointed out the cornerstone of this marvelous memorial. We were both surprised by how high off the ground it was. I think we expected a cornerstone to be in the ground… or even under it.

Then I noticed the message inscribed on it. The stone had been dedicated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939. I remarked to Micah, “It’s a little ironic, isn’t it, that one of the worst presidents in our history dedicated the memorial to one of the best?”

That led Micah to ask me who else I considered the worst presidents in our history. My reply surprised him, because Barack Obama’s name didn’t make the list. He’s read enough Straight Talks to know how I feel about the current occupant of the White House.

Before we go any further consider for a moment whom you’d put on a list of the five worst presidents of all time. Who would top the pile and why? If you want to join the debate, when you get to the end of this column just click on “reply” and fire away. There will surely be some interesting remarks posted below.

Of course you already know one of my choices. In the first half of the last century, no one did more to promote government growth than FDR. Longtime socialist leader Norman Thomas said FDR implemented more of his policies than he ever could. And let’s not forget the lies and deceit that got us into World War II; all of the things he did to buttress the Soviet Union during the war; or the horrible concessions afterwards that condemned millions of people to a lifetime of slavery under Communist rule. Need I say more?

Then there are the three men during my lifetime who embarrassed and angered me by their conduct and their policies. I consider all of them a disgrace to our nation’s highest office. I was glad when Bill Clinton was impeached; I was only sorry when he wasn’t convicted and removed from office.

Richard Nixon is another of my least favorites. No one did more to prevent our troops from winning in Vietnam. Our soldiers were condemned to fight and die in a no-win war while our country was torn apart at home. Nixon abandoned our allies on Taiwan and opened relations with the vicious murderers who ruled Communist China. He also launched the era of Big Government Republicanism here at home from which we’re still suffering today. No, “Tricky Dick” Nixon is not one of my favorites.

But the man I truly despised was Lyndon Baines Johnson. I doubt if a bigger crook or more dangerous bully has ever occupied the Oval Office. He was not only a nasty and mean-spirited politician; LBJ took arm-twisting and vote fraud to a whole new level. In fact, he may even have sanctioned murder. For a glimpse of the real LBJ, get J. Evetts Haley’s searing study, A Texan Looks at Lyndon.

Who could possibly top such a list? I hereby nominate Woodrow Wilson as the worst of the bunch: In fact, the very worst president of all time.

Just consider the highlights of this man’s despicable record. He won election by promising to keep us out of the war in Europe—all while he was scheming to get us involved. The contrived sinking of the Lusitania gave him the excuse he needed.

Millions of people suffered and died needlessly in Wilson’s war “to make the world safe for democracy.” For that alone he deserves to be rebuked and repudiated by every honest historian. But the dirty misdeeds don’t stop there. Wilson was an early One-Worlder; we have him to thank for the aborted League of Nations, without which there would be no United Nations.

Oh, and let’s not forget the trickery that got Congress to adopt a key plank in the Communist Manifesto—a progressive income tax. The rules had already been rigged so the super-rich could hide their wealth in foundations and family trusts. The income tax would keep most of us from ever hoping to compete with them—while giving government the funds it needed to offer a gullible public all of the bread and circuses it could want.

There are other things I could mention, but this should be enough to persuade you that Woodrow Wilson belongs high on a list of presidents who have betrayed the great trust the public put in them. Should he really be No. 1—the worst of all time? I say “yes.” But you’re certainly entitled to disagree. After all, this is still a free country, isn’t it? No thanks to the five gentlemen I’ve listed above.

After reflection, I’m willing to consider a motion to have Barack Obama replace Bill Clinton in the top five. Bill may have done more to embarrass us than our Teleprompter in Chief. But he wasn’t very successful getting his socialist policies passed. Wish we could say the same thing about Obama.

Until next Friday, keep some powder dry.

—Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • Chaos Factor

    George W.Bush… war criminal
    Ronald Reagan… Senile
    Richard Nixon… Crook
    Lyndon Johnson…. War Criminal…

    These are the worst ever…

    • jim

      well lets see….. who gave china favorite trading status…… for a $400,000 campaign contribution from china ,and who let the fox in the hen house by reducing funding for security at out weapon labs … then after a lap top was taken….. went back and increased the funding ????? I think when “Billy” dies they will find a tall chinaman with plastic surgery ……………..#1 in my book

      • Brian

        Jim, Laptop missing blamed on Bill Clinton. Using your logic it would then be fair to blame 9-11 on George W. Bush. I am frightened by not only your post but the others that I read. Have any of you graduated from college. How many of you think the world was created in 7 days? Do you think that god created a woman from one of man’s ribs?

        • Flynn

          It would help Brian if you would use your head and think a little. What screwed up college did you attend. It must have been an Ivy League one.

          • Conservative Patriot

            He most likely attended the same school Hussein the Insane attended. Bet he does not show his diploma and surely not his birth certificate. I do not understand why these idiots who have found it so intolerable living in this country and probably on government assistance to boot do not move to a country similar to one Hussein would like to change this country. There are still some Communist/ Socialist countries which would welcome him. Maybe Nazi Pelosi would give him a ride the next time she travels on Air Force planes at our expense. Another looser.

          • Gladys Mayorga

            Why don’t you people ever mention George W. Bush as the worst president ever of the U.S.A. Bill Clinton one of the best, admired and respected all over the world. Mr. Bush the most embarrasing of all. He doesn’t even compare to Nixon. What did Mr. Bush did for this country?

          • Paul Quinlan

            mayby we should close all the colleges. they seem to be the place that all the decent agenst our great country is comming from.May God watch over the USA

          • Holly Marcyoniak


        • Marie Stroud

          A few questions. Can you prove that women was NOT made from man’s rib?

          How long did it take for the world to be formed?

          How many go to college and come away educated dummies?

          Do you know there are those who can not read or write and run their own businesses?

          I do not always agree with others. That is our right. Also we should give others the same right. In other words I might not agree with you but I respect your right to your opinion.

          • Joel Kruskie

            I agree Marie, I too respect his right to his opinion, I just don’t respect him!

          • JLC

            Good Morning Marie — To your first question: Not proof positive, perhaps but, at least, compelling evidence. A woman has no “y” chromosome, which she would have had if she had been cloned from a man’s rib. To the rest of your questions I have no answers.

          • Sally S.

            How old is the earth According to the Bible?
            If we go back 500 years, we come to the time of Martin Luther (born in 1483), and Columbus, who “sailed the ocean blue in 1492.”
            If we go back 1000 years, we come to the time of Leif Ericson, Christian explorer, who preached Christ to pagans. (World Book, 1983, vol.6, page 270.)
            If we go back 2000 years, we come to the birth of Jesus Christ. Our calendar is dated from His birth.
            If we go back 3000 years, we come to the time of David and Solomon; they ruled Israel about 1000 BC.
            If we go back 4000 years, we come to the time of Abraham (2000 BC), ancestor of Arabs and Jews.
            If we go back 5000 years, we come to the time of Enoch, who “walked with God 300 years … and God took him [into Heaven].”
            If we go back 6000 years, we come to the time of Creation, and Adam and Eve (4004 BC). Luke, evangelist and historian, records Adam as the first man (Luke 3:38).
            The earth is about 6000 years old. Let God’s people rejoice in Him who made them! (Psalm 149:2)

            How Old Is The Earth?
            The oldest rocks which have been found so far (on the Earth) date to about 3.8 to 3.9 billion years ago (by several radiometric dating methods). Some of these rocks are sedimentary, and include minerals which are themselves as old as 4.1 to 4.2 billion years. Rocks of this age are relatively rare, however rocks that are at least 3.5 billion years in age have been found on North America, Greenland, Australia, Africa, and Asia.

            While these values do not compute an age for the Earth, they do establish a lower limit (the Earth must be at least as old as any formation on it). This lower limit is at least concordant with the independently derived figure of 4.55 billion years for the Earth’s actual age.


            NIXON GOOD
            FORD GOOD
            CARTER GOOD
            MORE IN 8 THAN 50— CANNOT BE SPUN. do not try
            ADDED 8000B ON 1000B OF DEBT
            99,000 NET NEW JOBS PER MONTH
            TOOK 600B BUDGET TO 3600B
            Discount me with numbers and facts not
            usual conservative blarney blabbering

          • Bear

            How many of you have considered the fact that EVERY ONE OF THE MORONS WHO ARE DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY are “College Educated”?

            More like Frankfurt School Indoctrinated.

          • drdavid phd

            fist explain how or why religion needs to exploit sciance to dispruve it , crazy logic

          • TRUTH


          • Peter

            I attended college when in my 30′s and the grief I took because of my conservative views almost kept me from graduating. These people were downright hostile if one held beliefs that were contrary to the liberal agenda.

            Seems to me, everyone should work in the real world for 10 years following high school. That would stop the colleges and universities from cranking out legions of moronic liberals.

          • Roy Lay

            Well, we could start with the fact that a rib does not contain all of the elements necessary to make a human being. Much less all the mass. Of course, if you are going to resort to supernatural defenses and throw science out the window, then it becomes impossible to disprove anything, period. You can defend Norse mythology and Thor with his magic hammer just as well. By those standards a college education does seem a waste, but then we would all be sitting around our campfires at night and burning witches on them of the day.

        • marvin

          BRIAN what has bible facts got to do with bill clinton or g bush their are facts you can prove and facts you can not disprove if you do not belive what the bible saz that is your right i really don,t think clinton or bush ether for that matter were unamerican but we are here to rate the worst preidents not if the bible is true or not


            FACT CHECK
            Clinton left Bush a 240B surplus
            Bush add on 6000B of Debt (after 225 years he doubled it)

            Clinton left Bush an 1800B Budget
            Bush took to near 3600B (92% increase)

            Clinton left Bush 237,000 net new jobs created per month
            Bush took down to 31,000. Worst since Hoover.

            Clinton left Bush ten blow jobs. shame.
            Bush turned them into 935 Lies to create two wars

            Clinton left Bush Heaven on Earth
            Bush turned it into Hell on Earth

            Bush invaded two of most destitute, unarmed nations on earth
            Bush created enmity of 1500 Million who hate us now for killing hundreds of thousands of their innocent brethren.

            No Folks! Fact Check is accurate I ask only prove me wrong with facts not usual blarney blabbering. I can change. Can you?

          • Dr. Ectomy

            Clarence is another of your liberal whiz kids whose memory on history goes back only 50 years. They conveniently ignore the Wilsons or the Roosevelts and in deference to his feeble memory, we had Carter.

            Some day the light will come on and you will realize the liberal agenda has been hijacked by the radicals and the result is a corrupted, anti-American collective policy of reducing this wonderful country to a third world status.

            Liberals think everything should be free but the fact is, everything costs, be it cash or sweat equity. I am forced to conclude liberals are basically lazy. If not then why do they want so much for “free”.
            I would like to keep the fruits of my labor but it gets harder every day and if the government does not get smaller, cheaper and out of my life, I am leaving and taking my wealth, skills and industrious nature with me. I am prepared.

        • Dave

          Yes I believe the world was created in 7 days and that God created a woman from one of Adam’s ribs. Makes more sense than the big bang theory or that everything got here without the aid of a superior being.

          • Tom

            I believe in Evolution, AND I believe in Creation.

            There doesn’t have to be any division between the 2 schools of thought.

            Science has proven evolution. But what if….God uses evolution FOR creation?

            And creation in 7 days??? How would God measure 1 day? 1 Earth day? Time is a perception. I find nothing wrong with the Big Bang theory. Creation took billions of years from a human time measurement.

            Think outside the box…

          • Delores Smith

            I believe more in the world having been made in 7 days than I do in global warming. My ribs are very strong, so I believe one could have come from a man…but…global warming?
            Delores Smith

          • Sally S.

            How do you know God didn’t create the Big Bang? What if was just some kid messing around in his parent’s basement and mixed a few things together and BANG! Then he sat back and said, I didn’t expect that to happen. Kind of like The second Men in Black. Those little guys living in a locker. What if our world is really that small to someone else. The universe keeps expanding, that means there must be an end. Ever wonder what is at the end? or is that too much for your mind to handle?

          • Sally S.

            Delores Smith,

            Why is global warming so hard to believe in? Do you believe there was an ice age and half of North America was covered in ice? Do you that the states of Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, and other western states were once under water? It was known as the The Cretaceous Sea. Do you that over the history of the earth it has warmed and cooled many times. Warming is caused by gasses in the air that are produced naturally and are produced by man as by products of burning focil fuels. So if these gasses could cause global warming without the help of man, and now man is putting even more of these gasses into the air it makes sense that man can cause glabal warming. Or, maybe the earth is just warming up. But whatever the reason why wouldn’t you want to end polution so that one day we will be smog and polution free. Ever been to the grand caynon? Can you imagine the view accross there back in the early 1800s? Now it’s hazey because of polution. Why would anyone not want to stop polution, even if it doesn’t cause glabal warming?

          • Kev

            Delores, I believe in global warming, what I do not believe is that man plays a large part in it!

          • Rick

            My comment is to those who believe the earth is billions of years old.Who designed the dating of the earth as our science sees it?If it was man ,it is prone to error.Why did the volcanic rocks from Mt. St. Helens show to have been formed 8000 years ago by this GREAT DATA,when they were actually formed at it’s last eruption? Why have they found trees standing straight up among many hundreds of sediment levels? Even if the dating is correct how do you know the elements weren’t created long before the earth was made from them?Do you know of any explosion where anything but chaos existed? Women are different from men for a purpose as Jehova God created. How else would we procreate?
            Remember, God said through the apostle “He will send them a strong delusion that they might believe a lie and be damned who have not the love of the truth.”

          • Jason

            Sally S,
            You are rocking’
            But you are dealing with idiots.

            No, none of the Flat Earthers here can comprehend what you are saying. That the universe may be as small as a pin head on the pedal of a daisy, is just too much for them.

            Deeer! ITS FLAT, or you would fall off!!
            If you can’t git that….you sum kinda idiot!
            No! Ima not from Texas…

            Why…Itsa Just like da Bible says….its totally litoral….
            Just like the Koran. We musta take dese books literol.

            Yeah….Real problems come when people interpret incomplete books literally.

            Next thing you know, your strapping on a bomb vest in Bagdad square.

          • drdavid phd


          • Robbie Smith

            OK! The concept of God was totally necessary for human beings to AT LEAST understand that something beyond what they see and touch exists at all.
            Hopefully we can make next step and call it at least (this si just idea, of course) Self-Sufficient Creative Reality, something like huge ocean of omnipresence, enlightenment and being all in one. Here becomes difficult, I know.
            But reality is that all directions of human development were given from there in sense of what self-regulated all inclusive entirety would expect from primitive organismus to develop toward. (not by any supremen gentleman looking on his childs).
            Economic systems, values, civilazition and finally Internet are all rooted from there. After all call it God if you wish.
            Obama is not worse than any other candidate, actually he intends to do right thing, but situation is wrong.

            So be ready for real chane.
            Gold will not help this time.
            Stored food will just extend the hope/pain for some time.
            Fear is in bones of masses, they feel the end is coming soon.
            Enlightenment and total release form material chains (unfortunatelly not simple thing to do) is only way out.
            Knowledge for that exists for centuries, but blindness rules the game.
            Simply be ready to change all your conceptions, to get rid of anything you have and know. Forget existence of State, Gov’t, TV, Be ready to die. Than chance might occur.

          • Jeff R

            As I read through some of these posts there is a clear lack of understanding of science. As a scientist by training I would have to point out that the science community pushes evolution because it tries to show there is no need for a God. Science has NEVER proven evolution in fact as we gather more scientific information it leads away from evolution. Evolution is a hypothesis and nothing more it does not even qualify as a theory. I am also amazed at how many morons point to Reagan as a “worst” president. In judging a president you must look at their policies and how they affect the American people and how those policies compare to the Constitution. Just because someone does not like a particular president does not make them a “worst” presidential candidate. Another falasy I keep reading is that Clinton had a budget surplus, that is pure fanatasy. Since the US has had a budget deficit only during the Eisenhower Adminstration did we see a an actual reduction in the deficit. If Clinton had left a surplus you would see a reduction in our total deficit and you do not se that in the data. Though there is good reasoning behind some of these “worst” presidents I can speak best from what I have experienced first hand.

            Wilson was definately bad, FDR brought many socialist programs that are hurting America today, but in recent years I would have to say the Democratic party is incapable of producing a candidate that is both a good leader, moral in character, honest and honorable and caring about America and the American people. Carter was incompetant and nearly as socialist as Obama, Clinton is a moral dirtbag, and Obama is about as dishonest as they come and for me the worst because he hates America and wants nothing more then to destroy the America our founding Fathers worked so hard to create. I also agree that Johnson would stop at nothing to get his agenda passed. My only hope is that the American people see through Obama’s web of deception and boot this phoney out of office. America cannot take 4 more years of Obama. The WORST president in my lifetime.

        • http://none Jay

          Yes it would be fair to blame 9-11 on George W. Bush as well as the U.S Government as a whole. Simply examine the plethura of evidence and GWB’s own comments about 9-11. You dont need a college education to discern the facts about the 3 buildings that fell in NYC on 9-11, just look at the evidence, the evidence speaks volumes.
          I do believe God created the earth in seven days and that Eve was created from the rib of Adam. There are many college educated people who believe that. If a college education means the rejection of God and the Bible then that college should be rejected. The engineering degree that I am working on now will last only as long as Im on the face of this earth. I will need God for eternity which is a lot longer than the 30 or so years I have left on this planet.
          The 5 worst presidents? Obama, G.W. Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan in that order because they have all been systematically destroying the Constitution and the economy and bringing the USA and the rest of world to a New World Order which they openly talk about today. The One World Government will be a dictatorship, a Fascist dictatorship. Look at the goals of the New World Order and those who want a One World Government. Of course they are selling it to us for our own good. Remember this, once we have surrendered all of our civil liberties so the government can protect us, then we will have surrendered all of our civil liberties. The socialism that is here today will give way to communism and then fascism ultimately once total control is achieved.

          • Tom

            Perhaps God took the rib for genetic material?

            I just really hate it when people takes sides on this. They seem to feel that they either have to believe in evolution OR creation. And they always fight about it, usually with the evolutionists laughing at the creationalists for IGNORING proven science.

            There are actually some dimwits within the Protestant religion who still believe the world is 6,000 years old. They tell us man walked with dinosaurs. They make zero attempt to explain how or why dinosaur remains are found FAR FAR BELOW the remains of the earliest humans. What….did they bury themselves in the future or something??? Makes no sense.

            My uncle is a doctor, and he believes this….???? What the…Logic out the window.

            The Bible is simply not the complete picture. And thats fine, its not a world history book.

          • Tom

            And Jay, I’m so glad you brought up 911.

            I really think anyone who is still a believer in the government’s official conspiracy theory, is just not looking at all the expert opinions.

            Its a curious thing, many intelligent people simply do not even want to look with an open mind. Much like what I was saying about those otherwise intelligent people who believe the world is 6,000 years old. Its just amazing to me, how people will deliberately block out proven science when it does not fit their belief system.

            The best I can gather from all my reading is this:

            911 was a joint operation carried out by the CIA and the Mossad. The black opts connections reached the highest levels of the Executive branch in the US.

            CIA asset Bin Laden and Al Queada was used as a cover for operations and as a patsy.

            Judging from citizen spy programs such as Infraguard, and the warrentless wiretapping of US citizens, my guess would be the reason for 911 was to give the federal government more power, and to give popular support for engaging the Middle East in warfare. I noticed how quickly we moved on to Iraq, which had nothing directly to do with the 911 attack itself. Iraq, a former ally of the US, whom we gave WMD’s to, now for some reason mutual enemy of both the US and Israel.
            Undoubtedly theres much more to this. I’m still reading, still forming my opinion.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Don’t forget in the number two position after Obummer is CARTER! The peanut-brained peanut farmer!!!

          • meteorlady

            You must be young because the systematic destruction of our constitution happened long before your presidents.

          • ShatterTheMatrix

            Well said, Jay. I can’t find anything to add to your statement. Keep it up.

            As for my 5 worst prez’s, in no particular order:

            1 – Abe Lincoln … for the Civil War, jailing Congressmen, and martial law
            2 – Woodrow Wilson … for the Federal Reserve Act
            3 – Bush Sr … had ties to JFK assassination, Reagan shooting, and Gulf War among other things (too many to list)
            4 – Boy George Bush … 9/11, lied about WMD’s, and the Patriot Act… need I say more
            5 – Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama) … he is a fraud anyway you slice it

          • Dawn Healy

            This is in reply to all of you who think Reagan was a bad president I guess you haven’t heard of the Berlin wall coming down? well guess who got that done and also who balanced the budget, where did you guys go to school. I am now seeing in the news, FOX news, because I don’t trust the others that your school books are being made into socialist Rags and all the history has been obliterated faster then our pay checks. It seems a lot of you think all republicans are crooks, well let me tell you there are no bigger crooks then this rotten to the core Obama administration. He runs back to Chicago to get some more info on how to screw the American people, oh yes Obama tops my list,along with FDR & Peanut picker Jimmy Carter,who gave us the Iranian Government as they are today.The Texan who I believe was involved in the Kennedy death.And you all think the Bushes are so bad when all you had was the drive by media telling you how bad he was and you all lapped it up. Listen to Glen Beck on Fox and find out a few details about history.And by the way the drive by Media is doing all they can to get him black balled. I’m an Independent by the way and think outside the box. There are good and bad presidents but I believe chip has it right we have had some really bad Presidents and some really good ones, (but we the American people need to start sticking together to keep this country strong only we can do that not some politician.

          • JAKE

            To all of you that are mixing Politics with Religion have your heads up your back side.
            Religion is based on “Faith in what legends or wives tales tell us”.
            Politics are based on Facts and Results.
            As far as worst Presidents…..for those close minded, the choices would be based on whether you are a Dem. or Rep. For those open minded it would be based on your financial status.
            Therefore, to be a realistic list….you would have to chart out everything each president did and the results and how they affected the country’s progress and prosperity.

          • Carrie

            Well said!

          • ttrfn

            Where does it say- ever, that God created dinasours at birth? Just as God spoke the world into existance, he did the same for other things too, dontcha think? Do you think God started this world with eggs and embryo’s? No! He “created” everything WITH the ability to reproduce. Just as He created Adam and Eve, fully grown. Does the bible state how old THEY were? So you find bones from them… they were completely mature upon arrival to this earth. Does that mean the world MUST be as old as they were? The bible never states that the dinasours or any animal for that matter, started as an embryo. So….. your question “should” be how old was the dinasours when they were spoke into existance?
            Heres something to think about:
            If God is not real… then you have nothing to worry about, right?
            But what if He IS real… and youre wrong?
            You should probably think about that carefully before you answer.

          • Salim K. Ampofo


          • Dr. Ectomy

            The only thing I can say is if we end up fascist and they come calling to my house, they are going get in a real scrap.

            END BIG GOVERNMENT, we do not need it or want it.

        • Robert Wayne

          Hope you like it in hell. Because that’s where you’re going for doubting the Word of God.

          • Edd

            As there is nothing to prove otherwise I’m concerned by an age old question. Which is truth “GOD OR SANTA CLAUS?” each is based upon unproven facts, please don’t quote the BIBLE

          • Ron

            Well I think the DNA sequence is so complex I have a real hard time thinking it just “fell” into place.
            Looks like it was designed my someone.

            And I do wonder where contiousness comes from. Self awareness….Feelings…

            I get lizards and reptiles, hunks of flesh with a life spark. But higher contiousness? Is it all really a functiuon of more brain cells?

            What about statues that bleed real human blood? Scientific labs have examined these statues and found no trace of fraud. How is that explained? There have been documentated cases, it only takes one.
            It begs a rational answer. Unless all answers can be given, the unknown is wide open.

            Unless someone has real answers to the whole paranormal question, and can lucidly explain it with fact, we must admit there is a whole realm that is unknown to us.
            To simply be dismissive is human, and very arrogant.

          • Bob

            Were you aware that the word “santa”in spanish means Holy-neat huh,can you understand how we breathe the oxygen,me neither but I can’t believe it just happens.I do not need FACTS to know SOMETING out here put all this together magnificently and wonderfully for our use.Man/Woman use seeds to create children.Farmers use seeds to plant food for our consumption.We can not see the wind but know it exisists!Wait these could be facts-huh?

          • Heywood Jablowme

            Guess that’s where i’m headed, I’ve got the corner office down there with a window view!!!

          • Allan

            The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

            The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God.

            They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one.

            Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge? who eat up my people as they eat bread, and call not upon the LORD.

          • drdavid phd

            prove the existance of hell

          • TRUTH


        • Hollywood


          Have you ever heard the term “Educated Idiot”. He graduated from college as well.

          • Yvonne

            Hollywood, This could not have been said any better. I am in total agreement with you on this.

        • blv54

          I think the world was created in 7 days, same with adams rib, I also believe in noahs ark so does that make someone an idiot? I think not

          • Tom

            I think I would only classify you as an idiot if you really believed that God was measuring Creation in Earth days Before the Earth was created!!

            You see, most fundalmentalists think that since God stated Creation took 7 days, they think in terms of Earth days. Because in their small mind, thats all they know.

            I mean, Planet Earth is but one small planet in our solar system, and out solar system is but one small system in our whole galaxy. And our Galaxy, the Milky Way is but one, of an infinate number of galaxys in the Universe.

            Thats not theory….thats FACT.

            Why would God make our world first? When you really think about it, it doesn’t make much sense.

            Perhaps what God meant, when he said, he created the Heavens and the Earth, was Earth was symbolic for all physical matter, and Heaven was symbolic for another higher dimension?????
            I know thats not what the Bible explains, but perhaps someone got something wrong in the interpretation? Perhaps the knowledge base of man back then had no reference, and what was relayed was then explained in Earthly terms?
            Hey, anything is possible.

            My mother once told me as a child, Heaven was way out in space….past the moon. Hmmmm.

            Right, and if you go to the end of the Earth, you fall off.

          • Robert Norwood

            The world was created in six days, six days, not seven. Now to help that issue there’s a mathematical formula based on Einsteins time dilation theory that does something quite interesting; when it is applied to the age of the universe as accepted by science, something in the billions of years, it comes out to six days. Oops, so the Bible is right on this, it just forgets to mention how you get six days but, why bore people with a lot of science, their eyes glaze over and they nod off to sleep.

        • Mike

          Attack the facts, not the people. That’s the problem with Evolutionists. Tactics – not facts form the basis of the evolutionary argument against the ID’ers, or creationists as I prefer to be called. Maybe that’s because the facts don’t exist that prove evolution. After all it’s only a theory. We creationists have a problem though. We believe God created everything. Therefore it’s believed we have no evidence, as God can make things out of nothing. I mean He doesn’t leave wrappers laying around. The belief that there’s no evidence for creation could not be farther from the truth. We don’t need to prove creation or ID. The fact is that either this world (and what’s in it) made itself (evolution) or someone (God) did it. All I believe that is necessary to debunk the evolution theory is to use known evidence. To prove that this world didn’t make itself is all that is needed. This has been done, but evolutionists cry out that the person bringing the evidence doesn’t have as much college as they do so their view doesn’t count. Never mind the evidence. The conservation of angular momentum, our solar systems configuration, and its movement prove the big bang is a big lie. Nuclear halos in granite prove the earth was never a hot molten mass. Polystrata fossils prove that layers are not millions of years old – pictured clearly in the Mt. St. Helens eruption aftermath. The Cambrian explosion – earliest layer shows “evolved” species (with no possibility for transitional forms) existing exactly as today even though they’re in one of the oldest geologic layers known. Age agreement of Geologic column ages with Radiometric dating ages (at least those that are published) even though the ages for the geologic column were assigned in the 17th century. Existence of male/female counterparts for the majority of life forms (Hermaphroditic forms would give a higher probability for evolution). Circular reasoning to support geologic layer ages (the layer dates the fossil, and the fossil dates the layer). Discovery of still living index fossils. Symbiosis of animal/bacterial forms defy evolutionary explanation. Grand Canyon rim elevation shows the Colorado river did not form the canyon. Equine series hoax – proven to have been fabricated by evolutionists. Piltdown man hoax – proven to have been fabricated by evolutionists. Archaeopteryx hoax – proven to have been fabricated by evolutionists. Haeckel embryonic series hoax – proven to have been fabricated by an evolutionist. These lies are perpetuated by evolutionists – not creationists, and some though proven wrong many years ago still show up in brand new text books. Now remind me who is for truth again? Yeah, we creationists do have a problem. Our problem is loving evolutionists long enough to bother to keep putting the facts out that show that evolution is an empty shell based on Man’s desire to live life without God. We do this hoping to open eyes. If evolution isn’t true, and this world didn’t make itself then God made it just like He said He did. If God made this world then He is in charge, and we should be doing things the way He says… I expect a personal attack from evolutionists based on my place of birth/residence – lack of phd’s in YOUR particular science or study – any possible attack except a logical, unemotional discussion of the facts.

          • Tom

            Mike, long post, nice try…

            You are hell bent on trying to disprove evolution, simply because you believe in Creation.

            You believe in ID.

            ME too.

            I don’t get it. How the hell does Creation cancel out Evolution??

            Is it because you make the assumption that all the universe was created in 7 Earth days, before Earth was created?

            Hows God measure 1 day? 1 revolution of the universe? Maybe.

            1 revolution of the Earth? Doubtful.

            You believe in Intelligent Design….that great! How do you know God does not use evolution FOR creation?

            And when I say evolution….I don’t necessarily mean conventional evolutionary theory.

          • Tom

            No Mike….
            bacterial mutations to antibiotics are in fact a very clear form of evolution.

            Why would you think God would not instill the tools of species survival within the Gnome?
            To be able to learn, to adapt, to survive? Why not? Do you think God created, only to see his works perish?

            Being a Creationist is no excuse for being a MORAN!
            God gave you a brain….USE IT!

            “Maybe that’s because the facts don’t exist that prove evolution. After all it’s only a theory.”

          • Marty Mannor-Smith

            Au contraire! I agree with you. It’s quisical how often the ‘theory’ part of evolution is omitted. Even Einstein didn’t fully believe in it nor expect anyone else to; quite a surprise to the man who originally offered up this ‘possibility’–not a claim to fact.

            I’m forced to grin while reading some of the ‘scientific’ opinions posted here. A couple spring to mind: One poster said because the universe is still expanding, that proves there is an end to it. Say what? How so? What does observation of expansion have to do with proving an end to it? In truth, if one were forming a theory about whether or not there is an end to the universe and they study expansion as a means to that (forgive me) end, both observation of the (single) fact; i.e., expansion plus common sense would lead the seeker to assume just the opposite–that there is NO end to the universe. An end to the universe is necessary to stop expansion. In truth, the expanding would continue, ad infinitum, withOUT an end. This is what is happening currently, isn’t it? Continual expansion? If the motion (energy) caused by the expanding were to butt up against an end, the expansion would eventually pile up on itself and cause a reversal; that is, the expanding would reverse itself into contracting. So, you see, to the thinking, educated, observant believer in Creationism, quickly sees through most of the so-called “facts” of evolution extolled by what I have come to label “short-term” thinkers.

            Another example of “facts” that are anything but: One poster offered that the Earth has to be as old as anything found on it. Not true. Astroids and meteors/meteorites have crashed into Earth (I could mention another method of “transfer of ‘other age’ material as when God ‘rained down fire & brimstone from Heaven upon Sodom & Gomorreh’ but that would be a quote from the (whisper) Bible and we can’t have that! (smile)

            If you believe Earth has to be as old as anything found in/on her, then let me submit this: Say I purchase a new ball today. I bring it home and play catch with my son. He misses one of my throws, the ball lands in a pile of manure waiting to fertilize my garden. The manure was made by a neighbor’s herd of cows 2 months ago. Some of the manure naturally sticks to my new ball. A year from now, a scientist finds the ball, tests it and – due to the age of the manure clinging to it, dates it as being 1 year + 2 months. No, the ball isn’t as old as the manure and neither does Earth have to be older than something found on/it her. I’m not arguing which is older as that is not pecular to my point which is simply that if your basis is incorrect, then so will be your theory formed on that basis. The ol’ “garbage in, barbage out.”

            Another poster, in rebuttal to a Christian believer in ID, submitted that (1) Christians believe man walked with dinosaurs, and (2) that would have been impossible as proven by “scientists” discovering dinosaurs buried below humans. Apparently this poster who “thinks outside the box” assumes (without justification or example) that all Christians or at least all believers in ID, think alike. Whoa! Not! But that is irrelevant to my point here so I’ll drop that aspect of his/her misassumption. But how does burial at a lower (earlier) level, disqualify burial at a higher (older) level from coexistence? There are several practical, probable suggestions; however, I’ll offer just one: When humans first came into existence, they lived much longer Earth years than humans today. Not only the Bible, but records by reliable, meticulus historians (non-Christian, at that!) prove this as fact. No mention of long-life animal existence has been discovered, however. Therefore, it is certainly possible and probable, that man simply outlived dinosaurs and that is why you will find the animals buried at a lower level than their coexisting human partners.

            I believe God created everything and in the 7 days quoted in the bible (no matter how one defines a ‘day’). Does God use evolution as a means? No, not as defined. “Scientists” who try to sell us on evolution would have us believe – for example – that a fish or even a one-celled amebo – is somehow endowed with superior skills in that if it finds it doesn’t need or want a certain organ, it can simply wish it away!! Or, the opposite–grow one where none previously existed. This is something even the most genius of today’s scientists with all current technology are able to do! Think about it the next time you watch a documentary on how the planet was formed–one of those kinds of programs. I get the biggest hoot everytime!

            Last, but certainly not least, let’s tackle carbon dating. It’s not nearly as fun as double- or as passionate at single- plus you get all dirty–maybe that’s why I don’t like it . . .

            CD is not reliable. There is more than one reason but I’ll cite just one: Fire/heat can change the factors involved in CD. The very factors upon which the dator relies. These factors (ions) render CD unreliable for age-testing and throw it off by large degrees. This is what happened, for example, when the Shroud of Turin was ‘scientifically’ examined (more than once). This particular shroud had been in at least 2 fires. To complicate matters even more, the shroud had actually been singed and the holes made in the cloth by the burning, were patched over by nuns sewing a different material over the holes. Reliability of CD was thrown off by both the ion change caused to the shroud itself by fire plus newer material sewn over the older to cover the holes. Even though seeds were found within the shroud which – when examined – were found to grow only in Israel and during the period of Christ’s earthly life, the ‘scientists’ continue to stick by their erronous CD (mis)data.

            Thanks for reading such a long post. My first. (and last?)–Owl from MI

          • capt z

            Your amalgamation of false “facts,” from your incredibly twisted distortions of scientific discoveries, together with your dogmatic selection of handpicked religious “truths,” is so far the most comical statement of blither I’ve read in many years. To see that adults in the year 2010 are this unable to think, but are so certain of their interpretation of reality is stunning. Humans still have a long way to go before such simplistic knee-jerk confusion of faith and science can give way to intelligent examination and discussion. Keep posting your thoughts, PLEASE! We need the laughs.

          • drdavid phd

            o dear me you are so wrong

          • Dr. Ectomy


            Is that a Freeport-McMoran?

        • Jon

          Your indoctrination was quite successful as anyone can easily witness. Exposure to an ultra-liberal education endows an individual with a plethora of diverse illusionary disabilities. Attacks on religion normally surface first in the evolutionary process to illogical reasoning. Your ploy is an ancient one my friend. Employed by none less than Adolf Hitler, accuse the accuser. Liberals exercise the right to make abasing comments about anyone or anything that opposes their perceptions and mantras. Yet refuse to open their eyes, ears and minds to those who disagree. Pius and hypocritical immediately come to mind. It is a classic liberal, socialistic trade mark.

          • usmadgirl


            Excellent comment! I’d like to add, that just because people are “educated” does NOT make them “intelligent”! From most of the few comments I’ve read, my point is proven! After reading the comments above, all I can say is “No wonder this country is in the catastrophic condition it’s in & no wonder we’re going down the economic toilet”!

            Just because people have been indoctrinated with “progressive ideas”, does not mean those ideas are intelligent ones! Anyone who has to live on the amount of money they make, should have sense enough to know that you can’t spend more money than you earn! What is wrong with these people? Anyone who even remotely believes that our so-called president is spending us into oblivion in order to “improve” our economy is a complete fool!

            In order to stay on topic, my list of the worst presidents are: Obama, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt & Teddy Roosevelt. All were progressives whose main agendas were/are to grow the government. They all declare that the Constitution is a “living document” & Obama went as far as to say that OUR CONSTITUTION is a “FLAWED” document & doesn’t go far enough to implement “social justice”! So how could he take an oath “to uphold the Constitution”, when he thinks it’s “flawed”?

            The term “Living Document” was not devised as a phrase until 1937 when President FDR “appointed eight justices to the High Court who radically accommodated their ‘interpretation’ of the Constitution to be consistent with Roosevelt’s expansion of central government authority and power.” Up until the Civil War and the influences of Presidents Woodrow Wilson, F.D. Roosevelt, and Theodore Roosevelt, the Constitution was the strict Rule of Law, taken literally and as its penmen intended.

            Woodrow Wilson whose main goal was to impose the “League of Nations” on the country along with the Federal Reserve Central Bank & progressive Income Tax, going to war after campaigning that he would never go to war, but did just a month or so after he took office, has to be considered for the top of the list. He was a racist & advocate for some type of “social justice” & universal government.

            O-dumbo is a carbon copy of both Woodrow Wilson & FDR. His main goal is “socialized health care” & “social justice”. He has risked his office in order to pass it, by hook & by crook, giving no attention to the real problems at hand – unemployment & the economy! Oh yeah, he’s created jobs, if you want to call them jobs, by increasing the government positions & therefore increasing the size of the government! He, as Wilson, is striving to implement a universal government, but first has to collapse our current system in order to rebuild it in his Marxist image. O-dumbo will go down in history as the worst president ever! That’s assuming that he doesn’t become our “Fidel Castro”!

          • Tom

            Ohhhh Boy….He’s using words like plethora.
            Next he’ll be saying words like Nucler…

            Then he’ll be saying terms like the korean Peninchula.

            After that…. he’ll be running for president….

            Hey fool me once…shame on….you…
            Fool me twice….shame on….shame on…
            Don’t get fooled again!!!

          • ruth

            right on, i just wish i could speak the way you do!

        • meteorlady

          Yes I have a masters – why would you equate a person’s intelligence with their belief system?

          • Tom

            Well if you worship a rock….
            Wheres that leave you on the intelligence scale???

        • Samuel

          God created the heavens and the earth and all things in them in 6 days. He rested on the 7th day.

          • http://N/A Ron

            Sam. As I read down through these comments You are the first one who knew God made the Heavens and the Earth in 6 days not 7 days. God finshed them and then on the 7th day he rested.

          • Tom

            How long is one of God’s days?

            Who’s calendar shall we use?

            I am just beside myself at the stupidity of people!!!!!

            1 day is what?
            1 revolution of the Earth?
            1 revolution of Saturn? Jupiter?
            The solar system around the sun?
            1 revolution of the Milky Way?
            1 revolution of the universe?

            How does God measure 1 day???

            Clue….No one knows…

            Except…… presumptuous idiots who have no depth of thought. Only they know the REAL TRUTH….

          • Glynn

            When Jesus comes & takes his own, those left behind will not have to argue about creation or evolution. We already know the answer. Scientist trying to disprove the Bible have actually exposed more to back up what it says.

          • evelyn

            Sam……GOD created earth and heaven in 6 days…on the 7th day he rested AND on the 8th day he created man IN HIS IMAGE ADAM and from his ‘rib’ or dna he created Eve as the first womam …that were created by GOD in HIS image to go forth for the imcoming of the CHRIST HIS only SON to teach the way to HIS Kingdom….GOD is supposed to love this earth and that is why he caused the destroying of the wild beasts that were already here because of the fallen angles of Satin…..and so on now the 6 days etc are not the days as we know them……..they are thousands of so called years each….GODs DAYS..He has created beautiful animals to take the place of the dinasaurs that were here….but of course we still have a little bit of them left in a smaller versions…crocs, and small dragons, sharks, and whatever but smaller than before..and the bones we find are the proof.. Oh well!!!!what has this to do with the idiots we elect to run our country? only that we dont do our homework and choose wisely….if that is possible…..If not impeach the sobs..and get them out of office before they do more damage……….good day

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Absolutely. Woman was created from God taking one of man’s ribs. It is the absolute truth.

          • Tom

            To attempt to understand Creation beyond the parameters outlined in the Bible is NOT Blasphemy.

            Fact: God gave us high intelligence.
            Fact: The Bible is sketchy on detail and time frame.

            Why not use your God given intelligence to try to understand the Bible, and all the writings that were left out of it?

            Belief in God is no excuse for stupidity
            Although many try to hide behind it….especialy those from Texas

          • http://google Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

            No person alive knows the absolute truth. Tell me what is happening now. What supposed to have happened hundreds or thousands of years ago has not one thing to do with what is taking place now. Try and take that nonsense to the bank and deposit it. The next time there is an emergency, quote the bible instead of calling someone you can actually see and feel. If it sounds too good to be true, it is a lie.

          • Dr. Ectomy


            Why don’t you come down here to Texas and say that to my face. Texas has managed to weather this economic storm rather well, so they must do something right. Going to Church on Sunday is still common and yet everyone seems quite capable of determining the truth from the BS

            I have read your posts and I firmly believe that you sir, are a Jackass.
            Say something righteous and productive. We do not need your attitude at this point in time. We need doers with ideas not vindictive, whiny children posing as adults.

        • Ron

          Who quadrupled the Bush debt in ONE YEAR?

          Who said….

          “If they hit us we hit back twice as hard”

          “Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.
          You can kill them with this, for they can no
          more obey their own rules than the
          Christian church can live up to

          “The major premise for tactics is the
          development of operations that will
          maintain a constant pressure upon the

        • Carl

          It IS fair to blame Bush/Cheney for 9/11!

        • Harry R Kleinhans SR

          I can’t believe how some of these people can think our own government
          would do 911 to our people. I can’t believe even Obama would do such a thing.

          • THIRD PARTY


        • Bob

          Hey Brian I’m planning to transform myself into an AVATAR before my body returns to”ashes to ashes-dust to dust”.Does it set off any bells?

        • Toodgie

          To all of you who don’t know or study the bible; KJV is the very best for the english speaking people…If as a lot of you say that the “Earth” is only 6000 yrs. old or so; then please tell me when God made “Cain” leave from his presence; and dwelled in the land of {NOD} and knew his wife…{Where did she come from}??? Remember God warned everyone that if they killed Cain there would be vengeance taken seven fold against them…and God was not warning Adam & Eve, but he was warning someone else…Gen:4v 16-17…Also note that God told “Noah” to replenish the earth after the flood…now is the time to open your understanding of “Gods” word… {Replenish} simply means to restock or make more, in this case God was telling Noah to make more “babies” or people…Gen: 9 v 1… But wait God also told someone else to replenish the earth…and it wasn’t Adam & Eve, but it was a man and woman before Adam & Eve…How long before? I only know that it was a long time…Gen: 1 v 28…so as the word of God clearly states…He told Noah to replenish the earth because everything was destroyed by the flood… so who was it??? Remember Mr. Cain went into the land of {Nod} and got his wife…Remember the simple word {Replenish}… God told this man & woman in Gen: 1 v28, to also {Replenish} the earth;Because it had been destroyed before Adam & Eve also…Just read Isa…Jeremiah…Ezek…They all tell you about it… It only makes sense when you study and understand what God is saying; and you cannot learn this except the {Holy Spirit} teach it to you…1 Cor:2 v 13… With lov… p.s. Jesus is {NOT} the only son of God !!! Jesus is the only {BEGOTTEN} son of God…Huge difference…you must study…

          • John C. Sebolt

            Toodgie, Where exactly does God’s word say that there was another man and woman before Adam and Eve? I must have overlooked that one. Going back to Brian, I NOBODY can prove the existence of God. NOBODY can prove His nonexistence either. NOBODY can prove evolution or disprove it either. It boils down to faith. If you believe in Jesus Christ and He doesnt exist then you have nothing to loose. If you dont believe in Jesus Christ and He does exist then you have everything to loose. So why gamble with your soul? Is it not better to play it safe and accept Him as your savior? Your life will change, believe it or not, for the better. He does exist. Just look around you at all of the wonderful things that God has created. You want to see a miracle? Just look in the mirror or witness a child being born. Did you ever stop to wonder that God may be speaking to you through other people? Open your ears and your eyes. Follow your heart and not your head. The time is now as tomorrow may be too late. You could die in your sleep or be killed in a car accident. Food for though Brian.

        • http://verizonfios mike

          I believe that we knew 911 was going to happen but there waqs nothing anyone did about it .For one , the country was supposidly unattackable.We have never been attacked on our own soil, other than the revolution and the civil wars and the war of 1812. They were wars of brother against brother though.We could have prevented the attack on 911 if we had only listened to the people that did inquiries and studies of terrorism . Oh yeah ,I believe that woman was created from Adams rib and that entire universe was created in 7 days and I have lots of proof .

        • SureShot

          Well Brian, I can assure you the world was created in 7 days. Let me guess we came from slim from the ocean, or apes…..or “the big bang” and then here everything is. I pray your smater then your post. Back to Presidient question Obama Hussian is the WORST president know to man-kind thus far. We have a muslim that will NOT even salute our flag. He BOWS DOWN TO ARABS! I bow to God ONLY! oh but he does not believe in God!!!! Was our country NOT founded on Christianity – Hello….our Forfathers that founded our country, the contituion and the BILL OF RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all of which Obama is trying to change to his liking as well as Nancy Pelsico (however you spell her name) WHERES THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE – WHAT R U HIDING HUSSIAN?????

          • Valerie Lacasse

            Response like this is what the main problem in this country
            I am what you call a Believer it is apallang the things that spew out of peoples mouth who claim they follow Christ, Jesus.
            There are Muslims who who uphold their religion and want peace. Just by the response from various folks especially this one i CAN SEE
            THE CURRENT PRESIDENT, whoever takes office there will be disattisfaction. The institution is teh issue not the person elected as President,Senate and Congress is where the correction is needed.
            Bigotry is obviosly and sadly still among a large portion. The more things change they remain the same US needs a lot of prayer.

          • Peter

            I really would like to meet this “slim” person

        • Charles

          Brian, I fail to see the relevance of how long it took God to create the Earth or it He used a rib from Adam to create Eve. The point is, he created everything as he saw fit, and in the time He deemed necessary. If you do not believe in God, it’s your loss.

          • THIRD PARTY


        • http://google woodrow

          Brian,Yes it was created in 7 days, and yes a woman was made from mans rib…. That is what is written… and may I ask you a question… Do you really think this universe…and Planet Earth and all of its sophisticated existence just created itself?? God also tells us that there are men that think they are so smart, that they are really blinded by the obvious truth around them.

