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The USA Patriot Act and persecution of Ashton Lundeby

June 1, 2009 by  

The USA Patriot Act and persecution of Ashton Lundeby

What would you do if a police officer knocked on your door at 10 p.m. and asked to see your son, who was already in bed? And the pretense used by the officer to see your son was a lie?

Then a dozen government agents barged into your home and began searching it without first showing you a search warrant? And while this was going on, an armed federal agent dragged your pre-teen daughter out of her bed and into the living room?

What would you do if government agents then handcuffed your son, ransacked your house—taking a computer, cell phone, computer gaming equipment and personal papers—and took your son to jail? And, while this was going on, those same government agents refused to allow you to call an attorney?

Then a hearing was held early the next morning, before you were able to find an attorney to represent your son? And if, three months later, your son had not been charged with a crime but had been denied bail and was still being held in prison in another state?

When you hear of something like this, is your first thought that this is some third world or communist country? It’s surely somewhere other than the United States.

Well welcome to today’s America, my friends, courtesy of the USA Patriot Act.

Annette and Ashton Lundeby’s nightmare began March 5, when a North Carolina State Trooper knocked on the door of their Oxford, N.C., home at 10 p.m. and asked Mrs. Lundeby if she knew her son had hit another car and left the scene.

It was not true, and as she spoke to the officer a dozen FBI agents stormed past her into her house and began searching and demanding she get her 16-year-old son out of bed. When she asked about a search warrant the agents showed her one, but would not let her read it until later in the evening.

Her son was interrogated by FBI agents and her daughter was dragged from her bed and the family terrorized.

“I was terrified,” Mrs. Lundeby, a widow, told a WRAL television reporter. “There were guns, and I don’t allow guns around my children. I don’t believe in guns.”

As the evening progressed Mrs. Lundeby learned that her son, who had never been in any trouble with the law, was being accused of making bomb threats. The only evidence agents had was an email with the IP address of her son’s computer.

No bomb-making materials, wires or bomb-making literature was found in the home. What’s more, at the time Ashton was supposedly sending the threatening email he was attending a meeting at his church. After the meeting he and his mother cleaned the church building and then went to a grocery story on the way home. When he got home he went straight to bed.

Mrs. Lundeby believes her son is the victim of a computer hacker. She said the hacker has been at work for a couple months because she had received several strange calls prior to March 5. On one occasion the police called saying someone had called 911 saying there were drugs in her home.

All of these facts should be easy to confirm if an investigator cared to confirm them. But it seems authorities are more interested in persecuting Ashton than in finding the truth.

Under normal circumstances a habeas corpus hearing would be held that would force the government to present a case for holding Ashton. But the Patriot Act supersedes that. So Ashton remains in detention without being charged.

We wrote a few weeks ago about the liberty-infringing effects laws passed by Congress to fight terrorism and championed by a supposedly conservative president have had on Americans. Many of those commenting about that article disagreed with us on the deleterious nature of such laws.

Some of those comments called us “too right wing” for them and said they didn’t want to be a part of such a website as Personal Liberty Digest. But Ashton Lundeby’s case shows how, when given the power to deny rights, the government will do so every time.

It’s happened before in our country. In 1789 Congress passed and President John Adams signed the Alien and Sedition Acts which authorized the deportation of “dangerous” aliens and also made a crime the publication of “any false, scandalous and malicious writing.” Twenty-five men, many of them newspaper editors, were arrested. Included among them was the grandson of Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Franklin Bache.

President Abraham Lincoln did it too, locking up state legislators and newspaper editors who were against the U.S. waging war on the Confederacy. Most of them were held without trial and charges for the war’s duration.

And President George Bush did it, pushing through Congress the Military Commissions Act and USA Patriot Act, which deny due process to enemy combatants and, as evidenced in the cases of Jose Padilla and Ashton Lundeby, Americans as well.

Our Constitution has been shredded and it seems there are few willing to acknowledge it, and fewer still trying to do something about.

For those willing to study our country’s history, the oppressive nature of government is no surprise. We were warned by the founders, who broke away from an oppressive government and formed one that guaranteed certain rights.

As Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “The system of justice will either protect citizens from tyranny or be one means by which tyranny is exercised over them. A just society rests upon an equal application of the law to each and every citizen; it protects the rights of individuals regardless of the inconveniences caused thereby. It is of inestimable importance to the happiness and security of the people that justice be administered strictly, according to the established forms of the law.”

