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The Voice Of Tyranny

September 4, 2012 by  

The Voice Of Tyranny

The reporting on a violent incident at the Occupy protests last year reveals the linguistic lengths to which newspapers can go to hide responsibility. A Reuters story in National Post said it best:

Scott Olsen, 24, a former U.S. Marine who served two tours of duty in Iraq, was struck in the head by a tear gas canister fired on Tuesday by police trying to prevent protesters from reclaiming a public square.

Olsen was standing about 30 feet from the police barricades at Occupy Oakland when the cops launched tear gas and fired “bean-bag” rounds into the crowd. The hit to Olsen’s forehead knocked him down on the concrete and fractured his skull.

Passive-Voice Violence

This is pretty high-action stuff. A simple way to say it would be: “On Tuesday, police struggling with protesters hit two-tour U.S. Marine vet Scott Olsen in the head with a tear-gas canister.”

Regardless of whether the police action was legal or justified, such an opening would at least shine the light on who did what to whom.

But instead Reuters chose to use the passive voice, a way of writing that emphasizes the thing acted on rather than the thing or person acting. Olsen “was struck in the head” (he was struck, you see; nobody struck him) “by a tear gas canister” (darned thing), which was itself “fired on Tuesday by police.”

In George Orwell’s Politics and the English Language, he lists the passive voice as part of a “catalogue of swindles and perversions,” techniques in political writing “designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

In the active voice, the subject of the sentence takes a direct action. For example, you might say Richard Nixon made a mistake. Or a policeman hit Olsen with a tear-gas canister.

In the passive voice, the subject of the sentence is the recipient of the action.1 Mistakes were made. Olsen was struck in the head. Responsibility was avoided.

Telling a story of violence in the passive voice is like putting on a play in which figures in shadow beat a man lying in the spotlight. The dramatic focus is on the injured party, and the attackers remain undefined.

Underprivileged Subjects

The passive voice and constructions related to it are good and proper in many contexts. Scientists, for instance, emphasize the neutrality of their experiments by saying things like, “Twenty milligrams of uranium were placed in the centrifuge.”

But passives are also devilishly useful for expressing imprecise collectivist thoughts; they squeeze the human action out of an event, taking responsibility away from real persons and casting it into thin air or onto vague collectives.

Orwell wrote that this is a vicious cycle: Our language “becomes ugly and inaccurate because our thoughts are foolish, but the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts.”

Consider the term “disadvantaged.” When we say, “this child was disadvantaged,” it’s an adjectival passive: The kid has been disadvantaged by some unknown persons.

Really, “disadvantaged” is a euphemism for “poor,” but through its passivity it packs in the implication of collective responsibility. For an example of how this trick works, take a look at the beginning of a petition on the leftist site

Underprivileged individuals who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are being subjected to a form of class oppression.

The “underprivileged,” one has to guess, are those who are not privileged enough. But who’s doing the privileging? And who on Earth is subjecting them to “class oppression”? The petition continues:

The underprivileged tend not to have the same support system that privileged people have. We should not oppress them further by keeping good drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation programs out of their reach.

Aha! Apparently, “we” (meaning “privileged persons”) oppressed those poorer than us. That’s why “we” (meaning the state) must subsidize these rehab programs to help them.

The passive constructions at the beginning of the petition set it up for this doublethink by slipping past the question of who actually inflicted harm on these poor drug addicts.

Who criminalizes drugs? Who targets drug-law enforcement against poor (and black) drug users? Who keeps the price of psychiatric counseling high by maintaining a licensed cartel?

If we noticed that state officials had contributed to the problem, we might be more skeptical about their ability to fix it.

But once you start on the track of the “underprivileged,” it’s easy to think of economic success as a privilege that never-specified but all-powerful persons either give you or deny you.

This language snuffs out the light of economic, praxeological analysis and ushers in a world of shadowy collectives and Marxist myths.

Straining To Speak

The excessive use of the passive voice does not dam up the flow of words with straightforward censorship. It merely damns us to mealymouthed platitudes. We still speak about poverty and violence, but we huddle around the victims of oppression without looking straight at their oppressors.

The article on the Olsen incident is titled “Iraq War Veteran Suffers Life-Threatening Injuries after Being Struck in the Head at Occupy Oakland Protest.” Here in the active voice, at the front of the title, is the veteran “suffering.” At the back is him “being struck.” We are vaguely aware that somebody must have struck him, but who was it?

Olsen’s head injury rendered him unable to speak for days; and though he could write, he lost the ability to spell properly. Six weeks later, his speech was still “halting and flattened.”2

Those of us still possessed of our faculties of speech and writing might want to use them to communicate as vividly as we can about the real human actions shaping our world.

Protesters are not struck by tear-gas canisters flying around on their own. Classes and collectives are not privileged or underprivileged by one another.

Individual, acting men and women shape the world for good and ill, relying on ideas as they have thought them and expressed them.

In a fit of optimism, Orwell concluded that “the present political chaos is connected with the decay of language,”3 and, therefore, “one can probably bring about some improvement by starting at the verbal end.”

Mike Reid


1 This isn’t a complete definition. A “voice” in grammar has to do with the semantic relationship between a verb and its subject. Subjects can have several different semantic “roles” with respect to a verb. For instance, an agent subject does the verb’s action, while a patient subject has it done to him. The passive voice is a construction in which the subject’s role is different than it would be in the active voice.

2 He seems to have made a full recovery. Here he is in an interview with Russia Today.

3 Orwell also wrote, “Look back through this essay, and for certain you will find that I have again and again committed the very faults I am protesting against.”

Mike Reid

is primus inter pares at Invisible Order, a libertarian editorial-solutions company. He also teaches anthropology at the University of Winnipeg.

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  • Harold Olsen

    I vaguely recall this incident. If I remember correctly, the marine was an innocent bystander and was not taking part in the riots. He just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. My thought at the time was the the brain dead media were trying to shed a bad light on the military by implying that he was a part of the protests.

    • http://yahoo marc lizotte

      Minimizing the occurance and the truth by the media only maximizes the distrust and unreliabilty of those we should be able to rely on for accuracy! I`ve HA(D) so called friends as these ,but no more!

    • Flashy

      “primus inter pares” ? LOL. Hokayyyy…so we have a lesson in how to write in an active voice.

      • FreedomFighter

        Lesson 2: Obama will not get a second term, he will be voted out by the American people, destine to go down in history as worse than Carter.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

    • Kate8

      Also known as liberal-speak, we see examples of this on these threads every day.

      On a debate the other day (the usual rich vs poor one), the point was brought up that entrepeneurs are willing to take risks and, therefore, penalizing their efforts is unjustified.

      The liberal side said, “What is riskier that being poor?”

      What? The implication, therefore, is that the poor deserve a share of the earnings of others, as risk is shared by all. Somehow wealth gravitates magically toward some with no effort on their part, so it is their duty to disperse it to those who are deprived.

      • Michael J.

        Right, what I take away from all of this is the re-emergence of classic Bolshevism, and we all know how that turned out.

    • texastwin827

      No, Harold, he was actually there to protest. He worked during the day as a network engineer then “protested” with the other Occupy people, at night. He apparently is associated with the Iraq Veterans Against the War group

    • dunce

      Weeks later i read a report that he was hit by brick thrown by another protestor, a report that soon was forgotten to death.

  • GALT

    You’re absolutely RIGHT……if it was fired on TUESDAY, it should have hit TUESDAY.

    So now that we have gotten past that: “that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men”………means?

    How did government secure the right to life in 1776/87/89?

    Since life has certain basic requirements, among these being air, water, food, clothing and shelter…………and life is somewhat insecure without them…..what did these 56 dead white guys have in mind then? and what does it mean now?

    BTW if this right is not secured, things like liberty and the pursuit of happiness don’t really matter much, and you can forget things like the right to be protected from unlawful search and seizure, and redress of grievances.

    Can you think like a founding FATHER? ( or will you sound more like a dead white guy? )

    and, please by all means… precise or at least make the attempt……

    Ignorance is Strength, War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery…….

    P.S. hey Will, I have heard through the grapevine that you are expected at these protests
    and that if things go awry they will be targeting you specifically by name, so a word to the wise.

    “To conquer, first DIVIDE!” ( and then HANG, separately!!!!!!! )

    • Vigilant

      “How did government secure the right to life in 1776/87/89?

      “Since life has certain basic requirements, among these being air, water, food, clothing and shelter…………and life is somewhat insecure without them…..what did these 56 dead white guys have in mind then? and what does it mean now?”

      Ah, the oh so pedestrian and unthinking GALT/waltinseattle!

      Continually confusing Natural Law with naturalism.

      A suggestion: drop the Darwin and Rand and educate yourself with Hobbes and Locke. Then YOU will understand what the Founders had in mind.

      • Vigilant

        GALT falters when he must compete,
        It’s ’cause his brains are mush;
        His brains reside within his feet,
        or are they in his tush?

      • AlphaPolitical


      • Flashy

        Vigilant…i would also toss in Machiavelli’s “the Prince” and a hefty dose of Voltaire, not only Candide but also his Philosophical Dictionary. A nice reading to add to the mix would be Kissinger’s memoirs as well as the autobiography of Charles E. Bohlen, frmr ambassador to USSR.

      • DaveH

        Ohhh, I’m so impressed, Flashman. Could you tell us your Sniper Story again (swoon)?

      • Vigilant

        Flashy, all good reads, but not particularly applicable to Natural Law.

        Candide, “in this best of all possible worlds,” was always a favorite.

        Macchiaveli dealt more with the “obligations” of the tyrant and how to maintain power, certainly an unsavory read for the Founders.

      • Flashy

        Vig….i would tend to argue that point they are not representative of Natural Law. Hobbes was more pro-monarchy, I would proffer he agreed with Machiavelli in some respects and tamed down the philosophy espoused in the Prince, while Locke rejected a ruling elite for the sake of societal decisions as a whole. Voltaire? There i would be aghast and question your train of thought proposing that Voltaire was not direct on point in his observations and writings on society and the governing elite. Jefferson was a great admirer of Voltaire, having many of his writings in his library. In fact, i tossed in Kissinger and Bohlen as examples of the modern philosophy taken from both Voltaire and Machiavelli.

        I suppose we could also throw around Socrates and his rival in philosophy … Aristotle.

        As a sad admission, I’ve only waded through Leviathon and the Treatises not wanting to wade through the other writings of Hobbes and Locke, and found both implicitly referred to and drawn on by later political philosophers such as Voltaire, Paine, Twain.

