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The Wireless Revolution is Here… and It’s Killing Us!

November 23, 2010 by  

The Wireless Revolution is Here… and It’s Killing Us!

For many, the idea of there being such a thing as harmful electromagnetic frequency (EMF) smog has never crossed their minds. If you cannot see it, it does not exist, right?

Well, no. This smog is all around us: everyday, everywhere we go. It originates from the frequencies of cell towers, Wi-Fi in cafes, cell and cordless phones, High-Definition televisions, laptop computers, microwaves and especially in our vehicles. EMFs are making us ill and killing us slowly by breaking down the very structure of our cells. There is no escaping it.

Here’s what Martin Blank, Ph.D., of Columbia University has to say about it: “Cells in the body react to low level EMFs and produce a biochemical stress response. Our safety standards are inadequate. People need to sit up and pay attention.”

Where the prevention and correction of ill health is concerned, I have always been a proponent of the idea that “the cure is found in the prevention.” Moreover, when we are feeling ill or in pain, the best route is to take the natural, holistic and least invasive path toward removal of symptoms and toward a cure. In other words, don’t mask the symptoms; correct the imbalance that is at the root of the issue. Yet, when the root cause of the imbalance is the unseen electromagnetic frequencies attacking us in every direction, how can a correction of the cause happen?

Before embarking on that answer, I’d like to make the argument that such a problem exists and let you know how bad the experts think it really is. According to the internationally acclaimed Bioinitiative Report: A Rationale for a Biologically-Based Public Exposure Standards for Electromagnetic Fields, we live in an invisible fog of EMFs. This is not something new. In fact, 2,000 peer-reviewed studies show that EMFs expose us to serious health risks including breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, immune system and neurodegenerative disorders, disruption of brain function and cancer.

As it turns out, extremely weak electromagnetic signals, some 1,000 times smaller than formerly estimated, can have serious physiological consequences. As the European Parliament concluded in 2008, “The limits on exposure to electromagnetic fields which have been set for the general public are obsolete.”

We are immersed in a sea of EMF radiation­­. It comes from cordless phones and base stations, cell phones and towers, electrical appliances, computers, fluorescent lighting, Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi installations and more than 2,000 satellites for GPS and TV and radio communications.

If we don’t act now to resolve this and legislate new standards, warns the Bioinitiative Report, outdoor WiMax transmitters with ranges of up to two square miles may turn the core of North America into one huge EMF hot spot, making an untold number of people sick… or worse.

Medical epidemiologist Samuel Milham, M.D., M.P.H., has this to say about it:

“New research is suggesting that nearly all of the human plagues which emerged in the 20th century, including leukemia in children, female breast cancer, malignant melanomas, immune system disorders, asthma and others, can be tied in some way to our use of electricity.”

Here’s a breakdown of the negative health effects of prolonged EMF exposure. That is, exposure over a scant two milligauss…

  • Interferes with our body’s intracellular communications and cell membrane function.
  • Reduces hemoglobin surface area and interferes with blood’s ability to carry oxygen and nutrients into our cells and take the waste products out.
  • Activates proto-oncogenes (which can cause cancer).
  • Increases permeability of the blood-brain barrier and affects intra-cerebral pressure, which some believe seems to bring on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, multiple sclerosis and other neurodegenerative disorders.
  • Causes DNA breaks and chromosome aberrations.
  • Increases free radical production.
  • Causes cell stress and premature aging.
  • Causes changes in brain function, including memory loss, learning impairment, headaches and fatigue.
  • Reduces melatonin secretion.  Melatonin is responsible for sleep patterns and helps protect the body against cancer, among other things.
  • Causes many microorganisms living in the human body to generate increased levels of their own toxins, affecting people’s health in a myriad of ways.

In a nutshell, each of our cells is surrounded by something called a phospholipid bi-layer membrane, commonly known as the cell membrane. Embedded in the cell membrane are numerous proteins that act as receptors for various molecules, including enzymes. These receptors translate the positive/negative signals on the cell’s exterior into its interior, and these signals then trigger various biological processes.

What happens when we’re affected by external electromagnetic fields is that the high-speed positive/negative polarity switching within these fields, from hundreds to millions of times per second, interferes with our cells’ internal signaling process. Basically, it confuses them and they become paralyzed.   

“Cells in the body react to EMFs,” says Blank. “The DNA recognizes electromagnetic fields at very low levels of exposure and produces a biochemical stress response. The scientific evidence tells us that our safety standards are inadequate. We should sit up and pay attention.” 

Related to this, a number of experiments have shown that magnetic fields can affect calcium ions, in particular, which are present across the cell membrane.  Calcium ions regulate many important functions of the cell; thus, the interaction between calcium ions and magnetic fields may be an important mechanism of reaction relating to electromagnetic fields. Could this be why so many people, women in particular, are being affected by osteoporosis?

To cite an occupational study by Johns Hopkins: The incidence of brain tumors among 4,500 telephone company line cable splicers was almost twice as high as that of office workers, and their leukemia rate was seven times as high.  Also, an increased risk ratio of 10 was found for brain cancer among East Texas Utility workers. Scary stuff!

“It is important that all of us restrict our use of cell phones, limit exposure to background levels of Wi-Fi, and that government and industry discovers ways in which to allow use of wireless devices without such elevated risk of serious disease. We need to communicate to decision-makers that ‘business as usual’ is unacceptable.” That is no small statement, considering it comes from David Carpenter, M.D., professor of Environmental Health Sciences at the State University of New York in Albany, NY.

So if the root cause of many of our health issues, or at least the worsening of them, is unavoidable EMF radiation, what can we do about it? That’s a difficult question, and short of moving out of metropolitan areas and going back to old-school phones and wired keyboards and mice, a solution is found in the strengthening of our cellular structures.

A product recently permitted into the United States claims it can do this in only eight minutes, two to three times a day. It’s called the MRS2000, and is a German-engineered medical device that uses pulsed, healthy EMFs to counter the debilitating effects of today’s EMF smog and help bring people to optimal health.

It turns out (much like the discovery of both good and bad cholesterol), that certain EMFs are actually good for us. In fact, we can’t live without them. As a result, much research has gone into refining pulsed EMF therapy and the results are impressive.

Paul Rosch, M.D., of New York Medical College, went on record to say, “While EMFs are responsible for quite a bit of damage, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Pulsed electromagnetic (PEMF) therapies have been shown to be beneficial for stress related disorders, for anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, depression and more. They also may be safer and more effective than drugs.”  

Thousands of clinical studies are proving its value, and PEMF therapy is beginning to get the recognition it deserves. While experts may not all agree on what EMF exposure levels cause what health issues, the dearth of evidence out there suggests we would be foolish not to apply the precautionary principle and reduce our exposure. Using the MRS2000 is a big step in the right direction.

I recently borrowed this device from James Grapek of LifeEnergyRx. After using it I felt so good that I ended up purchasing one for my family. To learn more about EMF radiation and the MRS2000, visit

–Dr. Mark Wiley

Dr. Mark Wiley

is an internationally renowned mind-body health practitioner, author, motivational speaker and teacher. He holds doctorates in both Oriental and alternative medicine, has done research in eight countries and has developed a model of health and wellness grounded in a self-directed, self-cure approach. The Wiley Method provides a revolutionary way of providing recovery and prevention of chronic pain, illness and disease. Grab your FREE COPY of Dr. Mark Wiley's "The 3 Secrets to Optimal Health" HERE.

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  • John Talbert

    If EMF is such a danger to all then how do you explain Nikola Tesla living to 86 and Thomas Edison living to 84. If anyone was exposed to more EMF than Tesla I would sure like to know who it was.

    • JRC

      This article is the biggest B.S. I have ever read on this site.
      There is NO link to any negative or harmful result at all in any of the studies unless you are exposed to an amount of RF radiation that is thousands of times more powerful then any cell site. This man is a cook that is using junk science to scare people. Unfortunately there are always some out there that try to do this and it would not surprise me if he is a consultant or owner of one of the rip off companies selling all kinds of non working and ridiculous stuff.
      RF radiation at that level is NOT accumulative over a prolonged time. It is NOT like cosmic or X-ray radiation.

      I am an RF engineer by trade and can’t get over how easy people are taken by those charlatans that have absolute no idea.

      • JRC

        Here is the statement by the manufacturer of this snake oil device:

        Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. This information is not intended as medical advice and may not be used as medical advice. It should not be used to replace the advice of your own doctor.

        The good “DR” is nothing but a modern snake oil salesman.

        • Scott

          As an engineer in medical electronics, I can tell you that this disclaimer is not uncommon. It just means that the company hasn’t spent the millions of dollars required to formally verify the product’s safety and effectivity according to the FDA’s satisfaction. Per government standards, they can’t claim or guarantee safety/effectivity until they jump through the FDA’s hoops.

        • TIME

          I feel strongly that you have completely missed the point on this blog. Yes we are hit daily with countless outside forms of Radiation.

          But the facts are that as noted by the Doc, many things are not visible to the eye. Such as the accumulated effects of long term exposer.

          As in the effects are on a “base Nano MOLECULAR level,” thus these effects take time to show themselfs if a person has stronger Genetic DNA strands.
          But the facts are that they will induce at some point in time a change on the Nano level of the DNA Strands in ones offspring, and even within the person whos in constant contact with said units.

          Such as changing the DNA strands Base Cell, perhaps when a child is conceived they may have defects that will present themselfs at a later point in that childs life, ~ or as well could be present at birth.

          Being that I have done a lot of looking into this venue I can say without any possible argument that its not only possible its happening.
          Such proof can be wittnessed daily buy the amounts of children born with birth defects such as Autism and ADD.
          That aside also look at the proof of children who’s parents have been using High Tec items such as Cell phones who’s childrens IQ’s are so low that they barely hit the stated average of 110.

          Its also visible in the facts that ADD are on a sharpe rise over the last 15 years.
          Its a solid fact that 6 – out of 10 kids have some form of ADD.

          Strange that the numbers of ADD were only 1 out of 10000 just 25 years ago. Or that Autism is now effecting 1 out of ever 3 children born, where as just 25 years ago it was 1 out of 15000.

          This is all clear proof that there is a “cause and effect” Issue and the most common denominator are High Tec gadgets that are based on Radition emitters.

          Now I ask you to think about Asbestos, and what we now know about it yet when it was in use people stated just what you did within the context of your post.

          So please open your mind a bit, as sometimes the FACTS hit one in the head and one may fail to see them based on not wanting to see TRUTH.

          Just like some who can’t grasp that Marxist run our media, and our Government. Yet thats the TRUTH.

          • Joseph


        • AZsenior

          When I got my pacemaker installed, one of the biggest things stressed
          to me was to keep a cell phone at least 12 inches away from it. Why
          do you think that was ? This summer I had my computer with a wireless
          mouse and a wireless home phone in my bedroom. I had constant problems
          going to sleep and sleeping for more than an hour at a time. Having
          CHF is tough enough, but not being able to sleep makes it worse. I
          finally moved everything to living room and my sleeping problems pretty much disappeared. Coincidence ? I think not.

          Those who pooh pooh this are, in my mind, idiots and uninformed as
          to the real dangers of this. This article was very good and is something we all should pay attention to if we care a bit about our
          health. The information is out there if you look for it.

          Just my 2 cents worth.

          • Kate8

            AZ, We were having similar problems with sleeping and some nondescript symptoms, like nervousness and agitation.

            I got rid of my remote phones and plugged in ordinary land-line phones. Got rid of the router for my laptop and plugged it into the cable. My daughter has a cellphone, but she keeps it for emergencies. I don’t have one.

