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The War On Error

April 26, 2012 by  

The War On Error
Did you hear the news? The War on Terror is over. It's time for a ticker-tape parade.

All right, all you fearmongers, war profiteers, chicken hawks, anti-Muslim bigots and conservative riffraff: You are all welcome to return to the humdrum drone of your daily existences. Despite your intransigence, your racism and your willingness to endanger the future of the world in favor of gross partisanship, President Barack Obama has finally delivered on that Nobel Peace Prize he won a few years back. That’s right, you right-wing curmudgeons: Thanks to Obama, peace is at hand.

In a Monday article in National Journal, a senior Obama flunky announced: “The war on terror is over.” While I’m sure you share my amazement that such an enormously important revelation was left to some State Department sock puppet as opposed to a bells-and-whistles Rose Garden press event, you should be less interested in who rang the bells of peace and more interested in why the announcement hasn’t been trumpeted across the proverbial rooftops of the world.

Surely, Obama — rocked as he is by a proliferation of scandals — would be loath to pass up an opportunity to play tough guy with the eyes of the world upon him. Bolstered by corporate media coverage that comes in somewhere between “fawning” and “restraining order,” Obama gravitates toward smiling photo ops the way Michael Moore gravitates toward Crisco. Granted, announcing victory in the War on Terror isn’t as cool as — say — dinner with Oprah Winfrey. Nonetheless, declaring an end to the threat posed by the suicide bomber set has to rank up there in liberal fantasies with free attendance at a Bill Ayers bomb-making seminar.

Surely, Obama wouldn’t delegate to some Foggy Bottom functionary the responsibility of declaring an end to the threat posed by subhuman savagery of the Islamofascist death cultists after decades of hijackings, kidnappings and bombings. After all, an almost-blind item in a magazine article isn’t likely to swing back the millions of voters who have abandoned Obama in recent months. Plus, if Obama passes on the presser, then the first lady loses a built-in excuse for a new wardrobe.

Surely, the random acknowledgement of the end of the defining conflict of our age wasn’t merely some cynical political gamesmanship — a test balloon to see if Americans would buy such nonsense, re-visualize Obama as some sort of wartime savior and forgive the disgrace he has heaped upon us during his occupation of the White House. Furthermore, if Obama and his minions did decide to sneak a major change in terror policy (from “Islamofascist are bad” to “What Islamofascists? You mean Akbar? He’s just misunderstood”) past the voting public, then the anonymous State Department mouthpiece who declared the War on Terror as finished as John Edwards’ chances of winning another election had better start watching his back.

Surely, Obama didn’t deliberately mute the announcement in order to shade a direction in policy away from Islamofascists who promise action-film deaths for everyone who opposes burqas, clitoridectomies and honor killings and toward patriots who commit the unpardonable sin of opposing Obama. Just because legions of Obama’s Democratic co-conspirators have traded in focus on Shariah proponents for focus on the Tea Party and the National Rifle Association doesn’t mean that the President has shifted his watchful gaze from real terrorists to a ludicrous target, does it? For example, even the most unhinged liberal recognizes that an Islamofascist with a brick of Semtex and a dream is more dangerous than a 4-year-old girl from Montana, right?

And surely Obama isn’t leaking out some of sort of stealthy olive branch to the rising Islamofascists in the Mideast. We know that Obama would never sell out the safety and security of millions of people in order to appease the twisted sensibilities of sand-pounding lunatics, don’t we?

There is good news, however. Since the War on Terror has concluded, our men and women in uniform can pack their gear and head home. The Transportation Security Administration can discontinue its air passenger molestation program. The five dozen or so unmanned drones peeking at us from above can be redeployed somewhere more worthwhile than the skies over Gadsden, Ala.

Because surely Obama isn’t lying about victory in the defining conflict of the new millennium in an effort to rescue his fading electoral hopes, right?

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Harold Olsen

    So, the War on Terror is over. Do the terrorists know that? A few years ago, on our local Public Acces Channel here in Seattle, someone, claiming to be an American born Israeli but looked more like an Arab, said there was no War on Terror because Al-Qaeda did not exist. Bush and Cheney just made them up so they’d have an excuse to go into Iraq and Afghanistan. Her proof that they didn’t exist. If they existed, we’d be able to find them, but since we can’t find them it means they don’t exist. By that logic, Jimmy Hoffa and Amelia Ehrhardt never existed because we can’t find them either. Whenever lefties speak they have a tendancy to display their stupidity and ignorance.

    • The Professor

      Preach it Harold, preach it!
      Amen Brother!

      • Suncoast

        I am so glad to hear that the war is over. NOW we can get rid of the TSA (Thousands Standing Around) and they can go to work for the IRS since it needs some 16,000 extra agents under Zero care. Both TSA and the IRS have the same mind set and intellect, so they should fit right in.

    • Flashy

      looking at it historically, there never was a heightened terror threat. Admit it folks, if 9/11 never occurred, we’d not have the surveillance and privacy intrusions initiated by Bush II/Cheney. Because of their incompetence, a group of thugs managed to get lucky and make headlines. And yes, 9/11 was sheer incompetence on the part of the Bush II administration coupled with a group of thugs getting a lucky break.

      So the Bush II admin hyped fear and hate and ignorance and sold it. And y’all bought it, and are still buying it.

      Look at history. There have always been terrorists. It’s nothing new. It’s nothing that just ‘popped up’ out of thin air. And we’ve always held true to human rights and basic legal constitutional aspects and brought them to justice.

      but fear is the bread and butter of the controllers for the Right. they count on the rabid Right to denigrate and yell down reasoned opinion, and they count on the huff and puff exclamations of bravado to hide the lack of testicular backbone and that, when it comes down to brass tacks, the rabid Right will cower in their homes with their guns, and accede in agreement when the Constitution is called “quaint’ and the Atty general legitimize Gitmo and torture by stating there wasn’t a direct reference to ‘habeus’ in the Constitution (Gonzalez, 2006).

      Crystal states it is the cause of the Moderate and Progressive American that is the causation of the privacy issues. How convenient he forgets where the true and real blame lies.

      • votedagainstcarter


        Boy do YOU have your RECTALHAT on real tight today.

        Might want to wipe that brown stuff off your chin again.

        Silly LIBRATARD.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        It was the REPUBLICANS that passed the NDAA….remember that

        Now why would a republican vote to give a president that they supposedly denounce such unlimited power and usurp the constitution in the process?

        9/11 is still not settled….looks more like an inside job with Mossad than terrorist

        Dancing Israelis and Netayahu proclaiming how much it helped Israel.

        The jury is still out until a real investigation explains a lot of things.

      • Islandwish

        But 9/11 DID occur and killed 3000 innocent Americans so don’t pretend to undermine the War on Terror. It still exists and will continue to as long as there are Muslims extremists alive. This particular Muslim in the White House will say and do ANYTHING to get elected and lying is a part of his everyday schedule. I wouldn’t trust him to say if the sun is shining.

        • Gea

          It is US misfortune to have a Commander in Chief who behaves more like a Caliph in Chief and by his catering to Islamiasts, such as Muslim Brotherhood and Taliban, he is endangering not only US Soldiers but US and Western Civlization since it emboldens the terrorists under the guise of “Islam as a peaceful religion”. Anybody who had read Koran, hadith and the history of Islam and Muhomed KNOWS that it is the most violent ideology in history that conquered by sward.

          Saudis practice medieval evil sharia, where they behead witches, stone adulteresses, hang gays, lash women for driving or not wearing hijab and murder people for “blasphemy”, I,e, telling truth about Muhamed who was a pedophile polygamist (married Aisha, one of his 12 wives, when she was 6 and he was 51) and a murderer, responsible for a gruesome murder (by beheading) of 900 Jews from Medina who would not take him as THEIR prophet This man would be locked up for life in ANY normal society, but is taken as a role model by 1,400 MILLIONS of Muslims around the world, 20% of them ready to murder and die for Allahu Akbar. Islam itself is the root cause of terrorism and MUST reform to make it compatible with the US Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

          Obama cannot help his symphaties for Islam, Koran and bowing to Suadi king, whose citizens committed 9/11, because he was raised in Indonesia (from age 6-10) as a Muslm boy. His claim of Christianity is doubtful, considering that he publicly mocked Bible and belonged to a racist church of Jeremiah Wright, whose view of 9/11 was just as delusional as those of Islamists…he blamed US for all the problems of the world.

      • Brad

        Flashy you give your guns over to the Odrama natzis and leave us fellow patriots alone to defend our friends and families with our constution and second amendment. Go screw yourself liberal idiot.

      • Flashy

        Brad…i wouldn’t trust you to be at my back in any situation involving my safety. Time after time it’s usually the ones who scream about needing a gun for safety are those that run when the going gets tight. This isn’t a gun rights issue.

        it’s Bush II/Cheney being told, straight up told, bin laden was the most dangerous person to the US out there. It’s about Bush II resuming aid to Afghanistan in July ’01 which had been cut off by Clinton three years earlier because of support for terrorist groups. it’s about the administration neglecting the numerous warnings leading up to 9/11. And it’s about the hyped fear and anger they fomented afterwards for years to garner the support of the extreme Right and American Taliban in order to yell down any rational questioners.

        Y’all talked the talk about fighting for Rights…yet when the time came to take a stand, y’all bravely cried for ‘safety” at the expense of the Constitution.

        Now that the hype is over with and the truth is apparent and you’re all safe … you whine and complain and act tough again. Jeesh ….

      • Steve E

        The Japanese only kill 2500 people at Pearl Harbor. That’s less than it was than 9/11. That means that we should not have gone to war with Japan either.

      • Vicki

        Rhonda Reichel says:
        It was the REPUBLICANS that passed the NDAA….remember that

        Really? that is going to be news for Harry Reid. He thought he was a Democrat. And I am sure that obama will disagree with you. He has always been a democrat.

        So what was it you were to remember again?

      • Flashy

        Vicki…as you well know, the provisions which codifies indefinite military detention without charge or trial into law for the first time in American history was insisted upon by the house GOP, and was a last minute insertion into the Defense Appropriations Bill. It was opposed by the Dems. Had the bill not been passed when it did, the paychecks and funding for our military would have expired within something like 48 hours if memory serves correct.

        The house GOP waited until it would have created a crisis NOT to pass the bill and then played games and inserted that atrocious clause.

        President Obama signed the NDAA, and immediately signed a presidential directive that he would not recognize nor enforce that clause.

        Those are the facts.