        And i find it interesting that after the passing of centuries, the processes described may be drawn from writings seemingly unconnected to political law yet are commentary on scoial order… such as Lewis and even the fiction of writers as Hammett and Chandler.

        What may be a great interest to you is HG Wells. I’ve begun reading his writings of late, and surprised that he is most famous for his SciFi, yet his non-fiction works outnumber his fiction…and his commentary and insight on society and Man are very interesting and fertile field for thought. (I strongly recommend his two volumes entitled History of the World.)

        I’ll leave off here, DaveH would be jealous that he can’t comprehend, much less read, any of what we speak about. Perhaps he has a Mises link which would help explain the concepts fitting together …

      • DaveH

        Obviously, Flashman, you haven’t learned much from your reading or you wouldn’t advocate political systems that enrich the small minority of Leaders and their Pals at the expense of the rest of the people, and that have been proven economic failures throughout history and around the world.
        You’re a Big Government Loving Progressive, Flashman, who has a penchant for lying. Now why is that? Why do you need to lie if you’re agenda is honorable and productive?

      • Vigilant


        Hobbes and Locke both entertain the concept of Natural Law as a major part of their philosophies. Locke, in fact, was the inspiration for Jefferson when he penned the famous “unalienable Rights” sentence, the sentence that made the Declaration the basis for all law in the United States.

        Locke’s Second Treatise on Civil Government, like Hobbes discourses on Natural Law, considered “man in a state of nature” as opposed to the institution of civil government, and it was from these opposing views that the social compact theory evolved.

        As regards Hamilton’s profound effect on the ratification of the Constitution, Dave is correct. Together with Madison, Hamilton’s federalist ideas were critical to the formation of our government.

        With truly well wishes, I would encourage you to read the Federalist Papers and Locke’s Treatise. They might be eye openers for you.

      • Flashy

        Vig…have read them both and your concise observations are true. As a point..i never stated Hamilton was not instrumental in having the Constitution point was the drafting.

        Locke was indeed a profound influence upon Jefferson as he penned the Constitution. Have it as you may, both Hobbes and Locke were influenced by past thoughts…especially those of Machiavelli and Aristotle (some passages of Leviathan could even be Machiavellian in nature and Locke stated he dismissed much of the ‘Aristotle’ views as being written in a different history than what man had evolved ).

        What is interesting is DaveH linking to a book review slamming Hamilton and in which Turgot was mentioned as ‘anti Hamiltonian”. Which is interesting in that when Turgot was framing what has become the basis for macro economics, he attacked deficit spending with proposals for taxes. imposed not upon the merchants or the peasantry, for Turgot believed such would further cripple economic well being of the state, but rather as against the aristocracy. An aristocracy which then attacked him mercilessly and brought about his fall from the king’s grace and dismissal from office.

        I see Locke as venturing forth the dangerous concepts of society having a say in how Man deals with government and the role of government in dealing with the individual versus as a citizenry. Would you agree that he struggles in attempting to find the balance and exercise of state powers between that of singular ownership versus the requirements of a society giving the benefits accompanying shared ownership ? Whereas Hobbes saw a more pyramidial structure with a monarch at the peak and the societal makeup and economic well being being settled by the needs and requirements of the state/monarch with all else falling into place beneath as those needs for a healthy monarchy/state are met ?

      • DaveH

        Give it up, Flashman. We know that your favorite philosopher (and probably the only one you’ve really read) is Saul Alinsky.

      • Vigilant

        Flashy says, “Would you agree that [Locke] struggles in attempting to find the balance and exercise of state powers between that of singular ownership versus the requirements of a society giving the benefits accompanying shared ownership ?”

        I can not agree with that. Not only did Locke deem individual sovereignty to be the highest of ideals. he made private property the center of his views. He went so far as to say that the most important job of government was to protect private property.

        To his discredit, he continued to believe in the institution of slavery. Although it’s foolish to overlay our modern enlightened view of slavery on old world views, it did affect the purity of his staements.

      • Flashy

        vig…john locke did place the individual at beginning of a “natural order’. For certain. But he struggled to balance those natural laws of the individual with the social compact between the state and the citizenry as a whole as well as individually. If I remember correctly, Locke has political power as a collective where the individual cedes power into the hands of the state. Such struggle between the natural orderof the individual versus the collective is why, in my opinion, Locke suggests splitting the powers of the state into equal portions. Thus, the state would have not only the natural stresses of balancing the individual with the needs of the community, but it would also have internal stresses built in competing with each other to draw away from concentration against the individual AND the community.

        THAT is the basis for our Constitution which has the state having no power except what is given to it. Contrast that with the Constitution of the USSR (deceased) which gave the state all power, and the individual only that which the state ceded downward.

        That was, in my opinion, Locke’s greatest insight…. that to prevent the State from becoming too powerful, to structure government to be inefficient and constantly battling internally for power while serving the needs of the community and social compact … the individual thus being relegated to the bottom of the heap as far as attention and concern by the State.

        Fact is..if one reads both Constitutions..the USSR’s on its face was one which gave more liberties and freedoms than the US. But for the minor issue of what rights were not detailed and who retained those was the difference.

        The setting up of government is the original social–political “compact.” per Locke and Hobbes. Where Hobbes saw man being divided and power to rule being the Right of an aristocracy, Locke saw a community of individuals surrendering natural rights in favor of government, which is better able to protect those rights than any man could alone.

        Then again, i may be in error. maybe DaveH can find a Mises link on the subject …

      • momo

        Flashy says: “Locke was indeed a profound influence upon Jefferson as he penned the Constitution.”

        Flashman, you need to crack open a history book. Jefferson was ambassador to France when the Constitution was drafted.

    • Frisco

      “Since life has certain basic requirements, among these being air, water, food, clothing and shelter…………and life is somewhat insecure without them….”

      And sex….let’s not forget about sex….man cannot live without sex either, and I believe it should be provided by the state equally to all citizens. It is not fair that some comrades get more (and better) sex than others, and I want my fair share!….ooops…..

      • GALT

        See Article Five, contact the appropriate parties.

      • Stuart Shepherd

        Get a life, Frisco. Maybe if you weren’t writing dumb things on a blog you’d be getting more sex that you can’t live without!

    • DaveH

      Your right to life, Galt, does not entitle you to trespass on my life.

      • GALT

        well David……you have an extremely vivid imagination because I have absolutely no idea to what you are referring……….and it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with me.

        But since you are boringly predictable I will make the assumption that this imagined trespass has to do with the fact that you are in “voluntary compliance” with the fees, fines, duties, imposts, excises, direct and indirect taxes……..and that having done so, you have given your “implied consent”………voted early and as often as possible and object to the use to which this money is put……………even though you are duly represented, having participated in the “process” and therefor need to abide by the outcome. since by taking
        part you have legitimized the result.

        If you wish to alter this condition of “implied consent” you will need to avail yourself of the legal recourse available to you, the use of UCC 1-207/308 the reservation of rights which
        cancels your “implied consent” status which subjects you to “admiralty/maritime” law and restores your constitutional rights……in place of the privileges and benefits you now enjoy…………..btw you have told this repeatedly by me and others here, yet you continue to VOLUNTEER and complain about something which you can ALTER at any time, by ACTING………

        “To conquer, first DIVIDE!” ( and then HANG, separately!!!!!)

    • GALT

      Five comments……and no answers nor even an attempt at an answer…….which is exactly the result one would expect when one quotes “ideas” and uses words which were not understood by their author’s…….whose construction to attempt to achieve what they did not understand FAILED……….yet the beneficiaries of that failure continue to use those words in willful ignorance of their meaning to bemoan that very failure, believing that the
      repetition of what was not understood then, will change the result of the initial ignorance and produced a result which could not have been avoided.

      The day is young ….will it continue to inspire this non sequitor idiocy?

      • DaveH

        Obviously you are beyond inspiration.

      • Vigilant

        But he’s not beyong mental masturbation, Dave. Have you ever seen such nonsensical circumlocution in your life?

      • JUKEBOX

        Joseph Stalin, many years ago , said, “The way to undermine America is to destroy their patriotism, then their morality, then their spiritualism”.

      • Flashy

        Galt…add a sixth comment. I don’t understand what you are saying in the above. As in..why cite the years of adoption for Dec. of independence, Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution yet limit the number of “Founding Fathers” to 56? And pray tell…what have those to do with the Article reciting the basics taught in Writing 101?

      • Vigilant

        Flashy, try 1781, NOT 1787, for the ratification of the Articles of Confederation.

      • Vigilant

        Flashy, I have never understood your obssession with the number of Founders.

        What Oliver Wolcott or Richard Stockton and other signers of the Declaration of Independence, did along lines that could be considered crucial to the country is beyond consideration. There’s a reason why they are not lauded as Founders as typically expressed in the history books.

        It should go without saying that the Founders with which most of us are familiar are usually the tireless prime movers, philosophers and those who famously sacrificed their time and gave us their wisdom to accomplish the important business of creating a nation.

        Franklin, Washington, both Adams’, Jefferson, Madison, Paine, Mason, Henry and a few others made their marks in history for a good reason. Getting hung up about the exact number of founders is like some obscure Hebrew excerise in numerology.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        GALT, you come on and post obscure statements that have NOTHING to do with the topic at hand! Do you have a hard time following what was written? I know that if I say these things, you’ll come after me as you do to Dave. But honestly, I think that your entire purpose for posting on this site is simply to make yourself feel superior! You speak with vagueness and contempt for others! If you really have something to say, why not just SAY it?!? Your contempt is causing you to be a rear boor! If you think that you have knowledge that others do not have, share it! I’m tired of your contempt and superiority! Either put up or shut up!!!

      • GALT

        Three more idiotic non sequitors and a question……..

        The right in question as well as the “acceptance of governments responsibility to secure it” are contained in the Declaration signed by “56 dead white guys.” see Charleton Heston

        Of the four principle documents, only one “father” signed all four, one uncle signed three,
        and three cousins signed the last two…………the claim to fatherhood, as you can see, appears to be as nebulous as the understanding of the claim……or the means by which it could be effectively carried out.

      • Vigilant

        Nancy, GALT/walt has absolutely no perspective or sense of balance. He posts the SAME thing over and over, ad infinitum in his typically priggish and bigoted manner, just to get a rise out of someone.

