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The Worst-Case Scenario

January 3, 2012 by  

The Worst-Case Scenario

Last week, my esteemed colleague John Myers donned his swami hat and peered into the future in his piece “2012: The Year of Living Dangerously.” As I perused his prognostications, one in particular caught my eye: “Expect us to have to endure another four years with Barack Obama as President.”

I even reread the line to make sure I didn’t suffer from some sort of temporary dyslexia. Not that I find Myers’ predictions even slightly dubious — after all, he sports a pretty unblemished record. Recoiling in horror at the very prospect, I poured myself three fingers (instead of my usual two and a half-ish) of Matthew Gloag and Son’s® finest blend and soldiered on.

Not long after, I ventured upon a singular omen spewed forth by Robert Reich, the diminutive Labor Secretary during the Administration of President Bill Clinton, Obama transition adviser and Democratic Party troll-about-town. Reich, who has kept busy since the end of Bubba’s salad days with such noteworthy gigs as chairman of the racist liberal hate group Common Cause, offered this potential Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue: “Get Ready For A (sic) Obama-Clinton Presidential Ticket.” The vertically challenged Reich even laid out the grammatically challenged particulars:

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden swap places. Biden becomes Secretary of State — a position he’s apparently coveted for years. And Hillary Clinton, Vice President.

While the idea of trading Vice President Biden to the State Department for the current Secretary of State and former “co-President” might seem far-fetched, consider this: Hillary Clinton has lived for the Oval Office since the day she packed up the Rose Law Firm records and headed for the Senate. In fact, one can make a credible case that she’s been training for the executive event since the moment she said “might as well” to whichever minister married her to Bill.

Although Reich claims “no inside information,” he is hardly some casual outside observer reading tea leaves and guessing at their political meaning. He’s a true believer; a “heart and soul of liberalism” type — and a potential Cabinet nominee should Hillary Clinton ever squeeze into the chair behind the Resolute Desk. I doubt he gazed into the crystal ball without some prompting.

Thursday morning, I broached the specter of an Obama/Clinton 2012 ticket to a learned friend of mine. He scoffed at the idea, saying: “Hillary Clinton will never buy into playing second fiddle to that overblown moron.” Actually, he used saltier language, but his point was hard to miss. I pressed him to imagine a person who is so consumed by ambition that she’d willingly follow a doughy-faced lawyer with a fetish for fat girls from Arkansas to Washington, D.C., and back. Imagine a person so self-important that she gave birth to the original version of Obamacare (remember Hillarycare?) in the unelected office of the First Lady. Imagine a person who actually thinks opposition to her bizarre — and illegal — attempts to assign herself authority in a chiefly ceremonial office was a “vast right wing conspiracy.” Imagine a person who ran for the Presidency in 2008 in a campaign which once hinted at the possibility that her challenger might not survive an entire term, but then accepted a Cabinet post in his Administration? What wouldn’t such a person do to boost her chances?

Of course, like all things involving liberal ambitions, potential pitfalls exist. I documented in my recent piece “Oh no, poor Joe!” that Biden is an absolute buffoon. Allowing him to become the Nation’s chief diplomat to the world would be as foolish as allowing Bill Maher to talk to Girl Scouts without adult supervision. And while Hillary Clinton might not harm Obama’s re-election hopes, her naked ambition and smug hostility makes her one of the more polarizing figures in Washington. She hardly drags any fence-sitters into his yard.

Nonetheless, if Myers is right — and I dearly hope he missed the mark this time — Obama is poised to occupy the Oval Office through 2016. If Reich is right — and I fervently hope he’s as close to the truth as sworn testimony offered by Eric Holder — Hillary Clinton will have the pole position for the following four years.

Myers called 2012 “the year of living dangerously.” The prospect of an Obama/Clinton two-headed monster makes “dangerously” as much an understatement as “Robert Reich is mildly undersized” or “Eric Holder fibs.” Note to Myers: if you and Reich are both correct, I’m crashing on your couch next November.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Stan Smith

    Because The Repukes don’t have the will to win, And the Democraps is going to enjoy 4 more years destroying this country along with RINO’s help! So once again Repukes shot themselves in the foot They handed Obummer a 2nd term! If you get rid of the Libtard no news media so Obummer and the Democraps will have no mouth piece and put a muzzle on FOX news Ron Paul could win! everybody knows Boxing is fixed so is the elections each sides have their elites as President!

    • RockyRoad

      Stan you have been listening to the liberal aka government controlled media for too long. Ron Paul has a good chance to win.

      That is if the election has not been tampered with by Obama’s A.C.O.R.N. thugs.

      When I lived in Chicago the saying goes. “Vote early and vote often!”

      • Randy131

        Ron Paul would be almost as bad a President as Obama has been, because of his right wing radical beliefs, he would be unable to get any of his policies enacted by Congress and cause another stalemate that would direly hurt the country. If Obama is re-elected he will surely destroy the country, which might be in GOD’s plans for retribution for a nation who has foresaken Him. Perry for GOD’s sake, Gingrich for the ecomonies sake, and Romney the RINO for another 4 years of Obama’s policies and agendas, tweaking Obamacare to make a conservative policy work like only a conservative would know how, promote even more homosexuality in our military and sanction of marriage, and make Christians subservient to Mormonism instead of Obama’s Islam. Many choices and decissions for the electorate in the 2012 national elections.

        • John Hart

          Randy131 I think you’re wrong about Paul. He appears radical because we’ve drifted radically from our Nation’s Founding Principles. He couldn’t do anything radical, congress would make sure of that, but he could get us on the way out of the trench before RINO Democratic dozers bury us.

