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The Worrisome Frivolity Of Facebook

February 22, 2012 by  

The Worrisome Frivolity Of Facebook

“I didn’t know what Facebook was, and now that I do know what it is, I have to say, it sounds like a huge waste of time.”
–Betty White, “Saturday Night Live”

“Knowledge is power,” wrote Sir Francis Bacon. There’s little doubt Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg grasped this when he created his vision for social networking eight years ago this month. Whether you consider Facebook a miracle or a monster, there is no doubt it has changed the way people relate to each other. It also made Zuckerberg one of the youngest billionaires in history.

This year, Facebook is expected to garner its billionth user. It already has more than 845 million users, or roughly one-seventh of the world’s population.

With billions of dollars in earnings, Facebook has in the works a much-anticipated initial public stock offering. The success of that IPO will do much to determine if social networking and the accumulation of what was once deemed personal information translate into raw wealth.

Regardless of how well Facebook’s IPO does, there is one truth about it and other social networks: The members who sign up are giving away their privacy and anonymity.

I find it irritating to watch people obsessing over Facebook. I am in my mid-50s, and I have no desire to share my life with so-called friends who can pass any of my information on to anyone. My wife and I have three children in their 20s who, like many of their generation, are avid Facebook users.

It has been my observation while shopping, walking in the park or driving that multitudes are either reading Facebook posts or updating their statuses. The numbers back me up. Facebook reports that it has 415 million mobile users.

Whether on the laptop at home or on the street with a smartphone, it appears that the principal reason so many people spend so much time on Facebook is to learn and spread gossip.

Evidence that many of my generation are upset over social networking was demonstrated this month when a North Carolina father, Tommy Jordan, responded to his daughter’s disrespectful Facebook rant by shooting her laptop and putting the video on YouTube. Jordan’s video went viral, receiving more than 2 million views in the first couple of days.


Jordan’s daughter had written a long Facebook post in which she complained about her chores. She didn’t suspect her dad would find her online tirade, but he did. He was especially upset by his daughter’s use of profanity in her post.

“This is for my daughter, Hannah, and more importantly, all of her friends on Facebook who thought her little rebellious post was cute,” Jordan said before riddling her computer with bullets.

I don’t endorse shooting computers. It is too much like Elvis Presley shooting TVs. I do understand that many older people are angry that our kids seem to give their lives over to their “friends” who number in the hundreds or sometimes thousands on Facebook.

I also realize that Facebook isn’t just for young people.  Social Media Today reported in April 2010 an estimated 41.6 percent of the U.S. population had a Facebook account.

A friend told me at a Christmas party that he has more than 2,000 “friends” on Facebook. I still can’t comprehend that number. I am not sure I have been introduced to 2,000 people in my lifetime.

A wise, old uncle once told me: “If I have three people who are real friends, I am a lucky man.”

The New Economy

On Feb. 1, Facebook filed its S1 document with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The company filed for a $5 billion IPO, one of the biggest in tech history and the largest Internet offering ever. It is estimated that when the IPO plays out, Facebook will be worth between $40 and $200 billion. While there are a multitude of users, no one can accurately predict what this company will be worth after the silicon settles.

While Facebook earned over $1 billion last year, it may pay out those profits in bonuses to its employees and avoid any Federal taxation. I don’t begrudge Facebook legally avoiding taxes, but there is a macroeconomic point most people ignore. As of February 2011, Facebook employed about 2,000 people. The hottest stock to hit Wall Street has an unparalleled ratio of customers to employees. America needs jobs, yet Facebook and the entire social network create little stimulus for the economy.

Then there is the question of productivity. Many companies block Facebook from employee workstations. Those that don’t have to contend with workers wasting time checking new postings on their Facebook page.

On the subject of privacy, I had lunch the other day with a young man whom I coached in football more than a decade ago. He went on to win many football awards and earned two degrees by the age of 21. His MBA thesis criticized Facebook and commented on the lackluster way in which people give away their privacy.

He told me, “Since early civilization, people have strived to protect their privacy. In a few short years, such concerns have been thrown to the wind.”

How exactly is it that Facebook and other social media sites hurt a member’s privacy? I found an explanation from A Nice Guy’s View on Life, written June 23, 2010:

Here’s where the problem is. Facebook is a company which is trying to make money. Your profile (the collection of all your information) on their website belongs to them. They can market that information to anyone and do whatever they want with it. If you put any pictures on there, then they own those photos too. On top of that, every “application” or service that isn’t written by Facebook) knows everything [emphasis in the original] about you and the people you are friends with… which means that if you’ve decided not to install an application that collects e-mail addresses, but your friend does — then that application knows your e-mail address. Wonderful!

All of this makes me think Facebook is less a wonderful enterprise and more like a useful instrument for big business and Big Brother. That should give you pause before you either join Facebook or update your information on it.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • http://personalliberty ann kitay

    I found You on Facebook….courtesy of a college professor, thank you. There are many interesting and knowledgeable people attracted to my page and I am grateful for all I learn from them…

    • CJ

      What bothers me most is FB can make an account about me, from no more than all MY “friends” allowing their address book to be scanned. This is what we get when technology is given to intellectual kids. They blindly want to ‘play’ with it, unknowingly being manipulated to divulge freely they would have, otherwise, demanded payment for. If I had valuable information, I would expect to be paid for it. But, this is the ‘me’ generation and they think everything should be at no cost to them. You get what you pay for. By the way, if you find something about me on FB, I didn’t approve the message.

    • Joe H

      Ann kitay,
      Be that as it may, I’m not too keen on facebooks policies. they allow a woman to put up a home formula for an abortion, yet take down a mans pro-life message last week!! Now that may be your kind of dealings, but as for me, NO THANKS!!

      • FreedomFighter

        I dont use FaceBook, Twitter or Google, the information collection behind the scene cannot be good.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • John

        And how many websites and blogs do you visit that do exactly the same? Most owners of blogs or websites collect user data and many of them sell them to advertisers or use it to push targeted marketing at you. Did you ever wondered why you see certain advertisement at places.. advertisements that seems to be promoting something that goes along with your needs and actions… keep your eyes open and you will see, there is a lot more then you suspect.
        Many website owners finance the website…. with targeted advertising…

      • John

        Joe, why did they take it down, did it infringe on someone else intellectual property because he posted something that someone else claims to be the originator of, or did he made claims that would fall under criminal law such as slander or did he make any treads against others? That are the only reason anything gets taken down… if you look at face book, there are hundreds of thousands of pro life messages on it. He must have done something that violates the terms of usage ( EULA). Facebook is pretty lenient and for something to be taken down he did something wrong, period.

      • Joe H

        According to, they removed his statement of prolife because he asked all prolife people to get the word out. They temporarily took down a womans directions on how to perform an abortion at home and then reposted it! That doesn’t sound like he met any of their policies to remove any of the posts!!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Don’t rationalize stupidity or deviancy. What you post on Facebook will come back to haunt you later on in life? Can you define blackmail? It comes in many forms. You probably have been told before that all that stroke the keyboard to visit you on Facebook are not your friends, they will never be. To be friends with another human being you need face to face interactions and in most cases you would still reject that “friend” because you can be incompatible.