          • THIRD PARTY


          • Valerie Lacasse

            Religion STUPID IS The Cause of Our Problems
            Belief is another issue everyone wants to be right That is why the world is in the current state,until we as humans become conscious
            of what is expected of us the world will be doomed(this includes the U.S.A
            Jesus afforded us free will. So look within yourselves Seeing some of things people say who claim to be Christians it is scary
            You do not have to be a Muslim or Buddhist ect but do you realy know any personally or is it just what you read or hear someone tell you
            There is Just too much judgement lead by example (unfortunately most Christians fall short (YES I SAID It and I am one in Jesus /Christ)
            as it is said many are called but few are chosen
            STICK TO DICUSSING CONCERNs leave religion and personal attacks out of the equation
            Change starts with you A country gets what it deserves.
            Congress and The Senate need to put aside their interest and consider the countries interest
            The Superiority attitude is a good reason for the mess among other things

        • http://google Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

          It seems we have a PHORN Queen among us. The man between the Bushes was not a President. The man is a slime ball. It is people like this person that is more of a danger to our country than any terrorist that ever set foot on our land. These are weak people, they let thier feelings lead them in the wrong direction. To some, looks says it all. To some, they like to be lied to, just tell them what they want to hear, you don’t have to ever act on it. What a bunch of loonies. What the last person did or did not do is no reason for the present, to do the same. This is 2010, get it.

          • Valerie

            The Porn queen are you referring to Your ancestor

        • http://Google ProudChicagoan


          How many of you believe in the “big bang” theory? Have you even bothered to study the Bible? I am offended by someone who takes such a condescending attituted toward people whose beliefs might differ from his? Are you a liberal? Must be, to be so intolerant.
          Worse Prez: Woodrow Wilson. I would also add: Jimmy Carter (only because he did nothing) and Bill Clinton (only because of his morals).

        • John C. Sebolt

          Actually Brian, God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. Also what does graduating from collage have to do with anything?( Although I dont think it matters here, I am a collage graduate). Education is very important in this competitive world but even more important is wisdom or just plain good ole common sense. That will serve a person better than a collage degree. Yes. if God said that He took a rib from Adam and created Eve using this rib then I believe it. I am not one to question God. Do you believe our rights are given to us by God or given by the government?God will never take away our rights but the government does just that. So if a person does not believe in God then where do their rights come from? God has blessed us by giving this country to us and we must be thankful to Him everyday for this. I think in order for us to overcome the Obama machine we must ask God for guidance and wisdom on how we should go about doing it. If God be for us then who can be against us?

          • THIRD PARTY


        • Halbert

          There have been many.

          Generally, they were mostly elected.

          I think that W Bush was the worst.

          • http://n/a tony wise

            The mess started in 2006 when pelosi and reid took over–up to that time , things were moving along very well. Then Ole barney frank and dodd started playing games with fanny mae and freddie mac and subsequently things went down hill fast. Burrack has cleaned up nothing , he has mad it worse much worse. The economy has improved so slightly , its hardly measurable. That is caused by the cycle–burack had absolutely nothing to do with it.
            It cost 65 millon dollars to create 31 jobs in California in one specific location. Thats 2 millon dollars a jobs(now thats goverment at its best).
            He probably will be reelected because the American people generally want someone to give them handouts and thats what the liberals promise.

        • talk radio listener

          I would top the whole bunch of worst presidents with George W. Bush. As well, I DO THINK that Bush had previous knowledge of the World Trade Centre. They had to create a catastrophe to enable them to get into the middle east to go for their oil. Don’t you think for one minute that he was innocent…that is why he kept on reading to the little children on camera. It gave him his “alibi” as to where he was when it happened. Just like George senior couldn’t remember where he was on the day Kennedy was shot. Well, my oh my, George H had been giving a talk in Dallas the evening before to the oil men in Dallas. He was in the CIA at the time, and there is no doubt in my mind that he and that terrible Lyndon Johnson and others conspired to get rid of Kennedy, who was a thorn in their side. It’s all nothing but corruption there in Washington. And with the Bush’s ties to their middle easterner friends, sure it would have been easy to get them to give them a few men to fly planes for their “great diversion”. This is how all of the Bin Laden family managed to escape out of America
          so fast, the Bush’s helped them. The terrorists are right under your own noses. Even structural engineers say that the world trade centre buildings came down like a controlled demolition. The red powder that was found was analyzed as a type of explosive used for such events. Isn’t it amazing one of the Bush boys was in charge of
          the World Trade Centre? Bush = EVIL as far as I am concerned. Watch out for those boys!!!! Read the book “Family of Secrets”…you’ll have your eyes opened up about the Bush clan and their cohorts. A good piece of investigative journalism.

          • http://google june roland

            i cannot believe what i am reading about the bush’s. we have a man in office who hates this country and is doing everything possible to destroy it, and their answer is to blame the holicaust the second world war, the earthquake in japan on a father and son who heaven only knows were only men who made some mistakes because they are after all human. i cannot comprehend the kind of hatred aimed at the two bushes. their only crime seems to be they were republicans and presidents. i do not believe anyone should hate obama with the same intensity they hate the bushs. but hate his policies, and pray we do not have to suffer through another four years of his dictatorship. he admires hugo chavez. does’nt that tell us something about where he hopes to be heading with the aid of the rich unions.

        • Ruby Spann


        • http://yahoo Bob Bel cher


          • Virginia B

            I totally agree with you. I keep wondering how much longer people will put up with this crap before they start revolting. Obama has done everything in his power to destroy our country. He is the worst president we have ever had. I’m so sick of hearing excuses for not doing anything good for this country. Eliminate at least 50% of government free gratis spending, limo’s,secretaries, chauffers, cut the wages and make certain they get the same social security and retirement packages the average american gets. Stop bringing in more committes and streamline all government spending. Let them earn their wages for a change.

          • http://PersonalLibertyAlerts Vieteravet

            JFK’s Defense budget was 50% of his budget, he was a pro-military president. Clinton’s second term was a pretty good presidential term. Bush II is definitely not the worst. He had nothing to do with 911, no wonder they you guys wacko! Nixon was okay, his foriegn policy was probably the best of any president. Carter’s the worst, he had no idea how to lead or govern. Obama is next the man never held a real job in his life, if we get 4 more years of this a$$hole, he may well become the worst!

        • James

          Brian,you need to READ the Oldest book in the world to answer your STUPID question,,(I will pray for you) that you will NOT die before you,pray for forgivness,and seek the will of GOD in your pityful life.

        • Warren Ward

          I do.

        • Heck

          Have you ever heard of educated fool?

        • tooldtopitch

          To all your questions, the answer is yes, I do believe that the God of our universe did create all things exactly as he planned and said. Further more he even gave you the ability to make choices that apparently you are wasting on skepticism and sarcasm. Look around you and see what he offers in sound, smell, sight, and touch. While you are doing that remember that the very senses you are using are miracles only a creator could provide. If you think these senses are mere accidents of nature, you must have gone to Berkley. You aren’t here by accident, though you could cause one with your attitude. By the way, He created the universe in six days, not seven.

        • Verus Langham

          Bryan, you are a poser of questions but fail to entertain us further by giving your own answers….i.e., did you go to college? finish? learn everything there was to know as a result of your superior education? Many are blindsided by the notion that only college-educated persons are worthy of opining on certain high-minded philosophical matters while ignoring that they themselves never learned the most basic premise: College doesn’t teach one to be superior in intellect – albeit it does make one aware of a learning process…which is A LIFE-LONG PROCESS; ONE NEVER QUITS LEARNING if he is truly a smart person. And in that light, we all (college-educated or not) need to be in a continuing educational mode and never put ourselves into a box entitled “elitist”; there are a good many persons I know and trust who have become truly enlightened just from adhering to the practice of common sense in guiding their affairs and have risen above the crowd by exemplary innate intelligence. It is a snide stance to pose that question, don’t you think… in hindsight? While it is a FACT that God did in fact create all that is in seven days and did in FACT create a woman from the rib of man, some refuse to acknowledge the source book for those mentionables. Perhaps your college should have used it as a reference book if only to broaden your horizons and open your mind… to really put your intellect to the acid test so to speak.

          • Verus Langham

            I stand corrected and restate my case: as pointed out it WAS in only six days that God created; He rested from all His works on the seventh day.

        • Dan

          It is funny to see how the subject of who are the worst and best preidents has turned into a religious conversation. I think it is safe to say that the world is older than mans record of it. It is also safe to say that GOD if he or she does exist, does not have the same calendar, language, thoughts, emotions, as we do. And really what does it matter. Beliefs are just that “beliefs”. We all have them and we are all entitled to them and should respect those of others. We should not examine people by their beliefs but by their actions. Most of our Presidents have had questionable actions that have harmed this great nation. Most of our Presidents have also done things that have helped us. All of our Presidents have been patriots and loved this country as we all do. So lets judge people by their actions and actions by their outcomes and stop riding this unrelenting idealogical train of errogance that divides us and solve some damn problems beeatchez! We have it in us. In the words of Yoda “May the force be with you” and in the words of the god fearing “And also with you”.

        • Bill68

          Bill Clinton graduated from college and had all the advantages that come from that. It took him to the highest office in the land, and what did he do once he got there? He was willing to betray his oath of marriage to the one closest to him, to degrade the office of the Presidency itself, and to risk losing everything he had worked so hard for his whole adult life just for the momentary pleasures of an 18yr old intern to giving him oral sex – which also forced him to lie to the nation about that. Guess his ‘college education’ didn’t prepare him for that.

        • guest

          Brian. i feel for those little robot’s the colleges these day’s churn out. Can’t read..write or add 2 and 2 but ya sure can spout out all the indoctrination today’s college kid’s are deluged with. What’s bad is kid’s with a college education can not think outside the box and they are bankrupt in wisdom and disernment. Won’t take you far in such an upside down world. Apparently you spurn bible account’s but i bet you beleive in globel warming and alien’s from outerspace and that the government cares about us. Wow aren’t you proud of such nonsense.

      • Tom

        well Jim, truthfully, both parties worked on opening China up for trade. George HW Bush was hugely instrumental.
        But this goes way back to the days of Nixon. Nixon tried to open China.

        This is what I mean when I say there are no real differences between the 2 parties.

        They really are the left and right arms of the same corrupt monster.

        • DDS


        • MikeC

          Without any doubt!

        • http://none Jay

          I happen to be one of those dimwits who believe the earth is not much older than 6000 years. I am not a Protestant though, I am a Baptist, there is a difference. I used to believe a mixture of creation and evolution but have left the evolution ideas behind after studying the evidence. One statement often repeated is that science proves evolution. This is a false statement. So-called Creation Science and Evolution Science is science. What is science? Science is the study of the physical and natural world phenomena, especially using systematic observation and experiment. That is MSN Encarta’s definition. Science cannot prove evolution nor can it prove creation. No scientist alive at the time left any records of the Big Bang or the Creation. Science can only prove what can be observed AND by performing repeated experiments with similar results. We cannot prove or disprove the origin of the universe with science, all science that claims to do so is false science. If one considers the evidence of a world-wide flood and what happened during that flood one would see the how dinosaurs and humans could be buried at different levels. There is plenty of evidence world-wide that dinosaurs and humans existed at the same time and as recent at 1000 A.D. By the way, dinosaur means terrible lizard; dragon means a large serpent or lizard. Consider also the size of the sun and how long it will last. How old could it be and not be too large to support life on Earth? The study of creation vs. evolution is an interesting and eye-opening study to say the least. I recommend it to everyone. Examining the evidence for oneself is an amazing journey. The Bible does not have everything nailed down perfectly, God wants us to use some faith. Tying this back to bad presidents, if we examine the evidence of what each of our presidents are doing, the legislation passed during their terms, we will see a steady march away from our Constitution and toward a One World Government. Obama introduced himself in Germany in July 2008 as a “citizen of the world” a not so subtle hint at world citizenship. He also referred to “global citizenship” during his speech to the Berliners. He is simply the latest installement to bring the the world to a one world government.

          • Tom

            Like I said, no attempt to explain why dinosaur remains are FAR FAR below the remains of the earliest humans. Again….Did early man bury him self in the future? Why are no remains of early man found at the depths that we find dinosaur fossils?

            There is so much evidence that the world is far far older than 6,000 years old.

            Wind erosion on the Spinx dates the Spinx at at least 17,000 years old.

            Its just not believable. No serious study has even hinted at the young earth theory. Its just total nonsense.
            But thats fine, because it in no way diminishes God in any way.

          • Tom

            Bacterial mutation to antibiotics is a very clear form of modern ongoing evolution.

            No I don’t believe we came from monkeys. I do believe we were created by the hand of God, in our completed and present form. And I do not think man is evolving. Only our technology is evolving since the advent of the printing press.

            Just so we are clear.

          • Kev

            Jay, you said it right. You ae a dimwit. In the Christian religion, there are Protestants, and Catholics. Protestants therefore include Baptists!

          • Tom

            Well Kevin, I myself include Baptists under the Protestant umbrella.
            But if a Baptist chooses to see himself as separate, then thats his choice.

            Whatever….But a 6,000 year old earth theory, even Jay, after repeated attempts by myself, can offer no form of proof. Its just his unfounded belief.

            Radioactive half life of rocks…I mean the evidence is just overwhelming. Nobody serious believes in that.

            I can live with that.
            Not believing in a 6,000 year old earth has nothing to do with disobedience to God. God gave us a brain and reasoning abilities, I assume he wants us to use it.

            What I find more troubling are people that imagine all sorts of wacko things about politicians with zero proof.

            Oh…Things like Obama want the United States to be over run by Muslims…wacko stuff..
            Belief in lies or fantasy bothers me because that effects me.

          • Jana

            I am also a Christian, and know the earth is a lot older than 6,000 years. There is way too much proof of this fact. Also, when you read the original manuscripts (which I don’t, but I study under someone that does so I am learning) you find the Bible does not deny the fact that this earth is much much older than any 6,000 years.
            I have however talked to people who disagree with this and all I can say is, to each his own, or as the kids say whatever.

          • Mike

            Jana, you don’t know anyone who studies the “Original Manuscripts” because they don’t exist – they are ALL copies no matter which manuscript you use (I hope for your sake it is the Texas Receptus). There is no need to get caught up in that. The KJV is clearly the superior English translation. Concerning creation – many times God says He made the earth in six days and rested the seventh. Genesis 1:5 “day” is the same word used in Exodus 20:11 “day”. Either you believe Him or you don’t. There is no halfway point. Trust Him – He is worthy and Faithful! Christians feel they have to shy away from the young earth theory because of science. Well True SCIENCE supports the young earth!!! Research it out. Common sense will prevail. Trust Him – He’ll not let you down. A great free study help is

          • Jana

            I agree with you. Sorry I didn’t word that very well.

          • Jana

            Let me reiterate with you. I agree that I misspoke about handling the ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPTS, but I do not agree with you on your theory about the age of earth.

          • Tom


            Its now April 22, and still no explanation on how it is that the earliest remains of man are found buried at ground levels much higher up than dinosaurs.

            Did early man bury himself in the future if he really walked with dinosaurs?

            Jays had 6 days….to come up with an answer….come on Jay…Google is your friend.

            Got anything?

            Jay has nothing.

            Because man did NOT walk with dinosaurs.
            The Earth is NOT 6,000 years old.
            Molecules do in fact exist.
            Electricity is real, not magic.
            Earth is ROUND.

            And yet God exists dispite this.

          • Tom

            Mike, we can trust God all we want. God won’t let us down/

            Your problem is you have boxed in your thinking with assumptions.

            You state, “You either believe God or you don’t!”

            Well I believe God. Especially if God told me something to my face.

            But he hasn’t. You are relying on manuscripts that are thousands of years old, not written by God himself….

            Get that?
            The origional manuscripts were not written by God himself.

            They are storys and interpretations of what happened.
            And what i mean by interpretations is this:
            These storys and accounts may be written down in terms best understood by people who had ZERO UNDERSTANDING of dimensions, or physics.
            To them, when God left, he went up into the sky.
            To them it was THAT simple.

            I believe parts of the Bible may be suffering from Time Compression.

          • Claudia

            It’s OUR Fault as a Nation, Kicking GOD out of EVERYTHING & Icknoring the 10 Commandments. In God’s Word Comes a time , thats now that if WE Turn Our backs on GOD & Israel we We recieve Judgement!!!!

            God gave Us this Country.
            Were on the Brink of the Rapture, Then after that Judgement. Sorry to say but God Says In His Word that this Judgement will be the Worst that History as ever known.
            Recieve Jesus as Your SAvior & Lord Before Jesus Comes or All of Those who Believe IN HIM.

            Dear Lord Jesus ,
            Please forgive me for My Mistakes (sins) Have your Holy Spirit Come Into My Heart, Make me whiter than snow. Write My Name In Your Book of Life.Make me do your will, Be my Lord & Savior, In Jesus Name,

          • capt z

            How gullible are you people? Satanists from the Rigel system have infiltrated Earth and are now taking over! They did the same thing on Altair 4. I know because I was there! Can’t you see that Congress, especially the Republicans, is almost completely controlled by these shape shifters? We are on the brink of total conquest by these alien invaders! Buy guns and bullets if you want to stay alive a few more years.

      • Lynette

        Bill Clinton was one of the biggest drug dealers this country has ever known!! He has been bringing in cocaine from Mena, Arkansas for years!! While he was govenor, and while he was president!!! Watch “The New Clinton Chronicles” for a real eye-opener. This man is nothing but a liar, a womanizer, a drug dealer (and surprise, surprise, user, too). Good reading, ” ‘Trance’ Formation of America” by Cathy O’Brien, this book will blow you away……….

        • Enlightened one

          Lynette…. You are a paranoid nutcase….totally delusional ..

          • Monty

            She is right… She for got to mention Vince Foster and the tainted blood sales from the penal system… for which he would later die for… Let me begin by saying that Liberalism will be the downfall of this nation. The worst was Wilson, who was instrumental in the destruction of our monetary system and the creation of The Federal Reserve act of 1913 and our fiat currency, that consequently led to the scientifically orchestrated “Great Depression, where by the banking cartel could steal the nations wealth by means of inflation, deflation, and government taxation and interest on the fiat capitol, etc…
            FDR, acted on the scheme of things and created the largest power grab of government control in the history of this nation. We still suffer from the actions of these two reprobates.
            Let us not forget Carter, AKA “Patsy”, who gave us the second largest expansion of government, expanded on the wholesale slaughter of the unborn, which is to date the largest single most killer of the Black race in our society; “ABORTION”, not to mention that he withdrew support from our ally The Shah of Iran whereby there government fell and was replaced by one of our worst enemies the Ayatollah Khomeini. He is responsible for expansion of Islam in the middle east not to mention his being “anti-Semantic” meddling in Israels affairs and the so called “Palestine” expansion there. We will suffer from his Liberal actions for many years.
            I would have to link Bill & G.W. as they are a tie when it comes to cowardice and and turning a blind eye to big government spending and sweetheart deals in back alleys and closets.
            Then we come to the real threat… BHO who walked all over with is big illegal alien feet, the Constitution of The United States of America. Barak Hussein Obama came to make change, and transformation. He and the Democrat controlled Congress have devised every evil scheme imaginable to destroy the very framework of our society. They along with previous administrations have all but destroyed our monetary system and our economy. They have led and are leading this nation into a world without hope. We still have hope, but hope deferred makes the heart sick. Recently Barak Hussein Obama stated before the world that this is not a “Christian Nation.” According to George Barna and his group of pollsters: 86% of Americans claim to be born again. (yeah right) I would agree with BHO that we are NOT a Christian nation. We were founded as a Christian nation in that our form of government will NOT work in or with religion. Christianity is not a religion… Religion is mans poor attempt to attain favor and acceptance from God. Christianity, is Gods outreach to mankind through Jesus, by way of the cross. For no man comes unto the Father but by “Him.” But we have forgotten our Lord and it has caused all kinds of calamity to say the least. I believe as do many, that Barak Hussein Obama is an illegitimate citizen to say the least. He is not natural born and is not therefore entitled to hold the office of President outlined in our Constitution. As mandated by the U.S. Constitution’s Article II, Section 1 the holder of the office of President must be “natural born”. I believe as do many, that Barak Hussein Obama is a muslim and the judgment on us is that we elected him to lead us. God have mercy on our poor stupid sinful selves. BHO is doing what any muslim would do in his position: Take down the Great SATAN!!!

          • blv54

            monty I believe everything you said you got it 100% right, only God can help us now and only if we as a nation repent, unfortuntly I don’t see that happening.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            “I smoked(hu hu hu) but I didn’t inhale!” right!!

          • meteorlady

            Don’t forget the bags of money that were flown to Little Rock monthly from Tyson and picked up by the State Patrol responsible for Billy Boy.

        • Tom

          Was he even bigger than the CIA and the South American connection?

          Get a clue, covert forces have been finding “Creative” ways to fund their covert opts since the beginning.

          Whether Clinton did or didn’t allow narcotics shipments into Arkansas is small time stuff you are hung up on. If he did, I would make a bet, the CIA was involved.

          • Tom

            Ideology is never the real downfall of nations. Corruption is!

            Even communism would work if evil did not exist. Communism fails because it fails to take into account the corrupt nature of man.

            Capitalism fails too, when corruption gets the upper hand. The saving grace of OUR system was its checks and balances, because it recognised the corrupt nature of man.

            Where we have gone wrong, is our getting lazy and our inherit belief in our “System.” Sitting passively by, as government consolidates its power was a major mistake.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          And isnt it funny, how everyone associated with this Mena Arkansas drug ring ended up dead. The informants, the defendants, the witnesses, the cops who were supposedly protecting the witnesses and defendants. I mean come on. Some were found with bullets in the back of their heads, and it was ruled suicide. Really? Every know anyone to shoot themselves in the back of the head? Ron Brown was set to testify in another matter, than would have implicated Clinton to illegal things, and his perfectly good plane just happened to fall out of the sky right before this happened. Amazing isnt it? Vince Foster knew things dangerous to the Clinton’s, and he was eliminated. Over 100 people had their lives ended by this guy and his wife because they knew things that could later damage the Clintons, so they were eliminated. A crook, a liar, and a murdered, and a plunderer of our finances, our military and our intelligence. He damn near destroyed all of them, and left us vulnerable directely leading to 9-11. This guy was definitely the worst of them all.

          • Mark

            Yeah, I saw that film in the 1990′s
            You are just talking about it now like its news or something?

            How do you know what the film states is really true?

            Did you do any actual investigation?

            And if so…if a state government is involved in drug running, on any level, don’t you think the feds would know about it? Especially something SOOOO BIG!! that even YOU know about it?

            I mean If I know about it, and YOU know about it, how come federal law enforcement doesn’t know about it? Hmmm?

            Maybe you should send the FBI a copy of your video and bring them up to speed….LOL!!!!!

          • Trish

            you are sooo gullable!

        • Rob

          I have that video too.
          it makes a good case. Like any good propaganda film would.

          Listen…just because some religious group….And yes, I did get my copy back when Billy Boy was Pres, from some religious group, but just because some religious group makes a convincing video tape or DVD does not mean theres any trth to it no matter how truthful it apperas….thats the beauty of a good propaganda film,,,,TO FOOL YOU!

          I am not saying its NOT true, I have no idea.
          What I am saying is that you cannot rely on video hit pieces to get your facts from. Facts need to be checked out, and very few of you have any way of doing that.

          You people wouldn’t know BS from fact either way.
          In fact….you really believe what you want to believe.

          Check yourself….its true!

      • Robert Norwood

        Oh yeah, it’s Bill, it’s always Bill. So, what, that big sucking sound of jobs out of this country came as direct result of his administration? Okay, but it was supposed to make us rich or something like that and anyway they muffled the sound with a false economy that went bust so, you know, whatever. And I suppose he’s to blame not only for all that stuff you mentioned but also the transfer of defense technology that “oops” still contained secrets that should’ve been removed. Hey, we all make mistakes. I’m sure none of it went to the North Koreans. And speaking of our little friends… Madalyn Albright’s champagne toast with the North Koreans; it’s not Bill’s fault that it didn’t lead to a market for champagne in North Korea. Just blame Bill…Just, Hey, BIOB…Blame It On Bill.

        How can blame such a charming guy like Bill for anything. Don’t you see it, he was a victim all along.

      • Del

        Who care about 2 or 50 years ago,stop living in the past,and live now and stop all this fighting,we are american,let help get this county back on ie feet.

    • Larry D. Crumbley

      Me thinks your list is a “LITTLE” senile. But you give yourself away with the list that you compile.


    • LeeAnn

      1)Barrack HUSSAIN Obama (and anyone with a brain would know this)

      2)Billy Clinton (remember Wee Willy pointing his finger at us and straight face lying to us, he was no more than a dirty pervert)

      3)Abe Lincoln (he should have shipped all of them back to Africa instead of freeing them)

      4)Jimmy Carter (STUPID)

      5)Ronald Reagan (not a president, duh, a Movie Actor)

      • Pat

        Whats stupid is your ancestors paid to bring the slaves over here and now you complain there are too many blacks here.Can you say irony?

        • Bay0Wulf

          Ummm actually you need to check your facts on this. Most of all the slaves that were brought into the North American continent were brought in while the British were in control especially and specifically those coming directly out of Africa. When the British were evicted from what was to become the US of A slavery was a pretty well established fact and practice. Almost all slaves that were brought into the USA were brought out of the caribbean or bred from existing stock. Just to make matters a little more clear, keep in mind that contrary to the scenario from Roots, African were almost never hunted down by whites and dragged off into slavery but were sold and bought in existing markets run by black and muslims.

          • F. Davis

            The keyword is ”almost”, but that doesn’t give anyone the right buy and sell human beings and to keep them as slaves. Look, the institution of slavery is a big blot on the psyche of this country, and it doesn’t matter how much one tries to justify it it can’t be. Slavery no matter where it is practiced is an abomination in the sight of God, and those that practiced it should be damned to hell if there is such a place. That is why I have no respect for the father of our country George Washington and especially Thomas Jefferson, because anyone who can write the declaration of independence and practice slavery is a fraud and a hypocrite.

          • Jana

            I think we all agree that slavery is wrong. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson did however treat their slaves very well. The abomination would be to mistreat anyone slave or free. Slavery is still practiced many places in this world as we speak and they are not treated very well.
            You do have righteous anger, but be careful, as it can be misguided.

          • Teresa

            Actually, slavery is NOT an abomination to the Lord. As a matter of fact a good part of the Bible addresses how a master is supposed to treat his slave and how a slave is supposed to treat his master. Slavery has been around sooo much longer than the USA that it is a moot point except that the entire country is headed in a direction that will make all of us slaves. The ones who are supported by the government are already slaves.
            I beleive that the question is worst ever presidents, not worst in your lifetime. Wilson indeed started us down the wrong path. He would be on my top 5 as would FDR who started the government/citizen contract to slavery with his “social reform”. Carter was a coward who let us be held hostage for well over a year. He also had the country waiting in line for gasoline on odd & even days as well as 17% interest rates on home mortgages. LBJ, a fellow Texan, cannot be beat when it comes to scum and corruption however my #5 would be GWBush for trying to go too far the other direction with his “compassionate conservitism” which helped government interferece into all our lives. I reserve the right to replace the screw-ups of GWB with the now serving Traitor in Chief if and when he completes his term.

          • Jana

            Good post.

          • meteorlady

            Actually slavery is alive and well in the US. We all work until April 22nd to pay for the government to misuse and redistribute our money. So what is the point here?

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            This is a true historical fact, that seems to be erased in all history books. Blacks sold other blacks, imprisoned them and shipped them out. They sold them to other blacks and to whites. History makes it look as if a bunch of white guys went over there, rounded them up and took them. That isnt how it happened. And people need to get over the sensitivity and live their lives. My ancestors were totally screwed over by the Germans back in the day. They were stripped of all their bank accounts, had their castle taken away, and had to flee to America. So why is it I can accept that, and not feel any animosity towards the German people? Because all those people who did that to my ancestors are dead and gone. And my ancestors who had this done to them are dead and gone. It wasnt done to me, and those alive over there now didnt do it. Its over and done with, it was unfortunate, but nothing can change what was, we can only change what is today. I would highly suggest to all blacks in America, that you quit looking at a person like me, and see my white skin, and then hold me to blame for what was done 100 years ago. I had nothing to do with it. It wasnt done to you. Learn to forgive, and get on with your life. Or you can decide in your head your a victim, and be prejudiced all your life. Get over it.

        • MikeC

          Pat, you’re a product of the public school system, I see! Slavery was finance by Britian, in the name of low cost cotton production! Sounds similar to our current corporate state!

          • LocalYokel

            MikeC, you’re getting close. Dig a little deeper and find the obvious similarity of the 1860s and 2010 economies and the load of federal taxation on the states. Then count the number of states that are considering secession today. Taxation was a solid basis for secession then as it is now. Taxation (cotton tariffs) from just two states comprised 80% of the federal budget.
            Are you getting the picture that has been excluded from most history texts? There’s plenty more hidden too!! They simply wished to exercise their states right to employ the secession that they had held out for before they ever signed onto the the constitution of a union.
            Be sure to notice that race was used to over shadow economics then as it is today. Take a look at the state to state bias in slavery related legislation from the era and discover the real race hatred.
            You think that I’m biased?? You’re right. But I’m Choctaw. We practice a “third kind”.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            And if you listen to Yokellocal, he is correct. And if you want to consider any kind of prejudice at all into the matters, if Yokellocal is Choctow, that would make him the most prejudiced against person ever in the United States, the Native American. Im tired of hearing the racist Al Sharpton and the racist Jesse Jackson, and all these million dollar black atheletes crying racism, when they are living a life on easy street. Its so easy to play the victim. Anyone can do it. I assure you MikeC, black folks have no idea of what prejudice is, and if you want to know, go live on a reservation with some American Indians, and you will find out what it is like to be prejudiced against. There is only one other group that is prejudiced against in this society any where near as much as the American Indian, and that is the Christian. It seems anybody can do anything to either of these two, and nothing is said. However, blacks and muslims are protected, because if you say anything, even truthful things, you are labeled a racist and a hater. Its really sad. My advice, is to learn to live again, and quit making yourself a victim. God loves us all equally, and once you get a grasp on that, you need not be a victim again.

          • Jana


            Great post and I agree with you wholeheartedly.

          • Mark


            Watch the ENVY!
            You are being envious of those you perceive as not being discriminated against.

            If you don’t think Muslims are discriminated against in Post 911 America….Then I say keep smokin’ it DUDE!

            Its wrong no matter who it happens to..

      • Flynn

        Yeah! But he is the best movie actor who ever lived. At least, he knew how to use a teleprompter. The currently sitting illegal President is neither an actor nor has a facility at using the teleprompter. He is not a public speaker either. He would never pass muster in Toastmasters.

        • Harold Olsen

          I consider Ronald Reagan to be the best president this country has had in the 60 years I’ve been alive. Because of him, I became a Republican. Because of Bush, McCain and the direction the Republican party is going, I’m once again an independent, which I became because of Carter, after being a Democrat all my life. However, Ronald Reagan, in my opinion was a TERRIBLE actor. AND, I think he realized it. He once said that if a person can not reach the top of his profession then he should find another profession. That is what he did. He switched to politics and reached the top of his NEW profession. The country was better for it.

          • Delores Smith

            Please don’t say anything bad about Ronald Reagan.
            He was not a terrible actor. Did you see the movie where he had his legs amputated????
            You don’t know women, Harold. Ronald Reagan was so nice to look at…I didn’t even notice his acting.
            Delores Smith

          • Jana

            Delores, you are too funny, you made my day. Harold I agree with you in that Reagan was a so so actor, but a GREAT President.

          • Colleen

            THANK YOU for putting in a good word for President Reagan (bravely too in the face of so many Reagan bashers!).
            He was an honest and kind man. A conservative and a straight talker. If his acting career helped him communicate better the truth–than he was blessed by that background. When Reagan was in office, the people around me were PROUD to be American, PROUD of our flag–young kids (say 18 or 19) would RUN to ensure the falg didn’t hitthe ground when someone was trying to raise it. My (finace at the time) made more money then compared to prices/cost of living etc…working full time at IBM and going to school full time at night. It only got harder to earn, harder to live, harder to own a home, have one of us stay home with small children etc. as time went on and with the Presidents that came after Reagan. People are afraid to say they are Pro-Life anymore! Life for my family was much better when Reagan was our President.

          • mike

            i am not so sure about that one. reagan was only worried about the rich man. hes the one that made it ok to be greedy. inflation was sky high, he killed the small business man. tried to kill the unions. i am not saying all unions are great, but they are generally for the working man. he did nothing about trying to fight aids, instead said it was a gay disease. people were losing jobs because of his economy. then you know the contra affairs, general noriega in nicaraga, he let the soldiers from nicaraga, who tried to help us, die because he would go get him when they had him ready for us to take. and everything he did wrong for 8 years, he did nothing but blame jimmy carter. i am not saying jimmy carter was good, but he put the things he did wrong on someone else. reagan is the first president to start financial promblems this country has. remember, he tripled the deficit in 8 years. you might want to think about that commit again.

          • Monty

            Do I detect a little bit of the public school system coming out in you?

          • Jana

            Also when Reagan was in office, those who worked overseas knew they had someone in office that would back them. Unlike when Carter was in office. There was just a different atmosphere overseas when a strong man such as Reagan was President than when we had someone who was wishy washy and couldn’t make up their minds.
            We will always have the Reagan bashers amongst us, but we must consider the source.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I am very proud to say I am pro-life!!! Always have been and always will be!!! If you don’t want kids then don’t take the chance of having them.!!! To attend the dance, you have to pay the piper!!!

      • Paul

        You know I thought this was in interesting sight, but it appears to be one for ignorance and intolerance. Look George W. Bush has done to the US what he did to Texas when Governor, he left a financial mess his successors had to clean up. People lost jobs the mentally ill were put on the street. Obama had to do the same here with damned little information and a government that had been in place less than a month. This a lot like bailing your kids out of a stupid situation to find out it is worse than you were told. The radicalization of America is just what some people want, they think dumbing down the citizenry is a good thing in order to avoid making them accountable. Wall Street and the too big to fail banks need to be broken up under antitrust laws. Some people need to point their anger in that direction…it would be an act that would make them pay out the nose. Our country is a wonderful place but we have been told far too long by both parties there is some sort of free ride in life, that paying taxes is a bad thing, what they don’t tell you is the infrastructure of our country is crumbing. The Chinese, a comfortable target, are building as many miles of road and highway equal to our entire interstate system every year. We haven’t had a highway program in this country in over 20 years, and other public works have gone to hell as well. Wake up America, stop blaming the other guy we are in this mess because we made it. We will have to now clean it up.

        • Robert Wayne

          And you think Obama is ‘cleaning up the mess’? Obama is making the mess hundreds of times worse than it ever was under Bush with his miserable idiotic communist agenda. I’m 49 years old and there have been somd lousy presidents during my lifetime. Johnson was a murderer who made a fortune off the Vietnam War by owning the company that was shipping all of the supplies to southeast Asia. Nixon really screwed up the financial system of the country when he took us off of the gold standard. Ford actually wasn’t too bad of a president. But since then it’s all been downhill. Well except for the fact that Reagan wasn’t as bad as Carter who was an outright imbecile. And now we’re stuck with Obama who is such a left wing extremist nutcase that he makes Joe Stalin look like a right winger.

          • Monty

            If Nixon had not done what he did when he did, the banking cartel would have eventually siphoned off all the gold holdings in this country. The bank cartel could exchange up to 40% of exchange currency for gold. It started with Wilson expanded under FDR, Kennedy was killed because he wanted to shut down the Federal Reserve Fiat Currency Banking System… He was killed on the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913…

        • meteorlady

          “You know I thought this was in interesting sight, but it appears to be one for ignorance and intolerance.”

          WOW – why are you here? You obviously have your opinions glued into your mind and nothing will change that so discussion is not for you. I find some of the answers and questions here to be thought provoking. You on the other hand stoup to the same level as the Obama bashers – you hate Bush just as much as most here hate Obama. So that tells me that it’s a political issue, not race so thanks.

      • Tom

        Geez LeAnne
        Clinton liked women, that doesn’t make him a pervert….
        I would be more worried about Ruby Ridge and Waco than who he’s cheating on his wife with.

        And Lincoln…he did make the offer to relocate former slaves to Africa if they wanted to go. But these people were born in the US, many had been here for generations. They were American citizens, and you cannot force them out of the country.
        Don’t forget how they got here in the first place…

        • Jana

          For one thing Clinton showed he had no integrity. He lied, just like Obama lied. No integrity, they cannot be trusted.

          • Mark

            Name one president who hasn’t lied to the American Public’s face.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          It wasn’t the fact that he cheated on his wife. It was the FACT that he lied to congress about it when questioned about it . eople have been sent to jail for that very thing. what makes him so special??? It also involves where he cheated on his wife AT!!!

          • Tom

            Well what makes Clinton so special is the fact that he is one of the Elite. You see there really is a 2 tear system of justice in America.

            If you or I lied under oath, we would go to jail. If you work in government and have connections or are rich with connections, then you get a pass…

            See how it works….?

            I don’t like it either, and it IS wrong.

            But I would take Clinton’s skirt chasing any day of the week over George Bush’s Liberty shredding Patriot Act, and his PHONY wars.

            Yes Clinton was involved in Military actions too, save your breath, but you know the difference.

          • Carl

            Clinton should have done like George W. and refused to testify under oath LOL that’s how Georgie got out of lying-he refused to testify UNDER OATH before the 9/11 commission I WONDER WHY! LOL And then all of the times Congress issued subpoenas to Georgie and he simply thumbed his nose at them and no one did a thing about it. ANYONE ELSE would have had their ass thrown in jail, wouldn’t they!

        • Robert Norwood

          What no one wants to acknowledge, and this is not a defense of slavery, is that Africans were far more likely to have a better life here than over there. Africa was not then and is not now any paradise. Most people who got picked up for slaves did not have the big Chiefdoms and tribal protections that came with that. They were as likely to be enslaved by another, stronger, tribe as be shipped off to the colonies. Recall at the end of Amistad what happened to the African who was the main character after his release? He went back to Africa where he disappeared in all the tribal strife there.
          Its not a justification, just shedding light on the situation.
          It’s got to be tough to be, after all the peoples and various races that were enslaved over time, the last group put into bondage at a time when people should have known better.

      • MikeC

        Your comment regarding Lincoln is idiotic and unsupported! Every culture was a slave in some form! So, you go back to where your ancestors once came, slave!

        • JLC

          As matter of fact, Mike, St. Paul owned a slave — and he was white. He was a Greek named Epaphroditus (I hope that I spelled that right) and was St. Paul’s personal secretary.

          • Kev

            Yes, JLC. There have been many White slaves throughout history. But don’t try to tell that to most liberals or blacks. They won’t believe you!

          • American Citizen

            If you go all the way back in history, every civilization had slaves. St. Paul admonished the slave owners to treat them kindly.

      • Dave Schaaf

        I would merely like to comment on Lincoln as a possible worst president. I believe that some of you have been the victims of revisionist history. There is much more to consider than whether Lincoln adhered to the letter of the law.

        Armed forces of the federal government did not fire the first shots of the war. That honor goes to the state of South Carolina. Lincoln did not want war, he wanted to resolve a conflict that had been tearing at the country for generations and was clearly out of step with the freedoms outlined in the Constitution. Several prior presidents had an opportunity to attempt resolution, but none did.

        Espionage is rarely tolerated during war-time. Due process is often suspended. In civil war, espionage is much more pervasive. Lincoln did not not target free speech, only Wilson ever did that in war time, but he did suspend the rights of suspected spies. Seems reasonable to me in light of the fact that hundreds of soldiers were dieing every day.

        There was nothing set in stone regarding the consequences, had federal authority lost the war. As the war progressed it became the goal of confederate leadership to seize Washington. The US had fought a second war of independence with Britain just 50 years prior. No one knows what ramifications may have befallen this country had Lincoln not fought an all-out war for unity.

        The shame of the Lincoln presidency is that he was not allowed to serve his second term and impress his vision of a preserved, repatriated, reconstructed union, “With malice toward none, with charity for all.”

        • Robert Wayne

          The states of the Confederacy had every right in the world to secede and form their own union after the tyrannical mess the federal govt. had become. Unfortunately, they didn’t win their independence. If they had, New England, the west coast, and the midwest would be stuck under the thumb of Obama’s communist dictatorship today, but not the states from Texas to Virginia.

        • JC

          Lincoln forced the firing of the first shots by the south when he sailed war ships into the harbor at Fort Sumpter, The agreement had been that he not send warships to evacuate northern troops from the fort. The citizens of Charleston had been feeding those soldiers for some time. Such was their animosity towards them. The Artillery batteries of the south which did fire on Fort Sumpter for some reason landed not a single shot that killed anyone. Again, they had no animosity.

          So if you hold a gun on me long enough…I’ll eventually shoot first because I’m tired of having a gun held on me.

      • Kev

        LeeAnn,President Lincoln did try to send the blacks back to Africa. His Congress would not appropriate the money to do so!

        • http://none Jay

          Kev, if you are going to call someone a dimwit perhaps you should do you homework first. Bapists did not Protest out of the Roman Catholic church, they were NEVER in it. This is a prime example of whats wrong with America, people will not examine the evidence for themselves. They just repeat what they hear on TV. Its no wonder people believe in Global Warming, if they would study the records and the evidence they would know Global Warming is a fraud perpetuated on the people of the earth by the various governments of the world. If someone studies the Global Warming Fraud and still believes its true then they deserve the Trillions of dollars of taxes they will be getting and the One World Government necessary to enforce that taxation.

      • (Wondering Woman)

        Well now, Lee Ann, I also think ole Bill was lying but there is a wee
        chance he was telling the truth. Unless his pointy finger “I did not have sex with that woman” was preceded by a direct question “Did you have sex with Monica Lewinsky?”, maybe “that woman he didn’t have sex with was Hiliary”.

        • Jana

          Wondering Woman,
          Very good point. A liar is a liar and cannot be trusted. Just like Obama.

          • Ergomex

            There is a Major Conspiracy between the Republicans! They are calling big companies and telling them NOT TO CREATE JOBS UNTIL OBAMA IS OUT OF OFFICE!!
            Republicans are out to destroy Obama and make him as a one – term President. The main reason why Obama can’t create jobs because there is a conspiracy between the republicans and BIG corporations. They’re NOT creating jobs until Obama will be out of office!
            Then watch as soon as President Obama will be out and if the Republicans will win in 2012 they will suddenly start to create jobs and it will look like they are great when they are the ones screwing all of us….. struggling middle class and the poor!!!


        LeeAnn i agree with 3 out of five simply put if it wasnt for Honest Abe the union would have disintegrated and if not the THE GIPPER (one of our best presidents just behind Washington,Jefferson and Adams) we would all be speaking russian or would not exist if you really believe Reagan was bad imagine if Carter won in 80 where would we be? Ronald Reagan was the closest thing to a founding father that well ever know the whole problem is that our society has fallen apart we are preoccupied with everything but whats important life,family and country and GOD given rights not government given rights all the other stuff in nonsence teach our boys to be men with integrity no sniveling little over sesitive progressives that know how to make a latte but couldnt build a fire if their family was frezzing to death and women to be women im all for “equality” and all but some things should stay with the men and some things should stay with the women

      • Valerie

        Where should you be shipped back to Only the Native Indian truly belongs here, So blacks nor anyone will be going anywhere soon maybe you have somewere to be shipped to

    • JC

      All true.
      Now the icing on the cake: “Obama the Usurping Communist” imported all the way from Kenya.
      It’s time once again ladies and gents, to kick communism’s ass back over the line.

    • Ron Turley

      I agree with your submissions. I don’t think Clinton was in the worst five, although his actions were not accepable. Actually John F Kennedy, did many of the same thinks, but wasn’t really a bad president. Bush 2 took us in a non winnable war and raised the debt after lowering taxes. Lowering taxes is not always good. Spending more than one takes in is worse. That will and has gotten us in serious trouble. That is why I am putting Obama right up there with the worst. We is leading us into financial melt down that, unless it stops soon, will not be recoverable. He ranks up there with FDR and Wilson in my books. Tricky Dick deserves a vote, and so does Johnson for his deception and stupid war. The dems have taken us into the worst wars. 1st world, 2nd World, Vet Nam, and Korea. Bush 2 took us into a very expensive and in my opinion wasted war. Yes, he developed the only free nation in the area, but for how long.

      • Craig

        Ron Turley,

        I largely agree with you. However, I believe you will find that after Bush implemented the tax cuts, the Federal revenues actually increased. The tax cut stimulated the economy. The real problem was the “out of control” spending during the Bush presidency. However, we all see that “out of control” during the Bush years is relative. The Obama regime really knows how to pull that off.

        • Harold Olsen

          In November of 2008, Charles Krauthammer said on FNC that George W. Bush was the most socialist president in the history of this country. I agree with that assessment. Barack Hussein Obama has gone out of his way to beat Bush’s record on that score. In fact, he achieved that goal in less that six months. He claims he is not a socialist nor is he a big spender. I guess it’s impossible for him to tell the truth on anything. It’s why I consider him to be the worst president in the history of this country.

          • Jana

            Harold O,
            Bush was definitely a lot worse than we even knew, but Obama has him beat by miles. Obama openly lies and even mocks the people that don’t agree with him. That means he is not the President of all the people, only those that agree with him, and this makes him dangerous.

        • Susan Desgrousilliers

          Just want to remind all those people for blaming Bush for the big spending, financial melt-downs, etc, all the out-of-control spending during the eight years Bush was in office occurred when the Democrats took over the house. Now that they have the white house to, the spending has continued to escalate. The democrats will not be happy until they turn the U.S. into France or Greece, and look where they are.

    • Peter

      Chaos Factor, you are sooooo right!
      The shrub was the absolute worst, dumbest, most manipulated and idiotic President in history! Cheney’s arm was so far up his back manipulating him like a mad puppet for the benefit of his beloved Haliburton so they could suck the eyeballs out of Iraq’s oil without paying the Iraqi people for WHAT THEY OWN, it’s not funny. And after 9/11 he couldn’t even bomb the crap out of one lousy goat-mangling terrorist in the Pakistani/Afghani hills! And all the while, good American soldiers are dying because of this gutless lying mongrel!

      • JethroT

        Did you just wake-up from a 6 year coma or something? Haliburton? for oil? Get some new talking points for chrysakes.

        • Pat

          Thats not talking points but the truth.You’ve heard of the truth, have’nt you?

          • Greg

            No Pat, I’m fairly sure they haven’t. They worship Fox news and Glenn Beck, remember? There is a zero-tolerance policy for the truth at Fox news.

          • Linnie B

            I think a quick history lesson would do you both some good. One should never form an opinion based on what is heard on MSNBC or CNN or FOX. Just don’t study the politically correct version of history, but the actual events. Open minded people would have a totally different view of the world if they would just learn the facts… the REAL facts.