            Our sleep is fine now and so are our nerves.

            Now the power company is installing smartmeters everywhere, and I’ve so far resisted. They say we don’t have a choice. I say, no more wireless devices in my home.

      • NMG

        Everything that is NOT natural……NOT invented by nature interferes with your bodies and makes us sick. Don’t mess with nature! Trees, bees, flowers, sunshine, we need it all.
        No doubt about that.

        • alla

          Nature can be dangerous too (sunshine can cause skin cancer,poison ivy -allergy and so on) ! Only scientists discovery a truth later . may be too late.Now everybody has to know- cell phones are dangerous if used for long period of time each day. My friend did it and she is dead prematurely from cancer.She told that she has headache each time after using cell phone.(my English is a second language,please excuse my mistakes)

      • Lewis Munn

        I also am an RF engineer by trade, and have looked in aspects of the issues, and I do not agree with you, JRC.

        I when young was involved, along with the immediate family, with a clinic in Clear Lake, Iowa, run by a Doctor Chapel, who used low level RF radiation to treat many diseases, with great results, tho he was always under fire for not using more “miracle” drugs, and relying on the radiation.

        His oscillators were fairly low power, in the VHF spectrum, but the neon bulbs used to show presence of RF glowed a purplish-orange, showing the presence of higher harmonics.

        After my college studies, covering a broad area, and reading some medical articles, I believe strongly that he had chosen frequencies that immobilized the invading microorganisms.

        I can understand, from studies on colloids in liquids in RF fields
        how this could happen, and allow the body defenses to gain the upper hand.

        Of course, when he died, the “real” doctors threw out all his equipment and notes, and took over the clinic for the usual drugs.

        I agree on prevention being good, but not always possible in our high-density society, and of high personal mobility.

        I take exception to those who scoff at the fringe methods and research of some, since once all our accepted ideas were fringe thoughts, not in the usual path of the medicine back then!

        Being closed to checking out new ideas is a mark of a poor mind.

        • Kate8

          Another pioneer in this area was Royal Rife, who’s work was also visciously discredited and obscured. And there are others.

          What is actually known scientifically by some, but kept hidden from mainstream thought, is the fact that everything in existence is of it’s own signature frequency, and how biological forms are affected by these frequencies is a matter of resonance. Some frequencies are health enhancing and mood lifting, others are destructive to life.

          Think of our bodies as a finely-tuned orchestra, with all of its systems functioning in perfect attunement with one another and playing a beautiful symphony. This is how we were created to be.

          When we are exposed to stress, pathogens, phudes, pharmaceuticas, EMFs etc., these frequencies are out of harmony with our own and they cause interference. Eventually the dominant frequencies will cause our own to begin to vibrate (resonate) with the discordant ones and breakdown occurs. Our systems are thrown out of sync, energy flow is impeded, and we get sick.

          Just think how we feel when we are in the presence of someone joyful vs someone cranky and negative. Depending on our own energy, we will resonate or be repelled.

          Without this understanding that life is energy, that objects only appear solid but are actually part of a vibrating universe, we can’t comprehend how things affect us. We can’t see electricity, but we all are well aware of its effects. Had we not been taught about it, we wouldn’t believe in it, either.

          There is much about life we were never taught, with reason. When we begin to understand what life is, we begin to glimpse the nature of Creator. We would also understand how much power we have to affect the world in a positive way. This is the same principle being used to create hell on earth by evildoers. We have been deprived of our own power by having knowledge withheld from us. All we have to do is open our minds and we can change everything.

          There are those who are well aware of how EMFs are affecting us. It fits perfectly with their genocidal plans. Why do you think they mandated those stupid lightbulbs.

          • Vicki

            They are called strings. The theory presumes the existence of REALLY tiny strings of x that vibrate in 1 or more dimensions. That vibration and it’s harmonics give each type of string its properties. Those properties build on the interaction of other strings to create the effects we see as common matter and energy. It is not exactly kept secret. Look up “string theory” sometime.

            And remember that even though if true it would show that the newage guru of the 1960′s were correct that everything is vibration, it still remains a theory.

          • Kate8

            Vicki, No, it’s not mere theory. Yeshua taught it also, but we have not understood His meanings.

            Is it theory that everything is made up of atoms and molecules? You can’t see them, but we know they are there. I don’t know about strings (that may be theory) but it is known that what makes up atoms and molecules are photon light particles. This is quantum science and, just as with all teachings in the quantum field, it has been hidden in plain sight. What better way to hide knowledge than to marginalize and ridicule it.

            The corrupted church has hidden much from our eyes. It has even forbade us looking for deeper meanings. Why do you suppose that is?
            I remember one Christian I spoke with got irate with me. “No vibrations, NO frequencies!” she said. Why do TPTB want us living in a world where we are helpless, hapless victims of circumstance?

            We can close our eyes to Truth, but that doesn’t make it any less true. It just won’t be OUR truth. Unless we are able to understand the energies at work all around us, we will be at the mercy of those behind them. The NWO crowd creates their dream scenario by telling us what is coming. We hold this idea and spread it to others and, by the Law of Manifestation we hasten it into being. Remember, without us, TPTB have no power.

            God created a wondrous, alive universe, teeming with Life/Love force. It is we who cut ourselves off from it by denying its majesty, by looking to creation as ultimate reality, thereby making it a false god. Scripture (including teachings of Yeshau) tries to tell us this.

            Go to YouTube and listen to the songs of the sun, and the planets. They all emit particular frequencies, which NASA has recorded. The music of the spheres. Frequencies are what cause photon particles to form geometric shapes, and then become form. Frequencies are the very Voice of Creator.

            Can you imagine if we all began to reject the certainty of the NWO, of corruption and misery we are told is coming, and began to generate ideas of Love, Life, Freedom, Joy, Friendship, and held these things in our hearts and minds? Darkness is unreal, because it disappears in the presence of light. Who knows what we could do if we understood that we are just as powerful as they. More so, because when we operate in alignment with God we are One with Power Supreme.

          • Vicki

            Kate8 writes:
            “Is it theory that everything is made up of atoms and molecules? You can’t see them, but we know they are there. ”

            But we CAN see them.
            We also accurately created hypothesis and ran experiments that can be duplicated by others and peer review them BEFORE we could see them. Back then atoms were theory. Of course we now see them and they look much as expected from the theory.

            String theory however is still just a theory. I really like it myself but I am not foolish enough to accept it as fact (Yet :) )

          • Vicki

            Kate8 writes:
            “…it is known that what makes up atoms and molecules are photon light particles.”

            Molecules are made up of atoms. Since we can now see atoms we can see molecules.

            Atoms are THOUGHT (that is where theory comes in again) to be made up of several smaller particles. String theory attempts to cut to the chase and provide a theory of everything so we can stop wondering what makes up the quark and what makes up the things that make up the quark and what makes up the …….

            Kate8: “This is quantum science and, just as with all teachings in the quantum field, it has been hidden in plain sight. What better way to hide knowledge than to marginalize and ridicule it.”

            Quantum Physics (Quantum Mechanics actually) is hardly a marginalized nor ridiculed science. Having passed into the hypotheses and experiment stage some time ago there is enough peer reviewed research to bring it out of the fringe and into the light of common science.

            This link attempts to organize quantum * for us.

            Just change the _ to forward slashes.

            I could not find quantum science. I looked it up cause I was not familiar with the term.

          • Kate8

            Vicki, Quantum science IS now coming to center stage. But this has not always been the case, and still many people are stuck in “what you see is what you get”. When one has always believed in 3D reality, looking beyond can be quite a stretch and a mind boggle.

            The universe is a magical place where it pretty much arranges itself according to what we believe about it. If we could stop taking life so seriously it could be a wonderful playground.

            Perhaps that is coming.

          • Vicki

            Kate8 I will offer here a tidbit of information you may find useful. If free will exists (There are some that claim it doesn’t or can’t) the mechanism that implements free will will be hidden in quantum physics.

          • Kate8

            Vicki – That may well be the case.

            Quantum physics is a wide-open field. It is in understanding our own essence, and who we are in relation to the Matrix, that allows us to break free of illusion.

            Know the truth and the truth will set you free.

          • Dan az

            Kate and viki
            You two always impress me with the knowledge that you both have.Outstanding and right on.Did you here of a guy that uses sound waves to cure many diseases here in Arizona? Many cancers ect. just with RF. He has been doing it for sometime now I cant not remember his name Sorry. But I think he is near Tucson. He found that all types of cells have a freq. and he has been able to catalog thousands of different freq. that just desenergrate the bad ones. There was a sheriff there that had a wife that had leukemia and was cured by him.

          • Kate8

            DanAz, Frequency healing has been around for awhile, but due to interests of BigPharma and eugenics we don’t hear of it. There has been great success using this type of healing by those mentioned above, and others as well. Hulda Clarke picked up on Royal Rife’s work and invented a zapper that destroys pathogens in the body.

            Modern cutting edge science has developed a healing instrument much like the one used on StarTrek, where you wave it over the body and it resores the proper frequency, quickly healing the problem. Qigong and other other energy balancing methods bring healing, also.

            When we become comfortable with the idea that all things are energy, and we begin to play with it, we easily learn to balance and free up our own or another’s energy systems. I believe that this is the wave of the coming time, when our access to other methods are removed from us. I also believe this will help us expand our spiritual understanding.

            When we are used to it, sensing energy changes and working to restore balance is as real and simple as anything else we know. It is our limited understanding that causes us to doubt. Once we know the principles it all makes sense.

          • Vicki

            links. Show me the links :) I would not doubt that big pharma wouldn’t want soundwave or rf healing to work but we have the internet. We can bypass government funded grants. Run the experiments. Show us the links.

        • Kate8

          Vicki – I don’t know if “quantum science” is an official term. I use it to encompass the entire quantum field of study. You seem hung up on terms. Quantum physics, quantum mechanics – both ‘official terms’ – depending on to whom you are talking.

          The thing about quantum science is that the evidence appears to depend on the observer. That is the whole point! It seems to depend on our expectations and beliefs, which would indicate that we have a great influence on how things ‘are’.

          • Kate8

            Vicki – If you want to find out about it, do your own research. I am not interested in whether you believe it.

            I have long been in the field of alternative medicine, and I get lots of info from various sources. I can tell you that the device runs in the $4,000 and up, and was develeoped for use on astronauts in space, where they would have no access to doctors. I don’t recall what it was called, and I’m not going to take the time to research it on the net. Some sort of frequency device that can quickly eliminate pain and facilitate healing. Try ‘toolsforhealing’. They have lots of cutting edge goodies.

          • Vicki

            If you are not willing to back up your assertions with cites and or links I shall treat them as I do liberal assertions without cites and or links.

            There is a whole section in the library for fiction when I want to explore it.

          • Kate8

            Suit yourself, Vicki. I gave you a place to look. Beyond that, you are on your own. Like I said, it doesn’t matter to me.

            I research things I’m interested in from many angles. I read a lot. I don’t write down every site I read. When it comes up in conversation, I can’t always offer ‘proof’, I can only share ideas. If something came up and I wanted more info, I’d check it out myself rather than demand ‘proof’, and rather than compleltely blowing something off because that person didn’t provide ‘proof’. What is proof, anyway, other than showing someone else’s ideas on the subject.

      • laura

        Your right, cell phones have been out many years. People would be dropping like flys if emp were that dangerous. Many use computers, wifi and laptops, etc. People are living longer than ever.

