The Wisdom Of My Butcher Father



Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. My father, David Root, was a blue-collar butcher. But he was wise beyond his economic status in life. His wisdom of 40 years ago is still timely and points to the reasons for our economic crisis and decline today. An incident from a few days ago sums up everything wrong with the U.S. economy under Barack Obama.

Last Tuesday (April 2), voters across America went to the polls for local elections. My wife, Debra, was one of those voters. She drove to the polling place in her Cadillac Escalade — a big car that is necessary to drive our brood of four home-schooled kids (and often their friends) to lessons, hobbies and sports, as well as for lugging groceries and supplies for a family of six.

As Debra got out of the car, another pulled up and parked next to her, a small car. The driver got out, looked at her and, in an angry, mean-spirited, bitter way, commented: “What a big, expensive car. You must be here to vote Republican.” Sneering, he turned his back and walked away.

This little comment sums up everything wrong with America and the U.S. economy under Obama. This President has damaged the American dream, perhaps beyond repair. This President has created a bitterly divided society, a Nation filled with anger, hate, rage, jealousy and envy.

That man at the polling place never asked how hard my wife and I have worked for the past 22 years of marriage to afford that big car. He didn’t ask how many hours I’ve put in. He didn’t ask how much money I’ve risked to build my businesses (the answer is my entire life savings — again and again), how many jobs I’ve created or how many lives my success and wealth have enriched. It never occurred to him that the blue-collar autoworkers at Cadillac are mighty glad there are still Americans with the money to buy Escalades.

Forty years ago, my butcher father taught me lessons about wealth that led to my extraordinary success in this great country. He said: “Son, I’d love to hate rich people. But no one poor has ever given me a job.” Wiser words were never spoken.

Not only had a rich man given my dad his first job, but a rich man had invested the money for my dad to open his own butcher store. And it was rich customers who walked in the store to buy all his high-quality meat. It was rich customers who supported our family and paid our bills. It was all those rich customers who enabled my father to buy a home. And, he pointed out, it was those same rich customers who would someday write a letter of recommendation when his son applied for acceptance at Columbia University.

My dad was right about all of it. We lived the American dream. My dad went from minimum wage butcher to butcher store owner. I graduated valedictorian of my class, got those letters of recommendation from rich customers of my dad’s and graduated from Columbia University, class of ’83 (alongside my classmate, Obama).

As a kid holding my dad’s hand when an expensive car drove by, he made a point to say: “Son, that will be you someday.” Every step of the way my butcher father taught me that people earn their wealth, deserve their success. He told me to be inspired by seeing wealthy people, their big homes and their big cars. To study them, model them and out-work them. And, if I did all that, then one day I could become one of them — in America, the greatest country in the world. He was right.

Today, that same blue-collar father says to his son: “Look at that expensive car. Why does he deserve that? Who did he take advantage of to get it? I’ll bet he’s a greedy Republican not paying his ‘fair share.’”

That change in attitude explains why the U.S. economy is in decline and why the jobs numbers continue to unravel. It explains why 90 million working-age Americans are out of the workforce. It explains why things are getting worse, not better. Capitalism is what made America great. You can only create more jobs by creating more opportunity, by supporting entrepreneurship, by creating more rich people — not by tearing them down, overwhelming them with taxes and regulations or asking government to redistribute their money. Obama’s philosophy is a massive failure and a great, big jobs killer. The facts are in.

Thank you, Dad, for your wisdom.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for See you next week right back here. God bless capitalism, and God bless America.

Personal Liberty

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle ClassWayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • Jeremy Leochner

    I do not believe that Obama created an era of hatred of the “rich”. Mr. Root I believe that what was said to you and your wife was wrong. You should not be condemned or sneered at for doing nothing more than owning a nice car. My only disagreement is I do not believe Obama had anything to do with that comment. I believe the person who said that to you was just a jerk. Nothing more. Politics had nothing to do with it. Obama had nothing to do with it. Just a jerk making a rude comment.

    In regards to your theory about economic policy. Where I disagree is your comments make no account of the opposite extreme. Because when the wall street tycoons and the big banks pushed for deregulation and the abolishing of things like Glass Steagall they made a similar argument in favor of free enterprise. The idea that you so proudly state: “. You can only create more jobs by creating more opportunity, by supporting entrepreneurship, by creating more rich people”. That same philosophy is what is responsible for the great recession. I will be the first to admit that ideals of free enterprise is what made Americas economy great in the 1990s and the early 2000s. However it is my firm belief that the same deregulation that was hailed as ushering in a new golden age of capitalism also laid the foundation for economic disaster. Because without regulation companies were freed to engage in mortgage fraud and public banks were allowed to bet their customers money on worthless mortgages. The problem is all that they did was considered legal and was justified as the price of free enterprise. I am a lover of capitalism. But my love does not blind me to the obvious negative effects of our present system. Because when the unregulated economy started to falter in 2008 it wasn’t simply bad companies suffering. It was everyone. And thanks to a lack of laws to prevent monopolies and mortgage frauds and public bank involvement in the stock market the entire economy tanked because of a few bad people. The problem I have Mr. Root is the flip side of your veneration for capitalism which is the bust. When there is not government regulation an economic downturn can turn into a full blown recession quite easily. The proof is in both the infamous great depression and the more recent and also infamous great recession. Bear in mind both of these economic disasters began under Presidents who espoused ideals of free enterprise and an opposition to government involvement in the economy. But it was the same strong opposition that lead to the extreme of near pure capitalism. Yes Bushs policies helped produce the greatest revenue. But those great revenues were do in no small part to things like leveraged buy outs practiced by such economists like Mitt Romney. Those great revenues were also born from companies shipping jobs over seas and neglecting American workers. These things helped build a great capitalistic system. But they were not exactly moral actions. And the foundation they laid was built on shifting sand. I have no problem with capitalism Mr. Root. What I have a problem with is when people so venerate capitalism that they forget the negative effects it has had. The reason the US economy is in decline is because government regulation slows down growth and recovery. But I defend such a policy because at the same time it provides a safety net. Recovery from anything is not something to be rushed. People felt the recovery in the late seventies was going too slow. So they elected Reagan the champion of free market capitalism and enemy of big government. His process brought about swift recovery and growth. But personally I liken his recovery to a patient recovering from a sickness taking cocaine. Yes it produces a drastic and quick high but it is also addictive and blinds the person to the potentially harmful side effects. And indeed Reaganomics blinded the nation to the potentially harmful effects of such rapid recovery and set us on the path to the 2008 recession. Some might argue that restraints against things like mortgage fraud or other regulations should be held back until the recovery is complete. Let small business owners free to strengthen the economy and allow growth to happen. The problem is by the time recovery takes place people are so hooked on the high that they forget and ignore the dangers. When Clinton was in office there was an economic surplus. And stock prices were good. Under Bush they became even higher. It was those high prices that first inspired the mortgage and lending schemes. But then the high wore off. But without regulations there was nothing to stop a drastic low. And bear in mind it was under Bush not Obama that the bailouts began. TARP which is so often denounced was Bushs idea. Bush was a man who supported low taxes and less government. But he was the one that wall street came crying to for help. The same big business people who had insisted on the power of free enterprise were demanding socialized help from the very man who had granted them so much of their freedom. It was the capitalist President not the “socialist” one, as Obama is often called, who started the trend towards government bailouts and regulation.

    The point of my long winded response Mr. Root is the comment made by that jerk to you and your wife cannot be summed up as its Obamas fault. The ones who are actually responsible for making people hate those considered rich are people who ran wall street into the ground. Its the fault of people like Bernie Madoff and Hank Paulson and Kathleen Corbet and Dick Fuld and Jimmy Cayne and Stan O’Neal. -

    • okole kine

      Wow, I’m floored beyond belief…3 reasonable responses to Root’s article instead of brain dead hate spewing Obama tirades

      • Sharon Reeder

        Well, let me help you out. Mr. Obama is the biggest Obomination this country has ever seen. Allow the DHS to buy anough ammo to fight 4 wars while claiming it’s for homeland security? Bail out huge corporations so they can have luxurious “meetings” at resorts. Purchase hookers on the tax payers dime, take very expensive vacations and send kids to resorts on taxpayer funds, absolutely ignore our Constitutional principles, increase the size of government beyond belief, protect his elete life by gun toting Secret Service goons but deny the every day citizen the ability to defend his property & life! I am NOT brain dead and do not hate anyone but Mr. Obama HAS to be stopped.

        • GALT

          Right………….NO THIRD TERM……everybody sing….

    • BTeboe

      Capitalism is a great system, crony capitalism not so much. What we have under Obama is crony capitalism. Those banks that were too big to fail are in my opinion, to big to exist. You can thank William J Clinton for rescinding Glass Steagall. These white collar criminals never have to suffer under crony capitalism. Why? because they are in the back pocket of the politicians. Corzine is a great example of how one guy can wipe out investors money in the blink of an eye. General Electric is a great example of a huge corporation paying no taxes. George Bush was a rich oil man who kowtowed to the big banks. Money talks, and [expletive deleted] walks. Personally I am tired of all the favoritism shown to those with gobs of money. Why do we have privatized profit, but socialized loss? Government needs to get out of business other than to set the rules that we all can play by. Government should not be picking winners or losers. Look at all the money our elected leaders seem to amass once they set foot in the hallowed halls. They set the rules up to benefit themselves and boy do they benefit. Our government is too big and filled with people who have been there too long. As to your comment that what we have going on in Amerika is not the fault of BHO, but other moneyed people is false. Obama is the great divider. Not once in five years has he been the President to all. He mocks, name calls, threatens, puts people on the back of the bus, and punishes his enemies. Yeah, that’s a great leader for sure.

      • GALT

        Does capitalism require free markets? ( yes or no )

        Are free markets regulated? ( yes or no )

        Do your answers to these questions define capitalism?

        If not, what is capitalism?

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I both agree and disagree with you BTeboe.

        As to agreement. I believe that what we have is crony capitalism. My problem is with that and not capitalism in general. And I think favoritism is wrong. As is corruption in government. The only issue is I believe that the idea of government not regulating is the very idea that encourages and inspires such things.

        As to disagreement. I strongly disagree that Obama is the one dividing this country. Whenever I see pundits and politicians who oppose Obama I constantly hear tirades against “liberals” and “progressives” and “the left”. I am certain that the name calling and mocking goes both ways. And as for him putting “people on the back of the bus”. That whole scandal was built on a willful misinterpretation of Obama’s words. Watch this video and you will see what I mean:—republicans-can-go-to-the-back-of-the-car

        • BTeboe

          First of all I can’t believe you consider John Stewart and his Daily Show to be a legitimate news agency. They are not. Just research the phrase “Obama tells Republicans have to sit in the back”. Hey if you like Obama’s policies of higher unemployment, sky rocketing health care costs, higher gas prices, higher food prices, higher taxes, more debt, weaker military (the only govt program required by the Constitution, by the way), scads of foreigners entering our country illegally, deciding he likes to enforce some laws, just not the ones he dislikes (never mind that pesky Oath of Office), etcetera , etcetera, then more power to you. I just happen to believe that he is in way over his head and a complete jackass.

    • joe1cr

      The founders rebelled more against capitalism of the British East India
      Company than they did against the King. They set up a free enterprise
      system.Free enterprise is Main Street; Capitalism is Wall Street, between the left and the right. Capitalism is anti-liberal and anti-conservative. Capitalism is not free enterprise.
      Free enterprise is any of those endeavors undertaken
      by individuals or groups of individuals which do not raise money from the stock market.
      Capitalism is any enterprise which raises funds from an artificial,
      government created and regulated stock market. Capitalism crept back in much later.Capitalism is by definition directly dependent on government, whereas free enterprise is not.Capitalism always needs and demandsfreebies from government:
      Like the separation of church and state, free enterprise
      capitalism strives to be free from government interference, in the economy. It is the belief that consumers’ interests will be best met with less government involvement in privately owned business endeavors.
      Free-enterprise capitalism advocates the wanton pursuit of business interest and private property, it’s often compared to the contrasting doctrine of socialism. Socialism advocates a collective, or government, ownership and management of business and property.
      Very much like what we have in Obama’s socialist redistribute of wealth nonsense which has created an era of hatred of the “rich and a division of the races.

      Since the elections in 1954, Democrats have controlled Congress until the
      1994 elections, where the Republicans dominated until the 2006 elections.As far as Wall St “collapsing” the economy…you need look no further than their en abler. The U.S. Government. As to the root cause. I’m not defending Wall St., but you have to look at the bigger picture. A government too large and trying to do everything for everybody, encouraged risky loans, looked the other way when
      some corporation did something wrong because that corporation helped some congressmen or some other “reason” Whenever someone tried to reign this in, they were shouted down as racists, bigots, homophobes..Ala the Freddie and Fannie hearings in Congress in 2006 and 07. Barney Frank, on camera stated that there was no problems with these NGO’s, a year or so later, the crash happened in……yes, you guessed it Real Estate.

      It was in fact Bush and the Republicans that tried to fix this back in 07. They did try to protect the little guy, but big government lackeys, I.e. Frank, Pelosi, Dodd, etc etc had control of Congress and defeated their efforts to save all of us from the mess we’re in now.
      Since the elections in 1954, Democrats have controlled Congress
      until the 1994 elections, where the Republicans dominated until the 2006
      elections. From 2006 to 2010 Democrats had control. In 2010 to 2012 Republicans have the house and Democrats have the senate.
      Here are the totals 12 years for Republicans 40 years for Democrats. 2 years split.

      Therefore we have plenty of people to lay the blame on for our present
      state of affairs. However whether were Democrats, Republicans or Independents Americans, we can not allow our elected leaders to destroy our constitution along with our bill rights and become the tyrants who control our lives and even our thoughts.

      But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.
      John Adams

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Joe I do not see government as the opposite of free enterprise. Countless business’s have been given government loans to start out with and have been successful.