        • Rayma Dorsa

          The ONLY one to “save” America is RON PAUL If you think he is far right,then what about the Constitution that made this country great…He wants to go back to that…go read the Constitution…All the rest of those running are RINOS or Commies…If Obama gets back in it will be because of one of 3 things.He stopped the elections by a Military “takeover”, His Acorn group once again “cheated” & stole the election. or the Christians were Raptured out to meet Jesus in the air.

          • Greta

            You’re wrong, we finally heard in Iowa the resounding of Conservitism when Rick Santorum got the second slop, even if they did go with the Moderate Liberal by 8 votes for the top slot. Who would have expected a man with little money but a Great Conservative heart to come in second when Ron Paul for was pushed by the mainstream media to win it all? Stop looking at Paul, he’s got no chance in this race because he is too far away from the mainstream conservative Republican base. He is too far away from the Constitution, to far away from the considerations of the Republican base. He lost both times he tried with 7% of the votes. 7%.

      • Joe H.

        There is another saying in Chicago, as well. “Those who don’t believe in life after death should come to Chicago at election time!!”

        • Palin16

          LOL Good one Joe!

          • Joe H.

            Thanks Palin16,
            Took a few days off, works all done at the momeent and not much comming in. snow plows will start with the next good snow and I will be busy again. I envision about a week off, dreamer that I am!!! Seems strange, posting here during the day!!!

          • Palin16

            I spent a couple of days in the Cleveland area last May during my cross-country road trip from Nevada to New York and back. Enjoyed the Rock Hall but I wish they would let us take photos (and also let the fans vote).

          • joe H.

            I’m just suprised they allowed it to be built here and not NYC!!!! I was very happy when jimmy and janice got inducted. I went to concerts by both while in service. Jimmi was very much before his time!!

          • Palin16

            Those must have been great concerts. I got to see the Beatles at Hollywood Bowl in 1964.

          • Greta

            The dead may be far more limited this time since some states are now requiring a picture ID issued by the State government to vote. MS and TN are leading the way, and that is why. Dead people have voted in the formerly Demorat controlled areas for a long time. Now those dead people are going to have less of a chance of coming to life again.

    • Aurelio

      I don’t think that even Hillary will be able to pull this off; too much manure has hit the fan, and wait for this year. Second, I don’t think the woman wants to be part of the debacle; she is retiring to regroup her forces within the dems; after Obama’s defeat, the Clinton’s are posed to regain the party. Actually, Bill is the face of the Democratic Party at the moment, not Obama.

    • Stan Smith

      Sorry RockyRoad I don’t Listen to Libtard Media or FOX! Let’s say in a Referee term I call as I see it. As I said put a muzzle on a news media your candidate Ron Paul could win! Libtard no news media is a cheerleaders for the Democrap elites and FOX is the cheerleaders for the Repukes elites!

    • paul

      One needs to remember what happened to several Clinton enemy’s during Bills term in office. Should such an unfortunate incident happen to “o” she would automatically become president. If she is smart, it will not happen until after half of his term is expired, then she can run twice! If she got elected both times it would have put her in office for almost 10 years. She is cold and calculating by the way and does no favors for any ordinary person.

  • cawmun cents

    The question of the day is… long will Omamba live if Hillary is next in line?
    The wise man once stated,”Its dog eat dog,eat cat too,French eat frog,I eat you.”-Bon Scott

    • Kate8

      cawmum – That was my first thought, too.

      History shows that those who stand in the way of Bill and Hill run a high risk of suicide.

      I think this will be the very thing that brings down the current PTB structure. They cannot trust each other, and they will destroy themselves.

  • Doc Sarvis

    Sounds like the Conservatives are already throwing in the towel on the 2012 election.

    • Sirian

      You’re jumping to a well planned conclusion way to early Doc.

    • Vigilant

      ONE man makes a prediction and you jump to a generality…you’re pitiful!

    • Deerinwater

      LOL! Oh well. ~ some people can see farther down the road then others. It’s as it should be, each seeing something different and thinking they the wiser. How would a horse race work other wise?

      So many confuse their “wishes” with what they see, seeing only what they wish to see.

      I too sometimes resort to what I call “Willing it so” but it rarely works. Stick with what you think you know and double check your facts.

      This strong desire to ‘win’ can make you blind. After 8 years of 43 I’ve learned to look at winning and losing from a different perspective. It’s no fun to wake up for 8 years feeling like a loser as the ‘winners’ had their little day.

      You were losers while thinking that you were winners! and I lost right along with you.

      Let’s not allow that to happen again. okay?

    • s c

      d, is it true that utopians have to be re-programmed at least twice a year? Only faulty programming can account for a utopian’s consistent misunderstandng of who is a conservative. You, like so many other mind-whacked utopians can’t separate ‘Republicans’ or RINOs or neocons from conservatives.
      If you haven’t tried it yet, consider becoming a late-stage poster boy for what happens to those who trust in public education via utopian indoctrination.

      • Deerinwater

        SC, I know little about what you speak of. You describe someone that I don’t know or ever met.

        So, your ‘PROGRAMMING IS ALIEN’ to me, as if you speak in a strange tongue.

        The question seem to border on precepts of there being an ‘answer’.

        Tell us SC, do you still beat your wife? and have you told your family that you are gay yet?

      • Ralph Eggen

        :You do not have to be a Greek scholar to know that Utopia means no place or the pols would have been successful in finding it.