      • Karolyn

        I have to disagree Nadzieja. I have met several people online over the past 10, especially over the past 4, that have been good, supportive long-distance friends. I met them in Yahoo Groups. If I had the opportunity to travel to where they live, I would be welcomed at their homes, as I would welcome them to mine.

      • ChristyK

        My husband and I have many friends that live around the world. Many are missionaries. Because they are often 8-12 hours different and because long distance calls are difficult to make and expensive, the only easy way to communicate with them is through facebook. We have a large number of friends in Chile. When the large earthquake occurred in Chile, we were able to find out that they were OK. We were also able to coordinate help for the parents of one friend who lost their home.

        In some cases facebook can be a useful tool. Of course, there are some subjects that I will never discuss on facebook. I know “Big Brother” is always watching.

      • Libertytrain

        Karolyn, Christy – I agree. There are many people I have become good friends with because of the Internet. I would never have “met” them any other way.

      • KHM

        @Nadzieja Batki,
        I agree with you that those thousands of contacts you may have if you go on Facebook, are not really “friends”. Can you call one up when you need something? Or go to meet them for a coffee? In most cases, NO. Much of what young people put out there will come back to bite them. Identity thieves troll the site as well as your information being sold to other sites and companies.
        My family wanted me to be on Facebook and LinkedIn, but I said no way. Too little privacy as it is.
        The IPO is all hype, the product or service is illusory and doesn’t deserve to make that kind of $$.

      • Deerinwater

        i am one of those that fails to appreciate Face Book, I do have a profile and maybe 35 friends and family there. But I really don’t see the attraction unless you are big into networking and attempting to grow recognition. music bands, etc, posting events.

        I have a few enemies on face book as well and that not really good.

        The “girls” seem to love it. I’ve learned to not interfere with “girl fun”

        You can find old lost friends sometimes but usually, they were “lost” for a reason.

        • Libertytrain

          Deer – yep, that’s kind of how I felt about “old lost friends” and have ignored their ‘friend” requests 99 per cent of the time -

    • Old Henry

      “With billions of dollars in earnings, Facebook has in the works a much-anticipated initial public stock offering.” – Looks like the DC Scummers will once again be making millions while putting the rest of us in the Poor House – to which we shall have to walk due to unaffordable fuel prices.

      “it appears that the principal reason so many people spend so much time on Facebook is to learn and spread gossip.” – Sort of a 21st Century Party Line…
      “Tommy Jordan, responded to his daughter’s disrespectful Facebook rant by shooting her laptop” – I watched that video – 3 times when it first went viral – and RALMAO! Why a 45 against a laptop? Because they don’t make a 46. Put me in mind of that country song “Bubba Shot the Jukebox”.

      John, people do post too much information on Facebook. I do not do that social networking crap, but have given pause to trying it. I figured I could get involved, post that I was going on vacation to my bunker in MT and then sit in the Lazy Boy with my 12 gauge. When I heard the breaking glass I would then “add some chlorine” to the gene pool….

  • RevNowWhileWeCan

    There’s good and bad with Facebook. The dummies with nothing to do with their time will still be dummies but it’s a great outlet for great news sources in which the MSM refuses to cover. I realize that this is more attributed to the so far free internet but what it does, is give a platform for the thinkers to gather knowledge and share revelent, meaningful information with the non-thinking zombies. For this reason I beleive Facebook is an important mechanism in bringing about change in this world towards a path in a way that may not have been done before. Bottom line is that more people are turning off their t.v.’s and that’s a good thing.

    • CJ

      Valid information is rare. If someone REALLY thinks they should trust millions of false claims with the hope that ONE is right is a fool’s venture. Our society has put too strong of a value of creditibility to statements for no other reason than it’s ‘put down in writing.’ It’s human nature to do as little work as possible and assuming you can get so much factual ‘inside’ information is the road to ruin. I see the phenomonon as more about a ‘pied piper’ than a ‘sermon from the mount’ but a good book did say the masses would be willingly deceived, and blindly follow.

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        My point is that there is more “valid” information on the internet because of the amount of sources that are available along with sources to check the sources for those of us willing to do the “clicking”. My point is that these sources can be trusted more than the MSM and Facebook offers a platform for zombies who don’t want to do the legwork, to receive more truthful information that they would have otherwise gotten. No matter how you look at it, people communicating with each other, no matter the source, is better than the T.V.

      • CJ

        Rev, one drop of good in a gallon of poison doesn’t make it any safer. Yes, it factually exists, but there is also much more misinformation. Without an external RELIABLE source to verify it, no sensible person should waste their time. There are more important things at hand than verifying everything posted in blogs.

      • John

        The internet is a source for information period, a lot of it is true and valid, but a lot of it is as false as it can get and unfortunately there are millions out there willing to believe ANYTHING as long as it feeds their neurotic believes.
        Anyone, and I mean anyone can make a a business name, the name of an institution, call it ANYTHING and then make a website. It cost 9.95 a year to have a webpage hosted on the internet plus 7.95 for the domain name…. I have several of them myself.
        Anyone can use free software to produce the most authentic looking website and then produce the most authentic looking “facts” or writings, some even create documents complete with official looking seals and letterheads. It can be done by anyone, a pimpled face 10 year old or neurotic disturbed conspiracy nut. On the internet, everyone can be a big stron patriot, a expert, a master of all trades… true or fiction it does not mater. And people will eat it up and believe it because …gasp… its on the internet and called whatever rather institute or federal whatever or poses as a research lab, a school, a university a world renown expert…. the same is true with U-Tube… I call it loon or nut tube, because every loon or nut can use a camcorder and produce a video in the barn or basement making the most outrages claims… and people believe it. There is NO law on the internet and people can make up statistics, dates, stories all to fit their agenda.
        The internet is the outlet for liars, cheats, con men, rip off artists and its buyer beware.. if its to good to be true don’t believe it.

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        CJ…What would you consider an external RELIABLE source outside of you walking, driving or flying to verify it for youself? 95% of the info outside of the internet is just crap re-posted and (sometimes) credited to each other. Let me guess. Anderson Cooper or John King?

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        @ John..It’s worse in the real world than on the internet!!! There are no billions of dollars worth of bad credit home loans being re-packaged as aaa rated, used to bankrupt countries, on the net. There are no hundreds of billions of dollars being stolen from fraudulent hedgefund accounts on the net. There are not Gov’ts printing money and loaning it to criminal banks at .01% interest. These are all happening in the real world, not on the net. I’ll take my chances sifting thru the internet and getting all the info I can before I blow my money out in the “real world” arena.

      • DaveH

        I agree with the Rev. We’ve been lied to in ‘reliable’ print since the beginnings of our country. Why should the Internet be any exception? Easy access to information on the Internet makes it much easier for people now to step outside their Propaganda zones and learn alternate ways of viewing things.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So people are replacing TV watching with the internet. One addiction for another. If people didn’t trust television to bring them “good” things to watch, why are they willing to trust the internet. Now it will be harder to sift through all the information that is out there and know which is Truth.

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        My point is that with the internet you can correspond, as we are now, take the info in and ask questions and get responses. T.V. is only 1 way. That’s the difference.