        Obama’s policies are not socialist. Socialism involves the abolishing of private property and the total government control and ownership of means of production: The policies Obama has proposed and has implemented have never even come close to socialism.

        “As far as Wall St “collapsing” the economy…you need look no further than their en abler. The U.S. Government.”. I agree with you Joe. But that is the point. It was lack of government oversight and control that lead to the economic recession. It wasn’t caused by government being too big. The people both before the recession and after who wanted to introduce regulations were shouted down as big government liberals.

        I agree that people of all parties are to blame for this mess.

        I do not believe our politicians are anywhere near “the tyrants who control our lives and even our thoughts”.

    • John Cherish

      I would like to point out that although the housing bubble burst in
      late 2008 it was socialist policies and deregulation of banking that
      allowed the banks to Issue Sub-prime loans to people who should not have
      been able to purchase them otherwise. Bill Clinton and his
      administration is more responsible for this than anyone as they passed
      the legislation making it possible. It was also one of the man sitting
      as president accomplishments to push for this legislation to help the
      poor own their own homes this caused the value of properties to rise as
      it fueled a very rapid expansion of the prices in the housing market and
      subsequent equity loans which further caused problems as they were
      based on equity that was on paper only. This rapid increase in paper
      value is what fueled Bill Clinton’s appearance of economic growth and
      debt reduction all based on credit fueling the economy. Times looked
      good until a chain reaction occurred when the banks bundled all these
      sub-prime loans into a financial instrument called a derivatives that
      they sold as a way to make a high return on investment while hiding the
      fact that they were a bundle of bad loans. When the economy went into
      recession these were the first loans to collapse along with the
      derivatives that the banks had all bought into heavily because of their
      high return. Many major banks were heavily invested in them so yes in
      effect this was caused by greed. greed in the banking industry to return
      ever higher returns on investment and deregulation of credit in effect
      the depression of 2008 was caused by the same failed policies that
      caused the depression of 1929. The later being caused by JP Morgan as
      he tried to crush smaller banks using the monetary policy of fractional
      reserve thus causing a bank run on smaller banks in 1929 that caused a
      domino effect. and the former caused by bad credit policies that hid
      the risks of derivatives that based assets on these bad loans it was all
      bad monetary policy on the part of the government that caused both

      • Jeremy Leochner

        John I have to point out that “socialist policies and deregulation” are opposites. Socialism is based on control and total regulation:

      • GALT

        Sorry but the sub prime loans ( ninja ) were “fraudulent” and
        this was perpetrated by the “brokers” working for country wide.etc.

        Most of the people who were sucked into these, did not make
        the attempt on their own……..and had they tried, in a legitimate
        environment, they would have been rejected….as they are being
        rejected today.

        But more importantly…. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION
        All the “regulations in the world” are effectively useless with out
        the funding to “enforce” them. ( and most agencies have not been funded to the levels required for proper enforcement )

        Of course “deregulation” solved that problem for the “derivatives”

        created for the housing bubble, which caused the crash…….had these derivatives not been in place, the actual mortgage exposure of the entire sub prime mortgage market was 1.5 trillion….which in terms of what happened, would have been a bump in the road.

        So, while you have spent all this time explaining what happened….
        you have gotten all of it wrong, including what happened in 1929,
        which was caused by being on the gold standard, and once again
        Wall St…….whose margined leverage was 900%, in the only
        market in the world that offered a positive ROI.
        ( or the illusion of one )

        see “Lords of Finance” for 1929 and “Extreme Money” or
        “E CONned.” for some semblance of understanding, as to
        what actually happened then and now…….provided you
        have an interest in what actually happened and WHY?

        Of course, FACTS don’t seem to matter to the mushrooms here,
        so I have no positive expectation that you are any different….

      • Mike Rogness

        it was the freaking republicans that did the legislation to end Glass Steagal, AKA newt gingrich, clinton just signed it. The government got bigger, more powerful under, [government is the problem] Reagan, than any other president up to him, except maybe FDR? It was Reagan/Greenspan that started bailing out business, Deregulation, championed by you Conservatives, let the bankers and mortgage companies run amok. Democrats deserve some blame to. Hard to believe you all still don’t think any credit for the mess the country is in had nothing to do with the guy that started two wars, one of them fraudulent, then turned around and gave even more tax breaks to those most likely to profit from those wars. For the first time in this nations history we get into a war without raising taxes to pay for it, lets just borrow the money from our great friend Communist China. Obama is just like the last few presidents, Big money gets what it wants. The damn government is run by big business and lobbyests.

    • vicki

      “Because without regulation companies were freed to engage in mortgage fraud”

      No. Fraud is illegal.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        These companies peddled worthless mortgages and pretended they were good investments. That’s fraud. But none of the CEOS went to jail. So evidently fraud is illegal unless you do it.

        • vicki

          Here is some detail on what made the mortgages become worthless.

          • Jeremy Leochner

            The government did not require any of those companies to sell those sub prime mortgages back and forth. And while I can understand that the government over stepped in “requiring” banks to give out such mortgages I cannot help but notice that they allowed these same companies to invest in the mortgage dealing. The companies were allowed to get massive profits from the trading of these mortgages. These bad mortgages in and of themselves would have produced a slow down. But not a recession. It remains my belief that it was wall street that caused the recession. They may have stumbled into a bad situation. But once it was clear that those mortgages were not going to pay off their actions became their own.

        • vicki

          Since I didn’t do it your statement makes little sense. What you should notice is that there WAS regulation but if your choice of government representatives do not honor their oath and go after what you claim was worthless mortgages then you only have yourself to blame. Perhaps you should sue one of those companies for fraud and see what happens.

  • GALT

    Dear Wayne, since you have already confessed that you “are NOT a rich man” and “as a small businessman” you would not be able to “survive in business” if Obama was “re-elected”………it must cause you great distress to be such a disappointment

    to your father. ( and of course this is even worse, because gambling is a recession proof business, and with your prognostication skills as a “sport’s betting advisory service”, the money should be rolling in ????? )

    While your “anecdotal evidence” is quite touching……your credibility is non existant since it seems you will say anything without regard for “facts”……and you have “offered no factual evidence”… support your father’s wisdom.

    Your concept of “rich” is a little vague and from the time frame that can be
    deduced from what little “evidence” you do let slip, your father seems to be
    one of the many beneficiaries of Keynsian economics and government policy that produced the middle class after WWII. ( when the national debt was 125%
    of GDP, the rich had been forced to disperse their fortunes into trusts, tax rates on income were in the 90% rates, and capital gains rates at 50%, and most
    actual rich people “inherited” their wealth, through the trusts )

    So your father doesn’t appear to be very wise, since he failed to recognize
    the “reasons” for his success…….or the nature of his customer base, and how the story ends should be quite interesting……as in “what happened to your
    father’s butcher shop?” The probable answer here is fairly predictable.

    Rich people do not acquire fortunes by earning them, not does “hard work”
    produce them……..nor do “rich” people contribute to the “economy” in
    any significant way, by “consumption”.

    Now I realize that “evidence” is meaningless to you…….but for those who are
    not “mindless”……the history of the “rich” from 1877 to date can be found
    in: The Rich Don’t Always Win: The Forgotten Triumph Over Plutocracy that Created the American Middle Class …

    • Karolyn

      By my standards and those of most of the people I know, Wayne is rich.

      • Sharon Reeder

        If so, he won’t be for long when the statist beaureacies get done stripping him of his hard won “wealth”. The REAL wealthy folks stand WAY apart from Wayne. So far apart it’s incomprehensible to the rest of us.

        • GALT

          Since when is running a confidence game the equivalent of
          hard “won?” wealth? Did you mean “earned”…….or are lottery
          players “hard workers” by having to agonize over choosing 6 or 7 numbers? You seem confused…..are you getting enough rest?

      • GALT

        Relatively…..however as noted elsewhere here….

        The top 20 % ( population ) own 84% of the WEALTH……..

        The next 20% own 11%……….

        The next 20% own 4%………….

        The bottom 40% combined own almost 1/3 of 1%…….

        So unless YOU are in the top 20%, you are neither rich, nor middle class, and depending on were you fall in that 84%, ( if you fall in the bottom 20%, of the top 20% ) you still are not “middle class” if the word “middle” is to have any meaning…… 90% of the population of the US in terms of wealth… either poor, very poor, really very poor, or extremely ridiculously very poor………yet who does most of the consuming and the work?

  • KG

    Mr Root, this so-called “class war” has been going on since the dawn of man. Yes, it’s the people who have the resources that ultimately “help” to build the economy. But the error is in thinking they need to be worshiped for that role. Or that it is solely their “good will and graces” that make our economy work.. It is this attitude that the Founding Fathers were trying to fight. That someone said that “certain people are special.” So we need to listen to them and worship them and tip our hats to them.
    NO Mr. Root : I refuse to do that. I have as much dignity as any human being. If your father was really the “working class hero” that you make him out to be, then why do you continue to blame these same people for our economic woes? I think it’s really clear that it was people in your class that raped everyone in 2008. So, why should we be bitter towards people like you?

    Remember the French Revolution. When you have too many poor people, that’s when stuff like that happens – guillotines, Firing squads, sharp machetes, etc.

    • hungry4food

      The enemy to Liberty is the one thing that the Federal
      Government is Preparing to secure from the enemie’s failure to enable
      the society through policies that favor the Unalienable rights of US
      Citizens .

      And in my opinion this
      is all driven by a Ideology of Peak Earth ECO Fascist that are made up
      of the globalist elite that are members of the G-8 and the critical
      thinking that Supply-side driven economics is creating a Unsustainable
      economic growth of resource extraction and population growth , see these
      links for this Technocrat/Bureaucracy advisory to the President’s CZAR
      cabinet , Most of these people are Linked through the CZARs and are
      advising policy makers ,

      The Globalist Money controllers are going in Communist directions because they fear Peak Earth .

      How the Main Stream Media is promoting this philosophy too ? This is
      why they are Bias with the Liberal points of view and are calling for
      Bigger Government Solutions !!!!

      More evidence of the Issue of Peak Earth Pushing the Globalist Agenda .

      So Along with failed Trade policies and allowed Monetary system
      corruption which will collapse any trust based economic system they are
      instead allowing Fake Money printing within the Central Banking system
      to collapse with bubbles the Supply-side economic system ,check out how
      the NSSM200 Kissinger Memorandum reads like a Blue print of How we have
      watched the last 40 years of Wealth and Resource Consolidation happen ,

      are links to prove the failure of Our trade policies to provide for the
      US Citizens a Unalienable right to be self reliant and be the supplying
      force to economic Independence for the USA , Never since the WTO free
      trade policy was Passed have we had a balanced trade Policy , so who
      keeps doing that over and Over unless its to create what Ross Perot said
      would happen , a Giant Sucking Sound on our Wealth and resources in the
      USA , remember that ???

      Change the Trade Policy or it will be
      used against us in a Final stage of USA Collapse . Watch this video to
      get the knowledge needed to understand where we are and why ,

      read how Obama CZAR Holdren talks about using Free Markets that are
      flawed in the sense of Sustainable sound money policies that enable the
      US Citizens were used to De-develop the Liberty of self reliance of the
      US Citizens Unalienable rights !!!

      And see this Liberal economists outlook on the path of the supply-side economy ,

      then as a result of their efforts to create the illusion that the
      consumer driven theory of economic function is failing on its own , (
      remember Obama said last year in Kansas City at the Speech that
      Capitalism on its own has always failed and will always fail , this sets
      up the Illusion that when this next Bubble busts in the Bond and
      Federal Government they will say see I told you it was a failed system
      and they hope that without much resistance they can shift us to a
      Collectivist statist economic system that controls the rate of Resource
      Consumption and ZERO Growth will be achieved to save Earth’s Eco System

      So all you have to do is see
      how they are training and getting ready to defend the enemy from a
      backlash of the failure to craft policy that enables the economic
      vitality of the US Citizens . And they are ONLY instead drafting Policy
      that TAKES Your Economic Vitality away from you in the event of this
      Failure to create a sustainable economic vitality .

      First have a Look at these links to see the training thats been underway by DHS ,

      this article it says the State Police were training for Sovereign
      Citizens who did not like the president to be seen as a Threat , and if
      they were questing things like Constitutional sovereign citizen
      qualifications and Taking the Bible seriously, or wanting to see fiscal
      sound money principles be restored like a Gold backed dollar , see
      these 2 first links ,,0,3800088.story

      This story has a Reprint of a Undersheriff at

      Prowers County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado talking about the training
      course he attended and how the training was a DHS Guideline on what is
      considered a Threat .

      Then see the sneaky way they will take your savings like the EUROZONE did in Cyprus ,

      Secret FDIC Plan to Loot Bank Accounts

      by Stephen Lendman

      It shouldn’t surprise. It’s already policy. Market analyst Graham Summers explained. Depositor theft is coming. Europe is banker occupied territory. So is America.

      is a new form of warfare. It’s more powerful than standing armies.
      Banking giants run things. Money power has final say.

      are strip-mined for profit. Communities are laid waste. Ordinary people
      are impoverished. Even their bank accounts aren’t safe.

      officials agreed to tax them. Canada, New Zealand, and Euroland member
      states plan doing the same thing. So does America.

      they’re called “bail-ins.” It’s code language for grand theft. Instead
      of breaking up, nationalizing, or closing down failed banks, depositor
      funds will keep them operating.

      Money printing madness
      can’t go on forever. Regulators, like FDIC, haven’t enough money to
      insure depositors. It’s simple mathematical logic.

      people and richer ones have trillions in bank accounts. It’s
      low-hanging fruit. It’s a treasure trove begging to be looted.
      Legislative shenanigans legitimize it.