    • Greta

      No, Doc. . . we Conservatives are still fighting to the bloody end. Some in this area gave up last year and said, “Oh, we’ll just get the Senate and House back in GOP control”. I told them that’s dumb because if the Progressives still hold the White House they can VETO anything put out and the mainstream media will make it seem great. No, the Conservative’s home right now it the GOP, the Democrat national party has gone the way of Fabian socialism. If we are to survive the next 8 years, we must chose the most Conservative candidate the GOP has got, and vote them into office. Stop the bleeding now.

  • Patriotic nut

    OMG! what else is there to say about those predictions?

    • Smilee

      I believe that article of Meyer’s also predicts the democrats will win back the house and keep the senate, Ben left that part out

  • mickey

    I don’t think anyone wants to take the chance of obama disappearing, just make him a martyr. Better to expose him completely.

    I think that Pelosi thought something would happen to both Biden and obama and she would be next in line. When that didn’t happen, I think there was less interest in getting obama thrown out (bc, or otherwise).

    I did see a video on YT with obama (after the election) talking about prez Clinton.

    Hillary as prez would be more dangerous than obama. First, she would be a woman, and she would be a woman with a vengence.

    Paul, I’ve seen a lot of turn around for supporting him. I overlooked him last time but not this time.

    I think NDAA and how much it is explained and the effects of obama just declaring himself dictator will be a factor–if we get to have elections without martial law.

    Right now the repubs are undermining Paul. Who knows what ACORN and the like will do. lol ACLU has taken notice of NDAA and they are funded by obama.

    Hopefully Iowa will come off okay. Going to be hard to deny votes with as many watchers as there are. Moving the count to IL is not good news but that has nothing to do with ACORN, that is the GOP.

    • Doc Sarvis

      You’ll need to provide a link or some context that he was referring to Hillary, because there WAS a President Clinton!

    • Doc Sarvis

      This in regards to your third paragraph.

      • eddie47d

        Mickey must have slipped himself a micky this morning or forgot to wake up. ACLU does not fund Obama,is against NDAA and even gives Obama a zero rating on more than one issue.This issue of Acorn being the big bad wolf is overblown too but makes for great political trashing. Not one charge against Acorn was proven as a fact and mostly were series of misunderstandings. Maybe Acorn had a weak structure but no one deliberately set out to sabotage or rig any voting. That was really a good one about Pelosi plotting against Obama and Biden to take over. Now I’ve heard it all!!Then he slams Hillary as a woman when the opposition could say the same thing about Bachmann(woman with a vengeance) Please lay down the crack pipe next time Mickey for it has turned your mind to mush.

        • Deerinwater

          So you are a middle man, playing both ends against the middle.

          That is what elected government officials do to feather their nest.

          A great day for the snake is a bad day for the frog.

          Many ‘money people’ in high places have done well under this current administration. And STILL they b1tch! I wonder what they would do if they were put out of business? How would they like the “principles” of downsizing into 88 Nova or living under a bridge in a cardboard box?

          • Deerinwater

            sorry , somehow the post above ended up in the wrong place.

        • Brad


          ACORN was a misunderstanding. You my friend are looking in the mirror when smoking on the crack pipe. You are an idioto!

          • eddie47d

            A misunderstanding in that no one deliberately went out to falsify any vote. When they caught those working for them who collected forged signatures or ineligible voters they would be fired and those applications were either marked as bad or destroyed. They were aware that voting can’t be compromised but when they hired so many temporary workers they had to keep an eye on returned applications. I do agree they should have ran a tighter ship but closing them down was mostly a political ploy from Republicans.

          • Joe H.

            Then why has there been at least two people convicted of it??? BOTH from ACORN,BTW!!!

        • speedle

          WHAT??? ACORN was only guilty of honest mistakes? Is that what you are suggesting? Eddie, you should try to get a job as a professional democrat spin artist. I am sure that old (What “is” is) Bill Clinton would sponsor your internship.

          • Smilee

            That’s the facts, your post is the one with spin nor is there any evidence that any illegitimate registered voters signed up by ACCORN employees ever voted, they were caught in advance of the election by either ACCORN (most of them) or election officials. Some former employees of ACCORN were charged but only once was ACCORN itself charged and they were not found guilty

          • Joe H.

            There were still two convicted of voter fraud. THAT doesn’t sound like a mistake to me!!!

          • Smilee


            They were former ACCORN employees who where fired by them but not the ACCORN organization you keep mixing the two up and referring to them as one and the same, they are not

          • joe H.

            nice try smilee,
            It’s ACORN, one c not two and they were employees of ACORN until they were charged by the government!! They were only fired to cover ACORNs butt!!!

  • Alex Frazier

    I’m not. I can’t stand Obama. The only thing he’s good for is continued price hikes in commodities. I make money in the market through his terrible policies. If someone ever fixed our economic problems, some of the volatility in the market that lends itself to great short term trades will disappear and leave me riding the slow swells instead of the crashing waves.

    But I don’t think the nation really wants Obama again. He can get away with his deliberate lies and misconceptions right now, but that won’t last. Especially when the race begins in earnest.

    • Kate8

      Alex – It’s a funny thing how it works today. It seems that the pick of the elite somehow manage to come out on top, no matter how much the rest of us can’t stand them.

      Whoever gets declared the winner is in. There doesn’t seem to be much we can do about it, no matter how fishy it appears.

    • Joe H.