    • Dr. John

      Dr. John says:
      November 23, 2010 at 1:53 pm

      We are very lucky to have someone like Dr. Wiley bringing this infomration forward. Calling him or any of the other respected scientists and doctors he refers to names like ‘charlatan’ or ‘snake oil salesman’ – is rude and uncalled for. As to pointing out singular cases – like Edison or Tesla (who also developed healing ‘radiant’ energy) … we weren’t there and don’t have any kind of true case study to work from. On top of that, there are always exceptions to the rule. Each person is unique – some are more sensitive than others. A 2009 Swedish study estimated that between 6 and 15 million Americans were electro-sensitive. That’s a lot of people, yet clearly the majority of the population is not symptomatic – at least at this time.

      That said, there are hundreds if not thousands of published , peer-reviewed studies on the biological effects of EMFs on our cells. I’ve read dozens of them, myself. There is, hands, down, conclusive proof EMFs coming from man-made devices are dangerous. While short term EMF (noise) exposure can be tolerated and are sometimes even beneficial, in the long term – our cellular receptors get saturated and our cells (bodies) begin to lose coherence and equilibrium; we get sick.

      Magda Havas, PhD, a scientist, researcher and professor (, along with other top scientists and power experts, has shown how EMFs and transients from just ‘dirty home wiring’ can dramatically effect (and be a possible cause) of MS and other diseases. Clean up the EMFs and the body begins to heal. She also recognized, as many scientists do, that there are ‘good’ ‘earth frequency’ EMFs (.5 to 25hz) which promote cellular function and healing, and there are ‘bad’ EMFs which are emitted from our technologies. In fact, Dr. Havas now uses an MRS2000 in their laboratory to normalize people’s bodies and blood after exposing them to high levels of EMF radiation. The dark field microscopy and other tests prove the MRS2000 has a positive effect on health and healing. I, too, have seen these MRS2000 (PEMF) devices help many, many people. I can’t imagine how anyone can call this junk science or snake oil unless they are working for cell phone or power companies. Besides, these modalities have been used, understood and prescribed in Europe for decades. And let’s not kid ourselves, when it comes to technology and engineering, the Germans are no slouches.

      Lewis Munn, another RF engineer, personally saw how low level RF (EMF) radiation was successfully used to treat many diseases. As he said in his earlier post, “I take exception to those who scoff at the fringe methods and research of some… Being closed to checking out new ideas is a mark of a poor mind.” I couldn’t agree more.

      • TIME

        Dr, Great Post Thanks..

      • Kate8

        Dr.John – Thanks for that great post.

        The effects of frequencies on biology has been known for some time. I’m not sure of the timeline, but decades ago even the musical scale was altered a few hertz in order to cause any kind of music to be discordant with our bodies. This, along with the decay of music in general, has greatly affected us in negative ways. The elite’s have left no stone unturned in their quest to control and enslave us.

        There is a group that has set out to return our musical scale to its proper hertz. They say that this life-enhancing hertz scale is encoded in the Torah. There is even a download where you can convert any music into the proper scale, thereby enhancing mental and physical well-being while you listen, as music was meant to do.

    • Chris

      Magnetic fields act very different depending on the frequency. The distance and penetration all change. We know that different types or light can be healthy/neutral, but UV light can damage the body and cause sunburns. All because the frequency changed. The same thing is true of magnetic fields in different frequencies.

      I doubt either Tesla or Edison, slept right next to a transformer or generator.
      Today we have cell phones and cell towers that transmit for miles. There’s no escaping it during the day or night. At lease back they could easily get away from the frequencies and let their body heal.

      Do you sleep next to a cell phone that can transmit 8+ miles?

      I wouldn’t totally discredit this.

    • Cleopatra

      I do agree with your observation regardng the longevity record of both Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. The writer clearly mentions the fact that the same EMF at a different intensity/frequency can be very beneficial to our health and can counteract the harmful effects of EMF frequencies produced by “positive” ion that are generated by all electrical outlets including cell phones and other modern devices.

      Radio and Sound Frquencies have direct impact on the bioelectrical, and biochemical state of all living cells including the human cell. Mr. Royal Rife the father of non-invasive medecine using Radio Frequences, is another scientist who lived to an ripe old age and inspite of his heavy drinkng (to numb the pain and suffering of his forced estrangement and the suppression of his discoveries” exhibited and enjoyed excellent health and had fewer wrinkled for a man his age.

      In fact, today it is a scientific fact that the ravages of aging can be reversed simply by using a combination of selected sound waves, radio frequencies and light frequencies such as far infrared light to rejuvenate and envigorate all living cells. The combined effect is nothing short of remarkable not only internally but also externally includig aesthetic improvement of the skin, diminishing of wrinkles and age spots, and increased skin elasticity and rejuvenation.

      To your health


      There are numerous frequencies both resonance

  • http://None Howard Ehlers

    I have read that the levels of radiation are very low and should not be a problem. We have been bombarded by cosmic rays all our lives. I personally am not too worried.

    • Lewis Munn

      Depends on what you mean by “low”. A good electroscope is discharged reasonably rapidly by cosmic radiation.

      And we also can have more radiation from the rocks quarried, and used in building, and the dirt used, and the sands and gravels used in cements. Over and above the normal background radiation.

      I believe I read that through nuclear testing, and many beneficial electronic devices, our background radiation is many times higher these days than when man supposedly developed.

      And if you want to think, we are comming into a period when the sunspot cycle, which emits radiation, sometimes directly at the earth, is reaching a maximum, and it seems from what I have read to be perhaps the biggest in recorded history. More of all sorts of radiation, from longwave EM through extrememly energetic particles, some highlty charged. Plus we have our 60Hz background field which grows as more power is used and more power lione built, many long enough to radiate EM waves efficiently.

      We are far from even 2-300 years ago, in an onslaught of various forms of radiation, from low level to very high level, some man made, some natural.

      What I know from my engineering reading and studies are definitely not comforting, and I do wish more people did not figure if it is sold it is safe for everybody.

      RF and electrical field pollution have effects much the same as chemical pollution!

    • Kate8

      Howard, Do you believe everything you read? Don’t you see how our attitudes and beliefs are manipulated by those with an agenda?

      We are also told that GMO phudes are okay, aspartame is safe, vaccines will protect us…as we all continue to degenerate at an increasing pace.

      Wake up, people! Snap out of it!

      • Vicki

        Perhaps you should study the difference between ionizing radiation and no-ionizing radiation sometime.

        • Jennifer

          I know the difference between ionizing and nonionizing radiation because my field is radiology. However, I know what is in books, what was taught to me, what was researched and believed to be true at the time that those books were published. New information and studies take years. Yes low level radiation is nonionizing but theories regarding the effects on cells could be outdated as well. With the improved technology of today and people testing out their theories on what happens to cells under low level radiation, I would be more inclided to believe “new” reports than what has been standardized for years.

          • Vicki

            “New” reports brought us global warming. Somehow I remain unconvinced.

      • Vicki

        Sorry Kate8 that was ment for Lewis Munn. Though you might enjoy looking into it too. :)

        • Kate8
          • Vicki

            from the link you gave us

            “Editorial note: A Dutch agency that looks into the health effects of electromagnetic radiation issued a statement that the results of the research described in this story were unconfirmed. “Based on the information now available [it] can not be concluded that the Wi-Fi radio signals leads to damage to trees or other plants,”

            Thus your link is not as good a cite as you might have intended.

          • Kate8

            Vicki – It wasn’t intended as an offering of any ‘proof’. It was just an interesting article.

            How could one possibly prove such a thing, anyway?

            You seem intent on discrediting me, for some reason. Well, knock yourelf out. I don’t claim to have answers. I only share ideas.

            I respect the ideas you offer, Vicki, in the spirit I assume they are given. I do not assume they are meant to be gospel, nor convince anyone. I guess I assumed you would do the same.

          • libertytrain

            Kate8 – I’m a little lost on this thread – I do enjoy your links and posts and thoughts though – don’t quite understand this new need to total absolute proof. There is no proof, just other ideas or a hypothesis that may or may not coincide with what we are already thinking or leaning toward – I think that’s what you are trying to say too.

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    I guess with all this going on around us, people should chill out about getting screened at airports then eh? I mean, there are these people are are claiming that the radiation is bad for them, yet it seems just walking the streets, according to what I have read here, is twice as bad if not more. So chill out, get screened, and keep Mohammed from blowing up the plane.

    • Conservative at Birth

      Are you serious? None of the terrorists after 9/11 boarded the planes on US soil. The underwear bomber and the Christmas Day attempt boarded their flights oustide of the US. So, why do I have to be exposed to more radiation boarding a flight for Denver in St. Louis? This is about totalitarian control of our lives, not about safety and security. I am for PROFILING!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Sheridan Crawford

        Oh my God! You sound like a raciss! Quick somebody call the thought polise!!!!

    • Faith

      Yeah! All this is going to make you safe. It’s hard to understand the mentality of so many Americans. Taking off ones’ shoes, etc. and now being groped or x-rayed by people who are just doing their duty (hmm…where have I heard that before?) is ridiculous.

      Did you know that George Soros just sold 11,000 shares of the stock from the company that makes these machines? I’m sure politicians have also benefitted. Truman once said “if your getting rich in politics you are a crook”. Well there are many types of crooks. We are now in the climate where “security” is mandated by anyone in gov. agencies and there is always stock involved. Be aware, that ONLY Congress has the authority to make laws. These are called policies but anything that forces with threat of prison or fines is a LAW.

      Read your constitution it’ll help keep you from being sheared.

      • Vicki

        It won’t keep you from being sheared (Evidence is all around us) but it will let you know that you ARE being sheared :)

    • HGilmer

      you must be a Russian who loves Communism and they have your mind twisted with national media well read something real America: Ignore PC and Go After The Bad Guys

      * Posted by Lloyd Marcus on November 22, 2010 at 1:07pm
      * Send Message View Lloyd Marcus’s blog

      Everyone is outraged and extremely frustrated by the infringement on our freedom by the TSA pat downs and full body scans at airports. Even more frustrating is that we all
      know the common sense solution to the problem of terrorists at
      airports. Profiling.

      It has been said, “Don’t let the inmates run the asylum”. This is exactly what we are doing when we allow a handful of PC (Political Correctness) nuts to dictate our
      behavior; ordering us to ignore common sense solutions and play their
      “let’s not offend anyone” ridiculous PC games.

      Profiling is common sense. As a black man, if I find myself in the midst of a group of white guys with shaved heads and covered in swastikas and white power tattoos,
      profiling them, it would probably be unwise to quote a line from the
      movie, Blazing Saddles, “Where the white women at?”

      Years ago in Maryland, early in the morning, in a mostly white upscale neighborhood, residents saw two black youths dressed in gangster attire walking their streets. The
      black youths obviously looked out of place. And yet, authorities were
      not alerted because the white residents did not want to appear racist
      profiling black males.

      The two black youths hijacked a mom’s car, drug her several feet as she attempted to save her toddler which they threw out of the window. Common sense profiling would have
      prevented this horrific incident.

      All, I repeat “ALL”, terrorist attacks have been committed by Middle Eastern men between the ages of 18 and 40. And yet, we can not profile these people. Instead, TSA
      agents are being forced to border molesting nuns, seniors and

      How did profiling become such a dirty word, when we present ourselves to the world in whatever way we wish to be profiled? Wall street executives wear suits to be profiled as
      responsible. Rock stars wear spiked hair, tattoos and piercings to be
      profiled as rebellious.

      Remember, the popular book titled, “Dress for Success”? It could be re-titled, “How to Achieve Your Desired Profiling”.