  • s c

    Betty White has my vote. Elvis wasn’t entirely wrong when it came to TV. John Denver’s ‘blow up the TV’ is right on, bro.
    For me, Facebook and TV are different sides of the same coin. I no longer watch TV, and Facebook is an absolute NO.
    Anyone who approaches Facebook with good intentions (especially little kids or incredibly ignorant teens) is playing with fire. Facebook is just another easy way to invade and abuse your privacy. Some things are best left alone.
    Until we get a Congress or a prez who realize that identity thieves, hackers and predators have the advantage via technology, I wouldn’t trust Congress or the White House to take out the trash – let alone PROTECT America. The lust for money, sociopathic behavior and leaders who refuse to lead are as dangerous to America as any invading army.
    HOW are we being protected? Those who get elected don’t read or understand legislation OR available resources to STOP thieves, hackers and predators. And these vermin expect us to have utter faith in them?

    • Karolyn

      Don’t you ever lighten up? Facebook – and TV – DO have their good points. There is something to be learned from all sources, even if it’s what the other “side” is thinking, viewing, doing. It makes for a well-rounded view of the world.

      • John


        A lot of people are so stuck in their own ideas and believes that they consider the notion of looking at anything different or listening to a different viewpoint then their own heresy.
        Just look at the behavior of some of the people on this and other boards that instead refuting others with fact and intelligent replies rather call names and attack the person. Deep inside, they are afraid that if they look at something different and learn about different view points, they may realize that they are …gasp…. wrong…oh the horror.
        They are stuck in their own universe and nothing will ever be able to get them to even consider the notion of change.

      • furious

        The facebook site is a waste of time and effort. Why do I need to know that someone went to the gym twice in one day. This kind of info is far more likely than anything of substance. It is just another condone distraction.

      • Robert Crain

        you are right Karolynn. The one thing everyone is thinking but won`t say is WOW!! I live 30 miles from town, and I would go to the library quite often. There was stuff I needed to know, so I would check out a book on it. Well, the internet has saved my butt more than once,and anything I need to know about, I just look it up.Real time saver, and I love the internet. I could care less about Facebook. My grandkids are always trying to get me on there. I told them no way. I tried to explain to them about Facial Recognition software, and they could care less. These are 20 year olds, and they don`t care. A friend of mine asked me on ham radio the other night, what I liked best about the internet. I told him there was some killer porn on there. After he quit laughing, he asked me if I was serious. I said, hell yes. You never saw stuff like this in Playboy or Hustler when I was growing up. So there , its out there. The one thing no one will talk about, but we all been there. I find the internet intoxicating, and I`m probably addicted to it. I don`t spend a lot of time searching anymore, as I`m retired now. Most of my searching is on you tube movies, or Netflix, since TV sucks, and I have not watched it in years. Been so long, the grand kids complain about my Black and White TV. When are you going to buy a new one. NEVER!!!

    • Sirian

      I must say that I lean along the same lines as you s c. Facebook may appear to be good initially but when it comes down to privacy, which is an area that so many don’t fully understand anymore, well, once you’re on line with Facebook, hang it up. Kids don’t understand this and no telling how many problems will be created from everyone sharing with everyone else. One thing leads to another – good, bad & indifferent.

    • Lynne

      Right on, s c. A few family members convinced me a while back to subscribe to FB, so I did — only adding family members as ‘friends.’ I must say I found it to be a complete time waster and closed my account within two months. I couldn’t believe the total silliness that went on between the young’uns (20-30 year old age range). And privacy? *What* privacy?Between TV and the Internet we’re all being brainwashed and watched. Call me paranoid … heh.

    • DaveH

      SC, when you say “Until we get a Congress or a prez who realize that identity thieves, hackers and predators have the advantage via technology”, please tell me that you aren’t advocating even more Government intrusion into our Internet.

      • Lynne

        Interesting comment, DaveH. No, please no more government intrusion into *anything!* We who willingly use available technology deserve what we get. ‘Buyer beware all the way’ has always been my motto.

      • s c

        Chill, DaveH. I’m no closet utopian. I expect those who are
        in positions of power to do their jobs. Good intentions aren’t worth the trouble, and being a card-carrying party member whore damned sure doesn’t make America better.
        Before you and I were born, Congress was a whore’s country club for the benefit of those who could find multiple ways to sell their arses.
        It’s so far into the toilet that they don’t have to read or understand proposed legislation. I demand that we get our “fair share” of ability and responsibility from those elected SOBs. Period. If I have to tell an elected retard what’s important, then I KNOW who and what I’m dealing with, DaveH. I’m sick and tired of it.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        With identity thieves,hackers, spammers, that will be the “In” that the government needs to take over the internet. It will be the pretense of protecting us.

  • Vicki

    The OP writes:

    While Facebook earned over $1 billion last year, it may pay out those profits in bonuses to its employees and avoid any Federal taxation. I don’t begrudge Facebook legally avoiding taxes, but there is a macroeconomic point most people ignore.

    The tax man will still get his money by taxing the employees. The question I have is what does facebook do to get over 1 billion to be able to pay out. Oh and $1billion is the gross or net?

    • Karolyn


    • CJ

      Same thing google did. They have no tangible product either, but yet they receive millions. A fool and their money may be soon parted but not every fool is on the giving side.

  • simian pete

    That video of Tommy Jordan blowing away the laptop was awesome ! YEAH !!

    I probably would have handled it in a different way. Maybe a bare minimum allowance, say for 20 bucks a week, if she does all her chores. Just enought spending money for weekend activities (going out to eat , movie)…

    He could also get one of those “Rich Dad’s Cash Flow the Game” by Robert Kiyosaki. He could “pay her” to get good at the game (at both levels – the 101 level and the add-on 202 level) to really teach her how to make money. Don’t pay her alot, maybe 2 or 3 bucks for consistently winning the game plus the regular allowance. It’s a board game that teaches you how to get out of the “Rat Race” … The board game is expensive, but worth every penny. It’s good to have someone around to teach you the rules….

    What I see though in the video is a father who loves his daughter and wants her to grow up right . Your a good father, Mr. Jordan !

    • Karolyn

      You would be amazed at the firestorm his video started. There were actually people calling the police department in his town to have him arrested. However, there were no grounds for arrest because in his county it’s legal to fire a gun. They were undoubtedly city folks who thought his behavior was reprehensible. I think it was great. Apparently, his daughter is fine with it from what I’ve heard.

      • DaveH

        I was wondering about that, Karolyn.
        At any rate, legal or not, it pains me to see people destroying things. I think he could have just given it to Goodwill or something less destructive.

      • John

        I would not want to live in the neighborhood of a person as rash and impulsive as this person…. If anyone believe he acted responsible then i.m.h.o. you need to seek professional help. If his daughter posted a rant about him on the internet, then he should look why and find out where he went wrong that cause his daughter to behave that way… causing destruction and behaving like a juvenile 10 year old just shows me that he has some real issues and I would never ever trust him on my side should the crap hit the fan.

      • DaveH

        It’s interesting that the same person who says this — “Just look at the behavior of some of the people on this and other boards that instead refuting others with fact and intelligent replies rather call names and attack the person”, later says this — “If anyone believe he acted responsible then i.m.h.o. you need to seek professional help”.