      Alex Frazier,
      Just to back up what you said, it was just announced the price of coffee is gonna rize!!Better get out and buy it tonite!!!!

  • DavidL

    I am hearing from several, yes several, of my conservative friends that they prefer four more years of Obama than 8 years of Romney. They also say that if Paul and Santorum were the nominee, they would vote for either of them.

    Let’s vote our principles, take a stand, and send a message. Ron Paul!(Or Rick Santorum)

    • s c

      Comrade, d, I doubt if you know any conservatives. Any adult who says or thinks another 4 years of this false W H god is OK is someone who needs to be neutered and shipped off to the nearest harem.
      Could it be that you’ve been talking to some neocons or RINOs again?
      Utopians have an extreme identification problem when it comes to knowing who’s who – even when they’re supplied with proper definitions. Dream on, comrade. Keep swilling that hemlock and keep taking multiple doses of Prozac (buy shares in the company that makes it, and then it will be like paying yourself to take it).

    • eddie47d

      Ms SC must be an enabler of many things (drugs,booze,mushrooms) to control her body functions the way she rags on. Stand back when she lets loose and wear your raincoat!

      • Joe H.

        How about you keep your perversions to yourself!!! You are one SICK son of a puppy!!!

        • Smilee


          Agreed, he could have expressed himself a little more nicely but that does not detract from the fact he is telling the truth, something few on this site believe in

          • Joe H.

            i hope you include yourself in that group!! I have seen a few whoppers told by you as well!!! Don’t stroke my back and tell me everythings hunky dory and at the same time try to stick a knife in MY back!

          • Smilee


            My whoppers are the truth what have you got against the truth???? Truth = whoppers, hey that’s great!!

    • 2¢ worth…

      Rick Santorum? NOW YOUR GETTIN’ NASTY!! .. With the ‘Rick’ in office, all of us will be earmarked for the ‘Sanitarium’ (this guy has the looks of the A-C all over him).. Please people.. Get a life. Vote Ron Paul or chose the nearest rock on the road.

    • ChristyK

      How can anyone support Ron Paul & Rick Santorum? They are polar opposites. Ron Paul is for small government, reduced military presence, and Liberty. Rick Santorum is for big government, extreme military meddling in every country in the world, and the government telling everyone what to do. They both support life, but disagree completely on how to do this. Rick Santorum has been bad mouthing Ron Paul to the extreme.

    • moonbeam

      Mark my words. Rick “Sanitarium” is a ticking time bomb. He is also a raging racist. I’m sure by now everyone has seen his comments on blacks, medicaid and welfare. Little does he know that nationally, whites make up 70% of the dole rolls.

      Underneath it all, he doesn’t know his arse from a hole in the wall. I predict he will slither off by spring. His own nephew endorses Ron Paul! And gives in-depth reasons why. Click “home” after reading the above link and read about what sanitarium’s nephew has to say.

      Ron Paul 2012


  • eddie47d

    I see Ben is still a writer for Soaps.Net and should rename his column Inside The Asylum. That would make things a wee bit more honest.Everyone around here seems to speaking in tongues and banging their heads against the wall. He must toss and turn all night dreaming up this idle chatter about Biden and Hillary. Ben always seems to be riding the range on his stead trying to rope the wind.

    • independent thinker

      When writing about Washington and the feds “Inside the Asylum” would be an appropriate heading for the column.

    • Buster the Anatolian

      Ben may or may not be trying to rope the wind but at least he is not claiming he has it bottled and trying to sell it to us like you eddie.

      • rtringgo


    • eddie47d

      Well I could use a few extra dollars! LOL

      • rtringgo

        Nobody’s buying…

      • eddie47d

        It would be a better deal than your hot air!

        • Joe H.

          Look at who said that!! The only guy that could fly across the nation by hot air balloon and not use propane!!! All he has to do it TALK!!! Good ol’ eddie!!!

          • Smilee


            How about you keep your perversions to yourself!!! You are one SICK son of a puppy!!!

          • Joe H.

            And just what bodily functions and drugs did I mention? all I accuse eddie of being is full of hot air, which is QUITE accurate!!! Perhaps you should learn to judge the difference between true insults and just overstating the truth!!

  • dan

    I often thought that Slick Willie wouldn’t have been all that bad
    to go fishin’ or golfing with if it hadn’t been for his evil sidekick. Like most horn-dogs ,he’s only a liberal of convenience because all the hot chicks go for that sensitive/powerful cock of the walk.Sure he has that mean manipulative streak…but you’d be a little ornery too,if you were chained to that dragon. Soeterro’s gotta go but to replace him with that wicked-opportunistic-doormat with an axe to grind femi-nazi… makes me shudder.

  • Deerinwater

    well? they had three years to put it together!

    Maybe a different understanding of what is really going on would help.

    Separate the theater from the reality. Most are thinking they one and the same, thinking the “theater” is the reality but that is simply not true, not the case.

    The GOP does not want any change, they enjoy things as they are. Oh they would like to occupy the 1st chair but that position has drawback to it. It’s a safer position that they hold now. They can, gripe, complain, restrict and limit and blame with less blow-back. The pay is the same! Lobbyist still have designated parking, back door access and their own coffee pot in the White House.

    Mitch McConnell statically obstruction approach was to make 44′s administration a failure, keeping Obama to short yardage somehow hope for some victory by default. Along with the help of all the spin doctors and various media platforms it could have worked. It has worked in degrees.

