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The War on Gold: A Personal Account

February 3, 2010 by  

The War on Gold: A Personal Account

“Open up,” demanded a man.

I rose from the breakfast table. It was Sept. 19, 1974. I caught a glimpse of the flashing lights bouncing off the premature frost that clung to our trees.

Three cruisers from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) had converged on our small farm south of Calgary, Canada.

“What the hell is going on?” my father C.V. bellowed from down the hall.

I was 15 and filled with dread, fear and fascination. “The cops are here!”

My old man whipped-open the door. Five RCMP officers and a plainclothes tax agent burst into our home.

At the same moment in Calgary the Mounties and Revenue Canada raided my dad’s offices, his lawyer’s office and his bank branch.

Was my father a kidnapper or a bank robber? Hardly. Yet in the eyes of the government he was something much worse. He was a Libertarian and a gold-bug! Worst of all, he had been buying gold for his United States subscribers at a time when it was illegal for them to own it (more about this in a moment).

That morning agents were hunting down documents on my dad and his newsletter, Myers’ Finance & Energy (MFE). But they couldn’t touch his company, Interpublishing, a bona fide operation in Switzerland paying taxes in Switzerland.

Interpublishing was a legitimate offshore company set up by my dad’s accountants. Interpublishing was not a shell company. In fact it was organized the same way as the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, one of Canada’s oldest and largest public companies.

The Midas Mess
The Mounties were out to get their man. It had to do with Americans buying and owning gold and my dad acting as their agent. This had some in the U.S. Treasury Department very upset.

You see at that time it was illegal for Americans to own gold although most believed the law was unconstitutional, and indeed, the U.S. Treasury had become aware of purchases by U.S. citizens.

Meanwhile gold ownership was fully legal in Canada. So my father had started buying gold for any subscribers that could put cash on the barrelhead; charging only a small commission and storage fee.

C.V. wrote in MFE: “We don’t care if you are Chinese, Burmese, Russian or American. Gold ownership is legal in Canada; put the money on our desk and we will buy you the gold. Your account will be numbered but your corresponding identity will be kept secret in Switzerland.”

After the tax men had recorded every check which had been paid by the Americans for this gold they still did not have the owner’s names. And Washington wanted names.

It turned out they had just the instrument to get them. It’s called blackmail. You see, if the Americans couldn’t come forward to claim their gold it could be held hostage to any assessment the Tax Department might like to issue against my dad.

The hope was that mounting pressure from the gold owners would force my dad and the Swiss company to pay the assessment—right or wrong. My dad said it was like hijacking; the only difference being hijackers held third party lives while the tax men held third party money.

Americans Demand their Gold

Then good fortune shined. U.S. gold ownership became legal on Dec. 31, 1974. This meant that owners could come forward. But it meant much more. For if the claimants identified themselves, the Tax Department, having all the documents and keys, had automatically become the legal custodian to the gold and fully responsible, just as Interpublishing had been, to turn it over to the rightful owners upon demand.

The safety deposit keys and the identification list were sent via Teletype from Switzerland and turned over to the Tax Department. Now the tax men not only had the gold, they had everything, including the responsibility.

At this point they were holding a hot potato. Rentals on safety deposit boxes began coming due. Revenue Canada had to decide if it was going to bill the clients just as Interpublishing had been doing, or if it was going to pay the rentals itself? And what if an owner sent in an order to sell? Was Revenue Canada legally obligated to sell it and forward the check?

Like it or not the tax man was in the gold business.

My father advised all clients to write Revenue Canada demanding that they execute the delivery of their wholly-owned gold post-haste.

The Gold is Freed, the Gold-Bug Imprisoned
Things got pretty hot. The gold owners had to be answered. A huge counting operation was arranged. It included a representative of Interpublishing in Calgary, the company’s lawyers, the Tax Department, officials of the bank and two security guards. All boxes were opened, counted and recorded. In all there was $4 million worth of bullion!

When the count was finished it was found that every claimant’s gold was separately wrapped. Not a coin was missing. None belonged to C.V. Myers or Interpublishing.

Falling prices spurred American owners to action. Through a Calgary law firm they launched an action against Revenue Canada and the individuals they claimed had acted beyond their authority in withholding from them their rightful property.

The deadlock broke in March 1975, when the Supreme Court of Alberta admonished Revenue Canada and ordered the return of each and every ounce of gold to my dad’s clients. No damages were paid: there was not even an apology.

Norman Stone wrote a book about the case titled: Unbridled Bureaucracy in Canada, The Bizarre Case of C.V. Myers.

Stone concluded that Canada’s tax department had acted on orders, not from Ottawa, but from Washington. Furthermore wrote Stone, “The capitulation forced by the court left the taxmen (sic) red-faced, angry and vengeful. Talk among the personnel in the Department was funneled back: Get Myers!”

It didn’t take long. I was finishing up my junior year in high school. The old man and I pulled up to his parking space outside his office in late spring 1975. As we got out of the car door two plainclothes agents blocked his way.

“C.V. Myers?” asked the cop.


“You are under arrest.”

“What for?”

“For evasion of taxes. I must warn you that you don’t have to speak and anything you say may be used against you.”

The cops cuffed my old man right then and there. I was dumbfounded. As the back door on the cruiser was being closed he yelled to me, “Call my lawyers, I am under arrest and on my way to jail.”

Tale of Two Trials
The charge was evasion on $1.8 million in income, exactly the same amount which had been assessed Interpublishing eight months before.

Later that day dad got out on $100,000 bail. But the real cost of urging Americans to buy and hold gold was yet to be announced.

Over the next two years my dad would face two trials. In the first one he was fully acquitted. The second case—a trial de nova (double jeopardy, which was later eliminated by the Canadian Constitution) found my dad guilty and sentenced him to two years plus a day. He was given hard time, especially for a man who was in his 70s.

After my mother died my dad stood over her casket. He was weeping softly as he held one of her hands between his handcuffed two. Behind him stood an impatient corrections officer, telling my dad to hurry, that he had to get him back to his prison cell. He led my dad away just as a young girl started singing my mother’s favorite song: Amazing Grace. My 8-year-old nephew began to sob. Our family mourned in quiet devastation.

But all was not lost. Word of the injustice began to spread. For example the late Congressman Larry McDonald and Congressman Ron Paul urged Ottawa to release my father. And there were editorials in the press condemning the sentence and calling my dad a political prisoner. Colleagues like Richard Russell, Harry Schultz and Jim Dines began writing the Prime Minister and Members of Parliament.