        His penchant for posting in obscure abstractions, esoteric references and complete lack of clear writing ability paints him for what he is: a confused and obsessed loner.

        He seeks provocation, not elucidation. You assail his disjointed mental processes and he becomes sociopathic.

      • Flashy

        vig…ooops (on the date). My bad.

        As to the Founders…it kind of irks me when the “name’ is used to legitimize a stance or a calling. As in ‘the FF believed ….”. there were quite literally hundreds of men involved in forming the government of this nation and the ideals which are espoused in our founding documents. They were men, and fought amongst each other with as much vigor and determination as political beasts of today fight. Hamilaton had nothing to do with the Dec. of Independence and little input on the drafting of the Constitution…yet he is thought of as a FF. It is rumored that upon hearing of his demise when Burr snuffed him, Jefferson toasted his political rival Burr (then went about doing as much as he could to kill the political life of Burr)

        To me, when someone refers to “the Founding Fathers’…it’s the first sign they speak from ignorance. It was only the recent past when i heard of Andy Jackson referred to as a “Founding father’, and the speaker had no clue who Patrick Henry was ! (yes, i did ask :)

        Ah well….it’s something on which DaveH can find a Mises link for us…

      • GALT

        Really Nancy?

        “the present political chaos is connected with the decay of language,”3 and, therefore, “one can probably bring about some improvement by starting at the verbal end.”

        Looks to me to be precisely “on topic”……….I simply redirected the focus to the proper
        subject matter………..rather than the ‘self serving” obfuscation the author seems to have intended……….

        The actual observation regarding “language” was made by Confucious….in terms that would not be flattering………..

        Did you have something else?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        GALT, in case you hadn’t noticed, there is no “right in question”! The topic at hand is how people use words to obscure the truth! You ARE genius at THAT but THAT is not what you are conveying! Are you only well versed in ONE subject?!? You seem to only be able to converse on one level! Are you unable to carry out discourse on other topics?!? You accuse others of posting non sequiturs and yet??? Try to follow the topic even if it doesn’t fit your agenda! You truly ARE becoming a boor!!!

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “Hamilaton had nothing to do with the Dec. of Independence and little input on the drafting of the Constitution”.
        As usual Flashman, the man with scant credibility, has no idea what he’s talking about:
        “Hamilton was among those dissatisfied with the Articles of Confederation — the first attempt at a national governing document — because it lacked an executive, courts, and taxing powers. He led the Annapolis Convention, which successfully influenced Congress to issue a call for the Philadelphia Convention in order to create a new constitution. He was an active participant at Philadelphia and helped achieve ratification by writing 51 of the 85 installments of the Federalist Papers, which supported the new constitution and to this day is the single most important source for Constitutional interpretation”.

      • DaveH

        If he isn’t already, Alexander Hamilton should be Flashman’s hero as he was a deceptive elitist who cloaked his Progressive nature by pretending to be a Freedom Lover, when in reality he was just being pragmatic and tried to implement Bigger Central Government whenever he got the chance.
        For the truth about Alexander Hamilton read this:

      • Flashy

        “Flashman says — “Hamilaton had nothing to do with the Dec. of Independence and little input on the drafting of the Constitution”.
        As usual Flashman, the man with scant credibility, has no idea what he’s talking about:” <— DaveH

        OK DaveH…now in your link and your quote you pasted…just where does it state Hamilton drafted any of the Constitution or had major input? LOL…deceitful this morning are you? More than usual? also posted a link which rips Hamilton …so do you now take the position that when you refer to the "Founding Fathers"..the only ones that count are those which held the same ideas you today espouse..and the others don't count?

        Check your Mises website and let us know which FF's we should count as having insight and we should adhere to…and which ones we should dismiss as unknowing and ignorant of the 'true" path to Enlightenment…

      • GALT

        Now Nancy, since you have conceded that the use of “words” is in fact the topic at issue,
        we are getting close to maybe assisting you in grasping the “actual topic”……..

        What do you believe the title “The Voice of Tyranny” is referencing?

        Could it be perchance “government”?

        But he wastes his time describing the “effects” of it’s failure……..spinning the spin and fertilizing the “mushrooms”…………..without a clue to the cause of the failure, which can be directly attributed to the mechanism constructed to implement a foundational structure based on claims using “words” which were not understood “then”…..and based on the “evidence” thus far……..this has not changed.

        As an “anthropologist”, he is remarkably ignorant of the “communal collectivism” which
        served our species well for the 195,000 years prior to the beginning of our “social conquest” of the planet………using without hesitation the inciteful “marxist mythology”,
        to which you ‘deluded” self reliant rugged individualist producers respond so well to….

        As demonstrated in the past…… ( THE MUSHROOMS ) have no clue what natural law is, or what right it confers……..for this is dependent on evidence gathered by the observation of nature, not the arrogant declaration that we are above it……….so it is no surprise that the question posed here……….is producing such a lack of response.

        Like the self evident truism that the “sky is blue” ( which is mostly not true ) everyone also knows what these words mean……..which is rather a strange claim since, this question is very precise and specific……..yet no answer has been offered……..only complaints that the question has been asked?

        I realize that this brief technological experiment has given you a democratic forum whereby you have the illusion that you have a right to your opinion………unfortunately, neither nature nor tyrants will be impressed by it……and never have been.

        ” To conquer, first DIVIDE!!!!” ( and then HANG, separately!!!!!!! )

      • GALT

        “The Master said….If names are not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things. If language is not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried on to success……..Therefor a superior man considers it necessary that the names he uses may be spoken appropriately. What the superior man requires, is just that in his words, there may be nothing incorrect.”

        “The Master said,…..Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know men.”

        Confucious 551 -479 B.C.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        GALT, the voice of tyranny in this article is not referencing the “government” as you say. It is referencing the power of those monied people OUTSIDE of government who own and control the media! Their money buys them influence both inside and outside of government! I was commenting on the seeming fact that you cannot hold discourse on any but a narrow topic. You proved me right. I’ve no doubt that you will come back with a rejoinder to say that these monied people ARE the government. These monied people do control the government but they are outside the government. Not everything, and certainly not the influence of the media is connected to “common law”. I do agree with you in that people need to know the truth and many truths may be found from whence you speak. However, it is your boorish behavior that I find objection with!

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “just where does it state Hamilton drafted any of the Constitution or had major input? LOL…deceitful this morning are you? More than usual?”.
        What part of “He was an active participant at Philadelphia” (from the quote in my comment) does your nit wit not comprehend, Flashman?
        Deceitful? You must be looking in the mirror.

      • DaveH

        Here are notes taken at the Constitutional Convention by James Madison on May 14 and May 25 of 1787:

        “The appointment of a Committee, consisting of Messrs. Wythe, HAMILTON, & C. Pinckney, on the motion of Mr. C. PINCKNEY, [FN7] to prepare standing rules & orders was the only remaining step taken on this day”.
        Now I will wait for Flashman to try and lie his way out of this one.

      • DaveH

        Any normal person would have backed off long ago after all the exposures I’ve given of Flashman’s lack of credibility. But then, Flashman isn’t a normal person, is he?

      • GALT

        Yes, Nancy I completely understand…….this is about the corruptors of government, but not the government that has been corrupted………clearly, wasting time pointing this out, is of course the “solution”………

        You know, I may be way out of touch, but it seems that the “government” is the one with the guns……..and the FORCE…….

        It is probably stupid to suggest that “ending this corruption”, would also eliminate the use of FORCE by government to protect them………or favor them?

        Following that, it is clearly absolutely ridiculous to consider that in restoring a “non corrupted” government it might be useful to examine that ‘original stated purpose’, and how the corruption was so easily accomplished?

        I am so sorry for being so “boring”………and thank you so much for taking the time to point this out to me……….clearly mindless rhetoric which confirms what you already know is much more emotionally entertaining for you…… in the future, why not simply ignore
        that which is of no concern to you……..

        Ignorance is Strength.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        GALT, again you try to sway the conversation OFF the topic! The government’s “guns and force” have NOTHING to do with the media’s use of words to influence!!! By the way, “boorish” and “boring” do NOT mean the same thing! Look it up!!!

      • Vigilant

        GALT/Walt says, “As demonstrated in the past…… ( THE MUSHROOMS ) have no clue what natural law is, or what right it confers……..for this is dependent on evidence gathered by the observation of nature, not the arrogant declaration that we are above it……….so it is no surprise that the question posed here……….is producing such a lack of response.”

        Talk about mushrooms! GALTY continuously, STUDIOUSLY ignores the definition of Natural Law,” insisting instead that naturalism is synonymous with Natural Law.

        And he quotes Confucious on using the right words!

        Confucious say, “But GALT is wrong,
        His choice of words is faulty;”
        It’s ’cause it’s Simple Simon’s song
        That titillates old GALTY.

      • GALT

        What natural law IS has already been explained but apparently you missed it…….

        “Nature and the fact of your existence grants you the single unalienable right to continue to attempt to survive and is universal its application to all life forms.”

        Does your definition of natural law or naturalism agree with this definition?

        If it does not……then they are incorrect…… is the hobbsian description of the state of nature as a war of all against all…….

        Of course, you were incapable of grasping this the first time……I don’t expect the repetition
        or the self evident nature of it will make any difference……

        For Nancy: then I apologize for my boorishness……as noted you should feel free to ignore me in the future………as I have no wish to cause you emotional distress…….nor to interrupt or deter the “value” you imagine exists in the “meaningless rhetoric”……….that you queue
        up here for every day……….which repeats that which you already and confirms your powerlessness to do anything else but complain and commiserate on your present or impending victim hood.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        GALT, in order for your apology to be authentic it would mean that you END your boorish behavior! If so, I accept your apology! I HAVE been IGNORING your RUDE discourses for months and I am tired of ignoring them! If you HAVE something to say, SAY IT!!! Regardless of the esteem in which you hold the rest of us, YOUR behavior has been abominable! Your knowledge in a very narrowly defined subject matter, may be great but it gives you NOTHING over anyone else!!! Come down off of your self created pedestal and educate, if you will! But if it is only your desire to insult, go somewhere else! your behavior HAS been BOORISH!! (I hope you looked it up!)

      • GALT

        As noted Nancy, I have a question……..and I will keep asking it until I receive a “relevant
        response” from which further discussion can proceed……..and this will continue any time an opening presents itself…….which means any reference to the declaration, constitution, founders and/or the claimed purpose of government, or references to government such as the use of the word tyranny……which you may believe means “the media”…..but you seem to have choice regarding that……..and they don’t have guns…..