    Obama has quit simply refused to be contained on other fronts with matters he does not need their cooperation with. The theater to undermine these “break-outs” only appeals to those that enjoy theater. Those are the few and same people that would speak of the First Ladies large backside or other petty things of little importance, cheap shots that most would ignore, considering the source.

    Look at this field of GOP hopefuls! Thank goodness Cain is gone as I seen his very presence as undermining the GOP process of selection. RP refused to run as an independent conceding the prevailing notion of a two party system I suppose. There is not a contender in the whole line up. Newt? please! Mitt? he can’t even tell a good lie without showing it with body posture. Bachmann? I love Halaluha women!but she middle management material. The other two? not really for prime time.

    3 years and this is all you got?

    I’d say John Myers crystal ball is accurate on this call. So I prepare to hear another round of lame Obama jokes as it comes with the title and position. Just leave his family alone is all I would ask.

    • Joe H.

      I won’t touch his kids at all! his wife and auntie now? with what they have said, they have MADE themselves fair game!!!

      • Deerinwater

        well, It’s good that you don’t have Elanor Roosevelt to deal with then. Quicker wit and sharper tongue, you wouldn’t hold the chances of a one legged man in a butt kicking contest.

  • Bob L.

    Obama win (steal) the November election? I’m saving some packing boxes in case I have to move to another state… 1860 all over again?
    No, you products of the modern public education system, the War for Southern Independence was not primarily about slavery, it was mainly over where the power resided, with the States (according to the Tenth Amendment) or in an all powerful central government.

    • Deerinwater

      Check out Arkansas LOL! I don’t know what state you could run to.

      I think your desire to drive the bus is overwhelming your judgement.

      I would like to share an experience with you all, about drinking and driving. As you well know, some of us have been known to have had brushes with the authorities on our way home from some holiday social gathering over the years.

      A couple of nights ago, I was out for a few drinks with some friends and had a few too many beers and some rather nice Merlot. Knowing full well I may have been slightly over the limit, I did something I’ve never done before, I took a bus home.

      I arrived home safely and without incident, which was a real surprise, as I have never driven a bus before and am not sure where I got it from.

      • 45caliber


      • Joe H.

        Bob,er deerinwater,
        That joke is older than I am, and thats getting kinda ripe. I think Milton Berle first used that for Ike!!!

        • Deerinwater

          I grew up watching Uncle Milty, Sid Ceazer, Grocho, Phil Silvers, Slappy White and I never heard it before.

          • independant thinker

            So. Just because you do not remember it doesn’t mean it isn’t old. I remember hearing that joke years ago as well.

      • independent thinker

        At one time Arkansas was considered the ONLY state in the US that could be totaly independent of the rest of the country. I am not sure that is true now but it was up to at least the 1960s.

      • Wendell

        deer, I think you have been smoking to much wacky weed and your brain is fried.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    This country can’t survive another four years of Obama.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Sure it can!

      • Joe H.

        Yeah Doc, the COUNTRY will survive, just not our RIGHTS, our GOVERNMENT, nor our CONSTITUTION!!!

    • Deerinwater

      of course it can, and it will.

      It’s become common for several people on every thread to make such a claim. “America cannot survive another 4 years of Obama” but they never say why.

      I think that these are the same people that seem to believe God requires defending. That somehow he/she requires their help.

      I guess if they say it often enough it has an effect on lesser minds. Like telling a small child something over and over again until they are programmed and believe it so.

      What would have been hard for America to endure was 4 years of MC Same & Palin. That lady could have actually been President of the United States if things fell into part wrong.

      Mc Same would still have us full bore in Iraq and spending like sailor on shore leave on military matters.

      • Don


        with that statement,, i think you spend to much time in the water, my Deer !!!! personally i take offense to your stupid remark ! are you better off than you were 3 years ago ?

        • Deerinwater

          People that “take offense” are delicate by nature. For if you were “strong” you would not be “offended”. Now you might take “accepting” but that is a completely different word that offers us a different meaning.

          If you are “delicate”, you have my deepest sympathy and I hope your condition improves. But you really should find another place to play, as it gets rough here on the forum.

          I will attack any message predicated on falsehood or offers a pertinacity to be self validating with circular reasoning, any bias founded in insufferable self righteousness.

          This is “not” The Love Boat Don. If you are looking for friends, go to Church.

        • Smilee

          I was not better off three years ago, things were really bad then, albeit things are not back to the ideal normal as yet they never the less have improved and all statistics show that, it is the rhetoric that defies that truth. Obama was handed a problem that needed five to ten years to get to an ideal normal under the best of circumstances and with the priority agenda of the republicans to make sure he does not succeed they made a conscious decision to block him thus ensuring a longer recovery period, at least another decade.

          • Joe H.

            Abummers own words ” If I don’t improve the economy in three years, then i deserve to be a one term president.” well, here we are at the start of the FOURTH year and the economy is WORSE so I guess if Abummer is a man of his word, he is gonna step down???? Now, the statement about the economy being worse is not my words, but the experts on ALL the news stations, including the BBC!

          • Smilee


            WTF The economy is growing at a rate now over double what it was three years ago an it has nothing to do with what Obama said or did not say it is just a fact that you have chosen to misrepresent and distort. It is still growing to slow but it makes us better off now than three years ago and it is for you too but you have chosen to ignore and deny this reality

          • joe H.

            I only have one compound word for that. BULL$HIT!!!!

          • smilee

            Isee you run out of words except for one!!!

      • eddie47d

        In several ways I’m better now than the second act of Bush’s presidency. It was hard to shake that Bush addiction he inflicted on us and his drug of spending and encouraging wild investing was hard to recover from.

