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The Word ‘Lunatic’ Outlawed

May 25, 2012 by  

The Word ‘Lunatic’ Outlawed
Kent Conrad believes the word “lunatic” is offensive.

In a crazy turn of events, the word “lunatic” will be removed from Federal law.

In April, Senators Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) and Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) introduced a bill to remove the word “lunatic” from Federal law. The Senators believed the omission of the word was necessary in order to reflect the country’s current understanding of mental health issues.

“Recently, a North Dakota constituent contacted my office to express support for legislative efforts to remove this outdated and inappropriate language from federal law,” noted Conrad. “Sen. Crapo and I agree that federal law should reflect the 21st-century understanding of mental illness and disease, and that the continued use of this pejorative term has no place in the U.S. Code.”

The bill passed swiftly with no opposition.

The Mental Health Liaison Group applauds the decision: “This legislation recognizes the considerable stigma that is associated with mental health conditions. The continued use of outdated and offensive terms, such as ‘lunatic,’ which are utilized in some parts of the U.S. code to refer to individuals with mental health conditions only serve to perpetuate this stigmatization.”

The group concludes that words like “lunatic” can prevent a person “from accessing the excellent mental services they deserve.”

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • JimH

    Sanity impaired?
    If you give it a nicer name, it’s not so bad.

    • wildbronco26

      Luniaic fits all federal agencies, and ALL LIBERALS in Government, Federal, State, County and Municipal.

      • Steve E

        That’s why they removed it from the mental illness category. They have the exclusive rights now to use the word “lunatic” to describe themselves. Only a lunatic can change the meaning of “lunatic” without the lunatics knowing about it.

      • http://Yahoo Maynard

        Wildbronco26 As a liberal I believe you are not right to call me a lunatic without defining what you mean. Am I crazy to believe the WTC towers were detonated? Not according to many firemen who were there, the thermate residue found in the pulverized debris and the fragmented bones found on top of the Deutsche Bank in 2006. Am I crazy to think that Barbara Olson’s calls didn’t happen? Not according to the FBI report at the Moussaoui Terror trial in 2006. Am I crazy to think the anthrax attacks were an inside job. No? White House insiders starting taking antianthrax antibiotics three weeks before there was any known threat. The first victim, Robert Stevens, was a photo publisher who had published a photo of Jenna Bush, drunk and sitting on another girl’s lap. Why him? The eventual scapegoat, Bruce Ivins, did not have the necessary equipment to weaponize the anthrax and would have contaminated himself and the lab if he tried. Even before he was accused he “committed suicide” and was cremated withou an autopsy. Rudy Giuliani bought the site and decontaminated it removing all of the evidence as to what strain of anthrax it was. The attacks were used to intimidate the press and initially to blame Saddam as they falsely claimed it was from him. Six people died, more were terrorized, and it increased war fever.
        But I know Obama is going on with the lies and the Police State legislation. The different parties are just to distract us from the real powers which use us to fund their profit making unnecessary wars to control more filthy fossil fuels. Am I crazy to believe we could get rid of the gasoline powered motor and replace it with hydrogen? We already know how to do it and prototypes have been developed but the necessary startup capital was immediately cut when Obama came in. It would be cleaner and cheaper than exploring for, extracting, shipping refining and distributing oil. It would not make the oil companises huge profits however. I could go on.

      • JCfromDC

        Maynard is wayward out there…. waaaay out there. Space! The final frontier. The only problem with all this conspiracy theory crapola is this: NO conspiracy will last long enough before somebody blows the whistle and the conspirators get outed. So far, what have we got but innuendo such as Maynard the wayoutward has driveled?