      It’s happening
      offshore. It’s approved in Canada. It’s coming to America. “What
      happened in Cyprus isn’t a ‘one-off,’ ” said Summers. When systemic
      crisis hits, things happen “FAST and FURIOUS.”

      Cpyriot bailout talks continued for months. “And then the entire system came unhinged in one weekend.”

      closed. Capital controls were imposed. People couldn’t write checks.
      They lost access to their money. Limited amounts only were permitted.
      Insiders were tipped off. They exited early. Others uninformed now

      Think it can’t happen here? Think again. It’s
      coming. Proposed FDIC legislation lets it “TAKE CONTROL OF BANKS IT

      Dodd Frank
      financial reform capitulated to Wall Street. It did so at the expense of
      the economy, states, local communities, and ordinary people hit

      It’s wrongheaded. It provides a veneer of
      regulatory cover. It’s a scam. It’s laden with false diagnoses and fatal
      flaws. It lets Wall Street continue business as usual.

      secret provision permits looting depositor bank accounts. Four months
      ago, formal strategy was drafted. It’s ready when America’s next crisis
      hits. Graham outlined three steps:

      (1) Designate systematically important banks.

      (2) Control those deemed at risk of default.

      (3) Write-down depositor savings in value. In other words, loot them. Money thought safe is gone.

      Americans understand. It’s not publicly acknowledged. Legislation
      already was drafted. FDIC implementation rules are ready. Eventual
      crisis is virtually certain. Only its timing is unknown.

      Now’s the time to protect assets too important to lose. Forewarned is forearmed.

      Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

      His new book is titled “Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity.”

      Visit his blog site at

      to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the
      Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

      It airs Fridays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

      • KG

        I haven’t seen the black helicopters yet!

        • Elton Robb

          you’re not a threat.

        • hungry4food

          KG you are a Typical liberal trying to give cover to the true ideology thats forming the Oppressive policies we see today by way of economic volatility causing great distrust to the point that the free market economy collapses and results in total Nationalization of the market system .

          Even this Obama supporting Liberal is NOW SOUNDING THE ALARMS !!!!!!!

        • WTS/JAY

          Actually, some have the ability to “cloak”.

    • Sharon Reeder

      No, the firing squads will come from things like Jack booted DHS, “Patriot Acts” and other government created institutions because WE the People will have NO way to defend liberty and the likes of Mr. Obama, Frau Klinton, Senator Schummer, Harry Reed, Bloomberg, frothing at the mouth Diane Fienstien & the like will personally see to it. This is an abusive government, for the most part, that’s WAYYY to big and only getting bigger & more powerful.

      • KG

        You mean that same Dep. of “homeland” Security that was started by a Republican president? Wise up – it’s not the Gay’s or the Liberals that are the reason why “liberty” is being eroded. It’s in the same closet where it has always been – the Right wing, religious, racist, Republican, Libertarian, Von Misies, Ayn Rand, wing-nuts. Right next to the black leather Jack boots – under the Nazi flag.

        • Sharon Reeder

          Right wing, left wing there’s not much difference any more. I despise what Bush did by creating the DHS and passing the anti-freedom “Partiot” Acts but the left has equal or more to answer for and are doing nothing but growing government, raising taxes and spending us into oblivion. Is there any attempt to reverse the wrongs imposed on us by the Bush era? No. The tax cuts have gone away, more regiulation, more money printing (by far!), more spending, no budget, no attempts to live within our means just increased deficit spending. Rebublicans are selling out and Democrats are giggily happy about taking our freedoms and spending til the cows come home (and die from starvation). Illegal and unethical acts abound and it time for the fat lady to sing. Push the government “reset button”!

        • rhcrest

          And who is it that renewed the Patriot act and also instituted the NDAA?

          • WTS/JAY

            Bush, who’s still occupies the White-house, disguised as a Kenyan-Muslim.

        • WTS/JAY

          Unfortunately KG, the standard and inter-changable political-labels that are still used in conversations about politics, are ill-suited to the political realities of today. Labels are for simpletons… building day-dreams.

    • joe1cr

      Sounds like a lot of communist POPPYCOCK to me.

  • Warrior

    Wayne, I’ll offer you some “free” advice today. When your wife isn’t looking, slap an oblama/biteme bumper sticker on that vehicle. Guaranteed, the “busy people” will view her in a brand new light.

  • Brian Barlow

    That’s a great story, but we have a much bigger problem company here in the united states are not looking to invest at home. Why countries over seas have cheap labor know Insurance for workers. This was the same 40 year ago right here in the USA. So get a plan and give it to the President so he can put it into action. If not just be quiet becauce everything is much bigger now.

  • Robert Smith

    If the economy is sooooooooo bad why is the stock market setting records?
    If the economy is soooooooooo bad why is the housing market showing signs of recovery?
    If the economy is soooooooooo bad why are there more jobs?
    Ohhhhhhhh, I get it, the 1% doesn’t have it ALL yet so they consider it bad.

    • Chuck

      Why are the FEDS pumping money into the stock market through bonds from printed money, I for one would be interested in what would happen it they quit that?

      • Pedro

        It’s going to help create another bubble. Money devalues and one is forced to do a lot more to eat, drive and basically live. I hate using the Weimar Republic as an example, but wheel barrels full of money to hey bread is a result of such actions. In an extreme case.
        I’ve known a handful of Germans who lived through it. Nobody saw it coming. A little trickle became a flood.

        • nc

          Pedro, someone saw what was happening in Germany in the 1930s! It was Prescott Bush, “w”‘s granddaddy! He bought into the Hitler military build up and made a pretty penny at it!

      • Sharon Reeder

        Ever heard a rock sinking into a pond. Stop propping Wall Street and see. My opinion, it would create much opportunity for the rest of us to CAPITALIZE on. All this fiat money will be our demise and super inflation isn’t far away.

    • Sharon Reeder

      These are short term events happening because of MASSIVE injections of fiat money being printed by the Federal Reserve. t’s a house of cards ready to fall. l am personally offended by Mrs. Root choosing to drive a Cadillac. General Motors is a name synonomus with government buying elections and supporting antiquated and abusive business practices If you want to talk about massive redistribution of wealth, Government Motors is only one of the beneficiarys.

      Also, the plethora of jobs are lowpaying service sector jobs where the newly propped up corporations are increasingly taking advantage of workers. New college grads are increasingly having a hard time finding meaningful employment thanks to pllicies like NAFTA. The economy is an a state of collapse the likes the world has never seen due to government policies. Congress has lost touch with most of it’s constitutients and gridlock abounds. This massive social restructuring is NOT necessary and certainly not good for America. I personally have 30 years experience in the auto and manufacturing industry and make FAR less now than I did in 2003. Politicians want increasingly MORE money but haven’t learned to manage what they already have. I resent every dime the IRS takes because of the graft, corruption, waste and mismanagement of it. Mr. Obamas policies are a train wreck. The Constitution is just an old document to be ignored and that will completely be the ruin of this late great nation.

    • Paul in NH

      Robert, it’s not, it it’s being pumped up by the feds pumping eighty billion+ monthly into this, likewise for the housing market. To get an idea of the terrible economy, look at the federal governments own numbers on the U-6 tables.

    • Paul in NH
    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Robert Smith,

      You write: “If the economy is sooooooooo bad why is the stock market setting records?
      If the economy is soooooooooo bad why is the housing market showing signs of recovery?” Because the Fed is pumping $85 billion per month into the econom—on top of trillions already printed– in order to prop up the bankster criminals and fool people like you into thinking there’s a recovery.

      You write: “If the economy is soooooooooo bad why are there more jobs?” There aren’t. There are 4 million fewer jobs today than in January 2008. There are only 4 million more jobs than in January 2003 despite a population increase of 21 million. You are being sold a bill of goods and are buying it.

      You write: “I get it…” No. Despite my years of teaching, you still get nothing.

      Best wishes,

      • nc

        Dear Bob Livingston, You write: “There are four million fewer jobs today than in January 2008.” You fail to add that 2.6 million of those were lost by January 2009. BEFORE OBAMA. THE REMAINING 1.4 MILLION AND OTHERS WERE LOST BECAUSE THE REASONS FOR THE 2.6 MILLON LOST IN 2008 DID NOT CEASE WHEN George bush WALKED OUT THE DOOR.!!!! JUST BETWEEN ADULTS YOU WILL AGREE TO THAT WON’T YOU??

        Bob, you are locked into an argument
        you have been peddling for 40 years and if things get better with out your system you argument gets weaker! The sheeple don’t seem to realize that you can’t afford to praise growth even when it occurs!

        • WTS/JAY

          Growth? Where? You are aware that our “industrial-base” now resides not in this country, do you not?

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear nc,


          Best wishes,

    • rendarsmith

      What about the record number of Americans on food stamps (15%)? What about the record number of Americans on welfare (100 million)? What about the record debt ($16.8 trillion)? I don’t see these getting better.

      • nc

        rendarsmith, do you think the fact that our president INHERITED a near record recession and a RECORD two bad wars from day one might have caused his government to spend more money than the President before him who inherited a RECORD good economy and NO bad wars??? Rebuilding economies and feeding the families of who lost their jobs as a result COST MONEY to say nothing of the cost of the wars we could have done without!

    • rivahmitch

      I’d like to have some of whatever you’re smoking. First off, The stock market being “up” is meaningless because of massive money printing. The actual value of the stocks (in real terms) is less than what it was 25, 15 or 10 years ago in constant dollars. Second, the housing market: Guess you haven’t read that FHA needs another bailout and that the government is again pushing loans to people who can’t afford them. More jobs? You’re clearly hallucinating. There are fewer jobs than in 2008 and far more people out of work. The unemployment “numbers game” played by the government removes those who have given up and are no longer seeking work from the “umemploymant” count. Also, most of us in the middle class (excluding the welfare parasites that your Kenyan fascist buddy likes to include) have lost 40% of our net worth and 30% of the value of our income in the last 5 years.

    • vicki

      Ummmm. Quantitative easing. Stock market is valued in dollars so will go up when supply of money goes up. Supply/demand affects EVERYTHING. Even the pieces of paper we use for “money”

  • rhcrest

    You are absolutely correct Mr. Root. Obama has most definitely helped to foster a class warfare mentality in this country which is an integral part of the Marxist philosophy. Capitalism is responsible for everything we enjoy in this country and everyone has an equal opportunity to work hard and get ahead- at least we used to anyway. Now we have people who don’t want to work and just want free stuff. They see someone’s Cadillac and instead of aspiring to to be able to afford one through hard work, they want the gov’t to take that person’s money and give it to them through force. It is entirely and utterly disgusting. Under Communism/Marxism what these useful idiots fail to realize is that sure everyone is equal – equally poor and miserable with no hope for a better future unless you can somehow garner favors with the elite who of course live a life of luxury. It’s a real life Hunger Games. There are only two classes under Communism- the poor and the elite. There is no middle class. Obama is seeking to destroy the middle class in this country with his policies. These fools who support him see nothing wrong that he is part of the 1% they so deride and that he is doing everything he can to destroy all of us – middle class and poor. Under Communism, you don’t get paid for doing nothing. That is just a trick used by the Commies to get you under their control;. Once they have a country under control, whoever does not serve a purpose useful to the state is put to death or just starved or worked to death. These fools don’t realize that once things collapse because of the welfare state, they can say so long to EBT cards and free cellphones and free rent etc etc. Either you provide some use to the state or you can kiss your ar se goodbye or live in constant fear of dying. They don’t call them useful idiots for nothing.

    • KG

      The wheels of Capitalism are oiled by the blood of the workers. Without workers, where would you get your wealth?

      If you go to Hong Cong, there are only two classes as well. And that’s supposedd to be what the ‘CAPITALIST, Ayn Rand, Von Misies, Selfish, self-centered, CHRISTIAN, Entremanuers” say is a perfect example of capitalism at work.

      No Sir – YOU GUYS are the ‘Useful Idiots” for trying to foist upon us something that doesn’t work.

      • rhcrest

        The wheels of capitalism are fueled by workers and business owners alike. You speak as if workers never can rise above being workers and become the wealthy which has happened countless times in our 200 plus year history. Without people willing to work hard and risk it all to own a business, where would anyone get jobs? Oh i know! The government! Right Mr. Statist?

        • KG

          Who is the government?

          • rhcrest

            Gee you don’t know?

          • KG

            Well then – Why don’t you tell us?

          • rhcrest

            Obviously you have some definition in your mind of what the gov’t is so let’s hear it since you brought it up and seem to have an issue with it. Oh and by the way i can’t quite tell but is that a picture of Karl Marx?

          • KG

            Franz Mehring, German biographer of Marx.

            Isn’t it supposed to be “We, the People?” So when Conservatives say “Government is the Problem”, what they are really saying is that “The People are the problem.” I’ve heard some say that Democracy is “communism lite”. And, yes, we do live in a Democratic Republic. We have people that are supposed to represent the people. However, because Conservatives are actually Fascist, our government has turned into the “military – Industrial – Congressional” complex that Eisenhower warned us about.That’s why I asked.

          • rhcrest

            Oh wow i have a real live Commie on the line! The government has been taken over by people who want to destroy the middle class and have a single poor class to rule over. And by the way we live in or are supposed to be living in a Republic, plain and simple, not a Democratic Republic. Conservatives are Fascist? LOL you commies have been spewing that lie for decades. Fascism is just another left wing totalitarian ideology. In fact your hero Obama has Fascist tendencies since the means of production are still privately owned, unlike under Communism, but the means of production are highly regulated and controlled by the gov’t. That is Fascism. Conservatives stand for liberty and individual rights,not totalitarian ideology. All these isms are all varying versions of the same totalitarian garbage and they all fall on the left side of the political ideology spectrum. You all love to distance yourselves from each other when you all fall under the same umbrella.

          • rbrooks

            we are a democratic republic. brought to us by the republicans. we have always been a socialist country. the problem is your lack of knowledge of the meaning of the terms you use.

            capitalism falls on the left side.

            that should sum up your knowledge of this issue.