After my dad was diagnosed with liver cancer he was released from Bowden Federal Penitentiary. Less than two years later he died in Loma Linda, Calif., a free but broken man.

Gold had given my dad a sterling reputation, a loyal following and a small fortune. But in the end he paid a terrible price.

What was done to just one individual illustrates what lengths government will go to shut-up its opponents and enforce its will. I know, I was there; a witness to the war on gold.

Yours for real wealth and good health,

John Myers
Myers’ Energy and Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • Johnnyrite

    Interesting article and it begs the question, will gold be seized by the federal goverment? If so, how will gold stocks perform? I think the dollar is certainly a mess, but I fret that gold can and will be controlled by Washington.

    • bert

      If either we go into hyperinflation and/or the government is forced to cover its debts, then confiscation of precious metals will occur. The feds will “pay” you with fiat money in return. Some bad things could happen. After you get a nominal amount of paper, the subsequent price could skyrocket in a hyperinflationary scene and you will have lost both your buying power and your metals. And government will benefit. What happened to the gold price after Roosevelt got the public’s gold? Or the banks and the public may be so distrustful of big brother that any surviving banks may not honor the government checks?? Or wait too long to give you your “money”. This distrust may have been enhanced by the knowledge that government had flittered away most of its gold and forgave the leasers of its gold in not returning it to us.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      Not only were Am. not allowed to own gold but the US controlled the price also. It was $35 an ounce. If you want to own gold or silver which is good, take physical posession of same and “bury in your back yard” because the day is coming soon when you will need it for barter. If they can do it to Money Market accounts, you can bet you sweet bippy they can confiscate your gold. See Article below.Also remember “eminant domain” they can even confinscate your land and home for whatever they want if you won’t accept their miserly payment.
      Money Market Funds Can Now Prevent Redemptions
      Tuesday, 02 Feb 2010 10:23 AM
      Article Font Size
      By: Dan Weil

      Be careful how much cash you put in your money market fund.

      The Securities and Exchange Commission has passed a new rule that allows the funds to prohibit redemptions in times of duress.

      A fund can now prevent people from taking their money out if three conditions are fulfilled:

      • The fund’s share price falls below the fund’s stable net asset value per share.
      • The fund’s board of directors approves liquidation of the fund.
      • The fund notifies the SEC of its decision to liquidate and suspend redemptions.
      The new rules are part of an SEC effort to strengthen money market funds in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. In September, 2008 the Reserve Primary Fund became only the third fund in history to break the buck – reduce its share price below $1.
      Investors in the fund then tried to exit en masse, and the fund suspended redemptions.
      Some investors are still trying to get their money back.
      “We understand that suspending redemptions may impose hardships on investors who rely on their ability to redeem shares,” the SEC wrote in explaining the rule.
      “Accordingly, our proposal is limited to permitting suspension of this statutory protection only in extraordinary circumstances.”
      The pundits at are aghast at the new rule.
      “The next time there is a market crash, and you try to withdraw what you thought was ‘absolutely’ safe money, a back office person will get back to you saying, ‘Sorry, your money is now frozen. Bank runs have become illegal,’” they wrote.

      The SEC’s approval of the new rule explains why money market rates are near zero, the Zero Hedge analysts say.

      “At this point, should there be another meltdown, money market investors will not, repeat not, be able to withdraw their money purely on the whim of (SEC Chairman) Mary Schapiro.”
      © Moneynews. All rights reserved.

      • Tom Schuckman

        Hi Sally,
        Thank you for bringing these important things to our attention.
        When I was laid off from Chrysler in 1989, I had a chance to get into Finance and Investments with PFS Investments/ Smith Barney, and thought the Mutual Funds were the best thing since sliced bread! And then a year ago the dirty truth about the sub-prime housing debacle [generally speaking] woke me up….sad and sorry, but I had already collapsed/ terminated most of my investments at that point. Many people, companies, and orgs were dirty that I used to love and respect. I call myself a Conservative biblical Christian and write a Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL, and I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.
        This subject is really an eye opener, IMHO. Thank you!

        Warm Regards,
        Tom S
        Heaven is my Home
        “Life is a Vapor” ~ James 4:14

        • Joe H.

          god bless you brother and welcome home!!!!

    • fightingman

      Only if the American people wake up and take back our country. Look there are only 454 people responsible for this mess, WAKE UP!!Vote them all out this November. It is our country that you have let go of by not taking a stand and letting these politician run over you. Thanks for the mess!! And for you out there that have been fighting and learning/ educating yourself on the truth of US government.
      I thank you.

      • denniso

        This event happened 36 yrs ago and it was in Canada,not here…yet you scorn our gov’t and president. And most here are off the edge of paranoia…

      • Dylan

        Fighting man;
        WHY would you want to vote them ALL out? READ THIS POST!
        Stephaan says:
        February 13, 2010 at 1:49 pm
        Voting out ALL incumbents is not such a great idea.
        ex: We have a Democratic Rep. in my state that is NOT anywhere close to being your typical liberal Democrat! He is a Constitutionalist, and has been all of his political life. He has championed citizens gun rights, lower taxes, and smaller government ever since he’s been in congress.
        How could we EVER replace him, and WHY would we EVER want to try? Who would we replace him with? Replace him with some “UNKNOWN & UNPROVEN” lying politician who claims to be for the people blah blah, and then find out he was lying during his campaign as soon as he casts his first anti-American vote in congress? I DON’T THINK SO!
        I would rather keep voting for a conservative that has proven his political beliefs with his votes, because I have SEEN HIS VOTING RECORD, AND I KNOW HE SUPPORTS A FREE AMERICA!!
        A politicians voting record is PROOF of what, and who he is! Just look at obamas voting record, and then look at the lies he told during his campaign. If EVERYBODY had done their homework on obama, HE WOULD NOT BE P.O.T.U.S. The information was out there about obama, it’s just too bad that not enough Conservative Americans did their homework. The same thing happened in 2006 when the liberal socialists got control of congress.
        I SAY KEEP ALL THE GOOD ONES, AND JUST WORK TO GET RID OF THE BAD ONES, AND EVERYBODY SHOULD ACTIVELY CAMPAIGN FOR THE ONES YOU LIKE, AND AGAINST THE ONES THAT YOU DON’T WANT, AND START RIGHT NOW! Contact your questionable Reps. and Senators now, and tell them that if they cast one liberal vote before November, they will be looking for work the day after the election. Concentrate on the worst ones first.
        There are good and bad ones in all three parties. Getting rid of the bad ones is a big enough job in itself. Ousting all incumbents is counter productive, and a waste of valuable time and resources.
        The same holds true for “TERM LIMITS’ on Congress.