      • JON

        as well as jerks like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • pweiters9

      5/25/12, Lunatics queue up to a full moon; crazy, but true. Many years ago my father would say “there are more out than in;” I’m almost 65 & the only thing that’s changed is you have more of them. A rose………:{>

    • PatrickF

      I say they replace it with “bat-$#!+ crazy”

  • cawmun cents

    They are removing the only word that accurately describes them?
    If that doesnt make the Feds lunatics,I dont know what does.Perhaps they just dont like competition from the other asylums.
    Welcome Home (Sanitarium)-Metallica

    • MAP

      And this meaningless prattle cost the taxpayer how many millions to decide? Not that there aren’t more important things for them to be working on. Sounds like the work of liberal lunatics to me.

      • Scott in SC

        “The bill passed swiftly with no opposition.”

    • abbe

      Right on! stupidity thy name is congress

    • wildbronco26



      That’s why they don’t allow stealing, because they can’t stand the competition.

  • kategray

    As long it is the Websters dictionary and Blacks Law dictionary I will continue to use it.

    • Doc Sarvis

      The word is not “outlawed” as stated in the title of the article. It is just taken out of U.S. legislative code.

      • Jazzabelle

        Doc Sarvis wrote: “The word is not “outlawed” as stated in the title of the article. It is just taken out of U.S. legislative code.”

        The federal constitution, as a compact between the states, creates a federal government with the authority to govern itself as it carries out its mission. In general, the federal government doesn’t have the authority to govern the people, just itself. So, the title of this article, “The Word ‘Lunatic’ Outlawed,” is actually an accurate use of the word “outlawed!”

        In fact, this is probably the only Constitutional legislation our Congress has passed all year.

    • wildbronco26

      Hey I have a RANDOM HOUSE WEBSTER’S Legal Dictionary and I just checked, yep LUNATIC is still in there, so I guess I can still continue to use it when referring to LIBERALS, and other neuro-psychological disordered individuals.

      • abbe

        Well they’re not working on a budget so they have to do something to feel ‘more’ important this is just another little time and money waster.

  • abbe

    Not surprising since we have a congress packed with “LUNATICS” and a federal government administration run by “LUNATICS” With the wizard of OZ as acting president and head “LUNATIC”.

  • abbe

    Kent Conrad looks like he could use some electric shock therapy himself!

  • dan

    senators Conrad and Crapo have certainly stepped in it….they may be PC impaired
    but freedom of speech means not having to rewrite and edit history….like their fearless leader

    • wildbronco26

      I am 68 years old, enlisted in the Army at 17 retired at age 60, I AM NOT NOW OR HAVE I EVER BEEN POLITICALLY CORRECT. PC is a form of totalitarian abridgement of the First Amendment freedom of Speech.

      • Ted Crawford

        The accurate defination of Politically Correct: — The belief that one might handle feces by it’s clean end!

  • coal miner


    Lunar hypothesis – Lunatic,meaning moon struk
    Philosophers such as Aristotle and Pliny the Elder argued that the full Moon induced insanity in susceptible individuals, believing that the brain, which is mostly water, must be affected by the Moon and its power over the tides, but the Moon’s gravity is too slight to affect any single person.[1] Even today, people insist that admissions to psychiatric hospitals, traffic accidents, homicides or suicides increase during a full Moon, although there is no scientific evidence to support such claims.[1]ck

    • cawmun cents

      “Its Only Howling At The Moon”,-Kansas,Leftoverture

  • http://PLD FRENCHIE


  • Bill Scantlen

    There is only one place that the word “Lunatic” can be used. From the top of this administration down to every member of Congress.

  • Alf

    Ignoring the disasterous financial crisis that these PC idiots continue to enable is a classic definition of lunacy. Guess I’d try to sweep their type of performance under the rug by outlawing words that describe their actions if I were them also. Clean house and senate in November.

  • David in MA

    More likely because obozo can relate to the term..and rightly so!

  • Whit

    This is complete lunacy!

  • momo

    Don’t these “LUNATICS” have more important matters to attend to? Like fixing the economy?

  • Gary

    Being from Idaho and somewhat supportive of Crapo, I am truly embarrassed. It is just a word and has no bearing on the treatment they have access to or deserve.

