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The True Story of The Bilderberg Group by Daniel Estulin

October 7, 2010 by  

A shadow government made up of a select group of powerful political and wealthy elites meets annually to chart the course of world affairs. This group — which today includes many familiar names like Rockefeller, Kissinger, Clinton, Bush, Ford and Greenspan — advocates for a single world government in which they hold all the power.

Named for the opulent hotel in which the first group of the world’s elites and power brokers met in Oosterbeek, Netherlands in 1954 — the Hotel De Bilderberg — the Bilderberg group operated clandestinely for many years. But a few intrepid reporters, alarmed by the group’s growing influence in world affairs and driven by a love for the truth and a passion for freedom, have managed to pierce the veil and peer inside their secret enclave.

Daniel Estulin is one of them. At great hazard to himself, Estulin has become a thorn in the sides of the world’s most powerful people. And he has documented what has uncovered in his international bestseller, The True Story of The Bilderberg Group.

The book begins like a spy novel with Estulin describing an encounter he had while covering a Bilderberg meeting in Toronto in 1996. It was at this meeting that the Bilderberg group received its first significant media coverage.

One of Canada’s most widely read newspapers, the Toronto Star, had a large headline that day that read: “Black Plays Host To World Leaders.” The story chronicled how Canadian publisher Conrad Black had offered $295 million to gain control of Canada’s largest newspaper chain and survived a week’s worth of annual meetings for his Hollinger, Inc., but was also hosting a “four-day, closely guarded meeting of world leaders and royalty just north of Toronto.”

The story named about 100 of the attendees. That same day the Toronto Sun noted the group was meeting and it (Bilderbergers) was unhappy that suggestions were being made that the private event was part of a system of secret government.

Estulin and other part-time Bilderberg chasers celebrated. And then Estulin left to meet one of his contacts who had meeting information for him.

After meeting with the contact and receiving some handwritten notes about the proceedings, Estulin was about to step into the elevator to leave the building when the contact shouted, grabbed his arm and pulled him back. The floor of the elevator was missing and Estulin had almost plunged 800 feet down an elevator shaft.

This is just one of several instances of danger and intrigue Estulin has experienced since he began covering the Bilderberg group. Most were not this frightening, but all go to show that he is operating in a world with different rules.

In The True Story of The Bilderberg Group, Estulin shows the relationship that the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations have with the Bilderberg group. He names the members and attendees of these organizations, and you’ll be astonished at how almost all of the higher ups in government and the CEOs of large corporations are a part of shadow government.

And they do make up a shadow government that forces world events — sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly — in a direction that will allow them to achieve the goals of a One World Government. One in which they hold all the power and all the wealth and those who aren’t part of their “select” society are mere vassals of one large state.

This quote, attributed to David Rockefeller in 1991 at the Bilderberg meeting in Baden-Baden, Germany by several sources, speaks volumes about the goals of the Bilderberg group:

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time magazine and other great publications, whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

As Estulin points out, the mainstream media have for years been represented at Bilderberg meetings but have pointedly abstained from providing the meetings with any coverage. This is by design, he writes, and he lays in great detail how most of the major media corporations are essentially controlled, through Chase Manhattan Bank, by the Rockefellers.

If not, they are controlled by other Bilderbergers: The aforementioned Conrad Black who once owned more than 440 media publications around the world, from The Jerusalem Post to Canada’s The National Post; Rupert Murdoch, who owns the Fox News and Sports channels other cable channels, The Weekly Standard, the New York Post and dozens of other newspapers around the world and Direct TV; and Sumner Redstone, CEO of Viacom, an international media conglomerate that touches virtually every major segment of the media industry.

Estulin explains how and why many of the events in American politics are orchestrated by the Bilderberger group. For instance, how did an unknown governor of Arkansas rise to prominence, gain the presidency and push through the North American Free Trade Agreement. One answer: The Bilderberg group.

Clinton was “anointed” for the presidency during the 1991 Bilderberg Conference in Baden-Baden. While there it was suggested he take a trip to Moscow, which he did immediately upon leaving Baden-Baden. There he met for 90 minutes with Soviet Interior Minister Vadim Bakatin, a cabinet official for President Mikhail Gorbachev. Gorbachev was in the midst of a hotly-contested Presidential election which he lost just six days later to Boris Yeltsin. But Yeltsin appointed Bakatin to his cabinet.