        Since the NDAA is an annual appropriations, once this year passes, that clause will no longer be in effect and hopefully we can get rid of the obstructionists in the House and get some work done rebuilding this nation after the Conservative did their best to wreck it.

        but you knew this already…correct?

      • securityman

        flashy, you are still an “IDIOT”

      • Wyatt

        As usual Flasher you are mis-informed and as always , spreading mis-information . The fact is 9/11 did happen and it was orchastraited by a gang of Islamic fanatics headed by Bin Laden . And it happened for the simple reason that Bill Clinton chose to ignore all the warnings given him after the attacks on th USS Cole and US and British Embassy’s in Kenya (hmm , Kenya ?) and the World Trade Ctr bombing attempt .

        Clinton was given all the intel , and was told who was behind it all . He was also told that Bin Laden was located in a hunting camp and that he was targeted by a US Sub with a cruise missle but refused to act . Just as he decided to bug out after the Somolia Black Hawk incident leaving the bodies of dead rangers behind violating Ranger Code . “Everybody Goes Home !”

        Barry O has been kissing Islamic ass for the past three and one half years and now declares victory ? What a load of crap that is ! It is simply convenient for him to start pulling troops out of the middle east so he can wage war on the citizens of the US. He has been stepping up attacks on our Constitution and implimenting his tolitarian authority and will on America . And I hate to inform you Flasher , when he starts rounding up people for his FEMA Gulags , you’ll be in there like the rest of us .

      • Gina Richardson

        Is this the 10th year of the war on terror, or is the the 1400th year of Islamic war on ‘infidels’? Such a narrow focus, dude. The real problem, disregarding any and all side issues, is the fact that we have to deal with people who think we should submit or be killed. I myself am neither right nor left, but I’ll say this; It is ‘the left’ who kiss the @sses of Islam and PC, and that is pure idiocy.

      • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

        To Flashy @ 9:45 a.m. You better pray you don’t get me to watch your back if SHTF and the war comes to our shores because you’d end up being one of the first casualties of war. I don’t discriminate between nationalities. If you’re an enemy of America you bite the bullet.

      • Opal the Gem

        Everyone rememeber Flushy is a verbose preveracator who has absolutely no credibility.

      • independent thinker

        “Y’all talked the talk about fighting for Rights…yet when the time came to take a stand, y’all bravely cried for ‘safety” at the expense of the Constitution.”

        Once again ole Flashy lies. I and many other posters here opposed the un-patriot act from the beginning. One thing to remember Flashy If just a handfull of democrat senators had opposed the partiot act it could not have passed for the republicans did not have a filibuster proof majority in the senate.

      • Vicki

        Flashy also conveniently forgets that the democrats had 2 FULL years of total control including the presidency to get rid of the Patriot Act if they really wanted to.

      • vicki

        Flashy writes about the NDAA2012 trying to blame Republicans.
        It was opposed by the Dems.

        They didn’t try all that hard. 93 of them voted for it in the House. It passed the Senate where they have an easy majority still. Their candidate for President SIGNED it while he was acting as President.

        With that kind of opposition who needs enemies.

      • vicki

        Flashy again offers his opionion without facts claiming them to be facts by writing:
        President Obama signed the NDAA, and immediately signed a presidential directive that he would not recognize nor enforce that clause.

        Well lets look at the facts and see.

        Why am I not surprised that flashy’s fast factoids are not. :)

      • Mark Rybeck

        You forgot 1 thing not so flasky, the muslims attacked NYC in ’93 with slick willy running the show.

    • Bobalus

      Hi Harold,
      Reference to “They didnt find any , so they don’t exist…”
      just an observation, the neo cons used the same reasoning for the Russian star wars project. No body found anything – so that proved they were in posession of a super weapon and were hiding it”
      …and wasn’t there that thing about “Weapons of Mass Destruction” that nobody ever found even after the war in Iraq sort of finished?

      Sort of difficult to find any real truth
      guess we just have to stay sheeple

      • Steve

        Maybe no nukes, but seems like we sure did find the mass graves where he used biological WMD on his own country. Did he have them? Sure looks like it to me.

        Problem there was we waited long enough dancing with the UN before going in it gave them time to dispose of everything. After all the UN and the left do everything they can to embarrass the US at any cost. That is called political positioning. One has to wonder what the real agenda is.

        Remember some history folks. How about back the 67 war when every Muslim nation around Israel attacked. It was over in 7 days and Israel won. Now that’s the way to fight a war.

        Always remember who the aggressors were in that one, and who attacked who.

      • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

        Speaking as someone who worked in the community we eventually discovered it was an intentional misinformation campaign by Saddam. Even his own generals believed they had a nuclear weapons program. We found out after the fact that Saddam’s line of reasoning on his misinformation approach was….”if the U.S. believes we have WMD capability then they wouldn’t risk attacking us. If they do attack, they will discover we don’t have such a capability in which case the international community will side with Iraq and I (Saddam) will be viewed as a victim being bullied by the great Satan called the U.S. and if when I am killed in the process (he actually believed he would be one of the first casualties) I will become a martyr as a result.” This was the mentality we were dealing with. And let’s not forget that Saddam had been stonewalling and flat out refusing access by U.N. inspectors (which he agreed to in the first place) for several months prior to our going in. Finally, as a last resort he was given an ultimatum shortly before Christmas time….to give a full report detailing all weapons programs that was to be delivered by the end of the year or suffer the consequences. Bush, by the way, had the approval of Congress and the U.N. to go in if he did not comply with the request. Well he refused and Bush held to his word. And unlike the poser in chief we currently have occupying what used to be a pristine example and symbol of America but is now nothing more than an Out House filled to the brim with crap, Bush didn’t apologize for his decision. Nor did he need to.

    • Average Joe

      “Whenever lefties speak they have a tendancy to display their stupidity and ignorance.”

      How to metaphorically bury a Liberal

      1) Invite the Liberal on your radio show,TV show or blog site.

      2) Hand them a shovel

      3) Watch

      4) Applaud.

      5) Make sure you get the shovel back.

    • Brad

      Flashy you would be wise not to trust me I am atrigger happy conservitive and liberals will be my hunt, Especially little morons like you bitch.

    • joe1cr

      This is great news, isn’t it? If the “War on Terror” is over, then we can repeal and reverse all the ridiculous police state laws that were put in place to protect us from terrorism… right?

      I mean, can we now fire the TSA? They were only put in place after the “terror” attacks on 9/11. If the war on terror is over, the TSA is no longer needed (even if you assume they were effective at all, which they weren’t).

      Can we now repeal the Patriot Act which was passed out of an urgency to defend America from terrorists?

      Will Obama nullify the NDAA that he recently signed, which uses the excuse of the “war on terror” to legalize secret arrests and the stripping of due process from all Americans?

      Can we now deconstruct the DHS and fire Janet Napolitano who has become the (nauseating) face of “fear your neighbor” campaigns?

      Gee, if the War on Terror is over, then can we stop with the DHS buying 450 million rounds of hollow point ammo and bulletproof roadside checkpoint booths?

      And why? Because all these things mentioned above were never designed to stop terrorists. They were designed to imprison the American people and turn America into a police state dictatorship drowning in a culture of fear promoted by the state. That’s why these police state laws will never be revoked. In fact, they will likely be expanded with yet more legislation, more nullification of the Bill of Rights.

    • restorefreedom

      Now they can get rid of the patriot act and all the rest of the bs. Sure that will happen!

  • DaveH

    The other side of the war on terror:

    But they were armed! Surely that demands a death sentence. I mean, what, are we going to allow them the right to bear arms next? Imagine how much nicer our own country would be if Government just killed everybody who was armed? Who needs no damn Second Amendment?

    • DaveH

      We have the welfare statists turning potentially productive people into useless drones living on other peoples’ backs, and we have the military statists creating enemies for us around the world.
      Politicians in both camps are partying hardy on our money. What more could we ask for?

      • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

        Ahhh, DaveH, let’s put the blame where it truly belongs where the welfare state is concerned. It was the Socialist Democratic Society (SDS – remember them?), the NAACP, ACLU, and other minions like them back in the 60′s who, following the writings of Saul Alinsky, went on a major recruiting drive across the country to enroll as many mothers onto the welfare rolls that they could. They did this as an attempt to bankrupt our country. This was one of many of Alinsky’s tactics. The SDS and their thousands of other like-minded minions such as Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn(sp?) have since co-opted the Democratic Party turning it into the Dependence Party. Welfare, as it was originally intended, was meant to provide a means of survival for mothers who had lost their husbands as a result of the war and/or occupational accidents at a time when mothers typically did not actually have a wage-earning job and they did not have any other source of income to fall back on. It was a time when the mother was expected to stay at home taking care of the children and their homes while the husband was the breadwinner of the family. That mindset all began to change starting around the 60′s. Since then all of the original Social programs that were created were intended as a “hand up” but quickly became “hand outs” instead. Historically, the Conservatives in this country have always been about creating jobs and you do that by creating conditions favorable to business and entrepeneurship whether it means lessening the tax burdens and regulations on the business owner to allow them to grow and reinvest in their businesses or promoting vocational training for the less fortunate so that they may also have the opportunity to succeed and eventually thrive on their own. The Demoncrats have always been about holding the African-American back and keeping them in check as it were. Throughout our history it has always been the Republican who have fought for and brought forth legislation to enable the African-Americans in this country and put them on a level playing field with everyone else while at the same time it has always been the Demoncrats who opposed such legislation and, in fact, in many cases were able to pass legislation that oppressed the African-American even more.

        So before you lay blame, you might want to do some research and get your facts straight. Otherwise keep your uneducated and ill-informed opinions to yourself.

        As an after thought, I’d like to suggest we rename the two main political parties in this country from Democrat and Republican parties to the Dependence and Independence parties respectively.

      • DaveH

        Rick says — “So before you lay blame, you might want to do some research and get your facts straight. Otherwise keep your uneducated and ill-informed opinions to yourself”.
        Did I say who created the Welfare State, Ignoramus?

      • DaveH

        And Rick,
        Don’t confuse War-Mongering Neocons with True Conservatives. While you Ignoramuses are running around the world, being the Aggressors and butting into every other countries business, the True Conservatives are minding their own, just like our Founders did.

      • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

        You’re right DaveH. I was so outraged by Flash in the Pants comments that I ended up taking it out on you as I typed what started out to be an civil discourse on your comment. I apologize. Reading your post in conjunction with all the other posts before and after it I just inferrred you were claiming anyone but the Demoncraps were “welfare statists”. Again, I’m sorry for my outburst. Particularly the last part.