      PC demands that we ignore life experiences, common sense and the messages individuals send in the way they present themselves.

      If you are different than your projected image, the burden is on you to prove yourself otherwise. Do not demonize the public for simply reading your projected image.

      For example, as an artist, I wear my signature hat, braid and black and white attire. At my first republican meeting, a white gentleman approached me and said, “The
      democrats meet down the road.” He seemed pleasantly surprised when
      I smiled and replied, “I know. I’m in the right meeting.”

      Was this white man a racist for assuming I, a black man, dressed a bit out of the norm, was a democrat? No. He was using his life experiences and the knowledge
      that blacks, particularly non conservative attired blacks, typically
      vote democrat. Obama received 96% of the black vote. So, in most
      cases, he would have been correct in his assumption that this Avant
      Garde looking black man would be a democrat. Absurdly, PC would brand
      this white gentleman a racist.

      Folks, we must end this PC madness which is a part of the Tea Party Movement agenda. We must continue screaming, “NO!” as loudly as possible, to the humiliating and
      unconstitutional PC pat downs and full body scans.

      Tell the Obama administration, “Cut this PC nonsense and go after the bad guys. PROFILE!”

      Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

      • Joyce from Loris

        I agree with you so much. I am dealt with entirely different when I have my business suit on than I am when I am at the grocery store with jeans and a t-shirt. I expect this, and laugh about it. I once had two young black girls approach me and ask if I was a racist, simply because I had a shirt on with the Confederate Flag, a historical Civil War type shirt. I laugh, and said “Well, I guess some would think so, but I think all people must be racist to some degree. Do you think muslims should be in this country, demanding Sharia Law for Americans? Do you think it is OK for illegal aliens to be in this country, getting free handouts, having babies on the expenses of American taxpayers, taking American jobs?” They both answered they did not agree with those two scenarios, and I told them they must be a little racist themselves. We all had a great laugh over the silliness of PC, and walked away friends. They understood that my shirt was in honor of my ancestors who died in a terrible time of history.

      • Scott

        Very well written, agree 100 %. Washington needs a major overhaul period.

      • Vicki

        HGilmer writes:
        “Profiling is common sense. ”

        It is also why WE are at the top of the food chain. We resist it to our peril.

      • independant thinker

        Add explosive sniffing dogs and I agree 100%

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Sorry, you are distorting the facts and telling out and out lies. Facts are, as reported by all the networks, 81 to 85 percent of the population welcomes these scanners to keep them safe. Now mind you, I normally dont trust the liberal networks, but while they are sitting there making a big deal that people dont like them, highlighting and interviewing the few that speak against them, they all, everyone of them, turn around and report that their polls say 81 to 85 percent of the people are for them. So, lie if you want, to me, to yourself and to others, but people do want them for their safety, since they wont profile those that are most likely to blow up a plane. And we all know who they are. So the scanners are here. Fly safe, and quit lying.

    • Lewis Munn

      How many planes have been saved by screening? I know I lost my body lotion one trip…might have been a bomb, I was told.

      I have not read that there is a guaranteed low level below which there is no effect, personally, mutigenically, or what.

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      Beberoni, Same old Progressive conformity, now chill out, be polite and go (offensive words removed) in front of the TSA screener. Can you do a Wi-Fi ?

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Come on man. You are usually right on track with your posts. I wont have to have them pat me down. I could care less if they scan me, and some dude or woman sits in a back room, and see’s an electronic image of a person, and they dont know its me from Adam. They dont see the person that is there, just an image. Big deal. Im not vain. Now I wouldnt like the pat downs, and I will tell you this. If every flight did the pat down, and they had unscrumptulous dudes getting their kicks doing it, Id take the bus, thank you. Thats the thing. If you dont like it, dont use their service. But all reports are saying that 81 to 85 percent of the people have no problem with them. But once again, we are having to hear the cries of the few who dont like things because we all should accomodate what they want, and piss on the majority. That is what is wrong, not the scanners.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Its really funny ready all the paranoia about the government scanning your body is taking away your rights and such. Ive been watching the local liberal news, who keeps adding to this hype, yet no one listens when EVERYONE OF THEM keeps reporting anywhere from 81 to 85 percent of the population have no problem with them. Its the political correctness thing again, where we have to give the podium to the little minority that doesnt like something. How can it be that you would rather take a chance on Mr. Terrorist Ali Habib blowing up the plane, instead of nipping it in the bud beforehand? How does that work? You dont want to profile, but you dont want to do it yourself. So what, just close down the airplanes altogether? Wouldnt bother me. Ive flown maybe 5 times in my life. But some like to fly and need to. Should they have the right to be safe? I would think so. And for those close minded idiots who say Im racist for saying Mr. Terrorist Ali Habib, you might want to look at just who it is that hi jacks planes and flies them into buildings. It is John Smith. And it isnt Roosevelt Cleveland Washington Jr. And it isnt Joel Fleishman. No, its Ali Habib and his idiot friends. Those are the ones who should be checked, but our own stupid political correctness in bowing down to the left will not allow us to look at those most likely to do this. No, instead, lets strip 85 year old white grandma and 82 year old black grandpa, and grab their balls and rub their breasts, because they might be packing bombs. Are we insane or what? This is crazy people. And this is exactly why we have scanners and pat downs, because we wont allow the guilty to be searched. Excuse me for telling the truth. Geez.

      • vizcaya

        I don’t think anyone realizes this but the Muslim’s are not going to be groped or have to go through the scanner, it is not allowed by Shariah Law. All of this TSA garbage is not to make you and I safer, its to get all of us used to control, we will complain, they will back off a little, there will be another incident and it will be ratcheted up again only higher than before, we will complain again and they will back off a little only to repeat the cycle until all of our freedoms are gone.

        Anyone who thinks what they are doing will make us safer has their head stuffed up you know where, sorry but that is how sheeple think.

  • Fenella Pearson

    EMF radiation can be far less obvious than electricity pylons & mobile phone masts. These EMF emitters do not account for “sick building syndrome” or dwellings where successive occupants die of the same disease eg cancer or heart disease. Beneath these buildings there are usually underground streams ca. 200-300 ft below the ground, at different levels & flowing in different directions that cause random & disruptive EMF radiation that can be hazardous to the health of the occupants – much more subtle than electricity generators etc. I assume Tesla & Edison could detect these fields & would not work or sleep within them.

    • JRC

      that is utter nonsense EMF radiation is radiation from an electronic device NOT from an underground stream. You should research the physics behind “Electron” Magnetic Field radiation before you repeat urban myths and show your lack of education to the world.

      • Lewis Munn

        Get your terms correct. EMF stands for Electromotive force, or in common terms, voltage.

        And an EM field has both electric fields and magnetic fields, and can travel much farther than either a plain electric or plain magnetic field.

        Go back and read good good old-fashioned science book, and get your terms right. It really is hard to believe our general science is this bad already.

        Oh, and the E-fields have one effect, the M fields another, and EM fields act in yet a 3rd way!!

        • Kate8

          Who cares what you call them. It’s a matter of how we are affected by them.

          Just wait until your power company shows up to install your smartmeter.

          • Dan az

            Just dont let them put it on!In fact take a large magnet and paint it gray and set it on top of the meter box and watch what happens!

          • Kate8

            DanAz – Tell me more! I am resisting, but I know the pressure is coming. Some people are getting them installed while they are away, without their permission.

            How large a magnet? What does it do? What else can I do to protect my family from this? Can one neutralize the effects?

            I’m holding out as long as I can.

          • Dan az

            I had a 250lb lift magnet and sat it on the meter box and the wheel almost stopped spinning.It cut my energy bill more than 1/2 but paint it to match your box which should be gray.I had it on mine for over a year it works!

        • JRC

          It stands for many things….go and do your research but in this case it stands for Electro Magnetic Field….as in RF and magnetic fields…that’s what he is talking about…

  • Bluebonnet

    With all of this modern instant communication, we are in a hurry to go where? It has already been proven that living near a power sub-station causes leukemia and other diseases and nothing much has been done about it. What more information do we need to know about the constant use of cell phones? Some people walk around unnecessarily with head seats on without regard for them being a funnel for EMF going right into the brain which controls all the functions of the body.

    • Vicki

      Not exactly a funnel so much as a TRANSMITTER. Sigh. So much mis-information. Haven’t seen this much since oh Global Warming.

      Be suspicious of salesmen and government agents. :)

      • Kate8

        Vicki – The brain is both transmitter and receiver, like a radio.

        Mind permeates our whole energy field, is held in the LifeForce which animates us.

        • Vicki

          The BRAIN is a transmitter of sorts (very low level). The mind is not so easy to explain with current scientific knowledge. The little device / cellphone on the ear does NOT funnel EMF to the brain. It does however transmit a MUCH stronger EMF field then the brain right by the brain.

        • Vicki

          Oh and I have not read anywhere that the brain has successfully received anything let alone signals from low level EMF. Now the government could be hiding that ability so they can control our thoughts with HAARP but I have yet to see the evidence.

          High levels of EMF in the right frequency range will cook the brain. Just ask any food placed in a microwave.

          • Kate8

            Vicki – You don’t see how the brain acts as a receiver? What about telepathy? What about when we ask for higher guidance or answers to questions, and we recieve the information directly or are guided to it?

            Of course, we can refuse to acknowlege this function, but I have found it to be most important.

          • Kate8

            The brain would be of no use as a transmitter unless it was also a receiver.

          • Vicki

            Kate8 writes:
            “You don’t see how the brain acts as a receiver? What about telepathy?”

            What about it? You got some? Got some peer reviewed repeatable experiments? Got repeatable experiments? Got a theory of how it works? Makes hypotheses and experiments easier to conduct.

            Kate8: “What about when we ask for higher guidance or answers to questions, and we receive the information directly or are guided to it?”

            Same questions as above. I personally believe that I get that guidance in my mind which is of necessity separate from my brain. If there really is life after death it would be my mind not brain that would be “alive”. You can substitute spirit or soul for mind in the above paragraph if you want.

          • Vicki

            kate8 writes:
            “The brain would be of no use as a transmitter unless it was also a receiver.”

            I don’t recall claiming that it was a transmitter. I did point out that due to electrical activity in the brain it DOES radiate very weak EMF though I know of no practical use. Even EEGs use electrical potential differences not EMF.

            Also there is nothing that requires a device to be both a transmitter and a receiver so i assert :) that your assertion that the brain as a transmitter would be of no use as a transmitter only is false.

          • Kate8

            Vicki – At the very least the brain transmits and receives messages to and from the body. Obviously, the higher communications are very subjective and, yes, such communications are very much a part of my life becaue I am open to them.

            I see that you are very much concerned with base level proof, so I’ll leave that to you. I don’t need to ‘prove’ something exists if it works for me, and how it works for you is not my concern.

            I do know that the universe is vastly more complex and awesome than we have ever thought, and that other realms exist all around us. Proof? Enough for me. As I said, it is subjective at this point. But if our minds are not open, we won’t see it.

  • URKiddinMee

    Has this site been overtaken by socialists this morning, or what? “Submit to screening,” indeed! Are you going to bend over for a body cavity search now that TSA is claiming the terrorists are using “butt bombs?” Why not pull Kareem, Mohimar and Abdul out of line for a full body search instead of my GRANDMOTHER?! Oh, that would be politically incorrect “profiling,” right? Who the hell wants to behead every one of us? Southern Baptists? Liberals are the bane of society!

    • Vigilant

      Just a guess, but I’m thinking the TSA procedures are just as distasteful to libs as the conservatives. Someone should do a survey.