          • http://Scio,Oregon David Silbernagel

            Pat and Greg you guys have no Idea what truth is. Your lovers of Obama and just like him can not tell a truth. You must cross your fingers every time you say any thing!!!

          • marvin

            the facts are we are not here to rate the news or like their off ,or he said she said we are rating the worsts presidents ,i see said the blind man after the great and allmity obama put a slug in his tin cup

          • KASI (AMERICAN)

            Greg,you may not see this its been awhile since youve been on here but i truly think you are insane, incapable of seeing past your glazed eyes of what may actually be true or not, if you really want to stay informed you should watch fox and glenn beck,and maybe compare outlets,beck is the one journalist who comes forward with a particular situation and decontructs it with facts i guess alot like cnn or msnbc or the nytimes correct, oh thats right they are just like all the other progressives who are rewriting history,the same people who attack anyone who disagrees with them, this regime and anyone who supports are no different than the sheep in germany back in the 30s and early 40s with the exception that they are mostly nonviolent (at this time) if this was happening back in the early 1800s they would all be charged of treason

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I can tell just by your bombing comment that you have never fought in a war! In VietNam, the enemy were in tunnels and 500 pound bombs didn’t even shake them up! you honestly think hardened tunnels in a mountainside of granite are going to majically collaps when we toss bombs on them??? Don’t be so stupid!!! The tunnels in Nam were in soil and tree roots and we couldn’t take them out, we had to send tunnel rats in to do the job and God Bless every one of them!!!

      • http://comcast Sandy

        Obama makes Bush look like a scholar. Obama is the DUMBEST and you liberals are just as dumb as that idiot in the White House is if you think this guy isn’t a totally idiot! why do you liberals feel such a need to go to Republican sites and spread your nasty hatred toward us? If you think anything you have to say will change the mind of any person that reads this dream on buddy. I also think its funny how liberals always act like their smarter and more educated then Republicans and the rest of the world, I graduated medical school with a 3.9 GPA on a 4.0 scale and I have more smarts in my little toe then the liberals who are on this site right now trying to shove their liberal hatred down our throats, get a life and go where there are many more looney liberals to kiss your behind because you just look like idiots here on this site!

    • Michael O’Connor

      Here you go……….you forgot to mention Jimmy Carter and yes Obama may soon surpass cousin Jimmy! Otherwise I am in full agreement with the others so that expands the list to 7 of the bastards.

      • Kev

        Michael O’Conner, obama may soon pass Jimmy Carter? obama took the crown from Jimmy Carted in his first two months in office!

    • Bob

      The worst presidents are all those who tried to make the US a welfare state. So the worst must be FDR who tried to out do the biggest populist and rival, Huey Long, a direct threat to FDR. It’s hard to list the importance of others by ranking because they were all bad. But my list must also contain, Wilson, Carter, Johnson and Obama. If a president acts like a socialist, talks like a socialist and governs like a socialist, then he is a socialist. Socialism and communism are at least first cousins. Why was Russia called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics? Is this European totalitarian state what America really wants? I think not. Please don’t steal my money to support your view of the world and if I vote to lower your taxes, you can always pay more voluntarily.

      • Paul Z

        Exactly Bob, Your list is pretty much the same as mine. Wilson with the income tax to create a slush fund for Big Government, and FDR used a crisis to install more unfunded social programs in debt now $107 Trillion. Before income taxes, tariffs supplied sufficient funds to run the Federal Government’s necessary functions.

      • Clem

        AMEN !

      • Linnie B

        FDR did not respond to a crisis… he participated in creating it to get out of the depression that his policies made worse. Much like what is happening today.

      • Colleen

        A lovely and articulate point: Give us our money back and let us “Pay more voluntarily if we love big government…let us pick the charities we support rather than having public funds support private charities etc. For some families, charity will begin at home and they will repair their homes, raise their kids with one parent at home, educate them without 30 year loans etc. Too many people want the government to take care of all their needs. Let us work and KEEP MORE OF OUR PAY and then we’ll be able to take care of our own needs…THAT will work–at least for those who are willing to work. How many people voting for more entitlements, would, if given back most of their tax money–voluntarily SEND IT BACK to pay for the programs they are voting for??

    • M. A. McLaachlan

      I would also include Andrew Jackson who ignored the Supreme Court’s ruling that it was unconstitutional to make the Cherokee Indians move west of the Mississippi. What we did to the Indians everywhere is one of our most shameful chapters but the Cherokee had adopted western ways, had their own constitution modeled on ours and were a civil society. Our government rounded them up and forced them to walk all the way to Oklahoma.

      • Flynn

        Mr. McLaachlan:

        You are treading on treacherous ground. You are forgetting all of those “Indians”, (the politically correct “Native Americans”) who slaughtered thousands of innocent white settlers whose only desire was a piece of fertile land on which to raise their families. Andy Jackson’s only desire was to protect these families. He only forced the ones who would not assimulate to walk to Oklahoma. Most of the Cherokee did assimulate. That is the reason western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee is mostly Cherokee today. You would be wise to get your facts straight before you criticize one of our best presidents. You sound like and Obama supporter.

        • Christopher Huber

          Desire had more to do with gold that was found on the tribal lands. prospectors were digging gold on land that they didn’t own, and some in the Jackson Administration had friends and relatives that wanted those land grants.
          Of course that wasn’t the first sweetheart deal in America, nor will it be the last. Barry made sure Acorn got plenty of US taxpayer dollars. That is the trouble with Liberals, in a sure fire hurry to give away your money, but tight as hell on their own wallet. That would explain all the illegals working as maids in their households. Quite sure Nobama had some, all his friends did.

        • Don Tremaine

          Your comments below are only part of the story.
          The Indians were responding to the White mans treachery.
          Take this back a few hundred years, before the while man came to America. This land was where the Indians lived. The Indians had no concept of land ownership in fact to the best of my knowledge they felt they belonged to the land. But I digress, the white man stole the land from the Indians and pushed them out. Wiped out the buffalo which was their food supply. The Indians were the worst treated of all peoples, worse than the black slaves. Do you really believe that self defense a.k.a. fighting back is a crime?

          You are treading on treacherous ground. You are forgetting all of those “Indians”, (the politically correct “Native Americans”) who slaughtered thousands of innocent white settlers whose only desire was a piece of fertile land on which to raise their families. Andy Jackson’s only desire was to protect these families. He only forced the ones who would not assimulate to walk to Oklahoma. Most of the Cherokee did assimulate. That is the reason western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee is mostly Cherokee today. You would be wise to get your facts straight before you criticize one of our best presidents. You sound like and Obama supporter.

          • American Citizen

            All the different Indian tribes fought one another for “property rights” or grazing lands. They were not all so innocent as some would have us believe.

        • MikeC

          Flynn, you really believe this nonsense! So, let’s say Putin comes to your house and he loves the view, and tells you to pack up and leave, or else. Would you walk or fight for your property? Wait our government does this with Eminent Domain!

      • sideng

        I liked Jackson for his fiscal responsibility and hatred of central banking, but his treatment of the indians was truly deplorable.

      • http://verizon kbab777

        Right M.A. as bad as slavery and racism were dont you think, yet we we dont ever hear the american Indians always whining about their past and bringing it back and rubbinng it under our noses and making us watch every word we say. They leave it in the past where it belongs.

        • Paul

          No they don’t.
          I respect American Indians, in fact I have a small amount of Cherokee in me myself, but they are very vocal about how they were treated.
          They haven’t forgotten it.

          • http://verizon kbab777

            Paul, dont take me wrong I also respect the Indian and even tho I dont hear that much from them they still respect themselves and are not out in your face screaming,and wanting a pity party like some races I know of and wont comment about, and on the casino he has the right to pick himself up and support himself.

          • Tom

            I respect the Indians
            Casinos are a new development
            And I have never had any racial group or person IN MY FACE with the racism crap.

            I have dealt with racism though.

            Look you are pointing the finger at a certain group. Its genes. They cannot help it. If they could, don’t you think they would have made themselves millionairs by now?

            They don’t because they cannot. Stop the hating, most of the inferiority is because of genes. Certain individuals, like in all race groups, excel and rise to the top.

            Indians…I have heard many complain about how they were treated. Fact.

        • Joe Squerciati

          The Indians are SLOWLY taking back their country ONE Casino at a time

          • JC

            Joe, at the present growth rate, Muslims will take over all the western countries in about 20 years. Not saying I do or don’t like it…just stating a fact of demographics.

        • http://personallibertydigest Dawn

          The Indians havent forgotten.Their laughing all the way to the bank.
          Im part Indian not enough to get any money that they get.And thats ok
          The Indians get money every year from our Gov and they get a percentage of moneys made from the Casinos.They get free health care
          at clinics we cannot go to.They are not subject to our laws.They have their own tribel laws.I know this because I have several friends who
          get this monet and its no less then 10.000dollars.Sure this doesnt make up for the wrong thats been done but it sure helps now.

      • Robert Wayne

        I keep on hearing about the poor Indians and how tough they have it. I wish I were an Indian nowadays. They never have to pay for anything. Free schooling, free medical care, free food, free housing on top of a govt. check every month for life and if their particular tribe has its name pasted in front of a casino, more free money every month, all while not doing a damned thing. They even have the blacks and mexicans beat when it comes to getting freebies nowadays. I’m wondering what will happen to all of those ‘minorities’ after the white man is either destroyed or gets so disgusted with being everybody’s patsy that he just leaves this country.

        • Claire

          Do you know what the government did to the Native American Women back in the ’50s, ’60s, and early ’70s? These women were “sterilized” so they could not have any children.

          • Smilee

            How about 1890 at wounded knee, our military killed more native american women, kids and old men in one day than Tim McVeigh did in Oklahoma City fifteen years ago today, he was a whacko, what was our military’s excuse, funny how we do not want to remember that but each year we do in Oklahoma City.

          • Tom

            How do any of you know you won’t be the next government experiment?

            I am sorry, you cannot single out any race or anybody for that matter for sterilization/

            You don’t think we owe’em something???

          • THIRD PARTY


        • http://?? Joe H.

          Roert Wayne,
          I suggest you go live on the res for awhile!!! You think they have it so well? Try their life for say6 months. This means you can’t take any money with you just go there and live like them!!! You might have a little more respect when you come back!!! You speak like a fool!!!

          • John

            “His mouth flows like diarrhea
            from the back end of the Buffalo.”

            Shitting Bull

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          You are a racist ass. I am a white man, and what our government did to these Native Americans, and continue to do, has broken their spirit and taken from them everything. This land is their land. They have been pushed out to desolate areas of dry, barren land. They no longer can roam free and fish and hunt and live off the land, the very land that they always took care of a valued. They took what they needed, and nutured the rest. To paraphrase an Eagles song, “some rich man came and raped the land, nobody caught him. Put up a bunch of ugly boxes, and Jesus, people bought ‘em.”. What ever so called free everything you say they get, pales to the 400 dollars a week food stamps and welfare money and other money that the hand out livers in society get, which are even greater now that Obama is escalating the hand outs program. But dont you even try to downplay the plight of the American Indian pal. They have been prejudiced against and screwed over since the day white man stepped onto THEIR land. Sadly, it does continue to this day. And no, as others have said in these posts, you dont see their asses on TV whining about racism like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do, giving the blacks a bad name. Shame on these guys. They havent a clue what prejudice is. They just use the word to get a lot of stupid people to give them car loads of money, then they catch the first bus out of town. These are the facts.

          • Charles

            As for the Indians one of their downfalls was selling Manhatten Is. for a bunch of beads as did the Soviet Union for selling Alaska for 25 Million.I bet they wish now that they could do it all over again,On the other hand Nobama is giving the US away for free.

    • William Nealey

      you are a damned IDIOT,

    • DaveH

      That Senile Ronald Reagan you speak of, Chaos, did more than any President in my lifetime to stop the free-spending, regulation-happy Congress from further ruining our country. We were in a worsening inflationary and recessionary economic mess when Reagan took office. He exposed Congress for what they were to the public like no President before him. Of course, the Liberals were incensed, as he stopped their economic takeover in its tracks.
      Even a senile old man is smarter than the self-proclaimed intellectual Liberals.

      • Paul

        Dave deregulation has caused us a whole lot of problems. Regulations are laws that govern corp behavior. Without them, or without key regulation, you wind up with capitalistic anarchy. You get Enron, you get utilities being sold to foreign buyers, you get legalized fraud. Look at all the chaos caused by the Wall Streeters…

        We need regulation and we need a whole lot of it now.

        If these clowns cannot figure out how to turn a profit the ethical way, then they should go find other work.

        • Stack

          Paul – You would do well in a socialized state. Regulations are not laws, but merely some desk jockey’s slanted interpretation of how to implement the laws (significantly influenced by the then current administration).

          The regulators and regulations were a significant part of the cause of the most recent economic catastrophe.

          Government is not the solution. It is the problem.

          • Jana

            Right on.

          • Smilee

            Stack says:
            April 16, 2010 at 12:55 pm

            Paul – You would do well in a socialized state. Regulations are not laws, but merely some desk jockey’s slanted interpretation of how to implement the laws (significantly influenced by the then current administration).

            The regulators and regulations were a significant part of the cause of the most recent economic catastrophe.

            Government is not the solution. It is the problem.


          • Tom

            Well Stack and Jana, laws or rules…what ever you want to call them, without regulating corp behavior we wind up in all the trouble we have now.

            You can foolishly blame it all on Obama, but our current problems have been brewing for decades.

            Deregulation has opened the door to a ton of Corp abuse.

            An (words removed for offensive content) by any other name is still one.

      • Don Tremaine

        I think Reagan was the greatest president in the history of the USA.
        Obama has only been in for a little over a year. He may accomplish more damage in one term than FDR did in 4 terms. But for all that actually read history, maybe he can be stopped by flushing congress. If we’re really lucky, followed by impeachment for violating his oath to uphold the constitution

      • Colleen

        With age comes wisdom…yes eventually he had Alzheimer’s but that doesn’t mean he was impaired while in office–that’s a bit of Monday Morning quarterbacking–after the fact explaining away things people didn’t like “he was sick” or “he was senile.” He was one of the most intellignet and articulate conservative statesmen in our history.

      • Susan Desgrousilliers

        psutopgun You are right on!!! Could not have said it any better

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        That same Ronald Reagan is the best thing that ever happened to this country on a political stance since the beginning of politics. I was born and raised a democrat, and once I experience and saw for myself what Ronald Reagan did, I ran as fast as I could from the democrat party to Ronald Reagans conservative party. I now wonder why the Republican party has ran away from the Ronald Reagan conservative party? I really wonder. Why wouldnt you continue a successful thing, when he showed them how to do it?

        • Carl

          The REAL big bang was Reagan screwing the American working person! Before Reagan if one payed into social security they could leave it there if they later went to work for the post office or railroad but Reagan called that “double dipping” and got Congress to pass a law forcing the worker to roll it into the post office or railroad pension, which is separate. That cost many railroaders thousands of dollars. Of course someone serving in the house, senate and then prez gets to keep all 3 pensions. That’s really fair-and that’s just the beginning of what Reagan did to screw the American working person.

    • Big Buck

      I hate to say it but it all depends on what the definition of “worst” really is! Is it a “relative” factor or an “absolute” and, if so, to what measurement? Is it lack of personal integrity, circumstances, vacillation, poor subordinate selection, dishonesty, arrogance, codescension, gross incompetence, lack of intellect, naivete, violation of the oath of office, unintended consequences/outcomes, disregard for the constitution, treasonous acts or all of these and several more????? I would suggest a recipe of ingredients/weightings BEFORE we just reflect one’s ideological preferences or political leanings by making a list! Anything else is just a patchwork quilt of opinion w/o any attempt at quantifying or qualifying any logic that may or may not be present! Or is it just an endless discussion you wish to act as the catalyst for by posing such a vague question in the first place???????

      • Stack

        Big Buck – Perhaps this is not such a bad forum for flushing out the measuring sticks of what we perceive as making the “worst” presidents…

      • Jana

        Big Buck,

        You said,”is it a “relative” factor or an “absolute” and, if so, to what measurement? Is it lack of personal integrity, circumstances, vacillation, poor subordinate selection, dishonesty, arrogance, codescension, gross incompetence, lack of intellect, naivete, violation of the oath of office, unintended consequences/outcomes, disregard for the constitution, treasonous acts etc.”

        All of that is very good, but since we are a government of the people, each person’s opinion counts and generally it is if we find a President that does more harm than good then we find him as a worst President. We each use most of those above as measurements, and depending on the person, one of those measurements might be more important than another. I personally think Obama has shown a great incompetence in almost all of those ‘measurements’ just in the one and a half years he has been in office and therefore qualifies high on the list of worsts.

    • George

      Obama= War Criminal +liar (“UNCLE TOM” sellout!)
      George W. Bush= War Criminal +liar
      Clinton= War Criminal +liar
      George Bush Sr.= War Criminal +liar
      Ronald Reagan= War Criminal +liar
      CARTER= GOOD President caught in bad times
      Ford= War Criminal +liar
      Nixon= War Criminal +liar
      Lyndon Johnson= Idealistic but destroyed by the Vietnam War
      (JFK)Kennedy= GREAT leader, assasinated because he was too honest for his own good
      Dwight Eisenhower= The LAST “good” Republican
      Harry Truman= War Criminal and MASS MURDERER (Hiroshima and Nagasaki)
      Franklin Delano Roosevelt= Filthy liar and Pro-communist (sellout of Eastern Europe to Stalin)
      Herbert Hoover= Greedy Wall Street Republican
      Calvin Coolidge= Greedy Wall Street Republican
      Warren Harding= Greedy Wall Street Republican
      Woodrow Wilson= War Criminal, LIAR, Hypocrite, One World “clown”
      William Howard Taft= Greedy Wall Street Republican
      Teddy Roosevelt= Great leader (Honest Republican!)

      • JC

        And so it goes, on and on…
        Really, it’s time for us to get back to the Constitution or we are finished.

      • David

        George, Are you so stupid that you actually believe the garbage that you posted? Were all of our Presidents really War criminals,Thieves, Liars and greedy? You know nothing about Politics or you would not made such a ridiculous statement.

        • JC

          Depnds on your point of view doesn’t it?
          Were we Constitutionally allowed to enter all those wars?
          Because some of them were for sure about money and power…and nothing else.

      • Heywood Jablowme

        Damn George, How do you REALLY FEEL?????? Is there any one besides your self you really admire???

    • doctord

      Richard Nixon, Clueless

    • emy . tokyo.

      barak obama is the worst presedent sofair.

    • http://Netscape Ron

      Chaos is an appropriate designation for you my friend. I see that you’ve been consuming large quantities of the “Cool Aide.” Sorry
      Chaos, your picks for worst president and your convoluted reasons for such choices belie your ignorance. George Bush was naive, not a criminal. Ronnie Reagan was an actor with good intentions. He was a real conservative. He didn’t become senile until late into his presidency. Tricky Dick was an [offensive word removed], but not a Marxist, Socialist. He promised to get us out of Nam, but it took him 4 years. Lyndon Johnson was a whore-mongering, skirt chasing, prick that probably did more damage to the U.S. than most other presidents until Clinton and Obama. Why didn’t you talk about the Democrats that got us into the two big wars?? Truman – Korea, JFK/Johnson – Viet Nam. If George Bush was a criminal, Obama is a traitor, and should be tried for sedition and stupidity along with the people that voted for him. Clinton, JFK and Johnson were just horny and should have been porn stars instead of presidents.

      George W.Bush… war criminal
      Ronald Reagan… Senile
      Richard Nixon… Crook
      Lyndon Johnson…. War Criminal…

      These are the worst ever…

    • http://FoxNews John LaRosk

      Chaos factor HAS to be a “Liberal Democrat”; as his head is definitely
      where the Sun doesn’t shine. He’s “entitled” to his own opinion; still
      No excuse for ignorance, and He Probalbly GETS entitlements!! Get realand grt the “facts”!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Charlie

      Every thing you mentioned was minor compared to the following…
      (1) Obama, worst ever, has already ran up the biggest debt in American History,
      (2) Jimmy Carter, Interest rate 21.5%, Inflation 19% Thew most inept President ever.
      (3) Eisenhower, did just about nothing for four years.
      (4) Clinton, very good President but major morality problem, a very poor example, was impeached.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Don’t forget Eisenhower deported a good number of illegals and a lot more self deported as a result of his program!!! None of the last seven or eight have even done anything to get them out of our country!!!

    • Ron

      I agree with the list of five but I’d have to add a #6. Abe Lincoln. Not because he freed the slaves. That needed to be done. They were people and their rights were gauranteed by our Declaration and Constitution. Lincoln usurped that very same Constitution by not allowing S.C to leave the union. The deal was that if a state joined the union that they could leave when they thought that their rights were being trampled. S.C was just doing what was agreed. Lincoln created the mess that we are in now with a federal government out of control.

    • Mike Wisdom

      I guess that would make Roosevelt a “war criminal” also. You need to study history and learn the definition of those who were actually prosecuted for being a war criminal, not using the opinions by those with a particular personal ideology. Reagan was approaching senility in the last year of his second term, but in his first term he was the greatest president in our time (remember who won the Cold War). Jimmy Carter was clearly the worst president until the advent of “Obama The Destroyer”, who is on the path of demolishing the greatness of America.

    • Richard Alan Stanley

      Worst Presidents : 1 Barack Hussein Obama -Worst by far ! Socialism & too numerous to list ! Everything he has done is wrong ! Religion Mussalum
      2 William Jefferson – Womanizer , Adultry & Taxed Reaganomics to it’s death !
      3 Jimmy Carter – Fake Christian and did everything wrong especially putting in a Secretary of Education and ruining the schools.
      4 Johnson – Fighting Vietnam War just to keep it going for the economy.

    • Richard Alan Stanley

      Worst Presidents : 1 Barack Hussein Obama -Worst by far ! Socialism & too numerous to list ! Everything he has done is wrong ! Religion Mussalum
      2 William Jefferson Clinton – Womanizer , Adultry & Taxed Reaganomics to it’s death !
      3 Jimmy Carter – Fake Christian and did everything wrong especially putting in a Secretary of Education and ruining the schools.
      4 Johnson – Fighting Vietnam War just to keep it going for the economy.

    • Andy

      5. Woodrow Wilson. One world government.
      4. Franklin D. Roosevelt. Social welfare. Disregard for Constitution.
      3. Lyndon Johnson. Vietnam war. Great Society. Nothing improved.
      2. Bill Clinton. To many national security secrets missing. Impeached
      1. Barrack Hussein Obama. History will tell. Arrogant. Ignorant.
      Used by others.

      A note about what a day is. According to the Bible a day is from sundown to sundown.

      • American Citizen

        A day “in the beginning” could have been, according to God’s ways, a thousand, ten thousand or a million years or more. Genesis does not tell us just how long one of God’s days was. God could have been evolution to accomplish some of His creation, He is still using it. Knowledge builds on knowledge, better nutrition gives us taller and healthier people, etc. The only new animals being created are those created by man by mating animals of different species, such as lions with tigers to get ligers, horses with donkeys to get mules, etc. (the offspring are infertile), new fruits and vegetables by cross pollination. etc. Man is cocreator with God, but sometimes man’s interference with God’s creation brings unintended consequences.

        • blv54

          Genesis makes it very clear a day is sundown to sundown God said and the evening and the morning were the first day, Genesis 1,5 some of you people are trying to tie the Genesis account and evolution togather and it just dosen’t work, God created the earth in 6 24hr days, sorry you either believe the Bible or evolution you can’t have it both ways, I suggest you believe what God said since he’s the one who did it.

    • Rick013

      I disagree. Choices should be Taft, Andrew Jackson, Woodrow Wilson, Bill Clinton, and Obama.

    • Carol

      The totally worst president ever in our history goes to James Buchanan from Pa ..You need to study history ..Next comes Franklin Roosevelt and his socialist new deal.. Next president Wilson , next Jimmy Carter 9whom I have met personally) and now Obama is on track to beat them all out!

    • Don in Cutler Bay

      Jimmy Carter, for his disregard for America belongs on that list, as does Barak Obama for his disdain for America and Americans. Sally S, maybe you haven’t read the news (neither has Obama)Artic Ice is at a 10 year high, and here in Florida we have beautiful weather in the low 70′s during the day. Usually, it sweltering hot by this time. But Global Warming is a very useful crisis and they don’t want it to go away. A perfect example of how our government operates.



      • John Paul

        I take it that you are foreign born. Where? France? Canada? Belgium? Haiti? Africa?
        If you cannot accept who the voters hire during our elections, go back from where you came. We have enough deadbeat cowards among us.
        You wouldn’t know what a war criminal is even you had one right in front of your nose.

      • Susan Desgrousilliers

        You have got to be kidding! You have been reading the NY Times, and watching way to much MSNBC, you probably get chills up your leg when you hear Obama speak, or rather read from the teleprompter. He doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together, have you ever heard him talk when the teleprompter falters? Totally pathetic. You need to put down the Kool-aide you are drinking and start reading your history, because you do not have your facts straight.

    • John Paul

      Let’s see, Hmmmmm…. In my book the worst president by far is Lyndon Baines Johnson. His whole history is based on lies, deception, fighting a “war” with no clear goals to win creating this fiasco with rioting in the streets. Some arrogant liberal, Ragazines such as US News and World report had the nerve to blame the whole thing on President Nixon. I visited Johnson’s library at the University of Texas in 1999. Even then I detected lies and exaggerations about this man’s place in history.

      The second worst is Jimmy Carter. And you liberals think George W. Bush was incompetent? Jimmy Carter is out of touch with reality and interferes with subsequent presidents’ foreign policies. He has asked Arab nations not to cooperate with the USA and its allies over the policies and conflicts before and after 9/11. He went out of his way to visit Yasir Arafat, the butcher. At one point this past year, I wrote to him demanding that he stop interfering in the nation’s operations since he was fired by American voters in 1980 for incompetency. Let’s not forget his going to Cuba with his wife cavorting with the Castros and condemning the 48 year embargo (Duh, Mr. Carter, why didn’t you end it while you were in office for four years. You managed to establish relations with communist China!). The other horrible presidents were Ford, Roosevelt(allowing him to run for four terms was an abomination), Hoover, Harding, Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt. I haven’t read too much of the shortcomings of presidents before 1900, but Andrew Jackson left a lot to be desired.
      So, as you can see, I show no mercy to terrible presidents in either party.

      • John Paul

        Oh, sorry, guys! I forgot to mention President Clinton and HER HUSBAND. Two baby killers via legalized abortion and one addicted to the fair sex!

    • Chris

      I absolutely agree with Chaos Factor. He hit the nail right on the head. W. Bush started the war in Iraq for the sole purpose of revenge for his dad. My son was killed in that war and to keep me sane, I have to push that fact to the back of my head. Afghanistan is where we should have started and ended. Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11. Nixon was a crook and a liar, Johnsons was a mama’s boy with his own agenda to control the world, but I don’t believe I would have included Reagan. We could also debate about long ago presidents whose lives were kept secret by the press so we never knew wheat the heck was going on. The most misinterpreted President was Clinton. He was a cheat and a fool in his personal life but he was a damn good president.

    • Mojo

      All I can say is that with the way this crazy world is going I am looking for that blessed hope and glorious appearing of Jesus!

    • Mary

      My pick for the 5 worst would be

      Franklin D. Roosevelt
      Lyndon B. Johnson
      Jimmy Carter
      Bill Clinton
      Barack Obama

      They all took some of our freedom away, and were most interested in their own power.

      • Smilee


        • Tom

          Why not read the Patriot Act, then compare it to the Bill of Rights.

          They have all been shredding our freedom.

          Even Obama’s health Care reform Bill is totally unconstitutional.

          Read….read………read…..You’ll find out!

    • (Wondering Woman)

      Hoot man, You’ve seen nothing yet. Now that he has rammed the health care reform bill through, while quietly working lots of other skull-duggery behind that smoke screen, let us all work to prevent him from succeeding in disarming us. If he ever succeeds in that, the next step will be martial law, forced vaccinations, and who knows what other atrocities they already have planned and putting into motion right now. Before this man (Imperial Dictator Obama) is finished he will have earned the title of the most black-hearted president ever elected and will make all of anyone else’s candidates for the 5 worst look like benevolent saints (we’ll even include Hitler in the ones he outshines in blackheartedness, although he was never one of ours).

      After watching him crow in his speech after signing the health care reform bill (and attempting humor) saying that he looked at the sky to see if asteroids were coming and at the earth to see if cracks were opening up – I thoroughly enjoyed watching the ball of light video that was captured & the explanation that it was thought to be made by a piece of an asteroid. This occurred 2 weeks after his signing the bill that made him so happy. I believe China’s latest earthquake and Iceland’s volcanic eruption also occurred since his signing his wonderful bill. Well, Obama, you do claim to be a citizen of the world, so just maybe someone didn’t like your speech any better than a lot of us here on planet Earth, and he is spreading out his message over the world, hoping you will be smart enough to get it. Makes you wonder if there might have been 6 days between each of these 3 events: the ball of light, the earthquake and the eruption that has interfered with a lot of peoples lives. Has anyone who likes to play with numbers looked at this one yet?

    • Susan Desgrousilliers

      Obama – Egotist, socialist, incompetent
      Wilson – First Progressive to increase government control
      LBJ – Crook, mean, the definition of a dirty politician
      Carter – Completely incompetent, no leadership ability
      Clinton – Immoral and only won a second term because the republicans gained control of the house and balanced the budget despite Clinton’s fighting them all the way.

    • laura

      You should not believe everything the left sided media says in fact don’t believe any thing they say.
      If there is one thing the Tea Party movement has proven about the leftie media is that they are pathological liars.


      • laura

        this was a reply to Chaos Factor, why it got zapped way down here I don’t know.

      • Claire

        laura—I think a person can say the same thing about the Republican RINOs. Don’t you agree? All politicians lie to seek their own goals.

        • laura

          I’m sorry Claire but I do not agree.Our news stations have been taken over by the left wing media and most everything from covering the Tea Party movement to just about everything the right does is distorted and lied about. They have ALSO confused the people into thinking that the right is as bad or worse than the left and it’s just not true. We should not believe one thing the left says, nothing they say is the truth.

          GOD BLESS

          • Claire

            laura– And I disagree with you. You left out Fox news–that has not been taken over by the lefties.

          • laura

            OK Claire,
            I know that FOX is a good news station, I did not mean them SORRY I didn’t CLAIRE-i-fy!!!!!!


          • Claire

            laura–Excuse me, you stated “our news stations have been taken over by the left wing media” therefore I assumed you meant ALL of them. That is why I pointed out that Fox was not involved with the lefties. Thank you for CLAIRE-i-fying.

          • laura

            sorry Claire didn’t mean to be a smarty pants I HOPE there is no friction between us.
            But you gotta admit Claire-i-fy looks kool!!!!!

            Good Day and GOD BLESS

          • Claire

            laura— You would be surprised if I told you how many times I have used “clarify.” At work I will sometimes say “Claire needs to clarify.” No offense intended and none taken. I think sometimes I can come across as rather blunt?
            I just read Debo’s post. I will have to answer. God bless you too.

    • George Sidoti

      Franklin Pierce, Zachery Taylor and U.S. Grant…You could throw in Ronald Reagan with his ridiculous ideas on de-regulation and “turning the bull loose” philosophy/veteoing the Clean Water Act and tax “reform” which eliminated the tax deductions on the 1040 long form. And, of course, Warren Harding, who openly joined the KKK as President of the U.S…

      My top five (5) worse Presidents.

    • Pathfinder

      Puleeese! Carter did not make your list ? I suspect some deep prejudice here.

    • Mike

      I haven’t thought about the 4 that would come after this one, but the worst is Abraham Lincoln. He did the most to strengthen the central government, weaken the states, lay the groundwork for a strong central bank, foster corporate priviledge, destroy personal property and lives in this country, remove the protections for the citizens against tyranny (suspension of habeas corpus), illegally threaten and imprision citizens that were critical of his administration, and silence the free press.

    • Elliott

      I wholeheartly agree and in that order!

    • phill young

      what about “honest Abe” as the worst pz.ever?he declared war on fellow americans simply because they wanted to suceed from the Union because they felt the gvt. was trying to take away the states righs,which they can you get worse than a man that would order citizens to kill their brothers, cousins, etc?

    • tvolpe

      And Obama????

    • Suzanne R.

      My vote is
      Worst US Presidents
      1. Wilson
      2. FDR
      3. Carter
      4. Clinton
      5. Obama

      Best US Presidents

      1. Thomas Jefferson
      2.Ronald Reagan
      3. George Washingon
      4, Abraham Lincoln

    • Anthony

      Best Presidents Ever?
      1. George Washington
      2. John Adams
      3. Andrew Jackson (got rid of the Central Bank)
      4. Teddy Roosevelt (though many will disagree)
      5. John F Kennedy (although McNamara was his waterloo)
      6. Ronald Reagan – even having his hands tied, he did what he could despite being blamed for alot of what Rumsfeld/Bush 1 actually did. Remember, the groups in power get to write the history books.

      WORST Presidents Ever?
      1. Woodrow Wilson – he gave us our 3rd Central Bank (THE FED) ID-10-T
      2. Franklin D Roosevelt – he supplied materials to China and Britain, two of Japan’s enemies at the time; and he froze all of Japan’s assets in our Banks. Let me ask you: If the Bank froze your assets, how would you react? Actually wear those shoes. Pearly Harbor was a reaction to FDR’s actions. Japan is a small nation – why pull such a stunt on both counts? You got an answer?
      3. Jimmy Carter – for being a true dunce and allowing Paul Volcker and the CFR to have free reign to do whatever they pleased. He was a modern day puppet pres! Gave us over 21% interest rates, killed jobs all over the place; Gave us gas rationing, by not allowing Gas Refineries to be built in this Country. We had enough oil in reserves – just no gas making capability, much like it still is today.
      4. Bill Clinton – for eradicating Glass-Steagal; signing NAFTA and GATT. Re-wrote FANNIE AND FREDDIE’s Mission Statement – try reading the before and after. He allowed AIG to become the boondoggle it still is and all three entities are now requesting yet another 10billion on a 3rd bailout.
      5. Bush 2 – JMHO, but I do believe he is highly responsible for 9/11 and he did know what was about to happen. The day it did, he was maybe caught a little offguard. But, the oil grab over by Afghanistan was too great a greed game – meaning they do intend on building a pipeline alongside IRAN to avoid OPEC. If we don’t have a safe haven for Military Bases, then it’s impossible to pull off. IRAN is one of only 5 Countries left who do not have a Central Bank related to the IMF. Saudi Arabia has a Central Bank. Bush 2 also is responsible for eliminating many freedoms in this Country under false premise, with the Pariot Act.
      6. Obama – out the gate (?) – for not reversing everything Bush 2 did. Don’t care to hear it from any Obamabots. Try reading all of the Executive Orders written by this current President. You think Bush did damage to this Country with Exec Orders? You obviously haven’t done your homework. Obama is expanding on what Bush 2 did. And then some.

      ALL of these BAD presidents and most of the good ones, as well, were ALL a part of the Council of Foreign Relations – every one a Member. However, I do not believe Reagan was. Hence the reason he was stuck with Bush 1. That, and the CFR had other plans for Rumsfeld at the time. Rumsfeld is responsible for allowing Aspartame to now be a part of the food supply – he is directly responsible. Reagan really was trapped in a den of thieves. Maybe back in ’64 it might have started back the other way had Goldwater been President – but the CFR damn sure couldn’t afford that to occur, they really thought JFK would be their best puppet – but PT109 did something to him and he started to fight back. You know the rest of that Story.

      Look it up… and please don’t waste time on Wikipedia… Seriously!

      • Anthony

        I did forget about Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. I apologize for that. They should be in the Top Ten of Great Presidents as well. Maybe I just should’ve had my List be a tad bit bigger. Lincoln tried to do what JFK also tried to do and that was avoid a Central Bank System. JFK tried with silver certificates and Lincoln tried with greenbacks.

        I will always maintain that THE FED (a Central Bank) is our biggest enemy.

    • Joe

      5 worst:

      woodrow wilson

    • Eag1e

      Let’s not forget President James Buchanan. His inaction was a major cause of the start of the civil war!

    • http://aol wayne a


    • http://aol wayne a

      BULL SH##$! you forgot obama,he should be at the top of the list!

    • http://windstream Ron

      I f people would open their eyes and look at Washington they would see the worst president and the dummest president that has ever existed.

    • Zheka

      Chaos,You sound like a true poet-woodstock “z o m b i e”who probably voted vor the LEAST qualified professor in the White House. Reagan inherited from lub-carter:1]18%home mortgages 2]25% auto l o a n s. Do You remember standing in line for gas/odd-even days/??? Reagan was best pres. and among five B E S T ever,You ididot!

    • A Patriot

      You forgot one.

      Chaos Factor…….Idiot

    • Annette

      1. OBAMA-INEPT

      • who cares

        Annett, Are you related too Sarah Palin??? Because you sound as she. Two IDIOTS in a pot

    • Heywood Jablowme

      Reagan, worst ever!!???? Better trade him for your buddy, Jimmy Carter!


      Hey, Dopey, . . Everything which could be considered WRONG by the most decerning among us wouldn’t amount to the WRONG, DAMAGE, SOCIALISTIC, COMMUNISTIC, UN-CONSTITUTIONAL, ILLEGAL AND UNDESIRABLE TO THE MAJORITY OF THE SOCIETY that was committed by Barack Obama within his FIRST SIX MONTHS. . . Wake up and smell the “CHAINS” YOU CAN BELIEVE IN !!!

    • BrotherPatriot

      I have to agree with Chip’s orginal post, mostly. The big change…yeah, I have to include Barack Obama (real name Barry Soetoro) instead of Clinton. Clinton was an embarrassment but the damage that Obama (Soetoro) has done in the short time he has been in office…definitely ranks him in the top 5 worst presidents we have ever had…and…he’s not done yet.

    • Kentucky Jerry

      Chaos, We can dwell on former Presidents forever and change nothing, but November 2nd, we can remove the current idiots power base and MAYBE? save America. How this column degenerated into a religious discussion I don’t know. If the current administration had pumped the same amount of money and effort into fixing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Most Americans would not have to worry about being taken care of, or even if TRUE health care and health insurance reform instead of the dismantling of both had occurred, Americans would be better off. To go one step further, if the President and Congress from this day on decided to go on a gigantic alcohol soaked bender for the next 2 and 1/2 years, we would be better off. Stop fixing whats not broken. Stop spending, NOW!

    • Sam_I_Am

      to include Ronald Reagan in your worst list you have to be out of your liberal mind, which reminds me if you gave a liberal directions that included a right they would be so lost as all get out.
      Woodrow Willson
      Jimmy Carter
      these are the worst

    • John Tompkins

      Barrack Hussein Obama is the most evil and simply immoral man to have ever entered the white house. That alone far out distances others that came before that was below par. The American dream is gone with this man in control. Hopefully November elections will stop this utter destruction of the American way. And maybe, someone can force him to produce a real long form birth certificate, instead of the fake one posted on his webpage, along with school records.

    • ciniowa

      Dick Cheney was the worst president ever!!!!

      • libertytrain

        ciniowa – was he president? I must have missed that one.

    • George


    • Vernon

      I think Obama is the wost president atleast in my 57 years of life . Totally disconnected from the poeple . If he isn’t the worst president then he is surey running a close second to the worst .


      I thought the subject was the 5 worst presidents.

      5. Nixon; while he will always be remembered for the Watergate cover-up, he did accomplish several good things like getting us out of Viet Nam and opening China for trade with the west.

      4. JFK; started our involment in SEA, and increased the number of US military personnel there; came within MINUTES of starting WWIII and the total destruction of all mankind. Started the invasion of Cuba and then backed out. He did not pass one piece of legislation for Civil Right. The only great thing he did do was get himself shot so all the liberals can have a hero.

      3. LBJ; Increased to 500,000 the number of military personnel in Viet Nam. He did get passed numerous pieces legislation for Civil Rights and Welfare programs. The only thing he didn’t was to source these laws, so for the next 20 years Congress was pressed to find revenue for these programs.

      2. Clinton; He lied to the entire nation on live TV about his relationship with Monica. He spent most of his time in office trying to explain one relationship after another. He did balance his budget. That is one year out of eight years in office

      1. The Peanut Farmer (Carter); JC allowed circumstances to controll his Presidencey. Iran hostage situation, allowing the crazies to throuh the government out and replace them with Iman, home morgage rates exceeded 20%, gas shortage (remember the times you could not even get gas at any price) and for the life of me, I can’t remember anything good he accomplished. He did try to bring peace to the mideast, but we all know how that worked out.

    • Bob

      Top 5 worst Presidents…
      2–Jimmie Carter

    • Natalie Taswell

      Obama is the worst leader of our country in my lifetime. He is anti- God and anti-American he is a horrible person and human being. He is
      a Liar everytime he opens his mouth lie after lie. He is the only person that has ever taken up so much TV time trying to get his horrible agendas I want him out now not later.

    • runnin

      One must be first be eligible to carry the title of president so we have 43 to choose from. only

      Jimmy Boy

    • ItsMe

      Obama… War Criminal NWO President

      Obama… obvious

      Bush… War Criminal NWO President

      LBJ… Socialist, greatly expanded the gov.

      FDR… socialist who loved his big gov

    • Mike

      YOU forgot

    • Oscar Lechuga

      The very worst president ever … well, I was easily going to say Chairman Jimmy Carter, until “Barry” arrived with his socialist and communist lot!

    • Mister

      I think that Nobama will end up being very near the top of the worst predidents ever. Althougt Garfield,Pearce, Buchann,Coolige,Taft,Harding,and Hayes will all be in the top ten worst.

    • who cares

      Lets not ignore George W. Bush started two war an Afghanistan took the troops out moved them too Iraq. left Afhanistan for a future President to take care of. He allowed 9-11. Like chess you make insignificant moves for future use. as with N. Korea when he fail to talk to the N. Korea Goverment. They now have NUKES and selling them too other countries like Iran. ther’re going be our future wars. Thank to Bush.

    • Tom

      My list:

      1) Woodrow Wilson – for allowing the creation of the Federal Reserve system which has been mismanaging the US economy and robbing the US taxpayer ever since. The FED – responsible for the Great Depression, the rise of NAZI Germany and the total mismangement of the US money supply creating credit ‘bubbles’ and restrictive monetary policies that result in the boom bust cycles characteristic of US financial history since the FED was created in 1913. Also Wilson’s poor ideas about the League of Nations and the fiasco of the Treaty of Versailles which put unreasonable reparations on Germany and resulted in the hardships in that nation which allowed the extremist NAZI Hitler to rise to power.

      2) Harry Truman – a close 2nd to Wilson. Helped create the State of Israel without assuring the rightful partition of Palestine for a Palestinian state. Many other bad decisions which
      result from a narrow minded unqualified person to hold the highest office in the USA.

      3) GW Bush – war criminal by invading both Iraq and Afghanistan without UN approval and destroying not only Iraqi society but killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi and Afghani civilians. Violated the US constitution many times, authorized torture etc. His list of crimes is too long to go in to here.

      4) LBJ – started an unwinable and unnecessary war in Vietnam and gave us ‘guns and butter’ without raising taxes thus starting a big inflation problem and debt growth the US has never recovered from.

      5) Ronald Reagan – Reagonomics is the most responsible for the deep pit of national debt the US will never recover from. Tax cuts, borrowing to pay for consumption and expansion of the US military unnecessarily. Truly one of the dumbest Presidents the US has ever had.

      6) Richard Nixon – tried to Vietnamize the war which ended in the spectacular evacuation of US forces out of the nation from which US forces should have never been sent to in the first place. Gave us Watergate and showed us how much the US government lies to us all the time. Great that he was caught out – how many more US Presidents lied through their teeth to a gullible US electorate?

    • Charles B

      You are so wrong about whose the worst President ever.

      1. Jimmy Carter
      2. Barak Hussein Obama
      3 Lindon B. Johnson
      4. Richard Nixon
      5. FDR

    • Chuckstersway

      Barrack “BOHICA” Obama…narcisistic moron
      Jimmy Carter…a real sissy
      Bill Clinton…liar, thief, rapist, all around criminal
      Woodrow Wilson…secular progressive one worlder, socialist punk

    • Helga

      The worst five presidents:

      Woodrow Wilson
      Lyndon B. johnson
      Barack Obama
      Bill Clinton
      Richard Nixon

    • http://comcast Sandy

      Let me guess a liberal is on here to try and talk us out of hating your king, won’t work and it must kill you looney liberals to know that your king is by far the worst president in America’s history but knowing how stupid liberals are I’ll bet none of you will ever admit even if he destroys this country totally!

    • Kookie

      Bush retaliated after our country was attached and killed thousands just as Pearl Harbor was destroyed. Bush kept us safe until muslim bonehead got into office and started bowing down to the enemy and changing our country to what he thought it should be = a nation of cowardly slaves to bow down to him. BO is the worst illegal president ever.

    • Bill68

      I don’t see Obama’s name on your list, and he is absolutely the worst ever. He and the democrats have an agenda and at the top of that agenda is a ‘one world government’. They believe that we live in an age of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in which mankind can, for the first time in it’s history, destroy itself with the pust of a few buttons. Because of that, they firmly believe that one person has to be at the helm of this thing to both forcefully direct the rest of us (for our own good of course), and to be responsible for what happens. They are also painfully aware of the fact that the U.S. has been the primary obstacle to this concept at least since WW-2, and the best way to eliminate us as an obstacle is to weaken us economically to the point where we can no longer be relevant.

    • Jyrine

      Chaos Factor…Stupid

    • Jack

      Lets see, G W Bush a war criminal ? HUH I don’t remember it that way.Seems he ,unlike Obutthead and Billy Clinton didn’t serve their country and fight for and to protect our rights ,not try and take them away.Your are wronge ! then there is Ronald R. he knew more about this country than most half his age,but I suppose someone half his age or brain power would try and call him senile ? Your wronge Again !! lets talk Nixon ,I remember and voted for him and unlike Obutthead he did what he said he would do by pulling out our troups from Vietnam and what he was guilty of couldn’t hold a candle to Barry Obama, that CRIMINAL does more criminal acts behind closed doors and again right out in the open in one week than Richard Nixon did in his whole life.So Again you are wronge !!! After thinking it over you may have come pretty close on LBJ ,he was a criminal,but again like his Dem.cronies he was just following the gruop. One out of four ? Not to accurate but good try. Sort of ?Lets impeach the real Criminal in this country ! Good Bye Obama!!!!!!!!!!

    • maggie

      What about Jimmy Carter & the 13% interest rate didn’t have any ideal what he was doing.

    • 8Gary8

      This is truly an open question. The answer depends on our reading and comprehension of history as well as our own predisposed prejudice. In short, truth is often relative and subject to our preconceived notions.

    • Miss Elyse

      The Worst President? It’s obvious the President doesn NOT have the control we all have been taught in school….

      How about the worst Congress? These new Republican Congress men and women are hell bent to destroy President Obama’s 2nd term…and that’s all they are doing! Blocking every single issue he is trying to get through!