    Damned it congress, do what we sent you there for!

    • dufas magnet

      Let’s see.. No more mention of lunatics in congress.. Corporations are people.. bi-yearly raises.. Guess our reps have been passing bills after all between naps, filibusterers and vacations. Now the sleepers can vote them all back in because they haven’t taken away their freedoms, just everybody elses.

  • NoMoreOdumbo

    I find every member of the Federal government offensive –What is it going to take to pass a bill making them all illegal and sentenced to prison?

  • Steve E

    All you Lunatics have a Happy Memorial Weekend!

  • RWIce

    I am offended by the waist of time (time is money) taken to deal with this crap. These chuckel heads need to focus on their duty and write a budget.

  • Raggs

    Thw word “lunatic” needs to remain and a damm good example of the deffinition is oblama.

  • Michael Wader

    This in itself is lunacy.

  • Charlie Tall

    “This legislation recognizes the considerable stigma that is associated with mental health conditions…”

    Right! How could anyone stigmatize a homicidal psychopath and be so uncaring as to call that poor person a lunatic?

  • OneGuess

    Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    I’m not a lunatic

    and neither am I

    • OneGuess

      How can I say that about me?

      We are too!

  • TIME

    Man oh man, now that dude looks like he is a bloody LUNATIC. It looks as if he is getting ready to —- froth from his mouth.

    Freedom comes with a few snags attached, one of them is the {“Freedom to be offended”}
    but hey when its all done in nano steps taking away ones FREEDOMS is really quite easy
    if you get offended by a mear word.
    Now thats just bloody CRAZY!

    As seen by the “OMENS” we have had over the last 150 years its nearly over.

    People if you don’t wake up very soon and fix that FLAT TIRE, that happened way back in 1860. —– Its not going to be long before your in a Camp, so let me ask you; is that really what you want for your children?

    For the Love of GOD will you all get it in your heads that there is NO DIFFERANCE in the D or the R party’s, they are in fact just one single party. Here’s math to show you;
    0d + 0r = 0 — how simple is that?

    If you follow” GODS” simple law of; “do on to others as YOU would like done to you.”
    Then you don’t need any man to set forth laws to control you by way of any form of “CONTROL GRID.”

    When will YOU get that? Making laws just to make laws is bloody INSANE.

    Peace and Love

  • http://NONE AD Roberts

    There was a reason. Conrad looks like HE is a lunatic. And the way he votes verifies it.

  • FEDUP!

    Steve E. LOL that was funny and what I wanted to say!


    Unbeknownst to me the United States Senate has a member called Senator Crapo. He apparently is from Idaho,and is a Republican. I am reasonably CERTAIN he would have remained unknown to me had he not co-sponsored a bill to eradicate the phrase “lunatic” from all federal discourse. If you follow this logic, you run the risk of going into a “continuous loop,”.
    Literally this bill makes one’s head spin. I say this as a mental health provider.

  • http://Kilroy Kilroy

    As I understand it, this is Conrad’s last term in office. Ask yourself, could a retiring officer of Congress leave a greater lecacy than getting lunatic removed from the federal vocabulary? Why would anyone strive for an easier to remember accomplishment as their last act as an acting member of the U.S. government?
    The photo with this article makes Mr. Conrad look as though he is in hate with the world. You know, as some lunatics are.

    • David in MA

      First a word no one really objects to and then more later when objections become irrelivent.
      It is a slow move towards censorship and it will not be noticed until it’s to late. America is being systematically turned into a socialist country and we are not aware of it. Government under obozo and his czars are so unnoticably regulating everything we do. And WE are allowing it. The islamic marxists have to be removed from the American government NOW! One way or another!And deported, jailed or terminated.