          • rhcrest

            Your post is so misinformed it isn’t even worthy of a response.

          • rbrooks

            well, you are unable to provide any response that would show it is unworthy or incorrect.

            your post was nothing more than the normal propaganda wrapped in factitious patriotism.

            you said you stand for individual rights. while supporting policies that deny those rights to selected individuals.

            you are nothing more than an ignorant hypocrite. only you can change that. or not.

          • rhcrest

            And what policies do i supposedly support that deny rights to individuals? You mean like encroaching on personal property rights like leftists do in the name of “saving the environment”? You mean like trying to decide what size soda i can have like Comrade Bloomberg is doing? You mean like all the mind boggling regulations that Comrade Obama is and has issued that control more and more of our lives? Perfect example is ordering me to buy health insurance just because i am alive among many other regulations which will now control our health care. Oh yes the Supreme court ruled that it is Constitutional so that settles it. Riiiight.

          • rbrooks

            i am sure you support the rights granted under the 2nd amendment to all americans.

            you must support an individuals right to determine their own medical care and procedures.

            without a doubt you support equality for all americans.

            obviously you are against eminent domain. a gop favorite.

            i am certain you support the right to freely practice religion, or not to practice religion.

            you must be against all of the safety regulations that have been put in place.

            or are you the typical pretentious conservative that only believes in your own personal definition of freedom, liberty and civil rights that may be granted. on a selective basis of course.

          • rhcrest

            Do you support the above rights? Leftists love free speech as long as you agree with them and they hate the 2nd amendment. And they don’t support the right to determine their own medical care and procedures since they support Obamacare. And they don’t support the right to freely practice religion since business owners are now being penalized by the state if they do not wish to go along with gay weddings because of their religious beliefs or if they do not wish to be forced have health insurance for their employees that includes birth control and abortion since when those are against their religious beliefs. Now they even want to force the Boy Scouts to accept gay Scout leaders. You leftists are intolerant of differing opinions. You sound like the typical pretentious leftist that believes in all sorts of freedoms except when they bother you, on a selected basis of course

          • rbrooks

            unlike most conservatives, i support the 2nd amendment. there are no restrictions. not for type of weapon, age, criminal or civil behavior.
            you are free to speak in any manner you wish. well, except on censored forums. like this one.

            religion has been forced to accept equality. you can no longer own people. women and minorities can now vote. and so on.

            marriage is not a religious right. it is a state right. you are not allowed to discriminate simply because two separate races marry. nor can you discriminate simply because of an age difference in spouses. religion performs a ceremony. nothing more.

            what they should do is eliminate all tax free status.

            the right to be free of religion, especially in govt.

            no one is forcing you to have an abortion or to be married.

            your only complaint is that you can not force your particular brand of mythology on everyone.
            i support the death penalty. it is not used often enough and should be done in public.
            i support the right for every american to own a gun.
            i support a woman’s right to have or refuse an abortion.
            i support equality for all.

            i support your right to speak.

            what i do not support is your attempt to force everyone to live by your ideology.

            which is entirely different than simply stating an opinion.

            you should learn a bit more about how insurance really works. you do not have those rights with private insurance. the insurance company determines what procedures they will pay for or even include in their policy.

            you are just another fascist trying to force mythology based control on the public.

            the good news. you guys are losing.

          • rhcrest

            Newsflash most conservatives including myself support the 2nd amendment. And it is your brand of mythology or whatever you want to call it being forced on us. No one is forcing those business owners to be married or have an abortion but they are being coerced to go along with it OR ELSE. That is fascism. And where do you think the insurance company gets the money to pay for the procedure? Do you think they just take it out of their own pocket? Surely you jest. I think you haven’t the vaguest idea how insurance works.

          • rbrooks

            you are against all of the current restrictions to the 2nd amendment?
            must have been really tough when you folks were forced to accept minorities as equals.
            your compliant is not how it gets paid, but whom makes that choice of what is covered.

            which is really funny. insurance is a great example of socialism at work.

          • rhcrest

            So apparently you do not support the 2nd amendment? you are contradicting yourself. Who said anything about minorities? Typical leftists always have to flash the race card. Boring. Insurance is not or at least has not been up to now, compulsory. We have not been forced to buy health insurance, property insurance or car insurance (unless we own a car which is not compulsory either) or any other kind of insurance. Socialism is forcefully taking from one group of people to give to another without getting anything back. Last time i checked, my insurance policies give me coverage if i have a claim. No one is taking my insurance policy money by force and i do get something back if i have a claim. Can’t say that about welfare. That money is forcefully taken from me to give to layabouts and i don’t get anything in return for my money. You are really starting to not make any sense. I think you need to go back to your boss or whoever is paying you and get some new talking points.

          • rbrooks

            it is obvious you lack any comprehension. i support the 2nd as written. that means no restrictions. you have not stated what you support.

            you were whining that you are being forced to accept others as equals. poor baby.
            you are forced to maintain insurance as long as you have a mortgage. car insurance is compulsory.
            socialism is what makes your insurance work.

            you are forced to pay taxes to help support public employees, corporations, farmers, foreign entities and foreign citizens. to name a few.
            i never expected you, or the other gop sheep, to ever understand.
            it is amusing to watch you try to talk your way out of that round corner.

            like so many self proclaimed conservatives, you only demand rights for yourself.

            never realising that when you deny rights to others, you have effectively denied your own rights.

          • rhcrest

            You obviously can’t read. I stated in a previous post that i support the 2nd amendment. In none of my posts was i whining about anything. I am not forced to buy home insurance if i do not have a mortgage am i? I am not forced to purchase auto insurance if do not own an auto am i? Socialism as i stated previously is forced no matter what. Insurance is not. Yes i am forced to pay taxes for many things which i do not agree with and which the gov’t has no business sticking its neck into. What rights am i denying others? You are fabricating things in your own twisted mind. Typical leftist

          • rbrooks

            so you admit you are forced to comply.
            which means you agree we are socialist country.
            you now admit you support gay rights, abortion, equality for all.
            you are against any restrictions to the 2nd.
            does that make you a leftist liberal.

          • rhcrest

            Because we have to buy insurance under certain, LIMITED circumstances that means we are socialist? You’re nuts. I support any person’s right to marry someone of the opposite sex, same as all of us. I don’t support anyone having special rights. I don’t support murder. And last time i checked leftists are the ones trying to take the guns away. Seriously are you on some kind of drugs or something? You really don’t sound very sane. But then again all you leftists sound like a bunch of wackos to me

          • rbrooks

            if you own a car, have a loan, etc. you must buy insurance.

            insurance is socialism.
            even better is that you must buy from a private company and the penalty for not having is enforced by the govt. which is exactly what the govt wants to do with health care. force you to comply.

            you do know that you were not allowed to marry just anyone of the opposite sex for a long time in this country? probably not.

            slaves were granted freedom and finally equality.
            women were finally granted equality.

            you seem to have adjusted to that equality. you will adjust to future equality as well.
            the gop has passed and supported the vast majority of the current 2nd amendment restrictions. i would bet you support those restrictions as well.

            i am always amused by the way you fascists label anyone who disagrees with your narrow views.

            the good news is that there are fewer of you with every passing year.

          • Sharon Reeder

            KG you’re lost in the woods.We the People” haven’t been in control for a long time. The media tells us what we need to know and they essentilly parrot liberal points of view. The power people in office push through bills without time for proper comsideration ( I’m not sure there is enough time to go through something like Dodd – Frank or the tax code) and we just have to live with the results. We used to have a representative government, I think we no longer do. When the major underpinnings of the Constitution are under fire and being blantantly ignored what recourse do we the people have? Both major parties are at fault. The Republicans are not standing on principle anymore (maybe they don’t have any) and the democrats want to tax & spend us into oblivion.How long has it been since we’ve even had a budget? Again, nobody follows it anyway. Government expects “We the People” to follow the laws they pass when those laws don’t apply to the ruling class. Diane Feinstein wants to take guns away but she has a carry permit AND sercret service to protect her 24-7. That as hypocritical as it gets and most of the political eletes get the same treatment. I can ask for armed escorts til the cows come home, but to get one I have to pay his salary, the politicians don’t have to do that. WE DO!
            Maybe you are right, though. We the people are the problem because we still beleive what we read in the media AND what the political elites say. Ex., Bengazhi was caused by a movie portraying the prophet Mohammed poorly. We since found out that had nothing to do with it. Frau Klinton was asleep at the wheel & people died. If you or I allowed anything close to that to happen we’d be in jail or executed. And this is a person many want to run for president in 2016? Perish the thought! Then, think about Eric Holder……..there are several groups STILL trying to get Oblatant ones frigging real birth certifiocate. Those things should be beyond reproach but not for the elite.
            One of the main jobs alloted to the government by the Constitution is to protect our borders. The job is so ignored by Obama it;s criminal and cost lives. But boy we can sure search my 79 yr old mother and confiscate her shampoo. Janet Nepolatino is a damn criminal! ?How many terrorists has she caught? None What’s her burget? Billions! Why did she buy enough internationally outlawed hollow point bullets for fight 4 wars? Not telling…… and it’s OUR DAMN money! Still beleive “We the People” are the problem? I can site more examples of this than you can read! Remember Ruby Ridge or even Waco? There are more of those examples around the world than we can imagine. Native American people have sued the Federal Government because they were cheated, denied treaty obligations the government wrote themselves and lied to for 150 years and the courts found them guilty. Yet no imposed fines are forth coming and it’s buried in the liberal news or completely ignored while old people & very young ones freeze to death in the winter. “We the People” only have a voice when the feds want us to have a token one!

  • Arkansas Girl

    You Mr. Root are 100% correct, and those that can not see your reasoning are part of the problem facing Americans today….Mr Root never and I said NEVER said to worship the rich, just reconize the fact that a job never came from a poor person….Oh and if you want to think that a rich person is making their money from your labors, You are correct, but it’s you making money from their investment of hiring you so you can make your house payment and electric bill and buy your groceries…Good Lord this is how it works, unless your a freeloader and want to sit back and draw a check from government hand outs, Which by the way is off the backs of middle and upper class… I for one am thankful to the person that had the financial means to start a business so that I can have a job and make a living, it benefits them and me and my family…..And that is what Mr. Root was pointing out.

    • GALT

      Really, jobs don’t come from poor people?

      Which by the way is off the backs of middle and upper class…

      Where did the middle class come from? It didn’t exist before 1945 and it
      is disappearing as we speak…….or have you not been paying attention?

      Social Security is a handout?

      Of course, when you speak of the rich, middle class and poor, you really have no concept of what you are talking about so why don’t you take a look.

      All kinds of pretty charts and pictures…….but by far the most sobering is

      The top 20 % ( population ) own 84% of the WEALTH……..

      The next 20% own 11%……….

      The next 20% own 4%………….

      The bottom 40% combined own almost 1/3 of 1%…….

      So unless YOU are in the top 20%, you are neither rich, nor middle class,
      and depending on were you fall in that 84%, ( if you fall in the bottom 20%,
      of the top 20% ) you still are not “middle class” if the word “middle” is
      to have any meaning…… 90% of the population of the US in terms of wealth… either poor, very poor, really very poor, or extremely ridiculously very poor………yet who does most of the consuming and the work?

      The top 10%??????

      And that is what Mr. Root was pointing out.

      Mr Root does not have sufficient intelligence to point out anything, except
      maybe directions to his 150 lb granite star, which cost HIM $15, 000
      to promote and install…….( you see it’s not really an award…..or
      a prize…..Bugsy Seigal would meet the criteria…..but would have to
      pay $20,000 )

  • Liberty Lover

    One thing that gets lost in this discussion is the reality that capitalists can only become wealthy in a free-market economy by winning the “votes” of a multitude of customers in a free market. Those who do the best job of serving the public’s needs will be those who acquire the most wealth. That is not true in a collective economy, nor is it true in a two-party political system where we are repeatedly forced to decide which party will do the least damage.
    One probelem I have with this article is the idea that “The American Dream” is all about materialistic success. It’s the same problem I have with Ayn Rand. There are other values in life and usually trade-offs between competing values. The father who has no time for his children because he is fanatically devoted to the accumulation of money and goods is certainly not a worthy role model. Success in life should not be measured by the size of one’s car or bank account.

  • Pedro

    The economy is improving, home sales are up and the Stockmarket is skyrocketing. That’s great If the fed was not printing a trillion dollars monthly.
    And that great response by giving Keynsian economics credit for building the middle class. STUDY the numbers. Keynsian economics was in full force under FDR’s first to terms and the recession turned into a depression with near 30% unemployment. Hitler’s insanity ended the depression by forcing us to supply The UK and the USSR in food, clothing and arms.
    If we were counting ALL unemployed able bodied Americans who Werner no longer receiving benefits, unemployment is on the low to midteens.
    Home sales are up because they are being given away at a third of their value of just a few years back. I’d by a Lexus at the price of a Kia any day.
    There will always be tension between poor and filthy.
    We can regulate all we want, people will always find ways around them. Greece had laws in

    • GALT

      Keynsian economics was in full force under FDR’s first to terms

      Well that would have been an amazing trick, and not possible, as you will see
      in a moment…….but here is something you should think about.

      If you are not in possession of the FACTS, your interpretation of
      them is both irrelevant and pointless.

      Please Note the Date of Publication:

      The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money was written by the English economist John Maynard Keynes. The book, generally considered to be his magnum opus, is largely credited with creating the terminology and shape of modern macroeconomics.[1] Published in February 1936, it sought to bring about a revolution, commonly referred to as the “Keynesian Revolution”, in the way economists thought – especially in relation to the proposition that a market economy tends naturally to restore itself to full employment after temporary shocks. Regarded widely as the cornerstone of Keynesian thought, the book challenged the established classical economics and introduced important concepts such as the consumption function, the multiplier, the marginal efficiency of capital, the principle of effective demand and liquidity preference.