      How about who allowed Lobbying?? Therein lies the worst problem in the history of the USA…these people are bribing the very people we elected to represent us??

      How about the Treasury allowing the Banks to steal homes they do not own??

      So much more going on besides the bigots who can’t believe a black man is actually in our White House! Remember the look of utter “shocK on Kardasian’s face when OJ was found not guilty?? Remember???? That is what the entire Republican Party looks like because “they” never thought it would happen…well, it did and he is doing his best to uncover all the wrong doings that have been covered up for some 30 years!!

      Get a grip people…the banks and big business are destroying this country…not one black man!!

      By the way…America was never designed to operate like a business!! It was created to allow her people to experience freedom and reach our full potential…allowing business into govenment is our downfall and American’s need to WAKE UP!!

    • Vic Bailey

      Here’s how I look at it: Woodrow Wilson was no doupt the worst, but ALL of the presidents since him were just as bad for not rectifying the unconstitutional things that Wilson did. Except for John Kennedy was killed for trying to put an end to the seceret BS that was going on in Washington, he was going to end the FED and get us out of Viet Nam, That Eisenhower got us in in 1957, but Kennedy gets the blame. That goes to show you how the government changes the real history as they make heroes out of traitors, as the are trying to do to Ted Kennedy the WORST of the bunch, TRAITOR to the core. Then there is Bama a dictator from the word go, any you look at him. And he is the biggest LIAR on this planet, talk about impeachment, he is the BEST candidate for stealing the money from the people and giving it to big business. Semper Fi.

    • Ralph R.

      Let’s not forget what the peanut man did,he signed an agreement to let
      5 million chinese military to come to america and patrol our streets in-
      case we riot due to the liberals in congress and the senate,they know they don’t have much time left to ruin our lives to acheive their domin-
      ance around the world and to eliminate billions of us,a more manageable
      number for them is around 500Million slaves,”God Bless Americans,”we
      must eliminate the social security personnel,they are very arrogant.

    • Christopher M Davis

      The worst President we have ever had is the one with the least integrity – One Big word of caution– Don’t look so much who has proven themselves to be untrustworthy, but Look for the man with the most integrity. When the time comes to do what is right , the man with integrity knows just what to do . That is, keep being Honest about what is going on and keep making decisions based on the norms and moral fiber George Washington, and Jefferson , and Adams had – “The Integrity of the upright will guide them, but the falseness of the treacherous will destroy them” – Proverbs
      I find it harder to believe that some of mankind today can look at the world , people,animals, space etc and still come up with the idea that it all happened randomly – (that is , not according to a plan of some form ) – Why do some reject the belief that is to believe in a Creator just because we can’t see Him , even though see what He’s done!

    • Michael

      I am assuming you are a Deist if you share the same God as Jefferson. If not, your article in based on nothing but logical fallacy.

  • http://naver samurai

    Choas factor, how can you say these things about Reagan and Bush? At least they stood up to our enemies, brought patriotism back to America, and did more for the people than Clinton and “Osama” has ever done.

    • Pat

      Reagan and Bush screwed the American people.All they cared about was BIG OIL and the money they could steal. The banks failed under bush 1(remember the 1990 savings and loan scandal with neil bush right in the middle)and again under bush 2.Remember the term “bush league”.All the bush’s are crooks.

      • Flynn

        All Americans are interested in Big Oil. All Americans dream of having and oil well in their back yard. Just look down the nearest interstate highway. There you will see thousands of Americans who worship Big Oil. How else can we get the energy we need. The government can’t even run a post office and make a profit; infact, they can’t even pay its own bills withough taxing us to death.

        • Anthony

          FLYNN is right – there’s not one politician in Washington DC that does not own Oil Stock. They ALL DO. So, that comment about being for Big Oil is outright BS. Think not? Try explaining how Mr. & Mrs. John Kerry were on the Board of Directors for Haliburton… and please discuss the time factor that they were there for…. Your argument is full of falsehoods.

      • FOY VAUGHN


      • emy . tokyo.

        iam not an american, but, man, g bush is the best the american people and the world all over.
        you may not know what you lost untill ben-laden-osama trike again and finish your economy which obama hope to crumbl witten four years time.

        • American Citizen

          It take a foreigner to “get it.” Far too many Americans are shallow thinkers.

          • Debo

            To American Citizen.
            I am hoping that you have included yourself among the shallow thinkers. You had a simple sentence and your verb and subject don’t match. I am having so much fun reading these comments,and I am wonderig how disappointed your english teacher would be if he/she ever reads your writing. Honestly, most of you folks cannot be taken seriously. Frankly, I am thinking what a bunch of hicks.

          • laura

            to debo, or what ever,
            You remember, it’s these hicks that pay your well fare bill every month, and if all you care about is grammar, this country doesn’t need you.

          • Jana

            Have you ever heard of an educated idiot? Go look in the mirror.

          • Claire

            Debo — I just read your post and I have to ask you a question. You stated that God detests holier than thou attitudes. Exactly what do you call your attitude? It appears to me that the manner in which you have posted your statements reflects a holier than thou attitude. And you have labeled everyone on this site a hick. I do not appreciate being called a hick and I do not consider the people on this site to be hicks. I think you owe the ladies an apology. They had every right to retaliate to your rude comments. There are civil ways to deal with disagreements. Shallow-minded? It appears you fit in this category. Or should I say narrow-minded? Take your pick–either way you can’t lose.

          • Suzanne R.


            You need a spelling lesson.

      • Susan Desgrousilliers

        Pat get your facts straight, Bush was NOT responsible for the banks failing, that was due in large part by Carter, and Clinton who pasted laws to force banks to make sub-prime loans, and allowed Fanny and Freddie to misuse funds which lead to the financial crisis. Bush tried to put more regulations in place to control Fanny and Freddie and stop the sub-prime lending, but Dodd, Frank, Kerry, and many other politicians including Obama who were taking large campaign donations from both.

        • laura

          Hey Susan,
          Good post, we need to start getting the truth out to these people, all they ever hear is left wing media and their garbage and they believe everyone of those smooth talking snakes. Left sided media are nothing but liars.

          GOD BLESS

          • Claire

            laura—Truth is what is needed. And I refer to the “real truth.”

          • Jana

            You are right in that the left sided media is very biased, and they have their leftist agenda that they are trying to shove down everyone’s throat. But, we still do have those in the Republican party that are not truly Republican Conservatives, they are Republican Progressives, who are out to sabotage the Conservatives. Just as there are those trying to infiltrate the Tea Party’s.

            We need to be aware of these people and vote them out. That is why they are called RINO’S Republicans In Name Only.

          • Jana

            And I love the way you sign off.
            Yes, God Bless, and

          • Debo

            Laura Darling.
            Since I can’t reply above I’ll just utilize this space. Let’s be civil in our discourse without being nasty. I am going to take the high ground, if it’s in your interest take the low road. You don’t know anything about me so please try not to demonize me. I worked at one company for 34 years. I took early retirement 6 years ago. I apologize for using the word ”hick”, it was an unfortunate choice of a word to describe anyone. It’s clear from your rantings that your politics are way out there on the right wing fringe, so it’s obvious we aren’t going to agree on anything. I am a progressive thinking individual, meaning I always think of helping my fellow human beings who are less fortunate than I am. What have you ever done to ease the misery of the least among you besides demonizing and calling them names. I noticed that you always end your rants with the exhortation of God Bless America and God has blessed America but it’s because of the good hearts of the majority of our citizens, and not likes of you. God says whatever one does for the least among us is pleasant in His sight. God detest holier than thou attitudes among us. This is serious but all right wingers I know are selfish. Are you a selfish person? Search your conscience that is where you’ll find your God. And remember be true to yourself. Laura, use your mind don’t be like sheep. I am so glad I happened on this site, I think I am going to enjoy these dialogues. One more thing and this is for Jana. Jana you seem to have a problem with folks who are educated. Why is that? Education is very good, it’s not everything but it comes very close. I never said I was educated, but in my family it’s a priority. Peace and blessings from the Creator.

          • Jana

            Hmmm in an earlier post you criticized American Citizen for poor grammar then you state and I quote, “You still hasn’t answered my question, what have you got against educated people?”
            Don’t point fingers my dear because you just made many major mistakes in your grammar throughout your whole diatribe.
            I have no problem with education, it just depends on who is wearing it. If you talk like an idiot, and walk like an idiot and you are educated, then you are an educated idiot. You seem to fit that bill. You have come on this site and presented yourself as superior to the rest of us, and have made some rather snotty remarks, showing that you have definitely taken the lowest of roads, then have the audacity to tell someone else to be civil in her discourse. You don’t know how to be civil. You lefties want to dish it out, but you certainly cry fowl when it is handed back to you.
            You state my credibility is at stake, ha, wrong. I stated facts something you are not familiar with and for your information DEBO I could care less about what you think. You are on here to start an argument, and I have not got the time nor the inclination to indulge your pettiness

        • Jana

          Wow, you exhort laura not to be nasty, and say you are going to take the high road. However, you got nasty and actually you took the low road. You know its funny, you all just can’t help but show what you really are.

          • laura

            YES JANO I BELIEVE debo got nasty first by calling ALL OF US a “bunch of hicks”
            and YOU SEE how these little lefties work they start the name calling and when we fight back they try to turn the tables on us saying we started it.
            Debo was offended by the well-fare statement and decided that was nasty but completely forgot about his or her nastyyyy-ness, typical left.

            THANK YOU


          • Debo

            I am so happy to meet you. It’s a real pleasure dialoging with a rightwinger. You still hasn’t answered my question, what have got against educated people? I didn’t take the low road with Laura. Taking the high road doesn’t mean not telling one what I think when I disagree with him/her views. I won’t presume how anyone makes a living whether it’s welfare or other means I don’t begrudge anyones way of life. That just smacks of superiority. Plus, welfare to the poor pales in comparison to the welfare given to the very rich and the powerful corporations, but I never hear the rightwingers complain. In fact, they all applaud when G.E.,Exxon, etc pay no taxes. As soon as the little man gets a break rightwingers jump on their soapbox and scream righteous indignation. Righties can’t have it both ways you are either against welfare for all or not. Your credibility is at stake. Jana, also from your response to my comments regarding slaveholders Jefferson and Washington, I get the impression that your’e an appologist for the slave holding class. It doesn’t matter how well your’e treated your’e still a slave, It was against the law of nature, those people would rather have been freed. I get really upset when someone like Teresa is going to tell me that slavery existed since ancient time. Because it existed from ancient times it was ok to condone the practice,slavery in the new world was after the Enlightment,people was supposed to have progressed for Christsake. The founding fathers should have abolished the institution at the founding of the republic instead of giving into the southern dixiecrat planter class. I know this is going get a lot of negative comments, but answer this question first, was the civil war justified? If your answer is yes please explain. And after all this I still have no respect for those two, especially Jefferson.
            Peace Out.

          • laura

            It’s quite clear to me that debo is still trying to point the proverbial finger.Never admitting and always accusing.

            good night and GOD BLESS

          • Jana


            This posted above but I thought I had better repost here because I am not sure that with all of your education you would be able to find it if it were not in the correct spot.

            Hmmm in an earlier post you criticized American Citizen for poor grammar then you state and I quote, “You still hasn’t answered my question, what have you got against educated people?”
            Don’t point fingers my dear because you just made many major mistakes in your grammar throughout your whole diatribe.
            I have no problem with education, it just depends on who is wearing it. If you talk like an idiot, and walk like an idiot and you are educated, then you are an educated idiot. You seem to fit that bill. You have come on this site and presented yourself as superior to the rest of us, and have made some rather snotty remarks, showing that you have definitely taken the lowest of roads, then have the audacity to tell someone else to be civil in her discourse. You don’t know how to be civil. You lefties want to dish it out, but you certainly cry fowl when it is handed back to you.
            You state my credibility is at stake, ha, wrong. I stated facts something you are not familiar with and for your information DEBO I could care less about what you think. You are on here to start an argument, and I have not got the time nor the inclination to indulge your pettiness

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Yeah right, you wanker. This Iraq thing was Bush’s war for oil in you and other left wing liberals heads, wasnt it. Question is, geez, I didnt see him going in there and taking any oil at all, now did he? So where are your cries now, you lying sniveling little piggie? You have an agenda to chop, because the guy ran on a platform and said he was going to do A, B, and C, and he came in and did A, B, and C., and you liberals cant stand it when someone actually does what they say they are going to do. You cannot stand the truth, and it infuriates you for a reason I do not know. But I do know the truth pisses you off, and that is why you and your left wing liberal pacifist appeasing ilk do not like him.

        • Anthony

          Hate to rain on the parade here – but the pipeline to the Indian Ocean hasn’t been completed yet.

  • sam shrenker

    i agree with your list but would like to add one more criminal to the list.. and that is james earl carter, the reason for that is him giving away the panama canal, the most strategic waterway on the planet, which i would like to point out was ours in perpetuity (forever).

    • Joel Kruskie

      Thwe chinese own it Sam.

      • FOY VAUGHN


      • Craig

        They do now, thanks to Jimmah Carter.

        • Anthony

          The Chinese have a Central Bank. So, as far as the Trilateral Commission is concerned, they still have access to the Panama Canal any time they want.

  • Nancy

    George W. Bush, hands down. Samurai, unfortunately he stood up to the WRONG “enemies” and cost us a trillion dollars and thousands of lives for a war that was a LIE. He also ruined our reputation in the world in doing so. Obama has been in office for one year and criticism of him is way overblown. The hysteria is unbelievable. Let’s TRY to be objective and rational here.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      In time, History will show George W. Bush as one of the greatest Presidents ever. He freed a nation of people. He had the stock market at an all time high. He had employement at an all time high. He had unemployment at an all time low. He made our enemies think twice about sneak bombing us like they did under Clinton. Or you can let your left wing liberal hatred of him doing exactly what he said he was going to do when he was running for office, skew your memory. But the truth is, he excelled, and did good things. If you cant accept that, then you have an agenda and no one can help you, because you dont want to know the truth.

      • BigBadJohn

        Berberoni, GWB spent more and increased the national debt as much as all previous president combined.
        He lied us into an unnecessary was and let Osama simply walk away from Tora Bora.
        He flew 12 Billion in cash into the waiting hands of his private army.
        He destroyed worker rights.
        unemployment – here’s the numbers, notice year 2000

        Hands down GW Bush worse president ever.

        • Shirley Robinson

          I don’t think GWB was the worst. He stood up for what he believed. Spending did go up and this was bad, however, our current President has trippled what GWB spend in just the short time he’s been in office. We as citizens need to take a serious look at our national budget and start making some cuts. This may be painful but as a retired person, I’m willing.

          • Greg

            Wow Shirley, GWB ‘stood up for what he believed’. Profound. So did Hitler, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson, etc., etc… Now I’m much clearer on how that moron GWB was voted (kind of) into office twice.

          • Dave

            I think you might need to check your facts about the deficit you think Obama has accrued. GWB did damage to this country that can never be fixed. If you think standing up for what you believe in is admirable then you should admire Obama. He beleived in health insurance reform and he got it done early in his administration even with overcoming right wing craziness.

          • emy . tokyo.

            i think you understands more then the way you think.
            read your history.

          • who cares

            You must be connected to him, or sleeped

        • 2ndrecon

          Get your facts straight. Clinton was offered Bin Laden three times and he refused . Clinton also gave N. Korea the technology to become a nuclear nation and a threat to the world.

          • Tom

            Bin Laden = CIA asset from the days of the Afghan war with the Soviets all the way up to 911. That information comes from FBI Translator and whistleblower Sibel Edmonds in sworn testimony.

            So why would Clinton want Bin Laden?

            You’ve got to understand, the agency’s within the federal gov, many times work independently, and don’t often know what other agency’s know.

            Al Queada is window dressing for US Black Opts. Doubt this?

            Google FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds

            911 is important this year. Disgust with both parties is at an all time high, and third parties have never been more popular. More Americans are Independents now than at any other time. More and more Americans are refusing to stand with either party. For once Americans stand a slight chance of reforming the US government. Those responsible for 911 are still free. Until there is an honest investigation, there is a chance it could happen again.

          • talk radio listener

            I agree Bin Laden was a CIA asset, that he was not apprehended when they came upon him, they could have easily killed him….but were told not to touch him by Clinton. They obviously had great plans for him….another patsy, like Oswald. The CIA probably has him hidden right in America…where no one would think of looking for him. It’s easier to have everyone think he’s hiding in a cave with his kidney dialysis machine, making videos to scare the Americans.

            Come on, Bush and his cronies took a while to plan their forever war in the middle east to enable the U.S. to occupy and take the oil. Such GREED! We have to start minding our own business and stay home and look after our own country, and stop sending our precious boys over there, and yet giving them vaccines that you wouldn’t give to your pet, causing them to become so very sick. Check out Vaccine A. We not only send the boys over, we use them as guinea pigs for BIG PHARMA, the soldiers are not allowed to forbid the vaccines….for shame America how you treat those brave boys!!!!! PLEASE SOMEONE LET SANITY TAKE OVER…..SOON!!! BRING THE TROOPS HOME!!!!

        • Pat


        • Linda

          It seems you see things differently from how it actually was! It was NOT Bush who let osama get away, it was CLINTON! He has SIX chances to get osama and just let him walk away! SO, the real cause for 9-11? It was clinton, 110%! He was too busy with an intern to tend to the safety of this Country! It was also clinton who ALLOWED the chinese to steal top secret information to keep them funding him! There have been so many bad presidents, the list is hard to list just five. But FDR would be top on my list, along with Carter, Clinton, LBJ(who they say was so crooked, they had to screw in into the ground when they buried him!),Hoover and bho.

          • Tom

            No, I’m sorry Clinton was NOT the cause of 911. There were terrorist acts committed against the US before 911.

            1. First bombing of the WTC
            2. Oklahoma City
            3. Centenial park bombing
            4. Flight 800

            These acts of terrorism were committed by rouge elements within our own government. McVeigh’s truck bomb of fuel oil and fertilizer demolitions experts have stated, was not powerful enough to inflict the kind of damage the Federal building sustained. Immediately we were told of 2 middle eastern men, John Doe 1 and John Doe 2. Problem is, McVeigh got himself caught…
            McVeigh’s bomb was for show, it was to cover the fact the Murrey Federal building was wired with demolition charges. There were 2, thats TWO spikes on the seismic chart indicating TWO large explosions, and a third smaller spike showing the collapsing rubble.

            What Clinton did do, was hide the fact Flight 800 was shot down with most likely shoulder fired missiles. Terrorism has no effect if no one’s terrified.
            Clinton couldn’t expose the fact these acts were carried out by black opts, and to play along as if it were middle eastern terrorists, would have made it more successful.

            I think Clinton did the only thing he could have done.

          • Anthony

            Actually – Clinton was very much involved with the makings of 911 – go look up Able Danger. It’s been proven and shown on the History Channel expose’, that the Saudi terrorists were here in this Country in 1998 (who was Prez?) and Clinton ordered Jamie Gorlic to limit information between the FBI and other groups in our Government – true story. Able Danger brought this evidence to the Government and specifically the President… who then shut it all down and allowed them free access as needed. Also check out the money trail for these guys, which Clinton also tried to hide.

        • Paul

          Bush is tough to beat when it comes to the worst of the worse.

          What were his good points?

          • LEONARD

            Do you believe in Socialism ? You must because the worsr of the worst is Socialist, Muslim BHO .

        • blv54

          Bush also gave us the patriot act in which we all now have an opportunity to just disappear and the ability to have a new title of domestic terrorist should we not agree with government.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          It was Bill Clinton who was offered up Osama Bin Laden 3 times, and didnt take him, just in case your interested in the truth at all. And Bush didnt lie about no war. Every stinking democrat had the same inteligence notes he had, and every stinking one of them said the dude had weapons of mass destruction and had to be stopped. I watched them on TV and listened to them with my own eyes and ears. Bill and Hillary, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Howard Dean, all of them. So no, he didnt lie. And its good he took this dude out, or we would have had another Hitler, except this one would have been controlling the worlds oil had we not gotten involved when we did. So you sir, are a lying biased left wing liberal liar. Now go hit your crack pipe that the government bought you again.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Oh yeah, while Im thinking of it. Why was the intelligence bad? Do you think maybe because Bill Clinton cut in almost in half during his administration? Gee, could it be? Do you think? Yeah, Im thinking exactly.

      • J.D.

        I beg to differ, he freed the oil fields over there for his oil buddies to control. Or in other words,”Help get them back on their feet.” He is one of the reasons our gas prices are high.

        • iowaheretic

          The gas and oil prices started going up overnight when Clinton was president, and just kept going from there with Bush. The “Patriot Act” was written(actually it was written by Adolph Hitler in 1933)and introduced when Clinton was president,Bush signed it after 9/11. The cigarette taxes tripled when Clinton was president(where is all that tax money going?)Hillary’s administration,opps,I mean “Bill’s” administration started “politically correct speech” with programs like “Words are like Bullets”, keeping people afraid to speak out on issues or what government is doing for fear of being ridiculed. They also started the “It Takes a Village” ideaoligy of people spying on each others private lives, which lets the government get away with anything(and they have),because people are too worried about who’s having too much sex.(It worked with the Monica Lewinsky sideshow,didn’t it?) I think Clinton’s administration raised more taxes on certain things to try to control peoples lives as they see fit, and did more to take away personal freedoms and start programs(whether legit or not)to tell people how thier SUPPOSED to live thier OWN life, than any presidency in the history of time. It just kept escalating from there. Didn’t Bill and Hillary both go to college in Russia?

      • Peter

        Beberoni, you are a blind fool! The shrub only had high stock market prices because he allowed his criminal buddies on Wall St to rule his policies and let them do whatever they wanted, so that the bubble burst well and truly just after he left office. If he had an ounce of common sense or courage, he would have stood up to Wall St. But no, he let them rule him completely because they paid for his campaigns. Total idiot and scumbag. Absolutely the worst ever. And I’m NOT a democrat!

        • Sully

          Try to remember history… The stock market bubble burst in 2000 just after Clinton left office and allowing Fannie and Freddie to run the home loans and banks into the ground. The real crooks are Barnie Frank and Charles Rangle.

          • Pat

            try to remember history.The stock market crashad after sept 11,2001.

          • Jeff

            Dont forget Obama, the Pied Piper. He was the lawyer for Acorn who sued Fraddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Chase Bank and others during Clinton era to force them to provide subprime mortgages to people with no income, job, or money. The Banks didn’t want to do it, but Obama and Acorn made them do it through the courts. Frank and others were involved, and are at fault too, but Obama spearheaded it. Now he won’t admit that, even though there are multiple news videos online with him talking about his support of subprime morgages in the 1990′s. All he can say now is that subprime mortgages were a good idea in principle.
            He is quickly climbing the list of bad presidents.

          • Paul

            Look at the charts from 2000. The stock market started is decline first quarter of 2000. It continued to decline all year until it officially crashed.

            That had nothing to do with Clinton or Bush. All bubbles eventually burst.

            Then it kinda crashed again after 911.

          • Anthony

            Paul -
            It’s already been proven that Bill Clinton falsified his GNP numbers starting in 1998, until he left Office. The Recession started under his watch in the middle of his 2nd term, just as they were getting rid of Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America. You need to go back to school.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          You are wrong, and you know it. That isnt how it was, but if it makes you feel good to lie to yourself, to feed your hatred, have at it man, but in the words of STYX, “Your fooling yourself”.

      • William Nealey

        you can’t tell these IDIOTS anything. they beleive every thing the democrats spew forth. they probaly stay glued to msnbc . abc and cbs,

        • Pat

          Its better than watching the lies on fox.glen beck, please.

          • Texas Pat

            REALLY?? At least on Fox News and Glenn Beck, they show proof through videos of the actual statements being covered. I’ve yet to see a liberal listen to anything that states truth. They just go along blindly listening and taking as fact what they are told by the liberal mainstream media and their leaders. Try to research facts and think for yourselves for a change.

          • Paul

            I’m going to guess that you don’t actually ever watch Fox News or Glenn Beck. Certainly you never watch the news or any show and actually do a fact check. If you do “fact check” you probably use a source such as the Huffington post which is in and of itself biased and thus fallacious. I suggest you begin doing research before espousing your bias without proper justification.

          • blv54

            I’ve gotten some very good history lessons from watching Glenn Beck, at least he has more to say than ohh I get a thrill up my leg.

      • TGS

        Beberoni, if the truth ever comes out, I believe that George W. Bush will be shown to be the most corrupt person ever to occupy the Oval Office. He completely disregarded the Constitution, referring to it as a “G-dd-mn piece of paper”. He bankrupted our country and destroyed our national reputation. According to Karl Rove, the Iraq war was about ending Saddam’s control of the oil flow. (I have this saved on my DVR.) He committed war crimes and the vast majority of his comments were out right lies. I don’t know how skewed history will be, but if the record of the Bush administration is honestly portrayed then George W. Bush will be remember as the man who brought our nation to the verge of collapse.

        • Paul

          Amen Brother!

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Yeah right. And Bill Clinton is a virgin.

        • Anthony

          I really wouldn’t go about handing credit to Karl Rove for much of anything. Seriously. He’s just another puppet professing the Left/Right Paradigm is actually real.

      • Robert W. Brown

        There were 35 resolutions to have President Bush impeached. Everyone that made an attempt to impeach President Bush were blocked. All resolutions were were read aloud on the floor of the House of Representatives and was broadcast live on C-Span.

    • Tom

      Nancy, your sick. Study all your facts before making such an uninformed (stupid) statement. Drink more coolade or smoke more of whatever it is your smoking and don’t just repeat talking points. You just do not have your facts strait. All you do is repeat what someone else has said and take it for truth. Do your research!

    • Larry D. Crumbley

      Hi NANCY,
      You sound like you might be Nancy Pelosi the way you write your comment. This man that sits in the Oval Office is the worst of the worst. What you do not know about him might get you hurt some day. He is the “WORST of the WORST” so far. At least under the last administration I felt safe at night. Under this one I never know when I might be accused of something that I did not do under the law, or anything else. Just for being a conservative, and caring about my country. Go figure.


      • randy r heineman

        amen to you larry if these people dont start checking facts on obama and vote these democrates out in november i fear for our childrens future and their libertys as we have known them use more than one source to do your research.

      • wordmaster

        I totally agree on the Woodrow Wilson as the worst and FDR as second worst. Once you take a close look at the regimes of these two anti-American presidents, they almost make Obama look good.

        • http://DNA Buddy

          Yes, in a line-up of conmen who have proven that democracy doesn’t work in leader picking, Wilson is really the one who caused most suffering to the most citizens. Not only did his inflated ego cause problems during his term, but by putting the strength of the US military to implement the crushing of the central powers in WWI, allowed the victors in WWI to set the stage for Hitler’s rise and thus WWII.
          I doubt that Franklin Roosevelt was the 2nd worse. Lyndon Johnson caused many problems with his pursuit of the Vietnam war but also disbanded the Social Security trust fund. Also, I have no reason to believe that he was not involved in JFK’s murder.
          In any event, the USA government has been lead by a lot of charlatans. Seems that the government has only survived because most of us were more interested in keeping food on the table and a roof over our heads than dabbling in power politics. It is just a damn shame that the USA government has typically been taken over by smooth talking ego manics. But evidently it’s a human failing to look for the proverbial “man on the white horse” to lead us all to nirvana.

          • William Nealey

            Buddy you are soooo right, think about it. lyndon had the only man who could administer the oath of office to the president right there to administer the oath as soon as John Kennedy was dead. need I say more? I was in the Air Force at the time stationed at Eglin Air Force Base Fla.

        • Joel Kruskie

          You smokin something word?

      • Pat

        Paranoi will destroy ya

      • blv54

        please be nice to the liberals you guys, remember God put them here for us to enjoy, I feel sorry for them they threw a coffee party and nobody came, they lost their radio show air america they even tried tea party express across the country and that didn’t go to well either, compassion should be are goal.

    • Donald

      “Let’s TRY to be objective and rational here.”

      If this is what you really want, than we have to look at how your use of the word, Lie. A Lie by how it is defined is: a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive, an intentional untruth. If a person believes something to be true, even if it is not, and states it as fact he may be wrong, but he is not lying. When G.W. Bush said there were WMDs he believed it, along with 90% of congress. There fore he did not lie. He may have been wrong but he did not lie. When Bill Clinton said, “I did not have sex with that woman.’ he lied.

      So, now that you have been informed about what a lie is, if you keep repeating that G.W. Bush ‘lied’ you will be lying.

      • Jackie

        Actually Saddam Hussein said he had weapons of mass destruction, and proved it by using them against hundreds of Kurds in northern Iraq in the mid-1990′s. I’ve no idea why people “forget” this simple fact.

        • Deputy

          Also, at the end of the first Iraq War the Iraq military certified that they had appproximatly 8,000 liters of weapons grade anthrax. A litter is approximatly a quart with 4 quarts to a gallon that is approximatly 2000 gallons of the stuff. This would fit into approximatly 40 fifty five gallon drums. Do you think it is possible to conceal 40 fifty five gallon stainless steel drums in a counrtry the size of the state of California where 90 percent of the country is uninhabitited?

          • American Citizen

            They also found traces of anthrax, a deadly poison.

        • William Nealey

          Jackie the Bush haters and dems. very convenialy forget about anything they dont want to talk about,

          • American Citizen

            Since there’s not reply under mine just above, I meant to say sarin. It’s one of the deadliest poisons.

        • DR. D

          GREAT POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Greg

          Apparently Jackie, you are a bit unclear on the ownership principle. Let me explain it to you: You only own, or have something, as long as it’s in your possession, and has not consumed, e.g., I had milk yesterday, but used the remainder of it for my cereal today. Therefore, I no longer have milk. I’ve owned a lot of things, as I’m sure you have, but they are no longer in your possession. Get it?

          The CIA had informants, former weapons specialists (the brother of an Ohio physician from Iraq, to be specific) that attested to the fact that the chemical weapons producing capabilities had been obliterated during the bombing of the first Gulf war and were never re-started. In addition, just logically speaking, don’t you think if Saddam had them at the beginning of the second invasion he would have used them? Lastly, have they ever been found by the teams that scoured Iraq trying to save GWB from looking like an idiot (I know, a hopeless endeavour)? I think that’s a big ‘No’. But thank you for your just-this-side-of-useless contribution.

          • American Citizen

            Hussein knew we were coming. One of his own generals said they were shipped by truck over the border into Pakistan. We knew he had them because he used them. The big questions has always been, “What did he do with them?”.

          • Jana

            Apparently Greg is unclear about a lot of things.

        • Pat

          He got those weapons that he used against the kurds from the U.S.when they were fighting iran.he slaughtered the kurds because they rose up against him(gwb #1 was supposed to come in and help overthrow saddam but he left them hanging). Didn’t we also train and arm the taliban against the russians.Now we are teaching the iraqi’ long before they use what we teach them against us.When will we learn.If they are truly our enemies than we should destroy them and not rebuild them.Rebuilding them only helps companies like halliuburton,KBR and blackwater.

        • BigBadJohn

          Jackie it was 1988 – BEFORE gulf war 1.
          Scott Ritter weapons inspector number 1 said he was sure they had destroyed 100% of Saddam’s weapons making facilities and probably 95% of his stock pile. Saddam did not even know if had weapons and if he did where the were.

          • BigBadJohn

            Let’s not forget in 1988 Saddam was our Ally. Reagan and Bush were supplying those chemical weapons to Iraq.

          • Tom


            We sure were arming Iraq back then.

            We were arming and supporting Bin laden too in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets.

          • American Citizen

            Scott Ritter could not verify 100% that Sadaam did not have WMD because the inspectors were not allowed into certain places. Saadam knew exactly where the WMD was. Some of our soldiers said they found bunkers in southern Iraq where some of it had been stored. They also found trailers that had been used for labs. Sadaam was looking to go nuclear. They found tons of uranium and Sadaam, despite what Joe Wilson said, had been seeking yellow cake from Niger. There were training camps for terrorists there also.

          • Jana

            American Citizen,
            Yes, and just two years ago they sold a huge amount of that yellow cake to Canada.

        • Anthony

          Don’t forget that white semi wagon train on CIA video, heading into Syria, during the 4 weeks of UN discussions preventing Bush from going in there until after February 2003.

          Still – the whole IRAQ thing was a false flag operation – JMHO

      • William Nealey

        you got it right Donald,

      • Pat

        If gwb believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction than he was just plain stupid.Try to remember back to the first gulf war. Everytime we shot a barrage of missiles at iraq suddam answered by shooting a scud missile at isreal(most of them missed). If that kind of technology keeps you up at night you must be a pussy.Let your wife protect you

        • American Citizen

          Hey, Clinton believed Sadaam had WMD as did some other countries. President Bush had the same intelligence that Clinton passed on to him. There are still questions as to what happened to the WMD.

      • Greg

        Oh Donald, why didn’t you say that you had intimate knowledge of what GWB knew sooner. Are you sure you are not violating your security clearances by posting on this board, since, clearly, you were present at the intelligence briefings that GWB received and therefore are positive about exactly what GWB knew and didn’t know. You certainly could have cleared up this whole issue. Thank you for that valuable contribution.

    • http://personalliberty Glenn

      Obviously, you supported Obama, and can never be swayed from supporting him. He told us who he was during the campaign. He expressed disdain for the Constitution, said things like ‘ I don’t look like the guys on dollar bills’(race card, Nancy), and ‘People cling to their guns and bibles’.
      He was and is friends with his minister J Wright. Have you chosen to look at the sermons HE gave, Nancy? Probably you would just ignore them. How about his friendship with Wm Ayars? Maybe you haven’t heard he is an American-hating Marxist and terrorist.
      The only way you could support Obama is if you want Socialism. He has said repeatedly that he believes in redistribution. This is the ‘Retribution for past discrimination, others with chips on their shoulders have espoused.
      While the Presidents mentioned on the list deserve to be there, Obama will be the worst. The reason is that he came along, suddenly and out of nowhere, at the right time. Americans, dumbed down to our history, and taught in schools from primary to colleges, that we, and Capitalism, caused many of our problems.
      It was the perfect storm. A radical redistributionist who was black, supported by radical socialists within the Democratic party, and put in power by uninformed voters!
      He is the worst because he is in the White House at the most critical time in our history.

      • Jackie

        I hear you loud & clear, Glenn.

      • William Nealey

        Glenn you are sooo right. but the IDIOTS just dont smell the coffee,

      • Jay

        Obama is God’s punishment for our turning away from our Christian roots. Only God could have accomplished the feat of getting an unknown, unqaulified, person of questionable citizenship, elected to the highest office in the world. Romans 13:1b “For there is no power but of God: The powers that be are ordained of God”.We got what we deserved. I do not advocate violence however in these evil and violent times I will not be surprised when we experience another civil war. Our founding fathers were willing to sacrifice life, fortune, and honor for freedom and liberty, our freedoms are being taken away by this administration of progressives. Of course for liberals, they are the only ones that should have freedom, if you are conservative your rights should be eliminated, and they are.

        • talk radio listener


      • Texas Pat

        YOU NAILED IT!

      • Anthony

        Nancy -
        They just hasn’t read any of Obama’s Executive Orders

    • Bob

      Don’t forget that almost all democrats voted to go to war with Iraq. Also, don’t forget that Democrats controlled the Congress the last two years of Bush’s term. They could have blocked things, but they love spending so much, they knew the way to buy more votes was to give away more money so they were perfectly happy to spend more. Look what their president has done. Better learn to speak Chinese so you can converse with our new masters.

      • Pat

        most democrats voted to give gwb the authority to go to war.bush should have used that to put more pressure on iraq.Let me explain how it works.The president cannot go to war without permission from congress.everyone knows the whole time bush was tellingsaddam to comply with UN inspectors or we will kick your ass saddam knew he didn’t have the authority.after congress gave bush authority he should have used that authority to compel saddam to comply instead of rushing into war.Isn’t it ironic that the man really in charge of the war couldn’t evan go hunting without shooting his friend in the face.These are the people who help you sleep at night.Now thats scary

    • Sherron

      Well said Nancy. I agree with you

    • Flynn

      Then join us and be objective and rational. Saddam Hussein, the butcher of Baghdad, is no longer with us. Neither of his evil sons, the trained-to-be butchers of Baghdad of the future, are no longer with us. Iraq is a free country and well on the way to becoming a stable and productive one. Use your head and be objective and rational for a change. Those American lives who died that Iraq might be free did not die in vain.

    • Hiram B.

      Nancy, if Marxism is your idea of government, disregard for our Constitution and enslavement of the American people….Barack is your man.

      GWB was not an exemplar president, but his misdeeds do not hold a candle to the corruption in Barrack’s administration.



    • http://naver samurai

      Nancy must have been one of those brainwashed people that voted for Obama! I think you’ve drank enough kool aid and need to wake up and smell the coffee!

    • Susan Desgrousilliers

      Nancy, are you kidding me??? The Russians find Obama laughable, they don’t take him seriously, neither does any of the Arab countries, even the ones Obama bows to. He has thrown all of our allies under the bus, even the French President thinks he is naive and egotistical. The only leaders who seem to like him are Castro and Chavez. You apparently believe anything Obama says, including his blaming George Bush for everything from the banks failing to global warming. Wise up, start reading your history books.

    • laura



  • http://AOL.COM BOBR53


    • RK

      To BOBR53,
      You are as stupid as the Tea Party.
      The list of the worst president would read as follows.
      #1 George W Bush
      #2 George W Bush
      #3 George W Bush

      George W. Bush would go down in the history as the worst of the worst President. He was not elected. He stole the elections. Accordingly he was not a President but a fascist dictator. He did not care for the lives of American soldiers or any one elses life. He should be given one life sentence for every American soldiers life lost in Iraq. That means he should get 4500 life sentences.

      • Larry D. Crumbley

        Do everybody a favor that reads these articles GO AWAY!!!!!!


      • Tom

        Talking points. It is true if something is repeated enough people will believe it and your a great example. Enough said.

      • Jim Benat

        More proof that liberalism is a mental disorder!

      • Doc Sarvis

        I do agree with your assessment of GW Bush. I would add that he had good warning of 911 a couple of months prior to the event and he ignored it. The shame he put upon America with the way he tried to war with Iraq and the disgraceful torture that he allowed is unprecidented. I regret that President Obama has yet to completely stop all of those policies. There are many other awful aspects of the Bush presidency.
        I will admit that I do not have enough of a grasp of all of our history to assess many of our earlier presidents so my opinion lacks that factor. From the looks of a lot of the responses that may be the case with several others on this site.

        • Retired Marine

          You don’t know (or choose to not remember) your recent presidents history either. The World Trade Center was bombed twice during the Clinton Administration. He, however, refused the head of Bin Laden at least twice. Had he done his job, instead of getting bjobs in the oval office, we wouldn’t have had to suffer the third attack. He also ordered the mistaken bombing of a civilian city in Bosnia. Orchestrated the Somalian abortion that took the power from many warlords and gave it to one warlord.

          You Libs keep blaming Bush for 9/11 (just 6 months into his administration) and then let Obama to continue to blame Bush for everything bad that has happened in his, even after almost 1.5 years. Bush didn’t blame Clinton, even though he had every right too (I blame Clinton, and the rest of America should too.). He did, however, take up the challenge and did the best with what information he had. He had 100% support from ALL of Congress.

          But yet you trust someone who can’t and won’t accept any responsibility for his actions. Someone who continues to point fingers back at his predecessors, like a school kid.

          • Doc Sarvis

            Granted no president is going to make all the right decisions but, give me a leader who can think and put effort into understanding problems (Clinton, Obama, even Carter) anyday over one (Bush) who is waiting around to find out what to do from his subordinates (V.P. Cheney). And by the way, I am an Independent.

          • JC

            Ollie North warned Congress about Bin laden….Gore did his best to make Ollie a laughing stock for saying so.

          • Doc Sarvis

            Is that when Ollie and Ronnie R. were giving terrorists weapons?

        • http://naver samurai

          At least some of us have the guts and love of country to serve it. If you ever read the Patriot Act I and II, you’ll see that the activities described within are limited to certain individuals (terrorists, criminals, etc.) and not the average citizen. Bush was not to blame for 9/11, I would lay that on the Clinton administration for cutting funding to certain federal agencies. This made airport security, CIA, and other agencies, harder for them to do their job. Less money and less employees equals less security. Clinton had multiple chances to take out Bin Laden, but he chose not to do that. As my father told me, we have to take 100% accountibility for our actions.

        • God

          Wrong again Doc Sarvis.

      • Bob

        RK, you’re so stupid, you must need special training to breathe. You must be a real asset to the democratic party.

      • William Nealey

        rk. you are the STUPIDEST of the STUPID,

        • Greg

          Nice contributions William and Bob. Way to mix up your use of the word stupid. You can go back to your Skoal, NASCAR, and Budweiser now. And whatever you do, please don’t escalate to ‘my dad can beat up your dad.’

          • Stack

            Greg – Chairman Osama needs some assistance with his teleprompters. Please go back to your real job. My tax dollars ought not be funding your posts.

      • Flynn

        “RK”: Are you sure your middle initial is not “F”. I thought RFK died in LA while spouting garbage that the Mafia did not like. I agree! George W. Bush was a little on the dumb side, but he did love this country, and he was born here. On the other hand, Barack H. Obama is dumber than the dumbest, and he neither loves this country, nor was he born here. If you have the capacity, look at that “top secret” rated document in Mombasa, Kenya. If you have so much influence over the Obama administration, look at Obama’s sealed Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard records. These will prove it as well. Fat chance on you, or any member of the general public, being able to see these records, at least not during the lifetime of Barack H. Obama.

      • Pat

        RK you are dead on.See the 1994 interview with BIG DICK cheney on why it would have been a terrible idea to invade iraq.To bad he didn’t listen to his own advice.

        • Anthony

          Oh c’mon – that whole inteview was a complete setup / a total sham

          Wake up already

      • marvin

        RK WE HAD A MILLION DOLLAR MAN LEE MAJORS that played a movie role now we have a multi TRILLION dollar man that thinks we all need to learn spanish that tells the world how sorry the people of the united states are that said i won ,so set down and shut up, and if you disagree with me i will get in your face and less do away with are nuks or if we don,t we won,t use them our borders are closed so less give 20 million illegals amnesty [at a cost of 2.7 trillion dollars over 10 years], [from the heritage foundation] but my point being less rate the worsts presidents most don,t want facts only history will tell about OBAMA but it an,t looking to good for him right now if he holds true to what he has done so far

      • laura




      • Smilee

        RK says:
        April 16, 2010 at 6:15 am


        #4 RONALD REAGAN

      • God

        RK have you met Doc Sarvis?

    • BigBadJohn

      BobR – Please enlighten me, just what Treason and war crimes has Obama committed?
      Bush started wiretapping all American citizens without Court approval and suspended Habius Corpus thus taking away your personal liberties – I consider that treason!

      • Tom

        Yeah, thats….thats real serious.
        How can any freedom loving person ignore this?

        It was a total assault on our Bill of Rights. I have never seen any president assault our rights the way President Bush did. And the GOP stood by him.

        They told us they were only listening for terrorists. So why was Ted Kennedy, a senior Senator, {Never mind his politics, the man was a US Senator for crying out loud} why was Ted Kennedy put on a no fly list?

        The abuses started from day 1.

        I will never vote Republican again.

      • http://naver samurai

        If you READ the Patriot Act I and II, you’ll see that only ceratin individuals fall under those actions and not everyone! You need to study more before you start talking! How about Obama trying to destroy the Constitution every chance he gets? To me that is treason. His tenure in office has seen him go to destroy the 10th Amendment, our Freedom of Choice, try to get rid of our founding principles (Especially self reliance and personal responsibility), done backroom deals, have czars that can bypass Congress (Which is also unconstitutional), sent another 30,000 troops to Afghanistan and promised he wouldn’t send more troops overseas, won’t wear a flag pin, refuses to place his hand over his hear during the national anthem, practically got rid of the National Day of Prayer, etc., the list goes on and on. This president is a joke and not only have I served for 20 years, but I’m a proud member of the TEA PARTY. Let’s take back America and give it back to “WE THE PEOPLE”. Let’s get back to the ways of our CHRISTIAN FOUNDING FATHERS and not the ways of our spineless leaders in Washington, D.C.!

        • zack

          samurai, right on brother, very true

          • http://naver samurai

            Thanks Zack!

      • laura



      • steven artus

        Well, I finally reachaed the end of all the comments so now I will give everyone a good laugh at my expence, as I have done so many times before. But be advised, before you laugh, think. I have often said that I would like to be the POTUS, because I know haow to correct our problems, most of which have been created in the last year bu the USURPER-IN CHIEF, THE ONE, THE MESSIAH, AND ANY OTHER NAME YOU WISH TO CALL HIM. His socialist agenda is a little too much for a normal person to absorb, but for the 52,000,000 useful idiots who elected him JUST BECAUSE HE IS BLACK, HIS AGENDA IS RIGHT ON TRACK.

        WELL, LETS SEE WHO IS BETTER. As the POTUS, the very first thing on my to do list would be to minimumize government. That’s what our Founders not only wanted, but the envisioned, so I would go about making it MICROSCOPIC, and I don’t think I could do better than that.

        My next priority would be to lowerour unemployment rate. Well, how would I do that? For starters, I would get ALL ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIENS THE HELL OUT OF THE US OF A. More on that later. But I will say this ,I don’t care if we had 100,000,000 illegal criminal aliens in the US, I COULD REMOVE THEM IN 90 DAYS OR LESS, AND I GUARENTEE IT. Well, I know you are all laughing now, so go head and enjoy your selves, but it can be done, and I know how to do it.

        Next on my adgenda would be to raise our economy. Well, that’s not a problem. With all the illegals gone, there would be no one for big buisness to hire but Americans, so all I would have to do is make my point of view known to big buisness,”HIRE AMERICANS, PAY AMERICAN WAGES OR CLOSE YOUR DOORS , MOVE TO ANY COUNTRY YOU LIKE AND DO NOT SEND YOUR PRODUCTS TO AMERICA, CAUSE WE WONT BUY THEM OR USE THEM”.
        The only people who would be unemployed are those who are too old, too sick, too impared physically or mentally, and of course those too lazy to work.But those who are too lazy to work, will find themselves living in the streets and eating out of garbage cans, cause they will get no help from local, city or state, or federal agency’s. Then, watch our economy go up.

        Next up, our military. The two morons Gates and Mullins of course would be religated to the dust bin of history. They alonhg with their Messiah have done enough damage to our military to last a life time, so everything they either canceled or religated to the back burner, would be revitalized or returned to the front burners, and put back into production. A very wise man (actually, it was more than one, and it was some of our Foundres who said,) “TO HAVE PEACE, ONE MUST PREPARE FOR WAR”, AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE WOULD DO.