      • moonbeam

        Deerinwater, all you need do is open your peepers and see why this country could not stand another 4 years of always-on-vacation obama. If you need it explained to you then it’s time to make that popping sound.

        *pop* squirt….

        • Deerinwater

          Moon, 43 took much more time off, of course, I’m glad that he did. look it up! The results makes Obama look like a work horse in comparison.

          but that’s petty stuff, ~ and I’d lighten up with the catatonic humor,

          unless you a willing to get something back 10 fold worse.

      • Joe H.

        Now I KNOW it’s deerMAKINGwater!!!!

        • Deerinwater

          Ha~☺ ~ some more of that “Popping sound” ~ You must be more familiar with it then most.

          Catatonic Humor is child play and most typical with people that have poor communication skill. Which explains it’s constant reappearance on Mr. Livingston’s forums as the bias here attracts people experiencing acute anal retention and found in a “delicate state” and irritable and somehow seem to think that they are conservatives. Now where they got such an idea is not completely clear, I’m left to believe someone tell them that they were.

          YES! We are better off today the we was 3 years ago.

          Two Islam dictators and one Muslim terrorist that been responsible for the deaths and misery of thousands of people no long moves freely about and speaks. They have been silenced along with many of their supporters and enablers.

          Three years along we were on the way down and today we on the way up.

          Three years ago we didn’t know how deep the hole really was, today we do.

          The flood of illegal aliens has greatly slowed down, drug bust of epic size and slowed the flow of drug intro the country.

          878 new federal agents on the border.

          Immigration and naturalization has broke past records with deportation.

          Federal taxes are a low as they was 3 years ago.

          Do you want to heAR MORE?

          • Joe H.

            Is that so? I mean here we are on the brink of war with Iran and Pakistan, The mexican government is staging troop deployments on US soil to do incursions into Mexico, the job market still looks bleak, our moneys worth is going down the tubes, prices of must have goods like food are rising, Gun ownership is almost more a neccessity than a right, and people like you say we are better off than three years ago!!! Good Lord Help us!!! The inmates have taken over the assylum!!!

          • Deerinwater

            Joe, we are not on the brink of war Sir. true there is much posturing taking place, it is for big boys and not the faint of heart, a process of statesman brinkmanship that test ones “steel” against another. I have more confidence in the current administration then I ever did 43 with such matters.

            True, we might lose a support vessel to a missile in the process at the worse. ~ That would only bring down the lighting and thunder and Iran knows it. Both sides is looking for a weakness to defend their position and war would serve Iran least. Iran does not want to allow the world to see it become a no fly zone. This would completely destroy any imagery of them being a military power. They will hold on to that image while they do an “end zone” strut. Appearances are important.

            So you worry for little purpose.

            It’s only been three years, and you and your friends have been complaining 2 years, 11 and a half months, much about the same thing as some improvement have been made. Today signs of recovery are better then ever as banks are once again starting to loan out money and we go into the forth straight month of dropping unemployment.

            Joe, you really don’t have a sound argument but repeat talking point of a political machine that holds ambitions while selling you down river.

          • joe H.

            Let’s see bob, was it october or november we had ZERO job growth??? That hasn’t happened since the great depression!!! On Oblamas watch!!! One month of job growth was atributed souly to the hiring of census takers??? That’s GROWTH??? You need to put down the bottle bud and see the world as it IS not as it looks through bloodshot eyes!!

          • joe H.

            Hey bob,
            you say you run a heating and plumbing company, right??? Then how are you on here Almost every DAY during the day??? Must be a real slow year for you, right???

  • Santiago

    it is not clear what is it exactly what makes libertarians anti obama irritate so much. obama’s conservative family is truly parent advisor home education style oriented. obama also encourages strong and almost absolute control over people’s lifes just like replublican orthodox churches would love to reminding medieval times. money, money and more money as republicans always preach their kids to concentrate in is never been so more abundant than today’s republican banks and bankers have ever seen in their state of the art coffers and locks. arms, guns, weaponry, high tech ammunition all conservative favorite toys are in all times record manufacturing statistics. would not it be good to go deeper in the actual meaning and actions of left, right, liberals, conservatives, libertarians, socialists, communists, fundamentalists. if the world is still not completely up side down, at least the languages really are.

    • El Gringo

      What in ‘ell did you attempt to say? I couldn’t understand any of your ramblings. Did you attend any school, or are you self taught? LOL

  • 45caliber

    Unfortunately, John Myers may be right.

    Oblama and friends are buying the election.

    • Deerinwater

      Where you been 45 ? I missed you.

      Oh come on, ~ buying elections, ~ well buy it back! The GOP has got the loot as they pander to special interest and fat cats, potentates, sheikhs. While the new elected GOP has done everything they can think of to defund the DNC and restrict the polling place.

      Then the Highness of high honorable judgeship’s in their collective wisdom have rules Corporate American as people and can spend unlimited funds with no accounting required.

      The GOP has unlimited funding. I don’t think they want to win, they are enjoying this current state of affairs while acting like they are in pure misery. “It Show Business”

      • 45caliber

        I went on Christmas vacation to visit kids and grandkids. I really enjoyed it.

    • Smilee


      They are all trying to buy the election that is why the ones with the most money will end up in a two man race trying to out spend each other

  • FreedomFighter

    Obama wins election its time for the move out of the USA.

    Hillary Clinton win, would make me move even faster.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Deerinwater

      Just tell us where you are headed and we cover your exit. El Salvador is nice this time of year.