      As noted below if you want, facts, causes, and effects, you will find them
      in: The Rich Don’t Always Win: The Forgotten Triumph Over Plutocracy that Created the American Middle Class …

      If not, well you will have to adjust your “fantasy” to include the new FACT you learned today…….as well as anticipate all the other unknown “facts” that are lurking, should you ever attempt to include other facts in your fantasy.

  • Steve E

    Rich people no doubt create jobs in this country and also take risk in doing so. However the rich also have a dark side. The rich are the ones that run this country, and this country is not doing well because of that. Every silly law and regulation was proposed by the rich. Poor people have no lobbying influence in this country. Just one example out of many would be; I can’t buy an incandescent light bulb anymore because of the rich people lobbying for that law. Michael Bloomberg, who is rich, won’t even allow his citizens to buy a 32 oz. Coke. Bill Gates, who is rich, stupidly says that the President should have more power. So just to make my point simple, Rich people are not angels.

    • Cliffystones

      Well put. ‘Rich people” also don’t always make the most logical purchasing decisions either. Case in point, Wayne’s wife’s Escalade. Honda, Toyota, Ford, GMC make models that will serve the same needs, at half the price in many cases. We have a Pilot that’s a wonderful, reliable vehicle, was under 30k new. Yet I see folks driving their double-priced Cadillac, Mercedes and Lexus counterparts, and I have to ask “what’s the motivation?”. Then it clicks! I call them “ego-mobiles” now.

  • FreedomFighter

    “One of the consequences of such notions as ‘entitlements’ is that people who have contributed nothing to society feel that society owes them something, apparently just for being nice enough to grace us with their presence.”

    –Thomas Sowell

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

    • KG

      Wow, a lot like former military people?

      • FreedomFighter

        Military service is considered one of the highest and most costly forms of contribution to society – some paying the altimate price for society…
        Obviously you are a perfect example of an idiot.
        Laus Deo
        Semper FI

        • KG

          Ummm… that’s your opinion. Most soldiers just follow orders. Yes, you may die in service to the state. However, just because you did a lot of push-ups and killed people doesn’t make you any more special than anyone else. I salute your service to the state, but I REFUSE to “worship” you.

          • FreedomFighter

            “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” ― Winston Churchill

            Laus Deo

            Semper FI

          • joe1cr

            Here another R word for you to consider RESPECT.

        • mark

          Ye,s but only the poor, the working-class, and the lower middle-class, (and thousands of illegal immigrants) join the U.S. military. The rich and the upper-middle class will have nothing to do with it. Except to call for and profit from its wars. The rich send their children to the Ivy League, to Stanford, Emory, Choate, and Andover. The poor and working-class send send their kids to the Marines and the Army. They come back crippled or in body bags. This is the highest tax of all – a tax that only the poor and the working-class pay. But they’re all just parasites to Mr. Root, part of the Romney’s 47%. Hey, we give their kids a free burial at Arlington, so what are these loafers all complaining about?

          • Sharon Reeder

            Mark, militay folks are not loafers. Where do you get that idea? Let’s take political elites to task over their extreme benefits and let them live like the rest of us. Military folks don’t get those kind of benefits and their pay while in service is barely enough to live on, esp. if they have a families. I don’t like most entitlement either, but lets cut where cuts are due: Illegal aliens, political elites and generational aid. Not to mention supporting countries over seas that don’t pay a dime of taxes. Government policy needs to have some common sense injected into it. They’re way too self serving!

          • mark

            Apparently. you totally missed my sarcasm, Sharon. Of course, I don’t believe that military families are loafers. But Mr. Root and Mitt Romney do. To them, anyone who receives money from the government is parasite and a leech, one of the worthless 47% , feeding a the public trough. Mr. Root and Mr. Romney would never and have never allowed any of their children to serve in the U.S. military. This is a job for the poor and for the working-class, for Tyrone, Jose, and Virgil. They send their kids to the Ivy League, so the poor and the working-class can have the honor of sending their children to Afghanistan. Don’t you get how this American system of ours works? Wake up.

          • FreedomFighter

            Without the military you would not be able to make the post above, and without the sacrifice of those brave men, unable to live in country like the USA – it would not exist.
            Im sure all our founding fathers were poor men (nope very rich), JFK was a poor man(nope very rich), and all the other fine people in the military and at West Point, Air Force academy and such are just poor peasents. Just because the rich use money to shield thier children from service does not degrade service to ones country, it makes draft evaders like “slick willie” Bill Clinton and others cowards.
            In addition, it is politicians that create the wars, it is the military that fights them, so blame politicians like Obama for the body bags and mutilated and crippled that come back.

            Laus Deo
            Semper FI

          • KG

            Umm… was it Obama who had the bright idea to invade Iraq?

            Nope. It was your so-called “Military” buddies – like Wolfowitz, Rumsfield, Chenny, and Shell, Exxon, as well as Haliburton.

            Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy being in the same league as these creeps?

          • momo

            Was Obama ever in the military, NO. Cheney hid behind deferments to get out of Vietnam. Bush was in the air national guard, and took a leave of absence (read went AWOL) to help on some Republican’s campaign. David Hackworth, a real soldier, called him our Deserter in Chief on Fox and they canned him! Bill Clinton was just a worthless draft dodger.

          • mark

            The vast majority of today’s rank-and-file military come from poor, working-class, and lower middle-class backgrounds. Not from wealthy or upper middle-class families who avoid service in the U.S. military today like the plague. Examples going back to the World War II don’t fly since then as in most of the years of Vietnam, the government enforced a draft. Only a small percentage of the Founding Fathers served in combat. They, too, sent poorer men to do their dying for them. Jefferson for example never served in combat and was heavily criticized for it in his own day. John Marshall for example despised Jefferson and considered him a coward for avoiding combat.

          • joe1cr

            We should bring back the draft, making sure everyone has to serve their time . But just like in the 60″s most of the college age liberal hippie communist would burn their draught cards and go to Canada or elsewhere and refuse to serve. While letting their poorer brothers they left behind to serve in their stead. Speaking of the wealthy or upper middle-class families . Bill Ayers ,his fellow anarchist and Viet Nam draft dodgers are now teaching their brand of anti American communist elitism not only in our colleges but also in our secondary schools. These people refuse to serve their country, are now back in high political, entertainment, business and education fields enjoying the fruits of those that did serve.

      • Sharon Reeder

        Military folks have stood between the rest of us and some of the most unpleasant things imaginable. Thery’ve earned their meager benefits and I have no problem helping to pay for them. The benefits politicians get are FAR in excess of what military folks get and I resent 90% of them. They pass laws that don’t apply to them and have life long elitist “benefits” and lifestyles. Let them live like the rest of us or at least close.

      • Michael

        Upon enlistment/commissioning, a service member swears to defend this nation. In return, that person is paid a salary not too high above the poverty level. However, this contract also promises medical services while on active duty and a pension upon retirement. If you feel a service member has backed into his/her pension, perhaps you should spend a few months/years living along side one of these former uniformed free loaders. Enjoy being shot at on occasion. Freeze a bit and then melt for a while. Stay dirty for days/weeks on end and eat food that will keep you alive, but not much else. Stay away from your family for months on end and be mentally and physically prepared to do this whenever your country needs/wants you to. Suffer when your friends die or are maimed. Then, if you survive, you retire and draw just enough money to give folks who did not serve, the right to spit on you. Yep, free loaders all.

    • red neck

      You are correct… I have an older brother that feels that way.
      He thinks that the world owes him something for his presence.
      He picked up his mentality from California as a hippy in the 70’s.

      • Sharon Reeder

        Tell that to the thousands who have lost loved ones, limbs, & mental capacity due to combat. ALL soldiers follow orders and you, sir have no idea the kind of burdens soldiers carry for killing. However, we’re getting to the point that following orders from Comandant Obama, Judge Nepolatino, liar Eric Holder or Secretary Klinton are getting people needlessly killed. With position comes responsibility & accountability and I see way more of that among the military than the political elites. Our soldiers deserve better.

        • GALT

          Well we used to draft them……now it’s a career opportunity
          and one of the better choices…….not to mention survival rates are
          really good, way better than NAM.

          We’ll just forget the fact that the wars they were and are fighting were unnecessary…….and they really didn’t expect to fight them
          when they signed up…… things are way more clear now, for anybody that does “volunteer”………..

          Be interesting to see how this plays out ……….

      • mark

        OK, so California is to blame for the fact that your brother feels entitled. Neat. Arkansas is the reason why my brother got arrested for burglary.

        • vicki

          More likely your brother’s immoral action of burglary is what got him arrested.

      • rswallick

        I also am a ‘x’, i guess call it x-hippie. i own my own house, free and clear, work in computer industry and working to become totally self-relient of the state, as much as possible, buying 3 acrea’s and creating a space of love, by building a natural earth based home, planting edible scrubs, trees etc. it is time to take this planet back and become the change you want to see. you can wine and vote for bozo 1 or bozo 2 and nothing will change. don’t blame hippies or military folks, they just need to wake up to reality

        • joe1cr

          Free love ,x-Hippie ? They made San Francisco their home in the 60’s and just look at it now baby.

      • nc

        RED NECK, California is such a miserable example of how a “government” (state) has been managed over the years!! THAT IS IF YOU DISCOUNT THE FACT THAT THEIR GOVERNMENT HAS HELPED TO CREATE THE EIGHTH LARGEST ECONOMY IN THE WORLD!

        YEAH, RIGHT!!

        • FreedomFighter

          Quote of the Day from the Los Angeles Times:

          “Frankly, I don’t know what it is about California, but we seem to have a strange urge to elect really obnoxious women to high office. I’m not bragging, you understand, but no other state, including Maine, even comes close. When it comes to sending left-wing dingbats to Washington, we’re Number One. There’s no getting around the fact that the last time anyone saw the likes of Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Waters, and Nancy Pelosi, they were stirring a cauldron when the curtain went up on ‘Macbeth’. The four of them are like jackasses who happen to possess the gift of blab. You don’t know if you should condemn them for their stupidity or simply marvel at their ability to form words.”
          — Columnist Burt Prelutsky, Los Angeles Times

          Laus Deo
          Semper FI

          • nc

            Freedom Fighter, you are a real piece of work>! You are dissing four ladies helping run the greatest country in the world and you are sitting in your mothers basement sending in news paper articles and bible verses on an hourly basis to a group of equally paranoid moss backed conservatives! You can’t carry their jocks!!

          • WTS/JAY

            nc: You are dissing four ladies helping run the greatest country in the world

            Past tense…no longer a true statement! Sorry…”the greatest has become a banana-republic run by psychopaths” would be a more accurate statement.

          • Frank Kahn

            It looked like a quote from a newspaper.

            Your post: Rewritten to more accurately display the truth

            “Freedom Fighter, you are a real piece of work>! You are dissing four ladies helping run the greatest country in the world”

            “Freedom Fighter, it looks like you did some homework. You are reporting about four women that are helping ruin what used to be the greatest country in the world.”

            “and you are sitting in your mothers basement sending in news paper articles and bible verses on an hourly basis to a group of equally paranoid moss backed conservatives!”

            “and I appreciate your efforts in sending in newspaper articles and quoting scriptures regularly to help enlighten us on what you see is happening” I am sure that the whining paranoid liberals will suffer extreme anxiety at learning these things.

            “You can’t carry their jocks!!”

            “You would not want to be caught dead even getting close to any personal undergarments of those women.”

            NC, you might like to lick the boots, or whatever, of those cagna, but they are not leading anywhere but to hell. Not sure about the other three but Feinstein is a tyrannical b-witch. If she was living in a third world country, as she should be, she would be dead by now. When they come for our guns, I hope she has the honesty to be right out in front so she takes the first hit. Maybe you would like to march right beside her?

            A very famous man said give me liberty or give me death. I think it should read give me liberty or give them death.

          • GALT

            I thought I had explained this to you already…..

            YOU CAN”T THINK!!!

            And when you do find a grain of truth to hold onto, you persist in screwing it up ten ways to sunday…..

            build from what you know…..if you can ever figure out what that actually is?

          • Frank Kahn

            I disregard all your advice because you fail to use any form of fact or logic. My ability to think is actually far superior to your megalomaniacal rantings. When you decide to use the correct definitions of English words, we can discuss something, till then, butt out.

          • GALT

            So why is it that you failed to elucidate the following

            E = MCC


            Frank I need useful insects… you know anything that
            is “useful”?

          • Frank Kahn

            Did you ask a question? Can you be specific as to the point you are referencing? What part of the equation E = MC^2 are you wanting explained? There are excellent books describing Newton’s equations and theories, why do you need me to help you understand them?

            Your need for insects is a personal problem and I cannot help you there.

          • GALT

            Did you see a question mark?

            And you have already demonstrated your inability, with RBT.
            What you see was posted the following day, to him….for reasons
            you will have no recollection of.

            and the term was “useful insects”. I agree….you are not “useful”.

          • Frank Kahn

            You implied that I had not answered a question concerning relativity I.E. the equation e = mc^2. If you were not referring to a question, then I am sorry that you fail to communicate in a normal human fashion.

            Demonstrating an ability or not with the mental retard RBT is no more a problem than trying to communicate with an arrogant piece of whale feces like you.

            When you have something intelligent to say I will respond, till then piss-off.

          • GALT

            Yes, you do manage to communicate in what would be considered typically normal human fashion, but this would preclude any possibility of your being capable of discerning that which would be
            considered intelligent. Q.E.D.

          • joe1cr

            POPPYCOCK !!! My god we have sat by and are letting the lunatics run the alyssum

          • GALT

            You are obviously qualified…..can you find an asylum that
            which will actually hire YOU to run it?