      • Joyce

        We WILL take our country back in November, it is called the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT and it is growing real strong. You might want ot be at the Lincoln Memorial August 28, 2010 with the Glenn Beck group. I can’t be there because of other commitments but I am anxious to see how many millions of people show up.

  • Jake Reed

    I was a long-time subscriber to the Myers’ letter and remember when your father was incarcerated. It is shocking what happened back then in the age of the printed word.

    Given the growth of goverment and its capabilites with surveillance systems both overt and covert, I fear that those that oppose Big Goverment have even more to fear.

    • DaveH

      And now,
      I am seeing an increasing number of people who have been pulled over by unmarked cars. There is one account of a woman being chased down on a lonely road. She was afraid that it might be a red-light bandit and kept driving until the officer pulled around and in front of her car and then pulled her forcefully out of the car, hurting her in the process.
      These self-serving public officials don’t care a bit that they are just setting the public up for red-light bandits by getting them used to unmarked cars.

      • denniso

        Cops have done that sort of thing forever,it’s nothing new,but I know you want to blame Obama and the Dems for it. The aclu and other groups have fought police abuse for decades,usually w/o the help of the rightwingers,of course.

        • Swansong

          Denniso, honestly… Wake up to the fact that the core issue is Citizen against Government. You are a fool if every point you raise is partisan fingerpointing.

          The fact that politicians and Judges have migrated away from the constitution puts YOU and your family in jeopardy.

          You have to force these powerhungry idealogues back to the constitution – this government is decidedly anti-constitution, anti-citizen and anti-freedom.

          History shows this NEVER ended well in other countries. Try go read it….

  • Fearing Big Brother

    A true Orwellian tale. I think if people knew a fraction of what the goverment can and will do to silence its opposition, they would be outraged. CNN goes on and on about oppressive goverments run by foreign regimes (usually the enemy), but they fail to uncover what is happening at the behest of our own goverment and what it is doing to its own people.

    • Lena

      The saying is true: in France the goverment fears the people. In America the people fear the goverment. A story like this and it stands to reason.

      • s c

        In this matter, Lena, the French people are far smarter than Americans. We have truly been dumbed-down for many years by our so-called leaders, and those scum-suckers in DC know it.
        There is no point in having a government where the people fear its “leaders.” You’d think the French people are neck-deep in weapons, but that isn’t the case. Here, it will take a revolution or a series of disasters for Americans to make our ‘leaders’ fear us. The French (when it comes to government) are light years ahead of us. It’s a sad commentary on what’s what, but it’s the TRUTH.

        • Valverde

          The time is coming for an armed insurrection. BO and the government know this. That is why they have armed troops just waiting for the time they can pounce on American citizens and “teach them a lesson.” Have you heard any of BO’s mouthings lately. He is becoming belligerent when things don’t go his way. Makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with him? I have known since before the election that he was screwed up. There were just too many things that pointed to his unbalanced frame of mind. First of all was his belligerent holding on to abortion as governmental way of birth control. Also, his refusal to salute the American flag and his refusal to wear an American flag as a lapel pin. And more lately David Horowitz’s revelations of BO’s agenda as a revolutionary. We Americans have become a bunch of sissies. Where are our tar and feathers? The hotter the tar the better.

          • denniso

            OH MY GOD!!! Obama didn’t wear a flag pin!!! Now, if there was ever any reason for impeachment of the athletic,educated lawyer,this is it!! WE SHOULD PASS A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT TO FORCE EVERYONE TO WEAR A FLAG PIN!!! If we can’t even do that,then the country really has gone over to the devils of communism and it’s truely too late! I HUMBLY SUGGEST THAT ALL RIGHTWING NONOTHINGS GATHER AT AREA 51 IN NEVADA FOR AN INTERVIEW W/ THE UNDERGROUND ALIEN THERE. He alone will know what to do to save our great country from the true beast in the Whitehouse. HURRY,HURRY!!!

          • Gorba

            Denisso, you’ve missed the point. Stop focusing on the flag pin and watch the radical agenda coming out of the administration.

        • Bon, from the Land of Babble

          The French are in the process of losing their country. They are importing a massive, violent underclass that will soon overwhelm them due to their higher birthrates. England too–US too for that matter.

          Professor Lynn reports:

          ‘…The White [English] fertility rate is approximately 1.6 children per woman, while blacks and the Indians have about 30 percent more children than whites at 2.2 and 2.3. The Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Somalis have 5.0, more than three times the number of children as whites.

          The higher fertility of non-Europeans tends to decline in the second and third generations but not to the low level of whites.

          Fertility: Europeans Non-Europeans

          France 1.9 2.8

          Netherlands 1.7 2.5

          Sweden 1.5 2.3

          It’s only a matter of time before the ‘highly intelligent French’ who ‘understand inflation better than the Americans’ lose their country to those who have no respect for the Rule of Law, Free Speech, the Free Market, Women’s Rights–and will impose their own laws and religion on the populace of France, England and other European countries.

          The Price of Gold won’t matter by then…..


  • Robert

    This is a terribly sad story of a decent human being trying to help others and the government not liking it. If the government could do this type of injustice 30 some odd years ago, they can do it again. The US debt is so great that the government will need to do something. Obama has announced the hiring of additional IRS agents. Why? To conduct a witch hunt and confiscate Americans’ assets to pay the interest on the debt to the foreign countries that own it. May God look over Mr. Meyer’s family and protect them from any future government harrassments.

  • Pat Overbey

    What a horrible story & I 125% believe it could happen in the US.

  • DaveH

    We have a real big problem in this country. The Democrats don’t respect your ownership of property, and the Repubicans don’t respect your ownership of your body. We need a third party that respects both.
    Oh, wait, we do have that!

    Vote Libertarian:

    • Ed Poe

      You can vote Libertarian, but it will only elect a Democrat. We need conservatives in office.

      • DaveH

        We’ve gone that route for 70 years and where has it gotten us?
        Republicans have grown our Government also, albeit not as fast as Democrats. So, do we die the slow painful political death or the fast one?
        I will not ever throw away my vote on a Republican or a Democrat.

        • TeresaE

          Sorry, but after 8 years of Bush II, the Republicans can no longer stand on the smaller government platform.

          The Repubs are also the ones that “fixed” bankruptcy reform, which created the laws doubling our minimum monthly payments and allowing the banks to quadruple our interest rates on those paying their debts on time. How short our memories are.