        Why it is relevant to this topic has been explained……..

        I am sorry if the relevance escapes you, or that you have no interest in the outcome…..and you may feel not to ignore me…… you choose…….

        Since you have established that you have nothing of relevance to offer regarding the question asked……..or any understanding as to why it was asked…….I shall feel free to ignore you…….

        Ignorance is Strength.

  • KG

    Anybody who woke up today in America, and claims to be “…oppressed by the Government….” must be insane. No, THEY ARE CRAZY! I woke up this morning and saw the sun rise, and then I drank some fresh brewed coffee and got on my computer and read a bunch of BS in my air-conditioned house. Oh yea, I’m oppressed. Oh, I can’t have slaves? I must be oppressed. What? You mean people I hire must have safe working conditions? Why, that’s just excesive government regulation. What? I HAVE to pay minimal wage? Why can’t they work for free? You mean I have to be checked before I buy a gun? Damn those Liberals!

    • GiveMeLiberty

      KG, we are all slaves! We are opressed in more ways than you’d rather care to know! Yes, safe working conditions are preferred but if you don’t like them, then quit! Government regulations are more than excessive today, they are down right massive at all levels! Minimum wage…again, don’t like it, then quit! Nothing is for free outside of the liberal, utopia dream world. And why should you need an ID or background check for a gun purchase? I mean, those Damn Liberals don’t require that for voting!

    • cawmun cents

      I couldnt be sure…but there may be someone at Guantanamo who did the same thing you did this morning.
      Look,what you do in the morning has little to do with how oppressed you are.
      Someone who is used to being oppressed may not see oppression to the degree that someone who is conscious of it happening right now does.
      But that does not mean that you are not oppressed.
      It just means that you chose to ignore your oppression.

      • KG

        I’m as oppressed as I make myself. True freedom can only be experienced by those who choose to have it. I choose freedom. You choose to be oppressed. Even if I were to be imprisoned, I can still choose the attitude I want.

        “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”
        Martin Luther King, Jr.

      • pete

        Exactly! As is often said……….Ignorance is bliss!

      • DaveH

        Yeah sure, KG. When we get attacked by muggers, we shouldn’t have been in that bad neighborhood. When a burglar steals our belongings we should have gotten better security for our house. When Government steals 40% of our money, much of which goes directly to other people who have done nothing to earn it from us, we should just be thankful that they didn’t take it all. Blah, Blah, Blah.
        Nobody, no matter how well off we are, has a right to take advantage of us, period. So spare us your Pep Talk, KG. You are obviously a member of this Society:

      • Karolyn

        KG – Love it! People who run around whining about being oppressed ARE oppressed! “As ye think so shall ye be.”

      • DaveH

        The original Flower-Child, who spouts her positivity constantly while she condescends the rest of us. It’s time for another Magic-Mirror session, Karolyn.

      • boyscout

        From Lovelace: “Stone walls do not a prison make nor iron bars a cage” – for the liberated soul; but for a body about to pass into the eternal horizontal not so bright a picture. Liberty will always confront oppression and maintains only through constant vigilance.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        What I hear Karolyn saying is that freedom and liberty are merely illusions, that can be imagined or not.

      • Karolyn

        I just watched live coverage of one of the first demonstrations in Charlotte. One guy got arrested early – I don’t know for what. Then the peoplel decided to sit down in the street. The cops just surrounded them and did nothing. Gradually, they got up and walked on the sidewalk. The response from Chief Rodney Monroe to what his response was to them sitting down in the street, which is against the law, was that as long as they were peaceful, the cops would do nothing. Very good handling ofthe situation by Charlotte Police. The demonstrators were there for various things, including freeing Bradley Manning. They were also chanting anti-Obama slogans. I saw one guy with an “Anonymous” mask on; and even though it’s agains the law to wear masks, they left him alone.

      • Karolyn

        Sorry my post about the Charlotte demonstration ended up here. It was not supposed to. As far as my previous post goes, it reminds me of an Abraham Lincoln quote: “People are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” It’s all in the mind. People who see themselves as victims are truly victims of their own mind.

        Dave – You know nothing about me.

    • DaveH

      Time to get to work at your Government job, KG.

    • RevNowWhileWeCan


      “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

      Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
      pete says,
      “Ignorance is bliss.” In this day of information and (so far) uncensored access to quality truths, ignorance is NOT bliss. Ignorance is a CHOICE.

      • JUKEBOX

        The tax burden on successful working people makes them slaves on the government plantation.

        • Ctcwilson

          Slaves on the plantation. BRILLIANT!!!! ABSOLUTELY brilliant!!!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Here’s a short little video that explains it very well.

      • DaveH

        Great post, Nancy.

      • GALT

        Unfortunately you are not “slaves on a plantation”………..slaves got air, water, food, clothing, shelter and sex in exchange for labor which they provided with the minimum
        of enthusiasm…….( not to the mention the parties and “gone fishing” vacations they frequently indulged in………..with little threat of reprisal )

        You are “debt peons” who labor and are taxed……yet have no reliable guarantee of
        any of these things and have no means of escape………from the debt you have been encouraged to incur…….and are still being encouraged to incur…….

      • Deerinwater

        ““Ignorance is bliss.” In this day of information and (so far) uncensored access to quality truths, ignorance is NOT bliss. Ignorance is a CHOICE.”

        I disagree, clearly it could be both.

  • Warrior

    “You didn’t build that”. That’s pretty staightforward speak. BTW, the “private sector” paid for the whole damn thing, idiots!

    • KG

      I don’t want to see you driving on the interstate highway. You should drive only on private roads. wait. Did you build that highway that transports your employes to your job? YOU DIDN’t??? Hmmm….well, acutaly we All built it. Yep, American collectivisim! And, if it was federally funded, probably built Union!

      Mitt is S#@T!

      • Warrior

        You’re a prime example of why the “private sector” should be given “rebates” on gubmint employees. We didn’t receive any value for our forced donation.

      • DaveH

        Why shouldn’t we drive on it, KG? We paid for it, and a lot more than we would have been paid if it had been done by the Private Sector.
        “Probably built Union”? A large part of the excessive cost.
        The countries at the bottom of this list were built by people like KG:

      • JUKEBOX

        You must have never drove on a toll road in MA, NY, CT, DE, OK, IL, FL, or OH.

      • jt

        FYI, oh clueless one:

        The federal government doesn’t HAVE it’s own money. Sure, WE the private citizenry USE currency minted and printed in government facilities, but that currency is only a representation of VALUE. That VALUE is CREATED in ONLY ONE PLACE…….the PRIVATE SECTOR.

        Government does NOT create value, wealth, jobs, or anything else (with the exception of bureaucracy), and only consumes, redistributes and directs that portion of value collected FROM THE PRIVATE SECTOR through taxes, fees, and “other” means.

        Government employees and elected public servants were PAID for the task of building highways, bridges, etc., but it’ is ALWAYS the private sector who does the paying.

        Those highways and other public works projects are called “public property”, they are NOT called “government property”. And that “public” is composed of PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS, with each and every TAXPAYER contributing to (and thereby “building”) all of those “public assets”. So YES, WE DID BUILD THAT!

        Liberals just LOVE to act as though “we the people” exist at the behest, and through the benevolence, of an all-powerfull government, which provides all things for us, without which, we would surely perish. Rubbish. Once again, government neither creates, nor provides ANYTHING. WE provide for our collective SELVES, through a government framework (also created and employed by us).

      • deerinwater

        “Liberals just LOVE to act as though “we the people” exist at the behest, and through the benevolence, of an all-powerfull government, which provides all things for us, without which, we would surely perish. Rubbish. Once again, government neither creates, nor provides ANYTHING. WE provide for our collective SELVES, through a government framework (also created and employed by us).”

        Some people that are not very bright , like to say such things as that. ~ They are attempting to define a perceive enemy and attach to such people and “label.

        The problem with this labeling process is that they are usually guilt of these same behaviors that are acted out by conservative.

        I suggest to you, today’s Conservatives are far too Conservative when it come to actually being Conservative about damn near anything.

        I’d like to see a more liberal use of applied conservatism on the part of Conservatives today.

        We live in a Nation today, that refuses to let wealthy people fail!

    • nc

      warrior, how many people who start their own business build all the roads and bridges they use to get their products out and their supplies in? Could they do without them and be as successful.?
      If you wingnuts would listen to the whole speech instead of looking for sound bites to distort the message you would would actually sound smarter to those who did listen to the entire speech!!
      Actually you do know the true meaning of what Obama said but you need an “argument” because you can’t defend the miserable bush record and man up to the Republican responsibility for its’ part in our plight! Independents did it for you in 08 and hopefully again in 12!

      • DaveH

        The Wingnuts, NC, are you people who expect others to be obligated after the original deal was consummated. WE paid for those roads, whether we used them or not. WE paid for those roads whether we liked it or not. Does your car salesman hound you years after you paid for the car, expecting additional compensation from you for the car he so graciously sold you? Why do you ignorant Liberal Progressives think that WE should continue bowing to you Thieves, after we’ve already paid?
        When you took a girl to dinner, NC, with no prior stated commitments did you afterward tell her that she owed you sex? Probably.

      • DaveH

        What was the “miserable” Bush record, NC, and what about it has Obama made better?

      • Randy

        nc it isn’t all Bush, its not all Obama, to blame, as is so want in our society today its always someone Else’s fault and not our own, then we would all see it is our fault for electing these fools into office. And as long as we are arguing about these petty problems then we miss the big picture of “the government is out of control” and we let it happen to our selves by not getting involved truly involved, instead of sitting on the sidelines just waiting for them (Government) to make a mistake and then we sit around complaining and criticizing them for their misjudgments.

        The article above just emphasizes and skirts the problem with political correctness, you can’t say this about that person or That about that government entity or they are going to sue you, they may get offended or they may get their feelings hurt. Since when does every ones feelings become the governments responsibility to protect, I haven’t read about it in the constitution. All PC is, is some bureaucrat trying to make a name for him or herself. And it is also another way to flood our already over crowded courts with even more frivolous lawsuits that are about nothing more than hurt feelings, We as Americans need to stop wearing our feelings so close to the surface and grow a pair take responsibility for our own actions and stop blaming others for something we did. That even includes the Government. Stop being like little children and blaming our big brother or big sister for what we have done ourselves. And that is putting these misguided and misdirected fools in office in the first place.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        nc, LOVE how you try to twist EVERYTHING around to bush! He had NOTHING to do with obumass’s statement , YET you will try to make EVERYTHING about bush! Your IGNORANCE is showing!!! Hurry up and hide!!!