“It appears,” Estulin writes, “that President Clinton was sent by the Bilderbergers directly to Moscow to get his KGB student-era, anti-Vietnam War files ‘buried’ before he announced his candidacy for the U.S. Presidency, which occurred some two-and-a-half months later.”

It’s reported that Clinton promised Yeltsin that, in exchange for the “burial” Russian warships would be given full refueling and other port privileges at all U.S. Navy bases — a promise that was kept more than once.

But Clinton was neither the first nor the last U.S. President owing an allegiance to the Bilderberg group. Estulin notes that since 1928 all sitting U.S Presidents have been CFR or TC members or Bilderbergers or have had their staffs filled with them (in the case of Lyndon Johnson and George W. Bush).

Estulin has done a marvelous job of peeling back the layers to expose the Bilderbergers — with photos and documentation secreted out of the annual meetings — and explain how the shadow government directs world affairs. He lays out in great detail the designs of the Bilderbergers using their own words.

This book is a must-have for anyone who wants to truly understand who is making decisions and framing the message that affects the world today, and who wants to learn exactly what the ultimate goal is of those individuals.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Wow! They have been in control for quite some time, and it’s not all liberals that are involved! People really need to become educated before going to the polls. We need to be writing letters to the editor and exposing those who are neck deep in with these pirates. I could have used a stronger term, but pirates seem to fit, too….

  • Dean Bayer

    Another name for The Bilderberg Group is Free Masons. And the group of top level leaders of the Free Masons are known at the Illuminati. I do not know how long the Free Masons have been working on taking control of the world, but I know that it has been at least from some time before the American revolutionary war. I think it was at a meeting in Paris, France some where around the time of the American revolution that they wrote general plan on how they were going to accomplish their goal. It was probably at this meeting that they realized that they had to take control or at very least greatly weaken the Roman Catholic Church, which they accomplished in the 1960′s with the help of the communists. Between the two groups they had enough cardinal to elect a pope to their liking.

    • home boy

      did you know that the freemasons are satan worshipper? did you also know that satan has been in control of the world since adam and eve and was cast out of heaven in 1914? and now he knows that he has a short time left before he is destroyed so his goal is to take as many humans with him as possible. read your bible . don’t trust in man. trust in gods word or you could be going down with satan.

      • sage_brush

        So right Home Boy! Did YOU know that not only are the Bilderbergers Masons, but that ALL MORMON’S ARE MASONS!!!! It was intriguing to watch Mormon Glenn Beck hold forth on “fabian socialists” today. For someone who believes that Jesus Christ will be sitting on the right hand of Joseph Smith on judgment day, he is the most deceptive of them all right now. He reveals only portions of the whole story, carefully avoiding any mention of his cult’s foundational beliefs.

        Perhaps Mr. Beck will help Mitt Romney, who lost because of his religion,to be more “acceptable” this time around. Since Glenn can get on a stage with Protestants, Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Jewish Rabbis, and Muslim clerics – and pray to god,( and I mean little “g”), it’s obvious the American public has been conditioned to get over their aversion to Mormonism.

  • Chris

    Robin, as stated above the media is controlled by these powerful people, when I wrote the the local paper here in Indiana about our expansion of I-69 that is part of the Nafta Highway system, I put in the article that the “Tree Huggers” were using the wrong fight to keep this expansion from going forward! That they need to educate everybody that this is the Nafta Hwy!!! The same thing that has caused the giant sucking sounds of our jobs going to Mexico & China! The Daily Journal would not print the editorial I had wrote. They do love to print my editorials when I pick on local issues, & polititions!!! But no way when I state the obvious about what is going on about world wide issues that are the directive of this group! The local paper was bought out about ten years ago by the Tribune of Chicago, go figure!!! This is also when they quit printing Charlie Reese Editorials, they even whent as far to let a editorial be printed that basicaly called Charlie a nut case. As of last fall I have quit writing my Senators here in this State, they have proven to me it does not matter what we think, they do not represent me any more, only the corporate BEAST do they represent!! I just wish Lugar’s head was on the chopping block this fall, Everybody needs to vote these career politions out of office!!!