          • joe1cr

            Right on the money Laus Deo !!! All of the liberal states seem
            to send people to Washington D.C. whom they think are smarter
            then the average American. What a shock it is when
            questioned,they open their mouths to speak and they never dazzle us with their brilliance, they always try to baffle us with their liberal

        • speedle24

          nc, California has a large economy because of its size (area), population (second largest), climate (the best in U.S.), natural resources, and a huge tourism industry. These are the reasons for the large economy in spite of the morons that run the government. But guess what? California’s economy is shrinking because it seems that producers are moving out in droves. Why would you say that is the case nc?

          • nc

            Speedle. it could be because there is less federal assistance to the states since the full force of the bush recession! has set in! How many states are financially stronger since 2007?
            Mississippi is large ,sunny, with natural resources and tourism! How are they doing??

          • speedle

            Glad you asked nc. You might want to check out the red states vs. the blue states and see which ones are financially stronger since 2007. The biggest rotten apple is the Peoples Republic of California. And by the way, trying to use Mississippi as a comparison to a big highly populated industrialized state is a bit disingenuous don’t you think?

        • WTS/JAY


          Past tense…no longer a true statement! Sorry…

        • joe1cr

          Then why is it cities in debt and filing for bankruptcy. While it’s people and businesses are leaving this over taxed state.


    • Jeremy Leochner

      Who exactly are these people Freedom Fighter. Who are these people who have “contributed nothing to society feel that society owes them something,”. How do you determine “nothing to society”?

    • GALT

      I have the unalienable right to continue to attempt to survive.

      Doesn’t really matter what you believe……it only matters, if what you believe attempts to prevent me from exercising my right.

      You would think that after 195.000 years of existence, individual
      members of the species would have figured this out.

      All the other “species” have….and they didn’t and don’t have to think about it.

  • dan

    Keep at it Wane …you’ll know you’re there when you need a chauffeur for that
    Caddy and your body-guard opens your door….me , I’d rather walk or ride my bike
    than ride around in a cage.

  • joe1cr

    This man said it best.
    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
    the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
    its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
    — Winston Churchill

    • mark

      You’re so right! So tomorrow morning abolish all Social Security payments, all Medicare payments, all military pensions, state, city and federal government pensions. While things may be tough in the short-term, those people who lose all their livelihoods and means of survival will be better off. They will now be free Americans, spared the horrors of socialism. It’s true they may die and have to live in the streets. But they will be free. And it will lower the deficit some. We have to get our priorities straight in this country. Do we want freedom or the slavery of socialism? Let the old die. Especially the old soldiers. We don’t need them anymore. And best of all, it will lower the deficit.

      • Sharon Reeder

        It’s a good thing to abolish Social Security but I want all I already “paid” in sent back. The statists can’t have it! Military pensions have been earned and must stand. The other pensions for state and federal pensions are abusive and need to be paid back. They voted them selves these ammenties (free medical ins.for life, salary continuation for life, and essentially a privilidged life, again for life while WE the People pay for it. I have no problem with something reasonable, but that’s not it!

        • podunk1

          Look closely at SSI & you’ll begin to understand the destruction of America. You don’t abolish acts of fraud, treason, & theft to make it go away, you inform everyone and prosecute to the fullest extent to make sure it doesn’t happen again! We’re chasing our tail – while our wealth, heritage, and freedom are being stolen! Challenge the following –

          Learn to use annuity calculations – info is very simple to obtain by computer – almost any spread sheet. An average person working 46 yr. (18/65) @ $43,500/yr & on benefits 13 yr. (65/78) would collect $1,311,588 @ 5%ROI – SSI pays $192,660 benefits to that example retiree & equivalent of $272,036 including other SSI beneficiaries (widows, disabled.etc). – you lose well over a million dollars!

          THINK ON THIS: workers who are paying almost 5 times too much for their retirement benefits over 46 years find their nest eggs stolen when they retire!

          The thieves are stealing the nest egg “seeds” of four future retirees (who will have nothing when they retire) to pay one retiree victim! It’s time for prosecution, purge, and spoils recovery! SSI funds have been stripped by devaluation (inflation), plunder (consumed), and giving away the productive utility value of capital (0% interest) that should have been a minimum 5% net of inflation! (SSI pays 5%, but almost all principal disappeared!) With a properly funded balance, SSI total rates would be about 2.6% instead of 12.4%!

          Obama-Bernanke’s Communist-Shariah-dictatorial compliant 0% interest rates are destroying capital investment, SSI, and all secure pension plans! Obama-Bernanke’s method requires 3.9 workers paying 12.4% (48.36%) of their combined wages to pay for one someone else’s benefit, VS. a single beneficiary
          paying @ 2.6% of his wages earning 5% ROI for his own same dollar value monthly benefit based on a capital investment!

          Our corrupted socialist pension costs over 18 times more than a capitalist pension. Without investments, there are no jobs to earn a wage to even buy a pension

          • KG

            However, the “capitalist” pensions you mention DO NOT EXIST ANYMORE!!!!!

          • SavaDude

            Really? They don’t?
            The number one unfunded liability in the entire nation, is the bloated and unsustainable pension debt of every state in the nation.
            Again, KG, you are always entertaining!

          • podunk1

            In essence you’re right! A government mandated Shariah-communist zero interest rate all but eliminated capitalism and US infrastructure investment. A corrupt government counterfeiting $85 billion/mo., waters down & devalues currency accordingly… to reduce the value of debt to cheat citizens out of what government borrowed… and owes them!

          • KG

            Notice I said “capitalist” pensions – NOT GOVERNMENT PENSIONS. And please, tell me what is an ‘Unfunded Liability”?

            Isn’t “LIFE” an “unfunded liability?” Who said you will be able to pay your bills for the rest of your life?

          • podunk1

            good comment on life – was with you on the capitalist side of funds – which contains everything from stocks to bond, metal, whatever..

            My point was the currency based side of debt related instruments. Inflation related devaluation is a hideous scam that nails most “secure” retirement related funds – gov employees, teacher funds, etc., especially T bills that represent “consumption” & nothing incrementally tangible. Stocks & commodities go up & down, but have a tangible basis of value that can change by supply/demand or even personal choice.

            A t-bill example where gov buys a fighter jet with bonds, gives it to the bro-hood & jet gets shot down trying to bomb our troops… which symbolically happens to us endlessly, dem or rep

      • joe1cr

        POPPYCOCK !!! Churchill’s statement was about a system of government not about your retirement benefits.

        • KG

          Duh – If you vote Republican, then you don’t need retirement funds, right? And, WHOA- you said “benefits” like you were “entitled” to them.

          Just admit you are a hypocrite like every other working person who votes Republican.

          • joe1cr

            Go back to your government supplied life and let the real working class alone.

          • Michael Shreve

            Definition of Entitlement: That to which you are entitled through YOUR actions. Definition of Welfare: That which you are given because your incompetence. (inability to compete)

          • Don

            How about this definition of welfare: megabuck corporations receiving millions (or Billions) of tax breaks due to buying politicians (with their campaign contributions and other $$$ to the recipients) that they have no business receiving, while PEOPLE who need a break go without. Called “corporate welfare” and is waaaay more widespread and costly than a few individual freeloaders.

      • Michael Shreve

        To abolish things people have WORKED to earn is cruelty. To abolish things people must NOT work to earn is compassion.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          Majority of the things that entitlement mentality demands has not been earned. Mark has all the characteristics of either a parasite or a human predator, his type of mindset destroys societies.

      • Jeff

        These wingnuts could not be more simple-minded. It’s always all or nothing. Either we have a pure Adam Smith economy where if you lose your job, you starve or we have a purely socialist economy. Any collectivist impulse is considered tantamount to the Gulag. It is a wonder some of these people can brush their teeth without putting out an eye.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          And you are so intellectual. Where did you get the idea that it is a part of human existance to attach human parasites like you are to workers backs? Or I will put it another way, you are a human predator and like a typical predator you mark off a territory to feed on the human prey that exist in your territory. Finally the human prey are fighting for their survival.

          • Jeff Samuels

            I’m sorry, Naddie. I’m just not fluent in Gibberish.

        • vicki

          There is a workable choice in the pure Adam Smith economy. It is called charity. And as no surprise conservatives give more then liberals.

          • Jeff Samuels

            Then why are the red states the net recipients of federal largesse while the Blue States are the net contributors? How much of that “charity” actually helps poor people as opposed to paying for churches?

          • KG

            If poor Americans relied on the “charity” of their local church, they would starve to death.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Like you care if SS, all military pensions, all other pensions were abolished. Typical Leftist comment from you with your pretend caring.
        The only skin you care about is your own.
        How is it that you don’t show some caring for the workers who are heavily taxed to provide your goodies but they have to scrimp and save and scrounge bacause they can’t stretch their salaries to take care of themselves and their families?

      • ridge runner

        This will include all the worthless government paper shufflers, the supposely disabled slugs, welfare whores, drug heads, prisoners will have to work to raise their food, gang bangers will not get a free lawyers, if caught robbing and stealing, a rope stretching is in order. Think of all the worthless dupliticaus organations that will be gone. People will have to produce something for a livilyhoods, not living off of someone else’s sweat. Medical and all prices will return to true and market value.

        • rbrooks

          you left out all of the corporations, farmers, foreign entities and their foreign citizens.

        • rbrooks

          Medical and all prices will return to true and market value. <<

          $10 a gallon milk. if you can still find a store in your region.

    • rbrooks

      we have always been a socialist country. try running this country with out socialism. best of luck with the roads, water, sewer system, etc.

      old winston was a hypocrite.

      • joe1cr

        And you sir a NITWIT.

        • rbrooks

          lol. you must be standing in a front of a mirror. it would help if you learned what the terms you use actually mean.

          socialism is a form of economics. you use socialism every day. always have.
          you do not have to remain ignorant. that is a personal choice.

          • joe1cr

            Definition of ISM

            1: a distinctive doctrine,
            cause, or theory

            2: an oppressive and
            especially discriminatory attitude or belief

            Quit hiding behind words,
            Socialism,Liberalism,progressivism,Fascism all these ism =

          • rbrooks


            a suffix appearing in loanwords from Greek, where it was used to form action nouns from verbs ( baptism ); on this model, used as a productive suffix in the formation of nouns denoting action or practice, state or condition, principles, doctrines, a usage or characteristic, devotion or adherence, etc. ( criticism; barbarism; Darwinism; despotism; plagiarism; realism; witticism; intellectualism ).

            a distinctive doctrine, theory, system, or practice: This is the age of isms.

            you simply want to use your own personal definition as a means to further your ignorant agenda.

          • joe1cr

            Liberals are consistent only in their hate. They don’t have principles. How can they when “there is no such thing as right and wrong”? All they have is postures, pretend-principles that can be changed as easily as one changes one’s shirt

          • GALT

            I’m sorry rbrooks but there is NO DIFFERENCE between your
            definitions……yours is simply combined into one.

            His 2. is your practice……

          • GALT

            Oh you mean like “patriotism”?

          • joe1cr

            Patriotism ? What country has that form of government?

          • GALT

            [comment has been removed]

          • GALT

            And of course, pointing out that this gentlemen posted a definition of ism as being……

            2: an oppressive and
            especially discriminatory attitude or belief

            Is clearly a a violation requiring “comment removal”.

          • samurai

            Patriotism is a cause GALT. Learn what that means. Here is an article showing how things being done by Obama bin Laden during the sequester that could get him impeached.
            Let’s hope that they will try to and also get Hitlery for her involvement in Benghazi. She has had people in Arkansas die, who were involved in White Water, now she has allowed people to die in Benghazi. Let’s clean house patriots. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!
            You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.
            “The practice of morality being necessary for the well being of society, He (GOD) has taken care to impress its precepts so indelibly on our hearts that they shall not be affected by the subtleties of our brain. We all agree in the obligation of the moral precepts of Jesus and nowhere will they be found delivered in greater purity than in His discourses.”
            Thomas Jefferson
            Letter to James Fishback
            September 27, 1809

          • GALT

            [comment has been removed]

          • joe1cr

            This a liberal TIME OUT?

          • GALT

            Wow people post definitions, which they obviously do not
            comprehend……and pointing this out, as being evidence of
            “willfully ignorant, functional illiteracy” is considered which of the following?

            racism, profanity or slanderous comments

            If you have a problem with people being identified as w.i.f.i.’s
            why don’t you remove their comments? Saves me the trouble or having to “identify it for you”……..

          • GALT

            or maybe it would be……pointing out that the ‘practice of religion’ which offers no empirical evidence to support itself and directly contradicts the reality imposed by natural law and denying LIFE, is what is IMMORAL….not to mention hypocritical.

            Was that your problem mr censor?

          • Michael Shreve

            a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state

          • Nomad

            We are forced into socialistic behavior because the people have become lazy and our politicians now this. The year income tax became law, the year we accepted fiat currency and we allowed a private society of bankers and families control our money supply was the beginning of the end. They will continue down this self entitlement, corrupt, power hungry behavior till we are their slaves. When that occurs it will be time for you to look in the mirror.

      • Michael Shreve

        Please explain what roads, water, sewer system have to do with socialism. IF we had NOT paid the taxes to “buy into” these things you might have a point.

        • rbrooks

          socialism uses taxes to fund those projects. it is what is used to fund the govt.
          socialism (can) create property held in common, tho the control of the property is held by a few or even one individual.
          common property may or may not be used by those who paid for them.
          you, and most others, use political or ideological forms of socialism as your definition of socialism.
          socialism is simply a form of economics. it is not a form of govt.
          i am simply showing that we are a socialist democracy.
          we were once a socialist republic.
          simply put. just because you pay taxes does not equate to you having any true ownership of or the right to the use of, what you paid for.
          nor do you have any right in how much you pay, how your money is used or by whom.
          we are not a marxist or communist form of socialism. tho both have varied definitions and applications even with their own political structure.
          socialism is not a bad thing. what most complain about is the abuse by those who set the parameters and the criteria.
          politicians are the problem. all politicians.