Unfortunately, those elected to represent us seem to either have no knowledge of history and our Constitution or are blatantly disregarding it to consolidate their power. Concerned citizens need to hold accountable those they elected, for tyranny rests at your doorstep.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    How is it possible to have people in Congress who can’t read? It seems fair to say that if they understood this legislation, they wouldn’t pass it. Does this mean none of them need a conscience AND they’re not required to read anything?
    If this is what America can expect from its ‘leaders,’ then I see no reason why anyone in Congress should be paid more than minimum wage (and NO benefits).
    Over the years, it has been said that people in Washington can’t get a regular job. Now, I believe it. Maybe we should “import” our leaders, and send them directly to Washington (think of all the money we can save).

  • http://none allen

    This is a scam of a website – your poll had to be answered by a host of Limbaughs and fellow travellers, and ought to be dismissed straightaway. As Jim Kramer of Mad Money stated, the only person who got capitalism right was Karl Marx! And Jim was/is a hedge fund manager and financially savvy. What got us into this mess was unbridled greed, massive control of Congress during the last 8 to ten years by Wall Street interests, disemboweling regulation, and entitlement of the extremely wealthy at the expense of the rest of Americans. Tell me, please, why does a money manipulator who merely takes a handful of money as it passes by, creates no wealth (other than his own), destroys not only companies but countries in the process, deserve tens to hundreds of millions of dollars a year in compensation? Why does anyone, for that matter? Christ’s expulsion of the money changers from the Temple two thousand years ago speaks directly to this. I would submit that anyone who says he or she cannot and will not work hard for lesser amounts is profoundly psychiatrically ill and in desperate need of help and hospitalization. Blankfein, Paulson, Fuld and the lot of them should be in Leavenworth or Joliet for life at hard labor for what they have done to this nation. We are no longer a beacon to the world, just a magnet for the greedy and example of arrogance and greed at its very worst – only the Russian hypercapitalists and drug cartel overlords come close to our Wall Streeters!! Our nation was at its apex during the Eisenhower and Kennedy years, when the tax on obscene income was substantial – we need to return to that to instill some sort of sanity to the American Dream, which Wall Street has made a nightmare. If you have been fortunate enough to live in this nation and accumulate enough for a super-comfortable lifestyle, you should thank your lucky stars for the opportunity to contribute to that nation and its general well-being. If you don’t trust the government to spend your taxes wisely, then form and fund a legitimate, no scam, philanthropic organization ala Bill Gates of Michael Bloomberg – but don’t ask me to underwrite your obscene lifestyle and screwed-up psyche!!

    • Peter Melville

      Allen, are you sipping too much coffee, man? Slow down good man and try to shoot one arrow at a time with a purpose. Use your heart along with your head. The subject at hand is the abuse of power by our government. Or perhaps the inability of FBI agents to make rational decisions. We can attack general insanity of America another time :). Lighten up and live!
      If an ordinary American can tell when the Feds have the wrong person and the wrong family, why can’t they figure it out. Why don’t they just say sorry to bother you Ma’am we apparently had the wrong information. Good Night and please escuse our guns. Amen.

    • Eric Bischoff

      Well some of us didn’t get caught up in the fury of 9/11 and questioned and opposed this thing right from the start. It was pretty unpopular in those days to speak that way. I lost many friends and was thrown out of many parties.

      Our constitution was put in place to protect us from the very things this govt did to us by passing the unpatriot act. All who voted for it are weak traitors.

      This thing was so big no one could have read it. Did anyone ever wonder how such a massive piece of legislation could have ever been prepared, edited, printed, collated, distributed in one month after 9/11? Or was this thing sitting in the wings waiting for the right event to whip it out?

      The only senator who voted against it was Russ Feingold in 2001 and then 10 senators were against the renewal in 2006. Akaka (D-HI), Bingaman (D-NM), Byrd (D-WV),Feingold (D-WI), Harkin (D-IA), Jeffords (I-VT), Leahy (D-VT), Levin (D-MI), Murray (D-WA), Wyden (D-OR). You’ll notice not one republican senator had the guts to stand up against it.

      Oh and by the way, this govt didn’t need the unpatriot act to barge in to people’s houses or places of business and confiscate things, they’ve been doing that all along. This makes it easier. They can now keep you forever without charging you. You are now guilty until proven innocent. Yoy can be charged with secret charges (how do you defend yourself against secret charges?)They can plant bugs in your house without having to ask or tell anyone or you that they were there. And just like in Germany you can anonymously rat on your neighbors you don’t like and they will make their life hell.

      Welcome to AmeriKKKa!

  • Slitshock

    Found this video and he talks greatly about Liberty!

    Wow, go Adam Kokesh!


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