      • JC

        nc : Actually you do know the true meaning of what Obama said but you need an “argument” because you can’t defend the miserable bush record and man up to the Republican responsibility for its’ part in our plight!

        Do you mean the meltdown that started under Clinton when the Dems completely took the leash off of Freddie and Fannie so that “everyone” could own a home? The act that started the entire packaging of bad mortgages that eventually blew up while Bush was in office? The one that a certain douche from Illinois campaigned tirelessly to put through? That meltdown? Is that the one nc?

        You left wing nut jobs sure do have convenient memories don’t ya?

  • Jon

    Some of the root of the passive voice problem lies with our schools. Students are graded on the number of words used in a paper, not necessarily the content. By using passive voice, a student can easily pad his work by 30% without increasing the content. It is so bad that the US AIr Force started giving writing courses to teach officers to write in active voice. Many people no longer even realize there is another way to write. It is possible that numerous reporters fall into this trap unknowingly and are not necessarily doing so as a plot. They too are required to fill the print space with words, not content. [Looking back, I see that I even did so in some of this paragraph. Shame on me.]

  • KG

    I just love it when right wing Nazi types say “…Utopia..”like its a crime to want a better world. I have the audacity to actually want a better world for my children, and all you can say is “…liberal pipe dream…”. How about the Dream World you want? Where there are no abortions and we kill gay people. Wow, sounds like the Dark Ages to me.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      KG, not that this has ANYTHING to do with the topic at hand but, you ASSUME that YOUR vision of utopia is the CORRECT one! The liberal vision of utopia is my vision of H*LL!!! The whole point our founding fathers were making is that the government shall make NO law that impedes on the rights of the INDIVIDUAL!!! Only then are we all allowed to create our OWN utopia! You CLAIM to know what others want and ACCUSE them of trying to force their will upon you and yet, that is exactly what you want to do to them! Don’t speak to me of YOUR utopia unless you are willing to let ME have MINE!!!

      • Chester

        Nancy, your dreams of utopia are probably a lot different than mine, just as mine will be different from the gentleman living next door to me. Each of us has our own, private, dream of what the world SHOULD be, but few of us will go out and kill someone just because he or she does not fit in our dream. We do, however, work to try to change the world to where it is nearer being our vision, and hopefully, enough others will have a similar vision that we can actually see what we consider a POSITIVE change. Again, MY idea of positive change probably won’t wholly agree with yours, but that is where we learn to compromise our ideals to fit the REAL world, not the one in our dreams.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Chester, rather than working to “change the world”, why not leave the world alone?!? Why not ALLOW others to live their OWN lives?!? There can be NO COMPROMISE! Our visions are too far apart! Why cant you just live YOUR life and allow OTHERS to live theirs?!? STOP trying the CHANGE the world!!! We don’t want your change!!!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Chester and the Leftists, the ever unhappiest and unsatisfied have to keep fixing this world till they break it.
        Nancy, can’t you see that the Leftists/Liberals/democrats take it as their Religious Duty to keep fixing this world toward Utopia without God? They believe that this earth is their only home and the Conservatives and/or Libertarians and Christians or Jews are not doing enough to fix all the troubles away.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Nadzieja, I see it just fine! My point is that there can never be a compromise of the sort they are demanding. It will never happen. The most any of us can hope for is that which our forefathers gave us! The government shall make no law which infringes upon the rights of the INDIVIDUAL! They (the liberals) want to CHANGE the world. We (the conservatives) don’t want to change the world. There can be no compromise. The only solution is to leave each other alone and not to force our will on others.

    • DaveH

      First you tell us, KG, how good we have it. Then you tell us that you want a better world. Would you make up your mind?
      The world is always better for the Takers than it is for the Victims, KG. Try being responsible for yourself. Get your hands out of other peoples’ pockets, KG. Make your own choices. Butt out of ours.

      • DaveH

        For Personal Responsibility (something KG eschews), Individual Freedom, Free Markets (KG doesn’t get to choose what you buy), Limited Government, and the PEACE that comes from people like KG not getting to run your life — Vote Libertarian!

      • nc

        DaveH, you asked in a post I could not respond to if I bought a lady dinner did I expected her to repay me with sex! I must adit that for years I tried to sell that idea or hoped she would think of it on her own since I ejoyed good meals and good sex! As I got closer to my 77th year that point became less and less an issue! BUT IN EITHER CASE I KNEW THAT I COULD NOT REACH MY GOAL ON MY OWN!

      • DaveH

        As always, you are mixing apples and oranges. Nobody said we were an island. Of course we all prosper by interacting with each other and by utilizing Division of Labor to be more productive. The issue is whether we owe any of those people after we have satisfied any voluntary agreements at the time we partook in the exchange of value from one to the other.
        But in the case of your twisted ideas of Government, the exchange is not only Involuntary, but to Progressives like yourself, the non-government part of the exchange is NEVER satisfied.
        Contrary to what thieving Progressives think, we do not owe Government for that which we already paid.

      • DaveH

        Imagine that. An ignorant Progressive (NC) calling my thinking “ignorance”. Never mind that the system he adheres to is bereft of Logic, and that it has proven to be an economic failure in real life.
        At 76, NC, can you still read? If so, you should read this and remove your head from that dark smelly place:

    • Kate8

      KG – You speak nonsense. But just for argument’s sake, in your Utopia you kill innocent babies and celebrate homosexuality.

      Yes, much more sane.

      Government should have NO SAY WHATSOEVER in either of these matters. Kill your babies if you want. Even tiny rats are cute, but they grow up to be big rats. We don’t need to proliferate liberalism, anyway.

      And be gay, too. Just keep it to yourself, out of our schools and away from our kids.

      Whether these things should be legal and promoted is not the issue. THEY SHOULD NOT BE LEGAL ISSUES. They are personal choices.

      You live your life and let us live ours. Period. I don’t understand what you people don’t get about that.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        It’s because their evil means little if they can’t force others to engage in it also. It’s not enough that THEY be allowed to be evil, they demand acceptance and approval! We must ALL be corrupted to please THEIR master!

      • DaveH

        It’s because misery loves company, Kate.

      • Kate8

        Yes, it’s because people who behave morally, decently and with class make liberals look bad. They can’t stand that.

  • Ted Gager

    It’s hard to choose whom to support politically. I offen wonder how ernest ANY politicain is. You all argue back and forth about red versus blue. To me it’s all the same thing….PURPLE!!!!!!!!

    • DaveH

      You’re right, Ted. Both parties have been infiltrated and are controlled by Progressives. And they aren’t going to give up their cushy lives, at our expense, willingly.

      • boyscout

        Absofreakinlutely ! And should a Libertarian be elected to office and be unable to influence House and Senate, he would still retain the power to influence the American voting public and alter our present course from the bottom up.

    • Ctcwilson

      Actually, I think it is more YELLOW.. than purple. It sure is not one of the primary colors.. nope.. goes way beyond this. Family unit system is dead. Women shot themselves in the foot, and virtually assassinated their family, with the Women’s Lib bovine defecation. Now, unlike before this when they were mothers, wives.. holding the family intack.. now, the work all day for less pay, then they come home, wash dishes, bake cakes, and clean house.. Nope.. this pc crap is just that.. a love of total equine defecation. No way that this nation can survive the takeover by Fabian Socialist, and the only difference in socialism and communism is that communism is socialism with a gun pointed at your head. Americans..! Wake the hey up! It is over is this creep in the White House remains in office. Same for much of the Congress. Who are they representing? Nobody. well.. strike that.. THEY are representing THEMSELVES.. sad. disgusting.. and, it all started in the home, what was once a family, with the women.. the stronger of the two sexes.. Was not the fruit tree that got Adam.. it was the fig leaf.

      • DaveH

        Isn’t it peculiar that the women’s liberation movement started in earnest at the same time as Big Government was highly inflating our money supply, thus the cost of our goods and services? So women were assailed with the nonsense that they were oppressed and should go to work (at the expense of their children). I’ve rarely talked to a woman (or man for that matter) who wouldn’t rather be at home doing what they want. So now, after 40 more years of seeing our dollars become worth even less, even many two-worker families have a hard time making ends meet.
        It wouldn’t have anything to do with Government spending 40% of our Gross Domestic Product, would it? Nah, surely not.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        You know Ctcwilson? Not ALL women dream of cleaning up after other people! Not ALL women want to have children and stay at home in mind numbing boredom! I’m in a position to speak on this because I have lived BOTH sides of the issue! Women DESERVE equal pay AND equal respect! When I was young, I worked and I worked VERY hard! ALL of the guys I worked with made at least twice what I made and I worked circles around every one of them! It was NOT fair and I fought to be paid equally! My personnel manager at the time told me that I was making a mistake. She said that they would NEVER raise women’s salaries to that of the men, they would only lower the men’s salaries to that of the women and then women would be forced to work and would not have the option of staying home to raise children. She was right! That is exactly what happened! Eventually I married and had children. It became readily apparent that women could “have it all” but NOT all at the same time! We weren’t happy with the way “strangers” were raising our child. We were harried and never had any time to spend together! We made the decision that in this phase of our lives, I would quit working outside the home. This required many sacrifices on our part but was highly rewarding. Our children grew up to be successful adults with homes and families of their own (the exception is our daughter who is almost twenty and is just starting to find her way. She is supporting herself, however). My husband and I had time to nurture our relationship with each other and after 36 years we are closer than ever. Staying at home and raising children was harder than going out to work. No one who hasn’t done it, could ever understand how difficult it is. After our children all moved out we had to decide whether I would then get a job outside the home. We decided against it because again, we would have no time to spend together. When both people work outside of the home all of their non working time is spent doing laundry, yard work, shopping and cleaning. That leaves NO time for living! I have lived on BOTH sides of the fence. Women DESERVE equal pay for equal work but I also believe that if they want an intact family, they need to make plans to raise their own children. It is well worth the sacrifice and the effort. But every woman deserves to have the choice for herself. Because she disagrees with me doesn’t mean she deserves less than men.