      Libs have got to be against the apparent violation of the 4th Amendment, and conservatives would prefer profiling.

      • libertytrain

        Ms Clinton said she wouldn’t want to undergo one, but of course, as Sec. of State she probably is considered safe -

      • meteorlady

        I just came off the Yahoo site where they reported the “delay” threat from the TSA. Most liberals there wanted to be protected and actually thought it was all OK. They are used to government intrusion.

        • Kate8

          Liberals only care about government intrusion if it might interfere with their right to debauchery.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      You are correct. I was saying that above and was labeled a racist, while a certain race that wants to kill us, and says they will kill us, walk around like they can do no wrong. I will gladly walk through a scanner if El Habib has to also. And we will all be safer because of it, and 80 percent or more are ok with it. The politcal correct are lavishing the attention on the minority that is against it, as the few cry babies always get their voices heard over what the majority wants, and its sickening. That is what is the problem with our country now. The A-holes in power listen to the few, instead of the many, and that is what socialism does, and not what a democracy does. If they would have been profiling, you know, like Israel does, 9-11 wouldnt have happened, and we wouldnt need scanners and pat downs. Political correctness has caused all this nonsense, and much much more in this country, at the expense of the many, to polly coddle to the few. Its sickening, and its killing us slowly but surely.

  • TIME

    Doc, Per your norm a Super Blog. Thanks Dude.

    • Dr. Mark Wiley

      Thank you, Time. I feel that my goal in this blog is to inform, inspire, educate… and most of all, to begin discussions where there are not enough. Even if we don’t all agree, that is ok. As long as people expand their awareness on topics they may not otherwise have considered or known about. I appreciate everyone’s comments and enthusiasm for their views here, as well. Sometime, I just don’t know where to jump in! Or feel that I need to :)

      If there are topics you are interested in, please let me know.

  • Rick

    Having worked in electronics much of my life, I will make two points: 1. The radiation around us is minimal, but all radiation is accumulative.
    2. The radiation in these scanners in far more intense and concentrated, and is also accumulative.
    We are electronic beings, all functions are controlled by eletronic sygnals from synapse to synapse, i.e., to and from the brain and from one organ to another. Each responding to it own individual frequency. The real danger is more political than medical. If we don’t stop the personal invasion of our bodies in airports, it will spread to other areas, Amtrak, Convention halls, etc. It must be stopped now!

    • JRC

      Yes and no, you can NOT declare all of this the same. The radiation that is used by those body scanners and xray machines is accumulative, but RF radiation is not in the same way the decay if the dose is far faster with RF radiation below about 5ghz. Isn’t it strange that the good “Dr.????” is against RF smog and then endorses a piece of equipment that does just that? There are NO beneficial RF waves. Moreover in order to do anything with RF it has to be at power levels a thousand times higher then a cell phone or it will not work. Look at a simple MRI, the pulse power to make it work is from 20.000W to 80.000W plus ultra strong magnetic fields at extreme close proximity to your body. A typical cell phone has about 200-250mW that is 0.2-0.25W. A typical wireless router in your home has .03-.1W a typical cell site has 50-100W and the antennas are so far up in the air that the field on the ground is very weak. Yes all of this combined will amount to a certain level but being 1 hour out in the sun in the middle of the desert will expose you to far more radiation emitted by the sun.
      the good “”Dr. “” should go and do some real studying and get a MSEE or PHD in electrical engineering before he spouts out nonsense just to sell a product. He reminds me of a snake oil salesman.

      • Vicki

        Ionizing vs non-ionizing radiation. And yes there are 2 types of body scanners out there. One of each type. Now the vans on the other hand are z backscatter X-ray (an ionizing form of EM radiation above UltraViolet)

      • Kate8

        The fact is that all ANYONE knows about the effects of different kinds of radiation is what we’ve been taught, or what we’ve chose to believe. There are so many things to which we could attribute the decline of health, and the effects are so slow to show up, that it is not possible to difinitively pinpoint one cause.

        I would venture to say that the constant bombardment of myriad forms of wave pollution are cumulative, and take a combined toll on health.

        Our bodies can only withstand so much assault. Add this to the polution in every other area – food, water, air, drugs, media, thought…

        • Kate8


        • Vicki

          Kate8 writes:
          “There are so many things to which we could attribute the decline of health, and the effects are so slow to show up, that it is not possible to difinitively pinpoint one cause.”

          Indeed that is true. Many variables in the complex systems we call life. Part of why I believe in the existence of God. I can’t wrap my head around nothing creating all of this :).

          That being said let us consider that since we can not (possibly because there is not) pinpoint one cause we should probably ascertain the RISK from each of the variables that we can.

          The risk of illness or dying from EMF exposure seems quite a bit less then the risk of flying (with or without terrorists) and a bit less than driving. That is why I do not worry overmuch about EMF.

          Do also keep in mind that the device that is the human body has a marvelous collection of action reaction systems designed to repair (heal) damage.

          • Paul

            While the body does have an amazing capability to repair itself. Unfortunately, many do not feed the body properly to keep those systems at aptimum performance. Some that do think of “eating” properly also forget we are mental and spiritual beings as well and need to be feed in those areas as well. Also need social and physical activities to keep the body and mind and spirit active. As to these energies that surround us … they are probably here to stay until we finally end this world as we know it. I will chose to stay away from the electric cars, airport scanners and gropers and anything else that demeans my physical, mental and spiritual body.

    • Lewis Munn

      Rick, you are not quite right. Some radiation damage is repairable, some is not. Some is cumulative, and some can be passed on to future generations.

      If a a strand of DNA is hit, the cell may go on living, but divide improperly. The radiation of the scanner could do this, tho I am sure nobody will divulge the type and characteristics of the radiation it emits so the effects can be calculated per exposure.

      But of it is concentrated enough to go through your densest tissue, plus clothes, it has the potential of chromosomal damage. And such is deleterious to the damaged person, and in the wrong places to the possible offspring also.

    • Vicki

      “We are electronic beings, all functions are controlled by eletronic sygnals from synapse to synapse, i.e., to and from the brain and from one organ to another.”

      Well. Not exactly. If we truly were electronic we would be as fast as computers. All functions are controlled by electric (not electronic) signals and CHEMICAL signals. In general the electric signal appears to move along the nerves TO the synapse where the force is converted to chemical activity which then bridges the gap to the next nerve. If the proper conditions are met that nerve “fires” passing on by electric force the signal.

      • Kate8

        Vicki – You leave out one thing: Infinite Mind/Intelligence, and our connection to It.

        Actually, this Divine Intelligence performs billions of functions within our bodies (and without) every second. Maybe more.

        • Vicki

          I didn’t exactly leave God out. I simply discussed how the BRAIN works. :)

          • Dan az

            Ok you two think about this if the NWO wants to eliminate half the population how better to do that than with these scanners.

          • Kate8

            DanAz – I think they are on an all-out assault on all fronts. Most will march blithely to the slaughter, never suspecting…

            The culling has begun. It is up to us to be aware and prepared.

          • Dan az

            I knew my guru would see it. Im of the wolf generation so sheering me would be quite difficult to say the least!

        • Paul

          What you said about being prepared. I believe this is all in preparation for the “mark of the beast”. They will try to make us willing to do anything to have our “freedoms” back and dignity. We will willingly take the “mark” to pass without scans, gropes or whatever else they come up with. If you do not get that you will not be able to pass go, collect.

          • Kate8

            Paul – I think it is even worse than that. Most people will be caught without sufficient food for their families, and will have to choose between feeding their children and refusing the chip. Most will take the chip.

          • coal miner


            All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry. Edgar Allan Poe

  • Joyce from Loris

    This article may well explain the wonderful feeling of peace one finds from walking in the woods, deep into the uninhabited areas. No phones, no noise, no problems…. just peace. The sounds of our earth, birds singing, brooks babbling and squirrels chattering. I always feel that my spirit is refreshed and clean after a walk in the deep woods. Then it’s back to the rat race, with phones ringing, tv blaring, the worlds problems on our shoulders. But just for a little while……. that bliss!

    • Carlucci

      Joyce, you are 100% right. There is nothing more wonderful than nature. Everybody just spends too much time indoors with too many distractions. Walking on the beach, with the sounds of the waves and smell of the ocean is my favorite “therapy”, though wooded areas run a very close second. If everyone did this, I think we’d have a happier society.

      • Joyce from Loris

        No doubt!

    • Kate8

      Joyce, If you go to YouTube and listen to the frequency sound of Earth, it sounds like chirping birds.

      Birds are singing the song of the Earth!

      • Joyce from Loris

        Isn’t it wonderful? I know there is so much to learn about our world, and I am always impressed with your level of knowledge, Kate8, but doesn’t just do the body good once in a while to be “child like”, and be amazed by the wind, the sounds and the smells of our earth? What peace, something we all need so much more of.

        • Vigilant

          Right you are.

          I retired early (60) to return to the ancestral homestead in the country and as the old song says, “I’m in Heaven.” I call my 125 acres my pocket of serenity ‘midst a chaotic world. To rise early, watch the rising sun’s rays paint the mountain, hear the birds and squirrels playing, walk in the woods, etc., I could go on and on. Every time I tend my garden or cut wood for the winter stove, I count my blessings.

          We’ve divorced ourselves from the earth and the wonders of creation. The more we surround ourselves with creature comforts and the dark world of cyber-reality, the more isolated we become from true reality.

          In material wealth, I am not nor ever will be rich. In the important things of life, I am the wealthiest man alive.

        • Kate8

          Joyce – Absolutely! I think that is the whole point of our taking physical bodies in the manifest realm! It is actually a kind of holographic playground and, when we learn to give up trying to control everything, the possibilities are infinite.

          It is when we stop taking everything sooooo seriously, and just listen to the birds and the wind and be present, our enjoyment of life takes on new meaning.

          Stop sometime and go inside, and listen to the sound of your body without thinking about it. You will hear it – it’s own frequency – and feel the energy which empowers and animates. Our bodies love this attention and will respond with improved well-being.

  • BrotherPatriot

    In regards to the TSA…I bet if WE the people in mass reduced air travel down to a true minimum…for say…6 months or so in revolt to the groping…the financial loss would hit them where it hurt. By just boycotting flight travel perhaps they would get the message and cease their junk grabbing.

    Just a thought.

    • Rick

      Which my wife and I have done. We will fly no more until this, and some other requirements are done away. Several congressmen and women are looking into it.

    • les

      Can you say “bailout” money? Too big to fail? More “printed” money? So guess who ends up paying when the airlines look like they might be failing.

    • Dan az

      If we did that they would just bail them out!

    • Paul

      This is a gov’t mandate … not an airline mandate. Sure the airlines will suffer from this, but why should they. What we need to do is flood congress and the presidents mail or emails with complaints and get this order rescinded.

  • Cecelia Jernegan

    I talk about this subject in my booklet on Amazon: “Working from a Home Office Successfully”. People need to educate themselves about the risk when using technology. Something as simple as using the speaker on your cell phone can make a BIG difference.

  • Spencer Branham

    I have been a technical representative for General Electric, Emerson Electric and worked with radio and radar equipment for the Navy, the Army Nike missile system. Also I am a ham radio operator (KA0IXI) for 30 years.
    I am 84 years old and have not seen or felt any bad results of all this exposure. I do have some typical age related problems. I do use cell phones and hand held two meter ham radio transceiver equipment. I do agree that the information maybe merely scare tactics but I consider the information to be good but I can’t refute any of the data presented.

    • Lewis Munn

      I have been a broadcasting engineer, and worked in some very high EM fields on occasion. But I take care to eat well and to avoid unnecessary exposure. I also have been a ham operator, and built my own 6M eqwuipment and antennae.