      • DaveH

        Wow, I’m overwhelmed Rick. I do believe that of all the many attacks I’ve had over the years, you are the first to recant and apologize. That shows real character, Rick. Thank you.

      • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

        Well unlike this current administration I’d like believe that I’m big enough to admit when I make a mistake and apologize. I’ve always been taught to take responsibility for my actions and, good or bad, maintain my integrity. I just got caught up in the moment and lost focus of who was saying what. I got to thinking later that Flashy (and the other trolls on here) actually succeeded this time in one of his apparent goals…that is to turn us against each other.

  • s c

    Maybe Obummer and Holder can trade places. Oaths don’t mean anything in this corrupt, criminal regime, and you don’t have to be qualified to do anything. You get to travel a lot and waste other people’s money, and your opinion is worthless unless you voted for these losers. Ameritopia SUCKS.

    • Flashy

      Then quit whining and eithr leave or sit in the corner and sulk. Let the people who look to the future put this nation back together after 30 years of Conservative mismangement and cronyism, feeding at the trough at the expense of the 99%.

      • votedagainstcarter



        Silly LIBRATARD.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        So noone can point out Lies that are told by you and those of the same mindset.

      • DonnieB

        Those 1% baddies. Flashy, just lock your doors at night so the 1% can’t come in a steal your stuff!

        Are you really the tool that your posts show you to be? There is no need to fear Islamic terrorist with bombs, box cutters or airplanes is there?

        If you didn’t like what Bush did to your rights ( I don’t like all of the Patriot Act myself) why do you insist that we keep Obama in office that has heaped even more snooping on American citizens?

        We now have a foreign company that will be tabulating votes for President this next election. As Stalin said , “it’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes that count”! Expect lots of elehi-jinxhijinx this time around. The Black Panthers and ACORN are alive and well and ready to intimidate anyone who would oppose Obama.

      • Flashy

        Sigh…one has to wonder when it takes all of 10 seconds to discredit rumor and falsities. Why hasn’t the one spreading the rumor check…or have they checked, no the falsity and hope the unwary won’t?
        From Truth or Fiction ….

        Summary of the eRumor:
        This forwarded email alleges that the voting ballots filled out by members of the U.S. military stationed overseas and citizens working and living abroad will be tabulated by SCYTL, a company based in Barcelona Spain. SCYTL is an electronic voting service company based in Barcelona, Spain and their website lists the Federal Voting Assistance Program of the U.S. Department of Defense as a client.

        The Truth:
        A spokesperson for the Department of the Defense (DOD) told TruthOrFiction.Com that neither the Federal Voting Assistance Prorgram nor the DOD have a contract with SCYTL. The spokesperson also said that normally, citizens living abroad, either as civilians or in the military, vote by absentee ballot, which are mailed back to the an address in the county and state of the voter’s last residence.

        This eRumor vent viral in mid March 2012 after radio talk show host and commentator Michael Savage announced it on his nationally syndicated radio program. A listener of the program, Geoff Ross, wrote an open letter to Congress and sent out a copy to some of his email contacts and with in days the email tsunamied on the World Wide Web. Ross told TruthOrFiction.Com that he was just looking for some answers.

      • MAP

        Flashy, I wouldn’t trust your kind to help me across the street. Anybody that would trust a communist boot-licker and sock puppet gets what they deserve.

      • Flashy

        MAP…given your constant insistence that people don’t need nor deserve help and the best thing would be to let everyone sink or swim, starve or be fed on their own… i’d let you try and cross on your own. Heck, I may even act like an oil options trader and bet with others whether you would make it without getting hit.

      • MAP

        Flashy. More phony weeping and whining by a faction that couldn’t care less. We’re not supposed to be smart enought to see that it’s all just an emotional appeal. This is all the communists can offer, since no one in their right mind would turn control of everything, including their lives, over to thier totalitarian grasp. Yeah, trust them – or they’ll march you out and execute you.

      • Average Joe


        No statement should be believed because it is made by an authority.
        Robert A. Heinlein

      • DaveH

        Flashman makes one of his usual uncredible statements — “put this nation back together after 30 years of Conservative mismangement and cronyism”.
        Conservative mismanagement? Who do you think is dumb enough, Flashman, to buy such a lie? We haven’t had Conservatives running this country for at least the last 100 years. We have had Big Government Loving Progressives running this country for the last 100 years.

      • texastwin827

        Flashy, you tend to have a “convenient” memory…while Republicans have held the Presidency the majority of the past 30 yrs, they do NOT pass the spending bills…Congress does.

        From 1971 through 2012 the Senate has had a Democratic majority 22 of those years, with only 4 yrs in which the Senate was a 50/50 split. The House has been held by a Democratic majority for 28 of the past 30 yrs.

        And you want to say the Republican President’s have done all the damage? I think not!

      • Average Joe

        Dear Flashy,

        Please pay close attention:

        Who’s better at running Congress?
        Since it’s Congress that sets the spending Budgets, sets the Deficits, and passes legislation affecting jobs and the economy (The President cannot spend one penny that has not been authorized by Congress), let’s look at the record of Congresses over the last 30 years (Through 2010);
        JOBS (39,761,000 Net New Jobs)
        Jobs created when Democrats controlled Congress (12 years) = 8,100,000 net new jobs.
        Jobs created when Republicans controlled Congress (10 years) = 21,773,000 net new jobs.
        Jobs created when Congress was split (8 years) = 9,888,000 net new jobs.
        DEFICITS (a) ($7.304 Trillion)
        Total Deficits when Democrats controlled Congress (12 years) = $5.022 Trillion.
        Total Deficits when Republicans controlled Congress (10 years) = $1.219 Trillion.
        Total Deficits when Congress was split (8 years) = $1.063 Trillion.
        NATIONAL DEBT ($12.878 Trillion = 93.4% of all the Debt in our History)
        Total New Debt when Democrats controlled Congress (12 years) = $7.859 Trillion.
        Total New Debt when Republicans controlled Congress (10 years) = $3.238 Trillion.
        Total New Debt when Congress was split (8 years) = $1.781 Trillion.
        ECONOMIC GROWTH ($11.873 Trillion of GDP growth)
        Total Growth (GDP) when Democrats controlled Congress (12 years) = $3.887 Trillion.
        Total Growth (GDP) when Republicans controlled Congress (10 years) = $5.623 Trillion.
        Total Growth (GDP) when Congress was split (8 years) = $2.363 Trillion.
        Draw your own conclusions, but these are undisputed facts from government sources.
        (a) Deficits do not equal the increase in the Debt because of the government’s ‘funny accounting’.
        Sources – Democrats controlled Congress from 1987 – 1994, and from 2007 – 2010. Republicans controlled Congress from 1995 – 2000, and from 2003 – 2006. There was a split Congress from 1980 – 1986 and for 2001 & 2002. Links to government data sites are as follows;
        Jobs –

        Deficits – See Table 1.1

        National Debt –

        flash·y[ fláshee ]ADJECTIVE
        1. ostentatiously stylish: stylish and expensive-looking in an obvious or ostentatious way
        2. momentarily brilliant: showing momentary or superficial brilliance

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Yes it’s horrible….but the republicans are just as bad with a few exceptions.

      We need to vote 95% of the unconstitutionalists out….that means EVERYBODY THAT VOTED FOR TARP, THE NDAA, the TRESSPASSING BILL……get them all out.

      • Vicki

        To this I would agree. Ron Paul 2012

      • Jack Evans

        Well, sounds like another liberal woke up and shes going to straighten out all of us conservatives with her wisdon about everything, when she s probably dumber then a rock, and has to have somebody read for her. Can’t think for herself, just listens to her liob teachers, and go on, without even seeing the daylight. Guess she for got that the democrps have had both houses of congress ever since the wonderful king oblama has stolen the whitehouse. Typical for these jerks.

      • Steve


        Don’t forget Obamacare, you know, the one we will have to pass to see whats in it!

      • DaveH

        Obviously, Jack, you have no facts to present, so you must resort to personal attacks, like most of the factless, useless Liberals must do.

      • texastwin827

        Jack, your rude comments sound more like you are a liberal than a conservative, given that her remarks are correct. Most conservatives want those very bills nullified and repealed and anyone who voted for the NDAA (the majority of the politicans) out of office.

        As for the Republicans…she IS correct. There are as many worthless politicians in their party as there are worthless Democrats. In case you’ve been to busy bashing people and haven’t noticed, BOTH parties have been selling the US and it’s citizen’s future, for decades.

  • Joe In CT

    The Dems have been in denial about almost everything for a long time. Most of their red wires are crossconnected to green wires, and they always get their mixed all words up.

    • Flashy

      Words all mixed up? Really/ So where does Romney stand…on any subject?

      • votedagainstcarter


        YOU have your RECTALHAT on real tight today per usual.

        Might want to wipe that brown stuff off your chin again.

        Stupid LIBRATARD.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Romney stands on both sides of any issue


      • Steve E

        You are right about this Flashy: So where does Romney stand…on any subject? That depends on what day is it.
        That’s why I voted for Ron Paul in the primary.

      • Flashy

        i have said this before…and i also gave plaudits to DaveH for what i truly believe he will do…vote his man instead of voting for Romney simply to vote against Obama.

        Obama is going to win re-election. Not only because of his performance, but also due to the GOP candidate. It will be close, presidential elections usually are always close. but face it folks…Pres. Obama will win re-election. You know it’s true.

        Now…if Obama wins and Ron paul or a 3rd party candidate ulls in 55 or thereabouts, the Obama victory will be seen as a mandate for his platform. If Ron Paul pulls in double digits..10% or more…the results will be viewed that there is a massive amount of dissatisfaction out here and the applecart in DC will be upset and notice will be taken.

        Bottom line is, vote Romney and you give Obama his mandate. Vote Paul and hope he pulls double digits, and get noticed.

        Your choice.

      • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

        To Flash in the pants at 10:28 a.m., the reason people are voting for anyone but NObama this time around is to prove they’re not idiots. The first time around many of them voted for NObama to prove they weren’t racist. This time around they’re voting to show they’ve learned their lesson and that they at least have a modicum of intelligence to understand the error of their ways the first time around. One refreshing thing I’ve been seeing in the past two years has been a change in many of our college students. I went back to college two years ago and the prevailing attitudes among the students at the University I’m attending was that Nobama could do no wrong and had all the right answers. Now, many of those same students can’t stand him and his lies. They despise his deceptions and have educated themselves this time around on all the candidates. Although most of them don’t really care for any of the current candidates they do know it is imperative we get this poser and mysoginist that is currently occupying the Out House out of D.C. and, preferably, out of this country all together. Along with his Instigator in Chief Holder. Some have even gone so far to suggest he also take his propaganda prop Fluck with him.