      • DaveH

        The employment market consists of Employers and Employees who (barring military conscription) choose voluntarily to exchange something of value. The Employer exchanges his money for your labor. You may be correct that you produced more than others, I know I did, but in that case you are free to seek employment elsewhere, or start your own business. Both choices are hampered by Government meddling unfortunately.
        Sorry, but you get my hackles up when you say “Equal Pay” (for equal work, I assume) because that is purely subjective, and the only fair way to determine that is between the Employer and the Employee — Nobody else.
        You did say “deserve”, though, so if I misinterpreted the direction of your comment, I am sorry for that.

  • Johnny

    I didnt really hear anything on FOX about some guys at the republican convention throwing peanuts at a black cnn camerawoman and saying this is how we treat animals to her??? did you??? so maybe it isnt just the so called liberal media that is bias and cherry picks what news they wish to report…..maybe you should watch something other than whatever it is you people watch now

  • Ted

    Good linguistic point, Mr. Reid. All of the outlets are guilty of this linguistic sin – Fox News is particularly annoying, overusing the passive voice as well as “some people say”.

  • dan

    I’ve been shocked by all of the SUV’s that are attacking and running down innocent pedestrians…
    never mind the drug addled morons at the wheel…Who,what ,when ,where and how isn’t taught to budding journalists.Political correctness has replaced truth as well as justice and the American way….and the watchdog of democracy is asleep under the porch.

  • Brent

    Tyranny is upon all levels

    Consider also happening in our courts. In a recent civil (non-criminal) federal case, the judge threatened the litigant (the “victim”) with “death” and seized, without any notice or hearing, prohibited him from hiring a lawyer, and essentially into a bizarre civil lockdown. The litigant has been under this civil lockdown order for nearly two years, and is prohibited from having a lawyer, from owning any possessions, from freely traveling, from working, etc… The judge redistributed the litigants property to the judge’s friends. has details about this disturbing case and some quotes from the judge:

    THE COURT: “I’m telling you don’t screw with me. You are a fool, a fool, a fool, a fool to screw with a federal judge, and if you don’t understand that, I can make you understand it. I have the force of the Navy, Army, Marines and Navy behind me.”

    THE COURT: “You realize that order is an order of the Court. So any failure to comply with that order is contempt, punishable by lots of dollars, punishable by possible jail, death”

  • Tigerous

    I’ve long thought that liberalism was a mental defect akin to infantilism, but a Canada Free Press article, Leftism & Ponerology—Studies of Human Evil in Political Spheres
    really makes the point.

    • DaveH
    • DaveH

      Thanks for the tip, Tigerous. Here’s another article along the same lines:

      • Robert Rashbrooke

        I have just visited the site you linked and boy, was it ever so true! Unfortunately, it applies so accurately to Mitt, that anyone who considers voting for him should also visit the site before November.

        This post is all about words, and for me, a Brit, I am constantly amazed that Americans apply the most incorrect meaning to so many of the words they use. If one looks up the definition of LIBERAL, it bears no resemblance whatsoever to the actions and labels applied by the media and bloggers to SOCIALISTS, the very people being railed against in these posts, but labelled liberal.

        If Liberalism was accurately applied here in politics, we would all be much better off, but bigotry and hatred and loathing are so entrenched in the American mind that change is virtually impossible. Religious bigotry is the worst (and rampant all over the US) simply because it is definitely NOT what religious belief is all about, as I understand it.

        The Libertarian Party probably comes closest to true Liberalism, but has been suborned to mean a belief is small government. We must not fall into the trap of reducing the size of government so much that it becomes inneffective, a possibility of happening under a Romney/Ryan presidency.

        • Frisco

          Could it be that for one who has always had so much government (England), you think anything less will lead to anarchy? If our government only provided us with that required to maintain order and individual rights it could operate on less than 20% of its current budget. The rest is redistribution, the provision of services which the free market should instead provide, and fraud, waste and abuse. Less government does not mean anarchy – it means liberty. NO government means anarchy and MORE government means fascism. Romney and Ryan are BIG government people compared to that which is necessary to maintain the peace and protect people’s right to their lives and their property – the only true purpose of government in the first place. I’m sorry, but your fear of Romney is wildly out of touch. He will not reduce the size of our government by very much. Even if he had total power to do so, he wouldn’t.

    • DaveH
    • Jay
    • DaveH

      All Freedom Lovers should read this book to gain valuable insight into the machinations that Despotic Politicians will use to increase their Power over us:,%20Wilson%20and%20Roosevelt.pdf

      As you’re reading it, think about the UN and how hard they are working to further centralize their Power, especially in regards to armed conflicts.

  • Theresa Kelly

    Very good! A better example though would be the news story that claimed MF Globals client funds “disappeared.” They were stolen! They didn’t just vanish into thin air!

    • jt

      Absolutely correct.

      And apparently the only person who truly knows what happened and HOW, is none other than progressive liberal, and former NJ Governor Jon Corzine. Corzine was born in Illinois, and started his banking carreer in Chicago (and also got his MBA at the University of Chicago). Later, he was Chairman and CEO of Goldman-Sachs. His salary and bonuses while at Goldman are confidential (and nobody ever wanted to see HIS tax returns), but after he left Goldman, he made over $400 MILLION on his Goldman stocks alone.

      He then bought an election for U.S. Senator from NJ (2001-2006) and then bought the NJ governor’s seat (2006-2010). In 2009, even the liberal state of NJ decided he had done enough damage, and voted him out after one term, in favor of Chris Christie.

      And then there’s Jaime Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan-Chase. THAT scandal is still unfolding, and has international consequences. Once again, the media never mentions the fact that Dimon is a dedicated liberal Democrat, and that he has been praised by Obama numerous times, as “a man of immense talent and character”, and a good friend.

      Whenever a businessman involved (in any way) to a white-collar crime or scandal, has ties to Republicans, the media ALWAYS emphasizes those ties, and paints conservatives as heartless robber-barons stealing from the 99%.

      BUT every time there’s a democrat involved in any type of high-finance shady deal or scandal, the media ignores their political ties, and leaves it to the viewer to “assume” that they “must be right-wingers, because they’re rich and dishonest”, when the reality is that liberals easily take first place standing when it comes to unscrupulous business dealings, especially those on a massive scale.

  • pete

    We, us and I in praise. Them, they and you in criticism. Funny is it not, that we are unable to define exactly who we are or who they are, except that we are good and they are bad, especially when they are trying to make us look good but fail, thereby becoming them and not any part of us anymore…..stupid language or what? Are we them or are they us or what?

  • Ctcwilson

    It all goes beyond tyranny.. far beyond this. It is the sad and disdainful, disgusting, CULTURAL shifts, changes, the lowering of standards and levels of acceptance.. a level of mediocrity that has consumed the nation, the culture.. I am leaving my country. I can no longer withstand the pressures of an existence without committment. We, the people of this nation, do not appreciate FREEDOM. We have become lost, wandering in a desert of madness, ignorance, lack of educational substance, and therefore we have surrendered our “background”. Young boys and men walk around by the millions with their pants down past their crack. This came from the prison inmate system where no belts are given to the prisoners because they can be used as a weapon. And, now.. the dweebs emulate, copy, those with the black heart of a criminal. I am leaving and heading south of the border, where men respect their mothers, their wives.. the family “unit system” remains in tact. Not so here. No nation following this path can survive. Read. The Romans, the Greeks.. the evidence is starring us right in the eyes.. and the people, most of the people, do not ever care. Nope.. it is over for this country. Done in. Now.. I am expressing my own opinion.. And, I respect the fact that opinions vary. I pray to my Lord God that I am right, but when the people have forsaken all faith, what is left? What remains? Now.. here, what remains is the left. The communist, government dependent morons, uneducated or under educated.. Like sheep. Moronic, pitiful, little sheep. Sad.. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would see our nation, MY culture, dwindle to so low a level of abject mediocrity.. I don’t see this turning around. Much of this is the women. The white women. This is the saddest part of it all. No mothering, no parenting, just a lot of fat.. clinically obese, American white women who have nothing worthwhile to offer anybody.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Someone should warn you that the grass is not greener across the southern border.
      What ever country you believe that is better than the US are to the nth degree matriarchal societies and by in large the women are bitchier and meaner and treat men as worthless little roosters.

      • Ctcwilson

        Yes.. Nad.. yes.. you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT.. I know this.. And, thank you, very sincerely, for your comment.. Grass looks greener, and .. the water bill goes up. BUT.. I will not be dictatorially controlled “IN MY OWN MIND”, by a blind, Fabian Socialist, Godless dictator/dictatorship of hypocrits. I can, and SHALL, choose to ignore what is there, and can melt into the society, one that still has an active and attentive father, respecting the mother, where God is not forbidden to be talked about and embraced, and a place where I am relatively free to pay $1.50 a gallon for my gas, as opposed to $4.00 plus, and quite possible soon to be $6.00 per gallon, and a Gestapo, effectively.. the enforcers.. the IRS.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Much of what you say is true. But if those with values and morals all turn tail and run, where does that leave us? If you had integrity and loved your country, you’d stay and fight the filth that are trying to destroy it! If you think that these problems don’t exist in third world countries, just wait a while. The same problems will plague you no matter where you run. satan and his followers are intent upon corrupting the WHOLE world! There will be nowhere safe! We MUST make a stand to take back our country! If people are not WILLING to stand up and fight the evil then we are all doomed anyway, no matter where we hide!
      Your statement about white women being to blame for everything is the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard! One could say that the blame lies in the fact that men aren’t men anymore! Men are supposed to be the heads of the family. They were supposed to LEAD the family and teach responsibility. Men nowadays are more involved with sports on tv and video games than they are with their families! They bail out on their families because they’d rather have a different woman than the one they chose. One of the biggest problems in this country are the “single mother households”. When the dads bail out, who’s left to teach the boys how to be men?!? Who’s left to teach the girls how a man is supposed to treat them?!? and when you speak of women being “fat”, don’t forget that there are just as many fat men out there. You need to look at the REAL causes of obesity, the main one being the GMO foods that we are being forced to eat unknowingly! ALL of the research done on GMOs proves in animal studies it caused obesity! All of this nonsense that people are just fat because they eat too much, is just that! Theres a reason WHY they eat too much! The food that we have available to us contains none of the nutrients that we need, therefore our bodies are always crying out for more! You LOOK at who really controls what food we eat and place the blame where it lies! This is a problem for men, women AND children!!! If you try to place the blame for ANY of our problems on one group of people or another, you will be destined to have the same problems wherever you go. Unless people are willing to wake up and recognize the REAL problem, we are doomed! You included!