        Next up immigration. I would have a moritorium on immigration, for as long as necessary in order to re-work our out dated and obsolute immigration laws, and whittle them down to a small, readable, number of pages in language that any one could understand. I would target among others, latino’s, chinese, islamists, and any other nationality, that would do us harm, and order them removed from our society. The latino’s , because their government, especially Filepe Calderon and Vincent Fox before him encauraged their people to come to the US illegally, and even gave them physical assistance. The chinese, because many, many chinese are sent here as sleepers or active spies, as students or scientists to work in our nuclear laboritories, and steal secrets from us. And the Islamists, because they are here for one reason….jihad There are many sleeper cells in the US, and our government knows it but with a Muslim,Usurper in office, nothing will be done about it.

        Next up, getting the US off of petrolium from Islamofasciest countries that harbor or finance Islamoterrorists. How to do that, is easy. Start with history> Hitler did it during WWII, when his largest oil refinery and stotafe facility was destroyed by allied bombers, and South Africa has been following in Hitler’s footsteps since aparthide some 40 or 50 years ago. How? by converting coal into gasoline and deisel fuel. So Africa converts coalmonto 50,000 barrls, or 6.3,000,000 gallons of fuel EACH AND EVERY DAY SINCE THEY WERE BOYCOTTED FOR THEIR POLICY ON APARTHIDE, and have never bought petrolium from any country since the very begining of the boycot against them.

        Next, I would do away with the Board of Education, and turn that responsibility over to the states @ governors.That’s the way it has always been done until that stupid peanut farmer Jimmy Carter got involved with our education system and invented the Board of Education, which by rights should be called the Board of Stupidity, cause all it’s good for is to dumb down our children. They graduate from school,( any school,) and can’t even spell GRADUATE. I read about one such “HIGH SCHOOL GRAD”, who was filling out a job application, and had to give a reference which was “A.LADY”. when he was asked about “His Reference,” he replied,” she’s A LADY who lives down the street from me”.Tell me our schools don’t need help. When I was a student in P.S. #59 (public school) our teachers were dedicated to teaching us children. They were not like todays teachers who do not even know themselves the subjecte they teach the children, They do know how to put a cundom on a cucumber, but vertually nothing else. And why pray tell should a grade school or high school teacher need “TENURE”? I can understand a college or university professor, but a grade school or high school teacher? No way. Oh, by the way, did I happen to mention that I graduated and started high school when I was only 14 years old? And I was only an average student.

        There are a lot of other things I would do as the POTUS, but I think that is enough for one day. If any one would care to add a comment to what I have written please feel free to do so, I wecome your comments

    • Theateticus

      Rock on.

    • Jackie Barnes

      I agree with Bobr53 except that I didn’t agree fully with George W he should have vetoed 90% of the krap that came out of that Democratic
      (SOCIALISTIC) congress.


      • BigBadJohn

        Jackie, REPUBLICANS controlled the congress and senate from 1992- 2006. The first six years of GWB presidency he had a republican lock on government!

        • http://naver samurai

          Well, the democrats have had a lock in the congress and senate with “Osama” at the helm and look what they have done so far? Bush doesn’t compare to this crap going on these days. Read your history, the Patriot Act I and II, the Constitution, and them you’ll understand what people are trying to tell you.

    • Terri

      I could not agree with you more. OBAMA tops my list, he is a socialistic traitor to the American People. He and his wife both hate this country because that was the way there were raised. The person earlier listed only Republicans so we know they are True to the OBAMA Hipe. OBAMA and Carter in my book are the worst but, OBAMA is at the top….with him we all loose even the so called Democrats.
      Everyone vote November 2010 and get this guy out of office.

      1. OBAMA – socialist, maxist.We all loose our Freedom under this guy. In over his head.
      2. Carter – weak gave away the Panama Canal. Poor leader
      3. Rosevelt – weak ???
      4. Clinton – No morals. Just liked being in the public eye.
      5. Nixon – Got caught

      • Debo

        I think you might be watching too much Fox News. You and your ilk are not qualified to question the competency of the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. As one who has never coined an original thought, how did you arrive at the conclusion that he is in over his head? Last I looked you are not in jail, and still have the right to mouth this dribble with no repercussions. I am sure no secret police is knocking at your door. And those presidents are not the worst. How about that murdering maniac- The Cherokees of Georgia- Andrew Jacson, and that bumbling idiot Andrew Johnson, there you have two real sweethearts. If you put some logic in your reasoning I am sure you will arrive at a different conclusion. Stop demonizing the president he has only been there for fifteen months which isn’t enough time to determine whether one is great or not. Your diatribe is just silly.

        • http://naver samurai

          Debo, try reading my last two responses to Big Bad John then you will know what people are trying to say. Get a life!

    • GeorgeE

      The sitting Pres. is doing more damage to this country and violateing the US Constitution than any other that came before him. But,as the no mind followers of his Dumbness would say it is not his fault. He is only following orders given to him by the board of Goviners at the Fedreal Reserve. As is Ben Bernachicke. Who are these guys? Well, I and many others have been trying to find out for decades and even the Congress of the US can’t find out. For a real eye-opener look up and download or otherwise get a copy of the following: The Money Masters— The Fall of the Republic—-The New Atlantis. As you search out these Videos you will also find many more Videos that will answer many questions as to how we got to where we are today in America. Forget what you have been tought in school from Grammer to Collage. We all were fed the pre cooked info these Rullers wanted us the belive. Look for yourself, these videos tell it like it is and every thing is verifiable and backed by proven fact. Oh , I just remembered another to look up is ” Empire of the City” the RING OF POWER! Also lookup Jeckeyl Island-1910

    • ken d

      I was born under truman and have lived under many presidents. kennedy also sent us into an unwinable war. he took us to vietnam. he also scrwed up the bay of pigs. johnson killed more troops with his thinking than charlie ever thought of.carter was a fool and took us to the start of the downfall of our economy with gafta and bigist concern is our house congress and senate. they are now comprised of two armies. democrat and republican. all they do is jocky for power and the american public is a non concern of collateral damage. these so called representatives of the american people are just a communist as the with house is currently. to change the subject clinton looks good because he held the american interest with his so called girl friends while seceretly taking us int the wto wiich is the major cause of job loss in our nation. the way the house and ligislature works need to be changed completely and these so called honorable people be brought to account for their love of lobbyist money.

      • Anthony

        Stop right there – go back… do your homework on JFK. Many of his Papers are now open for public display, it having been the required 50 years. It is the contention of many on both sides of the aisle, that JFK had every intention of making sure our men were brought home before the ’64 elections. Seriously – go back and look.



      • zack

        JEAN GUINOT, Same to you. You are a Buffoon just like Obama!

        • laura



  • TIME

    #1, Wilson
    #2, A.Johnson
    #3, FDR
    #4, LBJ & Nixon , its a Tie at #4
    #5, BarryO

    • ken d

      i am not rellay a great fan of nixon but he did more for this nation than any of these so cale good presidents. he was caught doing what washington has been doing for years. he did stabilize the economy. he did end vietnam. he did improve relations with china. yes he was a crook but so are all of them. again we need to look at congressmen and senators they are the real threat and a clear and present danger to the american constitution. something needs to be done to reign them in and hold them accountable on a daily basis and not just on election day.

      • BigBadJohn

        Ken He did take us off of the gold standard and started the whole idea of inflating our way out of debt.

      • Anthony

        Pssst – Nixon took the dollar OFF the gold standard.

    • sideng

      Absolutely Wilson. This is the traitor that gave us the counterfeiting ring known as the Federal Reserve and the theft ring known as the IRS. ALL of the financial troubles and hardships we have today are directly linked to these two unconstitutional MARXIST private conglomerations. All wars, all debt, and nearly all reduction in our liberties can be attributed to these scoundrels.

      • http://GOGGLE vaksal


      • Anthony

        IRS ? Finally someone mentioned them.

        Go ask the IRS to show you where it is written: You must pay income tax.

        Ask them to simply show you the Bill. There isn’t one.

  • jcarrollbarnhill


    • RK

      You are as stupid as the Tea Party.
      The list of the worst president would read as follows.
      #1 George W Bush
      #2 George W Bush
      #3 George W Bush

      George W. Bush would go down in the history as the worst of the worst President. He was not elected. He stole the elections. Accordingly he was not a President but a fascist dictator. He did not care for the lives of American soldiers or any one elses life. He should be given one life sentence for every American soldiers life lost in Iraq. That means he should get 4500 life sentences.

      • Melinda

        George Bush entered a war on the advise of “experts” the world over who said there were weapons of mass destruction. If you are not to believe the experts, who do you believe. Bush & his wife have more class and honor in their collective little fingers than Obama and his wife. Bush did not steal the election(s). There are always winners and losers in life; get over it. Obama is an America hater and I am afraid we have someone in the White House who is poised to take this country places it never dreamed of going – read the documents of our founders – please. I am more and more discouraged every day. Don’t know how much more the middle class can afford to pay but we are sure going to find out! So far I would put the worst at – Carter, Obama, Johnson, Wilson and FDR.

        • BigBadJohn

          Melinda, the rest of the world did not join and follow Bush into Iraq because they knew his information was all trumped up lies. Even Colin Powell admitted that he knew the information he presented to the UN was not true. Bush selected his proof and ignored any opposing opinion. He went as far as firing anyone that did not embrace his rush to war.
          George Washington was a great general because he surrounded himself with advisers who had different opinions. George Bush fired anyone with a different opinion. Bush went as far as shopping for intelligence to support his war goals.

          Prime example – The aluminum tubes that Bush claimed “could only be used to enrich uranium”. He was told by DOD and NRC scientists that they were unsuitable for that application but they were the size of surface to surface missile that were not banned.
          Bush shopped for a scientist to say exactly what he wanted them to say.

          • Jana

            You are so right. We always have the Bush Bashers amongst us. These are the same ones who are for Obama and for turning our country into a Socialist country. So consider the source.
            We all know that Bush made his mistakes, but that is what they were, honest mistakes. Obama is out to CHANGE this country from a Republic to Socialistic. He is ignoring the Constitution, and he lies on purpose.

        • Debbie

          Also George W. Bush and Laura showed up in the hospital to see the soldier’s that had been injured at the Fort Hood Massacre meanwhile The O said not to call him a terrorist and took 2 hours to acknowledge it and then made did a cheerful shout out to a medal winner and chuckled before making the announcement. That was a huge slap in the face of those that lost loved ones on November 5th.

          • zack

            Debbie, you have got to remember we have got an idiot Muslim trying to lead us to slaughter. He does not even respect the United States. Does not even recognize the American Flag, and neither does his Vampire Wife.

        • Rowdy

          I was a viet vet but several good friend of mine had children that were the ones that blew up the WMD in Iraq. We were not disclosed that information but they were there and they were destroyed. the scudd missles that were blown up over our troops carried nerve gas and cause many of the troops health problems to this day. YOU can’t speak of what you don’t know.

          • Jana

            Rowdy, You are right. But they were told NOT to talk about it. I don’t know why, but that’s what they were told and that’s exactly what they have done. My husband was there too.

          • Paul

            Think about it….does that make any sense?
            Bush took HUGE criticism for NOT finding WMD in Iraq. What purpose would be served in keeping the discovery of WMD secret???

            Its nonsense. No WMDs were found.

            And Gulf War syndrome….How about the use of untested vaccinations on the troops?

          • zack

            Rowdy and Jana you are both right: I saw them stockpiled. I was there to as a seal.

          • Jana

            You are right, it didn’t make sense. But sorry you are wrong on this one.

        • JC

          Did those experts tell George where the weapons came from?
          And weren’t they all surprised that they had disappeared…

      • Hosquatch

        RK, how can you explain the fact that the Democrats in Congress demanded a vote on the Iraq war so they could put their SUPPORT of the war on record? Their “disapproval” did not begin until MUCH later.

        Also, you need to study the real history of the Bush victory in Florida. Bush won the original count and every recount…so how did he “steal” the election? If you want to study a truly stolen election, study the case of Al Franken, in Minnesota. His opponent won the original count, so they kept recounting and “finding” new votes until they put Franken over the top. A true ACORN victory.

        • MNLady

          I totally agree with you!

        • smd

          Don’t forget the 1960 election Joe Kennedy bought for his son with all those dead peoples’ votes delivered by the Daley machine in Chicago & the Democrat thugs in Boston! Sounding familiar as of late?

          • Anthony

            I have a larger suspicion that a younger Nixon would have been far worse. It just landed in his lap that he was the Pres that signed the Paris Peace Accords and started bringing our boys home. Luck of the draw. Had he been president in 1960, Fidel Castro might have died very quickly. That perpwork is also now privy to public view. I believe it’s called: Northwoods ? (something like that-McNamara was the bad guy in there at the time / Gulf of Tonkin is now seen as a false flag operation)

        • marvin

          you are right a bout the comedian franken he could not make it telling lie,s on the radio so his handlers acorn and the liberals kept lying and cheaten tell he won goes to show you tell a lie enuf times some people will think it is fact

      • Larry D. Crumbley



      • Sharon

        You are right!!!1 Only you left off the last two.
        It should read:
        #1 George W.

        #2 George W.

        #3 George W.

        #4 George W.

        #5 George W.

        • http://verizon kbab777

          Sharon it should read: #1 Odamaz #2(Odamaz #3 Odamaz #4 Odamaz #5 Odamaz

        • angel-wanna-be


      • Flynn

        Mr. RK (with the hidden F):

        You are the stupid one for calling the Tea Parties stupid. The USA would not exist today if it was not for the action of that first tea party in Boston Harbor; and you would be bowing to that great Queen of England without the freedom to spread your craziness over this blog.

        • Jana

          Exactly!! By the way RK, what is wrong with Americans using their rights to freedom of assembly and free speech? Or is it that you don’t like what they are saying? You just want free speech for yourself, but not for others. Shame on you.

        • Smilee



          • Dylan

            Spoken like the true socialist/communist that you are smilee. You wouldn’t try and bash the TEA Party if you weren’t so AFRAID of them, and you wouldn’t be afraid of them if you’d get your nose out of Obummers butt long enough to start thinking for yourself. The question is, “are you going to remain ignorant all your life, and continue to let other people tell you what to think”?



        • http://naver samurai

          At least he graduated from college, did you? Hell no! Weel, as the saying goes: “We had Reagan, Bob Hope, and Johnny Cash. Now we have “Osama” Obama, no hope, and no cash.” Let’s bring back the spirit of America! Hurray for the TEA PARTY!

          • zack

            samurai, you are the man, I got your back. As a Seal I’ll take 4-5 at a time, anytime, any place. You go man. I am supposed to be home in June, If odumba$$ don’t nuke us all.

      • http://naver samurai

        RK, you must not really know how to answer this column. You’ve said this stupid drivle before, so I refer you to what I said to you before. Don’t forget, those 4500 dead soldiers are not dead people, they are heroes that died fighting for this country and our way of life. If you are too stupid to understand that, then you are not a good American. As I also said before, I received a SILVER STAR< BRONZE STAR< and 2 PURPLE HEARTS for serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. If the next president, not this fool, came to me and asked me to go back there, I'd ask him "OK, when do we leave sir?" Since you didn't have the BALLS to serve, you could never understand what is going on over there.

        • daughterofthenewamericanrevolution

          Thank you for serving for my rights and way of life. I am honored by your words. I have had 2 sons in Iraq who made it back, one nephew who is in Afghanistan (AGAIN) and my husband’s family has all served without question.

      • laura



      • Smilee

        RK says:
        April 16, 2010 at 6:18 am

        You are as stupid as the Tea Party.
        The list of the worst president would read as follows.
        #1 George W Bush
        #2 George W Bush
        #3 George W Bush

        George W. Bush would go down in the history as the worst of the worst President. He was not elected. He stole the elections. Accordingly he was not a President but a fascist dictator. He did not care for the lives of American soldiers or any one elses life. He should be given one life sentence for every American soldiers life lost in Iraq. That means he should get 4500 life sentences.



        #4 REAGAN
        #5 NIXON

        • http://naver samurai

          Smilee, you really need to get a life! Believe me, I was better off under Bush than “Osama”!

      • http://naver samurai

        Here we go again with this !@#$%^ person called RK (Really knucklehead). Please post some factual sources with your tirades. For your information, they are not 4500 dead, but 4500 heroes of America.

    • BigBadJohn

      If Obama is a Muslim, what was all that nonsense about reverend White?

      • Hosquatch

        “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright was/is a Muslim and still is a fan of Louis Farrakhan. In fact, Wright and Farrakhan traveled together to visit Libya’s Moammar Khadafy. Wright’s church is NOT a Christian church; it is a Black Liberation Theology group, born out of the South American Marxist movement.

        • Paul

          I couldn’t care less if he is a Muslim.

          We do have freedom of religion here in America. We haven’t lost that yet have we?

          And no, I am not a Muslim.

      • zack

        LittleSissyJohn, don’t tell me you haven’t seen the pictures of obama pulling off his shoes in January, and got down on his knees like he was bobbing for apples. Could have been cold nosing to for all I know. If you haven’t seen the pictures then you are a bigger idiot than obama.

    • Doc Sarvis

      What makes you think President Obama is a Muslim?

      • Lance Patterson

        He quotes the Koran, honors Muslim leaders, but he has Christian religious symbols covered up when he makes a speech at Georgetown University, and won’t participate in a Christian day of prayer that has long been an American tradition. Sounds like a Muslim.

        • Joel Kruskie

          He don’t know the words to the Pledge of Allegence, shows he does not respect the National Anthem.

        • Flynn

          He sounds like a Muslim; he walks like a Muslim; he bows like a Muslim; he talks like a Muslim; then he must be a Muslim. If he is not a card carrying Muslim, his earliest religious education was in the Muslim faith at the feet of his adopted father as well as the Madrasa schools of Indonesia. Unfortunately, the guy is better grounded in the Muslim faith than many Americans are gounded in the Christian faith. especially those of us who attended the public schools.

          • Smilee


        • Gul B.

          Once a person is born a Muslim, and goes to madrassa he is made a devout Muslim. If he even attempts a conversion the Muslim Powers (aka Imams) pronounce a Fatwa upon him; because conversion according to Islam is heresy.

        • blv54

          Obama also said if things in this country should take an ugly turn he would side with the muslims, so how can anyone not think he’s a muslim.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Lance & Joel,
        Even IF what you wrote is true it does not prove he is a Muslim. I’m not even sure why this is an issue in a land of freedom of religion. He quotes from a lot of sources including the Bible. He honors a lot of different types of people. If he had religious symbols covered up at G’town U. it was probably because he did not want his words coming from a religious standpoint but from a statesman standpoint. And he prays everyday. He was probably taught, as I was, that prayer is a personal matter not a public show. He does know the words to the Pledge of Allegience and, though I do not know anything about his singing voice, I have no doubt he respects the words in the National Anthem. Please think a bit before you repeat rumors others have told you.

        • Flynn

          Mr. Doc:

          If you don’t know why it is an issue, I suggest that you drive up to New York City and travel down to lower Manhattan and gaze up at the empty sky where the World Trade Center twin towers once stood. All the evil guys who knocked down these towers were Muslim. This makes it an issue, and it will be forever an issue until all these guys and their cohorts are brought to justice. It is especially an issue when the current occupant of the White House is even suspected of being one of them, and, with certainty, we know that he received training in this faith in his earliest years.

          • http://yahoo Luluche

            Thanks Flynn…. you are right.
            Also, it is important because whether you like it or not ,our country was founded on Christian Biblical principals. If you are Muslim, you must 1. convert others, 2. if you cannot convert, make them your slaves, 3. or kill them.
            We welcome other faiths, what we dont welcome is a hostile take over of our christian foundations.

          • Doc Sarvis

            911 was an act of terrorists NOT a religon. Every religon has its terrorists who try to ursurp the religon for a radical (non religous) cause.

          • Jana

            You are right. Another point is that it is stated in the Qur’an that anyone not believing in Islam is an infidel. Doc Sarvis according to them, you are an infidel if you don’t believe in Islam and follow the Qur’an. It also states in the Qur’an that it is alright to lie to an infidel, and even to kill an infidel.

            So what is the problem? Obama is bowing down to Islam and inviting them to take us over, that is what the problem is.

          • Doc Sarvis

            I don’t know chapter and verse of the Muslim Bible but there’s some pretty screwed up things in the Christian Bible as well.

          • Paul

            jana, you actually think Obama is Inviting Muslims to take up over?
            LOL! Ha Ha Ha!!!

            The delusions people believe in….

            One day…they will cite stupidity like this, and claim Americans are not sophisticated enough to be trusted with voting.

            You need to get real, and start looking at things honestly.
            You can be left or right, just try not to engage in self delusion.

            I thought Obama’s stimulous plan was bad. I don’t like him for that. I don’t like the fact he rammed through healthcare “reform” when the country clearly didn’t want it.

            But I am not going to sit here and make up fantasys.

            The delusions people believe never cease to amaze me….LOL!!

          • Jana

            Paul, That’s all right you go ahead and laugh yourself silly if you want.
            Romans 1:22

        • blv54

          the things stated on this blog are things I heard straight from the horses mouth, your obummer has no problems letting us know who he is so please spare us your pro obummer blather, ask him about are 57 states the guy has no idea about this country, and I also notice even the liberals aka communist can’t find much to defend him on and it goes on and on, just wait till all these taxes he’s pushing through hit, health care cap and trade where are electric bill will neccesarly sky rocket, the vat tax and whatever else they dream up, then you’ll have time to comtemplate your hero as you sit in your tent door trying to figure out how you got there.

        • God

          Ya know Doc, I’m not going to let you through the pearly gates.

      • http://verizon kbab777

        Doc, We know he is a muslim because he is siding with them and giving them all the rights over american christians.

        • Doc Sarvis

          What rights do Muslums have over American citizens?

          • http://verizon kbab777

            Doc, they can pray on the whitehouse lawn, we cant.

          • Doc Sarvis

            What are you referring to? A lot of different heads of state have prayed at or in the White House. Regular citizens of various religons have prayed there too. I can pray anytime I want and so can you.

          • Doc Sarvis

            kbab777, if I ever find myself on the White House lawn I will say a prayer for you.

      • http://WindowsInternetExplorer ERichardson

        Nancy Pelosi provided 2 documents for Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama’s Eligibility 1. Indonesia School record Name: Barry Soetoro Age: 5 Citizenship: Indonesia Religion:Muslim Signed: Stepfather Lolo Soetoro 1965 Jakarta, Indonesia. 1963 Lolo Soetoro & Stanly Ann Durham Soetoro marriage 1963 Hawaii (Barack age 3) 1964 Indonesia (No Dual Citizenship) Mother Soetoro Indonesia naturalized herself & Barack. Now Barack hold Indonesia Citizenship, stepfather Lolo Soetoro Legally adopts Barack & Legally Changed his name to Barry Soetoro of which are on all Barry Soetoro’s School Reg & Records. Pelosi handpicked a Foreigner with Dual Citizenship British at Birth in Mombosa, Kenya, 1961 to 1964 Indonesia naturalized by mother, adoption/name Change made Barack an AKA since 1964 Name Change by Adoption! Get informed! Election 2008 Fraud-Election 2008 was Usurped. Why do you think all records/History is sealed vaulted in our courts of law? Indonesian Commander in Chief, our Military are fighting with both hands tied behind their backs! Our Country is being Socialized, Our Constitution is being Violated by a Usurper with no Eligibility or Authority to Dictate to We the People of USA. Treason/Tyrany Charge for all who forsake their Oath of office to Protect Our Constitution. 2010 Remove the #1 Illegal in OUR USA Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama aka Barry Durham aka Barry Obama (Harvard Law_ Public Discloser under Full Former Names 2004-2005-2006-2007 Freedom of Information Act. Also occidental 1979 Barry Soetoro 1979 Foreign Aid Grant Ful Bright Foundation Country of Origin: Indonesia 1981 Passport Barry Soetoro Indonesia Immigration Stamped Time, Date, Travels: Indonesia (mother) Pakistan (roomates family 3 wks) India Africa (fathers family) Barack 61 to 64 Barry 1964 to 2010 #1 Illegal in USA No Papers/vaulted stamped National Security/Top Secret by Nancy Pelosi Greed for Power & Socialism for USA! ER Az resident against, Bow & Bend Usurper #1 Illegal/For Dems Illegal Hispanic votes 2010 & 2012. Devide USA for Tyrany/Treason USA! Raciest/Birther movement=Saul Alinsky Code Attack/Disrupt/Distroy!

      • God

        I know he is.

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    Without a doubt, FDR and Bill Clinton. The first brought about the concept of lying to the people and lying to congress to get what you wanted, regardless of what the people thought. The second, he mastered this. We are still paying for what these two did.

  • http://none none

    bunch of racists and bigots and overall haters of progressive thinking is what you bunch are in this ca ca you call writing. Go home and read a book.Educate yourselves before you open your mouths some of you. Wait till the real results start pouring in and i’m sure you’ll find a way to blame the redneck gob for the credit… you are so blatantly transparent.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      So because I believe FDR and Bill Clinton were the worst, Im a racist and a bigot? How does that work, since Im white and they are white? Could it be, that maybe you have a racist bigotted problem with people who dont look like you? Im thinking yes. First sign of being a racist, is playing the race card. Just ask Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, as they are the two most racist people Ive ever seen in my life, and all they do to make money is play the race card, and promote racial strife everywhere they go. Shame on you. You sir, are the racist.

      • wordmaster

        Of course, as proven by the medical bill, our president and our democrat congress critters are racist. Other than blatant racism, there is no reason whatsoever for a tax on tanning salons. This is just a gratuitous tax on the white race, passed and signed into law by racist, bigotted politicians.

        • blv54

          wordmaster thank you for the enlightenment I never thought of that, that tanning tax does only hit whites seeing that blacks don’t go to tanners, now why didn’t I thunk of that everyone who goes to tanners needs to sue for race discremination.

      • Debbie

        I agree also with Beberoni. Ignorance is what make people racist. When you implement that in the conversation then you have proven that you are the one that is racist.

        Also listen to Herman Cain, a black radio host that is a very smart man and he will tell you that those that call the tea party racist are actually the racist and any that voted for the BHO because of his color are the racist. There are many true conservative Black leaders out here that know that the majority of White American’s are not racists. Who helped the Harvard professor at the beer summit with BHO when he needed to get down the steps? It was the white police officer, not the black President.

        When you use words such as racist and bigot you actually are showing that you have no true education and knowledge and you are letting the voice of the liberal press and tv guide your remarks.

        We need to get back from the politically correct crap that came out in the 80′s that started the multi-culturalism in this country by putting a hyphen in front of everyone’s name such as African-American, Hispanic-American, etc. All that does is create division and does not unite. All American’s are Americans first and that needs to be the way we all think. The requirement to become a citizen of the USA is to assimilate yourself into our society and learn our language and become an American. Most people in American have several bloods running through their bodies, such as my heritage is Swedish, English and 2 American Indian Tribes, but I call myself an American.

        Until American’s are taught the truth, the lies of the past are destined to destroy. Also did you realize the slaves from Africa brought to America were sold into slavery by their own kind as they would capture people from opposing tribes to get rid of them in their region to help them gain more power in Africa and make money. Again, truth………

        • Stack

          Right on Debbie! Very well stated.

    • CRG

      I agree totally with Beberoni.

      And to all the leftist, a suggestion, perhaps a bottle of really strong pills and full bath tub should do us all a huge favor.

    • George E

      You’re calling us “racists and bigots?” Who’s calling who a “redneck gob?”

    • Larry D. Crumbley

      What makes you think that the so-called “PROGRESSIVE” thinkers were so good or great for this nation. You have just got to be kidding me. We finally have someone that has to be brave enough to stand up, and say it that the Progressives were, are the reason this nation is in the trouble we are in today, and will be in for a long time to come. It took guts, and I applaud you for having them, but guts, and brains are two different things, and BRAINS you have NONE of.


    • http://verizon kbab777

      You call it progessive? ITS REGRESSIVE.

    • laura



  • Clayton J Bramhall

    Let’s not forget Wilson, F. Roosevelt and our current hero…Obama may leave everyone in the dust with his antics.

  • Thomas Hohenstein

    Ahh…Why wasn’t Carter in this top five??
    He was a horrible commie for a president. Life sucked in the 1970′s.

  • American Liberal

    W… The worst

  • Kris

    Wilson, Roosevelt, Johnson, Clinton, hussain nobama, Carter. These are by far the worst. Wilson was a progressive and responsible for some of the worst crimes against the American people and a big hater of the Constitution. When he had his stroke, his wife ran the govt. and let no one come near him. He imprisoned Americans for speaking out against his policies. He was like a dictator drunk on power.

    Carter up till now had been the biggest pantywaist and coward. Hussain has taken over that position. Nobama illistrates his dislike for America and it’s people every day. He has put this country in danger from attacks by America hating countries and is running this country into bankruptsy at breakneck speed. He has surrounded himself with socialist, communists, and terrorists. He has put them in positions to make policy and help him destroy this country. he stomps on the constitution every day and soon we will lose all freedoms and rights given to us by “our creator”. Rights given to us by God, not the government. He has divided this country into rich vs poor, black vs white and freedom vs opression. He is making the poor and the lazy more dependant on the government and has not stopped spending while ignoring jobs for the unemployed. His policies are aimed at not letting the people dig their way out of the mess that the congress created. He has got to be impeached before we lose the country entirely.

    • joe

      Mega Dittos to Kris, but don’t forget George W Bush, Dick Cheney and Haliburton’s Flunky and mouthpiece.

      • Retired Marine

        But it’s OK for Obama to pay off all of his campaign supporters with stimulus money? And ensuring that all of the companies that supported his campaign get the current contracts in Afghanistan and on the stimulus projects? Bailing out (taking over) car companies that our Liberal Congress has personal money invested in?

        • JC

          How about 17 million in stimulus to a college in Oregon where Michelle’s brother was about to lose his job? Oh well I’m sure they know what they’re doing….(Criminals)

        • http://naver samurai

          Retired Marine, I’m a retired soldier and I agree with you 100%. This administration has been bailing out failure and taxing success. Just a bunch of traitors and cowards in elected office.

          • Jana


          • GeorgeE

            Well put Samuai!! I agree. I just can’t belive all the bull being thrown around about this President. Who cares what skin color he has or if he prays to the Sun God Rah or to the Candyman. He douped the folks who voted for him and now we all must vote him out and get ALL his COMMIE Policies reversed.I will vote for anyone who runs aginst him in the next election.,even Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck would be an improvement.Don’t you agree?

  • John

    #1 George W. Bush
    #2 Herbert Hoover
    #3 Richard Nixon
    #4 Ronald Reagan
    #5 George H.W. Bush

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Put down the pipe Johnny. The liberal crack has smoked your brain.

      • DR. D

        Beberoni, John Has No Brain!!!!!!!!!!

        • Greg

          Nice contributions Dr. D and Berberoni. Way to refute his list with data and an opinion. Oh, I’m sorry, that’s above your fifth grade education.

          • http://yahoo Luluche

            Greg, Liberals do not use fact to answer anything , so why waste time refuting such a person. Obviously you are handicapped also.
            Anyone who puts W on the worst list is myopic.

          • Doc Sarvis

            Their eye sight may be bad but at least they think clearly.

          • http://naver samurai

            Think? Since when do liberals think? Just look at the man we have in office now.

    • angel-wanna-be

      John, Nixon wasn’t any worst than the rest of the Presidents, he got caught doing what the rest got away with!__Whatever has been done, has been done before!

  • Cobbra52

    #1 – Obama
    #2 – FDR
    #3 – Carter
    #4 – LBJ
    #5 – Nixon

    • zack

      #1 Barrack
      #2 Hussein
      #3 Obama
      #4 Barrack Obama
      #5 Barrack Hussein Obama
      #6 The Muslim Obama
      #7 The Kenyan Born Obama
      #8 The Lyer Obama
      #9 The Idiot Obama

      • Awhois

        The man what did not have sex with that woman, would have to fit in there someplace. So would the guy that used eminent domain to take peoples property at Arlington,Texas for private enterprise.This was the only business that he failed to bankrupt.He was successful every where else including the US of A. Guess who they were.

  • Jim Janzig

    You make some good points about why you top five were the worst presidents. However, in my 77 years that I have followed and studied the presidents. I think without any doubt Obama is the worst of the worst. I have never seen a president with such intense hate for the American People and our way of life. His entire goal is to destroy the United States of America. Every day he brings out another action that furthers the downfall of the country. All the other wanted the power. Obama wants to destroy our future.

    • Melinda

      Jim you are completely correct. I have found that as I get older, I am able to view things in a broader spectrum. Obama is a “player.” He will be whomever he thinks people want him to be to disguise the fact that he has no idea what he is doing. His lack of experience is going to get Americans killed. I don’t know how many soldiers are not going to “re-up” until he is gone. His rules of engagement are crippling us overseas and his lack of understanding of and respect for the Constitution are killing us over here.

      • Hosquatch

        Melinda, I agree with your assessment of Obama EXCEPT I believe he knows exactly what he is doing. He hates America and his actions are purposefully intended to destroy US as a world power. Obama is a One World Government type, schooled and manipulated by George Soros, the former Nazi collaborater and billionaire.

        • http://naver samurai

          Amen to that! Amen to that!

  • Carroll Mauck

    BOBR53 – You took the words right out of my mouth. I agree with you
    100%. And, Obama will be judged even worse when his communist views
    become law and their effects on the U.S. become evident. I would put
    Obama at #2 spot without a doubt.

  • RWhiteside

    History will show that GW Bush was a good President. OBAMA is and will be shown to be the absolute WORST. He is a phony and is doing everything in his power to destroy the most beautiful place on earth, to live. He loves to campaign (he hasn’t stopped yet). But, lacks the ability to carry out the false promises he made on the first campaign trail.

  • Lou Mangi

    Obama by far is the worst ever for so many reasons followed by Jimmy Carter and then Bill Clinton who should have resigned but instead choose to air his dirty laundry on the 6PM news in front of our children.

  • mgmphd

    Per Bob’s List: Let’s not forget that Nixon could not even get the Democratic Congress to officially declare war. This was the same Congress that called for cease fires on Christmas Day, which always wound up killing some of our soldiers. The Democratic Congress did not want to authorize Nixon to use the full force and might of our armed forces. This was a winnable war, but the Democrats politicized it–and they haven’t changed much, have they?

    • George E

      Thanks for this addition perspective on Nixon. It has always been my impression that LBJ tied the hands of our military keeping them from winning the Vietnam War while Nixon unleashed the military to try to bring the war to an end, which he basically did. It was the Democratic led Congress that gave North Vietnam the final victory when they refused to fund South Vietnam after we had basically won the military conflict.

  • Craig A Sheffield

    1. Barry Hussein Obama
    2. Jim Carter
    3. Lindon Johnson
    4. Franklin D. Roosevelt
    5. Billy Clinton

    • http://w killobummer

      Craig 100% .

  • CRG

    I agree with all your choices except Clinton. I think George W. was equally criminal and corrupt as Clinton. Although, I do think the one to replace Clinton in your top 5 will be one term Obama. With Obama standing in the light of socialism or communism depending on which angle you view him from, he should top Wilson as the worst president of all time. Obama, on the road he is traveling, will top Wilson based on his extreme leftism and socialist agenda’s. He’s like a run away communist train. Not to mention his extreme damaging wedge that he is driving through the heart of this country right now.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Since Obama is our current president, he probably shouldn’t be included on the list. This was a great article, but I would have to say that I would take Bill Clinton over Obama right now. I don’t remember my history as well as I should, but I agree with this article. I believe all our presidents have made some errors in judgment, but in a few years we will look back and Obama will be at the top of the list.

  • http://yahoo bob peters


  • jdlo

    It seems that most posts have covered the worst of the lot. I will ask a question though Which president went to war to smash states rights?

    • Samuel

      Lincoln. Jackson sowed the seeds by defying the rights of nations under Treaty.

      • Anthony

        Samuel -
        You need to back that statement up – provide proof. Jackson did what?
        I contend, that it was the European Central Bank that invested monies into the South, over the profit to be made with slavery.

        Andrew Jackson eliminated the 2nd Central Bank of the U.S. It’s specifically why he won his 2nd term as POTUS and specifically WHY most Americans voted for him. Back then, most Voters actually understood the potential for avarice and corruption that a Central Bank brought. Maybe you don’t. As far as I am concerned, Andrew Jackson is one of the BIGGEST HEROES this Country ever had.

        Lincoln also had to contend with a war brought on by the Central Bank. When Lincoln went to borrow money for the North to defend itself, the New York Bankers said sure – at 24-36% interest. You ever take out loans on that? He told them all to SHOVE IT and borrowed money from Russia at NO interest. You see, the Czar of Russia had also told the Central Bank to TAKE A HIKE. He was very happy to help. AND, had Lincoln had time to cement his greenbacks, the Rockefellers wouldn’t have gotten away with several banking bills written after his death. The Politicians wouldn’t have seen the need.

        Please back up your statement.

    • s c

      Linclon, obviously, jdlo. However, it’s Obummer who has more prosties in Congress. And Obummer’s masters own the damned media. Ergo, Obummer is at the top of the septic tank.

  • Debbie

    I think
    1)Woodrow Wilson, establishing the Federal Reserve
    2)FDR, for creating the New Deal that made people dependent on govt.
    3)Jimmy Carter, for establishing the fair housing act in 1976
    4)Bill Clinton, that gave more power to the fair housing act that people didn’t have to qualify for their home in 1994 (which created the bubble in 2007 of people buying homes way out of their income level)
    5)Barry Barack Obama, for establishing the worse HC Bill imaginable, it has 3.8% real estate tax for when you sell your house (how does that help your health), higher taxes on your 401K starting 2011 (can you say retribution of wealth) and the destruction within of 5 years of the program of the private health care system. Also by the way do you all realize that your paying for it for 4 years in advance of the care and no one has told you the premium amount or where the money will be stored for those years (dare I say a slush fund for the government). Wait until you hear what else is in this 2700 pages of this. As Nancy Pelosi stated, they needed to pass it so they would know what was in it.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Good points Debbie.

    • George E

      Thanks Debbie for your intelligent and informative post.

    • JC

      Hey Debbie,

      Good stuff. I’d like to add to your 4th point that His Hopiness worked very hard alongside the Clintons to get that one passed.

    • http://naver samurai

      Way to go Debbie. Many good points. Hoooaaaah!

  • Samuel

    Only five?!
    #1. Jackson.
    #2. Lincoln.
    #3. Wilson.
    #4. Roosevelt.
    #5. Johnson.
    These set the stage for the lying, thieving and imperial ambitions of other Presidents. How about worst Congresses? Where were our Representatives when these men (and others) were running roughshod over our rights and freedoms?

    • George E


      Thanks for adding Jackson’s name to the list for debate. His removal of the Indians in the Southeast in defiance of a Supreme Court ruling was abominable, in my opinion. Can you imagine a President doing anything like that today? I can’t. On the other hand, I think Jackson did do several good things while he was in office.

      Lincoln is a complicated issue, I think. While it’s true he did defend the federal government’s rights over states rights, he also issued the Emancipation Proclamation freeing slaves. Obviously, it would have been much better if Congress had worked out an agreement between the Northern and Southern states so that secession had not been necessary, but they didn’t, so Lincoln had to make a decision. If he hadn’t taken the path he took, the country would look a lot different today than it does. No doubt there would be several sovereign countries occupying what is now the U.S. had the Civil War not been fought. It was a terrible price to pay and did set a precedent (or strengthen the argument) for growing the federal government way too large, for which many of us are becoming well aware of today. Also, don’t forget the current U.S. Constitution was drafted and adopted by our founding fathers largely to strengthen the federal government so it could effectively act on behalf of the several independent states, which was very difficult under the original Articles of Confederation. So, one could say, I believe, that the trend toward strong federal government actually began with the signing of the U.S. Constitution. The problem, of course, is that once started, it’s very difficult to stop this progressive movement until you get to a dictatorial federal government over the states. This is a problem we need to solve before it’s too late.

  • Robert Haines

    My number one pick is, Jimmy Carter, he doesn’t have enough sense to pound sand in a rat hole. #2, is Woodrow Wilson, The present party in power is continuning the policies that Wilson started.# 3, is Clinton, what a lying bastard, he should be sitting in prision today.#4, is the ultra crook Lyndon Johnston, he is so crooked he should have been screwded into the ground, # 5 is the current Muslim ,who is foriegn born and should not be president, when comrade Obama is finished, we will be a complete “FACIST” state and totaly broke as a counrty. How in the hell the people of this great country could elect such a dumb ass as president is a constant source of amazement to me.

    • Samuel

      That, Sir, is the reason why Democracy has failed everywhere and at every time it has been implemented as a means to governance. This country is, or was, a Republic with a very limited franchise. We will never regain our rights and liberties so long as all people have the vote. Thank God most of them do not choose to exercise that right but when they do we are all saddled and ridden by the likes of President Obama and his ilk.

  • Craig A Sheffield

    Abe Lincoln

  • s c

    Without a doubt, Obummer has the potential to be #1. Wilson and FDR laid the foundation for future traitors in Congress and the White House. Obummer is the empty-suit who has been positioned to let the NWO bunch realize their age-old dream(s).
    Bubba Clinton came close, but he didn’t do himself any favors when he tried to give the Long Beach port to the Chinese government. He did a first-rate job of demoralizing the military and contaminating the CIA, but Obummer is much closer to imploding America (Haavid somehow produces a better quality turncoat than Georgetown?). I guess you get what you pay for, eh?

    • Scott P.

      I think your article was right on the mark. I do believe that Abraham Lincoln should have been on the list but who would he replace? I am afraid I have to agree with many other replys that Osama Obama will eventually replace Wilson as number 1 of All-Time Worst. I say I am afraid to agree with this because it scares me to think of the damage this “Communist” is going to reac over our Great Nation. May GOD continue to Bless this Country and I hope in 2012 “We the People” will be smart enough to elect some Moral and Patriotic Leaders who will actually care about this Country and not their “Agenda”.

  • Chuck Olson

    Obama is, above all, any accomplished puppet for the progressive (Marist) left. He is the Pied Piper for youth that drivel at “bringing down the house (USA).” Does anything Obama says remain operative beyond the fading of audience applause – Krauthamer. I doubt it. His feel good message to the unwashed will destroy our country unless the ignorant wake up and see the light. BO is the worst example of a leader because he is NOT one of us (proud Americans).

  • HotRodTom

    I pretty much agree with your list, being a student of history. Most people today don’t know the Nixon era and previous. LBJ sent me to Viet Nam. Twice. I despise him the most. But Obama belongs at the top of the “worst” list. In the past, the nation was strong, and overcame almost all of the effects of the past worst presidents. Today, the average voter doesn’t know enough about how our government is supposed to work. The X generation (“me” generation) and younger voters are “one issue” voters. Whatever affects “them” is most important. Their parents (my generation) are all full of s*** and shouldn’t be regarded as knowledgeable. If people like Nancy (previous poster) don’t get their heads out of the sand, we’re all in trouble.

  • Avenger

    ABRAHAM LINCOLM – (The 1st President to trample the Constitution by invading the South to ‘preserve the Union’ and make the States subservient to the Federal Govt)
    WOODROW WILSON – (Progressive income tax extortion, League of Nations, Senators elected rather than appointed by state legislatures)
    FDR – (‘Social Security’, Govt. welfare programs, tried to stack the Supreme Court with 12 justices, etc. – a long list for this traitor to the Constitution)
    LBJ – (His strong arm tactics and War on Poverty type programs)
    BARRACK OBAMA – No holds barred Socialism, disregard of Constitutional powers and the rights of the States and people.

    • David

      I agree Avenger, and will add that Lincoln and FDR are the most overrated presidents ever. Just because you accomplish much as a leader does not mean you are great, were Hitler, Mao, or Castro great?
      #1 Lincoln & FDR tied
      #2 Wilson
      #3 Johnson
      #4 Osama
      #5 Carter

    • Shain

      Your list is about the same as mine.. I want to put G.W. Bush in there (Because of how he lied to the population and worked on their emotions to assault a nation that was not a threat to us), but I can’t decide who to take out of the top 5 to do it.

  • Theresa

    George W. Bush, and why do people have such short memories. Why demonize Obama when Bush did crap the whole eight years that was not good for America. Obama cannot clean up all of his layers of s in a hundred years.

    • Larry D. Crumbley

      Hello TERRY,
      Stop drinking the LIBERAL-PROGRESSIVE KOOL-AID, and wake up. They will lead you to the cliff which they seem to have already done, and they are looking to push you in. Are you willing to let them? It seems you are blind to the effects of there polices. Hope you wake up soon.


      • Greg

        I love the LIBERAL KOOL-AID comments. Trust me, if my choices were walking off a cliff and dying of cyanide-tainted Kool-aid, or being as misinformed and ignorant as you, I would take death any day. Too bad the majority of tea-baggers do not have the same philosophy. We are badly in need of some culling.

    • George E


      If Obama actually was “cleaning up GW’s mess” that would be one thing, but he’s just making it worse by growing government and increasing federal spending. That’s exactly the wrong thing to do right now.

    • http://verizon kbab777

      To Teresa Odamaz has did more damage to this country in his 150 some in office than all the other worst 5 listed.

  • Hosquatch

    I agree with your choices, Chip, but I would add one more name…Abraham Lincoln.

    Lincoln is credited with “saving” the United States and emancipating the slaves. However, the emancipation was just a political ploy meant to galvanize public opinion in the north. In fact, Lincoln wrote to Horace Greeley at the time: “If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union…” So much for Lincoln’s morality regarding slavery.

    As for prosecuting the War of Northern Aggression, Lincoln executed a horrific and unwarranted power grab. The Union was voluntarily formed by the states, with the vast majority of power remaining with the states, as mandated by the 10th Amendment. Those souhern states, which voluntarily entered the Union, had every right to secede from the Union. Yet, Lincoln waged war against the Confederate States to prevent them from leaving the Union…essentially, keeping them in bondage. For this, Lincoln deserves condemnation.

  • B.J. Holmes

    Jim Janzing is correct!. 1. Obummer
    2. Carter
    3. Clinton
    4. Lyndon Johnson
    5. FDR, All for obvious reasons. Obummer is not even president: he is the “Enemy of the Nation”. He may be God’s punishment for our individual lack of faith. Read the Old Testament to learn how God punishes the faithless….and rewards the faithful.

  • Carol

    George W Bush was hated simply because he was a Christian. He & Reagan were by far the two best in my 77 years.

    The Worst four:
    Obama – probably not even an American, trying to destroy all our liberties as fast as he can with the help of the thugs he has appointed to help him

    Carter – Still going around saying horrible things about America

    LBJ – a big bully who was power hungry

    FDR – led the country into a depression and began programs that encouraged peopole to sit down and do nothing but depend on the government

    • blv54

      carol wake up dear, Bush was no christian, everything he did was evil, he only played the christian card to get elected.

      • http://naver samurai

        I think you need to wake up and smell the coffee! Bush went to church and stood by his moral and christian convictions. Obama said he was a christian just to get elected, because he knew if he said he was a muslim, his chances of getting elected would be a snowballs chance in hades.