          BOTH sides have dug this hole, to continue to point fingers along party lines just allows the plunder to continue unabated.

          • Vicki

            The Democrats were in charge of Congress in 2006-(??) When did those bank reforms happen? Not that I believe the Republicans are anything other than Democrat Lite but still. :)

          • TeresaE

            Vicky the Bankruptcy Reform Act and all the associated small business and middle class killing financial legislation was passed in 2005.

            The mandates didn’t happen (with minimum payments and interest rates) until November 2007. Funny that occurred exactly the month before this recession started.

            It isn’t a coincidence no matter how often the “experts” and my politicians tell me it is. These laws led directly to nearly $50 BILLION in interest being pulled from our bosses, and our homes, a MONTH. Any wonder why everything went to heck in ’08?

          • Valverde

            Republican? Democrat? Neither have anything to do with anything. It is time we quit looking at a political party to do anything but get in the way and contribute to politicians’ stealing. We need to start looking for honesty and integrity if we want our government to do anything buy be a big brother to spy on us and throw us in jail.

          • denniso

            Just curious,DaveH…but whatever we’ve done for the past 70 yrs, and I guess you mean since Roosevelt pulled us out of the Great Depression,haven’t we produced the richest country on the face of the earth,maybe in the universe? Didn’t we produce the largest and wealthiest middle class in history and send more kids to college than ever? Didn’t we win WW 2 and end the cold war and avoid nuclear annihilation all together?
            Oh,but I know what you mean…you mean the disaster of Cheny/Bush,the conservative whiz kids, and how they precipitated the largest economic collapse in,70 years. I think you need to be more honest w/ your little flock,DaveH…tell them that you don’t actually like conservatives,because they’re not libertarians.

        • s c

          DaveH, I’m not trying to be a pessimist, but it may be too late to ‘re-create’ America. The powers in DC will not let America have a functional third party. You should know that by now. That means we are forced to compensate any way we can for ‘leaders’ who will do ANYTHING to get and keep power. Even if obummer is another Carter (one term, and he’s GONE), America is infested with people who willingly surrendered to a welfare mentality.
          It is far worse than tragic that the Land of Lincoln [Illinois] gave us a sleazoid who idolizes saul alinsky and karl marx. We have to give ourselves more Washingtons and Jeffersons – whether we have any left or not. And since we have very little time left, I won’t hold my breath waiting for a GW or a TJ to materialize.

      • Vicki

        For most of my life I have been told that voting for a third party will only get the party I don’t like elected. For all of that time I foolishly believed them. And what I have gotten is the election of the party I did not like.

        Finally I have woken up. I vote only on principal now. For me that is the Libertarian party.

        • DaveH

          Thank you Vicki.

        • George

          I voted for Ross Perot on principle and got Bill Clinton. I’d have much rather gotten George Bush (Sr) instead. So, the lesson for me is to vote for the best candidate running for either the Republican or Democrat parties. If the Libertarian Party ever moves up to be a competitive party, then I’ll consider their candidate, but probably not before. Until then, I’ll probably just vote for the Republican candidate and do my best to influence Republicans to follow a conservative agenda.

          • denniso

            And George, your voting for Perot worked,didn’t it? You got Clinton,who got the economy booming and handed Shrub a 300 billion $$ surplus..exactly what you ‘conservatives’ want now,isn’t it? Oh, Clinton also kept us mostly at peace for 8 yrs…anything wrong w/ that record? Oh, I forgot another thing, Clinton bowed to the rightwing pressure and overhauled welfare,’saving’ billions of $$ of your taxes.

  • http://none Delores Smith

    Mr. Meyers,
    Thank you for sharing your terrible experience with us. It made me feel very sad.
    In my opinion, President Obama is deliberately collapsing our economy for purposes that are not in America’s best interests. I feel that Americans are wise to his tactics. One only needs to view his excessive spending to ask…WHY? He has surrounded himself with extreme radicals and underestimates the devotion that Americans have for our country. Mr. Obama,this is a message for you also. You said people should be transparent. Sir, you are VERY transparent. This is our nation, and we do not want it changed for your needs.
    I know your plan from beginning to its end. If I know it, millions of people are aware of it also. You’ve angered all groups of people, including me. However, this is an election year, and I look forward to taking out my anger at the polls to reconstruct our Congress while you continue to attempt to transform our government.
    Everytime you tell a lie, I get busy exposing it with facts.
    Mr. Myers, thank you you again for your tellings us your story.
    Delores Smith

    • John Myers

      Dear Ms Smith,
      Thank you for you kind words and thoughtful comments.
      John Myers