        Just can’t help yourself, can you, John?

      • John

        DaveH, you can’t help yourself right? I Did not attack anyone in particular, I voiced my general opinion and if you don’t know the difference then to bad.

      • Karolyn

        John & Dave – If you lived in the south, you would understand. If it can be done with a gun, do it!

      • DaveH

        Sure you did, John. You attacked anybody on this board who “believe he acted responsible”.
        It’s telling that you would even try to defend yourself on that one.

      • vicki

        John says:

        I Did not attack anyone in particular, I voiced my general opinion and if you don’t know the difference then to bad.

        An ad hominem attack does not require a specific target.

      • Deerinwater

        “At any rate, legal or not, it pains me to see people destroying things. I think he could have just given it to Goodwill or something less destructive.”

        completely agree, The drama and the waste was unnecessary.

        If you want to get a young daughters attention, deny her , her makeup, a door on her bedroom, or promise her a nice short haircut if things don’t improve.

        Return these things to her as you see improvement.

        But don’t act out in a way that can be seen as unusual or unacceptable.

        I never liked “grounding” my children, enforcement can work a parent to death.

        Children require consistency as home ,learning to understand what to expect.

        Children with run the house if you don’t run it.

    • Lynne

      Are you *nuts,* simian pete?! An allowance of $20?! A few bucks for winning a *game?!* Yeah, I agree with his grounding the little brat. And my response to his video and shooting her laptop was some outright laughing out loud and a resounding ‘you go, dude!’ As youngsters my brother, sister and I received an occasional dime to spend or save. Throughout junior high school and high school we worked for a couple of dollars by bringing home A’s and B’s on our report cards. We girls baby-sat for our only income. My brother spent his summers working odd jobs around the neighborhood. We did our chores with no pay because they were expected of us. Teenage rebellion was dealt with swiftly and efficiently. Our father taught us to drive but none of us were given cars until we were earning our own money to pay for it … I didn’t own a car until I was 18 or 19 years old and bought a used ’73 Ford Torino with Army pay. Discipline and self-responsibility were taught to us and we *never* expected anything to be given/handed to us. I learned my own tough lessons as a young ‘adult’ and finally settled into a responsible life by the time I was 30. Young’uns in the next few generations just didn’t ‘get it.’ My sister raised three brats and her husband never allowed disiplinary action … bad move all around since their three kids (now in their upper 20s-early 30s) *still* expect Daddy to take care of them financially. What a mess a lack of discipline has created over the past few decades!

      • simian pete

        Good points , Lynne ! Actually, 20 bucks a week is kind of low. Maybe 25 bucks a week …
        Movies sure have gone up in price since I was a teenager, so has eating out. 25 bucks is kind of equal like 5 bucks back in the 1970′s …

        You got to add to that – the children have to get their black belts by the time they are 16 in some form of martial arts. That progress would be monitored and at least a 2.8/4.0 scale ( like a B- average overall) in public school.

        They got to get involved ins some church activities too…..

      • DaveH

        Wow, Pete, I thought your inflation figures might be a bit high, so I went here:
        and it turns out $5 in 1970 would have the same buying power as $29 now.
        And that’s from official government figures which according to are way low.
        Poor mom and pop who saved all their lives just to see the purchasing power of their savings evaporate thanks to Big Government.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      If the father bought the compute he has the right to trash it if he wants to.

      • Lynne

        Danged straight he does, along with anything else he bought his little brat. Learn your lesson, young’un, and remember in whose house you’re living and eating and receiving the clothes on your back at no cost to you. Learn this lessen well and you just *might* become a self-responsible adult one day. Getting a part-time job wouldn’t hurt in the least, either … it would be nice if you’d contibute a portion of your earnings to the household, too.

  • Karolyn

    Facebook has some really great qualities. I have reconnected with people I went to HS with 47 years ago. It is a great tool for disseminating and gathering information. I am not addicted to it like so many are; I have far too many interests. I have one “friend” who posts all day about pets needing rescue, especially dogs. I am sure it helps many abused and abandoned dogs find homes. I share petitions I sign online and information on natural health related matters, as well as info from Personal Liberty. It really is a great site unless it is abused. Just like anything else, moderation is the key.

    • Libertytrain

      Karolyn, I agree. Moderation and your privacy settings need to be looked at REGULARLY – and little personal info is needed to be posted. I like it for a few friends, family, have a few pet rescues on mine as well, but I am ruthless as to who can even post on my site, contact me, etc. I’m not looking for friends, I’m enjoying keeping in touch with just a few select people. And I delete people on a regular basis that make no sense to have in my world. No apologies. Just my own world.

      • John

        I have 4 face book pages, One is for work (mandatory) where the engineering departments of all 80+ locations our corporation owns has a page to get together chat about problems and keep in contact. The page is secured against all outsiders and is an actual paid for page at the face book server that guaranties security and protection. Yes the money our corporation is paying this service for that makes it possible for others to actually get something for free. One page is a private page to share with family worldwide….. our extended family is spread out over 4 continents and 16 countries.
        The other two are what I call my lets have fun pages… there, everything goes and they are public for the simple reason that i never post anything private not even my location… they are fun to maintain for an hour a week.
        They all have their place and function but I am still very aware of one fact, NOTHING, absolute NOTHING on the internet even so called closed forums or places using encryption is private period. And as long as one keeps that in mind at all times they will be fine.

      • JeffH

        Libertytrain, I opened a Facebook account with the sole purpose of connecting with family and freinds that I had lost touch with. It’s amazing just how many people from your past resurface and reconnect, and that is a good thing. It was apparent to me that Facebook was only going to be temporary…I’m just not into reading what some people share, i.e. hourly updates about their family and lives, Starbucks, changing diapers, work, etc. etc. It’s just not for me…but it is almost a way of life for others…opening their life up to others.
        Not what I want to do and not what I want to openly share. I guess there’s an upside and a downside dependig on how you use it and what you use it for.

        On another more serious note, how is Claire & family holding up? I think about her often.

      • Karolyn

        Liberty – I was wondering about Claire too. How is she fairing?

      • Libertytrain

        JeffH – Facebook is what you want it to be, nothing more nothing less. I was getting people from everywhere wanting to be my friend till I finally changed that on my account not allowing “just everyone” to contact me.
        Claire – I haven’t heard from for about a week. I’m sure she’s holding her own and doing the best she can. She’s an amazing lady.

    • John

      Do you live in my neighborhood lol? I have a friend, actually a friends wife that constantly posts about rescued dogs, sick dogs, and her horses… she seems to be as addicted to Facebook as she is to pets.

  • Pete0097

    As a mid 50′s guy, I don’t find Facebook any more offensive than any other blog site. i lecture my teens about not putting anything on FB that they wouldn’t want their parents to see. We have told them of the issues with putting out the stupid things they do. They seem to understand. It is a good resource to find old friends and colegues.

  • Andrew

    Very interesting. There are many ways to confuse ‘Big Brother’. Democracy is an illusion!

    • DaveH

      And it should be. We are supposed to have a Republic, in which the majority can’t so easily run over the rights of the minority.