      • DaveH

        Free Markets and Voluntary Contracts would solve most of our problems. With strict ownership of our Property (nobody can take it away against your will), the real producers would prosper, man or woman. There would be little turmoil over who deserved what, because the transfer of one man or woman’s property to another would be strictly voluntary.Those who wished to protect themselves, before entering into any kind of relationship, would negotiate voluntary contracts before they entered those relationships.
        Any Government should be supported strictly on user fees or, for those things which can’t easily be allotted to the users, each adult citizen should be liable for the same amount of tax. If the citizens thought the user fees were unreasonable, then they could either do without that Government service, or buy the same from the Private Sector. For those people, who thought the general fees were unreasonable, the solution would be to quit voting for those Government programs, most of which would probably be provided by the Private Sector more cheaply anyway.
        It’s time for all Good people to quit helping themselves to other peoples’ money and property by using Big Government as their Proxy Agent of Theft.

    • Sol of Texas

      Ctcwilson –

      I completely empathize with you!

  • Nancy in Nebraska

    Using a passive voice to misrepresent the news is only part of the problem. Our language is also being used to control. Words and phrases have been found to be “politically incorrect”. At first, you will merely be judged poorly. Soon it will be that you are judged criminally, for words are being turned into “hate crimes”. If you’ve read Orwell’s “1984″ you can see how the list of “acceptable” words will be pared down until you’re allowed to say little at all. ALL of these things are indicative of CONTROL! It starts out benignly with twisting of words but we can clearly see where it will end!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Were you taught by your civics teachers that “if you have nothing good to say about someone don’t say anything”? That was part of the morals/ethics/religion portion of civics. It was a propaganda piece that no one should ever confront or complain against anyone in authority or government and there was a long list of people for an examples.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I was taught that by my Grandmother. Throughout the course of my education I was taught to speak out!

      • DaveH

        My dad’s side of the family came from the NorthEast section of Nebraska, and they were very outspoken. Sometimes they hurt my feelings, but I always knew who they were and I appreciated that. To me it is much preferable to those kind of people who pretend to be what they aren’t really and you can never trust them.

  • Ctcwilson

    Nancy.. I agree with your opinion, your observation. It IS WHAT AND AS YOU SAY.. but more.. a lot more.. Look around and dig deeper.. Go another level or two deeper into your keen and prudent, sagacious, mind.. Look closely. Every area of our society, our very culture.. we have forsaken all of that upon which our nation was established. Now we have goons, crooks, cheats, liars, murderers, as the monkeys with the say so. They are given hundreds of Millions of Dollars, just to keep their “offices open”? Really? They have amassed fortunes, extreme wealth. At whose expense? Who is representing YOU in Washington? Who is representing you in your State House? Who? Answer: Nobody.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      You’re absolutely right!!! Our government is no longer about representation! It is about control!!! Representation is bought and sold by millionaires and billionaires! NOTHING this government does is for the people! It is about taking away our rights so that they can control us more easily! I’ll not go softly into the still, dark night!

      • The Christian American

        Socialism describes how we act towards each other. There’s voluntary socialism: A system where the people take care of each other, without government intervention. And there’s involuntary socialism: A system of government where the government takes the people’s wealth from them and redistributes a portion of it back to the people to form a planned society. We were a voluntary society and have switched to an involuntary one.

  • ernie

    We must remember rights don’t come from the government. They can only recognize them. Rights are only granted by the creator, the unknown God to the Athenians, Jesus to me. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    • Ctcwilson

      Ernie.. YOU are so right!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

    • The Christian American

      It’s because we have God given rights, we form governments. When government infringes on our rights, well you know what we should do.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Thanks for that very good reminder, ernie!!! Our rights DO come from GOD!!! The government may THINK that they can take away our rights, but they CAN’T unless we allow it! Wake up, everybody! Don’t let them!!!

  • http://none Carter

    Good replies and thoughtful statements.Please go on you-tube and watch Change is on the Horizen part 2 of 3.It shows how corrupt this govt. is.The liberal media is owned by Big banks.Owned by JP Morgan and the Rockefellers.The Govt. owns 72% stock in Exxon and 61% in Disney.It keeps two sets of books.One how much taxpayers owe and the other trillions that the Govt has stashed away.They got that idea from the Mafia.Both Dems and Repubs are in on it.Ron Paul is aware of the situation.Reagan said the money paid into Social Security doesnt go into it.The Fed and multi-national corps own the USA,plus It sets up Nation against Nation.Banks finance both sides in a war.Be prepared for a possible third world war.Started by the same people who caused the 29 crash and 9/11 and the recent recession.We are not a Republic,but a corporation.Check the 13th amendment found in the 1980s.It will blow your mind !! God bless all.

  • The Christian American

    John Locke said: The difference between a king and a tyrant consists only in this: The one makes his own will and appetite the point of his reign while the other makes the good of the people the purpose for his life service. When was the last time America had a king?. Now-a-days, when people get elected, it’s like they were deified. They stand between God and Man. Caligula said: “If I am man, then my subjects are something else. If they are men, then I must be something more”. Betch’a can think of names that fit these descriptions.

    The worst part of this, people have been conditioned to accept the role in life politicians grant them with. When politicians state their case, We’ve forgotten how to say NO. We not only are willing to accept what they through at us but we say thank you. When God created man, He made them all equal in His eyes. That’s important when you consider our existence is eternal in heaven or hell. There’s nothing that says people are all entitled to the same equity. The amount of our equity depends on our own life choices.

  • Ctcwilson

    I cannot recall ever being on any site where there has been more truth, and more commonality in thought, in shared observations and opinion, respecting those differences in opinion. I want to thank ALL of you for your contributioins here, some of which sway my own thinking to a more logical and reasonable, truism. I am sincere in my expression of thanks! Thank you, all.. from the bottom of my heart! No pun intended, I am “heartened” by the wisdom, the sagacity, shared in these opinions. We are all essentially on the same sheet of music. Our nation is in great peril. A short, and brilliant story ..please.. Endulge me.. please. The Greeks, as we know, were the first to form a democracy, a democratic form of governent, under which they flourished and surpassed all other known civilizations.. over years, their govt. began to wain, to pale. An astute Greek gentleman looked over the heads of his peers and perceived from what he observed the ultimate downfall of their society. With this grew his desire to “change” this.. to alter what he saw as an inevitability. The people, you see, instead of doing thier own thinking, solving their own problems, and making their own decisions, established amongst themselves mortal men, upon whom the looked, viewed, as gift, devine beings, and to whom they referred as “Oracles”. A decision came along, a problem, a choice, and they went before the Oracle and let him to their thinking for them. He thought and thought and devised a plan that he sensed would work to resolve the problem. He was going to take a Hummingbird and put it in his hand and ask the Oracle what he had in his hand. If the Oracle said he had a Hummingbird in his hand, he woud ask the Oracle if the bird was dead, or if the bird was alive. If the Oracle said that the bird was dead, he would open his hand and needless to say the bird would fly away. If the Oracle told him that the bird was alive, he would crush the bird. He reasoned that the Oracle could not win for losing. On that chosen day, having deciminated the word to the throngs, he took the bird in hand, ascended the throne to the Oracle, knelt before him and said, “Almighty, all knowing, all powerful one, what do I have in my hand?’ The Oracle said, “You have a Hummingbird in your hand.” With this, the man said, “Almighty, all knowing, all powerful one, is this bird dead, or is this bird alive?” The Oracle, with a cynical smile on his face, having done the thinking, solved the problems, made the decisions for thousands who had come before him for the decades, looked at the man and said, “The answer to that question, my friend, lies in the palm of your hand.”

  • Antonio

    Poor Scott, he went to a fake war to fight an imaginary enemy for something called “freedom”. He comes back and gets shot in the face with a canister for exercising his “freedom” to protest jajaja he must feel like a sucker now. Well Scott let me tell you, the police are real happy with their right to shoot you in the face and they are even more happy with their right to be free from doing that to you. Please continue to fight imaginary enemies all over the globe so that the police can continue to shoot you and arrest people like Brandon Raub for exercising their fake freedoms. If you don’t like getting shot in the face then quit supporting the troops and start supporting the militias…
    simper fi sucker

    Hello people :) this is fema and we have some really nice facilities that will keep you nice and safe. Our troops will be there to pick you up. Please greet them with the utmost respect because they will fight and put their lives on the line for you while keeping you safe and free in the camps….

    • Kate8

      Antonio – The war against patriots and patriot veterans is now official with Obama’s latest EO.

      • antonio

        Kate8 – Great find!! Thats what they are going to do to the veterans and probably the troops that they know will go against them. They are going to pump them full of dope and turn them into complete zombies…

        All veterans and active duty members need to know this, it’s a direct threat, and they should take action…

      • Karolyn

        Yet another fear-mongering blog on BIN. What is wrong with veterans getting psychiatric help after being throug horrendous situations? In truth, there is not enough attention being paid to the mental instability of returning veterans. Suicides are at an unprecedented rate.

      • antonio

        Karolyn you need to pull your head out of the poop shoot. This is not fear mongering, this is real stuff. odummy has in less the 4 years written some 134 EO’s to date. He is an executive orderholic. Troops killing themselves at all time high true but the main reason for that is because many of them realize that they went over there and murdered innocent people for no reason (foreign policy) as Henry calls it. Could you live with yourself after you murdered a bunch of people for nothing? Then you come home after killing people in the name of “freedom” and go to jail for posting on FB!! They are placed on terrorist watch list arrest for stupid silly stuff and on top of all that, they remember blowing up some kids mommy and daddy because they were “ordered to”
        Yeah, sure they are killing themselves…

      • Karolyn

        Yes, Antonio, and they need HELP!

      • antonio

        Karolyn, If you want to help them, then lets start by:
        1. Abolish the fed and end paper money.
        2. Arrest each and everyone of the secret service and fbi agents that arrested Brandon Raub and for false arrest.
        3. Limit the funds available for the military and get it down to a defensive sized military and bring all troops home.
        4.Tell each and everyone of both active duty and veterans what they are really being USED for. “MILITARY MEN ARE DUMB STUPID ANIMALS TO BE USED AS PAWNS FOR FOREIGN POLICY” –> Henry Kissinger
        Maybe if they knew the truth they wouldn’t join an establishment who’s soul purpose is to create a NEW WORLD ORDER

      • Kate8

        antonio (and karolyn) – The ones being picked up and placed in mental wards are not troubled, but are men who oppose this administration. That is all. They are like Brandon Raub. They see what’s coming down in America and they are speaking out. These are the most sane and stable of men.