    • 45caliber

      Sadly, I think you are right.

    • Thinking about

      Hey, you could go to Costa Rica with Rush, oh, forgot, he did not go, maybe because they have national health insurance. We could send a few more with you, see ya.

      • Joe H.

        I seem to remember a few progs saying they were gonna leave if Paul won!! I say good riddance to ANYBODY that would abandon their country when she needs them!!! I was born here, lived my life here, fought for this country, and will die here, whether natural or not!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA…AGAIN!!!!

  • Stephen

    It was in 2008 and Hillary bows out of the race and throws her support behind the Obamanator…why? At the time I felt there was a deal in the making because, knowing Hillary’s quest to become the first female president, she would not have made the move without a “deal-in-the-making” for her. Secretary of State is a perfect position for her resume in her quest.

    Why not VP? VP is a position for wannabes and probably, at the time, would have brought out the vote for the Republicans in a Hillary vs. Palin competition. Why do you think McCain chose Palin?

    About a year ago it became quite evident and logical that there would be a change in the lineup sometime before the 2012 election in November. The logic became verified in light of just why did Obama select Biden for the VP spot. As I predicted in 2010, a change between Hillary and Biden will take place to strengthen the Obama ticket and fulfill the linage to make Clinton the De-facto VP on her way to the presidency in 2016. Why? Because it’s her only shot to be the “First Madame President” before some other woman candidate beats her to the punch.

    Reich must have been reading some of my comments in 2010.

    • Joe H.

      Mr. Cain said today he will throw ALL his followers behind whom ever gets the nod for the repubs!! Wish he would come to his senses and support R. Paul!!

      • Deerinwater

        Wow! Such a complicated man! not! The rest of America is much brighter then his wife. well?? most of us anyway.

        I hear somewhere that it wasn’t until just last week, he learned that “Harassment” was just one word and not three.

        • libertytrain

          your comment seems even more unkind that usual.

          • joe H.

            More like spaced out!!!!

  • Randy C

    I most definitle think she should run as VP. As the article pointed out, she has major ambition. I would not want to be the only person between her and her ultimate goal. Very short life expectancy. This would get rid of 1 major problem. Then conservatives could focus on the new problem

  • Gordon

    Senator Coburn said it best when he released his report Dec.20th…
    “Over the past 12 months,Washington politicians argued,debated and lamented about how to reign in the federal government’s out of control spending.All the while,Washington was on a shopping binge,spending money we do not have on things we do not need,like 6.9 billion worth of examples provided in this report. The result:Instead of cutting wasteful spending,nearly 2.5 billion was added each day in 2011 to our national debt, which now exceeds $15 trillion.”
    Yet, in 2011,according to Rep. Coburn, Congress thought nothing of recklessly spending tens of millions of dollars including these examples from his report…
    .$15.3 million for one of the infamous “Bridges to Nowhere” in Alaska.
    .$113,227 for a “video game preservation center” in New York.
    .$550,000 for a documentary about how rock music contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union.
    .$350,000 to support an international Art Exhibition in Venice,Italy
    .$10 million for a remake of “Sesame Street” for Pakistan.
    (The full,sad report is available on Senator Coburn’s website)
    As we start the new year 2012,we are faced with the stark reality: If federal spending is not deeply slashed, America cannot survive.
    During the three years President Obama has been in office,
    the National debt has increased by nearly $5 trillion.This
    kind of profligate spending is totally unsustainable!

    • Thinking about

      Add Paul’s earmarks to this spending also. Santorum was really good in getting earmarks. Don’t guess these cost the american taxpayers.

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    This article will be correct , unless, Ron Paul gets the nomination or Herman Cain could get back into the flow. However, the other Repub. candidates are tragic comics. That’s my take. Thanks!!

  • http://Boblivingston Gottaplenty

    I have not read any thing yet the libs have put out that is not pure lib rhetoric. It seems they have to have permission to make a statement..In the first place they havnot seen or heard of a true concertive in their lifetime to make any comparisons.RP may give them some new kind of mud to sling.

    • eddie47d

      As per usual you gottaplenty of nothing but BS. Everyone is commenting on all the candidates including those liberals you dispise. Maybe if you pull your head out you’d notice that some progressives (Liberals) support Ron Paul and for a variety of reasons;civil liberties,war on drugs,foreign entanglements,etc). If you really care to pay attention you will notice several Conservatives/Republicans slamming Ron Paul. So what is up with that?

    • Deerinwater

      Well eddie, I could well believe that he never read “anything’. “Exit” and “Enter” does not count.

  • Gringo Infidel

    Scary. The United States should be ashamed that these people continue to ‘serve’ in public office. They should have been booed away long ago and in shame.

  • Don

    Gringo Infidel, i agree 100% !

  • Bob Marshall

    To those who claim Ron Paul would weaken the most powerful industrial military complex in the word should remember that 0n Sept.10.2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon couldn’t account for 2.3 trillion dollars. Then the Pentagon Inspector General said that the US military cannot account for 25 % of the money make this 25% up Congress is asked approves 125% of the amount for the budget. Makes sense to me. Most taxpayers never pay attention to this little items.

  • 45caliber

    Considering how dear Joe keeps putting his foot into his mouth, do we really need him as SOS?

  • Core

    I hope these four years, are the first and last I’ll ever hear of Obama again. I hope he loses, and rides off into the sunset. I know we could possibly elect someone worse, as a country since you know.. its majority rules the minority. And if you follow the trends of presidents we’ve had since the first one, it probably has declined in an over all average.