    • John

      Pure democracy is an illusion and a failure same as pure communism and all others are. Look at the first real democracy in this world, the Greeks, it failed because of corruption and greed. Ever since then democracy as practiced has changed and is changing same as all other forms of governance that sound good in theory and look great on paper but are impossible to maintain in the real world because of human traits and interaction. The art to govern a people fair and efficiently is still evolving and I predict that the future will show that no one known form of governance is able to fulfill the needs. I predict that the future will be governed by something that takes elements from all known forms and fuses them into a new form of governance. Civilization as we know it is still in its infancy years and human civilization is only about 6000 years old, a mere drop in the bucket in comparison to the years of human development.

      • DaveH

        There is only one type of Government that will ever govern fairly and efficiently — That is the Least Government. The only role Government should play in a society (if any) is that of protecting people from the force and fraud of others. Government has no legitimate role in protecting people from themselves.
        For Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Free Markets, Limited Government and the PEACE that results — Vote Libertarian:

      • vicki

        Democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb voting on dinner. That was true in the time of Greece and it is true today. There are only 5 major types of government.

        There is of course one other type of government. Benevolent Dictatorship with me as the only possible dictator. This is because the only role Government should play in a society (if any) is that of protecting people from the force and fraud of others (Thanks DaveH) and I am the only one I can trust to stick to that. :)

        Yes there are quite a few others here who could probably do it but the only one I can be 100% sure of is me. ;);)

        Since this is not a workable solution (others here can only be 100% sure of themselves) our people (humans) came up with alternate solutions. The ONLY one that comes close is a Constitutionally LIMITED Republic such as the USA had for many years.

  • lisa

    I love facebook but not the changes they keep making like timeline. Fb got me back in touch with family I haven’t seen in 20 years and mended a rift with one of them. Found friends I haven’t seen in as many years. If you make your page private and everything in it private the general public will not know your business. I also only have 158 friends half of them family and close friends. 2000 friends is asking for trouble.


    I was sucked into facebook (Again) By a friend who lives in Australia – She invited me back so I could share photo’s and chat. Having been an email user for over 20 years, using emails slipped my mind. I’m an Idiot, I have a faceback page and waste ton’s of time reading emails about crap. reading other peoples crap that I really don’t give a crap about. Face it – Facebook should be renamed faeces book. there is soooo much crap. people complaining or mouthinh off. ugh. Then I worked how much time my two daughters waste on that Crap. Bye bye Facebook.

    • Karolyn

      Nobody is forcing anybody to read anything. I pick and choose when and if.

    • John

      learn how to set it up proper and you will have only to deal with what you want to see.

  • Deb

    I think it’s funny that there is a Facebook icon for me to log in to to post this comment, if I want to go that route.

    • JeffH

      Deb, it’s called social networking and it’s everywhere…Twitter, Facebook…

  • Steve

    It also allows people to spread the word about assaults on Liberty, the message of Ron Paul, and videos that showcase how Obama = Romney = Santorum = Gingrich.

    I think there is plenty good, “word of mouth” is truly exacerbated thanks to Facebook.

  • Conservative Canadian

    It should be called creep book. I will not let my teenage daughters join. With little effort I can get on Facebook and find out who your friends are, where you hang out and when you leave your house(most idiots post when they are going on holidays). I have friends that are on Facebook and they have showed me how you can look at other peoples photos just because you are a friend of a friend. They should teach a class in school about protecting your privacy and social media etiquette. This would include cell phone use as well.

    • Joe H

      you would have a hard time doing that with me. If I don’t know you personally, I don’t “friend” you!!! I might have been born at night, but it sure as heck wasn’t LAST night!!

      • John

        Most people that gripe about Facebook don’t know how to set it up and use it proper.

      • JeffH

        JoeH, same here…I have turned off all notifications from Facebook and I don’t freind anyone that I don’t recognize…and I rarely, rarely go in to check my account…and if you do, make sure you “LOG OUT” when you leave.

  • Lizzy Bell

    I’ve been using FB to spread Ron Paul’s message, end time events and bible prophecy and corruption in government/New World Order. If Big Brother has saved my data, I am indeed busted. But I’m very vocal about my beliefs and warnings anyway. Realizing the future risk, people need to be woken up that are oblivious to the impending danger facing our nation. But I agree, it is very addicting to be “in the know;” one must use wisdom in what he is posting.

    • Greg

      I agree, Lizzy! I too have been vocal about my patriotism and without FB I would have no idea how many others are concerned about the plight of our Country. They used to say, “Ignorance is Bliss” and if I were to keep my head in the sand or believe all that is written in the papers, I would think that everything is just fine and dandy! This country is headed for a revolt by those whose liberties are being taken away! Facebook provides a way for me to get the best up to the hour information not only from America, but around the world! If you want to know what is really happening in the US, read the London Times or Jerusalem Post. In addition, if you think that staying off FB makes you invisible, I got news for you; check out the public cameras and see who has access to your bank account information.

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        I agree with most of that except the part about the London Times and Jerusalem Post. I’d beleive with info about the U.S. before those papers and that’s the truth.

    • Lost in Detroit

      And do you know what…lets say you are looking for a job. If I were an employer the first thing I’m going to do is go to the internet and see what I can find on you. Then let’s say I am a supporter of the current president. I do not like your views., You do not get the job. Naturally the reason you did not get the job, unless I’m a total fool and tell you the truth, is that we found a more qualified candidate or a candidate with a skill set better suited for the position. Now I bet you are glad you posted to FB.

      • Joe H

        Go ahead Lost, try it with ME! Ain’t gonna happen!!

      • DaveH

        I had a potential employer tell me that I was too old for him to take the risk of training me. I appreciated his honesty, but thought he was rather foolish in this litigious day and age. Luckily for him, I love Freedom.

  • joe1cr

    The blog for gossipers, braggers,sexual predators, prison inmates and others desperately wanting attention.
    The little people’s 15 seconds of fame and big brother gathering of information to sell to the highest bidders.
    P. T. Barnum Never Did Say “There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute” but Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg
    has proved that there are a lot of suckers out there in internet land who are willing giving out their personal information.

  • jopa

    FB is just like any other web site just be careful what you post.I like Karolyn have been in touch with classmates I haven’t heard from since 1967, I am able to keep in daily contact with friends and family in other states and share photos.The only negative thing about the FB site it tends to run slow at times and I get messages of high memory usage when that’s all I have running at the time.The games they have on there are lame but addictive and the best thing to do when using such a site is be respectful and use your better judgement when posting.It didn’t make much sense to me until I tried it and I think it’s great especially if you have friends and family scattered throughout the world.

    • Sirian

      Hey jopa,
      Out of curiosity, did you ever locate Sirius? Just wondering. . . :)

  • Paul in Texas

    He did what he told his daughter he would do if she did it again. He feels he is a man of his word, so he followed through with it. He knew if he did’nt take the laptop away from her, that it would all blow over and she would’nt get the point that it is his household… His rules. Having it taken away, now she doesnt have the ability for social network. He did say, she could get a job and buy her own. I do not see this man as dangerous, or out of control. He wasn’t directing the gun towards a person, but to the permanence of his point. I’m behind him all the way. I take my kids things away, when they choose a different path than instructed.