      • laura



  • Roxanne

    Obama is far more the worse President this great country has ever had and it will show after he is done serving his 4 years. He has made this country a laughing stock of the world and I am ashamed to say I am from America. In my view George Bush Jr. was the best. He was not afraid to stand up to countrys that put us in harms way. Obama has shamed us almost in every country he has ever visited and has said many nasty things about the American people to these countrys. He is a man that I am ashamed to call him my president and I really turn him off when he does speeches or even comes on tv because I am so ashamed to say he is this countrys president.

    • laura



  • Mark

    NIXON was even worse than Wilson. It was Nixon that took us off the gold standard, paving the way to print money until it’s worth less than toilet paper. None of the current BS would be possible if it wasn’t possible to print money with nothing backing it. The best way to make the government stop spending is to take money away from them. I just put all mine into silver bars, physically in my posession……. NO, I’m not leaving paper money in the banks or markets for bankster weasels and govt weasels to play with.

    • Debbie

      Very good point Mark. Losing the gold standard is huge and part of our problem today. The list could easily be the top 10 if we actually looked at items that happened from the beginning.

      One more point I will make on the O man is that when he had Mrs. Clinton work a deal with China for our debt, do you realize that she gave them all our National Parks as collateral? Yep, they actually own the rights to our parks if we default….. Something to think about.

    • Riff

      Wilson established the Federal Reserve, which is what to USA off the gold standard.
      Nixon was a crook, but not for the reason you cite.

    • Anthony

      Didn’t we go back.. on the gold standard around 1991 ?
      Now, what’s your take on the discussion?
      And, personally guys – I have mixed impressions on Lincoln. I have read in several places where the real reasons for the Civil War came from the South and NOT the North. Andrew Jackson had eliminated the Central Bank – which was controlled (like it or not) by the Bank of England. No matter where you go – the Central Bank is usually in there near the bottom of all the mischief. When do Bankers make the most money? When they can coax nations into an unnecessary WAR. The then loan money to both sides, and the winner usually pays the losers debts to the bank – they make out like nobody’s business … it’s called a CARTEL, people!

      I have Newt’s book on the Civil War – a good read, as he was a student of the Era. You should check it out.

  • Chuck Olson

    Sorry for the typo…it’s Marxist not Marist heaven forbid.

  • David

    1. Obama —- Liar, Muslim, Socialist
    2. Carter — Started terroist crisis
    3. LBJ
    4. JFK
    5. Klinton

    • Greg

      Way to spell Clinton phonetically David. I notice a distinct correlation between delusion and illiteracy on this forum…

      • JC

        And now that you and your superiority complex have arrived the party is complete.

  • Che King

    Bush… He used 9/11 to his personal agenda…
    Lyndon Johnson.. Would be a close 2nd..

    • laura



  • ray

    Theodore Roosevelt
    Woodrow Wilson
    Franklin D. Roosevelt
    Abraham Lincoln
    Woodrow Wilson

    I don’t know who to take off the list to include the current person in the White House because if it had not been for these five Carter, Clinton and the current progressive would not have been able to carry things as far as they have.

    • Ron


      You sound like you have taken Glen Beck’s rantings to heart. Mr. Beck in his infinite wisdom has proclaimed Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt as his villains. I hope you got Glen’s ok to post this. Maybe you should call all the presidents you dislike progressives, if you can’t think of anything else to label them.

      • JC

        Well, Wilson brought in the privately owned Fed to ruin our lives.
        I’d say he should be burning in hell for that one.
        He’ll make the top five for any list of the five worst…

    • http://DNA Buddy


      Your list is probably as good as any list. You might want to put Lyndon Johnson in as number 5. But the point is that we, collectively, have been served very (very!) poorly by those ego manics who seized the reins of the USA government during the existance of the USA.

  • JEFF


    • Greg

      Good addition Jeff. You only further my theory that the most illiterate are also the most delusional, which I suppose isn’t novel.

      If you fancy conspiracy theories, check out the relationship between bin Laden’s family and the Bush’s. At least you’ll have something tangible to work with, since your post would probably be deemed outlandish even by Glenn Beck’s standards.

      By the way, typing in all caps went out of style in the early 90′s…if it ever was in style.

      • http://naver samurai

        Never mind what Greg says. He just needs to grow up and get a life.

  • Tami

    1. Wilson
    2. Obama (he may move to the #1 spot soon afterall it’s only been one
    3. FDR
    4. LBJ
    5. Nixon
    6. Carter

    How many of these idiots are Progressives??

    • TIME

      Why Tami,
      They all are Progressives.

      • Larry D. Crumbley



  • http://none jcarrollbarnhills coment

    Without a doubt, idiot muslim obama is thee worst by far he should be impeached and driven out of the USA,his buddies want to kill us and he obviously is ok with that.IF he was REALLY a US citizen, he would have his birth certificate framed & have it posted for everyone to see, then, carter,fdr,lbj,at least,from what I’ve read wilson was also a progressive liberal.Bush’s last 2 years run a distant 5th

  • Bob Fredrerickson

    I’d put both George Bushes, Senior and Junior, onto the list. Bush Senior did a lot of warmongering in his day, but Dubya takes the cake for invading a country on false pretexts and costing a whole bunch of lives, both American and Iraqi. America’s reputation tanked internationally, and those lives lost, all those innocent lives. Even if you were a heartless bastard who didn’t care about lives lost, how do you justify the TRILLIONS spent on Dubya’s warmongering? If it were an investment, what returns could you possibly get from it?

    Also, for the Obama critics, what exactly do you have against his policies. You’re just throwing words like ‘COMMIE’ AND ‘LEFTY’ around; those are just labels. Your comments are about as mature and informative as a 10th grader calling another classmate a ‘doo-doo head’.

    • Barb

      We Have explained to all of you Lefties over and over. Your problem is your heads are so far up your derrieres that you don’t see it or hear it! We’re tired of trying to explain it in easy enough terms for your drugged out brains to comprehend!

    • Jeep

      What returns from a war on terror? Are you blind, or just ignorant of histroy? Does 9/11 ring a bell? Does the USS Cole remind you of something? How many other acts of terrorism do I have to throw out there until you realize that terrorism is real. You say you care about all those lives lost, but I am just not feeling it from you. You may not agree with the actions taken to finally strike back, but it’s been awhile since terrorists have felt that assaulting Americans anywhere is safe. And, I think they should be more scared of us than we are of them.

      • blv54

        jeep come on buddy we all know those terrorist attacks were backed by the government, don’t you ever listen to Alex Jones? it’s all about enslaving you friend get an education on how much your government REALLY loves you.

        • http://naver samurai

          What government? Sure not ours! Many acts of terrorism were committed under Clinton and he did nothing to defend us. He even sent us into the Bosnian conflict to defend muslims against christians. Bush sent us into battle to knock out a ruthless dictator, the taliban, freed the Iraqi People and the Afghan People, brought democracy to the region, improved the quality of their lives, sent al queda running for their lives, sent Bin Laden running from cave to cave so we wouldn’t kill him, etc. Don’t you think that it’s about time you get your facts straight before writing to these posts?

    • George E


      Among other things, we’re opposed to Obama’s acceleration in the growth of government, federal spending and increased regulation of private industry and our private lives. All of these are anti-capitalist and will not inspire businesses to grow or hire more employees, and greatly reduces our individual choices. His predecessors are also guilty of this, but Obama has accelerated this movement much faster than most of them. This has raised our awareness of the power grab by the federal government, and we’re very uncomfortable with it.

  • Barb

    1. The King of THE WORST OBAMA!!! Will go down in history as such for
    all time.

    2. Jimmy Carter, Herbert Hoover Tied

    3. Bill Clinton

    4. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Richard Nixon Tied

    5. Lyndon Johnson

  • Larry

    1. Obama
    2. Carter

  • Tone88

    The difference in ideology is highly illuminated here. Any one that puts Reagan on a “worst” list is obviously a self-loathing progressive America-hater (redundant – yes, I know). Those of us that love our country, warts and faults and all (like parents sometimes) know how fortunate we are to be Americans. Before I state the worst in my opinion (yes, American Liberal I am allowed to have one), let me be positive and declare Washinton, Adams and Reagan as in the top 5.

    The worst is always easy, because it is so unfortunately easy for humans to condemn:

    1. Lincoln – fascist dictator
    2. Wilson – as stated above
    3. FDR – ’nuff said
    4. Nixon – destroyed American confidence in the POTUS
    5. Carter/Obama – they are equal, only Obama is effective in lunacy.


    • blv54

      I used to hate Reagen before I liked um

      • Smilee


  • http://none Tom Langley

    Chip’s list is hard to argue with if you’ve studied factual U.S. history. However, I’d go with the temptation to replace Clinton with Obama in the top five.

    I’m just hoping that Obama will be at the top of everyone’s list in 2110 of the worst presidents of the 21st century. Scares me to think America would elect one that disregards life, liberty, and private property more than this guy. Also, I hope his election reflects the ignorance of the average American and not his/her ideology.

  • GuyinFlorida

    Wilson is by far the worst with the income tax, Federal Reserve Act and WW1. All constitutionally questionable. FDR (a true socialist)is a close second. In my mind, after Jackson, who lets not forget, kicked the previou central bank out, it’s been a downhill slide. All of them questionable to a certain degree. Everyone since Jackson has increased the size of government and it’s intrussion on our liberties. And lets not forget war after war after war in foreign lands. Not quite what the founding fathers had in mind. Jefferson warned us time and again that our current situation would happen if we weren’t vigilant. And yet, we sit on our asses and let the Republic go down the tubes. Bad presidents??? Yes there have been many, but the real reason for our once great Republic becoming a 3rd world country is our fault. “We The People.” We so called patriots are the ones that have really caused the fall through inaction. Me included. I’m ashamed.

    • Anthony

      GuyinFlorida -
      Obviously, you don’t understand, or haven’t even read, the Federal Reserve Act. By far… the greatest damage ever done in this Country over the last 100 years….. is THE FED. The biggest phallacy there is, is to think that running up debt is a great way to create credit. And, THAT IS, the basis for the banking procedures under THE FED. Please go look up what a Central Bank really is. Especially if it isn’t beholding to the Government of the Country it resides.

  • samnjoeysgrama

    I would put the same thinly veiled Socialist/Communists on the list as Nancy. But keep in mind that we have had wolves in sheep’s clothing in the presidents who pretended to be Conservative while trashing the Constitution and helping to grow government by leaps and bounds. Were they too stupid to know? Trying to be politically correct? Just power hungry? Clearly convinced Mankind was evil and couldn’t be allowed to be unregulated.
    I don’t have as much of an issue with Obama being a Muslim as I have with him lying about it. My huge issue is that he is a Communist, “I learned my world view from my mother”, and she was very proud of being a Communist. As were his grandparents, his father, and his mentor in Hawaii, Frank Marshall Davis, Van Jones, and the list goes on.
    If you think you can dance around the edges of Socialism and Communism with out getting badly burned, you need to actually visit a few Communist countries or just talk to people who have escaped. All it takes is a few corrupt politicians and the system is slavery by another name. I live in Chicago. I have seen the machine, including the Obamas, at work. Violence, thugs, and lies are its backbone.

  • http://none Barb says

    Barb is right, racist, none citizen wanna be president obama is #1. by a mile then # 2. carter 3. FDR, #4 LBJ. 5.clinton the last 2 yrs of bush were borderline, but at least he was an American born & raised

  • Victor L Barney

    Chip, great read! You might be interested to know the America is Israel, along with great Britain and the they ONLY received the promise of “Race,” while Judah received the promise of “grace!” You might also be interested in the biblical information that Israel was absolutely forbidden to put any “foreigner” over them that wasn’t an Israelite, as defined above(Deuteronomy 17:15), let alone a Marxist(anti-messiah), according to Karl Marx! Watch!

  • Jean Chappel

    GWB was not a saint and was certainly not as conserative as I would have liked him to be, however, he was not the son of Satan that BO is. If there was ever a president that supports killing it is this as he has just authorized the murder of an American citizen and he is proud of himself for this. This person has not been tried in a court of law either. I don’t believe we have had a president up to now who has risen to this lowly scumbag level.

  • john Hasse

    First we need to define ‘worst’. My sense is that a ‘do-nothing’ president would be the best. The worst thus are the ones who made the most damage to the world and the constitution. Well, most of them look pretty bad. I would say we haven’t had a ‘good’ one since Andrew Jackson. Even Lincoln, who is lionized by some, pursued the war of northern aggression, which is quite indefensible under contract law. Jefferson Davis is quoted as having said “I would rather have the constitution without the union than the union without the constitution.”– Unfortunately (perhaps) he didn’t get his choice.

    • Larry D. Crumbley

      Are you kidding JOHN you dare call Andrew Jackson a “GOOD”-one. He is a murdering scum. How can you say what you said? He is responsible for the whole scale death of thousands of my Heritage for the “TRAIL of TEARS”. Oh I know the Cherokee people were not people. They did not have anything that was not allowed to be taken by this man, and his cronies all through the time period before, and after the time he forced them to walk across this country to Okla. YOUR COMMENTS ARE ABUSIVE, AND VERY DISGUSTING TO SAY THE LESS ABOUT THIS MAN BEING A GOOD PRESIDENT. READ UP ON YOUR HISTORY. THERE IS MY NUMBER ONE ON MY LIST, AND I DO NOT HAVE TO SAY ANYTHING ELSE. THE NUMBER ONE ON MY LIST IS THE BIGGEST MURDERER OF ALL TIME. ANDREW JACKSON. WHO USED THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT AS HIS WAY OF STEALING THE CHEROKEES LAND, AND THERE LIFE’S. SAY SOMETHING SOMEBODY.


      • Anthony

        I agree, that we caucasians did no favors to the real americans – the indians – who were here first. I would be out there offering them a right to their land back, if I could. It could have been done differently. Then again, it was the Rothschilds who won the Contract to expand the railroad to the West Coast in those days. The very same who have run the Bank of England as a Central bank since Waterloo. As it is, the indians do have their gambling casinos and what do they do with the money? They could handle their situation differently now, as well. Still, as stated in my other posts…. Andrew Jackson got rid of the Central bank in this Country. THAT IS A GOOD THING. I wonder, how many times, was false intel was brought back from the West, to Washington in those days. Greed is something that will never go away under a Money Paradigm.

        • Anthony

          I would also add – that everyone needs to go back and review just how many attempts on our President’s lives were implemented, going from Jackson’s days all the way up to Woodrow Wilson…. Anyone got an answer? In the 20th Century, we all got used to the idea that such nonsense was a thing of the past and had forgotten vigilence.

  • patrick H.T. paine

    Now why would a 17 ft. bronze statue of John Adams be looking out
    at the Washington Monument from inside the Jefferson Memorial?

    Maybe its just me but, I really can’t think of a greater tyranny
    over the mind of man, than that of religion…….yet, we have seen
    fit to grant freedom of religion. I really don’t have a problem
    with that, because ultimately in order to guarantee that freedom
    to all, means that one must also insure “freedom FROM religion.”
    ( the actual source of seperation of church and state. )

    Still if we are to consider Jefferson at all, it might be worthwhile
    to consider the more direct question, regarding the abolishment of
    governments who no longer serve the interests of the people,
    having clearly demonstrated that they are unwilling to restrict
    themselves to the “just powers” enumerated by “the consent of
    the governed.”

    Given the rhetoric regarding threats to various “politicians” and
    the “reactive” response regarding the use of “violence”……
    does anyone really imagine that any “tyrannical government”
    would ever willingly give up any “power” they had accrued?

    “When in the course of human events it becomes necessary……..”

    • blv54

      fail seperation of church and state was delibertly twisted to fit the lefts agenda it actually meant that the government could not set up a state religion but it sure has done the God haters a lot of good for futhering their I hate Jesus agenda.

  • jhly1122

    It is pretty obvious what party many are in by their remarks……….I know Clinton was an embaressment but I would not put him down as worst. HOWEVER I can easily put down OBAMA. If you have not been paying attention I guess you would not notice how things have been pushed on the Citizens despite their cries of NO, we do NOT want it; the arm twisting; backroom deals and the attitude that THEY KNOW BEST. We have such a huge debt that you better apologize to your children who are not even born yet. They WILL be paying it. Perhaps you have not noticed all the wonderful little tidbits surfacing from OBAMACARE that have NOTHING to do with Health. Nor have you noticed the band of thugs in the White House and their desire to take over every facet of your life, health, cars, air, banking and more as they can push them through. And I’m sure you have not noticed the freedoms that are fast leaving us. Better think again about your choices for this HONOR of the Worst EVER President

  • George Ferriter

    1. Ronald Reagan – Tax/Spend policiies changed the USA to a debtor nation forever – The Laffer Curve/Reganomics were fallacious, and the road to ourcurrent perdition ran on from there.

    2. G.W. Bush Constitutional Violator, WarCrominal, Mentally deficient and unqualified for office

    3. LBJ : War Criminal, and embarked on establishing unconstitutional entitlement programs that go very far in explaining the current budgetary difficulties

    4. WarCriminal, Economic Malfeaseant, Plain Old Crook

    5. Woodrow Wilson, War Criminal, Constitutional Violator (Income Tax, Federal reserve)

    • Joel Kruskie

      Take a breath George, I think your brain has slipped a gear.

  • Kevin

    Obama criminal.The worst president ver who shpould never ever been able to be as well as in the senate.Why so many people requesting his birth Certificate and he speends over million to attorney to stop people in getting it as to have his inside thugs judge to denied and not even hear the care.They shoot off the mouth before any evidents is giving..He talks about the Nat’t pray that he and democrats are upset with the judge and will repeal it.ok repeal,one maybe just hot air from his fraud mouth. 2 maybe again one of their plots of being in with this judge to do waht she did so, they can repeal it and go to another judge of the frauds and that may be overturned by the first.or maybe this judge will agree with the first.I just think it’s and inside con con job of Obama..His Muslims have thier pray day as he let them go on the lawn of our the american peoples house and have thier day of pray..and when a christian fly over .it was denied by Obama saying he isn’t getting into rlegious. so, after he let the muslims do their day of pray… so, he denied christians fly over. but let mulsims do their thing.. Obama is by far the worst (non president ever !) he is illegal and need to go back to his home country.KENYA !

  • DACrea

    A similar Competition should be run for the ‘Presidents with Most Disinegnuous Speaking Skills’.

    In my time of now 58 years, I had never seen a president so skilled in disingenuity as Bill Clinton, UNTIL Barack Obama his the scene!

    He takes the cake on disingenuity, but if you listen carefully, BHO’s speech, particularly during the campaign, borders even more-closely on flat-out lying. The MANY “campaign lies” were never challenged by the so-called media watchdogs. John Edwards has equivalent disingenuity skills (that made him WAAAYY TOO RICH, without producing anything of value!), but was not elected (by good luck alone!). I’d like to more-closely study Woodrow Wilson’s and FDR’s speeches as they may likewise deserve to be in the ‘Most Disingenuous Presidents’ list.

    • Greg

      If by disingenuous you mean, can find a coherent sentence, then yes, Obama and Clinton are guilty. Bush couldn’t find a coherent sentence if his life depended on it…and therefore was extremely genuine and honest. He was an amazing embarrassment to this country, the laughing stock of the world, but I see why the people of this forum are such fans, given the degree of literacy in their posts.

  • Terrie

    I don’t care if someone is gay, I just don’t want to hear about it or see it. Makes me queasey to think about the perversion. Are people so out of control and confused about their sexuality that they have to have the same sex? It’s not natural and it is gross. God doesn’t like it, either.

    • http://verizon kbab777

      Amen Terrie, it makes me sick to my stomach and did you ever stop to think it really doesnt require that much intelligence to look between your legs and see what you are?

  • Kookie

    Obama is the worst and he’s only been in office a year. In no history of the US have we have had a Muslim for president that is trying to ruin the constitution, spend the country in tremdous debt, cause hate and racism, weaken our defenses, bow down to our enemies, act like he is God, bribing and threatening to pass bills, talk sweet to us and stab us in the back.

    • JEFF


    • Doc Sarvis

      Really, he has done none of what you list.

      • zack

        You are a complete moron just like your president obam-bam. You need to pay attention to what is going on in the United States>>

        • Doc Sarvis

          We had eight years of Clinton who was intelligent but self obsessed. Then we had eight years of Bush who was self obsessed but not (at all) intelligent. Now we have an intelligent humble president, a vast improvement!
          To stoop to name calling does nothing to make a point and is more likely to tear down your own credibility.

          • God

            You are wrong again Doc.

        • zack

          Doc, we don’t have a president. We have got an illegal immigrant filling what is supposed to be the oval office of the president of the United States. You have to be born in the United States to serve as president. We have got a —– sitting in there making a fool out of the United States Constitution. He does not have enough sense to run this country the way it is supposed to be run.

          • Doc Sarvis

            I completely dissagree with all of your statements, and he IS a citizen of the U.S.

          • Anthony

            Doc -
            Please explain why Obama will not show the World his Birth Certificate. It has been proven (hands down) that what he did provide, was fake. On top of that he: a)has spent several MILLION dollars working to prevent anyone from seeing it; then, b)ordered the Governor of Hawaii to SEAL his records. You need to take off the tinted glasses. The more people with good, if not great, intentions come to the table to make this simple, …very simple… request… the harder this Pres works to keep it hidden. And, I mean specifically people in his own Political Party.
            You need to back up your comments to have any credibility.
            He obviously has something to hide.
            Evidence even abounds in his own memoirs.

      • God

        YES HE HAS.

    • http://naver samurai

      Thank you Kookie. I see someone has been paying attention to what has been transpiring in our country since Jan 2009!

  • 2WarAbnVet

    My first thought, Chip, was that Thomas Jefferson was not our second President.
    That said, I can recall sitting in the sunny climes of Viet Nam while Lyndon Johnson played silly games with our lives. As an example, “Bombing halts” to encourage our enemies that we really meant them no harm, while they were intent on killing us. That alone places him on my list.
    Than there was sweet Jimmy Carter who took incompetence in the White House to a level unheard of, at least until that of the present occupant.

    • Anthony

      Vietnam was all about a War that would never end – keeping the profits flowing to the Banking Cartel and it was also about the Opium Fields in the Far East. Lots of money to be made….by a bunch of dweebs who sat behind desks in protected offices. What do they care about human lives…..

      • stuart

        Obama will not show his U S Birth Certificate because, there isn’t one. This President is an illegal alien himself. His Paternal grand- mother said she was at his birth. I would believe “grandma” before I would believe anything this known liar says. If he was born Barak Hussien Obama, and was adopted by an Indonesian man and his name was changed to “Barry Soetoro”, then where is the paper that changes his name back to “Barak Hussien Obama”?. But you don’t need to believe me. Just pull up Obama’s grandmother, Youtube. As of today they have kicked the media and press out of their meetings. You know what this means, don’t you? Now the press won’t catch anybodys loose lips that spew forth the truth. This is more of that promised open agenda, you were promised.

  • chris alsop


    • Larry D. Crumbley



    • Jeep




      Yeah, real well thought out…Sheesh.

    • http://naver samurai

      1. “Osama” – liar, coward, and traitor
      2. Clinton – liar and playboy
      3. Carter – weak leader, 14 – 15% unemployment
      4. FDR – unconstitutional social programs copied from Hitler

  • Pres

    chris alsop says: (April 16, 2010 at 6:49 am)
    reagan, bush2, bush1

    You sure got that right!!!

    • http://naver samurai

      Grow up and get a life!

  • Dale

    Wilson (Don’t forget his Brownshirt thugs)
    Obama (Obummercare is going to far surpass any other entitlement program in terms of bankrupting the country)
    FDR (From attempting to pack the Court to his alphabet soup of Socialist agencies…)
    LBJ (“The Great Society”… Harrumph)
    Teddy Roos… (Federal Land grabber…)

  • Ron

    #1–Barack Obama
    #2–James Buchanan
    #3–Jimmy Carter
    #4–Warren Harding
    #5–Andrew Johnson and Franklin Pierce

  • Mona

    I agree with Chip Wood. I think Obama will move closer to No. 1 on his list before his term is up and hope and pray he never gets a second term.

    • blv54

      thats right mona I have to take PMs to sleep at nite just wondering what obamas gonna do next.

  • David Collins


    These comments are terrific! It makes me want to get some history books and really research for the truth. I feel just as emotional about these things being a conservative as the emotionally inspired comments by the above liberals… but I want to think and comment based on the facts. I really appreciate Chip’s reasoned arguments, and that’s what I want to do also.

  • DeanT

    Worst presidents in my lifetime…

    1. W – Started unnecessary expensive wars, privatized the military, blatantly governed for the plutocracy
    2. Clinton – Signed NAFTA, removed Glass-Steagal
    3. Nixon – Stained the presidency
    4. Reagan – Dropped the tax rates for the wealthy, pushed the “greed is good” mentality

    • Anthony

      Please explain how you create jobs, if tax rates on the wealthy are as high as what Volker and Carter made them in the 70′s..?

      Do you just create a Company out of thin air with no investments? How does that work…. tell us. Youre reasoning on reagan is seriously flawed.. and who was it inside the White House at the time with him? Bush 1 and Rumsfeld. Not to mention the tax, tax, tax Democrats. We also have the public emergence of Bilderberg and the CFR, along with the explosion of control by the Trilateral Commission… I wouldn’t be so quik to call Reagan even the 10th worst President ever… far from it. Personal wealth of the middle class skyrocketed under Reagan.

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    I have to pretty much agree with the FDR, LBJ, RMN, WW, cluster, and would definitely put Obama in, rather than Clinton;granted he was an a** and a major embarrassment to the country, and did some damage, but nothing compared to what Obama has done in his short tenure in that office. Not quite sure which is the worst between Obama,and Wilson, as we haven’t the perspective of history on Obama that we have on Wilson. And I do credit “Tricky Dicky” with the loss of Vietnam. FDR was an unqualified disaster also. Between him and Wilson and LBJ, we had the framework of socialism for Obama to build his take-over of our government on all laid out for him. So those 5 definitely take the prizes in this category!

  • walter

    You left out the worst of the worst: Obama!!

  • EltonJ


    Lets see.

    1. Woodrow Wilson (Corporatist)
    2. Franklin D. Roosevelt. (Corporatist)
    3. Barrack H. Obama (Corporatist)
    4. Jimmy Carter (Destroyed our economy)
    5. I don’t know who the fifth would be.

    Interestingly enough, I changed my tune from “Obama is a Socialist” to “Obama is a Corporatist” simply because he is. Number one, he’s not interested in spreading the Wealth. He and Bernake are running the economy in a way that benefits the Rich (not that the Rich are bad).

    According to the Socialist Party of America, Sara Palin is their Socialist Candidate. Here’s the link:

    • Sherron

      Interesting EltonJ

      thanks for the explanation and the website info

    • Anthony

      Not surprised in the least. That much I can attest to. Palin came on the scene with too much fervor – much like ol’ Barry did. She just uses the opposite message. Her stepping down as Governor has all sorts of intrigue built within.

      Here’s another slight shocker – I believe Evan Bayh stepped down to run for POTUS in 2012. It could be him against Palin. Either wasy, they both work for the same groups – CFR / Trilateral/ Bilderberg / FED. NO ONE in this Country gets to run for Office at that level without the blessing of those at the top of that list.

  • Jerry

    My list of the “worst”.
    1.) obama , socialist, marxist
    2.) carter , socialist, incompetent
    3.) wilson , socialist
    4.) roosevelt , socialist
    5.) clinton , disgraced, immoral

  • Jerry

    My list of the “worst”.
    1.) obama , socialist, marxist
    2.) carter , socialist, incompetent
    3.) wilson , socialist
    4.) roosevelt , socialist
    5.) clinton , disgraced, immoral, socialist

  • http://LibertyAlert Gino in Az.

    Obama for sure #1
    Carter #2
    LBJ #3
    Billy Blue Dress #4
    Nixon #5
    Obama hates America is not even an American He hates god and the things God loves.
    Carter wanted to kill allthe Jews and still dose to have world pease
    what an idiot the Obama muslims would love that.
    LBJ was apig killed more Americans than any one. This guy and his wife were true pigs. Ask any Texan who knows anything about Misletoe Express.
    Billy Blue Dress was nothing more tan a disgrace his patrnering with China for MONEY for him and his wife has caused the loss of American jobs.He and Gore are almost as goob a liers as the Musilm president.
    Nixon was just plain stupid Making tapes of conversations in his office??????? another jerk.

  • D.Wood

    Chip: Jefferson was not our second President as you indicate. Adams was. And Jefferson was a theist who accepted a “god of nature” not a typical Christian. Worst Presidents were those who supported corporate welfare: Grant, Coolidge, Hoover, Nixon, and the Bushes. Economic depression was the result of their being in bed with corporate deregulation and subsidization. The ACLU supports the Constitution and its protection of our legal freedoms. The Constitution is the definitive indication we have a secular not a Christian government. It also establishes freedom of religion which means freedom of conscience.

    • Mike Austin,TX

      Ease up on the Kool-aid. Drinking more won’t make you feel any better.

      • Greg

        Good contribution Mike. Well thought out. Way to refute his facts. You better ease up on the Skoal and the Budweiser, it’s fermenting whatever is in place of your brain. Besides, what ever happened to Texas seceding from the union, as your governor promised. Now there was a good idea that I could get behind.

    • Jeep

      You people are funny. When the Constitution says something you don’t like you refer to the intent. But, when the Constitution is clearly written you are quick to refer to the intent. Good job.

    • http://GOGGLE vaksal


    • http://naver samurai

      The ACLU? You mean the Athiest, Communist, Loony Liberal Union? If you read your history, you would know that the founder of the ACLU was a communist and an athiest. He said that he would create an organization (ACLU) that would seek to destroy and/or warp the U.S. Constitution. He didn’t like the idea of our founding fathers being christian in belief. Basing our laws on the 10 Commandments, etc., you need to study before opening your mouth. By the way, Jefferson was a diest and not a thiest!

      • Anthony

        Done… and … Done.

  • http://none Denis

    Actually all of THEM

  • John

    1. Lincoln
    2. Wilson
    3. F.D.R.
    4. Johnson
    5. Nixon

    Also getting votes – Clinton, Both Bush’s, and Obama has the potential to move, as he did during his presidential campaign, from “Who the hell is that guy?” to find himself seeded ahead of all others right into the Number One spot.

  • Mike Austin,TX

    # 6 is a tie between the hundreds if not thousands of crooked senators and congressmen who repeatedly trample on the Constitution. Backroom deals, wasting taxpayer money. Fraus and deceit. Don’t forget. The #1 – 5 worst could not have accomplished this decline without the minions in Congress. So-called greedy Corporate types are amatuers compared to these guys.

  • George

    Past presidents, made mistakes,had faults but were all Americans at heart. Obama made mistakes,had faults but he was the only president that I would consider an Un-Americans at heart.

  • EltonJ

    The Best Presidents:

    1. George Washington.
    2. Thomas Jefferson.
    3. James K. Polk.
    4. John F. Kennedy.
    5. Ronald “Uncle Ronnie” Reagan.

    Two of those are socialist, I believe. Uncle Ronnie spoke out against Big Government. John F. Kennedy tried to “End the Fed!” and did other things that was very Presidential.

    The other two, American Liberal should read about. Especially in the oldest Textbooks for American Schools –> The Signers of the Declaration of Independence and The Wives of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence for T. Jefferson; and the Real George Washington biography.

    Just don’t believe that Adam Weishaupt replaced him in his second term until there is some well documented proof (although he could have pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes.)

    • Anthony

      Adam Weishaupt (ashkenazi jew) was an Agent for the Rothschilds’ Central Bank in Europe. As was Alexander Hamilton. So, you may have something there. However, you still have John Adams to contend with in that discussion. I doubt he would have let Adam get away with much. It may be drama, but the John Adams HBO miniseries was pretty much as close to reality as one could get. I’m having a hard time finding evidence to the contrary, actually. Do you have more?

  • Randy

    Chip – good article but I think Jefferson was our third president.

  • Larry

    Good old LBJ… you forgot to mention treason and the fact that he had his own sister killed.

    Wilson would be next to the worst, but the worst by far is the one that surrounded himself with Communists…..Obama.

    I am ashamed of my fellow Americans for not demanding the removal of the Communist in our Government they will pay for their failure to act.

  • http://None Kenny

    Wrose presidents ever:

    1. Barack Hussein Obama
    2. Woodrow Wilson
    3. FDR
    4. Jimmy Carter
    5. Maybe one or both of the Bushes

    And why are all the worse presidents of rather recent vintage? Because, the presidency has grown in size and scope since the beginning of the 20th Century.

    • Anthony

      The reason? Mass media and short memories.

  • redeye

    #1-Obama (after only 1 year)-before we get him out of office no one
    could possibly overtake him
    #2-FDR He prolonged the Great Depression by at least 10 years
    #3-Carter- no backbone
    #4-George W Bush-Forgot who elected him by spending out of control

    As bad as the bottom 4 was all of them combined couldn’t knock Obama out of #1

  • Jim


    I like your comments on Wilson. I don’t know if CLinton will make the top five after Obama’s term. The only thing Obama is lacking is a full term, but that will come. Charles Krauthammer made a great comment about Hillary during the primaries that aptly applies to her husband, that she is not one to let her principles get in the way of political expediency. At least Clinton finally signed welfare reform into law after the Republican Congress shoved it down his throat.

    Worst five: 1)Wilson, 2)F. Roosevelt 3)LBJ, 4)Carter (as much for what he has done out of office as for what he did in), and 5)Obama/Clinton (the jury is still out)

  • Rowdy

    I guess I have to agree with most everyone here, well that is except the left hand wing nuts. Can’t hardly believe anyone is stupid enough to speak up for Barry, sadam, osama, barack, barry hussien, bin laden, obama, soetoro. It is a very sad commentary to be able to give him a rating when his term is little more than started. Normally a president shouldn’t be judged until after his work is finished. With that said I think his work is much closer to being finished than most of us think. barring his declaring martial law and being successful at taking over our government by force. his time draws nie. In such a case I think he fully deserves the #1 rating.
    #1 Barry Soetoro Intended to be the last nail in the coffin by NWO
    #2 Woodro wilson I feel he was the original implementer of the NWO
    #3 FDR Implemented more of the NWO agenda than anyone up till BO
    #4 nixon, clinton, Johnson, all piss poor mindless NWO twits just were so piss poor they didn’t even do a very good job of following orders from their directors.
    #5 both Bushes. one same as other. both following NWO commands

    That said, the list means nothing. what is done is done now the only function history has is to look at it and know what they have been doing. To wake the people up and cause them to take action. And to act as a template for what has to be undone once we have taken our country back from the grips of the NWO IF we can. What we had was a REPUBLIC if you can keep it. We failed. If we can regain it maybe we will not forget it again. STAND UP, FIGHT BACK, LIVE FREE OR DIE.
    !!! FREEDOM !!!

  • Doug Reiber

    Liberal’s posting fail to understand the definition of a Republic. If they did they would know that by far the worst would include the following:

    1. Barry Obama
    2. Woodrow Wilson
    3. Jimmy Carter
    4. LBJ
    5. FDR

    Its hard to not include Nixon, Hoover, Clinton. Really any recent President with the exception of Reagan would qualify as they have all failed to reduce the size and scope of the Federal Government. Again it would help if modern liberals and Americans would try to understand what a Republic really is, and how our Constitution really works. If they did they would vote very differently.

  • Blake

    The Jefferson Memorial is modeled after the Pantheon in Rome, not Greece. The word Pantheon is Greek however, meaning Every god.

  • Kerry Mercer

    The top five in my book would be in order

    1) Barack Obama – Liar,Racist,Socialist,Tyrant,hater of American values and American people of which he is not one or why else is he fighting tooth and nail and spending millions of dollars to keep his birth certificate from being shown, very weak on terrorism and has opened the doors wide for an even more deadly terror attack than 9/11. Without a doubt the worst President.
    2) Lyndon B. Johnson – War criminal and race traitor.
    3) Richard M. Nixon – War criminal, mass murderer and an American sellout.
    4) James Earl Carter – Just plain stupid.
    5) William Jefferson Clinton – A huge embarrassment. He acted like a 5 year old kid that was given a free pass to loot a candy store to his hearts content.

  • Ray

    Copies sent to Congress and the Supreme Court April 15, 2010

    General James E. Cartwright,

    I have done extensive research as to Mr. Obama’s eligibility to be the Commander in Chief and he is most clearly a usurper to the Oval Office, just as Governor Schwartzenegger would have been if he had run from the state of California.

    I do not prefer one race over another, and have two large seminaries in Nigeria, two in Pakistan and one in the Philippines. There is no racial component in this FAX or in my life. I would have preferred Dr. Alan Keyes to have become our President.

    Millions of us Americans are ‘up in arms’ about there being no legal inquiry into Barry Soetoro’s background via the Senate or the Supreme Court. More than ten American Grand Juries have handed down legal decisions as to Obama’s not being ‘a natural born citizen.’ Obama has spent nearing one million dollars filibustering every American in the fifty states. We are not ‘birthers’ but we stand firmly on our American Constitution.

    ‘Lt. Col. Lakin To Face Court MartialBy Thomas

    Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, MD is to face a court martial for his refusal to obey deployment orders, pending proof that it is a lawful order, issued by a commander in chief who meets the Constitutional requirements of office. Dr. Lakin explained his refusal . . .’ end quote.The Grand Jury is the fourth branch of American governance and you should take care of business by removing Obama from the White House, just as we did with former President Nixon. The world did not come ‘unglued’ and we experienced American justice.Please, sir, for the sake of our American freedoms for our grandchildren, deal with this imposter who claims to be an American when, in fact, he is a foreign alien much like many who cross into our nation at the southern tier.I am only one of about four men in the United States who has two earned theological degrees, so I am not some kind of religious ‘nut,’or mindless person.Obama is intentionally trying to bankrupt us financially, militarily, and disassembling our American Judeo-Christian faith.How is it that mega millions of people know these facts and yet Barack still remains in the Oval Office, dismantling our nuclear stockpile of weapons in this dangerous world with North Korea and Iran?Lt. Col. Lakin is right; Obama is a felonous, criminal having taken money to run for President when he knows very well that he has no kind of American birth certificate at all. In fact, we have all seen his original certificate which is in Kenya and Dr. Orly Taitz has a copy of it. The attending physician’s name and the foot print of Obama is at the bottom of said certificate.

    With deep respect, I remain,

    The Rev. Dr. I. Ray Berrian, Th.D. & Ph.D.
    519 Main Street Hellertown, Pennsylvania 18055

    • Anthony

      “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”

      • BrotherPatriot

        The Rothschild criminal network…BINGO!

  • ACL

    Just another normal American problem —-getting people to talk about something important without slamming someone else for their opinion. Wake up America start making your vote count. Get off you butts and start getting REALLY involved with the political crap and AVOID getting the wrong one in again. Obama may be the worst but how the hell did he get in there. Americans got fooled because they hated Bush so much. Make sure you repeat the same crap again!!!!

  • Geoff

    I agree with Chip, as historically he is quite accurate. I do however think that replacing Mr Clinton with Obama makes much more sense. Clinton was an embarassment and though far from harmless, as it was on his watch that the many terrorist attacks on our country and our interests abroad proliferated, but I dont think that he was “evil”. Lets face it, Obama is just as much an embarassment to this country AND as evil, vile and racist as LBJ ever was. The difference being that he and “the regime” are completely OVERT about it!
    I am however amiss as to why Jimmy Carter is not on Chips list … if not for just for sheer incompetence … but still … Obama even take THAT to a new level.

  • len

    I agree with the List.
    1.) Obama a black Jimmy Carter – if it wasn’t for gravity he would not find the floor in the morning. He is a true follower and is as dumb as dirt. His ideology is communism, but not for him. he thinks he is better then anyone. and the irony he hates the whites and hates the blacks even more.
    2.) Clinton – claim to fame the economy, true the years 2000 which was the economy claim to fame he just happened to be there. A total idiot.
    3.) Carter – Say no more, stupid is as stupid does a waste. if it was not for his sister he would never have been elected.
    4.) Bush Senior – SHould have gone after Husain when he had the chance and this would have cut him off the knees. Problem any war in the middle east is putting your fist in a hornets nest.
    5.) LBJ – what a waste what a crook,

    • JEFF


      • Doc Sarvis


        • http://naver samurai

          Gee Doc, you want to say that about a man who can’t write his own speeches, uses a teleprompter, lies to the neglected people of America, tries to destroy the Constitution, claims to be Christian and is really a lying muslim, etc. How about we get him in a debate with Sarah Palin? Sarah would destroy him in front of all America.

          • Doc Sarvis

            I really would love to see that debate – really!
            President Obama is a Christian, an intelligent man, and a proud American. He can write very well and speak with Or without a teliprompter. I’ve heard from a local conservative authority that nobody usec the telipromter as well as Reagan.

          • Anthony

            Obama is a puppet and can’t handle any debate without a bug in his ear and a teleprompter. You should seriously know better.

            Here’s his puppet -
            “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”

          • Anthony

            excuse me – I meant to say PUPPETEER

        • God


  • Larry D. Crumbley

    The list can, could be very long, but the worst of the worst is yet to come, and it seems a whole lot of you have stretch out your imaginations to the present occupier of the Oval-Office, but less see what the old crystal ball says. I see back far enough in the past as some have already done, and say number one on that list is (1)–ABRAHAM LINCOLN. As far as the reason. Everybody says the war of the union, and the South was for the freedom of slaves, and that is nothing but BULL-LEFTOVERS. Evrybody knows it. the text books that everybody reads in schools these days, and in the past were printed up North so they are going to contain lies, and deception. Then add to my list Mr. Andrew Jackson for the reasons of his forcing many of my HERITAGE off there lands and making them to go to Okla. for nothing but to steal there lands, and to call it white mans rights to take land by force. SO YOU CALL SOME OF THE PEOPLE IN THIS LIST SOMETHING YOU HAD BETTER GO BACK AND READ YOUR HISTORY BOOKS A LITTLE BIT BETTER. OKAY.


    • JEFF


      • Smilee


  • http://none Big Daddy

    1)History shows Bill Clinton was worst, until now,. He was offered Osama Bin Laden when the Israelis had him in custody but he said let him go. He initated the the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae sub prime lending that brought us to our economic knees and passed NAFTA. Talk about a one worlder.
    2)Barack Obama is moving up the list very quickly. He has done as much to push us toward Socialism as any President.
    3)Lyndon Johnson caused the death of so many young men with his mishandling of Vietnam
    4)Franklin Roosevelt tried to change this country into a monarchy. Only his death ended his reign.
    5)Jimmy Carter policies brought on double digit inflation,double digit unemployment, and double digit hopelessness.

  • Leona

    Obama is the worse president ever. He is selling America out to the Muslims.

  • jerry rothenberg

    first things first…..The Pantheon is in Rome….the Parthenon is in Greece…..
    And to the subject, how can anyone feel that Obama has made us feel safe…..this country has never been is such a sad state with the members of his cabinet and czars making us wonder just what is running this country….it certainly isn’t what the forefathrs had envisioned.
    Wilson, Carter, Clinton and FDR round out my list after the messiah (as he so anointed himself).

  • Jesse (Patriot 43)

    Abraham Lincoln. It was and still is legal and proper for states to secede from the Union. Lincoln prosecuted an illegal war against the Southern states. He suspended the “writ of Habeas Corpus” and had arrested over 13,000 people who disagreed with his policies (including many newspaper editors). This resulted in the deaths of over 600,000 men on both sides (more than all of our other wars combined. The main cause was tariffs. South Carolina had passed a law upon seccession to lower tariffs to 10%; where Lincolns tariff had just been been raised to 47%. Tariffs on southern cotton provided at least 70/90% of the federal budget, which Lincoln did not want to lose. (it was about the MONEY.) I think Lincoln began the Federal intrusion of power over the states that we are still experiencing today!!!

  • Robert

    A-Lincoln The Civil War was over trade, created by the blue bloods in the New England states.
    B-Truman Two reasons the War Powers Act that skirted th Constitution and led us into war with Korea and his failure to honor the agreement made with VietNam during WW11 which led us into the Nam war.
    C-Carter for involving us in Afganistan when the Russians went in and led us to where we are now,another war
    D-Reagan For his failed policies tht gave the busness sector complete control of the country,deficets don’t matter,that was the beginning
    E- All that came after him for continuing his failed programs and bankrupting the country..

    • Anthony

      Again – I se more about Lincoln being the BAD guy. Let’s try this -

      1862: By April $449,338,902 worth of Lincoln’s debt free money has been printed and distributed. He states of this,

      “We gave the people of this republic the greatest blessing they ever had, their own paper money to pay their own debts.”
      That same year The Times of London publishes a story containing the following statement,
      “If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce.
      It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.”
      The Rothschilds were funding the South in “our” Civil war. They are who got that mess started to begin with. It was the very same Family who was funding slavery all around the Globe at the time. Do you favor Slavery? How about indentured servitude? Do you know the difference? Are we Central Bank free in modern America?

  • ctazcry

    out of all the presidents we have had none are as bad as obama.
    he is against AMERICA ! he needs to be with the others of his
    kind in gitmo. pelosi and reid need to be there too.

    • JEFF


  • Ben Goodin

    I agree with Chaos Factor:
    George W.Bush… war criminal
    Ronald Reagan… Senile
    Richard Nixon… Crook

    • Anthony

      Let me guess…. You’re with the Green Party.

  • Kathleen Wright

    The worst presidents ever:
    1. George Bush Jr. (should be executed for his war crimes and destruction of our economy.)
    2. Ronald Reagan (robbed from the poor to give to the rich and this has continued ever since.)
    3. Andrew Jackson
    4. Herbert Hoover
    5. George Bush Sr.

    I don’t understand why some of you think Obama is a Socialist. I think he is way too conservative. He has kept so many of Bush’s people and policies. The only one in Congress I trust is Dennis Kucinich. He is a modern-day saint.

    • coal miner

      kathleen Wright,

      I agree about your view of the presidents.Who is Dennis Kucinich?

    • http://naver samurai

      Oh quit complaining about your money! Get a job, get off the alcohol, cigarettes, etc., and you’ll have more money. The economy is in worse shape now than anytine with Reagan and Bush II.

    • ShatterTheMatrix

      Kucinich is a sell-out…Obama “coerced” him into voting for Obamacare after he exposed it was a loot for the insurance companies.

    • Anthony

      The only person you should be trusting in Congress today… is Ron Paul.

      Reagan robbed from the poor? Seriously? Is that from West Wing, or what? If anyone robbed from the Poor, it was Congress being run by the DEMs. Your understanding of congressional rules and procedures needs enhancement.

      • Anthony

        Oh, and Dennis Kucinich? He’s already sold out. Go get an update.

  • JulieinAZ

    Obama is the absolute WORST. He is not only bad, but DANGEROUS. How come nobody, including Fox, is talking about how his largest charitable contribution and TAX DEDUCTION went to CAIR, the largest muslim organization here in the U.S. and a KNOWN supporter of terrorism and al queda????!!! How does this not fully expose this jerk for what he really is?