          • rbrooks

            one other point. if we had not paid in, those common services would not exist.

          • vicki

            Of course they would. They existed long before there was a government program and they would exist because they are useful.

          • rbrooks

            that is partially correct. they existed because of socialism. a common need was filled by the efforts of many. even tho some benefited at times that had not been a part of the original. and others moved on. leaving what they had helped build for future users.
            where socialism was not used, common services did not exist.

            it is not govt that has accomplished this. it is socialism. all of us. all who came before us.

            remove the socialism, and they will not exist.

            remove the govt. and they will still exist.
            socialism can exist without govt.

            govt can not exist without some form of socialism.

          • joe1cr

            poppycock !!!

          • Nomad

            You are incorrect. If you live on the East coast you see what would exist. Roads have tolls and property has usage taxes. You have a choice to live and breath were you wish. High tax area or not or out of state completely. With Socialism you have no choice. The rules apply to all and accross the board. This is exactly what our system is doing coming from all parties . Our Politiacal system is designed to take more control. You may accept the way things ate now, but when this Sicialist environment becomes a true Sicialist environment you will be to blame and realize it is to late to go back. Enjoy your life now, the future will be much more corrupt, poor and with less freedom.

          • vicki

            1:any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods

            2a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property
            b : a system or condition of society in which the means of
            production are owned and controlled by the state

            3: a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to
            work done

            Now about roads. Entrepreneurs would have no trouble inventing roads even without government help. In fact they did.

            “New Road construction techniques were developed by John MacAdam, Thomas Telford and John Metcalfe. Each of them put forward the idea of building raised, cambered roads which allowed water to drain off them asfast as possible. MacAdam’s technique, which used tar mixed with roadstone and called tarmacadam, became widely used and, eventually developed into the modern method of road building.”

            These roads were built and paid for by private enterprise.

          • rbrooks

            from your link

            In the Middle Ages, road maintenance was left to the parishes
            and those people who lived in them. Each parish had the
            responsibility for the roads in their area and local people were
            forced by law to work unpaid to keep the roads maintained.

            that system was followed by the toll system.

            all were failures.

            btw- those men simply found a better solution to build better roads. they did not fund the roads themselves.

            it took govt and socialism to provide the road system you currently have.

          • KG

            Oh yea. I want to live in the 18th century America. Where workers worked 12+ hours a day JUST TO EAT.

          • SavaDude

            Yep. They ALL did. Every one of them worked 12 hours a day to eat!
            Interesting how the poverty level per capita is higher today than it was 80 years ago… Isn’t it?

          • vicki

            Feel free. I hear there is a group called luddites that can help you do just that.

            Now about roads. Entrepreneurs would have no trouble inventing roads even without government help. In fact they did.

            “New Road construction techniques were developed by John MacAdam, Thomas Telford and John Metcalfe. Each of them put forward the idea of building raised, cambered roads which allowed water to drain off them as fast as possible. MacAdam’s technique, which used tar mixed with roadstone and called tarmacadam, became widely used and, eventually developed into the modern method of road building.”

            These roads were built and paid for by private enterprise.

          • rbrooks

            the roads you use today were not paid for by private enterprise. the old toll roads were built in that manner. they were a failure.
            new construction techniques is what those men produced. not the means to fund the new techniques.

          • Christopher Paul Condon

            Prior to the Industrial Revolution, these workers had nothing to eat at all. Would you rather work 12 hours daily just to eat or would you rather starve?

          • joe1cr

            “World socialism as a whole, and all the figures associated with it, are shrouded in legend; its contradictions are forgotten or concealed; it does not respond to arguments but continually ignores them–all this stems from the mist of irrationality that surrounds socialism and from its instinctive aversion to scientific analysis… The doctrines of socialism seethe with contradictions, its theories are at constant odds with its practice, yet due to a powerful instinct these contradictions do not in the least hinder the unending propaganda of socialism. Indeed, no precise, distinct socialism even exists; instead there is only a vague, rosy notion of something noble and good, of equality, communal ownership, and justice: the advent of these things will bring instant euphoria and a social order beyond reproach.” — Solzhenitsyn

          • SavaDude

            Interesting. So roads and infrastructure are really just social entitlements.
            Clearly you don’t understand socialism. That’s ok, you clearly don’t understand the foundations of our nation either.

          • rbrooks

            more interesting. you add entitlement(s) as part of your definition of socialism.

          • SavaDude

            Really? I’m looking here and I don’t see where I offered a definition of socialism anywhere.

          • rbrooks

            So roads and infrastructure are really just social entitlements. <


          • SavaDude

            That was a sarcastic response to your post.

          • rbrooks


    • R.F.

      We have socialism in Canada (especially our amazing health care system) as they do in Israel and I don’t think Canadians nor Israelis are particularly ignorant nor envious. Equal sharing of misery? Not really.

    • Irish1025

      Unfortunately misery love’s company

  • Peter Barney

    Even when you feel pain in the morning your alive, if not your dead!

  • Dave

    This economy has very little to do with Obama. It has everything to do with the changes in the world after WW2, class warfare put on by the wealthy and investor class (they are winning going away) by way of deregulation, lobbying to get the policies they want and trade policy that puts most of the money in the wealthy’s pockets.

    Labor has been stripped of any power they once had thanks to globalism and it is now the major investers that have all the power… The middle class and poor have lost economic power as a result. The wealthy have been very smart and underhanded how they have tricked middle class and poor conservatives to believe their loss of economic power is a loss of freedom or “tyranny”

    Labor has to be valued again, work has to be valued again… the wealthy, the banks, wall street… they have succeeded in bleeding this country and it needs to stop. In order for any society to prosper, you need to have a vibrant middle class and the poor need hope and an opportunity to escape from that class…. the wealthy, the banks and wall street have effectively shut that down due to their own selfish greed.
    Wake up America.

  • mark

    Ah, yes,the heartbreak all you Escalade-owners have to endure. You’re right, Mr. Root, people just don’t realize how tough life at the top is. It’s nothing but champagne, caviar – and tears. At least you can find some solace, Mr. Root, in supporting candidates who will destroy the unions and cut the social benefits that that poorer man who dared to speak up to your wife, depends upon. In a better world, for making a surly remark to his social betters such as that, that man would have been horse-whipped as an example. Keep working hard to restore that world of the Founding Slaveholders, Mr. Root. They also flogged the servants, laborers, and slaves on their estates who dared to voice their resentments.

    • Sharon Reeder

      Mark you have forgotten yourself. Women carry the heart of honor and of the home. No “man” should mistreat or malign any women doing her part to educated her children outside the broken FEDERAL educational system and to help with others trying to do the same. I don’t condone the Cadillac because we all own part of that. Keep your thoughts to yourself until you understand the whole picture.

      • mark

        Sharon, I will never keep my thoughts to myself as long as I live in a free society that has a First Amendment. That’s why we have this blog. You have a perfect right to say anything to any fellow citizen regardless of gender, race, or class so long as you do not use obscenities or racist or sexist insults towards that person. Mr. Root himself routinely calls people who disagree with him in his columns, Communists, Marxists, traitors, unAmerican, etc. So a fellow voter made a negative remark about his wife’s car and correctly predicted that she was voting Republican. Big deal. This is not a crime in any of the 50 states and doesn’t even rise to the level of vulgar behavior. Also “some” women may indeed carry the heart of honor and the home, but not all. And in either case, this doesn’t shield women from receiving frank comments in the public sphere, especially as they rise, work, and compete daily in that very same public sphere. We’re in the twenty-first century now, not the land of Arthurian castles where any comment to a women requires a joust to the death. Please.

  • Karolyn

    An awful lot of generalizations. Obama did not start “class warfare.” It’s been here since recorded history – and probably even preceded that. If people recognized that we are all brothers and sisters, there would be no warfare of any kind.


      You are correct. Obama did not start the class warfare mantra, but he sure uses it more than any President ever. Maybe he should start a new mantra that is original.

  • The Christian American

    Barack Obama is nothing but the culmination of the rise of godless socialism in America. We can go back to Teddy Roosevelt, Wilson, FDR and even further if we want to see when the seeds were planted. There were milestones like the first undeclared war under Truman, gold not being used to back currency under FDR, silver no longer used as a backer of currency under Nixon. the establishment of the Federal Reserve and FRN’s, the 16th and 17th Amendment and on and on. The Shrub Bush moved fascism along tremendously. He layed out the red carpet for Obama. Anyone with his eyes open would see we’re living in the end times and Obama is possibly the one to push us over the edge. We have pure involuntary socialism in everything we say and do, setting up counterfeit dollars as our medium of exchange, being the head of a one world empire. People say we should go back to the gold standard. How can we do that when gold is traded at about $1,700.00 an ounce? What’s the paper they print going to say? All the wealth of America has been collateralized with the printing of FRNotes. Now what’s printed is purely counterfeit. We’re living a lie because to face truth would be to painful.
    Sure we can rebuild. Ron Paul told us how but we weren’t interested in what he had to say. You can’t consume more than you produce and that’s us. Are we going to produce more than we consume?

  • red neck

    There is NOTHING wrong with the way the economy is today it is in fact exactly where king obama wants it!

    • Sharon Reeder

      Nothing wrong if you consider emminent bankrupcy and seizing of personal assets ok. You are right, though. Government will do wwhatever it takes to perpetuate itself and King Obama will lead the charge.


    I would like to point out the duplicity of the statement that small car driver made. In the state of Alabama, probably 50% of Cadillac Escalades are driven by blacks, and we know that over 90% of them vote DEMOCRAT. They claim to be poor and downtrodden, yet drive some of the most expensive cars, dressed out in the latest bling.

    • rbrooks

      probably? do you have any data that would support that? like dmv registration.

      • Karolyn

        Yeah. “Probably 50%” is a really good statistic to use, as well as “90% of them vote Democrat.”

    • Bob666

      Yo jukebox,
      I see a lot of pasty face white people driving them (escalades) here in Florida and they have Romney stickers on them.


    What most people are not aware of, is that, shortly after Obama’s inauguration on January 23/08, something called “the Cyber-Warriors for Obama Project” was activated. This project is paid for through funds from Obama’s political corporation, called: the 501(c)4 Organizing for Obama. Instructions of the project are contained in a white, three-ring binder with Obama’s circular campaign logo imprinted on the outside of the binder with the name “Cyber-Warriors for Obama” printed in blue across the top. Inside this binder are the names and e-mail addresses of 3,575 “cyber assets,” or “warriors,” listed in alphabetical order under about a dozen or so “team leaders.” Most of these “assets” are being paid just over minimum wage, and most work from home and have no overhead. Supervisors make substantially more.

    The binder contains multiple tabs , among them, one section with the word “targets” has a list of religious web sites, web sites recognized as Christian. Another section has a listing of conservative Internet sites. There is another tab with the label “problem sites” that are quite extensive. That particular section is broken down further into “birther” sites, “pro-gun” sites, “anti-abortion” sites, just to name a few. There is also a section of the usual news sites, like CNN, ABC… Numerous e-mail addresses each corresponding to the appropriate news organization, which also includes Fox…

    The first page of the binder has bullet points labeled “objectives” and instructions for the cyber-assets. There is also a very detailed non-disclosure agreement with the word “DRAFT” typed in big, light grey letters across the body of the two-page agreement. The agreement and the instructions are typed on white paper with a warning, printed in red on each page, that the document was not to be copied or disseminated! The instructions are very specific; Infiltrate web forums, collect screen names, avatars, and posters’ tag lines, and attempt to resolve these to their actual identities. At times, the instruction to the “asset” is only to monitor but do not disrupt without authorization.

    There is another section titled “Divert, Disrupt and Destroy,” listing “how to’s” in certain cases.There is also a section on maintaining a social media presence, and another on the most effective use of Twitter.

    Lastly, there is a “reference section,” which included statistics, specific language to use to marginalize different posters, and effective methods to discredit people while maintaining a sense of legitimacy. The subheading is “And the truth shall set you free.”

    Truth? They are hired on their hacking abilities, or more precisely on their abilities to make postings through proxy servers and effectively use alternate identities and multiple e-mail addresses. Their purpose is to spread disinformation, not truth.

    There are also various pages that contain “motivational statements”, including one that referred to Obama as the “Pharaoh of the Internet,” an odd characterization.

    But what’s important is that suddenly, through the use of Internet aliases, multiple e-mail addresses, and screen names, a project that employs 3,575 people will have the appearance and effectiveness of maybe 10,000 or more different people.

    These people, “Cyber-warriors”, were hired through the campaign offices located throughout the country, and that training meetings were held at various locations. The binders were for instructional purposes, not to hand out, and contain a list of web sites.

    • Karolyn

      And what website did this info come from, Jay?

      • WTS/JAY

        I’m sorry, but that’s classified.

  • rbrooks

    you show exactly what is wrong in america and the world. too many are not paid enough to be the customer. your dad got rich by selling to folks who could afford his products. very few of his customers were rich. they simply had the means to purchase.
    those low wage policy’s that you support would have forced your dad to close his doors.
    low wages are the cause of the current dismal economy.

    if low wages are the answer, why aren’t you working for minimum wage.


    Mr. Root.

    I wonder what size hat you wear? Reading what you had to say about those who are getting a government check just because a jerk made a stupid remark to your wife. One thing I can say you are one of the best when it comes to tooting your own horn which you do often, but that’s OK you are not the only one.

    Some of those you talk about have worked hard all of their lives, a different kind of hard than you know, your dad knew what it meant. I am very happy for your success having a wonderful family around you, what about those who grew up without that, maybe not as gifted as you.