    • Joe H

      Paul in Texas,
      My daughter had a girl spend the night a couple years ago. Well, she started complaining about how her parents expect her to do this and that. I just happend to mention that is IS her parents house and their rules to follow. Well when she started to complain about the rules on the computer, I said they could always shut off the power to her room till she got the message. She said they wouldn’t DARE do that. Guess what? The girls spent the night without power in their room. i later told her, “in my house it’s MY rules.” she has come back many times and has been very nice to be around. We are very close as friends now. I’m even gonna rent the hall for her wedding.

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    With the speed of light your dirty little secrets have been cast for all to see around the globe,

    You read their privacy policy no doubt.

  • Les

    FBI, NSA, CIA, HLS, TSA, DEA, and a host of other intelligence agencies around the world all thank you for your time. Zuckerburg stole the idea for facebook for others. I don’t use products from known thieves. To me it’s the same as buying stolen property. Let your integrity be your guide.

    • RevNowWhileWeCan

      That thought is nice Les. I hope you’ve never re-financed your home, had a 401k account or borrowed money from a bank. That’s all done with stolen money, in cause you didn’t know.

      • Steve

        LOL, very nice comeback RevNow – and I completely agree. Too often people just blurt out emotions without understanding the bigger picture.

      • Les

        Stolen money? Real money has real value, it’s not a magical number in a machine somewhere on the planet. There is not an actual dollar for everyone of those numbers, It’s called debt. I borrow 100 and in the life of the loan I pay back 200. Some countries call that loansharking, here will call it “Business” as usual.

      • Joe H

        If you are speaking of the interest charged up front, you knew that was there in the first place so how is it THEFT?? Theft is when you take something by deception or at gun point. If the person knows the terms up front, it’s just business as usual!! you don’t like the interest?? Don’t take out the loan!!!

        • Steve

          You’re kidding right? What about the billions of dollars in bailouts that the US taxpayer is paying for?

      • Joe H

        He did not say RECENTL! there have been loans since the beginning of this nation and beyond. Those bailouts were a travesty but don’t blame all banks for the misdeeds of the choice few!! how many people in this country would have a house at all without the money from a bank? I wouldn’t have mine. Paid for in full, I might add.

  • TML

    Very simple… do not share anything on facebook (or the internet in general for that matter) that you do not want the world to know… including right here on these comment boards. It’s all the same folks.

    The people who post everything they do every minute of the day can be pretty annoying, as well as those who play those stupid games… but it does have legitimate purposes in my opinion, and those purposes are what I use it for.

    Keeping up with my kids (and even their friends) making sure they aren’t doing anything they shouldn’t (hat’s off to the dad who’s video went viral), and I’ve gotten in touch with many old friends from junior high and high school whom I thought I’d never see again.

    Facebook has its place, but I don’t think it’s any more of a privacy concern than you make it.

  • Greg Williams

    The video was found to be a scam by Bulldog Estate and Sophos both. The article is fine with that exception. But I want to point out that 2 M people were bamboozled. You have to be careful on Facebook as well as the internet in general. Note: Both Bulldog Estate and Sophos are security apps you can rely on to help you sort out the good from the bad. Another recent scam was the baby pictures that said facebook would donate X amount. Total Scam, but took a lot of people in.

    • Karolyn

      I think you’re wrong. I went on Bulldog and could find nothing, nd Sophos is an anti-virus/security program.

      I’ve seen the police chief of the man’s town being interviewed and have heard interviews with him on Charlotte news. He is not a publicity-seeker and has received a lot of hate mail as well as praise, with people seeking him out. He has not even appeared on camera.

  • http://none Herbert Levinson

    I like FB because I can communicate with the public and expose the hidden and obscure history of this country that is not general known to my friends or the public. Many of the things I’ve made public thru FB and my email contact are about The Rothschild syndicate, The federal reserve and their connections to the Bushs, the Krupps, the Morgans, The Bilderbergers, The Nazis etc. and how they are connected with the international banks and the contrived wars we’ve been in, in the last 250 years, that I gained thru my life long research in these matters. Many of my files have gone viral and are probably responsible for all the uproar currently going on in the country. A fact that I am very proud of. Since, I believe we will emerge as a stronger democracy. Which has been my purpose from the start.

  • John

    They all have their place and function but but everyone should always be very aware of the truth that governs what is called the Internet, NOTHING, absolute NOTHING on the internet even so called closed forums or places using encryption is private period. And as long as one keeps that in mind at all times they will be fine.

  • Deborah Dailey (@DebbiBird)

    I signed up for a Facebook account about a year ago to keep in touch with some people in the neighborhood I had recently moved out of. I rarely post anything to it and only check my page a couple of times a week. I think it serves some purpose for simultaneously alerting a group of people to important information, but other than that, I find it to be a great time waster. Any information about my personal life, besides possibly the current weather or a cute picture of my cat, I send by private email.

    I got really annoyed a couple of months ago when, while browsing the internet on an unrelated page, something would pop up with my name and FB photo asking if I would like to share the page with my “friends”. Now I have increased my browser security settings and make sure I am completely logged out of Facebook before going anywhere else to attempt to thwart this obvious tracking attempt.

    Sure Facebook claims to have privacy settings that will allow their users to restrict who can see their posts. The fact is that every bit of information is stored in a database that could be made available for profiling by marketers, intelligence gathering agencies, criminal hackers, and who knows who else. I only wish that more people, especially the young kids, would stop and think about what they are posting for the world to see, and find an alternate, more private and secure means to communicate with their friends.

  • Amused

    With all you people posting and reposting here, I don’t see how this is so different than using this as your own form of social media. Don’t bother answering me–I’m outta here.

    • Sirian

      Welp, it appears Amused isn’t amused. Instead you are outrageously disgusted with everything you read. Could that be an indicator as to the mindset you possess? Presumedly so. Isn’t that a shame? NO, not really. I often wonder as to why there are several that show up for a fleeting moment to give all of us their quick whine of disgust and then quickly disappear. Could this site be unwittingly tied into a mental asylum somewhere (Shutter Island?) and on occasion a patient slips loose and taps in a quick message? Will we ever know? Since Amused has flown the coop, it strikes me as if that mystery of all mysteries will remain unsolved for at least two millennia yet to arrive. Or until his nurse has given him his daily regimen of indoctrination – possible? It may very well be just that after all. . . :)

  • ds

    There is way too much information and FB. I do not have an account. I don’t even want to be in pictures others post. I like my privacy and see no need to post every move online. Just saw a whole page ad in NY Times about how Every Doctor KNOWS you!! How Creepy is that and we have no control over that!

  • Sue

    Getting back to earlier comments about the validity of info on FB or the internet in general, I hope you all are teaching any child — or adult, for that matter — NOT to trust something just because he or she sees ANYWHERE. We should also be teaching people how to assess the validity of information, even if just by looking for clues on a site or in the book itself. This country has a real crisis in teaching critical thinking/analysis, and that’s going to become more and more of a problem as time goes by.

  • Karolyn

    I found out online that my 40-something year old cousin died. I was doing research for a genealogy project and found her obituary. Then I went to Facebook; found her brother and got my aunt’s phone number. If it were not for the internet, we would never have known that she died.