    • Greg

      Actually, his largest charitable contribution went to the United College Negro Fund. Where do you get your information? Another Fox-watcher?

      • huh?

        What is a United college negro fund?

    • JeffH

      The president and first lady also reported donating $329,100 to 40 different charities. The largest donations went to the United Negro College Fund and CARE, an organization fighting global poverty; both received $50,000.

    • Chick

      Fox reported that Obama donated to CARE not CAIR. They sound alike but are far different. CARE and the United Negro Fund got the same amount. I have no problem with his contributions but he is the worst president in my lifetime – FDR was president when I was born.

  • Ken Roberts

    I would never have put Clinton on there to leave out Obama, he has been and will be the worst president we have ever had, look at what he did with health care ,that alone is enough to gain him that position. he has single handed put our country in greater danger in less time then any other president., He is not finished yet and what ever he can do until November will be devastating . Bush is a product of people believing the news media and nothing more, he was a decent president and I long for someone with as much moral body as he has. The history books will vindicate Bush.

  • Charles C. Coone

    1. Barrack Hussein Obama…He is rapidly dismantling this country and institutions at a rate that far surpasses all other presidents to date. His fraud against the American people began with his counterfeit credentials for the Constitutional qualifications for President.
    2. Woodrow Wilson…He set the framework and foundation for the deconstruction of our Constitution.
    3. Franklin D. Roosevelt…he actively began following the blueprints established by his progressive predecessors. His actions proceeded at a rate near that of BHO, but was stopped only by the grace of God and alarmed politicians.
    4. Lyndon B. Johnson…for his complicity in the assassination of JFK and his move to further the cause of the socialization of our nation.
    5. “Slick Willy” Clinton…for lowering the moral and ethical bar of the office of President. His own personal actions while in the employ of the people of the United States as well as his part in prostituting the values of this nation for the sake of money (…”it’s the economy, stupid!”).

  • Ricpent

    Seeing some of these comments makes me feel badly for this great Nation. Such an uninformed, mean-spirited and uneducated group of people, the likes of whom


    • Enlightened one

      Bush w. Is Americas worse ever… And I agree , some of these people are very delusional and very paranoid people… They long for some longago utopia that’s impossible to find…it sounds like some of these ultra rightwing conservatives were very heavy drinkers and drug users..

      • http://naver samurai

        I think you are the one who needs to get off the bottle of koolaid and stop using that crack that “Osama” has put into your brain.

      • Cheryl

        NON Enlightened One,

        You sound like one of the delusional people you are describing. Apparently you are not as enlightened as you think. (words removed for offensive content). It is easier to live with your real name than one you have superimposed on yourself, especially one that you personally will never achieve. (words removed for offensive content) to live up to. You have already accomplished it.

    • Cheryl

      You ARE talking about all the liberal socialists on here aren’t you?
      There are not many here, but if you want to see a whole lot of losers, go to the daily kos, or one of the WE Love obama socialist web sites. They’re so patheticly ignorant, it will turn your stomach.

  • JEFF


    • JulieinAZ


    • http://verizon kbab

      Jeff, if you have read my posts on here you know that I think odamaz is as bad as everyone else thinks but impeachment I highly doubt. There would be a racial war. There are certain people that are just looking to riot. Think about it. He will never be impeached because of color.

    • Doc Sarvis

      He has done so.

      • God

        Where did I go wrong with you Doc Sarvis?

  • Rowdy

    I guess I have to agree with most everyone here, well that is except the left hand wing nuts. Can’t hardly believe anyone is stupid enough to speak up for Barry, sadam, osama, barack, barry hussien, bin laden, obama, soetoro. It is a very sad commentary to be able to give him a rating when his term is little more than started. Normally a president shouldn’t be judged until after his work is finished. With that said I think his work is much closer to being finished than most of us think. barring his declaring martial law and being successful at taking over our government by force. his time draws nie. In such a case I think he fully deserves the #1 rating.
    #1 Barry Soetoro Intended to be the last nail in the coffin by NWO
    #2 Woodro wilson I feel he was the original implementer of the NWO
    #3 FDR Implemented more of the NWO agenda than anyone up till BO
    #4 nixon, clinton, Johnson, all piss poor mindless NWO twits just were so piss poor they didn’t even do a very good job of following orders from their directors.
    #5 both Bushes. one same as other. both following NWO commands

    That said, the list means nothing. what is done is done now the only function history has is to look at it and know what they have been doing. To wake the people up and cause them to take action. And to act as a template for what has to be undone once we have taken our country back from the grips of the NWO IF we can. What we had was a REPUBLIC if you can keep it. We failed. If we can regain it maybe we will not forget it again. STAND UP, FIGHT BACK, LIVE FREE OR DIE.
    !!! FREEDOM !!!

  • Mary Newlon

    1, George Bush…arrogant and inexperienced to lead any country

    2. Jimmy Carter….inexperienced and appeaser

    3. Lyndon Johnson….too powerful and not experienced in war

    4. Bill Clinton…morally bankrupt

    5. Barrack Obama….eligibility in question and too far to the left leaving
    the American people to question his honesty.

    We haven’t really had a good one since Harry Truman.

    • Anthony

      Don’t forget Obama’s Selective Service issue….


  • http://ordy@fedtel./net Eric g

    I grewup believing Linclon was our greatest . Now I dicover he did not fight the civl war to free the slaves , but rather to set tarifs which regulate who got the easy money and who got the hard work . I’am a socialist , but a consevative socialist . very conservative socialist. I don’t like to see people without work paid more than people with jobs . I dont like to see people complain about not being able to live on SS or unemployment . becuase it isnt enough . I remember people living on 200 dollars a yr and feeding a family , and being happy about their life . Many farms had 150 people all sharing a few 100 dollars for a whole yr , and we all had electricity . No SOC S no welfare but schools churches and gardens ,mules , and coon hounds .

    • Delores Smith

      What the h— is a conservative socialist? If it makes you feel better, I guess it’s ok.
      Delores Smith

    • Stephaan

      Umm YEAH Eric, ditto to that question. What the he*ll is a “conservative socialist” I’ve never heard of it. Do you mean a “fiscally conservative socialist”?

      People living on $200 a month and happy. Yes my grandparents did, but that was a long time ago, BEFORE INFLATION. People WERE happier then because the government hadn’t completely intruded in their lives and they were a LOT more free.
      Guess who you can blame for inflation. YOUR SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT!!

  • Marauder

    I’ve read “A Texan Looks at Lyndon” and grew up in the Jim Wells County, Texas area where the 1948 primary election ballot-loading activity took place against Coke Stevenson. I wasn’t old enough to see it happening, but I later met some of the players involved.
    I agree that Woodrow Wilson was a terrible president mainly because he inspired so many following presidents of the Progressive persuasion.
    But the Democratic Party has been about power for as long as I can remember, and whereas part of the tragedy of this is that they are now so blatantly socialistic, another part is that so many good, salt of the earth folks vote that way because their forebears did, and they have no idea of the damage they’re doing when they pull that lever.
    This makes Obama the worst ever in my book because every move he makes is thought out and designed to accomplish his goal which is socialism, European-style. What’s next? Fascism? Whatever he’s doing, he’s supported by people like George Soros and Islamic terrorists like Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Is he also backed by them?

    • Rowdy

      Yes indeed he was. follow the money trail. how do you think that someone who had no support from either mother or father, (both had left to study marxism) and raised by his grandparents who were communists suddenly after making friends that were muslim had money to go to college after college (very expensive ones) and make trips to indonesia, pakistan, etc. follow the money. Here is a link to some video clips on U tube that will provide you with some interesting information. They are presented from a man that is trying to resotre the republic to Argentina, a country that went down much the same path we are headed down right now. If we are not real careful and stand up and fight to stop it.

      Also a huge part of this battle that most people are not aware of can be found (not sure where right now) do a search for demographics. started with the theory in the 50′s of zero population growth. And is a world wide program by which we are driven into extinction. Leaving the others to inhabit the earth. search it out all need to know about these issues. We are in one of the most pitched battles of the most intense war of all times right now.

  • Sarge 907

    Abraham Lincoln….first to restict habeas corpus; first to violate State’s Rights.

    William Howard Taft….signed into law the Federal Reserve Act.

    Woodrow Wilson….first attempt to socialistic government via the League of Nations.

    Franklin Roosevelt….established autocratic socialistic government.

    Nancy Pelosi…..alter-ego of Barak Obama and mother of totalitarianism in America.

    • Jackie

      My only disagreement with you is on the Lincoln points: Habeas corpus is suspended during wartime… the United States was held together by not allowing individual states to secede from the Union. The freeing of slaves was a huge benefit to that race so let’s not knock the order or the reason of these events, shall we?
      I go with the rest of your comments.

      • Bay0Wulf

        Ahhh … OK so riddle me this Batman … exactly WHEN did Lincoln “Free the Slaves”? If you are talking about The Emancipation Proclamation be advised that Lincoln didn’t “free” anybody. Read it. What it said is that all slaves in areas that were currently in REBELLION (ie. The Confederacy) were freed it/he did not mention one word about those slaves who were within the areas who were not in rebellion (ie. The Union). Since the Confederacy did not recognize the authority of Lincoln at the time … it was empty words. Try thinking of this as YOU telling your neighbor’s kids that they never have to do homework again without including your own kids in this new rule. Lincoln had no intention to free the slaves. The issue of slaves was what brought the conflict to a head but wasn’t even mentioned as a reason for the conflict until well into the war (at least an entire year) when the Union Federalists realized that they needed some way to “popularize” the war in order to get the citizenry to enlist-support-promote the effort. The war got started over the Rights of States to govern themselves as per the rules laid out in The Constitution and attached Bill of Rights.

        • Smilee


        • zack

          Smilee, according to obama the Constitution does not mean crap. He is as American as Bin Laden is. In other words he is a dip $h!t.

  • dvacchi

    I’m amazed at the lack of wisdom and petty squabbling this question has raised.

    As a conservative, I would not categorize FDR as one of the worst – LBJ made FDR’s “temporary” fixes permanent, making LBJ the worst in the last 50 years. Nixon? really? He was reacting to and mitigating calamities created by LBJ and JFK – were he not to have gotten into Watergate, he would be regarded as one of the best.

    Woodrow Wilson might be the worst, but not b/c we got into WWI – silly! His failed policies led us to the Great Depression – making him the worst. Um – FDR got us out of the Great Depression, mitigating his temporary welfare state policies. Also there were no lies and receipt that got us into WWII – what planet are you people from? Were we to isolate ourselves and stay out of WWII we’d be a 4th place country with limited economic ties to the 3 major powers: Soviet Union, Germany (all of continental Europe) and China. You might even toss Japan in there as they would have owned most of the Pacific Rim (recall no one but the US and Australia did anything about Japan)

    We need to be more informed in our analysis!

    • Anthony

      On Nixon, you are almost right. Watergate was a “huge” DEM party embarassment. And, yes, there were some Rhinos in there as well. That’s why we call them by that name.
      However, you forgot about Nixon’s trip to China, which opened the door for pushing our Industrial Expertise right out the door. Nixon also took us off the gold standard. He was significantly better than LBJ, but he was no saint, by any means. Nixon, like LBJ, was a part of the CFR. He took his marching orders just like any of the others.

      Woodrow Wilson is who signed the Federal Reserve Act. However, it was Rockefeller and Co, that got us into WWI. In the begining, Wilson was totally against it. That’s why we didn’t go until 1917. The lie came from Warburg, one of the Founders of the FED, who had ties to Holland and cohorts in Germany at the time. Warburg also funded Hitler, as did ol Joe Kennedy, while working as Ambassador to England.

      Hoover helped create the Great Depression. However, it was the FED tightening monetary policy that actualy caused the Depression. Hoover was just following orders. FDR “did not” get us out of the Depression… WWII did that. FDR actually extended the Depression to almost a full decade. That’s how damaging his policies were. Many also have the temerity to claim (as I do) that FDR is who forced Japan’s hand by depriving them of their own money and funneling war supplies to China and Britain, two of Japan’s biggest enemies at the time. What was FDR doing, sticking his nose into that nonsense for? He didn’t need to freeze Japan’s assets here in our Country. He could have been neutral. However, the Central bank stood to gain HUGE profits with a WAR and WWII was already planned – many decades prior …
      [1871 - An American General named, Albert Pike] wrote up a plan for 3 world wars… each to have a certain agenda. The first, was to get rid of the Tsars of Russia. The 2nd was to forment controversy between fascism and political zionism, with the slaughter of jews in Germany as the lynchpin. It was also about leveling the playhing field and helping Communism gain an even foothold with Christianity. This is did successfully.

      On August 15th of this year, Albert Pike writes a letter (now catalogued in the British Museum) to Guiseppe Mazzini in which he states the following,

      “We shall unleash the nihilists and the atheists and we shall provoke a great social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to all nations the effect of absolute atheism; the origins of savagery and of most bloody turmoil.
      Then everywhere, the people will be forced to defend themselves against the world minority of the world revolutionaries and will exterminate those destroyers of civilization and the multitudes disillusioned with Christianity whose spirits will be from that moment without direction and leadership and anxious for an ideal, but without knowledge where to send its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer brought finally out into public view.
      A manifestation which will result from a general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and Atheism; both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”
      If this letter really resides in the British Museum, what are we to think? Tell me why the British people aren’t are most ardent supporters against the Central Bank…. the very backers of all this nonsense. We have any english people in this discussion, that could go look?

  • Suzanne

    Many of the comments posted to your question are in poor taste and reflect badly upon us as Americans. I will not spout what I have heard from mainstream media or bloggers as some here have for these methods of passing information have their own biases. I will say, however, that Barack Hussein Obama is the very first on my list, because if he is not stopped, America will cease to exist as we know it. He will look for ways to usurp the Constitution and stay in the office of the Presidency until he dies.

    • Marie

      I agree with you on this. Obama needs stopped or we will not have a Country to defend. I’m sure there are others who have not helped the socialist agenda, but we can stop this if we do it now in the next two elections and take our country back. The problem I see is there aren’t any good people running on either side. I am a republican but I don’t vote a straight ticket I vote for the person. Is there anyone out running for office who cares more about this country than about themselves?

  • Ted Christy

    After reading all these comments I now understand why out founding father said that we will trust no man. We will bind him down with the chains of the constitution. All the worst presidents that have been mentioned did things that were unconstitutional. Let that be a lesson to all of us. Follow the constitution.

  • Ricpent

    My comment was cut off mid-sentence. Such as I would have expected from a group of Right-wing zealots. George W. Bush and his henchmen used every type of deceit and chicanery to advance his agenda. Which was to be a 2 term president. His budget called for the Iraq war to be on a “supplemental budget.” Not included in the actual budget. Republicans forget that our energy policy was determined by Cheney meeting behind closed doors with 50 “captains of industry” and not by an elected congress. George W. Bush inherited a huge budget surplus from President Clinton, and squandered it, along with thousands of American lives! My list of worst has only one name, George W. Bush.

    • DaveH

      Your comment was cut off at mid-sentence by who? It couldn’t possibly be the loose nut at the keyboard, could it?
      Your comment is what I would expect from a left-wing zealot. A Liberal bashing Bush. How novel.
      Indeed, Bush was helping to build government like no Republican before him. But he was a by-product of the Republican machinery who decided that a true conservative could no longer be elected. So they, with the help of the Main Stream Media, put up a RINO as their candidate for Republican President.

      I agree that we shouldn’t be wasting our precious resources conducting police actions around the globe. But your comment about energy policy leaves me cold. The government has no track record of correct decisions in Economic matters. Whether Republican or Democrat, they should butt out of the marketplace and let the consumer decide which products they should buy and how much they should pay for them. The only place Government has any business is in pollution control and even there they have gone way overboard. Such is the nature of Big Government – to perpetuate and grow itself at the citizens’ expense. You can bet if everybody had to pay equal taxes the citizens wouldn’t buy the crap product that government sells.

    • Danny Buckles

      If you had enough sense to have watched bill clintons underhanded deals to sell our industries out to foreign countries. And break the back of our economy.While he profiteered to the tune of over a hundred million dollars per year. Then come back with your ridiculous defence of his presidency.Then put yourself in Bushes position of having the nation attacked under his watch.By a bunch of murdering antichrist maniacs without the industrial based economy to back his efforts. Grab your magic wand you are going to need it

    • Enlightened one

      Ricpent…. Correct and accurate….

    • http://naver samurai

      Oh is that why unemployment was 5% with Bush and anywhere from 10%-15% with “Osama”?

      • zack

        samurai, try 22% in some states I saw on the NBC news. I think they slipped up and pissed obama off!!

    • Alpha-Omega

      The worst President; Barack Hussain Obama! He is a fraud. He attended Occidental College as a foreign student on an Indonesian passport. It is common knowledge by the Kenyan people that Obama was born in Kenya. Even if this isnt true…his Mother gave up their citizenship to marry Barry Sotoro…Obama’s real name is Bary Sotero. IF HE IS A “NATURAL-BORN CITIZEN(as reqiured by the Constitution) why is his posted “Live birth certificat” false? Why aren’t his college records from Harvard & Columbia available? IF HE REALLY WANTED TO PUT AN END TO THE SKEPTISISM, HE’D MAKE ALL & EVERY DOCUMENT FREELY AVAILABLE. He is surrounded by Communist, Socialist and radicals in his administration who make up the majority of his Czars who were put in place because they would never have passed the conformation process, LET ALONE AN FBI BACKROUND CHECK and… to top it off, all legislation he has passed to date has been against the will of the majority of American people! I predict shortly after the November mid-term Hillary Clinton will jump ship and make a run for President with Bill Clinton pulling her strings! They’re BOTH avid GLOBALISTS & the Depublicans/Remocrats…have no one else to SELL OUT THEIR SOULS TO THE god OF THIS WORLD. The Tea Party types (former PEROT/Independents…will make a last ditch effort to bring the Judeo-CHRISTIAN principles the country was founded upon, back to the main stream of America. GOD, ALMIGHTY , help us if we dont re-generate the United States of America. WE ARE THE WORLD’S LAST BASTION OF HOPE & FREEDOM…until THE Lord & Messiah, Jesus Christ returns to gather the Church, His body. Then THE GREAT TRIBULATION WILL BEGIN. All the pieces of the puzzle are being put in place daily…Come quickly, LORD JESUS!!!

  • Danny Buckles

    I agree with many of the points of deceit of previous presidents But at least they were qualified by our constitution to be president.Until I see the documents to prove obama was born here and that he has no other citizenship.I do not believe we should recognise his ocupation of the Whitehouse as a presidency.Anyone that does otherwise has no respect or honor for our Constitution.

    • zack

      Danny Buckles I agree. he definitely was not born in The United States. I have seen his birth certificate,”not a certificate of birth,” and he was born in Kenya..

  • hannah

    Bush is the worst president ever didn’t and doesn’t care about poor people and sacrificing thousands of soldiers just to kill one guy that we already beheaded and now the war is still going on because we can’t just end it Bush is an Idiot that screwed the american people now Obama has to fix it and that is going to take time but it will take even longer if the damn republicans don’t him cuz they are selfish Idiots just like Bush

  • Robert

    I have to agree with Chaos Factor with one exception:
    1. George W. Bush – who managed not to protect the USA from the worst terrorist attack ever assaulted against the USA or any country in the World. September 11, 2001 serves as the Ideal Icon for successful terrorism around the world and was the catalyst for over hundred major attacks worldwide. And that’s just one item.
    2. George H.W. Bush for “No, I don’t know that Atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God.” Many Atheists voted for him, served their country, and many died protecting his little spoiled child’s butt so he could buy and brown nose his way to the Presidency. May his memory rot with his son’s.
    3. Ronald Reagan – the Actor cast in the Big Political Reality Gig.
    4. Richard Nixon – “I am not a crook!”

    • Cheryl

      Almost too ignorant to be deserving of a reply, but do you have any facts to support your drivel as to count one?

  • Glen

    I am so sorry that you don’t see the man for what he is. I only hope that we can get him out of office before he destroys the geratest nation in the world. If the U.S. turns it’s back on Israel I fear that God will turn his back on us. He is not the only one that needs to leave office,there are many more, from big gov. to local gov. We need to get back to common sense, work hard for fair pay and looking out for your fellow man,taking care of your family. Not sitting around waiting for the gov. to help you,go out get a job work for what you want. When you reach your goal you will appreciate it much more. You will feel so much better about your self

  • Dennis

    Barack Hussein Obama is the worst US American President ever. He is the most Anti-American, Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Military in history!
    He is the most Pro Communist, Pro Socialist, Pro Fascist, Pro Marxist, Pro Baby Killer, Pro Nationalism, Pro Statist, Pro Racist, and the biggest lier and fraud to ever hold this office!
    Barack Hussein Obama should be impeached from this office!
    If he is not impeached, we will not have a free Nation anymore!
    Obama and the Communist Democrats continue to destroy this Nation intentionally for their Communist agenda, one business at a time!
    All you Communist Obama supporters need to wake up!

    • EltonJ

      Barry is a Corporatist. The Socialists HATE Barrack Obama. The politician they love is Sarah Palin. Go for the Original, RON PAUL!

  • Ray

    The Crown Prince and Jewel born of ‘scrap’ and destined to be the downfall of the American dream, the usurper, Barack Obama alias Barry Soetoro.

    Get a judge to give orders to remove this demonic, Muslim, mulatto from our Oval Office. He is not the first black President. I would have loved to have Dr. Alan Keyes as our first Afro-American President. The Afro-Americans voted for Obama who is neither black or caucasian.

    He was born in Kenya, bred in Communist, Indonesia, and deceitfully spawned on the American electorate because he is an alien from a Muslim school in Indonesia and taught in America under the Fulbright Scholarship for foreign students.

    He is possibly the Antichrist or False Prophet as noted in Revelation 13:11-18; Revelation 20:10. Satan gives power to these two persons. In theology we call them the Unholy Trinity.

    Rev. Dr. Berrian, Th.D. & Ph.D.

    • Christopher Huber

      Keep working on that because you are very close on who he actually is.

    • Anthony

      What about Walter E Williams ? I would vote for him.

  • Jim

    If any of us ran our personal finances like the elite politicians do the government, we would all be in jail. Bribing is called ‘politics’, lying is called “spinning” or “campaign talk”, robbing is called “redistributing”, etc. etc.

    Obama is in deed a socialist, i.e., government motors, government health care and we already have government education, and the government in the business of delivering mail (U.S. Post Office, what a joke of a business). Everything the government tries to run, will always end up in the ‘red’. As he really believes capitalism is evil and socialism is good, why doesn’t he just admit it. The problem Obama has is that socialism has never worked. And socialism will not work in the hands of man.

    • Dave

      Hey Don, what are you, in the 6th grade? Lincoln “evaded the south”??
      Harding was probably a bigger crook than Nixon. (remember the “Teapot Dome” scandal?)

      • DaveH

        Why the attack? We know he meant “invaded”. I realize that only Liberals are perfect. Not!
        And why didn’t you pick the “reply” button under Don’s comment?

  • Don

    All yopu people who hate Bush have been filled by the garrbage put out by the Media and it shows—
    however if you step back and think you have to agree that the five are:
    Obama(maybe #1)

  • Norm

    Sixty-five historians have brought their far-reaching perspective to the list of American presidents, and ranked them from best to worst.

    • DaveH

      All I have to see is Lincoln being ranked #1 to know that their “far-reaching perspective” is severely lacking.

      Lincoln ran for office in 1860 with no intention of doing anything about slavery. In 1863 he issued the Emancipation Proclamation but it freed slaves in the Confederate States (territory Lincoln did not control). A typical politician. There were five slave-owning states that were left alone because they were on the side of the North.

      The southern states didn’t condone the Federal Government assuming powers not given in the Constitution, so they seceded from the Union. And why not? If you were party to a contract, and the other party was breaking the rules, would you want to be bound by that contract?

      So, in typical power-broker fashion, Lincoln considered the secessionist states to be “rebellious” and soon the Civil War erupted. Over 600,000 people lost their lives in that unnecessary war. Sure slavery is wrong, but there would have been far-less costly measures to pursue if Lincoln was really interested in ending slavery.

      As a side note, it’s interesting to me that the very same Liberals, who proclaim they abhor the Slavery that existed in the Southern States, have no problem at all with enslaving half of the income-earning population while the other half gets by with paying almost nothing in income taxes.

      • DaveH
      • kate

        slavery isn’t wrong. It’s a way of keep down the cost of products. Just think how inexpesive things would be if we didn’t have to pay the labor to make them. China does it and works well for them. Ever been to Wal-Mart?

        • Claire

          Would you be happy earning slave labor wages?

          • Smilee


    • kate

      65 trained historians that understand history and the effects it has had against the views of these people here that are paranoid and afraid. Hummmmmmmmmm yeah Lincoln is the worst. FRD Elected 4 times, something was really wrong there. Buchanan let the country split apart. Certain Buchanan was the best. LOL

  • Don Tremaine

    My list: Mostly because they were dangerous progressives.

    FDR Caused the great depression to last for a decade. social security gun control act of 1934

    Obama Will cause a depression worse than FDR did if not stopped. Obamacare; Cap & tax

    Johnson Vietnam with intentional don’t win. gun control act of 1968, the great society

    Wilson Caused the depression of 1920, if it were not for Harding that depression would have linked into FDRs depression. Harding is rated as in the bottom ten. I do not understand when the ones who have real solutions that fix the economy are always rated really low and the ones who cause the problems are called great.

    Lincoln he also violated the constitution by evading the south. The constitution does not say anywhere that the union must stay intact. In fact it says that anyone can secede if desired. The 10th amendment
    forbids the federal government from interfering with states rights.
    I just believe that a peaceful resolution could have worked much better.

    My reason that we have these serious depressions;
    When a conservative government cuts tax a fair amount, businesses flourish, there are a lot of jobs, life is good and we feel charitable. Then we elect a progressive liberal government, they raise taxes, kill businesses, jobs are lost, they raise the taxes because there are fewer people paying, it’s a circular thing. This causes a depression. We wake up and vote for a conservative government, they fix the problems. Lower taxes, businesses get strong there are more jobs. Then we feel charitable again and shoot ourselves in the foot again. Some of us never learn from history. Any progressive government will hurt this country. The liberal progressives make bad things happen faster. We need people like Jefferson or Reagan. I think that Sarah Palin would be a great first women president. She is a conservative, she is not anti-gun, she is not a wacko environmentalist, doesn’t believe in junk science. Personally I don’t want us to drive ourselves into an ice age. If we have global warming, which I doubt, bring it on. It already too cold on planet earth. Progressives will destroy America. What do you think the world would be like if America became another France. Do I dare say we would be dominated by China, Iran, and all the other lunatic governments on the earth. A strong America prevents anyone from taking us off the top of the mountain. We alone protect the world from evil. They, the rest of the world, is stupid and way too progressive. Read real history, not that crap the progressives teach in school. That drivel about our founding fathers were white racists and nothing good came from them. Do you all want to surrender the constitution and the bill of rights? That’s where Obama is taking us. What kind of change do you think he meant? He never told anyone anything except he was going to fundamentally change America. This is a dangerous Chicago politician that need to be impeached for violating his oath to uphold the constitution

    Clinton was just a dufus, he embarrassed the office of the president with his behavior. He was also anti-gun. His administration did not do to much harm to the Reagan fiscal policies, which allowed him to maintain a generally good economy.

  • vasher

    I like Melinda’s logic.

    Wilson, FDR,Obama,Nixon,LBJ. Carter is stupid, but was not able to do too much damage.

  • redeye

    #1-Obama – Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis protege
    #2-Carter–no backbone
    #3-FDR – prolonged the Great Depression 10 years
    #4-GW Bush – forgot who elected him by uncontroled spending
    #5-Clinton -

    The bottom 4 combined couldn’t overtake Obama

  • JPW-

    The paragraph on Nixon being one of the worst just does’nt make any sense at all.It states that Nixon prevented our troops from winning a no win war.How do you win a no win war?

  • paul

    . . . maybe McCarthy was right!

  • Greg

    Wow, how you can mention voter fraud and “lies and deceit that got us into war” without mentioning George W Bush is nothing short of staggering. Speaking of people who should have been impeached… And again, it’s laughable how everyone wants to string up Clinton for a few good times with his intern, but yet, what about the antics of JFK and his brother Bobby? I think JFK was great as much as the next guy, but he put Clinton to shame with his womanising… But all of these guys pale in comparison to our current lot of priests who get their kicks raping children. I’m sure the God you speak of in this article would be very proud…and again shows the blistering hypocrisy of the religious right.

    • Anthony

      Hey now…. let’s quit with hiding behind the blue dress already.

      Clinton destroyed Glass-Steagall and you’re non-plus?
      Clinton re-wrote the Mission Statement for FANNIE AND FREDDIE, and he enabled the boondoggle known as AIG.
      Clinton signed NAFTA AND GATT – opening the door for all factories to leave the U.S.

      The financial destruction and loss of jobs this guy gave us is horrendous. I bet all you remember, is the blue dress and the onset of the World Wide Web. Which, by the way, Clinton also wanted to TAX. Many boobs like to pretend Clinton also balanced the budget – more propaganda.
      What Clinton did – was implement a RETRO-active Tax Hike, as soon as he got into Office. Please define for us, what “retro”active means…
      Also – let’s venture into the realm of who really killed Ron Brown, shall we?

  • Patriot

    Obama may have been in office for only one year, but the damage he is accomplishing will last a lifetime if we do not retract his policies.

    Chaos Factor,
    Exactly what damage did Ronald Reagan do?

    1. FDR
    2. Nixon
    3. LBJ
    4. Obama (Moving up the list at a fast pace)
    5. Jimmy Carter

  • Ray

    Henry Kissinger was the real bad guy as far as Vietnam is concerned. He drew up the plans for our withdrawal. He was a war criminal. I did not vote for the Senator from Arizona after he waid Kissinger was one of his best friends.

    • Christopher Huber

      So you voted for the Foreign national instead??? If we needed a Foreign national as president,Arnold Schwarzenegger certainly would have been a better fit

  • http://MSN AGD

    Obama is the worst President of all because he is a fraud, a liar, a Marxist and has every intention of paying back America for what they did to his ancestors and his nation. This is far away from being political correct and very blunt, even rude to some. I suggest you save your opinons until the war is over. You most likely will be agreeing with this by that time.

  • Stan B

    Good article Chip, and I can only add to it. The extent of damage done to our nation caused by the decisions of Woodrow Wilson far exceed any other President. Although Colonel House was really making the decisions. The Federal Reserve and it’s (Gestapo) afterbirth, the IRS, have continued since to financially rape the American people. Wilson is # 1.
    The Obama Healthcare nightmare is the second catastrophic event..also contrived in secrecy using the same devious methods as the Federal Reserve ratification, behind closed doors and pushed through during a holiday break! Obama is # 2.
    In reality though,it is irrelevent as to who the top five most corrupt Presidents were, since nearly all of them receive their directives from the same entity. An entity of whom most of the Presidents are members; namely the CFR, and later, the Trilateral Commission. In fact it can be said that they ARE the government.
    Both parties have always been controlled by this group, and they encourage the bi-partisan chess game of Republicans verses Democrats to distract the masses while they continue unhindered with their NWO agenda. I sincerely hope that the unfolding events on the world stage will eventually convince everyone that this is true.
    Let us hope that WE THE PEOPLE do not wake up too late!

    • http://GOGGLE vaksal


  • Don Tremaine

    I’m sorry I forgot Carter. He should be instead of Clinton. Carter is responsible for destroying the American dream to own a home. I bought my first home for $20K and my second for $38K. After Carter housing went nuts, if you did not already own a home you were screwed. Because I did have a home as an investment that $38K home sold for almost $200K several years later. My parents bought their house for $10K in 1951, my $20K house was 20 years later not too bad. Bad housing in California is around 1/2 million dollars.
    Thank the progressives that caused inflation.
    An ever increasing minimum wage always has a direct effect on pricing. A 10% rise in minimum wage causes a minimum 11% 0r 12% increase in cost of goods. How does that help the wage earner? The real solution to minimum wage is school, i.e. a better education.

    • Greg H.

      I bought my first house in 1978, at .095 percent interest rate (VA backed loan). If I had waited a couple of more months, I could not have affored a house due to the galloping interest rates resulting from Carter’s disastrous economic policies. As I recall, mortgage interest rates hit 14% and change under Carter, and the housing market suffered hard as a result.

      • John

        What did you pay? $50,000?

        Look where were are now. That same house today, complete with 32 years of depreciation probably sells for $350,000.

        Problem is wages have only roughly doubled in that same amount of time.

        See any problem with this?

        That means we are spending more of our monthly income on housing today than we did 32 years ago. That leaves us not only deeper in debt, but with a lot less disposable income to pump back into the economy.
        You don’t think thats adding any roadblocks to our economic recovery?

        All those fools who thought they were gonna get rich from the housing bubble.

        You house is NOT an investment.
        Paying more than something is worth is NOT a good thing.

  • Linda

    Worst…best…I just pray that Obama is not the LAST President of the United States.

  • Dean McClain

    Dean rates
    1 Barak Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama or Obama Soetoro as the most dangerous in history. Where is his birth certificate?
    2 Roosevelt second ignoring the warnings of Pearl Harbor
    Woodrow Wilson for the Federal Reserve and IRS in 1913
    3 George Bush for 911 and 2 wars over oo;
    4 Harry Truman for Atomic Wars
    5 Abe Lincoln for the unCivil War

  • psutopgun

    Five worst Presidents:
    1. Obama: Attempting total destruction of our country.
    2. Wilson: Progressive Tax while president.
    3.FDR: His agenda actually extended the depression into the great depression. Introduced social security.
    4.L.B.J.: Introduced Medicare.
    5. Jimmy Carter: A pre-cursor of things to come…Obama. Introduced Community Fairness Act in 1977. That is at the core reason of our recession.
    These presidents promote progressive agenda and programs that have already proven to be in huge financial problem for our country. They promote socialism or worse. Europe and communist countries have already proven that these forms of government DO NOT WORK but let’s not confuse facts with their social justice agenda.

  • http://??? joe momma

    new world odor starting line up……1) wilson 2) f d roosevelt 3) bush(s) 4) johnson 5) obambi….honorable dumbf**k mention jimma carter…..youse guys been snozzin’…..any prez what took a bullet probably was messin’ wit centralized bankers and therefore gits a pass….(kennedy, reagan, lincoln,jackson[2 misfires], garfield, etc)

    • http://naver samurai

      Where did you go to school?

      • Anthony

        Go look it up before you click the REPLY button. He’s not wrong!
        Any President who has ever tried to give the Bankers a hard time has had assassination attempts against him. Jackson had several and still succeeded in erradicating the Rothschild 2nd Central bank of the U.S. It’s on his tombstone. After Lincoln, even Johnson had (like) four attempts on his life. It’s no joke.

        People need to wake up as to who is really causing these issues.

  • http://ordy@fedtel./net Eric g

    All of our presidents have been bad and good , But it is possible to overspend on the wrong things and make ourselves worse off latter on instead of better off . I have found debts to sorta be the same as slavery , Yet our currant president doesnt seem to worry much about debts . We have been selecting all our presidents from the wrong class of people , People that always had money come easy for them . People that never have had the privillege of going without money .
    Each of our last presidents have spent more money than all the preceding presidents before them . This means the government is expanding at about doubling evrey eight yrs . which might be at abouta 7& rate , their is a formula .
    Obviously it is not possible to be a great president for evryone at the sametime , as the government has to take from some to give to others .

  • http://??? joe momma

    ….i fergit…..hamilton got his bullet….doggone it!

    • Stephaan

      Hmmm…really? I don’t remember Alexander Hamilton being Prez. Was that right before or right after Ben Franklins term? ;-)

    • Anthony

      read… Hamilton’s Curse …by: Thomas J. DiLorenzo

      I already have my own copy of the Federallist Papers. This book gives me a new insight as to what the Central Bankers made sure got left out. Remember, thanks to Hamilton, the U.S. under the Constitution in 1789 also had to contend with a 1st Central Bank, which lasted for 20 years. The War of 1812 was specifically designed to make sure the Charter for the Bank was re-signed. Go look it up. Hamilton may have been great for Wall Street, but he was pretty stupid for being a Rothschild Agent, as well.

  • ken d

    all: attention needs to be paid t the unions in this counrty. they have become political tools and not in the intrest of their menbers. espically teachers unions. they now teach political justification instead if reading writing and arithmatic. our school system has become a political watch dog for the fedral government and has ursurped much of the perantal rights from our nation

  • Greg H.

    Jimmy Carter was the absolute worst president of my 64 year lifetime, until the present occupant of the Oval Office came along. Ronald Reagan brought us back from the brink of ruin after Carter’s single term, and restored our pride as Americans and our position of leadership in the world. Now it’s swirling down the drain, again.

    We now have this socialist Maobama, who is determined to reduce the US to the status of a third-world has-been nation by disarming us, bowing and scraping before our enemies and spending us into a financial oblivion of debt to the Chinese from which we never be able to escape if we can’t get rid of his criminal cronies in Congress this year and hopefully him and the rest of his henchmen and henchwomen in 2012. To all of you who helped give dimocrats control of Congress in 2006 and elect this fraud of a president in 2008 because you thought you were sticking it to Republicans, I can only say THANKS FOR NOTHING, YOU DELUDED CHUMPS! YOU NOT ONLY STUCK IT TO YOURSELVES, BUT TO THE REST OF US AS WELL. NOW BEND OVER, GRAB YOUR ANKLES, AND BRACE YOURSELVES FOR WHAT’S COMING, ‘CAUSE MAOBAMA’S JUST GETTING STARTED, AND HE WON’T EVEN GIVE YOU A FAN BELT TO BITE DOWN ON!!!

  • Oliver Woods

    Washington and Lincoln are arguably the worst. Without the foundation for national rebellion from God laid by these charlatans, none of the 20th Century socialists and now Communist (Obama)could ever have been elected.

    Washington set the stage by leading the Federalist coup against the Almighty in the egregious U.S. Constitution: This document cast off the governing authority of God in exchange for that of “we the people” and replaced the Bible as the “supreme law of the land” (Art. VI, Sec. 1). Patrick Henry opposed the Constitution bitterly for these and many other reasons. Lincoln merely extended the implications of the apostasy.

    • Anthony

      THIS… is a lot of bunk.
      You need to go research the History of the Rothschild Family.
      Your entire premise is flawed.

  • Diana

    Barack Obama is the worst President EVER! He has trashed his Oath of Office, the Constitution, the country, anyone who disagrees with him, etc. He obviously hates the U.S. and apologizes for the U.S. at every opportunity. WHY ON EARTH IS THIS MAN STILL IN OFFICE?????


    • http://verizon kbab777

      Diana My guess is if anyone even tried to impeach Odamaz they would start a racial war because we all know every time lib-tards disagree with something they get a pass by calling it racial

  • Chris

    #1-Wilson, agreed 100% with you. He started this nonsense of rewarding mediocrity and punishing excellence.
    #2-Obama, should be #1…but hey give credit where credit is due to the original. Obama is a thug interested in stealing from hard working people, period.
    #3-FDR, Social Security-need I say more?
    #4-LBJ, Medicare-need I say more?
    #5-Jimmy Carter, department of energy-need I say more?

  • Curt

    Barack Obama will make the number 1 slot before we can get rid of him.
    Jimmy Carter should be in the top 5, he justs keeps digging his hole deeper.

  • Greg

    #1–OBAMA,OBAMA,OBAMA!!!-If you designed someone to destroy the USA, you couldn’t do better that Barry Obama (with his cohorts–his wife, and Pelosi, and Reid)
    #2-LBJ–Crude , stupid dude–wasted 50K lives in VietNam with political warfare. Never forget him swinging his dog by the ears! Cruel man.
    #3-Richard Nixon–turned tail and ran in VietNam, when we could have won.
    #4-Slick Willie Clinton–wasted 8 years in office with personal agenda,embarrasing the US by his catting around, instead of working.Let Wall St. and bankers get out of regulation.
    #5-George W. Bush-another WASTED 8 years fighting the wrong war and raising national debt to astronomical level.
    God Bless America!

    • Tazio2013


      Your god either has a strange way of blessing America or maybe there is no god and the republikrats have screwed it up all by themselves. No matter; it’s up to the few, the pragmatic, the secular Jeffersonian Libertarians to free the rest-of-US from the nefarious, criminal, war-mongering, statist, imperial powers-that-be.For those of you who can deal with the concepts of intelligence, objectivity and rational free-market thinking, suggest you subscribe to and read The Daily Bell. The revolution will be promulgated on the Internet. Semper fi!

  • Bay0Wulf

    Wilson, FDR, Carter, LBJ and from everything I’ve read, Jackson. I can’t say Obama yet … I really despise him but his term isn’t completely over … I can’t say I can see him fixing things though either. Honorable mention would go to Clinton, Nixon & Reagan although I really liked Reagan. The three of these presidents get honorable mention for their part in “opening China” to trade which was even more damaging to our economy and lifestyle than NAFTA (which is itself a horrible mistake)

  • Christopher Huber

    1. Van Buren. first president to steal an election. 2. Hayes 2nd president to steal an election, and force the independence of sovereign states to end. The start of Big government was a direct result of the Civil WAR, when the Federal Govt, through its Carpetbaggers told Sovereign states You will ratify these amendments or else. Those amendments have been bastardized to help take over a free nation. 3.tie Wilson 1ST president to hide his tail and run back home after financing the Communist revolution, and the destruction of the world. FDR, navy secretary would helped that revolution, and thought that the USSR wasn’t big enough lets help them grow. 4. B Cliton President who allowed American serviceman to be murdered by terrorists because it would interrupt a BJ in the OVAL Office. 5. B Obama, 1ST man not to be elected because he had any character,but simply the color of his skin. His policies prove you can fool the people all the time.

  • Stan B

    Resonse to RAY as it relates to my comments about the CFR & Trilateral Commission. Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller and Zbigniev Brzezinski were among the ‘originators’ of the Trilateral Commission.
    All the Presidents have, as we all have, personality flaws, their level of corruption and greed only varied in it’s degree from President to President. We are pointing fingers at the “puppets” because human nature tends to look for someone to blame. But we should really be looking at WHO is pulling their strings!

  • DMH

    I’d like to know the ages of some of you who reply are. Some that write in must be quite young because GW Bush tends to be the primary focus of some. It’s difficult to give a list of 5 worst presidents without a little knowledge of American History. I’m not a big fan of GWB. The last couple of years during his presidency were abomidable, but I don’t believe him to be in the top 5. If we are looking at massive amounts of irresponsible Govt. spending, this has been accomplished in the last 3-4 decades. But most importantly, let’s look at what those presidents stand/stood for, and what they have done. My list of the worst 5 are: Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon.

  • http://Yahoo Ronald Mattie

    I believe that we have had quite a few bad presidents but the worst one is the current occupant of the White House. I am sorry that I cannot accept him as President as I believe that he is an illegal squatter.

  • mlrose

    I had to stop reading about half way thru as it was difficult to realize there were so many of you puppets mouthing off your leftist mimicry. Most of you fail to understand the fact, with the exception of the present occupant in the White House, that all these men you castigate are mere human beings. Most of them propbably thought they were doing what was right under circumstances, you all have no knowledge of. In history, what was the correct response to problems at that time, many years later proved wrong or ill advised, doesn’t necessarily mean it was done with malicious intent. History always has had two faces and we can hope we are right more often than not.
    It is inconceivable how we have become such a great nation with your mindsets. I will close with this, idiots, whether you like it or not, President George W. Bush will go down in history well, well, remembered. Don’t forget, he saved your sorry A**s from extinction.

  • darraugh

    l. Truman who started the Korean war and illegal Viet Nam War.
    2, clinton who started the ilegal Mexicans coming over the border l7
    years ago, put in NAFTA, one way trade with China, took our
    manufacturing base, put in a few manufacturing jobs, stole the
    WH dishes and didn’t equip or have enough men in Somali like
    brother bush etc.
    3. bush who took it from there with Iraq, CAFTA, more outsorcing,
    illegal and foreign workers, privatization, can’t even buy
    products from your own country, bankruptcy bill etc.
    4. obama with his health care and amnesty, As US Senator he almost
    voted for CAFTA to the very end, for illegal, North American
    Union NWO NAFTA. Puppet just like bush and clinton. “After the
    bush clinton disaster obama will pound in the final nail into
    the coffin.” If that other easily manipulated and stupid Palin
    as the next puppet gets to be president she will push the
    coffin over the cliff.

    5. LBJ who ignored the Viet Nam issue when he was campainging and
    then escalated the war as president while Goldwater had said he
    was going to do it and loss because of it. Kennedy was killed
    three weeks before he was going to get us out of the “Federal
    Reserve privately owned” coming through the back door with a
    million dollars. But Johnson never did.

    Scanning through this I read against FDR. But ask people you know about FDR like your grand parents who went through the Depression and they will tell you FDR was a God to them. Eleanor was the best First Lady of all of them. She helped FDR get rid of Tammany Hall. She went down South and witnessed the KKK and testified against them. She would constantly make suggestions to FDR after touring the US. FDR should not be on your worst president list but your best president list. Kennedy too with the Bay of Pigs, he escalated the Viet Nam war with administration not troops and he never took a salary as President nor as Senator. IKE should be on the worst list too for I read he had every cat on his farm shot.

    • Anthony

      Back during the FDR years, the Media was tightly controled almost as much as it is today. I have no doubt that real intel was virtually non-existent for most of America ack in those days.

      As far as JFK is concerned – you need to look at McNamara, not John.

  • Dan

    I can only comment on presidents of my adult lifetime (which started with Ike), but it’s easy to find five ”worst” ones out of that group:
    5. Bill Clinton: Liar, sex addict, started the housing crisis by wanting to increase “home ownership”.
    4. Jimmy Carter: Bungle, bungle, bungle, bungle, etc.
    3. Richard Nixon: China (of course), Liar, cheat, scumbag.
    2. Lyndon Johnson: Let us die in Vietnam while he checked the demonstrator count at Berkley.
    1. Obama: Seduced our youngest generation into wanting socialism.
    BUT, the most despicable human being during this time period was Robert S. McNamara, Sec. of Defense under Johnson. He was the SDS headcounter in chief and giver of criminal advice to Johnson.

    • Anthony

      TaDaaa. We have a Winner!
      Nice to make your acquaintance, Sir!

  • Billy Boy

    I dare you Yellow dog (Black dog Democrats) to Google Obama and see what your President is made of…

  • JB

    Obama takes worst of all time… not even a close 2nd!

    and then every other socialist come next


    • John

      What about Bush?

      bad is bad, politics aside.

      • http://yahoo Luluche

        John, you are either ignorant or stupid. Ignorance can be changed, but stupid cannot be fixed. Apparently you are young and have not lived long enough to study history. Get out of the leftist blogs and study.