  • Jazzabelle

    The powers-that-be talk a lot about “offensive” words, but I’ve noticed that what they seem most concerned about isn’t so much “offensive” words, but words that have meaning. If a word has strong meaning for people, it becomes a target for propaganda. Words with strong positive meaning, such as “freedom” and “love,” get targeted for the misdirection and co-option of their meanings, such as we saw in the ’70s “sexual revolution;” and now look at how the words “freedom” and “love” are used. But when the word has a negative meaning, like “lunatic” or “shell shock” or “f—-t,” notice how a campaign is begun to eradicate the word. But the powers-that-be aren’t trying to eradicate the idea, just the negative associations that people have to the word. Watch closely, and soon you will see new words come to take the place of the old words; they will have essentially the same meanings but without the negative associations, and this will somehow advance a progressive/globalist agenda. For example, imagine Congress trying to give special protections to homosexuals if they were still called “f—-ts.” Senator X stands on the floor of the Senate proclaiming, “Anyone who beats a f—-t because he’s a f—-t deserves double prison time!” It would be ridiculous. The word “homosexual” confers much more dignity. (And my comment here is about language, not homosexuality per se.) And how could support for continuous global warfare be sustained with all those horrible cases of shell shock it causes? Much better to suffer from Post-Trautmatic Stress Disorder, which gets Official-Sounding Capital Letters and better yet, can be reduced to an acronym PTSD which allows us to talk about it without thinking about it or naming it. Makes it fit right in with the medical establishment, just give them some expensive drugs on the compassionate taxpayer’s tab, and everybody will feel better. I expect something similar to happen with “lunatic.” Watch for some sort of PC-backed psychobabble term to replace “lunatic” that will be used to advance the globalist agenda in some way–perhaps by denying those ex-military, PTSD-suffering “lunatics” the right to keep and bear arms, or something.

  • tom

    And like a good neighbor, I would like to know who is our moral leader, is it Crapo, is it Conrad is it the sodomites(homosexuals) or is it GOD? One minute Your telling me you don’t believe in GOD, heaven or hell, and we’re all about survival of the fittest, and the next your trying to say, if certain words offend someone/anyone we can’t use that word. What if I’m offended by gays teaching homosexuality/acts to my children in school? Don’t get me wrong, I want to be like Jesus Christ too, righteous in all things, but let’s call it what it is, the word of GOD!

  • dcjdavis

    Thumb-twiddling dodos can’t get off the ground with the budget so they invent junk like this to be concerned with.

  • deepizzaguy

    Mental heath groups ban the use of the word “retarded” and now “lunatic”. What’s next to be banned psycho?

    • JimH

      pizza, Retarded, lunatic, psycho? Let’s just call them “special”.
      They will all have the same symptoms, but a prettier name will make it all better.
      Then again I use the denial and ignorance is bliss concept all the time.(sarcasm for those who wouldn’t know)

  • CJrane

    This is a historic occasion!

    We have now removed “lunatic” from federal law.

    I look forward to yet another, even more historic occasion….

    When we can remove the “lunatic” from the white house.

  • CJrane

    And the AG’s office,
    And the VP’s office,
    And the SecState office,
    you get the point.

    And STEAMROLL all the czars.

  • Vote The Bums Out

    This is so disgusting that I had to go vomit in between paragraphs of the article. If they don’t want to use the the word Lunatic maybe they should try the word imbecile. It is sickening that they can’t run the government with common sense but they can agree to pass stupid bills like this. We are floundering in debt and they will pass this bill and require the word to be removed from the federal books. Removing this word will cost us even more money to reprint the code. This in my mind proves why they are all imbeciles.

  • C. Head

    Take the word, ‘LUNATIC’ and the phrase, ‘IT’S BUSH’S FAULT’ out of the vocabulary and Dumbocraps will have NOTHING left to say.

    • JON

      you’re a jerk!

      • JimH

        JON, You had better call him a jerk now, before your hero’s take that word away too.
        By the way you start a sentence with a capitol letter. Jerk.


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