      • Flashy

        rick…i have one observation and one question. my observation is that from my experience, the dissatisfaction amongst the younger voter with the President is a) he’s a conservative Moderate ashe campaigned on and they believed he would not be so conservative despite his speeches…and they are absolutely disgusted with the GOP stonewalling and their sacrificing this nation’s well-being for political gain and catering to Big monied interests.

        i suspect your observations of a change in student attitude may reflect what oocurs normally in gathers around like. And your buds are those who think as you. Normal for group interaction.

        my questioN is…what online university are you ‘attending” ?

      • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

        For your information, the University I attend is a MN State University and I take mostly on-campus classes averaging 5 per semester. I only take an online class if it is a last resort and I need the class. The fact is, this University has always been considered to be a liberal one and most of the students who attend it have come from such a background. But in just the last two years I’ve seen a significant shift in their politics and opinions of this poser in chief that you so obviously are infatuated with. A shift that I’m happy to say is one for the better because they have started to wake up to the smokescreen and doublespeak by this administration. They are listening closely to NObama says in his speeches and are able to hear what he is really telling people which is actually just the opposite of what it sounds like he is saying on the surface. Happy to say also that a good number of them have taken a challenge I put to them to try watching FOX news on occasion, especially when it comes to highly contentious stories, and then compare FOX’s coverage to their normal MSM providers. They later came to me and said that they couldn’t believe how much current news they either weren’t getting or, if they were reporting on it, their normal MSM providers were putting an entirely different spin on the stories and laying blame on everyone but the administration. As one put it “It’s time for this President and his political machine to start taking responsibility for their actions.”

  • Gea

    Perhaps now they will just have a lot of fireworks, committed by Muslims blowing themselves up while murdering Jews and Americans ;-)? Koran and Hadith promise of Paradise with 72 virgins a potent incentive for those “fireworks” to horny frustrated young Muslims, who live in dysfunctional corrupt societies.

    Obama cannot help it that he grew from ages 6-10 as a Muslims boy in Indonesia with his Marxist Muslim step-father who worked as a spokesman for oil company. Those childhood impressions are difficult to surpass, even though Obama did join the church of Jeremiah Rights, which was vilely racist and anti-American, towing the Muslim fantasy that 9/11 was caused by America.

    • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

      Gea, let’s not forget Nobama’s teenage years while he lived with his grandparents. From age 11 to his coming to the mainland his mentor was Franklin Marshall Davis. A highly placed member of the American Communist Party and, reportedly, pedophile. Nobama, when he wasn’t in school or at home, spent all of his time in the company of Davis. Boy, talk about some one-on-one intense conditioning in Socialism’s ways. Davis also guided Nobama on which schools to attend, how to get his education at those schools, and how to behave/act while in those schools (i.e. keep a low profile).

      • Gea

        How would 11 y Obama in Hawaii meet this guy? Where is evidence?

      • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

        He was one of Nobama’s grandparents neighbors and a close family friend of theirs.

      • Gina Richardson

        (actually in reply to Gea;) Obama met them because his grandparents had him over all the time. Did you not read Obamas’ own books?

  • Doo

    You may not understand why it’s over. It’s because, We have surrendered!!!

    • hambone

      you’re right about that. We have surrendered and didn’t even know it.
      Luckily there are some that are still holding out and trying to get this country back.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Maybe we just ran out of money and China finally said no more

    • RivahMitch

      Exactly right! In fact. the terrorists real leader in currently occupying the White house.

    • Ted Crawford

      It’s perfectly understandable Doo, this has been the Progressive answer to all things involving our National Defense since the Johnson Administration!

    • Average Joe

      100 years of apathy on the part of the citizens of a nation tend to have that effect on that nation.

      democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average of the world’s great civilizations before they decline has been 200 years. These nations have progressed in this sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; from faith to great courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to Complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependency; from dependency back again to bondage.

      We are in the dependency phase now…and very close to bondage again. It may not be too late…but it is very close. Time to stand up, unite and do the right thing for our nation.

      Cast your vote for America


      Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!

  • jopa

    Senior Obama Flunky announces the war on terror is over.Can’t be too senior Ben doesn’t even have a name for the guy and if he was a credible source to make such a statement we would have heard more about it.Sounds like he’s trying to play a gothcha moment like the Mission Accomplished banner.These are desperate times for the Conservative Nazi Party and they will take any little tidbit of non info and make a big deal out of it.This is just silliness.

    • Norman F.

      jopa, until President Bush’s speech every ship returning from a combat zone flew the”Mission Accomplished” banner.

      • jopa

        Norman;Nice try.I contacted several navy buddies and they said that was news to them.In today’s world it’s too easy to fact check so go easy on the bogus claims.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Jopa, your post is suspect of being a lie.

      • Vicki

        Hey jopa if it is so easy to “factcheck” then show your work. Surly posting a link to your “facts” can’t be all that hard either.

      • Flashy

        y’all have cramping in your fingers you can’t fact check it yourself? i did, took less than a minute … Jopa ain’t fibbin’ …

      • DaveH

        Ah yes, Flashman, the man who never backs up his fabricated facts sticks up for Jopa’s lack of references. How unusual. If it were a matter of laziness, Flashdunce, why should hundreds of readers need to recreate Jopa’s efforts (or lack of), instead of Jopa just providing a reference to back up his claims?
        You can lie all you want, Flashman, but the regular readers know that you don’t provide references because you can’t find any to back up your fabricated facts, unless of course you are plagiarizing somebody else’s ignorant article and claiming it as your own.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Flashy, Liars are not believed even when they attempt to tell the truth.

      • jopa

        Nazija Batki;I contacted these folks the old world way and actually called a couple and contacted one on FB.No lies again just facts as usual.

      • Flashy

        So we should believe you why?

      • DaveH

        Do you have any evidence to prove that Nadzieja speaks anything but the truth, Flashman? I have plenty to prove your lack of integrity.

  • Sirian

    This wonderful announcement was released two days ago. But it, as many other things in this administration, is as false as false can be. If it can’t be seen as nothing more than a campaign political ploy then you’re not paying very much attention. The war on terror is far from over. I strongly recommend that all of you go to GBTV and watch “Rumors of War III”. It will give you a much clearer understanding as to what is taking place than what you’d get out of the WH!! :(

    • JON

      I have no interest in anything on GBTV. I prefer to focus on reality and truth.

      • Sirian

        Really? What is it that you can prove that isn’t reality and truth on GBTV? Oh, I get it, “you can’t handle the truth!!!”, where did I hear that before??? Typical idiots response.

      • Brad

        That’s harlarious Jon, it is totlly amazing to me how you libtards all laughed at GB while on FOX News over the past years and in true reality everything Glenn said would happen is happening 100% worse than he initially expected them to happen. Total fruit smokers!!

      • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

        Boy! Talk about an “oxymoron”. Isn’t interested in anything but the truth and what is real but refuses to listen to all sides or even give sites like GBTV a chance. Same kind of mentality that has all these trolls from changing their TV channels from the Communist News Networks, Anarchists Broadcasting Community, Mainstream Socialists News and Brainwashing Corporation, Non Beneficial Communications, and/or Corrupt Benign System.
        If a person truly wants the “truth” and is sincere about “reality” they would actually check out all of the varied news services out there and then compare who’s reporting what and how timely their stories are. I’ve lost count of how many times FOX led with a story that took the Lame Stream Media over 3 months to finally report on only because it took the Out House and the Communist in Chief that long to figure out how to put a “favorable” spin on the subject.

    • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

      Sirian, I think what might be behind this little press release is the OutHouse testing the waters for the publics reaction. They let some flunkie that no one knows make the initial announcement then sit back and see what Amerika’s reaction is. If we don’t buy it, they ignore it and chalk it up to some over-exuberant nobody. If, on the other hand, Amerika gets all excited and cheers then Nobama, the mindless and soulless troll in charge, picks it up and runs with it as part of his campaign. But I agree the war on terror is over at least from this administration’s perspective. Unfortunately, the terrorist’s war on the American people and anyone else who doesn’t support them is far from over.

      • Sirian

        Good point Rick – very true. Testing the waters so to speak. We’ll have to wait and see where they run with it.

      • DaveH

        The military statists can always find ways to keep the citizens in fear, so they can ride to the “rescue”. Some rescue, though, pissing off people around the world and making many of them hate All Americans for things that only a relative handful of American Aggressors do to them.
        Who do most of the people, who have actually been there and experienced the reality, want for President? Ron Paul of course:

      • Vigilant

        “Who do most of the people, who have actually been there and experienced the reality, want for President? Ron Paul of course:”

        Sorry Dave, that’s an incorrect statement. The data on the site you linked to is severely outdated. Moreover, a majority of dollars donated does not equate to a majority of people.

        As of April 25, 2012, Paul has received “$333,000 among members of the military who donated more than $200 since Jan. 1, 2011, according to an analysis from the Center for Responsive Politics.” ( ) That equates to donations from fewer than 1,665 servicemembers.

        1,665 divided by 1,431,000 total active duty members is barely over 1/10 of 1 percent, not exactly a stellar record.

        And now that Romney is the presumptive nominee, Paul’s contributions from the military are drying up and Obama is getting 2-to-1 the contributions of Paul.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Sirian, I too watched “Rumors of War III”. It should be mandatory viewing for all Americans. People need to wake up and find out what is really going on! The terror in this country is just beginning.

      • Sirian

        For those that don’t know about it, here’s the link to watch the Documentary at. RUMORS OF WAR III: Target U.S.

      • oh oh

        Beck’s expose on Muslim extremism is worth seeing and keeping in mind, but I’m always ambivalent about Beck. He is an extreme cheerleader for Israel to the extent of denying or even suppressing the most obvious things Israel and Zionists have done to the detriment of the U.S. He is the first to blindly label any negativity about Israeli of Jewish influences in America and their roles in dragging us into costly conflicts as “anti-Semitic” without even knowing who the Jews really are. Beck is an extreme Israel-firster and as such, he “educates” with a huge slant that only perpetuates our exposure to one of many great threats to America. He’s not stupid, so it’s probably intentional. He may have been threatened or he may be a true believer. But the bottom line is, for all the good he may do with an expose on Muslim extremism, he does just as much harm by giving cover to other threats that are, in reality, much more influential, costly and closer to home, and have been for decades. He’s entertaining and good at what he does. I just wish he’d wise up or grow a pair.