  • John Filon

    I read about the Bilderbergers back in the 80′s, written by James Tucker who wrote for The Spotlight newspaper. Verrrry interesting, but no one likes to read about the bad things going on. They prefer to sit in front of the Telly & suck up the tainted news. After they put the Spotlight out of business the torch was picked up by The American Free Press. Check it out on line.

    • Robert S

      John When Daniel Estelin attended his first Bilderberg meeting Jim Tucker was already an expert. He filled Estelin on all the details. To not mention Jim Tucker in this article is a shame. He was first.

  • Rex

    Listening to Sean Hannity, Neal Boortz, and Limbaugh on the radio is a ruse of what is really happening in the world today. They shout it to the tree tops that this is the most important election ever. However, people are so stupid to believe these talk show hosts. Most all, if not all the politicians are controlled by this group. Those that don’t comply? Just ask JFK what happens to them. It does not matter who is in office we’re going down the tubes of judgment. America is doomed to judgment. America has forgotten the Almighty. What little religion that it ever had is quickly fading away. This group, the Bilderbergers, want the American public to believe that they’re in control by the ballot box. The truth is, when they get to DC they realize how posh it is, and they are quickly sucked into the system. Nov. 2nd, is smoke and mirrors people. Turn to YHWH and do His Commandments REPENT while there is still time. Christianity is a ruse of the real thing. Turn from its evil doctrines and turn to the Torah of the Most High YHWH. Turn to Yeshua the Son of YHWH! Repent and be saved from this wicked generation!

  • Michael J.

    For the Bilderberg and company, America is the final speed bump on the road to one world governance. In order for Rothschilds utopia to rise, America must fall. With all their infrustructure in place complete with contingency plans for armed rebellion amongst the masses they are now proceeding at break neck speed toward the finish line. It’s not because they have become sloppy or complacent that their operations are now more visible but because they no longer care, they are bullet proof.
    Republican vs. Democrat is comparable to the offense and defense in football. When offense fails, send in the defense, but they are both part of the same team, working towards the same goals.
    In addition, with either Democrats or Republicans to blame, the real culprits are never scrutinized and can not be held accountable. We do not vote for them and have no say in the policy making.

    Nothing short of a global revolution will put an end to this however, internet access has at least made some aware.

  • http://none Ron Davis

    If Rush, Hannity,Beck or any of the other people on the news circuit were to even mention these organizations, how long do you suppose they would stay on the air? These people are too smart to mess up a good thing….they are fully aware of The Bilderbergers, CFR. and TC, aand how they work against freedom.

  • Anna H. Janis

    Ditto. I agree with all that has been said. God help us all.

  • Truth-Seeker

    I also agree with most of what has been said above. The CFR, Bilderbergers, TC (Trilateral Commission), Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc. are the true power in this country and others. The constant bickering between Republicans and Democrats is a smokescreen to keep the public distracted and unaware of the truth–and Hannity, O’Reilly, Limbaugh and the rest of them are paid well to contribute to that smokescreen. As Ron Davis said–how long would these guys keep their high-paying jobs if they were to start telling us the truth about these organizations–and about 9/11, and Israel–and many other things? As always, the method is divide and conquer–set the Republicans against the Democrats, Conservatives against Liberals, Christians against Moslems–and on and on. After all, there are only a few of them, but a lot of us. We need to unite and recognize who the real enemies of freedom are.

  • Hannibal Smith

    .. And hence the solid reason for the coward Clinton seldom caught without that silly smirk on his puss..