  • Daniel Madura

    FACEBOOK? not for me! let them track all you fools, then when the New World Order Elites take over, they’ll have all the information they need to round you up. It can’t happen here? It happened in Germany! and the people went along with it w-i-l-l-i-n-g-l-y! Look at what’s happening in this country today and compare it to Germany in the 1930′s. study the history and learn from it. most of all, think carefully about what you post.

    • Karolyn

      I can’t waste my time worrying about stuff like that. I have too much living to do!

      • Andrew C

        Then why are you here, are you just trolling?

      • Karolyn

        Andrew, I have answered that question several times before. This is a site I come to for knowledge and also to voice my opinion. I would assume “trolling” means visiting several sites, which I don’t do; however, I do spend a lot of time online because of my job.

      • Andrew C

        trolling describes intentionally provocative actions and harassment

    • RevNowWhileWeCan

      Dan. You just posted on a truth site. Hear that helicopter outside your window? That’s the NW0.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Be serious.

  • Harlan Carpenter

    People can fret all they want over Facebook: good, bad, stupid, illiterate, outrageous, whatever…

    A number of years ago I wrote and tried to publish a fiction novel I called “There Is a Season”. When I submitted it to the man touted as America’s greatest and most successful literary agent he dropped it like it was a piece of hot lava. He then subjected me to the most incredible litany of verbal abuse I have ever endured–after taking my fee to evaluate, critique and edit it–but did nothing…! Then I found myself under surveillance for months–phone taps, everything…! It all ended with IRS trying semi-successfully to extort money from me for allegedly not paying self-employed tax. (I had never been self-employed…!) A good many years later Lulu Publishers helped put my story into an e-book, no questions asked. Now I keep it advertised on Facebook’s public forum.

    The reason for all this…? “There Is a Season” is my presentation of a possible scenario for how JFK died–all fiction–but thought-provoking. So three cheers for both Lulu and Facebook for upholding the constitutional guarantees of American free speech, the press, and the right to think and believe what we want…!

  • Andrew C

    The average American spends an average of 7 hours daily on face book, thats 49 hours a week, 2548 hours a year, or about 106 days a year! On facebook!
    There is famine, the iranians are stockpiling weapons, the middle east is in revolution mode, and terrorists are on the rise – and we spend 106 days a year on facebook.

    • Karolyn

      Where did you get this info from? And I would doubt that it is the “average American.” I would think it is the “average American Facebook user.” This is a free country, and people can spend their time however they want. If they choose o waste it, that’s there prerogative.

      • Andrew C

        It was an average of averages found on the internet.
        And I was in no way trying to say that they cant be on facebook, I’m just saying that
        it’s stupid and a waste of limited time on this earth.

      • DaveH

        It’s what people do. When reality becomes too painful, they escape into fantasy. Hence the saying “sticking your head in the sand”. It’s why Nero fiddled while Rome burned.
        I have no problem with people avoiding talking about reality. I just wish they’d have the decency not to cast their uninformed votes.

      • Joe H

        i’m lucky if I spend 15 minutes a month on facebook!!! I don’t get into what game so and so is now playing and NO I don’t want a cookie from their game!!! What a crock!!!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      But isn’t Liberty and Freedom wonderful, it evens allows people to be stupid.

    • Mom Henning

      This sounds like Nero fiddling while Rome burns! Citizens, barbarians, bread and circuses, save your candles, the dark ages are coming….history does repeat itself, especially to those who will not learn its lessons.

  • Dr. A.Z. Reed

    Everyone note: Above you will find a brief article about Walmart. Although it is signed by me and has my email address, it is a fraudulent use of my name. I never saw it, never wrote it, and don’t want to hear from anyone about it. A.Z. REED
    Watch out, folks.

  • Marc de Piolenc

    Tom Lehrer once said “Life is like a sewer: what you get out of it depends on what you put into it.” The same is true of Facebook, LinkedIn, Friendster (remember Friendster?), etc. It’s a planetwide public forum overseen by information-mining gnomes. Just remember that when you post and you’ll be fine. What’s bad is not the lack of privacy – it’s the illusion that there is privacy, the illusion that has people posting things about themselves and others that they might hesitate to bring up in casual conversation. I have met and interacted with people through Facebook whom I would never have met otherwise, and it’s been good. But I know everything I post there is out there forever, and govern myself accordingly.

  • mac

    I don’t have much tolerance for a site that only lets me “like” something, but not “dislike” it. But the main reason I canceled my Facebook account was the inundation with fake Friend requests even though I had set all the privacy settings possible to avoid that. I don’t do “business” with web sites that only allow interaction with them through membership in Facebook, Twitter, or any other socializing site. I really DON’T like any one or any organization that prompts me to “like” them on Facebook.

    I also don’t like sites that use WordPress (even Personalliberty dot com) because I can’t find a link to tell WordPress about how unstable their “you are posting too fast” trigger is.

  • Daniel S.

    I think the name says it all: FACE BOOK

    Remember the old saying: You Cannot Read a Book buy it’s cover.

    Facebook is nothing but a cover, it’s a cover for all sorts of stuff; sadly it is not all good and there are many who use it as a tool to carry out their deceitful and corrupt thoughts.

    It’s also another of those tools Big Brother “G” loves, as it distracts the masses from paying attention to what is really going on in society.

    Stay away and stay happier.

    If you want to talk to friends or family – Use a telephone, a Real Voice is so much nicer.

  • TulsaJudoka

    I gotta say I admire this guy’s attitude. I’m in my 60′s now and growing up my family was too poor to give an allowance. Chores? My Mom told “you live here too, you help out, I’m not paying you cause no one’s paying me”. This young lady has had everything given to her and needs to get an idea of real life. When I got my first job, I had to help with household expenses by paying $1.50 per week from my paycheck. A result, I learned how to take care of my money. Now I paid off my house last year, 15 years early, I just bought a car that I will be paying off with savings and all I owe is a small amount for house repairs. She better learn to get off her lazy toosh and contribute to her home before she tries to live on her own. She’s got it easy now, it won’t be when she leaves home. She’s going to learn a sharp lesson.

  • HKaufman

    Facebook: in general needs a lot of work by Zucker, still too vulnerable for those who have teenage sons & daughter’s that for whatever reason’s post’s go up on their walls that leaves the gaping hole for a not so honest person that will prey on the innocent. Dont let your Sons or daughters be a victim of these certain individuals. I am on FB and i DO MONITOR my Grad-daughter activity. Do not let them put any other information in their profiles other then NAME. thats it. BE SELECTIVE before deciding to jump into any Relationship……. Not a big fan of timeline, too open and a vehicle for someone in CYBER SPACE with UNSAVORY plans.. DONT LIKE IT AT ALL…

  • jopa

    Daniel S;I thought the old saying was that” You cannot judge a book by its cover”.It seems that is exactly what you are doing by judging FB and not even tried using it.I pretty much had the same thoughts as you before i tried it and you can also video conference with someone face to face and that is a step above a phone call.Not only can they hear your voice but they can also see your cheerful smile..However I still would recommend a very limited profile on any site on the Net.