  • Susan

    Back in the 70′s These type of things could and did happen. I have absolutely no doubting. The Truth is that GOVERNMENT OUR GOVERNMENT has been taking charge of the People for years. In the 60′s the government had the Eminite domain laws and took House’s of people for building other buildings parking lotsand who knows what just that the States would say We will give you Blank amount because we have to have this property to improve the What? city town state coffers basically. Before this I cannot remember what years but FARMS FAMILY FARM’S had been BANKRUPTED, and Became Gov ernment OWNED in many cases run by the farmers that USED TO BE THE OWNERS of the very farm’s that now they were WORKING TO PRODUCE FOR the TRADEALSO comprmizing the ANIMALS HEALTH and eventually we the people have paid for CRAMPED, HOLDING PENS INSIDE BUILDINGS that NEVER ALLOW the ANIMALS outside TO GRAZE or EXERCIZE. CREATING poor CONDITIONS and MEAT that is not as HEALTHY FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION AS should be . In other words. WE the PEOPLE HAVE no LONGER HAVE any OWNERSHIP OF MUCH do we.. I have stated and known for alot of years, that THERE is no STOPPING the PROGRESSION OF any PEOPLE when the people ARE dictated to by their Governing Officials about WHAT they are allowed to do with their OWN PROPERTY such as FAMILIES, HOUSES, FARMS, OUR FAMILIES are not TO BE GOVERNMENT PROPERTY OWNED PEOPLE. YET LOOK at FAMILIES TODAY!! CHILDREN ARE RAISED not by a mother and father. they are IN day care babysitters care From the age of anywhere from Six weeks or less to the Graduation from High School. all Because the Economy has Created a NEED FOR BOTH PARENTS TO WORK leaving it up to the STATE and SCHOOLS TO BASICALLY SPEND most of the CHILDRENS LIVESWITH OTHERS NOT PARENTS.. I cannot believe the American People have not SEEN this BEEN TO BUSY trying TO SUVIVE in this world to Notrice what they now have. A SOCIALIST CONDITION THAT is NO MORE then like any other DICTATORSHIP of GOVERNMENT THAT means WE THE PEOPLE HAVE LITTERALLY ALMOST LOST ANY FREEDOMS WE HAVE HAD IN THE BEGINNING OF THIS COUNTRIES CONSTITUTIONAL BILL OF RIGHTS DICTATES AS THE FOUNDING FATHERS CAME HERE TO BE FREE FROM THE VERY THING THEY NOW ARE SO CLOSE TO HAVEING HERE COULD SAY MANKIND HAS ALMOST COME FULL CIRCLE. FROM one PLACE of BEING RULED BY A KING .and MONARCHY to another TIME OF being RULED BY ONE MAN RULE AGAIN BECAUSE that is what and how DICTATORS TAKE CONTROL getting WHERE. JUST one party RULES.. WE LOOSE THIS TWO PARTY SYSTEM OF THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE WE WILL NEVER EVER EVER GET OUR FREEDOM BACK… I LITTERALLY PRAY WE HAVE NOT GOTTEN TO THE POINT OF NO RETURN.. YET truly????? I have SERIOUS DOUBTS about OUR SOVEREIGNTRY as WE HAVE BEEN IN THE BEGINNING.. THIS TIME IS A VOLITAL TIME FOR ALL citizens of this Country along with Israel and the world as a whole.. WE have been the BEST OF THE WHOLE for a vERY LONG TIME. Because of PROGRESS THAT MUST BE. YET NOT ALL Progression is nor has been the RIGHT thing FOR WE THE PEOPLE or OUR COUNTRY. WE ARE very NEAR LOOSING ALL THAT the BLOOD HAS BEEN SHED FOR.. EVEN THE GOSPEL HOLY BIBLE HAS LOST MUCH OF THE PEOPLES CARE.. YET CHRIST JESUS STILL LIVES WITHIN HEARTS OF MANY CALLED CHRISTIAN.. CAN ANY OF THOSE AND WE CALLED CHRISTIAN SURVIVE IN SUCH A WORLD THAT HATES BOTH CHRISTIANITY AND THE JEWISH STATE OF ISRAEL??? this is the Question That WE AS AMERICA better be THINKING ABOUT WINNING THE WAR AGAINST TERROR.. IT TAKE MONEY WISDOM AND PERSEVERIANCEFRANKLY more KNOWLEDGE then EVEN BARACH OBAMA CAN DO BY HIMSELF.. THINK he wants to BE the only one to be Recognized for WINNING THE WAR when he has Told all OUR ENEMIES we are NOT a CHRISTIAN people????? This alone tells me he does not believe in the GOSPEL OF CHRIST JESUS. as THE CHRISTIANS have and do believe. THERE are many that would say we are not a Christian people. IF WE ARE NOT then WE all MUST BE ANTI-CHRISTS. I do not believe I CHOOSE TO BE CALLED NOR KNOWN AS BEING AN UNBELIEVER IN THE GOSPEL OF THE RISEN CHRIST .. Thanks anyway HE IS the WAY!! THAT is what I have HEARD BELIEVED and MANY OTHERS ALSO HAVE FAITH TO believe IN CHRISTIANITY.. GOSPEL, THE CROSS, AND THE TRUTH . THOSE that BLESS ISRAEL ,, SHALL BE BLESSED. THERE are enemies wanting the CITY of JERUSALEM, and THE JEWISH PEOPLE GONE!!! LIKE IT OR NOT . THE HEBREWS JEWISH PEOPLE ARE ISRAEL.. I NEVER NAMED THEM OUR LORD GOD HAS… THIS WAR.. MUST BE WON!!!! WITHOUT THE DESTRUCTION OF JERUSALEM OR THE DIVIDING THE CITY CAPITAL OF ISRAEL!!!. OR THE DEATH TO THE JEWISH PEOPLE a is wanted BY THOSE CALLED NAMED AND KNOWN as TERRORIST’S..I have not the answer. MAYBE NO MAN DOES… YET GOD ALMIGHTY has PROVEN times before HIS PEOPLE ISRAEL HE will GUIDE and PROTECT..

    • energystar13

      Susan, what is your main malfunction ? I respectfully suggest you start taking your meds again so you can begin to focus your thought process.

    • Earlw

      I hate to disillusion you, my dear, but the people of the STATE of Israel today are primarily made up of the descendants of Turkish-Uighur tribes from an area of eastern Europe known as Khazaria. The Khazarians CONVERTED to Judaism in approximately the 10th century and are known today as the ASHKENAZIM . They ARE NOT the seed (genetically) OF Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and therefore, are NOT Hebrew. One can be JewISH with out being Hebrew…..But they are not Jews! If you think I’m joking, Google “Khazaria”

      • http://Don'thaveone Sally

        You are half right. Those are the European Jews plus the Russian Jews. Jews from Russia have been moving into Israel by the droves in the last 10 to 15 years sponsered by many of the Christian Churches here in the states. One such representative is John Hagee Preacher of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. They are Jews – believe me!

  • John

    As I was reading an above post. Then thought of a comment one of our elected officials was making on television yesterday. He was talking about an illegal oppresive government and how people had been killed and imprisoned for speaking out against it. I had not heard the opening of his comments and started to wonder who he was talking about with such distain. He then mentioned Iran. I then thought how close this little speach came to representing so many other countries. Even our won here in the United States. Obama still has not produced the required USbirth certificate and has spent millions fighting this request. Why was he allowed to even be appointed to office. This was a requirement of running for office. Either do it or you can not run or be appointed as president. This only goes to show he does not have it or he would have provided it instead of spending millions to fight it unless he is just likes to waste money oh yeah look at was he has done for our economy. In which case I still do no think he is qualified to be president. All this goes to prove America is not much better than Iran. Political offices are for sale here. The terrorists and criminals in this country seem to have more rights then the citizens. Some Judges here go out of their way to rewrite the law s of our country. Others are to timid to stand up for their rights and what the laws and our constitution does mean. They then fall in line to enforce the new laws the liberals in this country are gradually using to destroy our country! Americans need to wise up speak up before it is to late. We have to elect people not because its cool or because he is so cute or the first woman that comes along. People need to vote based on what they will and try to do to protect our rights instead of big business and the rich.