    I hope we turn it around with R.Paul.

    I also wish we had a direct election, another words.. everyone who was going to vote, could vote directly and do so online. I mean I can order products online and get them shipped to my house in a secure manner. Why can’t voting be as simple? That way no one could .. well it would be a lot harder to manipulate numbers. (oh wait.. governments invovled, that explains it)

  • Danny

    Our choices have all been the lesser of 2-3 evils since JFK ,, and we all know what happened to that choice. Buy a Congressman,, everyone should own at least one.

  • daniel

    From what I have seen and read about this campaign and the different candidates, issues and history I am afraid Obama will get re-elected. I am literally watching a rehash of the last presidential primary. I shudder to think that the general will be any different.
    The Republican Party has all but ignored the mid-term elections. The candidates may be from a variety of political stances but the Party itself really endorses one candidate. We have been given the choice of Romney. The GOP has failed to notice the mood of this country by their choice. We are being handed a milquetoast candidate and told to like it!! Face it unless there is something earthshaking happening in the near future we are in more trouble. The GOP just wants to maintain Congress so that a progressive program can be initiated maybe under McCain.

  • 2¢ worth…

    I think your ALL a bunch of whiny idiots!! Some sleeper reads an article in some obscure blog, takes it as gospel and spreads the word while the rest whines, “Don’t listen to this idiot’s source, it’s bogus and bias to every American citizen, instead.. Listen to what WE dug up on yet ANOTHER obscure blog” .. Ludicrous!! The ONLY way is to listen to each candidate’s wins and fails (pay no attention to the dirt they constantly toss at not only the opposition but toward their own competitors as well).. Confirm their record(s) NOT by listening to the rebuts of the other challenger but by going to the source ( and confirm their truth/lie then decide upon their record and NOT their thousand dollar garb and their botox looks.. And finally, it’s one vote.. YOU’RE vote, not a vote because you ‘envision’ the ‘winner’ nor as a fear factor of not being accepted by your peers but because THIS is the person that YOU want to win. It’s all like a game to you fools (just as politicians view it).. And you can’t wait to be on the winning side of this super bowl whether your winner loses or not. DO YOU’RE FRIGGIN’ HOMEWORK PEOPLE AND STOP LOOKING SUPERFICIALLY AT WHAT YOU THINK SHOULD WORK!!

    • Smilee

      You should do your homework, this article did not come off a blog but from an article in the newspaper and Meyer’s has done this type of thing for a while with a fairly high degree of being right. He is not the quack you try to portray him as

  • Alex

    Dear Mr Crystal,
    Since you make such an issue about Robert Reich’s size, I figure it is now okay for me to ask a question I have had for awhile—-what is wrong with your eyes? Are you blind or something?
    When I watch your silly little “comedy” bits on Saturdays, your eyes are always freaky—what’s up with that? I have even wondered if you might be blind—I mean, physically blind, rather than the logical blindness so evident in the drivel you spew.
    Again, I would not ordinarily point out physical strangeness, but you kind of opened that door with the attention you pay to Reich’s physique.

  • Alex

    The problem ANY Rethuglican nominee will face is that the GOP has abandoned America’s people in courting favor with the billionaires—you are just out of touch with America;s struggling families.

    Remember, after finally caving in on the Payroll Tax extension, John Boehner said, “We decided to do what is right for America, even if it is not exactly what WE WANT.” Clearly, what the GOP leadership wants is NOT what is right for America.

    Hopefully, President Barack Hussein Obama will toughen up in his second term and stop acting like such a milquetoast.

    • s c

      A, if you dare to think for ONE second that an informed conservative has but ONE grievance toward the GOP, it’s because YOU live in a dream world. HOW MANY utopians ever take the time to look at Obummer’s closet ‘relationship’ with Imelt, Buffet, Soros or Gates?
      HOW OFTEN do utopians take a hard look at this administration’s back-door approach to dealing with CORPORATIONS? Anyone pissed on your side who knows about GE not paying taxes?
      Don’t kid yourself, a. Conservatives have a LONG list of grievances with the retards at the GOP. However, you’ll have to convince conservatives LONG and HARD that utopians give a damn about your wishy-washy views on what the ‘Democrat’ party and its rotting Big Tent approach has done to YOUR integrity, bubba. The worst whore on the face of the planet is a POLITICAL WHORE. WAKE UP!

  • http://Boblivingston Gottaplenty

    Eddie When one is so dam shalow he cant see when the facts are laid bare he lands on buzzwords to try to make his point… and that’s no BS

    • Smilee

      IS TOO!!!

  • KSmith

    Conservatives need to abandon the Republican Establishment.

  • Richie

    Good shout out to John Myers. I’ve been reading his stuff for years and keeps this site bookmarked for me and my work colleagues. Well done and Happy New Year!

  • Linda Dongieux

    Ben Crystal, who is the H is that? What in the H is Davidson College. Why is it okay for a man to show naked ambition any day of the week, but not okay for a woman to have ambition? That doughboy face from Arkansas is a Rhodes scholar, you stupid idiot, what are you? I can think of quite a few names for you other than what I just said. Do you have perfect body, referring to Hillary as being fat, I doubt it. I know your brain is one messed up piece of tissue.

  • Elena J

    He may just be right. Hillary is just as ambitious as Obama and also knows it would be just about impossible for her to get the top job. The Republicans certainly aren’t helping things either, with an at-best iffy candidate.


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