  • TIME

    The facts are really quite clear who the new foe is, ready?

    Its YOU!

    Peace and Love, may the light of TRUTH shine on your very soon!

  • cawmun cents

    Ever stop to think that since there is a Muslim in the Ivy League Academics Home for Disturbed Progressive Liberals(or what we used to call the White House),that maybe the Islamofascists have been convinced that their Worldwide Caliphate is soon at hand?
    They are hoping that the American populace will fall for this one more time,so that they can take full advantage of the socialism-machine,and its insidious hold over the youth of the nation.But since nobody draws a conclusion for leftists and Muslims working together to get done what neither can accomplish sans the other,it just seems like another way for someone to have a conspiracy theory.
    Nobody looks at the reality of why the twin towers of capitalism were attacked.Because only by decimating capitalism can you hope to topple the economic giant that is America.
    This has effectively been accomplished in the last three years.Nobody is spending their assets anywhere.
    Muslims and leftists all over the globe know what to do to put you down America.They hit you right in the pocketbook,and down goes Frazier.
    They get you into a game of rope-a-dope like Muhammed Ali,and stymie your will to keep your greatness.
    So they send foth folks who lie like dogs to convince you that you are no longer who you used to be,and are incapable of taking care of yourselves.Then they pummel you with rule and regulation while you try to punch through the cloud of self doubt you now have instilled in you.
    Don King has nothing on these folks.
    These folks have done in a few short years,what the whole world has been trying to do for an entire century.They are beating you senseless with nothing but nice words and philanthropic visions of what could be.
    Meanwhile you rail at the puppet they have put in power to accomplish this goal,and worse yet,you seem to be stuck between wondering if you really are bigotted,or if you really have the will to be the America that was.
    Theirs is a classic ploy of doing a little to get alot done,and you cant figure out why it is working so well.It is because you cannot see the whole enchilada.There are several factions working together to seduce you into thinking that you are winning each round while they make you look foolish to the worldly spectators.But since you wont finish the dot-to-dot provided by the media/academia,you cant see the full picture.This is a fight between America,and the world,and right now the world is kicking your ass because you are punch drunk on your own inability to place the pieces of the puzzle where they belong.These factions understand that they cannot win by their lonesomes,so they have all meshed together to get it done.
    As rugged individualists you have stood among your worldly peers with a sense of arrogance and pride.But now the community organizer has organized a community to fight on his behalf that is accomplishing what whole continent spanning empires could not hope to do.And he is doing this right under your noses while you debate the logic of his plan.
    I hope you have saved up strength for the later rounds,it looks like its going to be a long bout.

    • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

      CC, your post is right on the money. Couldn’t agree more. I have never been more convinced than I have in recent years that one of the best things we could do would be to give the U.N. “das boot”. I would love to get a leader who on his first day in office says “As of this moment, all Czars clean out your desks and vacate your buildings. You have 30 minutes. All U.N. members, start packing and go back to your home countries. You have until Friday, end of the business day to have your body removed from U.S. soil and soveriegn airspace.” And then immediately follow-up with bringing the full weight of Congress, the Senate, and the Courts down upon Holder’s head and all those who have surrounded him the past 4 years and start prosecuting everyone of them for their atrocities and crimes against America.

      • Brad

        Right on Rick in MN!!

    • TIME

      People – Ok lets look at this for just a moment from a differant light level;
      The words you are looking for are as follows below;
      Learn each one and what its TRUE meanings are, only then can you learn the TRUTH of what is going on.

      #1, Zionist / Zionism


      #3, Thule Society

      #4, Mystery Schools

      #5 The 13 Bloodlines

      #6, UNIONS

      #7, CONSENT

      #8, Programing

      #9, City States

      #10, CONtoll

      #11, What is real Wealth

      #12, What is Money

      #13, Fabian Society

      #14, The UNited States inc

      #15, CommUNism

      #16, Fascism

      #17, Feudalism

      #18, Slavery

      #19, Criminalism

      #20, Terrorism

      #21, CONsumerism

      #22, Materialism

      #23, TWO Party System being one in the same COIN.

      I am sure I missed a few; but overall if you can answer being 100% TRUTHFUL – not falling into the “CONTROL GRID” made for you to find Intel from, all these questions, then and only then can you start to see the {{TRUE BIG PICTURE.}} Its all a large Fence noted as a CONtrol Grid for not only your mind, but your Soul as well.

      If you can’t understand these CONTROL factors then you will never understand whats going on. Thus you will wallow in the same rotten waste materials for ever.

      Peace and Love, May the LIGHT of TRUTH shine on you soon he left his message 2000 years ago how to live with each other, will you really listen to his words and understand what they really mean? Or will you just keep on keeping on?
      Your choice, you will not be judged by your faith, but in fact only by your DEEDS.

      • cawmun cents

        You may want to add Democratic Socialism,or what is known as Socialiste Democratique,in most places of the world,to the list above.
        Without it a piece of the puzzle is missing.-CC.

      • Kate8

        TIME and cc – Gee…something in scripture comes to mind…some leader who declares an end to certain war and a time of peace…and the people celebrate and go back to sleep, thinking “peace and safety”…

        And, of course, it’s all a deception; words of an accomplished liar.

        We know what happens after that, too.

      • TIME

        Hi Kate,

        Hope all is well with you. Yes its a bloody shame just how easy it is for the sheep follow the master’s to slaughter.
        Saddly I hit the nail dead on the head with only #1, follow back who these people are, and oddly they are all within the 13 Bloodlines, and or the tools of them.

        Its strange how easy it was for them to get the people of the earth to give their wealth away for paper with ink on it, people will sell their SOULS for paper with ink on it.
        I pary that more people of the world wake up soon – perhaps we can stop this forced outcome as its not TIME yet for The Christ to come back yet.

        Peace and Love.

      • Kate8

        TIME- Here is some interesting writing in regard to scriptural prophecy. I stumbled upon it by accident.

    • Brad

      Man that is scary stuff but very true CC.

  • Ted Crawford

    It is, of course, off limits to refer to Obama’s unforced error, during a September 2008 interview with the very friendly journalist George Stephanoloulos, “…you’re absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith “. A slip of the tongue, or a Freudian slip?

    • Sirian

      Both Ted, both.

  • JON

    The war on this….The war on that….The word war is overused, It’s like the overuse of the word gate when added to the end of a word to indicate a scandal. To me it’s just boringgate!

  • Lray

    It’s Over?? Well no need for TSA. Gee I’m going to miss not being able to look forward to being fondled when I want to go somewhere.

  • Alex

    How funny. But a “senior…flunky” is not quite like the president HIMSELF proclaiming “Mission Accomplished” BEFORE sending over four thousand MORE of OUR CHILDREN into a mass grave in Iraq in a war woven from whole cloth for the benefit of Bechtel, Haliburton, and Blackwater/Xe.

    While the announcement that the War on Terror is “over” is obviously premature, the current administration’s “War on Terror” is much more successful the the GOP’s War on Women, and that will really hurt the Fright Wing this Fall.

    • Brad

      Alex! War on women. Here is a true statement for you brother os sister, whatever you are. Women have half the money and all the (offensive word removed), so I don’t see how there can be a war on women when they have most of the control over what every man wants. Just saying!

      • Rebecca

        I have to differ with you. Women don’t always have all the money. In my divorce (in which I was the defendant I might add) I was awarded child support, no alimony (though I had been married to the guy for 27 years and HE left ME), a piece of rental property, half his retirement and half the equity in the house. I called myself being fair with him. If I had only known… He was ordered by the judge to purchase our daughter a vehicle and provide insurance on said vehicle. For the first ten months I saw not a dime of child support. The company he worked for had received two court orders to withhold earnings but had ignored both (probably because he is in management and he told them to do so). I finally had to go to the DA and get the state to start my support. We have been divorced now for 2 years and my daughter has yet to receive that vehicle. I finally purchased one for her and now am paying the insurance. However, the MAN has three vehicles of his own PLUS a harley. So you see….you need not stereotype women as golddiggers. I take offense after what I have been through.

    • jopa

      A junior member of the Bush regime once referred to the troops as mere targets and no loss there’s another one born every day.

  • Big Woody

    The anouncement that the recession was over back in June of ’09 was exciting, but this is just beyond my expectations of the Peace Prize administration. Was it Hitler that said “Tell a lie often enough, they will believe it”?

    • Billy

      Which particular lie that “The Bama”, I mean Hitler, told is it you are referring to? – – – – – There are so many.

  • Larry T Del Buco

    Yeah, it’s over………WE LOST………………

  • Raggs

    Watch the other hand people…. oblama has something slimmy up his sleeve….

  • Norm

    Bush won the war on terror…
    A banner titled “Mission Accomplished” was displayed on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln during a televised address by United States President George W. Bush on May 1, 2003.
    Bush stated at the time that this was the end to major combat operations in Iraq. While this statement did coincide with an end to the conventional phase of the war, Bush’s assertion—and the sign itself—became controversial after guerrilla warfare in Iraq increased during the Iraqi insurgency. The vast majority of casualties, both military and civilian, have occurred since the speech.

  • uvuvuv

    what i don’t get is whatever story you look at in the libery alerts, flashy is all over it. and he isn’t like deklen making cheap quick shots, but he actually posts small essays for his responses, all day long. either he has 3 laptops going and springs back and forth, or he is one of several in some white house or dnc office. now understand, i am asuming he’s a he, whether he was a he all along or is some kind of chaz bono lite. if he is actually a she my humble apologies. i should be humble anyway, being a right wing ignorant bigot clinging to my guns and religion.

    • Flashy

      LOL….keeps ya guessin’ don’t it ?

      • s c

        What will your parents say and think when they discover you’re a closet neocon? You really should tell us how much you’re paid to waste space on this website, schtupper.

      • Flashy

        My parents would have disowned me if i turned traitor to the cause and voted anything but for the Working Classes. Why do you ask?

      • DaveH

        That’s either a purposeful lie on your part to delude ignorant Liberal Followers, or you are just plain ignorant yourself.
        It’s obvious from your many comments over the years that you support Leadership and their lies to the real workers in the country. The real “working classes” don’t need Government’s help. They are well compensated for their services. Only the non-workers need Government help. And every bit of “help” that the non-workers get from Government must come out of the real workers’ hides, because every thing that Government gives is paid for by the rest of the citizens.
        That’s why, even though Government is 7 times bigger than in 1900 we are in this mess.
        Leaders are profiting from other other peoples’ losses.

      • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

        Well stated DaveH.