  • James

    Our Constitution (Art. I, Sec. 8) says: “Congress shall have the Power To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures.” Back then, almost all of the ‘money’ in circulation was foreign gold and silver coins. The value of such coins was determined by weight, not by the words on them. Our transition to paper money was gradual, it started by gold owners using ‘promise to pay’ notes as money instead of actually transferring the gold. These notes gradually transformed into the federal reserve notes of today, with nothing but the ‘full faith and credit’ os the United States behind them.
    Recently, China exchanged some of her U.S. Treasury bills for some 6,000 gold bars, weighing 400 ounces each, and she asked that the purity and weight of these bars be verified. Four small holes were drilled into as many bars, and officials were shocked to find that the bar cores were Tungsten that had been plated with 24 karat gold veneer. Tungsten has almost the same molecular weight as gold, so without actual drilling and testing, the ruse would be undiscoverable.
    These bars have serial numbers which disclose when and where they were molded, it was determined that they were made in Fort Knox, Ky., in President Bill Clinton’s 2nd term. The number of these fake bars is now believed to be well over a million. For more info do a search for “fake gold bars in Fort Knox”.

    • David Hall

      But they (Government) don’t have the right to confiscate your gold and
      silver. But when has our Government cared about our rights, except for
      the civil-rights? When the Government gets ready for it, they’ll take
      it. And it want be nothing you can do, except like the gentleman above, Boo-hoo and write a book about it. Like, I wrote before, might
      be a little ahead of the game to sell your gold and buy you a garden
      spot, milk cow and keep your powder dry.

      • James

        David Hall, I agree. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had the possession of gold outlawed in 1933, and I would expect President Obama to do the same, FDR is his hero and inspiration.

  • libertytrain

    What a chilling story.

  • Roni Smith

    The above is the reason I have not been buying gold. The Gov’t has the right of seizure, and the companies have to keep records of sale, including Name, address, and amount purchased. This is the same as gun ownership. When the gun register was first started, they were only supposed to hold the records for 3 months and destroy them. At the end of three months they had changed the rules and began to hold them permanently.(It makes seizure much easier), but if anyone comes for mine, he will leave carrying some buckshot.Our President is illegal until he presents his birth certificate.

  • TeresaE

    There are many tales in similarity to this in the good ole’ USofA too. Sad days that so few CARE that we left the “direction” of our country a long time ago.

    For all those worried about gold confiscation I would give them one little piece of peace, the Fed will be confiscating our 401ks and IRAs first. There is already rumor of forced conversion to US bonds.

    What a great scam. If it happens you can be sure of a couple things, they won’t do it until after the stock market crashes (thus we will be scared and our retirements devastated) and right before the bond market collapse, which is coming in one form or another.

    Until WE THE PEOPLE, quit asking the government to “save us,” “protect us” and “punish” others, this is just going to continue snowballing.

    We haven’t been “free” in decades, the reality is just now hitting some of us.

  • J R

    Thank your Mr Meyers for the truth you shared with us. Recently one financial counselor has stated that the government exempts Collector Coins from their seizure plans. Who really knows what any government will do in a crisis, even one they have made themselves.

    It looks like we’ve been had in a multiplicity of serious matters.

    Susan correctly identified a litany of situations which adversely affect America. We can all point out the problems. The trouble is there are few willing to accept sensible solutions even when offered.
    Live for today and be prepared to stand a little straighter tomorrow.

    • John Myers

      You are welcome JR and thank you for reading what I wrote. Thanks to all of you who took the time to make your comments.
      John Myers

  • Josie60

    Many are still deaf to the possibility that it can and does happen. There are more and more signs everyday of what has really been going on and this is very much possible. I just can’t reason or understand any government or people anywhere that want to make things harder on others – why? Everyone does better when people thrive. So why is this going on? Is it just to control – then for what? To make slaves out of people? I just don’t get it.

    • DaveH

      Power and Control. The leaders usually do well even in bad economies. So why should they care about the rest of us?

  • Rebecca

    The old saying goes … “Power corrupts, and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely”! Well, Absolute Power has been the agenda of progressives in America since the early 1900′s with Woodrow Wilson and Taft … and the power grab has accelerated in the past year. Progressives are in both parties; Republicans and Democrats. We must vote these people out of office and pray for God-fearing, servants of the people to get involved in running for office; so we can make a good choice in casting our vote.

    God Bless the Meyers family … a sad commentary indeed!

  • sue hoff

    When we can stand up for this country’s constitution, a revolution should occur if we truly wish to save our country- it is up to our generation to save the next- we have NO EXCUSE any longer – the ole days of living life are over unless we ALL wake up and take responsibility for what is happening in this country. MARXISM, SOCIALISM, COMMUNISON or worse is working against us now.; WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

    • denniso

      Hey, the Saints won!!!

  • Timothy

    Vote Ron Paul,I understand he strictly wants We the People to live by Our Constitution The illegal immigrant living in the Whitehouse wants OUR HOUSE,all 50 rooms,(states) to live under a socialist system,foreign money got him elected,Come November lets take back OUR HOUSE from Maine to California to Florida to Washington state and D.C.

  • lofasz

    What a shame that the people posting, have such a dispariging view
    of our government. For your information folks, there are some
    550+ hardworking brilliant people in the Congress and Senate of the
    USA. They selflessly toil day and night and serve the populace
    ar rhe cost of their own free time, lives with family, and other
    diversions which we all enjoy. It is done for us.
    In this age of “heroes” there really should be a designation “HofR”
    which means HERO of the REPUBLIC would be given to all serving and retired members in appreciation of what they have done and what they’re going to do. The designation should be accompanied with
    a cash honorarium of at least $50,000. yearly as well as a gold
    medal so that recipients can wear.

    • DaveH

      Anybody have a bag? I’m feeling a little queasy.

      • Joe H.

        DaveH, I’m downright SICK!!!!!

    • Mike

      And all the sheep go “baaah, bahhhaaa”

      • David Hall

        Oh! I agree, plus the little pigs, (Liberals) will SQUEAL!


      Lofasz, which Senator are you married to? I hope your post was your way of telling a joke! Either that or your head is as empty as your 401K.

    • Vicki

      Usually interns are paid a stipend while they learn. They chose the work so they must have liked the pay. Oh wait you don’t mean those elected busybodies that spend all their time in closed door meetings deciding how to spend our money. Whining when someone addresses them with a title other then the title of nobility (Senator) that they demand. Silly you. They haven’t worked in years. Look at the mess the Government is in. If I worked that well I would have been let go in 3 months. Or less.