  • marvin

    history will tell 1st obama,lie, lie, lie, bow ,bow ,bow ,sorry ,sorry ,sorry,spend ,spend, spend grow ,grow ,grow the goverment 2nd j carter ,for a lack of nice words stuped 3rd b clinton just a garden verity pervert [if i had a wife like his i may have done the same] i could go on but history has allready spoke on all presidents befor the 1970 and he who can not remember the past has a destiny to repeat the same mistakes you can not borrow and spend your way out of the hole by digging it deeper

  • Todd in Ohio

    I’m 48 and a 26 year vet. So far in my lifetime, Reagan and Bush Sr. were the only presidents worth anything. The rest we all just power hungry politicians. They had/have absolutely no interest in true governance. Kennedy was a playboy, Johnson was a crook, Nixon was a paranoid schizophrenic, Ford was guilty by association with Nixon, Carter was a wimp and Clinton was a ego pervert. Bush Jr was an ego maniac bent on finishing what he thougth Daddy failed to do in Iraq and later couldn’t admit that he’d made a mistake based on faulty intel. Obama thinks my money is his to do with what ever he wants and is destroying the country from within. We need to find a real leader and quick! Someone who’s willing to call the baby ugly and then get on with fixing the problem. We need someone who’s willing to tell the lazy, spoiled masses NO, YOU DON’T DESERVE A HANDOUT! I aint fallin’ for Sara Palin’s contrived routine either. I hope Republicans aren’t so stupid and shallow as to put her on the ticket next election. Furthermore, I don’t need Nancy or Harry to tell me what’s best for me either. The whole lot of ‘em makes my stomach turn. It’s time to get off this merry-go-round.

  • Hank Barnett

    Even Lenin said that socialism is a transitional period before communisim.
    Since the terrorist are finding it a little harder to perform 911 type actions it is obvious they have turned more of their efforts to economic terrorism.
    They have a great ally in this effort. It is the president of the United States. The most gullible voters in the world had better wake up before it is too late. He is one of them people! He wants to give terrorist the same legal rights as a citizen of the U.S. He is super soft on terror and has the politically correct language to prove it.
    He is a master liar.
    He just gutted NASA and now he goes down to give a photo op speech to the people at NASA and says OK guys lets go to Mars.
    Who was this speech for? The lap dog media who will now proclaim that Obama is the savior of NASA.
    In all time worst presidents Obama is #1,2,3,4,5. He makes Jimmy Carter look like a genious. He makes Roosevelt look Ultra Conservative. He makes Johnson and Nixon look honest.
    WE may not recover from this Democratic Socialist/Marxist/Soon to be
    Pure Socialist Police State he is creating.

    • http://yahoo Luluche

      Ditto , Hank. Thanks

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    A few years ago I probably would’ve said FDR was the worse, because of his failed New Deal which we’re stuck with 75 years later!! But as of 1/20/2009, FDR became the 2nd worst president IMO. Obama hasn’t corrected any of FDR’s follies. Instead, Obama has done more damage to our country in 15 months than FDR did in 12 years. Aside from the drones and ‘American Liberal’ types, everyone should know by now that OBAMA = One Big Awful Mistake America!! And by now most of us should hope that 1/20/2013 will be “The end of an error”!!

  • Marilyn

    We cannot look at the “Worst Presidents” only. Who was in the “think tanks” with these poor leaders? Crooks, thieves, people who thought they were above the law and did not have to pay income taxes, those who “milked the cows” (such as Hillary Clinton)? It appears that, generally speaking, all politicians are a bunch of puppets and thieves? They also are accountable for the mess we are in today. Living with Obama’s words and some actions make it appear that he is by far the worst President of the United States but his puppets are no better. Where are the checks and balances? Back-tracking, and how far back do we go, Woodrow Wilson was a horrible President and his cronnies were just as bad. Who put all of the “bad” Presidents in the big leather chair at the Oval Office? Who voted for the politicians to help(?) each President? The American people. Which Presidents inherited a mess from the last President? Who helped to make the Presidents shine? Think about it.
    There are approximately 545 politicians and they alone put this country in the mess it is in today. Now, Americans are paying the price for poor decisions that we ignored years ago and kept re-electing the same clowns who invented all of this torture. Obama has no experience and is full of flowery words. He has told other countries that Ameicans are pathetic and not Christians and he could care less about the American Flag. What American Preident in his right mind acts in this manner? He could not lead a troop of scouts! He is a puppet but I do not know who is pulling his strings. Obama promised “Change” and he is making changes through intimidation. Stop and think who are the cabinet members and their backgrounds. Think about each of the 545 members who make the laws of our land and dream up wild schemes to circumvent/destroy the United States Constitution. How many of you accomplished your census. By the Constitution, census is a count of people in the United States and nothing more. All the other data on census is used by other agencies for various reasons. Maybe real Americans are now waking up and paying attention to what happens in Washington DC and State Governments? I am one of the Americans who finally took notice what was happening when Carter was President. I thought he would make a wonderful President but he could not handle the job. He and his caninet and the rest of the elected officials brought on more problems than were solved.
    I guess the only President that made any sense was Harry S. Trumen. Reading back in History, Truman had common sense. If you read about Truman, you will find that he saved many lives by using the atom bomb. Read, and you will know how he did this.

  • C J Madden

    While your list is impressive, I would eliminate Bill Clinton; his behavior may have been embarrassing, but certainly not worthy of being named as one of the worst Presidents we have had. To his credit, Clinton is the only President who presented a balanced budget and managed to leave 3 trillion dollars in the coffers (which Bush immediately emptied). Woodrow Wilson, who started the socialistic bent in Washington is notably Number 1; but Obama may replace him rather quickly since he is an imposter who has gleaned the Presidency. Obama envisions himself as our Number 1 dictator surrounded by his little czars; if he has his way, he will remain in the Oval Office until he either hands it over to one of his cohorts or dies in office. Obama was born in Kenya according to governmental officials there; if his mother had denounced her citizenship during her wandering years in Africa and Mid-east, then he does not even enjoy the status of a dual citizenship (dual citizenship disqualifies him from becoming President). He attended law school under a Federal grant designated for foreign students, which citizens of the US are prohibited from obtaining. So who is the worst of the worst? Barack Hussien Obama .

  • Rene P Guay

    Obama is by far the worst president we have ever had. Not only is he the worst, but the most Dangerous, the most unknown, the most anti Christian, the most anti White & Jewish , The most anti American, The most anti Rich/wealthy, the most anti capitalism, the most Muslim, the most Socialist, the most marxist, the most destructive, the most non constitutional minded etc. etc. etc.

    Wilson is a strong second, FDR a strong third, and jimmy Carter a strong fourth, Nixon comes in fifth.

    If anyone doesn’t see that Ombama is destroying our country, at some point you will, even if you are totally blind.

    • http://verizon kbab777

      Rene P I dont think anyone commenting on this article could have ever put it better than you.

  • Che King

    Bush is worst ……..
    President Obama will go down as Americas best president even before he finishes
    his 2nd term

    • Christopher Huber

      Whatever drugs you are on, I want some!

    • http://yahoo Luluche

      Sure B.O is the best if you consider yourself Marxist,Communist, Stalinist or just a general leftist who hates liberty,freedom and America. So why dont you just move to a country such as Cuba, China, NOrth Korea? Leave America to those of us who love it.
      Possibly ,you believe we owe you something? Or are you just lazy and want to live off the rest of us? You are a danger to all those who love freedom. Do us all a favor and move.

  • Merl Elton

    To Basement Boy who is putting down those on this site: The people you are twitting are largely multi-millionaires who run businesses; make payroll; provide families with jobs; and support their own families; and they have more brains, strength, courage, wisdom and character than you can ever hope to have with your pathetically educated socialist, slacker brain that is filled with distorted, inconsequential dribble. Go back home to your mama, Basement Boy.

    • Joel Kruskie


  • La Raza

    I like Reagan… He gave me amnasty …

  • Charlie Juhasz

    The worst is Wilson next FDR, J Carter, LBJ, Obama, Clinton

  • Merl Elton

    The population is increasing exponentially; while jobs are decreasing exponentially. How does that solve the unemployment? American streets are lined with cars on either side; and unemployed people sit out on their porches and lawns. Many will decide to live off welfare and not work. Why work when there is no incentive; and they can live off someone’s welfare check; and when they do not have to pay their massive debts because they can claim bankruptcy or just not pay. That is how progressive policies are destroying the country by encouraging a massive population of deadbeats.

    • Joel Kruskie



    BUSH WAS WORST EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Joel Kruskie

      Get a life!

    • http://yahoo Luluche

      I love it when you lefties cant get over Bush. Why dont you enlighten us with your wisdom? Easy to list Bush. All of you who list Bush are a joke….a bad one.

      • Claire

        I voted for both Bushes. Shrubs, whatever. None of the administrations have done America any good.

  • Al Sieber

    All Obama is doing is continuing the Bush agenda. which is the Globalist agenda. we get stuck on the democrat and republican “dog and pony”show. its not about the democrats and republicans, its about right and wrong. we need to study real history to figure it out, even though, half of writing history is hiding the truth. I believe Woodrow Wilson is one of the worst , because of his dealings with the Federal Reserve. get rid of the Fed. Reserve and we’ll get rid of the problem. goggle “Aaron Russo’s video “america Freedom To Fascism” that will explain a lot. any president that usurps the constitution is no good. and Obama is a socialist “Kathleen”, just check out “the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto” we’re already there.

  • Mike

    I think worst is too general a term. Lincoln was the first and possibly the worst since it was his destruction of states rights that made Wilson’s, FDR’s, and Obama’s actions possible. Lincoln was also able to make it appear that his goal was to free the slaves with the emancipation proclamation after vetoing a bill to free the slaves in the previous year.

    Carter is the most pathetic president in history although as stated by an earlier post he did sow the seeds of our present economic situation, seeds that were fertilized by Clinton.

    Speaking of Clinton, he was the most immoral president, an embarassment to this nation. He had socialist leanings but he never made a move without first testing the wind. He had no moral rudder or compass. It was always for what he wanted in that moment if it was okay with whoever was in the room.

    Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Obama and Carter are the true socialist presidents. Wilson and FDR have to this point done the most damage. Obama may take the lead in damage done if the midterm elections don’t stop his reign of terror.

    This will however require strength of will and a desire to right the ship for our children’s children’s children, because it will take that long to repair the damage. It is time to get the federal government back to those powers granted to it by the constitution. We must end the entitlement programs, ALL OF THEM. Leave these problems to the states, the charities and the families of those people who can’t take care of themselves. As to those who won’t take care of themselves, let’s practice TOUGH LOVE.

    It is time to honor the constitution.

  • rayzhell

    the Pantheon is in Rome, not Greece.

  • George McLendon

    If the criteria is which President killed the most Americans – and unnecessarily. Abraham Lincoln would top the list.

  • mark roberts

    Jimmy Carter is by far and away the worst president of all time. closely followed by Obama, then Wilson, FDR, and probably LBJ.
    all of these men did their best to push through economy killing
    socialist adjendas that go against what America stands for!

  • Victor L Barney

    I forgot to mention: Soon we will “see” President Obama SAVE both Europe and America from a financial meltdown by starting a “cashless society!” Sound familiar to any of you? Watch!

  • Joel Kruskie

    OK, Wilson
    JFK did the same things Clinton did but was more of a leader,
    I served in that Cuba thing. declassified “Submarines of October”
    Carter, should have stuck with peanut farming or beer with brother Billy. But he did manage to bring the first terrorist into the White house.
    Clinton, A bumbleing FOOL,corrupt all his life. Took a shot at UBL with a Tomahawk and missed. That was just to take the heat off his affair. But what really gets me is that he gave the North Koreans
    a GUIDED MISSLE SYSTEM, that’s aid and comfort to the enemy!

    LBJ, another inept who thought he could run a war. I would spit on his grave if for nothing else what he did to the “USS Liberty”, also declassified. google may be afraid to dial this up so try Yahoo!

    Tricky Dick With the turmoil in the country because of Nam Nixon had up to a point done more to get us out than any other Pres. Resigned in shame, Gerry Ford took over. With a Dem Congress defunding the war, we bailed, and over a million people were slaughtered. (note) Our War Dogs save over 10,000 GI’s during Nam and when we bailed 4500 were left to the VC to be slaughtered. Man is not a dogs best friend! Dial “War Dogs” for more.

    Now I’ve seen alot of Presidents because of my age,67. But Obama is the most in your face lying, corrupt, well here is where the english language fails me. God forgive me but I absolutely HATE this man for what he, in my time on this earth, is doing to my country. He is enslaveing my children, my grandchildren and my unborn. May he burn in Hell as no other has.

  • John

    1. Wilson
    2. FDR
    3. Lincoln
    4. Obama
    5. Carter
    Wilson, FDR, and Carter for all of the reasons Chip mentions. Lincoln because he suspended the Constitution in order to fight a war with states simply exercising their 10th Amendment rights. Slavery is and was something that should be despised but that was not the issue over which the Civil War was fought – states rights was. It was not an abolitionist crusade – the Emancipation Proclamation was not issued until 1863, over 2 years after the war started and then it didn’t effect any slaves held in US territories. He had federal troops fire on US citizens in New York City killing over 2,000 because they refused to go to war on unconstitutional grounds. Obama because he has taken it upon himself to destroy what’s left of our republic! I agree with Chip’s assessment of LBJ, Clinton, and Nixon but fall just short of the top 5.

  • Willy

    If Barry Dunham, better known as BO, wasn’t so obviously bad for this country or any other country for that matter, I would think he is the “anti-Christ”! He is hell bent on destroying this country by destroying our capitalistic system of business that all other counties have been trying to emulate for decades. He is hell bent on establishing a socialism gov’t in the US. IMPEACH AND REMOVE before it is too late!! Johnson, Wilson, Carter,and FDR round out the 5.

  • J.R

    Man, listening to you guys, do any of you have any solutions? You sound like back woods hicks although I commend you for thinking and caring. A good portion of our nation is immersed in their own little world. You all sound like Palin, who is incapable of doing anything but just knocking down anyone who is. Come on, talk about the issues, not just senseless bashing. I have not yet formed judgment on Obama, he walked into a disaster created by the 2 presidents before him. Bush & cronies put us 3 trillion in debt and we were about to collapse, so Obama reluctantly bailed everyone out. Should he have left us to collapse? Big business robs us daily & we want to blame the young black kid who steals your wallet & gets $40. The guys that steal millions get nothing.

    • Greg

      Good post J.R. Factual and unemotional. One of the better posts on here.

    • http://verizon kbab777

      J.R. You havent yet formed an opinion on BHO, ARE YOU SLOW/

      • John

        What I think JR means is that he has not formed an INTELLIGENT opinion yet.

        So far, I think Obama is failing. I want to see what he plans to do about the economy, besides borrow and spend. I want to see him reduce the size of gov. I want to see new regulations on the financial and energy industries.
        I don’t see him doing these things, but he still has 3 years to go.

        I don’t see his bailouts as a socialist takeover of industry. I don’t share that view. That position is distorted thinking. Its willful blindness.

        I think he will fail if his first year is any indication of his next 3 years.

    • http://yahoo Luluche

      Where do you get your information? Must be the government news media, you know – those that are so far up Obama’s colon that they cant see the absolute tyranny he is bringing down on America. You havent formed an opinion? First, the economy just “happened” to crash in October before the November election. Was that Bush’s fault? HOw about Chris Dodd and Barney Frank? Their actions led to the housing market crash. Making banks loan to people who couldnt pay! That is somehow Bush’s fault? Bush bailed them out, Obama came in and bailed more out, so it is ok for Obama but not Bush? No one should have been bailed out. And who did Obama bail out? The Unions! The Unions destroyed their own place of employment , now how stupid is that? And since Obama came on board what has he done? He has destroyed our economy by his so called stimulus which has created 0 jobs. When you are in debt do you go out and borrow money to make more debt? Well that is exactly what Barry has done. He is an America hater, he surrounds himself with tax cheats, racists and terrorists, but no, you havent formed an opinion. Stop telling people that their thinking is impaired and babbling on about Palin. REally, Palin? WE are not talking about Palin, this is an article about Presidents.
      You are the one with impaired thinking…. why dont you read something besides leftist blogs.

  • http://Cox Pedro

    I am glad to see Lincoln on the list of several. However, the reason that he was the worst was that he was the first to break down part of the Constitution by closing newspapers that he didn’t like, jailing editors and thousands of others who did not like the way that he ran the War Between the States (its proper name), and other crimes against the people. We have been propagandized since youth on what a great guy he was.
    Read DiLorenzo’s ” The Real Lincoln ” for a true eye-opener. After Lincoln, I usually put Clinton next because he really sucked, no, wait….Oh Bummer may replace Clinton on everyone’s list soon, as he is a bigger liar than Bill.

    • Joel Kruskie

      I wish I could argue with that!

  • JayKay

    While it largely remains to be seen, I believe Barack Obama with his penchant for borrowing and spending and the redistributing the borrowed money is already the worst president in history. It remains to be seen whether this country will survive this president and his minions in congress. I am convinced that he really does want to replace our government with some version of Marxism. Regardless, he has hobbled this government with so much debt that I would be amazed if we ever recover from it. So I would list the presidents in the following order with the worst at number 1:

    1) Barack Obama – Marxist, irresponsible, not very bright, could end up destroying the country.

    2) Franklin D. Roosevelt – Socialist, prolonged the recovery from the great depression with his social policies.

    3) Woodrow Wilson — Responsible for permanent changes to the way government operates. His League of Nations was the forerunner to the current propaganda forum commonly referred to as the UN.

    4) Lyndon Johnson — tried to run a war by committe from washington and ended up killing off 58,000 American soldiers by the time the war was lost (under Richard Nixon). If he had simply turned the war over to the military, it likely would have turned out differently.

    5) Jimmy Carter — Not particularly bright. Left wing nut job. Signed the original legislation that started us down the path of the most recent toxic assest mess.

    Other comments: I thought Bill Clinton was a bad president until Barack Obama came into office. Obama made me see things in a much different light. While Clinton was a bit of a pervert, I now look back and think that if we had to have a Democrat president, why couldn’t we have someone like Bill Clinton. The worst thing he did was sign additional legislation that made the eventual toxic assests mess much worse. Richard Nixon was a bit too liberal for my taste and he was a bit of a loon but he didn’t do too much harm to the country, notwithstanding the claims by the left. JFK had the bay of pigs fiasco, but he was actually quite conservative by today’s standards. Also, he wasn’t president long enough to do any real harm. I liked Harry Truman’s attitude and he made some really tough decisions, but he had a blind spot when it came to communist spys in government jobs.

    • Joel Kruskie

      JFK should have gone through with “THE BAY OF PIGS”! We would of had a free Cuba and no Chevez and beat the Russians there and no missle threat. Re: ” the submarines of October ” now declassified for your entertainment! Actually it was closer to the torpedo crisis.

      • TIME

        From the outside JFK has taken a beating by good Cuban folks, but when the real truth about how he held his ground with the Rothchilds and was going to expose them just prior to his fateful trip to Dallas. This will all come out in time if we can dump the Rothchilds from our FED Res and all US Banks, let alone get them off your land deeds.

        JFK was a good man. He had flaws that we all have as humans, so we can’t fault that factor.

        • Anthony

          Another poster who has done their homework first, before putting keyboard to webpage. Glad to meet you!

    • Greg

      Interesting JayKay, that you cite ‘not very bright’ as the reason for voting a president the worst. Have you actually heard W. speak? If he isn’t an illiterate bumbling idiot, I don’t know who is. He even makes Palin look reasonably bright and well-spoken.

      • http://yahoo Luluche

        oh, and you think that a good speaking abilities makes you smart? So, BArry is smart? How the Hell would we know…he has yet to release any records! Let history judge W on what he did not how he spoke.
        And do us all a favor, stop blaming Bush for everything….get over it.

      • JayKay

        I think maybe you make them all look very bright by comparison.

    • Stack

      Well reasoned JayKay!

  • JayKay

    One other thing, Barack Obama is so bad by comparison to all of the other presidents we have had that he is in a category by himself.

    • shasta

      I agree with you JayKay……..OVOMIT IT THE SINGLE WORSE (i call him traiter/fraud) ever to sit on the hill…..WE MUST GET RID OF THIS FRAUD AND HIS CROONIES!

  • True Patriot

    The worst presidents ever:

    1,2,3,4,5- Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Hussein Obama (he is truly in a league of his own)

    6. FDR
    7. Carter
    8. Clinton
    9. Wilson

    • Joel Kruskie

      and done!!

  • Cynthie

    Good morning, I did not read all of the posts but went over quite a few.
    I didn’t find anyone who mentioned the Federal Reserve System. We have had many bad presidents, way more than 5, who have all been members of the Council on Foreign Relations that supports the United Nations and it’s one world agenda. I think it would behoove us all to study these
    organizations and their impact on our country. The Federal Reserve is
    a private banking cartel that controls our currency and steers our government. Every expansion of government spending, no matter which
    president does it, is more money for the FED. When you start following the threads you will be amazed by the knot of seemingly unrelated people you will find! The fight over political parties is a very clever diversion that keeps most people from looking under the fray to
    see that the FED has supplied money to both candidates so whoever wins is in the position of puppet. One very interesting book that does a good job of pulling information together is “The Unseen Hand” by Ralph
    Epperson. It has almost 30 pages of footnotes and seven pages of bibliography for conformation purposes.

    • Anthony

      Slow down, next time. You missed much in the rush.

  • True Patriot

    On the other hand, the best presidents list might include:

    Abraham Lincoln
    James A. Garfield
    William McKinley
    John F. Kennedy
    Barry Soetoro

    • Rowdy

      Boy you are either one sick SOB or are so completely lost in the hype it is unbelievable. Read the post by Lew in idaho he understands. then view these Video clips for a more complete explanation. If you still feel the same way then you are a communist pure and simple. True Patriot More like True Idiot. or possibly True Communist. I guess you can be a true partiot of the communist parties take over of America. Just don’t get in front of me when the time comes.

    • http://yahoo Luluche

      You are not a true patriot to believe in Lincoln or Obama. Apparently you are the product of the public school system, and never learned history of America. Or you were taught by America haters,or both. Please stop voting. You probably voted for Barry, which means you are too ignorant to vote.

      • shasta

        and yes luluche, there is way too much IGNORANCE in America, anyone that voted for Ovomit is totally blind and clueless, You would think one would know when they are being ROBBED!

    • JayKay

      You forgot to mentioned FDR. He’s as bad as the others you mentioned. However, Barack Obama needs a class of his own. He is the worst of the worst (or in your mind the best of the best).

  • Terry

    I would place Lincoln at the top of the list. Suspended habeas corpus, imprisoned political opposition, used federal troops to kill citizens even damn yankees in NY. Read some real history of Lincoln and you may agree “The Real Lincoln” by DeLorenzo

    • http://yahoo Luluche

      That is good, I did not put him on my list, but you are right.

  • Lew in Idaho

    Your likes and dislikes of certain presidents are rather petty when you consider that they have ALL been manipulated, totally controlled and used the office to execute the bidding of the Rothschild empire. Rothschilds OWN the entire Federal Reserve through companion banks. That’s all of our money and that’s a drop in the bucket compared to their absolute control over the rest of the world. ALL of what the world is today can be either credited to them or held against them. They OWN all banking, education and the media, (yes including Fox news-the small, but permitted, media resistance owned by Rupert Murdoch). This gives them total societal control. As of last summer, their estimated worth was $125.1 TRILLION. Still wonder where your money has gone?
    Their latest adventure has been brewing for 140 years and that is WW3 in the middle east (they have successfully completed, as planned, WW1 and WW2 with outstanding profits for the family). Obama is right on target now, backing away from Israel, following Rothschild orders (they created Israel and all subsequent conflicts in the middle east). This tells me that Iran already has the bomb (is building stockpiles now) and Obama, by backing away from Israel, is giving Iran their perceived opportunity to attack. Rothschilds want the world depopulated and this is likely their way to do it. If you doubt their power, just Google them and see what comes up.
    So if this be true and we have a president who, like all the others works for the Rothschilds, BUT is actually complicit in a full scale nuclear war, then he has to be head and shoulders the worst EVER! No one else could be on such a list.

  • B. Jensen

    While I agree with Mr. Wood that Woodrow Wilson was the worst president ever, I do so for different reasons. He forgot to mention that under Mr. Wilson’s administration the Federal Reserve Act was passed (in the middle of the night) and immediately signed into law the next morning. This act has hurt all the American people since 1913, and continues today. There is no end to it.

    The Federal Reserve Act can be tied in with all the other calamities since 1913: millions killed in wars, League of Nations, and so forth, but Wilson was elected by the big bankers for their main purpose–establishing central bank control in this country. The rest were all fringe benefits for the big bankers at the expense of the American people (and others).

    It’s hard to imagine the prosperity that could have been in this country if congress had not abandoned it’s responsibility under the Constitution to control the money, and the President of the United States had not been involved in rigging the game for the benefit of the big bankers.

  • Larry Fisher

    Without a doubt Obama is the worst and has managed to do it in the least amount of time. FDR follows as second as he started all the big Govt and welfare programs to cripple people and make them dependant on Govt. Carter is third and I would not argue if someone wanted to move him up on the list. He is still going around being stupid so he can;t help it. LBJ is probably 4th and Wilson would be my 5th pick.

  • Common Sense

    1. Barack Obama
    2. Jimma Carter
    3. FDR
    4. Woodrow Wilson
    5. LBJ

    If you eliminated these 5 WPOAT, this country would still be great.

    • Stack

      Common Sense – you nailed it!

  • JWH

    The bottom line is that the November 2010 Congressional elections will clean Congress out, and we will be going back to the guiding principles that guided the formation of this great nation.

    The liberal left is out of control, and if this continues unabated there WILL BE a violent revolution in this country. The majority will not tolerate this garbage much longer. As I retired Army Colonel I’ll right in there with them.

    Obama is racist, Marxist and totally incompetent. He is advised by other Marxists and he will go down no doubt. It’s just a matter of time.

  • peter

    Bush whom let 9/11 happen. Read all the articles on about the Venice Airport and its CIA history that goes all the way back to ww11.The ones whom let in the Nazis after the war. The Nazis are the 5th column in this country

    • http://yahoo Luluche

      That is ridiculous to believe that W was involved with 9-11.

    • Bill

      NEWS FLASH!!!! Bush did not LET 911 happen. If you check your history, while it did occur on Bush’s watch, it was the policies of Bill Clinton made it possible. History already attests to that fact. Quit bashing Bush!! While not a very good president, it is time for Dems to order up and face the music for their share of the political fiasco that now exists in this country.

      • Claire

        Bill– It would not have been feasible for Bush to allow 9/11 to happen. He would not have gained anything but complete disgrace and charges of treason by allowing this catastrophe. There is no way of knowing when these terrorists will strike and where. It is a matter of being prepared. And no one was on the ball at the time. Clinton was in lala land. Our entire communications system, defense, etc. must be prepared and revamped. There are always warning signs,and the government and every human being must be on the alert. If I ever see anything out of line, I will report it. The problem is IF the authorities will listen and act upon it.

    • http://verizon kbab777

      Peter, Clinton let it happen he did not take osama when he had the chance, plain and simple.

  • Rowdy

    many here are well informed and many are totally lost. study video clips at this link to learn a little something about what we are in for.

  • Stack


    That was well done and included good reasoning. However, there was one glaring name missing. What about Jimmy Carter? Without him, the world would not be experiencing the terrorism brought on by Islamic extremism that we currently enjoy. For his misdeeds and ineptitude, he deserves second place on the wall of shame.

    I would be wholly remiss if I failed to present a motion to nominate Chairman Osama. While Bill Clinton was an embarrassment, he was not that harmful to the republic. Rather, he was a constant source of amusement, if you wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. In any event, he should be shoved aside for the Chosen One. From bowing to the Saudis and Chinese and the apologize for America tour to not only supporting, but championing every policy that is wrong for America, Chairman Osama has to top the list. Tricky Dick may not have been everything we expected, but his misdeeds in six years pale in comparison to the malfeasance and cruel abuse we have seen from the Chairman in a mere 15 months.

    Here is my top five:

    Chariman Osama

    • http://yahoo Luluche

      And why was Clinton less harmful? He had a Republican led congress!
      The Democrat party , and notice I do not use the word Democratic, has proven over and over that they are enemies of our constitution and they should never be allowed to have power ever again. Clinton and Obama have the same belief system. Obama happens to have Pelosi and Reid, who are also enemies of America ,to do his bidding. The real problem is that we have ignorant voters who elect representatives who are corrupt and keep sending them back to Washington.

      • Stack

        Luluche – I can not argue with what you put forth. Clinton was clearly a socialist, but had fewer tools to accomplich his result. He was bright enough to become somewhat of a centrist in order to save a second term.

  • Save America Susie

    The problem with labeling BUSH as a “war criminal” is that even though he was NOT the best President by any means (left our borders wide open for one), his war actions were VOTED on and APPROVED by the CONGRESS & THE UNITED NATIONS, unlike CLINTON who sent troops into BOSNIA without either, under the guise of “police action”. Simply his decision. But both situations were similar, in that they involved genocide in a foreign country. Most of the political community believed WMDs existed in Iraq, even before Bush got to Washington. It was not his idea alone. The Newspaper Archives show he was still in Texas as Governor when Hillary & Bill and Gore & other major politicians were talking about the WMDs there. Check out: “”. News Videos are also helpful to learn the truth. So Bush just “got on board” because he thought it was true according to his contacts. That and when Sadam killed 10′s of thousands of his own people with WMDs, it would be a logical conclusion. It is often a different story critiquing a President than trying to BE ONE. I am sure all Presidents have at least one thing that is good about them. For instance, even though I thought Carter did not accomplish much while President (and was in fact a better President after he left office working with the personal Charity “Habitat for Humanity”), he at least did something monumental to earn the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE, unlike someone we know today. He was key in arranging the PEACE ACCORD between ISRAEL and EGYPT. They are still officially at peace to this day. So even though I regretted voting for Carter, I give him “Kudos” for that one accomplishment. I believe a President or anyone MUST EARN the PEACE PRIZE for a specific accomplishment, and not just for good intentions.

  • DebraDoo

    While perusing these comments I come to the realization that probably all presidents have had their own agendas and only those with inflated egos would run for this office. As long as those agendas are not directly in conflict with America and it’s constitution they are to be expected and tolerated.

    2 wrongs don’t make a right; past bad presidents are just that….past. Really, I thought personally Bush Jr. was one of the worst,as far as eliminating our rights,etc. and can be directly blamed for the brain numbed populous voting in the current absolutley hands down worst president ever! BO has made it very clear, as has his wife, that he does not embrace America, hates everything about America and should be impeached as we can not afford 3 more years of his insanity. I could go on, but seems unnecessary.

  • Dan Miller

    I couldn’t have made a have made a more astute list myself. I made it before I read the article and I can’t improve on the order given. I’m not a political person just observing for 70 years. To me it is somewhat obvious what some of our troubles are. By reading some of fray I notice a lot of emotional response. I am surprised though that Chip didn’t include in “Wilson’s Dirty Deeds” the signing of the Federal Reserve Act on Christmas eve of 1913. That is the primary cause of our financial woes of today. It’s too bad that the Progressives (TR)got their way and made sure that the truth wasn’t taught in our schools nor our kids taught to think. Hence things might have been different. As far as atheists are concerned, if the courts would stop giving them standing, they wouldn’t be so aggressive. Think about this; Liberty is only granted by the Creator. If you don’t have a Creator then you don’t have the individual rights enjoyed by FREE persons. I think Jefferson would agree. Cheers

  • Patriotic Warrior

    It’s great that people “engage” in debate such as this. History and past experience teach us something, and if not, we’re doomed! One thing that I have learned as I am an active Tea Party Organizer is that EVERYONE IN AMERICA, with the exception of the politicians, have been asleep at the wheel! We have OURSELVES TO BLAME for what’s happened or NOT happened in our country. Please take all of your energy and get involved and engaged in the political process that governs your lives every day! BUT READ THE CONSTITUTION AND DEFEND IT….NOT BEND IT to provide wealth distribution, social engineering and provide an atmosphere where people depend on the GOVERNMENT for their daily living. More programs have been put into place over many decades by BOTH PARTIES that promotes “laziness” & DEPENDENCY of the American people. How about “We the People” do what’s right for ALL OF THE PEOPLE…not just a few. The Tea Party Conservative Movement is a powerful force in today’s world of politics. If people were so happy with OBAMA & the direction he is taking the country in, there would be NO Tea Party Movement! Tea Partiers are 60% Republicans, 20% Democrats & 20% Independents, and 97% of them with a High School Education and higher! Obama’s poll numbers wouldn’t be falling & people would be absolutely delighted with the take over of banks, auto makers, insurance companies & more. But ALL AMERICANS want their FREEDOM & LIBERTY as did our forefathers. Time to get back to the basics in life, learn about the values & principals of the America that is the greatest nation in the world! BE TOLERANT OF THOSE OPINIONS THAT DIFFER FROM YOURS…DON’T LIE ABOUT THE FACTS….AND CONTRIBUTE TO A BETTER WAY OF LIFE FOR ALL GENERATIONS!

    • Kathryn Newborn

      All of you racist, losers, tea baggers, and republicans that want to say that President Obama is the worst president are ignorant. President Obama has not even been in office for a year and a half yet. How can you say that? Oh, I forgot you are ignorant, losers, racist, idiots that can’t accept the fact your dumb buts lost the election. DREAM ON AMERICA HAS CHANGED AND WILL CONTINUE TO CHANGE SO LOVE IT OR LEAVE TAKE DUMBO PALIN,BIGOT BECK,AND, RACIST RUSH WIT YOU.

      • http://verizon kbab

        This article tells me blacks are the racists besides calling each other the n word check this out.

        • Claire

          Good grief.

          • http://verizon kbab777

            Claire, I apolagize almost let this person do what they come here to do they just come to these conservative posts to get everyone going and upset, but I caught myself in time I think.

          • Claire

            kbab777 — No apology required. You are responsible for your own actions and what you say.

      • http://verizon kbab
      • http://verizon kbab

        Kathryn just to be clear her I am a conservatist, not a racist as I dont think in general conservatista are, as God created us all colors free beings no one on earth should have ever been enslaved. But it is true that blacks even sold their own which also made them racists. Just because people dont want their country trashed and doesnt want to live in immorality and government running amuck and taking everything every one has worked for has nothing to do with color. Love how the dems and liberals love to throw out the race card when they are so blind and disagree, thank God the black conservatives are coming out now (and are being critcizied for it) but it is going to take us all pulling together to try to get back America.

      • Claire

        We can thank the biased media for most of these problems. Plus the paid radio entertainers that spew their garbage. I cannot believe people do not realize what these motor-mouths are doing. The intent of the media and the pundits is to create dissent. And they are laughing all the way to the bank.

      • Patriotic Warrior

        It is YOUR response that is what divides America. Either be a part of the solution to America’s problems or SIT DOWN, SHUT UP & GET OUT OF THE WAY IF YOU CAN OFFER NO SOLUTIONS BUT ONLY CRITICISM & HATEFUL REMARKS! Your response was very degrading to many in America and of no valuable contribution to society. Wake Up & Grow UP!….Be ACCOUNTABLE TO YOUR FELLOW AMERICANS!

        • Claire

          Patriotic Warrior: And to whom are you referring to?

          • Patriotic Warrior

            Claire….My comments were in response to Kathryn…not you. Kathryn appears, by her very own words, to be a negative, defensive, intollerant “my way or the highway person who obviously voted for Obama and is probably, deep down inside, embarassed by it.. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a Harvard Grad to know that if you SPEND more money than you have, you eventually go BROKE!…the direction America is headed at this time per the top economist of the country and the CBO’s office……I agree with much of what you’ve written as you appear, by your very own words, to be a “solution” oriented citizen rather than a PROBLEM citizen, while making people aware of exactly what’s happening to America that is dividing her so deeply. Waking America Up is painful but when REALITY hits, it’s time to ALL pull together in order to survive.

          • Claire

            Patriotic Warrior: I agree with most of your comments. However, I believe the chaos that America is in did not happen overnight. It has been coming for many decades. And this mess will take many years to “fix.” I oftimes wonder how a Republican president would handle the situation America is in right now. Do you ever wonder the same thing? Regardless of who was elected as President, he stepped into a hellhole. I am disapointed too, but I will never call the President of the United States a foul name, regardless of party affiliation. I just do not believe in this kind of behavior but to each their own.
            As far as I am concerned, all administrations contributed mightily to this mess. I believe in what America stands for and the Constitution. But as I read and listen, we are falling apart. The hate and the lies from both parties bother me. They hardly ever discuss the real issues at hand and what they will do to help the situation, they are too busy mudslinging. Right now I am disgusted with the entire lot of them. I support our troops completely regardless of which Administration authorized this war in Iraq/Afghanistan. I will not listen to the media people that spew evil and dissent. And earlier I said they were laughing all the way to the bank and they are. United we stand, divide we fall and these people are making sure we remain divided. Think about it. I am my own person and I will find the truth myself and make up my own mind about the issues at hand.

      • Louis

        Kathryn Newborn;
        Pretty pathetic post Katherine. Indicative of a liberal socialist who can’t debate with any reasonable facts, so must resort to name calling, and false accusations of racism. Kathryn, it is a well known fact that people who are the first to cry racism, are the racists. Why don’t you get politically educated about Obama, do your homework, and then open your eyes and try and see through the golden aura that you seem to see around this man. You are being blinded by what you think he is, and maybe also by that little shiver running down your leg every time you think about him.

      • Angelsmom

        Sure sounds like you are the racist!!!You voted for Obama thinking you were going to get free handouts..your kind are the losers..
        Get a life and pay your own way..So tired of all the left wingers and their NON-American grafts at the the conservatives and tea-par tiers..
        If you were a true American Patriot, you would see that Obama ( who is weak) is taking us down the road to Socialism..We are NOT raciest..we do NOT want our Country going Socialist..But the Left doesn’t get it..
        The majority of the Left minorities, who voted for this bastard-child, are looking for a hand out and don’t have the the pride for themselves or others to be independent upon themselves to provide for themselves..they depend on the Govt and the WORKING class to pay their way..
        If you don’t like the Free-Independent America…move to a country the the Govt runs your whole life.
        Now Obama is telling us what we have to buy and what we can or should eat…Next it will be what we wipe our butts with.
        Get a job and be independent..Your kind is costing the real Americans a fortune!!!

      • Anthony

        Kat… calm down. Do me a favor….
        Google up The Obama Deception and tell me how we can pick holes in that Documentary.

      • The ‘other’ Frank

        Typical liberal. When debating ; use second grade mouthwash to sound intelligent.

        You sound like a spoiled little rat-child that noone likes to be around……unless youre naked.

      • Matt Burns

        Kathryn, you are undoubdedly the glowing example of stupidity. A typical female who is easily impressed by someone who is an example of educated idiots. There should be a mental exam requireds before someone enters a school of so-called hingher learning. Since a more such higher learning merely make them even more dangerous to the community. Every vote for Obama will be another nail in the lid of the coffin for America. You should have been lkeft at the hospital when you became a Newborn.

  • Stan The Fan

    1. Obama He is the worst president ever. He is so far ahead of the pack that there is no 2, 3, 4 or 5. Those of us that have voter’s remorse cannot wait for November to come. Those of us who voted democrat are responsible for the possible destruction of this once great nation. To Everybody: REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER

    • Kathryn Newborn


      • Cheryl

        Kathryn Screwborn,
        Are you just going to continue SCREAMING, and NAME CALLING with your key board as all you liberal socialist always do in real life, or are you going to eventually start posting some facts to go along with your pathetic diatribe.

      • The ‘other’ Frank

        And youre too loudmouth to be taken seriously.

        Keep flailing your arms in the air and hollering at the top of your lungs how ‘ignorant we are’….but just remember, your words are no match for people like me.

        Youre one of those fools that brings a knife to a gun fight…..if you even show up FOR the fight.

    • Angelsmom

      Kudo’s to you…It’s rich and a ray of sunshine to hear that even the one’s that voted for this “IDIOT” Nobama..sees the light, and the big picture..
      God Bless you and God Bless America..and God Help Us All!!!!

  • E Weir

    Nancy says: “TRY to be objective and rational here.”
    Me thinks Nancy doesn’t know the meaning of “objective and rational”. Give BHO another 2+ years and even you liberals will then know who is the worst of all time. Nothing good is coming from this regime of commies.

    • Kathryn Newborn


      • Angelsmom

        Who you calling Ignorant????.You might consider a lesson or 2 in spelling and writing..

      • The ‘other’ Frank

        ^^SLAP^^……now sit down and shut up.

        You act like a newborn…….

  • Henry Arnold

    I’m sure that someone has told you that the Pantheon is in Rome?

    While Nixon did a lot of foolish things like price and wage controls, Vietnam was lost by Carter and Democrat Congress when they withdrew funds for Vietnam’s defense. Nixon’s so-called sins were common in prior administrations, especially FDR’s and LBJ’s, and were never carried out. Nothing wrong with making a list of your foes.

    Remove Nixon and substitute Obama is my suggestion.

  • KEN

    How can you not mention Jimmy “Socialist” Carter. How Bill Clinton made the list and not Carter comes as a surprise. If fact Carter is still bad mouthing this great country today even as he receives his ill gotten gains for being the President.

  • JeffH

    Millard Fillmore
    James Buchanan
    Andrew Johnson
    Franklin Pierce
    George W. Bush

    Barack H.Obama will join the list in a few years.

  • Richard C Taylor

    My pick is Woodrow Wilson. Thanks to him and his alter ego Edward Mendel House we have a graduated tax expressly forbidden by the Constitution. Income Tax! However his worst sin was his slogan, “To make the world safe for democracy”. When I pledge allegiance to the flag,its to “the Republic for which is stands”. James Madison had this to say about Democracies “Democracies have always been spectacles of turbulence and contention and are as short in their lives as they are violent in their deaths” The liberals, leftists would have you believe that the difference between Republics and Democracies is just semantics. Not true! Republic comes from two Latin words, res publica, the public thing, the law of the land, the Constitution. Democracies come from two Greek words meaning the people to rule, majority rule. Fortunately we have the the Constitution to protect minorities from the excesses of majorities. Even a juries vote has to be unanimous before they can hang you. Unfortunately the majority of Americans today believe we live in a Democracy and the conversion of the Roman Republic into a Democracy was responsible for its downfall. Enough said!

    • Anthony

      The 16th Amendment is illegal.

      I want someone to “show me the law” where I must pay Income tax….

      That’s all I want – SHOW ME THE LAW

      • Anthony

        Also – another name for Democracy is… MOB RULE.

        Who wants that ? Each Generation getting older, being terrorized by the Younger…. Seriously?

  • Dr. Mabuse

    Listen all of you, You can put Mickey Q. Mouse in the White House as President and he would probably garner votes as the worst President.
    How long is going to take you to understand that the “President” is a figure head. They’ve got all of you tricked and fooled at the same time. To be sure, Jackson, Van Buren, Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, Truman, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, the Bush(es) Magog and Shrub, Clinton, Obama… played their roles to perfection. A lightning rod for your ire, all the while deflecting attention from those individuals who control the policies and activities that have an direct effect on your life. These miscreants view you as “sheeple” and canon fodder and laugh at your gullibility.
    Now you dummies are spouting off about a Romney/Palin ticket in 2012,
    are you fools smoking crack or what?
    Its far easier (and extremely more satisfying for most of you) to berate Obama as a Usurper, Marxist, Communist, [offensive word removed], racist, etc.)
    than to peek behind the “veil” and deal with your true enemies.

  • Elizabeth

    Okay! For all of you who want to see Obama impeached, can you visualize saying President Joe Biden? And, if he isn’t bad enough, how about President Pelosi?
    My vote for worse ever is Wilson and Obama.

    • Palin12

      ….and if that isn’t bad enough, after pelosi, 4th in line is Hillary. Yuck!

  • Lance

    This is not a fair question! We ,The United States of America, were founded on Judeo-Christian values. The leader of our nation is an African born, overated community activist, a MUSLIM (hates our country), Got where he is through Affirmative Discrimination and has done more damage to this nation in one-year than all other presidents combined. He is a blatant racist only over-excelled by his wife. Makes enemies of our allies and friends with enemies. He is Muslim. Mark ky words, he will open the flood gates to the infidels of the false prophet Muhammed. Muhammed – an evil rapist whore monger! Obama could bring on World War III. We should shave his head and look for the numbers 666!

    • James

      Lance, Show me where the founding Fathers ever referred to our ‘judeo-christian’ values. They were Christian to a man. What league hath light with darkness? John wrote: “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ: He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: [but] he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also” (1 John 2:22-23).

      • Anthony

        Let me help out ol’ Lance on this one –

        FREEDOM – is based on the Judea/Christian ethic.
        FREEDOM does not simply exist – it must be based on an idea.

        Communism is the antithesis of the Judea-Christian Ethic.

        This is the essence of why the Pilgrims, and others before them, fled Europe. Many will tell you it was simply for religious freedom. That was only a small part. Ben Franklin was right when he avowed the real and “most important” reason for the creation of America and the dissention from England .. was about the free and unfettered right to control our own currency. Anything else… was SLAVERY.

  • RJ

    Worst President EVER!
    Barak Nobama. WHY?
    1. He has no clue how to run a coutnry.
    2. He has no clue how to pick other’s to run a country.
    3. He is a mere puppet for someone else. (no doubt on this one)

    I am so ashamed of this country right now I tell everyone I know, “As far as I’m concerned, we have no president.” Cause he certainly isn’t mine.

    Dear Mr. Obama,
    Please return to the country you originated from. I mean the real, truthful one. Not some made up lie like you’re claiming now days.
    Your talents as well as your close friends would be better surved by wrecking someother country. Leave mine alone!!!

    PS. Before someone blasts me on my comments. I am an average U.S. citizen who get’s to foot the bill for everyone else. My opinion is based on my personal experience. Not some number’s crunching policies voted for double talk. Thanks.

    • Cheryl

      Kind of difficult to blast truthful comments RJ, but I’m sure some of the more ignorant liberals, like Kathryn Newborn will try. She’s at 3rd grade level and smart enough to hurl unsubstantiated insults at everyone, but not smart enough to turn the CAPS BUTTON off. ;-)

  • Save America Susie

    Well, You’ve heard of Rock ‘n Roll “ONE HIT WONDERS”? I think it is a fair to assume that OBAMA will be a “ONE TERM WONDER”. He pushed through this HC Bill so fast it almost went through by Executive Order alone. Anytime something is rushed or forced it is called rape. The reason the Congress did not try to make Universal Health Care become an AMENDMENT to the CONSTITUTION is they KNEW it would not be ratified by the 3/4 yes votes needed by the States. Many states are rebelling against this HC Bill. I would not be surprised if some are tempted to pull away from our Union, who have sovereign rights in their agreement, like Texas. Thanks to the “ONE TERM WONDER” and his efforts to turn us into a socialist state. He gives “HOPE” a new meaning.

    • Anthony