      • 45caliber


        Good comment there. One of your best.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    Like Clinton, Obamination is delusional about almost everything and his little mworld of world domination and being King is slipping away. The only way this piece of inhuman garbage can win re-election is by the Spanish firm owned by George Soros that has been given the rights to count our Presidential Election Votes is Fixed. We shall see because for someone to vote for Obamination a Kenyan Born Radical Muslim Communist Half Breed for you really Stupid Voters who think Obamination is Black with a WHITE mother (fkr) is oblivious to the fact that he has Lied about everything and he has ZERO accomplishments and has spent more money than any twelve Presidents with again ZERO Results. Only a Liberal(another word for Communist) or Ignorant Black would vote for this America Hating Manchurian Candidate Cultist Muslim Bastard that has done more damage to cause Racial Hatred between Blacks and Whites than the KKK or Black Panthers. You Blacks out there just remember a vote for Obanmination is a vote for Slavery because Communism is Slavery. For you Idiots out there who want Obamination Junior Romney just what is going to change putting the FLIM FLAM MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE, Mr. Flip Flop is already changing his mind(sic) about the Illegals and he hasn’t even gotten the nomination yet. Romney when asked about the bills that took away our 1st and 5th Amendments rights would he Revoke them he said NO, Why Not??? He also dosen’t like the 2nd Amendment very much,he wants photo I.D. all guns registered and what kinds and where you live, making it easier to conficate your weapons. Ron Paul, the only American running for President who believes in the Constitution and our 2nd Amendment Rights who Would Revoke those two bills and balance the budget in three years not 20-30 mlike Romney and never with Obamination.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      SO….why are there no petitions and no public outcry about Soros’ Spanish firm counting our votes?

      We are whipped dogs

      • Flashy

        Maybe because it’s a false rumor? ya think?

        took 10 seconds to find that it is false. Why didn’t you check before believing and spreading it? Or did you check ….

      • Vicki

        why don’t you amaze us by showing your work flashy?
        Oh wait. It’s flashy. you have no work to show us.

        I, however did look into it (took abpout 15 sec) and found that your assertion is false.

      • Flashy

        Vicki..i posted the link above this post. About a third down. Want more than one source?

      • Sirian

        As usual Flasho, you’ve managed to put something down but it does not fulfill an answer to the actual problem. Perhaps it is so that the DOD has not contracted with SCYTL – quite true actually since the DOD has no association with the election process at all. SCYTL contracts with state and local governments, not the DOD. Good try, doesn’t work. Secondly, absentee ballots are mailed in but your reference – “The spokesman also said that normally, citizens living abroad, either as civilians or in the military, vote by absentee ballot, which are mailed back to an address in the county and state of the voter’s last residence.” does not mention as to who “counts the votes”. Therefore, again, you are twisting the information to suit your desires. Be it sourced from wherever you may feel is valid, which generally are very questionable. That is if you actually list a source to begin with. Again, as usual Flasho, good try, doesn’t work!! What’s next? Looking forward to it since I haven’t had a good laugh so far.

      • Flashy

        Ok…i get your point. So let me see if i have this correct. A company comes in, bids on a contract..the specs are given out for contract parameters. Public bidding process with state and local governments. Most of the states are Red States.

        And y’all are complaining that this company was given the contract. Because it is a foreign company. As compared to a US company..which is just as probable in “cooking” numbers…and perhap even more so as it lays within jurisdiction of the state…and influenced easily by monied interests.

        Now…just how is a state entering a contract the fault or cause of President Obama? Especially Red States? You’re now blaming him for local GOP dominated decisions?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Would you please make yourself clear as to what you believe.

      • Sirian

        Go here and read the article – not all that long. It should give you a bit more understanding as to why so many of us are totally against this foreign company having substantial control over Novembers election results. It can provide you with other points to follow and look a bit deeper than the cup of coffee off to your right. Between this one and the one Vicki provided, if you can’t see the seriousness of this then unfortunately you truly are a lost soul – I prefer not – but. . .

      • vicki

        Flashy attempts to amaze by claiming to have posted a link.

        Alas he did not. I checked every comment posted by flashy in this thread (Above this post) and found Zero blue text in ANY of his posts. Now at one point he did describe something and included a generic address to the home page of a web site that he claims has the evidence. But alas that is not a link. 1 point for providing a traceable reference. 1 point for showing some work. -5 points for failing to provide an actual link which would look like this.

        An actual link to the evidence would look like this

      • o

        “Vicki..i posted the link above this post. About a third down. Want more than one source?”

        Flushy lies again. I double and tripple checked each of his posts above this one and he has furnished NOT ONE link to anything.

      • Libertytrain

        Vicki – probably some sort of security protocal at “work” or perhaps his education of copying and pasting links hasn’t clicked in his brain —- :)

  • Norm

    Of course we all know that 9/11/01 was all Obama’s doing.
    He also caused the housing fiasco, and banking meltdown, as well as the high unemployment rate and the high gas prices. I think he’s also responsible for many of the States running huge deficits, the problems in Europe, Reagan’s Alzheimer’s disease, and the Civil war

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Obama is just Dubya’s THIRD TERM
      That’s what I have against him….continues all the bad policies

      • Jack Evans

        To Rhonda Reichel, godd, your statements on here , just get dumber and dumber, the longer you run your moth there lady, if , in fact you are a lody,LOL

    • DonnieB

      Obama has had lots of help from mostly Democrats to cause the housing bubble but then you never are really interested in facts. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are just snow white.

      High gas prices were caused by Bush? Well looaroundun Norm, I don’t see Bush in charge of anything and we have high gas prices. Unemployment: do comparisonon. Check the Labor Dept statistics, how many people weremployeded under Bush? How many under Obama? Did you pay any attention to what is being done to the numbers to make Obama’s numbers better? How many more of Obama’s buddies have to get money and then bankrupt the company and the taxpayer has to pony up tax money?

      Socialism is alive and well with this administration. Ignore any law you want or just throw out presidential edicts to do what you want.

      Are you going to blame Bush for the Senate not passing a budget for the last 3 years as well? You seem to be a product of the dumb-downed public school systems. That I can’t blame totally on Obama (althoucontoursntiues with the tradition) as the Democrats and some Republicans have been messing up for 40 years.

      The USA is in feven moreevenmore difficult times in the future. Obama has run out of other peoples money. The world won’t let us print it forever. High inflation is not too far away.

      • Brad

        I read a piece last week that claimed opec is not going to trade with the US Dollar any longer, that would cause massive inflation.

      • Flashy

        “Obama has had lots of help from mostly Democrats to cause the housing bubble but then you never are really interested in facts. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are just snow white.”
        Actually, the housing bubble came without any assistance from the Dems. You can trace the causation to 1998 with the repeal of Glass Stegall and then with the policies promulgated by the Fed and especially the actions of reducing rgulators at the SEC and poltcizing the SEC 2001-2009
        High gas prices were caused by Bush? Well looaroundun Norm, I don’t see Bush in charge of anything and we have high gas prices.
        Presidents have little to do with gas prices in any short term.

        Unemployment: do comparisonon. Check the Labor Dept statistics, how many people weremployeded under Bush? How many under Obama? Did you pay any attention to what is being done to the numbers to make Obama’s numbers better? How many more of Obama’s buddies have to get money and then bankrupt the company and the taxpayer has to pony up tax money?
        Bush had the lowest job creation of any modern presidency, and the crash was well founded in his policies and admin well before Obama. Almost every rational respected economist has written/stated that the actions by this admin when it took office saved over 1 million jobs, and the job losses which ran almost a mil amonth became posive in the private sector within the first quarter.

        Are you going to blame Bush for the Senate not passing a budget for the last 3 years as well? You seem to be a product of the dumb-downed public school systems. That I can’t blame totally on Obama (althoucontoursntiues with the tradition) as the Democrats and some Republicans have been messing up for 40 years.
        With the passage of the compromise last summer, the budget is set. No need to pass any budgets until the crunch time comes when the cutbacks kick in automatically.

      • 45caliber


        And I’m assuming since it is all Bush’s fault that all the stuff Oblama has been doing should be ignored, right? Just because he’s doing the same thing means we should blame Bush rather than him.

  • Rhonda Reichel

    If we withdraw from the Middle East and stay out (that includes black ops and CIA and bribnes) the war on terror WILL BE OVER

    • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

      Nice thought but you couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is, if we were to withdraw all our forces from the Middle East the war would come full force to our shores. I don’t know about you but I’d rather see us fight the war on their territory than ours. This war is far from over because the radical Muslims (and please note that I said “radical”) won’t be happy and finished with their reign of terror until everyone in the world has been either subjugated to Islam or killed. That is their stated goal.

      • Vicki

        Let me share with you what SHOULD have happened that sunny morning in September.

        And what WOULD happen if they ever brought their little squabbles to our shores.
        (Well unless the gun control people win the battle of gun ownership)

      • Nadzieja Batki

        The Islamists may take us over by demographics and the legal system. They already have Europe, Africa, the islands of the Pacific, the Middle East. They have not taken over Israel as hard as they keep trying. There may be hope for America as there are still Christians around and enough religious Jews.

      • vicki

        IF we were a democracy they could take us over easilly by simply being here and bering children. That is one of the reasons the founders gave us a Constitutionally LIMITED Republic and not a democracy. They knew full well the dangers of tyranny from small or large groups. The Bill of Rights is a list if INDIVIDUAL Rights. Not rights of minority or majority groups. That is actually one of the reasons you know that the 2nd is for individuals and not for a group called “militia”.

    • Brad

      Wow you really Beleive taht nonsence Rhonda? God Help Us!

    • Vicki

      The ONLY possible way to win a war on an emotion is to stop feeling that emotion.

      “Terrorists aim to cause fear, and by feeling fear we’ve given them what they want.

      It’s possible to win the war on terror instantly. All we have to do is stop being afraid, and stop acting out of fear.

      This makes sense not only in terms of defeating the terrorists’ intentions, but also in terms of managing the terrorist threat.

      America’s fear of terrorism is like a cat being afraid of a mouse. Actually, it’s worse than that, because all the terrorists in all the world amount to no more than an anemic mosquito on the snout of a whale. The fact is . . .

      We’re in far more danger from our own cars than we are from terrorism.

      Nearly 800,000 people have died in car accidents in the last twenty years. During that time there have been exactly two Islamic terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, with less than 3,000 total fatalities. That’s more than 200 TIMES as many Americans dying in their cars as at the hands of Islamic terrorism. And yet . . .

      We’ve turned the whole world upside down in response to the two terrorist attacks.”