    • JannyP

      LOFASZ, you are being sarcastic, right?! I DO NOT want these selfish,
      lazy “heros” doing anything for me, let alone making decisions. We should be thankful that, in your words, “it is done for us?” Are we
      still a FREE COUNTRY or not??? Do we still have the power over our own
      destiny??? PASS THE GAG BAGS – Thank you.

    • james

      i am trying to find the sarcasm here, wait it must be its entire content. if those third rate circus clowns (all 550) were that concerened with the usa they would move to impeach and remove this abusive theif in chief. he has stolen far more than bernard madoff with his governmental theft of gm and chrysler from their original shareholders and the additional theft from the privatly owned individuall dealerships, even worse is he continues to steal from the u.s. taxpayer to keep those failures funded. why did no one investigate if the dealers that were closed sold mostly environmentaly unfreindly vehicles? speaking of madoff i hope everyone sees that the reason he thought he could get away with it was since he was an inside man with the gov before, he knew the scam the gov itself is running. everyone should be very suspicious they allowed his wife to remain free not out of compassion but for neffarrious purposses. just let your immagination run wild with possible mentally torturous senarios

      • denniso

        James…again you intentionally forget that your hero Reagan bailed out Chrysler 30 yrs ago. If a ‘legend’ like Reagan can do it,why are you so irate that Obama has done the same…this time in the interest of saving the country from the largest depression ever. Oh,that’s right,you hate Dems…

    • George

      No Way! These scum bags call themselves public servants, but they give themselves raises when the rest of us are struggling to get by. They give themselves pensions, health care, and other lavish benefits, and spend our money on all sorts of useless things just to get personal recognition and re-elected. I’ll tell you who the real public servants are. They’re our military personnel. These guys put their lives on the line for us every day, and get paid squat. On top of that, they don’t get great veterans benefits either.

      • George

        Oh yes, don’t forget they’ve spent us into oblivion creating a public debt that we’ll never get paid off. In the process, they’ve stolen the excess funds from the Social Security System, and created the Medicare and Medicaid programs which are rapidly going into the red, and probably can’t be sustained with the benefits promised. Oh, but they’re so concerned that they want to take $500B from the Medicare budget and add 30 million new people to the program. These “heroes” are just about to kill our country with all these heroic actions……

  • Franklin Halves

    Thank you Mr. Myers for sharing this tragic story.
    Some things going for Americans today as compared to 1974 include the speed and widespread dissemination of information compared to 35 years ago. So unless the government can shut down the internet and cable tv networks, americans across this country would soon hear of our government’s nationwide attempt to steal private property.

    American homes in most red-state homes commonly have one or more guns per family. I’m not at all certain that the national guard or sheriffs’ departments will fire on their own organized, united citizenry … as the national mood becomes increasingly steeled against government tyranny.

    The Brits turned in their guns which were cut up and smelted. Australian citizens have turned theirs in to the government as well.
    Americans I pray will not be so irresponsible. Which is probably another good reason for every citizen, no matter how you feel about gun ownership, to become a dues-paying member of the NRA.

  • Mike

    Wow! I’m amazed at how many people now have their eyes opened to what’s going on in DC (not comics, but Washington). I had almost lost faith in the intelligence of everyday Americans, mostly due to all that Obama-mania hype during President Osama’s candidacy.

    And then there’s people like my father-in-law. He’s one of those die-hard Rush Limbaugh republiscams who would say to me “if you don’t like this country then get out”. Of course my reply would be “I do love this country, I just don’t like what our government has been doing to it (and neither would our founding fathers).” And then I would be tempted to tell him “But it’s okay. You can go ahead and stick your head back in the sand, toss more stones at the demoncrats, and wave your little American flag and we’ll keep pretending all is well.”

    What a great relief to find this forum and the people on it with their eyes opened. Didn’t think the numbers were that high.

    • DaveH

      Glad to have you on board Mike.

    • denniso

      Mike…so many people on board w/ their eyes opened?? Are you serious?
      So,maybe there are,what,50,60 people posting here. 90% of these are paranoid blowhards who like to threaten their president and other leaders…boy,I’m impressed!!

  • Charley


    If you are not outraged by what is going on in DC, then you are not paying attention.

    • Mike

      Sometimes it’s easier or less scary not to.

    • David Hall

      Or possibly be BRAIN DEAD! Yeah, Obama, REALLY KNOWS what to do to
      save our dollar and economy. The other day at the town-hall meeting,
      Obama told us, American people to tighten-up our belt, for our children to maybe go to college and STAY ALL OF VEGAS, in other words,
      for those who are BRAIN DEAD, (STOP THE SPENDING)!!! Obama, is like the pot calling the kettle, black. He’s spending our money, our kids
      money and grand-kids money. Obama, knows exacting how to do and what to do, to get us, Americans on our knees. Like, they say, NEVER LET A

      • DaveH

        That is what Jimmy Carter said after he and his Democrats ruined our economy in the late 1970s. He said we would have to “tighten our belts”.

        Here is the (nicknamed) “Malaise Speech” given by Jimmy Carter in 1979. Keep in mind that one year later, Ronald Reagan was elected and shortly after, by reducing energy regulations dramatically, he was able to get rid of the energy shortage that Carter said could only be addressed by energy rationing and other drastic Government controls:

        • DaveH

          Especially pay attention to all the Double-Speak in his speech.

        • Valverde

          He even sounds vaguely like his son and buddy BO or rather, vice versa. Just goes to show, neither of them know a damn thing about managing anything, yet they presume(d) to tell everyone else what to do. Typical liberal management. A very good definition of a liberal: Someone who lives to be able to tell others what to do, yet do none of themselves.

          • David Hall

            Now, W—A—I—-T, a minute, Messiah Obama, was a G–R—E–A–T!
            Community Organizer, back in thug land, da hood! Give him a chance!
            Look what Jimmy Carter did, and he was nothing but a peanut farmer.
            I mean, after all ain’t these Terror attacks, ecomonic colapse, and
            dirty, dirty air we’re breathing, Bush’s fault?









  • Mike

    So here’s a question: How much of this is President Osama controlling? Or is he just another puppet like King George was?

    • Valverde

      Either way, something stinks to high heaven in Washing-town,PC. Either BO is a stinking puppet or he is a no guts weasel. I don’t want either one as my president.

    • Don

      I suggest you watch the documentary video “Obama’s America 2016″ and you will have an insight of him. He is a sly people manipulating Anti American, Britian and Isrial (spelling ?) who wants to destroy us.