      Concentrated ehf can be very dangerous, from heating and chemical effects. But more radiation than one needs for the job is never recommend at any frequency.

      All my kids were born with the normal number of heads and other organs. Maybe my heavy use of Vitamin C which polices up bad things in the body helped!

    • Dan az

      Spencer or lewis
      Could you tell me if an emp would take out a Ham radio?

  • SodBuster

    EMF’s may also be affecting the magnetosphere. The ‘grid’ of hard wiring around the world may be degenerating our cosmic umbrella as well.
    who knows?

  • Bob Uda

    This is like global warming. Be more concerned about electromagnetic radiation from the sun.

  • J. Patrick Wills

    Wise-up! (personal opine) ProWave 101 (Rife technology); take charge yourself ‘when/where’ you can – dumping the enslaving (TV) advertising harangue: “Tell your doctor; tell your doctor ..”, etc. This comment not meant as attack on medical profession (having saved my life), but responding as to technical knowledge; personal experience of the above putting YOU in the drivers seat on many occasions. Electronic (frequency) energy is a ‘wave’ of/for the future; having proved itself from Oceans of the deep, to millions of miles into deep, deep space. It does no less for the human condition. The old adage: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” STILL rings true today.

  • mark6789

    well,we see and we are blind—- we hear but we are deaf. when we get sick let me know how you feel, or help the wires grow,I wish you still get money from wires,

  • Bolivares

    I originally thought that ‘Bob Livingston’s personal freedom website and emails were interesting tidbits of information. As time passes, it’s luster and awe factor have tarnished. This site is ridiculous…along with many of the posters. I’m sick and tired of hearing the Obama-bashing and this ill-informed non-stop idiotic fight between so-called liberals and conservatives. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, ts still the same ‘powers’ in power. One interesting observation I have made which amuses me. It seems to me conservatives tend to take info and news at face-value, never exploring other sources and often believing in ridiculous claims and testimony, while most liberals tend to be more cerebral, getting their news from many different sources and obviously more open to new ideas that challenge their comfort zones and beliefs.

    • Snitch-in-Time

      Challenge any liberal’s cherished belief on secularism, statism, socialism, and personal licentiousness and report back on their open mindednness. This paeon to liberal superiority is as as silly as it is self serving. Liberals are the most smug, self satisfied and self righteous people on the planet. They are often the most wilfully ignorant as well. That is the snitch’s experience.

    • Lewis Munn

      Does Obama get bashed when he does not deserve it? Be completely honest!

      As a retired person I feel a bashing mood about every SS check, as part is detoured for political gains by him, not me.

    • Kate8

      Bolivares – Your post is hilarious.

      Don’t stay on our account.

      • Paul

        Well said!!! lol

  • coal miner


  • coal miner
  • Eric Bischoff

    If you only knew how fast and how much wireless technology is being deployed everywhere in the world! We can’t get away from it anymore. And they are spending a lot on improving building penetration at 2.5 Ghz.

    There is one story that is upsetting and that is about the team that invented cell phone towers and technology I believe for Nokia in Europe and how their lead scientist now has to live in a metal shielding suit or his body collapses in the presence of electronics and signals.

    All I can say is time will tell. I wouldn’t be so adamant how about how safe it is yet. But then again what choice do we have. I personally wear a Q-Link and I use my cell mostly through my car handsfree so it is away from my body and I also use a Blue Tube wired headset.

    One thing we should take into serious consideration is that children are much more sensitive as their skull density allows more penetration and they should wait before they start using cell phones too young.

    I can just imagine being a human cell and twitching from wireless bombardment and saying hey what was that? Oh nothing just another packet! And then being a lot more tired at the end of the day.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Thats what Im wonder myself Eric, about the time will tell thing. Weve got all these little kids that have cell phones, which I think is sick, but to each his own, and basically their brains are still growing and their skulls are still growing, and what kind of effect will the cell phones have on these after theyve been exposed to them for 10 or 20 years? I dont think anyone truly has any idea. Like when they sprayed food with DDT, or all the carcinogens in cigarettes, nobody knew the side effects until years down the road. Question is, are we on that road again? It is kind of scary, as there is a whole couple of generations of kids that are highly exposed to these cell phones and any radiation they are putting out and into them.

  • Carlucci

    “Butt bombs” – that’s a good way to describe something that a martyr muslim would do. Recently I read somewhere that one of these wing nuts blew himself up with a “butt bomb”. I think he was trying to kill King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Of course the new porno scanners cannot detect explosives hidden inside a body cavity, so what good are they?
    Oh that’s right – harassing, violating, and molesting adults and kids at airports are what they are for.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Really? Scan me. Scan me often. Let me fly safe. Seems 85 percent of the people have no problem with this. I guess your in the minority. But keep crying, because the minority always gets its way anymore. The voice of the majority seems to have been silenced in this country a long time ago, since liberalism started growing and taking foot.

  • Sotrue

    I’ve been saying this for years! Thank you for giving me substantial evidence as my people don’t believe me. This was my number one concern when my child slept in the basement, surrounded by all the ongoing electronics. The low-pitch buzzing really gets to me, although it’s totally undetected by them. I always figured it gets to our psyche somehow, causes boldness, and neurological problems. Even the low-volume noise of a fan can affect me. I don’t watch TV, don’t use cell phones, and I’m always turning electrical appliances off, or disconnecting them.

    One of my main reasons for quitting the best job I ever had was because our office, 15 years ago, was being moved right next to a high-powered transformer. That’s how long and how much I’ve feared this information to be true to life; however, there is little evidence of it available on it. I even had an unpleasant experience when I worked at another corporate office where they thought I was really loosing it. I kept hearing stuff no one else did and it literally messed up my mind to the max at times. In due time, we found out that the PC I was using had an ongoing moving software that emitted a sound that affected my nerves. When they exchanged my pc, I begged them either to remove that software or not reassign the pc to anyone else. They still thought I was nuts, anyway, and I eventually chose to quit. Cost me over $30,000 in lost pension as I needed to stay another 18 months in order to be vested.

    For the sake of our health, I hope that research on this is continued and exposed.

  • http://cox-communications john

    Seems to me that we are building ourselves a giant micro-wave oven with ever increasing power. Everytime we add another piece of equipment or system utilyzing this EMF microwave energy we increase this power all around us. After all we are cooking with this energy !
    For a 1000Watt oven it might take to heat a 6Oz cup of water 10 minutes to boil, where a 2500Watt oven would do it in 3 minutes…it all depends on the power output. So the more we use this energy source the stronger the effect on everything living in it will be.
    Could this also be the cause of the “global warming” threat and not the CO2 and greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. These layers in the atmosphere work like an earth-thermostat. When it gets thicker less sun-heat can penetrate (causing cooling), so where does the extra warming come from ? Also since this microwave energy causes a molecular change in organic matter, could that also be the cause for so many new ailments and cancers in our societies ? Nothing comes for free…there is a price to pay for everything ! Just a thought.

    • coal miner


      You may have a point.

      • coal miner


        We may have to vacate planet earth in the next one hundred years.

        Cyborgs Needed for Escape from Earth

        Summary: As the growing global population continues to increase the burden on the Earth’s natural resources, some historians and scientists think humans should prepare to colonize space. The problem is, we may have to alter human biology significantly to achieve that g
        In the history of the space program, humans haven’t spent too much time in space. Before colonization can become an option, more studies are needed about how the space environment will affect human biology. Credit: NASA
        Scientists have warned for decades that humans are straining the Earth. The global population is increasing, economies are expanding and consumption doesn’t appear to be slowing.

        While save-the-planet campaigns are asking people to save energy, conserve water, recycle and even go vegetarian, some scientists are thinking literally out of this world by suggesting that humans may eventually have to consider leaving Earth if they are to survive as a species.

        In the September issue of Endeavour, senior curator at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Roger Launius takes a look at the historical debate surrounding human colonization of the solar system and how human biology will have to adapt to such extreme space environments.

        Colonizing the Solar System

        Experiments have shown that certain life forms can survive in space. Recently, British scientists found that bacteria living on rocks taken from Britain’s Beer village were able to survive 553 days in space, on the exterior of the International Space Station (ISS). The microbes returned to Earth alive, proving they could withstand the harsh environment.

        Humans, on the other hand, are unable to survive beyond about a minute and a half in space without significant technological assistance. Other than some quick trips to the moon and the ISS, astronauts haven’t spent too much time too far away from Earth. Scientists don’t know enough yet about the dangers of long-distance space travel on human biological systems. A one-way trip to Mars, for example, would take approximately six months. That means astronauts will be in deep space for more than a year with potentially life-threatening consequences.

        Historian Roger Launius, who calls himself a cyborg for using medical equipment to enhance his own life, says the difficult question is knowing where to draw the line in transforming human biological systems to adapt to space. Credit: NASA/Brittany Green
        “If it’s about exploration, we’re doing that very effectively with robots,” Launius said. “If it’s about humans going somewhere, then I think the only purpose for it is to get off this planet and become a multi-planetary species.”

        Launius isn’t the only person who envisions humans leaving Earth. Acclaimed British physicist Stephen Hawking recently discussed his own thoughts on how the human race would survive.

        “I believe that the long-term future of the human race must be in space,” Hawking told the Big Think website in August. “It will be difficult enough to avoid disaster on planet Earth in the next hundred years, let alone the next thousand, or million. The human race shouldn’t have all its eggs in one basket, or on one planet.”

        If humans are to colonize other planets, Launius said it could well require the “next state of human evolution” to create a separate human presence where families will live and die on that planet. In other words, it wouldn’t really be Homo sapien sapiens that would be living in the colonies, it could be cyborgs—a living organism with a mixture of organic and electromechanical parts—or in simpler terms, part human, part machine.

        To Be a Cyborg

        By definition, cyborgs are not a thing of the future, but very much a thing of the present. Launius classifies himself as a cyborg because he relies on medical technology to sustain and enhance his life.

        “There are cyborgs walking about us,” Launius said. “There are individuals who have been technologically enhanced with things such as pacemakers and cochlea ear implants that allow those people to have fuller lives. I would not be alive without technological advances.”

        The image shows an artist’s rendition of a future base on Mars. A manned-Mars mission would take require astronauts being in space for more than a year. Currently, there isn’t enough research to know what long-term deep space travel would do to astronaut health. Credit: John J. Olson
        The possibility of using cyborgs for space travel has been the subject of research for at least half a century. An influential article published in 1960 by Manfred Clynes and Nathan Kline titled “Cyborgs and Space” changed the debate. According to them, there was a better alternative to recreating the Earth’s environment in space, the predominant thinking during that time. The two scientists compared that approach to “a fish taking a small quantity of water along with him to live on land.” They felt that humans should be willing to partially adapt to the environment to which they would be traveling.

        “Altering man’s bodily functions to meet the requirements of extraterrestrial environments would be more logical than providing an earthly environment for him in space,” Clynes and Kline wrote.

        Even though it may be both logically and technologically possible, the ethical question is whether it should be done.

        “It does raise profound ethical, moral and perhaps even religious questions that haven’t been seriously addressed,” Launius said. “We have a ways to go before that happens.”

        Grant Gillett, a professor of medical ethics at the Otago Bioethics Center of the University of Otago Medical School in New Zealand said addressing the ethical issue is really about justifying the need for such an approach, the need for altering humans so significantly that they end up not entirely human in the end.

        “(Whether we) should do it largely depends on if it’s important enough for humanity in general,” Gillett said. “To some extent, that’s the justification.”