      Here is your PERSONAL chance to win the war on terror.

      • 45caliber


        The REAL problem is that too many people assume we are afraid … when we aren’t. That’s why the terrorists try to attack us in the first place. “Americans are afraid of us!” That’s why the libs and news media keep repeating it – they WANT us to be afraid of the terrorists!

        Actually, I don’t know of anyone afraid of them. The only fear I have is that they will continue to push us, thinking we are afraid of them, until we get angry enough to exterminate them. And there are some good people among them who doesn’t deserve to be exterminated.

      • vicki

        That is the whole point of the downsizeDC campain against the war on terror. Tell our representitives that we are NOT afraid and we don’t want them being afraid for us.

        If you haven’t already you should visit the link I posted just above.

    • Jack Evans

      I’m curious. Please tell me what rock have you been living under. Are you even aware of what day it is, or where you are, or any pertinate information at all?

      • Gea

        The naive person who thinks that war in the Middle East will be over if US leaves should be punished by reading Koran and hadith from cover to cover and learn the bloody history of Islam and Muhamed before speaking. Only facing reality of Islam incompatibility with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and REFORMATION of Islam to stop teaching hate of non-Muslims and delusional Jew hatred, may bring peacve.

      • 45caliber


        I suspect he has read the Koran cover to cover. After all, he’s on their side, isn’t he?

    • 45caliber


      I’m glad you believe that. Now, I have this bridge for sale ….

    • Nadzieja Batki

      The war on terrror will be over if the words are redefined.
      If being sniped at by human predators becomes the new normal then the war on terror is over.So we are told to get used to being picked off by human predators.

  • nanc

    What a laugh

  • Airangel

    Since Bill Clinton disgraced and de-classed the office of the President, expectations have been lowered for a great leader however; Obama is the worst. Instead of honoring a 70% population that voted and believed in his “lies”, he chose to not only outspend Bush but to also degrade and dishonor the office he holds by being divisive and focusing on giving people a crutch rather than jobs to be self sufficietn and independent.

    Regardless of who wins the next presidential election, what I want to know is when is the FBI going to arrest Obama for treason, convict him.

    Obama’s Acts of

    1. Perpetrating acts of
    fraud, perjury and conspiracy in his refusal to confirm his lawful eligibility
    to serve as president under the U.S. Constitution Article II, Section 1,
    constituting impeachable offenses of high crimes and misdemeanors adumbrated in
    U.S. Constitution Article II, Section 4;

    2. Surrendering sovereign
    U.S. war-making to foreign powers and international authorities by attacking
    Libya without consulting Congress, in violation of U.S. Constitution Article 1,
    Section 8Â and U.S. Code Title 50, Chapter 33:1541-1548;

    3. Accepting foreign
    title and office while acting as U.S. President and without consulting Congress
    when in 2009, Obama assumed the Chairmanship of the UN Security Council, the
    international body responsible for declaring war on behalf of the UN, in
    violation of U.S. Constitution Article I, Section 9;

    4. Making bribery
    attempts in word and in deed, as Obama administration offered bribes to at
    least three Federal candidates for office: Joe Sestak, Andrew Romanoff and Jim
    Matheson, in violation of U.S. Code Title 18, Section 201;

    5. Defying a Federal
    Court Order by refusing to halt the unconstitutional implementation of the
    “Patient Healthcare and Affordable Care Act of 2010, popularly known as
    “ObamaCare,” in violation of U.S. Constitution Article II, Section 3,
    and Article III, Sections 1 & 2;

    6. Defying a Federal
    Court Order by refusing to grant lawful deep water drilling permits, in
    violation of U.S. Constitution Article II, Section 3, and Article III, Sections
    1 & 2;

    7. Executive Branch
    creation and implementation of regulations asserting unconstitutional force of
    Federal law on matters explicitly rejected by or contrary to the will and
    intent of Congress, specifically the EPA implementation of Cap and Trade, in
    violation of U.S. Constitution Article I, Section 1 and Section 8;

    8. Refusing to secure our
    broken borders from illegal alien invasion, international criminal incursion,
    and terrorist cadre penetration, in violation of U.S. Constitution, Article
    III, Section 3 and Article IV, Section 4;

    9. Executive Branch
    malfeasance and impeding the administration of justice by preventing the U.S.
    Department of Justice from investigating crimes committed for the direct
    benefit of the President by presidential associates including: voter intimidation
    at the hands of the New Black Panthers and ACORN election fraud, in violation
    of U.S. Constitution Article II, Section 3, and U.S. Criminal Code Section 135,
    (Comp. St. § 10305);

    Direct mobilizing and funding of mob violence, sedition and insurrection,
    as witnessed in Wisconsin, by the President’s own reelection campaign group
    Organizing for America, and including open statements of incitement to the
    insurrection by the President himself, in violation of U.S.Penal Code, Chapter
    115, Section 2383;

    Executive Branch usurpation of lawmaking powers voiding duly
    enacted legislation of Congress by improperly preventing the U.S. Department of
    Justice from defending established Federal law – specifically the Defense of
    Marriage Act, in violation of U.S. Constitution Article II, Section 3;

    Adhering to the enemies of the United States, giving them aid and
    comfort, as witnessed by consorting with, supporting and installing to powerful
    Federal positions persons who in writing, word and deed have called for and
    promoted the overthrow of America’s constitutionally guaranteed Republican form
    of government, and the overthrow of the United States Constitution; including
    but not limited to William Ayers, Bernadette Dohrn, Cass Sunstein, John
    Holdren, Dalia Mogahed, Harold Koh, and Eric Holder, in violation of U.S.
    Constitution, Article III, Section IV and U.S. Penal Code, Section 2385.

    • Jack Evans

      My friend, I believe you have hit the nail , right om the head, Don’t think I could hev said it any better, or any truer then you have here, except ,one more thing, openly pass around what the constitution, with most of what hes done and is doing, and then rub the Americans nose in it to show that he not only don’t use it, but has no intention of using it in the future either.

  • Steve E

    Obama had to end the War on Terror so he can start a new Race War. Let’s give this new war a name it deserves: “Travon’s War”.

  • jheasler12175

    obama’s war on islamic terror may have ended. The Islamic terrorists war against us hasn’t and obama’s war of terror against U.S. Citizens who oppose him has just begun. What a great country we are living in. Having an impostor for a President certainly belies our intelligence as an electorate.

    • Brad

      Jheasler I could not had said it any bettter. People hear me now, as more and more Americans begin to understand the truth we are headed for unset times. You need your 2nd amendment rights more than ever today than in post civil war times. They take all our guns away and who will protect us from them. Fight while you still have your rights!

      • Vicki

        Our rights come from God not man. Men can only try to interfere with our rights.

        “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”

        What never occurred to him is that they might come after it in little baby steps. Boiling the frog slowly. That is where our problem lies.

      • Wildey

        We have a Second Amendment as the last resort against a tyrannical government: Period. Read your Declaration of Independence. The Colonist spell it out loud and clear. There is glich. The 2nd Amendment only applies to a moral and just people. Who’d want an immoral person owning guns? The first sign of illegitimacy in government is the people fear the government and the goverment fears the people.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Lefties are sneaky. They cannot fight openly for their ideology because they would lose if they told the truth. Have you noticed how much time and money has been spent to defend the Second Amendment?

      • jheasler12175

        Its nice to know that I’m not alone in my thinking. I live in a Democrat controlled state and have a number of Democrat friends. What scares me, is their absolute refusal or at best, inability, to recognize the threat to our freedom posed by the obama administration. The thousands of new rules being written by out of control regulators are the what has killed our economy. Bush handed obama a rough patch but obama has seen it as the opportunity he needs to destroy our capitalistic economy and replace it with a more totalitarian system. I’m frightened that as my life draws to a close, I’ll be turning over social and economic disaster to my children and grandchildren. What we have in the White House is pure evil.

        • Gea

          As the “father” of free markets, Friedrich von Hayek said, free market can only exist in societies with values that are humane. Thus EVERYBODY is FREE to do what they want as long as it does not infringe on lives of somebody else. Catch-as-catch capitalism does not promote humanity advance but an ugly Hobbes. world where Homo homini lupus!

          Regulations need to be simple and easy to follow in order to level the playing field so that those super=large corporations cannot eliminate free competition in excellence. There are two areas where free market cannot perform and needs government: Health care and education, because disease and education cannot be left to profit motive, which mostly motivates business. Business should NOT be stranded for paying for health care of its employees. Single payer system where money goes on direct care, rather then all kinds of complicated insurance/hospitals/pharma profit schemes, making our health care system 2-3 times more expensive than French and others universal health care for all citizens.

        • RichE

          The can stops here! As in kick the can down the road. Needs art work.

      • Vicki

        Gea writes:
        There are two areas where free market cannot perform and needs government: Health care and education, because disease and education cannot be left to profit motive, which mostly motivates business.

        Of course the free market can perform. Health care because business IS people so they need to be healthy for business to survive. Education because business IS people and business NEEDS educated people to make business better and more effective.

        Government, on the other hand has a terrible track record running any kind of business. Then again they don’t have to. They spend OTHER peoples money and suffer no consequence when they fail.

  • Wildey

    War on terror? TERROR: A violent act physical or psychological in nature committed to gain submission. Who wants who to be submissive? Ron Paul said “Because we’re over there, they’re over here”. Could it be because we’re terrorizing them they are trying to terrorize us? Where does the, not our, government fit in? Are we terrorized of the governments actions against our liberties? Are we turning to the government to solve the problems the government has and is creating? I’ve listened to the wouldbe dictators and then there’s Ron Paul. If the war on terror is over, why don’t we get rid of the TSA, the patriot act and every other infringement on our liberties? Do they think the war on terror is over because they think they have us locked up in bondage? Krushchev said “When it comes time to hang you you’ll line up to see who can sell us the rope”. This election, are we picking the one who we will sell the rope to? When someone applies for a job he’s asked for a resume’. As I look thru the resumes’ of the ones that we’re allowed to read or question, I’m convinced its either Ron Paul or the end of America.

  • 45caliber


    “Just because legions of Obama’s Democratic co-conspirators have traded in focus on Shariah proponents for focus on the Tea Party and the National Rifle Association doesn’t mean that the President has shifted his watchful gaze from real terrorists to a ludicrous target, does it?”

    What? You mean the libs actually stopped their focus on the Tea Party and the NRA for awhile while they focused on Shariah proponents? It must have been only a short time; I missed it.