  • nolan

    Let’s go………

  • Bon, from the Land of Babble

    Wonderful article, Mr. Myer. I plan to save it on my hard drive for future reference and to remind myself of the power of the government–Canadian, US or otherwise.

    I’ve been warned to remove anything in bank safety deposit boxes. The US government has already confiscated gold once and I believe it’s a matter of time before it happens again. A poster on AmRen wrote to me about a company that installs under-the-floor floor safes that cannot be detected by metal detectors.

    Might be a good place to store gold coins and weapons as well–safe from prying government eyes and also when the riots start due to hyper-inflation making food extremely expensive or scarce.

    Remember always Government = Force.


    • David Hall

      Well Boss, when I read you comment, I thought that was a good idea, but I’m sure the Gov. thinks so too after reading it. That’s why many people on here are very cautious, or scared of stating their full name. They know, Big Brother is watching, reading, and tracking, us,
      probably as much or more, than terrorists. Me personally, I could care
      less, that’s why I give my full name.

      • Bon, from the Land of Babble

        “…They know, Big Brother is watching, reading, and tracking, us, probably as much or more, than terrorists…”

        Oh Wow Dave! Wow! Could that possibly be true? Could our benevolent government possibly be spying on its citizens? Wow! I never thought of that! The Libertarians keep telling us that the government is filled with bumbling fools, so how could that be? You mean the government is violating my ‘Right to Privacy’ laid out in Roe v. Wade?

        Wow! That means my family member, who works as a highly-paid, freelance IT security trouble shooter, is right! He’s been telling me for years and years and years that the government is tracking us, following us on line, knows what sites we visit, knows who we are.

        I never did believe him until you enlightened me here.

        I was sure the following was a hoax (I work in education, this is an article by one of my colleagues and happened this past week):

        “…I was removed from my classroom today — and put in handcuffs in front of my students… There is no district property in my backpack, just my personal and highly sensitive files, and the school official goes through it all. Do I have 4th Amendment rights or am I to be treated like a student in loco parentis?…”

        His sin? Running a blog highly critical of the school district and school officials. Meanwhile, kids and teachers watch porn, some hard-core, during school time, on school computers and no one cares–district filters do not stop them. He was told by the union lawyer that he would probably be fired.

        Do you think the government will come for my guns and gold too, Dave? Could the government possibly be keeping track of who is buying guns and gold? Wow! Never thought our government ‘by the people, and FOR the people’ would ever do that!

        They would never demand that I turn over my guns to them would they? They do respect The Second Amendment, don’t they Dave? They’d never break down my door to get my gold would they, Dave? They’d never confiscate anything in my bank safety deposit boxes would they? Well, they can’t now because I’ve cleared them out and hidden the contents deep in my garden–guess I was foolish to do that.

        Better dig it up and hand over my gold and silver coins to the nearest government agent and turn my guns into the police–after all, they’ll protect me, won’t they, if I need them? And if not, the government will certainly come to my rescue, won’t they Dave? What do I need guns and gold for anyway! The government and police will take care of me!

        And come to think of it, I guess I’ll start liquidating my stockpile of food, water, food, ammunition, medicines, fuel and anything else I’ve cached for when the economy collapses and anarchy and violence reign. I guess I was foolish to spend all that time making sure I and my loved ones are prepared for the coming total financial collapse.

        All of it useless. After all, those nice guys in the media keep telling us that the economy is improving, the dollar is ‘stabilizing’, and employment figures are rising–Great News! They wouldn’t be lying, would they Dave? No, couldn’t be! Why would those reporters in the media–ALL of them–lie to the American people about the financial condition of the economy? They know more than Harry Browne, Lee Bellinger, Bob Livingston and Richard Maybury put together,don’t they?

        I’ll leave with this quote by Harry Browne, the late, great Libertarian leader:

        “Handguns are a girl’s best friend!”

        Spread the Word

        Bon, but you can call me ‘Boss’

        • David Hall

          WOW! BOSS, you told me a thang or two, or three. You got me! GREAT
          COMMENT BACK! I’m going to go and count my bullets and wait on Big
          Brother. Thanks for letting me call you Boss, Boss.

  • Brad

    I think we may have already seen our last election here in the USA, otherwise why would the Dems. be so brazen? They are still ignoring the people who put them in office. I think we will see some national emergency before the November electins allowing the president to suspend elections forever. Might need gold, silver and lead then.

  • Bill Clarkson

    As I was getting ready to insert my comment, I had to pause to ID myself in order to be known to USG officials (czars) and decided to coat my words in honey so that they taste better when Uncle’s minions come to make me eat them. I have known for some decades that any government will come for any citizen speaking unapproved words to an apathetic group of people to prevent increased attention by those same sheeple to the increased reduction of their rights as citizens. WAKE UP!!!!!!! ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are all frogs in a pot of very warm water. Soon the lid will be clamped down and the heat ramped up to a boil resulting in us getting our asses cooked. Let the music play on. Pay attention to your surroundings. Get prepared for whats coming under this presidency.

    • denniso

      You’re paranoid dude. The gov’t has had a variety of controls on the citizens for as long as the country has existed,it’s nothing new w/ this president. Cheny/bush went much further along the totalitarian path than anyone sonce the equally paranoid tricky Dick. It’s a constant struggle to maintain freedom,but you guys gave Cheny a free pass for 8 yrs because he’s a rightwinger,and now you are ranting that Obama is the devil.

    • LOFASZ

      BINGO, Bill !

  • Charley

    No Denniso.
    Bush/Cheny was the problem also, its just that Obama is moving it along twice as fast. Cheny is member of CFR and a part of the One world Gov. plan just like Bush and most of the rest.

  • Freelancelot

    (comment removed for offensive content)

  • Henry Ledbetter

    I agree with Charley and as a nation we have been moving toward a one world government for many years. As I see it, we need God’s Wisdom in days like these as ultimately He is the only one that can undo man’s folly of seeking a new Babel. In America we were endowed by Our Creator with certain inalienable rights but we have pretty much lost these since evolution has replaced God as our Creator.

  • Robert

    we thought that we knew better than God and our founging fathers. we really messed things up. we now trust in man and government masters. we have made them gods. We now know God knows best and we better follow his rules. The constitution has good pathways to get to the right roads to live . let us all strive to return to the constitution , its not perfect but it is pretty dam good compared to anything else.

  • Robert

    sorry i ment founding fathers not founging fathers.

  • Clinton Kimberling

    If you think I look good now, you should see me with the lights off.


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