        The greater concern, according to Gillett, is that the cyborgs will likely only have a simulation of human behavior. What is important, he said, is not what the cyborgs are made up of but what types of moral sensibilities and intuitions are built in. And there is really no way of knowing for sure or even of making reasonable guesses without doing a lot more work on the moral nature of humans.

        “I think the danger is that we might end up producing a psychopath because we don’t quite understand the nature of cyborgs,” Gillett said.

        The Future of Cyborgs

        NASA has used robotics effectively in space exploration. Medical ethicist Grant Gillett says the need to colonize space would require a greater justification. Credit: NASA Ames Research Center
        At first, as Launius points out in his article, NASA did support this field of research, but that interest lasted for less than a decade. By the late 1960s, the agency had distanced itself from the topic. For one, the technology was not available at that time. However, some scientists think the problem was more about public image. Would the American public of that decade—one that was arguably obsessed with the space program and idolized astronauts—have accepted the “cyborgization of (the) astronaut corps”?

        NASA still isn’t focusing much research on how to improve human biological systems for space exploration. Instead, its Human Research Program is focused on risk reduction: risks of fatigue, inadequate nutrition, health problems and radiation.

        While financial and ethical concerns may have held back cyborg research, Launius believes that society may have to engage in the cyborg debate again when space programs get closer to launching long-term deep space exploration missions.

        “If our objective is to become space-faring people, it’s probably going to force you to reconsider how to reengineer humans,’ Launius said

        Chief Editor & Executive Producer: Helen Matsos
        Copyright © 2010,

  • robert f hansen

    a emf recever /hand held / pick up r f for my safty / wanted

  • Another Voice

    Wouldn’t it just be easier to keep on wearing tin foil on our heads?

  • Vicki

    For all the folk concerned by the potential harmful effects of EMF keep in mind that based on current scientific knowledge the difference between what we use for RF and what we use for light (I.E. Sunlight, Candles, any light bulb) Is merely frequency of the oscillating wave of electric and magnetic forces.

    Now we also know that high enough frequency of EMF does adversely affect living cells I have not seen any peer reviewed studies showing adverse effects below UV-B. In fact there is MUCH evidence that EMF in the ranges of 400–650 THz is VERY beneficial to humans. (That would be sunlight :) )
    Ether that or the claims of people needing extra vitamin D in the winter cause they are not getting enough sunlight is also snake oil.

    Link to frequency spectrum of light.
    I chose to cutoff at 650 cause that is in the area that tends to scatter in the sky.

  • Another Voice

    And I bet that Bob Livingston has invested heavily in this anti-EMF device and that he will be peddling it to us via email.

    • Vicki

      More profit in it than tinfoil hats :)

    • libertytrain

      Voice – you can always create your own website —- but of course better to complain about someone else who had the creativity and wherewithal to do it himself.

  • Tony

    This guy reminds me of the proponents of Global Warming….scare people into believing a hoax without presenting any facts or logic.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Maybe Al Gore can come up with a scanner suit that you can buy to wear when your going to fly, to keep you safe from the deadly scanner. All he had to do is work up enough frenzy and get the weak minded to buy into it, and maybe he can make his billions that way, creating some mindless hype about something else.

  • Dr. John

    We are very lucky to have someone like Dr. Wiley bringing this infomration forward. Calling him or any of the other respected scientists and doctors he refers to names like ‘charlatan’ or ‘snake oil salesman’ – is rude and uncalled for. As to pointing out singular cases – like Edison or Tesla (who also developed healing ‘radiant’ energy) … we weren’t there and don’t have any kind of true case study to work from. On top of that, there are always exceptions to the rule. Each person is unique – some are more sensitive than others. A 2009 Swedish study estimated that between 6 and 15 million Americans were electro-sensitive. That’s a lot of people, yet clearly the majority of the population is not symptomatic – at least at this time.

    That said, there are hundreds if not thousands of published , peer-reviewed studies on the biological effects of EMFs on our cells. I’ve read dozens of them, myself. There is, hands, down, conclusive proof EMFs coming from man-made devices are dangerous. While short term EMF (noise) exposure can be tolerated and are sometimes even beneficial, in the long term – our cellular receptors get saturated and our cells (bodies) begin to lose coherence and equilibrium; we get sick.

    Magda Havas, PhD, a scientist, researcher and professor (, along with other top scientists and power experts, has shown how EMFs and transients from just ‘dirty home wiring’ can dramatically effect (and be a possible cause) of MS and other diseases. Clean up the EMFs and the body begins to heal. She also recognized, as many scientists do, that there are ‘good’ ‘earth frequency’ EMFs (.5 to 25hz) which promote cellular function and healing, and there are ‘bad’ EMFs which are emitted from our technologies. In fact, Dr. Havas now uses an MRS2000 in their laboratory to normalize people’s bodies and blood after exposing them to high levels of EMF radiation. The dark field microscopy and other tests prove the MRS2000 has a positive effect on health and healing. I, too, have seen these MRS2000 (PEMF) devices help many, many people. I can’t imagine how anyone can call this junk science or snake oil unless they are working for cell phone or power companies. Besides, these modalities have been used, understood and prescribed in Europe for decades. And let’s not kid ourselves, when it comes to technology and engineering, the Germans are no slouches.

    Lewis Munn, another RF engineer, personally saw how low level RF (EMF) radiation was successfully used to treat many diseases. As he said in his earlier post, “I take exception to those who scoff at the fringe methods and research of some… Being closed to checking out new ideas is a mark of a poor mind.” I couldn’t agree more.

    • coal miner

      Dr John,

      Most of Edison’s inventions were myths.Edison was a fraud and a crook.He and Telsa had fallen out.Telsa said he wouldn’t share the Nobel Peace Prize
      with him.Telsa was the real scientist,not Edison.

      9 Inventions Edison Did Not Make

      “Keep on the lookout for novel ideas that others have used successfully. Your idea has to be original only in its adaptation to the problem you’re working on.” – Thomas Edison
      Much of what the public knows about America’s most celebrated inventor is riddled with misconceptions. Among other things, the shrewed businessman Thomas Alva Edison, did not invent the light bulb. Following is a list of inventions that are often attributed to Edison, but were in fact not his making.
      1. The Electric Bulb or Incandescent Lamp
      Ask any child who invented the light bulb, and the answer is likely to
      be “Thomas Edison”. Contrary to what schools have taught for years, the American icon, Thomas Edison, neither invented the light bulb, nor held the first patent to the modern design of the light bulb. In reality, light bulbs used as electric lights existed 50 years prior to Thomas Edison’s 1879 patent date. In fact, Edison lost all patent rights to the light bulb both in Britain and the United States.

      2. The Electric Chair

      The first practical electric chair was invented by Harold P. Brown. Brown was an employee of Thomas Edison, hired for the purpose of researching electrocution and for the development of the electric chair. Since Brown worked for Edison, and Edison promoted Brown’s work, the development of the electric chair is often erroneously credited to Edison himself. Furthermore, Brown’s design was based on George Westinghouse’s alternating current (AC), which was then just emerging as the rival to Edison’s less transport-efficient direct current (DC), which was further along in commercial development.

      3. The Movie Camera

      As with the Electric chair, the invention of the movie camera should accurately be attributed to William Dickson, an Edison employee. Edison had absolutely no concept of how the movie industry would take off. Interestingly, even before Edison’s work on movies, the basic idea had already been developed by a British photographer named Eadward Muybridge. He wanted to prove that when a horse ran, all four of its legs could be up in the air at once. By taking several photos very fast, Muybridge proved his point.
      4. The Power Generator

      In the early 1880s, Nikola Tesla invented the AC generator, which allowed electricity to be transmitted over greater distances than could be done with DC power, which required a generator every few miles. Edison was making good money off of DC power, and didn’t want to change, or worse, have someone else move in on his turf. Not surprisingly, Tesla and Edison had a long standing feud over this and many other inventions[1] . Edison did not invent the first electrical power station. Ultimately, though, he did improve the designs of existing generators and regulators to create the first commercially successful power station capable of delivering affordable power for electric lighting.

      5. X-Ray Photographs (fluoroscope)

      In 1887, Nikola Tesla, not Edison, was among the first to investiage the nature of X-Ray’s using designs based on the Cathode Ray Tube. Eight years later, Thomas Edison began investigating materials’ ability to fluoresce when exposed to x-rays. The fluoroscope he developed became the standard for medical X-ray examinations. Nevertheless, Edison dropped X-ray research around 1903 after the death of Clarence Madison Dally, one of his glassblowers. Dally had a habit of testing X-ray tubes on his hands, and acquired a cancer in them so tenacious that both arms were amputated in a futile attempt to save his life.
      6. The Storage Battery

      What invention made Edison the most money? The alkaline storage battery. Ironically, though, Edison did not invent the first storage battery, but combined new materials to create a storage battery suitable for practical use. By the time he perfected the alkaline storage battery, electric-powered cars had lost out in the competition with gas-powered cars that could be driven far greater distances. A failure as the motive force for automobiles, the alkaline storage battery was ultimately a great commercial success as the power source for train lights, marine appliances, and miners’ lamps. Prior to this invention, miners used candles or small oil lamps attached to their hard hats as their light source.

      7. The Record Player

      Thomas Edison did not invent the record player. Rather, he invented the phonograph, which was intended for making recordings. The phonograph was first marketed as a dictation machine and only later modified for use in musical devices. The ability to record sounds had been invented much before Edison’s phonograph. The gramophone, invented by Emile Berliner, was actually the first record player as we know it. To compete with the success of the record player, Edison and his company later devised the “disk” phonograph.

      8. Wax Paper
      Although Edison claimed to have invented wax paper, he did not. Waxed paper was invented by Gustave Le Gray in 1851. Used for hand-colouration, it allowed the colour from the back of the photograph to be seen from the front. The wax paper revolutionized photography and also became a commercially successful household product for, among other things, wrapping food.

      9. The Telegraph

      The telegraph had been invented while Edison was still a child. Due to his partial deafness, Edison learned the art of telegraph at an early age. And later on, spent a considerable time devising inventions that relied on the telegraph system, such as the stock ticker. Nevertheless, he did not invent the telegraph. To his credit, he did invent the first duplex and multiplex telegraphy systems, enabling telegraphs to send and receive messages at the same time over the same wire.

      Thomas Edison himself did not invent major breakthroughs. He often took credit for the ideas and inventions of others and most of his patents were little more than improvements on already existing products. He was an astute businessman, and as such, had greater impact on innovating existing products than inventing new ones. To quote himself, “I always invent to obtain money to go on inventing.”

      • Eric Bischoff

        You bring up a very important point. How is it that history has venerated and taught mostly Edison while Telsa was largely ignored until recently. Very few people knew about Tesla and when they tried to share this they were often ridiculed. JP Morgan and Edison ruined Tesla. They were afraid of him because he threatened their model for controlling power and making a fortune. We have a habit of writing history in a way that suits the victors and the power brokers.

        • coal miner


          Here aren some more that history ignore.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          So it wasnt just present day that our government lies to us, it started way back then. The pre-cursor’s to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. I wondered where they got it from.

    • Vicki

      So how about some links to this peer reviewed data? And yes we asked the same of the AGW crowd.

  • Lydia Hoppman

    I have a sugesstion: How about doing a study involving those who don’t use electricity and other such things that cause the emf’s?? The Amish, for example. I know they probably aren’t totally out of the woods from our atmosphere, but there should be a marked difference!! Try it, I would be extrememly interested in the results. I bet therre is a difference.