  • David Hendrick Behrens

    Hallelujah Brothers and Sisters, Obama did it, War on Terror is over, those Radical Muslim Terrorists have finally seen the goodness and light of Obama Love and those ex-killers have excepted America’s Values and Freedoms as their own and now they all will end their blind hate and never again attack any God Loving Christian or fellow Sunni or Shiite Muslim Brother and Sister again and we all can join hands and can sing Kum Baya my Lord.

    Those ex-sinners have given up on and forgotten about Alah and their milleniums of the muslim radical teachings of sharia law and killing infidels and will all join the family of Brotherly Love, as they took their korans and all iud’s and weapons and burned them up and buried the ashes in the desert, vowing and swearing on a bible, that they are at peace now and forever.

    They now love all and will live with freedoms and treat women equally and all dress westernly and bath normally and look clean and party and drink beer and wine and booze and go out safely, with out fear to their favorite bbq joint and eat pork and chicken and beef in their diet !!
    Can I get a Amen…..

    • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)


  • Buck

    Personally , I am going to miss the muslim ” terrorists ” because they helped keep my mind off the Washington ” terrorists .

  • ranger hall

    Rick and Others,You are about 85% right, But when you stop and put the blame where it belongs You will never be 100% correct, Mass graves in Iraq, Sure all from the Iraq and Iran War. Also the Gassing of the Kurds, Why was this only an issue when they were preparing you people for the Invasion of Iraq, Maybe because we were using the Kurds againest Saddom, Daddy Bush had the worst sanctions on Iraq for about 15 years, NO military items such as Ammo,repair parts for Tanks,planes,artillery and other items were allowed in the country, Plus other Items that could be used for defense, a couple of the experts SAID no WMD are in Iraq, A couple of these experts seen to have died as they were telling the world of this.
    It seems lie you will never get over your Brainwashing. I love this quote. Muslin/ Islamic Terrorists, Hell most of you never new these words before 9/11, Never heard about the Koran Etc.
    All of you have been Brainwashed into hating these people, You only know about the people that took those jets into the WTC and The Others ONLY what you have been told by our Govt, The same goes for Al-Quida and OBLaden. NOW you hate all Muslin and Islamic People And dont you think they now have a right to hate and kill us because we have Killed and Maimed their people men,Women and children. Man we have killed and destroyed more than they could ever do. You need to see between the Lines as to what the Powers to be had in mind when this all began to take place. I will give you The Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, The USA, Israel and the other Irab countries if things would have been different.
    But then we have always been easy to Brainwash into excepting the Goals of the Powers to Be
    Rick i can see why you are a retired AF man..

    • Airangel

      @ranger hall – you’re wrong and you lie. Muslims have been beheading and bombing each other way before 9/11. Mass murdering their own people through atrocious acts. Shredding them, burning them, torturing them, starving them, etc. They even made them prostitute and barter for basic needs like water, rice and flour. I can’t imagine living in such vile places in the Middle East. Remember, we droped cartoons saying they could have a good meal, medical treatment and bathing and they surrendered in droves. No we are not the evil ones (some of our leaders and politicians yes). We don’t hate them all and have liberated many from such cruelty however; they did not found this country, defend it from the crown or build it through our Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and the revered Constitution. If they CHOOSE a better lif in America fine but they have no business imposing their laws over ours. Respect goes both ways. As guests in their lands, we should respect their ways as they should respect our laws and lifestyle. Accept or don’t….but anyone that blows up schools, hides behind women’s skirts, murders innocent children or any human being who have done nothing to them are evil and cowardly and not serving God at all. The power grab within their own culture for 134 years since Persia was dissolved would happen with or without us. The Shiite and Sunni’s are ready for a major showdown.

    • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

      Well. If you call watching two hijacked commercial airliners being flown deliberately into the twin towers followed by the reports of one being flown into the Pentagon and another that was believed to be targeting the White House before it was re-taken over by patriotic Americans and subsequently crash-landing in an open field in Pennsylvania brainwashing, then you’re correct. We were all brainwashed that fateful day known as 9/11/2001. As for hating all Muslims, I’ve never said that. I only hate the radical, repeat, I said “RADICAL” Muslims who brought this war on to begin with. If you love these hate-mongers so much, why don’t you just go over there and take up arms alongside them. The truth be told, as another poster so eloquently pointed previously, the Muslims and their Koran waged war against Christianity 1400 years ago (give or take a few years). So like I said, go ahead, stand alongside your radical brethren and take up arms. I’m sure any number of us still believe in America and what it stands for would be more than happy to expedite you on your way to the land of milk and honey and 70 virgins. By the way, does the Koran specify whether those 70 virgins are men or women. You might be in for a heck of a rude awakening once you get there.

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        With Enormious Respect for a Comrad in Uniform… The Real Losses were to the Twin Towers… ( WORLD TRADE CENTER, Buildings.) { Still GONE!} The Radical BIBLE Inforceers, are NO BETTER … ” Must EXCEPT CHRIST, AS YOUR SAVIOR!” The Bible has many Perversions & Ommissions to the TRUTH!.As if the truth wasn’t bad enough…

      • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

        to Bert, the real losses were the lives lost in the twin towers, at the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvannia. We can always rebuild the towers and Pentagon and replow the fields but we can’t rebuild the lives lost. With all due respect but the way I interpreted your post you seemed to put more importance on the buildings.

  • Airangel

    How could a war on terror be over when they never declared a war on terror, let alone use the word “terrorist”. How could it be over when according to them, it never was?

    Well the American People’s War on Terror will be over when the terrorist, muslim brotherhood coddling administration and czars are removed from all security positions impacting the safety of our citizens and security of our borders and intelligence within our armed forces. Obama and Czars must be defeate. Let Freedom Ring!

  • chuckb

    ranger hall, the reason most people didn’t identify the muslim threat is the media, they called the palestinians terrorist by different names and didn’t connect them to islam.

    ( al qaeda “a global militant Islamist organization founded by Osama bin Laden sometime between August 1988[15] and late 1989.[16] It operates as a network comprising both a multinational, stateless army[17] and a radical Sunni Muslim movement calling for global
    Jihad and a strict interpretation of sharia law. It has been designated a “terrorist organization” by the United States,)

    the islam religion has one goal, to covert the world by force or voluntary induction. they intend the world to live the sharia law. (jihad)

    if you think we are being brainwashed, better think again, these muslims may appear to be docile while outnumbered, when they get control things change.
    this isn’t anything new, if you read history this religion or cult, calls for world domination.
    you are seeing the middle east falling like domino’s to the muslim brotherhood who have the intent of applying the sharia law over these nations. your hero in washington is using our money and resources to assist them, the idiot hillary is his legman.

  • Airangel

    The war on terror is hardly over when George Soros pledges 10 million to stop sheriff Joe Arpaio from investigating Obama. The ACLU has joined too making defeating sheriff Joe a “top priority”. Some feathers are ruffled. What are they afraid the good Sheriff will find? Scandal follows Obama in droves and where there’s smoke there’s FIRE or is it TERRORISM in a tidy form?

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      FIRST THINGS “FIRST”! The Political Bush Family! The Twin Towers Atack Connection! & Lack of its Rebuilding!

  • RichE

    Ben, so you don’t think, ‘Love’ is the answer? What is your solution? How would you solve the problem? Or is it a problem?

  • Jay

    Could obama be offering us; “The peace of Saladin”?

  • rightgunner

    Well Ben, I think some of the terrorist plans were to ruin our economy. Once that is complete they will probably vent their anger elsewhere. Therefore the President is correct in claiming victory,and it is certainly all his doing.

  • Patriot

    Your propaganda amazes me. You leave out certain words to make it sound the way you want. Kim Il Jung would be proud of you, if alive. Next you’ll be claiminmg that Watergate never occurred and W and his wmd’s were factual. And the chumps will believe you and not question your intent.

    • Jay

      Well, there’s no question as to your intent, Patriot. As for dealing with the subject of Bush, and the indiscretions of previous administrations, one need only research previous PLD publications. What’s really amazing, is that, you have the gaul to accuse another for the crime, you, yourself, are guilty of; the obfuscation of the truth!

    • tg sherman

      No one died in Watergate & Nixon had some respect?? Some even went to jail!! He at least resigned!!

      TG Sherman

      • Gea

        Many dies as a consequence of Islamic terrorism, and Islam teaching hate of non-Muslims. Yet we have a president who extolls Islam and koran and disses Bible, and bows to Sudi king whose subjects committed crimes of 9/11 and finance terrorist activities all over the world with the money we pay them for oil. We must go green and dry up financing for islamic terrorism.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    “The war on terror is over.”???????
    That is as funny as the war on terror… ( The bombing of foreigners in their Country, to keep the Prisidentcy!)

    • Gea

      Actions speak louder than words. See Obama bow to Saudi king, whose subjects performed 9/11 and who finance terrorism around the world! See Obama extoll Islam and Koran while dissing Bible. See Obama “defend” environment and then aprove Kewystone pipeline. See Obama’s compassion for poor, and see him chose the same guys who allowed financial system to go into tailspin go on.

      Listen Obama defend Israel’s right to exist, and then see him bending rUA rules to finance Egypt, which is now ruled by Islamists of Muslim Brotherhood, and whose main goal is destruction of Israel and annihilation of Jews in second Holocaust.

      Hear Obama speak about human rights, and then help CAIR and OIC white wash Islam, a supermacist ideoloogy of ahte of non-Muslims, similar to supremacist Nazi Jew hating ideoloogy, which promotes apartheid, pedophilia, polygamy, misogyny and murder for ALlahu Akbar, which loed to 9/11. NIce man, Barak Hussein Obama needs a better place than Whitehouse, to live dreams of his father (a Marxist Muslim from Kenya).

      Either Ron PaUL or Rumney will be better in the Whitehouse than this idealistic man who may turn tyrant if we re-elect him to a second term. Both Islam and Communism hold that they have monopoly on “truth” and that Caliphate or Soviets (or the Third Reich) are the unswer. We need a Commander-in-Chief and not a Caliph-of-Chief, as Obnama had become, thus endangering not only US soldiers but US citizens in US and WEstern civlization everywhere. Islam is incompatible with the US Constitution and/or Universal Declaration of Human Rights and MUST REFORM rather then being white washed as a “peaceful” religion, a LIE that Obama is helping CAIR and OIC promote.

  • Wil

    Yeah,Ben,have to warch those conservative four-year-olds.They’re growing up thinking they’re free,and have rights.That makes them a potential threat to Obama’s vision for America.

  • Mark Rybeck

    The War on Terror overseas may be over; but The War on American citizens is still going on with Barrack Hussein Obama in The White House.


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