    It sounds as if you only want two classes of people rich and poor, we are getting there pretty fast. With a government that over spends and the tax laws that exist and wars that we continue to fight for others who don’t give a dam about us, for the last few years the jobs your rich folks have created most have been in other countries because they don’t want to pay enough for a family to live on, so along comes Uncle Sam. to help them out.

    There are many who wish old soldiers would either die or just go away, because after they have saved our country, we are no longer needed and they don’t want to take care of those left with shattered bodies and lives. It seems as there are always those who are willing to fight for their country and to keep us safe and free. If they are unable to care for themselves our country should take care of them period.

    I agree all freeloaders should work for what they get, I don’t know the cost of living ever where. I heard on the radio that a family of four making $95000. a year could qualify for food stamps if that’s right there is you problem.
    Be dam thankful for what you have and not envious of what others have.

  • boyscout

    Ha Ha Ha, kicked the wasp nest open with this one Wayne. First, my sympathies for the trauma experienced by your family with the Escalade incident; some words just cut like a knife and leave scars! Although I have never actually experienced (or known anyone with like experience) such vicious comments, I’ll take your word on their veracity and impact. The curious thing is that, as an independent, I associate with folks from both L and C persuasions, even a few who operate Escalades. Now to the point – when I ask those who are “jealous” (unhappy with the present arrangement of wealth distribution) of the rich, invariably I am instructed to discover for myself:

    • vicki

      The problem with that video besides continuing to get people to be envious of others is that it starts by claiming it is going to focus on wealth rather than income then goes on to confuse the two.

      If the poor don’t like their lot then go invent something the rich want to buy.

  • BarrackHussein

    He was angry because he is a lazy deadbeat… can’t promote much self confidence or self pride.

  • Alondra

    A retired law enforcement and criminal court officer (30+years same department) Tom Arnold’s e-mail to the Maricopa County, AZ, Cold Case Posse, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Det Mike Zullo:

    Date: Wednesday, April 10, 2013, 3:09 PM W
    First of all, permit me to say that I am what some people like to call a ”birther,” but I am damn proud of it, because I know that I am absolutely right. I am not a racist, not politically partisan (I am a registered Independent voter) and certainly not a right-wing extremist or lunatic. I stand up for our Constitution and our country’s underpinning
    system of Law and Order. I don’t like a liar, cheat, repeat criminal, foreign-born, Muslim who claims to be a Christian, Communist-mentored and affiliated, wanna-be dictator in OUR White House. I’ve written thousands of emails, FAXes, letters and made hundreds of phone calls telling our “representatives” in Congress, U.S. Supreme Court justices, the GOP, the media (primarily FAUX NEWS), et al, WHAT I BELIEVE AND, IN FACT, WHAT I KNOW TO BE THE TRUTH ABOUT OBAMA. Needless to say, my efforts so far appear to have been mostly futile. I would like to mention, though, that I have met Orly Taitz and that she is one person who seems to be making a difference. She is uncommonly brave, a selfless patriot and a dogged pursuer of the truth (she may say things some people don’t like or don’t want to hear, but overall she is well-meaning and, I think, a true American hero, not unlike Sheriff Joe). No person alone, though, can accomplish our objective, i.e., legally removing Obama from office.

    Now, to my point- Sheriff Joe, Det Zullo and the Cold Case Posse have EVIDENCE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT regarding Obama’s document and I.D. fraud
    (forged Hawaiian “birth certificate,” the stolen Social Security Number which he is using, an unlawfully altered Selective Service Registration Form, and much, much more). Many of Obama’s criminal acts were committed by him, or people with whom he conspired, for the premeditated and sinister purpose of FABRICATING AN IDENTITY AS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN, WHO COULD THEN RUN (ALBEIT ILLEGALLY) FOR POLITICAL OFFICE AND, WHEN ELECTED, IMPOSE HIS

    If I recall correctly from my own law enforcement days, when a SWORN PEACE

    So, respectfully, I ask you, the CCP, Sheriff Joe and Det Zullo, WHAT’S HOLDING YOU BACK FROM DOING THE JOB THAT THE CITIZENS WANTED, AND FUNDED, YOU TO DO? THE JOB YOU ARE SWORN TO DO. Time is wasting. Every day that goes by, the People suffer more under the unlawful presidency of Obama aka Soetoro aka Soebarkah aka Bounel aka aka! WE DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO THE HELL OUR PRESIDENT REALLY IS, AND HE OBVIOUSLY DOESN”T WANT US TO KNOW! If anyone in our country should be “transparent” and obey our laws and our Constitution, it should be our leader. IF OUR LEADER IS WILLFULLY DEFYING AND DISOBEYING OUR LAWS AND OUR CONSTITUTION, THEN HE DESERVES TO HAVE CHARGES FILED AGAINST HIM AND/OR BE PHYSICALLY ARRESTED AND
    TAKEN INTO CUSTODY. Despite what he thinks, he is not immune from obeying
    the law! Don’t count on our complicit Congress to impeach the man. It doesn’t look like that’s ever going to happen. They aren’t even willing to listen to anyone who attempts to tell them, or write to them, about the facts concerning Obama!


    “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those WHO LOOK ON AND DO NOTHING!” Albert Einstein.

    P.S. Feel Free to PASS IT ON.
    “Fiat justitia ruat caelum” – “Let justice be done though the heavens fall”

    • mark

      President Obama was duly elected twice and he will serve in office until his second term ends on January 20, 2017. Deal with it. Try living in the real world – not the paranoid-laced, cucko-clock land of Taitz and other whackos. But please keep writing posts. Your stuff is hilarious and being totally irrelevant, it is perfectly harmless. Rave on. All of your effort will have absolutely zero effect on Obama or anyone else.

      • Alondra

        Mark: “obama was duly elected twice”

        Mark, everyone knows that DEMONcrats are LIARS, cheaters, dishonest, racists, immoral, mentally deranged and cracked … and ALWAYS playing DIRTY in their demonic theater of the ABSURD

        On January 6 and January 21 I provided you with the FACTS, that the 2008 Democratic Primary Elections were STOLEN by the WIDESPREAD
        VOTER FRAUD and VOTER INTIMIDATION by the O’homobama’s THUGS: UNIONs, ACORN, all kind parasites and freeloaders and the strange turn of events following this crusade. What resulted was a bloody
        trail of bodies. The subsequent groundbreaking allegation that the O’homobama campaign was involved in the deaths of the Arkansas DNC chair Bill Gwatney and Ohio Rep. Stephanie ‘Tubbs’ Jones (African-American) – the strong supporters of Billary.

        Mark: “He will serve in office until his second term ends on January 20, 2017”
        We’ll see. But when the Kenyan Kriminal goes to jail, I give you my Cucko-clock.

        Mark: “please keep writing posts”
        Of cause I will. Thanks to God I do NOT need your permission or approval.
        I am glad you are reading my posts, even they are “irrelevant”, but they shine a light on the DEMONcratic evil.

        Mark, isn’t the TRUTH Great and mighty above all things?

        “Fiat justitia ruat caelum” – “Let justice be done though the heavens fall”

        Mark, ‘WHAT goes around, comes around.’

  • Alondra

    General Boykin and 700 special op officers demand to speak with Benghazi survivors and special committee. If Congress does not comply, will they seek charges against the WH and Congress for treason?

    • Bob666

      Yo Hoofster,

      Another Oily Taitz slick in the media????

      You keep posting-we will keep laughing.

      • Alondra

        [comment has been removed]

        • Bob666

          Yo Spare Rib,
          Have you every come up with a credible fact in all of your post-you know-the truth?????
          Hint-something that is actually true-factual -for real-not fiction.
          Yes, we will keep laughing!!!

  • $9913635

    Hahaha…. very good story. I got to repeat that line to all the Demoncraps I meet. They don’t want you to be successful so you depend on them.

    So they take away your money, your wealth, keep you forever on the plantation. It’s about power and control for them, not you! They don’t ever want you independent, NEVER!

    That also explains why they want your guns, the ultimate POWER & CONTROL TOOL.

    • FreedomFighter

      Cowboys and Communists”,/b>

      The liberals left are communist to the core…its why they want your guns, money, and freedom.

      Laus Deo
      Semper FI

      • Alondra

        April 8, 2013: General Boykin and 700 special op officers demand to speak with Benghazi survivors and special committee. If Congress does not comply, will they seek charges against the WH and Congress for treason?

        April 9, 2013: General Vallely received the evidence before Judge England and correspondence with the General Counsel representing Issa and Goodlatte. It is being forwarded to Admiral Lyons, General Boykin, 700 special ops officers and others

        Freedom Fighter, watch this Video, if you did not see yet:
        “Dishonorable Disclosures”!

        The Kenyan Fraud is licking the American National Security information to the American enemies purposely, intentionally and deliberately.

        @ 17:45Major General Paul Vallely says to the FRAUD: “you need to close your lips and shut up when it comes to the operational security regarding our Army Forces…”

        By releasing National Security secrets the Kenyan Fraud is putting our service men and women in harms way.

        Get the Word Out

    • vicki

      They want our guns because when we have guns they have to use reason and persuasion to get what they want rather than dictatorial force.

  • Pissed off and liberal

    ” A nation filled with anger,hate,rage,jealousy and envy ” what MR R oot either fails to understand or is in deep denial over is that those emotions are built into his beloved capitalism and his attempts to force them onto a single man is frankly getting old.

    • vicki

      Those emotions are built into humans and are part of the things that the Christian religion has warned us to be careful of for a long time.

      They are not built into capitalism.


    I notice that all of the Democrat leaders like Obama, Biden, Pelosi, etc ride around in Cadillac limousines. I have never seen them riding in a Smart Car or a Prius.

    • Dave

      I am going to use a bit from a funny comedian…

      “Here’s your sign”
      Its appropriate here.


    It is very sad that there is so much envy between all classes of citizens. It is my hope that all people will try to achieve the best outcome with the talents that each individual is born with. Some will be more successful economically but if we all strive to do our best more people will be happy and proud of what they have accomplished. Wishing ill to those that achieve is not the answer to helping under achievers to succeed. Instead of complaining start working harder toward you own goals, I promise it will pay off.

  • JOHN

    [comment has been removed]

  • Jeff

    “My dad was right about all of it. We lived the American dream. My dad went from minimum wage butcher to butcher store owner. I graduated valedictorian of my class, got those letters of recommendation from rich customers of my dad’s and graduated from Columbia University, class of ’83 (alongside my classmate, Obama).”


    So now you admit Obama was at Columbia? What would Dad the Butcher say about your flip flopping on that story? When did Obama say ANYTHING about hating rich people? He said their taxes were too low because your man W lowered them to the lowest levels ever. Raising taxes a couple of per cent to pay for wars and for needed social programs is NOT the equivalent of the guillotine or of Lenin shooting the royal family – no matter how many times you wingnuts repeat the lie.

  • ridge runner

    The biggest problem in the beltway, is there are too many degreed lawyer leeches, some who would have sex with a warm pile of rocks, if they knew a snake was down in the rocks. Second promblem with the USA, we have become a nation of fkoffs, always on vaction and producing nothing every puke group in Washington has no moral, standrads, and especially the democrats, the more abhorant and deviant, the higher their status. All have been failures in life, never worked at a real job, all have lived off of taxpayer and or someone’s else money. High lite Schumer and Onumnutts Barry, supposed lawyers. All these pukes in Congress have done is promote the airy fairy education system, promote green energy that cost everyone 3 times what any fuel should. Since the 60’s males have been raised to be ugly girly organisms, and wimps, and lazy irresponsible morons. Look at the pedophile loving loving marxist we have in the WH, always fking off and wasting wasting tax payers money.

  • SavaDude

    Funny. I read all the bickering and the condescending, arrogant comments from those that would belittle each other for their post and belief, and all it serves is to prove the point of this article.
    Well done, Americans! Well done!

  • R.F.

    Mr. Root: I’m wondering if your dad would have been able to explain the fact that even after a decade and more of generous tax cuts to the very rich that jobs have NOT been created and the rich get even richer whilst average wages for workers has barely raised a thin dime in 30 years. I also wonder if your dad would have been in favour of raising the minimum wage by, let’s say, .25 cents per hour so as to give a bit of help to the poor working class members. Just wondering.

  • rbrooks

    it is has been interesting to read, and respond, to the numerous comments on wayne’s little story.

    what wayne unintentionally proved, is that low wages are the cause of the current failing economy.

    he defined his father’s customers as ‘rich’. simply because they had the ability to purchase his father’s products.

    using his definition from this story, anyone that has the ability to purchase deli products is now ‘rich’.

    which would include those using food stamps.

    without a standard for the terms ‘poor’ or ‘rich’ those terms become meaningless in the context of his story.

    all he has really shown is that a business requires customers to succeed.

    a customer requires disposable income. that requires a decent paying job.

    none of that equates to the customer being rich.

    it is a really neat bit of propaganda.

    it has just the right ,small, amount of truth and facts to flavor the large portion of deception and lies he has used to further a political agenda.

    it fooled most of you.

    wayne. i did like the inclusion of the minimum wage. it made your failure to mention how much higher your starting wage was over minimum even more notable. you present your success as a true entrepreneur. when in fact it is far from it.

    you are very good at this. you and obama have that in common.

    well, that, and the core audience you both play to.

  • Christopher Paul Condon

    I believe that what is at the heart of socialism is not so much hatred of the rich as hatred of humanity generally. Deluded by the Darwinian notion that man is not qualitatively different from cattle, they despise capitalism because it makes people wealthy and treats customers like kings. They prefer socialism because socialism is an economic system that treats people like cattle.

  • Irish1025

    Mr .Root …..Excellant article! Your Dad sound’s like my Dad both very wise men.BTW my Dad was a cabinet maker at one point he did own his own buisness until thegovernment came in and tried to tell him what he could and could not do,thats when my Dad decided to close his buisness. My Dad died last year he was heart broken to see what had happened to America.May God Bless You and Your Family.