        Hitler, Stalin and Mao did the same thing to military and anyone who stood in opposition to them. Obama knows that the only people standing between our (relative) freedom and martial law (and gun confiscation) is the patriot military, men who are trained in these procedures and who know how to counter them.

        I’ve seen reports that some 20,000 military men have been disappeared so far. Some of them are being “suicided”.

        Obama has never cared a hoot about the welfare of those maimed in war. Remember, he’s the one who wants them to have to pay for their own insurance, and who charged them for equipment left on the battlefield after being wounded.

        No. This is about getting them out of his way.

        But they are waking up to the truth.

        Former Marines Waking up to America’s Lies:

      • antonio

        Right on Kate, I love you…:)

      • Kate8

        antonio – Our guv is moving as we speak to pass the UN Gun Ban Treaty. Hillary is pushing hard.

        We are down to a race between the NWO forces and the Resistance. Any gun ban will be viewed as a declaration of war.

    • swampfox

      Antonio,why do you use s illuminati symbol as a icon?

  • nnicko

    To Mike Reid: long ago Mike, when I entered the insurance business I was able to take advantage of attending a “word cybernetics course” which emphasied the use of words in an understanding ; simple way to sell the product to the public without big-word confusion. I think a good portion of our politicians took similiar courses but I think the term now is called “SPIN”.

  • gunner689AI

    “Free Lunch, Free Lunch, Vote for Me !”; the biggest lie of all yet the suckers fall for it everytime.

  • coastx

    RReuters follows the non-journalistic formula philanthropy-sacrifice-propaganda in it’s documentation reporting of current events. In this case, it looks like this:

    PHILANTHROPY – Scott Olsen, 24, a former U.S. Marine who served two tours of duty in Iraq

    SACRIFICE – was struck in the head by a tear gas canister

    PROPAGANDA – fired on Tuesday by police trying to prevent protesters from reclaiming a public square.

    This is the new MSM journalism. It’s occult, and unless writers agree to put their signature to it they’re routed from high paying jobs (Milgram, MK/ULTRA).

    Virtually ALL mainstream news is principled on this model which is rooted in Egyptian mysticism Amen-Ra Toth. Some alternative media are suing it as well, which is hw you can tell they are aligned with neopolitics.

    This type of writing is front loaded with the double bind, and the imp-act this has on the public is under certain conditions it can trigger a schizoid break from reality in mass.

    You know where this is going.

    • John W. Howard

      Look up Aleister Crowley, read “Magick in Theory and Practice” use 12 dictionarys varying in dates from 1860′s to he 1930′s, toss in the “Book of the Dead”, the Kabbalah then learn to read between the lines. Talk about “Doublethinkand “Newspeak” btw Crowley and Orwell knew each other they were part of the same coven.


      • coastx

        It’s amazing how gullible people are. Want them to do something or go along with some marketing scheme, just write a bible or best selling “prophecy” literature, and they are all over it with mystification. Tell them the truth, and they withdraw like they’ve been struck with lightening. Lie to them and they become fluid and engaging. I test this all the time. there’s something in human genealogy that people are naturally wired to accommodate a grifter. It may have something to do with being entertained and taking their mind off the moment. Something mechanically wrong with the brain, maybe? I didn’t know that about Crowley and Orwell, although I did know Orwell was SS or performed some like-minded intel work between the UK and US. I believe Crowley was domestic bait to acculturate the public to debauchery. His BS was the inspiration for the free love movement of the ’60s, which even as child I could see there was a problem with this. I just didn’t understand where it was coming from. It’s the ultimate bait and switch. This guy comes to life, probably the product of some Black Mass like TE Lawrence was, they loft him the prophet of moral abandonment and then stand back and say, “LOOK, AMERICA’S FALLING APART. EVERYONE’S SCREWING OUT OF CONTROL!” Then they open up 10K Planned Parenthood clinics, and whalah! child sacrifice institutionalized in the US on American gullibility! My point is THEIR prime directive is ALWAYS resourcing ritual human sacrifice with products acquired in the US. If it’s not Planned Parenthood, it’s FEMA. When it’s not FEMA, it’s DHS. When it’s not DHS, it’s some rogue cop every one loves, or Spencer Kimball comes up on the radar implicated in the Laurie Partridge kidnapping. Then there are the idiot provocateurs that take up the bottom of the tank with THEIR mission to foment ignorance ANAI. Why are we different? How is it there are some of us can perceive this crap, and others seem to be mind blinded to reality? How is that possible? Two species?

        • John W. Howard

          It’s strange you bring up Crowley and the 1960′s. Crowley wrote “Diary of a Drug Feind”.

          • coastx

            Crowley was a consummate narcissist. He was in discovery with an issue with human behavior that had he educated on this instead of blowing his life on magnifying his impulsive wims his contributions would have been positive core. We have three brains (limbic, cerebellum ans cerebrum). We naturally default to the limbic brain for survival. The limbic brain motivates impulsivity. It’s on a metabolic cycle, and when released from the boundaries of the cerebellum lofts some pretty weird experiences via the cerebrum. True freedom, according to Crowley, was a limbic state of mind enhanced by narcotics. The idea here is a revolt on the human mind and pseudo escape form the body by circumventing biological firewalls that are in place to help us survive. The correct idea is to learn to understand them, not set them aside to avoid life. Crowley’s correct identification then was with the limbic brain, which in reality is the snake brain, hence the snake ball,[expletive deleted] anything and eat anything mentality of neopolitics. Crowley bragged openly about what he did to children, but this is nothing new in the UK, the necromancy capital of the world.

  • John W. Howard

    Lets face the facts propaganda or in the authers example of Orwell “Newspeak” is a part of everyday life now.

    After a study was done at the end of world war 2; to find out how Hitler came to power; our government and elements who wish to circumvent the constitution (read communist) begain to change what we the people heard. New laws were passed; the Welfare state had already started before all this occured. What we the people were lead to believe was to better society was our goal. Secrets in the name of “National security” became standard operating procedure. Don’t forget we had to have an enemy to be afraid of to keep we the people off balance, “the Cold War”. Elements outside of and in government started to push religion out of everyday life. Replacing religion with sports as a placeblo to keep we the people asleep.

    This brings us to the 1960′s and the push to destroy the morals in our society, bring drugs into the mainstream, and again work towards the destruction of the constitution. “The war on poverty”, purge of politicians (read assassinations), elimination of nationalism, false flag operations, destruction of education,etc,. The economy was stable by the end of the decade the Democrat party had been taken over by this progressive movement to subjegate the USA. In steeps greed, remember politics was still corrupt before and during this time.

    The 1970′s saw Nixon handing over our National parks to the UN (international biospheres). The US looses a small degree of sovernty. The economy boomed till the end of the decade and the oil crisis and Jimmy Carter had trashed it (the economy). Personal responsiblity was no longer even tought in schools. we the people now had excuses for anything we could imagin. Morals or the lack of morals was now the norm. God was being pushed out of the equation, How can you have God given rights if you God isn’t real? Being clear, to me God is real!

    The 80′s saw Reagan and Bush 1 “the war on drugs”, Rex 84, 19 May 1986, the first time you heard about “the New World Order”, violation of politician’s oath of office without being brought to trial, the raise of FEMA. I’ll give you 10 to one that most people remember sports of the day, the fashion trends, the music but don’t remember how the government violated the constitution time and time again. This is when the cult of politics and the politicans became over whelming. Voting for the lessor of two evils became the norm. We the people had stopped looking at what politicians stood for long ago self governing was failing.

    The 1990′s saw Gulf war 1, the World Trade Center bombing, Embassy bombings, the USS Cole, 1994 gun ban but what was on the minds of the people of this country, Monica, her blue dress, what is is, sports, music fashion, business,. We were to busy to defend the constitution from the lessor of two evils bent on the constitutions destruction.

    Can anyone remember the 2000′s US Patriot Act, the destruction of the World Trade Center, Gulf war 2, Afganistan,. By now freedom is but a distance memory.

    2010′s and Obama and now NDAA, infiltration of the government by radicals of the 1960′s.

    Is this little story true? You decide.

    Makes me think of something George Carlin talked about (not a direct quote) he stays home on election day. He doesn’t complain about politicians because it’s the people who suck. This is best we can do? (in reference to the politicians who rise from the population) It makes me think f#$% hope!


    • coastx

      BRICON SYG CERTIFICATION/G1 @John W. Howard for exemplary commitment to character principled on our constitutional republic via willingness to assert the Bill of Rights and stand ground against legislative sedition and tyranny.


  • Michael Lewis


    The creation of the so called Federal Election Commission in 1974 was a violation of the 1st Amendment and the regulations it enforces are unconstitutional.

    Contrary to the 1st Amendment, Congress wrote laws that abridge citizen’s freedoms to assemble and use the press and speech to demand redress of grievances from government. Restrictions were placed on how much individuals and groups could spend communicating and elaborate reporting requirements were established.

    But the so called “press exemption”, 2 USC 431 (9) (B) (i), created an unrestricted “state approved press”. 2 USC 431 (9) (B) (i) exempts newspaper, broadcast and magazine corporations from the definition of contribution and expenditure. The Buckley v. Valeo decision, which upheld these reforms, effectively redefined free press as the right of media corporations!

    But freedom of speech and freedom of the press are supposed to be the unalienable rights of natural persons, “we the people”! And exercising free press rights has always involved the cost of paper, ink and distribution.

    In the 184 year period prior to Watergate and the creation of the Federal Election Commission, ”we the people” had the freedom to raise and spend money to exercise our press rights, that only State approved newspaper and broadcast corporations enjoy today.

    Congressman, to restore the rights of your constituents, please amend the press exemption to include every citizen and citizens group that communicate political ideas and opinions!

    A free press is a press not restricted or controlled by government censorship regarding politics or ideology.

    A gutter press engages in sensationalism.

  • shelly zollman

    I have been trying to figure out why certain “Letters to the Editor” in our local paper have a certain “tone.” You’ve nailed it. It’s the passive language. I will definitely start paying more attention to the writers’ voice.

  • Mike Reid

    Thanks for the reblog!

  • Mike Reid

    I appreciate the reblog, Sherm.

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  • swampfox

    to coastx,
    what is a grifter?
    never heard that term before.


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