  • Irene Schweitz

    I just came aboard and have just read the shock of my life. I did not know about these people, but I knew that there had to be more to it then meets the eye with all of this unraveling going on in the world. I have been in deep depression with cancer in the family and loosing family members that I have not been kept up on all of this and I’m really amazed at what I just read. I know God and I have been praying about our world situation. I knew that there was a place for me to go and read the truth, and I think I just found it. I am trying to stay afloat with the world economy and have no idea where to put my money. I guess that I have been out of touch since 2000 and feel I just woke up from a deep sleep. Now what do I do, Any help from anyone for my situation? Appreciate all I can get. Thanks

  • Art


  • Duende

    Oh my gosh.. What a pleasure to go through an entire posting and not see one comment about the BAD democrats or how wonderful FOX news is. It’s all controlled.. dems/repubs.. CNN/Fox and most of our minds.. at least mine for the earlier part of my life. They’re so slick I’m suspecting they are controlling religions in many aspects and even some of the story about the Illuminati itself. I’ve prayed for clarity and truth many times and have been brought to this point in my life.

  • s c

    You’re right to be concerned about ‘power groups’ that infest America and the world. However, unless you understand the religious power behind these groups, you’re seeing what you’re supposed to see.
    None of these power groups can do anything without advance permission from the religious power brokers of this world. Power groups are tools of apostate religion. Apostate religion will consolidate all power, wealth and privilege, and temporarily rule the world. Then, and only then, will apostate religion be destroyed.

  • MRF

    CUT THE RELIGION FROM THE COMMENTS!! It is true that the world is controlled by a handfull of IDIOTS. But there are others, like: OPEC, G-7 and a few more. The MASONS have been in control since the discovery of America. Prez Washington was a Mason, and so where all of those that signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Today is a total different game. About the MORMON’s: The biggest bunch of CON ARTISTS on EARTH, starting with AMWAY!!
    More to come…

    • s c

      MRF, I understand your frustration, but you’re making the same mistake that so many people make. The idiots we see aren’t the ones who are making the decisions. Those ‘useful idiots’ work for the power brokers of the world.
      Those power brokers are the puppet masters who control various groups and individuals in every country in the world. They are anything but idiots. If you’re serious about research, you can get close to knowing much more and not take too much time to do it. However, the religious foundation that controls these groups and individuals stays in the shadows.
      Extensive travel is a plus. You need to get past the “easy” answers. Serious, daily research is a must, and not many are willing to do it.
      When you say things like ‘cut the religion from the comments,’ I know you’re too focused to see what you must see. The trick is to understand which ‘faith’ has made all major faiths apostate.
      There are no easy answers, because evil controls the religious power that controls the groups and individuals who are there ‘in the open.’ Sift and sort, or you have no chance to learn or discern. Keep a lid on your ego, and learn to keep the herd mentality at a distance. Good luck. You’ll need it, MRF.

  • Christina

    Very interesting comments! I would agree about Michael Savage who is beholding to no one; want answers listen to his talk radio show – Ive been doing just this since after 9/11/2001!!!

    Glenn Beck has mentioned on his television show about the Bilderbergs & the talk about a ‘shadow’ government has been in the news for years!!

    We all have to be diligent and when you vote on Tuesday Nov. 2nd 2010 – vote for the person you think will do a ‘good’ job in getting this economy back on track!!

  • Geographical

    I have to chime in here about Mormons. I am LDS and I am not a free mason. I do not believe the free masons today have an agenda like that of the Bilderbergs. The Bilderbergs are evil. I don’t appreciate the bad light being put on us mormons. I suggest you read up on our strong belief against secret combinations such as Bilderbergs. The Book of Mormon is the only set of scriptures that I know of that warns us of these secret groups of evil elites trying to shape and take hold other world. In fact it the scripture teaches us to destroy them. Look, all I am saying is the LDS church has nothing to do with any of these groups of elites. I also will not be voting for that plastic puppet Mitt Romney. He is a wolf in wheels clothing and is quite possibly being groomed by bilderbergers to be president. Vote Ron Paul!!!!!! He is our only chance. If you want to watch some videos by another Mormon against secret combinations….watch youtube bids by DavidLory.

  • dean

    Wow people. I’ve been reading on gov politics religion since about 73. It gets quite overwhelming. I’m born aging Israel loving Jesus freak..I decided to look again at the candidates for 2012 and who isn’t a bilderberger. Wouldn’t it be so cool if we as America thought…are we going to fight the anti christ or side with IT. We could aim ourselves at Jesus as a people then nation. Take care of our economy and prepare to help those who love our LORD. WHAT ABOUT THIS?


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