  • Lydia Hoppman

    Cont.: And then publish the results!:)

  • gofer

    This will go nicely with the copper bracelets and magnets, anti-cosmic ray devices and all of the other junk sold out there that does absolutely nothing. It just proves there really is a sucker born every minute.

  • http://roadrunner John

    too lEWIS Munn….Wonder what the good DR.deid of? U THINK!

    • JimH

      The fastest way wireless tech will kill you is when a driver that is texting plows into you. Unless you are constantly on the phone, short exposure won’t harm you. Keep the call short and to the point.

  • James

    There are two opposing problems with this. First, as others have pointed out, and contrary to what the article would have you believe, there is no conclusive evidence of causation, which is why all of the connections in the article use words like “suggest,” rather than state a clear, correlated, causative connction. Second, erring on the side of safety when the suggestions exist can be most prudent, and one only has to look as far as a number of withdrawn pharmaceuticals where the indicators for the damage to come (and it was real, significant, and causative – think Baycol, one of many examples) were actually visible even though a definitive causation was not fully clear in the trials. My only personal objection to articles like this is that the concluding language is far more definitive than the evidence would call for, and that seriously undermines the credibility of the authors and contributors.
    That some are more sensitive than others to EMF is beyond doubt – I personally know people that could not use computers until LCD screens came out – but that is anecdotal evidence, not a general conclusion about the technology.
    I should also mention that at points in the article they were mixing the issues of EMF and magnetism, and they are not the same thing. And furthermore, if the effect on our cell membranes (the phospholipid bi-layer) is anywhere as significant as they say, we would not merely be sick, we would be dead. We cannot survive without an intact cell membrane, but until someone can start quantifying how much EMF does how much damage to the membrane, how much “confusion” is occurring, this is just so much speculation, and the authors should identify it as such. This is not to say that they are wrong, but that they at least have not, and perhaps cannot, demonstrate that they are right, and they certainly haven’t done so here.

  • Vicki

    One thing I really like about this discussion is that we are not hollering for Nancy “We have to pass the bill….” Pelosi to save us. I bet on liberal websites there would be liberals screaming “there ought to be a law…”



  • Anthony

    QUOTE —>
    “New research is suggesting that nearly all of the human plagues which emerged in the 20th century, including leukemia in children, female breast cancer, malignant melanomas, immune system disorders, asthma and others, can be tied in some way to our use of electricity.”

    I object to this collective blame game, inticing one and all to believe that it somehow just had to be electromagnetism from handheld electronics, that should be blamed for the 20th Century’s invented ills.

    Seriously, folks – there have been portable pocket am/fm battery-operated radios since the 1960′s .. all of us remember this stuff. Later on, we started seeing video games. Bose headphones ring a bell?

    There is more damage to the human condition from ALPHA WAVES inside your TV sets, along with the FLOURIDE in your water, than most of what they just have to insist must be the hidden source of our own destruction. Seriously!

    You, literally, MUST unplug your TV Sets in order for the alpha waves to stop eminating from that contraption. Everyone I talk to is now incorporating a water filter in their homes that WILL remove flouride from their drinking water. You can go to or and check out either one, as a first step – they do remove the flouride … Brita? Not so much.

    Folks – I am a lead wireless engineer for a large corporation. From my own Company, I have been (wait for it, John Kerry) outsourced to work at this LARGE Corporate Headquarters, to assure their entire campus is littered with wireless, for not only the Laptop, but your cell phones, as well. N-wireless.

    I wear a bluetooth on my ear and would never give it up. I do not get headaches, nor do I ever feel dizzy, etc., etc. It is a convenience that allows me to work more efficiently than ever before and this includes driving a 5-speed truck, while talking on the phone.

    Dr. Wiley does bring good information to the table many times.

    Yet, on this subject – it is MY contention that the Jury is still OUT.

    IF, Dr. Wiley wanted to bring a definitive discussion about wireless to the table – I would ask why he doesn’t prefer to discuss H.A.A.R.P.(?)

    Ladies & Gents – HAARP is a military-industrial complex weapon. The largest of which is built in ALASKA – which may explain WHY Sarah Palin decided to take a powder from her position as Governor. I can’t prove it, but the timing is impeccable.

    Our tax dollars have been this contraption – which is totally NIKOLAS TESLA, inside & out. Feeel free to google it up on YOUTUBE. Get yourselves a bag of popcorn and your favorite beverage and some scratch paper, so as to take notes.

    The Earth, Dr. Wiley is existing on a certain Hertz, as is the human condition. In fact, they are almost existing on the very same Hertz wave. This HAARP machine works on that wavelength.

    IF WE ALL WANT TO BE WARY OF WIRELESS – it is my belief that we shold be more concerned with what the potential is for this contraption.

    It does not provide a benefit nor a boon to the people. It is a Corportacracy Toy.

    ALSO – it is claimed, by the Russians, to be capable of creating “earthquakes” … in fact, they claim that the U.S. and certain ‘other’ Countries have had earthquake machines for quite a while now — and they WOULD work thru wireless beaming.

    Two other items this HAARP brings to the bale are:

    1. Ability to control weather
    2. Mind Control on living creatures ***

    *** You do need to read up on HAARP, in any fashion you find best to research from. I already have a nest load. The rest of you need to catch up. Certainly, the Media know about it – they’ve just been ordered into silence and (as always) re obeying like perfect little puppets that they are.

    You investigate – you decide.

    Right now, I’ll keep my wireless bluetooth…

    • Anthony

      I forgot – the Earth resonates at 8HRz. If I remember, correctly, the human body is only one-half Hertz away from that. Around 7.5HRz.

      • Kate8

        Anthony, HAARP was invented by a man (don’t recall the name) in order to bring relief to areas plagued by drought. He found that rain could be directed to those areas.

        Of course, the military found out about it and took it over. Their idea was not to use it for good, but as an ultimate weapon: weather and even mind control.

        Some say that Russia and China have this technology now, as well.

        It’s a crazy, insane world.



    • Francois

      Wow! Diet soda causes MS, and birth control pills causes homosexuality. I didn’t know that, thanks. But did you know that the MRS2000 can transform a doctor into a wealthy businessman?

  • David Houston

    Sounds like the global warming farce all over again to me.

  • LeaveaResponse

    All this talk about Electro Magnetic this that and another. But, can any of you budding Einstiens tell me exactly what an electron is and how it was created. Then, please explain the electromagnetic radiation, how it moves through empty space and denser materials as well. What is it? Why does it interact with human cells and so forth? Otherwise, you are talking about snow storms while living in the Sahara. Come on, I want some real answers. How does the electromagnetic wave propogate? Is it a rolling helix or a flat faced wave like those that crash at the beach? Bring it on, the braintrust of the US must have some answers other than Bush, Reagan, FDR, or Obama did it. Don’t link me to an IEE website either. In your own words no matter how feeble or ridiculus.

  • Art F.

    Gee, medical studies are confirming EMG’s and other non-natural factors are killing life. I have found that my current medical condition is related to physiological factors from the environment. Thank God I was able to get to some real doctors who acknowledged and understood the link.

  • Gregg

    man there is some long winded people out there..troubleshooter

  • American Citizen

    As someone who is battling breast cancer, and no one in my family has had it, I often wonder what caused mine as I’ve always tried to eat healthy, avoid the sun as much as possible, etc. My neighbor has just been diagnosed with it also. An ex neighbor died from it a few years ago. There is an epidemic of it where when we were young, we never heard of it. It makes you wonder. I am not all that thrilled with this technological age. When I was young, life was so much simpler and fun.

  • coal miner

    American C,

    There is other factors too.

    Oct 2, 2007 … You can lower your risk of developing breast cancer by breastfeeding your baby. And if your baby is a girl, her risk can also be reduced.…
    Does Breastfeeding Prev

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    The radiation from these scanners isnt going to hurt you. You could go through one each and every day of your life, and nothing is going to happen to you. And most of them that are crying about this, willingly go home and drink poison (alcohol) almost everynight, and take all kinds of prescription drugs and over the counter drugs that are ten times harder on the body and more deadly than scanner radiation. You get more radiation flying on the plane than you get from getting scanned. Good golly, you all sound like the Al Gore global warming hype he had going scaring the daylights out of the uninformed, as he lied, he lied, he lied, and he lied again. Quit worrying. Do you not know that worrying will kill you ten times as quick as the scanner you think is going to kill you. And thats a fact you can take to the bank. Now settle down, get scanned, and fly free and save, and quit worrying about all these conspiracy people that think the government is out to get you and this is just another intrusion. Gimme a break, and get a life.

  • R.w.ANGER

    About thirty years ago our technicians installed cell phone base station transmitters.At a safety meeting we discussed the hazards to our health of portable transmitters hand held within a one half inch of our brain(cell phone)operating just below the microwave frquency.
    There was little informationto be found. However we did find that the Russian scientists had this information.Probably people in the cell phone business could care less.This business was a real money maker
    with cell phones initially taking in three times the amount spent on moble telephones. Of course the miniature transmitters are more intense as we reduce the distance from the source right next to your cranium.Dumb Techie.

  • Lev

    Sure,without any doubt all using-by-humans wireless electronics is
    harmful for our health. To all of them who say such warnings are just a commercial tricks I can say: all opposition is just a manufacturer’s and saler’s thricks. The reality is we just don’t know yet how dangerous it is, because our industrial progress running much
    faster than our ability to understand it’s impact. If we didn’t take seriously each warning, we’ll got a sick children…all the next generation. Money have a smell, guys! Wake up! And, finally, most of that wireless portables are dangerous for our MENTAL health also, because…it make us an idiots.

    • Chris

      It has obviously affected Lev’s mental health and ability to write in English

      • Chris

        And for me it’s even worse, as I’m ‘mentally deranged.’

  • stephen russell

    But I dont use my celphone that much anyway, but others do.

  • Merl

    I don’t think the answer is that simple. I think it depends on the genetic makeup of the individual. For example: Why do some people who follow all the right health rules die young; yet others who do not live beyond 100? I think the answer is that living to advanced age is the result of good genes and not anything that we do. So people with a predisposition to Alz, Arth, Osteoporosis, etc. may be affected by EMFs and others not because of genes.

  • Merl

    There is some evidence that people who live near radio towers and electric power lines develop more cancers; again, that might be genetic or just coincidence; no proof yet. I do think that EMFs can interefere with clear thinking in some indiviudals. Some of this interference could be due to psycho suggestion and some actual.

  • http://Personallibertydigest Ralph Mabee

    I have been building and maintaining radio towers and broadcast antennas since 1975. In the old days before OSHA I would climb the towers hot. 50,000 watt stations might be turned down to 5,000 watts so I would not draw sparks with my hands as I climbed past to relamp the beacon on top of the tower. Even then, the top was hot with a corona that I had to respect as I reached inside the lamp to change the bulbs.
    I am 68 years old now and still do relamping and orange and white paint jobs. So far I have no adverse effects from decades of high RF radiation.

    • Brad

      Jeff, it may be due to what others have said about individual tendencies. Some people smoke and live to their 70′s, 80′s…and even beyond. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a danger to smoking.

      • Brad

        …I meant “Ralph”…

  • Jeff in Ohio

    I wouldn’t give this a second thought except it could explain the elected officials and one of the really big hot-spots is in Washington. Democraps are always on the phone extorting money from people and always on the internet to combat anything said about their race, that’s the liberal race…. This could almost explain it…

  • Francois

    Although I’d like to discuss the credentials of a Doctor in alternative medicine, if whatever the Doc supports makes you feel good without direct harm, it is, in my belief, psychologically good for you.


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