  • Kevin

    society doesnt dictate what we want, the things we want become elements of our society…. that said, the small minority of people in this country who hold a monopoly over the initiation of force would definitely see facebook as an instrument of control and since they have the power to initiate violent force, facebook has no choice but to bend to their will.

    facebook isn’t the problem, if it wasn’t facebook it’d be some other outlet of society this monopoly on violent force would attempt to take control of…. the global human conscience needs to decide whether these institutions of force, or governments as they are classically known, are at all necessary.

    Given the reality that most of our daily lives consist of leaving our homes and enduring the anarchy of nature and situations while voluntary exchanging goods and services- I see little if any need for institutionalized violence- we’re just going to have to accept that most people are peaceful and stop believing this myth that there’s a boogie man out there trying to get us for being free.

    • Guest

      Kevin, have you looked at news facts in the last 10 years about the “bogey men” lurking all around us. You can’t be clueless if you use facebook and other internet sites, but you are VERY naive. Good luck whomever you are.

      • Kevin

        Seems to me the real boogie mans are the ones telling everyone to fear the boogie man… that’s terrorism. You’re terrified of the boogie man, maybe you’ll go to war to fight those boogie mans like so many others in our country- and become the boogie man your enemy has been warning its citizens of all along.

        These insitutions of terror need to end.. communities and society don’t cease to exist when you take away the government, the only thing that changes is the possibility that some terrorist will find himself at the wheel of one very destructive vehicle of change, also known as a centralized government.

        Call me naive all you want, it’s just your opinion and for all I know your opinion has very little value.

    • Karolyn

      Amen, Kevin. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. It gets really tiresome hearing people constantly complaining of all the “bad” things going on. They are so reluctant to focus on and enlarge the good. There is also a lot of good being disseminated on Facebook, and the more people are turned on to it, the better.

  • Guest

    I thought people were smarter, but I was wrong. I am SHOCKED at people’s willingness to “give all”. I would not be as surprised if they said the users are mostly 21 and under, but a large number of users are middle-aged 35-70.

    • Kevin

      You can try to hide in your hole all you want, but the truth is out there and it’ll find you eventually… doesnt matter if you get hit by the first wave or drown in the aftermath, it’s going to find you either way.

  • Kris

    to Hannah’s dad: Good for you!! I would have done the same thing you did, if I had a daughter or son, that said bad stuff about me on a computer or verbally.

  • Buck

    A couple of years ago I got on facebook to communicate with relatives near and far . It did not take me long to realize the folly of this sharing of personal information and I got out and never went back . These ” social sites ” are the most dangerous things to come along in centuries to the individual .

    • Steve

      These ” social sites ” are the most dangerous things to come along in centuries to the corporate stranglehold of government that equates to big government.

      (Fixed that one for ye)

  • Boo Taylor

    I have not and will not facebook, no matter how many people tell me it’s ok.

    • Libertytrain

      with the site name you have “Boo” – that’s kind of no surprise… Good luck. :)

  • Emmett Smith

    He didn’t know what Facebook was going to be used for. It was just a bunch of kids blurting things to each other. Like Bill Gates, he got lucky later.

  • http://none Ridge Runner

    Reading these comments about face book reminds me of the telephpne service we had when i was a youngster.Every body in the area knew who you were,where you had been,what you had for supper ,what you were going to have for breakfast,where you worked,(we realy woeked in those days)who john caught his wife with.There was not too many secrets those days because when the phone rang about every one would listen in on the conservation.Some times you got some pretty spicy info and some times you got caught and got a blessing out.

  • peter

    Zuckerman knew that people are crazy, just like him. People who believe that they have thousands of friends are hugely mistaken, just like all of those who believe that wealth can be created out of nothing. That is precisely what these social network sites are doing, creating wealth out of nothing without contributing in anyway to the sustainability of our planet or providing any way forward for humanity. They are rich but too stupid to really know what they are creating. The road ends dead ahead. Bet on it. Why can’t people rather do something useful? It disgust me that there are kids out there who are only off their cell phones, tv soapies and other gadgets when they are asleep, which is not much. No wonder they look like s–t. If Zuckerman is a role model, may God help us all. Idiots.

    • Karolyn

      Wealth CAN be created out of nothing. There are thousands of people making lots of money online. Everybody starts with nothing; and it doesn’t necessarily take hard work.

  • Tom W.

    If anyone is wondering what happened to me, I reconnected with my estranged daughter who loves to communicate via Facebook!!! I think that we always have to be conscience of anything that we do or say while Facebooking as the girl whose laptop was mortally wounded for runnin’ it found out, and we all have been known to at some point or another in their life! How would ya like to be one of that girl’s boyfriends?!!

  • Wynn McG

    It seems that communication has gone from a convenience to a portal for users and abusers alike. I’m on Facebook. It has allowed me to find old friends. I use it very carefully but I know that I’m still vulnerable. It’s a social evil I guess.

  • http://none carolyn seracuse

    I think facebook is the worst thing that man created. I don’t know why sooooooooooo many people don’t believe in privacy.

  • jopa

    carolyn:In reality most if not all of your personal information is already online.Anyone with a few bucks can find out your place of residence,criminal history, what your taxes are, how much you paid for your home, was your car involved in an accident what your spending habits are and the list goes on.If you lived a clean criminal free life there is no reason to fear FB or even PLD as long as you use common sense.However if your picture is in the post office you may feel a little safer in that not too many people go there anymore but they can find it online.

  • http://N/A John

    I use to like Facebook until #1, they punishing me wrongfully for making new friends, 90% of my friends have my last name. Some one complained to face book people that I bother them because i probably ask couple times. I think they should tell me first that they do not wish to be my friends not to Facebook. They started punishing me one day, now it’s up to 1 month. I started off by looking for relatives on my grandfathers side that I never new any one because he got killed at the end of the war when I was only 2. Now I am 68. so I created a group with my last name and I started making friends and asking then if they were relatives. I found 13 relatives witch I am going to visit them the summer and find out more about my grandfather by asking them. I was 66 years in the dark about my ancestors. Now as the oldest of 5 siblings i think is my duty to put an end to this big question mark that has been hanging over my head all these years. So face book is punishing me for following my dream. # 2. All companies have support teams that take care of problems with their customers. Why is it that Facebook does not. It’s one way street they can tell you what to do but you can not defend your self like in my case. It’s like Communism, they do what ever they want and the people do not have a saying. I think the government should get involve in this. Face book should be told to let us get in touch with them. Is there any one else out there who things I am right?

  • http://N/A John

    I hope this is posted because it bothers me a lot not to be able to get in touch with FB to defend my self.

  • Liberterian

    Facebook and the internet are two different animals. The internet is beneficial in several ways. It is a fantastic research tool, allowing you to recover historical documentation for uncounted sources and new information hot off the press. You need to learn what is good and bad.
    Facebook on the other hand is a publically open aspect of the internet where when you post something it never goes away and there for anyone and everyone to take advantage of, use or abuse.
    Hooray for the internet / not for facebook.

    • Karolyn

      Used wisely, Facebook can be a tremendous asset in business and also to spread any message that one wants to spread. In addition, it is great to be able to communicate with friends and family members around the world.

  • Martial Arts Talk

    You learn the Martial Arts discipline from the training, the better the
    discipline you have to the Martial Art the
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    of people and they usually tend to start working harder and concentrating more without realising.

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